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Portt and Rmivo Academy.—We had
the pleasure of visiting the Riding Academy
on South street, yesterday, and were very
much pleased to witness the proficiency of the
pupils, some of whom rode very gracefully.—
This is an institution that deserves a liberal
patronage from the people of Portland. Aside
from being a pleasing and graceful aeeomplish
• inent, riding on horseback affords one of the
best possible exercises for young ladies, who
ought to be out of doors more than they are.
Parents can hardly do a l>etter thing for their
children than to send them to this riding
school. Mr. BdBimox, the proprietor, is
master of his business, having recently come
here from Massachusetts, where he has had
several years experience; his horses are spirit
ed, yet perfectly trained, kind and gpntle. and
his room large, airy and plea«ant. We hope
the patronage he may receive will be liberal
enough to induce his permanent stay In Port
land. We understand that persons who board
their saddle horses at this establishment have
the privilege of riding in the Park gratis.
“Ax’ wn.tr wn.i. I no with this?"—It
will perhaps require considerable time, ere the
great mass become thoroughly aware of the
scarcety of specie, and of the consequent use
of postage stamps as “legal tender.” We over
heard a conversation yeterday, between a gro
cer and a poor Irish woman, who having re
ceived thirty-five cents change in stamp cur
rency, thus addre&sed the honest vender of
salt and sugar:
“An’ what Is this ?”
“Tour change madam,” blandly returned
the grocer ?
“Sure an’ I can't write a letther. The divil
fly away wid ye, but I don’t want the dirty
schrapps of paper. It’s my own good money
I would have.”
In vain did the store-kec|>er endeavor to
post her in regard to the scarcity of change
and the value of the stamps, but Biddy was
deaf to all arguments, and giving a stump of
her brognns, demanded a “quarther dollar and
tin cint pace,” before she would “lave the
Charity and Hcmax Kindness Exem
plified.—Passing through Fore Street on
Sunday morning last, we beheld a little Irish
girl crying over the fragments of a pitcher
which sheftad dropped on the sidewalk, and
while the tears streamed down her unwashed
and uncared for face, her little bare feet fairly
danced through fear, as she probably thought
of the beating in store for her at home. Hut
her tears were soon chased away by smiles, as
an honest, weather-beaten tar crossing the
street, thus addressed her: “I say, young one,
what’s in the wind nowV “Oh! oh!” trem
bled out the child, “mammy’s pitcher,” and
pointing to the pieces, she looked piteously in
to the sailor’s face. Instantly the weather
browned hand of the mariner sought his pock
et, and drawing from thence a half dollar
piece, gave it to the little girl, saying, as the
sunshine of his soul illumined his face, “There,
give that to your mother—way you go, way
you go.” “A good action brings its own re
“Kind Natcre Wakes Her Genial
Power."—If Pope, (not the general, but the
poet) the author of the foregoing caption,
could have been in our sanctum yesterday
morning, his conceptions of the beautiful
would have been still more heightened thau
w hen he wrote the verse alluded to. It does
seem that kind friends in their goodness of
heart will still continue to place us under
obligations. We were the recipients, yester
day. of a curious Indian box filled with lus
cious fruits and fragrant flowers, but just torn
from the lap of nature, and smiling U]>on us as
sweetly as if still reclining upon their parent
bed. Of course we know who was the donor,
but as excessive modesty is his grand charac
teristic, we forbear to bring his name before the
public. Much obliged, “Charlie.”
Militia Election’.—With much pleasure
we announce the election of Charles A. Gilson,
Esq., of this city, to the office or Captain of
Company 12, ward 4, vice Solomon Myric, Esq,
resigned. Also, Beqj. F. Lunt, Esq., to the
offiice of 1st Lieut, vice Charles II. Adams,
Esq., resigned. We are pleased at the choice
made by the company in the selection of their
captain and executive officer, and feel asssured
from our personal acquaintance with these gen
tlemen, of their ability to render their corps
as efficient as any in the city.
Accident.—A little son of Mr. Stoppel, of
this city, while playing near his father's resi
dence, in Union street, yesterday forenoon, fell
through a grating into a cellar, injuring him
self somewhat severely.
t r<_i.t.. ... j
kN« wuu vimua ui lllC U<
S. bark “Gemsbokf
Lt. Commanding. Edward Cavendy.
Exeeutive officer, Samuel Very, Jr.
Acting Masters, Oliver Tliaclicr and Theo
dore Weilof.
Acting -Cast. Paymaster. E. P. Roberts.
Acting Asst. Surgeon, Thomas Welsh.
Master's Mates, Allen Droby, Thomas F.
Pray, Edward Foy.
The above bark ha* been ten months on the
blockading squadron and has taken seven
prises, and was In the last engagement at the
taking of Fort Macon.
Sad Accident.—On Friday evening last,
a little daughter of Mr. Jonathan Mason of
Yarmouth, while playing about the river, fell
In and was drowned. We learn that deceased
was about 12 years of age.
C. 8. Sanitary Commission.
Rev. Mr. Hadley who has been employed by
the United States Sanitary Commission the
past year at Washington, and for the past four
weeks has been in our State making collections
for the above named association, has met with
great success, many towns having responded
nobly. The wants of the association at the
present time are great, and the good people of
Maine, one and all, owe it to our noble, brave
men who have gone forth to fight our battles,
that this association shall lie sustained.
Maine at the present time, has a large l»ody of
her troops now in the army of the Potomac
that are receiving the benefit of this association.
Mr. Hadley will visit some of the Eastern
Towns in a few days, taking the shore route,
in company with General Howard, he having
volunteered his service whenever he can make
it practicable. Ho proposes to remain in the
State until Sept. 1st, unless called away to
some other port of service.
A portion of the towns visited by Mr. II.
have contributed as follows:
Kennebuuk (1000; Freeport (402; Skowhe
gan (317; Winthrop *253; Paris *271; and
the amount raised through his agenev exceeds
Sick Soi.diers.—The following soldiers
were received on board the U. S. hospital
steam Commodore, at Harrison's Landing, on
the 15th and 10th bays of July, 1862, for Fort
ress Monroe, belonging to Maine. They are
nearly all of them sick, not wounded.
W. C. White, Co. B., 11th Regiment.
L. L. Barlow, Co. F.. 4th “
W. L. Smith, Co. A., 11th “
John F. Hoc. Co. 1)., ~th “
Wilder Johnson, Co. I., “ “
JohnM. Bowers,Co. A. lltli “
o. Gilman, Co. U., tith
N. R. Nason, Co. F., 4th “
Alonzo Htirkney, Co. D. 4th “
Edward Lindsay, Co. K., 4th “
Arrival of the Asia.
Escape of the Rebel Gunboat
Severe Running Fight.
Grounding of the Carondelet !
Movements of General Halleck.
Capture of Pickets by Guerrillas.
Bridges Burned.
Philadelphia Volunteers.
St. Johns, N. F., July 21.
Steamship Asia from Liverpool 11th and
Queenstown 13th, for Hoston. was intercepted
off' 'ape Rare this morning ami was boarded by
tin1 Associated Press News Yacht.
The Asia passed the Scotlia from New York
for Liverpool on Sunday evening.
Tlte London Herald treats the affair before
Richmond as a decisive defeat of Gen McClel
lan, and says the Confederate Capital is safe.
It does not, however, believe the campaign is
ended, hut supposes it will go ou until Europe
stays the uplifted sword and in the name of
humanity enforces peace.
The Morning Post argues that practically
the scheme of capturing Richmond hits termi
nated. and points out the dangerous position
of Gen. McClellan's army.
The Globe hopes the gigantic difficulties
which are lwing developed may have an effect
on both sides, and that more reasonable views
may supercede the plan of military conquest.
The Times states that the fighting before
Richmond must have lieen of the highest im
portance. and that McClellan's situation cannot
lie but precarious. These three days of June
mean that the confederate army is strong
enough to hold its position in Virginia for a
time that may be indefinitely prolonged. The
Federal* will have again to begin the seige of
Richmond with a much worse chance than at
I lie new American tariff continues to excite
strong hostile comments from the press.
Tlie Times bitterly denounce* tlie spirit in
America, which regards the tariff with satis
faction. because of its injurious effect upon
Knglaud in particular and America in gene
The Liverpool Post says the tariff will be
looked upon in Great Britain, a« a measure
tantamount almost to a declaration of war.
and the unpopularity of the Western States
w ill not only be terribly aggravated, but some
thing more than mere moral force w ill ensue.
The freedom of the city of London, in a
gold box, w as formally presented to Mr. Pea
body on the 10th.
The ceremony of awarding the prizes at the
great exhibition, took place on the 11th. The
lliikc of Cambridge officiated as the represent
ative of the ijueen, supported by the leading
members of the inemticrK and a large number
of foreign princes and dignitaries. The num
ber present was estimated at 100,000. The lists
of award tills 24 columns in the London pa
pers. in small type.
The lorlitlcation bill was again debated in
the House of Commons.
An amendment calculated to preserve to the
House a due control over the expenditures of
the public monies, was carried by a majority of
5 against the ministers.
In the House of Lords on the 11th, Lord
Brougham called attention to the slave trade,
and urged that the Northern States were not
entitled to the credit tiiey have assn mini to
themselves for the measures for the repression
of the trade.
A hill to carry out the treaty was finally
passed in the House of Commons.
Lord Palmerston has declared that there
was no intention of withdraw ing the British
troops from Canada.
Tlie Paris Patrie asserts that France will
never treat with Juarez. When the French
army ha* entered Mexico the Mexicans w ill be
consulted, and their wishes scrupulously re
spected. France will only quit Mexico after
the complete execution of a future treaty.
Tlie Press says tlie date of the departure of
the French forces is still doubtful. It also says
the army will comprise several divisions of in
fantry and a proportional number of batteries.
It is reported that stores of every kind are
provided for a force of 30,<KW.
Paris bourse was very dull.
I Latest vis. Queenstown.]
In the House of Commons, Mr. Gregory
made ail inquiry relative to the proceedings of
V. S. cruisers off the Bahamas.
Mr. Fortesene said letters on the subject had
lieen received from the Gov. of the Bahamas,
but they could not bo produced as the corres
pondence was in the hands of the law officers.
At the exhibition, among the works for ma
chinery in general, America gets 20 medals for
agricultural and horticultural machines, tl for
military art ioles. and one each for Colt's re
volvers and naval architecture.
Particulars of the Naval Fight at the mouth
of the Yazoo River.
Cairo. July 21.
Tin' dispatch boat which arrived at Mem
phis Saturday, brings the following: The re
ported escape of the rebel gunboat Arkansas
is correct. The affair took place on the morn
ing of the 15th. lu consequence of reports
brought by refugees tbat the Arkansas was
about to attempt to run the federal fleet, the
gunboats < 'arondelet, Tyler and ram Lancas
ter, started up the Yazoo river to reconnoitre.
When eight miles from the mouth they came
suddenly upon the Arkansas lying under the
bunk, and as our boats rounded the bend she
opened upon them with 88-pounders. Our
boat* returned the fire and for a short time a
a fierce engagement ensued. Finding that the
channel of the river prevented successful ma
neuvering, they gradually dropped dnuwurd
toward the mouth, the Arkansas following.
Just as the latter was passing over the liar the
Carondelet closed with her, intending to
board. She succeeded in throwing a grapple
aboard and getting out a plank, when the
Arkansas opened her steam pipes, throwing
hot water across the plank. The Carondelet
replied in the same manner, anil w hile thus
engaged both vessels grounded, the shock se
parating them. The Arkansas succeeded in
getting off and the Carondelet remained fast
for nearly an hour. The Arkansas immediate
ly passed down the river, the Tyler preceding
her and maintaining a running fight with her
greatly superior adversary. None of our gun
boats w ith the fleet had steam up, and the en
tire fleet was so scattered that few could tire
at the runaway. A solid shot from one of
Farragut's boats struck the Arkansas on her
larboard bow, passing through and under her
plating, ripping it off for a considerable dis
tance. The injury received by our fleet is
tight. The Ilenton had one man killed, and
the Tyler, which was engaged nearly an hour
and a half, had seven killed and nine wounded.
The ram Lancaster received a shot under her
bows, causing hii escape oi hot water, scald
ing six men, three of them fatally. The en
tire federal loss is 12 killed and about the same
number wounded. The rebel loss is not ascer
tained, but is believed to be considerable, as
the hot water streams of the Carondelet at the
time they attempted to board the rebel, were
thrown directly into her. •
Cincinnati, July 21.
Gen Halleck and staff left here to-day for
the eastward.
Bounty to Volunteers.
Saratoga, July 21.
Supervisors of this county to-day voted four
dollars a months for one year to all enlisting
War News.
Lovisvii.lk, Kv.. July 21.
Between Crab Orchard and Lindin, John
Morgan destroyed several wagons of a federal
train destined for Gen. Morgan's command at
Cumberland Gap.
The Democrat says Iiev. E. Livingston
Wells, Episcopalian, of this county, was cou
rt.. in military prison, but w ill be released if,
in additiou to taking oath of allegiance, he will
go to Connecticut, whence he came hitheiyind
remain during the continuance of the rebel
lion, or otherwise he would be sent to Camp
Nashville, July 21.
Our pickets were captured on Lebanon road,
this evening, 5 miles from here, by the gueril
las : one escaped.
Three bridges were burned to-day withia 8
miles on Ohatanooga road.
The enemy in force, under Forest, are five
miles from the city. Troops are out. Great
Various Matters.
New York, July 21.
The U. S. steam sloop of w ar Hartford and
gunboat Montgomery have arrived.
Philadelphia, July 21.
; Gov. Curtin hits issued a stirring proclama
tion calling for volunteers for 21 regiments and
; to till up the ranks of the regiments now in
the field.
General Order No. 0.
Headquarters Army of Virginia. )
Washington July 21. f
General Order No. 9*—Hereafter no person
wili be allowed to visit Fredericksburg, War
renton, or other places near the lines of this
army, except by authority direct from these
head quarters. Passes for this purpose will
only be granted to persons presenting proof of
their loyalty to the United States, upon their
giving full and satisfactory explanation of the
nature and importance of the business requir
ing the journey.
By command of Gen. Pope.
(Signed) Ggo. I). Ruogler
Chief of Staff.
[Per steamer Asia, off Cape Race.]
Rales at 24 a 28 Gd. Wheat advanced Id. Red Wes
tern and White 8out!iern 9s 8d alls Id. Corn ad
vancing: Mixed and Yellow 28.
flat. Bacon steady. Tallow buoyant and advanced
Saturday were 6.000 bales The market billy recov
ered from its depression and closed with an upward
tendency. Surates advanced Id since yesterday.
LONDON MONK\ MAKKET. American‘secur
ities. N. Y. C entral shares 73 a 75; Erie 28 a 29; Il
linois Central 48] a 47]. I\ R. Fives 76.
New York Market.
New York, July 21.
Cotton — sales 400 bales at 49] 50 for middling
Hour—State and Western 10 cts. higher. Super
fine State 600 a 4 25; Extra do 5 3" a 5 40. Round
Hoop < »hio, 6 45 a 5 GO. Super .State 6 <10 a 6 20; Ex
tra Western 5 40 a 6 56. Southern tinner—Mix« d to
good. 6 40 a 5 80; Extra 5 90 a 6 80. Canada 10 cts
higher—Exti a 5 45 a G 30.
Wheat excited, 2 a 3 cts, higher — Chicago Spring
108 a 1 14; Miiwaukie Club, 1 12 a 1 18; Amber
Iowa, 1 l'J a 1 21; Western Winter Red 1 25a 1 29;
Canada Club, 1 »9a 1 18.
Corn 1 cent higher—Mixed Western 54 a 56 for old
and 56 a 54 for eastern.
Beef firm and active.
Pork dull, heavy and lower—Mess 10 87 a 1100:
Prime 8 87 a 9 00; Prime Mess 11 00 a 11 25; Clear do
12 06.
Whisdey heavy and drooping—Rales 450 bbls at
80 j a 30?.
Sugars very firm—New Orleans 8 a 11; Muscovado, ;
8 a 8j; Havana 8] a lo.
(‘offer firm—Rio 21J a 22.
Molasses firm—Porto Rico 36 a 46.
Spirits Turpentine firm,
Resin firm and more active—Sales GO bbls; com
raou 1 10 and 1,000 strained at 120.
Stock Market.
Xkw York, July 21.
Stocks irregular and generally heavy. American
gold SI lyj; 1‘acilic Mad 1073:* L*. .8. sixes of 1881
coupons, 081; Tennessee sixes 551; Missouri sixes,
47|: T. S. nves 1874, coupons, 85/: Treasury, 78*10
1 U23: Illinois War Loau, U53 : North ('arolin'a sixes,
«!• _
Meeting at Ken- City Hall.
Last evening, the citizens ol Portland met
at the New City Hall according to previous :
notice—John A. Poor, Esq., in the chair, M.
G. Dow of Westbrook, Secretary.
Mr. Poor, on taking the chair, announced
the object of the meeting, and after a few stir
ring and patriotic remarks introduced to the
audience, Hon. Beiy. Kingsbury, Jr., of this
Mr. Kingsbury addressed the meeting in an
earnest, eloquent and patriotic manner. He
said that Jackson, years ago, answered the
question, “Shall the Union be preserved,” when
he uttered that glorious sentiment, “The Union
it must and shall be preserved.” We can all
stand upon the platform of the Union. (The
lateness of t he hour and press of telegraphic
matter compels us to oinit a full report of the
speeches. We may publish them to-morrow.)
Charles 1*. Kimball, Esq., was called upon
and made some patriotic remarks. He said he
was not a man of wealth or of much influence,
hut he was ready to enlist or procure a substi
tute. (Applause) He paid a high compli
ment to (Jen. McClellan.
Moses GjDow then addressed then meeting.
He said he heard Secretary Cameron say last
year that Maine had responded to the call of
the country better than auy other state in the
union. She had sent the finest and noblest
men to the w ar. He spoke of the bravery of
Maine troops in the field.
An old veteran of the war of 1812. whose
name we did not learn, then addressed the
meeting in a very happy manner, and was fre
quently interrupted by applause. He said he
stood a draft in 181J, drew a blank, hut would
enlist, did enlist and went to Canada. He
spoke of the liberality of the City Govern
ment, and said they hail dime nobly, (enthusi
astic cheering and the hand struck up Yankee
-iiicr which a scries 01 resolutions were in
troduced liy the Chairman, which were read
by the Secretary.
[We omit the resolutions, owing to the late
ness of the hour and want of space. They
were expressive of the necessity of a still
greater increase of bounty, and of censure of
the city government.]
lion. F. O. J. Smith of Westbrook, was then
introduced, who expressed himself strongly in
favor of still more lilieral action on tile part of
the city government. He spoke at lengtli of
the magnitude of the rebellion, and expressed
much regret that the men of wealth of the
city of Portland were not up to the crisis ujion
them. His remarks were lengthy, and devot
ed principally to denunciations of the city
government, and animadversions of the weal
thy men of Portland. He thought the city
ought to give a bounty of seventy-flve dollars.
Hon. John 15. Brown proposed to pay one
half of the amount necessary to be raised to
increase the bounty from forty-five to seventy
five dollars, if Mr. Smith would pay the other
half, w hich that gentleman declined to do.
Remarks were made by several other gen
tlemen, after which the resolutions were pass
ed and the meeting adjourned.
The Portland Band were in attendance, and,
as usual, acquitted themselves admirably. It
is one of the best bands in the Suite.
Personal.—Hon. F. A. Pike of Calais,
passed through this city yesterday on his way
home from Washington.
A REREL TRICK.—A correspondent of the
Philadelphia Knquirer.wrlting from McClellan’s
army gives the following:
Major Clendenin, with a command from the
8th Illinois Cavalry, were on a reconnolsance
a day or two since. He made a disposition of
his men all along the road, and soon came in
sight of the enemy. A flag of truce was soon
discovered coming from the side of the enemy.
After their introduction to the Major, it soon
became apparent that their visit was a mere
blind. About this time a contraband came in,
and stated that the Union forces were in rang*'
of three Held pieces that the reliels had Just
placed in position under cover of this Hag of
truce, and as soon as the (lag of truce party
left, and were out of danger, they intended til
Open on our gallant fellows, the Major at
once made an examination, and found this
story to be true. He at once informed his
treacherous enemy at the sound oftliefirst gun
he would cut their throats. He at once with
drew his forces out of range, the enemy not
daring to tire on account of their friends.
The Adjournment of Congress.
The llrsj session of the thirty-seventh Con
gress closed yesterday afternoon. It is not
exaggeration to say that no more important
session has been held since the adoption of the
constitution. Left by the treason of one third
of the States of the Union in the political con
trol of republicans, or of men sympathizing
with the predominant sentiment of the free
Stales, they have had to bear the responsibility
of its legislation, and ill a great degree also of
events in the management of the war, which
were not clearly within their control. But in
dependent of the crude and unjust criticism
of the hour, which often measures questions
not by their merits, but by their supposed ex
pediency, the present Congress will lie histori
cally as far above all former Congresses as the
events with which it has had to deal were the
more grand and inqiortant. When the politi
cal machinery, by which the policy of the na
tion has been shaped and formed, perishes, and
men can judge its worth without prejudice and
without fear .the distinguishing act of the pres
ent Congress will shine forth with clear lustre
—men will will date progress from them, as
the ancients reckoned from the birth of their
heroes or the reigns of their consuls.
It is needless to specify particularjacts of leg
islation which entitle it to the gratitude of the
layal people of the country, since its whole
spirit lias (lowed in the channel of the best pa
triotism—justice. The homestead bill, the
Pacific railroad bill, the prompt and vigorous
measures which the exigencies of the war have
from time to time compelled it to adopt, the
large and difficult questions of finance which
it lias met and decided, are greatly to its cred
it. Not less so is the courage with which it
has met and solved the questions on which the
political controversies of the last forty years
have turned, in which this extaordinary war
had it* origin, and in the established and per
manent settlement of which alone can there be
peace hereafter. Freedom the law of the cap
ital, freedom the law of territories, freedom the
law wherever the federal jurisdiction extends,
here and hereafter—if these glorious acts are
in any degree owing to the rebellion, they are
no small atonement for the grief it has brought
upon tlie nation. Whatever may happen here
after these lights and guides will stand. Oth
ers may improve upon them : but no majorities
will ever have the courage to reverse them.—
[Worcester Spy.
Union Men hung in Texas.—The Charles
ton Courier has the following:
An order has been extended for every fami
ly to leave Galveston, it having been deter
mined, a< in the ease of Vicksburg, to defend
it to the last. This order has been complied
with, except by some seven families. The par
ties being suspected, their homes were search
ed. when the stars and stripes wen1 discovered,
intended to lie hung out should the Fedcrals
take the city. All thoee yniltyof thin treason
tcere taken out immediately and huny.
That is the way men who love the Stars and
Stripes are treated in the Confederate States.
For Boys,
THE FALL TERM of this highly successful school
will begin .Sept. 10th, 1862. and continue twenty
one weeks.
For *•( irculars," kc., please address the Principal.
Parents are cordially invited to visit the school.
WARREN JOHNSON, M. A., Principal.
Hon. W. W. Thomas, Mavor. Portland.
A. Spring, Esq., “
8. C. Blanchard. Esq., Yarmouth.
Hon. J. W. Bradbury, Augusta,
done* P. Vearie, Esq.. Bangor.
( apt. C. H. Soule, Freeport.
Levi Young, Esq., Ottawa. C. W.
Wm. Jarvis, Esq., Castine.
Prof. C. E. Stowe, Andover. Mass.
Iiy Permission.
Pres’t Woods, and Faculty of Bowd. Coll.
J. W. ( bickering, D. D., Portland.
Charles A. Lord, Ki«|., “
Rev. Wooster Parker, Belfast.
Hon. J. L. Cutler, Augusta. juI19MWkS6w
and GODEY.
S3 Exchnncc Street.
July 19. 1*B. dtr
To Let.
A BRICK lUil.SKou (i.nlenst,c]evpn
rooms ,t;d ,11 otlu r cdfiveawnecs, all m
good repair
\ Also HOPSE No. 11 Brackett Street,
l containing seven or eight rooms all in
good repair.
Inquire at 21 Exchange St., or 31 Winter St.,
Portland, July 19, 1862. dtf J. F. DAY.
The Celebrated Ini verbal
C\©V\ics Wringer\
THIS wnnderfuHuvcntion has already become an
indispensable comfort for housekeepers. In an
ordinary New England family, ii will pay for itself in
six months, bv the saving of the wear and tear of
clothes in washing. It wifi wriug anything, from a
lace collar to the largest bed quilt. A girl of twelve
years old can use it without difficuljv and the tedious
and severe labor of “wringing” out the clothes, which
ha> always been the dread of women, and the great
fatigue of “washing day" becomes the easy work of a
few moments. Buttons are never nulled off. ami the
clothes are never torn, however old ami delicate they
may be.
Self Adjnhtint; and Adjustable.
This machine adjusts itself as much as any other
in use, ami still leave* room to adjust to any extra
heavy clothes. Don't be deceived by the cry of “self
adjusting" into buying an inferior machine. No self
adjuster will wring small articles well and admit the
passage of large garments. It requires more than
any “self-adjusting" spring can perform. The uni
versal w ringers are made uuder five separate patents.
Every Wringer that does not give perfect satisfac
tion. can be returned within thirty days, and money
I-or sale, wholesale and retail at
Mo. 107 Federal Street,
under the i'nited States Hotel, where pemona can
mb the Machine in <»i>eration.
Sole agent lor the State of Maine.
Agents wanted immediately in evorv town in the
Any one wishing to try these machines, can do so
by leaving orders at store.
R EC ’< > M M ENI > ATIOX S.
Marlboro' Hotel. March 27, 1*62.
The Metropolitan Universal Clothes Wringer has
been in constant use in the Marlboro Hotel lor the
last ten months, and gives perfect satisfaction. I have
no hesitation in recommending it to general use in
private families, and as capable of doing a large
amount of work in hotels. (»ko. Allen.
Winthrop House. Bouton, March 27, 1862.
The MetropolitanJl niversal Clothes Wringer has
been in use in the Winthrop House some four months.
It has proved a great saving of labor, and wrings the
clothes, from a napkin to a blanket or bed-spread,
much dryer thau by hand, and with less injury to the
fabric, 1. II. Silsby, Froprietor.
The Universal Clothe* Wringer has been in use in
my family for two months. It certainly saves much
hard work, It save* Clothe* also, for garments that
are getting old and worn are never cracked or torn
by it, as they are sure to be when w rung by hand. I
therefore cheerfully recommend it as a valuable fami
ly assistant.
Orange, N. J., Feb., 1862. Lucy Stork.
I am most happy to speak in the very highest terms
of the Universal Clothes Wringer, The hardest part
of “washing day” work is. in my opinion, the wring
ing; and the inventor of this machine mav have the
satisfaction of feeding that he has changed*one of the
most toilsome part of woman's work into a very at
tractive amusement. The laundress looks upon it as
a great blessing. 1 could hardly express m\ appro
bation of them more highly than by ordering one. in
these hard times, for my daughter. * 1 look upon it a*
among the most useful article* in her bouse.
Mu*. Henry Ward Beecher.
October, 1861.
The proprietors of the Marlboro’ Hotel, Boston,
tell the ageut that the Universal Wringer earns them
£10 every month.
We have hundreds of other certificates, but have
not space to print them. jylildtf
Decorative Painting.
No. 175 Middle Street, Portland, Me.,
WII.I. execute in on artistic manner all kind, ol
Ornamental Painting, such us
Signs, IIuliners. Landscapes,
Figures, Flowers, Scroll Work, Ac.
A long and thorough apprenticeship to the mechan
ical bianch of the business, and several years study
in the higher branches of the art, have rendered him
qualified to execute every variety of work in the most
elegant styles, and he hopes by diligence and con
stum attention to business to merit the patronage of
the public.
No. 175 Middle Street, nearly opposite junction of
Free Street. ju!l4d4w
The Largest Inducements Tet!
973 Bon illy at Close of the War!
943 Advance Bounty from State!
920 Additional Bounty to Resi
dents of Portland.
To residents of Portland having families 81.00 per
week for wife and 60 cents for each child.
927 Advance Bounty from the
U. S. Government!
One Month’s Pay in Advance!
Pay from 813 to 822 per month, pav and rations
to commence from the date of enlistment. Three
years unless soouer discharged.
| 1*) acre* Bounty Land at the cloao of the war. Re
| cruiting Office
Over Telegraph office, corner of Middle and Ex
change Street*. Entrance on Exchange Street.
Wanted—a Drummer and Fifer.
C. P. MATTtX’KS, J Recruiting Officer*.
Portland, July 17, 1$*52. dtf
Will You Stand by the Flag 1
If *o, rally at once to the Recruiting Office In FED
ERAL STREET, under United State* Hotel, where
I Recruit* are wanted to fill a Company in the
To be Commanded by Colonel T. A. ROBERTS.
JfP ay and Rations to commence on the day
of Euligtment._£3
1’iiy from SITt to per month.
$25 Bounty; $2 Premium,
and $ 15 State Bounty !
in all 81-10.
*75 at llio Close of the War,
Or when honorably discharged.
F. G. SMITH. )
K. M. MITCHELL.} Recruiting Officer*.
Portland, July 15,18t2. dtf
Adjutant general’* Office,
August a. .inly id, i*»2.
Medical and surgical examinations, for exemptions
from liability to dntv of enrolled men in the militia,
will not be available therefor, uutil General Order is
issued in relation to sucli examinations, and all dis
enrollments previous to examinations, under such an
order, are and will be void.
Bjr order of tbc Commauder-in-Chief.
if Adjutant General.
Adjutant general’* Office, J
I r-. w Augusta, July 17th, 1(S2.)
In consideration of the patriotic action of cities
and town* in different part* of the State, in offering
liberal bounties to their volunteers under the recent
call for treop* for the serv ice of the General Govern
ment, and in order that such town* and cities may
be relieved wholly or in part from the obligations
which they have thus voluntarily assumed in this
emergency, and to render the burthens of an enter
prim* in which all have a common part, more nearly
equal, the Governor and < oinntander-in-l hief order*
and directs that the bountv of thirty dollars, hereto
fore offered for recruits enlisted or hereafter enlisted
in new Regiments, he advanced to forty-five dollars
(#45); and that of thirty-fire dollars to recruits for
old Regiments to titty-rive dollars (fS5); to be paid
before leaving the State, a* expressed in General Or
der No. 20 of the tifteeuth inst.
By Order of the Commandcr-in-Chicf,
(Signed.) JOHN L. HoDSDON,
jullSd&wlw Adjutant General.
Stove "W"areh.ou.se.
Vnder LnnrnMpr Ilall, ... Portland,
From the Barstow Stove Company.
A complete assortment of
House Furnishing floods,
-Also, Agent for the
Vllriflpd Drain and Water Fip«,
This article of Vitrified Pipe has been tested in Eu
rope for ages, and is now used in immense quantities
in England, and is fast taking tin- place of lead aud
iron pijK* in this country—all sizes from 2 to 12 inches.
All kinds of Tin and Sheet Iron Work,
A PARTNER, with a capital of about 92000, in a
1\. very lucrative taisiiiess.
Address ’Tartuer,” Box No. 42S, Portland P. 0.
JyM dtf
§4 Middle Street,
Hare this dtv marked down their
Immense Stock
Mantillas, Gapes. Short Sacks, and Jockeys,
And ar» now prepared tn offer them at
LOWER PRICES than «vcr
Ladle* will al*o and a full lino of
In aimo*t cndle** variety,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
All of which will be told at our
ITsual Low ]?rioes.
June 30. 1862. 4 wired
Merchant Tailor,
137. MIDDLE ST..
Has prepared himself by selections from the New
Styles of t ioods recently Imported in New York and
Boston, to meet the requirements of his customers
and the public as to
In his new stock are comprised Fancy Clothe for
Spring Overcoats and Business Suits, Rich Black and
For Drees and Frock Coats, embracing the nieer
qualities of French and < .erinan, as well as the cheap
er substantial fabrics. Elegant Black and Colored,
Plain and Fancy
L» U » IV 1 N 5S I
Of a jrreat variety of patterns. VESTINGS of all
the varieties that the market afford.*—Silk. Satin. Lin
en. and Cotton—many rare and unique styles. Also
an assortment of the nicer qualities of
To all of which attention is especially invited.
•#*Coat and rest makers wanted.
Portland. June 23, 1882. dtf
71 olasses and Sugar.
2.TA IIIIDS. Cardenas Molasses,
t/U 200 do. Mnscavado do.
100 boxes H. It. Sugar,
je23—3m For sale by JOHN LYNCH k CO.
Corn. Corn.
For Sale at Island Pond,
at Bethel,
at South Paris,
at M«*chanic Falls,
at Danville Junction,
at F.inpire Road,
at Minot,
By P. F. YARNUM, Commercial Street.
ju!2—3wis Head of Widgery’a Wharf.
Flour, Corn, and Rjre.
800 BBLS. “Superior" Southern III. Fl.orx.
¥**) l»u«h. Heavy Mixed Corn.
100 bush. Northern Rye.
_ For sale hr C. E. CRAM.
July loth. dtf No & Central Wharf.
CHOICE brands Whlfp Wheat Southern Illinois
Flour, for families and bakers, for sale by
Commercial St., head of Widgery’s Wharf.
Jvl6 d3w is
Butter, (hmr, Flonr.
1rr/~k BOXES Vermont Cheese—best dairies,
tiv* 26 Tula Choice Vermont Butter.
680 Bbls. Family Flour.
In store and to arrive.
For sale low by F. A. SMITH,
Portland, June 23. 1882. d4w
HALF CHESTS Fine Oolong Teas,
ast/vl 60 do. do. Sonehong do.
jc23-3m For sale by JOHN LYN CH k CO.
~ip YOU
Best Ambrotype or Photograph,
DO not fall to rail at No. 27 Marknt Square, where
thrv taVr PERFECT LI K EN ESSES, anti war
rant rati,faction, at prler, which deft romprtition.
N. II.—Lar*r Ambmtrpes ..mly Fiftm Ctnlt.
527 Market Square, h'd Prehln St.
Rluly 14th, lS«a. dtf
JOHN W. 711' N (• E R,
WILL hr pleaned to NOTE. EXTEND and RE
CORD any protest that may l»e wanted by the
commercial community. A chare of hucincca is res
pectfully requ«-fed.
K. J. D. L4RRABEE & C'O*,
Manufacturer*. Importer*, and Wholesalo and !«•
tail Dealers in
Picture Frames, Engravings,
Manufacturers of
For Oil 1‘aintiugs and Looking (»lames.
constantly on hand.
Her and Oval Frame*, with French Mirror*: GUI
Ebony and Imitation liosewood Frames, both Oval
anil Square, for Engravings and l’hotographa, at low
prices aud warranted satisfactory.
A very choice collection of Fine Engravings and
Lithograph*, which we shall be Itappy to show to any
who may cill.
Our Assortment of Artists’ Materials
Is vrrv rxtcusivr, hcin* of th» best mtnufartnrr.
such a* Winsor & Newton's Oil and Water Colors.
Brush**, Drawing Capers. I’encil*. Cravons, Oils ami
Varnish**, Mathematical Instrument*, Ac.
Our stock embrace* all article* in this line, and ia
the largest and best selected in the State, and we of
fer the best inducements to dealers aud photograpers,
both as to quality of goods and as to prices.
Will be cheerfully famished with our Catalogue,
which contains a complete list.
A large assortment of Oval, Gilt. Walnut, Ebony and
Constantly on hand.
B. J. D. LABBABEE k 00.,
No. 00 Exchange Street.
June M. l*a. ,f
1ST ew 3D rug Store!
crosjiasT a poor.
Have taken store. Nw. 15 Middle Street.
(I *>x Block.) and respectfully invite nablic at
tention to their large and well selected stoca of
Drugs, Chemicals, Fancy Goods, Ac.,
And solicit a share of public patronage, trusting
that by furnishing the purest chemical* and best stoca
of drugs the market affords, and a careful attention
iu the dispensary department, to merit the confidence
of the public.
CAtf, f, OIMMAI. JdMtf tho*. h poor.
I.oxl. Vcsicrila).
\N INFANT'S BLANK KT. im line or Con
grit** streets, it is thought, botweou Dow and (
Green streets •
The tinder will confer a great favor by leaving it at i
the store of W. L. Wilson, Congress street. j|61t
■-~ - ■ — — -■—
G-errteel Fumitiar©
\\r I'-'ball fell »t Public Auction, on Tt'fcSt>AT,
" .luly 22. at 10o'clock A. M at hm>,e on 1 >an -
forth Street recently occupied by D. II. Eurtiisll.Mon
all the y urnlture in .aid houiy, coindxtiur in part of
BrniwHl*. Three Ply. oil Cloth, Stair and Chamber
tarpet. Black Walnut soft. Kockerr, Cbair. and
Tete-a- . te i'l Phuh, sofa. Itockerr, Chair., Ac., in
llairt loth. Extra Black Walnut Marble Top Cham
ber Set: Bedeleadi, lp-dr, Muttnxer* and Beddln*:
ei Set*. Bureau*. Mirror*; t »ntre, Uialna,
ih r W ork. Toilet and Kxrenalon Table*; Secretary,
1 tctiire*. Black Walnut Marble Top Table*, Cnrtaini
and Mature*, Cane Shat and Wood Chair*. Table
Tin Ware* 2£.,ry’ Ci'Jna. Stone. Earthen and
1 on ,rr ' K fr,^‘'r*,or, it., it. Toaether
thoee 'artiele*1^ Kn<'h',B vjnttare, compn»/I!a all
kitche.?. *"y ,onnd iB ,h* b«”t *ppul»*«l
d»,ylS.^RY *£«*'*** Auctioneer..
GOOD llarcain* will be given to those who with
to {)urcl)tM< GrivMtonw or Monuments of any
description Those who Will favor me with a caft
thill be *ati*flt-d that they are buyihg a good art tele
it the lowest price.
Shop on Forott Avenue, nelr Evergreen Cemetery.
Stnciia' Plain*. '
ji'to-sm_j. a. OOQg.
ranuor, me.,
Lareett. mo*t central Houie In the dt» Knareat
to Kail road* and Steamboat*. r’ *
Wanted to ParrhaMe.
A MASTER’S Intereet in a Veeael. Beet of Rep
ereneet given.
June 34, 1862.*d4wBOX (fil.
Rostov, Maui.,
P the largest and best arranged Hotel In
[the New Lugiand Staff*; iaci otraily loci*
[ted. and easy of accent from ill the route* of
Itravel. It contains the modern improve*
lento, and every convenience for the eom
accommodation of the travelling public.
Tlic sleeping room* are large and well ventilated»
the tullt of roomt ire well arranged, and completely
(hmithed for fhmiliet and large travelling portlet,
anti the home will continue to be kept It a first elate
Hotel in every respect.
. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor.
Boston, January. 1963. dTmia
For Sale.
THE Three Story Brick DWELLING*
HOUSE. No. * Gray Street. It le In
S!I!^L *»HHi repair, ami coutaina ten Hashed
• »«w. if noteold beltore the I«th of
Augu,t next, it will be told on that day,
^^^^at fl o’clock, A. M., at Auction, without
reaeme. Term, very euay. For information apply
to JOHN RANDALL, on the premiaea, or at the
atom of RANDALL k WOODBURY, oa *-.
cial Street, head Central Wharf.
Jane 21.1*3. dtf
Parlor, Olxamber
Importer and Dealer In
China, Crockery & Glass Ware,
Iriluii* fit, Table Citlerj, tad Plated fm,
And a General Aaaortment of
THF. attention of purchaser* I* invited to the lam
and desirable stock of House-keeping lioods now
in store, a* above* comprising a* it does nearly every
article usually needed fu the Furniture and Crockery
Departments. Being one of the largest stock* in th#
State, purchasers can And almost any variety ef rich,
medium and )ow*priced goods, suited to their differ*
I ent wants.
Those commencing housekeeping can obtain a com*
plete outfit at this establishment, without the trouble
and loss of time usually attending a selection of thM
kind; and the subscriber is confident that, combining
as he does the various branches of house-fur Dishing
business, be cun oflbr goods at prices that will not
fhil of proving satisfactory on examination.
138 and 140 Middle Street, Portland.
June 23, IMS. dtf
rro Confectioners!
Hire jual received ■
large, NEW it SUPERIOR
-lot or—
To which they would direct tbe attention of
Confectioner*, Keeper* of Ice Cream Saloena,
Proprietor* of Hotels,
And the public In general Alao. i large and varied
aaaortment of
Handkerchief Perfumes
Country Trmdera will do well to cull at their room*.
144 Middle Street, Portlaad,
Where may alao be aeea an axtenaive a««ortment of
- XXI)
Fancy XDry Goods!
X. O. PALVrR. R. C. THOM is. g. LORO, JU.
Bark Pay, ftr.
FOR service in the present war, obtained for Soldiers
snd Sailors, their Widows and Heirs, from the Uni
ted States Government, on application in persou or
by letter to
No. 88 Kn'Hanoi St., Tortlawd, M aihb.
Having devoted our attention exeludvely to the Pen
sion business for the Inst twenty year*, and having a
reliable Agency in W'ashington. we are enabled to
prosecute all claim# agaiust the Government with
promptness and despatch, and »n eery reasonable
terms, making no charge until the claim is obtained.
PnrMsnd, JuneXMh. dhwtf.
(lilted Stairs Six prr Out. Five
Twenty Bonds.
- ro« Mil AT TIB
International Bank.
July 9,1S82. todZw
XAHHOOD-Kow Lost! How Restored!
Just published, in a scaled Envelope.
pkicb six cists
AND RADICAL CURE of Bpermatorrbtea or
.Nominal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions. Sexual
Debility, and Impediment! to 'Marriage generally,
Nervous nets, Consumption. Epilepsy and rite; Men
tal and Physical Incapacity, resulting from Self
Abuse. Ac -By RoB 1 J. CULVER WELL, M. D.,
Author of the Gkiim Book, A#.,
M A Been te Theaaanads sf Xsferers,"
sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address.
postpaid, on reeeipt of six cents, or two postage
stamps, bv Dr. CH J C KLINE, 137 Bow»t. Iiw
York. Post Office. Box, 4686.
June 38. ts4mdAw
THE Missorm LAND OOMTAITT bar, pur
chased from the Hannibal A St. Joseph Railroad
Company a large tract of land in Northern Missouri,
adjoining the flourishing town of Hamilton. Caldwell
County, for forming and manufacturing purposes,
and have divided their property into lots and mrma.
They »rt* offered to *ub*criU*ra "iu shares of |M each.
Maps, with frill information, can be had by callingon
ld2 Middle Strut, Tortlaxd.
Jane 23 dtf
FROM and after the first of July. Postage Stamp#
and Stamped Envelopes will not he eharged al
the Post Office. Je2&tf

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