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The Wife.
Forsake thee! Never! Though the mark
Of Cain were stamped upon thy brow;
Though thy whole soul with puilt were dark}
Fear uot'that I will leave thee now.
No; underneath the listening stars
I bound my life, my all to thee;
Not crime and sin can break the bars—
Tis death alone can set me free.
Thine, thine, "for better or for worse,"
Through joy and sorrow, bliss and pain;
Though others hate, and blindly curse,
I’ll love and cleave to thee the same.
And who is left thee now but me?
The world look on in pride and scorn.
Oh, dark indeed thy way would be,
With little hope of brightening morn.
Alone to tread the downward road,
Without one pitying hand to save!
No, dearest, I will share the load,—
Our ]>arting spot shall be the grave.
And when remorse is on thy breast,
And dark thy brow with inward pain,
Oh, be it mine to tell of rest,
And lead thee to the path again !
To smooth the narrow way to peace.
To cheer thy hopes, to soothe thy fears,
Bid thy remorseful anguish cease,
And wipe away thy bitter tears.
Or, if my pl«>ading love is vain.
And deeper, blacker crimes ascend,
My breaking hcartshall tell no tale,
But steadfast follow to the end.
When shadowy death shall break the chain
That bound us in a life-long spell,
The grave alone disputes thy reigu.
Then only will I say—Farewell.
Disposal of the dead.—It seems to have
been the favorite object of most ages and coun
tries to preserve from putrefaction the bodies
of those who, in life, had been beloved or re
spected. The Egyptians have succeeded in
their mummies, and the Romans in burning
and collecting the ashes of the dead; but the
more rational process has seldom been consid
ered, viz., that of speedily incorporating with
the earth all the remains of organized matter.
There is a class of animals (IVrmcs) which
forms the connecting link betwixt animal and
vegetable. Instead, threfore, of incasing the
corpse in lead or oak eolfins, or enhalming
to preserve it a little longer from worms, it is
surely more rational, and more according to the
laws of nature, to bury it in such thin or per
ishable materials as may most speedily pro
mote dissolution; and, if the surface of the
Sound were covered with flowering plants,
e grave, instead of an ohject of disgust and
horror, might be converted into a pleasing rec
ord of our past affections.
How delightful is the thought, that while we
are inhaling the fragrance of a rose or violet,
growing in the mould com)>osed of our ances
tors or friends, we may be breathing the pure
and perfumed essence of all that now remains
of what was in life most dear to us.
If all our church-yards were flower gardens,
and every grave a bed of roses, we should
learn to look upon the mansions of the
dead with hope and joy, and not with dread
and disgust; and the good Christian should
follow his Lord's example, whose burial-place
was in a garden.
A Wonderful Clock.—There is now in
the possession of, and manufactured tiv. Mr.
Collins, silversmith, of Gloucester. England, a
most ingenious piece of mechanism—an eight
day clock, with dead beat escapement main
taining power, chimes the quarters, plays six
teen tunes, plays three tunes in twelve hours,
or will play at any time required. The hands
go round as follows: One, once a minute; one,
ooee an hour; one, onee a week; one once a
month; one once a year: shows the moon’s age,
the time of rising and setting of the sun, the
time of high and low w ater, half-ebb and half
flood; and by a beautiful contrivance, there is
a part which represents the water, which rises
and fails, lifting the ships at high water-tide as
if it w-ere in motion, and as it recedes leaves
these little automaton ships dry on the sand.
It shows the twelve signs of' the zodiac: it
strikes or not, chimes or not, as vou wish it; it
has an equation table, showing the difference
of clock and sun every dav in the year. Everv
portion of the clock is of beautiful workman
ship, and performs most aeurately many differ
ent objects which are called into action by the
ingenious proprietor, who is most willing to
describe all its various achievments to any
one who may feel a pleasure in pay ing him a
Don’t Drink much Water.—A person in
good health, and hi the moderate pursuit o
business, does not feel like drinking water,
even In summer-time, if not very thirsty. In
fact, great habitual thirst in summer is the
sign of a depraved appetite, resulting from
bad habits; or it is a proof of internal fever;
and the indulgence of even so simple a thing
as drinking cold water largelvin summer-time,
especially in the early part of the dav, will
Sreduce a disordered condition of the system.
lost persons have exjierienccd more or less
discomfort from drinking largclv of cold wa
ter. If we drink a great deal, we must per
spire a great deal; this perspiration induces a
greater evaporation of heat from the surface
than some have to spare; the result is a chill,
then comes the reaction of fever. Manv a
person arises from the dinner or tea table, in
June, chilly because too much cold fluids
have been taken. Those who drink little or
nothing, even of cold water, in summer, till
the afternoon, will be more vigorous, more
flill of health, and much more free from bodily
discomfort, than those who place no restraint
on their potations.—[Hall’s Jour, of Health.
“I Don't See It.”—Lord Nelson was un
doubtedly the author of this slang phrase. At
the celebrated naval battle of Copenhagen,
Nelson, who was determined to continue the
flght, but whose attention had been called to a
signal of the commanding officer to cease hos
tilities, placed his hand over his good eye, and
pretending to look with the blind one, said;
“I don.t see it,” aud at onee ordered a brisk
renewal of the engagement.
Peter Heine, aDutchman, from a cabin-boy,
rose to rank of admiral. He was killed in an
action at the moment his fleet triumphed over
that of Spain. The states-general sent a depu
tation to his mother, at Delft, to condole with
her on the loss of her son. The simple old
women, who still remained iu her original ols
scurity, answered the deputies in these words:
“I always foretold that Peter would perish
like a miserable wretch that he was; he loved
nothing but rambliug about from one country
to another, and now lie has received the re
ward of his folly.”
“Not Dead Yet.”—Two rather singular
cases of remarkable escape from living burial
are related as having occurred subsequent to
the battle of Fair Oaks. The lx sly of a Colo
nel was found on the Held and brought in.—
Arrangements were made for emlialining it
The process includes the. use of galvanism.
The shock was given. To the astonishment of
all of them the colonel rose and walked forth.
The other case was also that of a colonel who
was found dead on the Held. In deference to
his rank, he was brought to the hospital and
laid among the dead. Ilis friends prepared to
give him a decent burial, and were about to
carry the body out, when the colonel rolled
over, and, in tones more like those of a man
drunk than dead, called out: “Ben, John,
where is my whiskey flask?”—Tribune Cor.
Chubch Music.—In a timely and eloquent
discourse, delivered by a clergyman of this city
lately, the preacher, in illustrating soue of the
prejudices which have existed on the subject
of music in churches, spoke of a very religious
old lady, who, when asked her opinion of the
organ of a church, the first time she had seen
or heard one, replied, “it is a very pretty box
of whistles, but, oh! it is an awful way of
spending the Sabbath!”—llouton Transcript.
“Papa,” said my bright-eyed little girl to me
one day, “I b'lieve mamma loves you better'n
she does me.”
I confess to doubts on that subject, but I
concluded that it was not best to deny the soft
impeachment. She meditated thoughtfully I
about it for some time, evidently construing
my silence as unfavorable to her side.
“Well,” said see at last, “1 s’pose its all right;
your the biggest and it taken more to love
His’n and iSihs'n.—The vulgar contract ion,
“you’n, her'n, his’n,” are not confined to Yan
kee use, but are common in Berkshire (Eng
land) dialect. They even say sills’ll, ns appears
from a popular Berkshire ditty:
“But t’other young maiden looked sly at me.
And from tier seat she ris’n—
Let's votl and I fro on our way,
And we'll let she go sAtj'n.
We are commanded to let our light shine be
fore men; the man with a red rose keeps his
light shining before himself.
Portland Wholesale Prices Current.
Expressly corrected for the Press to July 16.
Ashes Pearl p bbl. % 5J
Ashes, Pot. 6 g 6
Apples, (ircen p bbl. 96 50 (5) 7 60
Apples. Sliced p lb. 6 g 7
Apples, Cored p tb. 6 g 6
Apples, Encored p lb. 2 g 3
Bread. Pilot p 100 lbs. 4 75 g 6 00
Bread, Ship . 8 76 g 4 00
Crackers per bbl. 3 25 a 3 60
Crackers, p 100. 35 g 40
Butter, Family p lb. 15 g 17
Butter, Store. 14 g 15
Beans, Marrow p bush. 2 50 g 2 75
Beans, Pea. 8 00 g 8 25
lteaus, Blue Pod. 2 75 g 3 00
Caudles, Mould p lb. 11 @ 11J
Caudles. Sperm. 36 g 00
Cheese, Vermont p lb. 9 g 9J
Cheese. New. 8jg 9
Coal, Cumberland p ton. 8 25 g 8 50
Coal Whiteash. 7 00 g 0 00
Coal, J^ehigh. 7 00 g 0 00
Coal, Franklin. 7 00 g 0 00
Coffee, Java p lb. 0 26 @ 264
Coffee, St. Domingo. 21 g 22
Cotfec, Kio . 21 g 22
Coffee, Mocha. ~ none.
Cordage, American. 101@ 11
Cordage, Russia. 12* g 124
Cordage, Manilla. 10jg 11
Boltrope, Russia. 14 g 144
do. Manilla. 12Jg 13
Cement—per bbl.. 1 20 g 1 3d
Drugs and Dyes.
Aluin. 03 g 04
Aloes. 16 g 25
Arrow Root. 17 g 40
Borax. 22 g 25
Brimstone (roll.). 4 g 44
Bi Carb. Soda. 6jg 6
Sulphur. 6 g 6
Sal Soda. 3 g 4
Camphor,. 1 25 g 1 30
Cream Tartar. 35 g 46
Logwood ex.. . . 10J a: 12
M agnesia. 25 g 33
Indigo, Manilla, tine. 1 00 g 1 60
Madder. 16 g 00
Rhubarb. 1 25 « 1 30
Alcohol. 62 g 68
Fluid. 85 ■ a) 87
Cauiphene. 1 75 g 1 80
Saltpetre. 10 g 2o
Vitriol. 12 g 00
Dye woods.
Barwood,. 2jg 00
Braxil Wood. 13 g 00
Camwood. 4Jg 4?
Fustic. Cuba. 02 g 21
“ Sav an villa,. l?g 02
Hypernic. 4]g 05
Logwood, Cainpeacliy. 02 g 00
“ St. Domingo. ljg 1J
Extract Logwood. 11 g 12
Nic Wood.
Peach “ . 4|
Red “ . ©3ig 3J
Sapan “ . 02 g 0o
Ouercitron Bark. 2*.g 2J
Red Sanders. 03 g CK>
Duck, Ravens.. 25
Duck, Portland, No. 3. 54 @ 00
•• •• No. 10. 40 g 00
Navy, Superior, No. 3. 63 g 00
“ No. 10. 3* ti 00
Tent Duck, U. S. 10 or. 33 g 00
“ “ “ 12 oz. 37}
reH inrra.
Feathers. Live Geese 4* !b. 60 % 66
Feathers, Russia. 26 a, 46
Fish, Cod large |> quin. 3 60 n. 4 00
Fish, “ small. 2 37 n, 2 76
Fish. Pollock. 2 25 g 2 60
Fish, Haddock, now. 1 26 g 1 50
Fish, liakc, new. 1 12 g 1 50
Herring, Pickled, f* bbl.
Shore . 2 75 @ 8 00
labrador. none
Scaled P box. 20 (m 22
No. 1 . 12 g 15
Mackerel p bbl.
Bay No. 1. 8 50 g 8 76
Bay No. 2 . 6 50 & 6 75
Bay No. 3. none
Shore No. 1. 8 50 «. 8 75
" “ 2 . 6 60 g 6 76
“ " 3 (large). 4 60 £.5 00
“ " "(medium). 8 50 g4 00
** ** "(small).
Almonds—Jordan f* lb
Soft Shell. 13 ft) 16
Shelled. 25 rf 3>)
Currants. 00 ig 12
Citron. 32 a 35
Wil. Pea Nuts. 2 25 jg 2 60
Figs, common . none
" Elcme. 15 g 20
lemons, bx. 6 U() g 0 00
Oranges . none.
Blue, cask.
Black. 8 00 gift no
Bunch, box. 3 20 « 3 40
Layer . 3 6*'* ft 3 *12
Dates . 07 a) 00
Prunes. 8Jg 10J
Flour—Portland inspection.
Flour, Superfine. 4 50 (SB 4 75
Flour, Fancy. 4 87 ft 6 f*0
Flour, Extra. 6 50 a 6 00
Flour, Family. 6 00 g 6 25
Flour. Extra Superior. 6 25 a 7 25
Western extras. 5 121 o 5 50
" taucy. 4 75* <i 5 00
" superior. 6 00 «. 6 50
Ohio extra. 6 00 g 6 50
“ family. 6 60 «. 0 76
Canada super No. 1. 5 00 g 6 25
“ fancy. 6 On a 6 25
" extra. 6 25 a 6 75
" superior extra. 6 75 a 7 00
Rye Flour. 4 00 g 4 26
Buckwheat Flour 4> lb. 02 a 21
Corn Meal. 3 60 g 3 75
Rye. 86 * 8«
Oats. fj«i a 65
South Yellow Corn. 66 a 66
Corn, Mixed. 63 g 66
Bariev. 60 a 62
Shorts 4> ton. 17 00 a 1ft 00
Fine Feed. 22 00 a 24 00
Grind atones*
Grindstones, Rough, 4? ton. 17 00 « 20 00
Grindstones, Dressed. 90 0D o85 00
Blasting. 4 10 9 4 38
Rifle and Sporting. 6 60 o 7 25
Hay p net ton, Screwed. 12 80 n 14 00
Hay, Loose. 13 00 «15 00
llidcii and Skiun*
Slaughter Hub's. 6 @ 6
Calf Skius. 0ft tv 10
C alcutta t ow—Slaughtered. 1 fin n l 70
Green Salt. 1 15 n 1 25
Dry. 90 « 1 00
Sheep Pelts, Green. 75 <1 90 1
Sheep Pelts, Dry. 40 g 70 |
First Sort, 1861. 16 g 16
I ron.
Common. 2 }g 00
" Refined Iron. 8J.fi. 00
Swede. 06 a 5]
Norway.. 5‘,« <m»
Cast Steel. 17'« ig
German Steel. 11 « 12(
English Blis. Steel. 14 a 15*
Soring. 1 „ gi
Sheet Iron, English. 5j«. 5J 1
Sheet Irou, Russia. 16* a m |
Sheet Iron, Russia im*t. 11|@ 12J j
Barrel, p lb. 8i® gi
Kegs, 4* It,. 8'a) 9
New \ oik, light. 19 <® 21
“ “ md. wts. 21 a 24
“ “ heavy. 20 w 24
" “ slaughter. 24 >«>> 20
American Calf Skins. on a 70
Slaughter Wax Leather.. 15 16
American Pig, 100 lb. 7 75 n 8 00
Foreign “. 7 76 (® 8 00
Sheet and Pipe. 9 00 9 25
I.umber—From the yard.
Clear Pine—No. 1.$38 00 «00 00
No. 2 . 34 00 mUO 00
No. 3. 24 00 «00 00
No. 4. 14 00 «00 00
Shipping Lumber. 12 00 a 14 00
Spruce. 10 00 a 12 00
Hemlock. 8 on „10 00
Box Shooks. (rash). 46 « 60
Clapboards, S extra. 13 00 a 15 00
“ 1* “ . 80 00 « 32 00
Shingles, Cedar, extra . 2 50 " 3 00
“ *• No. 1. 2 on a 2 25
“ extra pine. 2 50 n 8 75
Laths, Spruce. 1 15 a 1 20
“ Pine. 1 37 >• 1 <52
Red Oak Staves . 20 00 „ 35 00
Mol. Hhd Shooks & Heads, city... 2 2o a 2 25
Sug. *• “ “ “ 2 20 « 2 25
do “ •• “ country 1 40 « 1 06
Country Riff Mol. Hhd. Shooks.... 1 25 « 1 35
Pry Riff.. 1 10 „ 1 20
Hoops. 20 00 (k22 00
Hack met ack limber, 49 tun. 8 00 « 10 00
Lime, Rockland, cask. 65 0 70
Molasses, Cienfugos. 28(2) 33
Jlolasse*. Cuba clayed. 00 „ 27
Molasses, “ “ tart. 00 a *25
Mola!*s«»s, “ Muscmada.. 28 « 30
Molasses, New Orleans.
Portland Syrup hhds 2) bbls22
Nn i|«.
< 3 371« 3 50
MmiiI Stores.
i. 10 00 » 12 no
Pitch. $ 00 a 7 00
Korin . 8 00 a 0 00
Turpentine 4> gal. 1 70 ® 1 76
Oa leant.
Oakum, American. 7j® 81
Portland Kerosene Illuminat’g Oil 30 @ 0 33
Machine. . 75
Clarine. 88
Sperm Winter. 1 Go ,« 1 *55
Whale, ref. Winter. (52 >• (54
“ “ Summer. 58 « (in
(.rand Bank and Bay Chaleur. ... 17 00 ./18 00
Shore. 16 00 « 17 00
Linseed. 92 w 94
Boiled. 96 (w 98
Lard Oil. 75 @ 80
Olive Oil. 1 60 •£ 1 60
Castor Oil. 1 65 a 1 70
Neat afoot Oil. 1 05 p 1 12
Onion* — per bbl. none
do Bermuda lb. 3}.«t 4
I'ortland Lead, in oil. 0 00 « 8 75
Lewis Lead, " . 9 00 <jy
Boston Lead, “ 8 75 w
French Zinc, “ 8 25 (g 8 50
American Zinc, “ 7
Rochelle, Yellow. 2 25 @ 2 75
Eng. Ven. Red. 2 25 to 2 75
Litharge. 8 25
Red Lead. 8 25
Per ton Soft. 1 60 r® 1 65
Hard. 1 50 itv 1 56
(•round. 6 Oo 5 50
Prov inion*.
Chicago Mess Beef.. 14 00 («14 75
Portland do . 12 50 « 13 00
Portland extra Mesa do. 14 00 to 14 60
Pork, extra clear. 15 50 old 00
Pork, clear. 14 00 « 14 50
Pork, mess. 13 00 a 13 50
Pork, extra do. 14 50 (2l5 00
Pork, Prime. 11 00 all 60
Pork, Hams. 67
Pork, City Smoked Hams. 7 vs 7}
Beef p quarter, p lb. 5 (9) 74
Eggs, p dozen. 12 (a) 12}
Potatoes, pbrl. 1 37 a 1 02
Annies, dried, p lb. 2Va 0
Chickens, Spring. 12’a 15
Lamb. 7 a) 8
Turkies. 12 q) 17
Oecsc. 9 -o> 11
Veal. 44 a) 6
lh'ckles, p brl. 6 50 a 8 50
Rice p lb. 7
Rum, Portland distilled. 40 @ 45
Saleratua p lb. 6}(g 6J
Salt, Turk’s Is., p hhd. (8 bus.).... 2 50 % 2 75
Salt, Liverpool. 2 124a 2 374
Salt, Cadiz. 2 12}a 2 37}
Sacks Salt. none
C round Butter Salt. 20
Starch, Pearl,. 6464
Starch, Potato. 2}q> 2j
Shot—p 100 lbs. 9 00 a 9 50
Soap, Loathe & Core’s. Trowbridge
K Smith’s Extra No. 1 p lb . 7?
Soap. Family do. 6j
Soap No. 1. 5|
Soap, Eagle No. 1.
Soap, Star. 4]
Soap. Castile,. 14 @ 10
Soap, Crane’s. 8
Spire a.
Cas-ia p lb. 40 % 42
Cloves. 22 iv 23
Cingrr, (Race). 20 a 21
(ringer,(Africa). 20 § 21
Mace. 66 § 70
Nutmegs. 75 a 90
Pepper,. 18 ,4 20
Pimento. 14 ^ 15
Herds Crass. 2 00 @ 2 121
Western Clover. 7J« 8
Red Top. 3 00 a 3 25
Linked. 2 50 a 0 00
Canary. 3 00 (a 8 25
Sugar, Portland A. 7J
Sugar, *• A A. 8J
Sugar, “ Yellow. none
Sugar, Extra Yellow. none
Sugar, Muscovado. 8 a; 8|
Sugar. “ in bond.
Sugar, Havana Brown. 8j«) 104
Sugar, “ White. 11 (a) 111
Sugar, Coflee (’rushed. 9Jctj 11}
Sugar. Crushed. 12 a 124
Sugar. Cranulated. 12 ry 12|
Sugar, Powdered. 12 a) 12j
American refined. 8|® 9
Rough. 5ja> 6
Tea, Hyson. 75 @ 1 00
Tea, Young Hyson. 75 \ 00
Tea, Oolong. 45 « 05
Tea, Souchong. 45 50
6‘s and 10's best brands. 43 S) 49
6 s aud io’s medium. 38 n 41
6’s and 10’s common. 33 <r 38
half pds. best brands. 4*i a 61
half |»ds. medium good. 41 « 43
half pds. common.. 33 (aj 88
Natural Leaf, pds. 43 a. 53
Fancy, in Foil. 78 ^ 1 00
Itaiica, cash. 39 ct} 00
Straits, cash. 34* eg 36$
Char. I. C. 9 75 Cd 10 00
“ I. X. 11 50 a 12 00
Coke. 7 75 « 800
Cotton Sail. 31 @ 33
Flax . 4<» a 00
“ Haloing. 23 aj 31
Heinp ** 26 ri; 00
India. 14 eg 14$
Furniture Varnish. 2 00 (a 2 50
Coach Varuish. 2 5ft 4 00
Damar Varuish. 2 25 2 50
Hard, retail. 6 oo (Si 6 25
Soft. •• 4 00 (g 6 00
Domestic. 42 @ 50
. G2$® 1 00
Pigs and slabs. 6Jo) 6$
Sheet Mosslniann. 8$® 9
Sheathing. 90 00
«>n London—90 days. 1 29 a 1 30
Paris. 6 a 32$
Bremen, ri* dollar. 761 r» 77
New York—at sight. (® f-10 dis
Philadelphia. (a i dis
Haiti none. (a: 1 dis
St. Louis. 8 a 9 dis
Cincinnati. 0 ^ 2 dis
An additional duty of 10 percent, is levied on al
merchandise not imported direct from the place ol
growth or production.
ASHES.—10 per cent., ad val.
BREAD.—30 per cent.
BUTTER.—4 p cent.
UANDLKS.—Sperm and Wax, 8c., Tallow, 2c., per
CHEESE.—4c p lb.
COAL.—(Retail.) From Br. Province*, free, other
foreign Bituminous 91; all other kinds 50c per ton.
COFFEE.—5c per tb.
CORDAGE.—Tarred 2$c p lb. Manila 2c p lb, all
other 3c p tb.
DRUGS and DYES.—Per tb. Acids, (nitric, oxalic,
and all others used for medicinal purpose* or tine
arts,) Aloes. Assafoetida, Ammonia, Uantliarides,
Gamboge, Ipecac. Jalap. Juniper Berries, Manna.
Quicksilver, Rhubarb, Sarsaparilla. Sponges, Verdi
gris. Vanilla Beans, 10 per cent, ad val.—ll \ driodate
and Prussiate Potash, Peruvian Bark, 15 per cent. ar.
val.—Citric Acid, C astor Oil, Cubebs, Essential Oil*.
Epsom Salts. Isinglass, Flor Sulphur, Senna Arrow
Root, blue or white Vitrol, Ginseng. 26 j>cr cent.—
C opperas, 25c p 100 tb.—Bleaching Powders, 30e p
100 tb*.—Alum and Sago. 60c p 10O tb*.—Refined Bo
rax, chromate and bichromate Potash, Sugar of
Lead and Argo!*, 3c p tb.—Opium. 91 p lh.—Bal
sam* and Sulphate Quinine, 30 p cent.—Alum, Sal
Soda and Soda Ash $c p tb.—Bi C arb Soria, Caustic
Soda. Liquorice Root, 1 c p ft*, and ground do 2c p
tb. Liquorice Paste, 5c p lb.—Relined Camphor
and c ream Tartar. 6c p tb —Tartaric Acid. Tartar
Emetic, Rochelle Salts, Gum Copal, and others gums
or resinous substances used for same purposes a* Gum
Copal, 10c p lb.—Roll Brimstone, 86 p ton.—oil
Cloves, 70c p tb.—Morphine. 91 p or.—Alcohol, 40c
p gal.—All other descriptions quoted, free. Chicory
Root, lc p lb.
DU( K.— 25 p cent, ad val.
FEATHERS.—30 p cent, ad val.
FISH.—Per 100 tb foreign caught; Herring 91;
Mackerel «2; Salmon S3; and afl other pickled in
brls. 91 50 p brl.—otherwise 60c |K*r 100 lbs. From
Provinces fri-e.
r iu 11lemons, uranges, itanana* ana Plan
tain* 20 p cent, ad val.—Almonds 4c, and shelled do,
6c |»er lb— Nut* and Dates, 2c p lb—C urrants, Figs,
riuius, Prunes and Raisins. 5c p lb—Citron 30 4>
ad val.
(•BAIN—Corn and Oat* 10c; Rvc and Barley 15c;
and Wheat 20c per bush. From Br. Provinces', free.
GRIN DST( >N ES.—Rough—F ree.
GUNPOWDER.—30 p cent, ad val, per cask of 25
HIDES fc SKINS.—10 p cent, ad val.
HOPS.—10 p cent.
IRON.—Pig and Scran, $6; Bar. rolled or ham
mered, $15; Railroad $12; Boiler $20 p ton; Sheet
$25 p ton.
LEATHER—30 p cent.
LEAD.—Pig lie p It,.
LIME.—in p cent, ad val.
MOLASSES.—«c p gal.
NAILS.—Cut lc, Wrought 2c, Assorted 3c p lb.
NAVAL STORES.—Turpentine. Rosin, Pitch, Tar,
20 p cent, ud val.; Sp. Turpentine 10 cent* p gal.
OAK CM.-Free.
OIL.—Sperm, Whale, and other Fish oils, of For
eign Fisheries; Neat*foot, Linseed, Hcmps«*cd and
Rapeseed, 20 per cent; Olive in cusks, Palm, Seal, and
Cocoanut 10, Olive Salad 30 per cent, ad i al.
PAINTS.—White Lead, dry or ground in Oil and
Red Lend, 2 l-2c per lb; Litharge and Oxide of Zinc,
2 l-2e p !b: Prussian Blue 10c—Varnishes, Vermillion,
Chrome Yellow, Venetian Red 20—Spanish Brown,
dry, 20; in oil, 30 p cent, ad val—Yellow and other
Ochres, 35c per 100 lbs—Paris White, dry , 35c, in oil,
$1 35: Whiting 25c p 100 lbs.
PROVISIONS.—Beef and Pork lc—Lard, Bacon
and Hams 2c— Butter and Cheese 4c p lb.
RICE.—lc p Ih.
SALT.—In lmlk 12c. and in bags 18c p 100 lbs.
ST ARCH .—20 p cent.
SOAP.—30 p cent.
SPICES.—Ginger Root, 8c; Ground (linger, 5c.—
Pepper and Pimento, 6c.—Cloi e*. 8c; Cassia. 10c.—
Cassia Buds, 15c.—Ciuuainoii, 20c.—Maco and Nut
megs, 25c p Ih.
SEEDS.—Linseed, 16c p bus; Canary, 10 p cent.
Other kinds free.
SUGAR.—Below No. 12 Dutch standard, including
Melado and Concentrated Molasses, 24c p Ih; above
No. 12, not refined, 3c; refined, 6c p ro; wheu tinc
tured or colored, 8c.
TEAS.—20c p lb
TOBAC< O.—Leaves unmanufactured, 25; all other
kinds 30 p cent, ad val.
TIN.—In pigs, free; Plate*. 10 p cent, ad val.
TWINE.—30 p cent.
WOOL.—( Oastiug 18c p !b and under, 5 p cent;
und(*r 24c p lb, 8c; over 24c p lb, 9c p lb.
ZINC.—In blocks or pigs, lc; in sheet*, ljc P lb.—
Manufacturers of, 30 p cent, ad val.
or THE
JOHN T. GILMAN, recently of the Hath Timer,
JOSEPH B. HALL, of the Aroostook Herald.
The Portland Daily Press is intended to be
au enterprising, vigorous and live Daily Morning
Paper, containing the latest and fullest news by mail
and telegraph.
Is a large, well-filled, carefully edited, and neatly
printed Weekly paper, intended specially for general
circulation throughout the State.
Both of the above named papers will labor to
inculcate, in no dictatorial spirit, sound political prin
ciples and to promote tbe material interests of the
State, and of the City of Portland as its interests
twine with, and are inseparable from, those of the
Politically, the Press will give an earnest, cordial,
and generous support to the administration of Abra
ham Lincoln, who in little more than one year, has
indellibly impressed himself upon the nation's heart
as an incorruptible patriot, an inflexible Chief Mag
istrate, and an honest man; the ability of whose ad
ministration is most signally exhibited, not 'only in
the matchless operations of our aftny and navy, but
in the unparalleled fact that, in the midst of this
gigantic rebellion, our Government securities are
selling at a premium. It will zealously labor to ex
hibit and defend souud Republican principles, and,
inasmuch as political organizations have become a
necessity in carrying into effect great principles of
political economy, and inasmuch as ,thc Republican
party which, in the brief chapter of its history already
written, has successfully rotated the allegation of its
enemies that its designs and tendencies were sec
tional, and triumphantly vindicated its claim to a
just and liberal Nationality, has remained steadfast
in its devotion to theL'niou while other organizations
have so generally become infected with a disloyal
spirit, and inasmuch as it is the only party which at
present seems competent to conserve the great prin
ciples underlying all free Governments, the I*rkrs
will cordially sustain the organization of that party,
not with a design to foster a mere partizan spirit, but
in the full cmiiciousness that it embodies the true
principles upon which our government rests, and af
fords the only available means of accomplishing such
results as a lofty patriotism imperatively demands.
It will neither seek nor endorse any compromises
with men in rebellion against the laws of the land,
but will inculcate loyalty to the great central idea of
ail true democracy—that the majority must govern.
Upon the exciting question of Domestic Slavery, it
may be proper to say, that while the Press will sanc
tion no interference with the constitutional or legal
rights of loyal men, it will neither apologize for au
evil which constitutes the foulest blot upon our
national character, nor attempt to resist the tide of
events that seems destined to sweep from existence
au institution which is the greatest anomaly in a free
government. The emancipation of slavery in the
federal Capital, the co-operation of the Federal with
the loyal State governments, to secure gradual eman
cipation. as proposed by President Lincoln, and all
other constitutional measures looking to a peacetal
removal of our greatest “moral, political and social
evil,” will find in the Press a generous and hearty
mu' iiiu» uisum-iiv announcing me general course
proposed for the Prkm, aud intending that, alike in
war and in peace—in our country's peril and in its
triumph, it shall speak with no uncertain voice, we
do not lose sight of the fact that true men have hon
estly differed, and that, coming by different routes
they now find themselves travelling parallel roads;
and, instead of seeking to widen the differences be
tweeu those who are required by a common patriot
ism to act in concert, the Prem will labor hopefully
to encourage unity of purpose aud harmony of act
ion among all loyal men.
Aside from its political department, the Pres® will
be earnestly devoted to the advancement of the best
interests of the city and State. Its Local Depart
ment will in no case be neglected. Particular atten
tion will be given to the Commercial and Maritime
interests. It will be the aim of its conductors to make
it an indispensable institution of the State, and a ge
nial and welcome visitiy in every work-shop, count
ing-house, and family circle. The Editors, not un
known to the people of Maine, will give their undivi
ded energies to the work before them, and labor to
make such a pa|>er as the city of Portland, the State
of Maine, aud the exigencies of the times demand—
one that shall be true to the popular instincts.
The Portland Daily Press is printed with en
tirely new type, on a sheet as large as that of any
daily in Maine, and issued every morning, (Sun
days excepted,) at £5 per annum. Subscriptions for
lew than sjx mouths, 60 cents per month.
The Maine State Press, large, neatly printed,
aud well filled with the news of the week, and orig
inal and selected Political, Agricultural, Literary and
Miscellaneous reading, making it specially adapted to
the Family Circle, will be issued weekly, at £1.50 per
year, idvariably in advance. To any person sending
the names of jire weir nUttrrifn-rs, cash in advance,
an extra copy will be sent gratis.
X. A. Foster, i
J. T. Gilman, [ X. A. Foster k Co., Publishers.
J li Hall. )
Portland, May 19. 1802.
The undersigned cordially approve the enterprise
projected in the foregoing Prospectus, and earnestly
commend the new paper to the hearty support of the
People of Maine.
31 ay, 1802.
Al’(i. F. GEBISIJ.
Cumberland Co.
Rep. Coin.
► City Committe of
£i. H^Y,
Fine Chemicals, Pure Drugs,
_A.nd Dye-Stufls,
And all other articles usually kept in a Drug and
Taint Establishment.
FIT* State Agent for DAVIS & KIDD S MAG
For Salt*.
ONE of the best Stands in the city for the retail
Grocery and Trovision Ifusincss, together with
le lease of the Land.
For particulars apply to
II. K H1NKLEY. 122 Cumberland Street.
July 11,1832. dlw
ki:nnkbi:< and Portland r. r.
Commenced April 14th, 1862.
□KgSgs^i'j Passenger trains will leave daily, (Sun
*»wwI!rTwiP#davs excepted) as follows:
Augusta lor Bath, Portland and Boston, at 11.15 A.
M., connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
Railroad for Lewiston, Livermore Falls, Wilton and
Leave Portland for Bath and Augusta at LOOT. M.,
connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
trains for stations on that road ; and at Augusta with
the Somerset & Kennebec Railroad for Waterville.
Kendall’s Mills and Skowhegan. and at Kendall's
Mills w ith the Penobscot k Kent.ebec Road for Pitts
field, Newport aud Bangor; arriving same night.
Monday Morning aud Saturday Evening Trains.
On Monday trains leave Augusta at 6.30 A. M., and
Bath at 6.30 A. 3!., for Portland, connecting with the
8.45 A. 31. train for Lowell and Boston.
Leave Portland on Saturdays, at 8.15 I*. 31., on ar
rival of train from Boston, for Bath aud Augusta.
Stages leave Bath daily (Sundays excepled) at 3.00
P. 3!., on arrival of train from Portland and Boston,
for Wiscasset. Damariscotta, Waldoboro', Rockland
and Thomaston.
Stages leave Augusta daily (Sundays excepted), for
Belfast, on arrival of train from Portland and Bos
Tickets sold in Boston for all the stations on the
Kennebec & Portland, Androscoggin, and Somerset
k Kennebec Roads.
Freight trains run daily between Augusta and Port
land. B. II. CUSHMAN,
3fanagcr and Superintendent.
Augusta, April, 1862. june23dtf
rwpg^wgn On and after Monday, 3fav 6. 1862,
trams will leave Portland for Lewiston
anu i aiiiiington via Brunswick, at 1 P. 31.
I/eave Farmington for Lewiston, Bath and Port
land, via Brunswick, at 9.15 A. 31.
Leave Lewiston for Bath and Portland via Bruns
wick at 11.45 A. M.
Freight trains daily between Portland and Lewis
Stage leaves Strickland’s Ferry Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, for Livermore, Canton, Peru
and Dixfield; returning opposite davs.
Stage leaves North Jay for East Dixfield. Dixfield,
and Weld, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays;
returning opposite days.
Stage leaves Farmington .or New Vineyard, New
Portland and Kingtield, on Wednesdays and Satur
days, returning on 3londavs and Fridays.
Stages leave Farmington dailv, for Strong. Avon
and Phillips.
Passengers for this route will take the cars at the
Portland, Saco k Portsmouth, or KennetK-c & Port
land Depots, in Portland. S. W. EATON. Sup’t.
Farmington May 6, 1862. june23dtf
To Chicago, CmcnntATi, Clkyki.axd. Detroit,
Toledo, s>t. 1'aul, La Chobae, .St. I.oum,
New Orleabb, or any part of the
Via Buffalo, Dubkirk, abd Niagara Fall*.
Tlii* road 1* broad ouaoe and ia provided with
New and Splendid Slecpiujc t ar*.
IV Iktatl »old in l'ortlaud at lowest Boston rale*
W. D. LITTLE. Aofst,
OjKc ' 31 Exchange Street.
IF' You can *ave money by securing ticket* at ttda
Juno 23. dawtf
Portland and !Vrw York Strainers.
m The splendid and fast Steamship
“CHESAPEAKE," Captain Sidney
^^^ITO^rRowici,l.. will until further notice run
XK&flBSSla* follows:
Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES
DAY, at 4 P. 31.. and leave Pier 9 North" Kiver, New
York, every SATCKDAY. at 3 o'clock. P. 31.
This vessel is fitted up with fine accommodations for
passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and
comfortable route for travellers between New York
and Maine. Passage 95,00, including F are and State
Goods forwarder! by this line to and from Montreal,
Snebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, F^stport and 8t.
Shippers are requested to send their freight to the
steamer before 3 P. 31., on the day that she leaves
F'or freight or passage apply to
E3IERY k F'oX, Brown's Wharf, Portland.
II B C ROMWELL k CO., No. 80 West Street,
New 3'ork.
June 23. 1802. dtf
M O N T R K A I.
Weekly Mail Line.
- ON Fi of the following first-class, power
A MEKH AN. N( »K W E< .1 AN, J U KA.
bohemian, anglo saxon, no
va 8( on AN—will sail from Quebec every Satur
day morning, for Liverpool, via Londonderry.
Passengers leave Portland per Grand TrutiY Trains
with United States mails, every F riday, at 1 15 P. 31.,
connecting with Steamer at Quebec every Saturday
Passage to Liverpool, Londonderry or Glasgow:
Third Class, 930. First Class. 9«7 to 982—according
to accommodation,—which includes tickets ou Grand
Trunk Railway.
Prepaid and retnrn tickets issued at reduced rates.
F'.xcursion tickets to the World’s F'air, out and
hack, 9150.
Apply to Edmonstone, Allan k Co., 31ontreal,or to
June 28. 18*»2. dtf
International Steamship Company.
On and after April 28, the Steam
er* -NEW 1IKI NSWICK ” and
."FOREST (TTY" will, until fur
I’lier notice, lcate P. S. k P. R. R.
w 11it11, loot oi slate Street, as follows:
Steamer “New Brunswick," Capt. Fa. B. Winches
TBit, will leave for FLastport and St.John every
3IONDAY, at 6 o’clock, P. 31.
Returning will leave St. John every THCRSDAY
3loRNING, at 8 o'clock, for FIastport, Portland
and Boston. i
Steamer “Forest City,” Capt. F2. F'ield. will leave
for Eastport and St.John every THCRSDAY at
6 o’clock P. M.
Through tickets are sold by this liue connecting at
Eastport with stage coaches for SIachias, and
with Steamer t^ueen for Rohhinston. Calais. St.
Stephens, and ST. Andrew s, and at the latter place
over Railway for Canterbury; from thence per
stage coaches for Woodstock and Houlton, w hich
is the cheapest and most expeditious w ay of reaching
the Aroostook County.
We also ticket through per Steamers and Railways
for Windsor, Halifax, Dioby, Fredericton.
Sussex, Moncton. Shkciac. Prince Edward
Island, Piutou, North Shore of New Bruns
wick, Miuimhiii, and Bay pe ( iulecr.
June 23. dawtf
^NfifcGeo, Warren,
*rcc***oit to
Proprietor of the
Sailing from Liverpool for Boston twice a month.
Steerage Passage. £20. Also. Agent for New- York
ami Liverpool Steamships, sailing from New York
every Saturday, and from Liverpool every Wednes
day, and calling at tjueeustowu, Ireland. Cabin
Passage, $76. 3d Class, $30.
Sight Bills of Exchange, for £1 Sterling and up
waad. payable at any Bank iu Great Britain or Ire
land constantly for sale.
For Passage Certificates, Steamer Tickets, Drafts,
or for further information. Address,
GEO. WARREN, 99 State Street, Boston, Mass.
police of 1'orvrlosurt\
NrOTICE is hereby given, that tin* subscriber. Sam
uel S. Webster, of Portland, In the County of
Cumberland and State of Maine, claims by mortgage
a eertaiu tract of land situated in Falmouth, in said
County, bounded, beginning at the most southwest
erly corner of laud now or formerly of Royal Leigh
ton, thence easterly and northerly by the .-ante to land
of John W. Freeman, thence easterly by the same to
land of Jeremiah Hall, thence southerly and wester
ly by the same to land owned by Jeremiah llobhs, j
tlience northerly and westerly by the same and land
of Philip Gammon to the county’road, thence north
erly by said road to the first bounds; containing sev
enteen acres more or less, subject to the right of Jer
emiah Hobbs or bis assigns to pass ami rcpa*» throng i
said premises. Said real estate hav ing been conveyed
in mortgage to Samuel S. Webster ami Mieah Samp- .
son bv Impendence II. Furbish, by liis deed of Au
gust ±», 18o6, recorded in the Registry of Deeds for j
Cumberland County, in book 2»>3, page 397; which I
mortgage was duly assigned by said Micah Sampson
to Samuel S. Webster, June 3t), 1*4)2, as will appear
by the assignment thereof rccoriled in said Registry,
to all of which records reference i- t«> U bud for a
more particular description. The condition of said
deed of mortgage is broken, amt the subscriber, as
sigm*e of sain mortgage, by reason thereof do claim
a foreclosure of said mortgage, and do hereby uotify
all parties interested of my claim to foreclose said
mortgage, on account of the breach of the conditions
Dated nt Portland this first dav of July. A. I). 1862.
jui2—w3w* sam l s. Webster.
Sliipi»iiR|t Hoards.
2f\i Y/A t W Yi Y FEET Shipping Boards of Stt
•l/l/l M r\ f perior quality.
For sale bv X. J. MILLER,
July 9. dim No. 90 Commercial Street.
Proposals for Bnii«iinK SidMVhn-l
The wavy department win, until the »n,
day of July, receive propositions from ship-build
ers actually engaged in the contraction of vessels,
for the construction of the hull of a double-bowed
side-wheel gunboat, with rudder at each end. protect
ed by the stems; the masts, rigging, sails tor fore-aud
aft schooner rig. and awnings; four boats, with all
their fittings and equipments complete; tanks for
2000 gallons of water, with the necessary casks, break
ers, buckets, 4c. Hie vessel completed iu every re
spect with all the fittings for sea service, except ord
nance, anchors and cables, furniture, cooking uten
sils, instruments, and stores, which will be furnished
by the liovernent.
The jength of the vessel, including both rabbets on
a line 7 feet 8 inches above the lower edge of rabbet
of the keel, to be 236 feet; the extreme breadth 36
feet, and the depth of hold from throat of floor tim
ber to lower side of deck-plank 12 feet. The displace
ment to a line 7 feet 6 inches above the lower edge of
rabbet of bottom plank to be 39,600 cubic feet. The
si/e of the principal materials are to bu as follows,
other parts being in due nroportion as in naval ves
sels of this class: Keel of white oak, 14 bv 6$ inches,
searph fastened with * inch copper bolts; stem of
w hite oak, sided 10 incites, and properly secured in
openings for rudder and to keel with' composition
knee; frame of white oak, white ch«‘stnnt. and hack
metack; timber and room 24. 26 and 26 inches;
floor timber sided 7 to 6 inches; futtocks 6 to 5
inches; top timbers 6 inches; moulded in throat
13 inches, in bilge 9 inches, at head 5J inches —
Timber of frame close together. Space between
frames level with throat of fl«»or. tilled in with white
pine. Main keelson of white oak. 13 bv 16 inches,
fastened with two copper bolts in cadi frame of j Inch.
Bilge keclsou of white oak or yellow pine, fastened
with copper holts f inch in dfameter under engine
frame and boilers; the remainder with iron. Breast
hooks of white oak. sided 7$ inches. Diagonal braces
in two tiers 31 by } inch amidships and 3 by 7-18 to
wards the ends; the upper strap 3j by 1 inch. Bilge
st’-akes of oak or yellow pine. 4] inches thick. 6 strakes
of 9 inches wide on each side. < eiling three inches.
Camps of white oak 4 inches thick, three strakes 12
inches, bolted edgewise. Berth deck beams of white
nine, sided 6] moulded 6 inches, the fonr longest
beams to have lodge knees. Berth dock plank white
pine, upper deck beams of yellow pine or white oak,
sided 11 to 10 inches, moulded 9 inches in the middle
and 8 inches at the end. One hanging knee at each
end of each beam, and lodge and lap kness between
the beam*. Hanging knees sided f inches, the re
maining knees 6 inches. Waterways and thick strakes
ot yellow pine or oak, jogged over boatn«, and fast
ened with J inch iron. Deck plank of vellow pine 4
inches, if oak, 3j inches thick. Spirketting of white
oak. in thickness 3 inches. Oarboard strakes of white
oak. 4j inches thick. Bottom plank of white oak. 84
incher thick. Wales of white oak. 4 inches thick : in
width, 7} Inches; square fastened, the bottom with
three treenails and one composition spike; the gar
board strakes with two copper bolts and two tree
nails; the wales, above the copper fastening, with }
inch iron bolts and iron spikes; butt bolts in diame
ter, J inch. Copper fastening to extend up to 8 feet
4 inches above the lower edge of rabbet of keel. The
bottom sheathed with 24 ounce copper to 7 feet 9 inch
es above the rabbet of the keel. The wheels will be
overhung, the guards made as short fore and aft as
practicable, and the wheel-house built in the usual
wav. The bulwarks to be of 5-16 plate iron. The
builders of the vessel will make the wood-frame for
the iuclined engines, securing it with wood knees and
to the keelsons, and will do all the wood work neces
sary in placing the machinery. The cabin, ward
room, steerage and between decks, the holds, bolts,
steering-wheel, pumps, scuppers, capstans, hammock
rail, caulking, joiuers, plumbing, painting, and the
other detail, as far as the contract stipulates to cover,
is to be complied in accordance with the usages of the
viiij ncnu ■ Uianiiif, *nuwii)|[inf :
shape of one half the vessel, having the requisite din- '
placement, a* both ends arc alike, and, if they think
proper, a plain model of the same.
The proposal* state the price for which thev
will agree to have the vessel readv to receive the msi
ehinery and launch her. for the period* of fourteen,
sixteen, eighteen and twenty weeks, respectively, the
vessel to be fiilly completed in forty davs thereafter,
or in twelve days after the complete erection of the
The usual condition* of government contracts wiil
be observed, and payments will be made as the work
progresses, and twenty per cent, retained till the sat
isfactory completion of the contract.
The bids must be acrompanW by the guaranty re
quired by law. that if the contract is awarded it will
be duly executed. The Department reserves the right
to reject any or all of the pro|*«sals received under
this advertisement, if in its opinion the public inter
est require? it.
The proposals must be endorsed •*Proposals for
Taddle-Win**! Steamers,” to di-tingnish them from
other business letters, and will be addressed to the
**8—retry of the Navy.”
Propositions will be received for similar vessels of
iron, or of iron and wood combined. ju!17 2aw2w
Proposals for PuddfasWbrrl Strain
.Tlarhiut-ry for Uu> V. S. Vuvj.
THE NAVY DErAKTMEKT wDI, nntil the 2rth
il»v nf Jlllv, rcwite «r»Icl for th«
construction ol ntcrnm machiucnr for Fuddle WViwI
f»ach steamer will have one inclined engine of not
lass than 180 cubic leet displacement of piston per
stroke; the length or the stroke to be about 8 feet 9
inches. The frame to be of yullow pine, strongly
kneed, bolted and braced.
There will be a .Sowall’s surface condenser, in which
the condensing surface will be composed of draw u
bras* tuln-s live eighths inch outside diameter; tube
and follower* of brass: total area of condensing sur
face 2500square feet; capacity of air-pump (consider
ed as ?iugh acting) 25 cubic feet: capacity of circula
ting pump (considered a* single acting) 2i cubic feet.
inlet and outlet pipe* to pum|>* to have a net area of
not less than two-third's of tlie pump * pistons; re
ceiving and delivery valves of pumps to have a net
area of opening of not less than oue aud a half time
the area of the pumps' pistons; valve stats of brass;
valves of gum.
The cylinder is to have brass balance poppet valves
of 17 and 18 inches diameter; valve mats of brass.—
Steam valve to be arranged with Stevens’ cut off —
The whole valve gear to be finishiHi and arrauged
for working hooked on back as well as ahead.
The cross-head to be of wrought iron and finished.
The cranks to lie of wrought iron, turned andplaued.
The shat! to be of wrought iron turned. The cut
board journal is to bo three feet in length.
All cylinder rovers, v alve-chest and pump bonnets,
w ith their holt? and nuts aud links aud connecting
rods to be finished.
A plunger feed pump and bilge rump, of brass, to
be provided of 2j cubic feet capacity; valves of gum,
to have a net opeuing of twice the capacity of the
The pump* are to be worked by wrought iron arms,
turned aud planed.and secured upon a turned wrought
iron shaft, which is to lie worked from the main cross
head by finished links, and w rought irou levers, turu
e«. and plaued.
The liaddlo wheel is to be overhung, to be of
wrought iron, aud 26 feet 8 inches in extreme diame
ter. laddie- to be twenty-four iu number, 8 leet 9
inches long, and 15 inches wide.
There are to be two Martin imilers placed opposite
eaeh other, with fire-room between, length ot boil
er 18 fee4. width 10 leet 6 iurhes, height about 9 feet 8
inches; to contain live furnaces each; the furnace to
be three feet wide; length of grate 6 feet 6 inches;
to:a! grarc surface 195 square leet; total heating sur
face not In—than 1000 square feat. Shells, with the
exception of tlie bottoms, to be of 5-16 inch plate;
bottoms, furnace*, and air-pits of three-eighth inch
plate; to be double riveted aud braced for a hydro
static test pressure of 60 p«Hiiids per square inch’
K»ch boiler is to have a No. 4 Dimplel blower blow
ing into the back of the ash-pits.
All the detail, tiuish. quality of material and work
manship to be tirst-class. proportioned for a working
boiler pressure of 40 pound* per square inch, aud
Conformable to the specilications previously priuted
ed by the Department for paddle-wheel steam machi
nery. There will also be furui»hed the tool*, dupli
cate pieces, instruments, Ac., required by those speci
The proposals will state tin* name* of the bidders iu
full, and of their sureties; the gross sum. coveriug all
cost* and claim* again*t the government w hatever on
accouut of the machinery, for which they propose to
furnish it in the vessel, complete aud ready for steam
ing, discriminating between the two cases of erecting
it in the same port and of transporting aud erecting
it in another p»rt; and the lime from date of contract
in w hich they will gu&rantv to complete it in the ves
sel ready for steaming, provided the vessel is ready to
receive it twenty-one da*- earlier if the venselisat
the same port, and one mouth earlier if at another
port; if not read*. twenty-one davs or one month, ac
cording to the case, will be allowed lor completion
front date of readiness.
The contract will embrace the usual conditions, and
pay metits will be made iu the usual manner as the
work progresses.
The proposals are to lie endorsed “ft wixaii for
PtuhUfH keel Steam Machinery," to distinguish
them from other business letter* ’
The De|iartTtn>nt reserve* the right to reject any or
all of the proposal* made under tnis advertisement,
if, iu its opinion, the public interests require*.
No proposal* will be considered except from pro
prietors of tnariue engine building establishments.
_ Jull4eod3w
PROPOSALS will be received till Thursday, 3 P.
M.. July 24th, by the ( ommittee on Public Build
in#*. for fmildiug a Double Three Storied Brick
School House on the Winslow lot on Cumberland
Plans and Specifications may be seen at the Cite
Engineer’* Office. New Citv Building. Mr. <». 31.
Harding, architect, will furnish any farther in*
formation that may be desired, at his office.
The ( ommittee reserve the tight to accept such
proposals a* under all circaiu*taucea they shall con
sider most favorable for the interest of tin' ( ity. or to
reject all proposals offered.
julStd W W. THOMAS. Chairman.
(Successor to T. J. Forristall and Mill* k Forristall,
Pocket and Table Cutlery,
28 anil 30 Federal and 106 Cony rets Streets,
P. J. Forristall can be found at the above place
June 23. wly
Book, Card & Fancy Printing,
Bet. N. D*t. Pre.'t. r. Ua«.x. Vie* r„,;.
B. Gum, M. U . Snper intend, ng rkgtieiau.
Thta Institution was evt.LIi.hed for the cure of Dis
eu»e, upon the principle* of innocent medication, en
tirely discarding the nee of Poisonon, Drugs.
Many dleeaaea, inch aa Scrofula, llunion of the
Blood, Dleeaaee of the Throat and l.nnga, Ilyepepeia, *
Liver Complaint, Heart Complaint, Kheumatiera,
female Complainte, and a great variety of ordinary
Di-eaees are sucowslUIly treated by Medkine which
may be sent to any part of the country with foil
Cancers, nr thoee afflicted with cotn
plicated diseases, should immediately avail themeelvea
of Dr. Greene s personal attention. '
cUargea,,,,l<>n ** ,b* oB,'e’ or by nu,n’ fre® °*
p Greene alll be at the office from 8 A. M., to 1
The office will be open, and eomnetent Demons in
attendance, from 7 1-2 A. *., to nTg p*r*°" ln
All commankatious should be directed tn ■
GREENE, 88 Hromflcld Street, Boston K
Mote. Persons wishing to investigate this method
of practice, or its superior soccers, will be famished
with a pamphlet descriptive of treatment, tire bv
addressing K. GBEEBE, M D.. 88 Brumfield .street
wanted: agents.
fPHOSE about to engage In the sale of B cent pack
1 ages of Stationery. Maps, Charts, or Porltaita.
should write to me before engagiug elsewhere. Ke
meraber that I am the originator of the B cent lack
in'’ stationery, and also V E. Agent for H. H. Lloyd
A Co's celebrated Maps and Cherts, and J. C. But Ire’s
Bne Steel Engraved Portraits. Witlial. it mav be
safrly said, that I have the best assortment of the
most saleable articles for the times that can be found
w ?!7i E- portwtnlars. asidrem B. B.
Kl ssKLL, 515 Washington Htiwt. Boston.
One bottle warranted to cure every caw of Pile*; two
bottles in *]| other ca** of the above diwase*; if not
dealer* are revested to reftimj the money in every
ca*e. Only five bottle* in a thousand returned, and
those were ronfirmed Fistula. Hundreds of letter*
and certificate* are now in the proprietor * po**eiMion,
which can be wen on application. Send for Circular
Prepared by HENRY D. FOWLE. Chemist. 71
Pnuce street, Boston. Sold everywhere. Certifi
cate* with each bottle.
June 23.1802 w6wl
The*e Scales are still inannfhcturod
)ontff by the original Inventor*, who
are constantly adding such mil and
valuable improvement* as their long
experience and skill suggest.
as Hay, Coal. Railroad. IMatform. Counter, Drug
gist ’*. and Butcher’s Scales: Beams, Weights, Ac.,
for sale at our Warehouse,
118 Xilm Street,
(Thorndike Building,) Comer of Batteryaarek St.,
Sold in Portland by Emery A Waterhouse.
White'! Patent Alum Money Drawer.
Sold at Fa utii't Itiu TianwH, 1U
Milk Strxki Bobtox, by
N AILS, and a general variety
of Ship Stock.
Cargoaa of Oak Timber and riank fhrniahed to or
9* State St.. Boaton. WharflJO Border 8*., E. Button
Howard Ath.kxki'm Bi’ildieo, Howard St.,
At a Waah for the Complexion haa norqnai. Ilia
diatlngaiahed for lit cooling and toothing propertiea.
and it admirably adapted to all uaaatnral conditions
of the tkin; removing Tan, Sanharn. Freeklet. Red
neat and Roaghnet* of tbr tkin, Ac., earing Chapped
Hand*, and allaying the irritation canted by the bitea
of Moaqnitoet. and other annoying Intecta. Prepar
ed by Joaeph Barnett k Co., Bolton, and for tale by
all dealert.
Which it to common now-a-daya. may be entirely
prevented hv the nte of Bmxrrr'o Cocoaixk. It
ha* been o*ed in Ihoneandt of caret where the hair
wta coming out in handfulla, and haa never failed to
arreat ita decay, and to promote a healthy and vigor
outgrowth. It it at the aaroe time unrivalled at a
dretting forgbe hair. A tingle applicalion will ren
der it toll and glonty for aereral dayt. Prepared by
Jnrcph Burnett k Co., Boaton, and for tale by al
Ashael Wheeler, Agl,
Formerly in Cnion street. Manufacturer and Deni
er in
And Painters’ Supplies Generally, Sta
ple Drags, Sponges, Gama,
Are now renitr to »applr rvorr dcaeription of their
Mathiss Cct Film, warranted superior to all oth
er* in use.
orrica Attn aAicanoon:
(Corner of Central.) Boston.
Mourning Store,
Established for the sale of
A ad Millinery Kiclnnlrely.
n«rtiw4 t». S. WILLIAMS.
Boston to San Francisco.
All goods received and forwarded free of charge bv
ly ou their adverti*4>d day*. The only real prompt
Hue of ships from the Atlantic Ports.
J a\ m i S & V OPK,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers la
White Piae Timber for Wharves, Bridges and Fac*
lories. Also Southern Pine Floorings on hand and
work' d to order.
9a State Strut, (up ptairh.)
Timber Docks corner of E and First Sts., Boston.

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