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Saturday Morning, August 9, 1863.
fcor Representatives to Congress,
Third District.JAMES G. BLAINE, of Augusta.
Fifth District. .FREDERIC A. 1'IKE, of Calais.
For Senators,
roostook.. ..ISAAC HACKER, of Fort Fairfield.
York.JOHN WENTWORTH, of Kittery,
LUTHER SANBORN, of Parsonsfleld.
For Comity Commissioners,
Aroostook-THOMAS J. BROWN, of Hodgdon,
NATHAN 8. LUFKIN, of Eaton Gr’t.
York.D1MON ROBERTS, of Lyman,
ALFRED HULL, of Sliapleigh.
For Sheriff^,
Aroostook... WILLIAM SMALL, of Fort Fairfield.
York....GEORGE GOODWIN, of Wells.
For Comity Treasurers,
Aroostook... .SAM L BRADBURY, of N. Limerick.
York.JOHN HALL, of North Berwick.
For Registers of Deeds,
Aroostook_LOUIS CORMIER, Northern District,
J. y A. BARTON. Southern District.
York.SAMUEL C. ADAMS, of Alfred.
Congressional Convention.
The Republicans, and all other citizens of the First
Congressional District, who support the State and
National Administrations, are requested to meet in
convention at the City Hall, in Portland, on Tues
day, the 12th day nf'August next, at 11 o'cleok, A.
M., for the purpose of nominating a candidate to re
present the district in the 38th Congress.
The basis of representation will be as follows: Each
city and town will be entitled to one delegate, and to
one additional delegate for every seventy-five votes
cast for the Republican candidate for Governor in
The Committee will be in session at the City Hall,
In Portland, on the morning of the Convention, at
10, A. M.. to receive credentials.
Nath’l G. Marshall, John Lynch,
Mwall N. Gross, J. A. Waterman,
John D. Lincoln, Daniel Stinson,
Gko. H. Knowlton,
Republican District Committee.
July 16,1862.
9d Senatorial District Convention.
The Republicans, and all others In flic County of
Cumberland, who are in fkvor of sustaining the pres
ent National aud State Administrations, aud for the
speedy and final suppression of the existing wicked
and groundless rebellion against the !>e«t government
in the world, at whatever cost of life and property,
are requested to send delegates to meet in the New
City IIali.. iu Portlauri, on
Tuesday, August 19, 1862,
at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of nom
inating candidates for
Register or Deeds,
Courty Commissioner,
County Treasurer,
County Attorney,and
Four Senators.
Also to eloct a County Committee for the ensuing
Each city and town will be entitled to two dele
gates, aud one delegate* in addition lor the first fifty
votes, and one delegate for each one hundred votes
(above fifty), and one delegate when the fraction ex
ceeds fifty' votes, cast for the Republican candidate
for Governor in 1861, namely:
Baldwin, 4 Naples, 4
Bridgton. 6 North Yarmouth 4
Brunswick, 6 New Gloucester, 5
Cape Elizabeth, 6 Otisfield, 4
Casco, 4 Portland, 22
Cumberland, 4 Pownal, 4
Falmouth. 4 Raymond, 4
Freeport. 6 Standish, 5
Gorham, 6 Scarboro, 4
Gray, 4 Hebago, 3
Harpswell, 4 Westbrook, 7
Harrison, 4 Windham, 6
Yarmouth, 6.
The County Committee will be in session at the
New City Hall, August 19, at 8 o’clock, A M.
The Chairmen of the several town Committc>es are
requested to forward the names of their delegates to
the Chairman of the County Committee as soon as
the}- may be chosen.
Benj. Kingsbury, Jr.,
Clement Phinney,
Luke Brown,
O. G. Cook,
Elbridgk G. Waoo,
Daniel Elliot,
Republican County Committee.
July 29, 1862. td
The Republicans of Westbrook, and all others who
support the State and National Administration, will
meet at the Town House in said town on (Saturday,
August 9tli, at 6 o’clock P. M ., to select delegates for
the Congressional and Senatorial Conventions.
Per order of Town Committee.
Westbrook, Aug. 1,1862.
The Republicans of Scarborough, aud all others fa
vorable to tbepreseut State and National Administra
tions,are requested to meet iu caucus at the Town house
in said town, on Monday the 11th day of August, inut.,
at 6 o'clock, P. M., to choose three delegates to attend
the First Congressional District Convention, to be
hoiden in Portland on Tuesday the 12th day of Aug.,
inst., to nomiuate a candidate for representation to
Congress. Also to choose four delegates to attend
the Cumberland County Convention, to be hoiden in
Portlaud on Tuesday the 19th day of August, lust., to
nomiuate candidates for countv officers.
Per order of the Town Committee.
Scarborough, Aug. 4, 1862.
Contribution of Ancient Document* to the
Maine Historical Society.
At the annual meeting of the Maine Histor
ical Society, at Brunswick, during the current
week, a letter waa presented by Hon. James
W. Bradbury, from Hon. Joseph H. Williams,
proposing to place forever in the custody of
the Society certain important document*, now
valuable for their historical associations and
u*e§, which for forty years have been in the
keeping of the late Hon. Reuel Williams. The
letter, which ha* been entered upon the Socie
ty’* records, and which was appropriately no
ticed in the Society's action, sufficiently ex
Dlains itself:
Augusta, Aug. 4,1862.
Hon. James H'. Bradbury,
Dear Sir : It is now forty years since the
muniment* of title of the Proprietors of the
Kenueliec Purcliase from the Plymouth Colo
ny, with their Imoks of records, grants, Ac.,
came into mv father's hands for sale-keeping,
under certain votes of the said Proprietors,
passed April 25, 1816 (see records, vol. 5, p.
233), and April 24, 1822 (ibid, p. 270).
Having heard my father say, not many weeks
before his decease, that the value of these an
cient books and papers had liecome chiefly
historical, and that they might now be proper
ly transferred to the Maine Historical Society
for safe-keeping, 1 deem ft tny duty, through ;
you, to teuder to that Society a lulilluient of
my father's purpose thus expressed.
Among the liooks and documents are the
following, viz:
1. The Original (vellum) Deed of the Colo- j
ny of Plymouth to Atitipas Hoye* and ais.,
under date October 27th, 1601, in a metal
2. The Proprietors' Records, vols. 1, 2, 3,
4 and 5.
3. The Original Plan of Survey of 15 Eng
lish miles on each side of Kennebec River, by
John North, Esq., dated Dec. 16, 1751.
4. A Day-Book and a Ledger.
5. Two volumes of Letter Books.
6. Titles traced and stated by Nathan Dane.
7. Books of Grants, viz: vol. 3, 1771 to 1798;
vol. 4, 1798 to 1810; vol. 5, 1810 to 1816; vol.
6, 1816 to 1819.
I will be most happy to deliver the Proprie
tors' chest, containing the above-named vol
umes, plan, and various documents in tiles, to j
any person wh i may be authorized by the '
Maine Historical Society to receivelt, and to '
engage in writing, in behalf of the said So
ciety that the records, plan and document*
shall henceforth be kept by them in some safe
and secure building, in the town where their
own archives are kept, and that they shall lie
preserved in good order and unmntilated,
agreeabiy to the spirit of the trust which was
reposed by the Proprietors in my father, in
the several votes to which I have before re
I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully, your ob't serv't,
Joseph II. Wili.ia.ms.
m- The Argus urges that certain gentle
men to whose political opinions it objects,
should be required to take the “ oath.” We fear
the “ oath” itself would not keep our neighbor
within the lines of loyalty, unless taken, as Or- j
pheus Kerr says it is at Washington, from a
glass goblet in large quantities, and sufficient
ly often to prevent his doing active mischief.
A C haracter to be Proud of.
We have heard the story of a fellow so un
fortunate as to receive a long sentence to the
State Prison, but who behaved so well
that his friends proposed to petition for his
pardon. The culprit appealed to a friend who
called to see him, to intercede in his behalf;
but the “friend,” perhaps lacking confidence in
his reformation, put him oil' by suggesting
that he had better serve out his full term, and
then, on leaving, to get a certificate of good
conduct from the warden and overseer. “That
trow hi be a character to travel on,” replied the
indignant prisoner, —“a recommendation for
good behavior in the State Prison!"
Without attempting any explanation of the
phenomena of association of ideas, or how one
thought will sometimes suggest another having
but a faint family resemblance, we are con
strained to acknowlege that this anecdote was
brought to mind by reading the cordial en
dorsement of the Advertiser, on several occa
sions within a week past, from the editorial pen
of the Argus! The following are samples of
this kind of writing a Dana Democrat’s name
across the back of a professing Kepublican, to
make him pass current
Monday’s Advertiser, in an article, entitled
“The Sons of Temperance,” forgettieg such no
ble men as Com. Foote, Gen. Franklin, Gen.
Howard, of our State, and hundreds of others,
There is not a distinguished officer in the
army or navy, t hat is worth the powder it
would take to blow him up—worth the pen,
paper, and ink it took to write those condem
natory resolutions, that is a tetotaller, or ecer
was, or erer will be.
The above paragraph was undoubtedly
aimed, personally, at a distinguished citizen of
Portland, now in the army as a General officer,
and was intendedasawhip-the-devil-rouml-the
stum mode of saying that he is not “worth the
powder it would take to blow him up.” This,
too, from a man so sensitive about the reputa
tion of our military men, and so ready to de
nounce, as worthy of Fort Lafayette, all who
do not believe that McClellan is more than
mortal. Hut the same article from w hich the
above is clipped, contained the following, not
“garbled,’’ but fairly revealing the spirit and
animus of the whole article:
Let the voters in this city and county, and
throughout the State, see to it tlint not a single
man of this secret organization is elected to
any office, either as ileleijnte to a county or dis
trict convention, or nominated for any office,
except that of high private.
Personally, we rare nothing about the Sons.
If they can and w ill do any good, we say—
“God help thembut if they will sow to the
wind, let them reap the whirlwind.
We would like to see a record of the less
rum there lias been drank, by the world, than
there would nave been drunk, if tl:eir organiza
tlon had not been horn. We don't think it
w’ould exceed a thimble full.
The above appeared in the Advertiser Mon
day morning, Aug 4th. The very next morn
ing the Argus gave it the full weight of its
great name, as follows:
The Advertiser of yesterday, in a power
fully written article, discusses the merits of the
“Sons of Temperance” organization, and warns
Republicans to exclude from their conventions
delegates chosen by secret influences. The
editor regards the Neal Dow theory of a Maine
Law as a humbug.
In the same number of the Argus we also
find the following traces of its name written
across the tiack of its yoke-fellow, to give ef
fect to one of its small shells exploded at the
Its [the Press] position is among those so
well defined by file Advertiser, whose words
we reproduced yesterday.
Going back one day farther, wc And in the
Argus of August 4th, the following—the ex
tracts from the Advertiser being the same that,
for copying, called down upon our pa|**r from
the Advertiser a whole column about “gar
bling,” but, in the Argus, calls for no sucli
complaints from its conjugial fellow-'- borer:
“Tlie Advertiser has an able and conserva
tive article, the tenor of which may lie gath
ered from these extracts:
•The Southern negroes arc not yet sufficiently in.
tclligcnt to render freedom a blessing to them."
"We reiseat what we have oflen said before, that
when:* our victorious armies march, all the slaves are
freed by a military necessity ; and w here they do not
march, no proclamations offering them freedom can
free them."
"If the Government could send the editor of the
New York Inde|*endent, Wendell Phillips, William
Lloyd Garrison, Senator < handler. and such like to
Koti Lafayette, to stay there until the war is over and
the Union saved—all the people will say—Amen! So
mote it be.'
So much for the Advertiser, a paper that has
for thirty-two years been sat the heati of its
party in the State, and w hich was earliest in
the leadership of the republican party.”
The above is sufficient for our present pur
poses, and to show that, “when the devil
pricked his teeth with his tail"—a simile used
by one of the speakers at the late commence
ment dinner at Brunswick—it was not the on
ly instance in which extremes have met. Our
only object in this article is to show the per
fect oneness of our morning cotemporaries.—
The reasons why they incur the expense of
keeping up two separate establishments, and
ot issuing separate sheets, are to lie found,
probably, in motives of policy rather than in
differences in principle or purpose. We shall
scarcely be suprised to wake up some morn- j
ing at an early day, and find the two papers
consolidated, dedicated to pro-slavery Repub- |
liean Democracy and the consumption ol Old
Cataw ba, w ith our loving friends. Case and
Adams, as editors in chief, and a “sub-’ for each
letter of the alphabet! The reader may smile
at such a suggestion, but it will require but a
single practical step in advance of their pres
ent position, which seems to be that of “tickle
my-back-ond-ril-acratch-youp-elbow”; the Ad
vertiser travelling about the State,written across
the back in bold letters,“Abocb,” to commend
it to the Republicans of Maine as a “power
ful,” “well defined,” “conservative” “paper,
that has for thirty-two years been at the head
of its party in the State, and which was earli- j
est in the leadership of the republican party.” |
Isn't that a character to be proud of? Arc- :
publican paper endorsed by the Argus.’ An :
honest man with a recommendation of charac
ter from the ocerseer of the State Prison ! A
Christian evangelist ordained by lleelzebub!
Satan at the head of the church! The Argus,
christianly named, “Lying,” endorsing the j
truthfulness of the Advertiser! Bro. Case,
we liavn't it in our heart to envy you your
newly acquired “character.” Rest assured no
honest man will desire to rob you of it.
Action in College Boards.
In Board of Trustees of Bowdotn College
there have no vacancies occurred during the
past year. In the Board of Overseers two va
cancies have occurred, by the death of John
McKeen. Esq., and the resignation of Rev.
John S. C. Abbott. These vacancies were
tilled, at the latenumial meeting, by the choice
of Rev. J. K. Mason of Ilampden, and Joseph
Titcomb, Esq., of Keunebunk, both graduates
of the college.
A. C. Robbins, E«q., of Brunswick, was el
ected Secretary of the Board of Overseers, to
till the place so long occupied by the late John
McKeen, whose death was touchingly referred
to by Dr. Tappan, in the opening prayer, and
appropriately noticed upon the Records of the
Rev. Elipbalet Whittlesey, who has for the
past year so acceptably tilled the Professor
ship of Rhetoric and Oratory, was elected full
l’rolessor in that Department.
X. S. Durgin of Manchester, X. II., j
has been committed to jail for the murder of
Robert Smith.
From our Regular Correspondent,
Letter from the State Capital
Sick in Maine regiments—Prompt response
—Field Officers of 20th regiment—Brigad
ing of new regiments—Hints to applicants
—Patriotic family—Appointments.
Augusta, Aug. 8,1862.
Emtobs Press :—According to a letter of
the 1st inst., to Governor Washburn front Dr.
Garcelon, the following are the number of men
belonging to Maine reginents, who are sick in
camp oil the Peninsula: 2d regiment, 90; 3d
regiment,00; 4thregiment, 134; 6th regiment,
61; 6thregiment, 150; 7thregiment, 104; 11th
regiment, 78; and the absent sick are as fol
lows: 2d regiment, 169; 3d regiment, 147; 4th
regiment. 130; 5th regiment, 185, (including
some on detatched duty;) 6th regiment, 137;
7th regiment, 187; lltli regiment, 293.
The promptness of the State of Maine to re
spond to nny call upon her by the general
government, for troops, is equal at least to
that of any other State. The Governor yes
terday was directed by the Secretary of War,
to have the militia of the State enrolled for
drafting, and the mode of enrollment pointed
out. The Governor immediately replied that
the militia was all enrolled, companies organ
ized, and were all ready for a draft, if neces
sary. He was also directed to organize a fifth
regiment, under the call for 300,000 volunteers,
by the 15th inst. To this was answered, that
the companies were already raised for a filth
regiment, and could move as soon as ordered.
Companies for this regiment are ordered to be
at the rendezvous, at Portland, by Tuesday
night next. The Governor has tendered the
Colonelcy of this regiment to Lieut. Adelbert
Ames of the regular army; the Lieutenant
Colonelcy to Prof. J. L. Chamberlain of Bow
doin College, and the Majority to ('apt. C. D.
Gilmore of the Maine 7th reg’t. These gentle
men will undoubtedly accept the respective
Col. Ames Is a graduate at West Point, and
has been 1st Lieutenant of the 5th regular ar
tillery, but has been iu command of the bat
tery for the past year, and has done good ser
vice in many battles. His appointment to the
Colonelcy was recommended to the Governor
by eminent military then, and by leading men
:_ isj* -it.. _ _ „r • t._... .4
coolness and gallantry. At Bull’s Hun lie was
shot down, hut refused to leave the field, made
the men hold him- on the caisson, and con
tinued to the end. In the series of battles be
fore Richmond he was continually engaged,
and won encomiums from his superior officers
for his brave conduct and soldierly qualities.
This is an appointment eminently “tit to be
made.” Col. Ames is a native of Rockland.
Lt. Col. Chamberlain will make a most ca
pable and efficient officer.
Maj. Gilmore is at home at present, on ac
count of a wound received at Fair Oaks while
gallantly leading on his men in the decisive
charge of the 7th Regiment. He is as good as
the best.
To the Governor’s request that the 16th,
17th, lSUi and 10th Regiments might lie brig
ailed and placed under the command of Gener
al Howard, the General-in-Chief has replied
that, during Gen. Howard’s disability for ac
tive duty, he will be at liberty to render assist
ance in raising, organizing and disciplining
those Regiments; but that it is not practicable
to promise permanently to brigade the four
Regiments together, or to assign the General
to command them.
It may save some applicants for military of
fices labor if I suggest some offices which are
not in the gift of Departments here, particular
ly of the Governor.
Quartermasters, Sutlers and Hospital Stew
ards are appointed by Colonels. Chaplains are
elected by the Field officers and commanders
of a Regiment. Nurses are appointed by the
Sanitary Commission. Surgeons and Assistant
Surgeons are appointed by the Governor, after
having passed an examination before the Med
ical Board, and Tax Collectors, Paymasters
and Brigadier Generals by the President of the
United States.
W. D. Nye, Esq., of Fairfield, has five sons
in the army, and says he would go himself if
he were ten years younger.
The follow ing appointments have been made
by the Governor since my last.
Moses J. Kelley, Liberty, Chaplain, 6th Re
giment ; Benj. M. Flint, Calais, 2d Lieut., 6th
Regiment ; William Buck, Harmony, Assist
ant Surgeon, 6th Regt.; 1st Lieut., Adelliert
Ames, U. S. A., Col., 20th Regt.; Prof. Joshua
L. Chamberlain, Brunswick, Lt. Col., 20th
Regt.; ('apt. C. D. Gilmore (7th Regt.,) Ban
gor, Major, 20th Regt Skirmisher.
[From our Regular I'orrespondent.J
la tter from the Muine Seventh.
Camp near Harrison's Landing, /
Aug. 2, 1862. )
Last night stillness again prevailed. A large
house and tue surroundings were burned on
the other side of the river, about 4 P. M. They
had served as a shelter for the enemy while
getting their batteries into position. Our
troops now occupy both sides of the river at
Harrison’s Landing. Contrabands are made
w nuv ti v 11VU1.0 nucic it 10 |>i a\ uItauir,
which relieves our meu of much burden. Cav
alry scouts are daily sent out to scour the ]
country and keep posted on the movements of j
the enemy. Strict orders have been Issued by
our generals to have the men kept in camp,
ready for the move at any moment. Every
man is supplied w ith IK) rounds hall cartridges.
The resignations of Capt- E. H. Cass, Co. H,
and Lieut. John II. Fogg, Co. K, have been
accepted. Aroostook.
Letter from James River.
Camp near Harrison Landing, )
August 1,1862. f
Very early this morning, say not far from
midnight, our ears were startled by the noise
of cannonading from the other side of the
James River. The firing came from a rebel
battery planted there the day before, the guns
so arranged as to bear upon our canyi. The
firing lasted au hour or so without doing us
any damage. The gunboats replied occasion
ally. The crew of one of our gunboats land
ed this afternoon on the np]>osite shore, and
burnt a large dwelling house, negro quartern
and all, belonging to some noted rebel. This
house was the one used by the rebels to mask
their guns. It afforded them an opportunity
to bring up their battery of field pieces with
out lieing discovered. It is high time that our
army occupied both sides of the James River.
So long as the enemy is allowed to hold one
bauk, he can bring up his portable batteries
w here he chooses, and when he pleases fire in
to our transports.
The health of the 7th Me. Regiment is slow
ly improving. Our commissary department is
better supplied with vegetables. Meu occa
sionally get potatoes, onions, cabbages, dried
apples and soft bread, though solt bread and
cabbages are not served out its rations. Most
of the regiment are still obliged to use hard
bread. Whoever invented this kind ol bread
should be obliged to live on it.
By the way, cannot our State send out 600
recruits for our regiment? We need the men,
and it will be better for them to lie in the Me.
7th,than in any new regiment; besides we
have a prestige of which every recruit may
well be proud.
Weather continues very warm. Occasion
ally we get a cool breeze from the river. 1).
Congressional Nominations.
At the Convention of the 2d Congressional
District—new apportionment—yesterday, at
Auburn. Hon. Sidney Pebiiam, of Paris, was
nominated for Representative in the 38th Con
gress, by 08 majority. Mr. Perliam is not a
professional man, but an Oxford county Far
mer, and he has honored the plough, as he will
honor a seat in Congress. He is a man of
sterling integrity, against whose character the
breatli of scandal has never been raised, and
is beloved by all who know him.
In 1856 he was Speaker of the Maine House
of Representatives, in 1856 he was one of the
Electors at Large of President and Vice Pres
ident, he was President of the late Republican
State Convention that nominated Mr. Coburn,
and he is now serving his second term as Clerk
of the Judicial Court for his county. His
election is beyond a doubt by an overwhelm
ing majority—indeed, we are not aw are that
he will have any organized opposition.
We understand that Tuos. A. D. Fessen
den, Esq., of Auburn, was nominated by the
convention for the old 2d District, to serve out
the unexpired term of Judge Walton, in the
present Congress. Mr. Fessenden hat been a
member of the State Legislature, and is now
County Attorney for Androscoggin. He is a
brother of Senator Fessenden of this city.
Monthly Report.—We have received the
monthly report for July, of the names of Maine
soldiers received at the rooms of the New
England Relief Association, N. T. Nearly all
of them left the same day they were received,
a few stopping one or two days. One only,
O. G. Whitton, of Portlrnd, Co. A, 12th regi
meut, is reported arriving July 24th, and be
ing very sick. He purports to be there now.
The names of about 200 are given in the re
port. Beyond the facts here stated we do not
see the least public interest to be subserved by
publishing the report.
his brief speech at Washington on
Wednesday last, Gen. Shepley said this rebel
lion had been thirty years in progress. His
remarks throughout were received with the
most enthusiastic cheers.
J^“S«'e Augusta letter for Field officers of
the new 20th regiment.
~y~A correspondent, writing from the
Maine 7th regiment, under date of Aug. 2d,
says—“All is quiet to-night, but there may I e
trouble before morning. Preparations are be
ing made for a movement of some kind.”
2y*We are told of a man in Bath who was
heard to say upon the street a few days since,
that he had rather the Union would be so
much dissolved that not even a State govern
ment should remain, than to have our nation
al troubles settled by the present administra
The Republicans of Kennebec held
their County and Senatorial Conventions, at
Meonian Hall in Augusta, on Wednesday, and
the following ticket was nominated:
Senators—Noah Woods, P. F. Pike, D. L.
Sheriff—John Hatch.
Clerk of Courts—Win. M. Stratton.
County Treasurer—Daniel Pike.
County Commissioner—Ezekiel Hubbard.
Register of Deeds—J. A. Richards.
The Washington Star says: “With
such soldiers as Maine has turned out, and
such generals as Howard, Berry and Jameson,
the Pino Tree State has reason to be proud of
her record in the present war.”
Commencement at Watcrville College I
occurs on Wednesday of next week.
Execution.—Geo. C. Horsey suffered the
extreme penalty of the law, in the jail at Ded
ham. Mass., yesterday morning, for the mur
der of Betsey Frances Tirrill, a young lady of
2d years, by poison, more than two years ago.
About 300 persons were present
The colored men ot Providence are re
sponding witli patriotic promptness to Gov.
Sprague’s call for a regiment of volunteers for
a Home Guard.
Shocking Casualty.—A melancholy ac
cident occurred yesterday morning this side
of Whitinsville, on the Providence and Wor
cester road. A carriage containing Mrs. S. T.
Wood of Northbridge, a little daughter of Mr.
S. G. B. Beats of Uxbridge, and Miss Ada E.
Whitney, was run over by a locomotive, which
was going down just ahead of the noon train
The first tw o were instantly killed, and the last
so badly injured that%be is not likely to recov
er. The vehicle was broken into minute Irag
ments, but the horse was scarcely injured.—
[Worcester Spy, 8th.
The dwelling house, hariwhnd outbuild
ings of Mr. Elisha Simpson, in Bradford, in
this state, were burnt on the 4th hist. Loss
estimated at $1000; insurance $600.
ZJt ’ The Boston Journal says Charles F.
Brow ne has received a check of $1,000 from
his publisher, as his part of the profits of "Ar
temas Ward—His Book.”
Hospital Report.—The General Hospital
at Warrenfon, Va., was established three
weeks ago. The follow ing Maine men were
sick in the hospital on the 2d Inst:
xx. r rcruiuii, \ u. xi.; . 11. i i>n;un, i.o. m. ;
('apt. II. M. Bethew, Co. M.; Otis E. Surges,
Co. K.: X. K. Itoliert*, Co. A.; G.Greene, Co.
M.; Win. McCobb, Co. M.; RE. York, Co.
F..; W. S. Burrill, Co. A.; Corp. S. K. Stetson,
Co. A.; David Whitten, Co. H., all of the 1st
Maine Cavalry; Corp. A. Loomis,5th Maine.
Drowned.—A young man named Wilson,
recently from Portland, employed in a shoe
shop at Locke's Mills, was drowned in South
Pond, at Greenwood, on Sunday last, while
bathing. lit was not an ex|iert sw immer, and
seeing what he supposed to 1st a roex near the
surface, at a short distance from the shore, he
made for it, but on reaching it, it proved to be
a log, one end buoyed up by the water and the
other resting on the bottom. Attempting to
rest upon it, it sunk, anti becoming strangled,
he was drowned before assistance could be j
rendered. He was an orphan, and had neither
brother or sister.—[Paris -Democrat.
8y*The Boston Herald thinks that the \
evacuation of Richmond is only a feint, and
that while a few troops are left to decoy our
army, the mass of the Confederate troops are
to lie thrown upon Pope oradvance by a forced J
march on Washington.
The Herald further says that our Govern
ment have probably anticipated this, and placed
a sufficient number of transports at General ;
McClellan's disposal to transport his army, via
the Potomac, to such a point as w ill intercept
the Confederate army, should this advance
from Richmond be made. “.Vous Ferrous.”
S2P“At the training in Bangor the otherday,
Vice President Ilainlin shouldered a piece of a
slab and marched in the ranks all the after
”1?” One of the recruits from Bangor was I
badly injured on his way to Augusta last Mon- i
day. He was looking out of the freight car
and his head struck a bridge on the K. & P. 1
railroad. It is doubtful if he recovers.
Prisoners Returned from Richmond. |
l'hiladrlphin. August 7. — The following are
among the sick and wounded on board the C. I
Vanderbilt, which arrived to-night from Rich
mond :
T. Hainan, I’d Maine: Samuel II. Field, do: |
S. Pearce, 7th do; J. Barker 7th do; James
Platte, lltli do; L. Wood, D. Adams, J. L.
House, and I). Convey, 1st Me.; J. C. Pink
ham, 4th do; E. Soolliy, 4ili do; C. II. Jones,
4th do; J. Coriniek and W. Hosey, 7th do.
-Wanted—the lid of a box on the ear.—
The handle of the cup of affliction. The cow
that gave the milk of loving kindness. A leaf
of the balm of consolation. A few hairs from j
the tale of woe.
Rnnk Treason.
Last year the people of Bangor very quietly
suppressed the publication of an infamous
treasonable paper in that city, because it op
posed the war. But now there exists a paper ■
in this goodly State of Maine, steeped to the j
very lips in treason, be-dde which the Bangor j
Democrat was comparatively loyal. We re- j
fer to that miserable, treasonable paper at Sa- :
co, called the “Maine Democrat.’’ This week '
it is full of rampant treason, and the only won- I
der is that the loyal people of Saco endure it. [
UjSbn sueli disloyal papers,] and the |meu
who entertain such sentiments as it expresses, '
have the traitors of the South relied. They j
thought there were enough of such doughfac
es to make a divided North is case of war.— j
This week, in a long article, sueli as we should j
expert to find in the Richmond Examiner, f
whose editor would lie arrested for treason if !
found within the Union lines, we (hid such out
rageous sentiments as the following:
To come now to the main point, we affirm—
as we have always done—that the war now
carried on by the Federal Gorernment against j
the seceded States DOES NOT STAND THE
* The war Is not a clear necessity to main
tain the Constitution. * * is not a clear ne
cessity to maintain the Union.”
The war was begun and is carried on under
the direction of those whose object is to des
troy Democracy in the sense Democracy is
understood by the Democratic party, and
against the almost unanimous protest of the
party. * * • The war as a measure to
maintain the Constitution and the Union, IS
A FAILURE, by the confession of many of
its prominent supporters. * * • jr0r all
these reasons, and more which may lie pro
duced. we maintain that the war IS UNDEM
DONED. For these reasons we have opposed,
and do oppose, the war. For these reasons
we have counseled, and do counsel, the De
mocracy as individuals, and in convention, to
There, if that be not rank treason, lifting its
unholy head here in the loyal State of Maine,
what, in Heaven’s name,is it? If the Govern
ment is true to itself it will not permit its ef
forts to be partdyzcd by traitors anyw'here,
where it can get its paw upou them. A trai
tor here in Maine is as bad as a traitor in South
Carolina, and ought not to be tolerated. Fort
Warren is a good summer residence for such.
AH'- UBIWI' 111 UIV tji/iiui UJipwc UIC nui,
anil traitors at the North do the same thing.
Where is the difference ? To oppose the war
is to oppose the Government and] its mainte
nance; and he is a traitor tcho does it,
whoever or wherever he may be—whether he
oppose it at the South with musket in hand,
or at the North by treasonable acts and words
encouraging the continuance of the war, or
the destruction of the Government. We do
not counsel mob violence, but we do say that
the Government should lay its strong hand up
on treason everywhere, so that its power will
be felt and respected.
The British Prise Steamer Memphis.
—The British steamer Memphis, captured off
Charleston by the U. S.steamer Magnolia, and
now at New York, is an iron steamer, four
months old, anil of aliout one thousand tons
burthen, American measurement. She has on
board more than fifteen hundred bales of cot
ton, principally Sea Island, and five hundred
barrels of rosin. It is rumored among her
crew that money to the amount of several hun
dred thousand dollars—a part of the proceeds
of her cargo of ammunition and other valua
bles she carried to Charleston—is now secreted
on board. She is a splendid vessel. It is sta
ted that she cost $100,000.
Pottery. There is near Addison Point an
establishment which manufactures earthen
ware, pans, pots, vessels of all styles for farm,
garden and household uses. Kilns are prepar
ed and burned six or eight times a year, anil
wares are carried in small trading boats to all
points along the shore and exchanged for cash
and other merchandize. It is said to l>e a pro
ductive trade; or at any rate it makes a living
buisness.—(Machias Union.
:r* a letter from Japan, dated May 10th,
states that samples of new tea crop have come
into market at Kanagawa, and everything bills
fair for a brisk trade iu this line the comiug
season. Some houses were shipping silk large
ly, and two vessels were londing with it ami
tea for England. American vessels are doing
a fair share of business in the transportation
between the Japanese and Chinese ports. Every
thing in Japan was quiet at the date of the
Ecacuation of Richmond Contradicted —
U'estcni Troops ready—Recruiting in Ohio
—Cassius M. Clay, Ac.
New York, August 8.
The World's special Washington dispatch
says a civilian captured at Front ltoyul reach
ed this city yesterday.
He declares that Kichtnond has not been
evacuated nor are there any signs of pesti
lenee. The rebel army lies east of the city
and he is confident that its effective uumbers
have been greatly exaggerated.
.Stonewall Jackson, lie says, is at Gordons
villc with 15,000 or 20,000 men.
The Times has a letter giving the details of
the Malvern Hill expedition, and the writer
says that Geu. McClellan intends to hold the
Tlie Tribune gives the following: Our loss
w ill reach 40 killed and wounded. No Maine
names. The casualties iu tbe 11th Mass, were
all by a single shell. Besides the above the
18th Mass, lost 7 or 8 and the 26th Pennsyl
vania as many.
mi ui'ji.m iici 11 * "Ui iio-Niiii^iuu sit) mat.
Richard Bus iced <>l New York, bn-s been np
pointeil Brig. General of Volunteers, to report
to Gov. Morgan.
30,tk)0 troop* in the Western States arc now
ready for the Held.
('assus M. Clay, it is said, is likely to assume
command ut Cincinnati of the new dej>artmeut
of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.
Prominent Kentuckians in Washington have
been assured that troops shall l>e crowded into
Kentucky as last as they are raised in Ohio
and Indiana.
Washington, August 8.
Special dispatches from Indianapolis say that
a gentleman who has arrived from Knoxville,
Tenn., reports 15,000 rebel infantry w ith a pro
portionate number of cavalry there, expecting
to march into Ky. at an early day.
All the Indiana regiments are full.
The 83d Ohio volunteers, Col. Charles An
derson, brother of tiie Fort Sumter Anderson,
is full, having recruited cue thousand men in
tilteru days.
Harrisburg, Pa., Aug. 8.
Volunteers are pouring in by thousands.
Their numlier is sufficient for Htteeu regi
ments, w hieh with the regiments in Philadel
phia, w ill Hit the State quota for volunteers.
Br«hrr*R Hon rd, llostoil, A lag. 8.
50 Eastern Railroad. 661
50.do. 661
31500 I nins! States Coupon Sixes (1881)_.... 99}
49,150 Cuiteii Slates 7 3-10 Treasury Notes.... 103
ll.iXR) f hired Slates Trcas.Notes, two years.107;
9.140 Curled Stales 1 )>' ms ml Notes.106
6.0UI .do.lnoj
20.(00 V. S. Certiiicates ofluiietdedness. 991
400 C. S. Coupons, August 19,.1131
2,080 .do.113
1,068 .do.112
4,075 .do.a 1121
9,(Xio American Gold.113
7,000 .. .do (large).113}
Dkntintky.—Ur. JOSIAH MEAL1), No. 241 Con
gress Street, first door east of 1st Parish Church,
Portland, Mr. angTdly
Physician and Si kiikon.—H. A. I, A MR, M. D.,
Office, corner of Congress and Chestnut Streets,
Portland, Mr.
TTT"- Particular attention paid to Surgery, includ
ing diseases uf the eye and ear. aug7—Curd
In this city 6th iust, by Rev Dr Shailer, Mr Benja
min Joseph to Mrs KILa Anne Anderson,both of this
In 11 alio well 6th inst. Thomas 8 l’ierce, of Ware
ham, Mass, to Helen M Swift, of H.
In Ellsworth 31st ult, Lieut Wilbur F Lane, of the
8th Me Regiment, to Maria L Orcutt, both of E.
Iu Ocean ville 2d inst, Mr John T Une, of Deer
Isle, member of 16th Me Regiment, to Mim Klleu
l'hilbrick, ot Thorndike.
At Orriugton Centre 6th. Mr Timothy W George,
to Miss Zilpha .1 Marston, of East i Arrington.
In Brunswick 1st inst, Solomon Grossman, aged 67
years 1 mouth 4 days.
In Topsham 6th inst, Joseph E Mustord, aged 6
years 6 non.
In Harps well 4th inst, George W Stover, aged 29
years lo mos.
In In Brewer 6th iust, Emily M, wife of Elisha W
Kent, aged 21 years 6 mos.
In Lynu, Mass, 5th inst. Mr Martha J Brown, eld
est daughter of the late James F Trott, o! Bath, aged
29 years.
At Tybee Island May 21, Edward S Swain, Lieut in
6th Me Kegimout, oldest son of E T Swain, formerly
of Hallow ell, aged 22 years.
Mails are forwarded by every steamer in the regu
lar lines. The steamers for or from Liverpool call at
Queenstown, except the Canadian line, w hich call at
Bavaria.Southampton New York. July 30
City of Baltimore. Liverpool.New York July 80
Jura.Liverpool Quebec.July 31
Scotia.Liverpool.New York Aug 2
Kangaroo.Liverpool.New York. Aug 6
Europa.Liverpool.Boston.Aug 9
Etna.New York. Liverpool.Ang 9
Nova Scotian .Quebec.Liverpool.Ang 9
baxonia.New York. Hamburg. ...Aug 9
Australasian.New York. .Liverpool.Aug 13
Edinburg.New York.. Liverpool.Aug 16
Bohemian.Quebec.Liverpool.Aug 16
Arabia.Boston.Liverpool.Aug 20
Jura.Quebec.Liverpool.Aug 23
TRINIDAD. Brig J I> Lincoln—69 hhds 23 tierees
79 boxes sugar—21*7 nhds 21 tcs 44 brls molasses, 1 do
sugar, 2 boxen sundries Hophni Eaton—1 bhd sugar
1 tierce do, 2 bbls molasses master.
HERBERT RIVER NB. bch btag-1281 tons coal
Knight & Hamilton.
PiCTOU. bch John Beil—196 tons coal J L Far
In the J I) Lincoln, from Trinidad—Messrs B Pa
lacios. M Diaz, Manuel Diaz.
bun rises, morn.4 67 I Length of days.14 15
bun sets, eve.7 12 | Moon rises. 0 00
High Water, eve.10 32
NI.A.RIISJ'E news.
F riday. Aif»t 8.
Brig J D Lincoln. Webber. Trinidad 16th nit.
Sch Jernsha Baker, Barberick. Boston.
Sch Island tjueeu, Orchard, Gloucester.
Sch oc(*ait Belle, Watts, Jonesport.
Sch E P llorton, Bugera, Ellsworth for Salem.
Sch Enterprise. Howard. Wuldoboro for Boston.
Sch Almira Ann. Bicknell, Hock port for PhUadel
Sloop Lodi, Grindall, Bangor.
Steamer New England. Field. St John NB.
Brig Wenonah. llarriman. Sydney CB, master.
Stt-aiuer New Euglaud. Field', Eastport.C C Eaton.
Z ft 'Brig Martha Post, now at New York, has been
taken up to load lor Malaga with staves. Ac. for
S85ts). Ship Lizzie Oakfora will load for San Fran
rVAt Addison, Lcauder A Knowles, Esq, is
building two barks, nue of 52n tons, to be finished in
the fall, the other 600 tons, and will be comqleted in
a few weeks.
In East Addison, Messrs Look ft Corthell, arc
building a bark of 400 tons. It will be finished early
in the season.
At Columbia. Joseph Crandon. Esq, has a sch on
the stocks of about 130 tons, which will be launched
in September. She is designed for the carrying busi
ness, being flat, ftill and very strongly made.
At Jonesport, D J Sawyer, Esq, has a v pas pi on tho
stocks, intended for a sch of about 160 tons, to ae fin
ished this season.
At Harrington, Messrs Moses Nash, O Rumballand
others, are building a vessel designed for a brig of
450 tous, double deck, which is to be ready for launch
ing early in the fall.
Mr Melville Nadi, and others, are building a sch of
125 tons, to be launched this season.
Sch H D Grin die, (of Bangor) Millington, ftn New
York 6th inst, with government stores, for Fortress
Monroe, went ashore same uight on the West Bank,
but up to suuset Wednesday evening had not been
got off. She is perfectly tight, and may be got off
next high water, as she was moved some' Wednesday.
A sunken vessel of about Jno tons, with bowsprit
just out of water, was passed on 6th inst, Highlands
of Neversiuk NMV 20 mile*.
Ar at Halifax 1st inst. sch Witch of the Wave, ftn
Gloucester, bound fishing.
Sailed from Bombay June 5, ship Grace Darling,
Bearse, Liverpool.
At Grand Canaries 8th ult, sch Laura Gertrude,
Campbell, for New York 4 days.
At Malaga 19th ult, ship Miustrel, Clifford, for Bos
ton same day.
At Gibraltar 19th ult, bark Velma, Nickerson, disg,
for Malaga, to load for Boston.
At Rotterdam 22d alt, bark Radiant, Flinn, for
At London 26th ult, ship Portland, Leavitt, and
Louis Walsh, disg.
At Kio Grande June 25, sch Benj Delano, Baxter,
for New York, ready.
At Rio Janeiro June 29. ships Cambria, Perry,
Newcastle E, disg; Pleiades, Winslow, for Chinch** ;
1st ult; bark Whistling Wind, from Montevideo, unc; 1
brig Island t^ueen, from do, disg.
Sailed few days prev to 29th. ship Garnet. Brad
ford, Calcutta; bark Hannibal, Kline, New York via
Pernnmbuco and fit Thomas.
At Surinam 21st ult. barks Catharine. Herrick, and
Wrman, Lincoln, for Boston next day.
At Barbadoes 27th ult, bark Reindeer, Wellington,
for New York 29th.
Sailed about 24th, brig Scotland, Francis, St Thom
At Miniritlan 11th ult, sch Wave, Wyman, for I
New Orleans.
At Truxitlo 19th ult, brig Mystery, Small, for New
York next day.
At Trinidad 16fh ult, brig Hancock, Gibbs, from St
Thonia*. ar 14th, for N»*w York, unc.
At Cumberland Harbor 20th ult, bark E Wright
Jr, Duane, for New York, unc.
June 23, lat 36 28, Ion 8 04. bark Omega, Morse, ftn
Cardiff for Genoa.
Julv 29. lat 29 56. Ion 69, brig Handy, 10 days from
New York for Nenvitas.
June 3). lat 21 54, lou 3$ 12. bark Cordclia,Koberts,
from Philadelphia for Rio Janeiro.
Aug 2, lat 32. Ion 71 52. sch Josephine B Small, ftn
New York for New Orleans.
Aug 3. off South ShoaJ, bark Howland, ftn Boston
for New Orleans.
Aug 4, off Nantucket, ship E Z, from New York for
Auj(6, Highlands of Neversink NW 25 miles, brig
Julia Ford, from Philadelphia for Boston.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sailed 5th inst, ship Wild
Pigeon, Mathew. Valparaiso.
NEWPORT NEWS Va. In port 3d, schs Whit©
Foam. Conley, and John Farnuni, Hall, discharged,
wtg orders.
BALTIMORE. Ar 5th, bark* Edward HU). A rev.
James River; F Armstrong, Lionel I, aud Fred Reed,
3tcAlnion, New York.
Also ar 6th, schs Priscilla, Crowtber, Surinam:
Jennie Morton. Caribbean Sea; Tantamount. Davis,
Harrison's Lauding.
Cld 5th. schs James P Auger. Wright. 3lalaga;
EmHine 31cLain. Hucklin, Portland.
PHILADELPHIA. Ar 6th, brig Celestina. Pick
et t. Boston.
Also ar 6th. brig Crawford. Small. New York (and
c!d for Boston); sch West Wind. Gilman, Ponce
Cld 6th, bark Arethusa, Lovell, S W Pass; brigs
Am I'uioii, Bartlett, (ink; Abbv Ellen. Gilmore,
Boston; Olive, 31 auslield. Portsmouth; schs Eliza A
» athariuc, Rutland, aud Mary Jane, Clear*, Eleu
Also cld 6th. brigs Romance, Duncau, NOrleans;
Gen Maoiiall. Aiues, Bostou.
NEW YORK. Ar 6th, barks Maraval, Griffin,
Barbadoes; M Williamson. Thompson, New Orleans; i
brigs Tallulah. Plnmer, Rio Janeiro; Conflict, Ru
land. St Kitts; leviathan, HoflVe*. Trinidad; sell*
Phebe, Morrow, Grand Canaries; Maria Hall, Brad
ford. Cumberland Harbor; Dirigo, Cook, New Or- j
Also ar 7tb. ships 3!argarct Evans, Warner. Ix>n
don; Onward, Coomb*. Belfast I, in ballast; bark i
Utan. Seeley, Barbadoes; brigs Ann, Yates, Monro- J
uia 60; Beatrice. Strout. Mmatitlan; schs Presto,
Hawkins, Port Roval SC; Beni Franklin, 31ills,
YinalhftTUi; Eddy » Wiswell, Phillips Bangor• Miu
nie Cobb, Averill, and Minnehaha, Thomas, Rock
land; Bangor, Studlev, Boston.
Also ar 8th. barks ilomer, Truro E; Rosa,London ;
Morning Light, New Bedford; brig Osp ray, 31an*a- i
uilla; sen Maguet, Arroyo.
Cld 6th, ship Maid of Orleans. Dennis, Glasgow;
bark New Empire, Brook*. New Orleans; brig Fan
nie. Lorentzeu. Key West; sclw Florida. 3!ott, do;
Tunis Du new, Edmonds, Port Royal SC.
Also chi 7th, ships Berlin. Jaeksou,Belfast: George
l’eabodv, Paine, London. Beni Adams, Chase. Liv
erpool; origs Tempest, Reed,Rio Janeiro; G T Ward,
Briggs, Cork; A Horta, Oicutt, and West, Gulbrand- :
son, New Orleans; Breeze,Outerbridge,Philadelphia; !
schs G R Dixson. Wilson, Mutan/as; J W Webster, j
Blake. New Orleans; C C Brown, Perkins, Kockport.
NEW HAVEN. Ar 6th, brig George. Whitney,
.Santa Cm*.
PROVIDENCE. Ar 7th, sch Julia E Pratt,-,
Also ar 6th. brig 6 Thurston, Lanfair. Sagua (and
sailed for Bristol).
NEWPORT. A 6th, sch U II Colson. Colsou, Ban
gor fur orders.
NEW BEDFORD Ar 7th, sch William II De
Witt, Corv, Boston far New York.
FALL RIVER, a. 6th. sch Allan Downing, Rice, !
BOSTON. Ar 7':h, bark Lawrence. Harsoo,Salem; 1
schs Mary Shields. Bath; Merrill, Johnson,Portland;
Brilliant.' Noves, do.
Also ar 8th. schs Fearless,Adams.Aux Cave*; Gen
tile. Perkina, Forhuw Island; Albert Dexter, Donee.
Norfolk; J F I arlaud. Crowell; Arnon, Mnall, and
kuight, Gage, Baltimore; Hardscrabble, Gregory, j
New York; lliram. Wells, Calais; Oregon, Arey,
Vinalhaven; Union Bichuahou. Cranberry Isles;
Elizabeth, Farr; Abaco, Colson, andTahmiroo,John- I
ton. Ban,or; Oeranica, N'rwt.irt, WaMoboro; Genu
tor, Burns, Korkland; How* net, Tool, and Harriet
Ann, Ei-Une, Auirnata; Alpine. Elliott; renuavlra
nia. Scott, anil Comet. .Snow, Bath; liosa. Sawyer:
Harriet Falter, Hamilton, anil I tiea, Thorndike
Telegraphed, brigs Times, < alinuck. Edwin, mud
In the Bar, brig Tangent, from-.
Cld 7th, sch* Ophir. Crann, Fortress Monroe; T .1
Hill, Whelden, Baltimore; Cameo, Pendleton, Phila
delphia; J McCloaky. Baker, New York.
Also cld 8th, brigs Somers, Caulfield, Monrovia;
sch* D B Doane, Coombs, Philadelphia; Telegraph,
Nickerson, New York; Adeline llamlin, Lttnaif, Ban
•SALEM. Ar 7th, »ch* Aurora, Berry, and Tarry
Not, Cottrell. Bangor; Frolic, McCarty, and Eliza
Otis. Kvder, Belfast.
POBtBMOUTH. Sailed 6th.achs Edward k Frank.
Williams. Bangor; Yantic, t.ould, Hampden.
CALAIS. Sailed 6th sch Helen Mar, Stockbridge,
BANG! >K. Cld 7th, brig Isabella Bean man ,Ta mss,
Port au Prince.
BELFAST. Ar 3d, barks Trajan, Rabbidge, Lon
don; Diana, Coomb*, Bangor for Buenos Ayres (and
BATH. Sailed 7th, bark E F Harriman, IfarrimaD,
GARDINER. Ar 1st, sch S E Loud, Cook, Phila
House to Let.
Street, is to be let, and possession given
during the first week of September. Tbo
premises may be examined at any time.
For further partienlurs applv to
August Sith. 1862. tf
Adjutant General’* Offics,
Augusta, Aag. 7, ISO.
The Secretary of War having requested that anoth
er Regiment of Infantry be organized from tl»e en
listed men of Maine’s quota of an additional SHO.OOft
Volunte* r* called for by the PnaMent; The Gore •
nor and Comtnander-iu-Chief orders and directs:
That all Companies already enlisted for new Regi
ments. under this call, and which shall hereafter be
designated, the *arne not necessarily comprised in
the organization of the lHth. 17th. 18th and 19th Reg
iments of Infantry, report to Col. E. K Harding,
Assistant Quartermaster!.eneral. and go into camp
at the rendezvous established for this Regiment (the
20th of Maine Volunteers), at "Island Park," near
Portland, on or before the 12th instant, where quar
ters and subsistence will lie provided. The organiza
tion of this Regiment will be completed forthwith.
By order of the Commander-In-Chief
Adjutant General.
Daily Argos, Advertiser and Courier copy three
times. aug9
IsA. O. 2A..
their Annual Picnic Excursion
To SahaftisvfUc, running orcr the Ken. k Port. R. R.
to Brunswick, from thence up the Androscoggin Road
which skirts the Androscoggin River tor eight
or ten miles to the grove near Sxbnttls Poad,
which is within one hundred rods of the base of 8a>
bsttis Mountain, making one of the most beautiful
rides by railroad from tills city, and tcUhout am*
change cart.
To those who lore to ga*e upon the works of na
ture we would say that we know of no other spot
within forty miles of this city where so beantital a
panorama of our State scenery can be seen.
Every effort will be made to make the Excursion
Sleasant. Those fond of dancing will flud a good
oor laid in the grove, 25 by tiO fret. Swing*. Foot
balls, Ac., will be provided. In a word, the Commit
tee will do all in their power to make all who at
tend enjoy themselves.
Tea and Coffb© will be tarnished free to all, bat
each must provide himself with driuking vessels tar
his party.
The music will be tarnished by the
And the dancing will be nndcr the direction of Messrs.
A. T. Pierce, A. D Smith and F. M. Carsley.
Tickets for tke Excursion, 75 Ceuta,
To be bad of Lowell k Sonter, Exchange Street, J.
K. Keruald, Middle Street, Smith k Bovd, Congress
Street, and tin* Committee of Arrangements.
Cars leave the depot of tlie Kennebec k Portland
Railroad, foot of Mvrtle Street, at 8 o’clock, ▲. M.
J. T. EMERY, ) Committee
KLISHA INS, ) Arrangements.
Portland, Ang. 7. 1*3. td
One Door East of Canal Bank.
IT- Order, br m«il or expire, promptly ,xmated.
The Best Clothes Wringer
Self-Adjusting Clothes Wringer.
June 30, 1801.
rilHIS Machine la an improrement orer all other
A Wringing Marhinri grt inrrnted. It will wring
n pocket handkerchief or a bed-unlit drrer than t™
ran numbly be done bv hnnd. without alteration. 1,
lew than one-eighth of the time, and emu be operated
by a child twelve yean old. It will lave the curt of
the machine in the wear and tear of clothe, in anr
medium alae family, in ,lx month, It need, onlr to
be Me, in operation to anbatantiatc the feet, a, above
D. J. TRI E * COh
Agent* (hr the State of Maine,
(Kennebec County excepted.)
Any one wishing to try one of the Machines befbre
purchasing, caa have one sent to Ibelr house bv leav
ing their address at the store recently occupied hy Dr.
l’anion*—next door above New City Hall.
■JF Agents wanted in every town in this State,
(Kennebec County excepted.)
Portland. August 7. 1WB. lgrdfk w
M olodeons
No. 51 Exchange St.
aSdlw P
I ii*eo t Powder,
Roaches, Aits, Moths, Mosquitoes, Arc*
THIS is a vegetable production from Persia, and
will be found a moat effectual destroyer of the
above-mentioned and other iuiccts. It is not poiaon
ons. and can be used with perfect safety.
For sale by
L. II* T1TCOMB, Apothecary*
July 22. «h!2w 878 Congress Street.
lotirr to Wood and I.urabor Her
1.1KOM Nonmtw 1**. 1*3. to Muy l.t, 18fi3. tl.o
1 rat.-* of flvtght on all (t(—crtptlons of In ill In'r
anti timber will he advanced 25 per cent.
No tire wood w ill be conveved between October 1st,
1862. aud May l*t. 1*3
An advance in the rates of tire wootl will take place
next summer, but iu consequence of changes in the
arrangement for conducting the wood business, which
are about to be made, the Company will not be able
to take lire wood from certaiu places on the line, so
that should auy parti** make contract* fbr fire wood
to be carried on the railwav during the next season,
they must understand that they wilfdo so at their own
risk, aud that the Company will not feel theiuselvaa
bound to carry it.
Due notice w ill be given of the rates of freight, and
from what stations tire wood can Ik* carried next
C J. BRYPGES, Managing Director
Montreal. August 1 a6drt

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