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Monday Morning* August 11, 1802.
For Reprwntafires to Congress,
Second IHstrict (isrw)..SIDNEY PER HAM of Paris.
Second District (old).. TUOSA. D lESSF.NDEN,
[of Auburn.
Fifth District FREDERIC A PIKE, of Calais.
Third District JAitES G. BLAINE, of Augusta.
For Senators,
Aroostook..•.ISAAC HACKER, of Fort Fairfield.
York .JOHN WENTWORTH, of Kitterv,
LUTHER SANBORN, of Parsonsficld.
Kennebec.NOAH WOODS, of Gardiner.
PELEG F. PIKE, of Fayette.
Dennis L. Millken, of Waterville.
For County Commissioners,
Aroostook-THOMAS J BROWN, of Hodgdon,
NATHAN S. LUFKIN, of Knton Gr’t.
York.DIMON ROBERTS, of Lvmsn,
ALFRED HULL, of Shapleigh.
Aennehee. ... EZEKIEL HUBBARD,
For Sheriffs.
Aroostook . WILLIAM SMALL, of Fort Fairfield.
York.GEORGE GOODWIN, of Wells.
Kennebec.JOHN HATCH of Augusta.
For Clerk of Courts,
Kennebec.WM M. STRATTON, of Augusta.
For County Treasurer,.
Arooetook..,.SAM’L BRADBURY, of N. Limerick.
York.JOHN HALL, of North Berwick.
Kennebec.DANIEL PIKE, of Augusta.
For Registers of Deeds,
Aroostook.... LOUIS CORMIER, Northern District,
J. (J. A. BARTON. Southern District.
York.SAMUEL O ADAMS, of Alfred.
Kennebec.J. A. RICHARDS, of Augusta.
CoagNiiHionnl Convention.
The Republicans, and all other citizens of the First
Congressional District, who support the State and
National Administrations, are requested to meet in
convention at the City Hall, in Portland, on Tens*
»ay, the 12th day of'August next, at 11 o'clcok, A.
M„ for the purpose of nominating a candidate to re
present the district in the SSth Congress.
The basis of representation will be as follows: Escli
cRy and town will tie entitled to one delegate, aud to
one additional delegate for every acventy-five votes
east lbr the Republican candidate for Governor in
The Committee will he in session at the City Hall,
in Portland, on the morning of the Convention, at
10, A. M., to receive credentials.
llATn'z. O. Marshall, Jobs Lynch.
Sxwall N. Gnosa. J. A. Waterman,
Joins D. Lincolh, Daxiel Stissoy,
Guo. H. Kyowlton,
Republican District Committee.
July 16,1862.
M Senatorial District Convention.
The Republicans, and all others In the County of
Cumberland, who are in fkvor of sustaining the pres
ent National and Mate Administrations, and for the
speedy and Anal suppression of the existing wicked
and groundless rebellion against the best government
in the world, at whatever cost of life and property,
are reouested to send delegates to meet in the New
City Hall, in Portland, on
Tuesday, August 19, 1862,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of nom
inating candidates for
Rkoistkii of Deeds,
County Treasurer,
County Attorney, and
Four Senators.
Also to elect a County Committee for tbe ensuing
Each city and town will be entitled to two dele
gates, and one delegate iu addition for the first fifty
votes, and one delegate for each one huudred votes
{above fitlv), and one delegate when the fraction ex
ceeds fifty votes, cast fortlie Republican candidate
fur Governor in 1861, namely:
Baldwin, 4 Naples, 4
Brtdgton, 6 North Yarmouth 4
Brunswick, 6 New Gloucester, 6
Cape Elizabeth, & tltistietd, 4
(am, 4 Portland, 22
Cumberland, 4 Pownal, 4
Falmouth, 4 Raymond, 4
Freeport. 6 Maudit h, 6
Gorham, 6 Scarbero, 4
Grey, 4 Sebago. I
Harpswell, 4 Westbrook,
Harrison, 4 Windham, 6
Yarmouth, 6.
Tbs Countv Committee will be in session at tbe
New City Hall, August 19, at 8 o'clock, A. M.
The Chairmen or the severe! town Committees are
requested to forward tbe names of their delegates to
the Chairman of the County Committee as soon as
they may be chosen.
Benj. Kingsbury, ,Jr.,
Luke Brown,
O. G. Cook,
Elbridoe G. Waco,
Daniel Elliot,
Republican County Committee.
July 29, 1862. td
The Republicans of Scarborough, and all others fa
vorable to the present State and National Administra
tions,are requested to meet iu caucus at tbe Town house
iu said touru, on Moudav flic Uth day of August, inst.,
at 6 o’clock, P. M . to choose three delegates to attend
the First Congressional District Convention, to be
holdcn iu Portland on Tuesday the 12th day of Aug.,
inst., to nominate a candidate for representation to
Congress. Also to choose four delegates to attend
tbe Cumberland County Convention, to be holden in
Portland on Tuesday the 19tb day of August, inst., to
nominate candidates for county officers.
Per order of the Town Committee.
Scarborough, Aug. 4.1862
I* Use Argus a Loyal or la 11 a Traitorous
Feeling all the delicacy of the situation we
occupy,—that of a comparative stranger in the
midst of the friends of the paper whose name
we have mentioned in the question that heads
this article,—we nevertheless charge that the
Argus is a disloyal sheet; and without long
trespassing upou the reader's patience we will
proceed to make good the charge by testimony
which that paper has no right to impeach. Lei
us be understood in the start. Disloyalty and
treason we take to mean, in practice, essential
ly the same thing. What, then, is disloyalty,
and is tbe Argus guilty of it? In answering
these questions we propose to bring that paper
before its own iudirment-eeat. and to test it hv
the rule It has itself laid down. From the decis
ion of inch a tribunal it cannot appeal; against
such a rule of judgment it can file no excep
What, then, the Argus itself being judge, is
disloyalty or treasou ? In that paper of Aug.
4th we And the following:
Our test of treason is the Constitution,—
which is Ihe basis of government, and we are
fighting for a government and not lor revolu
tion. We see no sign of respec t for the con
stitution or its executive officers in the "Press.”
Italics ours. Here, coupling the "executive
officers” of the Constitution with the Constitu
tion itself, we have the Argus’ test of treasou
reduced to “respect shown” for the President—
those not showiug this respect being disloyal,
or guilty of treasou.
But if we turn to the Argus of the 5lh inst.,
we shall find its “test of treason” more definite
ly stated. Refering to remarks of the editor
of the X. Y. Evening Post—formerly a Jack
sonian, Van Buren, and even Franklin Pierce
Democrat—adverse to some of our military
commanders, (remarks for which we have no
sympathy) the Argus says:
Why not this rabid alxditionist go on and
charge with a quadrupled stigma President
Lincoln, by whose wisli and acts these gener
als hold their respective, positions? We can
guess why. Because the traitor delights in
the work of liis hands, but would keep aloof
from the consequences.
Those who will read the whole article from
which this Is an extract, will see that, in the
Argus’ estimation, the person referred to as a
“rabid abolitionist,” is a “traitor” simply be
cause he disrespects the “generals” who "hold
their respective positions” by the wish and act
of the President; and the query contained in
the above implies that his treason would be
even more apparent, if he should stigmatize
the President himself. In the same paper from
which the above is cut, referring to the Press,
it is said:
It is a mere partizan of the abolitionists,—
a representative uftlie Chandlers and Phillipses,
—Tlie N. Y. Independent and Evening Post—
the maligners of our officers and the opponents
of the republican President. Its position is
among those so well defined by the Advertiser,
whose words we reproduced yesterday. In
brief, it is held by its cotemporary as among
the traitors and those deserving of a situation
in some fortress until after tlie war.
Putting all the foregoing extracts together—
editorial in the Argus—we have this proposi
tion, forming that paper’s “test of treason
constituting tlie judgment-seat before which
to establish the loyalty or treason of every man,
to wit: that want of respect for the Executive,
charging the President with stigma, and op
posing the republican President, prove that
those guilty of such disrespect, who charge
such stigma aud who manifest suclt opposi
tion, to be traitors. If anything were wanted
to convince the reader that tins is the precise
meauing of our courteous cotemporary, we
have it in that paper of the 8th inst., in an ar
ticle headed “Traitors’ Meeting,” in which, to
prove the treason—bald and unqualified—
of the siieakers, it is said:
The President was ridiculed as “a moral cow
ard,” “an automaton,” “a tortoise,” Ac.
Now having shown from the Argus itself what
it means by treason, what its “test of treason”
really is, we ask the reader’s attention to the
question whether, judged by its own “ test,”
tlie Argus is to he regarded as a loyal paper,
or a disloyal and traitorous sheet. Remember
ing that disrespect for the President is treason,
the Argus being authority, we ask the reader
carefully to scan the following cut from that
paper of Friday morning :
If tlie President could lie endowed with a
keen eye to discover the difference between
honesty and dishonesty, between ability and
incompetency, between success and failure, in
the management of our national affairs, and
would, with Jacksonian resolution, applaud
and promote the one and utterly and promptly
condemn the other, we are free to confess tlie
belief that the cause of our country would soon
lie on better aud more hopeful footing. Hut
Mr. Lincoln is President lor his term and we
must make the best of it we can.
On this single paragraph we rest the whole
case, and claim a verdict from the clear-headed
reader adverse to the Argus. Never have we
seen anywhere a more studied effort to make
tlie President out either a knave, or a fool, or
liotil, or a more earnest effort to stigmatize
him as a man unworthy of trust, much less of
respect. He is denied even tlie ability or the
disposition to discover the difference between
honesty and dishonesty, between ability and
incompetent-}-, between success and failure,
and charged witli an utter destitution of reso
luticm to applaud and promote the right and to
condemn the wrong! Such is the Portland
Argus; one day whining and canting because
respect is not shown for tire Executive, and
the next uttering slanders of the President
that would disgrace a London fish woman!—
And this is In perfect keeping with the general
character of tltat paper for the last four years.
It got down upon its knees to the Floyds and
Cobbs of a traitorous cabinet; it never failed
to let off poisoned arrows at Douglas when its
masters told it to do so, aud at the same time
pointed to the public crib from which it was
feeding and fattening; it went in for the trea
sonable organization of the Dana party, and
tried to keep in favor all round by crying
“Good Lord” to the Jameson men, aud ignor
ing a few of the planks in the Dana platform,
and now, while carping and fbult-fiiiding with
everything that promises to strengthen
the power of the government or unnerve
the arm of rebellion, it denounces as trait
ors those who, ft says, do not show proper
respect for a President denied by it the abil
ity to distinguish between right and wrong'. We
hope tiie loyal people of Maine will appreciate
the hypocritical sympathy so often expressed
by the paper under notice for President Lin
coln ; strip off the wool skin drawn over the
jackal), and remember that, with all its pre
tended regard for Mr. Lincoln, and all its read
iness to fight “abolitionists” who think the
President over-cautious, and all its cries of trea
son against those who do not respect the Pres
ident according to its style—that with all these
it simply tolerates the President "for his term,”
and advises to “make the best of him”! When
tiie Argus is properly knowq, as thousands of
old democrats already know it, its mission will
be ended, because its power for mischief will
be gone.
Important Official Orders.
In the despatches of Saturday morning were
two important orders, issued by direction of
the President and figaed by the Secretary of
War. They indicate the new earnestness which
the government lias taken on. and shew that
hereafter there is to be no fooling or child's
play. They both bear date August 8th, and
the first, authorizing arrests of persons for dis
couraging enlistments, is as follows:
Ordered,—1st, That all United States Mar
shals and Superintendents, or chiefs of police
of any town, city or district be. and they are
hereby authorized and directed to arrest and
imprison any ]x-rsou or persons who may be
engaged by act, speech or writing, in discour
aging volunteer enlistments, or in any way giv
ing aid and comfort to the enemy, or in any
other disloyal practice against the U. States.
2d. That immediate report be made to Maj.
L. C. Turner, Judge Advocate, in order that
such persons may be tried before a military
3d. The expense of such arrest and impris
onment will fie certified to the chief clerk of
War Department for settlement and payment.
The other order, to prevent the evasion of
military dutv, is as follow*:
1st. iiy direction oi the President of the U.
States, it is hereby ordered that until further
orders, no citizen Hal do to be drafted into the
militia, shall be allowed to go to a foreign
country, and all Marshals, Deputy Marshals
and Military officers of the United States, are
directed, and all police authorities especially,
at the ports of the United States, on the sea
board and on the frontier, are requested to see
that this order is faithfully carried into effect,
and they are hereby authorized and directed to
arrest, and detain any person or persons alsmt
to depart from the United States in violation
of tiiis order, and to report to Major L. C. Tur
ner. Judge Advocate at Washington City, for
ftirtlier instructions res|>ecting the person or
persons so arrested and detained.
2. Any person liable to draft, who shall ab
seut himself from his country or .suite before
such draft is made, mill lie arrested by any Pro
vost Marshal, or other United State’s or State
officer, wherever be may be .found within the
jurisdiction of the United States, and convey
ed to the nearest military post or depot, and
placed on military duty’ for the term of the
draft, and the expenses of his own arrest and
conveyance to such post or depot, mid also the
sum of live dollars as a reward to the officer
who shall make such arrest, shall be deducted
iroiu his pay.
3d. The writ of habeas corpus is hereby sus
pended in respect to all persons arrested for
disloyal practices.
- JT”It is amusing to hear the varied objce
tious raised by the faithless, against emanci
pation, even should emancipation become a
military necessity. The objector will talk of
the sliiftlessness of the negro, bow lazy they
are, aud how utterly incompetent to earn their
own living. If emancipated, our alms-houses
j would have to open wide to receive them cn
masse. The next day the same individual will
hold up his hands in holy horror, and talk
about allowing all the blacks to come North,
to crowd w hite mechanics, and other laborers,
from their employment, and to monopolize all
the posts of industry. IIow the lazy, shiftless
: creatures are to become so smart as to drive
. white meu out of the Held of labor, is a prob
lem not yet solved.
The Republican Congressional Couven
j tlon, for the first District, will meet tomorrow,
I lu the new City Iiall, at 11 o'clock.
[From our Regular Correspondent.]
Letter from the State Capital.
Artion of Ranks—Agents for Absentees—
Personal—Organization of '20th Regiment
—Appointments—llltt Regiment.
Acocsta, Aug. P, 1862.
To the Editors of the Portland Press:
The Banks throughout the State have most
generously responded to the request of the
Governor for money to pay bounties to volun
teers under the late call, having offered to ad
vance to the State, double the amount required.
There are two Banks, however, which, through
want either of ability or disposition, have de
clined to aid the government, at this time.—
Both these Banks are in the eastern part of
the State.
The following gentlemen have l>eon appoint
ed by the Governor for looking up deserters
and absentees from their regiments:
Androscoggin—E. B. Lovejoy, Livermore.
Aroostook—G. F. Whidden, Presque Isle;
T. M. Bradbury, Iloulton.
Cumberland—II. Cousens, Gorham.
Franklin—I. II. Blake, Farmington.
Hancock—Augustus Stevens, Bluehill.
Kennebec—G. J. Page, Belgrade; J. Boyn
ton, Pitts ton.
Knox—S. W. Laughton, Appleton.
Lincoln—H. Metcalf, Damariscotta.
Oxford—C. H. Kipley, Paris.
Penobscot — \V. W. Klee, Hampden; H.
Blackman, Bradley.
Piscataquis—J. H. Gilman, Sebec.
Sagadahoc—R. P. Whitney, Topsham.
Somerset—O. Currier. Athens.
Waldo—R. S. Rich, Thorndike.
Washington—I. Bearce, Meddybemps.
York—S. Tibbetts, Sanford.
It is hoped and expected that all good citi
zens who know the whereabouts of any de
serters, or other absentees from the army, will
forthwith inform the agents of their respec
tive counties, and co-operate with them in this
very important work.
The Hon. Simeon Draper, of Xew York, ap
pointed by the President, General Supervisor
of this business, paid the Governor a flying
visit last Thursday, to consult w'ith him upon
the subject.
The companies for the 20th Regt., have been
organized by counties as follows:
Co. A. Kennebec, Capt. Bungs.
Co. B. Piscataquis, Capt. Jefferds.
Co, C, Oxford, Capt. McDonald.
Co. I), Penobscot, Capt. Haskell.
Co. E. Lincoln, Capt. Clark.
Co. G, Lincoln, ('apt Spear.
Co. II, Aroostook.-.
Co. I. Knox, Capt. Hill.
Co. K. Cumberland and Knox, Capt. Strick
These companies arc full, and will be in
camp at Portland, it Is expected, by Tuesday,
j tlie 12th inst
Tbe following military appointments hare
been made since my last:
Geo. W. Fiekett, Cape Elizabeth, 1st Lt Co.
j E, 17th regt.
Ellis M. Sawyer, C. Elizabeth, Capt Co. E,
17 th regt
Andrew S. Stimson, Kittery, Captain Co. K,
! 17th regt.
8amu;l W. Daggett, Bangor, Captain Co. B
18th regt
Frederick C. Low, Bangor, 1st Lieut. Co. B,
18th regt
( has. E. Robinson, Bangor, 2d Lieut Co. B.
18th regt.
George Williams, Saugerville, 2d Lieut Co.
—, 11th regt
Rev. Collamore Purington, Presque Isle.
Chaplain 7th regt
Nahum A. Hersom, Sanford, Surgeon, 20tli
The 16th, as well as the other regiments in
1 the State, is full and running over. The men
are in splendid spirits, fhlly armed and equlp
! ped, and are only awaiting the paymasters, who
! are
ment deserves the praise of being the most or
derly of any regiment yet encamped here. As
proof, the City Marshal informs me that not a
man of them has. as yet been arrested for any
cause. This good conduct is due to the fact
that the men are generally civil by breeding,
and to the most scrupulous care uniformly ta
ken by Col. Wildes and his officers to preserve
decorum. Skirmisher.
[From our Regular Correspondent.]
Letter from New York.
New York. Aug. 8th, 1862.
Editors Press Gen. Jameson arrived In
this city yesterday accompanied by his wife
and Major Mann. The General stood his jour
ney from Washington here, much lictter than
was expected. He iiad uot been able to sit up
two hours lor some uine weeks that he re
mained in Washington. Every facility was
furnished the General and his attendants by
the managers of the railroads between Wash
I ingtou and New York, which tended to pro
mote their comfort and convenience. He will
j be obliged to remain here for several days, be
| fore it will be prudent for him to leave for
I Maine. He is stopping at a private house ftnd
! is well cared for. His highest ambition Is to
sufficiently recover his hea'th.so a» to warraut
bis taking the Held agaiu to lead on his gallant
brigade as heretofore, to certain victory.
Gov. Shepley arrived here this morningfrom
Washington and is to leave to-morrow for New
1 Orleans, accompanied by Kev. Mr. Colby,
Chaplain of the 12th Maine Regiment, Capt.
Miller of hi* staff, and others from Maine.—
! The Gov. called upon Gen. Jameson to-day.—
He is in excellent spirit-* and returns to his
| new and responsible duties with the fullest
confidence in our Government to maintain its
integrity and to crush out even the last ves
tige of rebellion that may lurk within its bor
j ders. “Capitol.”
We are sorry that, besides losing his
I generous loyal feelings, the editor of the
Brunswick Telegraph ha* lost his temper, and
; gone off into a tit of passion that paiufully
suggests to bis friends the necessity of a mad
house. If Tenney hud quoted the whole of
: Gov. Andrew’s letter he would have proved
his own allegation entirely false; and with the
' manliness of the Boston Post, he would have
I given Senator Wilson the benefit of his own
explanation; and with the courtesy of a gen
tleman he would have withheld the remark—
“That is a downright lie, Gilman, and you
know it.” Mr. Tenney is not in the temper to
be argued or reasoned with. His neighbors
distrust his position, and he labors under the
disadvantage of licing suspected of a Wiek
lilliau spirit, that prefers negro slavery to the
j American I’nion, and says if either must go
| to the wall let it not be slavery.
Allotments.—\Ve are intormed at the City
Treasurer's office, that information has been
received from the Paymaster-General at Wash
ington. stating as the cause of the delay in the
remittance of soldier's allotments from the
Maine regiments in Louisiana, that the money
that had been reserved as allotments by the
Paymasters,was, by order of Maj. Gen. Butler,
used to pay other troops, there being a defi
ciency of fuuds; that a sufficient amount of
money had been forw arded to New Orleans,
ami tiie allotments may soon be expected.
There is a report that Beauregard re
cently visited New Orleans in disguise.
Stand by the President.
In this, the darkest hour of our nation’s per
il, when many are ready to falter by the way
side,or see no ray of hope amid the dark clouds
that surround our pathway, let all true patri
ots stand by the President, in tlie full faith that
he will pilot tlie “old Ship of State’’ safely
through the dangers that now surround her.—
In his wisdom, unswerving patriotism, and
integrity, let us all confide. Tlie recent move
ments of the Government Indicate that the
policy hitherto pursued, is to be changed, and
that the war is to be prosecuted more vigor
ously than ever. Every means that promises
to shorten the war is to be adopted, and if
sometimes men think tlie change should have
come before, let them remember that the no
ble old patriot who stands at the helm, knows
best what to do. The colored population o
the South are to be no longer an element of"
rebel strength, but are to be employed by the
Union forces as laborers, and perhaps the
spade, in war, is as essential as the bayonet,—
at any rate.it is a powerful auxiliary, and must
prove invaluable to the army. Relieved from
tlie necessity of handling the spade, our sol
diers will grasp tlie musket witli more vigor,
and bo vastly more aide to meet the enemy.
Not only is the slave population of tlie rebel
lious States to be appropriated, but all proper
ty of rebels is to be used for Government pur
poses, and tlie present indications are that new
movements of tlie army and navy are to made,
with energy and rapidity. Let us wait pa
tiently, and, amid tlie din of contending arm
ies, and the smoke of battle, let us stag'd by
Junior Prize Declamation.
In our extended notice of the business of
Commencement week at “Bowdoin,” we en
tirely omitted all notice of the Prize Declama
tion of the Junior class, on Monday evening.
We were not present, but have heard a good
report of it. Those taking part in the exhibi
tion were S. T. Beverage, Thomaston; Hor
ace R.Cheney, Lewiston; Alvah B. Dearborn,
Harpswell; Kodolphus II. Gilmore, Leeds;—
T. M. Given, and Samuel P. N. Smith, B uns
wick; George A. Haines, Biddeford; Prank
C. Remick, Chelsea, Mass.; Charles B. Stack
pole, Conway, N. H.; Benjamin F. Smith,
Wiscasset; Cyrus B. Varney, Windham; C,
C. Watson, Guillord, N. H.
The exercises commenced and closed late,
in consequence of the engagement of the
Band hv the Senior Class, at the “Oak Tree.”
but the performances were fully up to the us
ual staid of such occasions. The prize of $30
was divided between Cheney, Gilmore, and
We have received a communication from
Brunswick, complaining of the criticisms of
the editor of the Telegraph; but we must de
cline publishing it, if for no other reason, be
cause of its "being anonymous.
Personal.—lion Noah Smith passed thro’
this city last Saturday, on his| way home from
Washington. He reports ho|>efullyfrom Head
^ The colored men of Rhode Island are
not inclined to enlist in the service as mere
laliorers, and have chosen a committee to wait
on the Governor to make inquiries relative to
the purposes of the President.
r#“ If the Dana Convention to meet in
this city in the course of but a few days,
should follow the lead of the Wtylhrop Hall
convention of last year, and its speakers should
indulge in the same line of remark as did the
leaders on that occasion, we are not sure that
they would riot all be liable to arrest under
Secretary Stanton’s order.
We understand that Gen. G. M. At
wood of Gardiner, formerly Adjutant-General
of this State, has tendered his services to the
Governor, and would like to lead one ot the
nine-months regiments into the field. Gen.
Atwood has a good deal of the grit and milita
ry spirit about him, and would reflect honor
upon the service and his State, wc have no
aiy-Dr. Hitchcock remarked In one of his
speeches at Brunswick, last week, that aboli
tion had become the watchword of the North
ern rebel-sympathizers. Say a word about
using all the means God has placed in our way
to crush the rebellion, and you are denounced
as an “abolitionist.” This is the term of op
probrium by which all loyal men are liable to
be designated. The fellows who so flippantly
use this word, we dare Ray. by screeching at
the top of their voices “abolitionists P’ could
pass Jetf Davis' lines, and gain admittance to
his august presence.
rr~ Recruits have been rejected on Medi
cal examination, for the inq>erfortion of their
teeth. How can a man with poor teeth live
on india rubber beef?
jy~The editor of the Brunswick Telegraph
compares himself to Orpheus, who moved
stones, trees, animals. Ac., by the power of his
lyre. Tenney seems to forget that it was a
lyre aud not a liar that produced such magi
cal results, hence his comparison.
It is understood that the steamship
Golden Gate was not insured, but that the
treasure was.
Senator Wilson has written a long let
ter to the New York Herald, which is publish
ed in the Boston papers, to set the public rnincf
right in relation to what he said and did in
the Senate relating to enlistments. Mr. Wil
son reveals a spirit of patriotism so brilliant
that in the light of it those fellows who con
tinue to traduce him appear as black as the re
gions of Pluto.
'y See advertisement of steamer Ttrre,
which runs every hour during the day to the
Ottawa nouse. This arrangement must be of
great convenience to all who desire to visit this
beautiful island, as they can la* conveyed there
with speed.and return at any hour they desire.
Z When a fellow, the moment you say a
word about the war and the necessity of pitt
ing down the rehellion, commences a tirade
alioiit Wendell Phillips, and can’t see a rebel
because Phillips tills his eyes, you may spot
him for a traitor, and you will not miss one
time in a hundred.
ryWe publish this morning, the Orders of
Secretary Stanton, which should have appear
ed in our telegraphic columns Saturday morn
ing. They were forwarded to the evening
press of Friday, but did not appear in the Cour
ier of that day. We had no knowledge of their
existence, its no copy was furnished to us, and
we knew of no arrangement by which tvc could
get at nny evening despatches omitted in the
evening paper. Hereafter we shall lie very
particular to inquire at the telegraph office, to
ascertain if any thing remains over of the eve
ning news, not published, ofimportance to the
redder; as we learn from Mr. Berry. Agent of
the Associated Press, that we are privileged to
do so. We make this explanation iu justice to
our own office.
The Newbury port nerald says that in
that city a few days since, a teacher of music,
was called upon a few days since and asked if
lie gave instructions in music to gentlemen.
She replied that usually she should Is* happy
to have such pupils, but she could not teach
young men music In time of war! The young
man left.
List of Lost Passengers on the Golden Gate
— Burnside at Fredericksburg—Humors of
Fighting at Gordonstille—Rebel Ram at
Savannah proves to be an English Steamer
—Two Rebel Rains at Charleston—Excite
ment among Secessionists at Baltimore—
Secessionists arrested and imprisoned—
Skirmish at Wolftovm—Rebels driven.
New York, August 9.
The following list of passengers lost has been
kindly furnished the press by Allen McLane,
President of the Steamship Company:
W W Jones, surgeon of the ship, Mrs G O
McMullen, two infants and servant, the servant
of J Whitney, Jr, E Flint, II J Develea and
Mrs A Greene and infant, I)r J A Bodener, J 1
Salligher, II B Davis, Miss C E Coggswell, C [
J Thiers, Mrs B Kurch and two children, D A
Murse, M Seelingzoh, E JSsephi, E Levine and j
servant, J E Cook, ('apt J W Richards, wdfe
and two children,L Baccigalnpi.C B Bonestul,
Mrs Horton, Mrs Wright and child, Mrs C A
Morrison, T Feuse, P Sfhener, Edward Roop
ki, J Cramer, wife and infant, J Drey, Henry
Gustung, wife and child.
Second Cabin—J Forbes, J McChesney, Mrs
Leavenworth and child, J Neols, wife and
child, E II Fulton and 3 children, Mrs L Bab
cock and infant, J R Bird, Mrs A Stone, Mrs
J W Gove and infant, C Francis, Miss J C
Bryant, J C Lancaster, R T Hawkins, Miss G
Steerage—G Harris, D Long, G Dawhing, J
Slow, M N Ilanismau, W Brow, M M ;issey, A j
F Clark. J Clark, M Oleson, J Ganstey, T W •
Olcott. R Smith, R Travers. R Bernard, E Bee
best, G Isham, T C Knly, J Wellinghrook. A
Jackson, J Haskin, J Henry, Michael Pierce,
T O Regan. T J Shore, II Winkleman, B Good
ell, J Brackbrill, J Chambers, J B Moore, L
Bacon, L P Cuddleboe, F Carroll, A Exfelt, J
Holm, W Herbert, P Downing, G Newton,Mrs
Daley, S Gilbert, J D Eber, V Colebria, P Wil
kinson, J Fry, A Breller, F Clare, A Swett,
wife and 4 children, Mrs Mary Clark. A Levi
nough, Miss A Chandlers, C H Hill, A L Ep
pes, L Orapum. H P Stevens. J W Kuiger, W
B Sweeuev, J II Ervitt, John Trap, A Patter
son, Geo Wellea, S P Storms, J Meagher, J
Sheridan. I) II Preble, G Ramsey, E Petti
grove, T Wadling, J Booderick. G. Cruft, J
Graves. C Oallidv, D O Eary, A M Clark. P W
Brov (colored) W J Davis, L Blunn, O Brad
ley, IJ H Moran, G Matherson. O O Farwell,
N S Moore, P Webster, E II Williams. 1’ Row
an, John Gardiner, Lewis Andrews, P W Hen
derson, J Breed, Mrs Hartland, J Pacga, M
Blanca. M A vena, G Bruse.
(Signed) Forbes A Babcock, Agts.
The dispatch to Mr. McLane states that the
ship's papers were lost.
MrWm Nickennier, 2d mate, was among
those saved.
New York, August 9.
Gen. Burnside’s army is at Fredericksburg,
ready for a movement.
The Times’ letter of tlth from Gen. Pope’s
army, reports Gen. McDowell's command at
vuipcpiiri uuu uni. Diuihn ai
Gen. Banks will probably be beyond Culpep
per on the 7th.
A dispatch from Woodville,7th, reports Gen.
Sigel's corps moving from there.
There were rumors in Washington yester
day, of heavy fighting at Gordonville, but it is
not fully.credited, though it is not improbable.
The Times’ letter of the 7tli from the army
of the Potomac, says important movements are
progressing on the South side of the James
river, hut are of such a character as not to ad
mit of disclosure at present.
The rebel ram at Savannah proves to lie the
British steamer Fingal, covered with railroad
iron, armed with 14 guns. She is commanded
by J. Pembroke Jones, late executive officer of
the Merrimac.
Coin. Dupont has trustworthy information
that 2 rams are being constructed in Charles
ton harbor. They arc nearly finished if not
quite so, and he expects that a concerted de
monstration will be made by the rams at
Charleston and Savannah acting in conjunc
tion witn powerful laud forces under command
of Maj. Gen. A. W. Smith.
There is great excitement among secession
ists of Baltimore in view of the coming draft.
The office of the British Consul has been
crowded several days by parties eager to ob
tain exemption.
The excitement among the disloyal increas
ed yesterday by a minor that martial law was
about to be proclaimed in I^gtltimore to prevent
the escape of persons preparing to avoid a
In the meantime recruiting is progressing
rapidly, and the loyalists are preparing to meet
the duties of the crisis with a zeal.
At- Wheeling several secessionists left for
Canada, but were caught and imprisoned.
Madison Court House, Va. 8lh, via. Culpep
per.—A skirmish between our pickets and a
body of rebel cavalry occurred yesterday at a
place called Wolftown, 8 or 10 miles from here
on the Stannardsville road. A liattallion of the
2d Pa. cavalry was sent forward and charged
upon the rebels, and drove them beyoud the
Rappidun killing 2 and wounding n numt>er of
them. Our loss was 1 killed and 8 slightly
New Specie of Change.—We have seen
a check on Market Bank, Bangor signed by J.
Wyman, Jr., twenty-tive cents. It is aliout
the size of an ordinary eard.l>ears date of July
28, 1802, and is undoubtedly good for its face,
twenty-five cents.
ar*in tbe interesting “letter from the Back
woods" which wc publish to-day the composi
tors have made a sad blunder. Our readers
will understand that it is the SehooU river of
which onr correspondent sjieaks, and not Le
6ofs, as incorrectly printed. Our outside had
been printed before we noticed the error.
express on Saturday morning the !
following cases were forwarded to the Sanita
ry Commission and to our troops:
1 case from Searsmont, 1 from Baring. 1
from Lubec, 2 from Auburn, 1 from St. Albans.
3 from Yarmouth, 1 from Little River, 1 from
Bath, and 1 from Litchfield Corner, for Sani
tary Commission, Washington.
1 ease for Gen. Shepley, New Orleans.
2 cases from Pine St Church, Lewiston, for
oaiiiuu j ^1111111^1^11, n A.'iiiii^iuii.
1 case from Bath, for Rev. H. C. Leonard.
8 cases lYom East port, for Maine 8th.
1 case Iroin Isaac T. Boothby, for 5th Me.
1 rase from the ladies of Presque Isle, lor F.
M. Eveleth, Asst. Surg., 7th Me.
£ It is reported that Gen. Shields is soon
to return to active command.
Meeting of City Delegates.
The following gentlemen, alerted Delegate* from
the several Ward* to the Kepublican Congressional
Convention, to be hoideu in this city Aug. 12th, 1862.
are requested to meet at the room of the Overseer of
the Poor (City Building, entrance Myrtle St.), this
akternoojs at 3o'clock, for the purpose of choosing
six delegates at largo to complete the delegation.
Ward 1.—Win. Brown, John D. Snowman,
Spencer Rogers.
Ward 2.—<*co. W. Brown. Dorville Libby
Henry L. Paine.
Ward 3.—James Bailey, M. A. Blanchard.
Charles Holden.
U'arrl 4.—Joseph H. Ferley, David P. Rick
er, Albert II. Estes.
Ward 5.—Wm. S. Broughton, Geo. Gilman,
W. H. Ayers.
Ward 6.—Rensellaer Cram, Edward Ham
blin, Rufus Horton.
Ward 7.—S. C. Chase, II. II. Furbish, An
drew’ Spring.
A Card.
Machigonne .steam Fire Company No. 1, tender
their thauks to Dlrigo Fire Co. No. 8, for refresh
ments furnished at the lire Saturday evening. Also
to Messrs. Clark, Learett, and others, who contri
buted to tho welfare of the company.
Per order. S. C. FEKNALD, Clerk.
augll It
Broker's Board, Boston, Aug. 9.
4 Eastern Kail road. 67}
1 Boston and Maine Kailrnad.. 112
6.000 United States Coupon Sixes (1881). 994
3.000 United States 7 3-10 Treasurv Notes ... 1081
2,600 .do.’. 103}
MU da M)
30,000 U. S. Certificates o! Indebtedness. 99f
: 11,940 United States Demand Note*.106
200 .do.106(
636 U. S. Coupons, August 19..Ill
1.095 .do. HI4
6.000 American Gold (large).112}
8.860 . .
60. .
6.000 . .
6,000 .. .. I
Kkstistry.—Dr. .IO.SIAH HEALD. No. 241 fon
gres. Street, first door cast of 1st 1'arlali Church.
Portland, Me. aug'dly
I’HYSICIAX asd St'RoaoN.—H. A. LAMB. M. D..
Office, corner of Coiigrcsa nnd Chestnut Streota,
Portland, Me.
tv Particular attention paid to Surgery, includ
ing disease* of the eye and ear. augT—6ntd
M l It 111 ED.
Xn this city 9th inst, Robert Pennell, Eso, Mr
Joseph A Loring, of Yarmouth, to Miss Helen M Mel
lows, of Port laud.
In this city 8th inst, .Joseph Lincoln, infant son of
J A and K (i Fessenden, aged 8 months.
In this city 8th inst, Annie L. daughter of Clement
A and Maria C Edgecomb, aged 1 year and 2 months
Mails are (brwarded by every steamer in the regu
lar lines. The steamers for or from Liverpool call at
Queenstown, except the Canadian line, which call at
Bavaria.Southampton.New Y'ork Jnly 30 !
City of Baltimore. Liverpool.New York . July 30
Jura.Liverpool.Onebec.July 81
Scotia.Liverpool.New York..Aug 2
Kangaroo.Liverpool.New l’ork.Aug 6
Europa.Liverpool.Boston.Aug 9
Etna.New York.. Liverpool.Aug 9
Nova Scotian .Quebec Uvmjbool.Aug 9
Saxonia .New York Hamburg. ...Aug 9
Australasian.New York. Liverpool.Aug 13
Edinburg.New Y’ork.. Liverpool.Aug 16
Bohemian.Quebec.Liverpool.Aug 16
Arabia.Boston.Liverpool.Aug 20
Jura.Quebec.Liverpool.Aug 28
Suu rises, morn.6 01 Length of days. 14 10
Sun sets, eve.7 10 | Moon rises. 7 44
High Water, morn.00 00
Saturday, Augaat 9.
Brig Henry Leeds, Smith, New Y'ork.
Sch Challenge. Bullock. Philadelphia.
Sch Albert Treat, Bowdoiu, Philadelphia.
Sch Jodali Achoru. Hatch. New Yora.
Sch Highland, Bogan, Albany.
Sch Delaware, Ch aves, Boston.
Sch Olive EHzabeth, Hamilton, Boston.
Sch Fannie Mitchell, Hainiltftn, Maguadavac.
Sch Dexato, Rich. Eden for Rfiston.
Sch Anthracopliares, Kent, Bangor for Boston.
Sch Dispatch. Friend, Bangor tor Bostou.
Sch Polly k Clarissa, Sargent, Sedgewick for Boa
Sch Star of the West, Alexander, Harpswcll.
Sch Delaware. Foster, Rockland.
Steamer Lewwtou, Knight, Boston.
r i ft d rn
Brig Webster Kelley, Heagan, Bucksport. McGil*
▼ery, Kvm & Davis.
Scb Martha Greenough, (Br) Stoddard, Windsor N
8, master.
Sunday* Aagasl lO.
Sch Rescue, Pettengill, Philadelphia. ,
Sch Harniie Westbrook, Littlejohn. Boston.
Sch George Brooks, Wallace. Bostou.
Sch Maryland, knight, Bath
Sch C B Jones, Hilton, Boothbay.
Sch July, Patterson, Belfast.
Steamer Lewiston, Knight, Boston.
ry-Brig Alary Cobb, now at New York, has been
taken up to load for Cadiz with staves at 845 for light
BT-Shlp Planter, now at New York, has been
taken up bv Government to load horse* for Portress
Monroe at >200 per day; and bark Ella, to Malaga
and back, at S33U0.
Sch Victoria, from Quincy for Sandy Hook, ashore
on the eant side of Point Judith, was valued at f23U0.
Sails, rigging and anchors saved.
Sch Sahwa, Whittemore, at New York, from Salt
Cay TI. report* 3d inst, lat 3125, Ion 73 30. saw a
herm brig with loss of foretopma*; same time, a full
rigged brig with loss of main topmast, steering N.
Ar at Gloucester 7th, sch* Rosalie, Bears Bay 8t
Lawrence; Fanny Fern. Parsons, do.
At Bombay June 27. "hip* Crown Point, Knapp,
for Hull; I'uion, Skilling*, tor do.
Ar at Genoa 16th ult, ship Zenobia, Peters, New
port E.
Cleared at London 23d uJt, ship Ocean Steed, Cox,
Off Ide of Wight 21at alt, ship Peerless, King, from
Loudon for Cardiff.
Off do 22d. ship Bold Hunter, Crosby, from Sun
derland for Calcutta.
Portland E. Sailed from the Road* 21*t nit, bark
Carnkila. Hopkins, (from Antwerp) for Alicante.
Ar at Hull 21st ult, sch LB Cowperthwaite,Rogers,
Rio Grande
Liverpool—In the river, outward bound.*hip* John
Curtis. Alexander, for Boston; Nicholas Biddle,Eves,
for New York.
Sailed from Troon 24th ult, bark B F Shaw, Mc
Cann. Havana.
Ar at Barbadoe* 11th ult. brig* Norfolk. Lanoey,
St George NB; 19tb, Lillian, Bailey, Philadelphia
(and sailed 25th for Holmes' Hole); nark Reindeer,
Wellington, New York;d*th, brig* Scotland.Francis,
bom do (and sailed 23d tor St Thomas): 23<l, sch* Jas
Butler. Hal), do: Jaspar. Nickerson. Philadelphia.
Sailed 10th, seb Tigris, Sheridan, (from New York)
At saufa Cruz 23d ult. brig Rolling Soa. Powell,
from New York for-15 da>s, Idg.
Cld at tjuebec 6th inst, ship Western Chief, Word
ing, London.
Cld at Chatham NB 31*t, ship 3(u.«congns, McFU
tin, Liverpool.
Ar at St John NB 6lh in*t, ships Chimborazo, Me
han, Gloucester; Charlemagne, Brown, Boston.
June?, lat 6140 S, Ion 6310, was passed a ship
showing T B in her fore and main topsails.
July 27 60m ~ '‘I. • i < :->k»d I»l*nd Passage,
brig Rockingham, from Miragnane for Boston.
July 28. lat a*»). Ion 73. brig Mary M MUliken. fta
Philadelphia for New Orleans.
July », lat 31 23, Ion 691. sch W H Fry, bn Boston
for Aux Caves.
Jnlv 20. lat 40. Ion 68 07, ship Jeremiah Thompson,
from New York for Liverpool.
Aug 1, lat 31* 50, Ion 66 3d, ship Flora, refers, from
New York tor Liverpool.
Aug 4. off Nantucket, was panned a bark steering E,
showing Nos 57 34. 3d die |**udant.
Aug 6, off Little Georges Shoal, was signalized ship
Elwood Walter, from New York for Liverpool.
BALTIMORE. Cld 7th. brig Empire, Fernr, Bos
ton ; sch* Juba Anna. Harding. Gibraltar; Louisa,
Haskell, and Planet, Fletcher, ltain; Sedoua, Wall,
In Hampton Roads 4th, sch Israel H Day. Chase,
for Norfolk to discharge, after which she will pro
ceed to Baltimore
PHILADELPHIA. Ar 7th, ketch Commerce,
Barnes, Guaoica; brig Moonlight, Wooster, Key
tt i.noMiifiiw, vh 1 ....Kit.. <X*
( Id 6th. brig Craw ford, Small, Boston.
Also cld 7th, brig CeleMina. Picket?, Boston.
Also cld 7th, brig Zuleika, Grnzier, laguayra; ash
Lath Rich, P«>nhofT, s W Pass.
NEW YORK. Ar 7th. chip Sheridan, Russell,
Antwerp; scbs Sahwa. Wittemore, Salt Cay TI; E J
Talbot. Amsbury, Lingan CB.
Also ar 8tb, ship Narragansett. Brandt, Naples
June 21; bark Morning Light, Snell, New Beil lord
for Elizahethport to load for New' Orleans; sells Mag
net, Sanborn, Arroyo PR; A 8 W'uwell, Phillips.
Also ar 9th, bark Osmanli, Deshon, New Orleans.
Cld 8th, ships Transit, Patten. London. Adelaide,
Cutting, and Great Western. Furber, Liverpool; Se
bastopol, Auld, Bristol E; barks Sierra Nevada, Fos
ter, Lixerpool; Venus, Atkitisou. Curacoa; hrin
Caroline, Porter, Aspinwall: William k Mary, Nor
ton, Elizahethport; sehs Dragon, < orSon, Laguayra;
C k N Rogers, Holmes, luagua; Biuijamiu, Crane,
East port.
PROVIDENCE. Below, sch Juliet, of 81 George,
from Calais.
Sailed, seh Brilliant. Brown. Bangor.
NEWPORT. Ar 8th. sehs Gen Marion. Gibson,
Freeport for Philadelphia; Abbr Weld, Hutchins.
Bangor for New Loudon : Angeline. Staples, Rock
land for Sandy Hook; Olivo Branch, Rogers. Elis
worth for New York.
BRISTOL. Ar 7th, brig Croton, Davis, Philadel
FALL RIVER. Ar 8th. brig T Tburston, Lam
phere, Sagua.
SOMERSET. Passed up 7th, sch Senator. Brown,
Eli/abethport for Tauutou.
NEW BEDFORD. ArStb. sch Lucy Robertson,
Davis, New York.
Cld 8th, bark Richmond, Bliss, Honolulu.
BOSTON. Ar 8th, brigs Times, lloyt, Aqtiin, St
Domingo; Beax-er. Talpey, lurks Island June 19;
Delaware, Stauwood, Georgetown DC; Edwin,Web
ber, and Maria Wheeler. Wheeler. Baltimore; Cal
inuck. Johnson, Philadelphia; schs Starlight, Pet ten
gill, Remedios; S H Gibson, Bartlett. Baltimore;
Clarissa. Osborn; President. Landerkin. and George
Washington. Staples. Bangor; < atharine. MeNear.
Wiseasset; Mary Jane. Merrill. Bath.
Also ar 9th, brig Tangent. Tibbetts, Georgetown I>
C; K J Mercer, Robinson. Philadelphia; S A Mount,
Gerald, Fort Lee NY; It P Warren. Jordan, and T
Feel inghuv sen, Salisbury, Ellsworth; Gen Warren,
Benson, Tremont; Jacob k William, Frishie, and
George Henry,Coombs, Bangor; Illuminator,Cream
er. Waldohoro.
Cld 8th. brig Fredonia. Pressey, Key West; sehs 8
A Appleton. Teague, and John H French. Crosby,
Pictou; Cabot, Phiiinex'. Philadelphia; J O Ireland,
Chase, and Millard Fillmore. Chase, New York.
Also cld 9th, brig Isaac Carxer, Shute. Fortress
Monroe; schs Sarah E Lewis, Farwell, North Atlan
tic Ocean; EA DeHart, < ummings, Jaemel; New
Zealand. Forham, Pictou; E Smith, Snow,New York;
Leo, Mills, Rockland.
SALEM Ar 8th, schs Helen McLeod. Williams,
Bangor: Vesta. Haupt. Orland
GLOUCESTER. Ar 4th, brig HinGon. Griffin,
Delaw are City.
I*ORT8MOUTH. Ar 7th. schs R Hark. Call, Ban
gor; George k James, Mills, Rockland; 8th, T II
Cusliing, Amee. Bangor.
Ll’BEC. Ar 6th. sehs Geu IVavey, Fanning.
Portland; 7th, Gun Rock. Parker, do.
BANGOR. Ar *th, sch Loduski. Oliver. Portland.
Cld 8th, brig Wm Moore, Klyhne, Santa Cruz; sch
Oriana. Linnell. Portland.
CAMDEN. Ar 4th, brig Amo* M Roberts, Colson,
Portland, Harbor, He.
THIS Splendid Hou*<* in now open for Vis
itors. 1 lu.'* is one of the most magnificent
Watering f*lac<>s in this country, and for
J_ families, Parties of pleasure, or* the Inva
lid, it cannot be surpassed, and will accom
modate 200 guests. Id connection i« a spacious Ball
Koom, Bowling Alleys, Picnic Room*. kc. A popu
lar Band has been engaged for the season. It is the
intention of the proprietors to make this one of the
best places of resort on the coast.
Tin* Steamer Favorite will leave Portland daily,
(Sunday’s excepted) at 9 A. M. and 24 P. M. Return
ing. leave the Island at 11 A. M. and 5 P. M.
The Yacht Young Uuakeress, Capt. Howe, will
leave Custom House Wharf, Ferry Landtag, at 6] A.
M . 12] P. M. (or soon after the arrival of the train
from Boston), and 5 P. M Returning, leave the Isl
and at 7] A. M. Fare 1JH cents each way.
The Hotel is not open lor transient custom on Sun
day. •
tr BOARD from 89.00 to 12.00
auglltsepl JOB JENNE88 k SON.
Ottawa House, Cushing’s Island.
ON and «f»w Monday, Augmt 4th,
tin ^tiDu-r Tl'TK will Ivnvo Grand
"*T^*^^*Trunk In-pot Wharf 6}, 8 and 10} A.
M.: and 1, 8, 5 and 7 F. M. Returning, leavr the
litlaud at 61, » and 11} A. M ; and 2, 4 and 10 F. M.
TnF. FALL TF.RM of thia In.tftutjon will con
mence WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27th, and con
tinue twelve weeks.
Board of Instruction.—Rev. 8. II. McCollce
ter, A .*M , Principal; C. ». Fobes, A. B , Associate
Principal; Miss E. L. Jordan, Assistant and Teacher
of Music; Mrs. 8. F. McCoHester, Assistant; Miaa
H. M. Lyon, Teacher of Omameutal Branches.
Common English Branches.#4 00
Higher •* " 5 00
Higher English, Latin, Greek and French,. 6 00
Music, with the use of Instrument. 1000
Drawing, Painting and Writing, extra.
Board per week, including all but wood and lights,
82.00 Good room rent, 20cents per week.
All letters of inquiry may be addressed to the un
_ G. M. STEVENS. Secretary.
Westbrook Seminary, Aug. 11. 9wd*2tw
Trinidad Sugar and Molasses.
70 BOXES Fine Yellow Sugar.
I • €/ 89 hhds. Muscovado Sugar.
23 tierces do. do.
298 hhds. Muscovado Molasses.
22 tierces do. do.
44 bbls. do. do.
Cargo Brig I. D. Lincoln. For sale by
No. 1 Central Wharf.
Aug. 11, 1968. *d*w4w
House to Let.
DWELLING-HOl’SE, Xo. at Fro*
! Street, if to be let, and possession given
Iff I ;XL durin* the first week of .September. The
■ ■■iHV premise* may be examined at any time.
For further particular* applv to
August 9th. 1W2. tf
xaT o." ia. X.
TFthHr Annual 1'icuic Eacnraion Ny
To Sabattiaville, running om the Km. k Pert. A ■.
to Brunswick, from thence np the Androecoggin Road
which akirta the Androacoggin Hirer for eight
or ten miles to the grove near Sabettia Pond,
which ia within one hnndred roda of the baae of Sa
battia Mountain, making one of the moat beantifol
ridea by railroad from thia city, and mthout any
change nf earn.
To llmae who lava to raja upon the work* of na
ture wc would aay that w« know of no other apot
within forty milea of thia city where so beautiful a
panorama of our Stale w-ouery can be aeen.
Every effort will be made to make the Exeuretoa
pleasant. Tboee fond of dancing will lad a goad
■oor laid in the grove, 26 by «l fret. Swings, Foot
ball*. he., will he provided. In a word, the Commtt
h e will do all iu llteir power to make all who at
tend enjor themselves.
Tea anti Coffee will be fornished free to all. bat
each must provide himself with drinking —rtrlt for
hi* partv.
The music will hr furnished by the
And the dancing will be under the direction of Mlimil
A. T. Pierce, A. D Smith and F. M. < a rainy.
Tickets for the Excursion, 7ft Ceats,
To be bail of Lowell h Senter, Exchange Street, J.
E. Fernald. Middle Street, Smith k Bovd. Uongrem
Street, aud the Committee of Arrangement*.
Car* leave the depot of the Kennebec k Portland
Railroad, fool of Mvrtle Street, at S o'clock. A M.
J. T. EMERY, 1 Committee
«eo Waterhouse, j of
ELISHA HltiiilKB, ) Arrangement,.
Portland. Ang. 7. 1832. td
Harmonium yiannfhrtnrcr,
NB.-J D. C. has received More first premiums
• for best instruments than aay other maker in
tin* State.
ty Repairing and Tuuiog promptly and person
ally attended to. wiyT
Apples and Onions.
•7 S BBLS. Silver-akin UKIOXS,
4 *9 160 do APPLES. (Sweet and Soar Boagha).
Jnat received and for mle by
aug4d4w 1» k 21 Silver Street.
Hrstrrn Sited Com.
4 R/VY BUSHELS of Old Wmtera Mixed Cora
TtilfU jnat received; for ante by
Xa. 6 (iaH Block. Cammaenial St.
July 31. d3wta
Butter and Cheene.
1 flTh TUBS rhoice Vermont BUTTER,
I J.VAJ 150 boxer •• CHEESE.
Jnat received and for sale by
sng4d4w 19 k 21 Silver Street.
Decorative Painting.
No. 175 Middle Street, Portland, Me.,
WILL exeeate in a. artiatie manner all kinds at
« irnamcntol Tainting, such as
Signs, Banners, Landscapes,
Figures, Flowers, Scroll Work, Ac*
A long and thorough apprenticeship to the mechan
ical branch of the business. and several years study^r
in the higher branches of the art, have rendered hinr
Salifled to execute every variety of work in the most
gunt styles, and be hopes by diligence and con
stant attention to business to merit Use patronage ol
the public
2fo. 175 Middle 8treet. nearly opposite Junction of
Free street. Jnll4d4w
Boston, Mass..
TS the largest and best arranged Hotel in
| the New F.nglaud States; is centrally loca
ted. and easy of access from all the routes of
Itravel. It contaius the modern improve
ments, and every conM-nlerce for the corn
accommodation of the travelling public.
The sleeping rooms are large and well ventilated;
the suits of rooms are well arranged, and completely
famished far families and large travelling parties,
and the house will continue to be kept as a first class
Hotel in every respect.
LEWIS RICE Proprietor.
Barton, January. 1SR2. dTrai,
Bich&rda’ Combined Glue and Cement
WILL save ten times its cost to aby family using
it to repair Furniture, iHas*, Owbr| and
Stone Ware. Wholesale and retail bv
iseodSw U, L. BAILEY, 43 Exchange Street.
Shetland Pony.
P^R SALE, by the subscriber, a handsome bay
pony, seven years old. weighs shoot 400 pound*,
kind in all harness, and reliable for children to ride
or drive.
R. W. LORD. Kenncbunk Depot.
July 24th, 1802. dim
GOOD Rargains will be given to those who wish
to purchase liravestoiies or Monuments of anv
description. Those u ho will favor me with a call
•hall be satisfied that they are buying a good article
at the lowest price.
Shop on Forest Avenue, uear Evergreen < ewetery,
Steven*' Plains.
j«B0—3in J. H. COOK.
To Lfl.
A BRICK HOl’SE on Harden at. eleven
APU room, ami all other convenience,. all iu
«<><><! repair.
, :g| Al«o EtOL'SK No. II Brackett Street,
jJLUN*containing seveu or eight iouoi, all ia
*===^™)rood repair.
Inquiry at 21 Exchange St . or 31 Winter St..
Portland, July 19, 1W2. dtf J K DAY.

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