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Delegates to nominate Candidates for
At the Ward meeting* last evening, of the
Republicans and others who support the Stale
and National Administration, the following
gentlemen were elected delegates, to meet in
convention, and nominate four candidates to
be supported as Representatives from this city
in tlie next Legislature.
Ward 1.—Win. A. Winship, Jacob S. Wins
low, John Monroe, John Cousins, Thomas S.
Jack, George W. Beal, Itussell Lewis.
Ward 2.—Merritt Coolidge, K. C. Moody,
E. P. Banks, Joshua F. Weeks, George W.
Green, Ileury Robinson, Charles II. Osgood.
Ward 3.—Wm.G.Twombly, Wm.C. Means,
Otis Cutler, Daniel Plummer, John True, Chas.
llolden, James Bailey.
Ward 4.—Henry B. Hart, David B. Ricker,
Lemuel Cobb, John B. Cummings, John W.
Lane, John G. Hayes, Win. E. Morris.
Ward 6.—James B. Cahoon, Nathaniel
Stevens, Charles Baker, Isaac C. Nesmith,
Abner Shaw, Henry Willis, N. A. Foster.
Wardi—George Worcester, Edward Ham
blin, Ehcn Corey, Rufus Horton, W. F. Mil li
ken, Edward Fox, Henry A. Jones.
Ward 7.—J. B. Thorndike, Ebon Went
worth, Cyrus K. Ladd, E. L. Pickard, Wm. H.
Plutnmer, J. J. W. Reeves, John Edwards.
The delegates, above mentioned, are request
ed to meet iu the Senate Chamber,in the New
City buildiug, at 3 o’clock this afternoon, for
the purpose of fulfilling the duties for which
they were elected.
Municipal Coart—Sept. 4.
Patrick McGlinchy, Patrick McKennel,—
Henry Gibbs, and James Fitzgerald, for drunk
enness auddisturbance, were fined $2,and one
fourth of the costs each. They plead nolo
Mary O'Brien, for a single sale of intoxicat
ing liquors, was fined $11), and costs.
Michael O'Neal, and Patrick Casey, were
tried on a complaint charging them with as
sault and battery ou Patrick McDermot. From
the evidence in the case it appeared that the
complainant was the aggressor, and the de
fendants were discharged. J. O’Donnell for
the defense.
• jywe are indebted to Stephen Berry, |
Esq., for late English pa|icrs.
v OTES.— v oxen lor tne election on Monday
next got up in good shape at this ottice.
nr* a nice article of butter may be found j
at the store of Messrs. E. G. Pennell <k Co.,
No. 300 Congress street.
Lewis W. Pendleton, of Gorham, lias
been appointed Ilospital Steward of the 20th
Maine Regiment.
Personal.— Hon. John N. Goodwin, of
South Berwick, Representative from the 1st
District, is now in the city and stopping at the
U. S. Hotel
£F”We know of no place where families
can supply themselves with lietter groceries,
fruits, vegetaldes, and particularly meats, than
at Johnson & Chenery's. We testify to w hat,
we know. See advertisement.
ET- John Neal Es<|. who has, for some
time past, lieen engaged as the Literary Edit
or of the Advertiser, has dissolved all connec
tion with that paper. The Editorial Corps(e) |
of the Advertiser, seems to be growing “small
by degrees and beautifully less.”
See that tour Names are os tiie Vot
lso Lists.—The Board of Aldermen will be
In session from l! to 1 o’clock to-day and to
morrow, also from 3 to 5 o'clock to-morrow
afternoon. After that time no names can lie
entered upon the lists. Go and sec if your
name is on the right list.
Passes.—Persons desiring to obtain passes
to go beyond the limits of the State, who can
call more conveniently at the Secretary’s Office
In Augusta, will be attended to there of court*.
As a matter of accomodation simply for those
who can more easily reach Portland, arrange
ments were made for issuing such passes here.
£yForty-four new subscribers to our daily
have voluntarily entered their names upon our
books since the 1st inst., and the addition to
our weekly list is still greater during the same
time. We can labor with increased vigor when
we have such numerous and substantial tokens
of the approbation of the people.
War Maps.—Hall L. Davis lias for sale one
of the best war maps yet published. It covers
the Virginia territory,and is valuable for trac
ing the movements of troops on both sides of
the recent battles which have occurred there.
This can be easily done by using a red pencil
for one army, and a black one for the other.
Counterfeiter Sentenced.—At the U.
S. Court in session at Bath this week, the
grand jury found a bill against .Samuel J.
Baldwin for passing counterfeit half dollars.
Yesterday Baldwin was arraigned and pleaded
nolo conU-mlcre. Judge Ware sentenced him
to confinement in the Portland jail one year.
Female Patriotism.—A lady in this city,
who wished to do something towards the re
lief of sick and disabled soldiers, noticing that
her linen table-cloths seemed much larger than
the table, cut off about a foot from each cloth,
und Bent the strips to the Ladies’ Committee.
An. i vuivic uuu uu uac n iisc.
Cy-Ttie ravages on the fruit trees in the
upper part of the city contiuue nightly. —
Wednesday night a gentleman, who was on the
watch for depredators, caught a lad in one ot
his trees. He admiuistered to him such a
strapping as he will not soou forget. It is a
pity some of these lads cannot lie. caught, and
brought before the Municipal Court. They
would then be taught such a lesson as would
do them good.
Wallet Stolen.—On Tuesday, Capt.
Win. ChiuiuoU went into a store on Silver
Street, and after making some purchases took
out Uis wallet to pay for the articles. As ttic
proprietor of the store could not make change,
CapL C. laid down his wallet and took out his
pocket book containing stamps and settled the
hill. He then took his purchases and started off.
Before he had got a great way. he discovered
that he had left his wallet in the store and has
tened back after iu He had laid it on a bar
rel, but when he returned it was gone. It con
tained about $50. At the time he took it out
there were several strangers present, one of
whom must have taken iL
jyThe readers of the article, iu yesterday's
Argus would lie led to think that all but one
of the recruiting offices had received generous
aid to encourage enlistments. The truth is,
each recruiting office has received the same
amount from the common fund. On the rolls
of Messrs. Knight and Chase are to be found j
tlie names of tlfty-llve men, many of whom
have made great sacrifices in leaving depend
ent families and relatives, but whose patriot
ism will not allow them to stay at home long
er. We have occasion to know that there are
many young men anxiously balancing their
duty to their country, and that owed to their
firesides. The impression lias been received
that Portland's quota is full, aud much of the
interest of our citizens lias apparently abated.
This should not be so. Surely now, if ever,
tlie sympathy of every man should be warmly
enlisted in this matter. Mr. Pierce will have
a paper, on which lie will Is; glad to get tlie
names of those disposed to give in this cause,
and will insure a proper disposal of the funds
so raised, •
Portland Daily Press.
Paroled Prisoner* required to re
port immediately.
The Army successfully placed in
Rumors of Rebel Movements.
Washington, September 4.
All prisoners of war taken by the federal
forces and paroled,and now within the military
department of Washington, are required to
report immediately at Gen. Wadsworth’s
headquarters. This is supposed to be with a
view to an exchange.
The work of getting the army into a good
position in front of Washington, lias been ac
complished with entire success, fio well con
ducted lias been the process of getting back
from Centreville to its present position of de
fence and perfect security, that not one army
wagon was left on the route. Everything was
carried through in the most systematic man
ner. Many of the troops now occupy positions
a short distance from the positions of last liill
and winter. The division of Maj. Gen. Fitz
John Porter, composed of the brigades of
(fens. Morrill, Martindale, Uuttertleld and
Gridins, have tlu-ir tents pitched near the
ramp ground of last year. The tents of the
famous Gridin's battery, now commanded by
Lieut. Haskell, a gallant olticer, who was wilii
the battery at the drst battle ol Hull Hun,have
their camps upon the idetitieakpiece of ground
occupied by them last winter. Lt. David H.
.Smith of the 15th N. V., and Col. McLeod Mur
phy, against whom charges had been preferred
by the colonel, have been honorably dismissed
from the service, by order of the President.
It is already known that this city and its
neighborhood were recently in a feverish state
of excitement and alarm, owing to the late
battles and the retrograde movement of our
troops, hut at the same time a feeling of se
curity was generally felt among our citizens
that the capitol was not within the easy grasp
of the enemy. When the war assumed its
with sojourners, left Washington iu alarm, but
now it is not known that any have taken
their departure under a panic or serious appre
hension of danger by the rebel invasion.
The chain bridge, the timbers of which were,
it is reported, removed several days ago, was
to-day made use of for military purposes, thus
facilitating intercourse belweeu Virginia and
It lias already been stated that a numlier of
gunboats have approached within view of
Washington. Tlie up|>eurance of them in the
vicinity of Georgetow n this J*. M. was indeed
a wonder, such craft never having before np
lieared in that part of the I’otomuc. Tlie riv
er shore iu that vicinity was lined with spec
tators, and the day living beautiful, the
surrounding scenery ami the movements of
tlie troops presented a scene at once beautiful
and Impressive. Tlie military movements
were conducted iu an orderly and evidently
deliberate manlier.
There are numerous reports concerning tlie
movements of tlie rebel troops. It is difficult
to ratify them all, hut there seems to be no
doubt that they have passed to Diaiusville,
Leesburg and further up the valley.
Tlie Postmaster at Leesburg reached Wash
ington last week, intending to return on Mon
day. but to-day lie wisely concluded to defer
his departure for that locality.
A gentleman who arrived from Fredericks
burg last night, a union citizen of Washington,
reports that the destruction of bridges over
tile Kappnhannock at that place was not com
pleted by our troo|« before they all evacuated,
the wire bridge, passable only for foot passen
gers and light teams,having only been partial
ly injured, and which has since been repaired
by the citizens. Scott's foundry, he repre
sents, was not blown up as reported, although
powder was placed therein liir that purpose.
After our troops left Fredericksburg the citi
zens were afraid to venture into the building,
being apprehensive of torjiedoes or infernal
machines left by our troops in the Imiiding,
over which tlie national (lag was still floating
when our inlormaut left.
Rebel Iron Clad War Steamer Cruising
in the Gulf.
Several Merchant Vessels Captured.
The Nashville again ran the
New York, Sept, 4.
Tlie steamer Forest City lias arrived from
Washington w ith a large number of sick and
wounded soldiers. No list was on board.
The barque Prentiss Hobbs arrived from
Matan/.as to-day. She reports that an iron
clad war steamer arrived at Cardenas on the
19th, flying a piratical rebePrag. Our Consul
at Havana, Gen. Shurieldt, placed dispatches ■
aboard the barque, to be delivered at Key !
West, but although she lay oil' Key West 8
hours, with a signal of distress flying, no notice j
was taken of her, and the dispatches were j
mailed to-day from this port. Tlie pirate |
steamer has already captured several merchant ;
vessels, although they were heavily armed.— j
III her cruise of the Uahawas, her rebel Capt, |
told the authorities that site was a rebel war j
steamer without a name. She is undoubtedly 1
the Ovleto. j
i ue giuionai rseueca, iroui run uoyai. re- '
porta that the rebel steamer Nashville lias run
the blockade. She got out of Warsaw Sound
on the evening of the 20th ult., with a cargo
of cotton, eu route, it is supposed, for Eng
land via Nassau.
Sell Henry Erinek, with the remainder of
the troojis taken from the steamer Baltic, when
the latter was ashore, arrived this evening.
Rolivtir invested by a heavy force.
Chicago, Sept. 3.
Despatches received at headquarters from
Jackson 2d inst., say that Bolivar Is reported
to lie invested by a heavy force under Gen.
Price. There is also a large force of the ene
my within seven miles, threatening to attack.
Gen. Villippigne is reported to have crossed
tlie Hachie river at Brownsville on tin- night
of the 1st, and is probably making towards
Bolivar. Wc have whipped the enemy in
every skirmish yet.
The Grenada Appeal confirms the Federal
evacuation, but docs not say the place is de
From tlie same, paper we learn that the gun
boat Essex shelled Bayou Sara Sunday A. M.,
and afterwards a I mats crew lauded and burnt
all tlie houses on tlie levee. The Essex anil
transports then passed down the river, it is |
suppose, for reinforcements, to St- Francis
A skirmish between tlie rebel pickets and a
squad of federals took place on the 27th. near |
Greenville, Miss. Two federals were killed. '
In tlie rebel attack oil Uniontowii, Ky., they
captured 200 stand of arms and destroyed 200
hat es of cotton.
Democratic Convention.
Tisexton, N. J.. Sept. 4.
The Democratic Convention organised this
afternoon, and nominated Joel Parker a* can- ,
delate for Governor. Resolutions were adopt
ed in support of the war; deprecating the :
course ot the Administration in suspending
the halieas corpus; for restricting freedom of
press and speech, and the arrests and impris
onment of jktsoiis without due course of law :
protesting against prevalent peculations ami
extravagance; abhoring the idea of an emanci
patory war; applauds the volunteers, and ex
presses regret at the death of Tavlor and Kear- j
ncy. The Convention afterwards adjourned. |
Rebel C'avnlry at Edward's Ferry.
Entire Rebel Forces Not Engaged in the
Recent Battles.
Washington, September 4.
There is nothing new from the front to-day.
A number of tielcl officers are in the city, in
cluding Gens. Pope and Sumner. There are
constant arrivals of troops, both on the Vir
ginia and Maryland sides of the Potomac.—
There seems to be no doubt that the Maryland
side is now free from armed rebellion. Five
scouts or spies crossed over yesterday at Ed
ward's Ferry, and were seen at or near l’ools
ville, hut they did not long continue in the
A regiment of rebel cavalry was at Ed
ward's Ferry yesterday, and amused them
selves by saluting our men on the Maryland
side with Held pieces, doing no damage.
The rebels in the recent battles did not fight
witli their entire forces, having powerful re
Paroled prisoners say that the rebel soldiers
express their confidence of crossing over into
Maryland in heavy force in the course of four
days. They doubtless will make the attempt,
serves to l>c made use of if urgency required.
The most reliable among the conflicting ru
mors is that the rclicl forces, comprising at a
guess 100,000, were still moving yesterday
through Thoroughfare Gap, branching off to
the valley, and stretching upwards to Har
per's Ferry.
Gen. bigel arrived here to-day, and was
warmly welcomed by his friends. Gen. Carl
Seller/, is also here.
It is denied that Gen. Sigel has lost any
Senator Fessenden, who lost a son in the re
cent battles, is in the city.
Senator Wilson is still here.
The clerks of the different Government de
partments have commenced drilling.
The Washington Star of this evening says:
From intelligent and cool-headed men among
the returned prisoners we learn that the main
force of the enemy has certainly been drawn
back to the northwest and northeast of Fair
fax Court House, as though in a position to
march back through Thoroughfare Gap, or
lorward to the Potomac at Leesburg with
equal facility.
Troops Rapidly Sent to Cincinnati.
A report was telegraphic to the Chicago
Times last night, that Gov. Morgan was op
posed to evacuating any part of the interior.
Troops are being sent to Cincinnati and
Louisville as rapidly as possible. Two regi
ments leave town in the morning, and more
will follow.
A gunboat has liecn ordered to ply on tlie
Ohio between Louisville and tlie mouth of the
Active military preparations continue. All
business is suspended, excepting butchers,
provision dealers and lakers.
Kirby Smith’s forces were posted yesterday
at Lexington, Versailles anil Georgetown.
The position is a good one for an advance on
Cincinnati or Louisville.
Troops continue to arrive rapidly.
The Evening Times Mas suppressed this P,
M. for an article censuring the Administration
on its conduct of the war.
Preparations for defence are unabated.
The Paris, Ky., operator evacuated his office
at 11 o'clock this A. M., as the reltel infantry
and cavalry were then entering the town.
Nothing has been heard from the enemy.
Washington, Sept. 4.
A report having reached the interior of
Pennsylvania that a certain regiment had lieen
almost completely annihilated, a committee
came hither to-day to render assistance to the
supposed wounded, but were dclightly surpris
ed that tlie regiment had not even been iu bat
Jackson In the recent actions was, according
to the report of captured rebel soldiers now
here, wounded slightly iu the foot.
St. Catherines, C. W., Sept. 3.
Propeller Vermont, of the Norteern Trans
portation Companies Line, is supposed to have
foundered in the storm of Monday night.lielow
Fort Maga, ami all on board it is feared have
been lost. There were 7 passengers aud a
crew of 12 or 15 men. The vessel hud a heavy
Mii.wackie, Sept. 4.
Democratic State Convention met here yes
terday. aud declared unanimously to sustain
the President in all the strict constitutional
duties; denying the right of the people to re
fuse their snp|K>rl during the [lending crisis,
and denying his right to infringe on tlie liber
ties of the people, guarantied by the fundamen
tal law of the land.
Hocklnnd Schooner Lost.
Death of Rebel General Ewell.
Arrival of George Francis Train.
Pennsylvania Placed on a War Footing.
11ER 1'Eori.E TO BE ARMED.
Providence, Sept. 4.
U. S. transport steamer New Vork, which
arrived at Portsmouth Grove last night from
Washington, reports on the 1st, off the mouth
of tlie Potomac river, was in collision with the
schooner Myers, of Kockland, Capt. Khoadcs,
from Boston for Washington, with a cargo of
icc. The schooner had her stern cut off, aud
otherwise injured. .She was abandoned. The
crew were taken on Isiard tlie steamer and
brought to Portsmouth Grove, with the ex
ception of Capt. Kiioades, who was left at
New Yoke, September 4.
It is slati'il that a numlier oi* our f it i/1'11-.in
cluding government clerks, were undoubtedly
captured on Monday by the enemy, who were
engaged in harrassing Gen. Banks on bis re
treat from Warren ton. Their going to the
battle field to |H-rfortn the duty assigned to
them without a fiagof truce, was a very unsafe
proceeding. The paroled prisoners who ar
rived here to-day, say that they were well
treated by the rebels, excepting in the matter
of lie si. They also state that the rcjiort was
prevalent among the enemy that Gen. Ewell
had died of his wounds, and that (Jen. Lee
was slightly wounded yesterday in the hand,
by the accidental discharge of his own pistol.
St. Johns, X. F., Sept 4.
The Mavrieodato arrived this morning, and
proceeded to Montreal via. Halifax this 1’. M.
George Francis Train is on board. He will
proceed to Washington to join the army.
II.utKisnrnG, Sept.4.
Gov. Curtin has just issued a proclamation
recommending all the jieople of the State to
suspend business at:! o’clock henceforth, and
organize into companies and regiments and
drill, thus placing themselves in an efficient
state to respond in ease of an emergency.—
Arms will he furnished.
Washington, Sept. 4.
Col. Berdan is still with his regiment. He
was wounded by a piece of a shell, in the left,
shoulder blade.
The city maintains its calmness.
Memphis, Sept 2.
II. P. Anderson, an attache of the British
Legation at Washington,has arrived hero,and
recommends all buna Jhh; British subjects to
make declarations of their nationality within
fourteen days, before the provost marshal of
M einpliis. By this means it is hoped that
British subjects will be prevented from the in
conveniences which are inseparable from n
state of war. Gen. Sherman publishes a card
requesting British subjects to send in their
The following is a special to the Missouri
Democrat:—The Grenada Appeal of the 2d
says that the forts below New Orleans have
been surrendered to a fleet of Confederate
gunboats, and that Baton Uouge had been
evacuated by the Federal*, and the forces taken
to New Orleans to defend that place.
When our forces left Baton Uouge, they
took the machinery in tlie penitentiary, and
after setting loose the convicts, received them
into the army.
A dispatch to the Grenada Appeal of the
20th, dated Bayou Sara 25th, says that the fed
eral steamer Essex arrived here Saturday and
shelled the town, without doing any damage.
They then landed two boat loads of soldiers
and set. fire to the town. The houses were
burned except two.
After firing the front of the town, they went
around pillaging all the houses that were not
burnt. While doing this some of the peiieans
tired on them, hut with what effect w not
known. They then returned to their boats
and steamed down the river, and are supposed
to have gone for reinforcements to destroy iSt.
Fra ik* is vi lie.
Tort Hudson is being fortified by the rebels,
so says the Vicksburg Citizen.
Fortress Monroe, Sept. 3.
Last evening the steamer Cossack arrived
here with about 700 prisoners from the Poto
mac, taken in small squads during the late ac
tions. It is understood that many more are
on their way here.
The Rip Raps are now prepared for the re
ception of a thousand prisoners.
New York Market.
New York, September 4.
Cotton very firmer; Bale*, 1100 bales at 52] a 53 for
middling uplands.
Flour—sale* 14.100 brls; State and Western 6c
higher; .Statu 4 95 a 6 10; extra do 5 06 a 5 35; round
hoop Ohio 5 66 a 6 70; Western 4 95 a 5 45; Southern
firm—sales 1300 brls; mixed to good 6 30 a 5 80; extra
6 HO a 7 50; Canada 5c higher—sales 1500 brls; extra
6 25 a 0 25.
Wheat lc lower; sales 127,600bush; Chicago spring
112 a 1 21: Milwaukee club 1 10 a 1 22; red winter
Western 1 30 a 1 34.
Corn lower; sales 59,000 bushels; mixed Western
GO for sound old, 56 a 58 for eastern.
Beef—dull; sales 100 brls.
Fork a shade firmer; sales768 hrls; mess 11 60.
Lard firm—sales 1730 brls at 9 a 10.
Whiskey dull—sales 1600 brls at 33.
Bice quiet—sales 60 bags at 611.
Sugars—firm; sales 618 bbds New Orleans at 8J a
10]; Muscovado 8] a 8J.
Molasses— firm; sales 150 brls New Orleans at 36 a
38; 15 hhds Porto Bico at 40; 20 brls Barbadoes at 38.
Naval Stores firm.
Freights to Liverpool—firm; flour 3s 9d a 4s; grain
13 a 13 ]d.
Stock Market.
New York, Sept. 4.
Stocks higher; Chicago & Rock Island 672 : Cleve
land k Toledo 53]; Galena k Chicago 72; Michigan
Southern guaranteed »>21: Michigan Southern 32 j;
Michigan Central 681; Hudson 521; Erie 362; New
York Central 94; Pacitic Mail llOf; Gold 11,]; U 8
sixes 1881 coupons 1001; Treasury 73-101032: Mis
souri 6's 46].
ZIF* is said that the imperial nursery of
France will have another inmate before long,
to the great delight of “the nephew of his
zzr Gen. Lew Wallace has declared mar
tial law in Cincinnati. All business is sus
pended, and able-bodied men are uot allowed
to leave the city.
^=*The Tribune says Gen. Corcoran has
received offers of troop* from ail parts of the
Union, and will return to the field at the head
of a Division, instead of a Brigade.
4 .1 .. LVlA 1- 1_ -A_! J ..
arrived at Chicago on the 4lh inst. It con
tained 2,8110,00 feet of luinlior, and over 700,
000 feet of spars, booms, gaffs for rigging ves
sels, and square timber.
By The Federal Army has been so near
to Richmond that our troops could see the
spires of the churches; and the rebels were so
near to Washington last week that the smell
of gunpowder reached the city from the bsttle
The medical journals treat of the evil of ly
ing too much in lied. The habit of lying out
of bed seems to us the greater evil. This
world, however, is given to lying any how.
’F*Wc shall Ik- laid under renewed obliga
tions to the officers of the Ward Caucuses
called for to-night, if they will report the re
sults at our office, as early in the evening as
ByThe New Bedford Mercury mentions
the case of a little girl in that city, only four
yrmn old, who has presented to the Relief So
ciety a box containing eighty-one packages of
lint, the work of her own little lingers during
four weeks’ sickness.
ry We learn by our Post Master that the
Ladies of Trenton, by the hand of Mrs. X. II.
Higgins, have forwarded twenty dollars to S.
G. Howe. Agent of the LT. S. Sanitary Commis
sion.—[Ellsworth American.
Found Dead.—An unknown man was
found dead in the ditch by the- roadside near S.
II. Whittemore's house in East Machias, Mon
day evening last. An inquest was immediate
ly held, but with no satisfactory results as to
his identity.—[Machias Republican.
i Glorious .Patriotism.—Michael Curran,
' an Irish carman in New York, mounted the
platform at the war meeting in New York, in
ids shirt sleeves, said he owned nothing but
his horse and cart and a hundred silver dollars,
which he had earned, anil he wished to give
them to aid in recruiting the Corcoran Legion,
lie has d-ine it.
y Tin- demand for the new Postal curren
cy is altogether beyond the powerof the Treas
ury Department at present to supply, and it
will probably Ik- a fortnight yet berate a free
circulation of the new currency will be estab
TTic New York World says that for
once red tape hits been cut- It is an extraor
dinary fact, hut it is a fact, that while the halt
starved regiments of Gen. Pops were ma
neuvering, marching, and countermarching in
preparation for Saturday’s battle, and while
the regimental quartermasters were searching
fruitlessly for their men among whom to dis
tribute rations, it was ordered that any regi
ment which was hungry should lie fed front
whatever food was nearest, and it was done.
Diamond dust is said to lie as poison
ous as strychnine, and chemicsl analysis shows
the similarity. The celebrated poisoning case
of Cook by Palmer, in England, for which
the latter was hanged, took place by means of
diamond dust, it is now believed.
^ V f iyiiij; na» wrru ruju^mg a
vacation in Oregon. He has spoken on the
war ami lectured for the benefit of a Presby
terian Church in Portland. By invitation of
a Methodist clergyman, he preached in the
same place the lirst Sunday in August; lieiug
the lirst Unitarian minister ever listened to in
that far off commonwealth.—Huston Tran
The National Debt.—The National debt
July 1, lstig. including all liabilities known at
tlie Treasury Department, w hich embraces de
mand Treasury notes, certificates of indebted
ness and temporary loans, was live hundred
and eleven millions. On that day there were
seven millions in the treasury subject to draff,
leaving the balance of debt live hundred an
four millions, in round numbers. Sixty mill
ions of this amount is old debt, aud the pres
ent Secretary has paid for old Treasury notes
aud interest oil the funded debt twenty-one
millions. The expenditure' therefore, on all
accounts, from March 4, IStig, is four hundred
and twenty-three millions. This amount di
vided by four hundred and eighty days, gives
the total expenditures per diem at eight hun
dred aud eighty-one thousand two hundred
aud titty dollars. The liabilities not known
on those claims that had not yet reached the
Treasury, are not iucludedd in this statement.
The Ki.no and the Soldier.—Frederick
of Prussia had a great mania for enlisting gi
gantic soldiers into the ltoyal Guards, and paid
an enormous houuiy to his recruiting officers
for getting them* One day the recruiting ser
geant chanced to espy a Hibernian who w as at
least seven feet high: lie accosted him in
Knglish. and proposed that lie should enlist.
The Idea of military life and a large Imuntyso
delighted Patrick that he immediately con
"But unless you can speak German the king
will not give you so much.”
"(*h. be jailers!” said the Irishman, “sure it's
I that don't know a word of German.”
"But said the sergean, aud these you can
learn in a short time. The king knows every
mail in the guards. As soon as he sees you
he will ride up and ask you how oid you are;
you will say ‘twenty-seven;' next, how long
you have been in the service? you must reply,
'rhee weeks; finally, il you are provided with
clothes and rations; you answer, 'both.”
Pat soon learned to pronounce lits answers,
but never dreamed of learning the questions,
In three weeks he appeared before the king in
review. His majesty rode up to him. Paddy
stepped forw ard w ith “present anus.”
“llow oid are you ?” said the king.
“Three weeks,” said the Irishman.
“How long have yon been in the service?”
asked his majesty.
“Twenty .seven years.”
“Am I or you a fool?" roared the king.
“Both,” replied Patrick, who w as instantly |
taken to the guard-room, but pardoned by the i
king after he understood the facts of the case. |
A WAN to run a Stationary Engine. Inquire at
Blake's Bakerv, Congress street.
August 30. *dlw
Wanted linmediately.
50 t0 work on Military Equipment*.
Aug. 26. dtf Exchange Street.
APPLICATIONS will be received at the Prem Of
fice. for thirty days, from competent imtsoiis to
till a vacancy as an assistant in a first class apotheca
ry store. Address “Apothecary,” as above, with
real name ami reference.
Aug. 1, 1862. dtf
a WANTED—Convenient tenements fortho
accommodation of two small families, in
respectable localities, and within ten min
utes’ walk of the Post Office. Rent not to
exceed from S150 to 175 tier annum.
Address Box 42, Post Office, or apply at the Count
ing Room of the Daily Press,Fox Block.
Portland, June 23. distf
MSMALL RENT, of five or six rooms, near
the business part of the city. Enquire at
this office
WANTED—$1000 TO $10,000
On lllortiniRp on Real Estate,
In the City of Portlaud, for which from 7 to 8 per
cent in interest will be paid.
Address Post Office, Box 348. augl6d&w4w
Latest from Headquarters !
103 Middle Street.
Of ©very description,
Ninnmer Olotliingg
Is selling, regardless of Cost,
For officers, made to order, from the best material,
with dispatch, and at low prices.
Of every description, made to order and warranted
to tit.
Tli© largest and l**st selected stock of
Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods,
-Ever offered in Maine, can be obtained at
All of which will be sold sc as to warraut entire sat
isfaction to the purchaser.
Are unlimited in quantity, qnality or price, and will
bo sold very low, at wholesale or retail, for cash.
Buyers will do well to look at our stock before pur
chasing elsewhere, as it was bought before the great
rise ou goods.
163 Middle Street,
Portland, July 22, 18*T2. dfitn
City of Portland.—Election Notice.
l^TOTICE is hereby given that in pursuance of War
lx ranis from the Mayor nnd Aldermen of tl»e City
of Portland, the inabitants thereof, qualified accord
ing to law to vote for State and County officer*, will
meet in their respective Ward Booms, or usual places
of meeting, on Monday the eighth day of September
next at ten o’clock in the forenoon, then ami there
to give in their votes for Governor, four Senators,
and /our Representatives in the State Legislature,
for Couuty Treasurer, County Commissioner. County
Attorney, Register of l>eeds, ami Sheriff for the
County of Cumberland, ami a Representative to Con
gress. The polls on said day of election to remain
open until four o’clock iu the afternoou w lieu they
shall be closed.
i ne ^merne-n oi nuu i uy win IK* in open session
at the Ward Room iu the New City building (en
trance on Myrtle Street) from nine o'clock In the
forenoon to one o’clock iu tin* afternoon, on each of
the three secular dav s next pn-ceding said day of
election, and fioin three o'clock to five o’clock iu
tin- afierniKiu on the last of «aid three s«*cular davs,
for the purpose of receiving evidence of the qualifi
cations of voters, whose names have unt been enter
til on the lists of qualified voters in and for the seve
ral Wards, and for correcting said lists
.1 M. HEATH, City Cleric.
Portland. August 29, 1H(J2. dtd
COLE It. i IX E I. EH !GH,
JOHX ’.S’,
Pare and Free Hurtling.
ri! 1IF.SE Coals are strictly of the beat quality, and
A warranted to give satisfaction. /
Also, for sale, best quality of Nova Scotia and other
Hard and Soli Wood.
The public are requested to call, as we are deter
mined to give good bargains to those w ho pay cash.
Offi.ee, Commercial St., head of Maine U'h'f.
Trunks! Trunks!
n-itafiaa Carpet-Bags,
VLARliE and Fashionable Stock of the above ar
ticles uiav Ik- found at this establishment, com
prising every description for a traveling outfit.
July80,1&2. dtim J. R. DURAN.
FholO|fi‘st|>hir Fnuiu%
SOU A RE or oval—♦•very kind called for. These
being manufactured by ourselves, except those
necessarily imported, we can coui|M*te with any mar
ket for low prices. At wholesale or retail, at 26, Mar
ket Square, M0RR1IS0N A CO’S.
TIIE undersigned "fibre for sale, cyieaf, the Dwell
ing House, he now occupies, on the corner of
Cumberland mud I'urris .Streets.
Please call and cxamiuc lor yourselves.
Ang. 30. d8w C. P. KIMBALL.
For Sale.
THE Three Story Brick DWELLING*
HOUSE, No. 8 Gray Street. It is in
good repair, and contains ten finished
rooms. If not sold before the 20th of
Sept, next, it will be sold on that .lay,
at 11 o’clock, A. M.,at Auction, without
reserve. Terms very easy. For information apply
to JOHN RANDALL, on the premises, or at the
■tore of RANDALL 8c WOODBURY, on Comruer*
cial Street, head Central Wharf.
June 21. 18»r2. dtf
To Let.
A BRICK HOUSE on Garden st, eleven
rooms and aH other conveniences, all in
good repair.
| AlsollOUSEXo.il Brackett Street,
^containing seven or eight rooms all in
good repair.
Inquire at 21 Exchange St., or 31 Winter St.,
Portland, July 19, 1862. dtf J. F. DAY.
House to Let*
Street, is to he let. and possession given
during the first w eek of September. The
Iiremises may be examined at any time,
■’or further particular# apply to
August 9th, 1862. tf
Real Estate Office Removed.
Has removed his Office from 29 Exchange Street, to
74 MIDDLE STREET, (up stairs.)
FOR SALE, at bargains suited to war
[times, Houses, House Lots, and Wharf Pro
| 2 two story Houses, 81400each; 1 fineCot
,_itage. 81200 ; 50 llou>e Lots, from 8300 to
83000; Houses from 81000 to 85000; 2 House Lots,
within 5 minute’s walk of the Post < tffice, 8350.
Aug. 15 3w 74 Exchange St. (up stairs.)
Apples and Onions.
K BBLS. Silver-,kiu ONIONS,
4 tJ 150 do. APPLES, (Sweet and Sour Bought).
Just received and for sale by
aug4d4w 19 & 21 SiUrcr Street.
Butter and Cheese.
T OO TUBS Choico Vermont BI TTER,
150 boxes " CHEESE.
Just received and for sale by
aug4d4w 19 & 21 Silver Street.
IflolasiMH* and §ugar«
2.T/Y HHDS. Cardenas Molasses,
♦FV" 2W do. Museavado do.
100 boxes II. 11. Sugar.
JtB-ll For sale by JOHN LYNCH k CO.
k)l MHUUt FEET gang-.,wed, Seasoned
AilA/jl/Ul/ Hemlock Boards.
100,000 feet rough-edged Hemlock Fence Boards, at
84 |H*r M feet. For sale by
al5dlm Hobson * Wharf.
Trinidad Sugar and .Molasses.
BOXES Fine Yellow Sugar.
I if HD titids. Muscovado Sugar.
* 23 tierces do. do.
29* hltds. Muscovado 31olasscs.
22 tierces do. do.
44 bbls. do. do.
Cargo Brig I. D. Lincoln. For sale by
No. 1 Central Wharf
Aug. 11, 1*02. *d& w4w
Fruit Cans.
A GOOD ASSORTMENT of Fruit Can., both
iV Glass and Tin, fer .ale at Manufacturers' ITiccs,
Old City Hall. Portland.
July 29, 1862. d2mis
O^A HALF CHESTS Fine Oolong Teas,
" 5U do. do. Souchong do.
je23—3m For sale by JOHN LVXCII k CO.
Gallant Seventh Maine!
Recruit* wanted to fill up the
Advance Bounty from City, 9123.
Advance Bounty from State, 935.
Advance Bounty from I'.Slates, 927.
One Month's Fay in advance, 913
- M A KinO A -
-A Lao,
$75 Bounty at the Close of the War.
To residents of Portland having families, 81 per
week for wife, ami 50 ceuts for each child.
I*ay ami rations from date of enlistment. Term of
service three years unless sooner discharged. Medi
cal attendance free.
Pay from $13 to $22 per Month.
One hundred and sixty acres of I-and at the close
of the War.
Recruiting officer.
ty* Recniiting Office, foot of Exchange Street,
over Duran’s Clothing Store. augl'Jdtf
Richards' Combined Glue and Cement
Tarn.!. *avp Tk> time it* co*t to *[iy family tt.in*
v? it to repair Furuiturt, iUa*», LYvckrrt/ amt
Stonr- H art. Wholesale and retail hr
iaeodSw G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange Street.
<J| Coats Pants Vests Jackets
-22. Ladies' Riding Habits, &c.,
Cut, made and trimmed by
A. D. KEEVES, - - Tailor,
Portland, August 6, l*rt2. dly
< jJ e n 11 e mi n
At the short notice of
You can have made to \ our order a dress suit,
consisting of a
All made by hand, at the Tailoring Establishment ot
a. d. ki:i:yi:s
No. DM Kxehniige Street,
Portland, August ♦>. 1MO. dly
-TO T11K
Ottawa House, Cushing’s Island.
,‘Jje ON ami after Moudav. August 4th.
L^vV^Ptho Steanwr TI'TE will leave t.mml
■—I*- | 1 - altlllOA.
M.; and 1. 3. 5 amt 7 P. M Returning, leave the
Island at 64. i» and lit A. M ami 2. t and 1* P. M.
tfr ID KEl s 12] ( ENTS EACH WAY.
(■ill rramt%
si/e or style desired— latest patterns and best
workmanship--made to order by
MORRISON & CO., SB, Market Square.
r'XCritSlONlSTS visiting the Islands, supplied
a with stun s at the shortest notice.
Orders solicited.
ISO Fore Street near foot of Exchange* .
Portland, June 23. «itl’ '
Adjctast Gknkiial’b Owes I
GENERAL ORDER No ^P**’ A"* *' ^ 1
ktUiUd wH! r'r1 Medical Gentlemen are
in-Chief to „,,l J } > * 'C. Goveruor »nd Commander
., . „ Andrr„cyyiu County.
Aleander Burbank. Lcwi«ton ■ l-l.illn n„Ar„.H
Turner; William It. Small, K^t
_ , _Aronatiuik County.
Eilward X. Mayo, Houlton; E. c u,rv.._ w*-.*
Fairfield; A Pearson, Weston. *’ Fort
Cumberland County.
^Gardner Ludwij, Portlaud; Tliomaa A. Foator
Portland; John I) Lincoln, Brunswick; Cyru» k’
Bowker, Raymond. 1
Franklin County.
Elijah F. Planted, Phillips; Nchcmlah H. Clark
rarmmgton. '
Hancock County.
. ”• H • Harding, Ellsworth; Alex. Fulton, Bluehill
A. r. I age, Buck sport.
„ Kennebec County.
tJintZ. E ,orick.c,t' Aujo.ta; Nathaniel R. Bou
lelle, Watcrvilla; Jainea Cochran. Monmouth.
t . II. Germaine, Rockland; John B. Walker.
Union. ’
Lincoln Count a
Charles A. Packard, Waldoboro’.
Otfitrd County.
William A. Rust, .South Parts; Charles A Cool
idge, Canton; D. Lowell Lamson, Fryeburg.
Penolmcnt County.
John Mason, Bangor; J. C. Weston, Bangor; M.
S. Wilson. Lincoln; John Benson, Newport; Jared
Fuller, East Corinth.
Pincataqui* County.
Benjamin Johnson, Dover.
Saf/Ofla/uH' County.
Israel Putnam, Bath; James Mckeen, Tope ham.
St*mernet County.
William Snow, Skowhegan; Charles A. Parsons,
8t. Albans; James Palmer, Anson.
Waldo County.
Putnam Simonton, hearsport; Jacob Brown, Lib
ff ashing ton (’ounty.
Job Holmes, Calais: tieorge Z. Higgins, Lobec.
York County.
William Swaarrv. Limerick : Drvden Smith. Bidde
lorn; ineixiore it. Jewett, .South Berwick
II. Compensation for their .-erviees will be made
by the Government, and no fro or reward can in anr
instance bo directly or indirectlv received, for or on
account of said examinations, by the persons herein
api>otuted to make the same.
III. Each applicant will be required to declare
upon his honor to the examining surgeon, at the
time of his application, that he has not been exam
ined by cither of the person* appointed to that duty,
subsequent to the appointment herein made, and'a
certificate refused; and if it shall subsequently ap
pear that said statement is untrue, the certificate thus
obtained will be void and of no rfict.
IV. Said examining surgeons will receive no ap
plications, under the order herein given respecting
dratted men, prior to the tenth dav of September
V. Examinations of volunteers o lb red by or in
*®v 1^’ Towu or Plantation, in lien of drafted men,
will t»e made by the examining surgeon* herein ap
pointed. upon applications therefor with an exhibH
of the rolls u|h>ii which they were enlisted.
VI. Certificate* to drafted men, to be issued under
the authority and in tin* manner herein set forth, will
be made and signed by the examining surgeons, up
on Blanks furnish'd from this office. Blank rolls
will also be forwarded, for records of examination
Of volunteers.
By Order of the Commander-in-Chief.
Adjutant General.
•The remainder of the surgeons’ names for the
counties of Knox, Lincoln and 1‘iscataquis, will ba
Inserted as soon as the appointments are made.
scp2d k wtseplO
14 and 10 Exchange Street,
AXOS SUITII, ... Proprietor.
roast. order.
Rn».f ■«£ .25 IWf Steak.16
Boast Lamb. IX Ham and Eggs.35
Roast Chicken,.21 Fried .Mackerel.16
Broiled Chicken,......37 M Codfish.16
M Halibut.16
Boiled Mutton, with Cold Pr'd Corned Beef, 18
Caper Sauce,. 25 Beef’s Tongues. 18
Boiled 11am,.18 Mutton Chop.18
Costard Pie.6 Tomatoes,.6
Apple Pie.8 Cucumbers,.8
Squash Pie.6 Onions,.6
Mince Pie, .8 Squash,.8
CoiTbe.6 Tea.8
Draught Ale,.5 Porter,.8
tir f >pea every Suuday from 8 to 1. and from 3 to
5 o'clock. juJ29dtf
Practical Truss Fitter.
T non AS G. I. OKING,
Cor. Exchange Sc Federal St*., Portland#
mRUSSES applied without extra charge, and a
A perfect fit guaranteed. Children’s Trusses, also
instruments for the cure of bow legs, weak ancles and
club Ret. Elastic Stockings for taejuire of enlarge!
veins constantly on hand.
IP ‘ The Poor liberally considered. aug27dtf
Boys’ X> rums,
Wholesale, at Boston Prices, by
20 Exchange Street.
•18 eod3w
Pier mitl Manila Mirror*.
WITH Oval, Square or Ktiptical frames, with
it Rosewood, Itlack Walnut or Gilt finish made
to order, of anv site, style or design, of new and
elegant patterns; also cheap Looking Glasses and
plates re-set in old frames, bv
MORRISON ft t o., 2K. Market Square.
MANHOOD-How Lost! How Restored!
Just published, in a sealed Envelope.
Frick six cKJcra.
AND RADICAL CURE of Sjvenuatorrh<ea or
Seminal Weakness. Involuntary Kmissious, Sexua(
Debility, and lin|>edtineiits to Marriage generally,
Nervousness, Consumption, Kpilepsv and Kits; Men*
tal and Physical Incapacity, resulting from Self
Author of the Giikkx Book, Ac.,
*• A Boon to Thoiatnod* of Saff rcrs,”
Pent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any addrem,
Fortfaid, on receipt of six cents, or two postago
stamps, by Dr. <11. J. (*. K LIN K. 127 Bowkry, Nkw
York, 1‘osr OFFICE, Box, 46*>.
June 23. istmdftw
Trout & other Fishing Tackle.
VLSO, Guaa, Rifle*. Revolyers,Cutlery and
SforTixo booM generally.
Repairing and Stencil Cutting attended to as usual.
June 23. eodtf
U)ry Goods Store,
Having purchased the stock of
S. li. O O \V E Li L,
And taken the store recently occupied by him, would
invite the attention of Mr. GnwelP* former custom
ers, as well as their own friends aud the public, to the
Which thov have just added, to their former well ae
lected stock.
gjr*No trouble to show good*: call and see before
purchasing elsewhere.
Aug »*th. 1*8. dtf
A Select School for Young Ladles and Misses will be
Opeued ou Monday, Sept. 15th, at
Xo. 9H IIlull Mircl, Portland.
Instruction given in the Common and Higher Eng
lish branch*^. Latin. French and Music.
For further in formation apply at No. 2b High Sf.
aug2L*eod2w* A. II. DUUG1N.

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