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“Out again to-niglit?” saiil Mrs. Hayes fret
fully, as her husband rose from the tea table,
and donned his great coat,
“Yes, 1 have an engagement with Moore;
shall be in early ; leave a light in the library.
Good night,” and with a careless nod, Will
iam Hayes left the room.
“Always the way,” murmured Lizzie Hayes,
sinking back upon a sofa; “out every night.
I don’t believe he cares one bit about me now,
and yet we’ve been married but two years.
No man could have a more orderly house, I’m
sure; and I never go anywhere; I am not a
bit extravagant. Oh, dear! why is it? I was
not rich; he did not marry me for money,
and he must have loved me then—why does
he now treat me with so much neglect?” And
witli her mind tilled with such fretful ijucries,
Lizzie Hayes fell asleep on tile sofa.
Let me print her picture as she lay there.
She was a blond, with a small graceful figure,
and a very jiretty face. The hair, which show
ed by its ricli waves its tendency to curl, was
brushed smoothly back, and gathered into a
rich knot at the hack, “it was such a bother
to curl it,” she said; her cheek was pale, and
her whole face wore a discontented expression.
Her dress was a neat chintz wrapper, hut she
wore neither collar nor sleeves. “What’s the
use of dressing up just for William?”
Lizzie slept soundly for two hours, and then
awoke suddenly. She sat up. glanced at the
clock, and sighed drearily at the long interval
still to lie spent alone before bedtime.
The Library was just over the room in which
she sat, and down the furnace flue, through
the register, a voice came to the young wife’s
cars; it was her husband’s
“Well, Moore, what is a man to do? I was
disappointed, and 1 must have pleasure some
where. Who could have fancied that Lizzie
Jarvis, so perfectly sprightly and loving could
have changed to the fretful dowdy she now is ?
Who wants to stay at home and hear his wife
whining all the evening about her troublesome
servants, and headaches, and all sorts of both
ers. She has got the knack of drawling, that
upon mv life I do not believe she could speak
a pleasant word.”
Lizzie Silt as if stunned. Was this true?—
She looked in the glass. If not exactly a dow
dy, her costume was certainly not lit for an
evening, even if it were an evening at home,
with only William to admire. She rose, and
softly went to her own room, with hitter and
sorrowful thoughts, with a Arm resolution to
wiu back her husband, and then his love re
gained, beep it
The next morning William came into the
room with his usual careless manner, but a
bright smile came on his lips as he saw Lizzie.
A pretty chintz wrapper, with a neat collar,
and sleeves of snowy muslin, and a wreath of
soft, full curls, had really metamorphosed her;
while the blush her husband's admiring glance
called up to her cheek did not detract from her
beauty. At first William thought there must
be some guest, but glancing, he found they
were alone.
....... ...:n «... __
cold,” said Lizzie, in a cheery, pleasant voice.
“It mast be cool till you sweeten my break
fast with a kiss,” saiii her husband, crossing
the room to her side; and Lizzie’s heart bound
ed as she recognized the old lover’s tone and
Not one fretful 8|>ceeh, not one complaint,
foil upon William's ear during the ineal. The
newspaper, his usual solace at that hour, lay
untouched, as Lizzie chatted gaily on every
pleasant subject site thought ot. warming by
his gratified interest., and cordial manner.
“You will be at home to dinner?” she said,
as lie went out.
“Can’t to-day’ Lizzie; I have business out of
town; but I'll be at home early to tea. Have
something substantial, for I don’t expect to
diue. Good bye.” And the .smiling look,
warm kiss, and lively whistle, were a marked
contrast to his louuging, careless gait tile pre
vious evening.
“I am in the right path,” said Lizzie. In a
low whisper. “Oh, what a fool I have been
for two years! A fretful dowdy! William, you
shall never say that again.”
Lizzie loved her husband with a true wifely
devotion, and her lips would quiver as she
thought of his confidence to his friend Moore;
istt, liken brave little woman, she stilled hark
the hitter feeling,and t ripped off to perfect her
plans. The grand piano, silent for many
months, was opened, and tile linen rover re
moved from the furniture. Lizzie was ihiuk
, mg. “He shan’t find any parlor more attract
ive than his own, 1 am determined.”
Tea time came, and William came with it;
a little figure, in a tasty silk dress, smooth
curls, and oh! such a lovely blush and smile,
stood ready to welcome William as he came
in; and tea time passed as the morning meal
had done.
After tea there was no movement as usual
towards the hat rack. William stood up lie
side the table, lingering, cjiattering, till Lizzie
also rose. She led him to the light, warm par
lor, in the pretty glow of tasteful arrangement,
and drew him down beside her oil the sofa.
He felt as if he were courting her over again,
as he watched her fingers busy with some
needle-work, and listened to the cheerful
voice he had loved so two years ago.
“What are you making, Lizzie?"
“A pair of slippers, Do you remember how
much you admired the pair I made for you ever
so long ago?”
“I remember, black velvet with flowers on
them. I used to put my feet on the fender and
dream of blue eyes and light curls, and wish
time would move faster to the day when 1
could bring home mv bouncy wee wife, to
make music hi my house.”
Lizzie’s face saddened for a moment, as she
thought of the last two years, and how little
music she had made for his loving heart grad
ually weaning it from allegiance, and then
said, “X wonder if you love music as you did
“Of course I do. I often dropped in at Miss
Smith's for nothing else than to hear the
“I can play and sing l»etter than Miss Smith,”
said Lizzie, half |M>utiug.
“But yon always say you are out of practice
when 1 ask you.”
l.«,l #1... ....I .1.! __• «r
open it and we will sec how it sounds.”
William obeyed her joyfully, and tossing
aside her sewing, Lizzie took the music stool.
She had a very sweet voice, not powerful, but
most musical, and site w as a very fair perform
er on the piano.
“Ballads, Lizzie.”
“Oh, yes, 1 know you dislike opera music in
the parlor”
Tite little mantle clock struck eleven.
“Eleven! 1 thought it. was about nine. I
ought to apologize, Lizzie, as X used to do, for
staying so long; and I can truly say, as 1 did
then, that time has passed so pleasantly, I can
scarcely believe it is so late.”
The piano was closed, Lizzie’s work was
put up in tin; basket and William was ready to
go up stairs; but looking hack, lie saw his little
wife near the tire-place, Iter hands clasped, her
head bowed, and large tears falling from her
eyes. lie was beside Iter in an instant'
“Lizzie, darling, are you illWhat is the
“Oh, William! 1 have been sueli a had wife!
I heard you tell Mr, Moore, last evening, how
lhad disapjiohiled you; hut I will try to make
your home pleasant, indeed X will, if you will
only forgive and love me.”
“love you! Oil, Lizzie, you cannot guess
how dearly 1 love you.”
As the little wife laydown that night, site
thought—“I have won Idin hack again! Bet
ter than that—X have learned to keep him.”
Come ! Come !
—— Can have a place in the
6th Maine Battery,—Capt. McGilvery,
Among those brave and gallant men, if applied for
Paid to each ri-cruit before leaving the State.
$75 in Money, and 160 Acres of Land,
At the close of tbe war. Now is the last olianco—
N. It.—Members of tin* Battery are exempted from
picket duty.
Office 27 Market Square,
aug27—dlw Kocruitiug Officer.
Portland Wholesale Prices Current.
Expressly corrected for the Pkeab to Sept. 8d.
A shrs.
Ashes Pearl p bbl. 61® 6j
Ashes, Pot. 6j® 6)
Apples, Creen p bbl. 81 DO ® 2 00
Apples, Sliced p lb. 6 ® 7
Apples, Cored p lb.. 6 ® 6
Apples, Uncored p lb. 2 ® 3
Bread, Pilot p 100 lbs. 4 75 <85 5 00
Bread, Ship. 3 75 « 4 0*)
Crackers |»er bbl. 8 26 S 8 60
Crackers, p 100. 35 ® 40
Butter. _
Mutter, Family p lb. 17 ® 20
Butter, Store. 14 ® 15 ,
Ben n*.
Beans, Marrow’ p bush. 2 75 @ 3 00
Beans, Pea. 8 00 ® 8 12j
Beans, Blue Pod. 2 (52 ® 2 87
Caudles, Mould p lb. 11 ® 11^
Candles, Sperm. 36 ® 00
Cheese, Vermont p lb. 8j® 9
Cheese, New. 8 ® 8j
Coal, Cumberland p ton. 8 50 @ 8 75
Coal Whiteash. 8 00 ® 0 00
Coal, l<ehigh. 8 00 (m 0 00
Coal, Franklin. 8 00 ® 0 00
Coffee, Java p lb. 0 27 ® 28
('oflee, St. Domingo. 22® 23
Coffee, Rio . 24® 22J
Coffee, Mocha. none.
Cordage, American. 13® 14
Cordage, Russia. 151® 16
Cordage, Manilla. 10' a} 11
Boltro)K.*, Russia. 154® 18
do. Manilla. 12}® 13
Cement—per bbl. 1 20 ® 1 30
Drug* and Dye*.
Alum. 03® 04
Aloe*. 15 ® 25
Arrow Root. 17 ® 40
Borax. 22 ® 25
Brimstone (roll.). 4 ® 4J
Hi Carb. Soda. 6j® 61
Sulphur. 6*® 6}
Sal Soda. 3 ® 4
Camphor,. 1 50 ® 1 55
Cream Tartar. 35 ® 46
Logwood ex. 10f® 12 |
Magnesia.’.. 28® 36
Imago, Manilla, flue. 1 25 ® 1 75
Madder. 16 ® 00 1
Opium. 8 00 ®
Rhubarb. 1 25 ® 1 30
Alcohol... 65 ® 70
Fluid. 93 ® 95
Cauiphenc. 2 50 |
SaltiH-tre . .. 10 @ 20
Vitriol. 12 ® 00
Barwood,. 21® 00
Brazil Wood. 13 ® 00
Camwood. 4J® 4?
Fustic. Cuba. 02 ® 2j
“ Savan villa,. \\aj 02
Ilypernic. 4|® 06
Logwood, Campeachy. 02 a] 00
“ St. Domingo. 1J® 1J
Extract Logwood. 11 ® 12
Nic Wood.
1 •« H1 hy a 1
Red 44 . 03j«j 8$
Sapan 44 . 02 ■«) (10
(quercitron Bark. 2$ a) 2|
Red Sander*. 08 00
Duck, Ravens,. 33 (8) 00
Duck, Portland, No. 3. 1*8 .<$ 00
14 44 No. 10. 47 (Jg 00
N'avv, Superior, No. 3. none
44 No. 10. noiio
Tent Duck, U. S. 10 oz. 47$
44 44 44 12 oz. 67
l eathers, Live Geese P lb. 50 @ 6f>
Feathers, Russia. 26 (gj 45
Fish, Cod large p quin. 3 50 fa) 4 00
Fish. 44 small. 2 87 (a 2 75
Fish, Pollock. 2 25 // 2 60
Fish, Haddock, new.s... 1 25 a. 1 £Q
Fish, Hake, new. 1 12 a 1 87$
Herring. Pickled, p bbl.
Shore. 2 50 £ 300
Labrador. none
Sealed p box. 22 a) 25
No. 1. 15 vffl 18
Mackerel p bbl.
Bay No. 1. 7 60 fd> 8 00
Bay No. 2. 6 00 a fi 60
Bay No. 8. 4 60 #/. 5 00
Shore No. 1. 8 00 £ 0 00
44 44 2. 6 00 £ ti 60
•i «« •• (medium). 3 75 «a 4 00
44 44 “(small). 2 60
Almonds—Jordau p lb
Soft Shell. 13 (ffi 10
Shelled.. 25 (o> 30
< nr rants. (Ml to) 12
Citroti. 32 « 35
Wil. l'ea Nuts. 2 26 « 2 50
Fig*, common. none
44 Llcnie. 15 a. 20
le mons, case. 7 00 c« 7 50 ,
Oranges. none.
Blue, cask.
Black. 8 00 £10 00
Bunch, box. 3 40 u 3 60
Laver. 3 02 « 3 88
Date*. 07 a- 09 !
Prunes. 8$^ 10$ ,
Plour—Portland inspection.
Flour, Superfine.r. 6 00 £ 6 25
Flour, Fancy. 6 25 a, 5 60
Flour, Kxtra.;. 6 60 5 6 75
Flour, Family. 6 00 a 0 25
Flour. Lxtra'Superior. 6 60 « 7 60
Western extras. 6 60 yo) 6 75
44 fancy. none
44 superior. 7 00 ti 7 75
Ohio extra . ♦» 12 a 6 <3
44 family. 6 12 a fi 37
Canada super No. 1. f* 62 «.6 87
44 fancy. 0 12 « 0 87
44 extra. 6 60 « 7 25
44 superior extra. 0 87 a 7 37
Rye Flour. 4 25 m 4 60
Buckwheat Flour p lb. 02 a. 2
Cora Meal. 3 60 ^ 3 76$
Rye. 94 (Sh 95
Hats. 53 <,u> 65
South Yellow Corn. 70 <ai 72
Corn, Mixed . ♦>« a 7n
Bariev. tin „ rQ
Shorts p ton. 17 on a 19 on
Fine Find. 22 00 «24 003
Grindstones, Rough, p ton. 17 00 fa 20 00
Grindstones, Dressed. 30 00 £35 00
Blasting. 4 10 faq 4 38
Rifle and Sporting. 6 60 (oi 7 25
Hay p net ton, Screwed. 12 *0 fa 14 00
Hay, Loose. 13 00 a 14 00
New do. 11 00
Hide* nnd Skin*.
Slaughter llidcs. 5 (a) 6
Calf Skins. 09 a} 10
< aleutta ( ow—Slaughtered. 1 tin a 1 70
Green Salt. 1 15 « 1 25
Dry. 9()/i 1 (N)
Sheep PeJta, Green. 76 90
Sheep Pelts, Dry. 40 y«q 70
HIM own, ... XO yy 10
I ron.
Common....... 3® 084
“ Refined Iron. 31 „ ogl
Swede. 6} a 06?
Norway. 61« oc>]
Last Stee l... IK* w 19
(•er ilia 11 Steel. 12ka> 125
Knglisli Itlis. Steel. 15 @> 161
Spring. K tit l»
Sheet Iron, Fnglish. 54® 6J
Sheet Iron, Russia. in o is
Sheet Iron, Russia im’t. Uj<^ 12]
101 r«l.
liarrel, p lb. Of® 10
Kegs, C lb. 10 ^ 10]
New York, light. 19 ® 21
•• “ nid. wt«. . 22 w 24]
“ " heavy. 22} w 24
“ “ slaughter. 26 « 2«»
American Calt Skin*. 63 nt 76
Slaughter Wax Leather. 16 ^ 17
American I’ig, Jp 100 1b. 7 76 a 8 00
Foreign “. 7 76 8 00
Slice! and Fijic. 9 00 9 25
Lu 111 Imt —From the yard.
Clear Fine—Xo. 1..<38 00 @00 00
No. 2. 34 00 nOO 00
No. 3. 24 00 @<m 00
No. 4. 14 00 «no
Shipping Lumber,.* 12 no « 14 no
Spruce. 10 00 it 12 00
lleiuhick . 8 no «10 00
llox Shooks, (cash). 45 „ 50
Chipboard*, S extra. 13 on 0 15 no
“ F “ 3o on „ ,t> 00
Shingles, Cedar, extra. 2 60 n 3 no
** 44 No. 1. 2 00 „ 2 26
44 extra pine. 2 60 « 3 76
Laths, Spruce. 1 16 o 1 20
“ Fine . 1 37 it 1 02
Fed Oak Staves. 2" no «35 <h>
Mol. Illul Shooks & Heads, city.. . 2 40 <1 2 60
44 44 44 44 . 2 35 <• 2 45
'h» 44 44 44 country 1 60 « 1 75
Country HilTMol. lfhd. Shook*_ 125 « 186
Riff. 1 15 a 1 30
llooiMt. 21 on «23 <■»
Hackmetack Timber, 4> tun. 8 00 »»lo 00
Lime, Fockland, cask. 65 @ 70
Molasses, Cienthgos. 3K 00
Molasses, Culm clayed. 3n n 31
Molasses, •• 44 tart. 2* a ini
Molasses, 44 Muscovada. 33 «e 00
Molasses, New Orleans.
Portland Syrup.hhds 23 bbl*25
N nils.
' . S S7|*g 8 fiO
X11.nl Xiorrn.
liir (in kt-K.i t> if«i . on <1 m
I'iUlll(< oul lur). n ini „ :t z,
Kiwin. If, mi „2u mi
T"r,iciitiiid l> ml. 2 46 i« 2 60
Oakum, American. 9 ,^ 9}
Portland Keroscfie lllmninat'g Oil 40 a 45
Machine. 75'
< larinc..
Sperm Winter . 1 on n 1 06
Whale, ref. Winter. . ok n 70
44 “ Summer. 63 n 05
Crand Rank and Ray 4 haleur.... 19 5n («21 60
Shore. 18 no al9 00
1 Liu eed. 951 ® 95
Boiled. 90 @ 1 no
l.anl «*il. 80 ft 85
Olive Oil. 1 00 ft 1 60
Castor Oil. 1 65 •[ 1 70
Neat*foot Oil. 1 05 p 1 12
OnioNH- per bbl. 2 76 (ft 3 00
do p string. 4ft 4]
Portland Lead, in oil. 9 00 ft 0 00
Lewis Lead, " . 9 60 ft
Boston Lead, " . 9 00
French Zinc, ** . 8 60 ft 8 76
American Zinc, " . 7
Rochelle, Yellow. 2 75 ft 3 00
Eng. Ven. Red. 2 75 ft 3 00
Litharge. 8 60
Red J.ead. 8 60
Per ton Soft. 160(3)166
Hard. 1 60 ft 1 66
G round. 6 00ft650
< hicago Mess Beef.. 12 00 ftl4 00
Portland do . 12 60 ft 13 00
Portland extra Mess do. 14 00 ft 14 60
Pork, extra clear. 16 60 ft 16 00
Pork, clear. 14 00 ft 14 60
Pork, mess. 13 00 a 13 60
Pork, extra do. 14 60 ftl5 00
Pork, Prime. 11 00 ftll 60
Pork, Hams. 8$ft 9
Pork, City Smoked Hams. 9ft 91
Beef p quarter, p lb. 6ft 7J
Eggs, p dozen. 11 ft) 12
Potatoes, pbrl (new. 1 00 ft 1 25
Apples, dried, p lb. 21ft 6
Chickens, Spring. 12 ft 15
Lamb. 7ft 8
Turkies. 12 ft 17
Geese. 9ft 11
Veal. 4Jft> 6
Pickles, p brl. 7 60 ft 8 60
Rice p lb. 6|ft 71
Rum, Portland distilled. 45 ft 48
Saleratus p lb. 61ft 61
Salt, Turk’s Is., p hhd. (8 bus.)- 2 60 ft 2 75
Salt, Liverpool,. 2 124«- 2 371
Salt. Cadiz. 2 12Jft 2 37J
Sacks Salt. 1 20 ft 1 25
Ground Butter Salt. 20
Starch, Pearl,. 6Jft 61
Starch, Potato. 2Jft 2}
Shat—P 100 lbs... 9 00 ft 9 60
Soup, Iioatlio k Gore's, Trowbridgo
k Smith’s Extra No. 1 p lb.... 8) ft 81
Soap, Family do. 6j a) 7
Soap No. 1.. 6eft 6?
Snap, Eagle No. 1. 6$ft 6?
Soap, Star. 6 ft f>l
Soap, Castile,. 12 ft} 16
Soap, Crane’s... 81ft 8|
S pirrn*
< assia p lb. 40 ft 42
Cloves. 24 ft 24J
Ginger, (Baer). 24 ft 25
(linger,(Africa). 24 ft 25
Mac**. 80 ft 90
Nutmegs. 76 ft 80
Pepper. 18 ft 20
Piiueuto. 15 ft 16
Herds Grass. 2 00 ft 2 25
Western Clovor. 7|«. 8
Red Top. 3 00 ft 3 25
Linseed. 2 60 ft 0 00
(‘unary. 3 00 ft 3 26
Sugar, Portland A... 8
Sugar, “ A A. 8J
Sugar, “ Yellow. nono
Sugar, Extra Yellow. nono
Sugar, Muscovado. 9 g 9$
Sngar. “ in bond. 61
Sugar, Havana Browu. 9$<g 10$
Sugar, " White. 11 [uj 12
Sugar, New Orleans. 91 g 11$
Sugar, Cru*ln*d. 12] g 13
Sugar, (iranulated. 12? g 13
Sugar, Powdered. 12; g 13
American refined. 8pg 9
Rough. 6$ g 6
Tea, Hyson. 76 ® 1 00
Tea, Young Hyson. 76 ^ 1 00
Tea, Oolong.. *. 60 :'g 75
Tea, Souchong. 45 (g 60
5*s and 10’s best brands. 55 'a) 6d
6’s and Id’s medium. 48 g 5<)
6's amt 10’* common. 42 g 45
half pds. best brands. GO ig 70
lialf pds. medium good. 62 g 56
half pds. common. 46 :g 60
Natural Lea£ lids. 76 ;'g 1 00
Fancy, in Foil. 0 00 ig 1 60
Bauca, cast). 38 'gj 00
Straits, cash. 34$ g 35$
Char. l.C. 1100 01160
” 1. X. 12 76 tt 13 25
Coke. 9 25 g 9 50
Cotton Sail. 60 <7i} 66
Flax ** . 40 <g 0i*
” Baleing. 46 (g 60
Hemp ** . 2»> 'g 00
India. 14 (g 14$
Furniture Varnish. 2 26 g 2 75
Coach Varnish. 3 00 a 4 Ol
Damar Varnish. . 2 50 g 3 00
W ood.
Haul, retail. 6 00 (a 6 26
Soft, •• . 4 00 g 6 00
Fleece. 42 g 60
Lambs. 47 $ g 00
Pigs and slabs... 6} n) 64
Sheet M<»s*Iinann. 9 g 9}
Sheathing.. 9d a 00
On Loudou—60 days. 1 27$® 1 28
I’aris./ 4 40 tg 4 45
For Boys,
THE FALL TERM of this highly successful school
will begin Sept. 10th, 18G2, ana continue twenty
one weeks.
For “Circulars.” &c., please address the Principal.
Parents are cordially invited to visit the school/
WARREN JOHNSON, M. A., Principal.
Hon. W. W. Thomas, Mayor, Portland.
A. Spring, Esq., “
S. C. Blanchard, Esq., Yarmouth,
lion. J. W. Bradbury, Augusta.
Jones P. Vea/ie, Esq.. Bangor.
('apt. P. 11. Soule, Fiveport.
liivi Young, Esq., Ottawa, C. IV.
Win. Jarvis, Esq., Castine.
Prof. C. E. Stowe, Andover, Mass.
Hy Permission,
Pres’t Woods, and Faculty of Bowd. Coll.
J. W. ('bickering, 1). !>., Portland.
( barbs A. Lord, Esq., "
Rev. Wooster Parker. Belfast.
lion. J. L. Cutler, Augusta. ju!19MW&SGw
On llxutd.
A CONSTANT supply of best Extra Deep Gold
Leaf, and at low rates at
26 Maickkt SqrARR.
/lilt UIaaIz Wnlnn*
Oak .Mouldin*:*.
4 T lowest cash prices, in quantities to suit flic
J\. trade. Ship Mouldings made and finished to !
order by MoRRLSON CO.,
Market Square.
HEAD gl AlM FKs,
Adjutant Okxkbal’b Office, I
Augusta, Aug. 20, 1^2. 1
In pursuance of the request of the Secretary of
War. cantained in General Order No. 99 of that 'De
partment, Sect. 2d of which is as follows, x iz:
“The Governor* of the several Stales are hereby
requested forthwith to designate rendezvous for the
drafted militia of .said States, and to appoint com
mandants therefor, and to notify the Secretary of
War of the location of such rendezvous, and the
names of the commandants
It is nnfrrrtl. That the places designated in Gene
ral Order No. 32 of this Department, viz: Portland,
Augusta and llaugor, will be the rendezvous of the
drafted militia of this State, and volunteers in lieu of
draft: and the following gentlemen have been ap
pointed commandants thereof, compensation to be
determined by the War Department.
John Lynch for the rendezvous at Portland, xvhich
will he known as “( amp Abraham Lincoln."
George W. Ricker for the rendezvous at Augusta,
which will l»c known as “( amp E. D. Keyes."
Gideon Mayo for the rendezvous at liuiigor, which
will be known as “('amp John Pope."
lty order of the Conimander-iu-C'hief.
n22d3t Adjutant General.
Adjutant genkkai.’h Office, i
Augusta, August 23, 1h«2. )
1.—The enrollment required under the directions of
General Order No. 28 xxill l*c made iu accordance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of July
17. 18®, entitled “an act to amend tin* act calling
forth the militia to execute the laws of the Cniou.
suppress insurrections and rej»el invasions, approved
February 28th, 1795, and the act amendatory thereof,
ami for other purposes," which provides that the en
rollment of the militia shall in all cases include all
the able bodied citizens between the ages of eighteen
and forty-five, and General Order No. 28 is amended
II —Field officers of volunteer regiments raised in
place of drafted men for nine mouth*’ service, xx ill
be elected by the captains and subalterns of the res
pective companies coni|>o*ing the same.
Ill—All men enlisting after this date, whether for
three years' service or for nine months', in the place
of drafted men, xx ill be credited to the towns in which
thev reside, and not elsewhere.
Per order of the Cominnudcr-in-Chief,
JOHN L. llODSDON, Adjutaut General.
August 96. d3t
Adjutant General's Office, I
Augusta, Aug. 16,1362. )
A requisition having been made upon the Govern
f r and Coininander-in-t’hief, by the* President of
i he United Mali's, for nine thousand six hundred
J nd nine (9609) able-bodied men, to be drafted from
1 he enrolled militia of the Mate, for the service of
1 he United States, to serve for nine months unless
j oouer discharged—it is hereby ordered os follows:
I. The Orderly Sergeants of the respective com
• aides of enrolled militia shall each appoint a mein
I er of their company to be Clerk, who shall be sworn
; efore some Justice of the l*eace of the County, to
f lake a true and faithftil record of the proceedings of
i he company at such meetings for making the draft
s are hereinafter provided, blanks for which appoint
; .lent, and certificate of oath aforesaid will be season
j blv furnished from this office.
II. The time of meeting of companies of militia
or the purpose of making such draft, shall be Wed
.e-day ih< third dav of >• pt« inber next at nine
•'clock in the forenoon, and notice of the time and
•lace of meeting (the latter to be designated by the
Orderly .Sergeant) shall be given in manner and form
as for the election of officers, but there shall be at
least twenty-four hours' notice given. At such meet
ing of said’ companies, the Orderly Sergeant will
cause a draft to be made therefrom’in manner fol
lowing :
First—lie will cause a box of suitable size for the
purpose to be prepared, and will place therein in
presence of the compauy, as many slips of paper as
there are names on the roll of his company, exclusive
of officers elect, and upon the slips shall be writ
ten, in letters and not figures, the number* from
one to,that which expresses the entire number of
men in the company, each slip having one number
written thereon. The box shall then be closed, and
the papers therein thoroughly shaken up, when a
draft shall Ik* made therefrom under bis direction in
the inode here prescribed.
Second—The names on the company roll shall then
be called in alphabetical order bv the Orderly .Ser
geant, and each man, as his name Walled, shall draw
one slip of pa|ier from the box, which he shall pass
to the Clock, who shall read aloud the number there
on, and record the same upon a roll previously pre
pared by him for that purpose, upou a blank furnish
ed from this office, opposite the name of the person
drawing the same, until every slip shall have been
drawn from the box, and in case where an enrolled
member of tin1 company shall not be present, or “hall
neglect or refine to draw upon his name being called,
the Orderly Sergeant shall designate some member
of the company to draw for him.
city or town, the Mayor and Aldermen ofthe city,
anil the Selectmen of'the towns, are authorized and
requested, immediately upon receiving information
of their quotas, to apportion the satin* equally be
tween the several companies, liaviug respect to the
numbers borne upon the rolls. If such municipal
officers shall neglect or refine to perform the abovo
service in making the aforesaid ap|H>rtioiiineut, the
draft will nevertheless be proceeded with, iu the
manner above describ«*d, ami notice of the facts
should be immediately forwarded to this office by the
Orderly Sergraut.
Fourth—If the above duty cannot be performed be
fore 5 o’clock, I'. M., it will* Ik* continued on the next
day, between the hours of 9 o’clock, A. M., and 6
o'clock, 1*. M.. and from day to day betweeu the
same hours until the draft is completed.
Fifth—The men who shall not be exempt from lia
bility to enrolment (such exemption to be determined
as hereinafter provided) against whose names upon
the record thus made by the clerk, shall be found the
lowest number commencing at one (1) and going up
ward* until the quota of the company lias been ob
tained, shall constitute the drafted quota of said
company, aud shall be held accordingly, aud thusthe
quota is to Ik* completed from the lowest numbers
drawn by non-exempted men.
.Sixth—The following person*, viz:
The Vice President ofthe United States;
The officers, judicial and executive, of the United
The members of both houses of Congress and their
rcs]iective officers; custom house officers aud their
clerks: inspectors of exports; pilots, and mariners
employed in the sea service of any citizen or merchant
within the United States;
Postmasters, assistant postmaster*, and their clerks,
jiost officer*, post riders, and stage drivers iu the care
and conveyance of the mail ot the United States;
ferrymen employed at any ferry on tlie post road;
artificers and workmen in the United .States arsenals;
persons of the denominations of Quakers and
Shakers; justice** of the supreme judicial court;
ministers of the go*|K*I, regularly ordained ac
cording to the usages of their denominations, so
long as such relation continue*; and officers of
the militia who have been honorably discharged,
are exempted from liability to enrolment and draft;
and, upon evidence furnished the yrderly Sergeant
that tbev come wiLiiiu this exemption, he will cause
the clerk to draw a line arms* thHr name* upon the
records, but not rendering the name* illegible, stating
opposite, the ground of exemption. A Tine will also
be drawn across the names of persons claiming ex
emption from liability, on ground* of physical disa
bility, who shall establish the validity of such claims
In-fore the Orderly Sergeant, by the certificate of any
surgeon within the county, apinduted by the Gover
nor, for the purpoM* of making such examination,
which certificate shall contain a statement ofthe par
ticular ground of such disability. The decisions of
the Orderly Serg«*ants in this regard will stand good
unless reverwd by t!w Adjutant General.
Seventh—Three days from the draft, exclusive of
that day, shall be allowed parties claiming exemption
to furnish evidence establishing their claim before the
Orderly Sergeant, and no decision in favor of such
exemption shall Ik* givou unless within four days of
such nrafr. I mined lately upon the expiration of said
period the names of the person* drafted, aud a certi
fied copy of the record made bv tlw* clerk, aforesaid,
shall In- transmitted to the Adjutaut General. The
Orderly Sergeant* will notify the drafted men com
prising' his company’* quota, to appear at the place
w here the draft was’niade, on the sixth day succeed
ing said draft, at 9 o'clock A. M., and from thence he
will proceed with them by public conveyance if such
can be had, and if not by the most expeditious aud
economical method to the place of rendezvous of
which notice will Ik* given hereafter. In case of the
resignation, absence or neglect of the Orderly Ser
geants to perform the duties herein required, the Cap
tains elect or cither ofthe Lieuteuaut* in default of
lu^ superior officer, will officiate in his stead.
Eighth—(Seasonable coin|K*n*ation will be made for
the performance of these duties and necessary expell
ees reimbursed.
Ninth—One or more competent *urgi*»u§ in each
county will lie designated by the Governor, of whose
appointment notice will Ik* given, and whose certifi
cates of disability, aud none other* will Ik* recpected
by Orderly Sergeants or others iu authority. When
any person enrolled as aforesaid, is sick and unable
to present himself personally IsTore the surgeons ap
pointed as aforesaid, such surgeon may issue on cer
tificate of exemption upon tne productions before
him ofthe sworn statements of the partv in reference
to the nature aud extent of his disability or disease.
And of a sworn statement in detail concerning the
same, by a physician or surgeon of good standing in
the county.
Tenth—The diafted men from the different compan
ies, after arri\ iug at tin* place of rendezvous, w ill Ik*
formed into companies and regiments, which will
officered as provided by the laws of this State and of
the United States.
Eleventh—Drafted men may furnish substitutes,
but cannot be relieved from personal service upon
paying a tine under the laws of this State.
Cities, Town* and Plantations furnishing their quo
ta of able bodied volunteers, enlisting for nine* month*
service, upon blanks to In* furuislnd front thisofli ••
to tin- inuiiie'ipal authorities or militia officers, aud
who shall Ik* eurolled at some place within their city,
town or plantation, ami on their wav to the* remiez
veins on or before Wednesday the* third of Sept omls *r
ne*xt, will lie relieved freun their liability to a draft;
said volunteer* lieing ace*epted in lie*u of drafted men,
ami no draft freun such cities ami tow ns, under this
call, will be* made. Any number e»f voluntee rs, fur
nished os a fore‘said, le*s» than the quota, will bo re
ceived a* part thereof, preiviehd the*v are* resident* of
the e*itv, town or plantation furnishing them. aud the
draft w ill In* made for the* residue.
11. Volunteers, when in camp, will be formed into
ceunpanie** and regiments, and, as tar as may In* con
sistaut with the interest* e»f the* sen ice*, in accorelance
with the- wishes of the different quotas; ami ceunpa
nie** will ek*Ct their own officers, subject to the cou
tiniatioii of the (’ommamler-in-Chief.
HI. In ascertaining the e|imtas of counties and
towns, the regulations of the- War Department will
be* observ eel, w hich are- as follows:
"Additional Regulations for the Enrolment ami
Draft of Militia: Ordered, 8th, That in tilling all re
quisition* for militia, the quota* of the several State**
will be appointed hv the Governors uimmg the sev
eral counties, and, when practicable*, among the sub
division* of counties, so that allowance shall he* made
to such counties, ami subdivisions, for all volunteers
theretofore* furnished by them, and mustered into the
son ice of the I'niteel .States, ami whose stipulated
term of service shall met have* expired.”
IV. No State* or I'niteel state*- Imuitty will In- paid
to such volunteers, audit is Imped that cities aud
towns, furnishing the ir quotas by voluntary enlist
ment, will not elisregarel the wi.-he-s of the Gem*ral
Government, that nine months' volunteers should Ik*
i ai.-eel w ithout iMumtie**. Ne» Volunteers will be re
ceived in lieu of eliafte-ei men freun any city or town
that shall pay a bounty of more than twenty (20)
dollars to each v oluutcer.
The provisions e»f the* Act of March 1®. 18*12,jin ref
erence tei furnishing uiel to the* fan ilic-of soldiers
will extend to the- families of drafted militia and nine
mouths’ volunteers.
Quotas of cities, towns and plantations for throe
yearn volunteers, under tin- call of the President of
Julv 2d, to till up the <del regiments, will he received
and paid the State ami I’nited States bounties ami
advance pay, ami town boimtie** as provided hv vote*
of towns, until the* first dav of Scptcinbe r next, auei
lied afterwards; and in those place s which shall not
have furnish' d their quotas at that time* under such
call, a spec ial elraft w ill be ordered immediately there
after for the deficiency.
pi mi.
The citie** of Ihiugor, Augusta ami Portland, are
appointed a* the place- of rendezvous for the drafted
men ami nine months' voliintt*ers.
Hy order of Israel Washburn, Jr., Governor and
Adjutant General.
July 28th, 1s«2. )
milE C’OMMirrEEON 1THLH GRtHA DS will !
_■ meet, until Ihrther notice, every Saturday at 3
o’clock, P. M .in Evergreen ( emetafy.
Parties interest od in any matter Indore the Commit
tee, will have an opportunity of l*eing heard.
j>31—4w A. li. Sill RTLETF, Chairman.
ki:vm:hk< and Portland r. r.
('ominenct d April 14th, 18452.
j Passenger trains will leave daily, (Sun
L-w- ■■ i Mavs excepted) a.-« follows:
Augusta ior Bath, Portland and Boston, at 11.15 A.
M., connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
Hailmad for Lewiston, Livermore Falls, Wilton aud
Leave Portland for Bath and Augusta at LOOP. M.,
connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
traius for stations on that road ; and at Augusta with
the Somerset & Kennebec Huilroad for Watervillc,
Kendall’s Mills and Skowhegan, and at Kendall’s
Mills with the Penobscot & Kennebec Itoad for Pitts
field, Newport and Bangor; arriving same night.
Monday Morning aud Saturday Evening Trains.
On Monday trains leave Augusta at 5.90 A. M., and
Bath at 0.90 A. M., for Portland, connecting with the
8.45 A. M. train for Lowell and Boston.
Leave Portland on Saturdays. at 8.15 P. M., on ar
rival of train from Boston, for Bath and Augusta.
Stages leave Bath daily (Sundays excepted) at 3.00
P. M., on arrival of train from Portland and Boston,
for Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Waldoboro*, Hock land
aud Tbomaston.
Stages leave Augusta daily (Sundays excepted), for
Belfast, on arrival of train from Portland aud Bos
Tickets sold in Boston for all the stations on the
Kennebec & Portland, Androscoggin, and Somerset
& Kennebec Hoads.
Freight trains run dailv between August* and Port
land. ' II. II. CUSHMAN,
Manager and Su)>erintcndcnt.
Augusta, April, 18d2. juneSSdtf
To Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit,
Toledo, St. Paul, La Crosse, St. Iajuis,
New Orleans, or any part of the
Via Buffalo, Dunkirk, and Niaoara Falls.
This road is broad ouaok and is provided with
New ami Splendid Sleeping Cars.
HTTickcts sold in Portland at lowest Boston rates
W. D. LITTLE, Agent.
Office 81 Exchange Street.
You can save money by securing tickets at this
June 28. dawtf
mitJMJIBHP On and after Monday, Mav 5, 1802,
trains will leave Portland for Lewiston
aud I-aruiiugfon via Brunswick, at 1 P. M.
D-a\o Farmington for Lewiston, Bath and Port
land, via Brunswick, at 9.15 A. M.
Leave Lewiston' for Bath aud Portland via Bruns
wick at 11.45 A. M.
Freight traius daily between Portland and Lewis
staue tvasiiTiuas.
Stage leave* Strickland'* Ferry Tuesday*, Thurs
day* and Saturdays, for Livermore, Canton, Peru
and Dixfleld; returning opposite dav*.
Stage leave* North .lay for Fast Dixfleld, Dixfleld,
and Weld, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays;
returning opposite days.
Stage leaves Farmington .or New Vineyard, New
Portland and Kingflehl, on Wednesdays and Satur
days, returning on Monday* and Fridays.
Stages leave Farmington daily, for Strong, Avon
and Phillip*.
Passenger* for this route will take the car* at the
Portland. Saco k Portsmouth, or Kennebec k Port
land I>epot*. in Portland. S. W. EATON, Sup't.
Farmington May 6. 1862. jum*23dtf
THIS dosirable mechanical arrangement ha* now
been in use a sufficient length of time to show
that it give* entire satisfaction and actually is the
more valued the more it i* used.
This invention i* a step in advance of all other* in
the Spring lied department, embracing a little more
of their excelrencies. and vet happily overcoming all
their defects. It is flexible as hair,' and yet so recu
perative a* to bring itself into ntace with great facili
ty. It is adapted to the invalid, the aged and old.
and all who linger in suffering and weakness. They
are made of good material warranted strong and du
rable, and not liable to get out of order.
Commercial House, Portland. June 16. 1862.
Having introduced the *4Anderson Spring Bod Bot
tom' ’ into mv house, after trial, I pronounce it to be
an casv ami healthy bed. I am using several kinds
of spring bed bottom*, but consider the Anderson
fully iHjual if not better than the lx*t.
„ N. J. DAVIS, Proprietor.
Wo have introduced several of the justly celebrat
ed “Anderson Spring Bod Bottom” to our sleeping
apartments. We give this spring bed bottom a decid
ed preference over any and all othere we have ever
used, t hir glMtl *|x*ak of them in the highest term*.
We recommend their use to all hotel keepers who de
sire the comfort of their guests.
May 12,1863. Franklin House. Bangor, Me.
[From Hon. Josiali II. Drummond.]
I am using the 'Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,’ and
I am verv much pleased with it.
.lostAll H. DRUMMOND.
Portland, July 23,1862.
[Fmm Hon. Lot M. Morrill.]
Having u*4xl Anderson' Spring Bed Bottom, I cau
cheerfully recommend it a* an excellent article.
Augusta. Aug. 5. 1*62. LOT M MoKIHLL.
Having become fully satisfied of the l»enefit of the
'‘Anderson Spring Hod Bottom," 1 ha*e purchased
three of them at five dollars each, and do most cheer
fully recommend thorn to the public.
Watcrville, May, 1*51. Dr. N. R. BOUTELL.
Mr. D. K. Frohock lias furnished the beds in my
house with the “Anderson Spring lied Bottom," and
1 take pleasure in rccommeudiug this article as the
most convenient, economical and comfortable thing
of the kind with which I aiu acquainted.
Principal of Family School, Little Blue, Farmington.
1 have had the unspeakable pleasure of shaping oil
one of the “Anderson .spring Bed Bottoms" for the
last three weeks, and must say it far surpass** any
thing 1 had anticipated. My wife, who is fooble, has
had no good rest tor six months till occupy ing one of
theswJtcds. She would not part with it on anv ac
couiflP Klv. JOHN ALLKN.
Farmington, Feb. 28, 18fi2.
The Bed Bottom 1 bought of you fully merits my
expectations, and is fully up to your high rccotnincn
datum*. 1 would cheerfully recommend it to all who
desire to improve their slccpingapat tnieiits.
Augusta. April 16,1862. A N. WILLIAMS.
Having tested the “Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,"
I can cheerfully recoin mend it to ull who are in need
of inch an article; ami 1 believe it to be superior to
anvtliing of the kind now in use.
Watcrville, April 12. 1*12. Rxv. E. HAWES. *
Testimonials similar to the above have be*B re
ceived from the proprietors of the following public
hous**s- -
I’cnohsot Exchange, Bangor.
Franklin House, Bangor.
Skowltegan House, Skew began.
Lewiston House, Lewistou.
Wintlirop House, Wiuthrop.
Elmwood House, Watervllle.
Litchfield Corner House.
Stoddard IIouh-. Farmingtoo.
Rover** Mouse. Vassalboro.
Hallowed House, llaliowell.
f Idea House, l hina.
Franklin House, Augusta.
Cusluioc House, Augusta.
Abbott's School Fnriiiiugtnn.
Eaton Boys’ Boarding School, Kent’s Hill.
}ull7d& wt’.m
VoliiiR liiMfi.
mHK Board of Aldermen have prepared Check
JL Lists of the legal voters of the several w ards, to
the best of their knowledge, as required by law. and
posted the same-iu Citv Building—entrance, tower i
door. Myrtle Street. The changes which will be
found in said Lists this p ar. occasioned mainly bv
change of Ward lines authorized bv vote of the citi
zens at the spring election, renders it imperative that
crerg voter should see to it Aimxc// that his name is
corrivtly entered on the Ward List of which he is a
resident. Per order,
S. W. I.AKBABEE. Chairman.
Pottlai d. Ah ’ 2.*I - Iwd
Slu t laud Pony.
I^uU SALE, by the subscriber, a handsome bay
itonv, seven years old, weighs almat KX> pounds,
kind in ail harness, and reliable for children to ride
or drive.
R. W. LORD, Kcunebunk Depot.
July 21tb, 1*2. dim
A Remarkable Case of a boy who was cured by
Of Scrofulous Ophthalmia, as the follow ing facts will
jM^‘‘FORalon" time the boy’s eye-lids hail
j^JJ^rbecu entirely closed. His case was consid
er<*d almost hopeless. The bov waa put uu
der the care of Dr. II., and afior gn at pa
tience and |>ersev era nee, with his electrical treatment
and with other curatives, he was able to lift his eye
lids, when it w as discovered that a false membrane
had formed and covered the entire eyes. This was
removed by Dr. Boynton, and the boy’s eye-sight is
now entirely restored, and his eyes stronger than ev
er before. This should be known to all persons who
are similarly afflicted. Although I understand that
the Doctor lias for many years, in his operations on
these delicate organs—the eye and ear, met with em
inent success, lie has not d«rmed it necessary to keep
blazing before the public his surgical skill in this par
ticular part of his profession, but has been silently
performing cures, many of them of a remarkable
< ertificates from numerous of his patients
will testify to his successful operations, all of which
may be seen at bis office.
No. 369 Congress Street, Port I ft nd.
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
Established for the, treatment of thone diseases in
both itexes, requiring Experience, Skill, Honor and
for a number of years confined his attention to
diseases of a certain class. During his practice he
has treuted thousands of cases, and in no instance
has be met with a failure. The remedies an* mild,
and there is no interruption of business or change of
diet. Dr. Hughes is in constant attendance from 8
in the morning until 10 at night, at his office, 5 Tem
F»le street. Charges moderate, and a cure guaranteed
n all cases. Separate rooms, so that no one will be
seen but the Dr. himself, liis remedies cure diseaso
when all other remedies fail; cures without dieting,
or restriction in the habits of the patient; cures with
out the disgusting and sickening effects of most other
remedies; cures new cases in a tew hours; cures with
out the dreadful consequent effect* of mercury, bnt
is sure to annihilate the rank and poisonous taint
that the blood is sure to absorb, unless the proper
remedy is used. The ingredients are entirely vegeta
ble, and no injurious effect, either constitutionally or
locally, can be caused by using them.
YOUNG MEN. who are troubled with seminal
weakness, generally caused by bad habits in youth,
the effects of which afe pain and dizziness in the
head, forgetfulness, sometimes a ringing in the ears,
weak eyes, etc., terminating in consumption or In
sanity if neglected, are speedily and permanently
All correspondence strictly confidential aad will be
returned If desired. Address
DR. .?. B. HUGHES,
No. 6 Temple Street, (corner of Middle),
jySend stamp for Circular. jull—dfc w3m3
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
I U I Mt LAUIto.
DK. HUGHES particularly invitr** all Ladies who
need a mediaai adviser, to call at Ids rooms, No.
5 Temple Street, which they will find arranged for
their especial accommodation.
Dr. It.'* Eclectic Renovating Medicine* are nnrival
led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulatiug all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
certain of producing relief in a short time.
LADIES will rind it invaluable in all cases of ob
structions after all other remedies have been tried iu
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing iu
the least injurious to the health, and may be taken
with perfect safety at all times.
Sent to anv part of the country with full directions,
by addressing bit. HUGHES.
No. 6 Temple Street, corner of Middle, Portland.
N. B.—LADIES desiring may consult one of their
own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
ance. jull—8ui
Health and Strength Secured,
nv Tin vxc or thb
Dr. Langley’s
CIMPOSED of Sarsaparilla, Wild Cherry, Yellow
Dock, l*rickley Ash, Thoroughwort, Rhubarb,
Maud take. Dandelion, Ac., all of which are so com
|H»unded a* to act in concert, aud assist Nature in
eradicating disease.
The effect of this medicine is most wonderftol—it
acts directly upon the bowels and blood, by removing
all obstructions from the internal organs, stimulating
them into healthy action, renovating the fountains of
life, purifying the blood, cleansing it from all humors
and cauring it to course through every part of the
body; restoring tin* invalid to health and usefulness.
I hey cure and eradicate from the system. Liver Com
plaint, that main wheel of so many disi-a****, Jaun
dance in its worst forms, all Billion* Di*<*a*o« and
foul stomach. Dyspepsia. Costivene***. all kinds of Hu
mors, Indigestion, Headache, Dizziness, files, Heart
burn. Weakness. Pains in the side and bowels. Flatu
lency, Loa* of appetite, and a torpid or diseased Liv
er, a disordered Stomach or had Wood, to which all
are more or less subject in Spring and Summer.
More than 29.0(10 person* have been cured by this
medicine. It is highly recommended by Physicians
everywhere. Trv it and vou will never regret it.
Bold bv all dealers in Medicine everywhere at only
25 aud 38 cent* per bottle. Orders addressed to
GEO. C. GOODWIN k CO., Borrow.
Weekly Mail Line.
ON E of the following first-class, power
ful Steamers: HIBERNIAN. NORTH
VA St o|'I AN—will sail from Quebec every Satur
day morning, for Liverpool, via Londonderry.
Passenger* leave Portland per Grand Trunk Trains
with Unitid States mails, every Friday, at 1 15 P. M.,
connecting with Steamer at Quebec every Saturday
Passage to Liverpool, Londonderry or Glasgow:
Third Class, 835. first Class. to 892—according
to accommodation,—wJtich include* tickets on Grand
Trunk Railway.
Prepaid and return tickets issued at reduced rates.
Excursion tickets to the World's Fair, out and
back. BlXrt.
Apply to Edmonstone. Allan k Co., Montreal, or to
June 23, 1*2. dtf
Portland aud New York Steamers.
M a The splendid and fast Steamship
, “CHESAPEAKE,” Captain Sli’XKY
R,>*ki.l. w ill until further notice run
Fx&seesam** follows:
Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES
DAY. at 4 P. M.. and leave Pier 9 North River, New
York, every SATURDAY, at 3 o'clock. 1*. M.
This vessel is fitted up with fine accommodations for
passenger*,- making this the most speedy, sate and
com fort a hie route for travellers between * New York
and Maine. Passage 85,00, including Fare anti State
Quebec, ltangor, Bath, Augusta, Kastport and St.
Shippers are requested to send their freight to the
Steamer before 3 1*. M., on the day that site leaves
For Aright or passage apply to
EMERY k FOX, Brown's Wharf, Portland.
II. B CROMWELL k CO., No. 86 West Street,
New York.
June 28.1882. dtf
Chiin){e of the Days of Sailing.
From and after date, until further
notice, the new steamer “AV*r f.'ny
land,” ( apt. K. Field, will leave
Railroad Wharf, foot State Street, every Tuesday and
Friday, at 5 o'clock, 1*. 31., for Eastpoft, Calais and
St. John.
Returning, will leave St. John, every Monday and
Thursday morning, at 8 o'clock.
ur- Positively no freight received after 4 o'clock j
1*. 31. on the day of railing.
Through tickets are sold by this line, connecting at
Fa*t;**rt with stage coacluw for Markin*, and with
steamer Queen for Rtddnnston, iidais, St. Stephen*
ami St. Andrew*, and at the latter place o\«*r rail
way for < 'tintcrhnrif; from thence per stage coaches
for Woodstock ami Hmt/ton, widen is the cheapest
and most expeditious w ay of reaching the Aroostook
We also ticket through per steamer* and railways
for Win door, Hilifar, Ihgta/, Fredericton, Sutter.
Moncton, Shetlior, 1‘rinre Fthmrdn Island, 1‘irton,
Xorth Shore Xetc Jtrunsirick, Miriinichi, and
Hnif Ur Cknlenr.
August 4,1882. al2 dtf C. C. EATON, Agent.
INROM and after the first of July, Postage Stamps
and Stamped Envelopes w ill qpt be charged at
the Post Office. je25t f
. chased from the Hannibal A St. Joseph Railroad
Company a large tract of land in Northern Missouri,
adjoining the flourishing tow n of llami'tou, Caldwell
County, for farming ami manufacturing ptirtmscs,
and have divided their property into lots and farms.
They are offered to subscribers in shares of $20 each.
31aps, with full information, can be had by calliugou
June 23. dtf
f MHtl) Bargains will In* given to those who wish
V.T to purchase (iravestottes or Monuments of anv
description. diosc w ho will favor me with a call j
shall lx* satisfied that they are buying a good article i
at the lowest price.
Shop on Forest Avenue, near Evergreen Cemetery,
Stevens' Plains.
jc30—8m J, H. COOK.
Est ^/blishmeirt
Hu been removed from the office over Caeco Beak,
to the office of the
Directly orer the Magnetio Telegraph OMce. Fourth
Story, where all rarietiea of
Plain and Fancy Job Work,
win be promptly attended to on the moat liberal
Order* left at the eneating-rnom of the Daily Praia
and MnJne Slate Tree*, head of drat Sight of Main,
will be promptly attended to.
IW The office b (applied with we
And tt* capacity and fbetHtlen for doing work la good
style are equal to aay la the City or State.
July IT, 1W3. dtf
Book and Job Printing Office,
Fox Blovk, • * Second Floor,
fhe Proprietor* of the Poutlaho Daily runs
rwpeetfblly inrite attention to their focilitir* for exe
cuting, in beautiful Myle, every description of
Their EataMhhment b fornbhed with all the ap
proved modern machinery, and their a*eorta*ent of
Book and Fancy Types,
I* adeqaate te do aay work demanded In tht* State.
1 Business Curds of Every Variety,
Style and Coat
Billets A Circulars in Every Variety of Type.
I’olieie* I’rinted and Hound fl>r
lnmirance Oumptinlea.
Deeds, Law Briefs, Equity Cases,
And other LAW DOCUMENTS executed with
Bronze, Colored, and all other kinds of
Executed in taste to suit the most Ihstidious.
Our Styles are unsurpassed.
Portland. June N, IritU. daw
Kiss E. L. Whittier, • - Principal.
IlliK. ALTUMN SF.SSloN will commence f*ppt.
Sth, »ti<l Continue 15 week*.
1‘rior to July 21st, lull in lot mat ion can be obtained
of the Principal, M9 CoBgtw fltreat. Hour* from
8 so 1 o’clock, except Saturdays. After that tiiiw ad
piieatiou may be made at 40 btato Street
l’ortiand, Juno id, 1862. 2awl0w

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