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United States Circuit Court.
Sept. 2o.—Justice Clifford came in and
heard a few motions submitted by Counsel.
He then retired leaving Judge Ware to pre
The grand jury came in and reported, that
on the complaint against Iteuben Packard of
Manchester, for enticing a soldier in Co. A,
ltlth regiment to desert, they had found no
bill. Packard was then discharged from his
recognisance. The grand jury again retired
to their room to attend to a matter to be
brought before them by the District Attorney.
Court adjourned to Friday morniug at 10
Municipal Court—Sept. 25.
Francis ^enus, for mutilating a tree in one
of the streets of our city, was lined five dollars
and costa. Committed to jail for refusing to
pay up.
fly-Malls for Europe per steamship Bohe
mian, at Quebec, for Liverpool will close at
the Post Office at 12 M. to-day.
cy The vane has been replaced on the
spire of the 1st Parish Church, and it shines
bright as gold several times tried in the fur
“Sozodoxt.”—This is au excellent wash for
the teeth and gums, besides imparting a
fragrance to the breath. Those who have
tried it once will never be without it. It is
for sale by Crossman & Poor.
Dkatii or Lieut. Fickktt.—Ll Fickett,
of Cape Elizabeth, of Co. E. 17th regiment,
died in the hospital at Washington, on Wed
nesday, of typhoid fever. His body has been
embalmed, and will be brought home for inter
Ey* Tile Portland Horticultural Society
will hold their Fall exhibition at the new City
Hall, on Wednesday next, to coutiuue through
the afternoon and evening of that day only.
In the evening there will be a Promenade
Concert. Music by the lVrtiiuid Baud.
Postage Stamps.—We have heard some
complaints because the Post Master refuses to
sell jmslage stamps to lie used as currency.
By reference to our telegraphic dispatches it
will he seeu that these refusals are iu conso
nance with orders from the Department. It is
to be hoped that the new U. S. currency to
take the place of coin will soon make its aji
pearance here, and thus the trouble of making
chauge be avoided.
Masticate Yoru Food.—One of our citi
aeua, residing on Ches'nut Street, came uear
being strangled to death yesterday, by at
tempting to swallow a piece of meet before it
bad beeu properly masticated. It stuck in his
throat, and it was with difficulty he could
breathe. Dr. Chadwick was called, and by his
efforts the piece of meat was dislodged from
the man’s throat.
Accident.—A little daughter of Mr. John
Berry, of this city, while on her way to school
yesterday afternoon, in the aet of running, fell
in such a way that her slate iiencil, which site
had in her dress pocket, penetrated her cloth
ing, and about two inches of the pencil passed
into her left, side. She was conveyed home,
and Dr. Lamb called, who succeeded in ex
tracting the pencil and dressed the wound, and
the girl is now quite comfortable.
Railroad Meeting.—The stockholders of
the Androscoggin 4 Kennebec Railroad, ami
those of the Penobscot 4 Kennebec liailroad,
held a meeting at Watervllle yesterday for the
purpose of perfecting the consolidation of the
two corporations into that of the Maine Cen
tral Railroad Company, by the choice of Di
rectors, the adoption of by-laws, 4c.
Without transacting the business for which
the meeting was called, the stockholders ad
journed to Tuesday, Oct. 28, to meet at the
aarne place.
A Spunky Little Woman.—One of Dr.
Colton’s lady subjects on Wednesday night
was decidedly refreshing and original. She
said she had no lover, but if she had, and he
would not go to the wars, she would make
him go; and if he was too much of a coward
to enlist she would put a bayonet through his
heart. If this little lady had a little lover she
might sing a little different tune. Circum
stances are lrequently known to alter cases.
Dr. Colton announced that lie would give one
more, and most positively the very last, of his
exhibitions on Friday eve of next week on his
return from Bangor.
Sword Presentation.—Capt. Randall and
1st Lieut. Kendall were made the surprised
recipients of two splendid swords at the bar
racks of Co. G, 25th Regiment, on the eve
ning of Wednesday the 24th. The first pre
sentation was made to the captain by Sergeant
Brewer of Freeport, accompanied with a few
pertiuent and fitting words. The response
was brief and to the point, assuring the com
pany that the sword should never be drawn
save in the cause of freedom. Lieut. Buck
nam of Yarmouth then presented to Lieut.
Kendall a sword in a very felicitous manner.
Lieut. K. replied in a manly and patriotic vein.
The weapons were encased in elegant trap
pings, with edge keen and temper true. May
they be bravely wielded till the “last ditch”
becomes the home of every skedaddling rebel.
OtiB Trees.—The City of Portland is justly
proud of the trees which adorn the streets,
and strict ordinances have been passed iu re
lation to tlieir preservation. These ordinances
have been enforced whenever a case of muti
lating or destroying a tree has come to the
knowledge of the city authorities. Yesterday,
in the Municipal Court, a man was fined for
mutilating one of the trees in the streets.
If a tree in the street is an encumbrance to
the sidewalk or to the dwelling-house near it,
the owner of the dwelling must make appli
cation to the city authorities for Its removal,
as was done in one case at the last meeting of
the City Council. The Committee on Public
Grounds, Ac., will then examine into the mat
ter, and if the tree is really a nuisance, will
order it to be removed. This Is the only course
to be pursued. No person has a right to cut
down any tree in the street without the per
mission of the City Government.
Death ok Lieut. Colley.—Lieut Charles
H. Colley, Co. B, 10th Maine regiment, died
in Prince Street hospital, Alexandria, on Sat
urday last Lt. C. was promoted from Orderly
Sergeant after the battle of Slaughter Moun
tain. At this battle he received a severe
wound in the left knee, taking a part of the
cap off. He was carried to Washington and
theuce to Alexandria. As many days had
elapsed before he was received in hospital his
system was too feeble to have amputation per
formed. He lingered, suffering severely, until
the day of his death.
Lieut. Colley was one of the llrst to volun
teer his services in the 1st Mains regiment and
was Corporal of Co. B. Having served his
time faithfully, he returned with his regiment,
and in tlie formation of the 10Lh Maine, leaving
his business, he assisted in raising the company
to which he was attached when he was wound
ed. He was a true and faithful officer, and u
soldier of exemplary habits. jy.

Portland Daily Tress.
Release of Gen. Prince and others of Pope's
Capture ol Schooner Defiance In attempt
ing to Run the liloekade.
Washington, Sept. 25.
The Post Office Department lias received
information from various sources that certain
[tersons persistently divert postage stamps from
their legitimate purpose by circulating them
in packages, together with cancelled stamps,
as currency. Owing to this use of stamps the
Department is embarrassed in the supply for
mail purposes. The public therefore are. in
terested in discountenancing their circulation
as currency, in all eases ol infraction of the
law coining to the knowledge of the Post
Office Department, the parties will he prose
cuted. as it is a grave offence. This of course
has no connection with the specially designat
ed stamp currency.
Information has lieon received from the
Commissioner of Indian Affairs stating that
the difficulties with the Chippewas in Minne
sota lias been adjusted, but lie is afraid that tile
trouble witli the Sioux in the same State, have
only just commenced, and that they will be of
long continuance.
Gen. Prince and other officers recently cap
tured flora the late army of Gen. Po|)C, have
been released by the rebels, and will arrive at
Annapolis this evening.
Surgeon General Hammond has returned
from the battle field between Manassas and
Bull Run. He reports that our people have
buried 8,000 rebels left dead and uuburied on
tlie field by their friends, though it will be re
membered that the latter held the Held after
the bloody engagement. He says there are
vet GOO more rebel corpses to lie interred.—
These interments, under the direction of our
army medical department, are in addition to
those made bv tile relx‘1 annv orevious to
leaving for its short-lived campaign iu Mary
land, which must have been numerous. There
can be little doubt therefore that the number
of rebels killed lar exceeded ours in that bat
The Commissioner of the Internal Bureau
has decided, u|xm inquiring, that a person
whose occupation is that of a retail dealer.may
under his license sell by the piece or original
packages to a customer, but if he sell by the
piece to those who sell again, he is liable as a
wholesale dealer.
The following regulations have been made
in regard to bonded warehouses for the storage
of coal oil:" The owner of any coal oil distil
lery may erect, at his expense, a warehouse of
materials to lie approved by the collector of
the district; the said warehouse when approv
ed by the collector, is hereby declared a bond
ed warehouse of the United ."States, and shall
be used only for storing coal oils, to lx* under ,
the custody of the collector or his deputies.— ;
The duties on the oil stored in such ware
houses shall lie paid when and as it is sold and
removed from such warehouses for sale.
Bear Admiral Dupont rcqiorta to the Navy
Department, under date of the 18th, that on [
the Pill hist, the bark Brazilian, Acting Master •
M. Gillespie commanding, captured the schoon- '
er Defiance, of Nassau, In Sable Sound, while !
attempting to run the blockade. Her cargo |
consisted of salt, kerosene oil, cascarilla bars, j
She also had in her cargo aliout ninety-six i
boxes, containing cases of gin, which was !
placed in the spirit room of the Brazilian. The j
crew of the Defiance will be sent North on |
the first opportunity. They are all said to be .
citizens of the United States, and engaged in i
the business of running the blockade. The ,
captured vessel has been sent North in charge |
of Acting Master Cook, of the Brazilian, with
a prize crew.
Lieut. A. Mitchell has been ordered to the I
steamer Pocahontas.
Acting Assistant Paymaster John G. L. |
Strong has been ordered to the mortar tlotilla
at Washington.
The Race between Bragg and Buell.
Louisville, Sept. 25.
Midnight—The anniea of Buell and Bragg
left Lebanon, Tenn., and Carthage respective
ly, on the 21st, Buell following the arc and
Bragg the chord of a circle. Our army trav
elled 361 and Bragg’s 206 miles. Buell got
into Northern Kentucky one day ahead of
Bragg, notwithstanding the immense excess of
our transportation over that of the enemy.
Col. Wilyer of the l'.tth Indiana lias arrived,
having been exchanged w ith the reliefs for a
Lieut, and twenty-six privates.
Humors creating some excitement are afloat
of the movement of two divisions of Bragg’s
army, but the direction or purpose cannot lie
ascertained to-night.
The Grinnost Zouaves of this city, and Co.
B, 2.’id Pennsylvania regiment, were all cap
tured by the rebels, except three, while on
special service on the Virginia side of the
Return of "Pennsylvania Militia.
II Aniusnt’uo, Sept 25.
Gov. Curtin reached Harrisburg to-day and
proceeded directly to Washington, where
another meeting of the loyal Governors will
be held.
Transportation for over 10,000 Pennsylvania
militia, returning home, has already been fur
nished. Fifteen regiments arrive daily and are
trans|>ortcd over the different roads to the sev
eral places of destination.
There has been no official information from
the army.
The morning freight train on the Northern
Central railroad and a troop train coming
North, came in collision at Parkton Station.
Both engines were smashed and Shannon
Horde of the U2d Ohio regiment killed. This
regiment was among those taken prisoners at
Harper's Ferry, and now eu route for the west
«*rtl hnri!«*r. Tin* \Wst«*ri» Irtiin iii <*ollik.
ion with the wreck of the destroyed engines.
No one was injured.
A number of rebel prisoners w ere brought
iu to-night and sent to eamp Curtin.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, Sept. 24.
The steamer Thomas Swan arrived yester
day from New York with seventy seeesh pris
oners, which caused the flag of truce boat
Canonicus to return immediately to Aiken's
Lauding. The Swan had also on board sixty
Union soldiers, who had been absent from
their regiment.- from sickness and other causes,
under arrest, going to Washington.
It is understood that all of Gen. Pope's
officers now at Richmond are to come down
the river next Saturday lor exchange.
A flag of truce boat arrived this forenoon
from Aiken’s Lauding, but brings no news.
Probable additional Draft.
Philadelphia, Sept. 25.
The Washington Star savs that for 24
hours past it lias been stated that the President
designed at once issuing a call for an additional
draft that w ill increase our army iu the Held
one million. We trust the rumor may prove
true, though w e are not able to say so. We
lielieve that in the dispersing ot the cavalry
guard recently holding Ashby's Gap, Col.
Price, of the 2d Pennsylvania cavalry woefully
failed to accomplish what must have been the
main object of the expedition, the destruction
of 900 wagons of Lee's army known to have
beet: at the time laying three miles behind that
Court Martial.
St. Louis, Sept. 25.
The court martial appointed for the trial of
Gen. McKinstry, assembled this forenoon. In
tlie ubseuee of Gen. Harney, who 1i;l- been or
dered to Washington, and who left for the
East this forenoon, Gen. Graham was selected
Acting President. The charges and specifica
tions were called for, but the General having
them iu charge could not at once lie found.
After discussion of preliminary matters, the
Court adjourned to meet on Friday.
Canadian Items.
Toronto, Sept. 25.
The Provincial Fair continues to be attende<
by immense numbers of the people. Tin
weather i* beautiful. The Governor Genera
and Suite left here to-day en route for tin
Western Prarie, on a sporting excursion.
Three men were killed by being run over b]
♦rains, owing to the crowd. The fair close*
Trial of Projectiles.
West Point, N.Y., Sept. 25.
In an experiment in projectiles to-day,*
shell invented by C. W. Stafford of Burlington
Iowa, was fired from a Parrott 100-pounder
ami penetrated six one inch iron plates am
solid oak backing. The opinion of all wai
that it would have gone through one or tw(
inches more of iron.
New York Market.
New York, September 25.
_Cotton quiet and very firm, gale* 950 bales at 67 i
67] for middling uplands.
Flour—.State anil Western more active and a shadi
tinner; Superfine State 6 10 u 6 30; Extra do 5 40 «
5 66; Round Hoop Ohio 685«>5 96; Western 6 50 i
i 6 75; Southern a shade tinner; Mixed to good 5 70 t
| 616; Fancy ami Extra 6 50 a 7 62]; Canada firmer
Extra 6 45 a 6 75.
Wheat 1 a 2c higher; Chicago spring *1 12 a 1 18
l Milwaukee club 61 15 a 120; amber Iowa 61 20 t
121; winter red Western 61 27 a 129; 4»rcen Ray
! 1 23: white Michigan 1 35 a 1 45; umber Michigau 1 2i
a 1 32.
t orn firmer; mixed Western 58 a 61c, 64 a 58] foi
eastern, and 61 for w bite western.
Oats firm ut 56 a 62.
Beef quiet and firm.
l’ork unchanged.
Lard firm.
Sugarsfirm; New Orleans 9j a 11 j. and bv auctior
at 9j a 10J; Muscovado 8]; l’orto Rico 9| a’9?.
Coflee quiet and without change; .lava 26] ; Rio 22
Molasses quiet and firm; New Orleans 3? a40.
Naval Stores dull.
Freights to Liverpool unchanged; cotton 61-16
flour 3s 3d ; grain 11 a 11 j in bulk and ship's bags.
Wool quiet and firm.
Stock Market.
New York, Sept. 25.
Second Board. Stocks less active ami lower:
Chicago & Rock Island 74; Michigan Southern 71?;
Michigan Central 77] ; New York Central 99; lllinou
Central 72]: Hudson 584; Harlem 20j; Pacific Mail
116?; American Cold 120; Missouri Sixes 60]; Ten
nessee Sixes 60]; United States Sixes one year cer
tificates 99],
Card from the Sanitary Commission.
Central Office, Sanitary Commission, I
Washington, September 20. j
The Sanitary Commission, at the request ol
General lialleck, Commandcr-in-Chief the ar
mies of the United States, most earnestly ad
vises against the practice of sending presents
to soldiers, of articles w hich it is supposed will
add to the convenience of their camp-life. To
the knowledge of the Commission, many hun
dred tons of such presents are now piled use
lessly in the store houses and yards, and upon
old camp grounds; while thousands have pro
bably been destroyed to prevent their falling
into the enemy's hands, and but a small part of
all that have been received by those to whom
value tu them, except as tokens of the alfee
tlonate interest of their friends. For this pur
pose, letters and such other small and light
articles as can la1 transmitted by mail would
have been much In-Iter. Larger gilts occasion
serious practical mischief-—men and officers
being naturally adverse to throwing them
away—they add to the incumbrances, which
are a chiel cause of the excessive fatigue, and
thus of the sickness of the soldier. Volun
teers most universally, until they learn I letter
by dear experience, undertake to carry an
excessive amount of clothing. To this cause,
and to the excessive baggage of their officers,
some of the severest losses of the Union for
ces iu the present war are attributed by the
highest military authority. Hut even when
successful in battle, the attempt to secure com
fort by the possession of an unusual amount
of clothing is nearly always frustrated; the
heaviest knapsack being thrown away tin- lirst
hard, long continued march, while the light
one is retained, and the long and heavily ladcu
ed wagon train being cut oil', when the light
and short one is protected. Similar olist-rvutions
apply to regimental hospitals. The hospital
of a regiment in the Held should la- supplied
with nothing hut (tie ls-st necessities lor the
temporary treatment ol the sick, who in all
serious cases are removed as fast as possible
to general hospstais, where the supplies of the
regiment are not available. An excessive
amount of regimental hospital stores and con
veniences is a cruelty to the sick and wounded;
for it occasions the frequent detention and
separation from the regiment of the few arti
eles essential to the usefulness of the surgeon.
The Commission has from the lirst protested
against a common error of surgeons in this
respect as well as against the greater evil of
the common attempt of the volunteer soldiers
Ui carry into the Held too many of the means
of comfort to which they are habituated in
civil life. In compliance with the request of
Wen. Ilallerk, this appeal is addressed to those
hv whose mistaken kindness Imfli These evils
are believed to have been aggravated and sus
tain eel.
Fitun. Law Olmsted, Gen’l Sec’y.
The President's Proclaiuntion.
The wisdom of the step taken—we refer at
present to that clause in the doc ument which
declacrs free the slaves of rebel States alter the
1st of January—is unquestionable; its necesi
ty, indisputable. It has been declared time
and again by President Lincoln that as soon
as this step became a necessity, he should
adopt it. Its adoption now is not a confession
that the military means of suppressing the
great rebellion have proved a failure: but sim
ply that there is a point at which any other
legitimate appliances that can lie called in,
shall also be availed of. Slavery is an element
of strength to the rebels if left untouched; it
will assuredly prove an elenent of weakness—
it may be of total destruction—to them and
their cause, when we make such use of it and
its victims as lies in our power. From now till
the 1st of January—the day when this procla
mation will take effect—is little over three
months. What may happen between now and
then, in the progress of the w ar, it is hard to
say. We earnestly hope, however, that by
that time, tile rebellion will be put down by
military hand, and that the terrible element ot
slave insurrection may not lie invoked. If, by
that day, the rebel army lie overthrow n, and
their Capital captured; and, if the slavehold
ing rebels still prove malignant, irrepressible,
and, as in the Soutewest. disorganizes and
marauders, then let that which Vice-President
Stephens called the corner-stone of the South
ern Confederacy lie knocked from under il, and
see w hether the whole tiibyie of rebellion w ill
not necessarily tumble to tile ground.
A Scottish advocate, who in his broad
Scotch pronounced the word water, irntter,
being asked in court by the Chancellor if lie
spelled water with two t's, replied, "No, my
lord, but I spell manners with two u’s.”
The King of Portugal w ill lie married
to his new Queen, the Italian princess, by
proxy, the Marquis of Louie acting in that ca
pacity. The young Queen has repudiated the
name of I’ia, bestowed upon her by her god
father, the Pope I’ius IX.
3&~ The Springfield (III.) Journal says
that complete returns of the recent election ir
Daeetah Territory elect Gov. William Jayne
delegate to Congress, instead of Gen. Todd
as heretofore reported. Gov. Jayne’s inajoritj
is about 150.
Tiie Regular Army.—The Tegular ami)
now nural>ers 40,000 men. and when all tin
new regiments are filled, there will be nearl)
45,000 regulars in the service. Of these near
ly 25,000 will be infantry and the remaindei
artillery and cavalry. One artillery and om
cavalry regiment are in course of organize
Drawback in Favor of Manufac
turf.s.—Commissioner Boutwell has address
ed a letter to a manufacturer of New York
stating that a drawback will be allowed u|kh
taxable manufactured goods exported during
this month. Proof must be furnished that th<
articles exported have paid a duty. Regula
tions on the subject will be issued immediate
' It is singular, says a correspondent o
the New York Commercial, that so many o
the traitor generals should wear the familial
sobriquet of Johnson. Not to name others
there is “ Rocky Mountain ” Johnson, “ Fin ’
Johnson, ** Jo.” Johnson, “Sid.” Johnson
“ Wash.” Johnson—all ot whom have tigurei
as rebel commanders. To these may now 1h
added Col. Bradley Johnson—or, as he is fa
milliarly termed, “ Brad.” Johnson, who pilot
ed the rebels tuto^laryland.
22P" It appears that Gen. Thomas Francis
I Meagher w as not wounded, but his horse fell
on him during the battle, stunning him for a
| while, necessitating Ins removal from the Held.
' The Confederacy gained some 40,00(5
men by the conscription Act in North Carolina
alone, and the examining physicians reported
more than three-fourths of them as unfit for
military duty.
Disc’ll a itoK of Transpouts.—The Acting
Quartermaster at Alexandria has within the
past week discharged over two hundred ves
sels, the greater portion of which have been in
the employ of government since the army of
tlie Potomac took the water route to Rich
Prize Money.—The New York Commer
cial figures up $20,000,000 in prize money for
sailors in our service—on the Mississippi river,
thirty small craft, worth not far from $;i00,000
—Confederate armed vessels, captured, over
$3,000,000—the rest mainly from vessels uuder
the British flag.
Speaking of the President’s proclama
tion, the Springfield Republican says:—"In
Massachusetts we think the conservative move
ment has received a ‘stunner.’ When it ‘comes
to,’ we shall see what it will do. The procla
mation has taken away a good deal of its cap
ital, and it may tifiuk best to give up the ghost
altogether, but we guess not.”
Coffee was selling in Richmond a few
days since at $3 50 per lb; tea at $10; sugar
00c, a $1; salt 00c per quart; molasses $7 per
gallon; butter$l; potatoes $1 per peck; treas
ury notes 100 per cent, premium; calico $1
50 per yard; hoop skirts $15 a pair; paper of
pins $1 50; spool cotton 50e; no ribbons to be
obtained; gaiters 12 a $15 iier pair.
The New Senator from Oregon.—The
newly elected Senator from Oregon, Beiy. F.
Harding, was formerly United States District
Attorney for the Territory, and the first Speak
er-of the House in the Oregon Legislature.—
He is about forty years of age, a lawyer by
profession, and was a Douglas democrat in
Artemas Warhov Enlistments. ‘Young
man, inlist right oil'. Air you afeared it ’ill
spile your beauty? Let me tell you that the
la st and pritties girls in this country are here
after goin to la; courted by fellows on crutches
who have done great things in the battle, and
you chape w ho staid nt home in your country's
dark hour won't stand no more chance of get
tin one of ’em than J. Davis does of goin to
heaven in a balloon! Enlist—enlist! in the
language of Hamlet’s daddy, ‘list, oh! list.’—
[Vanity Fair.
Zff ' A letter in the New York Commercial
says: It is understood that as soon as the offi
cial reports have been received by the l’resi
dent,he w ill promote a large number ol those
who ought so bravely at South Mountain and
Antictam, including a number of meritorious
“enlisted men.” This can but stimulate re
cruiting, and incite those who carry muskets
to exchange them for swords, by proving their
right to command by bravery in the field.
A Strange Circumstance.—Mr. Josiah
Conant. of Gardiner, lost a cow last week by
death, and upon examination a twelve-penny
nail, three inches and a quarter in length, was
found in her heart. It entered at one side and
worked its way through, so that it came out
on the opposite side, making a hole through
the heart larger than a man’s finger. The cow
had been well through the summer, and had
given a good quantity of milk, until six or
seven days before she died, and the only symp
toms of disease were loss of appetite and
weakness of the limbs.—[Worcester Spy.
ZJT' I'* this age of Minic rifles, telescopic
sights and sharp-shooters, it will not do lor
our soldiers to w ear red. All aim which might
be Uncci-fnin nt ercen blue (tree or tienlrnl
lint, becomes fearfully exact when it is brought
to boar on a flaming red target. The fate of
those two floe, daring regiments, the New
Y'ork 5th (or lluryca Zouaves) and the Brook
lyn 14th, of which red is the distinctive color,
proves this, hack of these regiments is re
ported to have lost far more than its propor
tion of men in every active engagement.—
About three-fourths of the casualties among
them are said to be in the red-trowsered leg.
A Restless General.—Maj. Gen. O. M.
Mitchell, the new Commander, has arrived at
Port Royal in his new Department. On the
18th iust-, he addressed the 48th New Y'ork
Regiment at Fort Pulaski. In his address, he
said, “ 1 am very restless. I do not know how
to be still.” Speaking of his instructions, he
said, “ 1 And that those instructions permit me
to do pretty much as I please, and I shall en
deavor to do the best 1 can—X assure you of
this—that 1 will omit no opportunity of giving
active employment.”
Gen. Ilooker declared with great free
dom that the Proclamation was issued too late
rather than too early; that the time had fully
arrived when it was impossible to prosecute
the war vigorously aud with a certainty of suc
cess without it. Prominent West Virginians
now in the city say that the President's X’roc
lamation of Ire. Join will lie heartily endorsed
by a majority of the loyal |>eople of their State
this fall. The public sentiment of Western
Virginia has undergone a radical change, they
say, since Garble was elected to the Senate.
The rebels here are greatly frightened by the
appearance of the President's proclamation.
Wolf had been cried so many times idly, that
they didn't believe the real wolf would ever
come. He is not welcome.—| Washington
correspondence of the New York Tribune.
The Crops in Iowa.—The yield of wheat
is estimated at 20,000,000 bushels this year,
being 1,750,000 bushels more than the crop of
1881. There have beeu 1,225,000 acres culti
vated this season in corn, which will yield
70.250,000 bushels,or an excess over the crop
of last year of 10,000,'>00 bushels; oats will
reach 10,000,000 bushels; hay 1,000,000 tons;
sorghum 3,000,000 gallons, and putut<ies double
last year’s quantity. The State will be able to
export this year 175,000 cattle and 1100,000
hogs. The increase of sheep has been about
one-third during the past year, making the
~ “ The recent tone of the New York
World, and its undisguised ill-w ill towards the
administratidti, have been almost inexplicable
to many of its readers; but report now has it
that the proprietorship and control have been
so far changed as to make it a Seymour, anti
administration paper. There has been no in
fluential Democratic paper in New York since
the demise of the traitorous Day Book and
News, and perhaps the World is to supply the
deficiency. It has found it an up-hill business
to maintain itself as a Republican pa|>er against
the combined circulation of the Times, Post,
Commercial Advertiser and Tribune.
Proposals at Richmond fob a Trea
ty of Peace.—In the Richmond Ematniner’s
report ot the proceedings of the rebel House
of Representatives for Sept. 20th, we find the
Mr. Foote of Tennessee, ollered the follow
ing joint resolution, proposing to send a coui
1 missioner or commissioners to Washington
city, empowered to propose terms of just and
honorable peace:
He ml ceil by the Congress of the Confeder
ate Staten of America, That the signal suc
cess with which Divine Providence has so con
tinuously blessed our arms for several mouths
. past, would fully justify the Confederate gov
j. eminent in dispatching a commissioner to the
government at Washington city, empowered
to propose the terms of a just and honorable
’ peace.
2111*1 Su;r:ir.
i) t | 11 lifts. Cardenas Molasses,
do. Muscavado do.
100 boxes 11. 11. iSupar,
je23—3ra For sale by JOHN LYNCH & CO.
A Haro Cliauco !
TO any man who has $100 to expend a clianco is
given to make
This is lS~o I-Inmbug.
Call ami see, at Mrs. Dow’s, No. 2 Cotton Street.
To the Officers anil NoltlierK at
Camp Abraham Lincoln:
You are hereby invited to supply yourselves w ith
Cor. Exchange A Federal Sts., Portland.
Near City Building. seplihltf
NFAV im\ Giums.
Ladies and all persons purchasing
Arc earnestly Invited to an examination of
Cashmeres, Choice Dress Goods,
Choice Cotton and Wool DeLainet,
Balmoral Skirts, E'rench Corsets, Scarfs and Man
Kid Glores, Hosiery nnd Cloves,
Also Ttnev U’lu.loii i:»n.ln II.m_
Gaiter*, Wool Y arn*. Note, Dress Button*, Kuffles,
Edging*, Ac., Ac.
All of which wc offer at satisfactory prices.
Portland, Sept. 16,18(3. d3w
5*100 Bounty money, Buck Pay,
And Pensions.
THE undersigned is prepared to obtain from the
United States iioverumeut, *100 Bounty .Money,
Back Pay, &c., for heirs of Officers or Soldiers dying
in the U. .S. service.
Invalid Pension*,
Established for Officers and Soldiers, wounded or
disabled b/sickness contracted while in the servico
of the United States, iu the line of duty.
l*rocund for widows or children of Officers am! Sol
diers who have died while in the service of the Uni
ted States.
Prize Money, Pensions, Bounty and Back Pay col
lected for Seamen and their heirs.
Eeea. for each Pension obtained. Five Hollars.
All Maims against the Oovcrmneiit will receive
prompt attention.
Post Office address
Augusta, Me.
(Office No. 9 State House.)
lion. Lot M. Morrill, Hon. Joseph B. Hall,
U. 8. Senate, Sec’v of State,
Hon. James O. Blaine, Hon. Nathan Pane.
sep2>kl& w 14tf State Treasurer.
The subscriber having removed his stock of
AA A Art ID 'W A ±1 pi ,
— To his new store on —
- "i'- 111VU118 ni><i aim
with thank* for past favors would hereby solid! tlii-ir
further patrouatte.
rortlaml. Sept. 20. d&w4wl4
The Famous “Artillery Pipe,”
-The host pipe in the market
*cp24— 2w No. 51 Exchange Street.
There is an opportunity for a few more men to en
list in the
Crack Company F,
25 h Regiment, Capt. CHASE. They will receive the
Application can lie made at the Captain's quarters
at Camp Abraham Lincoln.
Sept. 22, tf
Surgeons Wanted.
teer Surgeons for Hospital service at or near
Washington, I>. C. Apply to lion. WT. W. Thomas,
Mayor, at Portland, and to the subscriber at Bruns
Bv order of the Governor and Commander-in
Sept. 22, 1862. scp23dlw Aidc-de-Camp.
( oats Paul*, Vests Jackets,
Ladies’ Riding Habits, &c.,
Cut, made aud trimmed by
A. D. KEEVES, - - Tailor,
Portland, Au|pi*t 6, 18d2. dly
THE market has been flooded for years with differ
ent articles called Hair Dyes, which Lave never
satisfied the expectations of purchasers. The nk
PLi a ultra has been reached at last in TODD'S
1IAIK DYE, and the article has given entire satis
faction to every person who has u**si it. It contains
no injurious ingredients, and gives the hair a tieauti
ful rich brown or black color. Directions for using
j —which are very simple—accompany each Inittle.
One superiority of Todd’s Eux Solis Hair Dye over
all others is, you do not have to cleanse the hair or
wash it before or after using the dye, aud there is but
one kiud to lx- used, aud that can he put on tin* same
as oil atid wafer, without any trouble, ittilik.i all oth
er dyes that have two or three differeut kinds to be
applied every time used. This dye is peculiarly
adapted for coloring ladies’ hair, because you do not
have to wash out the dye after putting it on. Unlike
all other dyes, it w ill color long hair, which other
dyes cannot do. Give this new article a trial, as we
kuow you will use no other after ouce using this.
tST For sale only at
No. 74 Middle, comer of Exchange Street.
International Bunk.
fITHK Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the
X International Bank will be held at their Hank
ing House, on Monday, Oct. 6th, at 10 o'clock A. M.,
tor the choice of Directors aud for the transaction of
i any other business that may legally come before
By order of the Directors,
Portland, Sept. 19, 1862. sep20—eodtd
PERSONS requiring licenses will find a Deputy
Collector at the Assessor's office, in the City
uunuiug, lor tne purpose or graining them.
Collector of 1st Collection District in the State of
Maine. sept23toct3
Office of Hit* l ulled Slates Muster
ing and Disbursing Officer,
WILL be found in H. N. Jose’s building, Lime
Street, adjoining the l*o*t Office.
SAM L DANA, Cant 17th Inf.,
Mustering and Disbursing officer.
Sept. 19th, 18*12. dtf
4 Tim'o Bank.
TITHE Annual Mcctiug of the Stockholders of this
JL Hank, for the choice of Directors and for the
transaction of other business, will be held at their
Hanking House, on Mouday, the 6th day of October
next, at 3 o'clock 1*. 31.
l»cr order, E. 1\ GEBKISH. Cashier.
Sept. 18, 1882. toetd
Dissolution of Copartii4ki*ship.
THE copartnership existing between Joseph Dun
nell and William S. Hradbury, under tin* firm of
William S. Hradbury k Co., is this day dissolved by
mutual couseur. JOS. Dl'NNELL,
Buxton, Sept. 20, 18*52. sep23d3w
Old Frames Kc-Oilt,
For Male or To Let.
rHE Three-story Brick Dwelling House
and-Lot, No. 61 lligh Street. The house
Is in perfect repair throughout, with
good drain, furnace and cisterns, an ex
... . ccltent cellar, and the boat of well water.
It is limit and finished in modern style,with gas.bath
ing room,waterworks, and all modern improvements,
and in situated in one of the most desirable locations
in the city. For terms apply to
11. F. DEANE,
aep24iseodtf GO State Street.
Tenement Wanted.
THE advertiser wants a good tenement for a small
family, within live to eight minutes walk of the
Fost Office. Kent not to exceed MOO. Inquire at
this office.
Fortland, Sept. 23. dlw
THE undersigned offers for sale, cheap, the Dwell
ing House, he now occupies, on the corner of
Cumberland and Farris Streets.
Flense call and examine for yourselves.
Aug. 30. d8w C. F. KIMBALL.
Ilouw* to Let*
DWELLING-11 OUSE, No 66 Free
Street..is to be? let, ami |iossession given
I immediately. The premises may be ex
amined at any time. For further partic
ulars apply to
August 9th, 1862. tf
Cooper’s Shop to Let.
ON Commercial Street, head of Hobeon't Wharf.
Inquire of J. II 1IAMLEN,
■c|»4tf Office ou Hobson’s Wharf.
To Let.
THE commodious Chamber in the northerly cor
ner of the new brick block, corner of Lime and
Milk Streets, directly facing the market. Kent low.
Enquire at office of
Sept. 15, 1802. dtf No. 27 Exchange St.
.Tlusrovado TIoltisse*.
"I I HHDS. Muscovado Mola*srs,
f>o tc«.
Of early importation, a mporior article for retail
ing. For rale !>v
■Itill.V I). LoliD.
I*ortland, Sept. 19. »3w No. 1 Union Wharf
Applrti. Apple*.
WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 100 bhl«. of Extra.
No. 1, hand-picked Baldwin Apples, for which
casu will he paid.
WM. ALLEN, .Fr..
sopl8dlw No. 13 A 15 Exchange Street.
AFLOAT and in Store.
1000 hlids. Turk’* Island.
w.wwv .w. 1 *rK« bark N. M. Haven,
lsio hhds. Caglian.
1200 hhds. Trapani.
3il00 sacks Liverpool.
tepGd3w DANA k CO.
Vermont Butter.
4^ TUBS Prime, for sale bv
English I*iekles nnd Sauces.
Al'KIME Assortment, for sale hr
^ w J. f. Weeks k co.
*)(WWWMY FEET gang-sawed, Seasoned
n F)\JVJyj Hemlock Boards.
100,000 feet rough-edged Hemlock Fence Boards, at
84 per M feet. For dale bv
auglod&wtoctll llobmu t Wharf.
2K(\ HALF CHESTS Fine Oolong Teas,
• " 50 do. do. Souchong do.
je23—3m For sale by JOHN LYNCH k CO.
At this season of the year,
nAS provided himself with an assortment ofCioods
for FALL WEAK, embracing
Among the*c try superior pa it turn for
Great Coats, Paletots,
Dress and Frock Coats,
Pantaloons and Vests.
From many years’ experience In making selections,
lie claims that the market does not afford more
Elegant, Fashionable and Substantial
Good* than he ha* in irtore.
The public are invited to call and examine.
Wbp l*olieieH
GRANTED to person* entering the Ml lit art or
Naval Service, by
Mutual Life Insurance Company,
Cash Fund SB,500,000.
(Eight and a half Million Dollar*.)
W. D. LITTLE, Agent,
§ep2—tf (office 31 Exchange Street.
Family Grroceries.
No, 300 Congres* Street,
HAVE taken store a* above, and intend to keep a
fresh ami prime assortment of every kind of
Such a* Tea*. Coffee*, Sugars, Spices, Dickie*, kc..
Having made arrangement* with some of our best
dairies, we also intend to keep supplied with the
To be found in the market; also,
Poultry, Vegetables, Eggs, &c.
HT 10UQ doz. Eggs wauted Immediately.
We respectfully Invite a share of public patronage,
and promise to give entire satisfaction to those wlio
purchase of us.
Sept. 11. 1882. endtfw
Best Ambrotype or Photograph,
DO not fail to call at No. 27 Market Square, where !
they take PERFECT LIKENESSES, ami war- ,
rant satisfaction, at price* vhich defy conqietitiou.
N. B.—Large Ambrotype* oa/g F\fteen Crnts.
J27 Market Square, h'd Preble St.
New Works !
Adopted by the War Department; also.
Telegram "War NTnp,
Best map published for 25 cents.
53 Exchange Street
Aug. 29.1862. dtf
Fall Styles
No, 151 Middle Street,
fruit Outs.
A GOOD ASSORTMENT of bruit Cans, both
Glass and I'iu. ter sale at Manufacturer*’ Trices,
Old City Uall, 1’ortland.
July 29,1362. d2mis
ikternatiokal steamship CO
tl,a,,*e of Ihe Days of Sailing.
"l»ew Brunswick,"
4m|MK?T,t | B. Winchester, and Steamer
The Steamer “New Brunswick” will 1p«*«
Wharf foot State .Street, every KJCSSEW
Returning, leave*St. John every Thursday at 8 A M
wi!iT?^r .“Jiew Eugland” will leave Hailroad
> harf toot .State Street, every Thursday at 6 P M.
RraJ-"p*i.lr*vt'’ 8t-John every Monday at J a! M,
P v l)r ■? freight received after 4 o'clock
1 •*■ on *>«■ « »y of sailing.
hruugh tickets are sold by this line, connecting at
East port with stage coaches' for Mackias, and with
.learner wnecn for ft,, 'alais, at Stephens
sad St. Antlrers nna at the latter place over raK
w*y ,for /. kssstrrbury. Ifoodsfodr aid /lajtjn,
w hich is the eheapesi and Heist exncditkins wav nt
reaching the Aroostook County. ^ ou" W*T •'
* e also ticket through per steamers ana esilw...
•or tfmdsor l/a/ija.i. thgh,,. Fredericton, Snsnt,
Manet,.,,. She,/,,te, Prince Filvards Island I’irtim
A nr/A Shore ,f Sese Urnnsscick, Mirim,chi
tUuj ue t hat, nr ’
Sept. 84, 1*3. dtf C. C. EATON, Agent.
Kt nnclMH' A Portland Railroad Co.
rpilE Trustees of the f irst Mortgage Bondholders
X hereby notify a ineeling ot said Itondholders, to
*»■ In,Men at the Depot in Brunswick, on Wednes
day. the eighth day of October next, at nine o’clock
in the morning, to hear the Reports which may b#
offered, autl it> attend to any other business which
may come before them.
„ . _ „ John I’ATTEN,
Brnuswick. Sept. 15th. HUB.
Kmac-bec A Portland Railroad Co.
rptu Trustees of the Second Mortgage BondboM
M. era hereby notify a meeting of said Bondholder*
to be holdeu at the Depot in Brunswick on w!S2Z
day the eighth day of October next, at ten o’clock la
the morning, to hear the Report* which mav be offer*
ed, aud to attend to any other business which may
come beforo them. *
JOS. McKEKN, l _
Brunswick, Sept. 16. 18«2. »epl9codtoct8
GAS ! GA si GA8T
Every one can burn Gas from Kerosene Oil by using
Patent Kerowene Burner,
For burning Kerosene Oil,
IT i* applied to the common Fluid Lamp, which Is
tilled with Kerosene Oil, and generate* gas from
the oil, being perfectly safe, and gives the best and
Try it om, «ml yuu will never be without H, or
buy auy mure chimney,.
Price only Twenty Cents.
Bcptli— lw
Corner of Fore Street ud Port last Pier,
la the place where OYSTERS of lbs beat
■ lUality are aerved up at a few momenta'
notice, in (very style, at any hoar in
the day or evening.
Also, ALE, I’OUTER. CIGARS, Ae. augT-lmd
No. II? Middle Street, Portland, Me.
Aug. 15. ly
Richards’ Combined Glue and Cement
WILL save ten times its cost to any family using
it to repair Furniture. (Hast. (Yockery and
atone Ware. Wholesale and retail by
imtxl3w G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange Street.
T HONI A 8 O. LORilfG,
f|TRl'S8E.S applied without extra charge, and a
JL perfect fit guaranteed. Children’s Trusses, alsd
instruments lor the cure of bow legs, weak ancles and
club feet. Elastic .Stockings for theacure of enlargeo
veins constantly on hand.
EF" The Poor liberally considered. augTTdtf
All the leading styles for Fall
wear now open
130 Middle Street. *
If you want an easy fitting and genteel hat try the
Oill, Rosewood, Black W alnut and
Oak Mouldings.
AT lowest cash prices, In quantities to raft the
trade. Ship Mouldings made and finished to
order by MORRISON CO.,
Market Square.
MANHOOD-How Lott! Xow Restored!
Just published, in a sealed Envelope,
raicx six cxxts.
AND RADICAL CL RE ol Spermatorrhoea or
Seminal Winkiut* Invollinfirv k miuinna Mow nit
Debility, ami Impediments to Marriage generally,
Nervousness. Consumption. EpRepsv and Fits; Men
tal and Physical lncapacitv. resulting from Self*
Abuse, Ac -By ROUT J. CULVER WELL, X. D.#
Author of the Gkeen Book, Ac.,
MA Been In ThsanaMb *f Sufferer*,’*
sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any addres*,
postpaid, on receipt of six ceuts, or two postaga
stamps, by Dr. OH. J KLINE. 127 Bomthy, Kkw
Y«»rk. Post Ur pick. Box, 4686.
June 23. i*4mdAw
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within
and tor the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the year of our Lord eigh
teen hundred and sixty-two,
MARK H. DUNN ELL. Executor of the last Will
aad Testament of Matthias Libby, late of Port
land. in said County, th-ceased. haring presented hia
first account of administration of said estate for pro
bate. also his private account against said estate for
probate and allowance:
It ims Ordered, That the said Executor give notice
to all persons interested, by causing notice to be pub
lished three weeks successively in the Maine State
Press, printed at Portland, that they may appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said’Portland, on the
third Tuesday of October next, at ten of the clock
in the forenoon, and shew cause, if any they have,
whv the same should not be allowed.
A true copy, attest:
w3wl4* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within
and tor the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the year of our Lord eigh
teen hundred and sixty-two,
MARTHA ADAM?, Widow of John Adams, lata
of Falmouth, in said County, deceased, having
presented her |>etitioii for the assignment of her
Dower in tin* real estate of which he died seised :
It tntH th-drrrd, that the said Petitioner give sa
tire to all jH-rsons interested, by causing notice to
be published three weeks *ucces*ively in the Main*
State Press printed at Portiaud, that tney mav appear
ut h Probate Court to ho held at said ‘Portlana, on
the third Tuesday of October next, at teu of tha
clock in th« forenoon, and shew cause. If any they
have, why the same should uot be granted.
A true copy. Attest.
w3wl4* KK.ENE HUMPHREY, Register.
At a Uotnrr ok Puobatk held at Portland, within
and for the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in thoyearof our Lord eigh
teen hundred ami sixty-two,
KlCiiARD SMALL, (•uardian of James F. Gars
ry, minor heir of Elliott Gerry, late of Limerick,
deceased, having presented his’ third account of
guardianship of said minor for probate:
It k>is Ordered, That the said Guardian giro no
tice to all persons interested, by causing notice to ba
published three weeks successively in the Mains
State Press, printed at Portland, that they mar ap
pear at a Probate Court to be held iu said Pori land,
on the third Tuesday of October next, at ten of tha
clock in the forenoon. aud show cause, if anr thcr
hate, why the same should not be allowed.
A true copy, Attest :
w3wl4* EUGENE HUM I’ll KEY, Register.
It HE Subscriber hereby rives public notice to all
concerned, that he ha* beeu duly appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Administrator of
the estate of
DANIEL W. ANTIIOINE. late of Windham,
in the County of Cumberland, deceased, by rririag
bond as the law directs; 1m* therefore requests ail per
sons who are iudebted to the said d**ceased s estate, to
make immediate payment; and those Oho have any
demands thercou. to exhibit the same for settlement
Windham, Sept. 16, 1862. w3wl4*
— I propose to sell my —
i N t> Fixtures, for no other reason than that I oaa
not atteud to it, having auother brauch of busi
ness which requites all my personal attention My
stock is good and not large, most of it
Worth More than Coat J
1 have as grnnl a run of custom as any establish*
iiu nt in the city, and the locality the very best.—
Terms easy and determined to sell. Address Bor
2170, Portland P. O. sopt28»f

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