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Ordination of the Chaplain of the 25th
A Council convened yesterday forenoon at
the High Street Church Vestry, for the exami
nation of Mr. Edward B. Furbish, son of D.
H. Furbish, Esq., of this city, preparatory to
his ordination as an Evangelist, for the purpose
of becoming Chaplain of the 25th Maine regi
ment. The council consisted of Fastors and
delegates from the 2d Parish, 3d Parish, High
Street,State Street, Bethel and West Churches,
Portland, and the 1st Church, Westbrook.
Rev. Dr. Caruuthers was choseu Moderator,
and Rev. Horatio llsley, Scribe.
The examination of Mr. Furbish having
proved satisfactory, it was voted to proceed
with (lie ordination, and to assign the parts
for the services of the same.
In the afternoon the services of ordination
took place at the High Street Church. The
25th regiment, commanded by Col. Fessenden,
and accompanied by the Portland Rand,
marched in from Camp Lincoln and took seats
in the pews on the lower floor of the Church.
After the soldiers had got seated, the house
was filled to overflowing by the ladies and
gentlemen who had waited outside until the
regiment had entered. The services then pro
ceeded as follows:
Invocation,reading of scriptures and prayer,
by Rev. Mr. Southworth of Westbrook.
Singing—“Uo preach my gospel, saitli the
Sermon by Rev. Dr. Carruthers from Job
21,15—'“What is the Almighty that we should
serve him ? and what profit should we have,
If we pray unto him t"—ami 1st Timothy 4, 8,
‘•Godliness is profitable unto all things.”
Ordaining prayer by Hcv. Mr. M Trill of the
Bethel Church.
Charge to the candidate by Rev. Dr. Cltick
Right hand of leliowship by Rev. Horatio
Daley of West Church. •
Address to the officers and soldiers of the
25th, by Rev. Dr. Bosworth of the Free Street
Baptist Church.
Concluding prayer by Rev. Mr. Sewall, of
Luneuberg, Vermont.
Benediction by Rev. E. B. Furbish the can
Prior to tlie benediction the audience joined
in singing—the Band leading—the by inn, “God
bless our native land,” to the tune of America.
The services throughout were of the most
interesting character,and were listened to with j
the strictest attention. The ordaining prayer !
by Rev. Mi. Merrill, was fervent and impres
sive. The sermon of Dr. Carruthers was only
about twenty-five minutes in delivery, but it
was one of his finest efforts. The charge by
Dr. (.'bickering was earnest and faithful. The
right hand of fellowship by Rev. Mr. llsly was
the gushing out of a warm heart from one
brother to another. Dr. Bosworth, in his ad
dress to the officers and soldiers, was peculiarly
eloquent and happy. The occasion was a sol
emn one, and it w ill be long remembered.
After the services were over the regiment
again formed, and with the Band, marched
back to the camp.
Bank Dividends.
The Banks in this city have declared their
semi-annual dividends, payable on and after
Monday next. They are as follows:
Banks. Capita) Dividend. Amount.
Ilk. of Cumberland, UDG.000 4 per cent. 98.UU0
Usual. 000,000 4 •• 24,000 i
Casco, 600,000 4 •• •• 24.000
International. 625,0110 8 '■ 18.700
Man k Traders', 360.000 4 10.000 1
Merchants, 300,000 4 “ '* 12,0)10
Mechanics', 100,000 3 •• '• 3,000
*2,676,000 922,760
The above are nett dividends, the several
Banks paying the three per cent, income tax
upon the dividends instead of deducting it from i
the stockholders' dividends. The amount the
Government will receive for the tax on Bank
dividend, in this city is about $3,000. The
dividends are the same as they were in April.
Pkdduno without a License.—Deputy
Marshal Heald yesterday arrested a man
named R. T. Harkins for peddling without a
license. The man has been about our city
and over to the camp, hawking his watches
and jewelry, and has made himself so notori
ous with his bogus gold trash, that complaint I
was made against him. He will have au ex- 1
animation in the Municipal Court this morn- I
ing. The man, if lie bus no license, is liable 1
both under our State law and the United ;
States Excise law. By the 26th section of the
Excise law, “Any person who (teddies jewelry
■hull pay $25 for each license.” This is in ad
dition to the tax imposed by our Slate law.
TnE Stekeoptkox.—Lancaster Hall w as I
filled to overflowing last evening to witness
the wonderful power of Die Stereoplicon, in 1
its life-like presentation of forms, places, slat- j
uary, Ac. Repeated applause testified the de- |
light of the audience at the exhibition. There ■
will be one inure litis evening at the saute
place. A11 hour and a half cannot be spent
more pleasantly. There will also be an exhi
bition this afternoon, for children and adults.
The admission fee will be only six cents lor
any oue; commencing at 3 o’clock.
ETi Ue steamer Uamel »Y ebs'er, having 1
been released from her charter to Government,
lias been thoroughly fitted up and painted in
New York. She will leave that port for this
place tills morning, and will be in readiness on
her arrival here to receive her furniture and
start again upon her old route between this
place and Bangor.
To the Charitable.—There are some
thirty or forty patients in the hospital at Camp
Abraham Lincoln, and there is a want of sheets
and some other necessary articles of bedding.
It is only necessary to give our Portland
ladies the hint (God bless them) and they will
see that these wants are supplied.
Steppiug into Croasmau & Poor's
Apothecary store yesterday, we noticed that
their premises seemed twice as long as they
were the day previous. This somewhat sur
prised us, as we had seen ue signs of masons
or carpenters about there. But a closer ex
amination revealed the magic mirror as the
creator of this pleasing effect.
The Hutchinson's ake Coming. — The
famous Hutchinson Family, who have so de
lighted everybody with their singing, will give
a concert in the new City Hall, next Friday
evening. Particulars hereafter.
Contract for Tents.—Mr. F. A. Leavitt,
sallmaker, on AVidgery's Wharf, has, in con
junction with Messrs. Philbrook & Washburn,
of Camden, obtained a contract for making
500 tents, to be finished by the 15th inst.
Mrs. A. P. Thompson will lecture in
Sons of Temperance Hall, to-morrow, at 3 and
7 o’clock, P. M. A free social meeting is held
at the same place every Sunday, at 10 1-2
o’clock, A. M.
Dr. Colton gave an exhibition of his
Laughing Gas at the new City Hall last even
ing. This alternooti he gives an exhibition for
women and children only. See advertisement.
Go to the Auction this, Saturday, evening,
Oct, 4, at 09 Exchange Street, a few doors
above the Post Office. It*
There will be no services at St. Stephen's
Church to-morrow.
Portland Daily Press.
The Rebels to lloist the Black Flay.
Southern Opinions of the Procla
Fortress Monroe, Oct. 2.
The flag of truce boat Metamora, arrived
here to-day, from Aiken's Landing. She
brought down about u dozen passengers, one
of whom reports that the rebel Congress had
resolved ill all future actions to hoist the black
flag to exterminate the Federal* witiiout show
ing quarter.
The Richmond Whig of the 1st, says infor
mation from Gen. Lee's army indicates that
an important flattie is impending, and will
take place at the close of this week.
Gen. McClellan’s army is on this side of the
Potomac, and is advancing.
The Confederate army is in excellent condi
tion and eager for the tray.
The Whig speaks of President Lincoln's pro
clamation as ordaining a servile, insurrection
in tile Confederate States, and says it, is not
misunderstood either by the North or the
South, and adds, ** It is a dash of the pen to
destroy lour millions ol our prosperity, and is
as much as a bit! Ibr the slaves to rise in in
surrection, with the assurance of aid from the
whole military and naval power ol the United
Stales. It speaks of tile cruelty of the Ad
ministration, and says Gen. liutler is a saint
compared with his master.
The Whig also says our military operations
tire henceforth to assume a very grave charac
ter. The (tends new programme will necessa
rily destroy all terms lielween us.
The next campaign will Ire a tremendous
one, Itoth for the magnitude and character of
the operations. Let our authorities prepare
tin- whole strength of our people for the tre
mendous shock. The enemy is making great
preparations, as well as Issuing fiendish proc
lamations. We must respond with equal en
ergy. Il we do not, we are lost; but we will
do it.
The Whig has the following information:—
Yesterday the Yankees advanced on Warren
ton, taking the sick and wounded prisoners
and parolling them. The movements of Lee
ami Jackson were towards that place on Sat
urday, hut their exact movement is not known.
It is enough to know that our Generals under
stand what they are about.
James River was never lower than now in
the neighborhood of Lynchburg. A person
run walk across on the rocks without wetting
his feet.
A dispatch from Memphis, dated Sept. 28th,
says there is no news of importance.
The Spanish frigate which arrived here yes
terday tired a salute to-day, ami was respond
ed to from Fortress Monroe.
Doings of His* Kobe! Congress in
rotation to raining- tlie
Black I'lag.
Benuregard In roinninnd nt Charleston
and Savannah.
Washington, Oct. 3.
The Richmond Whig of Sept. 30, contains
the following:
In the confederate Senate on the 29th. Mr.
Semines of La., submitted the following joint
Resolved, by the Congress of the Confeder
ate States. That the proclamation of Abraham
Lincoln, President of tlie United States of
America, issued at the city ol Washington in
the year 18112. wherein he declares that on the
first day of January, in the year of our Lord,
18(53, all persons held as slaves within any
State, or designated parts of a State, whereof
the iteople shall be in rebellion against the U.
S., shall l>e henceforth and forever Iree, is lev
elled against the citizens of the Confederate
States, and as such is a gross violation of the
usages of civilized warfare, an outrage on the
rights of private property, and an invitation
for an atrocious w ar, and therefore should be
held up to the execration of mankind, and
counteracted by such severe retaliatory meas
ures as in the judgment of the President may
be best calculated to secure its withdrawal or
arrest its execution.
Mr. Clark ol Mo., moved that flie resolution
be referred to the committee on foreign affairs,
lie was in favor of declaring every citizen of
the Southern Confederacy a soldier, authoriz
ed to put to death every man caught on our
soil in arms against the government.
Mr. Semines of La., said the resolution had
not been drawn without reflection. The ques
tion of retaliation was exclusively an execu
tive one, to be regulated by circumstances, but
it was proper that the legislative department
of the government should express its approval
of the retaliation contemplated by the resolu
Mr. Henry of Tenti., said the resolution did
not go fur enough. He favored the passage of
a law providing that upon any attempt being
made to execute the proclamation of Abraham
Lincoln we immediately hoist the bluck Hag.
and proclaim a war of extermination against
all invaders of tilt- soil.
Mr. Phelan, of Mississippi, said that he had
always been in favor of cuuductilig tbc war
under the black Hag. If that Hag had been
raised at Manassas a year ngo the w ar would
have been ended ere now.
Mr. Yancey, of Alabama, moved that the
pending resolution, together with the resolu
tions submitted by him some time since rela
tive to retaliation, etc.. Is* reii*rr,.il In a ..-li.-t
committee of three,jukI he made the specinl
order for Wednesday next.
Mr. Burnett, of Kentucky, moved that all
of said resolutions he referred to the commit
tee on the judiciary; this was agreed to.
Gen. Beauregard, Sept. 24th, officially an
nounced his assumption of tin* command of
tile Department of South Carolina and Geor
gia. lie says:—Ii: entering upon the duties
which may involve at an early day the defence
of two of the most important cities in the Con
federate States against the most formidable ef
forts of our most powerful enemy, I shall rely
on the ardent patriotism and the intelligent
and unconquerable spirit of the officers and
men under my command, to sustain success
fully and to maintain our posts, and the credit
of our country and our ow n honor. And to
avoid irremediable disasters, it is essential
that all should yield Implicit oltedieuce to any
orders emanating from superiors in authority.
The Richmond W hig says the entire rebel
losses in the Manassas battles do not exceed
5,000, ami that the losses in tint engagements
in Maryland range between 5,000 and 0,000.
From New Orleans and Key West
Citizens of New Orleans to take the Oath of
Nicw York, Oct. 3.
Steamer Marion, from New Orleans, lias
Key (I'cst, Sept. 29.—Win. G. Hewes, an old
citizen of New Orleans and a native of Bos
ton, died at llolley Springs, Miss., of conjes
tive chills.
(Jen. Butler had ordered all citiftns, male and
female, above the age of eighteen, to take the
oath of allegiance by Oct. 1st, on pain of im
prisonment and the confiscation of all their
A gang of twenty guerillas from above Iber
ville had voluntarily surrendered.
Tbe Marion brought $252,000 in specie.
Review of the Army of Potomac
by the President.
Great enthusiasm of the People.
October 3. (
The President, in company with Gen. Mc
Clellan, reviewed to-day tlie several camps of
the army of the Potomac, beginning with that
of (Jen. Burnside, near the mouth of Antietam,
and concluding with that of Gen. Franklin at
Bakersville, and those of Gens. Porter and
Reynolds. At the review of each corps the
people collected in large numbers, and mani
fested the greatest enthusiasm in meeting the
President and little Mac.
The prevailing spirit of loyalty was clearly
indicated by the greetings which on every
hand were showered upon the distinguished
men. (Jen. McClellan was most enthusiasti
cally cheered by the soldiers.
The President, after visiting Gen. Richard
son who lies near by. will in the morning be
escorted to Frederick, when he will take a
special train for Washington.
Consultation of N. T. Liquor Dealers.
Order Relative to Sharpshooters.
Washington, Oct 3.
The Solicitor of the Treasury has given a
second opinion concerning the removal of
goods from their manufactory prior to the 1st
of Sept. By this opinion all goods actually
removed from the premises where they are
manufactured are exempt from taxation. By
the word “premises” is meant not only the
buildings where the manufacture is carried on,
but also storehouses connected therewith and
used for the purpose of storing the manufac
tures. The opinion will be printed and dis
tributed immediately.
The consultation of a committee of whole
sale liquor dealers from New York, held yes
terday with the commission of the Internal
Revenue, was for the purpose of having regu
lations established whieli will facilitate the
moving and selling ot spirits in bond for ex
I port. Several propositions have been submit
ted, but as yet no conclusion bus been reached.
Carpenter Leonard Wentworth, U. S. A.,
ordered to the Jamestown, cannot be found.
According to the act of Congress, July last,
the Western gunboat fleet has just been trans
ferred from tlie War to the Navy Department
All tile vessels now under construction or re
pair by authority of the War Department, are
to lie completed and paid for under the author
ity of that Department, from the appropriation
made for that purpose.
The War department is informed that certain
general ollicers of the volunteer service, on
li.tin.r r,.ti..v..,1 f*.. ... .... .
ierri*(l from one command to another, have
occasionally carried off with then* the soldiers
employed as clerks or orderlies at their former
headquarters. A recent general order says,
not only had they no right and should have
known better than to do so, hut was wrong in
their superiors in command, nor will it again
la* permitted. All soldiers so separated from
their regiments will be immediately returned
to them, and the commanding officers of all
regiments from which men are thus irregularly
detached, shall, if the latter be not returned
within a reasonable time, promptly report tin*
tacts to the Adjutant General’s office for the
i further action of the department.
According to other army orders just issued,
uo officer will hereafter Ik* relieved from his
command, and sent to report in this city, with
out the authority of tin- NVar Department.
When the subordinate officers art* guilty of
military offences, or are neglectful or incompe
tent, it is the duty of the commander to have
them tried for their offences, or examined in
regard to their inconq>etency by a proper
court or commission, and this duty caunot be
evaded by sending them to Washington.—
Hereafter officers so sent to headquarters will
he immediately ordered hack, and those who
sent them w ill be deemed guilty of disobedi
ence of orders.
No person shall Ik* mustered into the service
5>f tin* l . S. as a member of tin* corps of
sharpshooters, unless he shall produce the cer
t ill cate ot some person duly authorized by the
government of the State in which the com
pany is raised, that he has in live consecutive
shots at two hundred yards, at rest, made a
string not over twenty-live inches, or the same
string of hand at one hundred yards, the cer
tificate to be written on the target used at the
The State prisoners to Ik* exchanged left
here this afternoon, under the superintendence
of Maj. Schenck: Mr. Wood, who has charge
i of the old Capitol Prison, accompanying, to
negotiate the exchange.
Arrival of Oity of Washington off Cape Race.
Cape Race, Oct. 3.
The steamship City of Washington, from
Liverpool Sept. 2ltli ami Gueenstowu 23th,
arrived off this point at 10 o'clock this t'orc
I noon.
The City of Washington has 90 cabin and
220 steerage passengers. She experienced
westerly winds.
The steamship City of New York arrived
out on tile 23th nit.
The American Consul at Vienna wrote to
Garibaldi, asking, ;is be had failed in his patri
otic effort in Italy, if he would oiler his valiant
arm in the American struggle for liberty and
unity, promising him an enthusiastic reception.
Garibaldi, under date of Sept. 14th, replied: —
“I am a prisoner and dangerously wounded,
and it is consequently impossible for me to
dispose of myself. However, as soon as I am
restored to liberty, and my wounds are healed,
1 shall take the first opportunity to satisfy my
desire to serve tlie Great Republic, of which I
am a citizen, and which is now lighting for
universal liberty.”
The above correspondence appears in one of
the newspapers of Vienna.
The U. tS. corvette St. Louis remained at
Lisbon, and will probably continue there ail
The steamer Alabama, which was returning
to Liverpool when the Europa sailed, proved
not to be the steamer 290.
The Daily News reverts to tlie proposed ex
odus of tlie negroes as a wild scheme, and
says the sooner the American Government
leaves off talking about what it cannot effect,
the Water it will be for its dignity and reputa
The Times thinks tlie recent reverses have
restored liberty of speech in the North, and
apparently almost suspended the Government
at Washington.
Tlie Morning Post thinks a strange and un
looked for coup (C etnl may possibly terminate
tin- war. It says a man of ordinary limitless
may establish out of the ruins of the Union a
new Republic, and thinks that even if Jeff
Davis should assume the Presidency, the
North would accept him, in order to preserve
It is stated that the doctrine of the Federal
Government that foreign trading vessels not
carrying contraband goods require a permit to
enter ports of the Union, is held by France to
be wholly inadinissahle.
France has energetically protested against
| the capture of the ship Limanelte at New Or
The substitute for cotton, which has attract
ed so much attention, is the fibres of a marine
plant, known as bortrea uiariua or common
grass wreck.
The Manchester cotton supply association,
at its annual meeting, took a hope fit I view of
tlie capacity of India, but denounced tile ob
structive policy of the Indian government.
The impeachment of Sir Charles is called
The rioting at Belfast lias been serious, but
w ithout loss of life.
Business in the French cotton manufactur
ing districts has not been so dull since the
revolution of 184R.
The Paris bourse bad been higher, but react
ed to 89f 10c.
Garibaldi's condition continues to improve,
but it was expected that many months would
elapse before he could lie removed.
Humors of amnesty are again in circulation.
Wreck of a (iovernmenl Vessel.
New York. Oct. 3.
The steamer British Queen arrived from
Havana 27th and Nassau 29th.
News from Havana anticipated.
The steamer Scotia arrived at Nassau 28th
from Charleston. The health of Nassau was
The schooner Narragansett, from Philadel
phia for Ship Island, with naval stores for the
U. S. Government, was recently wrecked near
Berry Islands.
The steamer Anglia, from Charleston, ar
rived at Nassau on the 20th, and cleared again
ostensibly for St. John N. B.
The schooner Maggie Fulton has arrived
front Wilmington N. C. with cotton, turpen
tine, Ac.
Advices from Barbadoes represent much
sickness there, and a number of deaths from
yellow' fever.
Engagement of Neosho.
St. Louis, Oct. 3.
Advices received at headquarters from Gen.
Schollcld state that an engagement had taken
place at Neoslia between the Kansas troops
under Col. Solomon and a superior force of
rebels. The loss on both sides was trivial. The
Kansas troops were obliged to retire, leaving
the field to the enemy, who greatly outnum
j bored them. Col. Solomon’s force w as about
I 1U00.
Napoleon on Mexican Affairs.
New York, Oct. 3.
A letter from the Emperor Napoleon to the
commander of the French forces in Mexico,
approves of his conduct and that of his troops.
Bays the national honor i» involved, and that
he will be sustained by all the resources that
he can desire; that the General has done well
to protect Gen. Almonte, and that it was con
trary to his (Napoleon’s) intentions to im
pose any government whatever on (he Mexi
can people, and they can freely choose any
lorm they prefer.
Gen. Forey was expected at Yera Cruz
Sept. 20th.
[Owing to an interruption of the telegraph
line between this city and Boston, we are un
able to give a full report of telegraphic Intelli
gence this morning.]
(I’cr City uf Washington off Capo Race.)
two days wore 2.UUU bales, induing l,6oo to specu
lators aiid exporters. The lut^wot is easier and nom
inally unchanged.
Messrs. Richardson, Spence A Co.. Wakefield. Nash
A Co. and others, report Flour dull and declined fid.
Wheat declined 1 o 2d: Red Western J* u lot; Red
Southern 10s 3d a In* fid; White Western Its a 11s
4d: White Southern 11s fid 12s; Corn uuict but
steady; mix’d 23- fid n 21*
Pork very dull. Bacon quiet but stead v. Lard steady.
Tallow steady.
live, .spirit* Turpentine tio nales. Sugar quiet._
ttice salt s small, Coffee quiet. Rosin firm.
l < iv iit iv Mi i\ t-v %r a ifl: l'-i« , •._•. _. > _.
93} o 93} for money.
American aecuritiee, Erie railroad, 29 % 29}; Illi
nois Central railroad 60} & 40} discount.
[Latest via. Queenstown.]
Liverpool Cotton Market.—The sales for two days
were 2,000 bales, including 1,000 to speculators and
ex|orters; the market closed dull at slight decline.
Breadstuff*—quiet hut steady.
Provision*—very dull.
Loudon Money Market.—Consols closed on Thurs
day at 93} for money.
American Securities—quiet but steady.
New York Market*
New York, October
Cotton dull and drooping; sales400 bales at 66} tv
66 for middling uplands.
y lour—Stale and Western 6c better, in consequence
of the demand for home consumption; superfine
State 6 30 a 6 45; Extra State 6 60 u> 5 80. Bound
Hoop Ohio 6 96 (C 0 05; common lo good Extra
Western 5 . 1 •< C05; Superfine Western o30 a 6 60;
Southern lirnier: Mixe<l to good 5 90 ^ 6 60; f ancy
and Extra 0 66 <4. 7 70; Canada 6c latter; Extra 6 75
tv 7 50.
Win at heavy and lc low»*r; Chicago spring 1 09
1 17; Milwaukee club 1 15 1 18; Winter Red West
ern 1 20 q. 1 3*; amber Iowa 1 20 a 1 23} and new at
1 23 a 1 23}; White Michigan 140 <• 1 60; White
Cnnatia 1 55; A mb* r Missouri 1 34} for choice.
rorn—unchanged; mixed Western 68 ra 60 for
shipping, and 65 </ 68 for eastern.
«hits—dull at 57 * Go.
Fork—firmer; niessll [email protected] 11 75; prime mess 1018]
@ 10 26; w estern prime mess 10 60.
Butter tirm.
Whiskey—unchanged; sale* 350 bbis at 33 '3 33},
and 200 bbls E and I> at 34.
Sugars—quiet,; New Orleans 94 A 12; Muscmado
8} a b.
Molasses—Muscovado 42.
Freights to Liverpool—a shade firmer; oot ton 5-16*1 ;
flour 3s 3s 3d ; graiu 11} « 12}il iu bulk and ship*'
Stock Market.
New York. Oct. 3.
Stock* higher; Chicago!* Rock Island82; Cleveland
!cTolcdo 72} ; • •aleua & Chicago84; Cleveland & Pitts*
burg 35; Illinois Central Scrip 81}: Michigan South
ern guaranteed 78}; Michigan Southern 40; Michignn
Central 86j: New York Central U4]; krie5G; Erie
preferred R6; Hudson 22}; Reading 76}; Milwaukee
k Prairie du Chieu 364; Pacific Mail 123}; American
Cold 122j; Teucssee U's 60; Missouri G's 62}; L'. S.
demand notes 119}
The Indians the Allies of the Reb
els.- -The Sl Paul Press gives a variety of
facts to show that the Indian troubles in that
State (Minnesota) have been instigated by
men in sympathy with the Southern rebels.
Hon. Henry M. Rice, Democratic U. S. Sen
ator from Minnesota, writes Sept. 9th, saying:
“ The Sioux Indians were induced by rebels
and traitors to make war upon our people.—
Last year they sent emissaries among them, as
well as among the I'liippewas, which was no
One of the chiefs of the Menominee Indians,
(friendly to the w hites), said in a council of his
tribe, that “all the western tribes were going to
join the South,” and notice hail been sent to
them (the Menotuinces) that “ the blow was to
be struck this summer.”
Robert Mills, of Columbus, Wis., received a
letter about the 25th of August, from his broth
er, a Lieut. Colonel of Ashby's rebel cavalry,
advising him to move down into Illinois for
safety. The reason assigned was, that “ there
would be a general uprising of the Indians
throughout the Northwest about the first of
We learn that Gov. Washburn has re
ceived a letter from Prof. Hitchcock, of the
Scientific Survey, now in Aroostook comity,
giving an account ot a valuable and extensive
iron mine which has been discovered by his
party, in No. Id, Range 4. It is said by Prof.
II., that this is the only ore known in the
States capable of furnisbirg iron suitable for
the purpose of building our iron clad ships of
SF“T he sword, says the Newburyport Her
ald, it is evident, must be the arbiter in the
case before the country—between loyalty and
rebellion. Nominally this has been acknowl
edged for a year and a half; but mere words
arc nothing, and now there must be action,
earnest, persevering, decisive.
'{L' A fire occurred in Gloucester on the
1st lust., by which a small building was de
stroyed. diaries Wells of York, Me., who
was in the attic, lost his life. It is also report
ed that a second body was found in the ruins.
Mrs. Robinson, daughter of an old gentleman
named Lufkin, was accidentally shot by him
on the same day.—[Newburyport Herald.
Arming and liberating slaves, asserts
a correspondent in Louisiana, is to be under
taken in that State. He thinks that some
40,000 w ill receive their liberty and be armed
as soldiers.
Z&~‘ The Annual Autumnal Convention o*
the Cnitariau laxly throughout the I'nited
States, will lie holden this year in Brooklyn,
N. Y., on the 14th, 15th and 10th days of Oc
tober. liev. C. C. Everett of this eity, will
preach one of the convention sermons,— [Ban
gor Whig.
Z3F~ The Aroostook Times learns that a
man in Molunkus who had volunteered as one
of the quota of that place, deliberately cut one
of his hands off at the wrist, in order to evade
Acc ident.—A man belonging to a Waldo
regiment was shot at the barracks yesterday.
The bullet was probably from a revolver fired
by some person in the street. The ball struck
near his eye and flattened, but did not pene
trate. He was not dangerously wounded.
—[Bangor Whig.
Zff' The Augusta Age classes the New
York Journal of Commerce as a'republican
paper. Judge Kedington once spoke of the
Age as a religious paper. About as near the
truth in one ease as in the other.
Z3F~ Tlie ex-Queen of Naples, with the
Count and Countess Trani, are residinng in
Bavaria. They have determined, or the
present not to return to Rome.
The Louisville Journal says: “A gen
tleman who has opportunities to possess in
formation as to the movements of the enemy
in Kentucky,informs us that the whole number
of rebel troops in the State is 78,000, including
O, 000 recruits who have joined them since
they entered the State. Two thousand of the
[Utter have already deserted.”
The Gardiner Journal says that the
Great Falls Manufacturing Company in that
city have sold out their paper mill t > parties
in Gardiner and Boston.
ZJF~ The tax on the Chinese in California
has been pronounced unconstitutional. The
question has been brought before the Supreme
Court, and determined.
TIT" “I thought you told me, doctor, that
Smith's fever had gone off?” Oh, yes! but it
and Smith went oil' together.”
sar- One of the newspapers in enumerating
the evils likely to result from the final success
of the South in establishing their independ
ence—admitting the possibility of such a thing
—declares that the beautiful plains of Mexico,
on which no slave has trod since that conntry
achieved her independence of Spain, will fall
a prey to the rapacity of Southern planters,
and slavery be re-established throughout the
land, as State after State becomes annexed to
the Confederacy.
Baton Roro* Not Given Cp.—The New
Orleans correspondent of the N.Y. Express says
that Baton Rouge is still held by our gun
boats. The Federal troops have been with
drawn, but there is no rebel force in or near
it. Nor has it been burned. A few buildings
were destroyed as a matter of necessity, in or
der that the guns of the fleet might have a
fair chance at any reliel force that should at
tempt to occupy the town.
Prompt for Action.—Capt. Rodgers, of
i the Galena, now in Hampton Roads, put his
j men to a test a few nights since. All, save
i the watch, were swinging quietly in their ham
mocks, when the order was given for all hands
| to quarters. In four ami a half minute* the
I hammocks were stowed away,the men dressed,
: armed and at their guns, ami ‘* ready ' passed
j to the Captain.
The happy husband of Miss Adah
Isaacs Menken is “ Orpheus C. Kerr,” of the
N. \ . Mercury. lie will probably soon wish
himself one of the “killed and wounded” of the
“Mackerel Brigade.”
Cattle Show and Fair.
The Thirty-Second Annual Exhibition
CnmhfirlanH Acrrienltnrnl At War.
ticultural Society,
Will be held at
J5 R I 33 G TON,
October and lOth.
VXXVAL ADDRESS by S. L Goodale, Em., of
Saco, ami a poem by F. T. Ferry, of Washing
ton, D. 1*., will Ik- Wednesday evening.
Show’of Cattle, Sheep, Swine and Poultry, and
Plowing Match on Wednesday.
Thursday—Show of llorsr-, trial of strength of
Draft Oxen, and annual meeting of Society.
Exhibition of}arm Produce and Manufactured
Article* will be at the Town Hail, aud will be open
Wednesday afternoon aud Thomdav.
AH article* left with Kendall & Whitney, Portland,
on or before Saturday, the 11th of October, will Ik*
carried to aud from the Fair at the expense of the
Society. Per order.
SEW A LI. X. GROSS, Secretary.
New Gloucester. Sept 25), 1S02.
«<•»* d A w til
Wonderful and Beautiful!
Ik romiiijf, with nrw mid varied
attractions, at
Oct. 2, O and -4k, ’62.
Tickets 15 Cents. No half price.
! nr- Door, open at 7—to commence at S o'clock,
j Sept. 30. 1«3. dtf
A. 33. REEVES,
The Tailor,
With a large and well selected Stock of
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings!
Also a full assortment of
Military Clotlis,
And is prepared to make them up at short notice.
Call and See,
Portland, Sept. 24, 1*52. dtf
New Works !
Army Regulation*.
53 Exrhnnge Street
Sept. 27.1<W2. dtf
i r* you
Best Ambrotype or Photograph,
DO not fail to rail at No. 27 Market Square, where
they take PERFECT LIKENESSES, and war
j rant satisfaction, at price* vLich defy competition.
N. B. —Large Ambrotvpet only Fifteen Cent*.
527 Markel Squnre, It’d Preble St.
July 14th, dtf
nit c. if. oMioon,
i > i<;:v rr i sst,
No. 8 Clapp's Block, Contress Stmt,
\ on*. OLD (TTY HALL, - - - PORTLAND, MF.
Artificial Teeth inserted on Gold, Silver arid Yol
! cauite bast*.
Bind & woe
Coats, Dants, Vests, Jackets,
JLL Ladies' Riding Habits, &c,
Cut, matle aud trimmed by
A. D. 11EEVES - . Tailor,
98 K \ ( 11 AN (. E S r R K ET,
Portland, August 6, 1H<>2. dly
All the loading stylet for Fall
wear now open
am O IT A TXT * O
fc-. a a u u a n u y
irk] Middle Street.
If you want an easy fitting and genteel hat try the
-TO Til*
Ottawa House, Cushing’s Island.
i.9iaa i ON and after Mouday, August 4th.
l^gjE^^tlie Steamer TUTE will leave (>raud
I ruuk Depot Wharf 6. 8 and 10 A.
M.; and 1, 3. 5 aud 7 1’. M. Keturuing. leave the
Island at 6$, if aud 11} A. M.; aud 2, 4 and 9 1‘. M.
Office of the L\ S. Marshal. )
District of Maine. J
Portland. October 1, 1362. )
SEALED Proposals will be received at this office
until the fifteenth day of October current, at
noon, for furnishing the United States < ourts with
Lehigh Furnace Coal, for one year fir ora the fifteenth
day of (.tctober, A. D. 1862. ' The Coal to Ik- of the
best quality, free from slate and dust, and to be put
into the basement of the Custom House Building, in
Portland, in such quantities aud at such times as the
Marshal of the District of Maine may direct. Pro
posals to he endorsed—"Proposals for Fuel for l’. S.
Courts.” ami addressed to the United States Mar
shal lor the District of Maine.
Oct. 1. dedtloth District of Maine.
C asco Bank.
T1HE Annual Sleeting of the Stockholder* of this
. Bank, for the choice of Directors aud for the
transaction of other business, will be held at their
Banking House, on Mouday. the 6th day of October
next, at 3 o'clock 1*. M.
Per order, E. P. GKRRISH, Cashier.
Sept. 18, 1862. toct6
X MORE and WASHINGTON, and to all parts of
the WESTand SOUTH aud NORTH WEST, via all
the most popular routes ami at the lowest Boston
rat*g, h>r sale by W. I). LITTLE, Agent.
Ojt. 2. dtf Office 31 Exchange St.
THE undersigned offers for sale, cheap, the Dwell
ing House, he now occupies, on the corner ot
Cumberland and Parris Streets.
Please call and examine for yourselves.
Aug. 30. d8w C. P. KIMBALL.
House to !*et«
Street, is to be let, and possession given
immediately.' The premises mav Ik? ex
l amined at any time. For farther partic
LUlars apply to
August 9th, 1862. tf
Cooper's Shop to Let.
ON Commercial Street, head of Hobson’s Wharf. 1
Inquire of J. if. HAMLEN.
sep4tf Office on Hobson's Wharf.
To Lpt,
THE commodious Chamber in the northerly cor
ner of the new brick block, corner of Lime and
Milk .Streets, directly facing the market. Heat low.
Enquire at office of
Sept. 15,1802. dtf No. 27 Exchange St.
For Mult* or To I^<*|,
AkA. THE Three-story Brick Dwelling House
TTFsTB a,i(j Lot, No.61 High Street. The house
9i«>HkH in perfect repair throughout, with
^ill|n g*x>d drain, furnace and cisterns, an ex
■SQ cel lent cellar, and the best of well water.
It is built and finished in modern style,with gas,bath
ing room,waterworks, and nil modern improvements,
and is situated in one of the most desirable locations
in the city. For terms apply to
ll P. DEANE,
sep24i*codtf 60 State Street.
ty HMDS Muscovado Molasses,
AtlU 90 do Clayed
early importation For sal** bv
comer Long Wharf and Commercial street,
HI n«4*ovado lWola«i«(%
1%/ k HHDS. Muscovado Molasses,
•yyj so tc?«
Of early importation, a superior article fbr retail
iug. For sale bv
•IUI1 > D. I.OKI),
Portland, Sept. 19. *3w No. 1 Union Wharf
Vermont Butter.
I _
j fT TUBS Prime, for sale by
j J F. WEEKS k It).
k)| M ) l M U k f F. FT nng-oswed, He**oned
^inF,UOW Hemlock ltosr.1.
, IOH.000 feet rough-edged Hemlock Fence Boards, at
1 $4 per M feet. For sale bv
auglodA wtocf 11 llobsou * Wharf
W A W T kS.
Wanted Immediately.
Market Squan*.
Portland Oct. 3. 1*12. dlw
Six or eight Shook makers immediately to work
on Dressed Shook, to whom steady employment will
be given, and the highest price* paid.
Apply to A. P. MORSE,
sep<»—d&w lm • Boston. Mass
WANTED—SlOOO^fO $10,000
On Mortgage on Real Efttatc,
In the City of Portland, for which from 7 to 8 per
cent in interest will be paid.
Address Post Office. Box 34H. auglfdft w4w
Wan led.
A SITUATION In any kind of a store, as clerk, or
to do writing for any kind of busiuess.
Good reference furnished. Address Box 2089
SMALL RENT, of five or six room*, near
the business part of the city. Enquire at
this office
To the Officer* and Soldier* at
Lamp Abraham Lincoln:
You sre hereby incite*] to supply ynunelTf, with
Cor. Exchange A Federal Sts., Portland.
Near City Building. §epl9dtf
— 1 propose to sell my —
AND Fixtures, for no other reason than that I nan
not attend to it. hating another branch of busi
ness which requiies all ray perso u a I attention. My
stock is good and not large, most of it
Worth Mow* than C<h»( !
I have as good a run of custom as any establish
j ment in the citv. and the locality the very best.—
; Terras easy and determined to sell. Address Box
j 2170, Portland P. O. •»* pi23it
At this season of the year.
HAS provided himself with an assortment ofGoods
for FALL WEAK, embracing
Among these are superior farric, for
Great Coat*, Paletot*.
Ore,, and Frorlt Coats,
Is iiimuuuio (iiiu f rsis.
Faom many years’ experience in making selections,
| he cla ims that the market dom not afford more
Elegant, Fashionable and Substantial
Good* than he ha* in store.
The public are united to call and examine,
tii in *o i
The Famous “Artillery Pipe,”
-The best pipe in the market
A . K OR I MS O N ,
sep3i—2w Xo. 51 Exchange Street.
j rilhere is an opportunity for a few more men to en
X list iu tho
Crack Company F,
25 h Regiment, Capt. CHASE. They will receive the
Application can be made at the Captain’s quarters
at Camp Abtaham Lincoln.
Sept. 22, tf
MANHOOD--How Lost! How Restored!
Just published, in a sealed Euvelope.
J\. AXI) RADICAL Cl’KEot sjwmatorrhura or
s.'initial Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual
i Debility, and Impediment* to Marriage generally,
! Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsv and Ills; Meii*
i tal and 1'hvsical Incapacity, resulting from Self.
Abuse, Ac.—By KOlt’TJ <* l I.VLRWELL, M D..
Author of the Grkeh Book, Ac.,
“A Boon to Thouiutnda of Sufferer**"
sent under seal, in a plain euvelope, to any address,
postpaid, on receipt of six cents, or two postage
stamps, by Dr. CH. J. C. KLINE, 127 Bowery, New
York, 1'«»st orriCR, Box, 4586.
June 23. i*4mdAw>
Intrrnntional Bank.
fllllE Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the
X International Bauk will Ik* held at their Bank
ing House, on Monday, Oct. 6th, at 10 o’clock A. M.,
for the choice of Directors and for tho transaction of '
any other busiuess that mat legally come before j
By order of the Directors.
Portland, Sept. Id, 1862. si*p30—eodtd 1
Retail ID oaler
- Ill —
dry qoods,
TJF.GS leave to Inform the public that he ha. f*.
" wel|T^h.Ke°,fba’inW 'h* °eW- 'P*C'0"
Js o. 1 Codraan Block,
temple street.
Having tft.de large addition, of
Xew and Desirable Goods,
He mo,t respect ftilly .ollcit, a .hare of pnblie pat
toatgf. .cpIKiedAwew
Ladies and all persons purchasing
Are earnestly invited to au examination of
(Uslimrns, Choir* Dress Good*,
iuuo uuiwu tuia wool lieLainei,
Balmoral Skirts, French Corsets, Scarfs and Man
til las.
Kid Gloves Hosiery nnd Glovts,
Alw. Tincy Woolt n (>oo.i,, Soutuge, Ilnod,, Slwt.,
<,»iler*, Wool Yam,. Sot,. L»res« llntfon,. Ruffle*.
Kilning,. Ac , Ac.
All of which we offi-r at patialhctory price.
Portland. Sopt. 16, 1W2. 03w
IDry Goods S^ore,
Having pnrehawd the Mock or
. B. O O W E L L.
And taken the More reeentlr occupied hr him. would
invite Hie attention of Mr Gowed . former cnaron
or,, ae well a, their <#wu tkieuda gbd the public, tatba
Which they have just added, lo their former well m
k-ctw stock.
rF".\o trouble to show good,: call and sec before
purchasing elsewhere.
AOg 29th, 18ft dtf
SIOO Boumy Honey, Bark Pay,
And Pensions.
flfHE undersigned is prepared to <vhtsJn from the
X I’uitwl States Government, 1100 Bounty Money,
Back Pay, Ike., for heirs of officers or Soldiers dying
in the U. 8. serTiee.
Invalid Pensions,
Established for Officers and Soldiers, wounded Of
disabled by sickness contracted while in the tenrica
of the United States, in the nne of daty.
Procured for widows or children ot Officers and M
diers who have died while in the service of the IV
ted States.
Prise Money, Pensions, Bounty and Back Pay eu
tooted for Seamen and their heirs.
Fees, for each Peusion obtained. Five Dollars.
All Claims against the Government will reea
prompt attention
Port Office address
August*, M«.
(Office No 9 State House )
Hon. Lot M Morrill. Hon. Joseph. B. Hall,
U. 8. Senate, Sec y of Stato,
Hon. James ti. Blaiue, Hon Nathan Dane,
sepOnd&wMff State Treasurer
Infantry Tactics Bayonet Drill,
CORDIALLY approve of this work, and ryn
JL omraend it to the use of officers of volnnteers*
Maj. Gon. U. 8. Army.
For sale io Portland, at 25 cents, by
sep24—3w No. 51 Exchange St.
The subscriber having removed his stock of
U. A n z> W A ZIH3,
— To his new store on —
Respectfully notifies his friends and patrons, and
with thanks for past favors would hereby solicRtbeiy
further patronage.
Portland. 8ept. 20. d&w4wl4
— D EA I-Kits 1H
rxoris/oxs, eri it, vegetables,
MO I Cu.irt*,, Sltwl, Portland, .KG
Ms. 183 Fore Street. Portland.
Keep* constantly on hand a general assort m> nt ot
at Wholesale and Retail. Hi* old friends and cus
tomers art* iuv ited to give him a call. [aug30 3m
IJF.RSONS requiring license* will ftml a Deputy
Collector at the Assessor's office. in the City
Building, for the purpose of granting them
Collector of 1st Colicctiou District in lb*- Mata of
Maiue. *ep(23tocUl
Dissolution of Coiinrtnmlilp.
r 1111K copartnership existing between Joseph Dun
X nell ami William .v Bradbury, under the tiroi ot
William S. Bradbury A Co., is this dav dissolved by
mutual consent JOB. DLNNK.LL.
Buxton. Sept. 30. 1902. sep23d3w
Portland Benevolent Society
fpilE Annual Meeting of tha Portland Benevolant
X Society, for the choice of officers and for the
transaction of any other business, will be held at the
office of tfce Five Cent Saviug Institution, on Wed
nesday the 9th day of October next, at 8 o'clock P.
M MARTIN GORE. Secretary.
Portland. Sept. 2&, 19*3 dtd
For Sal e,
LONG Established, well located, and doing a prof
itable business.
The proprietor having made temporary arrange
ments to enter upon other business in a neighboring
State, immediately offers the stand, good will, Ac.,
at a bargain, if disposed of soon.
Address Box 1884. Portland P. <V sep28dtf
Turner's American Express.
jti’Psi PARCELS. Packages, and all othar
1. articles usually sent by Express
will be forwarded between this city,
St. John, N. B., aud all parts of the Provinces, with
The subscriber solicits the patronage of the public.
Portland. Sept. 80. 19ti2 d2m

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