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A stem us Ward on the Phnir Sex.
The great showman being present at a cel
ebration, in which many beautiful ladies par
ticipated, was called on for a speech, to which
he responded in a “tost to the phair sex.’
Tnrnin to the beautiful femails whose presents
was perphuinlu the far* grownd, Mr. Ward
aildresscd them as follows:—Ladies I hope
you're enjoyln yourselves on this occashun,
and that the leutonaid and ise water or which
yon are drinkin, may not go agin you. May
you allcrs be as fare as the son, as bright a.
the moon, and as butitul as any army with
Union flags—also plenty ov good close to
Tu yure sex commonly kawled the phairsex,
we are indebted for our bornin, as well as ma
ny other blessins in these low growns ofsorro.
Sum poor sperretea fools blaitn yure sex for
the ditflkilty in the garden; but I know men
are a desetful set, and w lieu the apples had
bekutn plum ripe, I hav no dowt but Adam
would have rigged a cyder press, aiul_ like as
knot went into a big bust anawa. Yure 1st
mother was a lady and awl her dawters is dit
to, and non but a lotln euss will say a Word
agiu you. Unpin that no waive ov trouble
may ever ride across yure peesful breast, I
koukliide these remarks with the following
Woman—she is a good egg.
Tbolt Fishing.—A practical joker residing
in a pleasant country village, some time since
hail a visit from Professor Wingate. The Pro
fesror is a keen trout fisherman, and seeing a
pond at some distance from his residence, lie
“Can you fish for trout in that pond ?”
“O, yes,” said 1C, "as well as not.”
“Possible!—where’s your rod ?”
“1 have none. I'm no fisherman. But if
you want to try, we'll go over to S-, and
get tackle, and you may try your hand at it.”
The next morning early, W. drove over to
the pond, and whipped it around to windward
and lcenr&rd, and finally waded in up to his
waist, and threw’ his flies most successfully,
but never raised a tin. At length, as the sun
grew tolerably hot, be turned to IC, who lay
under a tree, solacing himself with a book and
a cigar, and exclaimed—
"I don't believe there is a trout in 5’our
"I don't know that tlipre is,” replied IC, im
“Why you told me there was!”
"Uli, no, stmt K., leisurely turning ana
lighting another cigar,“you asked me if you
could fish for trout here, and I said yeu could
as well as not. I've seen folks do it often, but
1 never knew of one being caught here.”
List of “Woman's Rights” which have
been overlooked.—It is a woman's right
to have her home in order, whenever her hus
band returns home from busiuess.
It is a woman's right to he kind and forbear
lug whenever her husband is annoyed.
It is a woman’s right to examine her hus
band's linen, and see that it wants neither
mending nor buttons.
It is woman’s right to he satisfied with her
old dresses until her husband can afford her
new ones.
It is a woman’s right to be content when
her husbaud declares he is uuable*to take her
to the country.
It*ls a woman’s right to nurse her children, 1
Instead of leaving it to a maid.
It Is a woman’s right to get her daughters
married—happily, or not at ail.
It is a woman’s right to leel pleased, though i
her husbaud brings a friend unexpected to din- ;
It is a woman’s right to be content w ith her
own garments, without encroaching on those
of her husband.
And, finally, it is a woman’s right to remain
a woman, without endeavoring to be a mail.
A Cleveb Chap.—A gentleman from the
cou ntry, stuping at one of the hotels iu Cin
cinnati, entered into conversation with one of
the boarders, asking questions about the fair,
etc. After a few minutes’ conversation, the
boarder drew his cigar-case, saying—
“Will you take a oigar. sir?”
“Well, I don’t mind if I do,” was the reply.
The cigar ws* passed to him; also the one
which our boarder was smoking, for the pur
pose of giving him a light. He carefully pla
ced the cigar first handed him into his pocket,
and took his knife and cut ofT that end of the
lighted one which had been in the mouth of
his friend, and commenced smoking, saying—
“It aii.’t often a man from the country runs
•foul of as clever a fellow in the city as you
Photographic Frame*.
CJOL'AIiK or oral—every kind called for. These
O being msmifhctured bv ourselves, except those
necessarily imported, we esn compete with auv mar
ket for low prices. At wholess'e or retail, at 26. Mat
kat Square, MoBRJSON A CO’S.
Photographic Goods & Chemicals.
OUR stock in this department I* complete, eom*
prising every article used in the art.
JeeefidtfwSt ft, Market Square.
Pare and Frea Burning.
THESE Coals are strictly of the best quality, and
warranted to give tat is faction.
▲leo, fbr sale, best quality of Jlova Scotia and other
Hard and Soft Wood.
The public are requested to call, as w© are deter*
■lined to give good bargains to those who pay cash.
Office. Commercial St. head nf \fnin*> Wh'f
(■■MMMor to r. J. ForrlaMl »od Mill* A Fcrrlit&l, •
Pocket and Table Cutlery,
2B and 9D Federal and 105 Congress Streets,
A#u»itox w. BAvriXLD. Boston.
P J. Fomiiitall tan be found at the above pi am
Jiue 28. wly
.Police of Foreclosure.
TJJOHCE is hereby given, that the iubsorJber,
Jrl Charles U. Osgood, of Portiaud, in the county
ef Cumberland, ana State of Maine, olatras by mort
gage, as Executor of and Residuary l.ev-a re in the
last will aud testament of Joshua Ji. OewooD, late
of said Pertlaud, deceased, duly approved aud al
lowed, the following described real estate, to wit: a •
certain lot of land with the buildings thereon stand
ing, smarted upon the easterly side of Clark street in
two city of Portland, aud bounded as follows: Com- 1
meuciug at a stake apon ( lark street, one hundred
aud forty foot from Salem street <formerly Prospect
street), thence northerly by said Clark street forty
fact to a stake; thence easterly eighty foot more or
less to laud sold by William Prior to Joseph B. Hamb
lin ; thence by said laud southerly forty feet, thence *
westerly eighty feet more or 1*-hs. to the first men- |
tion«*d bounds'. Said real estate was convoyed by
Wiliam II. Pnrinton to John B. Carroll, by deed of
mortgage, date<l the third day of October, A. D.,
eight, en hundred and fifty-live, and recorded in( uro
berland County Registry of Deeds, Rook 267. page
*J9, said Carroll assigned the vatne to tlie Ocean Insu- j
ranee Company by deed, dated the twenty-second
day of January, A. D., eighteeu hundred and fifty (
six, and recorded in said Registry Book,265,page411, ;
and said Ocean Insurance Company, assigned the
same to said Joshua II, Osgood b\ deed, dated the fifth
day of January, A. !>., eighteen hundred and sixty,
and recorded in said Registry, Book 315. page 37. aiid
the subsetiber claims said mortgage deed and the
Jiremisos thereby conveyed .-is the Executor and Ros
duarv legatee of the' said Joshua B. Osgood. as
aforesaid. The condition of said deed of mortgage
has been broken, by reason whereof the subscriber
claims a foreclosure of the same, and gives tin* pub
lic notice thereof, according to the statute iu such
cos.* made apd provided,
Dated this fourth dav of Angnst, A. D. 1862.
Executor and Residuary Legatee named iu the last
will and tesSaor-nt of Joshua B. Osgood w3w-12
Portland Wholesale Prices Current.
i Expressly corrected for the Press to October 1.
An additional duty of
10 pc is levied on all mer
chanuisc not imported di
rect from the place qf pro
■ duct ton or growth.
\ nhe*.
Duty : 10 t>c atl ral.
Pearl p lb.6J
| Pot.6 7
A p plea.
Green p bbl.Slf» 2
Sliced p lb.6 s 7c
C’oren p lb.5 6
Uncored p lb.2 <«$ 8
Duty: 30 pc.
Pilot p 100 lbs. $4?® 5
Ship.31 a 4
Crackers per bbl.. 3)
Cracker*, p 100 . .35 «r-40c
Duty 4c p lb.
Family p lb.17 ^i20c
Store.14 .a 15
Ken ti a.
Marrow p bushl*2 100 238
lVa.2 25 a 2 62
Blue Pod.2 25«2 50
Duty: Sperm and H'a.t 8c,
Stearin• 6c, Tallow 24c
p lb.
Mould p lb. . . 13c@13i
Sperm.28 (a 30
< liee«e.
Duty : 4c p lb.
Vermont p lb.8J® 9c
New York.9
Duty .* From Hr. Provinc
es free, other foreign Jii-j
turn* nous i?l 10, (itI oth
er kinds Oik: p ton.
< umberltl pton.SH-^ 9 ,
Whitcoah.8 •«. gi
Leldgb.S « Hi
Duty : 5c p lb.
Ja\a p lb 27 «2Sc
St. Domingo.22 *»23
Rio .21Jt«22jj
Mocha.none, j
Duty : Tarred2fc, Manil
la 2k, all other p If.
American p lb 13 «I31
Riw-ia.151 a 16
Manilla.12] a 13
Boltrope, Russia 16j«16
do. Manilla. 12|(a 13
p bbl. *1 20 a 1 30
l)rnu« and Oyr*.
Duty p lb dl CltMMB
mnn f2, Oil Almonds and
Otto tf Hose SI 50, 0*7
Bergamot, ('assia and
(lores SI, JJydriodate
Potash 75c,Cantharides.
Mastic, Ipecac, lihubarh,1
Cardamons. Oil Lemon,
Anise and Orange, Jo-.:
dine 60c, Tofu and t 'rude
('amphor 8 *c. He fined do.
4 k*. Tartaric Acid 20c,
(ream Tartar, Citric
Acid, Shellac, ( opal. Da
mar and Game used for'
like purposes 10c, Aloes. <
Verdigris, Chlorate of
Potashf Carb. Magnesia
6c. Boracic Acid, Vet low
/’rutstare ro’.asn ana i
Bed do. 10c. Liauorice.
Ocafic Acid anti Sugar
of Lead 4c. Asphaltum
and Bi-Chro. l'otash 3c,
Sage 1 Jc. Epsom Salts,*
Liyuortce Boot, Bi-Carh.
Soda, Caustic Soda lc; .
Castor Oil 60c P gal..
Morphine 82 p oz.. Al
um tk>c p Cict ., Copperas
50c p c«rf., Muriatic Ac- I
id lu pc ad ral., Spang-1
es, Assufatida, Jsin-l
glass, Flur Sulphur.Sen- i
na. Arrowroot, (iinstng
20 pc. Bleaching Potc- .
ders 30c P cwt., S<igo.
60c pctrC, Sat Soda and
^odu Ash jc p tb. ( rude ,
Brimstone i>3 and Boll
do. 86 p ton, Alcohol 40c
Alum p lb.8 @ 4c
Aloes .15 ®26
Arrow Root.17 (a40
Borax.22 &25
Brimstone (roll). .4((ft 6 i
Bi-Carb. Soda.5jft 6
Sulphur.6 Qgg 6j !
SaJ soda. 3 c£ 4 i
Camphor .14Of§160j
Cream Tartar.36 £46
Logwood ex.10|(f| 12
Magnesia . '.29 «3 > <
Indigo, il'la, tine.81*a 1J
Madder.lOc^lS J
Opium. $7j a. 7* :
Kliabarb.1 80p 1 39 !
Alcohol. 98 a72 i
Fluid.. 93 * 95 (
C'amphetie.2 6Og07O<
Saltpetre.10 xi20 ]
Vitriol.12 ^
Dfrwoadt, (
Duty: Free.
Bar wood... 2ife
Brazil Wood 13 A .
Camwood.4*{A 4?
Futtic, Cuba . 2 (A 2j
" Savauvilla .ll« 2
Hyperaic. .6
Cain peachy.2 ®
St. Domingo.lj® 1J
ExfractLogwood.il ftl2
Nie Wood. ®
Teach " . 8?a 4»
lied “ . 3i<» 3t
Sapan “ . 2 a
kuercitron Bark. 2J
ed Sanders.-.3 & 6
Duty : 30 pc ad ral.
Havens.40c $
Portland, No. 3. .80 a
*' No. 10 48 I
Navy, S'r, No. 8. none.
** “ No. 10. none.
Tent Duck,
" 12 o*.69 a
Duty : 80 p« ad ral.
Live Leose p tb .60 £jc&5
Russia.26 a i
Duty : For 100 Its foreign
caught — Herring 8 1.
Mackerel 82, Salmon 83; (
and all other pickled in I
this. 81 5u p lb!., other-1
wise 60c p cwt. From 1
Provinces free. 1
Cod large p qut. 88'$ 3J I
“ small.2}v« 2(1
Tollock.2 a 2i 1
Haddoak, new ... .1 A 1*1
Hake, new.1 ® lj (
Herring,Shorepbl.2i a 3
do. Labrador.. .none 1
do. Scaledpbx 28^i 80c 1
do. No. 1 20^25 1
Mackerel p bbl., i
Bav No. 1. 8017*10 c
Bav No. 2.7 a 7} J
Bay No. 8 .4; « 6 1
Shore No. 1.9 g 9* (
*• *' 2.63® '
do. (medium). 8* a 3| 1
do. (small).2;a
Fruit* i
Duty : Lemons, Oranges.
Banana- and Plantains I
20 Pc ad ral.. Almonds
4e, and Shslled do. 6c 4* 1
ib. Xuts anti J/ates 2c
k> lb, (’urranfs. Figs, ?
Plums, Prunes and Bat
sins 5c p lb. Citron 80 J
Almond*—Jordan p lb. I
Soft Shell. 18 £l6c
Shelled.25 jgJO J
Currant*.12 J If C
Citron.32 /*36 j
Wil. Pea Nut*. .. . S2j,jfc 2j (
Irtgs, coramou.... none.
“ E'etue.15 A20c j
Lemons, p case 84 5 6 ]
Orange*. none. 1
Blue pcask.
Black SR ftin i
Bunch p box. 34<te» 8 HO J
Laver.3 *12 a 3 88
Dates.7 ft' 9c
Prune* .8)R10j |
Flour—Portland insn. I
Suptn tine.864 a 1
Fancv.6‘ a H *
Extra .Hi J HI (
Family.Hi a 0* (
Extra Superior_"J
Western extras. .. .H a Hf i
“ ftmey.51% 0 ,
“ superior. 7 a 73
Ohio extra.H^'A HI
" family.6{&
Cairada super No.1. none.
“ far-cv.none.
“ extra.noire. (
** snper'rext.none. (
Rre Flour.4f® 4i (
Corn Meal.8 m 8} c
Bockw’t Fl’rplb te@ *: '
Duty : Com and Oats 10c, I
Pi/* and Harley 15c, and 1
if hr at 20c p bu. From
Hr. Provinces /rs*. ,
It vo. .94 A95o'
Oats 40 n 45
South Y«l. Corn. .70 d72 I
Corn. Mixed.HR A70 1
Bariev .rn ««a |
Shorts l> tou... .817 oil* I
Fine Fr ed.22 o2l <
I.' r i iid«tone«.
Duty llnugh-frce.
Rough, p ton... .817ft20
Dreswi.80 A 85
<• unpoii drr.
Ihtti/ i’a’ited at Irse than,
2<tc |> ihHc. oner 20c 6c!
p lb andV) pc arl rat 1
B asting. a 4f
Rifle ai d Sporting M« 7f
llav. ]
Screwed p uetT.«12 ft H :
Loose.13 a 15 I
New do. 12 q 14 I
II idea and Skin*.
Dufy : 10 Pc ad rat.
Slaughter Hides 6 (ft He t
Calfskins.9 $10 (
Ca'cutta Cow— 1
Slaughtered.. lflOaJ 70
(•reen Salt.115a 1 25 .
I > 90 a 1 00
Sheep Pelts, <»r’n.80 ft -*1 -
Sheep Pelt*. Dry .45 ]
Duty 5c p lb.
First Sort, 1862.. .14 @15
I ron.
Duty: Pig and Stamp $6,
Bar not exceeding $60 p
ton value $17 p ton, ex
ceeding p ton SIS,
lets than $ insh thick or
more than 7 inches wide,
rounds less than i inch
or more t/utn 4 inches in
diameter, and squares
lets than $ inch or more
than 4 inches square $20,
llailroad $12 50, Boiler
and Plate *25 p ton,
Sheet 2**2$c p fb and
$3@6 p ton.
" Refined 3 1 «i.03$
swede.6 *£063
Vorway .o\a «}
ast Steel.18 7cl9
Liennan Steel .. 124 0-12}
English Blis.Steel.15 @15$
.8 « 9
sheet Iren, Engl. 5 u, 5$
Sheet Iron,Russia.16 « is
do Hus im’t Ilia 124
barrel, |> lb .9}@10
Kegs, p lb .10 @10$
huty 30 pc ad val.
Sew York, light 20 ,«22c
do. nid. wts. .23 a25
do. heavy.23 @25
<i<» slaughter. .26 «28
\mer. (al rekin*. r~S @75
il’ter Wax Loath.16 @17$
fluty Pig l$e p fb.
\in. rig p ltXJlb.S7}@ 8
Foreign l’ig. . . 7\a, S
Sheet and ripe... .9 @ 9j
fhlty : 10 Pc ml vaf.
lock land, cask. .65 "ti: 70c
humber-From yard,
lourl'ine,No. 1.S38 @
do. No. 2 34 @
do. No. 3 24 @
do. No.4 14 'a!
Shipping Lumber. 12 **14
ipruce...lo a 12
lemlock.8 a 10
tox tth’ks, (cash).45 d*50c
lapb’ds, S eat. .$13 @15
do. 1* “ .. 3o @32
shingles, Ced. ext 24@ 3
do. “ Xo.12 .tt 21
do. ext. Fine 2l a. 3}
Laths, Snruce... 115’«'1 20
dov Fine. lj@ ]J
led Uak Staves .20 **35
dot. lihd. Shook*
& Heads, city. 256**267
iugar do. city. 2-5*>**2 70
do. do. c’try.l 25@160
ountry Hifl Mol.
II hd. Shook*.. 1 25@ 1 85
dash.125 a 140
•oops.$21 @23
lack metack Tim
ber, p tun.8 @10
>1 old <*«*«•».
rhity : (k‘ p gal.
’ion Hi go*.85c g 36
11 ba clayed.29 **30
do. do. tart. 26 *i27
do. Muscovado 31 q 34
iew Orleans.
'ortland Syrup, hhds. .23
do. bbls.. 25
yutf/: Cut\c, Wrought 2iC,
Assorted 3c 4> ft>.
kmnl Siorr*.
Jut it: Turpentine, Rosin,
Pitch. Tar 20 \>c adral..
Spirits Turpentine 15c
4> pal.
ar Jin keg*)F gal.80ca'81
'itch (Coal Tar) 84{ a.
lofdii.IS a 20
u r pontine 4>gal. 2 46*2 50
July : Tree.
Lmrtican.8** 9j
Juty Sperm. Whale and
other Fish Oils qf for
eign fisheries 20 4*c ad
raf., Linseed, Hempseed
and Rapt seed 23c 4* pal..
Of ire 23c, Salad 50c,
Palm, Seal and Cocoa
nut 10c 4» gal.
'ortland kcroacne
Jllutuinat'g Oil. 40 *46c
lacliine.76 *
Inerm Winter.. 160*166
vhale, ref. Wint.76 *78
do. ( rude.08 *70
irand Bank and
Bay Chaleor 819j*214
Uiore.IS *19
inaaad.90 *92c
k»iled.94 *9*i
.ard Oil.85 (a 90
Hive Oil.100*170
antor Oil. 165*170
* ear stout Oil . ... 1 {*5*1 12
Onion* —
!» bbl.*2 <g 2i
t string.none.
July : On White L- ad dry
or ground in oil and Red
Lead 82 40 p 100 lbs.
Litharge 2Je, Oxide rf
Zinc 26c 4> lb. Prussian
Blue, I mrmilton. Chrome
Yellotc, Tenet tan Red 25,
SjHinish Brown dry 20,
in oil 80 i»c ad cal., Yel
low and other Oe/irv*60c
4> 100 tbs, Paris White
dry 60c, in oil 8160,
Whiting 60c 4# 100 lbs.
”tl’d Lead, in oil.*9 *
awis Lead, “ 9j*
hist on Lead, ** . 9 *
rench Zinc, " . .Sj* 8}
inter. Zinc, " ..7 *
lochelle Yellow.. .8 * 84
log. Ven. Ked-3 * 3}
.itha-ge.9 *
led Lead.9 *
>uty : Free.
er tou Soft.1 70*1 76
lard.1 00*1 05
i round.500*5 50
hity Beef and Pork lc,
Lard, Bacon and Hams
2c, Butter vend Cheese 4c
4> lb
'h*go Mess Beef 812 *14
'ortland do. 12£*13
"tl’d ext. do 14*144
'ork, extra clear. 15i*ld
‘ork, clear.14 *144
'ork, mess..13 *13}
ork, extra do . I4j*16
'ork. Prime.11 a 114
lams. 10* 11c
itv Smok’d lluut?. none.
•eel 4* qu’r 4* !b 6 * 7$
Iggs. 4> doz 125*13
otatoes. 4* bbl. 81J* 1}
tuples, dried. p tt>2}* 6c '
hickeus, Spring. 10 *14
urkies.12 *17 j
•eese.9 *11
'wal.4** 6
ickles, 4* bbl-Ifli* 84
hity: Cleaned lie, Pad
dy ic V lb.
lice 41 lb.GJi* 74
ortland distilled 46 *4$c
Saleraf us.
aleratus 41 lb.6i* 7c
)uty : In bulk 18c. and in j
bags 24c V 10Q lbs.
urk's ls.t t* hUd.
(8 bus.) . S2jg 2} !
.Herpool.2<a 22
acks Salt.120^1 26
>r’d Butter Salt 2U a
>uty : 20 t*c ad val.
u*rl,. 6j@
’otato.2ja 2}
Shot-p 100 lbs S9 a »}
>ufy . 35 \>c ad val.
.uarite & Core’s, Trow
bridge k Smith's Ex*
traXo.iptfc....Shfr 9
amily do.772
»o. 1.7 a 7|
Agio No. 1.0i «. 0]
tar.64# 6j
lane’s.9 a 9$
~hity: Gfnger Hoot be,
Ground Ginger 8c, Pep
per and Pimento 12c,
Cloves 15c, Cassia lac,
Cassia ffuds 20c. (Hnnm
m-’i. 1'“. ■ Macs and Sut
meas 30c lb.
assia !b.40 #42c
loves 24 #24)
Huger, (Hace)-24 4i‘2b
>iuger. (Africa) 24 #26
lace..80 #.90
iutinegs.76 j
‘upper,.18 #20 1
'imento.16 altf
>uty • Linseed 10c f> bu.,
Canary £1 \) bit., Mus
tard 3c f* lb.
lords Crass,.£2 n 2)
Veeteru Clover. 7J*' Sc
ted Top.*3 •• 3]
.iusecd..21 tv
anary .3j <<■ 3}
Suua r.
hity: )lt tadt)2e,not'ah<n'e '
A". 12 2u*. above A--. 12
and not abort lb tic,abort
\o. lb and not above 20
34c. above A’o. 20 and re
plied 4c lb.
’oiiland A. 8J/1.
do. A A .8f #
do. Yellow none.
‘xtra Yellow.none.
tuscovado.9 a 9$
do. in bond.04"
l;i' ana Brow n 9 >> !":
do. Wliite. 11 "12
tew Otleans.. 94«114
rusl.ed . 12} *718
. rai ulated.123« 13
’owdered.12j a 13
hit y : Tall tar 1 pc, Soap
Stork 10 pc ad vat.
ktnericau refined .81 ft 9c
tough.6y<r 6
Duly : 20c p lb.
Young Hvson_76 @ 1
Oolong ..60 @75
Souchong.46 @50
T olrnero*
Duty: f.P'ires u » mammae
tured 26. alt other ktndi
3b pc ad vaf.
S’e&lO’s beat br’da.CB @70t
do. medium. GO aAVt
do. common. 60 er.66
half tbs beat br'ds r«3 alb
do. mod. good 66 @60
do. common.. .60 abb
Natural Leaf. ]bs $l @ 1
Fancy, in Foil.1L& 2
T in*
Duty Pig 16c, Platen 2i
pc ad veil.
Banea, cash.83c cd
Straits, cash.34*. a36
riates-Char.I.C .811 all
do. “ I.X 13 o 18
Coke.9j@ 9
W ood.
Hard, retail.86 6;
Son. “ .4 @ 6
Duty : 35 \?c ad vat.
Cotton Sail.60 <56Gc
Max “ ..40 u>
' Haloing.45 to 50
Ilf nip “ ....20 oj
.India.14 <£14$
Furniture.£2j 5. 2}
Coach.3 <*4
Dauiar.24m 3
Dufy: Coating 18c T£* tb
and under 5 4*c, over 18c
to 24c t> lb 3c, over 24c
9c t> ib.
Fleece.45 #*,65c
Lambs.45 to53
Duty: In block a or pigs
1$C, in aheeta 2c tt>,
manufactures qf 80 t>c
ad val.
Figs and slabs.5 jo; 5$
Sheet MoasJniann..9itolO
Sheathing.90 ®
Loudon—tiOd. 131 '.a.1 32
l aris.f 4 35 a 4 31
Nofictt of l-om'losiirr of
V1THEREAS the Androscoggin Railroad Conipa
ii ny, on the twenty-sixth clay ol September, A.
I>. lK.r»3. authorized the issue of certain bonds of said
Company to the amount of one hundred thousand
dollars, and a mortgage of the property of the Com
pany to secure the payment ol the same;
And whereas the said Company, in pursuance
thereof, on the twenty eighth day of September, A.
I» 1K?>3. by its mortgage deed of that date, conveyed
to Wilijam I*. Preble, John Otis and Samuel Pick
ard. all in the State of Maine, as trustees for the
holders ol baid bonds, the Railroad of said Company
then constructed and in its use, situated in the towns
of Leeds and East Livermore*, then in the County of
Kennebec, hut now in the County of Androscoggin,
and extending from I^eeds Junction to Livetmore
Falls, with allits depots, engine houses and fixtures,
and the lands of the Company at each of said places,
and along the tine of said Railroad, ami all ii« privi
leges ami appurtenances, its rolling stock, franchise,
ami all tlie other property of said company of every
description, w hetlier real or personal,upon the condi
tion and tor the purpose of securing payment of said
bonds, the same being dated October 1st, 18f»3, and
pavahle in ten years, with interest sonif-am uallv on
the first days of April and October in each of said
> ears, according to the tenor of said bonds ami cou
)Kins annexed therefor, which bonds and coupons
were accordingly issued by said Company. Refer
ence is 10 Uv iiuu in -am mortgage ueeu, recOTuea ill
the Registry of Deeds for Kennebec County, in book
190, page 142. for a more particu!ar d script ion ol
said property and the conditions ol said mortgage;
And whereas the said Treble and Otis, having de
ceased at a legal meeting of said bondholders ho'doL
1 on the 20th day ol September, I860, Jabez < . Wood
man of Portland, and Philip M Stubbs of Strong
wore duly chosen trustees in the places of said PrebT.
and 4 His respectively, and said Woodman and Stubbs
duly accepted -aid trust;
And whereas the said Pickard, the survivor of the
original trustees, by his deed, dated January 16th,
1861, and recorded in the Registry of Deeds for An
droscoggin County, in book 23. pages 307 and 308,
conveyed the aforesaid mortgaged property and
franchise to the said Woodman, Stubbs and the said
Pickard himself, to bold upon the same trusts as
aforesaid; *
And wherAs the condition of said mortgage has*
been broken, and Snnjuel Wheeler, Seth lias* and
other* of said bondholders, to an amount equal to
more than one third of the amount of said mort
gage. in different sums, have made application to us
in writing, to have said mortgage foreclosed for con
dition broken;
Now therefore, wo hereby give notice that for
breach of the condition of said mortgage we claim a
foreclosure of the same.
JAR EZ (. . Wt )OD M AN*,! Trustees.
I’HU.ir m t> it nits, )
September 11. 1S62. w3wl3
police of FomloKuiT.
PUPLIC NOTICE is hereby given that Thomas B.
lrott and Samuel Trott, of Portland, ('• unty of
Cumberland. State ol Maine, by their deed dat*-d’the
tweuty-eighth day of August, in the year eighteen
hu died and forty-nine, record d in the Cumberland
Registry of Deeds, book 229, pag«- 496, conveyed iu
mortgage to the undersigned, t.reen Walden, the
follow ing describe d real estate, to wit: A certain
piece of land on Peak’s Island, iu said Poit’and, be
ing all of lot No. 2 on a plan recorded in said Regis
try, book 66, pages 3S3, 384, 3S5, or so much ot I lie
said lot as wa« convexed to the reid Tret s by deed
dated August 31. 1847, and teaorded iu said Registry,
book 204, page 631; also that the said Thomas Trott,
by his deed uated the 1st day of February, iu the
year 1863, recorded in said Registry, book 242, page
85, conveyed in mortgage to the ’undersigned, one
undivided half of the above-described real estate;
That the conditiou of said mortgages, severally, is
broken, by reason whereof the undersigned hereby
claim- a foreclosure of the same.
( ape E4/aboth, Sept. 10th. 1832. w3w 12
Administratrix’ Sale.
BY virtue of a license from the Hon. Judge of
Probate, within and for the County of Cumber
land. J, the subscriber, administratrix ot the estate
of David Knight, late of Otisticid, in said County,
deceased, shall sell at private sale, on Tuesday, the
twenty-eighth day ot October, A. D. 1862, at teu o'
clock in the lorcnoon, on the premises, so much of
the real estate of the said David Knight as will pro
duce the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-live Dol
lars, lor the paymeut of the just debts of the said de
ceased, charges of Administration, and incidental
charges. Said real estate is situated in Otistield
aforesaid, and is the homestead larnr of said deceased,
farms cash.
OLIVE W. KNIGHT, Administratrix.
Otisflald, Sept. 24, 1862. w3wl4*
THE .Subscriber hereby gives public notice to all
concerned, that he has been duly appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Administrator, with
the Will annexed, of the estate of
ELIZA BA STEEN, late of Portland,
In the County of Cumberland, deceased, by giving
bond as the law directs; he therefore requests all per
sons who are indebted to the said deceased's estate,
to make immediate payment; and those who have
any demands thereon, to exhibit the tame for settle
Portland, June 17, loe2. 3\xwl4
At ▲ Court of Probatk held at Portland, within
and for the County ot Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the ) ear ol our Lord eigh
teen hundied and sixtv-two,
Delight it. doughty, widow of wniiam
Doughty, late of llaipswell. iu said County, de
ceased, having presented her petition that Adminis
tration on the estate of said deceas'd may be gi anted
to Augustus P. Jordan ol Brunswick:
// • run Ordered, that the said Petitioner give no
tice to all iiersons interested, by eausing notice to be
published three weeks successively iu the Maine State
Press, printed at Portland, that tfiex max appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the
third Tuesday of October next, at ten of the clock
iu the forenoon, and show cau»e, if any they Lax a,
why the same should not be giauted.
• i U.1.1.U1 vj. uAiUkvn outage.
A true copy. Attest,
w3w!4* ' El’i* EXE III'Ml*11 KEY, Register.
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within
and for the Comity oi Cumberland, on thethiid
Tuesday ot September, in the y ear ot our Lord eigh
teen hundred and sixty-two,
\I ARK li. DL'NNELL. Executor of the last Will
I'M aad Testament of Matthias Libby, late of Port
land, in said ( ounty, deceased, having presented 1.1s
first account of administration of said estate torpio
bate, also his private account against said estate lor
probate and allowance:
f! teas Ordered, That the said Executor give notice ,
to all persons interested, by causing notice to be pub
lished three weeks successively in the Maine State
Trass, printed at Portland, that they mav appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said'Portlai it, on the
third I uesdar of October next, at ten of the clock
iu the forenoon, and shew cause, if any they have,
why the same should not he allowed.
A true copv, attest:
w8wl4* ' EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within
and for the Countv of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, iu the j ear of oar Lord eigh- '■
teen hundred and sixty-two, *
MARTHA ADAMS, Widow of John Adams, late :
of Falmouth, in said C< unty, deceased, having j
Eresented her petitiou for the assignment of her '
>ower in the real estate of w hich he died seized :
It irat Ordered, that the said Petitioner give no
tice to all pci sons interested, by causing notice to
be published three weeks successively iu the Maine
State ITess printed at Portland, that they may appear
at a i’robate Court to be held at said Portland, on j
the third Tuesday of October next, at ten of the
clock in the forenoon, and shew cause, if any thev
have, why the same should not be granted.
A true copy. Attest,
w3w 14* ' ECl.LXE HUMPHREY. Register.
At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within
and for the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the > ear of our Lord eigh
teen bundled and sixty-two,
RICHARD SMALL. Guardian of James F. Ger
ry, minor heir ot Elliott Gerry, late of Limerick,
deceased, having presented his third account of
guardianship of said minor for probate:
It tcat Ordered, That the said Guardian give no
tice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be
published three weeks successively in the Maine
Mate Press, printed at Portland, that they mav ap
pear at a Probate Court to be held in said l'or land,
on the third Tuesday of October next, at ten of the
clock in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they
have, whv the same should not he allowed.
A true copv, Attest:
w3vvl4* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
rilHK Subscriber hereby gives public notice to all
JL concerned, that he has been July appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Administrator of
the estate of
DANIEL W A NT KOINE, late of Windham,
in the County of 4 umbcrlai d, deceased, by giving
bond as the law directs; he therefore requests all per
sona who are indebted to the said deceased's estate,to
make immediate pawtrent; and those who have any
demands thereon,, to exhibit the same for settlement
w indbara, Sept 16,1861 lr
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, w ithin
and for the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday ot September, iu the v ear of our Lord eigh
teen bundled ai d sixty-two,
RALPH BUTLER. Jr.,Guardian ofOIin It. Paine,
minor heir of Melinda Cumner, late of Wayne,
in the County of Kennebec, deceased, having pre
sented his (list account of guaidianship ot said minor •
for probate:
It trujt (h'drred. That the said Guardian give no- j
tier to all persons interested, by causing notice to j
lw published three weeks successively, in the Maine |
State Press, printed at Portland, that they mav ap- I
pear at a Probate Court to l*e I eld at said Portland,
on the third Tuesday of October next, ai ten of Hie ;
clock in the forenoon, nmi show cause if any they
have, why the same should not be allowed.
A true copy Attest:
w3w!4* ' EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
Assessors’ Notice.
VOTIfE is hereby given that I have been appoint
■*-. Assessor ot Taxes for the First Congressional
District of the State ot Maine, under the Act of ( on
gross, approved July 1, A. D. 18t>2. entitled "An Act
to provide interna) revenue to support the Govern
ment and to pay interest on the public debt."
In compliance with tlie provisions ot said Act and
instructions of the Commissioner of Intkrnai
Revenue, I hare divided said District into eleven
divisions, and appoint an Assistant Assessor in each
as follows:
The 1st division comprises the towns of York
Wells, Kcnncbtink, Kcnnchunkport, and the citv o:
Hiddelord; Joseph Braodon, Jr., of York, Assist
2d division, the towns of Kitterv, Eliot, South
Berwick, Bcrwrck :<nd North Berwick; Theodor*
A. Rollins, of {South Berwick. Assistant.
3d division, the towns of Lebanon, Sanford, A1
fred, Acton, Shaplcigh and New field; John 8. Bar
ker, of Lebanon, Assistant.
4th division, the towns of Saco, Davton. Lvman
and Waterboiough; John Gains, of Saco, Assist
f)th division, the towns of Buxton, Hollis, Liming
ton, Limerick, Cornish and Parsouslield; Charles
L. »> eld. of Buxton, Assistant.
6lh division. Ward* 1, 2. 3 and 4 of the citv ol
l’ortland; samlkl Small, oi Hard 4 in wid citv
7th division, Wards 5, 6 and 7 of said citv of Port
land, Augustus F. Gekribh, of Ward 0, in said citv
Assistant. 1
sill division, the town, of Westbrook, Falmouth
Gorham, Scarborough and < ape Hirabeth; Haviu
Tohbev. of Westbrook, Assistant.
9th division, the tow ns ol Bridgtnn, Sebago, Bald
win,, Standish, Naples, Harrison and Otislield; Lot
C. Nelson, of Hridgton, Assistant
loth division, the towns of New Gloucester. Grar
North \ at mouth. Cumberland. Windham, Casco aml
Raymond; Sewall N. Gboss, of New Gloucester
As* istaut.
11th division, the towns of Freeport, Brunswick,
Harps well, l'ownal and Yarmouth; Hkzekiah B
Means, of Freeport, Assistant.
I be act under w Inch these a-sistants are appointed
took effect on the 1st dav of September instant
Citizens residing in the large business centres ol
this district have doubtless read it. and can hence
form their own conclusions in relation to its provis
ions; but ns there are many in the agricultural sec
tions w ho may have been unable to obtain a copy for
examination, I wish to call their attention to some ol
its principles.
•Soon after the rebellion broke out, Congress found
it necessary to assess u small direct tax on the sever
al States, to maintain the credit of the country. The
States being authorized to assume the pavmeiitof the
sum demanded of them, had the power to assess it
upon all the property within their limits.
farms and other real estate being, from their na
ture, more exposed than other objects of taxation,
would suffer severely from the constant draft for
money, created in sustaining the government during
this war, and they could not long endure the burden
a direct tax would impose upon them.
and paid. In order to provide in part for the future
expense* of the war. Congress wisely determined to
mse money from the people without State interven
tion, and without taxing the producing c a***-*. To
effect this object, and to make the tax equal in every
State, they have passed what has been termed an Ex
cise Act. Passing by the farmer, the mechanic, the
fisherman, the lumberman, and many other pursuit*
so essential to our prosperity as a people, this act
levies its light contributions upon the wedth, the
luxuries, the pleasures, and business of the countrv.
It con tines its operations chiefly to the cities, towns
and villages, and gathers its revenues from the chan
nels m which floats the money of the countrv.
It does not tax real estate of any description, nor
with a very few exceptions, personal property. The
excess ove.*40 ounces of silver spoons or plate, and
riding carriages of all descriptions, valued w ith the
harness at #75 and upwards, must be assessed. With
the exception of these two items, there is not prob*
sbh a farmer nor a mechanic iu this district, within
the act. These ar»-taxed at a sum so inconsiderable
that it i* to be hoped every citizen who desires the
perpetuity of his government will, in this terrible cri
sis of its affairs. a««ume cheerfully his proportion ol
its necessary burdens, and if he is fortunately the
owner of an article liable to be assessed, put a value
upon it which shall bring it within the act. It rnav
be the onlv opportunity he will ever have lo contri
bute a dollar for the preservation of his government.
The professional man — the retail tiader wi.osc
sales exceed one thousand dollars per year—the man
ufacturer of anv article the sale* of w hich exceed
six hundred dollars per year—the hotel keeper—the
man whose vearlv income exceed* six bundled dol
lars. and sev era! other employments are to be assessed.
It is presumed all such are conversant with the pro
visions of this act.
I would call their attention to section* from six to
eleven, inclusive, and section fffty-eight.
These sections impose the duty upon every person
liable to be assessed lor a fax or license, to call imme
diately upon the assistant assessor and make up and
sign their several assessments. If thev neglect so tc
do, he is required to increase their tax fifty per cent ,
and no discretionarv authority is vested iu the assis
tant or the assessor'to make any abatement of tliii
amount. See section 11.
It will be peiceived by a careful examination ol
these sections, that Congress, relying upon the patri
otism of the business men of the countrv, proceeded
upon the h>potbesis that every one liable to be taxed
would substantially asses* himself, and sign the billi
fixing tlie amount he was to pay. If the act, there
fore is complied with, the assistant assessor is but i
recording officer, w ho receives and properly enteri
the lists delivered him by the citizen, and his duty in
re’ation to fixing a valuation upon object* liable to
taxation, is rather advisory than absolute. In ordei
however to prevent the selfish, the.ii different, or the
traitorous, from escaping tlieir proper proportions ol
the public burden, ton greet has fixed the penaltiei
lor their neglect, prescribed iu section 11.
Having beeu intrusted by the President with the
duty of seeing that these tax liats are properly pre
pared, and seasonably Ueliveied to the co'lector ol
this district, I respectftillf request all good citizen*
Within it to call immrtliaXkly upon the assistant »«-e»
sor of the assessment district where they reside, and
deliver him lists as required in the sixth section ol
the act. He will give all persons the necessary in
formation to ei ab'c them to comply with its provis
ions, and furnish blanks thereior.
Assessor * off ce, Citv Buildings, I
Portland, bept. 1, 1862.
Nolle*© of For©closur©«
"NTOTICE is hereby given that the sub-cribcr, Josh
es ua H. ilawkes, of Windham, in the County oi
Cumberland and btate oi Maine, claims bv mortgage
two certain tracts of land ai d the buildings thereon,
situate in said Windham, being the same conveyed in
mortgage to Prank L>. Hanson, bv Samuel R. Kemp
by hi* deed of May 5th, A. 1). 1857, recorded in tht
C umbei land tteg-.stn ol Deeds, book 292. pa re 2*15,
which mortgage wa* duly assigned to me by the -aid
Prank D. Hanson, the 14th dav of June, A. D. 1859
as will apnea: bv assignment thereof recorded in said
Registry, nook 294. page 247, to which records 1 here
by refer, for a more particular description of said
property. The condition of said mortgage has l»een
broken, by reasou whereof 1 hereby claim a loreclo
sure of the same.
Dated at Windham, August 27th. 1862.
w8wii Joshua r. hawkes.
Mm-i-MTs Kale.
('itmbrrland, ft Acgcst Uth, 1862.
rilAK E.N on Execution, and wiil be HO.(I at l ublk
ft. Auction on Thursday the twenty-fifth day ol
September, A. D. 1.862. at ten o'clock in the forenoon,
at the Sheriff's othce in Portland, in said county,—
all the tight iu eqoitr which Moaos Morrill, ol Bux
ton. in the county of York, has to redeem the follow
ing described real estate, viz: A certain piece or par
cel of land,with the buildings thereon, a>* it now stauds,
situated 1i: said Portland, and bounded as follows
1‘mnniMW'iiiir nil tltr> MKtprli- iiil» lii.n nf litaio afriutt
at the westerly corner ol land of Margaret Reeves,
thence easterly by said Reeve*' land sixty-eight feet,
more or less, to land of 11. W. & A. Deering, thence
notherly and easterly by said Doering*’ line nineteen
and one half feet, more or less, to a point that will
strike the centre wall through the blocx of building*
thereon, thence through the centre of said wall tc
State street, thence on State street to the bounds be
gun at. The same being subject to a mortgage deed
dated Oct. 16th, 1868, ai d recorded in the ( umber
land Registry of Deeds, vol. 233, page 306, given by
the said Mon ill to Da\ id ilaii of 1 on land, to secure
pawnent of twenty-one Hundred dollars, as follows,
viz: seven hundred dollant in one year, seven hund
red dollars iu two \ ears, and seven hundred dollars
in three years, with interest semi-annually. Subject
•Iso to another mortgage deed, dated Nov*.24th, 1368,
aid recorded iu (umber and Registry of Deeds, book
288. page481, given by the said Morrill to Emily
Boot fib;. ot saiu 1’ortlaud, to secure pa\ ment of four
teen bundled and fifty dollai*. in three years, with
interest, reference to said deed* being hereby had.
Further particulars made known at the time and
p’ace of sale.
aug21w8wl0 OREN RING, Deputy Sheriff.
Courage Invalids !
— AND—
Howes’ Cough Pills,
Bv the concurrent testimony of many sufferers, the
fact ha* been established, that for the cure of
In persons of all ages, no medicine has ever come to
the knowledge of the public, that so effectually does
it w ork and at the same time leaves the bowels iu au
astive, healthy condition, a*
That for Children Cutting Teeth, if troubled with
Diarrhoea or any irregu'arities of the bowels, all oth
er rsmedie* are insignificant, as compared with
That for Children troubled with Canker in mouth
or stomach, or mothers suffering from nursing sore
mouth, a safe and speedy cure is effected by the use ol
That for Coughs, Hoarseness ami Bronchial affect
ions. then* is no remedy extant that so universally
affords relief as
That for a Tightness or Wheezing iu the Chest
Tains iu the side, or a loug standing 11 auk, the best
remedy is
That a« an ex|M*ctoraut and ameliorating agent in
ease* of Ththisie. Whooping Cough, and Continued
Consumption, the public have already rendered their
united verdict iu favor of
CI.EM’S SUMMER CURE is a pleasant,agreeable
decoction of Roots and Barks, and contains not a
particle of Opium or Drug of any sort. It always
does good, and never dm** harm.
G. C. Goodwin &. Co.. Boston, General Agents for
New England. 11. II. Hav, Tort laid, and B. F
Bradbury, Bangor, (>eneial Agents lor Maine.
SySold by Druggist* and Merchants generally
HOW ICS k COm Prspririsr*!
iswUnmol Belfast. Ma bslx
Commenced April 14th, 1802.
LIK-v5;!i5S£p Passenger trains will leave daily, (Sun
a\s excepted) as follows:
j Augusta lor Bath, Portland and Boston, at 11.16 A.
M., connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
; Railroad for Lewiston, Livermore Falls, Wilton aud
! Farmington.
Leave Portland for Bath and Augusta at l.OOP. M.,
i connecting at Brunswick with the Audroscoggiu
; trains for stations on that road; and at Augusta with
i the Somerset k Kennebec Railroad for Watervjlle,
Kendall’s Mills and Skowhegan, and at Kendall’s
Mills with the Penobscot k Kennebec Road for Pitts
field, Newport and Bangor; arriving same night.
Monday Morning aud Saturday Evening Trains.
On Monday trains leave Augusta at 6.30 A. M., and
Bath at 0.30 A. M., for Portland, connecting with the
8.46 A. M. train tor Lowell and Boston.
Leave Portland on Saturdays, at 8.16 P. M., on ar
rival of traiu from Boston, tor Bath and Augusta.
Stages leave Bath daily (Sundays excepted) at 8.00
P. M.. on arrival of train from Portland and Boston,
for Wiscasset, Daniariscutta, Waldoboro’, Rockland
and Thovnaston.
Stages leave Augusta daily (Sundays excepted), for
Belfast, on arrival of traiu from Portland and Bos
Tickets sold in Boston for all the stations on the
Kennebec k Portland, Androscoggin, aud Somerset
k Kennebec Roads
Freight trains run dailv between Aufrustuatid Port
land. ' B. II. CUSHMAN.
Manager and Superintendent.
Augusta, April, 1862. june23dtf
To Chicago, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit,
Toledo, St. Paul, I.a Cuohik, st. Louis,
New Orleans, or any part of the
Via BcrrALO, Dunkirk. and Niaoara Falla.
This road is broad guaoe and is provided with
r New and Splendid Sleeping Cars.
i V i'ickets sold in Portland at lowest Boston rates
Office 31 Exchange Street.
You can save money by securing tickets at this
j cfliee.
.Inne 23. dawtf
: - -*
ZWE29JX30S* and after Monday, Mav 6, 18*2.
' sHE3iR,rains will leave Portland for Lewiston i
and i* ariniiigton via Brunswick, at 1 P. M.
Leave Farmington for Lewiston, Bath and I’ort
I land, via Brunswick, at 9.16 A M.
Leave Lewiston for Bath and Portland via Bruns
wick at 11 46 A M.
Freight tiaius daily between Portland and Lewis
: ton.
Stage leaves Strickland’s Ferry Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, for Livermore, Canton, Peru
and Dixtiold; returning opposite davs.
Stage leaves North Jay for Fast Dixflcld, Dix field,
and Weld, on Tuesdav*. Thurbdavs and Saturdays;
returning opposite davs.
Stage leave* Farmington .or New Vineyard. New
Portland and Kingtield, on Wednesdavs and Satur
days, returning on Mondays and Fridays.
Stage* leave Farmington daily, for Strong, Avon ;
and Phillips.
Passengers for this route will take the ears at the
Portland, Saco & Portsmouth, or Keunel>ec A Port
land Depots, in Portland. S. W. FATON, Sup’t.
Farnungtou May 6, 1»*2. juue23dtf
THIS desirable mechanical arrangement has now ;
been in u»e a sufficient length of time to sh< w |
that it gives entire sa'tatactiou and actually is the
more valued the more it is u*ed.
This invention is a step in advance of all others in
the Spring lied department, einbtacing a little more
of their ex eel renems, at d yet happily overcoming all
their detects. It is flexible as hair, and yet so recu
perative as to bring itself into place with great facili
ty. If is adapted to the invalid, the aged and old.
and all who linger in suffering and weakness. They
are made of good materia! wan anted strong and du
rable, and not liable to gat out of order.
Commercial House, Portland, June 1*. l^.
Having introdac«*d the "Anderson Spring Bed But- i
tom” into mv house, after trial, I pronounce it to bo j
an easv and healthy bed. I am using several kinds
of spring bed bottoms, but consider the Anderson
fully equal if not better than the best.
N. J. DAVIS, Proprietor.
We have introduced several of the Justly celebrat
ed "Anderson Spring Bed Bottom” to oiir sleeping
apartments. We giv e this spring bod bottom a decid
ed piefereiice over anv and all othere we have ever i
used. Our guests speak of them in the highest terms.
We recommend their use to all hotel keepers who de
sire the comfort of their guests.
Mev 12,1S6C. 1- rauklau House, Bangor, Me.
[From Hon. Josiah H. Drummond.]
I am using the ‘Andersou Spring Bed Bottom,’ and
I am very much pleased with it.
Portlaud, July 23,1SC2.
[From Hon. Lot M. Morrill.]
Having used Anderson’ Spring lied Bottom. I can
vheerftillv recommend it as an excellent arfic’e.
Augusta. Aug. 6. 1802. LOT M MOKKILL.
Having become fttlly satisfied of the benefit of the
'Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,*' 1 have purchased \
three of them at five dollars each, and do most cheer- j
AiHv recommend them to the public.
Waterville. May, 1861. 1>R X. K. BOUTELL.
Mr. D. K Frobock has frirnislied the beds In my
house with the “Anderson Spring Bed Bottom.” and
I take pleasure in recommending this article as the
most convenient, economical aid comfortable thing
of the kind with which I am acquainted.
Principal of Family School. Little Blue, t artnington.
I have had the unspeakable pleasure of sleeping on
one of the "Andersou Spring lied Bottoms” lor the
last three weeks, and must say it tar surpasses any
thing 1 had anticipated. My wife, who is feeble, has
had no good rest for six mouths till occupying one of
these beds. She would not part with it on ativ ac
Farmington, Feb. 28,1802.
The Bod Bottom I bought of you Atllv merits my
expectations, and is fullv up to your high recommen
dations. 1 would cheerfully recommend it to all who
desire to Improve their sleepingai aitments.
Avgusta, April 16. 1S02. A N. WILLIAMS.
Having tested the "Anderson Spring Bed Bottom.”
1 can cheerAilly recommend It to all who aie in need
of such an article: and 1 believe it to be superior to
anvthiug of the kind now in use.
Waterville. April 12. 1862. Rev E. HAWES.
Testimonials similar to the above have been re
ceived from the proprietors of the following public
houses- •
I’enobsot Exchange. Bangor.
Franklin House, Bangor.
Skow began House, Skow began.
Lewiston House, Lewiston.
Winthrop House, Wiuthrnp.
Elmwoon House. Waterville,
Litchfield < omer House.
Stoddard House, Faimington.
Kevere House, Ya»a’boro.
Hallowell House, Hallowell.
China House. China
Franklin House, Augusta.
Cushnoc House, Augusta.
Abbott’s School Farmington.
Eaton Boys’ Boarding School, Kent's Hill.
Back Pay. Ac.,
1^0 B service in the present war. obtained for Soldiers
:n d Sailors, their Widows and Ih-irs. from the L’ni
! ted States (iovernmeut, ou application in person or
by letter to
No. 88 Exchange St., Portland. Maine.
Having devoted our attention exclusively to the Pen
sion business for the last twenty years, and having a
reliable Agenev in Washington, we are enabled to
prosi-cute all claims against the 4«oveminent with
promptness and despatch, and on rcry reasonable
terms, making no charge until tin* claim is obtained.
Z. K. iiAKMuN.
Portland, June20th. d&wtf.
dr. moiir.v
Eclectic .Tledical Infirmary.
Established /nr the treatment of those diseases in
both sexes, requiring Experience, Skill, Honor and
for a number of years contined his attention to
diseases of a curtain class. During his practice he
has treated thousands of cases, and in no instance
has he met with a failure. The remedies are mild,
and there is no interruption of business or change of
diet. Dr. Hughes is in constant attendance from 8
in the morning until 10 at night, at his office, 5 Tem
ple street. Charges moderate, and a cure guaranteed
in all cases. Separate rooms, so that uo one will be
seen but the Dr. himself. His remedies cure disease
when all other remedies fail: cures without dieting,
or restriction in the habits of the patient; cures with
out the disgusting and sickening effects of most other
remedies; cures new cases in a tew hours; cures with
out the dreadful consequent effects of mercury, but
is sure to annihilate the rank and poisonous taint
that the blood is sure to absorb, unless the proper
remedy is used. The ingredients are entirely vegeta
ble, and no injurious effect, either constitutionally or i
locally, can 1m? caused by usiug them.
YOUNG MEN, who are troubled with seminal
weakness, generally caused by bad habits in youth,
the effects of which are pain and dizziness in the
head, forgetfulness, sometimes a ringing in the ears,
weak eves, etc., terminating in consumption or in
sanity if ueglectcd, are speedily and permanently
All correspondence strictly confidential aud will be
returned If desired. Address
No. I Temple Street, (corner of Middle),
Or Send stamp for Circular. jull-dk w3n>6
A Remarkable Case of a boy who was cured by
Of Scrofulous ophthalmia, as the following facts will
"FOR a long time the boy’s eye-lids had
JBjClj^boen entirely closed. His case was cousid
<<OEryt'ered almost hopeless The bov was put uu
der the cart* of Dr. B., and atler great pa
tieace and perseverance, with hi* electrical treatment
aud with other curatives, he was able to lift hi* eve
hub, wiicii ii w as ciiscovereu mat a taise membrane
had formed and covered the entire eyes. This was
removed by Dr. Boynton, and the boy’s eye-sight is
now entirely restored, and his eyes stronger than ev
er before. This should be known to all persons who
are similarly afflicted. Although 1 understand that
the Doctor has for many years, in his operations ou
these delicate organs—the eye and ear, met with em
inent success, he has not deemed it necessary to keep
blazing before the public his surgical skill in this par
ticular part of his profession, but has beeu silently
performing cures, many of them of a remarkable
Certificates from numerous of his patients
will testify to his successful opeiations, all of which
may be seen at his ottice.
No. 309 Congres* Street, Portland.
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
to thFladies.
DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies who
need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No.
6 Temple .Street, w hich they will find arranged for
their esiiecial accommodation.
Dr. II.’s Eclectic Renovating Medicine* are unriral
lfid in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
certain of producing relief in a short time.
LADIES will rinu it iuva'uablc in all cases of ob
struction* after all other remedies have been tried in
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in
the least injurious to the health, and may be taken
with perfect safety at all times.
Sent to any part of the couutrr with full directions,
by addressing DR. HUGHES,
No. 6 Temple Street, corner of Middle, Portland.
N- B.—LADIES desiring may consult one of their
ow n sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
Ilenlth and Strength Secured,
Dr. Langley’s
COMPOSED of Sarsaparilla, Wild Cherry, Yellow
Dock, Prick ley Ash, Thorough*ort, Rhubarb,
Mandiake, Dandelion, kc.. all of which are so com
pounded as to act in coucert, and assist Nature in
eradicating disease.
The effect of this mediciue is most wondcrftil—it
acts directly upon the bowels and blood, by removiug
all obstructions from rlie internal organs, stimulating
them into healthy action, renovating the fountains ol
life, puiifving the blood, cleansing it from ail humors
and causing it to course through even part of the
body; restoring the iuva'id to health ai d usefulness.
They cure and eradicate fora th»* systom. Liver Com
plaint, that main wheel of so many diseases. Jaun
dance in its worst forms, all Billions Diseases and
foul stomach, D' apepeia. Costiveuesa, all kinds of Hu
mors, Indigestion, Headache, Dizziness, Hies, Heart
burn, Weakness. Pains iu the side sud bowels. Flatu
lency, Loss of appetite. aud a torpid or diseased Liv
er, a disordered Stomach or bad blood, to which all
are more or less subject iu Spring and Summer.
More than 20.000 persons have been cured bv this
medicine. It is highly recommended by Physicians
even where. Trv it aud vou will never regret it.
Sold bv all dealers in Medicine everywhere at only
V aud 38 cents per bottle. Orders addressed to
GEO. C. GOODWIN k CO., BoiToir.
Change of the Days of Sailing.
eBBP* THE Steamer “New Brunswick,"
ttpt E II. Winchester, and Steamer
New England," ( apt E. Field, will
leave for East port and St. John every Monday and
Thursday, (instead of Tuesday aud Friday as hereto
fore), commencing Oct. 2d.
The Steamer “New Brunswick" will leave Railroad
Wharf, font State Street, every Mouday at 6 P. M.
Returning, leaves St. John every Thursday at 9 A. M
Steamer “New England" will leave Railroad
Wharf, foot State Street, every Thursday at 6 P. M
Returning, leaves St. John even Mondav at 8 A. M
rr Positively no freight received after 4 o'clock
P. M. ou the dav of sailing.
Through tickets are sold by this line, connecting at
Eastport with stage coaches for Machias, and with
steamer t^ueeu for /{oMattston. Calais, St. Stephens
and St. Amir etc*, and at the latter plac • over rail
way tor Lanteroury; n o><t stock ana tiontttm
We also ticket through per stcanvm and railways
for Windsor, Halifax, Ihyby, Fredericton, Sussex.
Moncton. Shediac, /Vince Edvards Island, Piet on.
North Shore of Sew Brunswick, Mirimichi. and
Iksy de Chalenr.
Sept. 24.18tB. dtf C. C. EATON. Agent.
M O N '1' liEAL.
Weekly Mail Line.
m ONEof the following first-class, powor
t\*1 Steamers: HI BERMAN. Nt >RI li
<<i.S_g*AMERK an. Norwegian, jura,
V A Moil AN—will sail from Quebec every Sat ur
dav morning, for Liverpool, via Londonderrv.
l’asseugcrs leave Portland per Grand Trunk Trains
with United States mails, every Friday, at 1 15 1‘. M.,
connecting with Steamer at Quebec every Saturday
Passage to Liverpool, Londonderry or Glasgow:
Third Cla<m, £36- First Class, £77 to 892—according
to accommodation,—which includes tickets on Grand
Truuk Railway.
Prepaid and retnm tickets issued at reduced rates.
Excursion tickets to the World’s Fair, out and
back. £186
Apply to Kdmonstone, Allan & Co.. Montreal, or to
June 23, 1862. dtf
Portland and >< \v York Vtrumrra.
The splendid and ffcst Steamship
‘•CHESAPEAKE,*’ Captain Sidiky
Crowell. will uutil lurthor uotice run
as follows;
Leave Browns Wharf. Portland, every WEDNES
DAY, at 4 1VAL. and leave l'ier 9 North River, New
York, every raTUHDAY. at 3 o’clock. P. M
This vessel is fitted up with tipieaccommodations for
passengers, making this the most speedy, sate and
comfortable route for travellers between New York
and Maine. Passage £5.00, Including Fare and State
Goods forwarded by thia line to and from Montreal,
Cue bee. Bangor, Bath. Auguata, Eastport and St.
.Shipper* are requested to send their freight to the
steamer before 3 IV M , ou the day that she leaves
For freight or passage apply to
EMERY k FOX, Brown's Wharf. Portland.
II It. CROMWELL k CO., No. 86 West Street,
New York.
June 23, 1862. dtf
\MAN to run a Stationary Engine. Inquire
Blake's Bakery. Congress Street.
August 3D. *dlw
Oil Hand.
V CONSTANT supply of beet Extra Deep Gold
Leaf, and at low rates at
26 Market Sqr a re.
chased from the llannihat k St. Joseph Railroad
Company a large tract of land in Northern Missouri,
adjoining the flourishing town of Hamilton, Caldwell
County, for fanning and manufacturing purpose*,
and have divided their property into lots and farms
They are offered to subscribers in shares of £9T) oacli.
Maps, with Bril Information, can W had by calling ou
102 Middle bTRJtgr, Porti a id.
June 23. dll'
E stablish.rn.ent.
Hu been removed from the office over Cueo Seek,
to the offlee of the
Directly orer the Magnetic Telegraph Oflee Fear*
Story, where all rarietiee of
Plain and Fancy Job Work,
pri be promptly Attended to on the moet liberal
Order* left at the counting-room of tbo Dally Preaa
and Maine State Prem, head of flint flight of atain,
will bo promptly attended to.
tW Tbo offiee la eupplied with |
And it* capacity and ihcilitiea for doing work la good
etylo am eyual to any in the City or State.
July 17. 1W d,f
Book and Job Printing Office,
Fox Block, • • Second Floor,
Hi* Proprietori of tho Poarun Daily Paaaa
reepectftillT inrtto attention to their fecilMoa ferexa
eutlng. in beautifel ttyla, every deeeription of
Their Eetabllshment le fern I* had with all tho ap.
prorad modern machinery, and their aaeortment of
Book and Fancy Types,
' It adeqaate to do any work demanded ia *hU flrnte.
Bniinesi Cards of Every Variety,
Style and Cost.
Billet! ft Circular! in leery Variety of Typa
BAA k-C HICKS, note, abb bills or labias.
Policies Printed and Bound for
Insurance Companies.
Deeds, Law Briefs, Equity Cases,
And other LAW DOCUMENTS executed with
Bronze, Colored, and all othsr kinds of
Executed In taate to nit the raoet Ihstidloee.
Our Styles err unsurpurrd.
I’ortlsnd, June 36. 1X62. dew
Miss E. L. Whittier, - - Principal.
THK AtTl'MN SKSSloN will commence Sept.
8th. and Continue 15 wt-cks.
Prior to July 21st. ftilkin formation can be obtained
of the Principal, 349 Congrem Street. Honrs from
8 »o 1 o’clock, except Saturday*. After that tima ad
plication ma» l»e made at 40 State Street
Portland. Ju&«2B. IMS. few 10*

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