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Wednesday Morning, OrtoMt 8, 18M.
Indignity offered to the llevolutiounry Fa.
there. F. O. J. Smith vs. Thomas
The concluding portion of the editorial lead
er In Morday’a Advertiser, should not he al
lowed to pass without a careful notice. It
seems to us that, were the DeslUesa bones of
our Revolutionary sires gifted with conscious
ness, such utterances as tha' article contains
would disturb their rest, nnd cause them to
rattle with indignation iu their mouldy sepul
chres. After recapitulating some of the ne
cessarily striugent measuies which the Feder
al governuieut has beeu forced to adopt, to
meet the terrible necessities of a “deplorable
civil war forced upon it by the disimionists of
the South”—niea-uren without the adoption of
which the government would have fallen ill
ruins before the vandal power of reln'llion—
the author of that article impiously says:
It was the same principles of intolerable op
pression and arbitrary rule that roused our fa
thers to a resistance to thet Mother Govern
ment ot Great Britain, and which, in order
more dearly then, and forever, to warn the
world against, a* well as for purpose, of self
jnstitication. they set forth iu the Immortal
Declaration of Independence.
We knew that the Wigfall’s, and Keilt’s,and
other graceless cut-throats of the {youth, dis
regarding the truth set forth by such men as
Alex. IL Stephens,—that SLAVERY “iecu
the immediate cause of the rujiture and pres
ent revolution ;n disregarding the statement
of one of the distinguished actors in the South
YIU I CUVlIU/ll W tUIUUICi ,-111*4 f 4U4 tu/r
test i$ between the two forme of eociety which
hate become cetabliehed, the one at the North
and the other at the South,” and that elaeery
garding all such ideas as these, they have pro
faned history, outraged facts, and insulted the
memory of the fathers,by instituting compar
isons between the colonies struggling against
Lord North and the Mother Country, and the
rebel States, in their mad scheme to blot out
the sun of republican liberty. AYe knew that
shameless contemner of everything really free
and democratic—the Loudon Times—had
urged the same thing, and had tried hard to
win the sympathy of all hearts yearning fur
freedom, in Europe, for the rebel cause, by
drawing a parallel between the seceded States
and the thirteen colonies of the British crown
and impiously pretending that the struggle of
our sires for independence of the British yoke,
finds its likeness in the struggle of a slave ol
igarchy to break up the freest government on
earth, to tighten the fetters of the bond
man, and to restrict the area of human free
dom, to establish a government on the
barbarous idea of negro slavery.
But it remained for us to see a citizen of
Maine, late in the nineteenth century, and in
the columns of a Portland paper, offer so gross
an indignity to the memory of our Revolution
ary sires, as that of comparing their holy strug
gle to the wicked rebellion which lias been
precipitated upon a peaceful country by trai
tors baptised in fraternal blood. Our fathers
were wot rebels; they did not rise up against
the authority of the Crown, until that crown
attempted, by force of arms, to tighten the
bonds which were already galling the limbs of
as loyal a people as ever worshipped God. Our
fathers petitioned to a government which tax
ed them without allowing them representa
tion; which compelled them to submit to op
pressive laws in whose enactment they could
have no voice; aud could their reasonable pe
titions have been heeded, and answered in pa
ternal accents instead of the ring of murder
ous musketry, there would have been no Rev
olution ; there would have been no Declara
tion of Independence; there would iiave been
no “Fourth of Julythere would have been
do severing of the cords which bound the in
infant colonies to their proud and aristocratic
Compare the Southern rebellion to this !—
The thought is blasphemous. And yet it is done
by a citizen of Maine, in a paper of Portland!
The rebels at the South petitioned for no
abatement of grievances, asked for no relaxa
tion of laws, complained of no onerous bur
dens. The Constitution they would subvert
was the joint-work of their fathers and ours;
the law they would resist were enacted by
their representatives; the burdens they spurn
ed rested with eqnal weight upon our shoul
ders ; and to no duty were they called, not
a labor were they asked to perlorm, not a sac
rifice to make, not an exaction to submit to,
that did not come home to us with equal force
and press itself upon us with equal imperious
ness. There is not a point of resemblance
between their cause and that of our ante-rev
olutionary sires; not an element common to
the two struggles; not the slightest analogy
between either the principles involved in the two
contests, or the parties engaged in them; and
he who will insult the memory of the past, and
treat with indignity the pure patriotism of an
Adams, ora Hancock, and a Franklin, by com
paring their cause to that of the present re
bellion, or their names with tiiose of Jeff.
Davis, Toombs, and Yancey, must be singu
larly warped in judgment, or perverted in his
political and moral sentiments.
The article iu the Advertiser contains an
extended extract from the Federal Constitu
tion, evidently copied for the mere purpose of
making the following remark, obviously intend
ed as a fling at the present administration:
We will not say who has violated, or who
are seeking to violate these sound safeguards
of constitutional liberty, by construction or
by deed.
Asserting thus by inuendo that President
Lincoln has violated the “safeguards of con
atiiutlonai liberty" either by “construction or by
deed,” the editor of the Advertiser continues:
What we do say and ask all our fellow-citi
zens to rally to our support in, is this, that we
are for these great principles of Government
under all clrcvmttancee, and amid erery ne
cessity; and we are against everybody who,
under any pretext whatever, shall attempt to
supplant, suspend, or abolish them.
The doclriue laid down in the emphatic
language here quoted is, tliat under no circum
stances, and lor no possible pretext whatever,
not even to defend the Capital from invaders,
or the archives from spoliation; not even to
prevent the subversion of the Constitution
or the total overthrow of the Government,
■hail the President depart one iota from the
letter of Uie. written law, as it is htid down in
the books and iu the Constitution. Ordinari
ly we would not controvert such a statement
for a moment; surely not iu a moment of
peace and domestic tranquility.; but we insist
that there may be exigencies when an otlicer
would prove recreant to his iiirrli trust did lie
refuse, through a scrupulous regard for the
mere furmn of the law, disregarding its spirit,
to take a responsibility not clearly authorized
by the letter of the Constitution. Kvils may
arise which constitution makers and law mak
ers never have for foreseen, to meet which
they have made noprovision, and for which they
have provided no remedy; auil to meet such
exigencies there must be somebody to assume,
for the moment, the fearful responsibility—al
ways dangerous, we admit, and never to be
taken except in times of fearful peril.
■ ————gagam—
Take an instance t The Constitution pro
vides, in one of the very clauses quoted by
the Advertiser, that all trials for crime “shall
! be h<4d iu the state where said crimes shall
have been committed.” Regarding even this
provision, the editor of the Advertiser, to
quote liis own words, “is against everybody
who, under any pretext whatever,” shall at
tempt to even “suspend” its operation, and
he is “for state rights in t lie largest sense where
federal rights are not clearly granted.” If
Jeff. Davis could be arrested in Portland lor
crimes committed agaiust the government at
Richmond, or could Toombs be arrested in
Washington for crimes committed in Charles
ton, tiiey must not be held to trial where
taken, but they must be returned to the States
where their offences were committed, there to
be tried by jury, although not a judicial court
exists iu either State that is not steeped in
treason, and scarcely twelve men could be
found to constitute a jury who would not he
found in armed rebellion against the govern
ment! Iu 1805, when Gen. Wilkinson, the
military commandant at New Orleansgurested
the confederates of Aaron lltirr, for reasons to
his own mind sufficient, he sent them to Wash
ington for trial, and though the act was di
rectly in tlie face of the letter of the Consti
tution, President Jefferson approved and
justified his act.
Similar reasons for like departures from the
letter of the Constitution may again exist, and
call for similar assumptions of power. And
here without elalsirutini' tin' idea, we will
simply remark, that it is one thing to usurp
powers not found in the Constitution, for the
purpose of subverting that sacred instrument,
but a very ditferent tiling to assume powers,
where the Constitution may happen to be si
lent, for no evil or sinister purpose, but simply
to repel invasion and to preserve, protect and
defend the temple of liberty, which has been
erected at so much cost, and whose founda
tions were cemented by this bust blood of our
fathers. One of these acts would lie that of a
traitor; the other the dictate of the purest pat
riotism. To show that this is no novel idea,
we quote from Thomas Jetrerson to J. B. Col
vin, Sept. 20. 1810,as follows:
The question you propose, whether circum
stances do not sometimes occur, which make
it a duty in officers of high trust, to assume
authorities beyond the law, is easy of solution
in principle, but soineiiines embarrassing in
practice. A strict observance ol the written
laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a
good citizen; but it is not the highest. The
laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of sav
ing our country when in danger, are of higher
obligation. To lose our country by a scrupu
lous adherence to written law, would be to lose
the law itself, with life, lilierty, property, mid
all those who are enjoying them with us; thus
absurdly sacrificing the end to the means.
From our Regular Correspondent.
Letter from the State Capital,
Return of 1th Maine Volunteers—Appoint
Acocsta, Sept. 7, 1862.
Editors Press :—The War Department have
directed Gen. McClellan to send the remnant
of the gallant Seventh Maine Regiment to
Portland, there to re-organize and recruit,
under the direction of the Governor, and you
will doubtless see, in a few days, that little
band of Spartans, all that remains ol a regi
mant which left the State one thousand strong
“burning with high hope.”
No regiment in the whole service can show
a more glorious record than the 7th Maine.
Let your citizens turn out ami welcome the
returning heroes as the women and children
of Lacedaemon welcomed the handful who re
turned from Thermopylae.
The following appointments have been made
since my last:
Francis W. Sabine of Bangor, Captain, Co.
C, 11th regiment.
In the lOt It regiment, L. Turner of Port
land, 1st Lien. Co. B; John D. Beardsley of
Grand Fulls, Captain, Co. D; Herbert R. Sar
gent of Portland, Captain, Joliu W. Gould,
Portland, 1st Lieut., and Joseph H. Pcrley,
Jr., of Portland, 2d Lieut. Co. E.
For the 1’rean.
If there is (me we eanuot comprehend what
jlattice there is in the action of the Board of
Aldermen in allowing certain claims tor In
juries received by citizens in consequence of
the neglect of the proper authorities to enforce
the ordinances of the city, and rejecting the
claim of another citizen who was iujured in
consequence of the same neglect. For in
stance—one man is injured by slipping on the
ice, because the proper authorities neglected
to have said ice removed, and is allowed $700
damages. Another is run over on the side
walk, and severely injured, by an engine be
longing to the city, running on said walk in
violation of law, and the Aldermen allow the
petitioner leave to withdraw—a privilege he
possessed before. A third is injured by a der
rick, also belonging to the city, and the Aider
men vote him $150 damages. IVe do thiuk
that no jury could be lound in the country
that would call such doings either law or jus
If this question is not properly settled It
should be carried to a higher Court. Wc trust,
however, that the Aldermen, at a full board,
will yet do justice to all concerned. * *
People's Convention.—The call of 1500
“respectable-’ gentlemen of Massachusetts,
for a convention to nominate State oUlcers,was
responded to yesterday by quite a full house at
Faueuil Ilall. The convention was called to
order by Hon. Joel Parker, aud prayer svas
offered by Rev. Dr. Blugdcu, aud Hon. Linus
Child was called to preside. The vice presi
dents were too numerous to mention. Speeches
were made by Messrs. Child, J. G. Abbott, and
others. Hon. Chaki.es Devens, of Wor
cester, w as nominated for Governor. The re
solutions were decidedly tame for such an
occasion and for such a convention.
Ratification Meeting. — Monday, at 2
o'clock, Faueuil Hall was crowded to its full
est extent, to respond to the President’s Eman
cipation Proclamation. Some disappointment
was experienced at the non-appearance of
Gen. Busteed, who was expected to be present.
The^great speech of the occasion was by lion
Charles Sumner, which was published in full in
the evening edition of the Journal aud Trav
eler. The Journal says the speech w as char
acterized by his usual argumentative force,
and oratorical merit. It is needless to say that
it was delivered with graceful power, amid
the oft-repeated plaudits—interspersed w ith a
lew dissenting demonstrations—of its hearers.
The Fast Train—Geo. Francis Train,
whose tla-li and intemperate speeches in Lou
don, appeared so sparkling at the distance of
our American stand-point, seems to be losing
Ids laurels, and, having gone up like a rocket,
is now coming down like a slick. He is en
gaged in making hlaekguarding speeches, aim
ed mainly at Gov. Andrew, Charles Sumner,
ami Abolitionism, using language that would
disgrace a London li h-w oman. In Faueuil
Hall, engaged for a specific purpose, :ifter Mr.
Sumner made his speech on Monday, Train
t attempted U> force his brassy eloquence upon
uu unwilling audience, but the police fbuk him
in hand, and he found out there were some re
strictions upou speech even ill a free couutry.
He is about played out—a Train off the track,
and, in reputation, badly smashed.
Col. Roberts of the Maine Second, is
now at home in Bangor, on a short furlough.
2 They are being troubled with female
pick-pockets in Boston. A great many mar
ried men are troubled in a similar way.
Samuel A. King, the Boston aeronaut, j
proposes to make a balloon ascension at Ban
gor, where lie is now stopping.
ar- More troubles between the soldiers and j
the suttlers, have occurred at Camp John
Pope, Bangor.
The Southern conscription, it is said,
embraces all between the aces of fifteen and I
-f Geo. T. Curtis, Esq., eminent as a law
yer In Boston, has removed to New York, for
professional practice.
Mrs. Win. B. English has opened a
theatre in Bangor, with her great Uuvel
2 y Col. Bufus Ingalls, of this State, has
been promoted to Brigadier General of Volun
teers, on the recommendation of General Mc
or- The Gardiner Journal learns that the
oil-cloth factory of A. Lewis, at Manchester,
has been repaired, and the business will soon
be recommenced.
2jT" The editor of the Advertiser says, “We
scorn alike the traitor, the sycophant, anil the
hypocrite.” Did ever man before have, such
abundant cause to thoroughly scorn himself?
y The notice which the Saco Democrat
takes of the President’s proclamation, is mild
and respectful compared with that of the Ad
vertiser of this city.
2#” Tile Portsmouth Daily Chronicle, of
the 7th lust., was entirely covered upon the
inside with the poster of a stove dealer; ef
fectually smoked out—by a cooking stove.
jy The Iloulton Times says “we have had
one of the finest and most bountiful harvest
seasons ever know n iu this section. Our far
mers rejoice in their wetiMled store-houses.”
jy It Is stated that Gen. Wm. O. Butler,
the candidate for Vice-President on tile Cass
ticket in 1848, has taken sides with the rebels
iu Kentucky.
jjy By an accident to a derrick a portion
of the old Central Bridge at Lowell—about
150 feet in length—fell into the river yester
day. Nobody was hurt.
Fike is Newcastle.—The house andbarn
occupied by Chat les Gore in Newcastle, was
destroyed by fire on Tuesday morning. The
furniture was saved iu a damaged state. Loss
about $700; no insurance.—|Buth Times.
Cr Mrs. B. ibinson, who was fatally injured
at Gloucester by the incautious use of a pistol,
died on Thursday evening. A bullet from a
pistol entered just below the eye and penetra
ted the brain.
2y"The Bath Times is informed that a let
ter received in that city, says the 10th Me. reg
iment was to leave Frederick, for Harper's
Ferry, on Friday last to join Howard’s brigade’
Gen. Sumner’s corps.
2jy The Bangor Whig says that Messrs
Wheelwright and Clark, have nearly finished
their contract for pants, and will have complet
ed 10,000 pairs in three weeks and three days
from the time of commencement.
2y The New York World is trying hard
to revive mischievous rumors of opposition to
McClellan in the cabinet. It is done only for
political effect; to aid the Seymour stock in
the Empire State.
2yThe Androscoggin and Bates Mills are
both at work oil army duck—producing, as we
are informed, about 15,000 yards per diem!
The Pepperrell, at Biddelord, is also making
10,000 yards daily. The contracts are im
mense.—[Lewiston Journal.
tW“ The Argus acknowledges the receipt
of "an excellent writing implement,” and in
proof of its superiority refers to the "more than
ordinary excellence” of its Monday's issue.
Unfortunate reference for the reputation of
the “implement.”
aar— We refused a long advertisement of i
Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla,which we were urged to
insert in the Columns of the Press,because we
could see neither reakon nor justice in giving
it a place for about hnlf the rates that we
charge our own citizens and neighbors.
ty The Bangor Times says “a criminal
lawyer’s arguments are like laughing gas—the
more you receive the worse are your had in
stincts, while your good ones aie very silly,
and the more ashamed are you of your folly
wlieu you breath fresh air again.”
sy Wm. II. Wright, Esq., of Lewiston,
was thrown from his carriage on Sunday, at
the close of the forenoon service, and so stun
ned by the blow that he did not revive till four
o'clock in the afternoon. He was not serious
ly injured.
:y We have heard of timber thieves on j
tile Penobscot, so adroit that they would slip a
log from under the owner aud leave him sit
ting on the bark: but this is not equal to a
class of female thimble-riggers, who will steal
a fellow’s heart without breaking the skin or
unbuttoning his vest.
"y “Perley” writes to the Journal from
Washington, that “Indianians agree that if
Gen. Davis is dismissed from the army, he will
be sent to Congress from Indiana, as the peo
ple from that State, are almost unanimous in
regarding the conduct of Gen. Kelson, to the
Indiana troops, as ferociously brutal."
ry The Boston Advertiser states that the
extreme length of the iron-clad steamer Aga
menticus, which is to be built at the Ports
mouth Navy Yard, is to be be 242 feet, with a
breadth of 53 Iceland depth.of 15, by 1504 ton
nage. It will be surmounted with two turrets,
each furnished with two guns, and each gun
weighing 25 tons.
“jy We learn that Dr. Ilsley—a veteran
knight of the quill—has become editor of the
Evening Courier. Mr. Johnson has retired
from that position. Both gentlemen have our
best wishes, as does Bro. Kelch, the publisher,
who lias for a long time, until recently, in con
sequence of bodily infirmity, been unable to
take the personal oversight of his business.
er's License.—In answer to an inquiry of
lion. X. G. Marshall, Assessor for the 1st Col
lection District, of Internal Revenue, the Com
missioner at Washington says—“Sailmakers
are manufacturers; consequently they will con
form to all the provisions of the law relating
to manufacturers.”
Hotei, Robbery.—Mr. George M. Greeley,
formerly of Kenduskeag, and who has hereto
fore been in respectable posit ions os a clerk,
Inis lieen detected in a series of roblierics com
mitted upon Hie boarders and guests at the
Penobscot Exchange, Bangor. He was a
boarder at the Exchange. He has been ar
rested, and committed for examination. The
above we condense from the Whig.
fy*The Advertiser, under its new regime,
winds up an article by saying, “We are the or
gan of principles, not of mere men.” Alter
reading that article we think all loyal men
j will agree with us that the “organ” is worthy
I of the “principles,” and that both may be laid
! in the same grave without detriment to the
! loyal cause, or to the cause of republican iu
| stitutions.
Thore is nothing new in the evening papers.
The official dispatch of Acting General Geo.
C. Strong, who commanded the expedition to
I’onchatoula is published. Three companies
of tlie 12ili Maine, commanded by Captains
Thornton, Farrington and Winter, took part
ill the expedition. The attempt at surprise
failed on account of the New Loudon being
unable to get over the bar. A forced inarch
of ten miles was made by tlie companies of
Captains Thornton and Farrington, while Capt.
Winter was sent with his company to make
tlie destruction of the railroad on Manchac
Island complete, which duty he thoroughly
Tlie report goes on to say: We met, on en
tering i’oncliatoula, u discharge of canister at
seventy yards from a light battery, in charging
which Capt. Thornton (of Scarboro') fell se
verely wounded, llis company then under
l, irui. ingitt remlorceil l apt. r nrringtou x
platoon. Captn. Thornton and Farrington,
ami the nlllivrs ami nico of their respective
commands, though nearly exhausted by a
march, two miles of which was over an open
tresle work in the heat of the day, behaved
nobly in the light.
Voice From Virginia.—(Jen. Wadsworth,
the Republican candidate for Governor of New
York, was recently serenaded In Washington,
and among the speakers was Hon. Jjlin C
Underwood ol Virginia. Mr. U. said:
We may well congratulate each other, fellow
citizens, on the close of the most eventful week
ol this eventful rebellion. All is indeed, paiu
lully quiet on the Potomac ; but great
progress has been made during the week not
withstanding. Words are sometimes more
than half battles, and the mighty words of
tlie President's proclamation have already
aroused a feeling that will win battles; and if
some of those battles should be bloodless, they
will not lie less important, Imt altogether more
glorious for their moral character. We have
now a wi ll-detlned cause, which the nations
cannot fail to understand and respect. Chris
tendom is henceforth with us, and foreign In
tervention is an utter iiiqinssibility. God, free
dom, and humanity will tight our buttles for
us, because all our efforts for the Union, the
Constitution, and the Laws, will lie animated
and pervaded by the holy spirit of liberty and
sy We were called upon yesterday by
Prof. Swett—“Knight of the Cleaver”—of Col.
Fessenden’s regiment, who informs us that
since the recent complaints relating to the
beef furnished to that regiment were uttered,
there has been a most gratifying reform, and
that now the regimeut is furnished with the
very best article,—the ne plus ultra, “eighteen
carrots fine, both in quality and cure.” The
Prof, requested us to mention the fact, as lie
wishes to encourage the “butcher boys” to a
perseverance in works meat for repentance.
Review of the Market,
For the week endiug Oct. 8,18»2f prejmred express
ly for the Press, by Mr. M. N. ltich.
Note.—We wish it to be understood that our quo
tations represent prices ol large lots from first hands,
unless otherwise stated, and that in filling small or
ders, higher rates have to be charged.
Kkmakkh.—The market was considerably excited
towards the c!ose of the week. Nearly all kinds of
f'oods of foreign importations liave advanced, and
iave an upward tendency, under the high premium
for Cold. Sugars have materially advanced, and the
market closed excited and buoyant; Molasses j* firm
with au active inquiry ; Tobacco continues to ad
vance from dav to dav ; Kerosene Oil has advanced
as well as all kinds Whale Oil: Linseed and Boiled
have again advanced ; Flour is firm at advauced
prices, and stock light; Bicad has also advanced; the
Produce aud Provision Market is generally un
ASHES.—Both pots and pearls remain steady at
late advanced prices, and sales continue to be made
at G & 7c lor pots and 5} & 6$ for pearls.
APPLES —The great abundance of the Apple crop
and plentiful arrivals continue to reduce the prices.
Choice eating fruit is dull SI 60^2 bbl. Cooking
Apples sell at l$a25c bush. Dried Apples have
declined about l<r2c. We now quote sliced 5«,6 and
cored 4^6c !b.
BEANS are heavy at a further decline. Sales of
white Pea Beans are now made at $2 25 u 2 *3, and
Marrows 2 1<>«2 37.
BREAD.—We notice an advance on Pilot and
Ship, and uow quote Ship Bread 84aA 25 aud Pilot
6$5 25. Crackers have also advanced, aud Bakers
are now asking 8 80Q8 75 *4 brl.
BUTTER.—Sales of choice Country Ball aud Firk
in continue to be made at 17a20c; several lot* choice
Canada have sold during the week at 2»'a21. Wc
quote store at 12>sl4c lb., with a fair 'suitplv iu
market at this time.
CHEESE.—There is little if any Vermont Cheese
in market. Choice New York continues firm at 8>@
9Jc. Prices for Country Cheese are uotuinaily
$4 lb.
COFFEE.—Nothing new has transpired to change
the general complexion of the Coffee market. Prices
are firm for Java at27$23c,aud Rio St. Domingo 214
&22*c |» lb
CREAM TARTAR.—Prices remain unchanged
Dealers are firm at 35u46c p lb. the latter price be
iug for strictly pure; sales confined to cash chiefly.
CANDLES.—Mould Caudles have recently ad
vanced. and are now selling at 13a13}c lf>, and
Sperm 28a30c, with an upward tendency.
CEMENT.—The high imte of fieights has pro
duced an advance on Cement, and we uow quote 1 30
t®l 85 per cask.
COAL.—A further advance has taken place on all
kinds coal; dealer* aie now retailing White Ash, Le
high aud Fraukiiu at 8 50 aud Cumberland at 9 50 D
CORDAGE —We notice an advance on Manilla
Cordage, aud now quote 12;al3c; American contin
ues to se 1 at 13a 131c. and Russia 154 a 16c ; and
Russia Boltrope 15jaide.
COOPERAGE.—Nearly every class of Cooperage
is iu brisk demand at advanced prices. City-maue
Shooks are entirely out of market. Hoop* have also
advanced, aud now sell at 9250.27. But little is doing
as yet in Box Shooks.
DUCK.—There is an active demand for Duck.
We continue to quote No. 3, 80c; No 10. 48c; aud
Ravens 40c p yard.
DRUGS.—The Market remains quiet aud prices
geueiallv steady, except on articles of foreign im
portation, which have au improved tendency under
the high rates of exchange aud excessive premium
paid for gold; the recent decline iu Opium has been
checked, aud a reaction has taken place; we uow
quote 975Qig7 75 $4 lb. We notice some advance on
Alcohol, sales of small lota having been made at 70
FRUIT.—Transactions outside of green fruits con
tinue limited. Greeu fruits continue to come to mar
ket in abundance aud sell at very low prices. Lem
ons are selling at 3 50 a4 75 box. We uow quo e
Raisins, Bunch Box »3 40a 3 60, aud Lavers 83 62*0.
8 88 4> box. Blue Cask 818?"
FISH.—The demand for No. 1 Mackerel continues
brisk, though prices are not as firm, aud sales have
been made at 25g,50c dec'iue from our last quotations.
We uow quote shore No. U 9 25*9 50 and bay 9 5Oty
10UO per brl; there is au ample stock of 3< aiid they
are dull at 4 50 ft 5 00. and medium do 3 25 u3 75. Drv
Fish have declined, and we quote Large ( od 83 50
;a-3 75 U qtl. and small do $2 25 a2 50. Pollock are
selling at 82a2 25, and new Haddock 91 a 1 25, aud
Hake Slu 1 fjtqtl.
FLOUR.—The Market is improving, aud prices for
nearly all grades aie more Ann at au advance. The
stock iu tins market is uow very light, which togeth
er with the recently advanced railroad fieights has
produced au active aud vigorous market. Western
Extras me now quoted at 6<m>25; “ lierfschv’s Best”
was held yesterday at 6 75«8 87, and Port and Extra
6 12(^6 27: Fancy 5 87afl uu, aud Supertiue 6 50&5 76.
The transactions for the week have been in small lots
within our range of prices.
GRAIN.—torn is firm at 68«70c for strictly Prime
Western Mixed. Southern Yerlow is held at 70o'72c.
New Oats are offering at 40u.45c. We notice thtTsaie
of one car load Old Crop at 50c $4 bush. Shorts are
very scarce, aud prices nominal.
GUNPOWDER.—We continue to quote Dupont's
and Oriental Co’s Rifle and Sporting at 95 50^7 25,
aud Blasting 4 10<^4 38, with a steady, active de
HAY.—Sales continue at Sl2al4 U ton. with litrht
demand lor shipping, in cunscquencc of the continued
scarcity of tonnage, l.ooae hay is held at *13a$15.
HIDES.—Hides continue in moderate demand.
VVe quote Slaughter &o#c, and Green Salted 81 15a
125. Calf-skins are moderately active at
and Greeu Sheep Pelts at 75a00c.
HOPS.—We quote growth of 1802 at 14&15c.—
The new crop is reported to be abundant.
IKON.—All grades ternaiu quiet but iirm at quo
tations. The assortment continues to be well main
tained by the receipts.
LEAD.—Pig and Sheet Lead is firm at 87 7frft8
lor Pig, and Oaj® 25 lor sheet and Pipe.
Ll'MllEK.—We quote Shipping Lumber from the
yard at 812a14. and No. 1 Pine, $3»> p M, No. 2 $34,
and No. 3 *24. Spruce is worth from 81Ua 12: Hem
lock $8a1(I. Clapboards, Heart Extra are selling at
830«32; Clear do 82*»«28; No. 1. $12<rl4; Sap,
Clear *23a25; Spruce Extra are worth $i2'il5. and
No. 1 tlOAll. Miingles, Extra Piue an* quoted at
83 5»>«3 75. and C lear line $2 75«3. Laths, line
are soiling at $1 37 a 1 02, ami Spruce at $1 15« 1 20,
Canada l ine from I lie cars is selling at $1 2&« 1 37.
ami Spruce do, 81 15a l 25, ami Eastern line from
vessels 81 OOt^l 10, and Spruce Htlc.
LIME.—New K«*ckland continues in steady active
demand, and prices unchanged at t&ajdc p cask.
LEA I'll EK.—Nearly all grades of Leather have
advanced under the operrtions of the tax hill. We
now quote New York Light 20&22c, do. Medium
Weights and Heavy do. 23£,‘25, do. Slaughter 2«>« 28c;
we quote Slaughter Wax Leather lt>«. 17Jc; Ameri
can ( allskins are worth ti3<rd5c.
LAltD—Ha-* adkaneed, and price# are tirm at 10a
10|c in lib’s., and 10|a11c hi kegs.
MOLASSES.—A decided improvement has taken
place in tiie maiket since oin iast, and pi ices aie in in
at 1 a2c advance, with an active inquiry with the gio
ccra tor choice lots ot eaily crop. There lias a!so
been an active inquiry lor Tart, and 30c rasli|lia# been
freely offered and refused. A cargo Tart (not suita
ble lor refluiug) told to oar distillery at 36c—8 mos.
On Thursday 100 hhds. ordinary sweet Clayed sold
for 20c—4 mos. Subsequently 25 hhds. of the same
lot sold at 30c. The balance of the cargo of 270 hhds.
wa» held on Friday at 30c cash. 300 hhds. fair Clay
ed sold late in the week at 30c. On Wednesday 100
hhds. Sagua Muscovado sold at 35c. Market closed
METALS.—Tins remain steady at recent advances.
Wc quote Banca 38c cash ana Straits 34V*85 ic.—
Char. 1C 911»11 50, and IX 13*13 26. and Mossel
manti Sheet Zinc 9f* 10c.
NAVAL STORES—Are without much fluctuation
from previous rates. Sales of Turpentine are now
made at #2 46i*2 60 p gal. There is very little, if any,
Wilmington 'far and Rosin in market. Coal Tar
Fitch has advanced and is now selling at $4 25« 4 60.
OILS.—Kerosene has advanced. The factory prices
now are 42jc p gal. for large lots, 45c for 6 bbl. lots,
and 47c tor single bbl., with an upward tendency
from these prices. Whale Retined Oil has advanced,
and is very Arm at TO&SOc. Linseed lias further
advanced, and sales are now made at #1®1 03, aud
Boiled $l()lgl07c. Crude Oil has lately advanc
ed. Lard Oil has also advanced to 85ft90c.
OAKUM.—American is dull at adeclinc. We now
quote 8} «9jc.
ONIONS—Have declined, as the market is being
constantly supplied. We quote $200®2 25 p bbl auu
75u 80c p bushel.
PRODUCE.—Potatoes have been arriving very
slowly. Sales during the week have ranged at 37 a-40c
p bush, or Slftl 25 p bbl. Eggs are less abundant,
and prices have improved; they are selling at 12ft
12jc p do/., at this time.
PROVISIONS.—Pork is in better demand at the
following quotations: Ex. Clear $16 60 ® 16. Clear
$ll5a®15. Mess 912*13. Prime $10 50ft 11 City
pueked Clear is held at $15 50ftl6; Ex. Clear
#15 60®lfl; and No. 2 Clear $14 a 15 50; Mess $11 60
.*13 50; and Extra Mess #14al4 50. We notice the
sale of Aftv brls. Portland Mess at $13 cash, and a
small lot No. 2 Clear at 13 50. We quote Chicago
Mess Beef 12 00@14 50.
PLASTER has advanced. Soft is now selling at
1 75«1 86, and llaid 1 60*1 65 p ton.
ItUM—Is Arm at late advances. We quote Port
land Distilled 42®45c p gal., with a tendency to
higher prices.
SUCAKS.—All grades have advanced, and the
market was consideiablv excited at the close of the
week. Dealers are holding Crashed, (iranulated aud
1'owdeted at 13m 1.3W\ and Minieovndo 01 #> 10• llnva.
na Brown ]<A*12}c, and Yellow 1I}*13</ New Or
leans is llrtn at 10} *12}c. Portland Sugars have ad
vanced to 6$ for A A, and 8| lor single A.
SALT.— We have heard of no important transac
tions since our last. There is a steady fair trade at
our previous quotation*.
SEEDS.—We quote Herds Grass £2*2 25, and
Western Clover and Red l op S3 *3 25. Ca
nary Seed is now selling at $2 75*3 UO p bush.
SPICES.—The Spice market is very active, and
prices are advancing. We quote Ginger 24*2fic:
Mace 65 *70; and Popper 1**20; Pimento 15*liic;
and Cloves 24 *24}c; Nutmeg* firm at 75*80c 4» lb.
SOAP.—Prices for all kinds have recently advanc
ed }c lb, in consequence of the operation of the ex
cise lax.
TEAS.—The demand is improving, and the market
rules more lirm at the following quotations:—
for Choice Oolong 70a'75c, tine 66c, extra tine 70c,
cargo grades, 62ju06e; Souchong, Aukoi and lower
grades 45*55c ; Hyson 85c.*91 p lb.
FREIGHTS.—There is a continued active demand
for vessels to load for Cuba, and Tonnage continue*
scarce, and transactions are much restricted. The
following charters have been effected since oar last:
Brig Fannie, for Havana, at $2500 out; Brig Trenton
to Havana, at $14 i»er M for boards; Schr. C. Mat
thews to < ardenas gets $1550 round sum out. Sch’r
Hattie Ross, to Havana, get $14 P M for Lumber, 60
*66c for Molasses 11 hd. Shooks, and 40c for Box
Shooks; Ship C. S. Pennell, 975 tons, lias beeu char
tered to load Guano at Baltimore for Londou, at 35s
D tou, with primage paid.
FINANC E AND TRADE.—Gold ha* advanced
since our last, having been sold as high a* 24J in New
York and Boston, and closing on thcf.tli iust. at 23}
premium. Demand Notes have also advanced to 3)
*22c, closing on 6th inst. at 19}. The general impress
ion seems to be that a decline of 4*5 |*c will be ex
perienced before the middle of the month.
The total value of Foreign Exports for the week
amount* to $52,202.91. Included iu the shipments
were 5117 Box Shooks, 12.749 Sh«»ok* and Head*, 114,
060 Hoops, 259,191 ft. Lumber, 113 2% fl. Timber. 200
bbls. Apples. 518 do. Potatoes, 412 do. Flour, 35 do.
Rye. 2i uo. Meal, 31 do. Pork. 12 casks Lime, 50 bbls.
Onions, 800 Cabbages, 12 bush. Oats, 10 tons Short*,
80 gals. Keroseue Oil, 8300 lb*. Candies, 6200do Lard,
lOCw do. Hams. 12 boxes Preserved Meats, 36 pm
Boots, 35 Sides Leather. Ac.
Head Quarters Camp Abraham Lincoln, \
Portland, Oct. 6th. 1862. |
All absent members of the different Hegimeut* in
this encampment, are hereby ordered to report them
selves to their respective commanders forthwith.
Towns that are still delicieut iu tilling up tfceir
quota must make up their deficiency at once.
Per order Commandanr,
E. 8. Morris, Post Adjt.
KELLEY, Founders oir the Analytical System
or Medicine.—All the preparations of Medicine
recommended in this system of practice, and which
originated with the fouudem of the system, emu be
obtained of
Mrs. E. B. Chamberlin, H. D ,
214 Congress Street, cor. «/ Pearl, Portland, Me.
Dr. Kelley, of Boston, will visit the office, 114 Con
gress Street, to consult and give advice to all persous
on Tuesday aud Wednesday, the 7th aud 8th of Oc
tober. Advice free. All are invited to call — 214
Congress Street, corner of l'earl. [oct3dlw*
Dr. H. L. DAVIS, associated with Dr. J. Clawson
Kelley, of New York city, will visit tlivir Portland
Office, Xo. 8 Clapp’s Block, Congress Street, Thurs
day aud Friday, Oct. Wth aud lOih. aud can be con
sulted on all disease* frtt of charge. In Dr. Davis'
absence S. B. Cowell will be in attendance at the
office, to look after the welfare of the patients aud
promptly atteud to all orders for medicine. Dr.
Davis visits tlie office the second Thursday and Fri
day in every month. [oct3dlw*
A Goon String Bed has become au almost indis
pensable article, not only of comfort and necessity,
with every family, while the united testimony of
Physicians has placed their health fulness beyond
Xo iuvalid should be without one.
As an evidence of the superiorly of
overall others, is the fact that the demand for tbit
Spring Bed is quadruple that of any other kind.
October 1, 1862. tf
“The Copper Tip."—Parents who wish to avoid
' the annoyance aud expense of buying a new pair of
shoes every mouth for their children, can do so by
buyiug the Metallic Tipped Shoes. Oue pair with the
tips will wear as long a- three without. The Tipped
Boots and Shoes are sold by all Shoe Dealers in the
United States.
American Shoe Tip Co.. 108 Pearl Street. Boston.
sepl*6w II. M. BEARCE,Treasurer.
DR. P. P. QU1MBY. would give notice that he ha
returned to Portland, and can be fouud at his Room,
No. 13 International House, Tuesday, August
12th, where he will atteud to all wishing to consul
First Examination at office,.£2 00
Each subsequent sitting at office,.50
City Patients, first Examination at residence,... 2 50
Each subsequent visit at residence. 1 00
August 16, 1862.—tf
fyConsumption aud Catarrh, aud all diseases of
the Throat aud Luugs, successfully treated by Inha
lation, By C. Morse, M. D.,
aul8 ’62 eod Corner Smith and Congress Sts.
Dentistry.—Dr. JOS1AU HEALD, No. 241 Con
gress Street, first door east of 1st Parish Church,
Portlaud, Me. aug7dly
Dus. LOCKE A KIMBALL, Dentists, Xo. 117
Middle Street, Portland. Me. augl6—1 y
Physician and Suroeon.—U. A. LAMB. M. D.,
Office, corner of Congress and Chestnut Streets,
Portlaud, Me.
Pirticulsr attention paid to Surgery, including
diseases of the eye aud ear. aug7—d6m
In this city Oct 7th, by Rev. Henry D. Moore. Mr.
George 11. llausou to Miss Julia M. Ware, both of
this city.
Iu Saco Sept 26th. Silas W. Milliken to Miss Har
riet A. llttu.'ou, both of S.
In South Parsonsfield Sept 21st, X. M. Littlefield to
Miss Eliza C. Smith, both of P.
lu Limiugtou Sept 14th, Charles II. Moore to Miss
lu Tnaout Sept 27th. Capt. A. Richardson to 3Iiss
Amanda M. Robinson. both of T.
lu Orland sept 26th. J antes C. Sauuders to Miss
Adelaide A. Sargent, both of O.
Iii Lee Sept 23d, Benj. H. Burr to Miss Josephine
Weatberbee, both of Springfield.
In Wiuthrup, Joshua E. Davis to Miss Susannah H
Packard, both of Keadtieid.
At the Hospital of 17th Maine Reg., Va., 1st inst,
Corp. Svlvanus S. Mitchell, Co. E. aged 28 years.
[It will be gratifying to his friends to kuow that
throughout his sickness he was attended by members
of the Company w ho ministered to him his every
In Enterprise. Miss., Mrs. Anne M.. wife of Thos.
S. Williams. Esq., formerly of this city, aged 37 yrs.
fBoston papers copy.]
In Hath Oct 3d, Mrs. Sarah Robinson, aged 77 years
9 months.
At Nassau NT. Sept 25th. Mrs. Auua B., wife of
Augustus Arnold, formerly of Hath.
lu Augusta, at the lusauo Hospital, Ceorge Simp
son, of Hath, aged 50 years.
lu Sullivan Sept 25th. Elizabeth L., wife of K. B.
Smith, aged 38 years.
In Sullivan Sept 20th. Katv J., daughter of Abram
and Mary 31. Mitchell, aired 4 years.
In Treutou Sept 26th, Miss Lucy A. Smith, aged 21
In Eastbrook Sept 28th, Miss Laura Smith, aged 14
In .Mariavillc Sept 26th, Ida W., daughter of Lu
ther and Polly W. Jordan, aged 7 years 5 months.
Iii Machias Sent 22<1, Olive 8., daughter of Amos F
and Clymenia Purlin, aged 8 vears 2 months; 25th,
Marv A., daughter of Lewis aud llauuah Longfellow,
aged 3 years.
Sal* of Stocks.—Boston, Oct. 7,1802.
500 United States Coupon Sixes (1881).104
2”.000 ■ ..do.b 2 104
43,400 United States 7 3*10 Treasury Notes... 10* !
1.000 .do.:: 106 i
2.000 U. S. Certificates of Indebtedness.99 .
2.000 United States Deinaud Notes.Up '
6/IO1). do.119 j
248 American Gold ..123 1
2.000 .do.1234 1
67,704 .do.1234
11 Western Railroad.137
2 Portland, Saco and Portsmouth R R.109
4 Fitchburg Railroad.108§
20 Boston mud Maine Kail road.118
10 Boston and Worcester Railroad...,.128
11 Concord Railroad (par S50). 62
240 Eastern Railroad.88
29 Northern Railroad.66J
In brig Mechanic, at Boston, from New Orleaus—
Cant J L Sawyer, of the 13th Me; Lieut Fi G Boltou,
12th Me.
SYDNEY CB—Brig Eudorus—312 tons coal, to J L
Mails are forwarded by every steamer in the regu
lar liues. The steamers for or from Liverpool rail at
Queenstowu, except the Cauadiau line, w Inch call at
City of Washiug’n. Liverpool_New York Sept 24
Jura.Liverpool... .Quebec Sept 25
Persia.Liverpool.New York Sept 27
City of New York. Liverpool_ Quebec .Oct 1
Asia.. Liverpool.Boston.Oct 4
llainntonia..Southampton New York oet 8
kangaroo.Liverpool.New York Oct 8
Australasian. — .Liverpool.New York . Oct 11
Arabia.Liverpool Boston.Oct 18
Etna.New York . Liverpool.Oct. 4
Nova Scotian .Quebec.Liverpool.Oct. 4
Horussia.New York . Hamburg.Oct. 4
Scotia.New York. Liverpool.Oct. 8
City of Baltimore.Now York. .Liverpool.Oct. 11
Anglo Saxon.Quebec.Liverpool.Oct. 11 1
Europa .Boston.Liverpool.Oct. 15
City of Washiug'n.New York.. Liverpool.Oct. 18
Jura.Quebec.Liverpool.Oct. 18
Persia.New York. Liverpool.Oct. 22
Saxonia .New York Hamburg .Oct. 18
Persia.New York.. Liverpool.Oct. 22
Fsr Havana.
Steamship Eagle sails from New York 11th iust for
Havana direct.
Steamship British Queen sails from New York for
Havaua via Nassau NT, 13th iust.
For California.
Steamers, carrying Mails for Aspinwal), Panama,
and California, leave New York ou the 1st, Uth, and
2(st of each month.
Wednesday.October 8
Rises. 6.04 | Sets.. .6 30 |
II Mi II » AltK.
Moru’g 10.50 | Eveu'K 11.00
Tnewduy, October 7.
Brig Kudorus. Pinkhatn, Sydney ( B.
Brig Henry Leeds, smith, Rockland for New York.
.Sch J O’Donohuc, Coney. Philadelphia.
Sch Emma Furbish, Kendall. Philadelphia.
Sch J S Lindsay. Ricker. Boston.
Sch Oletta. Bunker, fishing.
Sch Delaware, Richardson, Km; k land for N York.
Sch Sarah, Holden, Rockland for New Y«>rk.
Sch Albert Jameson, Jameson. Rockland for New
Sch John Adams. Hatch. Rockland for New York.
Sch Alciope. Wescott, Castinc tor New York.
Sell Hattie Aunali, Orcutt, Bangor for Providence.
Sell Samuel, Amec, Bangor for Portsmouth.
Steamer Lewiston. Knight, Bostou.
Sch Rescue, Pcttengill, Philadelphia, by K G Y’ork
k Sou.
Sch William Artbaa Haskell. Philadelphia, by M
B Nickerson. '
Bark Money nick, at New York, has been taken for
the voyage to Malaga aud back, at *4800, port chargee
Bark W A Banks, 469 tons, built at Thomaston in
1854. has been purchased by parties out of the State,
for *11.750.
A fine ship of 1200 tons, is being built by N A Far
well and others, at Kockland. aud will be ready tor
launching in two or three weeks.
There are now building at Bath live or six Irst
class ships, aud oue steamer, which will be ready lor
launching soon.
A double-deck schooner, called the “Eagle." was
launched from the yard of A S Eelea, at Kockport,
recently. She is 108’ tons burthen, aud will be com
manded Capt Wm M Piper.
A hue. double deck schooner, of 250 tons, called
the “Kate Carletou,** was launched from the yard of
John Pascal, at Kockport, on the 24th ult. She is
owned by Carletou, Norwood k Co., of Camdeu.
The bark “Klliugwood." 37S* tons, was launched
from the yard of C S Huston, at East port, on the
20th ult. She is owned bjr Capt. F. ELingwood, who
will command her, and others.
NEW ORLEANS—In port 25th. bark S H Water
man. Elliot, for Providence.
WASHINGTON DC—Ar 28th. sch America, Rey
nolds. New York.
BALTIMORE—Ar 3d Inst, schs Star, Crowell, aud
Gleuroy. Wakette d. Boston.
Ar 5th, bark Talisman. Thompson, Buenos Ayres.
Sid 5th, bark Rambler, I'ackaid, New York; brig
Elisha Doane. Morgan, Arecibo; seb Julia Newell,
Trott. Providence.
PHILADELPHIA—Ar 4th. bark Old Hickory,
Head. Belfast; Parker, Cook, Fernandina
C'id4th. schs Starlight, York. Portland, Aid, Eu
dicott. Fortress Monroe.
Sid Dn Dc'aware Break water 3d. briga Geo Amos,
Sea Foam. D B Doane, J W Drisco, and Julia Ford;
schs Augusta. Jas Donahue, Wm A Dresser. James
Bliss. Deliuoutu Locke, Ranger, Spray, Helen, Forest
Lousia. ami other*.
Ar4th, brig* J I> Lincoln, Webber, and Loch Lo
mond. Black, Portland.
Cld 4th. *chs J A Griffin, Foster; John Faruum,
Hall, and Loui«a. Haskell, boston.
NEW YoRk — Ar 4th inst, ship Celestial Empire.
Pierce, Liverpool; barks Anuie Kimball, Stinson, fin
Trapani; Old Doimuion. Jenkins, New Orleans; sch
Martha Jaue, Allen, Baltimore.
Ar 5th. bark Zcnas Coffin. Smith. A spiii wall; Lin
da Stewart. Davis, Uemedio*: sch Abbe Brackett.
Cott, Froutera; Modtord, Hopkins, Bangor; Minnie
Cobb. Averill, ltockland.
Also ar 6th, ship Kate Prince, Geniah, from Liv
Ar 6th. ships Piscataqua. Weeka, from Liverpool;
Manhattan, from do; 1 runout, tut do; Tropic, from
Havre; Florence, troin Whampoa; John Bun van.
from Loudon; Clyde, from Cardiff; Nonpareil, from
Liverpool; barks Pilgrim, from Glasgow; Stephano,
from St Thomas; Harold, tm Cardiff; VictorW, ftn
Havre; brig Jennie Jenkins, tin Exeter E.
Arffth, brigs Geu Boyd, Evans, from Saco; Rival,
Smith. Portland.
Cld 6th. ship Arthur Childs. 1 'Hilda. Glasgow; Tor
nado, Mumford, Liverpool; barks tannic Hamilton,
Was*. Mameillu*; E A Cliase, Downey. Cardenas;
brie* Sol ten no. Higgins, Para; A Thaxter, Coombs;
Philadelphia; sch Open Sea. Rogers, do.
Ar 7th, (by tel) ship Atmosphere, Harris, Liverpool
brig Sephyr, from Rio; schs Reindeer, tai St Marks;
J A Congiion. from New Orlcaus; S J Waring, do.
^ PROVIDENCE—Ar 4th. schs Mexico, Wilson, fra
Elizabeth port; A H Brown. Pierce, Houdout; War
rior. Crockett, New York.
Ar 6th, schs S T Bright, Smith; Mail, Kelley, and
T J Hill. Wheldeu, Philadelphia.
Sid 4th, schs Avou, Park, New York; Aniauda
Power*. Robinson, do.
BRISTOL—Ar 5th inst, sch N B Borden, Collins,
FALL RIVER-Ar 5th. sch Mediator. Miller, from
NEW BEDFORD—Ar 5th. schs Evergreen. Potter.
Philadelphia; Sarah, Benson, aud Rachel Jaue.
Hutchings, do.
Sid 6th. *chs Trypbenia, Nickerson, and Henry
Clay. Delano. Albany. •
SALEM—Ar 2d. schs Hlixa Otis. Ryder. Belfast.
Ar 4th. schs Soloinou Francis. Cottrell, aud Tarry
Not, Cottrell, Bangor.
BOS I'ON—Ar 6th, barks Lizzie, Nickerson, from
Bueno* A> res; Edmund Dwight, Cunningham, from
Surinam; brigs John Steven*, Hopkins, tiom Sagua;
Catharine Rogers, Yeaton. Rondout; schs Grecian,
Foss. Eli/abcliinort: Indus. Withaiu. Surry: Harriet
Rogers. Gunnells, and rlwbe Aiiu, Green, Bangor;
Peru, Creamer, and Su»au Ross, Herrick, Bangor;
Platteu Sea, Brown, Bristol; Wankiukoo, Means.
Gardiner; lilumiuaior, Creamer, Waldoboro; Sarah
Wallace, E izabethport
Also ar 6th, brig Mechanic. Look. New Orleans.
Cld 6th, schs Carrie Weils, Biown. Philadelphia;
N Mills, Spinney. Portsmouth.
Ar 7th, brig* Viator, Veaxie, Philadelphia; JW
Drisko, Drisko, do: scbs Hanuie Westbrook, Little
Johu, aud Telegraph, Nickerson, New York; Bril
liant. Norton. E-i/abethpoi t
Cld 7tli. brig Alinou Rowell, Dolan, for Portland,
to load tor Cuba.
NEWBURY PORT—Ar 4th, sch E 11 Rogers. Lang
ley, Philadelphia.
Ar at Bristol Pill 18th ult, brig Sainoset. Briggs. N
York tor Stockholm
Sailed from Callao Aug 29th. ships Borneo, Reed,
Chiuchas; Radiant, Matthews, London; Hamlin,
Wheelwright. Chiuchas.
Ar at Buenos Ayres Aug 1st, bark Mystery, Hamil
ton, Liverpool via' Montevideo.
Ar at Massalipitau Aug 6th, ship Waverly, Henry,
Galle. to load for Calcutta.
At Froutera 1st ult, bark Northwood, for X York;
Sid 1st ult. sch Clifton, for New York.
At Harbadoe*9th ult, hark Washington Butcher,
Collins, from Liverpool.
At St Thomas 17th ult, ship M C Stevens, tlcans,
from Newport, ar 14th, disg; brigs A Swift, Averv,
j from New York, ar 19th; Waltham. Allen, Boston,
ar 11th; Executive, ready for sea.
Sailed from St George. Bur, 18tli ult, bark Almon
er. Lantnher. Turks Island.
At St Viuceut Sept 7th. ship Ocean Steed, Starr,
from Cardiff, disg.
At Liugan CB. 24th ult, bark Jane M Thurstou,
Gilkev, tor New York, ldg
Sid 24th. brig Olive. Mansdeld. New York.
Ar at St John N li 3d mst, ships Alabama, Cochran,
Liverpool; Research. Rjerson. Bristol E.
Cld 3d, sch Arno, Crockett, Provideuce.
Sept 24. lat 43 14. Ion 47 47. ship Lizzie Homans, fm
. Liverpool lor New York. „
Sept 23. lat 31. Ion 74. brig Mary E Milliken, from
I Xew Or leu ns tor Boston.
Oct 2. lat 36 22. Ion 69 20, bark Bcuj Burgess, from
I Boston for Cienfhegos.
jgwe* ON and afer Oet. Sth, the Steamer
'r^£&A£t>AXiEi. Wi.Bi.TtR, (apt A Wood,
will, till further notice, (rare Railroad
Wharf, foot mate afreet, every Monday, Wednesday
and Fiidar, at 4 in the evening for Kock'nnd. Cam
den, Belfast, .hear.port, Buck.port, Wlnterport,
llamp.len and Bangor.
Leaves Bangor same morning, at 4 o'clock.
Fare from t'ort'and to Rockland, S2n0
" “ “ •' Camden, Mu
" " Bel that. JiO
" " “ hear.port. t IH)
" .Bnekaport, 3 44
" ;; •' - Wlnterport, 3 40
„ „ ** *' Hampden, 304
°*C 4th. dtf *“**(;. c. EATON.
Aunnnl Meeting of the Provident
Tills society will bold its annual meeting on Tbnra
dav evening. Oct. 9th. at 7 o'clock, in the Street
Commissioners' Room in the City Building, entrance
on Myrtle street.
The friends of the Association will bear in mind
that all who lta» e contributed the amount of 41.00 to
it* funds ate consideied member*, and as such ara
invited to attend this meeting.
It JAMEri P. BAXTER. Secretary
X ^ J. L\ P. BURNHAM gives no-x ^
' he has resumed business atVrMl|
I^JliHl'is former place. No. 94 Middle St.,X*MjU
where he is prepared to execute
From Minature to Life size,
In India Ink, Water, or Oil Colon.
Special attention paid to copying old Daguerreo
type.. Amhrotypr*. fce.
The subscriber hn. made some Important change*
in his Rooms, which fneilitnle the making of the
“Carte* do Visite,”
which be is prepared to make satis factory at abort
FJf"Hick or deceased persons' pictures taken at
their residence.
The largest collection (of Pictures of the various
kinds) in the eitv may be teen at his Reception Room,
94 Middle Street, up one short flight of stairs, oppo
site Casco Bank.
Rooms free to all for examination of Specimen*.
Prodace Commission Merchants
And Wholesale Dealers la
No. 3 Union Wharf, Portland.
octTdJfc wtf
< opanaer*hftp Notice.
o tlii* day formed a copartnership under tha
For transacting a
General Commission Business
In Flonr and Prodnce,
And hare taken the store N*. I L’nlen Wharf.
Portland. Oct. 1, IMS. oetTdlw
Hare nedted, at
No. 73 Fox Blook,
The celebrated HASHEESH CANDY.and MADAM
For BMre than twenty.flre yean has the well knewa
■ Furnished the manilone of the wealthy lad the
dwellings of the lowly,
Not of Maine only, bat of other Statee. with art idee
of Furuitare suited to their various wants.
At the old stand,
SS wad H Biehaage Btrwwt,
With increased facilities for manafoetarlug,
With good workasea aad thoroughly seasoned stock,
be can furnish the largest assortment of
(Or made, at short notice, to any pattern customers
may direct,)
Than can be found Elsewhere in the Stale.
Purchasers for Cash may rest assured that goods
bought st this house will be made perfectly satis fhc
toiy in price and quality.
At this establishment may be found an extensive as
sortment of Elegant and Plain Furniture, of the
most desirable styles, comprising Rich sod
Medium Priced Drawing Room, Psrlor
snd Chamber Furniture, of every de
scription. Feather Beds and Mat
tresses of all kinds. Common
Furniture, Chairs, Look
ing Llasses, Ac.
The Best of Extension Tables, Ac.
Rosewood and Gilt Mirror*.
Spiral Spring Beds, &c.
Vpholster7 Wsrk Attended te as sssal.
N. B — SHIP FURNITURE made to order.
October 1st, 1862. tf
Cattle Show and Fair.
The Thirty-Second Annual Exhibition
Cumberland Agricultural A Hor
ticultural Society,
Will be held at
October 15th and lOth.
ANNUAL ADDRESS bv S. L. GoodaJe. En., of
Saco, aud a poem by V. T Perry, of Washing
ton, D. C.j will be Weduesdav evening.
Show of Cattle. Sheep, Swiue and Poultry, and
Plowing Match on Wedueaday.
Thursday—Show of Horses, trial of strength of
Draft Oxen, and annua) meeting of Society.
Exhibition of Karin Produce and Manufactured
Articles will be at the Town Hall, and will be open
Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.
All article# left with Kendall k Whitney. Portland,
on or before Saturday, the 11th of October, will be
carried to aud from the Fair at the expense of the
Society. Per order,
SEW ALL X. GROSS, Secretary.
New Gloucester, Sept. 29, 18d2.
octl dAwtd
Otitrf of the l ulled Males Master
ing and Disbarsiug OUrer,
WILL be fouud iu II. N. Jose's building, Line
Street, adjoining the l'o t Office.
SAM L DANA. Cant. 17th Inf.
Mustering and Disbursing Officer.
Sept. 19th. 19*2. dtf
FROM the subscribers, at Portsmouth, N. H . on
Friday afternoon, October 3. a small hay llorse,
I hating one white hind foot; also a two-wheeled
Chaise with drab lining, considerably worn, aud a
i silver mounted harness.
Any person giving information of the whereabouts
of this property will be suitably rewarded.
TiLtoX fc MAKDE.N, 1-orUmuuth. X U
Oct 7—St*

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