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New Method of IUWn« Money.
Wc have heard the following story related
hy one who fully believed it* truth. Our
neighbor, the Uongrcg-itiouslisi, ? ms to have
an eipul conildeuce, and we copy uom il* col
“A strange story is related concerning Rev.
Ivory Hovey, who was settled in ‘Manomet
Ponds,’ April 18, 1780, and continued pastor of
this ancient church until November 4, 1803,
when, a* their records say "Mr. Hovey died,
aged eighty-nine, to the great grief of his peo
“His grandfather, who resided in England,
was in moderate circumstances, but he loved
tiie Savior, amt had an earnest desire that a
son whom God had given him should become
a minister of the Gospel. Such, however,
were n limit, d means that he could not edu
ca.o ills son lor the sacred office. In these
days of solicitude, lie Is said to have been as
sured in a dream that a grandson should enter
the ministry and labor lor his Master.
It chanced that on the occasion of building
a barn lie sent his son, the father of Rev. Ivo
ry Hovey, to the nearest village, to purchase
uaiis. While returning home, as he was riding
on horseback through a piece of wood, his
saddie-bags being pretty well stored with
nails, he was met by a highwayman, who or
dered him to deliver up his sadille-bags of
“Mr. Hovey determined that some pains
should be takeu by the unwelcome Intruder,
and hastily threw the supposed treasure over
the hedge that bordered the roadside. The
robber sprang from his horse to secure the
piTire, when Mr. Hovey, leaving his own more
tardy animal, sprang into the empty saddle
and hastily drove homeward.
“The highwayman called loudly for Mr.
Hovey to stop, declaring that he‘was only in
jest'; but (tie latter, replying ‘I am in tanient,’
drove forward, and on reaching home, found
the saddle-bags of Ills new-found horse weil
flllcd with 'ttlthy lucre.’
“This God-sent treasure was preserved with
much care, and with It Her. Ivory Hovey was
fitted for the miuistrv.”
The Effect of Pardon.—In the garrison
town 01' Woolwich, a few years ago, a soldier
was abont to be brought belore the command
ing officer of the regiment for some misde
meanor. The officer entering the soldier’s
name said, “here is-again. What can
we do with him! He has gone through al
most every ordeal." The sergeant major, M.
B,, apologised for intruding, and said, “there
ts one thing that Inis never been done with
him yet, sir." “What is that, sergeant ma
jor?” “Well, sir, he has never yet been for
given.” “Forgiven!” said the Colonel, “here
is his case entered.” Yes, but the man Is not
before you yet, and you cau cancel it.”—
After the Colonel had reflected a few miuutes
he ordered the man to be brought before him,
when he was asked what lie had to say rela
tive to the charges brought against him.—
“Nothing,’ sir,” was the reply, “only that I am
sorry for what I have done.” After making
some suitable remarks, the Colonel said, —
“Well, we aie resolved to forgive you.” The
soldier was struck with astonishment; the
tears started from his eyes; he wept. The
Colouel, with the Adjutant, and the others
present, felt deeply when they saw the man so
humbled. The soldier thanked the Colonel
tor his kindness, and retired. The narrator
had the soldier under his notice for two years
and a half alter this, and never, during that
time, was there a charge brought against him,
or fault lound witli him. Mercy triumphed!
Kindness conquered! The man was won!—
[British. Workman.
TnEit's cm.—“I say, cnp'n," said a keen
eyed man, as he landed from the steamer Po
tomac, at Natchez, “1 say, cap’ii, this ere ain't
*U—I ve left something or nulher on board,
that’s a fact.” '
“Them's all the plunder vou brought on
board, anyhow.”
“We’ll see, now ; I grant its all ’cording to
list—four boxes, three chists. two brandy bot
tles, a portrnony, two hams—one part used,
three ropes of iiryuns, and one tea-kettle. But
you see. cap’n, I’m kind of duhersome—I feel
like as If sutliin’s short. Though I’ve count
ed um nine times, and never took my eyes off
on um sense I come on board, I feel there's
somethin wrong somewhere.”
“Well, stranger, time's up; you’ve got ail I
know on, so jest fetch your old woman an’
five children out of the cabin, for we must be
“Them’s um! by hokey. Them’s um! I
know'd I’d forgot suthin or nuther.
The Unitarian' clergyman of Fitchburg. Ms.,
Dot long since prayed’ for the rebel- in this
style:—“Ob God, we pray Thee to bless the
rebels. Bless their hearts with sincere repent
ance. Bless their armies with defeat. Bless
their social condition by emancipation.”
A Si.ender Thread.—A venerable and
pious old lady, on reading in a hunker paper
that “the salvation of the country depended
upon the success of the Democratic party,”
raised her eyes to heaven, and sang the fol
lowing lines from Watts:
“0 Lord, on what s slender thread
llauf everlasting things!”
Portland mutual Fire Insurance
THE Annual Meeting of the above-named Compa
ny, for the choice of officer! and such other bus
in®* a! mar come before them, will be held at their
ofiae, on Monday, October «th, at 7J o’clock, F. M.
Fer order.
■HiiOdtdEDWARD 8HAW, Secretary.
LMtiBfa, Serges, Elastic Gussettings,
SO Union, four door* from Middle Street,
C.I.IUID. PORTLAND, ME j.q.tdkky.
Book, Card & Fancy Printing,
Photographic Frames.
CJQOARE or oval—every kind called for. Thecc
k-7 being manufactured be ouraetve,. except thine
ueceMarflv imported, we can compete with any mat
ket for low pricea. At wboleaale or retail, at M. Mai
ket Square_MtiKRlsuN k C O'8
IfidMinebec dc Portland Railroad Co.
rflUF. Trustee, of the Fir«t Mortgage Bondholder,
JL hereby notify a meeting ot said t ondboldsr,, to
be holden at the Depot In Brunswick, on Wedtien
day, the eighth day of October next, at ntue o'clock
In the morning, to hear the Report, which mav be
offkred, and to attend to auv other buiiueu which
may come before them
JOS. McKEEX, lTrn .
_ JutlX 1'AfIEN, / Tr “**<*•■
Brunswick. Sept- lfh, 1961.
Kennebec dc Portland Railroad Co.
TUB Trustee, of the Second Mortgage Bondhold
er, hereby notify a mealing of Mid Bondholder,,
to be itoldeu at the Depot in Brunswick, on Wedueti
d»y the eighth div of October uext, at ten o’clock in
the morning, to bear the Reports which mav be offer
ed, and to attend to auy other business which mav
come before them.
John fatten. }Tru,t«^
Brunswick, Sept. IS. 19<g. aeplgeodtoctg
Notice of Foreclosure.
NOTICE t, hereby given, that the «ob«eriber,
tliarle, M. Oizood, of Portland, in the conutv
of Comberland. auo State of Mainp, claims by mort
iragr, as Executor of amt Refiduarv tii»
last will and testament of Joshua B. oooocd, late
of Mid Portlauu, deceased, duly approved and al
lowed. the following described real estate, to wit: a
certain Jot of land with the buildings thereon stand
ing. situated upon the easterly side of C'ark street lu
said city of Portland, and bounded as follows: Com
me .icing at a stake upon Clark street, ono hundred
and forty feet from Salem street (formerly Prospect
street), thence northerly by said Claik afreet forty
feet to a stake: thence easterly eighty feet more or
less to laud sold bv William Prior to Joseph li. Hamb
lin ; thence by Mid land southerly forty feet, thence
westerly eighty feet more or less, to the first men
tioned bounds. Said real estate was conveved bv
Wiliam.il. Purinfoii to John B. Carroll, bv deed of
mortgage, dated the third day of October, A. I).,
eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and recorded in Cum
berland County Registry of Deeds, Book 287, page
80, said Carroll assigned the tuine to the Ocean Insu
rance Company by do«4, dated the twenty-second
day of Jonuarv, A. D., eighteen hundred and fifty
<1*| and recorded in said Registry Book, 2<16,page411,
and said Ocean Insurance Company, assigned the
Mine to said Joshua B. Osgood bv deed, da’cd the lifth
da'’ of Ja .tmrv, A. D., eighteen hu> d*-od ai d sixty,
t- dr^o bed in said Koifetr) . Book 815 pa rv 37, and
the snb-mr.ber c alms said mortgage dot'd a. d rite
pro’n w.'-illn* eb conveved as the Executor and Ros
Iduarv Legatee of the said Joshua B. Osgood, as
aforesaid. The condition of said deed of mortgage
has been broken, by reason whereof the subscriber
claim* a for^e’osure of the same, and give* this pub
lic notice the eof, according to the Statute in such
case mot: i d prm'hwl.
Dated iUh *< itfd.n <' %> [>
« Mit «iJk imD.
JL.v.-tiCO' a id Bosiduar Doga nan tec. iu the u»i
wiii and testament of Jo*bua B. Osgood. w8w!2
Portland Wholesale Pi Ires Current.
Expressly corrected for the 1*rkps to October 8.
.In additional duty gf
l i fr»c m levied <»» aft mer
eluiHiuet not imported di
rect from the pUice q/‘pro
duction or growth.
A .hr*.
Ihity : 10 pc ad val.
Pearl p lb.6^@ 6*
Pot...6 ig 7
Green p bbl.Sljg 2
Sliced p lb .6 g 8c
Corel* p tb .4 o, 6
Uncored p lb. ... 2 g 3
Duty 3 • pc.
Pilot p loo tbs.. .65 @ 6J
Ship.f&4 4*
Crackers |x?r bbl.. 3gJ 3$
C rackers, p 100. 33 g40c
Duty : 4o p lb
Family p lb.17 520c
Store ..14 gift
Marrow P bu$h*2 10g238
Pea.2 2W2 62
Blue Pod.2 12g2 3.
4 n sidle*.
Duty . sperm and Wax 8c.
Stearine 5c, Tallow 21c
t> th.
Mou <i p lb.18co.l3j
Sperm .26 g8u
Duty : 4c P !b.
I Vermont p tb.8jg 91
New York.8jg 9)
Coal- (Retail.)
Duty : From Hr. Provinc
es.free, other foreign Bi
tumenohs £1 10, alt oth
er kinds 00c p ton.
CumberCd [email protected]
Franklin. 8Jg
Duty : 6c P lb.
Java p lb.27 ®2*c
St. Domingo.22 ,a23
Rio .21*g22*
Duty : Tarred 2\c, Manil
la 21, all other 81 p lb.
American p lb 13 ;gl3}
Bolt rope, Russia 15 Ig 16
do. Manilla.12)g 18
Omen t.
p bbl. Bltk^llB
Drug* aad Dye*.
Duty: p tb—Oil t'inna
mon £2, Oil Almonds and
Otto of Rose Si 50, Oil
Bergamot, Cassia and
f'loves SI, Hydriodate
Potash 75c, Co nt ha rides.
Mastic, Ipecac, Rh nha rh.
Cardamons, Oil Lemon,,
santse aim vranir, w
di ne 60c, Tolu cut il Crude
Camphor 3 tc. Refined do.
4i)c, Tartaric Acid 20c,
(Yeam Tartar, ('Uric
Acid, Shellac, Copal, Da
mar and Hums used for
like purposes 10c, Aloes.
Verdigris, Chlorate of
Potash, (arb. Magnesia
6c. Boracic Acid, Yellow
Prussia!e Potash and
Red do. 10c, Liquorice,
Ovatic Acid ana Sugar
of Lewi 4c, Asphaltum
and Bi-Chro. Potash 3c,
Sagwljc, Epsom Salts,
Liquorice Hoot, Bi-Carb.
Soda. Caust>c Soda lc;
Castor OH 60c V gal.,
Morphine $2 p oz„ Al
u m 6oc p cirf., Copperas
60c p cart.. Muriatic Ac
id 10 pc ad vat.* Spong
es, Assafsxtida. Isin
glass, Ftor Sulphur. Sen
na, Arrowroot, (tinseng
20 pc. Bleaching Boar
ders 80c p cart., Sago
60c p cart.. Sat Soda and
Ash lc p lb, craute
Brimstone e3 and Roll
do. £6 p ton, Alcohol 40c
p gat.
Alum p lb.8 @ 4c
Aloes.16 ®25
Arrow Root.17 ®40
Borax.22 a26
Brimstone (roU)...4<® 6
Bi-Cat b Soda.5j®
Sulphur.6 ® 6J
Sal Soda. 3 « 4
Camphor.140® 160
Cream Tartar.85 ®46
Logwood ex.1«)J;« 12
IndL'O, M'la, flnc Slf a If
Madder.16c® 18
Opium.87$» 7!
Rhubarb.1 Soul 8$
Alcohol.70 .art
Fluid. 93
Catnphene.2 flft®270
i Saltpetre.10 ®20
I Vitriol.12®
! Duty. Free.
BarWood .2J<2
Brari! Wood.18 «
! Cnriwood.4J® 4*
! Fubfic, Cula. 2 ® 2j
*t Sevan villa lift 2
I Hypomie.4t.® 6
Campeachy.2 ®
81. Domingo.1*® 1;
Extract Logwood.il’® 12
Nic Wood. ®
Peach “ . 3'® 4i
Red •• . 81& 3)
Sapan *' . 2 ji
uuei citron Bark.. 21® 2}
lied 'saiidtra.8 ® 6
l>ur <•
Duty: 30 Pc ad vat.
Ravens . 40c®
Portland, No. 3 8<» g
“ No. 10.48®
Navy, S’r, No. 8 none.
" " No. 10. none.
Tent Duck,
L\S. 10 or.60 @
“ 12 or.68 ®
Dutij: 30 pc ad val.
Live Geeaep tb. 60 ®55
Russia .26 &
Duty : For 100 lb* foreign
caught — Herring PI.
Mackerel 82, SaJmoti 83:
and all other pickled in
Ibis. 81 60 P Obl., other
arise 60c P cact. From
Provinces free.
Cod large p cut. 83*® 3;
'* small.2} a 2
Pollock.2 | 2,
Haddock, now ... 1 ® 1
Hake, new.1 ® lj
HcrrinE.Shorepbl.2j® 8
do. Labrador, none
do. Scaled pbx86(3'40c
do. No. 1 .25®30
Mackerel p bbl.,
Bav No. 1.89igl0
Bav No. 2 .T’ia 7$
Bay No. 8.4J.a 6
Shore No. 1.9j® 9*
“ “ 2.6;®«1
do. (medium).. 3?® 8$
do. (small).2i®
Duty: Lemons, Oranges,
2<J Pc ad ral., Almonds
4c, and Shelled do. 6c P
lb. *Vxff and Dates 2c
4> lb, (hinrants, Figs.
Plums, P n»nes and Rai
sins 6c p tb. Citron 3?
Pc ad ral.
Almonds—Jordan p lb.
Soft Shell 13 Stlftc
Shelled.26 §30
Currants.12 <& 13
Citron. 32 a 36
Pea Xuts.82Lft 2J
i Fi?s, common.... none.
; New E'[email protected]
Lemons, p case 84 ® 6
I Oranges. none.
1 Rai«ins,
Blue p cask.
Black.88 @10
Bunch p box 840ti9 00
Laver. 8 62 a 3 68
Dates.7 u 9c
I'm w .8j§10l
f'laar—Portland Ff.sp.
Supeiliue.Shi'S. 6J
Fa. cv.ida: 6
1 Exua.64 n 6i
Kamil r.6V§ 6#
i Extra Superior—6)§ 7?
Western extras .. .6 §• flj
" fanev... J>l(S 6
" superior. 7 § 71
Ohio extra.64 «t 64
" family.6p§ 6|
Canada super No. 1. i.one.
41 fh. cv.lioi e.
44 extra.none.
“ super'r ext.none.
Rve [email protected] 44
Corn M«*a>.Si'S'3}
Buckw’t Fl’r p lb 2c § 2J
<• rain.
Duty: Corn and Oats lMc.
Jlye aft d Farley 16c, and.
Wheat 20c p bn. From
Br. Provinces free.
Rve.. .94 (S»f,j
Oats .40 (a 46
South Yol. Corn. .70 <5 72
Com, Mixed.. .. .68 (5 70
Barley.60 «62
Shortx P ton. .. 817 a 19
Fine Feed.22 ^,24
Duty : Bough—free.
Bough, p ton. .817 a20
Dressed.3(4« 86
■ Duty: Valued at less than
20c P lb 6c. over 20c 6cj
t* tb and 20 pc ad ral.
B’O'tHn n &}+ 41
Rifles* d Sporting 64<@ 7]
Sc* ow’d p net T.812 '514
Loose. 18 n 15
I Xew do. 12 @14
IVides nn«V SUins*
Duty : 10 pc ad ral.
Stan’fitter Hides.. .6 Gf> 6e
; Calfskins.9 #10
I Cn’cnt*a Cow—
K*an /Me’ 0<1. 1 60(51 70
I i reei >«a‘' ... 1 16« 1 26
Dr*. 90'iiOQ
j Sheep 1 chs, i.i’n.30 i'«.£l
I 8hoop Pelts, Dry .45 §76
Duty : be ft fh.
First Sort, 18:72... 14 f£l&
I ran.
Duty . Pig and Stamp #6,
Bar not exceeding #5o p
ton rain* #17 ton, ex
ceeding #6 * p ton #18,
lets than $ inch thick or
more than 7 inches wide,
round* tens than j inch
or nwtrv than 4 incurs in
diameter, and equarea
1*** than i inch or more
than 4 inches $ qua re #20,
Bait road $12 60. Boiler
and Plate #26 p ton,
Sheet 2«24c p fb anti
$3a;5 4* ton.
Common.3][email protected]
*' It dined . 3itv
Norway.bk.W 64
Cast Steel.18*§19
berm an Steel_I2i«12}
tnglisli lliis.Steel. 16 ^154
Sheet Iron, Engl 6 •«/ 6$
Sheet Iron,Itussia 16 §18
do Kua iin’t 11^ §12}
Ban el, 44 lb.10A104
Boas, 4» lb.lojalle
I .eat tier.
Duty : 4>c ad ral.
New Vork, light. .20 ft22c
do. tnd. wtt. 23 §26
do. heavy_23 §26
do. slaughter. 26 §28
A met. Caiiskins .63 §76
81’ter Wax Loath.16 tj&17}
Duty Pig l}c p ft.
Am. Hg 44 1U0 tt>.#7|@ 8
Foreign Pig.7f« 8
Sheet and Pipe-9 g 9i
Duty : 10 pc ad ral.
Kockland, cask. 66 @70c
I.amber—From Card.
Clear Hue, No. 1 .#38 %
do. No.2 34 a
do. No. 8 24 :a
do. No. 4 14 :a
Shipping Lumber. 12 a 14
Snruce.10 (312
Hemlock.8 (3IO
Box Sh’ks,(CMh).46 360c
Clapb'ds, S ext #13 telS
do. P “ . 80 §32
Shingles, Ced. ext 2V^ 8
do. •• No.l.S§ 24
do ext. Pine 2J § 3?
Laths, Spruce— 116 a 120
do. Hue. 1|§ 11
Bed Oak Staves 20 a3o
ft fiend*, city .2556 2 75
Suemr do. city. 25»»@270
do. do. c't’rv.l [email protected]
Country Riff Mol.
11 ltd..Shook*.. 1256135
^**h.1 25 a 1 40
Hood*.£21 @28
Llackmotack Tim
her, p tun.8 @10
Moln «•«*»•
Duty : 6c V gal.
Ciei.fugo*.85c6 86
Cuba clayed. @81
do. do. tart. 26 617
do. Muscovado 82 @85
New Orient *.
Portland Syrup, hhd*..28
do.' bbls 26
Duty: <\it lc, Wrought 2c,
Assorted 8c lb.
Ca*k. 8 476300
Naval Store*. w
Duty: Turpentine, Itosin,
iHtch, Tetr 20 pc ad cal.,
Spirits Turpentine 15c
P pal.
far(iti kcg*)[email protected]
Pitcli (Coal Tar). £[email protected]
Rosin....18 @20
Iurpentiu** ga!. 2 4i>.u 2 50 i
Duty: Free.
Ameiicau.8}<@ 94
Duti/■ Sperm, Whale and [
other Fish Oils of for
eign fisheries 20 pc ad
ra'., Linseed, Hemps* rd
and Laitesttd23c gat.,
Otire 23c, Salad 60c,
Palm, Seal and Cocoa
nut 10c p gal.
Portland hcumene
lilumii.at'g Oil [email protected]
Machine.76 @
Claritie .
Sperm Winter. 1656170
Whale. iel. Wint.79 @80
do. Crude.73 @75
brand Bank and
Bav Cbaleur £[email protected]}
Shore.18* @19
Linseed. £1 @103 j
Boiled.1'[email protected]
Laid Oil.86 @9U !
Olive Oil.1 0»@1 70
Pastor Oil.165a 1 70
Keatstbot Oil. . . [email protected]
Oaioaa —
P bbl.« @ 2J
P bush . [email protected]«
Out On White L ad dry
or ground in oil and Htd
Lead £2 4» p 100 lb*.
Litharge 2$c, Oxide of
Zinc 2ic p lb. /Russian
Blue, l ermilion, Chrome
Yellow, t'enetian /led26,
Spanish Brown dry 20,
in oil 80 pc ad ral., Yel
low and other Ochres Me
p 100 lb*. Paris White
dry tiOc, in oil £160,
Uniting 60c 4# 100 tbs.
P’tl’d Lead, in oil.£y @
Lewi* Lead, “ . .9}@
Boston Lead, “ . 9 @
Flench Zinc, •' 8}@ 8}
Amcr. Ziuc, " . 7 @
Rochelle Yellow .8 @ 8}
Ena. Ven. lied 8 @ 84
Litharge.9 @
Red Lead.9 @
Duty : Free.
Per ton Soft.1 [email protected]
[email protected]
b [email protected] 5U
Duty : Beef and Pork lc,
Lard, Bacon and Hams
2c, Butter and Cheese 4c
Ch’go Mess Beef.812 @14
Portland do. . 12}@13
P’tl’d ext. do. . 14 @14}
Pork, extra clear.16}@16
Pork, clear.14 @14}
Pork, mess.18 @13}
Pork, extra do .. 14}@15
Pork. Prime.11 @11}
flam*[email protected]
Citv Smok'd Hams.none.
Beet p qu'r p lb 5 @ 7}
EtHi, V dor.12< a 13
Potatoes. bbl £1|@ lj
Apples, dried, lb 2»@ be
Pfnckens, Spring 10 @14
Lamb.5 @ 8
iuikies. 12 @17
Cecse.4 @ 6
Veal.... 4*@ 6
Pickles, p bbl—•7}@ 8}
Duty Cleaned l}c, Pad
dy }c p lb.
Kh* p lb.. [email protected] 74
Portland distilled.45 @48c
Siiltrn lus.
Duty In bufk 19c, and in
bags 24c p 100 tt>s.
rurk’a It., hlid
(8 bus.).82i(g 2J
Liver] ool....2lo> 2|
Cadiz.2iS 2|
Seek# Salt.120^125
l»r*d Butter Salt. .20 &
Duty : 20 l*c ad val.
» earl.5j® 81
I'otato.2-tvg' 2j
Shoi-plOOIbi Sy-alo
Duty : 35 $>c ad ral.
Lca'IieA buin'i, Trow
bridge & Smith’* Ex
tra Xo.l*> lb .. .85 a 9
Faii.ily do.71
So. 1. 7 £ 71
Jio.l.6?^ 6;
Star.6*5 6?
Crane’*.9 & 81
Spice a.
Duty: Ginger Pont be.
Ground (winger 8c, Pep
per and Pimento 12c,
Cloves 15c, Cassia Ijc,
Cassia Puds 20c. < nines
man 25c, Mace and Nut
megs 30c lb.
Cassia fc* lb.40 ®42c
Cloves.24 £244
linger, (Kace)_24 '^t2f>
l.lnger. (Africa) 24 £25
Mace.80 £00
Nutmegs.76 £80
I’eppor.18 £20
I'iinento.16 jtl»3
Duty Lin set d 18c V bu.,
( unary 81 6m., Mus
fard 3c !b.
Hold* (>ra»ft.:?2 itv 2}
Western Clover.. 7?® 8c
lied Top.f.3 (a 3£
Canary.8\g> 8J
Duty Mebxtlo 2c,not above
No. 12 2jc, above No. 12
and not above 15 3c,above
No. 15 and not above 20
81c. above No. 20 and rt -
jinetl 4c C lb.
Cortland A .
do. A A . .. .8? £
do. Yellow .none.
Extra Yellow.noi e.
Muscovado.9 * £10
do. in bond.71 'u
liS'Hna B'own... 1<>«12J
do. White . .11 nit 13
New Or lean*.10^3.124
Crushed . 13*«I3
• • rai n’ntiMi.13 m. 18}
Powrieted .13 £.13}
T nllmr.
Duty : T-ft/ntr 1 pc. Sfiap
Stock 10 J>c art raJ.
Ameiican letined .81® 9o
Hough.0h£ 6
Tcaa. I Twine*
Duty : 20c 0 lb- fJuty: 36 pc ad vat.
[email protected]$rl lotion &ail.GO «.GGc
Young Hyson-7o @ 1 Max “ .40
»>o!oi<a . . 00 <*76 i “ Bailing.4G «<50
Sourhois?. 40 v«6u Hemp '* ....20 <aj
Tobacco* India.14 @14$
Duty; hearts unmam\fac- Varnish*
fared 25. aft of her kinds Furniture.f2|« 2J
3> |»c osteal. Loach. 3 <* 4
6'stklO’s la'si br'ds.08 @75c [email protected] 8
do. medium. .02 @06 l Wool,
do. common. 66 (a 68 ‘Duty : Costing 18c p lb
ha)l ibs best br’ds.<«6 @78 and under 5 He, over l«c
do. med.good 58 @00 ! to 24c p ft 3c, oi< r24c
do. common...65 @58 j 9c p ft.
Natural Leaf. ibs.*l @ lJIFkeoc.45 @56c
Fancv, in Foil.lfa 2 Lambs.4G tci.53
Tin. Zinc.
Duty: Pig 15c, Plates 2b Duty In blocks or pigs
Pc ad rat. j ljc, in sheets 2c p ft,
Banca, [email protected]} ' manufactures of 30 pc
St raits, cash.34 * a 3511 ad rat.
PlBtw>('iiar.l.r.411 «lli Pigs and slabs.6j® 5$
do. 14 l.X. .13 @13{ Sheet Moss)maun. 91(^10
Coke.9la dj'Sheathing.90 @
Wood. ~ Kxchnngc.
Hard, retail.884® 7 !London—60d.. 1 31 @132
Soft, 44 4}va 6 Paris f4 8o ^4 31
Notice of Foreclosure of OTortfttiffe.
VETUEREAS the Androscoggin Railroad Com pa
VV av, on the twenty-sixth day ol September. A.
D. 1858. authorized the issue ol certain bonds ot said
Company to the amount of one hundred thousand
dollars, and a mortgage ot the pioperty of the Com
pany to secure the payment ot tlie same;
And whereas the said Company, in pursuance
thereof, on the twenty eighth day of September, A.
D 1*58, by its mortgage deed of that date, convp\ ed
to Wiiiiam 1\ Treble. John Otis and Samuel Tick
ard, ail in the State of Maine, as trustees for the
holdets of said bonds, the Railroad of said Company
thou constructed and iu its use, situated iu tho towns
of Leeds ami East Liveimore, then in the County of
Kennebec, but now iu the County of Audroscogjrin.
and extending from Leeds Junction to Liveimore
Falls, with aliit* depots, engine houses and fixtures,
and the lands of the C'ompanv at each of said places,
and along the line of said Railroad, and all its privi
leges and appurtenances, its rolling stockJlti anchise,
and all the other property of said company of every
description, wbother real or peisoi.al,upon'the condi
tion and for the purpose of securing payment of said
bonds, the same being dated October 1st, 1858. and
payable in ten years, with interest semi-aunuallv on
the first days of April and October iu each of said
years, according to the tenor of said bonds and cou
pons annexed therefor, which bonds and coupons
were accordingly issued by said Company. Refer
ence is to be had’to said mortgage deed, recorded in
the Registry of Deeds for Kennebec County, in book
190, page 142. for a more particular d scription ol
said property and the conditions ot said mmtgage;
And whcrea« the said Treble and Otis, having de
ceased at a legal meeting ot said bondholders ho deL
on the 20!h day ot September, I860. Jabe/ C. Wood
man of To?tlftnd, and Thilip M StuLbs ot Strong
were duly chosen trustees in thep laces of said TrebT.
and Otis respectively, and Baid W oodman and Stubbs
duly accepted said trust;
And whereat the said Pickard, the survivor of the
original tiustees, by his deed, dated January 16th,
1861, and recoided in tiro Registry of Deed* tor An
droscoggin County, in book 23. pages 307 and 308.
coityc'cd the aforesaid mortgaged property and
franchise to t hoard Woodman, Stubbs and titans id
l iokard himself, to bold upon the same trusts as
And whereas the condition of said mortgage has
bee# broken, and Samuel Wheeler, Seth Baas and
or Hera of said bondholders, to an amonnt equal to
mord than one third ot the amount of said Sort
i>f different sums, liar e made application to us
in writing, to have said mortgage foreclosed for con
dition broken;
Now therefore, we herebv give notice that for
breach of the condition of said mortgage we claim a
foiedosure of the same.
JABEZ C. WOODMAN,} Truatees.
§ept ember'll. 1862. w3w 13
Notice or Foreclosure.
T)0FLIC NOTICE is hereby give that ThomavB.
1 Ooif and Samuel Trott, olTortlsud. C- imv of
C'uiaMf)ah«L--Mtate ot Maine, by ttieir deed dated the
tweh^fA'i^hih day of Augusr. in tbo year eighteen
hu df« and iurttonit*. record d in tha l%inbetlai d
Registry ol Deeds, book 229. page 496, couveyed iu
mortgage to the undersigned, Green Walden, the
following descnbed teal estate, to wit: A certain
niece of land on 1 oak’s Island, iu said Toitai d, be
ing aM of lot No. 2 oi: a p an recorded in said Regis
try, book 06. page* 383. 884. 366. or so much of the
said lot as was convened to the said Tr-1 s by deed
da'ed August 31. 184i, and tecorded in said Registry,
book 204, page 531; a’so that the said Thomas it ott,
by his end < ated the 1st day of Febiuar', in the
year 1868, recorded in sard Registry, book 242, page
85. conveyed in mortgage to the ut designed, one
ui divided halt of the abo\e-rie*c>ibetl tea’ estate;
That the ooi.ditjou of said mortgages, seveially, is
broken, bv reason w heieof the undersigned hereby
claim- a foreclosure of the same.
( ape E Laborh, Sept. 10th. 1862. w8w 12
Administratrix' Sale.
BY virtue of a license from the lion. Judge of
Trobate. within and tor the County of Cumber
land. 1. the »ub«ci)bcr, administratrix of the estate
of David Knight, late of otislieid, iu said C ounty,
deceased, shall sell at private sale, on Tuesday, the
twenty-eighth day of October, A. D 1862, at tcu o'
clock in the loienoou, on the premises, so much of
thcivai elate of the said David Knight as will pro
duce the sum of Two Hundred at d Twenty-five Dol
lars, lor the pa\ merit of the just debts of the said do
ivn-c-u, cihmjtcv ui AUDlUwlilllIUU, Rlifl n.CHICl.Tai
charges. Said real os'a'e is situated in Otis Held
aforesaid, and is tbe homestead latm of said deceased.
Terms cash.
OLIVE W. KNIGHT. Administratrix.
OHstield, .Sept. 24, 13G2. w3wl4*
f|>HE Subscriber heieby gives public notice to all
JL concei nod, that he has been du y appointed and
taken upon lnmseif the tiust of Administrator, with
the Will annexed, of the estate ot
ELIZA BASTEEN, late of Fort’ai d,
In the County ol Cumberland, deceased, by giving
bond as the law diiects; he thereioie requests all pei
sons who are indebted to the said deceased's estate,
to make immediate pav ment; and those who have
any demands thereon, to exhibit the same for settle
Portland, June 17,1&G2. 3w wl4
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within
and for the County ol Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the > ear of our Lord eigh
teen hundred and sixtv-two,
Delight b. douguty, widow of William
Doughty, late of llarpswel], iu said Countv, de
ceased, having presented her petition that Adminis
tration on the e?ta*e of said deceased may be gianted
to Augustus P. Jordan of Brunswick :
ft wa* Ordered, that the said Petitioner give no
tice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be
published three weeks successively in tbe Maine State
rreas, printed at Portland, that thev mav appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said Port/and, ou the
third Tuesday of October next, at ten of the clock
in tbe forenoon, and show cause, if any they have,
why the same should not be graufod.
A true copy, Attest,
_w3wl4* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within
aud for the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the year of our Lord eigh
teen hnndred aud sixty-two,
MARK H. BUNNELL. Executor of the last Will
aad Testament ot Matthias Libby, late ot 1 ort
land, in said County, deceased, having presented his
first account of administration of said estate for pro
bate, also his private account against said estate for
probate and allowance:
It teas Ordered, That the said Executor give notice
to all persons iuteiested, by causing notice to be pub
lished three weeks successively in the Maine State
Press, printed at Portland, that thev mav appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said Poitlai.d, on the
third i uesdav of October next, at ten of the clock
iu the forenoon, and shew cause, if auy they have,
why the same should not be allow ed.
A Irue copy, attest:
wS\vl4* * EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
At a Cocrt or Probate held at Portland, within
and tor Die County ol Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the \ ear ol our Lord eigh
teen hundred ai d sixtv-two, *
MARTHA ADAMS, Widow cf John Adams, late
of Falmouth, in said C< untv, deceased, having
presented her petition for the assignment of her
Dower in the real esinte of which he died seized :
ft teas Ordered, that the said 1 etitioner give no
tice to all persons interested, bv causing notice to
be published three weeks successively iu the Maine
State Press printed at Portland, that thev mav appear
at a Probate Court to be held at said 1’ortiaLd, on
the thiid Tuesday of October next, at ten of the
clock in the forenoon, and shew cause, if any tbev
have, why tbe same shon’d no* be grai ted.
A true copy, Attest.
w8u 14* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
At a court or Probate held at Portland, within
ai d for the County ol Cumbet land, on the thiid
Tuesday ot September, in tbe v ear o! our Lord eigh
teen hundied at.d sixtv-two, *
RICHARD SMALL, Guardian of James F. Ger
ry, mil or heir of Elliott Gerry, late of Limerick,
deceased, having presented his’ thiid account of
guardianship ot said minor for probate:
It teas Ordered, That the said Guardian give no
tice to a*l persons interested, by causing notice to be
published three weeks successively in the Maine
State Press, printed at Portland, that thev mav ap
pear at a Probate Court to be held iu said Por land,
on tbe third Tuesday of October next, at ten of tke
clock in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they
have, why the same should not be allowed.
W1I 1 liU 12 11 I IMli.ll’U T ..
A true copy, Attest:
w3wl4* * EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
fllHE Subscriber hereby gives public notice to all
A concerned, that lie has been July appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Administrator of
the estato of
DANIEL W. ANTHOINE, late of Windham.
i« the County of Cumberland, deceased, by giv ing
bond a* the law directs; he therefore requests aTl per
sons who are indebted to the sail! deceased’* estate, to
make immediate pay menl: and those who have any
demands thereon, to exhibit the same for settlement
Windham, Sept. 16, 1*12. w3wl4*
AT A Couktop I’UOBATE held at Portland, within
and for the County of Cumberland, on the third
Tuesday of September, in the year of our Lord eigh
teen hundred and sixty-two,
UALI’li HUTLEIt, Jr., Guardian ofOliu It. Paine,
minor heir of Melinda C'uinner, late of Wav lie,
in the County of Kennebec, deceased, having pre
sented hi* first account of guaidianship ol said minor
for probate:
It trax Ordered, That the said Guardian give no
tice to all persons interested, bv causing notice to
be published three weeks successively, in the Maine
State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap
pear at a Probate Court to be I eld at said Portland,
on the third Tuesday of October next, at ten of the
clock in the torenoon, and show cause if any they
have, w hy the same shoo'd l ot be allow ed
A true copy, Attest :
w3w!4* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
Assessors’ Notice.
VTOTB ll in hereby given that I have been appoint*
xy ed Ast-essor of Taxes for the First t ongresHonal
District of the State or Maine, under the Act of Con
grew, approved July 1. A. D 1862. entitled "An Act
to pi ovule internal revenue to suupoit tlie Govern*
merit and to pay interest on the public debt."
1»* compliance with the provisions of said Act and
instructions of the Commissioner op Internal
Revenue, 1 hare divided said District into eleven
divisions, and appoint an Assistant Assessor in each,
as follows:
The 1st division comprises the towns of York
Wells, Kennebuuk, hciinebtinkport, and the citv ol
Biddelord; Joseph Dragoon, Jr., of York, Assist
2d division, the towns of Kittery. Eliot, Sontt:
Berwick. Berwick nd North Berwick; Theodorj
A. Rollins, of South Iieiwick, Assistant.
8d division, the towns of Lebanon, Sanford, Al
fred, Acton, Shapleigh and New Held; John 8. Par
ker, of i^ebanon, Assistant.
4th division, the towns of Saco, Davton, Lvman
and Waterborough; John Gains, of Saco, Assist
6tli division, the towns of Buxton, Hollis, Liming
ton, Limerick, Cornish and l’arsoustield; Charles
E. Weld, of Buxton, Assistant.
6th division. Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the city ol
Portland; Samuel Small, of Ward 4 in said city
7th division. Wards 5, 6 and 7 of said city of Port
land, Augustus F. Gerrish, of Waid6, hi said city
8th division, the towns of Westbrook, Falmouth,
Gorham, Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth; Davil
Torrky, of Westbrook, Assistant.
9th division, the towns of Bridgton, Sebago, Ba’d
win, Standish, Naples Hanison and OtLiield; Loi
C'. Nelson, of Bridgton, Assistant.
10th divisiou, the towns of New Gloucester, Gray
North Yarmouth, Cumberland, Windham, Casco and
Raymond; Skwall N. Gross, of New Gloucester
11th division, the towns of Freeport, Brunswick
Harpswell, 1’ownal and Yarmouth; Hezekiau B
Means, of Freeport, Assistant.
The act under which these assistants are appointed
took effect ou the 1st dav of September instant.
Citizens icsiding in the large business centres ol
this district have doubtless read it, and can hence
form their own conclu-ions iu relation to its provis
ions; but as theieare many in the agricultuiai sec
tions who mav have been unable to obtain a copy foi
examination. 1 wish to call their atteution to some ol
its pi inciples.
Soon after the rebellion broke out, Congress found
it necessary to assess a small direct tax on the sever
al States, to maintain the credit of the country. The
States being authorized to assume the pavmentof the
sum demanded of them, had the power to assess i!
ujmjii me propeny within ineir limit*.
Farm* and other real estate being, from their na
ture, more exposed than other objects of taxation
would suffer severely from the constant draft foi
money, cieated in sustaining the government during
this war, and thev could not long endure the burden
a direct tax wou’d impose upon them.
Maine's proportion f that tax has been liquidated
and paid In older to provide in part for the future
expenses of the war. Congress wisely determined tc
r*ise monev ftom the people without State inferven
tion, and without raxing the producing c asses. Tc
effect this object, aid to make the tax equal in every
State, they have passed what ha* been termed an Ex
rise Act. l'aacing bv the farmer, the mechanic, the
fisherman, the lumberman, and many other pursuit!
so essential to our prosperity as a people, this ac1
levies its light contribution*'upon *n© we 1th, tin
luxuries, the pleasures, aid business of the conutrv
It confines its operations chieflv to the cities, towin
and villages, and gathers its revenues from the chan
nets it* which floats the money of the country.
It does not tax real estate of any description, noi
with a very few exceptions, personal property. Tin
excess ovc 4ft ounces of silver spoons or plate, anc
riding carriages of all descriptions, va’uea with tin
harness at £75 and upwards, must be assessed. Witl
the exception of these two items, theie is not piob
abb a farmer nor a mechanic in this district, withii
the art. These are taxed at a sum so inconsidcrab.'i
that ft is to be hoped every citizen who desires thi
perpetnitv of his government will, in this terrible cri
sis of its affairs, assume clieer AiJly bis proportion o
its necessarv burden*, and if he is fortunately thi
owner of an artie'e liab’e to be assessed, put a va’ui
upon it which shall bring it withiu the act. It niai
be the onlv opportui itv he will ever ha>e to contri
btfte a dol'ar for the preservation of his gover ir.ent
Tlte professional man — the retail tiader w o*<
sale, exceed one thousand doiiais per year—the man
ti fact me* of anv article the sa'es of 'which excee<
six hundred dol'ar* per year—the hotel keeper—th<
mau whose ycariv income exceeds six bundled doi
lars. and severs1 other employ melds are to be assessed
it is presumed all such are eonveraant with the pro
visions oi this act.
1 would call their attention to sections from six ti
eleven, inclusive, and section fffty-eight.
These sections impose the duty upon every persoi
llabe to be assessed tor a tax or license, to call immr
diatelv upou the assistant assessor and make up am
*ign their se.eral assessments. If they r.eglect so ti
do. he is required t© Increase their tax fifty per cent,
and no discretionary authority is vested in the assis
taut or the assessoi to make any abatement of thi
amount, See nation 11.
It will be pei cm rad by a careful examination o
these sectioi.s, 'hat c ougress. lelyii g upou the patri
otism of tlte business men of the country, proceedei
upou the hypothesis that every one liable to be taxe<
would substantially assess himself, ai d sign the bill
fixing fho amount he was topav. If the act, there
tore is complied with, the assistant assessor is but i
recording ofl cer, w ho receives ai d properly enter
the lists ueiiieicd him by the ciiiren. and his duty ii
ic ation to fixing a valuation upou objects liable t<
taxation, is rather advison than absolute. In orde
how ever to pi event the selJish, the indifferent, or tb
traitorous, irom escaping their pioper proportion* o
the public butUeu, ( ougtess has fixed the penaltic
for their ucg ect, prescribed in section 11.
Having been intrusted by the Ftoaident with th
duty of teeiug that these tax liats are properlv pre
pared, and seasoi ahlv uelive ed to the co lector o
this district, 1 r«‘*pectfti!lr request SI) good citizen
within it to call upon the assistant asset
sor of the assessment district where they reside, am
deli er him rists as requited in the sixth section c
the act. He will give a.J poisons the neces»arv ic
| lot mat ion to et ah e them to comply with its provii
ions, and furnish blanks there tor.
Assessor's ofl.ee, City buildings, I
1 ortland, &ept. 1, 1S62. f
Police of Foreclosure.
T^OTICE is hereby given that the subscriber, Jo*k
1.1 ua R. Hawke*, of Windham, in the County o
Cumberland and btute ol Maine, claim* by mortgage
two certain tracts ol land ai d the buildings thereon
situate in said Windham, beiug the same conveved ii
mortgage to ¥ tank D. Hanson bv Samuel K. Kemp
by his deed of May 5th, A. D. 1867, tecorded in th
Cumberland Registry ol Deeds, book 292. pasre 2ft£
which mortgage was dulv assigned to me bv the *ai<
Frank D. Hanson, the 14th day of June. A. D lft6i
as will appear bv assignment thereof recorded in sail
Registry .book 294. page 147. to which records I here
by teler, for a more particular description of sail
property. The condition of said mortgage ha* bcei
broken, by reason whereof 1 hereby claim a ioreclc
sure of the same.
Dated at Windham, August 27th. 1*2.
Sheriff's Sale.
rnmirrlanrf, «*. Arorar 18th, 1WS
It Ah EX on Execution and will be sold at i'ubii
Auction on Thursday the twenty-titth dav o
September, A. D.19CS. at ten o’clock iu'tbe forenoon
at flic Sheriff 'a oti ce in Portland, in said county,
all the right in ei|Uity which Moses Morrill, of Bux
ton, in the county of York, has to redeem the follow
tug described real estate, riz: A certain piece or par
eer of land, with the buildings thereon,as it now standi
situated in said 1'ortland, and bounded as follows
commei cing on the easterly etdelire of Slate street
at the westerly corner of laud of Margaiet lteevei
thence easterly bT said Reeves' land sixtv-eight feel
more or less, to land of H. W. k A. Drerlng, thenc
uotherly ar.d easterly by said Deeringa’ Hue nineteet
artd one half teet, more or less, to a point that wi]
strike the centre wall through the block of building
thereon, tlrenoe through the centre of said wall t
State street, tlrci ce on State street to the bounds be
gun at. The same ldug subject to a mortgage den
dated Oct. 16tb, 1868, and tecorded in the Cumbo
lar d Registry of Deeds, ro1. 288. page 816. given b
tire said Morrill to Da id Hall of 1'ortland, to secut
pay merit of twenty-ore liundted dollars, as lollowi
viz: seven bur died dollars in ot.c year, seven bund
red dollars in two rears, and seven hut, dred dollar
in three years, with interest senri-ani ualiv. Suhjee
also to another mortgage deed, dated Xov' 24th. 1881
ai d recorded in Cumber ar d Registry of Deeds, bool
288. nage4*1, given by the said Morrill to Emil'
Boothby ol said 1'ortland, to secure pay merit ot four
teen hundred and tiftv dollars, lu three veara, will
interest, reictence to said deeds being hereby bad.
Further particulars made known at tire time am
p’acc ot eaV
aug21u8wl0 OREM KIX'C. Deputy Sheriff.
vuuin^c ■■■Tillius i
Howes’ Cough Pills,
By the concurrent testimony of many suflerers, th
fact has been established, that for the cure of
In person* of all agea, no medicine has ever come t
the knowledge of the public, that so effectuallx doc
it work and at the same time leaves the bowels in ai
active, healtby condition, as
That for Children Cutting Teeth, if troubled wit
Diarrhea or any irregularities of the bowels, all otb
er remedies are insignificant, as compared with
That for Children tioub’ed with Canker in raoutl
or stomach, or mother* suffering from nursing »or
mouth, a safe and Speedy euro is effected by the use e
That for Cough*. IIoar*enes<* and Bronchial affect
Iona, there is no remedy extant that so universal!
affords relief us
That for a Tight ness or Wheezing in the Chest
Tains iu the side, or a long standing Hack, the bea
remedy is
That as an expectorant and ameliorating agent li
cases of Phthisic, Whooping Cough, and Coufirme*
Consumption, the public have already roudered thei
united verdict in favor of
CLEM’S SUMMER CURE is a pleasant, agreeab)
decoction of Roots and Barks, aud contains not
particle of Opium or Druo of any sort. It alway
does good, and never does harm.
" By their works yk shall know thkm.**
j G. C. Goodwin k Co., Boston, General Agents
New England. H. II. Hav, Portland, and B. ¥
Bradbury, Bangor, Genera) Agents for Maine.
OT*Sold by Druggists ami Merchants general])
HOWES fc CO., Proprietor.,
iswftnuol Belfast, Ma *ki
Commenced April 14th, 1802.
rgwffig?-^n Passenger trains will leave daily, (Sun
urtfjr^ngTJjavs executed) as follows:
Augusta iur Bath, Portland and Boston, at 11.16 A.
M., connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
Railroad for Lewiston, Livermore Falls, Wilton aud
Leave Portland for Bath and Augusta at 1.00 P. M.,
connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
trains for stations on that road: and at Auirusta with
the Somerset it Kennebec Railroad for WatcrvlHo,
Kendall’s Mills and Skowbegan, and at KendaM'i
Mills with the Pouobscot & Kennebec Road for Pitts
field, Newport and Bangor; arriving same night.
Monday Morning awl Saturday Evening Trains.
On Monday trains leave Augusta at 5.30 A. M., and
Bath at 6.30 A. M., for Portland, connecting with the
8.45 A. M. train for Lowell and Boston.
Leave Portland on Saturdays, at 8.15 P. M., on ar
rival of train from Boston, for Bath aud Augusta.
8tagos leave Bath daily (Sundays excepted) at 3.00
P. M., on arrival of train from Portlaud and Boston,
for Wiscassct, Damariscotta, Waldoboro', Rocklaud
and Thomaston.
Stages leave Augusta daily (Sundays excepted), foi
Belfast, on arrival of train from Portland aud Bos
Tickets sold in Boston for all the stations on the
Kennebec ft Portland, Androscoggin, aud Somerset
k Kennebec Roads.
Freight traius run daily between Augusta and Port
laud. B. 11. CUSHMAN,
Manager and Superinteude&t.
Augusta, April, 1862. jui,e23dtf
On and after Monday, Mav 6, 1862,
trains will leave Portland for Lewiston
anu rai iiin.gtou via Brunswick, at 1 P. M.
Leave Farmingion for Lewiston, Bath and Port
land, via Brunswick, at 9.15 A. M.
Leave Lewiston for Bath and Portland via Bruns
wick at 11.46 A. M.
Freigbt trains daily between Portland and Lewis
Stage leaves 8trtckland’s Ferry Tuesdavs, Thurs
days and Saturdays, for Livermore, Canton, Peru
and Dixlield; returning opposite davs.
Stage leaves North Jay tor East Dixfleld, Dixfleld,
and Weld, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays;
returning opposite days.
Stage leaves Farmington or Now Vineyard. New
Portland ai d kingtield, on Wednesday s and Satur
davs, returning on Mondays and Fridays.
Stages leave Farmington daily, for Strong, Avon
and Phillips.
Passengers for this route will take the cars at th«
Portland, Saco k Portsmouth, or hem ebec k Port
land Depots, in Portland. 8. W. EATON, fiup’t.
Farmington May 6,1862. juno23dtf
To Chicago. Cincinnati. Cleveland. Detroit
Toledo, St. 1'acl, La ('home. st. Locis,
New Orleans, or suv part of the
Via Bueealo, Dunkirk, and Niagara Falls
This road is broad guagk and is provided wit)
New and Splendid Sleeping Cars.
Q^l'ickets sold in Portland at lowest Boston ratw
W. D. LTITLE. Agent.
Office 81 Exchange Street.
QT* You can save money by securing tickets at thii
j office.
June 28. dawtf
mills desirable mechanical arrangement has no»
1 X beeu in use a suthcieut length ol time to sirs
that it gives entire satisfaction aud actually is tin
more valued the more it is used.
This invention is a step in advance of all others ii
I the Spring Bnl department, embracing a little non
of their excelrencies, ai d ytf happily oveicominga)
their defects. It is flexible as hair, and>etsorecu
i perafive as to bring itself into ptace with great tacili
tr. It is adapted to the invalid, the aged and old
i and all who huger in suffering aud weakness. The:
are made of good materia! wan anted strong aud dti
I ruble, aud uot liable to get out of order.
j Commercial House. Portland. June 16.1962.
1 Haring intiodueed the “Auder»oii Spring Bed Hot
1 tom” iuto mv house, after trial, I pronounce it to to
au easv aud healthy bed. I am using several kind
of spring bed bottoms, but consider the Audersoi
felly equal if not better than the best.
N. J. DAVIS, Proprietor.
We have introduced several of the Justly eelebrat
ed "Anderson Spring Bed Bottom” to our aleopiiii
, apartments. We give this spring bed bottom a decid
f ea preference over any and all othere we have eve
used. Our guests •'peak of them in the highest terms
We recommend their use to all hotel keepers who de
•ire the comfort of their guests.
w. d McLaughlin t son.
May 12,1863. Franklin House. Bangor, Me.
[From Hon. Josiah U. Drummond ]
I am using the 'Anderson Spring Bed Bottom/ am
I am very much pleased with it.
» Portland, July 28,1862
[From Hon. Lot M. Morrill.]
i Having used Andeison’ Spring Bed Bottom, I cai
> ehecrfullr recommend it as an excellent article.
Augusta. Aug &. 1862. LOT M MORRILL.
Having become fully satisfied of the benefit of th
•'Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,” 1 have puichasc<
i three of them at live dollars each, and do most cheer
ftaflv recommend them to the public,
j Waterville. May, 1961 Dr. N R. BOUTELL.
1 5Ir. D. K Frobock has famished the beds in m
house with the “Anderson Spring Bed Bottom/’ am
I take pleasure in recommending this article as th
most convenient, economical and comfortable thinj
of the kiud with whieh 1 am acquainted.
I Principal of Family School, Little Blue, FarxnAigton
I have had the unspeakable pleasure of sleeping 01
! one of the "Anderson Spring Bed Bottoms" forth
last three weeks, and must say it liar surpasses any
; thing 1 had anticipated. My wifb. who Is leeble, ha
! had no good rest tor six months till occupy ing one o
I these beds. She would uot part with it on ane ac
! count. Rev. John allen.
Farmington, Feb. 28, 18H2.
The Rod Bottom I bought of you frilly merits m;
expectations, and is fullv up to your high r*-comnieii
dations. I would cheerfully recommei d it to all wh
desire to improve their sleeping ai ai tn et ts.
> Augusta. April 16,1862. A. N. WILLIAMS.
[ Having tested the “Anderson Spring Bed Bottom.'
I can cheerfully recommend it to ail w ho me in bee
of such an article: ai d I believe it to be superior t
anv thing of the kind now iu use.
Waterville. April 12. PW2. Rev. E. HAWES.
Testimonials similar to the above have been r«
ccived from the proprietors of the following publi
houses- -
i er.obsot Exchange, Bangor,
i I Franklin House, Bangor.
> | Skowhegan House, Skowhegan.
f ! Lewiston House. Lewiston.
Winthrop House, Winthrop.
Elmwood House, Waterville.
Litchfield Corner House.
* Stoddard House, Farmington.
Revere House, Vassal boro.
Hallowell House, Hallowell.
China House. China.
Franklin House, Augusta.
Cushnoc House. Augusta,
t Abbott's School Fartaington.
Eaton Boys’ Boarding School, Kent's Ilill.
)ull7d& w6m
Back Pay, Ac.,
FOR service in the present war. obtained for Soldier
and Sailors, their Widows and Heirs, from th© Uni
) ! ted States Oovt-rmucut, on application in person o
t ‘ by letter to
No. 88 Exchange St., Portland, Maine.
Having devoted our attention exclusively to the Pen
siou business for the last twenty years, and having
reliable Agency in Washington, we are enabled t
prosecute all claims against the (.overt ment wit1
promptness and despatch, and on very reasonabl
terms, making no charge until the claim is obtained
' Portland, June 30th. dltwtf.
ni,i\i>\j:s* ciked.
A Remarkable Case of a boy who was cared by
DR. II. i. BOYWTOlt,
Of Scrofulous Ophthalmia, as the following facts will
"FOR a long time the boy's eye-lids had
IHg^been entirely closed. His case was consid
reT^ered almost hopeless. The bov was put un.
der the care of Dr. B., and after great pa
tience and perseverance, with his electrical treatment
and with other curatives, be was able to lift his eye
lids, when it was discovered that a false membrane
bad formed and covered the entire eyes. This was
removed by Dr. Boynton, and the boy’s eye-sight is
now entirely restored, and his eyes stronger than ev
or before. This should be known to all persons who
are similarly afflicted. Although I understand that
the Doctor has tor many years, in his operations on
these delicate organs—the eye and ear, met with em
inent success, he lias not deemed it necessary to keep
blazing before the public his surgical skill in this par
ticular part of his profession, but has been silently
performing euros, many of them of a remarkable
ty" Certificates from numerous of his patients
will testify to his successful operations, all of w hich
may be seen at bis oftce.
No. 309 Congress Street, Portland.
Eclectic tledical Infirmary.
to thTTadies.
DR. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies who
need a medical advisor, to call at his rooms. No.
6 Temple Street, which they will find arranged for
their esitecia) accommodation.
Dr. U.’s Eclectic Renovating Medicines are unrival
led iu efi cacv and superior virtue in regulating all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
ce^in of producing relief iu a short time.
flaDIES will dntf it invaluable in all cases of ob
structions after all other remedies have been tried in
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in
the least injurious to the health, and may be taken
with perfect safety at all times.
Scut to any part of the country with full directions,
by addressing t)R. HUGHES,
No. 6 Temple Street, corner of Middle, Portland.
N. B.—LADIES desiring may consult one of their
own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
tnro (nil_2m
Eclectic medical Infirmary.
Established for the treatment ef those diseases its
both sexes, requiring Experience, Skill, Honor and
lor a number of years confined his attention to
diseases of a certain class. During his practice be
has treated thousands of cases, and in no instance
lias he met with a failure. The remedies are mild,
and there is i.o interruption of business or change of
diet. Dr. Hughes is in constant attendance from 8
in the morning until 10 at night, at his ofl.ee, 6 Tem
ple street. Charges moderato, and a cure guaranteed
in all cases, Separate rooms, so that no one will be
seen but the Dr. himself. His remedies cure disease
when all other remedie* fhil: cures without dieting
or restriction in the habits of the patient; cures with
out the distrusting and sickening effects of most other
remedies; cures new cases in a few hours: cures with
out the dreadful consequent effects of meicnrv, but
is sure to annihilate the rank and poisonous faint
that the blood is sure to absorb, unless the proper
remedy is used. The ingredients are entirely vegeta
ble, and no injurious effVct either constitutionally or
locallv, can be caused by using them.
VOUNl* MEN. who’ a*e troubled with seminal
weakness, generally caused by bad habits iu yo«rh.
the affects of which are parti and dizziness in the
head, forget Ail ness, sometimes a ringing in the ears,
, weak ej es. etc., terminating in consumption or in
| sanity if neglected, are speedily and permanently
ATI correspondence strietlr confidential and will bo
! returned If desired. Address
No. 6 Temple Street, (corner of Middle),
OT“8eiid stamp for Circular. Jull— dA w3n>&
! _
Health and Strength Recared,
BY THB trtl or THE
Dr. Langley’s
CtOMTOSED of SirMiwrini, Wild Cherry. Yellow
' Dock, Prickiey Ash, Thoroughworl, Rhubarb,
i Maud take, Dandelion, Ac., all of which are so com
j poui dod as to act iu concert, and assist Nature in
, eradicating disease.
The effect of this medicine is most wonderful—It
acts directly upon the bowels and b ood. by removing
all obstructions from the internal organs, stimulating
them info healthy action, renovating the fountains ol
> life, purifviug the blood, cleansing it horn all htimora
! and causing it to course through every part of the
body; restoring the invalid to health aiid usefulness.
i They cure and eradicate fiom the system. Liver Com
'■ p aint, that main wheel of so many diseases, Jaun
dance in its worst forms, all Billions Diseases and
: foul stomach. Dyspepsia, CostirencM. all Kinds of Hu
1 mors. Indigestion, Headache, Dizziness, Piles, Heart
, burn, Weakness. Pains in the side and bowels, Flatu
j tetter. Loss of appetite, and a torpid or diseased Lir
; or, a disordered stomach or bad blood, to which all
are more or less subject in Spring and Summer.
More than 20.000 persons nave been cured bv this
medicine. It is highly recommended bv Physicians
everywhere. Trv it and rum will never regret it.
Sold bv all dealers in Medicine everywhere at oaly
25 and 3S cents per bottle. Ordeis addressed to
Change of the Day* of Sailing.
jttwp THE Steamer "New Brunswick,'*
apt. E B. Winchester. ai.d Steamer
England.” < apt E. Field, will
leave lor East port and ht John every Monday and
Thursday. (instead of Tuesday and Friday as he ret o
, lore), com met ci ng Oct 2d
The Steame "New Brunswick" will leave Railroad
Wharf, loot State Street, every Mondav at 5 P. M.
Returning, leaves St. John every Thurtdav at 8 A. M.
Steamer "New England" will leave Railroad
Wharf, foot State Street, every Thursday at 8 P. M.
Returning, leaves St. John every Monday at 8 A. M.
OT* Positively no freight received alter 4 o'clock
P. M. on the day of sailing.
Through ticke's are sold by this line, connecting at
Eastport with stage caches for Mackias. and with
steamer Cuceu for llobbinston, Calais, St. Stephens
and St. Andrews, and at he latter plac- over rail
way for Canterbury, Woodstock and Moulton
We also ticket through per steamers ami railways
fbr Windsor, Hah far, Inyby, Fredericton, Sussex.
Moncton. Shediac. Prince Edwards Island, Pictou,
‘ North Shore qf New Brunswick, Mtrimichi, and
Ban tie Chalewr.
Sept. 24.1862. dtf C. C. EATON*. Agent.
Weekly Mail Line.
I m ONEofthe followln, (Iret-clXM, power
fttl Sttwmtr, HIBERNIAN, NORTH
rcHSSHEiUoiiEMiAN. anglo saxon. no
va si. tuiAN —will Mil fiom every Sutur
dav mo11.Hic, tor Livcipool, via Londonderry.
I Passenger, leeve Portland per Grand Tiui.k Trein,
> with L'itjted State, mails, even- Friday, at 1 IS P. M-,
t connecting with Steamer at (.uebec every Saturday
PaiM.'c to Liverpool, Londonderry or Glasgow:
ridid Class, *35 Fiitt (Tast, *77 lo *92—accoidiug
to accommodation,—which includes ticket, on Grand
i Trunk Railway.
i Prepaid ai.d return ticket, issued at reduced rmtea.
Excursion ticket, to the World’, F’air, out and
i hack, *18«.
r Apply lo Edmouitone, Allan k Co., Montreal, or to
June 23. 180. dtf
Portland and New York Steamer*.
m The splei did and fast Steamship
"CUESA1 EARE." C aptain Sidney
^3322* C rowell, will uutil farther notice run
Lea*e Browns Wharf, Fortlard, every WF.DNES
l DA Y. at 4 P. M.. and leave Pier « North River. New
► York, every SATURDAY, at 3 o'clock, P. M.
This vessel is fitted up with flue accommodations for
passengers, making this the most speedy,safe and
comfortable route for travellers between New York
and Maine. Passage 93,00, including Fare and State
» Rooms.
ChkkIs forwarded by this line to and from Montreal.
Cuebec, Baugor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport and St.
Shippers are requested to send their freight to the
steamer before 3 P. M., on the day that she leav es
For freight or passage applv to
F.MK.RY A FOX. Brows'* Wharf. Port’ard.
11. B C ROMWELL 1 CO., No. 86 We*t Street,
New York.
June 23. 1863. dtf
A MAN to run a Stationary Engine. Inquire
Blake’s Bakery. Congress Street.
August 30. #dlw
On Hand.
A CONSTANT supply of bust Kxtrm Dwp Gold
Leaf, aud at low rates at
» 20 Market Svjuarr.
chased from the llauniba! k St. Joseph Kailroad
Company a large tract of land in Northern Missouri
adjoining the flourishing town of Hamilton, t aldwell
County, for forming and manufacturing purposes,
and have divided their property into lots and forms.
They are offered to subscribers in shares of £20 each.
Maps, with Bill information, can be had by calling on
10*2 Middlk Struct, 1*oktlahd.
' June 23. dtf
E stabli.sh.ment
Hu been rcmored from the oflee orer Cuoo Bank
to the office of the '
Directly orer the Megnette Telegraph Oflee. Feerth
Story, when ell reriettee of
Plain and Fancy Job Work,
WUl b« promptly ntt-nded to oa tho mod libera
Order* left at the counting-room of t* Dally Preee
and Maine State Preee, bead of int tight of etalra,
will be promptly attendod to.
tJT“ The office i* eapplied with **
And It* capacity and fhcUitiee for doing work la good
■tyle are equal to any la the City or State.
July IT. 1M. dtf
Book and Job Printing Office,
Fox Block, - • Second Floor,
n» Proprietor, of the Pottud tan* Paaee
reepect fully invite attention to thyk thefllttn fcr exe
cuting, la baaatlflil etyle, eratydenerlpUoa of
TMr Establishment h Unwished wKb «U tbs ap.
prorsd modsra machinery, and their smortmsat sf
Book, and Fancy Types,
Is adequate to do any work demanded la tUa Stats.
Easiness Cards of Every Variety,
■ Style and Cost
Billets A Circulars In Irery Variety of Type.
im-cncis. wits, AM HUS or lasim.
Policies Printed and Bound A»r
Insurance Companies.
Deeds, Law Briefs Equity Cases,
▲nd other LAW DOCUMENTS executed with
Dispute h.
Bronx*, Colored, and *11 other kind* of
Executed In taut* to ault the moat batldioua.
Oar Stylet are npearpeteed.
Portland, June 26, 1862. dew
Miss E. L. Whittier, • • Principal.
THE AUTUMN SESSION wUl commence Sept.
Sth. and Continue 15 wcvki.
Prior to July 21*t, full information can be obtained
of the Pii’ cipal. 840 Congress Street. Hoar* from
H.ul o‘ciock. except Saturday*. After that time tri
plication may be made at 40 State Street
Portland, June 28. 18©. 2awl0w

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