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$100 Bounty Money, Burk I’ay,
And Pensions.
rilHF. undersien^ is ptepared to obtain from the
A United States Government, £100 boui. tv'Money, i
Back Pay, &c., for heirs of Officers or Soldiers dying
in the U. S. service.
Invalid Pensions,
Established for Officers and Soldiers, wounded or
disabled by sickness contracted while in the service
of the United States, in the Jine of duty.
Procured for widows or children ol Officers and Sol
diers who have died while in the service of the Uni
ted States.
Prize Monoy, Pensions, bounty and Back Pay cu
lected for Seamen and their heirs.
Pees, for each Pension obtained. Five Dollars.
All Claims against the Government will rece
prompt attention.
Post Office address
Augusta, Me.
(Office No. 9 State House.)
Hon. Lot M. Morrill, Hon. Joseph B. Hall.
U. S. Senate, Sec'v ol State,
Hon. James G. Blaine, Hon. Nathan Dane,
scp20J& wl4tf State T reasurer.
Trusses ! Trusses ! Trusses !
A potliocar y ,
Devotes personal attention to the application of
TttUSSE' to Adults and Children.
INGS constantly on band
tyi be Poor liberally considered. ocl8
A YOUNG MAN. a College graduate, desires em
ployment a* a TEACHER, or otherwise. Caa
give the best of references. Add less Box 21'19. Post
office, Portland. ocl7d&u3w
To be found in this city, of every description, finish
ed a till trimmed
In the Neatest Style,
- ARE AT- «
And will be sold cheaper thau at any other place in
the city.
-C. II. B. also manufactures
Of even- description, including Taylor’s Self
flpppoRTixo Drawer, the best Kind ever made.
5T Ail orders for itepairing Furniture, Varnish
ing. Upholstering, (’hair Seating, Glazing, ice., i
promptly attended to. ju!31tf
New Works !
Army Regulations.
S3 Exchange Street
Sect. 27.1M2. dtf
H A I Fl_ DYE!
TIIE market has been flooded for years with differ
ent a tic es called Hair D\ es. which have never
sa'istied the expectations of purchasers. The nk
plus ultra has been reached at last in TODD’S
HAIK DYE, and the artic e has given entire satis
faction to every person who has used it. It coulains
no injurious ingredients, ar d gives the hair a beauti
ful rich brown or black co’or. Directions for using
—which are very *imp:e—accompany each bottle.
One supeiioritv ot Todd’s Lux Solis hair Dye over
all others i», you do not l.a.e to cleanse the hair or
wash it beiore or after using 11re d> e. ar.d there is but
ouc kind to be used, ai d that can be put on the same
as oil and water, without any trouble, unlike all oth
er dves that have two or three different kinds to be
applied every time u*ed. This dye is peculiarly
adapted for cotaring ladies' hair, because you do not
have to wash out the dye after putting it on. Unlike
a1lotherdyes.it will color long hair, which other
dves cannot do. Give this new article a trial, as we
know you will use no other after once using this.
&T For sale only at
No. 74 Middle, corner of Exchange Street,
14 and IS Exohange Street,
A.71 OS S7IITH, ... Proprietor.
DiLii vr r a n e< •
Roast Beef,.26 Beef Steak,.26
Roast Lamb..18 Haiti and Eggs.25 j
Roast Chicken.21 Fried Mackerel,.16 '
Broiled Chicken,.87 " Codfish.16
“ liadbut,.15
Boiled Mutton, with Cold Pr'd Corned Beef, 18
Caper Sauce.25 Beef's Tongues.18
Boiled Ham.18 Mutton Chop,.18
Custard Pie.6 Tomatoes.0
Apple Pie,.8 Cucumbers.8
Bnuash Pie,.8 Onions.0
Mince Pie,.0 Squash,.8
Coffee.0 Tea,.6 I
Draught Ale.6 Porter,.fi
Open every Sunday from 8 to 1, and from 2 to
6 o'clock. iu!29dtf
SherilTs Sale.
Cumberland, as:
fllAivEN on Execution, ai d unless previously re
X deemed, will be su’d at 1 ub’ic Auction to the
highest bidder, on Moi.dav, the 1st dav ot Decem
ber, A. D. 1852. at the Post Of! ce in Sacca.api a Vil
lage, in the town of Westbiook, in the County of
Cumberland, at ten o’clock in the forei oon. all the
right which Thomas Ake-s ha- nr had on the twen
tieth dav of Ms c i, A. D. 1802. at 12 o'clock noon,
to redeem the following described teal estate, the
same having beer, attached on the origii al writ: A
certain piec<* of 'ai.d with a’l the bui'dli gs the oon,
situated in Westbrook at Saccarappa Village, in said
Conn v, on Brown stieet, and boui ded os follows,
rir: Beginning at the most sout erh con er of a lot
of laud that So omon L. E’der sold to Stephen Co e,
at a stone a>.d post; thei ce i ortli seventv-eig t aid
one-quarter degrees east to a spike in a white oak
tree, and thence to a stone on the i ortherly cor net of
•aid iot, e'even rods and eight links; thei ce south
thirtv-two and oi e ha'f degrees east tinee rod* to a
white oak stump ai.d stoi e; thence south twenty-two
degrees ca-t two rods a: d uine'een links to a s»oi e
Ana comer of Smith lot: the ce south seveiitv-nii e
and oue-quatter degrees west thirteen rods, to Facto
ry street, so called, to a stone; thet.ee northwesterly
by said last i am d street five rods, seven and
one-half links, to the first mentioned bounds—being
the samepropertv that r>cs‘on Dr bought of Mar*
Plimer, and ovsaid !»a coi ve ed to Thomas AVeis,
a d the same now occupied b' -aid A^e*. The above
d*»sc ibed rea* estate being subiect t«> a ino tgage to
Preston Dav, to secure the pavm**nt of tire’' •> hun
dred dollars, as pm- deed of December 7‘h. 1857, re
c-irdod in Cumlx-rand Kngistrv of Deeds. volume
284, pa gel 57: a d the-aid Dav bv hi? assi o nun t of
said mortgage to Ivorv Harelton, on tin* 23d dav of
Ju'v, 1859—consideration eight hundred do lars—rr
cor ed in < umbeilai d Registry of Dwris, volume
294, page 421: and now due on said mortgage four
hundred dol a s. a* d interest on the same from the
1st dav of Muv. 1802 Roferei ce to said Reri-tiv be
i»«f had for a par ticu’ar description of the -aid prem
ises and the said mortgage. Further particulars at
the time and place of sa’e.
Dated at W st brook, October 3Vh. A I). 1882.
20m*>w ^' *-^KkER, Deputy Sheriff.
rivi!: -nb-tf «i.4 •[-«!■. .ri ,, i , >. m, P
1 CM cel l ed. 1 m -» ’ n ! ■ , T,', n d
tah • uno- lieise’ t i , „ Adu.i. i-*taTi> o
the c- *Te of
late of Port’and in fire nt rnmher’ai <1, de
ceased, b' giving boid le n\\ di oc*«: «ho the
fo -e ret.ueets a’l pereoi s who a . • deh»ed to the-aid
deceased’s e?*ate:o make im nod ate pa met»; a; d
those who have airy demands theicoii, to exhibit the
•aiuo for settlement to
Portland, Oct 21,1802. 19 w8w*
Fine Chemicals, Pure Drugs,
And all other articles usually kept in a Drug and
Lai lit establish men t.
1ST State Agent for DAVIS & KIDD’S MAG
Latent gi anted October, 1802.
iD. K.. Frohock,
Under United State* Hotel, Portland.
miHS desirable mechanical arrangement has now
X been iii use a tsulLcieiit length o I time to slew
that it give* entire Staffed ion and actually ii the
This invention is a step iii advance of all others in
the Spring ft-tf dcjiarmii'iit, embracing a little more
of their excellencies, and yet happily overcoming all
their delects. It is flexible as hair, and yet so recu
perative as to bring itself into place with great facili
ty. It is adapted to the invalid, the aged and old.
and aM who linger in suffering and weakness. They
are made of good material warranted strong and du
rable, aud not liable to get out of order.
Commercial House, Portland. June 16,1862.
Having introduced the “Anderson Spring Bed Bot
tom” into mv house, after trial, I pronounce it to be
an eas\ and healthy bed. I am using several kinds
of spring bed bottoms, but consider the Anderson
ftilly equal if not better than the best.
K. J. DAVIS, Proprietor,
We have introduced several of the Justly celebrat
ed “Anderson Spring Bed Bottom” to our sleeping
apartments. VV e give this spring bed bottom a decid- j
ed preference over any and al of here we have over
used. Our guests speak of them in the highest terms.
We recommend their use to all hotel keepers who de
sire the comfort of their guests.
w. d. McLaughlin a son,
May 12,1863. Frank.in House, Bangor, Me.
[From Hon. Josiah H. Drummond ]
I am using the ‘Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,’ and
I am verv much pleased with it.
Portland, July 23, 1862.
[From Hon. Lot M. Morrill.]
Having used Anderson’ Spring Bed Bottom, I can
eheertullv recommei d it as an excellent artie'e.
Augusta. Aug. 5.1862. LOT M MORRILL.
Having become tally satisfied of the benefit of the
“Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,” 1 have purchased
three of them at live dollars each, aud do most choer
ftillv recommend them to the pubiic.
Waterviile. May, 1861. Dr. N R. BOUTELL.
Mr. D. K Frohock has furnished the beds in mv
house with the “AndersOn Spring Bed Bottom,” anil
I take pleasure in recommei ding this ar icle as the
most convenient, economical and comfortable thing
of the kind with which I am acquainted.
Principal of Family School, Little Blue, Farmington.
I have had the unspeakable pleasure of sleeping on
one of the “Andeison Spring Bed Bottoms” for the
last three weeks, and must say it tar suipasses any
thing 1 had anticipated. My w ile, who is feeble, has
had no good rest for six mouths fill occup\iug one of
these beds. She would not part with it on anv ac
count. rev. John allen.
Farmington, Feb. 28,1802.
The Bed Bottom I bought of you ftillv merits my
expectations, and is fully up to your high recommen
dations. I would cheerfully recommend it to all who
desire to improve their sleeping at a <nei ts.
Augusta, April 15,1862. AN. WILLIAMS.
Having tested the “Anderson Spring Bed Bottom,”
I can cheerfully recommend it to all who are in need
of such au article; ai.d I believe it to be superior to
anything of the kind now in use.
Waterviile, April 12, 1862. Rev. E. HAWES.
Testimonials similar to the above have been re
ceived from the proprietors of the following public
houses- •
Penobsot Exchange, Baugor.
Franklin House, Bangor.
Skow began House, Skowhegau.
Lewiston House, Lewiston.
Winthrop House, Winthrop.
Elmwood House. Waterviile.
Litchfield Corner House.
Revere House, Vassal boro.
Hallowell House, Hallowell.
China House, China.
Franklin House, Augusta.
Cushnoc House, Augusta.
Abbott’s School Farmington
Eaton Boys' Boarding School, Kent's Hill.
lullTdA w6m
The Highland Boarding School
for Boys.
THE Winter Terra of Thi, School will commence
on the first Tuesday in December, and continue
eleven weeks.
. The advantages for instruction are excellent, and
• re adapted to the immediate w ai ts of the pupil.
For further information application mav he made
to N.T.TRLE, M. A.,
Proprietor and Principal.
October 21,18C2. oc28 tJ4w
I EARNESTLY caution all young men suffering
from Nervous Debilitv, Ac., against endangering
their hea th bv patronizing any of the advertising j
quack*. You can fully recover "by the methods used
bv the Adveitiser. and bv hundieds of otlieis, and
in no OTHEK WAY. Rend a letter which J will send i
you if you will send me a postpaid envelope bearing ■
v our addiess. Dnec» to
ocl6 dA w3in Lock Box, Boston. Mas*.
Commissioners' Police*.
THE undersigned having been appointed bv the f
Judge of Piobate tor the County of C umbcr’ai d .
as < otnmissioi eis to receive at d examii e all c aims I
against the estate ot Cornelius B. Butler,la»e ofl’oit
land in said County, deceased, heiebv give pub ic
notice tliaf thev have appointed the third Mondays
lespective'y of the months of January, Feb ua V,
Ala chand Apiil. A. L). 1868. at ten o’c ock A. M .
ai d the of ce ot John Neal, Esq., in said Portland,
as the time and place for receiving said c aims and the
p oof the eot. JOHN NEAL. i „
19 w3w ALBERT M ERRILL. I ( om rB
At a Count OK 1 kubate held at Portland, within
ami for the County oft umberland, on the fiist
inesdav ot October, in the year of our Lord eigh
teen bundled aid sixtv-two,
SARAH J. HOI KIN'S, named Executrix in a cer
am insti umei t, pu potting to be the 'a«t Will ai d
lesiament of Edwa d N. Jo dan, lae ol Westbiook,
in sa d Count), deceased, having piescnted the same
foi Piobate:
It wri§ Ordered, That the said Executrix give no
tice to a'l persons inte ested, bv causing i otice to be
pub’ished three weeks successively in tlie .Maine
•State I -ess, punted at Poitiand, ihat they mav ap
pear at a Probate Court to be he’d in said l or land,
on the first I nesdav of November next, at ten of the
chick iii the forenoon, at d show cause, if anv thev
ha.e. whv the said Ii stiuiuent sliou’d not he proved
approved, at d allowed, as the last Will and Teeto
incnt of said dec«*ase<l.
A true copy. Attest
w3wl»* ELcKNK Hl'MPHREY, Register.
of FortM loxure.
NpOTICE is heiebv given that the subscriber. Wil
iam M Ha'1. of Oxf'o'd, in the C ounty of Ox
toid ami State of Maine, c’aiins bv moitgage an un
divided third part of lot of ’ai d numbered fifteen in
I he fi s» '«! <re Ea«t in tiie town of Seba mat d Coun
tv n* f iimh<- at d, ii said State, to get 1 er with mo
in divider1 ;»-i d <>f the mi ; p M’e-re oi Noith West
i i n •> •! >’, 11 e mi’, hni'«!ii >rs n d rnnehiu
i • o’ -nui n i*’ e. »• d tb.ei* nc e- of lai <1 theie
II • a • i l“ii ti e same-o’d a d come eil
me l> Jair.i J I . lia1', Jan. 20. 1ST>9. h his mort
•a.'ei fi-i! o' *hat • a'e. »een ded ii- *he Cumbei’aid
L 'i«f’v o* Deeds, hook 292. page 121. to which »ec
o d I Veiebv lelei lo a further description of said
Tiie conditio*1 of said mortgage ! a- t een broken,
bv lea&on whwieof I herebv cairn a foreclosure of the
Dated at Oxford, Oct. 27,1862. 19 w8w
Portland Wholesale Prices Current.
Expressly corrected for the Press to November 6.
yin aiiniiimiui uuty rj
10 *'C is levied on all tner
chanuise not imported di
rec from the place of p\o
due .oil or growth.
A *lH‘n*
Duty : 10 pc ad val.
Pearl p lb.7 @ 8
Pot.6 7
Green bbl.$13 g> 1
Sliced p lb. Ate 6<
Cored p lb. 4
Uncored p lb.2 3
11 reiitl.
Duty. 30 pc.
Pilot p 100 lbs. 854 @ 5
Ship.44 (fa 4
Crackers per bbl.. 3«,4 3
Crackers, p 100 . 35 ^40<
Duty: 4c p lb.
Family p lb.19 @21 <
Store.14 (ft 16
Marrow p busli82 25'tt25l
Pea.2 25>.a2
Blue Pod.2 12.g.2 3
4 nndlea*
Duty : Sperm and ff'ar 8c
St tar i lit 5c, Tallow 2j<
p lb.
Mould p lb.13c-&13
Siwrin.28 i«8U
Duty: 4c p lb.
Vermont p lb .. .10$(all
Counrrv.9 it 9}
Duty : From Hr. Provim
csfrte, other foreign lii
fume nous $1 10, all oth
cr kinds 00c p ton.
Cuniberl’d pton.$9V@
Franklin. 8$^
Duty : 6c p lb.
.lava p lb .... .31 '«32
St. Domingo.28 i/t3 '
Rio .27 0/ 2
Mocba.34 3
Du ft/: Tarred 2J<*. Manii
fa 2\, all other p lb.
American p lb 18 @14
Russia.13 a 13
Manilla.12 olJj
Boitrope, Russia 10 «17
do. Manilla.14 j«.15
p bbl. Sl30cU3
Drug* and Dye*.
Duty: P fb—Oil Cinnc
mon S2. Oil Almonds an
Otto of Pose SI 60, Oi
Btvganwt, ('ctSsia an
Cloves SI. Ilydriodat
Potash 75c.Cantharidei
Mastic. Ipecac, Rhnharl
Cardamons, Oil Lem oh
Anise and Orange, I'
dine 60c, Tolu and < rud
( amphor 3 H?, Pthned di
ie, / amine stew
(Yearn Tartar, Citri
Acid, Shellac, ('opal. D-1
mar anil Hum* usetf fo
like pur/yoses l»lc, Aloei
Verdigris, Chlorate o
Potash, Carb. M'tonesi
Cc. Boracic Acid, Yelloi
Prussiate Potash an
Bed do. 10c, Liuuorict
Oxalic Acid ana Suga
of Lead 4c. Asphalt nr
and Bi-Chro. Potash 3c
Sago Iks, Epsom Salt*
Liquorice Boot, Bi-< art
Soda, Caust c Soda lc
Castor Oil 60c p ga1
Morphine 82 & oz., A,
urn 60c p cict., ( oppera
60e p act.. Muriatic A<
id 10 pc ad rat., Span{,
e8, Assafcetida, I sir
glass. E/or Sulphur.Set,
na, Arriticrnttf. Ginsen
20 pc. Bleaching pnu
d^rs 30c p act.. Sag
60c P act.. Sal Soda an
Sod* Ash jc p lb, (Yud
Brimstone S3 and Bo,
do. 86 p ton, Alcohol 40
P g<M.
Alum p lb.4 (3 5
Aloes.20 ®2£
Arrow Boot.17 t;aM
Borax.28 ®8i.
Brimstone (roll).. .4i® t
Bi-Catb. Soda.6}
Sulphur.6 (a f.
Sal Soda....3 (ft 4
Camphor.140® IS
Cream Tartar.35 a5fi
Logwood ex.12: a 14
Ma/iieria.28 (a 8’
Indi jo. M’la, line. 81$,u 2
Madder.16c® If
Opium. S8fg >■
Hhubarb.1 75a 2C
A'cohoi. 87 ®9£
Fluid.1 03 e,l 1
Camphene. 2 76 ®
Saltpetre.11 g2S
Vitriol.12 ®>
lire wood*.
Jtutg : Free.
Brazil Wood.13 g
C am wood. 4 a 4
Fustic, Cuba.2 « 2
“ Sa\ an villa, li® 2
llvpernic.4j® t
Campeachy.2 ®2J
81. Domingo.1J® i
Extract Logwood. 12<®14
Nic Wood. g
Teach 44 . 8?® 4
Red 44 . 8jft 2
Sapan 44 . 2 g
Quercitron Bark.. 21® 2
Bed Sandera.8 ® €
Duty : 30 Pc ad cal.
Havens .40c®
Portland, No. 8 .90 ct
“ No. 10.62®
Navy, S’r, No. 3 79
44 ’ 44 No. 10. 61
Tent Duck,
U. 8. 10 oz.60 @
44 12 oz.60 g
Fen I her*.
Duty : 30 pc ad ral.
Live Qoese p lb 60 ®6C
Kusaia.26 g
F iah.
Duty : For 100 lbs foreig
caught — Herring 8 1
Mackerel 82, Salmon 83
and all other pickled »
66/s. 81 50 P 66/., othet
wise 60c p act. Frot
Province* frei.
Cod large p qut.. 833-3 4
44 small. 2fa2
Pollock. 2i« 2
Haddock.1 1
Hake.H « 1
Herrinir.ShoreDbl.33« 4
do. Labrador., now.
do. Scaled pbx 806 3'
do. No. 1 . 26g3C
Mackerel p bbl.,
Bav No. 1. ... £91«9i
Bav No. 2.6\ 7
Bav No. 8.4 * a 5
Shore No. 1.91 a 9
“ “ 2.7
do. (medium).. 8fa 4
do. (small).2$g
Duty • Lemons, Oran get
Banana and Plantain
2d i>c ad ral., Almond
Ac, and Shelled do. flc )
lb. Xu ft and Ikites 2
p tb, Currantt, Figi
Plums, P unes and 7?ai
tins 6c P lb. Citron 3
pc ad ral.
Almonds—Jordan p lb.
Soft Shell. ... 13 „ i«
Shelled.25 «3o
Currant®.14 « 1
Citron.4" 6 42
Pea Nuts.S2f«
Fiirs. common.... noi e.
New E’eme ... .20c® 2
Lemons, 1* case £3 666
Oranges—Havana... 2 5
Blue pcask.
Black.Sfi ®lf
Bunch p box. .300(6 8®
Da»es.7 ® 9
Prunes.8W« 10
Flour—l’ortlai d nisi
Superfine.S6}® v
Fancv.0 a 0
Extra. 7
Family.7 o' 7
Extra Superior... .74® 9
Western extras. .. .6?® 7
“ fhncv.7vS 9
“ superior. 7|\<f 9
Ohio extra.7 ® 7
“ family.8 (g 8
Canada super No.l roi e.
S’LouisFav Brai ds.fi @
Southern PI. do do 7-6 9
retapsco Family. .10®i0
Ib c Flour. . .44 n. 4
Corn Mea’.31® 3
Buckw’t Fl’r p lb 2cg 2
Duty : Com and Oats lix
Rye and Barley 15c.au
Wheat 20c p bu. Frot
Br. Produces free.
Rvo.’..94 695
Oats. 6 Ml
South Yob Corn. 73 (679
Corn, Mixed.75 (679
Ba lev.on a 1 a
Shorts p ton... .S22 6 2'
Fine Feed.25 (6.21
Duty: Rough—free.
Roush. p ton....91762f
Dressed .30«3.r
da n powder.
Duty: Valued at less tha
2«V- p lb »>e. over 20c f
p lb and 20 pc ad no/.
B'astijie..1*44® A
Hill"end Sporting ft] a 1
Press'd p net T.9M3 6 If
Loose. 13 nV
New do. 12 a U
ll'd*'* ninl fi’ :iis.
Dutu : 10 |>c ad ral.
S'rm d t< r Hi ies 0 6 7
Ca’f Si-ins.9 al(
Ca’cntta Cow—
R’auffbtered.. 1 00®l “
t reen Salt ... 1 1561C
Drv.90 a 1 c
Sheep Pelts, C.r’n.956
Sheep Pelt®, Dry . 76@1 C
Duty : 6c !b.
Kiwi So.t, 1862... 14 @16
I run.
Duty : Dig and Stamp £6,
j Bar not exceeding a*60 fc>#
I ton value £17 4> ton, ex
I ceeding S6<* 4» ton £18,
less than j inch thick or
j mare than 7 inches icide,
rounds less than 1 inch
or more than 4 inches in
diameter, and squares
less than t inch or more
than 4 inches square 620,
Railroad £12 50, Boiler
anil Plate 826 i> ton.
Sheet 2@2jc 4* ib and
£3a5 V ton.
Common.3J@) 3J
“ Refined . .4<a> 4^
(Swede.6 @ Gi
Norway.6J@ 7
( ant Steel.22 @24
Herman Steel_14 @16
• KnglishtBlis.Steel.16 @17
•Spring.9 a 10
Sheet Iron, Engl 5Jci 6^
Sheet Iron,Russia 17 @18
do Rus iin’t. .13 @14
I in rd.
Barrel, *> lb 11J'@1U
: Kegs, p lb ll@lljc@llj|
Duty : 30 4>c ad cal.
New York, light. 22 @23c
ij do. md. wtt.. 25 @27
do. heavy.26 @27
| do. slaughter. 28 @30
• Amor. Calfskins 66 @79
■iSl’ter Wax Loath.19 @. 20
Dufy Pig l$c t> lb.
Am. l’ig lUOlb.SU9?
Foreign l’ig.9' a 9f
Sheet and l’ipe.. 10j u loj
I tutu : 10 t>c ad val.
Hock laud, cask .. .66 @70c
Lumber—From \ard.
Clear l’ine, No. 1.688"@
< do. No. 2 31 a)
V do. No.3 24 @>
do. No.4 14 He
• Shipping Lumber. 1-t @ 16
Spruce.. .10 @ 11
Hemlock.8 @10
\ Box Sh'kg,(cash) 48 @60c
( lapb’ds, S ext . .S14 a 16
\ do. 1’ “ .. . 3*J @32
(Shingles, Ced. ext 2‘@ 3
I do. " No.l.2'« 2j
ij do ext. l’ii.e 3| a 3|
Lat hs. Spruce.... 1OtkaTl 25
- do. Pine.1 25 a 1 80
1 Red Oak Staves . .80 @35
1 Mol. Hhd. Shooks
I & Heads, city. 3<X>@
Sugar do. city. 800@
., do. do. c’[email protected] 50
.'Country Riff Mol.
IIhd. Shooks. 2oft/J99?i
- Slash. 1 tiOta.l 70
t loops.$28 «3>)
liackinetack Tim
ber. p tun.10%18
'I oln **(*».
- /hity : 6c p gat.
jCaba clayed.33 ■‘7r36
H do. do. tart. .33 a
• do. Muscovado 35 (g*38
" New Orleans.
' Portland Syrup, birds. 27
do. bbls 3)
r Duty: ('ut lc, Wrought 2c,
Assorted Sc p tto.
• Cask.3 80%400
Naval Store*.
: Duty : Turpentine, flosin,
Pt/ch, 7ti**20pc ad rat..
Spirits Turpentine 15c
*: P .</<*'•
- Par(ro'elan)p bbl..*13al6
Pitch (Coal Tar) $4: o’
- Rosin.18 ct20
- I'urpentino Pgal .270o2 76
• Oakum.
■Duty: Free.
• American.8J% 9J
7 Oil.
I hit it: Sperm, Whate and
t\ other Fish Oils of for
eign fisheries 20 pc ad
vat.. Linseed, Hempseed
and Pape seed 23c p gat.,
j Olive 63c, Salad 60c,
Palm, Seat and Cocoa
nut 10c p gat.
Portland Kerosene
IDuininat’g on HO %65c
Machine.80% 82
) Spei m Winter.. 1904*200
Whale, ret. Wint 96 %1«K>
do. ( rude.89 (a9U
jo rand Bank aid
Bay Chaleur. f21 %22
‘Shore.2*' o21
It Linseed.$1 26 a 127
J Boiled.19&132
Lard Oil.1 06% 1 10
a;Oli\e Oil.1 75a 1 80
< astor Oil. 2 95 a 2 10
! Neats toot Oil.... 106%112
Onions —
P bbl.$2i% 2J
p bush.96(o 100
l*n inis.
I/uty : On White L ad dry
!or ground in oil and Ptd
Lead $2 4d p 100 lbs,
Litharge 2Jc, Oxide oj
Zinc 2|c p lb, Prussian
Blue, Vermilion, Chrome
Yellow, Venetian Bed 25,
Spanish Brown dry 20,
in oil 8o pc ad rat., Yel
low and other Ochres 60c
| p 10u tbs, Paris White
i dry 60c, in oil $15(1,
Whiting 50c p 100 tbs.
J P'tPd Lead, in oii.$y3 u
Lewis Lead, “ . lo«10j
Boston Lead, " . 91%
French Zinc, “ ..104*10$
lAnier. Zinc, “ . 8 %8i
Rochelle Yellow.. 8 % 84
Lng. Veu. Red_3 % 34
I Lit bar ge.10%
Red Lead.lu%
Duty : Free.
Per tou Soft.1 80% 1 87
Hard.1 66% 1 75
O round.60U%660
Duty : Beef and Pork lc.
Lard, Bacon and /Jams
i 2c. Butter and Cheese 4c
p lb.
; Ch’go Mess Beef.$12 %14
i Portland do. . 124 a 13
- P'tl’d ext. do. . 14*4*144
i Pork, extra clear 164 %17
Pork, clear. 154u 16
t orn, mess. 13,0.14
Pork, extra do .. 13 i,a 144
\ Pork. Prime. ll'ftllj
»llama.lCKg. 11c
J Citv Smok’d Hums.none.
Bed p tju’r p lb 6 @ 7J
t‘ Egg*, p do7. 17 («18
I'otatoe*. iP bbl. lj
Apples, diled, p lb.2j(a. 6c
( hfckei.i, Spring 10 ft 14
(Lamb .5ft 8
I utkies. 12 ^17
\ Geese.4 ft 6
j Veal...i oi.e.
: Pickles, p bbl—$7f& 8$
Jhity: Cleaned 1 jc, Pad
dy Jc p lb.
* Bice p lb.7J
‘ Rum*
* I ort ai d disHIled.50 ig.62c
^a'datus p lb_65® 7c
Sm It.
h Ihity: In hulk 18c. and in
buys 24c p lUO lbs.
!lark’s It*., p hhd.
: (8 bus.) .82?@ 3
l.i* eipool.2| ft 2J
y 'adi*.none
^nek* Salt. none.
r’d Butter Salt .20 m
2 Ihity . 20 pc ad ral.
.1 earl. 5V® 7
) Potato. 3 a 3v
Shot-P 100 lbs 893ft 10
L) op.81 O'®
Buck. 11 (fig
1 Soap#
l Jhity : 35 Pc ad ral.
• Leathe & Gore’s, Trow
i bridge k Smith’s Ex
tra No. 1 p lb . 83(«, 9
Kamilv do.7'ft 73
f No. I.'. 7 <t7j
Eagle No. 1.6J « 6}
f Star. 5. a 5]
1 Castile.12$ftl6
1 Crai-e’s.9 (ft 9j
I Spice*.
♦ Ihity: (Unger Poof 5c,
( Ground Ginger 8c, Pep
l per and Pimento 12c,
('lores 15c, Cassia 1 tc,
) Cassia Puds 20c. Cinva
1 m'*i 25c, Mace and Xut
1 megs 30c p lb.
H’ula p lb.46 ® 47c
! Clove*.3»» o 33
\ Ginger, (Race)-30 £81
< it ger. (Africa) 3» |r31
. Mace.80 a 90
t Nutmeg*.80 g*5
1 Pepper. 23 ^24
I imei to.21 ^122
r Seed*.
Duty : Linseed 10c p hu.,
Canary 81 p bu., Mus
tard 3c p lb.
Herd* Grass.824 (®
Western Clover. l0« h
Bed Top.83 « 31
Linseed.3 (it
{Canary.3J « 31
Nn^ii r.
Ihity: Melado2c,nnt\ahore
j So. 12 21c, aboi'e So. 12
'ij and not ahovelh be.above
cl -Vo. 15 ant! not above 20
3 4c, above Xo. 20 and re
‘ lined 4c p lb.
1 Portland A.91®
1 do. A A .9? «)
do. Yellow 1 one.
Extra Yellow ... ,r» ne.
Muscovado.10$ > 11
do. in bond.84 <19
Ha* hi h B*ov n.. h $ « 12
c do. White .1olvyl34
New <Means.11 3'
Crushed .14 1. 1U
0 <, ra» n’ated.14 «11J
6 Powdered.13J n 13',
0 T11 How.
4 Duty : Tattorr 1 pc. Soap
0. Stock 10 pc ad val.
American refined 8I@ 9c
Hough.5v<y 6
Duty: 20c p lb.
Hyson.. .7Gc@£l
Young Hyson....75 (a 1
Oolong .66 (u 78
Souchong.50 (a55
Duty: Lear** unmanufac
tured 25. all other kindt
35 pc ad raf.
6’s& 10’s beat br’ds.70 ^75c
do. medium. 65 fa68
do. common. 60 a62
half tbs best br’ds 75 ;a80
do. mod. good 65 (ii70
do. common 60 (a 62
Natural Leaf. tbs.£l a lj
Fancy, in Foil.1A(& 2
Duty: Pip 15c, Plates 2i
Pc ad cal.
Banea, cash.40c@ 41
Straits, cash.37A(«40
IMates-Char.I ,C. £14 al4A
do. " I.X. . 15?^tl6
Coke.11 fall
W ood.
Hard, retail.S6}@ 7
Soft. “ .4i@ 6 1
Duty : 35 F*c ad vat.
Cotton Sail.88 (£86c
Flax “ .40 {u,
Baleing.45 «-50
Hemp “ 42 a 50 i
India. 20 a 25
Vn rninli.
Furniture.82 (£■ 3
Coach. 3 qj 4
Damar.3$(«/ 3|
Duty ('ostina 18c lb
and under 5 L>c, orer 18c '
tn 24c |> lb 3c, over 24c
I 9c t> lb.
Fleece.45 (£55c |
Lamb*.46 (£53
I Zinc.
Duty: In blocks or pips
11c, in sheets 2c t» ib,
manufactures of 30 |>c
ad rat.
Tigs and slabs.6$<® 54
Sheet Mosslinauu.. 10$all
Sheathing.90 (aj
London—60 d. 142$ (£144
rarto.f 3 9(\u3 97$ ,
To WILLIAM G. BARROWS, one of the Justices
of the 1 eace tor the County of Cumberland, resi
dent in the town of Brunswick, in said County:
\rOC me hereby requested to call a meeting of the
holdeis ol bonds ot the Kennebec & I'm tland
Kail-road Company, secuied by its mortgage made to
trustees therein-named, pursuant to a vote of said
Company, passed at its annual meeting ho!den on
Oct. 7. lAfi2, they having become, by viitue ot a fore
closuie ol tbe right of redemption of said mortgage,
tnembeiB of a company incorpmated by statute, chap
ter titty-one and section fifty-seven—and the under
signed aie tluee members of said last named compa
ny—to be hohien at tlie Depot in said town of Biui.s
wick, on Wednesday the filth day of November next,
at ten ol tiie clock in tbe loienoon, to act upon the
following ai tides:—
First, to organize said company and to choose a
cleik, directois treasurer, and other otLceis.
Second, to adopt a code of by-laws.
Third, to deteimine how future meetings shall be
Fourth, to adopt measures to procure a final settle
ment with the said Trustees, and a conveyance fiom
them of all title and inteiest acquiied by them by
viitue of said mortgage anti its foreclosure.
Fifth, to authorize the directois, or other persons,
to compromise, or pay, or piocuie delay of payment,
of all prior demands, bonds, and claims, against the
Kennebec and Cortland Railroad Company.
Sixth, to authorize tbe directors, or other persons,
to make an alignments with the trustees in possession
of tlie tailioad. lespecting its futuie use.
Seventh, to act on any other matter that may be
N. M. Willi MURE,
October 9,1802.
CuMBEiti.AMi. ss.—‘To Win. D. 8e wall,above-named,
THE foregoing application having been piesenfed
A to me. requesting me to issue a warlant duected
to one ot said applicai ts, to ca l a meeting «*f the
bond-holders theieiu mentioned, said application is
beiebv road* a pait of ibis waiunt, ai d yon art* di
rected to notify a meeting ol the bond-lioldeis theie
iu mentioned, at the time, and Ibr the purposes, and
at the place, therein set forth, by publish! ig a notice
ol said meeting, seven dav s at least betoie the time
of holding the same, in each of the following news
papers, viz: the I ortland Daily Press, published at
Poitland.in the < ounty of Cumbei lai d, the Sentinel
and I'iraes, published at Bath, in the County ot Saga
dahoc. and the Kennebec Journal, pub.ished at Au
gusta, in the County of Kennebec.
Given ui der niv band at Brunswick, in the Countv
of Cumbei ai.d, this tenth day of October, A. D. 18G!$.
WM. G. BARROWS, Justice ol the 1 race.
Pursuant to the fotegoing Warrant to me directed,
I heiebv notify the holder* ot boi ds mentioned ai.d
leleried to in the fotegoing application ai d war
rant. to meet at thedepot in Brunswick aforesaid, on
Wednesdav. the tilth day of November next, at ten
ot the clock in tiie forenoon, lor thenui)H»ses in said
application set forth. WM. D. SEWALL.
Bath, Oct. 10, 1862. dti.ovo
At a Court of Probate he’d at Portland, within and
for the County ol Cumbei land, on the thiid Tues
day of October, in the year of our Lord eighteen
bunded and sixtv-two,
SARAH J. HOI KINS, named Executiix and re
siduary legatee in the last will ai.d testament of
Kdwaid N. Joidau, late of Westbrook in said Coun
ty, deceased, l aving in w tiling declined to accept
said tiust ol Executiix. and picsented her petition
that admit istia ion with the will am exrd on the es
tate ot said deceased may be gianted to Hitam H.
Dow, of said Westbrook":
It wan Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no
tice to all pei sons inteiested, by causing notice to be
published thiee weeks successively in the Mail e State
new, piii ted at loitland, that thev may appear at
a Probate Court to be be d at said Poit and, on the
third Tuesday of Nev ember next, at teu ot the clock
in the toiei oon, ai d show cau-e, if any they have,
why tlie same should t ot be giai ted.
A true copy, at»est,
19 w8w* EUGENE HUMPHREY Register.
At a < ourt of Probate hold at Portland, within and
tor the County ol Cumberland, on the thiid Tues
day of October, in the year of our Lord eighteen
hundred ai d sixtv-two,
RAL1 H 1UTLEH, Jr., Administrator of the es
tate ot Isaac Waite, late ot Poit and in said
( ounty, di-cea-ed, having piesented ins petition for.
license to sell ai d convey a mortgage inteiest in cer
tain nal estate, dcsciibed in said petition, an advan
tageous off'-r having been mane theietor :
It mo* Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no
tice to all persoi.s inteiested, bv causing notice to be
published thiee weeks successively in the Maim*
State Pi ess, print t d at Port ai d, that they may ap
pear at a p.obate Court to be he'd at said 1 ortland,
on the tliiid Tuesuav of November next, at ten of
the dock in the toiei oon. ai d show cause, it any
thev have, why the same should not be gianted.
A true copy, at lest,
19w8W" EUl.ENE HUMPHREY, Register.
At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within
and lor the County of Cumbei lai d, on the tiist
Tuesday of October, in the y ear ol our Lord eigh
teen hui died ai d sixtv-two,
JOHN WEBfc, AUministiator of the estate ol Dan
ie W. Anthoine, ate ol Wii dham, in sa:d County,
deceased, havii g picsented his petition lor license to
se.l ai d convey certain Rea. Estate of said deceased,
1 as desciibed in said petition, an advantageous oiler
having been made tlieieior,
It true Ordered, that the said Administator give no
tice to all persons interested, by causing notice fo
be published three weeks successively in the Maine
State Press printed at Portland, that thev inav appear
ai a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on
the tiist l uesday of November next, at ten ot the
clock in the forenoon, and shew cause, if any they
have, why the same slum'd not be granted.
A true copy, Attest,
vv3nl$» ' EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
lor the* County of t umbei land, on the third Tues
day of October, in the vear of our Loid eighteen
hut dred ai d aixtv two’,
I^BENEZEK WELLS, i.amed Executor in u cer
J tain Instrument purporting to be the la.-t Will
and Testament of Cornelius Dillingham, late of Free
port in said County, deceased, having presented the
same for probate:
It urns Ordered, That the said Executor give notice
to » I (versons interested, by earning notice to be pub
lished thiee weeks successive)} in tlie Maine State
Press, printed nt Portland, that thev niav appear at
a Probate C ourt to be he d at said Portland, on the
thiid Tuesday ot November next, at ten ot the clock
in tire toiei oon, ai d show cauM- it any they have,
why the said Instrument should i ot he piOv’ed. ap
prover!, ai cl allowed, a» the last Will and Testament
of said deceased.
A true copv, attest,
19 v 3w EtcEN E HUMI‘H REY. Register.
At a Couit of Probate held at Port and, w ithin and
lor the Count} of Cumberland, on the third Tues
day of October, iu the year otour Lord eighteen
hu dred ai d sixtv-two,
I^BENEZEK WELLS, Guardian of Relief Mariam,
ot h leeport, in *a.d County, a peison non com
pos mentis. l>av ing presented his account of Guardi
anship ot -a d waul for probate:
It iron Ordered, That the said Guardian give notice
to all pvrsoi s interested, by causing notice to be pub
lished thiee weeks successive y in the Maii e State
Press, printed at 1 ortla: d. that they ma\ appear at a
Pioba’e C ourt 10 be lie d at said I’ortlano, on the
third Tuesday of November i ext. at ten of the clock
in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they have,
w hy the same should not be a lowed.
A tun* copy attest,
19 w8w EU( ENE HUMPHREY, Register.
rilHE Subscriber hereby gives public notice to all
X concerned, that she has been dulv appointed and
taken upon hereelt the trust ol Administratrix of
the estate of
ISAAC H. CENTER, late of Portland.
In the County ol Cumberland, deceased, by giving
bond as the law directs; she therefore teejuests all
jversons who ate ii debted to the said deceased’s estate
to make immediate pavmeiit; and those who have
an v demands thereon, to exhibit the same for settle
Poitland, Sept. 16,1882. w3wl8*

; At a Court ok Probatk he’d ot Portland, within
aid for the County ol Cumberlai d. on the liist
Tuesday ol October, in the year of our Loid eigh
teen hundred at d sixty-two,
rYDlA ANTHOINE. widow of Daniel W. An
J thoit.e late of Windham, in said County, de
ceased. havii g presented bet petition for an allow
ai ce out of the peisonal Estate ol whioh lie died pos
sessed , ,
It trci* Ordered, that the said Petitioner give no
tice to all persons interested, bv causing notice to be
published three weeks successively in the Maine State
Press, printed at Portlai d, that tfiev niav appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the
liist Tuosduv of November next, at ten of the clock
in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they have,
why the same should not be granted.
A true copy. Attest.
w3w!7* ' EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
At a Court ok Probatk held at Portland, within
ami for the County of Cumberland, on the tirst
Tuesday of October, in the year of our Lord eigh
teen hundred and sixty-two,
171 LEAN tilt ALLEN. Executrix of the last Will
^hi d Testament ol Josiah Alien, late of Gray, in
said Countv. deceased, having presented her first ac
count of admit istration of said estate for probate:
!t iron Ordered. That the said Executrix give notice
to all persons interested, bv causing i utice to be pub
lished three weeks successively in the Maine state
Pre«s, printed at portlai d, that thev mav appear at a
Probate Court to be held at said Portlai <1. on the
; ib st uosriav of November next, at ten of the dock
in the forenoon, and shew cause, if any they have,
I why the same si oil'd not be allowed.
I A true copy, attest
1 w'SwlT* ’ EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
Commenced April 14th, 1862.
Passenger train? will leave dally, (Sun
1 a\ s excepted) as follows:
Augu.-ia ior Bath, Portland and Boston, at 11.15 A.
M.f connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
Hailroad for Lewiston, Livermore Falls, Wilton and
Leave Portland for Bath and Augusta at 1.001*. M.,
connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
trains for stations on that road ; and at Augusta with
the Somerset & Kennebec Hailroad for Waterville,
Kendall’s Mills and Skowhegan, and at Kendall’s
Mills with the Penobscot & Kennebec Hoad for Pitts
field, Newport and Bangor; arriving same night.
Monday Morning and Saturday Evening Traint.
On Monday trains leave Augusta at 5.30 A. M., and
Bath at 6.30 A. M., for Portland, connecting with the
8.45 A. M. train for Lowell and Boston.
Leave Portland on .Saturdays, at 8.15 1*. M., on ar
rival of train from Boston, tor Bath and Augusta.
Stages leave Bath daily (Sundays excepted) at 3.00
P. M., on arrival of train from Portland and Boston,
for Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Waldoboro’, Hock laud
and Thomaston.
Stages leave Augusta daily (Sundays excepted), for
Belfast, on arrival of train from Portland and Bos
Tickets sold in Boston for all the stations on the
Kennebec k Portland, Androscoggin, and Somerset
& Kennebec Hoads.
Freight trains run daily between Augusta and Port
land. B. il. CUSHMAN,
Manager and Superintendent.
Augusta. April, 1862. jnne23dtf
Dn arul afYtr Monday, May 6, 1862,
aeSEr rain* will h?a\e Portland for Lewiston
anu fa. uiii.gtou via Brunswick, at 1 P. M.
Leave Farmington for Lewiston. Bath aud Port
land, via Brunswick, at 9.16 A. M.
Leave Lewiston for Bath aud Portland via Bruns
wick at 11.45 A. M
Freight trains daily between Portland and Lewis
Stage leave* Strickland’s Ferry Tuesdavs, Thurs
days and Saturdays, for Livermore, Canton, Peru
aud Dixfield; returning onjMisite davs.
Sta re leaves North Jay ror Last Dixfield. Dixfield,
and Weld, on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays;
returning opposite days.
Stage leaves Farmington or New Vineyard. New
Portland and KinglieM. on Wednesdays and Satur
days, returning on Mondays and Friday*.
Stages leave Farmington daily, for 'Strong, Avon
and Phillips.
Passengers for this route will take the cars at the
Portland, Saco k Portsmouth, or Keni <*Ih-c k Port
land Depots, in Portland. S. W. LA TON. Kup’t.
Farmington May 6,1862. iuueSUdtf
IV'otice to Wood und I.umber .tler
I^ROM November 1st, 1862, to Mav 1st, 1863. the
rates of freight on all descriptions of lumber
and timber will be advanced 25 per cent.
No tire wood will be conveyed bet ween October 1st,
1802, and May 1st. 1803.
An advance in the rates of Are wood will take place
next summer, but lu consequence of changes in the
arran gement for conducting the wood business, w hich
are about to be made, the Company will not be able
to take tire wood from certain places on the line, so
that should any parties make contracts for tire wood
to be carrier! on the railway during the uext season,
they must understand that they will do so at their own
risk, aud that the Compauy will uot feel themselves
bound to carry it.
Due notice will be given of the rates of freight, and
' from what stations tire wood can be carried uext
[ summer.
C. J. BRYD(iES. Managing Director.
Montreal, August 1.1362. aGdtf
i To Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland. Detroit,
Toledo, st. Paul, La Crosse, St. Louis,
New Orleans, or auv part of the
Via Buffalo, Dunkirk, and Niagara Falls.
This road is broad quage and is provided with
New aud Splendid Sleeping Cars.
£^nTicketa sold in Portland at lowest Boston rate
W. D. LITTLE, Agent,
Offlce 31 Exchange Street.
You can save money by securing tickets at this
June 23. # dawtf
At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and
lor the County ot ( umberland, on the thiid Tues
day of October, in the year of our Lord eighteeu
bundled and sixty-two,
I^LIZA W. SOULE, Administratrix of the estate
J oi Kiaicis B. Soule, laie of Freeport in said
County, deceased, having presented her first and
final account ot administration of said estate lor pio
It was Ordered, That the said Administratrix give
notice to ad poisons interested, by causing notice to
be published thiee w t^eks successively in the Maine
Stale Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap
pear at a Pi "bate Couitto be held at said Portland,
on the third Tuesday of November next, at ten of
the clock iu the loienoou. aud show cause it any
they have, why the same shou.d not be ahowed.
A true copv, attest,
19 w3w* EUOENE HUMPHREY, Register.
AtaCouitot Probate he d at Portland, within ai d
for the County ot Ctimbetland, on the thiid Tues
day of October, in the year ot our Lord eighteen
hundred and sixty-two,
4 BB1E L. L. NdRTH, widow of Samuel North,
1\. iate of Westbrook iu said Count}, deceased,
having presented her petition lhat admin isti at ion on
the es:a eot said deceased mav be gianted to Na
thaniel Blow n, ot Corham in said County, Esquiie:
It was Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no
tice to all pentons interested, by causing notice to be
published tluee weeks successively in the Maine
State Press, printed at 1 ortiand, that they mav ap
pear at a l iobate ( ourt to be held at said Poitland,
on the third Tuesdav of November next, a: teu of
the c ock iu the toienoon, and show cause, it auy
they have, why the same shou.d not he giant
A true copv, attest.
19 w3w* EUOENE HUMPHREY, Regi. « r.
At a Court of Piobate held at Portland, within i d
for the County ol Cumberland, on the third I’ • s
day of October,iu the year of our Loid eigh: <u
hui dred und rixfv-two*,
JOSEPH LIBBY, Administrator of the estate of
Catherine F. Hasty, lateol Scarborough in said
| County .deceased, having pieeemed his first ai d fii al
aiiouiii ui auiimifi i mil'll ui »«iu • — 'an- iur pronaie:
It was Ordered. That the said Admit irtiator give
notice to all persona intetested, by causing notice to
be pub'ished three weeks successively in tlie Maine
6tat»- Press, printed at Portlat d. that they m*v aj»
pear at a Piobate < '« urt t«» be field at said Portland,
on the third Tuesday ot November next, at ten of
the clock in the forenoon, ai d show cause if any they
have, why the ?au*e should not be allow# d.
: A true copy, attest,
19 \v3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.
At a Coikt of Probate held at Portland, withiu
and lor the County of Cuniberlai d. on the hist
Tuesday of October, in the v ear of our Loid eigh
teen Inn died su d six tv-two,
T OUlSA L. DYER, niece ai d heir-at-law of Gus
i XjtavusG. Chu*chill, lotmeily of Portlai d, in said
County, having piesented her petition lepieseitiig
' that said Gustav us G. ( tiuichill was aat beoid fiom
by ai v member of his family or re alive in November,
A. D. Pv4. mote than seven vraia ago, and piaving
. that adimi istiation on his estate may be gianted to
j Libeity B. Den ett, of Portlat d, atoi esaid.
It teas Ordered, That the said Petitioner give no
| tice to all persons inteiested, by causing notice to
l be published three weeks successively, in the Maine
State 1 ress, printed at Portlat d, that they tnav ap
pear at a Piobate Court to be ! eld r( said Portland,
on the first Tuesday ot November t ext, at ten of the
clock in the forenoon, and show cause if any they
have, why the same should not be giai ted.
A true copy Attest:
w3wl7* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
milE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all
A cot cerned, that be has been duly appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Administrator ol the
estate of
late of Harpsuell, it# the County of Cumberland, de
ceased, bv giving Lot d as the aw ditects; he there
toie i ernes ts all persons who are indebted to the said
deceased’s estate, to make immediate pavment: ami
those who 1 ave any demands thereon, to exhibit the
Mme for settlement to
Harps well, Oct. 21,1862. 20 w8w*
Notice of* Insolvency. *
THE undersigned having been appointed by the
Judge of Piobate tor the County ot Cumberland,
Commissioners to receive and examine the c airns of
the cieditors to the estate of Daniel W. Anthoine,
late of Windham, in said County, deceased, hereby
give notice that >ix months from the 7th #Iav of Octo
ber, A. D. 1962, will be allowed to said creditors for
bringing in their c'nims ai d proving their debts, and
I that thev will attend for the put pose of receiving
such claims ai d p»o##f at the dwelling house of El
btidge Sav wood, in Windham, on the last Thursday
of October, November. December,and January,fiom
one till four o’c’ock in the afternnou.
J A MKS l.O WUN 11ANSON, | sinners.
Windham, Oct. 7,1862. w3wl7*
Notice* of* Insolvency.
THE undersigned having been appointed bv the
Judge of Probate for the County of Cumberland,
ComniRdoneis to receive ami examine the claims of
the ceditots to the eslate of Dai iel Ingersoll, late «»f
Windham. in -aid County, deceased, hetebv give no
tice that six month* Bom the 7th day of October. A.D.
1862, will b»* allowed to said ci editors for bunging in
• heir c'nims and proving their debts, ami they will
attend for the pm nose of receiving such claims and
proofs at the dwelling house of fhailcs HunneweBa.
in Wit d! am, on the last Fiiday «>t October, Novem
ber, December, and January, fiom one till four
o’clock m tic a Per i oon.
Windham, October 7th, 1662. w8w!7*
A Remarkable Case of a boy who was cured by
Of Scrofulous Ophthalmia, as the following facts will
afl^'TOK a long time the boy’s eye-lids had
been entirely closed. His case was consul
ygf.TV*'ered almost hopeless. The boy was put un
"T der the care of Dr. B., and alter great pa
tience and perseverance, with his electrical treatment
and with other curatives, he was able to lift his eye
lids, when it was discovered that a false membrane
had formed and covered the entire eyes. This was
removed by Dr. Boynton, and the boy's eye-sight is
now entirely restored, and his eyes stronger than ev
er before. This should be known to all persons who
are similarly afflicted. Although I understand that
the Doctor has for many years, in his operations on
these delicate organs—the eye and ear, met with em
inent success, he has not deemed it necessary to keep
blazing before the public his surgical skill in this par
ticular part of his profession, but has been silently
performing cures, many of them of a remarkable
tJf* Certificates from numerons of his patients
will testify to his successful operations, all of which
may be seen at his ofhce.
No. 369 Congress Street, Portland.
DK. IR’fillES’
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
Established /nr the treatment </ those diseases in
both sexes, requiring Experience, Skill, Honor and
tor a number of years confined his attention to
diseases of a certain class. During his practice he
has treated thousands of cases, and in no instance
has he met with a failure. The remedies are mild,
and there is no interruption of business or change of
diet. Dr. Hughes is in constant attendance from 8
in the morning until 10 at night, at his otl.ee, 6 Tem
ple street. Charges moderate, and a cure guaranteed
m all cases. Separate rooms, so that no one will be
seen but the Dr. himself. His remedies cure disease
when all other remedies fail; cures without dieting
or restriction in the habits of the patient; cures with
out the disgusting and sickening effects of most other
remedies; cures new cases in a tew hours; cures with
out the dreadful consequent effects of mercury, but
is sure to annihilate the rauk and poisonous taint
that the blood is sure to absorb, unless the proper
remedy is used. The ingredients are entirely vegeta
ble. and no injurious effect, either constitutionally or
locallv, can be caused by using them.
YOUNG MEN, who are troubled with seminal
weakness, generally caused b^ bad habits in vouth,
the effects of which are pain and dizziness in the
head, forgetfulness, sometimes a ringing in the ears,
weak eyes, etc., terminating in consumption or in
sanity if neglected, are speedily and permanently
All correspondence strictly confidential aud will e
returned If desired. Address
No. 6 Temple Street, (corner of Middle),
tySeud stamp for Circular. jull—dAwtfS
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
to theTadies.
DIC. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladles who
need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No.
6 Temple Street, which they will find arranged for
their especial accommodation.
Dr. HJs Eclectic Renovating Medicine* areunrival
1<h1 in efficacy and superior virtue iu regulating all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
certain of producing relief iu a short time.
LADIES will find it invaluable iu all else* of ob
structions after all other remedies have been tried in
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing iu
the least injurious to the health, and may be taken
with perfect safety at all times.
Sent to any part of the couutrr with full directions,
by addressing t)R. HUGHES,
No. 6 Temple Street, corner of Middle, Portland.
N. B.—LADIES desiring mav consult ore of their
owu sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
ance. julldawtfa
Change of the Day* of Sailing.
gtna» THE Steamer “New Brunswick,”
apt- E B. Winchester, ai d Steamer
New England,” 1 apt. E. Field, will
leave lor East port aid St.John every Monday and
Thursday, (instead of Tuesday and Friday as hereto
foie), commencing Oct. 2d.
The Steamer “New Brunswick” will leave Railroad
Wharl, toot State Street, every Monday at 6 P. M.
Returning, leaves St. John every'Thuisdav at 8 A. M.
Steamer "New England” will leave Railroad
Wharf, foot State Street, every Thursday at 6 P. M.
Returning, leaves St. John every Monday at 8 A. M.
Positively no freight received after 4 o’clock
I*. M. on the day of sailing.
Through ticket are sold by this line, connecting at
East part with stagecoaches lor Machias. and with
steamer i^ueen for Holbinston, Calais, St. Stephens
and St. Andrews, and at the latter plac«- over rail
way for Canterbury; Woodstock and Huulton
We also ticket through per steanv rs ami railways
for Wmdsor, Halifax, I-Hgby, Fredericton, Sussex,
Moncton, ShedUtc, Prince Edvards Island, 1‘ictov,
North Shore if New Brunswick, Mirimichi, and
Bay de Chaleur.
Sept. 24. 18i52 dtf C. C. EATON. Agent.
Weekly Mail Line.
m ONE of the following first-class, power
, ful Sterner.: HlBF.ttMAX, XOKTil
<- T1 rrv-AMKKlt A.N,M)KWE(,IAS, JI KA,
VA ©t oi IAN—will sail from Quebec every Satur
day morning, lor Liverpool, via Londonderry.
Passengers leave Portland per Grand Trunk Trains
with United States mails, every Friday, at 1 16 P. M.,
connecting with Steamer at Quebec every Saturday
Passage to Liverpool. Londonderry or Glasgow:
Third Class, §86. First Class, §77 to §92—accoiding
to accommodation,—which includes tickets ou Grand
Trunk Railway.
Prepaid and*return tickets issued at reducer! rates.
Excursion tickets to the World's Fair, out and
back. §186.
Apply to Edmonstone, Allan k Co., Montreal,or to
June 23. 1962. dtf
Portland und New York Steamers.
The splendid and fas^Steamship
“C1IESAI EAkE,” Captain Sidney
Crowell, will until ftirther notice run
_as follows:
Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES
DAY', at 4 P. M . a? d leave Pier 9 North River, New
Y ork, every SA ITKDAY . at 3 o'clock. P. M.
This vessel is fitted up with tire accommodations for
passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and
comfortable route for travellers between New York
I and Maine. Passage $6.00, including rare and Stare
j Booms.
Goods forwarded bv this line to at d f-otn Montreal,
Giiebec, Bangor, Bath. Augusta, La-tport and St.
I John.
Shippers are requested to serd their freight to the
s <amer before 3 P. M., on the day that she leaves
j Po and.
For trei/ht or passage applr to
EMERY k FOX. Brown's Wharf, Portland.
II. B. i ROMWELL k CO., No. 8*5 West Street,
New York.
June 23. 18 2. dtf
At a Court of Probate he’d at Portland, within and
for the County of Cumberland, on the thiid Tues
day of October, in the year of our Lord eighteen
hut dred and sixty-two,
JOHN WEBB, Administrator of the estafe of Dan
iel W Ai tl.oii e. late Of Windham in said Coun
tv, deceased, having presented his petition tor license
to sell and convey eertaiu real estate of *aid deceased,
as described in said petition :
ft «vat Ordered, Thas the said Administrator give
I notice to all persons interested, b> cauaing notice to
! be pub’ished three weeks successively in the Maine
I State Pi ess, printed at 1 ortland, that they may ap
pear at n Probate Court to be held at said Portland,
on the third Tuesday of November next.at ten of the
e’ock in the forenoon, ai d show cause, if any they
have, whv the same fhould not be granted.
A true copv, attest.
19 w3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register.
F|1 HE subscriber lierebv gives public notice to all
1 concerned, that he has been dulv appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Executor of the last
will and testament of
late of Westbrook in the Count' of Cumberland, de
ceased, bv giving bond as the aw directs: he there
foie requests »ll peisoi s who are indebted to the said
deceased’s e-tate to make immediate pav moi t; and
those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the
same tor settlement to HENRY M. MINOTT.
Westbrook. Oct. 21. 1862. 19 w3w*
Notice of Foreclosure.
.VOTICE is herebv given that the subscribers. Otis
x. v T. Hall, of Cambridge. Massachusetts.ami Peter
B. Hall, of Windham. County of Cumberland anrl
State of Maine, c aim bv mortgage a certain lot of
lard and the buildings the* eon. situate in Sebago in
said Corn tv of Cumberland, and being part of lot
numbered fifteen in the ti»st range East in said Seba
go : said pat cel lying on the easterly side of North
West River, and being the same lot so’d and convey
ed to us bv Levi B. Dyer. December 10, 1867. by his
mortgage dead of that date recorded in the Cumber
land Registry of Deeds, book 284. page 400.
The conditions of said mortgage have berm broken,
bv reason whereof we hereby claim a foreclosure of
the same. OTIS T. II ALL.
Dated at Windham, Oct. 27, 1862. 19 w3w*
Eiernlrix' Sale.
BY virtue of a license from the Honorable .Fudge
of Probate within anrl for the County of Cum
' beriand, 1. Jane W Jordan. Executrix of the last
Will and Testament of Sam’l J. Jordan,late ol Cum
berland in said County, deceased, sl all sell at public
auction on Wednesday, the 28th dav of November,
A. D. 18d2. at eleven o’clock in the forenoon, at my
1 dwei’ing house in said Cumberland, so much of the
Real Estate of the said deceased a* will bring the
sum M tour hundred and fifty dollars, for the pa •
nient of debts and charges of administration.
Cumberland, Oct. 20.1862. 18 w8w*
E stablishment
Has been removed from the office over Casco Bank,
to the office of the
Directly orer the Magnetic Telegraph Offlee. Fourth
Story, where all rarietiee of
Plain and Fancy Job Work,
Will be promptly attended to on the moet libera
Orders left at the counting-room of the Dally Frees
tod Maine State Frees, bead of first Sight of stairs,
will be promptly attended to.
LV The office is supplied with
And it» capacity and facilities for do'ing work in good
style are equal to any in the City or Stato.
». A. FOSTER * CO.
July 17. lfW. M
Book and Job Printing Office,
Fox Block, - - Second Floor,
The Proprietors of the Pout laud Daily Fnaoa
respectfully insite attention to their facilities tor exe
eutinr, in beautiful style, esary description of
Their Establishment is tarnished with all the
proved modern machinery, and their assortment of
Book and Fancy Types,
Is adequate to do any work demanded In this State
Baiineai Car da of Every Variety,
Style and Coat.
Billets a Circulars In Every Variety of Type
Policies Printed and Bound ft>r
Insurance Companies.
Deeds, Law Briefs, Equity Cases,
And other LAW DOCUMENTS executed with
Bronze, Colored, and all other kinds of
Executed In tmste to euit the moet fhetidloui.
Our Stylo are unaurpaaaed.
Portland. June W. 1*^2._ daw
Photographic Frame*.
ClQUARE or oval—every kind called for. Three
; being manufactured b v on reel vre, except three
neceeearilv imported, we can compete with any mar
ket for low pricca. At wholesale or retail, at 2«. Mar
ket Square. MORRISON k CO’S.
Old Frames Ke-Gilt,
Photographic Goods A Chemicals.
OUR stock in tbit department is complete, com
prising ever>' article u*ed in the art.
! junettftfwSt 16, Market ^oart.

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