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Wednesday Morning* November 12* 18(52*
___—■ — ----—
The Portland Daily Press has the largest
regular circulation of any daily paper in
the city.
The Seventh Regiment.
It is no disparagement to any other regi
ment from tins State to gay that no regiment
In the service has won a higher place upon the
page of history for courage and endurance
than “the gallant Seventh.” It lias been en
gage^ in ten buttles, and on every field it h»<
nobly sustained the reputation of the guns of
Ttiig regiment, a* is well known, is now In
camp at “Camp Abraham Lincoln,” having
becu gent home to rest and recruit, and to till
up its sadly thinned ranks. We should tie
glad to see It Oiled up so that it might again
resume it* place in the foremost ranks and
participate in the coming forward movements
now plainly Indicated. It w as peculiarly fortu
nate in the seleelion ol its Field officers and
In the entire abeenee of all cliques and par
ties, both among the Stall' and Line officers,
which have so sadly impaired the efficiency of
many other regiments. The officers have
been united, and labored together for the best
good of the rneu under their charge. Besides
this, promotions are made for meritorious ser
vices, and the private in the ranks may expect
to rise if, by his conduct, he deserves it.
Those who have seen service, and know
whereof they speak, are very decided in ex
pressing their convictions that it is much
better for persons enlisting now to enter an old
regiment rather than a new one, for the rea
son that they can have ali tire advantages ac
cruing from the experience of the old mem
bers without, having to endure unnecessary
hardship. They more rapidly fall into the
habits of a soldier, aud more quickly letyu
how to be such by being associatea with oia
We hope, in view of these facts, that the
authorities, in towns whose quotas are not yet
full, will act iu conjunction witlt the recruiting
officer of the regiment, and thus not only fur
nish the full number required of them, hut aid
in tilling the ranks of tills veteran regiment,
so that it may again hasten to the seat of war,
there to strike heavy blows for the Constitu
tion and the Union.
Editorial Correspondence ol the Press.
Visit to the Perkins Institution for the Blind
at South Boston—a Correction—Aquarial
Gardens — Howard Athencum — the Elec
tions—the Storm.
Boston, Nov. 8,1862.
Dear Readers:—The annual visit of your
State authorities to the Perkins Institution
and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind was
made yesterday. The winter term has but
just commenced, and inauy_pf the pupils have
not yet returned; but every facility was afford
ed us for examination, and we were shown
over the entire building by Mr. Campbell,
teacher of music, who i» himself blind. In
the music rooms, several of the larger pupils
were practicing their lessons on the piano, and
some of them exhibited marked proficiency.
The school-rooms are wellsupppied with maps
made expressly for llie blind, and the various
classes we saw, showed that they had made
fair improvement in their studies. Several
of the pupils can write with cousiderable fa
cility. They have sheets of pasteboard pre
pared with little grooves, running parallel
across them. Upon these, sheets of aper are
laid, and by following the grooves, and guid
ing their pencil with the fore-finger of their
left hand, the pupils are enabled to write, some
of them with considerable facility. The class
in mathematics, under tile instruction of their
blind teacher, Mr. Parks, exhibited marked
progress in this department, and readily and
quickly solved difficult mathematical problems
by a mental process entirely. In the work
shops connected with the instititutiou are
manufactured corn brooms, mats, matrasses,
Ac. There are nine pupils now in the institu
tion from our own State, eight of them
State beneficiaries. Their names are as fol
lows: Helen Nute, Wiscassct; Wm. L. Stover,
York; Elvira S. Murray, Bangor; Frederic
Crocker, Bangor; Grace Beed, Portland; Al
ice and Maria Snow, Bath; Joseph Jones,
Hodgdou; Lizzie Chick, Limingtou. There
is no luud, such as belongs to the American
Asylum; and the annual expense is two hun
dred dollars lor each pupil. This sum covers
all expenses except for clothing, such as board,
washing, medicines, use of musical instru
ments, books, Ac. Pupils must pay their own
fares to and from the institution, and furnish
their own clothing. The usual period of in
struction is for five to ten years. Indigent
blind persdfcs, residing in Maine, can obtain
warrants for free admission to this institution
upon application to the Governor and Coun
cil. The application should be accomDanied
by a certificate from the city.or town authori
ties where the person resides, that the parents
are unable to pay $200 per annum for the
child's instruction; also a certificate signed
by some regular physician, that the child has
not sufficient vision to be taught in our com
mon schools, and that he is free from epilepsy,
aud from any contagious disease. All the pa
pers should be sent to the Secretary of State,
Augusta, Me.
From the Statistics of the institution we
learn that the blind, as a class, do not live so
long as other people. They are less endowed
with vitality, aud as a consequence have less
health and strength, less ability for the active
duties, and consequently the pleasures of life.
But if the standard of bodily vigor is lower,
the standard of mental activity is higher than
is to be found in ordinary schools of the same
grade. Having less to distract their attention,
all their mental powers can be, and are, more
intensely concentrated; and hence blind child
ren, other things being equal, have what are
termed ‘‘precocious intellects.’’
Our little party left, well satisfied with their
visit, and convinced that our noble State loses
nothing by its liberality to its poor blind child
In our letter from Hartford we notice that
the types make us say that the estimated cost
of maintaining the pupils at the American
Asylum lor the deaf aud dumb is one hundred
and ei'jht dollars. We wrote, or intended to
write, oue hundred and eighty dollars. Our
readers will make the necessary correction.
Persons visiting this city should not fail to
visit ‘•Barnum’s Aquarlal Gardens.” A living
wiiale is a curiosity of itself, but besides this
there is a large number of beautiful tropical
fish, as well as fish not so beautiful, all living
aud seemingly healthy. Here may be seen the
beautiful aud intelligent seal, as well as the
more unwieldy walrus,—little crocodiles, mon
keys, Guinea pigs, Ac. Ac.,—so that one may
spend an hour or two very profitably as well
as pleasantly.
Hast evening we went to sec Mr. and Mrs.
Barney Williams in their favorite characters,
at ij}ic Howard.” Barney’s delineations of
IriJb humor anil character arc ti ithlnl and
amusing in the extreme, while Mrs. W. is
equally au fait as an Irish damsel or a “Yankee
gal,’’ They were not supported well how ever,
I —————————i
ami it seemed to us that we never saw a poor*
or stock company. Mr. Marshall ought to
give better support to his “stars.”
The results of the recent election in New
York aud elsewhere, are discouraging, yet so
far as otir observation extends, are very gener
ally attributed tothuj&ck of energy In the man
agement of the war. We hope, however, that
these elections, adverse as they seem to he,
will be heeded by the Government, aud that
lhe people will soon see that the gigantic ef
forts they have made for the suppression of
the rebellion, have not been made in vain.
Yesterday a severe snow storm prevailed
here, ami to-day it Is raining some. The streets
are coveted to the depth of six or eight inches
with a very disagreeable mixture of snow, water
and mud, ami the crossings are simply fords,
where rubber boots alone will keep the feet
dry. Truly, the streets of Boston are not very
inviting iu such a storm. Meu and women
hurry along with umbrellas |miiitcd square
ahead, and every uow and then, collisions oc
cur, aud the hurrying pedestrians are brought
"up all standing” by ahrilliant umbrella charge.
But 1 have aleady made this letter too long
aud must stop. H.
From our Regular Correspondent.
latter from Washington.
Maine General*—Jameson—Hoteard—Berry.
Carle ton—Cahlirrll—Robert*—McClellan'*
Star gone out—in disgracet
Washington, Nov, 9,18(!2.
Maine may well be proud of her soldiers
and of her Generals. Of the latter she
lias lately been called to mourn one, dead at
his home, a victim of the CUickahoininy, the
mists of the pestilence mingling with the
mists of glory around his brow, as an intrep
id officer.
Gbn. Jameson has left no superior among
the leaders of the half million of men who
now lie stretched inactive from Harper’s Fer
ry to Fortress Monroe. As a man, genial and
cordial, he won friends everywhere. Aud lie
never deserted them, no more than he would
have deserted his post on a tierce and bloody
Held T.et him rest l.v tlir Peuoliseot! If
those who survive him prove as brave as he,
the trend of battle shall never sweep where
the grass grows green alaive his grave;
and peace, good, true, and noble peace, shall
; rest on the banner whose flaming folds he
l waved in the forefront of war.
Had the malaria of the Peninsula spared
I him for those lights, full alike of glory and of
1 shame, which accompanied McClellan's re
treating path from the swamps to the James
—had Ids health been spared for those dismal
days, he would have lived, or fallen higher in
rank, and with new wreaths of prowess. But
better it is, if perish he must, that he die as
lie has, on the shores of his native Penobscot,
with tlie grade he won that dreary day when,
at.the head ol Penobscot men, he and they
snatched glory from a Held wheuce many
sought hut inglorious escape.
Gess Howard is an acting Major General,
commanding a Division. It is from the day of
Antietam that this higher command dates. In
that field his immediate commander fell, amid
carnage which broke the lines of the Division.
The senior officer sought in vain to re-form its
shattered ranks. "Let Howard take it!” said
the General commanding the corps. Thus
called to command, this Christian General,
there amid the crashing of the enemy’s artil
lery among their ranks, and the hail of fierce
musketry, reformed the wavering lines, and
led them afresh to the victory which came
with the setting sun—a victory which, from
no fault of his, and such as he, was of poor
and meagre results.
Gen. Berry was of the array-corps under
Hooker. Ilis aehievment has been such, his
capacity is so marked, that Get), nooker has
most strenuously pressed upon the authorities
the propriety of his appointment as a Miyor
General. To this end he stated to the Gener
al-in-chief, that he had no means of knowing
what were Gen. Berry’s earlier advantages of
military education; he did know that he was a
brave, skillful, gallant, intrepid and patriotic
officer; that he belonged to the class of men
w ho are to save the country if it is to be sav
ed ; and lie begged to remind the General-in
chief that he (Hooker) would recommend no
man for a major general whom he would not
desire to have serve under himself or whom he
would not willingly serve under. Thus is Ber
ry spoken of by a man whose praise is glory.
Geu. Carleton’ is another man, of whom
the state may well be proud. He has been so
loug away from the state,having been appoint
ed iuto the army more than twenty years ago,
and passed most of that petiod in frontier ser
vice, that few among you of the present gen
eration personally know him. ne has, in all
this period, lieen winning credit as an officer,
and at the same time as a man of letters. His
little volume upon the battle of Bcuna Vista,
in which he took part, is a most graphic book,
lie now has a most important though remote
command, on the Mexieau frontier, in Arizo
na and New Mexico, where important inter
ests are at stake.
In the battle of Antietam, as the reader will
see, on referring to Gen. Richardson’s report,
the brigade of your Gen. Caldwell captnr
ed more rebel flags than any other brigade up
on the field.
Acting Brigadier General Charles W.
Roberts, who succeeded Jameson as Col. of
the Maine Second, is allowed to have handled
his brigade splendidly, in the battle last men
tioned. His old brigade commander, the gen
eral of his division, the general commanding
his army-corps,and Gen. McClellan, have each
commended him to the President, for appoint
ment as Brigadier-General. He deserves it,
and the gallant Second, never found wanting,
is entitled to furnish another general.
These are some of your Maine chieftains—
wh^ is to lead them on the fields of Virginia?
To-day McClellan's star has gone down in dis
grace, it is feared. What new developments
have led to the removal are nown as yet only
to the few high in power. Whispers, hoarse
and baleful in the town to-day, hint of a con
spiracy detected to seize the government, and
establish a military dictatorship. 1 cannot be
lieve that tile good sense of McClellan lias
l>een overpersuaded into so wretched a plot.
But we shall know alt if the government has
the nerve to be frank to the people who own
it. If it lack such nerve, God help the repub
lic at this hour! Yours, I).
ZIP’ On our first page w ill he found a letter
from our correspondent in the 25th Maine regi
From the Aroostook Times, we learn
that the Lieut. Governor of New Brunswick,
lion. Arthur Gordon, accompanied by Col.
Coles of |^ic 10th Regiment at Frederickton,
i visited Iloultou recently.
2M?“'A dispatch to the Evening Post of Sat
I unlay, says that the President has tendered
I to Schuyler Colfax the Secretaryship of the
I Interior, in the event of Secretary Smith’s
I acceptance of the Judgeship of the. United
States Supremo Court.
23p“That drunken fop, Magruder, lias been
appointed by the rebel government to the
Traus-Mississi, >i i'epartment, his district
comprising Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.
The Bobbin boy will make him reel worse
! than ever.
Various Items.
New York. Xov. 11.
The Tribune’s Washington dispatch says
Geu. Schenck has been designated as succes
| sor of Gen.' Wool, anil will probably be well
enough to leave for this post within a day or
I two.
A private letter from Xew Orleans says Gen.
1 Butler recently took possession of two large
| plantations near the city, and transferred a
: large number ol loyal blacks to them fur active
| service.
Tile nuinlier of fugitive blacks iu the De
partment of the Gulf is increasing at a rapid
Mr. Xorman Wiard, who superintended fill
ing Gen. Burnside's expedition, is to perform
the same otilce lor Gen. Banks’ expedition.—
He leaves lor Xew York to-morrow.
Tire Herald’s Washington dispatcli says ap
plication has been made for three more Maine
regiments to join Gen. Banks’ expedition.
They are nine months men, and Geu. Ualieck
and Gov. Washburn have agreed upon the ex
pediency of the detail. Gen. Banks will re
view some Maine troops to-morrow.
By advices received from our squadron on
the coast of Texas, it appears that a couple of
vessels will remain at Galveston; the others
have gone on towards the Bio Grande.
L’p to October 30th no troops bad arrived to
follow up our recent naval success, and the
rebels bold the country around Galveston, and
frequently make incursions into the city dur
ing the night.
Special dispatches from Washington state
that tile wagon bridge over the Bappuhannock
at Waterloo, burned by the rebels as they re
treated before Geu. Burnside’s advance, was
300 feet long. A few days only will Is* requir
ed to put tiie Orange & Alexandria Bailroad
iu running order.
Kecouuoisauces were made Saturday morn
ing by Geu. Doubled ay's division, which cross
ed the river at Waterloo, and explored ths
country live miles beyond tlie river, encoun
tering the enemy in small force, routing them
and capturing two cannon and several pris
Gen. Sumner’s old corps reached Warreuton
on Saturday last.
At a Democratic meeting last night, John
Van Buren nominated Gen. McClellan for
President in 1304.
Lord Lyons is still in this city. He paid
Gen. Scott a lengthened visit yesterday.
The s.',ihi.oui worth of bonds, etc., stolen
from tin* Hank of America on the 5th, were re
covered by tlie police yesterday.
From California.
San Francisco, Xov. 10.
Arrived, ship Cyclone. Sailed, British steam
er Tynemouth, for llong Kong, with $70,000
in treasure.
Compared with the last two steamer days,
money is easy. Over $225,000 in gold has
been coined, in the mint, within the month—
more than supplying the amount of coin ex
Interest continues at 2 per cent, for eastern
currency. Exchange 18 a 22 per cent, dis
count; gold 5 a 0 per cent, premium; com
mercial bills 23 a 24 discount.
The San Francisco merchants have pledged
themselves not lo receive or pay out legal ten
der notes, except at the ruling discount, hut to
! adhere to gold and currency at standard rates,
j It is the intention to have a pledge signed
! throughout the State, and to refuse credit to
all who decliue.

Capture of Hebei Cavalry.
Xi:\v York, Nov. 11.
The Tribune's Washington dispatch says one
of those brilliant allitirs a hich sited lustre upon
our volunteer cavalry, occured Sunday morn
ing. Capt. Eric Duhlgreeu, of Gen. Sigei’s
statf, with tiO of the 1st Indiana regiment,Gen.
Sigel's body guard, and a small detachment of
the 6th Ohio cavalry, dashed into Fredericks
burg early in the morning, where they found
! eight companies of Virginia cavalry. With
! out giving the enemy time to form, Capt. |J.
fell upon them with 60 of his men, when a
desperate tight ensued, lasting three hours,
when the rebels were routed. Capt. D.’s loss
was one killed and three missing. He return
ed safely Sunday night, bringing 39 prisoners,
with their horses and accoutrements, and two
wagons loaded with army clothing.
Capture of Bebels and Guerillas in Ken
Louisville, Xov. 10.
Upwards of 200 rebels, including rebel citi
zens who had returned from their southern ex
j cursions, were brought in iroin Frankfort to
: night. Also 17 of Morgan's men, captured
i near Gallatin.
Col. Sanders D. Bruce, commanding at
Bowling Green, arrived here this morning. It
is understood that he lias an independent com
mission and several regimelfts and a battery
with which lie proposes to expel the guerillas
from the southern part of the State.
Capt. Kipper, of the 4lh Indiana regiment of
cavalry, on a scouting expedition near Heb
bardsville, broke up a troublesome baud of
guerillas, capturing live prisoners and several
horses and arms.
Excitement in Texas.
Philadelphia. Xov. 10.
Late Richmond papers contain a letter to the
Houston, Texas, News, Iroin II. C. Stone,dated
Cainsvilie, Texas, Oct. 18, saying there was
the wildest excitement, owing to the discovery
of a secret organization of Lincolnites, the ob
ject of which was to murder all secessionists,
and take all moveable property to Missouri,
and burn the balance that might ha left. 500
militia collected and caught 49 Lincolnites,
and hung two of them; the balance will he
tried, and probably found guilty. They are
mostly from Cook and Grayson counties,
though they are said to exist all along the
frontier. They have secret signs and pass
Official Order for Removing Gen. McClellan.
New York, Nov. XX.
The following is the order removing Gen.
McClellan from the command ol the Army of
the Potomac:
War Department, )
Adjt. Gen’s Office, Washington, Nov 5, 02. (
[Ciexieial Older l£i. ]
By direction of the President of the United
■States, it is ordered that Major General Mc
Clellan be relieved from the command of the
Army of the Potomac, and that Major Gener
al Burnside take the command of Unit army.
By order of the Secretary of War.
(Signed) F. D. Townsend, Adjt. Gen.
Another Valuable Prize.
Baltimore. Nov. XI.
A letter from on board the Hartford, dated
Pensacola, Oct. 29, says tite U. S. steamer
Montgomery came in this morning with a tine
side wheel steamer, a prize, laden with arms
and munitions of war, which she caught about
60 miles .off Mobile, after a chase of seven
hours. Site was orgiually called the Arizona,
but bud changed her name to the Caroline.—
Shu Wits commanded by Captain Fobes, of New
Orleans, formerly of Amboy, N. J.
Mr. Rice Elected in Third (Mass.) Dis
trict.—The Boston Journal states that Hon.
A. II. Rice is elected in the third (Mass.) dis
trict by a plurality of twenty-two votes over
Mr. Sleeper, who was reported elected. That
paper states that in re-counting the votes for
] Representative to Congress in Ward 12, it has
been discovered that in the first count on the
day of election, a package of twenty-eight
People's tickets contained the name of Mr.
Rice instead of Mr. Sleeper. Another ticket
was also found otf which the name of Mr.
Sleeper was scratched out with a line pencil,
and the word “Rice” written on the top margin.
Consequently the Ward officers have made a
corrected return, which, if received by the
Board of Aldermen, gives the following result:
Mr. Sleeper's sntn rh before returned..1049
Deduct correction in South Boston vote. 23
Mr. Rice’s vote its before returned...... 5015
Add correction in South Bostou vote. 2S
Deduct Sieeper's vote.... .5021
Plurality for Rice . 22
The Boston Transcript says, however, that
| tli- re is som> question whether the B'sird n
m. hi. an amended return inasmuch as the
time has elapsed which the law allows to Ward
officers to concet their reports.
A Curious Coixodenve.—“Perley,” the I
Washington correspondent of the Boston
Journal, writes from Washington:
**Although the Speaker of the next House |
will doubtless be an ant {-administration man, !
this will only 1x3 in accordance with the gene- :
ral rule, lor it is cited here to-day as a curious ■
fact, tii.it lor tiie last thirty-eight years the last
House of Representatives during each admin
istration has lieen controlled by political oppo
nents of tlie President. This may be seen by
the following table:”
J. O Adunn. W Andrew Stephenson, D. .1827
A ml row Jackson, D John Boll, W....1*35
Martin Van Bureu, I> R. M. T. Hunter, \V.1*39
Harrison & I vler, W J. W. Jones, I>.1843
J. 1\. Polk, I) R. C. Wiuthrop, W.1*47
l a ior & Fillmore, W Linn Bovd,D.1851
Franklin Pierce, D N. P. Banks, It.1855
James Buclmuau, D Wni. Peuningtou, R.1859
^IT^Tlie Bath Times learns that Colonel
MeClusky, who entered the service as an
honored and able man, at the head of the 15th
Maine Regiment, has become a ruined man by j
the use of intoxicating liquor. Since leaving
his regiment at New Orleans his dissipation
had become so conspicuous as to attract the
attention of Gen. Butler, who issued a special
order, requiring the Colonel to dolf his milita
ry suit, and leave the city by the first convey
ance. He left the city of New Orleans the
20th for Havana, en route for Soul It America.
Maine Troops fck Banks.— IVi ley tele
graphs to the Boston Journal from Wa&hing
tou lUth; Gov. Washburn of Maine has ol>
taiued permission fur three more nine months’
regiments from that state to join the expedi
tion under Gen. Banks, which will give him
the 22d. 23d, 24th, 20th, 27th and 28th, and also
a battery.
Gov. Washburn ha* gone to Warrenton, to j
visit the Maine regiments in the field.
Review of the Market,
tor tin? w«*t*k ending Nov. 12,1802, prepared express
ly lor Hit* i ut**», by Mr. M. N. Rich.
Note*—We wish it to be understood that our quo
tations represent pnees of large lots irorn first bands,
unless otherwise stated, and that in filling small or
ders, higher rales have lo be charged.
ASHES.—The market is firm for both Pots and
Pearls, at recent advanced prices. Limited sales
Pots are made at 6;«,7J, and Pearls 7« 8c.
APPLES.—Greeu Apples are in better inquiry at
present quotations, as the receipts have somewhat
uuuuuaueu, unu me market is not so lullv slocked.
6a es lair to good eating fruit continue to U* made at
$1 37a l 02 41 bbl. Dried Apple* remain inactive,
with but little demand lor cored at 3^4c, and sliced
4 a,5c. There is no sale lor uncored af this time.
BEAM'S.—The demand is light and sale* have beeu
limited lor the past lew weeks 111 this market. Trices
reuiam stead) ut 62 25 "2 HO tor While Tea, umi 2 25
60 lor Blue Tods and Mat rows.
BUTTER.—Choice Vermout Dairy Butter i« in
quick demand at 23a24c. and good Canada and Wes
tern firkin at 21 a 22c. ( boico Table Butter is scarce
and commands full prices. Store Butter continues to
sell iu small lots at l4al5c [t lb.
BREAD.—There is a sternly lair demand for ail
kinds Bread at our recent udvanccd pi ices. We now
quote Pilot $5 50^5 75, ship 4 50,a4 to, and (. tuckers
0 OOaSl 75 if bbl.
BUX SiiUOKS.—Dealers are firm at improved
prices, and the demand continues brisk at 65<t'b0 lor
Tine, and 50c lor Spruce. The shipments have beeu
quite large lor the past week.
COOPERAGE.—All kinds Cooperage is very firm
at high prices, with a brisk demand, especially for
1 it) made 6hooks,of which the market is nearly hare.
Dealer*are holding both 3Iola--<*s and 6ugar Llhd.
Shooks (with Heads) at 63. Country Shooks hav e
also advanced. We now quote rifl inolasec- -hooks
(without heads)$2512 25.liud dry slash 1 Offal 70.—
Hoops are worth 6280,30.
COFFEE has again advanced, and Rio is firm at
32u33c, and St Domingo 80«.81c, .lava 33a3lc. atid
Mocna 35 «. 30c f> lb. The demand continues limited
and sale* light.
CHEESE.—The market is 1cm active. We now
quote Country dairica at 9,o9]c. Vermont 10J, and
choice dairies at 11 ^o.
CREAM TARTAR.—Crystal have again ad.arc
ed, and arc U. m at 06c. Sales Pulverized continue to
he made at 35a3dc D lb.
CANDLES have again advanced. We now quote
Mould 13) «,14, and Sperm 28«30c T> hi.
CEMENT.—There is a fair inquiry, aiul prices re
main steady at $1 3<Jval 35 per cask.
COAL.—The high prices of the past few weeks con
tinuelo be maintained, and dealers aie firm ul $8 50
tou tj>r White Ash, Lehigh and fiankiiu at retail,
and Cumberland ( oaJ 69 50.
CORDAGE.—Tarred Cordage bus recently advanc
ed. We quote American 13 I4)c. Ru—ia 16Jc, and
Manilla 12« 13c. Mamiia Boitrope 14cnloc, ami firm.
Russia do Id] alTJ.
DUCK.—Prices remain steady hut firm, with a
brisk dcinaud at the following quotations: Portland
Mo. 8, 8*)c; Mo 10, 52c; and So. 3 Mavy superior 79c,
Mo. 10 51c; and Ravens 40c; L. S. 10 oz. Tout 60c.
and 12 oz. do., 00c i> yard.
DRUGS.—Alum has advanced to [email protected] and Borax
28a3*»c; Aloes 26«2d,and Rhubarb $1 75«2U0. . Ex.
Logwood isquoted 2c higher. Alcohol, our quota
tions now are 87Oj 85c. Campheuc we quote 62 75.
Bi Carb. Soda is now worthfij.adjc; and f luid $1 08
^,115 D gal-. the latter price being lor pure.
FRUIT —The market is quite active for many arti
cles oi Dry Fruit. Citron lias recently ad v a need and
is now firm at 40o,42c, and Currents at 14a l6c i> lb.
Bunch Box Raisin* are worth 63 (Jha3 80, and Lav
ers #3 90; new do 4 12 D box. ami Bluet ask do 613.
Mew Eieme Figs are selling at Ufa22c. 6weet Hava
na Oranges 62 50 fc> 100, and Lemons $4 25.
FISH.—There it an active inquiry for Dry Fish,
and prices are firm at an advance; we now quote
Large Cod 63 75 « 4 00, aud small do 62 75 q 300, I
and Hake 61 12a 125 qtl. Mackerel have also j
advanced, and sa.es have beeu large tor the past two
weeks at 9 52 a9 75 lor Mo. 1. and 0 75a 7 25 lor Mo.
2’s. Mo. 3 Mediums are worth 3 75a4 25. Barrel
Herring are in fair demand at 63a4 26 D bbl.
FLOUR.—The market on Friday aud Saturday
was considerably depressed,but 1 allied again on Mon
day.aud yesterday the market was characterized with
much firmness. Large lots could not be purchased
at less than 10612c advance ov er the ruling pi ice- at
tlie close of last week. There is a confident feeling
with dealers that higher prices will soon be realized,
and there is but little disposition to urge sales at our
pieseut quotations.
GRAIN.—Corn continues to improve from day to
day, and there is a growing firmness with dealers,
who are holding Western Mixed at 80c, Southern
Yellow 83,a85c. oats continue scarce ami are much
sought lor at 60c V bush. They coutiuue to come to
market in very meagre supply. Barley has advanc
ed.ami small sales have been’made at 703:75e. >£horts
ami Fine Feed are in brisk demand, though there is
little, if any, in market. We quote Shorts $22 a 23,
it*....,1 eos: 7i*rr w
GUNPOWDER.—We quote Dupont’s and Oriental
Co’» Rifle and Sporting at $6 50a7 25, and Blasting
has somewhat advanced. We now quote Buckfiela
HAY.—Pressed is selling at 13a 15. and loose $13
(a hi oj p ton. Loose hay continues to come to mar
ket in light supply.
1IIDKS.—Hides continue in moderate demand.
We quote Slaughter 6/X’’*e. ami Green Salted $1 15a
125. Calf-skins are moderately active at 9al0c,
ami Green Sheep Pelts at 76«9dc.
HOPS.—We quote growth of l$d2 at I4al5c.—
The new crop is reported to be abundant.
IRON.—All grades have advanced recently, in
consequence of the advance in exchange ami gold.
Ca-t Steel is now worth 22a24, German 14 aide. and
English Blistered do. 16" 17, and Spring 9a 10c.
Common Iron is worth 3]a3J, Swede 6o,6 LaudNor
way 6]a7. English Shee't Iron is held at 5ja,8; Rus
sia 17a 18, and imitation do 12j| « 13c cash.
LEAD.—In common with nearly a)F other manu
factured goods, bar, sheet, and pipe*lead have adv anc
ed. and are now quoted at 10]al0j(c net cash, l'ig
lead is dull at 9] «,9]c.
LUMBER.—Nearly all kinds Lumber have advanc
ed. We now quote Shipping from the yard at $14o
1*5, ami No. 1 Pine. $3*5 p M.No. 2 $34.and No. 3 $24.
Spruce Dimension is worth from 910all; and Spruce
Siiippmg Boards $11 gl2. and Hemlock $8« l0 p M.
Clapboards, Heart Extra are selling at $3o; Clear
do No. 1. Sl3ctl5; Sap. Clear $23a25;
do 2ds $2o«2l, and No. 1 $10a 13. Spruce Extra are
worth $12a. 15. and No. 1 Sl'Vall. Shingles. Extra
Pine are quoted at $3 50^.3 75, and Clear Pine $2 75
*i3 00. Laths. Pine are se ling at $150^190, and
Spruce at $115« 1 20 p M.
LIME.—New Rockland continues in steady active
demand, and prices unchanged at 65*?70c p cask.
LEATHER.—Nearly all grades of Leather have
again advanced 2c p Itv. We now quote New York ;
Light 24 « 26c; do. Medium Weights and Heavy do.
28 a 28c; do.Slaughter 3 >a-32e: we quote Slaughter !
Wax Leather 19,a 19c; American Calfskins are worth 1
65« 79o.
LARD.—Prices remain firm at the following ad
vanced quotations, viz: llifill]cin bbis., and 11 + 5
ll*c in kegs.
MOLASSES.—The market is very firm at a further I
advance, and as the stock in importers’ hands is con
tinually diminishing, dealers are not desirous to sell
except at improved prices. The prevailing prices at
the close of the week were 3i$35o for sweet < ’laved, I
30a32c for Fart, and 35a38 for Muscovado, ai d 4oa* \
45 tor Trinidad, rhu prices for Portland Symp to- I
day was 27c in hhds. and 80c in bbis.
PETALS.—All kinds Metals have recently ad vane- i
ed, and prices for mauv articles aic unsettled bv the
constant fluctuation of Exchangeaud Gold. Large
sizes of Tills are very scarce in market. Char. I C is
now quoted $14 cy 14 50; IX $15 75a 616, and Coke
611 75a 12, and very firm at the increased price*.—
Banca is worth 40 a41c cash, and Straits 37] a 40c.
Sheet Mosselmauu Zinc we now quote 10] a, 11c.
NAVAL STORES.—We continue to quote Spirits !
Turpenthio 2 70a2 76 p gal. Price* for Tar, Pitch
and Rosin are more steady. There is a small stock
of Stockholm Tar in this" market selling lor $13 <♦
18 p brl. *
ONIONS have been very scarce in this market the
past week, the stock not being sufficient to supply I
the demand, and prices lia< e advanced to $31 a3] L>
bbl, or $1 20al 2o p bushel.
OILS. —Kerosene Oil has again advanced 5c p gal I
at t’-e factory. The priev* now aiv for 1000 ga:. lots !
t»6e, 6 b ’ lo’s ami per single bbis. 70c |> gal.
A iuriiKT au% a;** i. i-i a'so taken p.aoo on Liusocd
I oil, vv Inch we quote $1 31 a 1 83, amt Boiled $1 35a.
I 1 3S. Castor oil lias advanced 20c, and is now sell
ing at 205 a 2 10 p gal. Sperm, Whale Refined and
1 Fish Oils are very firm at our advanced prices.
PAINTS.—A decided advance has recently taken
plac«* on nearly all kind* Paints. American Zinc is i
now woi tli and French do It to 10 j; and Boston i
and Portand Lead 75, and Lewi* Had $19 o In 50.
PRODUCE—Potato*** are in good demand at nn- ;
proved p.ices, and sal* - are made at $125 " 1 4op j
brl or 4'i/»45 1> bush. Sweet potatoes aiesellin at |
3 25«3 37V p brl. Eggs continue quite scarce, and |
pi ices ha. e fui tlier advanced. We now quote 19^;
90c fc> do/.
PROVISIONS.—Pork lias advanced, and the mar
ket i* ac*ive at the following quotations: Ex. Clear
$lt»50a.l7: Clear 1550^16; Mess 135ttoli; and ex
tra do, $13 50o,14 50, and Prime 11 (i'll 50 1* bbl.
Hams are very scarce, and prices nominally lOajllc.
PLASTER—Has advanced, soft is now selling at
$1 80<jl 87 and Hard $1 85**1 75 ton. There were
sales of two cargoes ho ft at $1 87].
RUM—We notice a further advance on Tium, and
now quote Portland distilled 53<g55c P’gal., with an
upward tendency.
SUGARS.—The market has ruled quiet and prices
steady during the past week, without anv new fea
ture to notice. We continue our previous quota
tions for Crushed. Granulated and Powdered, at 14
(a) 14]c, the latter being the prev ailing price. New
OrleansSugars are steady at ll?o-13J. Havana Brown
11] o. 12V. ami White do 12V*rl3t, and Muscovado 101
(«lle, and Portland A 9|, and A A 9|c.
SALT.—All kinds Salt are firm at the advanced
prices noticed in our last. The sales of Turks Island
nave been at 2 75 d 3 00 & lilid, (in large lots) and
Liverpool 2 371«/S2 75. We notice sale of 200 hhds
Liverpool during the week for Western markets
8PH 'ES—All kinds of spices are firm at further ad
vances. and still have an upward tendency. Wequote
African and Race Ginger 30g31c, and ( a-sia 46,a47
and Cloves 33a35c. Pimento 21 «22c and Pepper 25
,<£26o. Nutmegs are firm at 80oj>?5c D lb., and Mace
SOAP.—Loathe A Gore's Soaps were advanced on
the first inst. The fretory prices now are for Extra
9Vc. Family 8}, and No. 1 7}. Clieiuiea Olive 9 and
Soda 10c. Other Soaps are firm at increased prices.
TEAS.—The market remains firm with a little more
activity towards the close of the woek.though the de
mand has been light throughout the week. We con
tinue to quote choice Oolong 8t>g85c; fine, 66®70c;
extra line, [email protected]; cargo grades ti5*«70c; Souchong,
Ankoi, and lower grades f0^66c, ami Hyson 85c^.#l
I* lb.
TOBACCO.—There lia* been no new few feature to
notice in the tobacco market the past week. The de
mand lias been light outside of speculators, though
there has been no relaxation of prices, which still
continue to have an upward tendency. Our quota
tions now are: for Best 5s and 10s 70a.75c; and me
diums 65<£68c, and half pda best brands 75«80c.
Small lots continue to change hands on speculation,
and dealers arc confident of still higher prices at an
early day.
FREIGHTS.-The following charters have been
effected since our )a«t: Brig Rio Grande on the fol
lowing conditions: $3.50 to Matan/a* or Cardenas
and back, or if to Havana $3.75; brig Daniel Boone.
175 tons, to Cardenas or Matan/a* for $1080; brig
Matilda (200 tons)to < ardenas or Matan/a' for $2,050;
brig Weiiouah to load a full cargo .Sugar Box Shooks
fur tl'W* • liri.r Wii.ilu iiril i t.l..I
cargo out to Matauza* for $2000; sell Nautilus to load
Box Shooks at Ellsworth for a port north side at 40c;
wh John A. Griffin, tons, loads Box Shooks for
Matan/a* at 40c; *ch James II. Stroup. 2»a) tons, to
load llox Shooks for Cardenas or Matauzas at 39c.
The British ship Albion has we learn boon laid on the
birth to till up with a general cargo for Cuba. The
new bark Julia Q. Storer at Yarmouth has been tak
en up to load Deals for Warren Point, Ire., for or
ders at a range of prices. 80s is offering to Dubliu or
the Clyde, aud 75s to load Deals tor Liverpool.
SOMETHING NEW.—Please call and examiue
Mu*. Foy'b Patent Corset skirt Supporter,
which is a new and very desirable article. It is a
Cornet, Skirt-Supporter and Bishop combined. La
dies aud Misses using it need no other of either.
Price 91.25, which is cheaper than the Corset alone,
and serves the wearer as both. For sale only by
II. C. LOVELL A SON, Agents,
novll odtf 129 Middle Street.
DIG II. L. DAVIS, of Boston, associated with Dr.
J. CLAWSON KELLEY, of New York, Analytical
Physicians, will bo in attendance at their office, No.
8 Clapp’s Bloek,*7lsr<da,y and Friday, Nov. 12th
and 14/A, for the purpose of advising with their Pa
tients, and all others who may he laboring under
any form of disease, no matter of how long stand
The afflicted aro invited to call. ADVICE FREE.
N. B. No connection with auy other office, aud at
no other place can Dr. Kelley’s genuine Modicines
bo obtained in Portland.
Will be at the Elm House, Auburn, Nov. 15th and
16th, and until 11 o'clock the 17th; at the Bath Ho
tel, Bath, p. m. of 17th, 13th, aud until noon of the
19th of November.
QTTh© Portland Office open at all times. Orders
promptly attended to. nov7 dAwlw*
Diseases of the Urinary Organ*.
C. MOTT, 31. D., Operating and Consulting
Surgeon and Physician, attends exclusively to Dis
eases of the Urinary aud Genital Organs, aiid Female
Complaint* of sail kinds, and the more obscure dis
eases of the Pelvic Vicera. as Piles, Kuptures.Hvdro
ce.e, Varicocele, Fistula. Early Decline of Manhood,
Ac. Dr. 31. keeps himself posted in all the improve
ments in the cure of Disease, made iu this country
or Europe, aud spares no expense that his patients
may have the hot medical aud surgical treatment
the world affords. Advice free. £jT*OfIice 86
Court stretd, BOSTON. Hours lrorn 10 A. M. to 2
P. M . and 6 to 8 P. 31.
Mr*. >!., who is thoroughly versed in the afflictive
maladies of her sox, can be consulted bv ladies.
Patients furnished with hoard aud experienced
nurses. oct3eodCm
W. C. Robinson, 31. D., having been appointed by
the Commssiouer of l'cnsious as .Special Surgeou for
the examination of applicant* for invalid pensions,
hereby give* notice that he may be found at his resi
dence, No. 2*30 Congress street, from 8 to 9 o'clock
A. 31., aud from 2 to 3 o’clock P. 31., prepaied to at
tend to such examinations. nov5 tf
A Good Spring Bei> has become au almost indis
pensable article, not only of comfort and necessity,
with every family, while the united testimony of
Physiciaus has placed their healthfulness beyond
No iuvalid should be without oue.
As an evidence of the superiorly of
overall others, is the fact that the demaud for this
Spring Bed is quadruple that of any other kind.
October 1, 1862. tf
DK. P. P. QU1MBY. would give notice that be ha
returned to Portland, and can be found at his Room,
No. 13 International House, Tuesday, August
12th, where he will atteud to all w ishing to consul
Each subsequent sitting at office,.50
City Patients, first Examination at residence,... 2 50
Each subsequent visit at residence. 1 00
August 16, 1882.—tf
Physician and Surgeon.—H. A. LAMB. 31. D.,
Office, corner of Congress and Chestnut Streets,
Portland, Me.
Particular attention paid to Surgery, including
diseases of the eye and ear. augT—d6m
(^"Consumption and Catarrh, and all disease* oj
the Throat and Luugs, successfully treated by Inha
lation, By C. 31orse, M. D.,
aul8 '62 eod Corner Smith and Congress Sts.
I>hNTf*TKY — I)r. Jo>IAll HEALD.No 241 Con’
gross Street, first door east of 1st Parish Church,
Portland, Me. augTdly
Dus. LOCKE k KIMBALL, Dentist*, No. 117
Middle Street, Portland. 3Io. augl5—ly
Salk or Stocks.—Boston, Nov 11, 18*52.
500 United States Coupon Sixes (1881). 108?
60.500 United States 7 3-10 Treasury Notes.104
3.0*10.do. 1044
3.000 U. S. Certificate* of Indebteduesa.(Sept).. 991
8.000 .do. 98}
1.700 Uuited States Demand Notes. .. .1264
13.300 Uuited States Five-Tweuties.100
1 000 United States Registered Sixes.1<»3J
10.000 Americau Gold. 133
9.000 .do. 132J
10.t*W.do.b 10 1321
35.400 .do.132)
29,600 .do.132}
32 Fitchburg Railroad.Ill
100 New Vork Central.g 30 l«q
3 Portland. Saco and Portsmouth R R.111}
21 Western Railroad.«.141
65 Eastern Railroad. .88}
In Batli Nov 9th, Moses y. Crafts and Mrs. Anise
Traverse, both of Bath.
In Bath Nov 6th, Wm. J. Kimball and Miss Han
nah A. Green, both of Bath.
In Caiais Nov 2d, William Crosby, of C., and Miss
Maiiu Barbour, of Waweig.
In E'lswortli Oct 20th, James C. Frazer and Miss
Jaruh J. Moor.
In Hancock Oct 13fh. Cant. Isaiah Wooster of II.,
and M iss Mariam S. Hill, of Sullivan.
In this city Nov 11th, 31r. Jonathan Moore, aged
57 ' ear*.
. kT*Tu neral services Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clk
from his late residence, corner of Portlaud and llau- i
over streets. Relatives and friends are invited to at
In this city Nov 11th, Flora S.. daughter of Plu-bo
G. and Hatnerly Barstow, aged 5 yeais 2 mouths.
ST^Funeral this (Wednesday) afternoon, at No.
38 \\ atervillc strict. Relatives and friends are invit
ed to attend.
In this city Noy 11th. of consumption. Mrs. Matjl- |
da B ake, wife of Mr. Joseph W. Merrill, aged 29 yr* |
2 month
; ^'Funeral services will take place at the Casco
Street Church, on Thuisdav, at 2 o’clock I*. M.
In this city Nov. 11th, Mrs. Abagail L>., wife of
John Ayers, aged 7 years 7 mouths.
In Richmond Nov* 16th, Mr. Samuel F Blair, aged ;
77 years. 1
1 ■■■■■■■■■■■*■■■■■■■■■■■■
• —-—r-—-—
Mails are forwarded by every Mnunerin the rcgu
Inr lines, i lie steann-r* n*r or from Liverpool ca*I a
Qmenstown, exeept the ( anadiau line, which call a
City of Baltimore. I.iv crpool.New Y’ork. opt 20
Now York.Southaraptou.NeH York! Oct 29
Nov a Scotian.Liverpool.Quebec.Oct 91
Eu ropa.Live i pool.Boston.N ov 1
lcutouia.Southampton.New York. Nov 5
Etna.Liverpool.New Y’ork...Nov 8
Persia.Liverpool.New Y’ork.. Nov 8
Aria.Liverpool.Boston.Nov 15
Suxonia.Southampton.New Y’ork. Nov 19
Hanna.Southampton.New Y’ork.. Nov 26
to dispart.
Arabia.Boston.Liverpool.Nov 12
Glasgow.New York Liverpool.Nov 15
Hanimouia.New Y’ork.. Hamburg.Nov 15
Norwegian.Quebec.Liverpool.Nov 15
Scotia.New York. Liverpool.Nov 19
City of Baltimore. New York . Liverpool.Nov 22
New Y'ork.New York. Bremen.Nov 22
Nova Scotian .Quebec.Liverpool.Nov 22
Europe.Boston.Liverpool.Nov 26
Teutonia....New York.. Hamburg .... Nov 29
Etna..*.New Y'ork Liverpool.Nov 29
Anglo Saxon.Quebec.Liverpool.Nov 29
ing Mail* for Aspinwall, Panama, and California,
leave New Y’ork on the 1st, 11th, aud 21st of each
Portland Post Ollier .Mail Arraagrmrato*
WESTERN—Arrive* at 12.40 aud 8 PM. Close* at
7.45 AM anti 2 PM.
EASTERN—Arrives it 1.45 PM. Close* at 12 M.
STEAMBOAT MAIL—Arrives from East port Me, St
John NB and the British Provinces. Tuesday and
Fridav morning*. Closes Mondays and Thursday*
at i PM.
El'RoPE, via Quebec—Closes every Friday at 12 M.
CANADA—Arrive* at 1.45 PM. Clones at 12 M.
C’oUN TRY' MAILS—Arrive* about 5 PM. Closes at
9 PM.
Wednesday.November 12
Rises. .6.47 | Set*.. .4 41 | Morn'g 2.14 | Even’g 2.36
Tuesday, November 11.
Brig J H Dillingham, (of New Y'ork) Uarringeon,
Weymouth E.
lii ig Louisa B Snow, Hopkins. Boston.
Sch Jeruslui Baker, Barberick, Boston.
Sell St Lawrence, Pink ham, Keunebunk.
Steamer New England, Field, St John NB for
Steamer Forest City, Lisconib, Boston.
Brig Mary Salter, (Br) Clark, Pictou NS, master.
bcli Morniug Mar, (Br) Miller, Halifax, by Geo II
Sch British Queen. (Br) Clark. Walton NS, master.
Sell lialitia. (Hr) Baibt-rick, St John NB, master.
Sch Belle. (Br) Moore, St John NB, master.
Sell Lookout, Thorutou. Baltimore, by M B Nick
The hull of tin -hip Lucie Tobey,which was wreck
ed on the English Banks, was sold at Montevideo ou
the 6th of Sept, for 911,600.
The tine snip "Nora,” of 926 tons, built by Mr
E W Metcalf of Bangor, was launched from the old
Crosby yard, at Brewer, on the 10th lust.
There are three ships building at Richmond, Me.,
and nearly (hushed: One of 900 tons by T J South
ard ; one of 700 or 900 tons, by II S ll.igur and (apt
Whitmore, probably ready for launchini next week,
and one of SnO Ions by J* M llagor. Mr. Southard
will commence another ship as soon as that now ou
the stocks is completed.
Bark Antiefam was driven ashore at Delaware
Breakwater, during the late storm, and is badly dam
aged ; is full of water. Brig Amelia, also, is ashore
and full of water.
Ship Wm Lord, Brown, from New York for Aca
pulco, has put into Rio Janeiro iu distress, having
encountered heavy gales Aug 17th, and had decks
swept, gaJ ey, bulwarks and cabin doors stove in, ai.d
rudder damaged.
Sell Giraffe, from Machias for New York, went
ashore on Wood End, bear Proviucetown, night of
the 9th. and will have to discharge to get off.
Sch ( arroll, from Machias for New York, was at
anchor off Provincctowu, 10th iust. with both masts
cut away, having been knocked down iu the late
Brig Abner Taylor, of Bangor, from Port Ewen for
for Boston, with iron ore, parted both chains; she is
tight, but will have to discharge part of cargo before
she can get off.
The follow ing vessels went ashore at Holmes' Hole
harbor, in the recent gale:
Brig Elvira, of E;w*t Machias. from Eiizabethport
for Boston, with a cargo of coal, parted one chain
and lost jibbooni and bowsprit; is badly damaged in
hull and has 3 feet of water in hold.
Sells Mary E I'ierce, (of Bangor) fm Eiizabethport
for Portland, with a cargo of coal, parted one chain
and will have to discharge part of cargo to get off.
Sell Sarah Louisa, of Rockland, from New York
for Rockland, with a cargo of flour and corn, parted
one chain and will liav e to discharge to g».t off.
Sch Benjamin, of East port, from New York for
Calais, drove ashore, but came off ou the 8th after
di-cbarging part of cargo.
Sch L iza Li leu, of Pori land, fm NYork for Boston,
with a cargo of corn, is tight and will have to dis
charge to get off.
Sch Moses \\ aring, of Bangor, with a cargo of
coal. Is damaged in the null and full of water.
Sch Vcndovi, of Rrvckiand, slipped both chains,
but fastened to the wharf and rode out the gale, with
loss of main boom ai d head gear.
Sch Tennessee, of Eastport, lost bowsprit in con
tact with another vessel.
Several other vessels lost anchors, jibbooms, and
sails, and otherwise damaged.
BALTIMORE—Cld 8th, sch LW Pierce. Loring,
C d 9th. bark William. Lord, Fortress Monroe; sch
L W Pierce. Loring. Providence.
PHILADELPHIA—Cld 8th, sch E F Lewis, Wal
lace. Portland.
ALBAN 1—Sid 7th, sch Mary Eliza, Fowler, for
Pro\ idenee.
NEW YORK—Ar 8th, bark Amelia, Munroe, from
Londonderry; brig B Young, Cook, fm Calais; sells
Merrill, Johnson, Portland : t hallengc. Kelley. Phil
adelphia lor New Haven; Maiuc, Brown, Eiizabeth
port for Bostou; Oriole, from Baugor.
Ar 10th, brig Richmond, Clark, Malaga; sch C H
Cook, from luagua.
Ar Pith, ships K C Scranton, Magna. Liverpool;
Pocahontas. Sears. Loudon Oct 15; bark Harvest,
Austin, Liverpool 43 days; brigs Richmond. Wyman.
Malaga; sells Minnehaha, Thomas, Portland; Fes
senden. Hooper. Koudout for Boston.
Cld 10th. ship Rangoon. Boyd, for San Francisco;
schs Maria L Davis, Doaue, MinaiiGau; Georgie,
Packard, Baltimore.
NEW HAVEN—Sid 9th, brig Thos l'urrul!, Thomp
son. Porto Rico.
Ar 10th, sch J II Couuce, Dodge, Bangor.
NKWPoRl—Ar 7tb, sch E izabeth. liuunpson. fm
Providence lor Baugor; Pavilion, Baker, Gloucester
fi»r Vaw Ynrlr
EDGARTOWX—Ar 5th, schs St Luc&r, Barnes fm
New York for Camden.
Ar 7th, schs Maria Lunt, New Haven for Bangor;
Richard Bulwinkle. French, and Hurd, Snow, irorn
Rockland for New York.
8!d 8th, sch Richard Bulwinkle.
NEW BEDFORD—Sid 10th, sch Susan, Coffin, for
BEVERLY—Sid 6th. sch Wm Driukwater, Went
worth, < a’ais.
DANVERS—Ar 7th, sch Mary Alice, Perry, from
New York.
SALEM—In port 9th, schs Del Norte, Dinsxnore.
Lubec for Phi adelphia; Presto. Robinson, Mac bias
for New York; Boundary, Davis, Machiasport for
do; Calais Packet, Hatch, and Latch, Wilton, Calais
for New Haven; Harriet,Herrick, do for Providence;
Banner. Huntley, Muchias lor Boston; Polly. Smith,
Trentou tor do; Juna, Noyes. Jonesboro tor N York;
Robin, Coggins, Eilsworth tor Dightou ; Fred War
ren, Coombs, Bungor tor Washington DC; George E
Prescott, Pendleton, from do for New York; Planet,
Harding, do tor Greeuport; A Parker. Weils, do for
Plymouth; Lcopaid, Bunker, and Ceuturion,Nutter,
do lor Bo>tou; John Muriay. Mcheuzie, Sedgwick
for do; B L Cougdou, Gott, Baugor for Providence;
Amencau Chief, Pressey, lhouiaetou lor New York;
Ralph Hew itt, Rhoades. Rockland for Washiugten
Saiah, iloldeu, do tor New York; Florence,Candage,
do tor Providence; L'nisou. Maun, fm Bath tor New
BOSTON—Ar 11th, schs Clarinda, Baker, Y'ork;
U E Bisuop, Amaxeen, Portsmouth. j
Cid Uth, brigs Geo Hariis, French, and George
Amos, treat, 1 ortiand, to load tor Cuba; schs John
C Dailey, liart, lor Vienna, Md; spokaue, i.opans,
Calais; Arcturus, Higgins, Baugor; Joseph Long,
Hayes, do; Aigouia, Pearsou, St Cicorge.
BANGOR—Ar ldth, sch Rio del Norte, Jacsou, fm
At Rio Janeiro Sept 26, ship Ocean Express. Wat
son, from New York lor San Francisco, naviug put
back iu distress.
At mb;, rna lsth ult, barks Speedwell, Taylor, and
Paramoiiut, Gorham. Boston, ldg; Voyager, Free
man. lor New York, idg.
Bailed troin Messina 18th ult, bark E U Yarriug
tou, Gorham. New lork.
lu port Uth, brigs Mary Stewart. Dennison, forN
York 2l>th.
Ar at Leghorn 21st ult, ship Do Soto, Patten, from
Geuoi •
Sailed from Sunderland 18th ult, ship Saratoga.
Mathias, for Barcelona.
Sailed from Falmouth E 24th ult, ship Juliet, Siu.
clair. lor Chatuam.
At Inaguu, no date, bark Suliote, Fennel), from St
Jago. to load lor Boston.
Ar at St John N B 5th lust, ship Pleiades, Jackson,
New York; bark LM Arnold, Atkiusou, do; sch
Lizzie St urges*, Crocker, New York.
Oct 13, lat 42. Ion 40, bark Amanda, Larrabee, from
Boston lor Bristol E.
No date, lat 9 55, Ion 34 59, ship Prospcro, Strout,
from Boston loi Valpaiaiso.
Franklin Family School for Boys,
Tors ii AM-MAINE.
mHE Winter Session will comnieuce Nov. 19th,
A and continue twelve weeks. Number of pupils
limited—live vacances at present.
For “Circular,” Ac., please send to the Principal,
Milk Houle for Nale.
BY’ inquiry at this otlice, or No. 92 Exchange St..
one cau hear ot a chance to buy a ‘ MILK
KOUl E,” in whig!) there is not a customer who has
failed to pay bis monthly bills. A favorable chance
is thu^ ottered to any one wtio may w ish to engage in
the business, or to enlarge his present “route ”
novl2 eodtf
T1IE St«T*dom of this eity have struck for 2r,
cents advance wa^M per day. o., sccouut of the
great rise in the price ot auiuiy supplies
uovl2 d3t*
One Trip per Week.
. OS and after Thursday, Nov. 13th.
^ • vannirfi^ the steamer Now England,” Capt.
E. Field, will leave Kail road Wharf,
foot State Street, every Thursday. at 6 o’clock
i 1 ;• W\ notice, for Kastport and Si. John.
Returning will leave 8t. .lobu every Monday
morning, at 8 o'clock, for Eastport, Fortlaud and
Fositfvely no freight loceived after 4 o'clock
P. M. on the day of tailing.
Through ticket, are „ol(f by th|# „ connw>tIng at
Kastport with stage coaches for Marhias. and with
steamer Queen for Hnbbin.tan, Cnlni, c# v/-nAe«*
and Andrew*, and at he latter place over rail
way for Canterbury, n'vodttork and Hnvltem
We alto ticket through per steamer* ana railways
for Windsor, Halifax. Ihyby, Fredericton, Sussex,
Moncton. Shediac, Prince Edward Island, Picttm
North Shore of New Brunswick, Mirimichi. and
Bay dr Chaleur.
bov 11 c. C. EATON, Agent.
For SI. John. N. B.
A A The A 1 Sch. “Ariel,” Shields, mas
Mr If ter, now lying at Long Wharf, will sail
forest. John, S'. B., ou or about the 14th
For freight or passage apply to the
i master on board.
Portland Nov. 10,1802. novll 3t*
THE Public is respectfully Informed that L. M
GOTTSCHALK, the eminent Pianist and Com
poser, will liave the honor of giving
On Thurculay Evening, Nov. 13th,
Wlien he will perform some of hh latest Composi
tions, which have caused so great a sensation iu New
York, Boston and Flijladelpliia.
Arrangements have been made with the celebrated
Frima Donna,
The Principal Star of tlie Italian Opera from the
Academy of Music, New York and Boston, to appear
jointly with Mr. L. M. GOTTSCHALK.
Musical Director and Conductor_Mr. Bohren.
Admission 60 edits; Reserved Seats 26 cent*extra;
reserved seats secured at the hall ou Wednesday and
I Thursday, at 9 A M
Tickets for sale at Paine’s Music Store.
Doors open at 7j; Concert to commence at 8.
November 10. d4t
Proposal** for Sabftiftteiice.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by the
undersigned, at Aueu-U.Me., until the 14th day of
November, 1*3, at 5 o’clock P. M . for the following
articles or Subsistence Stores, to be delivered at
Tamp “Abraham Lincoln." near Portland, for the
use of the 7th Regiment of Maine Volunteers, from
time to time and in such quantities os may be requir
ed, of which timely uotico will be giveu the succese
fbl bidder, via:
22 Barrels Mess Pork,
60 Barrels Mess Beef,
7U Barrel* Flour,
10,000 Lis. Hard Bread, in barrels,
60 Bushels B<*aps, in bags or barrels,
2,000 Lbs Rice. .
1,100 Lb*. Coffee, roasted and ground, in bbla.
90 Lbs. l ea,
8,000 Lb*. Coffee Crushed Sugar, in bbla.
200 Gallons Vinegar,
260 Lbs. Adamantine Candlee,
800 Lbs. Soap,
12 Bushels Salt,
144 Bushels Potatoes.
200 Gallons Mola««e», in barrels.
The Subsistence must be of the best quality, aad be
subjected to inspection.
The undersigned reserves the right to increase, not-'*'
exceeding one hundred per cent., the amount of any
or all of the articles specified, by giving three day*
notice to the successful bidder, and rqject all bids, if
he deems them unsatisfactory.
Endorse “Proposals for Subsistence.”
1st Lt. 17th Inf, A. A. C. 8.. U. S. A.
Head Quarter* Volunteer Recruiting Service, 1
Augusta, Me., Nov. 10, 1862.
nov lft ed6t
No. Ill Exchange Street - - - Portland,
-orrin rox (alb
Of every variety and quality, via: Letter, Bath, Foet
Miscellaneous anil School Books, Ac.
A Lot of Beautifal
on hand, which we will sell at satisfhetory prices.
LT*Please call and examine our stock before pur
chasing elsewhere. uov 10 dSw
IjlOR SALE, in Newcastle, at Damariscotta Mills,
about eighty M good seasoned Pine Boards; lots
of Shiugles. Laths, Ac.; Timber for a small hon*e
frame; a quantity of White Oak Boards and Plank,
been kept uuder cover about eight months.
Any one wanting to buv can call on
novlO dtf On the premises.
Gorham Seminary.
THE Wiuter Term of this Institution will com
mence on Tuesday, December 2d, and continue
eleveu weeks.
For any further information apply to the Secre
tary, or J. B. Webb. Principal.
J A. WATEBMAN, Secretary.
novlO dsodA w3w21
I —--- -
^AVOI'O .Mt» - .XI- J A i.. 1 •
i V- Partner in the Urm of Kino k Butlkr
The business of the firm will be conducted under
the Arm style of
No. 163 Commercial St«, Portland, He.
* A. 8. KING,
A butler;
Portland. Not. 7th, 1862. CYRUS THURLOW.
uov8 d4w
Copartnership Notice.
WE have this day associated ourselves together
under the name ' nd style of
! and have taken Store
No. lOO Commercial Street,
! near Commercial Wharf—-where we shall keep con
j stautly ou baud,
; Flour, Corn, Heal, Oats, Rye, Feed,
Ground Rock Salt, Ac.
Portland, Not. 1, 1862. ADDISON FRYE.
Messus. Flost k Fryk having leased mv Mill and
purchased my stock and trade, I cheerfully it com*
mend them to piv customers.
Portland. Not.' 1,1862. W. C. BRADLEY.
novS tf
J. U. P. BURNHAM gives no
tice that he has resumed business at
his former p’ace, No. 96 Middle St..
h here be is prepared to execute
From Minature to Life size,
In India Ink, Water, or Oil Colon.
Special attention paid to copying old Daguerrco
Ambrotypes, kc.
The subscriber has made some important changes
: in hia Rooms, which facilitate the maxing of the
'Cartes tie Vi«ite,”
which he is prepared to make satisfactory at short
tF*Sick or deceased persons’ pictures taken at
their residence.
The largest collection (of Pictures of the various
kinds) in the city may be seen at his Reception Room,
96 Middle Street, up one short (light of stairs, oppo
site Casco Bank.
Rooms free to all for examination of Specimens.
Special Steamboat Notice.
After Thursday. Nov. 18th, the
Steamers of this Company wili make
one trip per week only,leaving Port
land every THURSDAY, and St John every MON
DAY, till farther notice.
novC lw C. C. EATON.

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