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Theodore, son of the Rev. John Parkman.of
Boston, educated in American and European
schools, enlisted as a private in the 45th Massa
chusetts regiment. He was afterwards promot
ed to he color-sergeant of his company. At
Kinston, while his regiment was lying down, a
shell struck him on the head causing instant
death, and killing a comrade on either side of
him. The ringing poem copied below w»s writ
ten by a private in the same company. These
are the men of whom the armies of the Repub
lic are oomposed; these are the precious lives for
the loss of which the nation mourns.
Bravely he met his death.
Soldier undaunted!
Fast in his hand the flag
That hand had planted.
While the swift rifle balls
Round him were rattling,
Death-tales in every ear
Noisily tattling,
While the shells hurtled by
Fiendishly screaming,
While true blood d renched the earth
From true men streaming,
Calmly he laid him down.
To rise up never!
Ere a short hour, his soul
Had gone forever!
He died a soldier’s death.
Face to the foeman!
Epitaph grander can
Be writ of no man!
If they are called to die
On deathbeds gory,
May all New England’s sons
Leave such a story.
DiUoMieneral Hooker.
Maj.-Gen. Joseph Hooker, who has just liecn
appointed to the command of the Army of
the. Potomac, was born at Hadley (Mass.) in
1815. In 18-ti he received an appiriutinent as
cadet to the West Point Military Academy 1
from his native state. He graduated June 30,
1837, standing No. 28 in aclass ol'50 members.
Among his classmates were Gens. Arnold, j
Beuham, Bates, French, Sedgwick, Williams,
and Todd, of the Union army, and Bragg,
Mackall, and others of the rebel army, lie
received his appointment as second lieutenant '
July 1, 1837, and November 1, 1838, was pro- I
moted to a first lieutenancy in the first Uni- 1
ted States Artillery. From July to October,
1841, he acted as adjutant of the Military '■
Academy, and from September, 1841, to May, I
1845, was ranked as regimental adjutant. He
served with distinction in Mexico and was
aid-de-camp to Gen. Hamer, On the 23d
September, 1846, lie was lire vetted captain, for
gallant conduct in several conflicts in Mexico
while acting in that capacity. In March, 1840,
lie was appointed assistant adjutant-general,
with the rank of captain. He was afterwards
brevetted major for gallant and meritorious
conduct in the atiair at the National Bridge,
Mexico. June 11. 1847, and on the 13th Sep
temiier, 1847, Maj. Hooker received the brev
et of lieutenant-colonel for gallant and mer
itorious conduct in the battle of Chapulte|«?c.
On the 20th of October, 184P, he was appoin
ted captain of the First Artillery, anil on the 1
same day he resigned bis regimental cotnmis
sion, retaining his position in the adjutant
general's department, with brevet of lieuten- I
ant-colonel. In February. 1853, lie left the i
annv and retired to private life. He lived in
California till called to do battle in his coun
try's cause. On the 17th of May, 1881, he was
commissioned as brigadier-general of volun
teers, his appointment being accredited to the
State of California. He at flrst served under
General Dix in Maryland, hut was soon ap
pointed to a separate command in the Army
of the Potomac, under General McClellan.
His Held of operations was in the disturbed
counties of Maryland, and these he re-oganized
and disarmed the Secessionists therein, with
out toss of life. His division at tills time took 1
military possession of the northern and east
tern shores, or left bank, of the Potomac riv
er, and several spirited excursions were made
by portions of liis command in the neighbor
hood of Budd's Ferry, Port Tobacco, Ac., to
the opposite Virginian shore. A portion of
these troops afterwards crossed the Potomac,
and took possession of the batteries which hud
blockaded the river for some time previous,
and having eficctuaHy removed these obstruc
tions and advanced a short distance into the
Interior, were Anally withdrawn and trans
ferred to the command af a division under
Gen. Hcints-elman on the Peninsula. In the
contest at Williamsburg his division bravely
stood the brunt of the battle, and at Fair Oaks 1
the men again showed their valor and the gen
eral his fighting qualities. In the various mi
nor contests Hooker took his part, and brave
ly went through with his share of the seven
days’ fights. When McClellan's army was
placed under the command of General Pope,
we find the names of “Fighting Joe Hooker”
and the late Gen. Kearney mentioned togeth
er in the thickest of the struggle, and on the
bloody field of Anlietam Hooker's corps open
ed the fight, and be and his ineu were fore- [
most in the terrible conflict. The gal
lant general was wounded in the foot belore j
the close of the battle, and was compelled to
quit the field.
On the 12th of November General Hooker j
was appointed by the President to the com
mand of the fifth army corps in place of Gen
eral Porter, and oil the 16th lie was appointed
by General Burnside to the command of the
center grand division of the Army of the Po
tomac. This grand division oiiened the bat
tle of Fredericksburg, and fought bravely mi
ller the direction ol their gallant commander.
General Hooker’s commission as major gener
al of volunteers dates from Jill,- 4, 1862. In
the recent advance General Hooker ts under
stood to have largely directed aflaiis.—[N. Y.
An Incident op the War.—Within a few
days an incident of the war has come within
our knowledge, which might lie expanded by a
competent hand into a thrilling volume.
Nine or ten years ago, a citizen of one of the
towns in the eastern part of Massachusetts.was
unjustly suspected of a crime which the statute
cannot easily reach, but winch deservedly
brings upon him guilty of it, the indignation of
upright men. There were circumstances
which gave color to the suspicion, and the un
fortunate gentleman suffered the misery of tile
loss of friends, business and reputation. His
sensitive nature coidd not luce these trials;
and he fell into a condition of body and mind
which alarmed his family. At length having
Invested his property where it could he easily
managed by his wife, he suddenly disappeared,
leaving her a comfortable home and the care
of two boys, ten and twelve years old. The
first fear that he hud sought a violent death
was partly dispelled by the orderly arrange
ment of his affairs, and the discovery that a
daguerreotype of the family group was miss
log from the parlor table. Not much effort
was made to trace tile fugitive. When, after
wards, facts were developed w hich established
his Innocence of the cruel charge, it was found
impossible to communicate with him ; ami as
the publication of the story in the columns of
several widely circulated journals failed to re
call ldtn, he was generally suposed to tie dead.
At the outbreak of the present civil war. his
eldest son, now a young man, was induced by
a friend, a captain in a western regiment, to
enlist in his company. He carried himself well
through campaigns in Missouri and Tennessee;
and after the capture of Fort Donelson.was re
warded with a first lieutenant’s commission.
At the battle of Murfreesboro, li» was wounded
in the left arin, but so slightly that he was still
able to take charge of a squad of wounded
prisoners. While on tlds duly he became
aware that one of them, a middle-aged man,
with a full, heavy beard, was looking at him
with fixed attention. The day after the fight,
as the officer was passing, the soldier gave the
military salute, and said;
“A word with yon, if you please, sir. You
remind me of an old friend. Are you from
New England?”
“I am.M
“From Massachusetts?”
“And your name ?”
The young lieutenant told his name, and
why he ggme to serve in a western regiment.
“I thoififlit so,” said the other, and turning
away he wav silent. Although his curiosity
was much excited by the soldier's manner, the
officer forbore to question him, ami withdrew.
But in the afternoon lie took occasion to re
new the conversation, nnd expressed the inter
est awakened in him by the incident of the
■ mmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmammmatmmrnmmmmammm
“I knew your father,” said the prisoner. “Is
he well?”
“We have not seen him foryenrs. We think
he is dead.”
Then followed such an explenatiou of the
eircnmstancies of his disappearance as the
young man could give. lie iiad never known
the precise nature of the charges against his
father, hut was able to make it quite clear that
ids innocence had been established.
“I knew your mother, also,” continued the
soldier. “I was in love with her when she mar
ried your father.”
*'I have a letter from her, dated ten days ago.
My brother is a nine months man at New Or
After a little desultory conversation, the sol
dier took from under his coat a leather wallet,
and disclosed a daguerreotype case. The hasp
was gone, and the corners were rounded by
“Will you oblige me,” he said, “by looking
at this alone In your tent?” Agitated almost
beyond control, the young officer took the ease
and hurried away. He had stain the picture
laifore! It represented a man and a woman,
silting side by side, with a boy at the knee of
The romantic story moved the commander
of the division to grant the youth a furlough;
and both lather and son readied home last
week.—[Worcester Spy.
Portland untl Sew Y ork Steamer*.
The splendid and fast Steamships
“CHESAPEAKE," Copt. Willett,
aud “PARKERSBURG,” Captain
Hoffman, will, until further notice,
run a* Willow*:
Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES
DAY, and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M., and leave Pier
9 North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY
and SATURDAY, at 3 o’clock, P. M.
These vessels are fitted up with tine accommodations
for passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and
comfortable route for travellers between New York
and Maiue. Passage $6,00, including Fare aud State
Goods forwarded by this lino to and from Montreal,
Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Kastport aud St.
Shippers are requested to send their freight to the
steamers as early as 3 P. M., on the day that thep
leave Pott land.
For freight or passage apply to
KMmKY A FOX, Brown's Wharf, Portland.
11 B. ( ROM WELL k CO., No. 80 West Street,
New York.
Dec. 6. 18 >2. dtf
VLEfilii BIFiAJISnir
Weekly Mail Line.
ONEof tlie following first-class, power
ful Steamers: HIBERNIAN. NORTH
VA SCOTIAN—'will sail from Quebec every Satur
day morning, fbr Liverpool, via Londonderry.
Passengers leave Portland per (>rand Trunk Train*
with United States mails, every Friday, at 1 16 P. M.,
connecting with Steamer at Quebec every Saturday
Passage to Liverpool. Londonderry or Glasgow:
Third Class. 836. First Class. *77 to #92 -according
to accommodation,—which includes tickets on Grand
Trunk Railway.
Prepaid and retnrn tickets issued at reduced rates.
Excursion ticket* to the World's Fair, out and
back. *186.
Apply to Edmonstone, Allan A Co., Montreal,or to
Juno 23. 1862. dtf
~ H O T E L S~
E. O. Mayo, * * * * Proprietor.
UjTHE subscriber would very respectftillv an
fnounce to bis numerous friends, and the
[public generally, that during the temporary
_[compulsory suspension of hi* business he
furnished this well-known house anew, and is
now better than ever prepared to wait upon his cus
tomer*. and hopes by strict attention to their wants
to merit a continuance of the patronage which he has
hitherto received. E. G. MAYO.
Passadumkeag, June 23,1862. dAwtf
181 Hanover Street.Boston.
Formerly Mansion House—conducted on
_the European plan. The subscriber has
leased the above House, and newly lurnisbed it
| throughout. 1 be House is now open to the public.
dec27 A. P. MORRISON, Proprietor.
THE undersigned respectftillv informs the
public that he has leased the above House,
on Federal Street. Portland, nd invites
tlie travelling community to call and aee ii
be knows “how to keep a hotei." (Tran,
airy rooms, good beds, a well-provided t ible. atten
tive servants and moderate charge's are the induce
ments he bolds out to those whose business or pleas
ure call them to the “Forest City."
Portland, Aug. 19,1862. dtt
g tfl .
886, Washington St., Bath.
]_ •.•Terms 81 per day. Stable connect
with house.
Bath, June 23.1862. dtf
AlfVed Carr, • * Proprietor.
xftxM THE City of Bath is one of the healthiest
JJAL'I localities on the coast of Maine—delightful
iuUi'B “ttuated on the Kennebec, twelve miles
from the sea. and affords one of the most
inMting recreate from the dust and turmoil of our
large cities.
Tlie Saoadahock is one of the finest, most spa
cious, and best appointed Hotel* iu the State, located
witliin thane minutes walk of the Depot, .steamboat
Landing, Post office. Custom House. Ac., being di
rectly in the business centre of the City.
Terns* Moderate by the Week nr Day.
Bath. Juue 23.1862. dtf
American and Foreign Patents.
Late Agent qf V S. Patent OfHee, tt'ashington,
(under the Act of 1897.)
76 Stale Jjtreet, opposite Kilby Street,
B O S T O N .
\FTER an extensive practice of upwards of twen
ty vea s,continues to secure Patents in the Uuit
ed States; also in tireat Britain, France, and other
foreign countries. Caveats, Hiiedflcations. Bonds,
Assignments,and all Paper* or lirawings for Patents,
executed on libera! terms, and with despatch. Re
searches made into American or Foreign works, to
dot#• mine the validity or utility of Patents or Inven
tions—and legal or other advice rendered in all mat
ters touching the same. Copies of the claims of any
Patent furnished bv remitting One Dollar. Assign
ments recorded at Washington.
The Agency is not only the largest in New Eng
land. hut through it inventor* have advantag * for
securing Patents, of ascertaining the patentability of
inventions, unsurpassed by, if not immeasurably su
perior to, any w Inch can be offered thorn elsewhere,
rho Testimonials below given prove that bom i
than the subscriber: a< d a« SUCCESS IS THE BEST
would add that he has abundant rca*i»n to believe,
and can prove, that at no other office of the kind
are the charges for profles-ional sen ices so moderate
The immense practice of the subscriber during twen
ty year* past, lias enabled him to accumulate a vast
collection of *|>eci(ication* and official decisions rela
tive to i>atent*.
These, besides his extensive library of legal and
mechanical works.and full accounts ot'paten's grant
ed in the United States and Europe, rende him able,
beyond question, to offer superior facilities for ob
taining patents.
All necessity ot a journey to Washington, to pro
cure a patent, and the usual great delay there, are
here saved inventors.
"I regard Mr. Eddy as one of the most capable and
successful practitioners with whom I have had offi
cial intercourse.’' CHARLES MASON,
Commissioner of Patents.
“I have no hesitation in assuring inventors that
they cannot employ a person more competent aud
trustworthy, and more capable of putting their ap
plication in a form to secure for them an early aud
iavorable consideration at the Patent office.”
Late Commissioner of Patents.
“Mr. R. II. Eddy has made for me THIRTEEN ap
plications, on all but ore of w hich patents havebeeu
granted. and that is now pending. Such utunistak
able proof of great tal#-i.t and ability on his part
lead* im* to recommend all inventors to apply to him
to procure their patents. a« tin y nmv be sure of hav
ing the most faithful attention be*t4>w«*d on their
cases, aud at very reasonable charges •»
Dnring eight months, the subscriber, in course of
his largepractice, marie on twice rejected amilica
was decided ill his favor, bv the Commissioner of
Prtents- R. H. EDDY.
Pst)won II41IIMG
A GENTLEMAN and hi* wife, and a few single
gentlemen can he accommodated with board
and pleasaut rooms at the above house, No. 37 Mid
dle Street. Jan lit dtf
Portland Wholesale Prices Current.
i Expressly corrected for the Press to January 23.
An additional duty u)
10 t>c is levied on all mer
chandise not imported di
rect from the place of pro
duction or growth.
Duty : 10 $>c ad val.
1'earl fc> lb.84® 8j
Pot.7j® 8j
Green Cbbl.150®! 75
Sliced 1* lb.6i®6|c
Cored 4> lb.6£ gt»j
Lucored 4* lb ... 2* g 3
Duty: 30 4>c.
Pilot \> 100 lb# *6* l® &i
Ship.41 (® 4 j
Cracker# per bbl.. 3i®4 3j
! C racker#, %* 100 . .36 ®40c
fhtty : 4c P lb.
Family 4> lb.22 (g24c
Store.16 iglO
Morrow 4* bu#hS2 37®2 02
l'ea.2 02/(2 87
Blue Pod.2 87^2 82
iJuty : Sperm and H'ax 8c.
Stearine 6c, Tallow 2$c
4> lb.
Mould 4> lb.13*c(gl4
Sl»erm .32 ^36
Duty : 4c 4* lb.
Vermont 4* lb •••H <®12
IMity ■■ From Br. Provinc
es free, other foreign Bi
tumen'rus #1 10, all oth
er kinds 00c t<m
Cumberl'd 4*ton. 1*10,®
Franklin. 10®
Duty : be & lb.
Java 4* lb .36 ®36c
St. Domingo.30 'u.31
Kio .32 (® 33
Duty: Tarred2\c, Mansi
/a 21, all other 34 it>.
American 4* lb- • 144,®16
Ktihsia Hemp.Itil.gl7
Bohrope, Russia. 164" 17
do. Manilla. l&al6J
p [email protected]
Drug* and I>ye».
Duty: p tb—Oil Cinna
mon 92. Oil Almonds and
Otto of Hose 81 60, Oil
Bergamot, Cassia and
(’(ores 81, Hydriodate
Potash Ibc.f'antharides.
Mas tie. Ipecac. Rhubarb.
Cardamons. (HI lemon.
Anise and Orange. Io
dine 50c, Tolu and (frmte\
('amphor 80c. Refined do.
4 k\ Tartaric Acid 2Oc.
Cream Tartar. OR fid
Acid, Shellac, < ’opal. Da
mar and bums used for\
like purposes lOe, Aloes.
Verdigris, Chlorate of,
Potash, Carb. Magnesia
tic, Bttrade Acid. VelUncn
Prussiate Potash and
Bed do. 10c, Liquorice.
Oxalic Acid and Sugar
qf Lead 4c. Asphalhtm
and Bi-Chro. Potash 3c.
Sago 11c, Epsom Salts.
Liquorice Root, Ri-(Jarb.
Soda, Caustic Soda 1<*;
Castor (HI .V»c p gal..
Morphine 82 p <»«., Al
um 00c p Off., Copperas
60c prirf., Muriatic Ac
id 10 Pc ad val.. Smmg-\
es. Assafertida. Isin
glass , Fior Sulphu r. Sen
tea, Arrmcrted, binsrng
20 pc. Bleaching Pow
ders 30c p cwt.. Sago
&0c p cirt.. Sal Soda and
Soil* Ash jc P lb, t rude
Brimstone 83 ansi Roll
do. 86 p ton, Alcohol40c
P got.
Alum p lb.4 @ 6c
Aloes.80 @ 87
Arrow Root.17 @40
Borax.30 «33
Brimstone (roll).. 4*. « 6
Bi-( arb. Soda.6J a 7
Sulphur.6 at, 6$
Sal Sofia. 8J «, 4
Camphor.180 a 1 85
Cream Tartar.35 (a-56
Logwood ex.12$a 14
Magnesia.28 @30
Indigo. Mia, fine 81 2
Madder.. .17ca 18
Opium. 884altj
Rhubarb.2Ota 215
Alcohol.10Oa 1 10
Fluid. 1 16 e l 25
Camphene.2 00a 2 86
Saltpetre.11 @23
Vitriol.14 a 16
Dye woods.
Duty : Free.
Bur [email protected]
Brazil Wood.13
[email protected] 4}
Fustic, Cuba.2j a
“ Satan villa 2 @21
( ampeachy.2j @21
St. Domingo.2a 2;
Extract Logwood. 13 @14
Nic Wood. @
Reach “ [email protected] 4j
Red •* .3*
Sapan u .2 a
guercitron Ilark.. [email protected] 2}
Red Sanders..3 (a 6
I Put y : 30 ad rat.
Portland, No. 3. .95 i*
“ No. 10. .67 ^
Navy, 8’r, No. 8 94
“ «• No. 10. 66
Tent Duck,
U. 8. 10 or.66 @
" 12 oz.66 igi
Duty : 30 4>c ad rat.
lJve Geeae f* lb So @66
Russia.25 a
Duty : For 100 lbs foreign
caught — Herring 8 1.
Mackerel 92, Salmon 83;
and all other pickled in
bid* 81 60 V 66/., other
trite 60c A* ciet. Frtnn
Province» free.
Cod large out.. 84* *43
" small. 31*3;
Pollock.2j a 2»
Haddock, .11« 1)
Hake..1 66* 1 76
H' rring.Sliore4*bl.4 .* 4J
do. Labrador, none,
do. 8caled|»bx S»a35c
do. No. 1 .20 5 25
Mackerel bbl.,
Ray No. 1.8101 (all
Ray No. 2.7j«, 8
Ray No. 3.M a 6
Shore No. 1.... 10* a. 11
“ 2 7}«7j
do. (medium).. 4j n 4J
do. (email).3,a 31
Fra it*
Duty: Lemon*, Orange*,
Banana* and Plantain*
20 %>c ad rat., Almonds
4c, and Shelled do. 6c 4r»
lb. Xuts and Dates 2c
V lb. <\irrants. Fig*,
Plum*, Prunes and litti
sins Sc & lb. Citron 80
4»c ad val.
Almonds—Jordan !b.
80ft 8 hell.20 ra2,‘c
Shelled.26 *80
Currants.15 a. 16
Citron.42 <*46
Pea Nuts.82fat 1
Figs, common.... none.
New Kleine.IRc.i* 22
Lemons, \< box *2 " 3
Oranges —Messina 3 00
Blue k*cask.16la 16
Black.88 « 10
Bunch box 87Va387l
Laver.3 87/a4<s
Dates.7 •• 9c
r lour—lonianw msp,
1 Superfine.1*6 5<*a6 7"
i Fancy.6 75*6
I Extra.7 26a7 5
Family.? 6»*R 2f
Extrm Superior 8 00a 9 >•
Western extra* 7 26q 7 7f
“ family.. .7 60«8 65
" superior 7 75 aS 7.r
Ohio extra. 7 60« 7 7*
“ famil.y. 8 25 a S 7'
Canada super No.l none
StLoui<FavBrands8? a 10j
Southern 111. dodo.8«9}'
I'etapscoFamily. .11J ft 111
Rv* Flour- -4 ft 4j
I Corn M»-al.4}ft 4i
j Buckw’t Fl’r |> Ib.3jcft4'
I Duty: Com and Oats 10c
It ye and Harley 16c, and
Wheat 20c |> 5m . From
Hr. Provinces free.
Rvo.95 a 1 O'
<>»»,.M »M
South Yel. Corn 89 a92
Corn, Mixed.88 «90
Barley.90ft 1 \<
Short* $> tou_«23 .«25
Fine Feed .27 @30
Duty: liouf/h—free.
Rough, |> ton.. . .#20«25
1> rested.35ft 40
Duty • Valued at less that
30c P fh tie. over 30c 6«
V ih and 30 pc ad val.
j Blasting.tMFft 6
■ Rifle and Sporting.7.
; Press'd p netT.$14 ftl6
Loose.16 ftl6
Hide* nnd Skin*.
Duty : 10 Pc ad val.
R A. Hides.80 @ 3
Western.21 ft 2!
Slaughter Hides.. .6V«'7F
Calfskins .lift 13
i Calcutta Cow—
Slaughtered.. .190®2 V
j Green Salt.185ft20
I Sheep Pelts, Gr’n.96 ft SI
I Sheep Pelts, Dry 75ftl 0
hitfy 6c %> lb.
> irnt Sort, 1862... M @16
I ron.
huti) : Pig and Stamp 96,
liar not exceeding £60
ton value 917 V ton, ex
ceeding 960 fc> ton £18,
less than $ inch thick or
more than 7 inches wide,
rounds less than 4 inch
or more than 4 inc/ies in
diameter, and sgiuires
Uss than 4 inch or more
than 4 incurs square 920,
Hailrocul $ 12 60, lioiter
and Plate 926 ton.
Sheet %ufl\c i> lb oud
6 |> ton.
[email protected] 44
“ Keliued . [email protected]
Swede.7 g 74
Norway.7pg 8$
C a.-t Steel.26 g27
< i ci iiiaii Steel.... 16 a 17
Kngliehf Blit*. Steel. 10 «20
[email protected] 12
Sheet Iron. Engl. .6 rg 6$
Sheet Iron.Kmhsia 18 @21
do Huh im’t.. 13$ gl5
Barrel, [email protected]
Kegs, \> lb.10|ghc
Duty : 8»* %»c ad ral.
New York, light. .29 @31c
do. ind. wtt.. 31 g82
do. heavy.31 (a 82
do. slaughter. .38 g87
A user. CaJNkin*. bo g 00
Sl’ter Wax Leath.19 g 20
Duty Pig 14c 4* lb.
Am. l*ig <** 100 tt>.S0|@ 10
Foreigu rig.Ojg 10
Sheet and ripe.. 11 gll$
Duty : 10 f>c ad ral.
Kock land, cask... 76 @80c
Lumber—From yard.
Clear l'ine, No. 1.938 (g
do. No.2 34 (g
do. No.3 24 (g
do. No.4 14 g
Shipping Lumber. 17 « 18
Spruce.II (gl2
Hemlock.8 @10
Box Sh'ks, (each) 45 </58c
Clapb’dt*. S ext*. .914 «.16
do. 1* ** . . .80 a 32
Shingles, Ced. ext 2$« 3
do. “ No. 1.2 («. 24
no. ex;, nnr sr« 4
Laths,Spruce. 120al 26
do. Pine.126® 2 00
Bed Oak Staves 80 a36
Mol. IIlid. Shooks
& Heads.city 276®. 2 87
Sugar do. city. 276«287
do. do. c’trv.l 26a 1 60
breeuCo'v sa'd 1 100® 1 20
Country Hill Mol.
II hd.Shooks. 136ql60
Slash.126 a 160
Hoops.828 (£80
11 ark tin-tack Tim
h**r. 0 tun .10® 16
fluty : 6c p gal.
Cienftjgoa.86® 80
I rinidad.36 % M\
Cuba claved... 80 a 31
do. do. tart 27q28
do. Muscovado 32 a3.1
Xew Orleans.
Portland Syrup, hhda. 20
do. bbls 20
\n il«.
fluty: Cut lc. Wrought 2c,
A snort eft 3c p lb.
Cask. 4 60®4 76
Nn vnl Store*.
flutu : Turpentiur, /toxin,
f'ltch, 7*oe20 k**' odt o! .
S. Turpentiur 15c flgal.
Far (foreign )p hbJ.$13al4
Pitch (Coal Tar) 84a 4/
Boeiu. 1H q20
turpentine pgal 2 86a 2 90
fluty Free.
American.8]@ 9j
Duty Sperm, What* and
other Fish Oils <ffor
eign fisheries 20 pc ad
ral., Linseed, Horn peer d
and fiape*eetl28c f> gal.,
Olive 23c, Sal cut 60c,
/‘a/m, Seal and Cocoa
nut 10c p gal
Portland Kerosene
llluuiiitat'g Oil 55 (&00c
Machine.80 § B2
Sperm Winter. .2OR«210
Whale, ref. Wlnt 98 a. 100
do. Crude.90 ®92
brand Bank and
Bay ( haleur. £20 q29
Shore.24 «2»>
Lii.se«Hi.*1 36® 189
Boiled. 1 40S1 42
Lard Oil.1 00® 1 <‘6
Olive Oil.1 76a 1 HO
Pastor Oil.2 20®2 26
Neatsloot Oil. ... 110®1 16
Oaiaaa —
I* bid.£3 37 d 8 60
p husli.1 30til 40
fluty: On White Lead dry
orgntund in oil and Bed
Lead £2 40 p 100 lbs.
Litharge. 24e. Oxule of
Zinc 2^c p ut, Prussian
Jt/ue. I ermilion, Chrome
Yellow, Venetian Bed 26.
S/Minis h Brown dry 20,
in oil 80 pc ad ral.. Yel
low and other Ochr* s 60c
p 10U lbs, Paris White
dry 60c. in oil £150,
Whiting 60c p 100 lbs.
1'MI‘d Lead, in oil.Sill
L«-vus l>-ad, “ .. 1I*«12
Boston Lead, " . .il.’olli
French Zinc, “ . .10®]0|
Atner. Zinc, " . 8 «8J
Rochelle Yellow . .3 a 31
Hue. Veu. Red_3 a 3J
I Jf barge.lli
Red Lead.11m
Final er.
I>uty : Free.
Per ton Soft.2 2592 50
(i round..6 00® 0 25
Duty : Beef and Pork lc,
Lard, Ba^on and Ham»
2r, Butter and Cheeee 4c
Ch’go Mea»Beef.S12 « 14
Portland do. ..12^val3
P’tl’d ext. do. . 14 «14$
Pork, < xtra clear 19 «/
Pork, clear. 18 «.!'.♦
Pork, moss. 1»', old
Pork, extra do .. 14 « 14
Pork. Prime.18 Ca 13
F.x Prime .14 «14
Round Hogs. dj'« ,
Hams..8 «9c
Citv Smok’d Hams.9 j a lo
Prod nee.
Beef F qu’r F tb- 5 ter 7|
Kggs, F dor . . 17 •« 19
Potatoes. Fbbl.Sld2ai 76
Chickens.10® 12
Lamb.8 a lo
Turkic*.12 (a 14
(ieeae.9 ;ul0
Pickles, F bbl....*7J® 8|
Duty: Cleaned lie, Pad
dy Jc F lb.
Rice F tb .H\® 7i
Portland distilled 55 ^58c
Salt-rat us F lb.Cl'S 7c
I hit y : In bulk 18c, and in
l"Uj* 24c F 100 lbs.
Turk’s Is., F hhd
(8 bus.)_*2 80 « 3 25
Liverpool.2 75«3 00
Sacks Salt. .none.
tir'd Butter Salt 22 ®
Sin re h.
Ihnty 20 Fc ral.
lVarl.Of® 74
Potato.3 Pa 4
Shol~|> 100Jhs S9?al0
I Buck. Il l®
Duty 35 |>c ad rat.
I .eat he & Gore’s, Trow
bridge* & Smith's Ex
tra No. 1 *> lb .9J
Family do.k*
No. 1.. 7) « $
K.agle No. 1.6J(® 6}
Star.5* a 5}
Crane’s.9 («9j
Duty ■ Ginqer Ttnot 6c,
Ground Ginqer 8c, Pep
per and Pimento 12c,
('lores 15c, ('assia Inc,
Cassia Puds 20c. Cinna
mon 25c, Mare and Nut
meps 30c p tb.
Cassia V lb.45 «47c
Cloves.3’. a 38
(linger, (Race)_30 a32
tlinger, (Africa) 30 a32
Maw.83 (CM)
Nutmegs.93 a95
Pepper. 27 «2s
iPimento.23 ^25
Duty: Linseed 16c P bu.,
Canary *1 ft bu.. Mus
tard 3c P lb.
Herd* (Iras*.32J @8
Western Clover 1.. llc,o. 12
Red Top.33 (of 3i
l.inseed. 3d)
(Canary .3J® 4
Duty: Mrlado2c,notyihore
I No. 12 2$c, abore No. 12
' and not abore 15 8c. altore
N<k 15 and not altore 20
3Jc. abore No. 20 and re
fined 4c V lb.
jPortland A.9? o)
do. A A.10|@
do. Yellow... .none.
Extra Yellow.none.
Muscovado. 10^&11
do. in bond.8< a9
I Havana Hrinvn l"’o12*
i do. White .12 131
New Orleans.11 ci 184
Crushed .14?{« 15?
) (Iranulated.14? a. 154
(.Powdered.14} a/loj
•! Tallsw.
) Duty: Tallow 1 pc, Soap
Stock 10 Vc ad val.
American refined .8j(@ 9c
Kough.6*<a 6
Duty 2'ic V th.
llyson.76c'q SI
Young Hyson....76 « 1
Oolong .70 « SO
Souchong.60 a-56
Duty: Leave# unman u ac
fund 25, all other kinds
85 *>c ad val.
G’slk 10’s best br'ds.70 fc£7tfc
do. medium ti5 a68
do. common. 00 a.02
half tbs best br’ds. 78 a80
do. med. good.05 a70
do. common .00 (o/02
Natural Leaf, tbs .«1 <» ]|
Fancy, in Foil.1 Uoj 2
Duty : Pig 16c, Plates 25
ad vat.
Ha lira, cash.4Seffi 44
Straits, rash.40 <*42
Flates-Char.I.C.$13« I3i
do. *• IX lOttlfJ
Coke.12 « 12*
Hard, retail.$8 @
Soft, “ [email protected]
I>uty : 35 $*c ad ral.
Cotton [email protected]
Flax “ .60 a 66
“ Bulging.60 aij)
Hemp “ ....45 « 60
India. 25 « 33
Vnr iii«h.
Furniture.62 % 8
Coach.31-& 5
Duly: Costing 18c lb
and under 6 4>c, over 18c
to 24c 4> lb 3c, over 24c
9c \y lb.
Fleece.45 @66o
Lambs.46 (a,58
Duty: In Idocks or pigs
ljc, */i sheets 2c O ft>,
manufactures erf 30 fc>c
ad ral.
Pigs an*l slabs.5f'a) 64
Sheet Buotslmann. 11 j a 12
Sheathing ...-90 &
London—00 d. [email protected] 1«8
Paris.rf 3 45 «3 60
CiOftfrWvftn ^ c¥,\'v\wo\\vy.
A*mt’ant Trentur r Am rimn Mbit Union, If. Y. Ci'y,
write*: ** I very cheerfully meld my testimony to
that of ournero'it friend* to the great value of Mrs.
S. A Allen s World * Hair Restorer and Zylobalsa
nvirn "
to it* n ttural color, and growing on bald *pot."
Rev J. H CORNELL. N V. «;ity : “I procured It
fora relative The falling of the hair «t »pp“d, and
restore ! it from being grey to it* natural and >eau
ttfal color."
Rev. ./ WEST. Brooklyn. LI: “I will testify to
their value in the in **t liberal »en*e They baa 1
r»»#tored ray hair whi*re it wu bald, and, wher*
grey, to it« original color **
Rev. a. WEBSTER, B >*ton, Ma*« : MI have u*ed
them with great effect 1 aui now neither bald
nor grey. My hair wa* dry and brittle; it l*now
•oft .1* in vouth."
Rev. II V. DE JEN, Bv»ton, Mw : "That they pro
mote the gr >w;h of the hair where baldnea* U, I
have the evidence of my own eye*."
Sold by Druggists throughout the World
(ii rlo < <•<!& w*;ni26
[Copyright secured.]
The Great Indian Remedy
This celebrated Female Medicine,
possessing virtues unknown of any
thing else of the kind, and proviug
effectual after all others have failed^
Is designed for both married and ***
ale ladies, and is the very best tiling
Known for the purpose, as it will
bring on the monthly sicFnes* in cases
of obstructions, from any cause, and
after all..other remedies"of the kind
have bee,, tried in vain.
. OVER 20no BOITLES have now
L been sold without a single failure,
3a when taken as directed, and without
uC the least injury to health in any case.
ft] is put up in bottles oi three
9 different strengths, with Ail 1 direc
tions for using, and sent by express,
closely sealed, to all parts of the country.
PRICES—Full strength. 910; halt strength, 96;
i quarter strength. 93 per bottle.
cm EM PM HER—This medicine is designed ex
! pressly for obstinate cases, which all other remedies
of the Lind hare failed to cure; also that it is war
ranted as represented in every respect, or the price
will be refunded.
ine and warranted, unles- purchased directly ef Jtr.
M at hi- Hawdirnl MstMutt fat ftmial Itiseates,
No. 28 U nion street. Providence, K. I.
tVThis Specialty embraces all diseases of a pri
vate nature, noth of MKJ and WOMEN, by a reg
ularly educated physician of twenty years’ practice,
giving them bis whole attention.
tjr-r onsultatious by Vtter or otberwis' are strict
ly conhdential.nvA medicines will be sent by express,
secure from oftserratum, to all parts of the l uited
•States. Also accommodations for ladies from abroad
wishing for a secure and quiet kltri- at, with good
care, until restored to hemltn.
CAUTION.—It has her n estimated that over tiro
hundred thousand dollars are paid to swindling
quacks annually, in New England alone, without any
benejit to those wbo pay it. All this comes from
trusting, without inquiry, to men who are alike des
titute of honor, character and sk.M, and whose only
recommendation is their own false and extravagant
assertUms, in praise of thmise/res. If. therefore,
you would avoid twinq humbugged, take tio man's
word, vo matter what his pretensions are, but
M A K E INQUIRY :—it will cost you nothing, ami
may save you many regrets; tor, a.- advertising ph»
sicians. in nine cases ou. of ten, are bogus, there is
no safetv in trusting any qf Hum, unless you know
who and what tlicv are.
JIT Dr. M. will send pree. by enclosing ore
stamp as above, a pamphlet on DISF.ASES Of WO
MEN, and ou Private Idseases generally, giving full
information, with the most undoubted references and
testimonials, without which no advertising physician
or medicine of this kind Is deserving of AN Y CON
£.y“Orders bv mail promptly attended to. Write
your address plainly, and direct to DR MATTISON,
as above. deed dawly90
'V'O Organ* of the human system are more iropor
tant to health and comfort than the Eye and
Ear. aud yet none are less understood or more ncg
j looted. They seem to pass even common observation,
and yet every part of the body is dependent upon
them for life aud health.
Poor Rirhard's Eye and F.ar Water
Isa new and rare discovery, which is most wonder
ful in its operations, putting to blush the old systems
of treattnout, which have quite as often done harm
as good. Below we give the certificate of Rev. IV S.
Henson, l’astor of the Broad .Street Baptist C hurch,
| Philadelphia. If any one lias doubts as to the value
of this remedy, they may learn more of its practical
value by addressing a note of inquiry to Mr II.
Philadelphia, Oct. 17, 1*12.
From injuries received in my right eye, when a
boy, a chronic inflammation had been produced, in
consequence of which I suffered constant martyr
dom. Every moment of my waking life md embit
tered, aud 1 was frequently unable to sleep at night.
A variety of remedies had been resorted to with
out success, and I entertained the purpose, as a last
resort, of haviug the ball taken out of its socket, iu
the hope of thus finding relief.
In the meantime, most providentially, I noticed
one day in a shop window a bottle of POOR RICH
ARD'S EYE WATER. I had never heard of it be
! fore, but determined to try it, and did, with the most
delightful results. In a very few days the painful
rrltation was removed: I could bear the strongest
j light, and went forth to the enjoyment of a new life.
I 1 now keep a bottle of it always in the house, and if
my eye seems at all disposed to annoy me, I give it a
! dose, and that is an end of it. I would uot be with
| out it for any amount of moucy. 1 tale occasion to
i say, further, that my wife used to suffer severely at
j times from protracted paiu iu and over her eye-, aud
she has found Poor Richard'* Eye Water a sov
ereign specific in her case, giving her almost instant
. relief, (iratefti 1 to God for the benefit that I have
personally received, I cannot but commend the prep
aration to all who have been sufferers like myself.
Pastor of Broad Street Baptist Church.
Residence 1430 Poplar St., Philcuielphia.
If Numerous certificates of a similar character
might be furnished
Poor Richard’* Eye and Ear Water
Is truly a Sovereign Remedy for Inflamed and Dis
eased Eyes, Dim Vision aud Weak Eye*, Deafness,
Noise iu the Head, Catarrh, Rheumatism and Neu
i ralgia, with all kindred diseases. It is passed into
the ear by a small glass tube, which, together with
the Water, may be obtained at the principal Drug
Stores iu this city. Frick 85 cents per Bottle.
Tube* 6 Cent*.
II. H. HAY and W. F. PHILLIPS, Wholesale
MRS. M.G. BROWN, Proprietor,
novl3 dOm No. 410 Arch St., Philadelphia.
OF Choice Oporto Grape,
For Females, Weak ly Persons and Invalids !
s .
*T3 »
£ .2
J f
■« <3 «
I -S :
r,vcry lain iy,at Tin- sea-on, snouiu use me
celebrated in Europe for Its medicinal and beneficial j
qualities as a gentle Stimulant, Tonic, Diuretic, and |
Sudorific, highly esteemed by eminent nhvsicians, j
used in European and American Hospitals, and by
some of the first families in Europe and America.
It * as no equal, causing au appetite and building up
the system, being entirely a pure wine of a most val
uable grape.
It imparts a healthy action of the (Hands, Kidneys,
and Urinary Organ's, very beuettcial iu Dropsy ,C.out
and Rheumatic Affections.
Is not a mixture or manufactured article, but is pure,
from the iuiceof the Portugal Sambuci grape, culti
vate! in New Jersey, recommended by chemists and
physicians possessing medical properties superior
to any other wines in use, aud an excellent article for
all weak ami debilita ed persons, and the aged and
infirm, improving the appetite, and benettttiug ladies
and children.
Because it will not intoxicate as other wines, as it
contains no mixture of spirits or other liquors, and is
admired for its rich, |>eculiar flavor, and nutritive
properties, imparting a healthy tone to the digestive
organs. Mid a blooming, soft and healthy skin aud
a few well known gentlemen and physicians who
have tried the Wine:
Gan. Winfield Scott.USA. I Dr. Wilson, 11th at.,NY.
Gov. Morgan, N Y State. | Dr Ward. Newark, N. J.
Dr.J.R.Chilton,N.Y.City. | Dr. Donghertv, Newark,
Dr. Parker. N. Y. City. N J.
Drs.Darcy& Nicholl.Sew- Dr. Marcv. New York.
ark,N. J. Dr.Cummings,Portland.
Dr. Hayes, Boston.
ry“None genuine without the signature of “AL
; FRED SPEER, Passaic, N. J.,” is over the cork of
each bottle.
For sale by Druggists and all first class dealer*.
City and town Agents supplied by the State Com
A. SPEER, Proprietor.
Vineyard —Passaic. New Jersey .
OrwicE—208 Broadway. New York.
Agent for France and Germany.
Sold in Portland by 11. H. 11 AY,Druggist, Supply- 1
ing Agent. dec32 aly
" DIX if tailing to cure iu less time than
any other physician, more effectually and perma
nently. with less restraint from occupation or fear of
exposure to all weather, with sate aud pleasant med
Their effects and consequences;
Incident to Married and Single Ladiea;
Mercurial Aftectio <*: Eruptions and all Disease* of
the Skin : Ulcers of the Nose,» hroat and Body; Pirn
plea on the Face: Swellings of the Joints; Nervous
ness. Coustitutioiiil and other Weaknesses in youth, 1
aud the more adtauced at all ages, of
21 Emlicotl street, Boston,Maw.,
is so arranged that patients never see or hear each
other Recollect, the only entrance to his Office is
No. 21, having no connection with his residence.con
sequently no family interruption, so that on no ac
count can auy person hesitate apply ing at Ids office.
bohi/y a$»er1i (and it cannot be contradicted.exsept
by Quacks,who will say or do anything, even perjure
themselves, to impose upon patients) that he
engaged in treatment of Special diseases, a fact so
well known to main Citizens.Publishers, Merchants,
Hotel Proprietor, Ac., that he is much recommend
ed, and particularly to
To avoid aud wcai** Imposition of Foreign and Na
tive Quacks, more nuiiwrous iu Boston titan other
large cities,
proudly refers to Professors ami respectable Physi
cians—many of whom consult him iu critical cases,
because of his acknow iedged skill and reputation, at
tained through so long experience, practice and ob
be not rubbl'd and add to your sufferings iu being de
ceived by the lying boasts, misrepresentations, false
promises and pieteusions of
I who know little of the nature aud character of Spec
! ial diseases, and lkm aa to their cure. Some exhibit
forged diplomas of Institutions or Colleges, which
never existed in any part of the work!: others ex- i
hibit diplomas of the dead, how obtained, ui know u ;
not only assuming and advertising in names of those
i inserted iu the diploma**, but to further their imposi
tion assume names of other most celebrated physi
cians long since dead. Neither be deceived by
through false certificate-and references, and recom
mendations of their medicines by the dead, who can- j
' not expose or coutradict them ; or who, besides, to
further their imposition, copy from Medical books
much that is written of the qualities and effects of
ditfcreut her be and plants, and ascribe all the same
| to their Tills, Extracts, Specifics. Ac , roost of which.
| if not all,contain Mercury, because of the aucient
| belief of it* “curing everything," but now known
to **kill more than m cured," and those not killed,
! constitutionally injured lor life.
Through the'ignorance of the Quack Doctor.know
ing no other remedy. he relies upon Mercury, and
gives it te all his patients in pills, diop*. Ac., so the
Nostrum Maker, equally ignorant, adds to his so
called Extracts, Specific, Antidote. Ac., both reiving
up«»n its effects in curing a few in a hundred, it is
trumpeted in various ways throughout the land: but
alas ’ nothing is said of the balance: some of w hom
die. others grow worse, and are left to linger and suf
fer for month* or years, UBlil relieved or cured, if
j possible, by competent physicians.
Notwithstanding the foregoing Dm (a in known t..
some quack doctors ami nostrum makers,yet. regard
less of the life and health of others, then- are those
among them who will even |H*rjure themselves, con
tradicting giving mercury to their patients, or that it
is contained iu their Nostrums, so that the “u»ual
lee" may be obtained for professedly curing, or “the
dollar" or “fraction of it" may he obtained for the
Nostrum. It is thus that many are deceived also,and
uselessly spend large amounts for experiments with
charges are very moderate. Communications sa
credly confidential, and all may rely on him with the
i strictest secrecy and confidence, whatever may be
the disease, condition or situation of any one, mar
: ried or single.
Medicines sent by Mail and Express to all parts of
the Cnited Slates."
All letters requiring advice must contaiu one dollar
to insure an answer.
Address Dr. L. l)ix. No. 21 Endicott street,Boston,
Boston,.Ian. 1, 1S63. ly
maTBI LADIES, n» celebrated DILL.
Ml 1)1 X particularly invite* all lilies who need a
MrtHcaf nr Surgical adviser, to call at hi* Rooms.No.
21 Endicott street. Boston, Mass . which they will
1 tind arranged tor their social accommodation.
I)k. D1X having devoted over twenty years to this
j particular branch of the treatment of all diseases pe
j culiar to females, it Is now conceded by all (both in
' this country and in Europe) that he excels all other
known practitioners iu the safe, speedy ®»»d effectual
treatment of all female complaint*.
Ilia medicines are prepared with the express pur
I pose of removing ail diseases, such a* debility, weak
ness. unnatural suppressions, enlargements of the
I womb, also, all discharges which flow front a morbid
! state of the blood The Doctor is now fully prepared
to treat in bis peculiar style, both in<«dicallv ami sur
gically . all diseases of the female sex, and they are
respectfully invited to call at
No. 21 Endicott Street, Boston.
All letters requiring advice must contain one dol
lar to ensure an answer.
Boston, Jan. 1. 1803. eodly
Gray Beards, Attend!
AFTER Twenty Years* experience, and years oi
experiiueut, 1 have at last found the
Boat Dyo !
For coloring Hair in the world. I say it boldly, and
mean it. And say farther, that if any one buys my
Dye. and after trying, does not like it, I will reftiml
the money on returning me the bottle with one half
j its contents.
1 do not wish to sell it to any rebel, or rebel sym
Agents cau be supplied at wholesale prices by ad
JOHN M. TODD, Portland,Me.
Oct. 23 dfcwtf.
0,1 a,,d after Wednesday, Nov. 19th,
fow*" Nftg 1862, passenger trains a ill leave as fol
Augusta lor Bath, Portland and Boston, at 10.46 A.
M., connecting at Brunswick with the Androscoggin
Railroad fur Luwi.tun, Livermore Falls. Wilton and
! armmgton.
Leave Portland for Bath and August* at 1.00 IV M.,
connecting with the AndrowoggPu train, at Bruns:
wick for Lewiston, Livermore Kails. Wilton and Far
mington ; and at Augusta with the Somerset A Ken
nebec Railroad for Vassal boro', Waterville Ken
dall's Mills and Skowhegan ; and at Kendal Pi Mills
with the Penobscot A Kennebec Railroad for Burn,
ham. Pittsfield, Newport and Bangor.
Tickets sold in Boston for all tlie stations on the
Keunebec A Portland, Androscoggin, and Somerset
A Kennebec Roads
For Bangor and Stations on the Peuobscot A Ken.
nebec Railroad, passengers will purchase tickets to
Kendall's Mills.
Stages leave Bath daily at 3.00 I*. M., for Wiscas
set, Damariscotta. Waldoboro', Warren, Rockland
and Thornaston.
Leave Augusta for Belfast, at 4.00 P. M., or on ar
rival of of train from Portland
Manager and Superintendent.
Augusta. Nov. 16. 1802 novlS
York Ac Cumberland Ituilroud.
£355ggBn On and after Monday, November 10,
rains will leave as follows, until further
Saco River for Portland at 6.36 and 9.16 A. M. and
3.30 P. M.
Leave Portland for Saco River at 8.00 A. M aud
2.00 and 5.16 P. M ’
The 2.00 P. M. train out, and ths 9.1R A M. train
into Portland, will be freight trains with passenger
cars attached.
Stages connect at Saccarappa daily for South Wind
ham, Windham Centre and Great Falls.
At Gorham, for West Gorham, Standish, Steep
Falls. Baldwin, Hiram. Limington, Browntiela,
Fryeburg, Conway, Denmark, Lovell, Bridgtou,
Ac., Ac,
At Buxton Centre, for West Buxton,Bonny-Eagle,
South Limington, Limington, Ac., Ac.
At Saco River, tri-weekly, for Hollis, Limerick,
Ossipee, Newiield. Parson stield. Effingham,! reedom,
Madison, Eaton, Limington, Cornish, Porter, Ac.
nov 13 DAN CaRPEN TER, Sup't.
r'Fmn.rt a^er Monday, May 6, 1W,
wWPtrains will leave Portland for Lewiston
and Farmington via Brunswick, at IP. M
I-cave Farmington for Lewiston, Bath and Port
land, via Brunswick, at 9 16 A. M.
Leave U'wiston for Bath and Portland via Bruns
wick at 11 46 A. M.
Freight trains daily between Portland and Lewis
stags connections.
Stage leaves Strickland’s Ferry Tuesdays. Thurs
days aud Saturdays, for Litermore, Canton, Peru
and DixAeld; returning opposite davs.
Stag*- leave* North Jay for East DixAeld, DixAeld,
and Weld, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays;
returning opposite days.
Stage leave* Farmington .or New, Vineyard. New
Portland and KingAeld, on Wednesdavs aud Satur
day*. returning on Mondays and Fridays.
Stage* leave Farmington daily, for Strong, Avon
and Phillips.
Passenger* lor this route will take the cars at the
Portland, Saco A Portsmouth, or Kennebec k Port
land Depots, iu Portland S. W. EATON. Sop t.
Farmington May 6, 18G2. jun«>23dtf
Notice to Wood and Camber Jler
FROM November Irt, 1SB2. to M.t l,t. lfW. the
rate# of freight on all descriptions of lumber
and timber will be advanced 26 per cent.
No Are wood will be conveyed bgt» cu October 1st,
18C2, and May 1st. 1«C3
An advance in the rates of Are wood will take place
next summer, but in consequence of changes in the
arrangement for conducting the wood business, which
are aliout to be made, the Company will not be able
to take Are wood from certaiu place# on the line, so
that should any parties make contracts for Are wood
to be carried on the rail wav during the next season,
they roust understand that they will do so at their own
risk, aud that the Company will not feel themselves
bound to carry it.
Due notice will be given of the rates of freight, and
from what stations Are wood can be carried next
C. J. BRYDC.ES, Managing Director
Montreal. August 1. INS. aAdtf
To Chicago. Cincinnati. Cleveland. Detroit,
Toledo, St. Paul, La Cromk. St. Louie,
New Orleans, or any part of the
BY the
Via Buffalo, Dunkirk, and Niagara Falls.
This road is broad guaoe and is provided with
New aud Spleudid Sleeping Cars.
ITTickets sold in Portland at lowest Boston rate
W. D. LITTLE, Agent,
Office 31 Exchange Street.
ty You can save money by securing tickets at tbis
June 23. dawtf
Merchants’ Insurance Co.,
In Providence, R. I.,
On the doth day ol November, A. D. 1«S2.
Incorpf>ratfd.Map 1*1. 1861
Capital. all paid in cash.9150,000 00
2200 shares Bank of Commerce stock, 911O.000 00
800 " Aint ricau Bank *• 40.000 00
400 " Merchants' Bank 44 2 ,000 U0
4««0 “ t.iohe Bank 44 2".*«0 00
100 44 What Cheer Rank 44 6.000 00
100 44 1’heuix Bank “ 6,00000
92ut).ono 00
Amount of Premium Note*. 14.888 74
Amount of < ash on hand. 2.9*1 51
Amount of cash in hands of Agents, 2.918 57
9220.733 82
Amonnt of marine risks out
standing. 9224.796 00
Amount of premiums thereon, 89.023 61
Amount of lire risks outstand
ing. 3.982,966 00
Amount of premiums thereon, 43.368 70
Ain't of all outstanding claims,
including uupaid dividends, 10,862 00
Largest amount insured on any
one risk. 15.000 00
(Signed! WM COMSTOCK. President.
Waltkk Paine, Secretary.
Providence. !>ec. 22. 1*62.
The State of Rhode Island and Providence Planta
tion, Providcuce County m.—In Providence this
twentv-second div of December, A. 1). 1862 Then
William Comstock and Walter Paine personally ap
peared before me, and the said William I'omstock in
Ids capacity as President, and the said Walter Paine
it his capacity a* Secretary, of‘ Merchants’ Insu
rance t'ompanv," severally made oath to the truth
of th«* abo\e statement. Husky Martin,
Justice of the Peace.
JOllX VV. U KM; Kit A SOX,
No. 166 Fore St., head of Long Wharf,
Portland, Mr.
rilHK subscriber hereby gives public uotice to all
X concerned, that he has N*en duly appointed and
taken upon himself the trust of Administrator de
bonis non with the will annexed of the estate of
lateof Portland in the County of Cumberland, de
ceased, by giving bond as the law directs; he there
to re requests all persons who are indebted to the said
deceased's estate to make immediate payment; and
those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the
same for settlement to PETER HANNA.
Portland. u»n. 6, 18«3. 30 w3w«
Successor to P. J. Forristall and Mills k Forristall,
Pocket and Table Cutlery,
38 and 30 Federal and 106 Ctmgrest Street$t
P J. F* mutter a li. can be found at the above place
June 33. wly
^fotirr of Forfflotiiire.
THE undersigned hereby gives public notice that
he holds a mortgage tor the sum of one hundred
and ten dollars and interest thereon, given by Francis
Oren Ingalls of Naples, in the County of Cumber
land, dated April 28th. 18fl0. recorded book 332, page
3>r)2. on a certain parcel of land situated in that part
of Naples which was formerly a part of Bridgton.
and being a part of lot numbered seven, Range 28.
The condition of said mortgage having been broken,
he therefore claims a foreclosure of the same.
Jan30dltw3w81 SAMUEL F. PERLEY.
IX . II. II _A_ y7
Fine Chemicals, Pure Drugs,
nsiisi, reuci am ahricai mrtmY,
And nil other article* usually kept in a Drue and
I’aint eetabliahmeiit.
HT- State A cent for DAVIS k KIDD’S MAG
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
to thFTadies.
DR. HUGHES particularly invito all Ladic* who
need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, Ko.
5 Temple Street, which they will flud arranged for
their especial accommodation.
pY it.’s Kclectie Renovating Medicines are unrival
led in HTicacy and superior virtue in regulating all
female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
certain of producing rHief in a short time
I.AL)I F..s will rina it invaluable in all cases of ob
structions after all other remedies have been tried m
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in
the least injurious to the health, and may be taken
with perfect safety at all times.
Sent to any part of the country with foil directions,
by addressing * i)K. HUCiHEH.
No. 6 Temple Street, corner of Middle, l'ortland.
N. B.—LADIES desiring may consult one of their
own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
ance. jnlldawtfS
Eclectic Medical Infirmary.
Ettab/ieked for tke treatment qf tkoee die meet in
balk trxet, requiring Experience, Skill, Honor and
Private consultations—Dr Hughe* baa
for a number of rente con lined hl« attention to
disease* of a certain class. Donna bis practice be
bas treated thousands of cases, and in no instance
has he met with a fkilure. The remedies are mild,
and there is no interruption of business or change of
diet. Dr. Hughes is in constant attendance from 8
in the morning until 10at night, at his office, 8 Tem
ple street, t barges moderate, and a cure guaranteed
in all cases. Separate room*, so that no one will be
seen but the Dr. himself. His remedies care dWcase
when all other remedies (hil: cures without dietinm
or restriction in the habit* of the patient: cures with
out the disgusting and sickening effects of most other
remedies: cure* new case* in a few hours; care* with
out the dreadful consequent effect* of mercury, bat
is sure to annihilate the rank and poisonous taint
that tb* blood is rare to absorb, ante** the proper
remedy is used. Tb* ingredients ate entirely vegeta
ble, and no injurious effect, either constitutionally or
loeaUr. can be caused by using them.
YOUNG MEN, who are troubled with seminal
weakness, generally caused by bad habits In youth,
the effects of which are pain and disziness 'in the
bead, for get fb I ness, sometimes a ringing in the aura,
weak eyes, etc., terminating in oonsumption or in
sanity If neglected, art speedily and permanently
All correspondence strictly confidential and will *
returned If desired. Address
No. 5 Temple Street, (corner of Middle),
_ Portland.
tT*Send stamp for Circular. Jail—dftsrtfl
F>in-'W" oral Syrup
Is the first and only remedy ever offered to the pub
lic for the effectual removal of the Ascarides, or 1‘in
Worms, from the human system. The high reputa
tion it has established in the last two years, ana the
fact that it is fast sup reeding all other worm reme
dies. is the best test of its great merit.
afordt RELIEF in twenty-four hours, and
an entire curt is warranted, when taken according
to directions, which accompany each bottle.
This Syrup is also a most valuable family cathartic,
to be alurmys used when phvsac is required, especially
for children. It corrects the secretions, give* tone
to the stomach and bowels, assisting nature in her
effort* to restore health. It is purely qf Vegetable
Extracts, and always sefe and reliable.
Sold in New York by 11all k RrmcL.tlfifGreen
wich street; in Boston by IjEo. C. Goodwis k Co.,
12 Marshall street, and other Wholesale Diuggist*.
Sold in Portland by H. H. UAY and all the princi
pal Druggists. deco 3m
DR. n. 1. BOYATOY,
Electropathic Phyaician and Surgeon.
BiaiDBsn aud omen
No. 369 € ongrean Street, Portland, Me.
□ Where he will treat all classes of Diseases
by application of Electricity and the most
approved remedies.
Dr Boynton's operation* and cures on these deH
cate organs hate been most successful, and mauv o
them of a remarkable character. Dr B having test
ed the advantages of Electricity for the Mat fifteen
years, upon thousands of patients in Ihiladelrbia
and other cities of the United States, is prepared to
trea' all diseases of whatever nature with unricalled
success. The following are among the diseases which
Dr. B. ha* been eminently successful in treating:
Catarrh, consumption, chronic cat an h. disease* of
the throat, ulceration, asthma, bronchitis. di»ca«ca of
the lungs in all their forms, gravel in all Hs forms,
disease* of urinary organs, diahete*. incontinence of
the urine, dropsy, blindness, amaurosis, cataract,
scrofulous-ophthalmia, ulcers of long standing, mer
curial sores, tumors, scrofula in all its forms, cancer,
erysioelas. diseases of the skin, canker, piles, hemor
rhoids, liver complaint, dyspepsia, disease* of the
kidneys, stone. Ac., all spinal dUea>e*. curvatures,
hip diseases, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism in all its
forms, deafhe**. muscular, contraction, white swell
ings, all uterine weaknense*. leucorrhcra, fluor albus.
whites, tits. To the above might be added a long list
of diseases which Dr. B. has treated with equal suc
cess All FEMALE COMPLAINTS treated with
success, care and strict attention.
D. B. has many testimonials of important recover
ies under his treatment, whieh can be seen bv calling
on him at his rooms.
IiP Dr. Boynton, having fall Instruction from Dr.
Colton for generating and administering the Ni
trous Oxide, or Kxhilrrating lias, is now ready to
administer this lias to those who may wish to inbale
it for the cure of Neuralgia, Diseased Lungs, Ac.
nov29 dAw Gm7
No, 111 Eirbance Street, Portland,
RciJrnre rr»r of 411 Conitrw, Street, keep, con.
•tautlv on bud all the rarioua kind, of
Now in r«e,
And will make o order anything of this kind that
tnav be orderea, *t short uotice, from the cheapest to
the VERY BEAT. H) giving my strict aud audivided
attention to the manufacturing, lining and trimming
of the above, I can ftiruish ti.em cheaper than any
oue else.
Aug 6, \m. _JAMES P SLEEPER.
At a Court or Probate held at 1’ortlaud. within
and for the County of Cumberland, on the first
Tuesday of January. in the year of our Lord
eighteen hundred and sixty-three.
NATHANIEL RADCKK. named Executor in a
certain Instrument purporting to be the laat
Will aud Testament of Joseph tlraAuu, late of
lirunswick insaid < ouniy, deceased.having presented
the same for probate
It mi Ordered That the said Executor give notice
to all persons interested, by causing notice to be nub -
lished three weeks successively in the Maine State
Press, printed at Portland, that thev may appear at
a Probate Court to he held at said Portland, on the
first Tuesday of February next, at ten of the clock
Jo the forenoon, and show cause if any they have,
whv the said Instrument should not be proted, ap
proved. and allowed, as the last Will aud Testameut
of said deceased.
A true copy, attest.
30 w3w* ELXiENE HUMPHREY. Register.

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