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Religious Notioos.
MTMr·. M. M. Wood, Trance Speak ρ r, will l*c·
tare in Mechanic·' Kail, before the Portland Spirit
ual Association, to-morrow afternoon and evening,
at 3 and 7 o'clock.
Sunday School at 9J, Conference at 10$ o'clock.
tjr-E Mer Mackintosh will ρ roach in the Second
Advent Halt on next Sunday, at the usual hours.—
All are invited.
(tar The Anniversary Exercise* of the Second
Paru h Sabbath School will take place in the Church
to-morrow {Sabbath evening) at 7 o'clock, Rev. Mr.
Bullard of Boston will address the meeting.
CVServicesatUnlon llall by Rev. F. A. Hodsdon,
at 3 o'clock r. m. Sabbath School at 1} r. m.
lyfabHc service· appropriate to the anniversarv
of the Sabbath School will be held at State Street
Church to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
The Pastor will preach in the morning ou the "At
tractions and advantages of Biblical study."
t^"Rev. Ueorge Knox, Chaplain of the loth Me.
Regiment, will supply the pulpit of the 1st Baptist
Church to-morrow.
ty Caleb B. Page, a native of Haverhill. Mass.,
who has for sixteen years last past spoken in sixteen
Sta'es, District or Columbia. Canada, and in upwards
of eighty cities as a preacher of peace and good will
to man, as recorded iu the 5th chapter of Matthew,
9tb verse, carried out by William Penn in his treaty
with the poor liidiaus. and as was vindicated by the
late ('apt. William Ladd of M not. Me., will speak at
Cape Klizabe'h Kerry at 1 o'clock to-morrow, and at
the North end of Deering Bridge at β o'clock IV M.,
precisely, if pleasant. Subject—A better day coin
ing, or the Millennium. Catholics and Protestants
and all others are respectfully invited to come and
liear lor themselves.
Supreme Judicial Court.
Friday—The cane of Hovey v. Ilobson «vas
continued. John Neal, Israel Hunt and A. L.
Ilobson the defendant, gave iu their testi
■nony. 'I'Ue testimony will be concluded on
Jeannettk's Wedding.— This operatic
gem, which is to be given at the new City Hall
next Wednesday evening, is justly entitled to
distinction, as it belongs to a class of musical
compositions as yet almost unknown to the
public. Hitherto the introduction of an opera
conveyed with It the idea of a great troupe, a
superb wardrobe and a gorgeous miac en $ccne,
with properties on a large scale. Now, how
aver, thanks to the refined imagination of
a composer before unknown, the luxury of au
opera can be presented with all its require
ments by two good artists, and enjoyed to :
the fullest extent by any audience, however
critical or fastidious.
The story of Jeannette's wedding is one of
daily life—a lover's quarrel. Jean, the bride
groom, on his wedding day, is seized with a
sudden dread of matrimony, and abruptly
breaks up the marriage ceremony. His youth
ful and confiding betrothed annoyed at his folly
and dreading the sneers of her companions,
determines to cajole him to a fulfillment of the
marriage contract, which she ultimately suc
ceeds in doing, to his surprise and her own
Runaway and Smash ur.—A horse at
tached to a double gig was quietly standing
hitched yesterday afternoon in front of the
•tore of Messrs. Dyer, when two Irish boys
came along and deliberately put their dappers
up into the horse's face and frightened hiui by
their noise and motions, he started at once,
broke the halter and run into a hack, by which
the gig was overturned and the horse disen
gaged, he then run in a most luriout manner
down Middle street on to the sidewalk, strik
ing a young girl and knocking her down. She
was carried into the apothecary shop of Mr.
N. G. Nichols, corner of Frankliu street,
where she soon was enabled to return home
to one of the islands. She was saved from
instant death by a seeming miracle. Another
little girl was got out of the way while cross
ing Exchange street by Mr. J. M. Todd. The
police ought to arrest those boys for malicious
The Sick Soldier.—It is said that we were
in error in regard to the sick soldier alluded
to in yesterday's issue, who was taken care of
by Mrs. James S. Gould. Mrs. Gould acting
well the part of the good Samaritan, took
him into her house, uursed and provided for
his wants. Kev. Mr. S.f of the Sanitary Com
mission, called upon the lady and gave her
•ome money, all of which she has expended
lor medicines, <Scc., for the invalid, whose
mother has been with him for sevcr.il days.
We cheerfully make this correction, wishing
that justice should be rendered to the estima
ble lady to whom it is so decidedly due.
WWe understand that several gentlemen
of this city, largely representing our business
Interests, propose to visit Lewiston next
week to make themselves more familiar with
the business facilities of that city, and to be
come better acquainted with the mutual busi
ness relations which may be cultivated between
that thriving place and this commercial cen
ter. We hope a large delegation will be dis
posed to make the trip. Lewiston is destined
to be the Manchester of Maine, and it will be
come so whether Portland does or does not
become the Liverpool of America, as was
hinted last winter in the Legislature.
Fitting up.—A neat little steamer to be
called the Kangaroo is lying at Franklin wharf,
receiving her machinery from llie Portland
company and being otherwise fitted up. She
was built at lialh by J. P. Morse, Esq., and
Capt. B. W. Morse, who is to command her. She
is to run on the Kenuebecas a lug and excursion
boat. She is 236 tons burden, 12H ft. long and
87 ft. wide, and built of the best w hite oak,
j i.i.. « : ...t ι
Board or Enboli.vent.—The following
gentlemen constitute the board of enrollment
under the conscription act for the lstCongress
ional District.
Capt. Chas. H. Doughty Gray, Provost Mar
shal; Capt. E. S. Morris, NewtteJd, Commis
sioner and Dr. Theodore H. Jewett, South
Berwick, Surgeon.
Supplies fok olk Wounded.—AH our
citizens who desire to contribute wines,jellies,
clothing or money for the use of our sick and
wounded defenders, to be distributed to them
by Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Fogg, can leave the
Mine with Mrs. W. P. Preble 3U7 Congress,
Miss Harriett Fox 49 Daoforth, or Miss. Nellie
Bacon, 70 Park «treet.
The Franklin Whauf company is im
proving its property by flllingin solid between
the spiles with soil, Irotu Commercial st. about
halfway down the what f. The corporation now
have a frontage of about 300 feet. They con
template the erection ol a brick block of stores
on the wharf, at a time not lar distant.
Capt. Dicks.—Our «(temporaries were in
error in statiug that Capt. Dicks, of this city,
was Lieut, coramauder in the United States
Navy at the time of his capture. He was ex
ecutive olttcer, on board the gun boat Isaac P.
Smith, being second in command.
The Directors of the Eastern, Boston and
Maine, and P. S. & Ρ Railroads partook of their
annual dinner yesterday, at the United States
Vacation.—The children ofthe higher pub
lic schools are having a vacation during this and
next week. The primaries have only next
By*"Uobiii8on, No. 61 Exchange Street, lias
received l'or saie, a complete map of Kichinond
and its fortifications. It gives a correct view
of the approaches to the city.
The Holman National Opera Troupe
closed their engagement with Mr. Myers in
this city last evening.
Washington Items.
New York, May IS.
Maj. Gen. Hooker was in tliis city to-day on
official business.
Oeil. Carrington, U. 8. Attorney for the
District of Columbia, Is rapidly maturing pro
ceedings against the property of all [lersons
who have left their houses and joined the so
ralled Southern Confederacy. He expects to
have nearly all completed b) the first Monday
in June next, the retu-n day fixed by order of
the court. He is acting under the orders of
the Attorney General o( the United States, is
sued several months ago. There has been no
unnecessary delay. Much difficulty exists in
obtaining proof on which to base legal pro
The army has been paid mainly to the first
of March last. Some of the paymasters were
paying off troops during the time that (tenantI
llookcr was on the south side of the Rappa
hannock, and during the progress of the bat
tle. The paymasters had to gather up their
funds for safer positions.
At the presentation of the complimentary
resolutions from the Washington City Coun
cil, yesterday, to (Jen. McClellan, he declared
that the rumor of his resignation was false.
Special dispatches from Washington state
that by an order from the War department, all
officers and privates delivered at City Point to
May (Jth, all officers released on parole to
A|>ril 1st, and all enlisted men captured In
North Carolina and Virginia and released on
parole to March 1st, are declared exchanged.
They will without delay return to the armies
to which they belong.
The President to-night received from the
headquarters of the Army of tne Potomac, an
original letter of Jetlersou Davis, addressed to
one of his Colonels, in which he sjieaks des
pondingly of «Hairs in the south-west and on
the Rappahannock. The letter was found in a
rebel camp at Fredericksburg, and is dated
May 2d.
A Missourian influence, headed by Senator
Henderson, has procured the relief of General
Curtis from his command, and the appointment
of Gen. ScJiofleld iu his place.
A large party of the leading men of the Un
ion League of Philadelphia, headed by Martin
McMtchael and Mayor Gilpin, arrived here to
day. It is supposed that steps are to be initi
ated whereby home forces shall be organized
under Government auspices, to suppress dis
loyal demonstrations and organizations in the
North. Philadelphia has already moved iu
this matter.
Among the prisoners recently sent South to
be exchanged, were Mrs. Mitchell and her
daughter, arrested by Gen. Rosecrans for aid
ing and assisting the escape of rebel prisoners
in this department, and Miss Ford, wlto was
concerned iu the abduction of Gen. Stoughton
and others by Mosely's guerrilla band.
From the Rappahannoak—Gen. Barltsdale in
Command of the Rebel Force*.
Nkw Yokk, May 15.
Gen. Lee's headquarters are in Fredericks
burg. Gen. Barksdale, of Mississippi, is in
command there. The rebels are remarkably
well clothed this spring. An officer of Barks
dale's »tuft' informed one of our surgeons that 1
a steamer loaded with clothing had lately ar
rived at a southern port, and 00,000 suits had
been distributed amongst the army of Vir
A command will immediately be given to
Col. Kilpatrick.
Commandera of regiments whose terms of
service have expired, expressed the opinion
that more than half the men w ill re-enlist. In
several instances before leaving the field whole
companies have enrolled their names for rc
enliltment, to lie mustered iu in thirty days af
ter lieing discharged.
A few days ago a number of slaves belong
ing to John Minor Bolts came w ithin our iines
at Union Mills. Mr. Botts requested the com
mander of tlie fort to return them to liiin, as
he was a loyal man. The commander imme
diately telegraphed to Gen. HeinUeluiay to
know what course to pursue. Col. I.athrop,
of the General's staff, replied that they were
free the moment they entered our lines, and
could not be remanded to slavery.
Varioua Items.
Nkw Yokk, May 15.
The Burnside Rifles attempted to desert in
a body from Camp Sprague, Stated Island, on
Wednesday. A tight ensued; one was killed
and others wounded. Twenty-eight of the
mutineers escaped, but were afterwards cap
tured aud put in irons at Governor's Island.
The court ol inquiry Into the killing of Col.
Kimball by Gen. Corcoran, has been in session
at Suffolk since the tStli inst.
The Herald's Wasliington dispatch of 13th
says, it will be recollected that it was stated
that previous to the falling back of General
Hooker's army, he had a council of war of the
corps commandera of his army, and that the
result of that council was the retreat across
the Kanpahannock. With this statement in
view, the p.il>lic will be surprised to know that
four of the six Generals present urged upon
Gen. Hooker an immediate advance on the
rebel army. Only two were In favor of re
crossing the river. It is believed that a for- !
ward movement would have crushed the
It appears from the semi-official account of
Gen. Averill's expedition, that previous to the
battle of Chaucellot ville, Jackson with 2000
men was at Goidousville.
From the West.
Cairo, May 14.
Our troops all the way from Memphis to I
Young's 1'oint are moving to reinforce Gen. J
Judge Kellogg who left Gen. Grant's head
quarters on Thursday last, says the report of
a fight at Clinton is untrue.
The Jackson Mississippian says General
Bowen's loss at Bayou Pierre was about
The Vieksburg correspondent of the 3d
takes a gloomy view of matters. He says
General Grant's movements deceived both
the people and the military there.
(jeu. Bragg was at Atlanta, Ga., ou the 2d
A dispatch from Ilichmond says the railroad
connection lias been established between Rich
mond and Fredericksburg.
The 17th Maine at fhancellorvillc.
To thr Editor of the f'rtes :
Honor to whom honor is due. The follow
ing particulars come to me through private
and entirely reliable sources.
In the night attack made upon the rebels
nnder Jackson, the 40th New York and the
I7ll> Maine were drawn up iu column by com
panies, and marched along a road upon Gen.
HUM η leu IltllllV. 1UC ilfiy ÎUIN VrtWJIS
were in advance. They had not proceeded
far, when a murderous volley was poured up
on the head ot the columu by the rebels whom
they had approached in the darkness. For a
moment il staggered, and then pressed on.
Another volley was too much for them. They
broke and fled to the rear. In the darkness
and confusion the Maine troops were thrown
into disorder, anil the backward movement
continued uutil il came to Co. Λ, commanded
by Capt. C. P. Mattocks, of this city. This
company,animated by the spirit of its gallant
leader, stood fast, as also did Co. E. Capt. E.
M. Sawyer, the next in the columu. Order
was soon restored, and the regiment rallied.
Co. A from being the 19th in the column be
came the flrst. which position it held during
that perilous night.
The subjoining extract frotn Gen. Ward's of
ficial report will show in what manner the men
whom Portland has sent to the field, and of
whose names she may justly be proud, bear
themselves in the presence of the enemy.
To I.I. Col. Chas- Β Merrill of the 17t>1 Me. and
Lt. Col. hirkwood olthee3d l'a., and tbe officer*
and men attached 14» tlieir command*, temporarily
asMancd to inc. my irratt-lii! ackuow ledpcmrnt* are
tendered for their taluahle a»iii*taiirc and gallant
conduct 011 the · iicht of May 2d. and to Capta. Ellis
\V. Sawyer and < has. Γ. M attacks of tbe 17th Maine
and the eomi«nk'S under their command my especial
thauks are due.
(Signed,) J. II. J. War»,
Brig. ( icneral.
J. W. Cooxev, Capt. and A. A. 0.
Portland, May 16.
The Union says that live sheep and
two lambs were killed by a bear at East Ma
chias, night of May 2d. The sheep were
owned by David Seavey. They were in
a pasture ne«r tbe house. This Is beginning
operations quite early in the season. The bear
was afterwards killed.
Portland Daily Press.
Arrival of Sick and Disabled Soldiers from
Hi.km Head Shameful Neglect of Duty.
New'Yokk, May 15.
Steamer Cosmopolitan, which arrived Wed
nesday Iron) Hilton llead, brought a {large
number of discharged soldiers from that de
partment, nearly all of whom are sick, dis
abled or wounded. Most of them were taken
to David's Island, where, upon examination of
their papers, it was found that they were dis
charged from the U. S. service, but unfor
tunately their other papers were found to be
imperfect, i. e., not one of them was signed by
the Surgeon at Hilton Head, consequently,
although these papers are all tilled out, need
ing nothing but this signature, these poor fel
lows cannot obtain their pay from the pay
master, neither can they obtain transportation
to their homes or rations until the documents
are returned to Hilton Head, there reclilied
and again returned here. One hundred and
seventy of these men were brought to the
New Knglaml Kooms, KM Broadway, to-day,
where they were very promptly received and
cared tor. Were it not lor the existence of
this excellent institution they would have
lieen thrown upon such charity as could have
lieen obtained in the streets. The Superin
tendent of the room, Col. Howe, immediately
took steps to send them to their homes, and
with the assistance of the Agency of the War
ι Protective Claim Association, the total amount
of each soldier's account will be collected and
remitted to them, giving each acertitled check
therefor. Some 2(10 still remain at David's
Island, who will be brought to the New Eng
land Rooms on Saturday or Monday, and for
them the same kind offices will he performed.
The men are froin every loyal State and em
brace all branches of the service. Many of
them are heads of families, and the depriva
tion of their pay for a mouth or more will be
felt with great severity. The person guilty of
such derelictions of duty has committed an
act of gross injustice to these sick and dis
abled soldiers and their needy and anxious
families, and one which Government will not
he slow to rebuke with just severity. The
facts will be forwarded to the proper authori
From Gen. Grant's Command -Provoat Mar·
shale—Capture of Sloop Express—From the
Arm; of the Potomac.
Wamhixotok, May 15.
Advices from General Grant of the 8th have
been received. He expresses satisfaction with
the appearance of affairs in his vicinity, and
slates that Port Hudson is undoubtedly evac
uated, except by a small garrison ami their
heavy artillery.
The Cairo dispatch of tlic 13th, and the
Jackson. Miss., Rebel dispatch of the Ulli were
positively untrue; the former having repre
senting that Gen. Grant had beaten Bowens,
rebel army on the <!th, ami the latter that
Bowens had repulsed Grant 011 the 4th.
Judge F. H. Buggies of New York has been
appointed Consul at Kiugston, Jamaica.
Provost Marshal General Fry has issued a
notice, that Provost Marshals and memliers of
the Board of Enrolment will be considered as
declining their appointments, unless they Im
mediately notify liiin of their acceptance and
readiness to enter at once upon their duties;
the acceptance to lté forwarded by telegraph
whenever practicable.
The U. S. steamer Chocura reports the seiz
ure, on the 4th inst., of the sloop Express, from
Nassau. N. P., bound to Wilmington, N. C.,
w ith a cargo of salt. She had no flag, clear
ance register, manifest or sea letters. She was
owned in South Carolina.
The only information from the Army of the
Potomac is that all is quiet, and that General
Hooker has returued from his visit to Wash
A delegation from the Philadelphia Union
League had an interview with the President
Various Items.
New York, May 15.
Gen. Buruside was in Washington yesterday
consulting with the President anil Secretary
of War.
Prize schooner Briilant, captured by the
gunboat Day light off Wilmington, N. C., arriv
ed at Phiadelpliia yesterday.
A Fortress Monroe letter of the 13th inst.,
reports on authority of deserters, that the reb
els are leaving the Blackwater and moving to
A di-patch from Somerset, Ky., of the 13th
says the enemy is in force across the Cumber
land. Morgan, with the commands ol Wheeler
and Forrest is at Monticello. All conversation
between the pickets has beeu stopped, and
affairs wear a stirring aspect,
Jerry Comsden has been convicted in Brook
lyn of forging about ♦"Λ"),000 on the Weslfleld
Bank, of Massachusetts.
The New York Historical Society will cele
brate, on Wednesday, the 200th birthday of
William Bradford, who introduced the art of
printing into the American Colonies. The
tomb erected to his memory is to be restored
by Trinity Church Corporation, and a special
service is to be held on the occasion.
Brig. Gen. Wilde and staff sailed from this
port to-day for Newbern to organize a negro
Probable Disagreement between Gens. Hal
leek and Hooker—No Immediate Move
ment of the Army to take Place.
New York. May 15.
A Washington dispatch to the l'ost says it
is said there is a serious disagreement between
Gens. Halleck and Hooker, and it is positively
said that Hooker's new movement was coun
termanded by Gen. Halleck.
Prominent Congressmen here iiavc united
in a vigorous protest agaiust General Halleck
taking the Meld.and it is thought the President
way veto the project.
There are no indications of immediate move
ments. Many corps commanders and staff
officers of the Army of the Potomac are pre
paring to leave and some are now in Washing
A Washington dispatch to the Express says
Biggs A Co. have lieen notified to quit the
premises they occupy, which are the property
at Mr. Corcoran, who is said to have been one
of the subscribers to the " 200," as govern
ment intends to take possession of the prop
From Kentucky.
Louisville, May 15.
Col. Jacob, in Sunday's tight with the rebels
Cluke and Chenault, at Horse Shoe Bottom
Narrows, on the Cumberland, lost forty-two
men. including three officers. Capt. Chenault
and several other rebel officers and ninety
eight of their men were killed and three taken
Gen. John II. Morgan was in command with
nine regiments, aggregating 4000 men, which
are still on the south side of the Cumberland,
only small squads having crossed at different
Col. Graham at Glasgow had a tight with
several squads of rebels and drove 200 of
them to the south side of the Cumberland on
There is no considerable force of rebels on
the north side of thai river.
Morgan's proposed raid into Kentucky has
been defeated by the forces of Cols. Boyle and
llolman and the 20th Michigan regiment un
der Col. Jacob ot the Narrows.
Execution of Deserters.
Sandusky, May 15.
Two prisoners, T. P. McGraw and William
Corbiiu senteuced to sutler death by a court
martial at Cincinnati, were executed on John
son's Island, near Sandusky at 1 40 this P. M.
They were both killed at the first fire and
died without a struggle. Their bodies were
delivered to their friends from Kentucky, by
order of Gen. Burnsldes.
Five prisoners who have been sentenced to
death, and are ordered to be executed on the
20th iust., arrived here this evening.
Nashville. May 15.
Private J. Milek, of the 10th Michigan In
fantry, was shot at noon to-day for desertion.
The river is falling. There is live feet of
water on the shoals.
The C&ae of Vallandlffham.
Cincinnati, May 15.
Judge Leavitt renders in the Vallandigham
habeas corpus case to-worrow. It is under
stood that Gen. Burnside will announce the
disposition to be made of Vallandigham as
soon as Judge Lcavitt's decision is made
The report that Gen. Burnside was at
Washington yesterday consulting with the
President, is untrue.
Philadelphia, May 14.
Jay Cooke, U.S. Subscription Agent reports
tlie mile of #2.065,000 worth of 5-20's to-<lay,
in the following localities : New York and
New Jersey,$051),000; Boston, $440,000; Rhode
Island, $100,000; Philadelphia and Pennsyl
vania, $287,000; Ohio and Cincinnati $109,000;
Delaware $tf 1,000; Washington, $33,000; Bal
timore $2:5,000; Kentucky, $27,000; Missouri,
$0,000; Indiana and Illinois, $17,000. The
increasing amounts from the Bonier states is
a gratifying feature in the above list.
Erie Canal—Stevedorea Strike-Fire.
Albany, May 15.
A break in the canal occurred to-day near
Hoffman's Ferry, but will be repaired by to
morrow morning.
A bad slide also occurred near Fultonville.
BAFFALO, May 15.
The strike among the stevedores and ΙαΙκίΓ
ers has ended, the employers acceding to the
terms, $1.50 per day.
Syracuse, May 15.
The Syracuse Mills were burnt yesterday
morning. Loss $30,000. Insured for $18,000.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe. May 14.
Several flags of Truce boats are due from
City Point, but none had arrived up to 4
o'clock this P. M.
The 3d New York vol's still continues its
organization, although the term of more than
half its members have expired. It still lias
more than 701 men on duty, and its ο Ulcers
deserve great credit for their energy iu re
organizing and recruiting the regiment from
its old members.
All is quiet at Suflolk.
Activity of the Federal Army in the South
ern Department.
Fortress Monroe, May 15.
Richmond papeis of the 14th contain a
Charleston dispatch of the 12th, staling that
the Federals are unusually active, and have
built formidable batteries on Folly Island.bear
ing on the southern extremity of Morris'
Several Yankee regiments are fortifying
Seabrook Island.
Five iron-clads and a number of transports
are at North Edislo.
Several steamers have arrived from Nassau
and several steamers that are due are missing.
From California.
San Fraxcisco, May 15.
San Joaquin county has voted to subscribe
a quarter of a million dollars to the stock of
the Pacific Railroad.
Over $200,000 worth of goods, mostly from
the East Indies, were sold at auction to-day.
Among the lots were a cargo of cotfee, sugar,
rice and spices, per ship Migrator, from Ba
tavia, which liarely realized cost. Teas sold
low. Twenty-five hogsheads prime New Or
leans sugar sold at 1 lc, and considerable quan
tities of tobacco at 05 a 85c.
Humored Battle at Vicksburg.
New York, May 15.
The New York Herald lias the following
special dispatch :
Mcrfrke.sboro*, May 14.
Col. Ha/en, commanding at Bradysville,
Tenn., télégraphe that all is quiet in tlmt vicin
ity where lively work was anticipated.
Unreliable rumors which have reached here
say that a great battle has been fought at
Vicksburg, both by laud and water, with what
result is not known.
Reported Defeat of Gen. Banks—Oreat Lou
in a No. Carolina Brigade.
New Vork. May 15.
The Hiclunond Sentinel of the 12th con
tains a Jackson, Miss., dispatch of the 11th,
which say» the Natchez Courier professe» to
have information that Kirby Smith, with 10.
000 raw troops, has beaten Gen. Hanks badly,
driving him out ot Washington, Louisiana.
The Sentinel says Laws North Carolina
brigade lost 005 men at Chancellorville, or
over 38 per ccnt. of its entire number.
The Rebel Baid at Fairmount.
Baltimore, May 15.
The bridge over the Monongahela at Kair
uiouut, destroyed by the rebels some two
weeks since, lias been restored, and railroad
communication with the West is fully re-es
Gen. Kelley telegraphs from Grafton that
the rebels have left the line of the Parkers
burg road and retreated South.
Accident to Qen. McNeil.
Cape Girardeau, May 15.
Gen. McNeil was wounded ill tlie hip this
morning by the accidental discharge of the
pistol of one of his aides. His wound is not
serious, but it will preveut bis taking the Held
for several weeks.
I New Yorl» Market·
New York. May 15.
Cotton—heavy anil irregular; sales 1100 bales at 58
@ 60c for middling uplands.
Hour—State and western heavy and 10 <i 15c tow
er: Super Slate 6't0.n;585; Extra do β 2d .a, 6 35;
choice do 6 4" a 660; Round lloop Ohio ti βΟ q fi 75;
choice do 6 80 Λ 7 90; Super >\'estern 5 65 ^ 5 85;
common to good Extra do rt 2" " β .3 I; Southern 10c
tower; Mixed to good 6 SO s 7 Ϊ5; Fancy and Extra
7 20 ^ 9 75; Canada 10c lower; common extra 630 fï,
6 60; extra good to choice 6 65 ti S 25.
Wheat—closed very heavy and 4 " 7c lower; Chi
cago spring 1 27 λ 1 44; Milwaukeo^'lub 1 38 α 1 47 :
Λ inber Iowa 1 48 « 150; Winter Red Western 145
ti, 157; Amber Michigan 1 57 a 1 53; White State
1 75.
Corn—closed 1 (Î 2c lower; Mixed Western sound
80 {<gy 83; do uiisouitd 77 .a 80.
Oat*—3 a 5* lower; Jersey 70 «, 72; Northern and
Western 72 tt 73.
Beef—more active but uuchanged.
Pork—opened dull and closed rather more steady.
Sugar—dull and weak ; >iew Orleans 9J a> 10; Mus
coia.!o 9] a 10}: Havana 10$.
Coffee-dull : Java 37
Molasses—quiet ; New Orleans tart 23.
Freights to Liverpool—more active and firmer;
flour 2 2s 3d ; grain 8j a9d in bulk and ships' tiajp*.
Stock Market·
New York, May 15.
Secontl Ftoarft.—Stock* ntfonger.
Chicago k Noith Wentern 40
Milwaukie k Prairie Du Chien 60
(jaleua k Chicago, 107J
Cleveland k Pittuhurg 9S
llinois Central Hcrij» Ha
Michigan .Southern, *4}
Michigan Southern guarantee! 114/
Michigan Central Uf>j
New York Central 12»>
lludfton 131
ιιβπνιιι Wf
Reading 1U]
Chicago λ Rock Islaud 104J
Pacific Mail 190
Quicksilver Mining Co 47]
American (iold, 100
Mitwouri 6's 67J
Tennessee β'* 61
Uuited States one year certificates 99§
The depot at Terre Haute, Indiana,
was struck by lightning on the 18th nit. The
Hiient of the road. Mr. Charles Cochran, who
was deaf in one ear, was knocked from his
seat and rendered for a few m nnents insensi
ble. When he recovered he found his hearing
Banking nnd Exchiingo Office,
No. 65 Exchange Street,
Up Stairs.
Stoclta cSo Bonds
ray 15 istf
U. S. 5-20 BONDS,
cent, per annum, semi-annually,) payable
in GOLD.
In denominations of $50, SloO, $500, and 91000, for
sale by
No. 65 Exchange Street, (up stairs.)
|y These Bonds are the cheapest Government se
curity in the market, and pay the largest interest on
the coat. iuy 15 istf
Dr. O. Rotobins,
THE famed Discoverer of New Remedies for EP
rea) and other nervous and convulsive diseases," vis
iting his patiente in this city, can be professionally
consult* d at the lTnited States Hotel, from 9 a.m.
to l,and from 2 to 5 p. m., from Tuesday, May 19th,
to Saturday. May 23d—or Dr. It. will call at tne res
idences of any thai should wish. iuy 15 lw
ΙΠ It*. A. iiiOFFATT,
Manufacturer of tho celebrated Omi
Vokrd Shirt. Βο«··μν sud Collar·,
No. 27 Hakket SqUakk, 1'ortland.
ε-r-l'anicular attention given to the manufacture
of (jents* tine Flannel Shirts, Drawers, &c.
Ready made Shirts at very low price». my 15 tf
Madame W W BISHOP,
With the renowned Baritone.
MR. Κ. « Ε G U I Ν,
Prima Basgo of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden,
Pupil and Compeer of the great Listz, &c., &c.,
will oivk hkk
in this city, presenting the choicest programme ever
offered, among which is
The Craiic Opera (laa KnglUfc)
Jearinette;'s "Wedding!
In full c stume, as performed at the Koyal Italian
Opera, London, Opera Comique, Paris, and The
Academy of Music, New York.
Doors open at 7|—to commence at 8 o'clock.
Ticket* at Messrs. Paine's and Andrews' music
stores—25 cents ; Proceuium 50 cents.
tn 'articulars iu program in*-4
my 13lw J. w. OKK<J0RY. Mauager.
His stock of
By large additions of
Serviceable and Faahionable Good*,
Purchased in the larger markets,
Merchant Tnilor,
At hi» old Mtand. JVO- 137 \fiilAl* Sir ret
Ιβ prepared to supply his friend β and the public with
CLOTUt Ν G made up according to the mont approv
He has a superior assortment of goods for SPRING
the uew "S< rjH'ii'ine" style—and elegant BLACK
and FANCY CLOTHS for DiiKea and Frock
Choice PANTALOON GOODS of new styles of
texture, such as have not appeared before iu this
market—as well as the kiuds that have wou favor for
their durability.
VESTINGS — elegant Silk and Light Spring
Styles, in addition to the Woolen aud Worsted so
much in use.
Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and
examine. ap!27 d3w
New Spring (ioods·
Coirie One, Come All Î
aud patronize the new tirm.
X· It» Middle Siren.
G. ft M. respectfully invite all their old friends
and former patrons, aud the PUBLIC geueraiiy, to
their new stock of
Priceλ the very iowtet. Ttrmneaeh on drlivrry.
*pl6eodtf CIIAS. F. MoRRELL.
New Store ! New Goods !
Having been with James E. Fernald fortheten
years jmst, has now opened a new and elegant store
Second door above Β. ft N. A. Express office, (near,
ly opposite the Postoffice,) where he will be hanpy to
meet his uew friends aud former customers. He has
just purchased an entirely new stock of
Adapted to the Spring and Summer trade, and bears
to awmre those who may give him a call, that he will
spare no pains to give them pertect satisfaction in
fitting, workmanship, and price.
Particular attention given to the cutting'and man
ufacturing of Bovs' clothing.
ty Mr. Frost having liad large experience in the
manufacture of Armv and Xavv Clothing. is prepar
ed to execute all orders at the shortest notice,
marchd—3m deod ft weow38
Seotch Canvas,
Bnth, Me. .
BOLTS Superior Bleached)
ZVJU *>, do All ton, A)m, Wor4>i
8Π0 do Extrm All Lour flix j Arbro*»>·
300 do Navy Fine
Delivered in Portland or Boston.
Bath, April 30, 18β3. ap22dtf
ARRIVED, and now landing, cargo egg and
per brig Surf, 321 tons.
At Wharf, cargo prime
Cumberland or Forge Coal,
from Baltimore, per sch. W. H. Sargent. 232 tons.
my53w Richardson's Wharf.
— r*»B —
SM. BAKEMAN would inform the Indies of
• Portland that she has just received from New
York a full assortment of Braiding Patterns, which
sli<· i* pnmrad t«» Stamp on gar Mata ot' all kind* at
short notice, at her room«, No. 19 Free Street.
Orders from all parte of the State promptly attend
ed to.
Mav 12 dlw·
"Live anil Grow Fat."
No· NO Exchange Sln'ft, IM iloor above
the P6«t Ottit-e.
ry-ICF, CREAMS mud FRUITS ia their ·ο*«οη
Portland, May 13 lm
For California.
1'amaobTicketsfor theSteamers
sailing from New York, on the let.
11th. 21at of each month, may be §e
cured by early application to
W.D. LITTLE. Afrat.
OFFICE 31 Exchange Street,(Up Staire
mchll d& wtf 39
Portland. May 14. l-*63. lwised.
I. Ο. Ο. ΤΛ
Removal of Maine l.odge, No. 1.
MEMBERS of Maine Lodge. No. 1. are hereby
notified that the last met'ting in thfir Lodge
Koom on Congress Street, will be neld next Monday
evening, May lSth. at 7$ o'c'ock, from whence the ν
will be escorted by Ancient Brothers Lodge, No. 4,
and Ligonia Lodge. No. 6, to their new Hall on Ex
change street.
All the members are invited to be at the hall
promptly. Per order.
myl&dtd Agent of Maine Lodge. No. 1.
ALL person* having claims against the estate of
Yf. Capkn. willl eave them at his late residence,
Willow street, forimmediate settlement.
ap2ô d2w
Book, Card & Fancy Printing
Ire Chests.
{Λ ICE CHESTS for sale at a bargain, at No. 296
+mi Congress Street.
For Sale.
In Tape Elizabeth, near the southern
end of Portland Bridge, a modern
built, two-storied dwelling house, with
stable connected. Also, a garden, eon
staining apple, pear, plum and cherry
tree·»; currant, gooseberry and raspberry bushes.
Said resident:»! i·- very pleasantly located, only one
half mile from Commercial street, and commands
one of the finest views of the city, the harbor, and
the country. PERLEY & RUSSELL,
my 14 eodtf
The House formerly known as the Peak's
J Island House has been recently purchased
by the undersigned, and will be let for a
genteel boarding house.
Said house is sitnated on the southwest
side of Peak's Island, three miles from Portland, and
witliiu fifteen rods of the ocean, commanding a tine
view of the ocean and city.
The situation offers every facility for boating, fish
ing and bathing.
For further particulars enquire of Henry M. Rrack
ett. Summer Retreat, Peak's Island, or J. W. Brack
t, at Fillebrown & Burton's, No. 1 Union Wharf.
IjlOR a term of years, the vacant Lot of Laud on
Fore street, above India street. recently occu
pied bv B. F. Noble & Co., as a Lumber Yard.
ap30 tf <*>4 Middle Street.
Store Tor Sale.
Τ Η Κ four-story brick Store in Free Street—No. 5
in the Free Street Block—next east of Toi ford's.
Emjuire of H. T. MACHIN, (.alt Block, or
ap9 tstf Ρ ΒΑ UN ES, 84} Middle Street.
To Let.
ΓΙ1IIΕ Store under Mechanics' Hall, occupied »>y
X Smith & Boyd. Possession riven immediately.
Apply to Ε. E. LITTLE,
apl iseJtf Cor. Congress and Caaco Streets
To be Sold Cheap.
A GOOD FARM in Cape Elizabeth, with a good
xIl house, barn, and other buildings, abtjut live
miles from Portland, near the Ocean House road.
For particulars enquire of
my ι 3weod Lime street.
For *alc·
TIIE House on the corner of Pros
pect and Cm«o streets—the basement
finished fora M tun·. A good stand for a
family Grocer.
Τwo Lofe of Land, one on Spring tnd one on
Spruce street. Either would be exchanged for a
good Dwelling House.
For particulars please apply at 127 Middle street,
Portland. " N.I. MITCHELL.
Farm for Male.
A FA RM for sale in Scarborough, about one mile
from Dunstau's Lauding, containing 160 acres,
cute 40 tons of hay: a large cranberry bed; good
buildings, Ac. For particulars call on
my7 eod8w Lime Street.
For Sale.
A beautiful FARM in Gorham.on
the Y. k C. R. R. Road, containing
about 83 acres of excellent land,
f;ood buildings, plentv of wood for
lome consumption, good orchard
all in good condition, «bout one one-halt miles from
Gorham Village. Good place for a Store,if a person
should like to go into trade, and in al) respects a tine
place. For further information call on N. BROWN,
Eeq , 132 Exchange street, Portland, or on the own
er, on the premises. ap23 eodftw*
of Creditors.
A Τ a full meeting of the creditors of the late John
XV Rounds, held this day, pursuant to previous no
tice. the whole subject matter being referred to a
committee of χπκ duly appointed for that purpose,
who reported a* follows,which report is hereby unah
imonsfy accepted.
From the. Probate Records.
Whole amount of claims allowed against the
estate, «5,781.42
IKVEKTORY or THK eutat·:.
Cash, 9lCii) t«0
Good* and chattels, 246 66
Rights aud credits, 4.4i#u 15
Axn further th* Probate Record* «λιτή hot.
Suflicieut. however, is here apparent, that instead
of 20 per cent, the estate shoulu have paid, and did
in reality pay about 854 per cent, less the cost of ad·
ministration, aud the furniture (8246 «6>.
Sewell C. S trout, (Howard k Strout) 4,a* rorxaEt.
for THE Ai>misi*tuatrix." accord»«// to hit own
account. has had all the claims against the estate,
less that of #54.64 at New York. *shh;s».i> to him
»KLr run 20 peu cmt. As evidence that said Strout
has not paid over 20 per ceut. on #5 676 88 of thes«
claim*, reference is had to the following letter, at
constituting part of tkia report:
Portland, March 81. 1862.
Messrs. Smith tt Stratton. New York.
The dividend upon the claims against the estate of
John Rounds is 30 per cent., amounting upon your
claim to 910 80. You cau have the amount by «end
ing an order for it to auy one here. The dividend,
have all been paid out except \ ours, a long time
since, aud I had forgotten about your claim.
Youre truly, ». C. STROUT.
The Account mag be stated thus :
85,731 42-54 54 is *5.676 88, at 20 per cent, 81,135 88
Goods and chattels (furniture,Ac.,) the Court
allowed the administratrix to retain. 246 06
Cash at sundry times, and Note from Stront
to the adiuiiiistratnx. as per his account
in part rendered her. 975 00
Amount of the New York claim remaining
untettled, 54 54
82.411 58
This amount, 82.411 58, taken from the atseXs,
84,8iW 81. supposing the N. York claim of 854 54. to
be paid iu full, show a balance of 82.435 23. /ess the
cost i\f tulminisfration. CXaccocxtki» for ix the
h a miw of Sewell C. Strout. which of right, to
gether with the Wlh abort- stt f»rth, thon/d hare been
paid to the reeuectire creditor» of said estate.
Your Committee, therefore, upon a full and dis
passionate review Of the w hole matter, are of opin
ion that bv reason of the mitrepr* tentât ions of said
Strout, all the credit ors, except D. T. Chase, have
been cheated out of their just dues, and recommcnd
to each of them to take such legal measure*, as the
laws may afford, to compel Mia strout to make good
the difference between what they severally got, and
wliat the estate shontd have paid, and would have
paid, had the orig-na/ entries on the kvtks of the Pro
bate Reeordt been faithfully carried ont.
D. T. ClIASE, Chairman.
M OS Eft Morrill. Secretary.
Portland, April 20. 1863 ap23 Th SATutt
join w. niiNGEK,
IN" otary Public,
Office Ιββ Fore Street»
Γ 8 prepared to Note and F Mend Marine Proteets,
and to execute any Notariat business that may be
requ.red ap!9 eod3m
PATENTED ΚΕΙ». 17,1863.
VN Article (hat will find a welcome iu roost every
fyOnly twenty-five cents.
The right ot any Count in in the State for «aie, ex
cept York and Penobscot. which are sold.
Call at 229 Congress street, near New City Build·
iug, or address Ε. (Ί1ΑΓΜΛΝ, Jr.
ιηνβ dtlftw
PortlniMl, ϋικΌ & Portsmouth Kail
ΓΠΠΕ Stockholders of the Portland, Saco it Ports
X mouth Railroad Company are notified that their
auuual meeting !>>r the choice .·ι Directors, and the
transaction ο such other business as mav legally
come before them, will l)e held at the Baptist Meet
ing Hou«e in North Berwick Village, on Mouday,
the first dav of Juue next, at twelve o'clock, noon."
Stockholder* only wi'l be parsed Iree over the
Eastern, the Boston & Maine, and the Portland, Sa
co and Portsmouth Roads, to and from the place of
By order of the Director·,
of 1·. S. & P. R R. Co.
Portland, May 11, 1863. my 13 dtd
Dine at the
JlrrrhniiliiEiichnnee Eatlnglloimo
17 & 10 Exchange Street.
A Free Lunch every day from 10 to 12. apR fim
LippiiicoU's INiotugriipti Alliums !
These Albums, long siuce acknowledged in New
York. Philadelphia and Washington market·, to be
the most elogaut Book* in style and finioh made,
have recently been int'wciuced in this market. Here
as every wtiere, they fore now the Favorites. They
areinAde with Link? (ii'Aiins, which distinguishes
Lippincott's from all others. The superiority of this
feature is so apparent, impartiug etrength to the
Book, aud.4cxi6i/«r^ in opening the leaves, that com
bined with their superior style of bindiug*. it makes
them just what a Photograph Album should be.
Call for
They are the oues that will exactly please you in
every respect.
O. L. S .4 ft Β Ο Κ Ν & CO.,
55 Exchange St.. Portland,
ap7 d6w w4w42 Αοκκτ vos Maine.
Steamboat Notice.
lu consequence of xome improve
ments to be tnade on the Steamship
lieu. Banks, her trip* will be dis
continued for a few days. Notice wiMbe giveu when
she will resume her regular trips
A SOME Κ BY, Agent.
Portland. April 21.1868. dtf
1-o ilia ι ii *«'iiiiiinry.
ΓΙ11ΙΕ Summer Term of this Institution will com
A mener on Tuesday, May 26. 1«%8.
For further particulars applv to the Principal, or
my2 3wd&w46 J. A. WATERMAN, Sec'y.
Commission Merchant,
27 Exchnn|(e §(reetf
Over Ocean Inwiiranoe Office.
Will attend to sales of Veesels.Cargoe·, Stock·, Reft
Estate and Merchandize.
Sales promptly made and settled. niche d3m
House Lot at A action.
WE «hall sell at public auction on Tuesday. Hay
19. at 3 o'clock P. M., on the premise*, a Hue
Jot of land on North street, almost facing ( umber
land street. The lot ie 65 feet on Nora street. and
about lift feet back-~a very desirable lot and loca
tion Title goo.1 —«ale positive—terra- easy.
mj 12 dtd BAILEY ft CO., Auctioneer·.
Valuable Ileal rotule for Sale*
WE shall sell at publie auction, on Wednesday,
May 20. at 12 o'clock M., on the premise», the
two story Brick House on Free Street, Ko. 77, ad
joining Lnioii Hall. This property is very centrally
situated, in a good neighborhood, and desirable to
occupy or for investment. It is mM to ctoee ιtp an
t»tate. Sale positive. Title perfect. Terms easy.
Particular* at -ale.
HEN H Y BAILEY ft CO., Auctioneer·.
House at Aurtloia.
\\r κ «hall sell at public auction on Thursday, Jiay
ft 21st, at 3 o'clock I*. M., on the premise·, houee
No. ÎOSt. Lawrence street. Thi* i* a two story
wooden house with a basement. It ha* 2o finished
rooms, and tine clouts. The hoa*· finished through
out. There is a wood-house, two stories, 13 feet dv
33: a Hue large cistern in cellar, and abundance Al
tered water. It can be naed for two families, if de
sired. The Ιοί is 60 feet by 7ft. The situation is heal
thy—neighborhood good—prospect line. Sale po«»
tive; title clear: terms easy.
II EN Κ Y BAILEY ft CO., Auctioneer·.
my 12 dtk
Valuable Krai E«tal«· at Vn< il*n.
WE shall sell at public auction (unless previously
•old, ou Saturday, May d),ou the premises,t&e
new modern built two *tory brick ho«4e, owned,
uiltaml recently occupied by C. A. Alexander,
Esq., Architect. The house is pleasantly »ituated on
the corner of Danforth and Vaughn streets — abun
dantly supplied with hard aud soft water; thor
ou/hiy tin υ hod with a slated roof aud cemented
cellar fl«»or.
The lot contains ten thousand feet of land.
For term· and partioalan inqalre of JOIftH C.
PROCTER, Lime street.
HENRY BAILEY ft CO., Auctioneer·.
Portland, May 8, 1863. eodtd
Southern White Seed Corn,
my6 d3w 120 Commercial Street.
OvUU charging Irom ship "C harles Cooper."
inayU—3wis DANA k CO.
OfCQ IIH DS., I Superior Clayed Molasses, br
«♦-lO I6Tci. ) Bng "Anand'aJe," from Carde·
93 Hbds. Matanzas Muscovado MoltMei,
100 " Sierra Moreua
For sale by JOHN D. LORD.
n»y9 d3w· No. 1J L'nioa Wharf.
Tobacco Seed.
BY the pound or in papers, for sale br
Old Cftv Hall Building, Portland.
Flax Heed.
J QQ BUSHELS Canada Flax Seed, for towing,
Old City Hall Building, l'oitlaad.
mch26 eod2m& w2tu41
Onion Setts·
i A BUSHELS Ouion Sett*. for uûe at the Old
Tr" β City Hail Building. Portland.
mch26 eod2m w2m41
Flour, Flour.
rpilKUEST BRANDS or WmteiD and rmad·
JL Family FLO Vit can always be fouud at 872 Co·
gressstreet, at fair price·—for naît» l»v
Portland, Dec. 10.1862. eodtl
Nrw Ornne»· «'ohuj BuMrr,
JVST received „W.
royl 3w 146 » o-merci^
Ν near and lolassf·.
I fTA HtlDS. superior Muscovado Sugar,
JLÛU aoij Hhds. Sweet Clayed Molasses.
In bond. Tor sale by
my4 lmised No. 1 Portland Pier.
nuHcovado molasses·
4)7W ',1,l)S I Prime Muscovado Molasasei
« I Ο 24 fierez J Per Sch. "Paragon."
For sale by
•p27 3w JOHN LYNCH k CO.
THURSDAY afternoon, 14th inst., on Congre·· or
State streets, a Package containing a sett of Mr*.
Browning s Poem·. The Under will be suitably re
warded on leaving them at thb office
my 15 3t·
Situation Wanted.
V~~| YOUNG MAX who ha· just returned from the
War, wishes to get some permanent employ
ment in or near the city. Out-door work preferred.
<iood reference giveu if required. Apply at No. 25
Kim Street, up stairs.
Portland, May 14, 1WÏ3. *dlw
fllllOSE wanting EMPLOYMENT and HOOD
X VA Y. call at
239 Congre** Street·
nyi dtf
CASH paid for mcm! haad Steve·· at No. 1#
Long Wharf. M.U.COOK.
my6 dtf
BO 4 KO.
A GENTLEMAN and wife, or two single gentle·
la men. can be accommodated with good board
and ρ e&sant room*, in a private family, at 329 Con
irre·· street. ap2
A coastwise. D. 'Γ. Γ If ASK.
ap3B dtf
To Musicians.
VtTANTBD—Tweuly-four food Mu-icmuiî to form
ll » ban-1 for Gen. Cllmtnii'· Brigade: alto a
good Baud Conductor, to whom a ver? liberal salary
lia.-* beeu guaranteed by the officer·. For particular·
apply to S. I. Ν Ε W Μ Λ Ν, office No. 449 Main street,
( ambridieeport. M»>> ap22 dim
oichM dtf BUSIXK88, at thi« OS··.
WN. DKM1NU. Μ υ .would moat roprrtftilfr
• auuouuce to the citixetie of Portland and vT
ciuity, that he haatakcn a suit of room* at No. II
Clapp's Block, corner of Congre*# and Elm street·,
up stair*. where he will remain thr >ugh the «ummer,
to treat Chouic Uisewee by the htectropathic treat·
tie would especially invite the afflicted that are
laboriug under auv old and inveterate chroui· dis
ea*o. in the form of Scrofula, Hip Disease, Whjto
Swelling. Erysipelas <alt Ithcuin, Tetter. Kash. and
every humor* of whatever kind or character: likewise
spinal disease* curra'ure of the spine. St. Vita·'
iVance. Ht!*, paralysis, contracted muscles. distorted
limb·. dyspep-da. liver complaint, general debility,
habituai coii>tipa'iou. ftc. We would likewise call
tin» atteution of the public to our peculiar mauoer of
« every instance. when in the acute stage*, or whero
I the lungs are not fully iuvolved.
fbe most otntinate ce«· of nervous or sick II cad
ache. Neuralgia in the head, face and extremities,
! with acute Kheumatiera, are instantly relieved, and
with chronic rheumatism, are permanently cured in
• tew application*.
nr-To the Ladie* Dr I). especially oalY*. who aro
sufferers with Drop*v l»ebUit>.Luchorrh<*< or White·
Indamwatiuu and Ealiiug ot the Womb. Abscvsses,
Γιιιηοηι and Cancers of the Womb, and will guaran
tee a permanent cure in every case.
For Suppression*, Irregularities painfol Menstrua
tion*. Neuralgia of the Womb, with all thoir entail·
ing ills, there is no agent in the world so efficient la
curing a- Electricity. In many cases serious otatruc
tions can be broken up in a few moment», and in ·▼·
erv case it dnetroys the tendeuev to relapee. To all
those desiring perfect health, and the service· of tho
oldest Medical Electrician in the United State*, w·
moat respectfully invite to call, tendering to all a
' positive assurance of a foil recovery of health
P. S. Dr. I). first introduced Electricity for ea
! tr acting teeth without pain To those having decay
t ed teeth or stump*, or (leairing their teeth out for re
setting, we extend a polite invitation. During tbo
(►ju ration the person experience· a pleasing ai d in
vigorating sensation
Ν. Β For extracting Mineral and Humors from
the system, we use the electro chemical Batha.
Patients from out of towu will be accommodated
with board
Office hoars from Η to 1 ; I) to β ; and 7 to 8 in th·
evening. Consultation Free. mch24ised&*

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