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Municipal Affair*.
Monday evening, June 1.—Petitions pre
sented and referred to appropriate commit
tees :
Of Thos. O. Gould et als, that High street,
below Dceriug street, may be graded; of John
A. Thompson et als for a brickside walk in
front of lots Nos. 52 and 00 Franklin street,
and for a crosswalk at the junction of said
street and Dyer’s Bane; of S. IB Sawyer for
same on Cumberland street, betw’een Pearl
and Wihnot streets, instead of the flag stones;
of J. A. Kussell for same on the easterly side
of Elm street, from Congress street to John
Brackett’s house, also on the westerly side of
said street from Clapp’s block to Oxford street;
of Horace Harvey for the same on north
easterly side of Middle street from the corner
of Hampshire street to the adjoining lot west
on said Middle street; of Kufus Cushman
et als dealers in gunpowder, that the ordi
nance relative thereto may be altered so as to
limit the quantity to be kept on hand at any
one time to 75 lbs; of Daniel \\inslow, that
the Winslow Machine Works may have per
mission to put in a stationary steam engine of
about 50 horse power, in the building on Un
ion street, owned by J. B. Brown, and leased
by them (notice ordered); of lit. Kev. D. W.
Bacon, that as the city possesses an equally
suitable lot for a hay market, that he will pur
chase the present site on reasonable terms,
and that he will convert the same into a gar
den and otherwise improve it, so that it shall
Ire ornamental to the surroundings.
lteports of Committees Adopted.
Of the Committee on streets, <fec., on pe
tition of G. F. Hitchings that Poplar street
may be graded, that the lines of said street
are not definitely settled, and they deem it in
expedient to fix the grade until said lines are
fixed; on petition ol Kufus Cushman et als
for a brick side walk on Winter street, oppo
site No. 34; also on petition of Aretas Shurt
letT et als for same on the northeast side of
Spring from State street to Winter and through
Winter to the line of IB Knights’ land; on pe
tition of J. W. Monger et als for same on State
street from Congr&ts, to M. Morrill's laud; on
petition of James Chase et als for same on
both sides of Oak street between Congress and
Prospect streets—that all the above named
subjects of |ielilion ought to be granted.
Of Committee on Accotmt*.
On the report of the City Auditor, as to ex
penditures for the present year, that they
fiud the same properly authorized and correct
ly stated.
Orders passed in concurrence.—That the
City Treasurer be directed to hire, under the
direction of the Finance Committee, in antici
pation of income from taxes, $10,(XX) for a term
not exceeding nine months, and at a rate not
over U per cent., the same to bo applied to the
tlie City Treasurer be authorized to continue
State aid to some 10 families (names given) of
soldiers in tbc regular army, amounting to
$20 per week.
j.jTbat the sum paid for printing by the city
government for book ami pamphlet work shall
lie at the rate of 42 cents per 1000 ms for com
position, and $ 1JK) per token of 5<J0 copies of
sixteen pages; that the order passed in con
currence, April 20th, providing that the ordi
nances lie revised, collated and printed, lie
suspended until otherwise ordered; that the
Committee on Public Buildings lie directed
to cause to be built in the yard of the Alms
House, a substantial and convenient stable,
agreeably to the recommendation of the Over
seers iu ilieir annual report, the outlay for said
building not to exceed $2,000.
• That tiie Committee on Streets be directed
to take measures to’ establish the grade of
Commercial Street, to conform as nearly as
possible to the profile recently made by the
City Engineer; that the same committee be
directed to cause brick sidewalks to lie laid in
the following named streets: On Green street
in front of the City Hotel stable and Tobin’s
stable, including tile passageway between said
stables; on the northerly side of Winter street
between Spring and Pine streets, iu two places;
on Atlantic, from Congress to Fore streets; in
front of Simeon Hall’s land, Cumberland st.;
on Brown street, from Congress street to the
liriclfc block, also in front of lot No. 2H same
street; on Spring, from the residence of John
Ule8ou to Brackett street; on Ilaiiforth street,
iu front of Capt K. McMauuus' house to State
street; on Brackett, between Carleton and
Bramball streets, provided it can lie done with
out expense to the city for charge oT grade, to
be done as soon as practicable and according
to the provisions of the new city charter.
Au ordinance concerning sidewalks and fool
ways was passed to be ordained, and will soon
be published.
Adjourned to Monday evening, June 15.
Til k a Title A!-.—Deering Hall.—The troupe
of talented artists connected with Miss Kate
Keignolds were greeted with a delighted house
last evening. Miss Keignolds is indeed an el
egant, brilliant and versatile actress, as the
different styles of dramas presented last eve
ning showed. She was ably supported by
Messrs. Beck, Marlowe and Kobson. To-night
the three plays ol “The Comical Countess,”
“The Morning Call” and “The Union Volun
teer” (or a very odd kind of soldiering,) iu ail
of which Miss Keignolds will take promiuent
parts, will be offered for public favor, and such
a bill with such a troupe ought to fill the
house, and we trust it will be tilled with a re
fined audience, such as will appreciate these
beautiful dramas. The last piece, we are told,
is very laughable, during which Miss K. will
sing “When this cruel war is o’er.”
£y“Tlie great International Circus aim
Model Areua will make its entreo into the city
to-day, passing through seine of the principal
streets. It will exhibit this afternoon and
evening, at 2 and 7 o’clock, on the corner of
Green and Portland streets. This is said to
bj the largest and best circus extant, embrac
ing performers from the three great nations—
America, England and France—in the depart
ments of equestrianism, gymnasium, music,
&c. The procession will be proceeded by Sil
lowuy’s splendid cornet band.
KT*We learn that Mr. Stover of the Inter
national Hotel, retired yesterday, and that Mr.
Oliver C. ltoliins, long the gentlemanly clerk
of that house, has become the Proprietor. Mr.
Stover, we understand, is to take a position in
connection with the Independent Telegraph
Company. All deserved success both to the
out-going und iu-cuming gentleman.
‘ Hall L. Davis has received for sale, a
treatise on “Money,”by Charles Moran; “Ev
idence as to Man’s place in Nature,” by Prof.
Huxley; lectures on the “Symbolic Charac
ter of the Scriptures,” by the Itev. A. Silver,
and a pamphlet on “ The Crisis.”
Cape Cottage.—Mr. Jason llerry, the gen
tlemanly clerk at the Preble House, has taken
the Cape Cottage for the ensuing season. He
commenced yesterday to fit up, ami will be
ready to receive company on or before the
20th inst.
Spanish Consulate.—Senor Enrique A.
Ainz, Her Catholic Majesty's Consul for Spain,
has taken rooms ami his office at Kingsbury’s
excellent hotel, corner of Congress and Wil
mot Streets.
Geo. B. Moor, Esq., who has been for some
months employed on the editorial staff of the
Argus, is to assume the management of the
Advertiser, as we learn from the Courier.
Salk To-day.—Messrs. H. Dailey & Co.
will sell a neat little house, suitable for a small
family, situated on Fore Street, to-day at three
o’clock P. M.
A new passenger tariff, on the Grand
Trunk Koad, went into effect yesterday, by
which the rates wTere reduced somewhat, as is
usual in the summer.
Attention.—Attention is called to the ad
vertisement of Company A, P. S. G., to lie
tound in another column of this paper.
A general court martial, for the trial
of deserters, in this State, is to be held this
week, at Augusta.
Portland Daily Press.
—■■■ ■■ >— --—
Two British Steamers Sunk.
Gen. Hunter's Letter to Jeff. Davis.
Nkw Yoiik, June 1.
Port Royal advices, |wr steamer Arago,
state that our forces on Folly Island were at
tacked on the 20th by the rebels, who were
Gen. Hunter has issued an order, drafting
all the able-bodied men not in the employment
of the Government found in that department
after June 15th.
It is reported that an expedition is to be
sent into the interior of Florida.
A British blockade runner, while trying to
get out of Charleston, was discovered on the
night of the 20th, and sunk before she could
gain the bar on her return by the Powhatan.
Her officers and crew are supposed to have
perished. She was a large steamship.
On the 23d another steamer was discovered,
and tired into. . She recrossed under a heavy
tire, and sunk in the main channel, off Morris
All furloughs have been stopped in Gen.
Hunter’s department.
It was reporUul that several regiments bad
been ordered to Virginia, but that (Jen. Hunter
refused to let them go, and sent a protest to
the President.
The monitors still lay off Edisto. The
Ironsides was opi>osite Fort Sumpter.
The following letter from (Jen. Hunter to
Jeff. Davis is published in the Free South of
May 80th:
Headquarter* Department of the South,
Hilton Head, Port ltoyal, April 23, lKii3.—
To Jeff. Davis, Richmond, Va.:—The United
States flag must protect all its defenders,
white, black or yellow. Several negroes in
the employ of the Government in the western
department hart; been cruelly murdered by
your authority and others sold into slavery.
Every outrage of this kind against the laws of
humanity which may take place iu this de
|ruil.iii(.uk .mail UC JUilUWUU U) llie llllllHHllUU;
execution of the rebels of the highest rank in
my possession, man lor tnan. These execu
tions will certainly take place for every one
murdered or sold into a slavery worse than
death. On your authority will rest the re
sponsibility of this barbarous policy, and you
will he held responsible in this world and in
the world to come for all the blood thus shed.
In the month of August last you declared all
those engaged in driving the negroes to tight
for their country to be felons, and directed the
immediate execution of all such as should be
captured. I have given you time enough to
reflect on your folly.
I now give you notice that unless this order
is immediately revoked, I will at once cause
the execution of every rebel officer and every
ruhel slaveholder in my possession. The poor
negro is fighting for liberty in its truest sense,
and Sir. Jefferson has beautifully said, “in
such a war there is no attribute of the Al
mighty which will induce him to fight on the
side of the oppressor.” You say you are fight
ing for liberty. Yes, you are lighting tor lib
erty— lilierty to keep four millions of your fel
low beings in ignorance and degradation!—
Liberty to seperate parents and children, hus
band and wife, brother and sister! Liberty to
steal the products of their labor, exacted w ith
many a cruel lash and bitter tear! Lilierty to
seduce their wires and daughters, and to sell
your own children into bondage! Liberty to
kill these children with impunity when the
murder cannot be proven by one of pure white
blood! This is the kind of lilierty—the lilier
ty to do wrong, which Satan, chief of the fall
en angels, was contending for when lie was
cast into hell.
I have the honor to lie, very resp’y,
Your most obedient servant,
(Signed) I). Huhtek,
Major General Commanding.
Occupation of Puebla by the Trench.
Capture of General Ortega and 17,000
The French Mnrehing on-the City of
J?ew York, June 1.
An extra of the Havana Deario of the 26th,
received per steamer Slielldrakc, reports the
arrival at Havana of the French war steamer
Darien from Vera Cruz, with important dis
patches from Gen. Korey, aiiiimineing the oc
cupation of I’uehla by the forces under his
command. The prisoners include Gen. Ortega
and 2d other Generals, 000 minor officers and
17,000 men. It appears that on the 10th Gen.
Korey opened with heavy artillery on Kort
made. The French troops then moved to the
assault,and after a desperate resistance entered
the place, when Gen. Ortega surrendered un
conditionally. On the 20th one division of the
French at my started for the City of Mexico.
On the 8th inst. Gen. Comonfort, who had
received reinforcements, tried to attack the
French in the rear, and Gen. Bazons division
opposed him, resulting in his complete defeat.
The battle took place near San I.urenzo, Oom
onfort losing 2,500 men iu killed, wounded and
prisoners, and seven or eight ritled cannon
and a greater part of his equipments and mu
nitions of war. It appears Comonfort's attack
had for its principal object to lavor the en
trance into l’uebia of a large convoy of pro
visions and ammunition.
Gen. Forey had received in time part of the
heavy- artillery- he expected, and already (on
the 10th) had mounted a battery opposite the
fort of Tolimehuacan, one of the most dread
ed iu Puebla. On the same day the artillery
liegan to tire, and by the 17th a breach had
been made. Forey then commanded an as
sault to be made, but resistance immediately
ceased. Part of the French army then entered
the town, and Ortega surrendered without
resistance, with all his army, including all his
artillery and equipments. There would be left
in Puebla only a necessary garrison to prevent
its being molested by guerrillas, and the rest
of the French forces would march for the cap
Later from Europe.
New York, June 1.
Very latest from Europe per Jura, via
Merlin, May .21.—Henry VauBistnark was
present at to-day's sitting of the chamber of
Deputies, ami read a royal message, in which
the King says the house has iudirectly ap
proved of the conduct of its president, which
was iu violation of the constitutional rights of
the ministry. Such a position for the ministry
does not correspond with the dignity of the
crown. The King can only advise the cham
ber to terminate such a state of things, in
order that the business of the house may lie
continued. Henry VauBistnark then left the
house. Herr Vinchnn moved that the royal
message be reterred to the committee on the
address, as the minister has misinformed the
King. The motion was unanimously adopt
The bulliou in the Bank of England hus in
creased £123",000.
Admiral Porter’s Dispatch—No Invasion of
New York, June 1.
The Post publishes the following special
dispatch from Washington:—Admiral Porter’s
dispatch, published this morning, is the latest
received by the Government from Vicksburg.
It is rumored iu the street that Gen. Lee is
moving towards the Shenandoah Valley, but
there is probably no truth iu the report.
The story set afloat of a new invasion of
Kansas by Gen. Price, and the inadequacy of
the national forces to resist it, has no founda
tion. In fact there are 40,1)00 enrolled militia
iu the State of Missouri ready to act. Gens.
Heron's and Blunt's commands are in Kansas
and the Indian county, which amount to nearly
25,000 men, and it is believed they can take of
Price. Fort Gibson is ifts miles or more from
Leavenworth City south, and about 100 miles
west of Little Bock. Neither Kansas nor
Leavenworth is iu danger.
Washington, June 1.
Count Kami! Brans and M. Olivari, tlie cap
tain and first officer of the Lilian frigate San
Girovauna, now lying at Philadelphia, are vis
iting Washington, and accompanied by the
Italian minister, were to-day presented to the
President. They were in full uniform.
The President to-day pardoned Jacob Var
ney, convicted in the District Court of West
ern Virginia for mail robbery, in April, 1.K152,
and sentenced to imprisonment in the Wash
ington Penitentiary for a period of three years.
Postmaster General Blair, District Attorney
and jurors all joined in the petition for pardon.
He lias a helpless wife and ten children.
The 3d brigade of Pennsylvania volunteers,
Col. Fisher commanding, who have been per
forming guard duty in Washington, joined tlie
headquarters of its division to-night on the
Virginia side. Gen. Crawford will probably
assume command of tlie division to-morrow.
The men were in flue spirits, and cheered as
they passed through our streets, glad to be
again in the field. Capt. A. Niclimorty, who
was with Gen. Morrill in all tlie battles of the
Peninsula in Gen. Crawford's division, is act
ing as Adjutant General and Chief of Staff.
It is believed this favorite division of Penn
sylvania would be increased to its full number
by returned nine months men iftlicyweie
called for.
Tlie municipal election came off to-day.
The present Collector, Kegister, and Surveyor
were re-elected by large majorities. Botli
parties claimed to be Union. Tlie coutest was
not spirited.
Up to 11 o’clock to-night no additional in
telligence had been received from Gen. Grant's
army later than tlie previous dispatches of the
5S8th, when it was stated that Gen. Grant’s
forces progressing as favorably as could lie
expected, and that Grant Imd no fears of the
A report prevailed to-day that the rebels
had appeared at Snicker's Gap, but a geutle
man who arrived to-night from that place says
only a few bushwhackers were secu to-day in
that neighborhood.
It is generally believed the army contem
plates a bold movement.
From Vicksburg.
Chicago, June 1.
A special dispatch to the Times, dated
headquarters in field, near Vicksburg, ggd,
says hut little has been effected within tin:
past thirty-six hours. Over 400 pieces field
artillery and several siege guns threw red
shot and shell on tlie enemy's works yester
day. Tlie mortar tleet also took a position
behind l)e Soto Point. Gen. Sherman lias
pushed Steele's division squarely to the foot
of the parapet. Our men lay in & ditch at
the slope of the parapil inside of one of tlie
principal forts unable to take it by storm, but
determined not to retire. Tne federal and
the rebel soldiers are not 25 feet apart, but
both are powerless to inflect much harm.—
Each watches the other, and a dozen of musk
ets are fired as soon as a soldier exposes him
self above the works of either side. Nearly
the same condition of tilings exists in Mc
Pherson’s front. His sharpshooters prevent
tlie working of the enemy’s pieces in one or
two forts. A charge was made yesterday
morning on one of them by Stephensons’
brigade, and was repulsed. To companies of
one regiment got inside. A few got out again
but the most of them were captured.
The forts are filled with infantry. Our
artillery has dismounted a few guns and dam
aged their works in some places, hut they are
still strong.
Gen. McClernard was hard pressed on the
left yesterday, and sent for reinforcements.—
Qtiimby’s division went to his assistance.
The contest continued until seven of our
flags were planted at the foot of the earth
works on the outside of one of the rebel forts,
and kept there for several hours, lint flic fort
was not taken. Mo< Demand’s loss is estimated
at 10,00<> killed and wounded. The lighting
grows more desperate each day.
Transports arc now running to within three
miles of our right.
Gen. Joe Johnston is reported near Big
Black Kivcr in our rear, with reinforcements
for the besieged. Gen. Grant can detail men
enough from his forces here to keep Johnston
in check.
Vallandigham indignation Meeting.
Pau.AiiEi.rHiA, June 1.
Tlie meeting to-night in Independence
Square, to protest against the arrest of Val
I.it..Ilghnsn, «... Uagrty nrtended. About
10,000 persons were assembled. Judge Ellis
Lewis occupied tlie chair. Speeches were
made by Ex-Senator Bigler. Ex-Congressman
Biddle, Cbas. J. lngcrsoll, and others. Mr.
Ingersoll counseled perfect obedience to the
laws and the constitutional authorities. Tlie
proceedings were very orderly, and the name
of Vallandigham was repeatedly cheered on
its repetition by the speakers, as was also that
of Gen. McClellan. Resolutions were adopted
declaring tlie arrest ami banishment of Val
landigham a violence, to which the |>coplc will
not and ought not to submit; that Hie remedy
is in flic ballot box at the coining election,
when the State authority will lie restored to
tlie hands of the Democratic party; that it is
tlie firm lielief that the design of the authori
ties at Washington is by military aggression
to provide an apology for tlie further invasion
of our lilierties; and that it is only to the bal
lot box that we can look for permanent relief.
Tlie meeting adjourned at half-past 1 o'clock.
From Havana and San Domingo.
New York, June 1.
The steamer Slielldrake, from Havana May
26th, arrived this afternoon.
It was reported at Havana that the yellow
fever had broken out among the French in
St. Domiugo dates of the 14th stale that five
chiefs of the February revolution were recent
ly executed.
Lagnayra dates of the 7th state that war
seems likely to Break out again.
From Honduras it is stated that that State
is preparing to aid Salvador in the war against
Four rebel sloops, loaded witli cotton, had
arrived at Havana.
Various Items.
New York, June 1.
Several provision merchants in this city
have been swindled out of $70,000 by a person
named M. Leisner.
The advance in gold to-day was caused by
the rumor of the capture ol 20,000 of Grant's
army. It is supposed, however, tol>e a canard.
Tim 10th N. Y. Artillery has been ordered
to Washington. I’art of the regiment have
already gone.
The Post understands that Gen. Fremont
lues been elected President of the Pacific Hail
road, eastern division.
Groat Meeting in Chicago.
Chicaoo, June 1.
At an immense meeting held on Change
this morning, Gen. Fuller announced the great
necessity for funds to send supplies to the
wounded at Vicksburg. Nearly *6000 were
raised. The committee of the Buffalo Board
of Trade gave $100, and the Oswego Board
the same. Gen. IValbridge, on behalf of the
Now York Committee of the Produce F.x
ebange, gave $1)00. Great enthusiasm pre
vai led.
Expected Rebel Raid into Maryland.
New York, June 1.
A Washington letter in the Commercial
states that it is believed the reported advance
ol the rebels lias no other foundation than the
transfer of a single division to Culpepper, and
that Stuart is making preparations for an ex
tensive cavalry raid into Maryland or Penn
sylvania. Gen. Hood's division of the rebel
army, it is said, is to support this advance part
of tlie way.
Fight near Senatobia.
Cairo, June 1.
The Memphis Bulletin of May .‘SOtli says an
expedition from Germantown, under Colonel
Met 'rcllis, attacked a retie) force of 2,7tm men
at Senatobia, on the 2.7th, and drove them to
the south of the Tallashachie with a loss of
six killed and three wounded.
News for Europe.
Cate Race, June 1.
The steamship America, from Boston via
Halfux for Liverpool, was boarded off this
point at 6 o’clock A. M. on Sunday, and news
ami telegrams from New York up to Saturday
afternoon were placed on board.
Philadelphia, June 1.
Jay Cooke, U.S. Subscription Agent, reports
the sale of $1,503,050 worth of 5-20’s to-day
at the several agencies in New York, Boston,
Philadelphia, Baltimore and the West.
New York Market.
Nkw York, June 1.
Cotton—more active ami firmer ; sales 1100 bales at
52 ft 53c for middling uplands.
Flour—State and Western opened quiet and closed
firmer; Superfine State 6 25 ft 5 35; Kxtra do 5 90 ft
0 05; choice do 610<ft620; Hound Hoop Ohio 6 26
@6 30; choice do 6 35 @ 7 75; Superfine Western
6 80 @6 40; common to good Kxtra do 5 90 @ 6 20;
Southern firmer; Mixed to good 6 60 @ 7 05; Fancy
amt Kxtra 7 10 @9 60; Canada a shade firmer; com
mon Kxtra 6 90 @ 6 20; Kxtra good to choice 6 25ft
7 90.
Wheat—1 @ lc higher; Chicago spring 1 21 ft 1 42;
Milwaukee Club 129 ft 141; Amber Iowa 145ft
1 48; Winter Kod Western 1 47 @ 1 52; Amber Mieh^
Igan 1 53 ft 1 57; Amber State 1 54 @ 1 56; lied Win
ter Illinois 1 43.
Corn—le better; Mixed Western sound 77 (ft 78;
new do 72 ft 76; Yellow Western 76 @78; White
Western 80.
Pork—dull and lower.
Sugar—steady; New (mean# 13; clarified Musco
vado I0j ft 11; Porto Kico lOj.
Molasses—quiet; Cuba clayed 38.
Naval stores—quiet.
Freights to Livcrdool— dull.
W ool—quiet.
Stock Market.
Nkw York, June!.
Second Hoard— Stocks are irregular.
Chicago A Hock Island,.104
Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago,. 78
Milwaukie k Prairie Du Cbien. 53
Chicago k North Western. 34?
Chicago & Alton preferred. 79
Cleveland k Toledo,.116
Galena k Chicago,.107
Cleveland A Pittsburg. 97
llinois Central scrip,.HI
New York Central,.125
Erie. 974
Erie preferred,. 106*
Harlem preferred,.Ill
Michigan Central.118?
Michigan Southern. 811J
Michigan Southern guaranteed.118?
Pacitic Mail.1«7
Pennsylvania Coal Company.139
Central American Transit Co. 64
Quicksilver Mining Co,. 46?
American Gold,.147
Virginia 6’s,. 66?
California 7’s.131
Missouri 6’s. 71?
Tennessee 6's.. 64?
Treasury 7 3-10th*, Oct A April.107?
United States 6's of 1881 coupons.107?
Returned from Abroad.—YVe had the
pleasure yesterday to meet our friend Josiah
Pierce, Jr., who returned from Russia last
week in the Asia, and arrived in this city yes
terday. He is looking in perfect health. He
speaks of the state of our national affairs as in
n favorable condition in Russia. Bayard Tay
lor was quite a favorite with the Emperor on
account of his excellent German scholarship,
and his resignation w ill Ik* a loss to our lega
tion at the Court of Alexander. Mr. Pierce
has been engaged in extensive legal practice
in St. Petersburg, in which he has been quite
A Gold Fish. — An interesting item for
bachelors is given in the Lewiston Journal
which states that “ a Miss Fish who lives iu
Turner with her uncle, is the kind of fish we
like to sec. Her uncle with whom she resides
being unable to obtain help in his farming op
erations on account of his relatives being in
the war. Miss Fish volunteered and directed
the labors of the oxen in harrowing and roll
ing an acre of plowed land, which she did in
two days. Turner is celebrated for heroic
women. It has passed to be a proverb: “Let
him who wants a good wife go to Turner.”
Railway Traffic.—The total receipts of
the Grand Trunk Railroad for the week end
ing May 23, were $80,031 JK1
Corresponding week hist year, 70,010,80
Increase, $10,014,20
Total increase from January 1, to
May 23, $148,100,37
Thf. Draft.—Although the enrollment is
now in progress, it will not be necessary for
any one to take measures to establish his
claim to exemption until he receives a printed
notice that he is drafted, when he has ten
days Ik*fore he is required to appear at the
office of the Board of Enrollment, where all
nrer* xf ixalilv infirmity, Ac., will be duly
Trade with Liberia. — The British
schooner Eastern Light sailed from Boston
Sunday, with a full cargo of merchandise
consigned to Leo L. Lloyd, a yonug and en
terprising colored man who was educated
•in that city and has for three or four years
past been a citixen of Liberia, where he has
transacted a commission busiuoss and estab
lished a sugar plantation.
YY’uo is it?—The Oxford Democrat rejoices
over the sudden departure of a pretended
M. I), from that place, who is known to have
two wives, preaches what he is unable to
practice, and is supposed to have served a term
in the Vermont Stale Prison. His last wife w as
married in this city some six mouths since.
Newsi'APEh.Ciianues. — I.:ist cveniug's
Courier publishes the prospectus of a Weekly
Courier, of the same size as the Daily, ami of
fered to subscribers at the rate of one dollar a
year, invariably in advance.
Mr. Samuel B. Clark, U. S. N., is in
town on a short furlough. He has recently
been promoted to sailing master on board the
steam frigate San Jacinto.
Iff ■Among the deaths of the Maine soldiers |
at Baton Rouge, are George Lander, Co. A, of
Kairlleld, and Abraham Adams, Co. K, of
Skowhegan, both of the 21st. David B. Gibbs,
Jr. son of Mr. David B. Gibbs of Waterville,
died in hospital at Bonnet Carre, La., on the
31st of March, of chronic diarrhea, aged 18
years and t’> mouths.
Among the speakers announced to ad
dress the Copperheads of Newark N. J., at a
mass Vallandigham demonstration on Satur
day next, we notice the name of "Kitz John
Porter Esq.” If this is the late general Kitz
John Porter, as seems probable, his appear
ance ou such an occasion couilrms the justice
of his sentence most opportunely.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED i iroposals, endorsed Proposals for fur
nishing the material' and labor lor the erection
and completion of a
To be built at Morrill’s Corner, Westbrook, i District
No.6) will be received uutii 12 o'clock, M., Wednes
day, .lune 10, 1868.
Plans. Specifications. Ac., may be examined at the
office of («eo. M. Harding, Architect.
Per order.
Portland, May 29, 1763. lw
Nothing Veuliiml, Nothing Oaim-il,
rpilOSE having from One to Five hundred dollars
1 to invest in a safe thing, that will afford employ
ment and good pay for oue. two or live years, call
at 229 Congress Street. “Strike while the iron is
hot,” as the best chances ar»- rapidly being taken up.
rp KAV ELLIN Ci At»ENT> WANTED. To those
1 of the right stamp, great inducements are offer
Junel dtf Near City Building.
Estate ol' Win. It, Mcvcns.
rpilE Notes and Accounts of the late William B
M Stevens, of Portland, are in our office for col
No costs will be charged to those who settle within
thirty daft*. VINTON A DEN N KIT.
Portland, May 22. 1868. Imis23
fpiIK undersigned lias removed from 132 Exchange
A to 233 Conukess Stkekt, 2<1 door east of Chest
nut street, uear tne new City Building, (up stairs,
where he will be happy to wait on his customers as
my27 d2w*
ril 11E advertiser is desirous of getting intoa^Cine
JL wholesale business—grocery preferred. Has a
good acquaintance, and if needed can furnish from
one to two thousand dollars.
Please address A. C. E., Press office.
my28 d8w*
fib ^E^fib
<>y S t C 1 O OII s!
Nos. 152 and 154 Exchange Street,
Having leased the spacious rooms opposite the In
ternational House, and fitted them up in a neat and
tasty style, in two apartments, for the accommoda
tion of ladies and gentlemen, is now prepared to wait
upon his friends and the public.
jyojfsters will be served up in any shape desired,
and every attention paid to individuals or parties.
He solicits a share or public patronage,
my 26 2w
A ( llU).
No. 175 Middle Street.
Reference*.Dre. Bacon and Bbealin.
Portland, May 25,1863. tf
SSootcli Caiiviist.
Bath, Me.
BOLTS Superior Bleached |
300 do All Long flax "<iov- | .. .
eminent contract," A'm* '>0,r*8.
300 do Extra All Long flax Arbroath.
300 do Navy Fine )
Delivered in Portland or Boston.
Bath. April 20.1863. ap22 dtf
Livery Stable !
The subscriber, having fitted up a Liven- Stable on
Franklin street, between Federal and' f'ougress
streets, is prepared to accommodate his friends with
Horses and Carriages,
at n-aannahlc rate., ty A shard of public patron*
age la solicited. SAMUEL WELLS.
Portland, May 28,1833. my?J 3nid
99 Exchange Street,
Above the Post Office. Every person that buy* 92
worth of Jewelry will receive
A $1 Book gratis!
my29d2w* °
Wanted Immediately by
It ILKlXSOX If CUMMIXG8, Springjkold, Ma*$.t
To work on (iovernment work
25 Short Straw COLLAR MAKERS.
my29 dlw
No. 51 Union Street,
IS prepared to do all kind* of CABINET JOB
I BIMti in a prompt and satisfactory manner.
Book and Show Cases made to order.
U1 Farniture Mude, Repaired and Varnished at
Portland, May 29. 1868. tf
IlankiiiK and Erchangr Ultirc,
No. 65 Exchange Street,
Up Stuirn.
Stock.8 tb Bonds
my 15 istf
V S. 5-20 IIOXDsT
cent, per annum, semi-annually,) payable
ia GOLD.
In denominations of 850, 8100, $500, and $1000, for
sale by
No. 05 Exchange Street, (up stairs.)
TYP^These Bond* are the cheapest Government se
curity iu the market, and pay the largest interest on
the cost. my 15 istf
Harness andTru .k Establishment
From Exchange Street to
Moulton's Block, No. 172 Middle St.,
ami would he pleased to see all their old friends and
any number or new ones,
ray 19 lmed HENRY DUNN k SON.
J SHOE'S and HU HUE US. ha* removed from
Union street to 08 M addle Street, store formerly
occupied by A. Abbott k Son, where he will be hap
py to wait upon Ins former customers, aud all who
mav favor him with a call.
its Middle street.
A. Abbott would reject fully inform his friends
aud the public that he will continue custom work at
the old stand. iny27 dim
Bread and Flour Business !
fFMIE undersigned have formed a Copartnership for
1. the purpose of carrying on the
Wholesale and Retail Bakery Business
in all of its varieties, at the corner or Pink and
Huackktt St rusts. They solicit a share of public
patronage, and will spare no (wins to satisfy their
customers at ail times.
All kinds of bread, craofcers, cakes aud pastry con
stantly on baud. Also, hot brown bread errry
morning (Sunday included), and hot roll* every
night e.rcept Saturday and Sunday.
m my22 d2w
“Live and Grow Fat.”
1) IN F. AT
uAtmov Sc niRiH’s,
No. Nil Exchange Street. 1st door above
the Post Othce.
tl^H’E CREAMS and FRUITS in their season
Portland. May 13. lm
gi \s. rifles,
All the Accompaniment*.
Fishing Tackle!
The REST Assortment iu the City.
G. L. IIAILEY - - - l'2 Exchange Street*
tp27 iseodtt
HAVING disposed of his entire interest in his
Office to Dr. S.C FERNALD. would cheerthlly
reccommeud him to his former patient* aud the pub
lic. Dr. Fkrnald, from long experience, is prepar
ed to insert Artificial Teeth on tin* ** Vulcanite Rase,”
am! all other methods known to the profession.
Portland, May 25,1863. tf
Steamboat Motive.
ipow* In consequence of some improve
ments to be made on the Steamship
Gen. Ranks, tier trips will be dis
continued for a few day#. Notice w ill be given when
she will resume her regular trips.
A. SOMERBY, Agent.
Portland, April 21.18C3. dt f
Maine Medical Association.
ffMlE Maine Medical Association will hold its elev
1 entb anuual mooting in Portland, commencing
ou Tuesday, June 16lb, 1868, at 10 o*ch»ck a. m.
Recording Secretary.
Portland, May 22,1863. 3wd&w4'J
And Mwlel Arena,
America, England and France.
Ton fisting of
Bduoatod XX oraoa !
Beautiful and Accomplished
Embracing all the moot celebrated Talent and Perform
ing Stock in this country ; pnfenlmg, altogether, an ele
gant and inters ting entertainment of the most unex
ceptionable character, attended by a FULL BAND of
BRASS INSTRUMENTS and Orchratra accompaniments.
Among the must conspicuous novelties comprised in
this exhibition, is
Unsurpassed for Grace, Beauty, and Action. Pubdoed
and taught to go through with all the different Tricks
and Waltzes, hv
Acknowledged by the Public and the Press to be the
Ever known, and the most accomplished Equestrienne
in the acts of the GRAND MANEGE.
The Great Australian down and Modern Philosopher.
In the mast astounding feats on tin* TIGHT ROPE.
The beautiful French Faju* sir tonne, and pupil of Mm#
cau uucii era
The Great American HUMORIST ami PANTOMIMET.
In dashing and graceful Acta of Muscular Equilibrium#
upon the TRAI’EiE, tl»e PERCH and the GROUND.
By a Troupe of Acrobat a, Y a alters, GymnaiU,
Athletes, Pantomlmlsta, Grotesque*, Aw.
Presenting n gigantic exhibition, ELEGANT, VARIED,
CHASTE and NOVEL, and displaying an array of talent
unequalled in tie* world's history.
(in the morning of the day of exhibition, there will he
Led by Professor Sillowmy’s Cornet Bud.
Commencing at 2 A 7, p. m Tickets 25 efe
For full particulars, see Pictorial Bills, Ac.
Will perform at
Corner of Green and Portland Streets,
Jane ‘id and :id.
SACO-Monday, June 1st.
GI1KY CoKNEK. . .Thursday, June 4th.
LEWISTON FALLS . Friday, Juki 6tii .
U. W FULLER, Ageut.
my24 S MWkS TAWhalt 49
IIohm' and Lnl on Unmberlsmd St.
For s«»l«*.
The House and Lot No. 146 Cumberland St.,
corner of Mvrtle. Lot about 88 X 88 feet,
iL with a good two story dwelling house. In*
quire ot m\233w JOHN C. PROCTER.
Sior«* for Sale.
fllI1E four-story brick Store in Free Street—No. 6
JL iu the Free Street Block — uoxt east of Polford s.
JEUjiuire of li. T. MACHIN, (.alt Block, or
ajarbiT r. n.xn-xirw. MiHdie sirv-.t
Proves! 71 irshill Oi'ucimVh Olfire,
W ashihotok, D. C., May 22si, 1863.
A LL men who desire to join any particular Itegi
iV ment of Cavalry now in the field, are hereby
authorized to present themselves at any time during
the next thirty days to the llhurd of Enrolment iu
their respective Districts. The Board shall examine
them, and determine upon their tit ness tor the ser
vice. and if found to be Ht. the Provost Marshal ot
the District shall give them trati*|Mmatioii tickets to
the general rendezvous, at the head-quarters of the
A. A. Provost Marshal Geueral of the State. As
soon as they present themselves at this geueral ren
dezvous they shall lie duly mustered by a mustering
and disbursing officer, and paid bv biui tie* bouuty
allowed by law. JAllES B. FRY. *<■
Provost Marshal General.
Provost Marshal's Or pick, \
First District Maine, j
PorilamU, June 1. 1863. )
A I.L men who wish to enlist as above, will report
A themselves tor enlistment and examination at
this office within the time prescribed in the above
Prorott Martha/,
Junelltnd&tv Fir*t District, Maine.
U. $• Marshal** Notice.
United States or America, I
District of Maine, 11 )
PURSUANT to a Monition Arum the Hon. Ashur
Ware,Judge of the United States District Court,
within and for the District of Maine. 1 hereby give
public notice that the following Libel has been filed
in said Court, via:—
A Libel against Eleven Pipes and One Halt
Pipe of Gin, as more particularly set forth in said
Libel; that a hearing and trial w ill be had thereon,
at Portland, in said District, on the ninth day of
June next, where any persons interested therein,
may appear and show*cans . if any can be shown,
wherefore the same should not be decreed liable to
salvage amt dispose*) of accotding to law.
Dated at Portland this twenty-seventh day of May,
A. D. 1863. K. A. OU!N BY,
U. S. Deputy Marshal, District of Maine.
my27 dl4t
.HrrlliiK of Creditor*.
A T a full meeting of the creditors of the late John
j\. Hounds, held this day, pursuant to previous no
tice. the whole subject matter being referred to a
committee of nine duly appointed t>r tnu purpose,
who reported as follows, which report is hereby unan
imously accepted.
From the Protmte Record*.
Whole amount of claims allowed against the
estate, #0,731.42
I Cash. #16i) 00
Goods and chattels. 246 66
Rights and credits. 4.490 15
And further the Prorate Records saith not.
Sufficient, however, is here apparent, that instead
of 20 per cent, the estate should have paid, an*) did
iu reality pay atsmt 851 per cent, less the cost of ad
ministration, ami the furniture (#246 »«6).
Sewell c. Strout. (Howard A Strout)“as counsel
for the Administratrix.” according to his own
account, ha- had all the claims against the estate,
less that of $54.54 at New York, ashioned to him
self for 20 per cent. As evidence that -aid Strout
lia* not paid over 20 p**r cent on #5 676 88 of these
claims, reference is had to tin- following letter, as
constituting part if this report
Portland, March 31. 1862.
Messrs. Smith If St rat ton. \ew ) nrl:
The dividend upou the claims against the estate of
John Rounds is 2>» per cent., amounting upou your
claim to stpi so ) <>u can have the amount hy send
ing an order tor it to any one here. The dividend,
have all been paid out except voura, a long time
since, ami 1 bad forgotten about your claim.
Your* truly, .#. C. Strout.
The Account may be stated thus .
#6.731 42—54 54 is #5,676 88. at 20 per cent, #1,185 38
Goods ami chattels (furniture.Ac.) the Court
allowed the administratrix to retain. 246 66
Cash at sundry times, and Note from Strout
to tin? administratrix, as per his account
in /mrt rendered fo r, 975 00
Amount of the New lurk claim remaining
unsettled, 54 54
#2.411 58
This amouut, $2,41158. taken from th> assets,
#4,896 81, supposing the V York claim of #54 54, to
In* paid in full, show a balance of $2,485 23, less the
cost >f (ulministration, unaccounted for in the
hands of Sewell C. Struct, which of right, to
getht r with the #975 abort set Jbrth, shonhl hare been
juliil to the respective cralitors of said estate.
Your Committee, therefore, upon a full and dis
passionate review of flu* whole matter, arc of opin
ion that hv reason of the misrepresentations of -aid
Strout. all the creditors, except 1» T Chase, have
been cheated out of their just dues, and recommend
to each of them to take sucli legal measures, as the
laws may airord, to compel saia Strout to make good
the dUfeirence between what they severally got, and
w’hat tin* estate should huv •• paid, and w uld have
paid, had the original'entro s on the bools of the Pro
ute Records bet* faithfully carried out.
D. T. CHASE, Chairman.
Moses Morrill. Secretary.
Portland, April 20, 1863. ap23 Th SAYutf

Commission Merchant,
auctiosebk a APPRAISER
Over Ocean In„<(rWee Office.
S»lr.pr»mptl^n,,de»nd»ettl,.rt. meI))!,,3ln
CoiamiMrion Merchant*, Auctioneer*,
and Appraiser*,
rrompt attentlmi given to sale, property of er
EDWARD M. PATTEN, Anctionew,
tffiice 27 Exchange Street.
Valuable Krai E»tate at A Urttort,
ON Thursday. June 4th. at 4 P. M , on the prem.
a beautiful euhnrhan nvMenee, eouUtthr
“'■'•'‘''“'"'""W brick Route, containing thir
i»!iro,,mi,> l*,*c barn and out building.,
with about Mxteen aero, of land, a Una gardcu, and
luT/i ."*1 fruit. Hi. situated on the
SI!??, °, 1"1<l ,,u STeetbrook, about two miles from
“MJO"**® >be Pay.o„ Kami. It is a part of
kuown ~ ",NI<7." but more recently
Kuown as the Woodman" farm. It in one of tho
mo»t desirable country scats in the vicinity of PorG
land, commanding a rtne view of the city and bar
»ud for an investment to cut up into lots tor building
vieinity'mf'ihecijy.de’ir**>,e «»r >•<■*££%!
lor particulars call on the Auctioneer. my37
Valuable Real Estate at Auction.
WE shall sell at public auction on Thursday, Juno
11th. at 3 o’clock p m.-the valuable Brick
rooca known as the GrBTeth Property. It ia a large
?' ,?°ry ??ck B,ock «nd furnished from garret
to eeUar. There are two fine stores ou the 1st door,
tiuMhed in modern style, with iron posts in front:—
aud two fine tenements over them, each containing
nine rooms, with good closet*, and perfectly distinct
from each other, excepting the untrance on Freo
street between the stores, and the front hail. All the
modern improvements are here. Gas throughout
*5® bI«>ck: abundance of Altered and soft water—
then* being two large brick cisterns in the cellar,
i Z5f SSi* w *bnomi,»»bMl Fire Proof, being An
ished with iron shutters back anti sides, and a ce
mented roof. It is a splendid property for Invest
7 OC*U^**,'d ,n,wt dw»y» advance
'jej ” C'llH>KY BAILEY k CO., Aue,louver..
House at A notion.
WE shall sell at public auellon. on Tuesday, June
2d. at 3 o'clock r on the premise*. House
No. 19 Fate Street. Tlit house is finished through
out. having , rooms. There is abundance of herd
and soft water-in a central and health, lueatioa.
and an excellent neighborhood—a very desirable
tenement for a .mall lamilv.
my»dtdr‘NKVBA,LKV * CO ' Aac,io“*«r»
EDWARD M. PATTEN, Auctioneer;
Office *7 Exchange Street.
\T AUCTION, on Wednesday, July 1st, at 12 1C.,
on the premises, that valuable lot of laud situ
ated at the corner of Commercial and Moalton
streets, or late occupied by Io nian. Marrett and ala
rlie said lot of land routaiiis 3371 square feet, acceae
on three sides to the premises.
Terms, one fourth cash, the balance in one nnd
two years, with interest semi-annually, secured by
mortgage on the premises. Title undoubted.
Tor pirtwnlars call on the Auctioneer. my27
l.mnt at A nr lion.
E. M. PATTEN, Auctioneer—office. 27 Exchange 8t.
WILL he sold on Thursday. Juue 11th. at I] M.,
a valuable piece or Laud near the head of
Croas. ami corner or Middle streets.
1 his lot lias a front of thirty-eight feet on ( rose
street, extending back one hundred and eleven feet
to the rear of store* on Union street owned by Henry
lioddard. Esq Tile wooden building on the lot will
bo solo with the land
>ale on the premises, and po-ittve.
For particulars cation Mr. JAMES TODD, or the
Auctioneer.__ m, 22 .ltd
Kale at Auction.
ON M ...In.-..lav, July 15th. unless previonslv sold
at private sale. House No. 46 fin the east side of
ludia street, with the lot of land on which it stands,
being the same J.Miah Baker and his descendants
have owned for over ninety-live yean. past.
For further particulars inquire of
t'Ult W Kit. 111'.
Poi Hand. May 21'., 1SH3. dlstf
- -
|«rlhrrn Y ellow Com,
i i W 4 BUSHELS Northern Yellow Corn, la
! -tore and for -ale b>
w.vLDhoN tai l.
">*»> *w Nos. 4*5 Ul«n Wharf.
Trinidad .Nuscoiado
33- U Hhds. ,
»!» Tierces [ Superior Muscovado MOLASSES
It i llarr.-ls )
Cargo of Brig J. D. Lincoln, far sale by
mySidlm__ 1 Central Wharf.
SppiI Barley.
<S( M ) mh'S|5J**^ two-row.il Seed Barley, for
Kuifitr anal 71 ohisses.
"I 7l t II11 D.S. sujierior Muscovado Sugar,
A" 2*"I Hhds. Sweet flayed Molasses,
in bond, for sule by
uiy4 liuised No. 1 Cortland Pier.
WHILE riding in the citv. Thnr^dar. Jgih inat.. a
pair of tiold Hawed Me < I la--,-. The finder
will confer a favor and be riiitablr rewarded by leav
mg it a> (bis office.
rPl> purchase a House for Cash, or woald rent a
-a part of a bouse or small Teuemeut. Best of
reference* giten. For particulars, addresa Box 401
I'ortland ^ Maj» Iw*
CASH paid for erraiad kaa4 Sierra, at So. 10
Long \\ barf. A. ti. COOK,
my 6 dtf
W anted!
rnilOSF. wanting BMPLOYMKST and HOOD
X /’.I I, call at
229 Congress Street.
mv6 dtf
I MASTER MAKI.N EK to run a vcaaei on abarea
1\ coastwise. D. T. CHASE.
apS® dtf
WN. PP.MING. M. P.. would most respectfully
• announce to the citizen* of Portland and vi
cinity, that In* ha*taken a suit of room* at No. 11
Clapp’s Block, corner of < ottgrews and Kim streets,
up stair*. whore ho will remain thr »ugh the- nummer,
to m at Phonic Aftsease* by the £leclropatkic treat
tie would especially invite the afflicted that are
laboring under any old and iuveterate chronic dis
ease. in the form of .Scrofula, Hip Disease. White
Swelling. Erysipelas, Sait Rheum. Tetter, Rash, and
every humor of whatever kiud or character; likewise
spinal disease#, curvature of the *pine. St Vitas’
Dauce, tit*. paralysis. eon tract. <1 muscle*. distorted
limb*, dyspepsia, liver complaint, general debility,
habitual*conatipafiou. Ac. We would likewise call
the atteutiou of the public to our |>eeuliar manner ol
n every instance, when iu the acute stages, or where
the lung* are not ftilly involved.
The mo-*t obstinate eases of nervous or sick Head
ache. NeuraJ'ia in the head, face and extremities,
with acute Rheumatism, aie iustautly relieved, and
with chronic rheumatism, are permanently cured in
a lew application*.
Hrf'i th*- l.adi*-* Dr D especially calls, v «» arc
sufferer* with Dropsy m-tiilitv.Kuchorrhu-^orWhites),
Inflammation and Falling of the Womb, Abscesses,
l umor* ami Cancers of the Womb, and will guaran
tee a permanent cure iu every case.
For Suppressions. Irregularities, painful Menstrua
tion*. Neuralgia of the Womb, with all their entail
ing ills, there is no agent iu the world #<• efficient in
curing as Klectricity. Iu many cams serious obstruc
tions can be broken up iu a few moments, and in ev
ery case it destroy* the tendency to relapse. To ail
those desiring perfect health, and the sen ices of the
oldest Medical Electrician In the l nited States, wo
most respectfully invite to call, tendering to all a
positive assurance of a full recovery of health.
P. S. Dr P. dr-t introduced Klectricity for ex
tracting teeth without pain. To those having decay
ed teeth or stump*. or desiriug their teeth out for re
setting, we extend n polite invitation. During the
operation the person experiences a pleasing and in
vigorating sensation.
N. II For extracting Mineral* and Humor* from
the system, we use the electro chemical Paths.
Patients from out of town will be accommodated
with board.
Office hour* from Fto 1; li tot*: and 7 to 8 In tbo
evening. Consultation Free. mch24isedSm
Fort;*1 Coal.
CARGO Robert Hare. Powel’s celebrated Cum
berland Coal. ju*t received and for sale by
187 Commercial Street, Smith's Wharf,
my 19 lw

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