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• —
Friday Morning, July 24,
Che circulation, of the Daily Press is larger
than, that of any other daily in the city,
Γκα*»,—S6.00 a year if paid within three month$
from the date of subscription, or S7.0C at the end of
the year.
What Constitutes Political Iti ili· lliption?
A meeting was held ill Westboook on Wed
nesday la.-*t, to see if the town would raise
money to pay each drafted man *·ίΐΜ «s com
mutation inouey, or to pay Cor a substitute.
The result of the meeting was a vote, ίιι favor
of paying the $:iCK) to each drafted man, giving
him three chances—to take the money anil go
to the war, to procure a substitute, or to pay
the same to the government and titay at hume.
This is tne order in which the Argus arran
ges the uses to which the (300 may lie appro
priated, though in the vote actually passed,
the stay-at-home provision was made first,
foremost and most prominent. In announcing
the result of the meeting the Argus exclaims,
exultingly :
Thus it will be seen that the e<M>d old town of
Westbrook has redeemed herself, notwithstanding
the desperate elïurt «·!' Um nftUHMI to lo r
appear in a fiilse and niggardly light before the
people of the State.
It l»ecoincs interesting to know what, in the
estimation of the Argus, constitutes political
redemption at tho present time. Fortunately
we are not left without the means of informa
tion on this point, In the Advertiser's long
occupying nearly two columns, fifty per cent,
of which is made up of F.O. J. Smith'· speech,
and forty-nine and seven-eight lis per cent, in
glorification of the same speech—all prepared
editorially and placed under the editorial head, ;
P. O. J. S. himself being the editor—we learn
not only precisely what was done, and precise- ;
ly w hat vital action w as left undone, hut we
also learu what project the republicans had In
view calculated to make the town "appear in
a false and niggardly light before the people
of the state." Mr. Libbv of that town, who
took part in the meeting, is a Republican, and
the following extract from the Advertiser's
report will show the proposition which he sub
mitted and which he and his republican friends
and other truly loyal men were willing to
Mr. Libbv sustained the war and the gov
ernment. He would offer an amendment to
Mr. Smith's motion as follows :
To give three hundred dollar* to each man draft
ed under the confcriution act when he nr a jçood ami
sufficient substitute in hi* stead <> mustereatnto llie
atrricr "/ thr United Statee, and we hereby author
ire the Selectmen and Tresuurer of the town of West
brook to procure tire money by a loan not exceeding
six percent, on issue of town scrip to each soldier,
payable in one, two and three years from date, with
This is what the Argus calls '"mean and nig
gardly." It is lacking in one provision ; tlmt
which would leave the government without
soldiers ; w hich would force the government
Into dishonorable concessions to rebels because
of its inability to dictate its own terms, lint
the above proposition was voted down, and
a proposition was raised which may result in
leaving the Government in its needs without
a man from Westbrook to uphold its flag, to
defend its honor, to vindicate its authority, or
to punish its rebellious enemies ; ami this, and
thi9 alone, the Argus exultiugly styles the
redemption of the town from disgrace. A
prompt response to the demands of the Gov
ernment, therefore, is "mean and niggardly,"
while refusal 10 respond by furnishing inch, is
noble and praiseworthy, and exhibits a town
in the blaze of redeeming light!
A glance at tTie Advertiser's report will re
veal the animua of those who were most zeal
ous in ''redeeming" the town, and what views
they entertain of duty. We need not refer to ι
the"leading speech, made by Mr. Smith, for
Mr. S. takes occasion almost daily to ventilate ,
his views through the Advertiser, and is known
to occupy the extreme ground of Fernando !
Wood, James Brooks and Clement L. Vallan
dighain, and to be prostituting all his energies
to defeat the purposed of the Government and
to bring about peace by one of two methods;
either by acknowledging the independence of
the South, or by allowing her to dictate the
terms on which she will consent to rule over
the whole country.
Mr. 1'ayson of Westbrook was the Demo
cratic candidate for Representative last fall,
and therefore may be considered the repre
sentative man of that party in his town. Mr.
P. has been an out-spoken sympathiser with
the rebels, and has not failed to make that
sympathy known, lie did not fail to reveal it
at the town meeting ou Wednesday last. As
we find him reported in the Aevertlser he
said :
lie did't believe in the war from the start ami
didn't tune. Uli WOULDN'T VOTE Λ DOLLAR (lit
A CENT TO I'ARRY ON THIS WAR, unless it was
W liVIII "JUI ρΟΟΓ Π If II 11111 ni I 1ΙΓ I ' IU li 11 (II U l'1])OI3U
into which the course of the Administration hiLii
thrown them. When the question came upas to
whether the poor mm: Mum 111 have the money to give
hiin the same privilege» and advantage* un<ler our
government and lawn in times like these he would
go to the extent of his means to aid hint in his ju.-t
and equitable rights.
lie would suggest that the town issue town orders
of fluu apiece or more, payable In one. three, ttve,
eight and ten yearn, Ικ-ariug seven per cent, inter
est, and pay them out αλ ιικίκ y.
This speech of a representative democratic
tnan «hows what the Argus considers needful
to redeem a town from the disgrace which
Republicans would hring upon it. Tliev would
pay the soldier for going to war to sustain the
government; democracy, as defined by Mr. |
1'ayson, would pay not a dollar, not even a
cent to carry on the war; would only pay to
help the soldier out of the waror to keep him
out! This is political redemption. This is
the way for towns to redeem themselves.
This is democratic support of the country.
In short, it is disloyalty, the essence of reliel
lion, the quintessence of treason ; and work it
over, sugar-coat it, and talk about it as you
will, it come* to this and nothing short of
this. This is the drift, of democracy as now
defined; as represented by the Copperhead
organization. It aims to break down the gov
ernment if it cannot control it ; to throw it |
into the hands of Jeff Davis if it can in no !
other way wrest it from the hands of Abraham
Lincolu. Crod only knows from what the vic
tory at Gettysburg has saved us. No intelli- !
gent man can well doubt that the invasion of
Pennsylvania by Lee, the raid of Morgan in
to Indiana, the mission of Stephens towards
Washington, the riot in New York, and the
generally planned riots all over the country at
the same moment of time, were parts of one
general programme, or that it was designed,
through these movement just at the time the
conscription law was to be made operative, to
overthrow the government and allow Lee's
victorious legions—prepared to succor and
sustain the Copperhead opposition to the gov- ί
eminent—to make an easy conquest of Wash
ington, Philadelphia and New York, and thus
place the country at the mercy of Davis and
his confederates in treason. Say you, reader,
that this is a wild and visional y view of things !
We tell you that facts are daily coining to
light which U.'ud to force this conviction upon
the minil, and to sliow that, had Lee succeed
ed in conquering Meade at Gettysburg, iu
stead of tlie peace and quietness now prevail
ing at the North, we might l>e involved in a
general rebellion and insurrection throughout
the length and breadth of the free States.
The Wood ses and Biookses of New York,
the Vallaudighams, l'ughs and Coxes of Ohio, ι
the Smiths, l'arrises, Uudsons and Boyntons of
Maine, and similar desperate men throughout
the North, were doubtless prepared to join
hands with the minions of Jell' Davis, and to
force upon the nation dishonorable terms of
peace which no arguments and sacrillces cau
induce loyal men to accept. As we have inti
mated, Heaven only knows from what horrors
Meade's successes saved us. In our judgment,
in view of all the facts, and all the indications
of the times, the victory at Gettysburg was
fraught with more important consequences
than any triumph that as yet has crowned our
victorious arms.
One word in relation to the cheat practiced
upon the Westbrook conscripts and we are
done. As the vote stands, the Treasurer is to
my the drafted men in town scrip, bearing
^■euii-aiinual interest. How is the conscript
lopay his commutation with this'.· Govern
ment will not lake it. The banks will not
touch a dollar of it. Eveil K. O. J.S. himself,
with all his wealth, will never be found willing
to cash any considerable amount of it, and
yet it is the only thing furnished the poor con
script with which b> procure exemption. It
is a cheat, a swindle upon the poor mail, so far
as it proposes to enable him to pay his exemp
tion lee, and to remain at home withouf fur
nishing a substitute. It is worthless scrip,
with no legal value, and will never be made
valid by any act of the Legislature, nor could,
tiie act of tin· Legislature render it valid, lor
Uieargumeutsofthe full bench in a decision al
ready given, arc sulliciout to show that they
would decide any action of the Législature,
designed to legalize the raisiug of commuta
tion money, contrary to the spirit of the Con
stitution, ami therefore void.
Ninuulnr mill \ o-toe-r ions Λ x-idciit.
Λ letter from a responsible party iu the
town of iMlnot gives the particular* of a very
singular circumstance, by which a conscripted
Copperhead has become relieved of his obli
gations to toe the mark at the word of com
mand. In that town there is a man whose
name we have, but which we do not think it
worth while to disclose, who has been one of
the most active Copperheads iu the vicinity ;
a mail who denounces Lincoln's abolition war,
denouuees the "niggers," cherishes a profound
rwspect for "our Southern brethren," regards
Vallaudigbam its a martyr, thinks probably
that the New York roughs have been lighting
for tliuir liberty, considers the conscription
law an odious statute, and gives all the other
usual evidences of being "sound on the goose"
as that ancient bird is now defined by the
Copperhead oru thologists. Well, this gen
tleman was one of the lucky men who drew
a prize in the conscription lottery, recently
drawn at Lcwiston.
About the time he was drafted—whether
before or after the news of Ills "good luck-'
we do not know—he was heard to say, with
a sort of iuterroitative accent, that he sup
posed if a man should lose one of his toes it
would disqualify liiin for the service, and the
draft would be inoperative in his case, lie al
so said he supposed if /«' should happen to
lose such an appendage to his |>edais that he
would be accused of inaliniug himself on
purpose to eseape the draft.
Singular as the coincidence may seem, the
next day—the result of the draft I icing then
known—the gentleman referred to did lose
one of his big toes, and the story is that, while
engaged with his brother in hewing a stick ot
timber, the brother's broad-ax llew from his
hands and wickedly chopped off the mendier
aforesaid, but investigation reveals no injury
either to the bout or the Ktuckiwj iu which the
maimed foot was encased ! The neighbors re
gard it as one of the most wonderful and uo
ioe-rious ax-idents that lias ever come to their
Another singular—rather plural — fact is
stated; like the itch, the measles and the
mumps, this kind of ax-identul disqualification
to respond to the military demands of the
government seems to have run through the
family of which the gentleman referred to is a
a member, for, as we have the story, the very
brother whose ax has proved to be so frater
nal, only last fall, when there were apprehen
sions of a draft, lost one of hit toes very sud
denly and singularly, and by the same kind of
amputating Instrument !
New Hampshire Correspondence.
Portsmouth, July 22,1863.
To the Editor fif the Prêté.
Armed soldiers are the ΟΓψτ of the day in
this vicinity. Sentinels pace to and fro iu front
of the City Marshal's office, the soldiers using
as barracks the second story of the building.
Signals aie agreed upon to notify the mariner
of the Navy Yard and the soldiers at the forts
if their services are needed to quell any such
riotous proceedings as have taken place the
past week. Picket guards are set on the j
VVJ jm ιι,Ίΐι tilljr IliilU LO Γ ΟΓΙ i
Constitution to procure guns ami aininufiitiou, :
as all that was in the arsenal here has been
removed. The guns on the Fort have been
loaded with grape and canister as a précaution
against any attack that might be made by
water. Certain rockets that have liecn sent
up at the outer extremity of the harbor were
thought to bode no good.
Those contraband;, which arrived in the
Steamer Bermuda to garrison the forts, are
being drilled daily. Reporta are in circulation
that another instalment will arrive iu a few :
1 saw in Washington street, Boston, a con- \
Urination of facts that came out on trial of
I'loughman for the murder of his wife at
Scarborough, in your county, some years
since. It was said that she threatened to re- 1
veal the hiding place of certain treasure and :
precious stones, which were put into his hands
at the insurrection which occurred at Calcut
ta in 1822, to bring on board a vessel for safe
ty, and no ow ner calling, were brought οΙΓ by
him. A person from Cape Elizabeth who was
the attendant upon him through his sickness, |
brought tliem to Boston to be cleansed. «
Some signs of the potato rot have appeared.
The grain crop bids fair to be good.
Heavy tiring was heard otl' the Shoals on
Friday night last. Ahkl.
OjT*A citizen of New York, in a communi
cation to the Tribune, shows the intimate
sympathy between the late riot there, ami the
rebellion. He says he frequently heard from
the rioters expressions of hope for the success !
of the rebels; he saw a well known and infiu- j
ential rebel sympathizer, hand and glove with
the rioters, encouraging them in consultation
with their ringleaders, and welcomed by them
wherever he went. Wednesday afternoon,
when the "th regiment dispersed a mob that j
had been maltreating the negroes near ^7th
street, ouo of the rioters,when the detachment
of soldiers moved otr, called out "three cheers
for Jeff Davis." The cheers were given, num
erously,though not very loudly,forthe bayonets
els were too near, lie says he stood not ten feet
from the man who proposed the cheers, and
face to face with him. In ten minutée lie saw
the same crowd stoning thu Seventh's men.
Draft in the 1st Congressional District·
t The drafting was resumed yesterday with
the 22d Sub district,
One hundred and twenty-two names were
deposited in the wheei, from which 30 were
drawn as follows:
Enoch Β < arpenter, Thoe A Dunnells, Charles A
Langlcv, James Β Tchbets, Isaac < Leavitt, James
Ε Maddox, Charles Ε Dunnell, Barzillai Goodwill,
Caleb Aver, Benj F Whitehouse, George II Cheliiee,
(has Ε l'erkins, John W McClarren, J uni ah llanna
ford, IIiram S White, James II Smith. Win Ο Smith,
John C Moullon, Win II Morrison, Usher Thompson,
Jacob Ham, John Che I lie*, Wrn A Thompson, Johu
Η Tattle, Samuel Glidden, lioratio Stone, Win 11
Bodge, Francis .M Durgin, Joseph 11 Dam, Win G
Clifford, Morrill Dunnell. David Davis, ( has Fab
van, Geo W Langley, Cliflbrd (7 Dunnell, Joseph
The 23d Sub district was then proceeded
with. It was composed of the towns of
Two hundred and ninety-three names wore
deposited in the wheel—17s from Waterboro
and 115 from Lyman—Irom which SO were
drawn, viz:
It'tilrrtnH'n \1«·η/.·> W Bradeon, James II Went
worth, Jeroim· \l Johnson, Anthony Κ Gray, Eras
tus Β Strout, Samuel II Carle, Daniel Hobbs, John
F Emery, George Tarbox. Win Smith, Horace I>ay,
Benj I' Bennett, John C Roberts, Orlando Bagb-y,
Wm Abbott, Isaac Smith, Franklin Κ Knt>erte,8ewall
Thing, Alonzo Leavitt, Jotham A Smith, Isaiah Ale
Lueas, John C Emery, Joseph C Spencer, James W
Allen, Chas Henderson, Sewall F Lang, Gilbert
Hasty, John W Andrew, Horace Durgin. Chas II
Day, Samuel flicker, Edmund Earle, lchalH>d Ham
ilton, George Bagley. Albert Whitehou-»·, J·· rein i It
Τ Biek( r, Am8 Rhodes, Rlisha A Bradeen, ( h- M
Liitlcfield, Chas D 11.11. John Τ Lord, Ruel W Kick
er, Collins M Chad bourne, Chas .N 11 Cook, Wm C
Ν as on, Watson < Roberts, Mark Walton. John L
Roberts,Timothy Woodwani,Samuel F Webber.John
Baker, Hosea MCook,Abiel Fluant, Wm Woodward.
Lyman—Willoughh\ I Mi onion, George W Lord,
Major A Davis, John Dow, George W llauscom. Co
lumbus Moulton, Luther Ci Davis, Orrias Hulh Johu
II Jose, Lorenzo τ Grant, Joseph Whitehouse, Luther
Drown, lUchard F Drown, (.'has Chase, Henry Carl,
Jeremiah Drown Jr. Neheuiiah Davis. John Emmons,
Luther S Weymouth. John I* Hill, Hiraui Wakefield,
Lorenzo Τ Hill, Edmund C Buzzell, Nehemiah Na
son .lr, Alvah Jeliison, Alvah Johnson Jr. Sewall S
I>ow, Alvah Lord, Gorham Weymouth, Oscar F
Knox, Ai Grant. Warreu Hanson.
In the afternoon the 24th Sub district was
taken. It was composed of the towns of
Three hundred and ninety-nix names were
deposited in tin· wheel—214 from South Her
witk and Is-' from Xorlli JJerwick—from
which VJS were drawn as follows:
South Rertrv-k — Henry II Gίκκ1ινΐη,ΊΙαΓΓΐικ»η Good
win, James Wilkinson, John F IS aeon, John A Den
nett, Ivory Cooper. George W Emery, Win Kelley ·
Jr, George William*, David Farwell, \Nui F Warren,
John 11 Plumuier, Tobias Penny, Samuel Sjiencer,
Joshua Kmery, James Davie, Albert Bhorey, Philip
{ arl, llenry \\ Lord, Ephraiiu Joy, Isaiah Boston,
Hummer lilaisdell, James Β Neal, James Wllley,
Clias C liobbs, David IJlaisdell, George Welch, Geo
liuptrd, John W Brown, Joseph Kmery, John G
Robert·*. Barnard Norton, Daniel Wadleigh, Edward
li Pike, James Collins, Ruel S Whitney, George W
Τ r alto η. Horace J Goodwin, Win li Joy, Patrick
Brown, Benj W Bedell, James Spencer,Chas W Now
ell, Win M Bennett, Jo*ephus Warren,Mark EG«»od
win, Ki»eneser R Hubert-, George W Brown, John F
Hanscom, Chas li Richmond, James Goodwin, Aaron
J Mou I ton, John Shorey, John li Nute, Simon Now- i
ell, Shipley W Rick«-r, Joseph li lilaittdell, < has
Butler, Thomas J Goodwin, Andrew J Moulton, Au
gustus L Ilayes, John Welch Jr, Dauiel Sargent,
Richard Robinson, Ju«tinS Clement. Nathl S Hohbs,
Isaac Libby Jr, < has li llauscom, Enoch Littletield.
Λ'·»γ<Λ tier wick.—Joseph A Drew, Horace Kimball,
John 11 Hammond, Joshua G Quint, Benj Κ Rich
mond, Isaac llobbs. Frank Ο Snow, Theodore Jen
kins, Nicholas Weymouth, Robert F Staples, John
Stover, Daniel Goodwin, l'hos I· Abbott, Charlra W
Kelley, Wm Roberta jr, Liudsay W Grant, James
Ford," Frank Thompson, Henry S Snow, Ezekiel
Townes, Samuel Walker, Ezra Meader, Mark W
( ha·"·, Wm H Neal, Sylvester Houston. Hiram Hil
born. Dauiel (^uiut2d, Wm Johuson 3d, John liuf
fuui. I ri si a m I·' Johnson, Wm Merryfleld, Josiab Ν
Norton, Frank Ο Johnson, Cliarles 11 Now» il, Ht
raiu Taylor, Joshua Johuson, Edward W" Sargent,
Abraham I- urbish. Walter Davis, Wm A < Roberts,
Charles li trover. Andrew J Allen, Stillman Gup
till, Euos 11 Johiisou, Stephen 31 Roberts. Joshua
Otis, Samuel M Joy, John Fry, Charles Brackett,
Albert J Lord, Eliphalet Jones. Kphraim Joy, Ken
ben0hadbouru2«J, Reuben Ch ail bourn, l· rancis Allen,
George Marshall, Chadbourn Welsh, liurleighS Tay
lor, George Jt>hnson.
Sub district 2Γ» was next taken. This in
cludes the towns of
κιττκκν and eliot.
Five hundred and twenty-two names were
deposited in the wheel—329 from Kit ter y and
lil i from Kiiot—from which 15o were drawn:
Kittery:—John Wentworth, Charles A Todd,James
R Amen, John Λ l'an), Erastus D Leach, Sylvester
Frye,Meplit u J Nuson,Xachariah Williams, .fames H
Weeks, Win 11 Adams, John Ε Tobie, Thomas Lee,
Marshall li Tobie, Oliver li Moody, George Ε Carter,
George Riley, Isaac Perkins, Jefferson Lewis, George
1" Parker, \Ϋin D Spin*ey, George W «Mit», John 11
Blake, Edward M Collins, Edward F Safl'ord, Jacob
Patch, Jacob Joy' Luther Lewis, Richard 11 Sea
wards, ChasC Bellamy, Wentworth Hal··}·, Mo^e* L
Grace, J sse Ε Frisbee, Otis Parritt, Timothy tyung,
Samuel A James, W illiam 11 utchins,David Rbrogau,
John H Mugridge, Moses Ρ Riley, David R Alunson,
Leonard 1» Lewis, Samuel Perry, lohn L Frisbee,
John Philips, John J Guuuisou, Chas Ε Abbott, Wm
11 Fernald, Luther Ρ Foye, Joshua Gerry, Samuel R
Neal, Thomas Frinbee, Lewis W Tret'etbeu, Duramer
Adanft, Mark < fernald, Henry W l'refethen, James
C Crosby, ("has 11 Seaward, Kphraim C Spiuuev,
Thaddeus ilutchins, Stephen J Foje.JacobG Crook
ett, 1 haddeus Knights, A<lam Lutts, Stephen tirant,
Moses A Blake, Charles S C· etc hell, Andrew .1 St ι nip
pon, Honry Fernald, Morrill 1'· Laugton.John tyrant,
Wm ο Joues, Thtina* J Tobev, Darius Rillev, Adol
phus Weeks, t has Odiorne. Thomas A Sterling, Jo
slah A St ι ' r, Wm Sticknej , Orio I a·well, John Pen
nel Jr. ( 'has H Toby, Joneidi ECox, Alfred li Mead, I
Jciemiah Lewis, ltalph It Jordan, ( has I Deeriug,
Wm II Emery, John C Prior. George S ( utts, Hor
ace ('ole^Eilward A < hapman, Henry Frisbee.
F.liot:—Joseph Wherreu, Charles Ο Hanscom,
Chas Ρ tlanscoin, Wni Stacy Jr, Nath'l Bartlett, Al
lied L Brooks, Frank llaoscom, Wm S Jack-on,Ed
win Cook, Orreu W Ferguson, Moses Morrill, Mar
tin PTobcv. Charles 1· Staples, Wm F Paul, Joseph
W Davis, .leretniah Ρ (ioodwin, Frank Ν Dixon,
Henry Ρ Spinney, Geerge Butier, Alouzo Morrill, Je
r juie D Witerreii. >ainuel A Tobev, Chas W lether
Iv, Bentiiug Morrill, George Β Brooks, Joseph Β
ftemick, Samuel A Kemick, George Ε Bartlett, Chas J
Ε Paul, Samuel W Gould, Samuel Wentworth, Chas j
F Hanscom, Edwin F To be ν, George W Goodrich, '
Jackson Morrill, Samuel Hammond, Granville A
Remick, Wm G Einery, Geo Goodwin, Alvin S Ma- j
pies. Charles R J ones, Horace li sawyer,John Gould, j
A II Β Hammond. Martin Ρ Allen, Henry C Hum- ;
moud, Charles G Fernald, John D Frost, II· nrv Μ ι
Raitt, John Ε Libby, John Fernald, Andrew J Cole,
Nathaniel C Frost, Ivory Staples, Samuel Clark, An- !
gustus Brooks, George M Fernald, Archelans F
Welch, Samuel L Spiuney, William Spinney. Henry ί
CTobey. ' ' \
The drafting will he resumed at il o'clock
this morning, and will comprise the '31th sub
district—Lebanon; 27tlj do, Acton and Slinp- |
leigh; 2#th do, lierwick and Sa» l'on I ; 21Uh do,
Y ork.
Cori'KBniSAt) Honesty. — A rich, well
known and zealous so-called Democrat of this
city, who signed the petition for the public
town melting to vote bounty money to the
drafted men, has stated in the presence of res
peel able gentlemen, that lie intended for the
1300 to include the State and United States
bounty, and to pay the balance in city scrip,
and then if the Legislature should not legalize
the transaction, the conscript mould ijtt not/l
iny but the worthless paper./or the city trould
not be obliged to pay anything ! This is Cop
perhead regard for solemn promises to those
w ho are drafted to protect our common rights.
Was infamy ever more infamous?
Charles II. Walker and his brother ;
George were both drowned at Pembroke, Me.,
last week, while crossing the bay in a leaky
boat. The llrst named was twenty-two years
of age, the last thirteen.
£ ff - In 15ath, recently, the liev. Mr. Ulake,
in performing the ordinance of baptism, came
near being drowned. He was looking for a
more convenient place, when he got beyond
his depth and only saved himself by swimming
; 0" The item in relation to Mr. Joseph II.
Roach, of Co. I), 3d Maine, who died on the
11 Ih, at the hospital, was copied from the Hath
Times, and should have been credited to that
paper. Mr. Koach has a wife residiug in this
city. Both of his parents reside in Brunswick.
^y The buildings of Mr. (leorge Looinis,
.Jr.. of this town, consisting of dwelling house,
barn aad a long shed between the house and
barn, were totally destroyed by lire on Friday
night last, together with all their Contents, j
consisting of all his furniture, about three tons
of hay, cart-wheels and rick, and a calf. The
Are took in the barn. Loss about $500. Xo
insurance.—Skowhfyan Clarion.
Iff" The Chaplain of the Maine 22d Regi
ment, writing from Port Hudson, speaking of
the battle at that place, of June 14th, says:
" In this battle we lost two killed—privates
Allen and Knight of Co. E; and seventeen
wounded—none fatally, not one even lost a
limb. Mr. Joseph E. Joy of Hampden has !
silice lieen shot, while on picket, June 20th. |
lie survived until the 23d. Quite a large !
number have re-inlisled for one and two years, j
and others have accepted appointments in ,
Gen. Hanks'» Corps d'Afrique."
On the lirst page—The 20th Maine at
Gettysburg; The {foreign News, its signifi
23=" <">11 the fourth page—Poem, Death of
the Pauper Child.
EF-Gen.J. Q.A. Gilinore is a native of Ohio,
and graduated at ffcat Point in 1844, with the
first honors of his class.
:r- Jeff. Davis lias issued a proclamation
conscripting all th·.· white men in the Confed
eracy between the ages of 18 and who are
not by law exempt from military service.
ZW Cul- I""· I'· Se wall of Iîath, says the
Times, who has lateiy been stationed at W'are
liain, Mass., has been ordered to Washington
to await orders.
:#· The Bath Times says it is reported that
Λ conscript in Gardiner cut oil* two of his An
gers to secure exemption from military ser
vice. Ιί«· ought to be branded mm a coward,or
sent to an idiotic iustiution.
2W" I he draft has taken Mr. Samuel P.
Hines,teacher ot drawing,&t\, at Pierce Acad
emy, Middleboro*. He is three feet high. The
New Bedford Standard thinks he will not be
accepted unless drawn out.
Jgf-Mr. John Lauibard has recently built a
wharf of solid stone drawn from the ledge that
is being reduced od the Moses lot, 100 feet
long and fifty feet into the river. It is one of
the most substantial wharves in the city.—
Bath Times.
2Γ#·'The proposition to be submitted to the
voters of Saco, in town meeting, is to see if
they will vote $lo per month to the drafted
men, for service rendered the government, in
addition to their regular pay and bounties.
Mfr3" One ol'tIn·, most, brutal murders bv the
New York mob was thai οΓ Col. O'Brien, an
Irishman ami a Catholic, who was bravely en
Raged in resisting their vandal works. After
he was slain, the infuriated devils cheered fur
Jell'Davis over his dead body.
ZSt'" Messrs. W. II. Turner &Co., at Bath,
are cutting ami preparing the Dunlap Monu
ment, to be erected by the M asociic fraternity
over tile grave of Ex-Gov. Dunlap at Bruns
wick. It is wrought of granite irom a
ijuarry ill Georgetown.
£jP~The editor of the New York Times
acknowledges a subscription of $500 from Mr.
Thurlow Weed, for the relief of the colored
people of that city; also one of $5<Ki from the
Tribune, in aid of the persons injured in
defending the city during the late riot.
Iff' Upwards of $7000 hits been raised in
New York for the colored sufferers by the late
riot. .Several distinguished legal gnutlemeu
have volunteered their services to such as were
despoiled of their property, in prosecuting
claims for reimbursement against the city.
£ ff * The Hath Times says the steam ferry
boat, for the Kennebec at that place, is l>eing
built at the old railway yard, by Mr F. Pack
ard. She is to be ISO feet long and 'A feet wide,
and built of oak timber in a neat and sulistan
tial manner. The machinery is all ready to
be put in, when the hull is far enough advanced
to receive it.
; ff'\ special dispatch to theCourier yester
day, dated Millbridge, July -'3d says "that re
liable men from the month of the harbor re
port bearing heavy tiring about twelve miles
off Petit Menan, about one o'clock this morn
ing. At first it was rapid, and then gradually
ceased. Saw swoke, apparently from a vessel ;
also heard tin' tiring ol small arms in the same
15 V Τ l·: L· EC i IiAPH
From Washington.
New Yobk, July 23.
Washington special dispatches state that
Gen. tirant is to lie appointed a Major General
in the regular army, in place of Gen. Wool,
Ilazel li. Cushing. a wealthy citizen of
Montgomery county. Md , has been arraigned
before m court martial, charged with furnishing
information tu Stuart's cavalry where to find
and drive off 1,000 government cattle and a
number ol troops guarding them. Two wit
nesses testified to the facts.
The rumor that Lee lias crossed into Mary
land is unconfirmed.
The latest otHclal information leaves the two
armies watching each other, the ltebels on the
west side and the Federals on the cast side of
the Blue Ridge.
The fight at Donaldson ville, Louisiana.
Nkw Yobk. July 23.
The Times has an account of the fight at
Doualdsonviile, La. I< appears that a part of
Dudley's Brigade got'Hanked in a large corn
field, and alter a murderous fire had to with
The correspondent gives a partial list of the
wounded, ol which the following are Maine
names :
Thos. Rowland, Lieut. Morton, Win. Fisher,
E. W. Ilaynes, 1st Maiue Battery.
Zioe'a Army in Motion.
New Yobk. July 23.
Lue's entire army was in motion at three
o'clock this morning, moving in the direction
of Winchester. Four hundred rebel cavalry
attempted to cross the Potomac last night at
Nolan's Ferrv. with the intention of making a
raid oil the Railroad ; but their designs were
The National Debt.
Nkw Yobk, July 2:5.
The Times' Washington dispatch says otHcial
statements show that the total public debt of
the United .States, on the 1st of July inst., was
frl—less by over than
anticipated by the Secretary oi the Treasury
last December.
S κ κ » woman ι η another column picking Sambuc
(trap»·*, for Sjx»or> Wine. It in an admirable article
u-<e<f in hospitals, and by the drst families in Tarie
Londou and Now York, in preference to old Port
Wine. It is worth a trial,a* it gives great satisfac
tion. dec22dly
Si'Et l 1 L Χ Ο TICKS.
Α Ν Κ \V AUT1CLE.—Cracks kls.—Try some of
them. A very delicate Biscuit, tender and brittle,
a.id will almost melt in one's mouth. Manufactured
and lor sale, at wholesale and retail, at
C. BLAKE'S Stkau Bakery,
je!8 tf 330 Congress Street.
(JURAT DISCO V Ε It V .—A u ad hosi ν t preparation
that will STICK
Patches and Linings to Bootsaud Shoes sufficient
ly strong without stitching;
That will effectually ineud Furniture, Crockery
Toys, ami all articles of household use.
Belt Mttk.ru,
Boot and Shoo Makers,
Manufacturer*and Machinists,
And Families,
willlind it invaluable! It wineffectuallystopthe
leakage of Coal Oil.
It is insoluble in water or oil.
It is a liquid, and as nasily applied as paste.
It will adhere oily substance*.
It is
Hilton Buothkrs. Proprietors,
Providence, R.I.
Supplied in packages from 2 oz. to 100 lbs., by
61 Broad Street. Boston,
Sole Age fit 8 for New England.
Dentistry.—Dr .JOSIA H HEALD No.241Cno
çress Street, tirst door east of 1st Parish Church
Portland. Me. itgTdly
Frttlar· Inly 21. ι
Sunrises 4.411 High water,(p in) 442
Sun sets 7.23 | Length ol da>s 11.44 I
8ale of Stocks.—Boston, July 23, 1862.
81,000 American 4» old 120
8,600 do l26«
16.600 «Ιο 126}
3.H00 «Ιο 1251
United States Coupou Sixes(188l) 1061
United State* 7 3-l<Hhs Loan l'*>i
U. S. Five-Twentiee lOW
L'. 8. Certificates of Indebtedness 101
United .States Treasury Sixes, (2 years) 125
In North Berwick. June 30, John 11. Jiam and Mise
Jennie O.Johnson.
lu Taris. July 4. Samuel B. Scribner, of Lewiston,
and Mi*s Mary 11. Benson. of l'eru.
In Upton, July 4. David O. Beau, of Magalloway,
and Miss Melissa E. Richardson, of U.
In South l'aris, July 10, Win. Cioodenow, ouly eon
of Dr. Wm. A. Hust, aged 3 years 4 months.
In llangor, July 22. h mm a Lavinia, only daughter
of Stilrnau K. and Esther M. Masou, aged 1 year 9
months 22 days.
InTopsham, July 8. Margaret K. Barron. a*ed 20
)ears 11 months.
lu I^ewistou, .Inly 10. Mr*. Sally M., wife of Jos.
Ham. aged 56 years 10 months.
ΛΙΛ.111ΝΚ TM i :\vs.
Γ I· ii r»<l it y July 23·
Steamer 1·'ο rest « ity, Liscomb. Boston.
Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Boston for
Eastport and St John Ml.
Hark Winslow. Davis, New York.
Hark Ocean Favorite, Til-belts, Boston.
Soli Mary, (Br) Boutin, I'lctou*
Sch W li Darling. Baxter, Now York.
Bark S«-bra Crocker. S**agur, Sydney ( B —master.
lirix Altavela, Heed, Sydney < B—master.
Hrig Γ II Kennedy, Luke, St John NB—J S Wins
Sch Ann, (Br) Bvudrout, Sydney CB—master.
Sch 4 raiu*i*co, Kilby, i'hiladelphia—J II White.
Mcs*rs. Blimps k Cashing, have on the stocks at
Free port, a line ship of «bout lilOO tous, called the
•m» M Davis," which wiil be launched in a few day*;
she ι» chartered to load deals at Portland lor a foreign
port The tine ship I' 11 Soule, recently launched,
now lies iu the stream and is nearly ready tor sea.
The Soule brothers have recentjy laid the keel for a
ship, and IU C Bliss have commenced work ou a
bai * "i ;ii"»uι ·'■">! tone.
Brig Webster KeHey (of Bucksuort) Heagan, from
New York tor Boston, put into Newport 22d inst, iu
distress; «luring a violant squall of wind from Ν W,
split foietopsail and tore topmast stavaail, an<l was
compelled to run betore the wind tor two hour».—
When otl Block Inland light, win twice in collision
with an unknown schooner — the first time uriking
the l»ri^ forward of the fore rigging, staving bul
warks, plank shear, top timber·*, damaging sail*, Ac;
the second time she took off the ^ibbooni. sprung
bowsprit, broke anchor stock, Ac file captain,wile,
child, and three of the crew, jumped on board the
schooner. The brig is contkb rabljr damaged and
leaks about l'JUO stroVs per hour.
Ship Free Trad»·, at Sau Francisco fm Now York,
experienced very heavy weather on the parage, had
booby hatchee was lied away, and most ο t cargo mon·
or leas damaged. Ship Shooting Star, at do, also had
cargo damaged.
Bark Hannah Crocker, from New York for New
Orleans, with a cargo of coal and hay, was burnt to
the water's? edge, below New Orleans, on the llth.
No particulars yet.
Sch Otrauto,'ot Ellsworth, from Elizabethport for
Newhuryport, with coal, was abandoned off Cape
Cod,22d inrt, in a sinking condition, having been en
tirely dismasted, had boats stove. Ac. The crew were
taken off by seh l>r Kane, and subsequently transfer
red to sch Bangor, which arrived at >alem 23d. The
otrauto na< subsequently picked up by sch Julia
Franklin and towed into Gloucester.
NEW ORLEANS—Ar 13th, barks Kleber, Lincoln,
Boston; IHh. Burnsidc, Peudergaat, do.
Cld 13th, brigs C il Kenuedy, Smith, Philadelphia;
15th, bark Auia, Liudsey. do.
BALTIMORE— Ar 21st, bark Tejuca, llarriman.fm
Sagua ; brigs Echo, Benson, Maya^uez; Harkaway,
Wilson, St Jago ; Wm Nickels, I- rietts. Matauza*;
echs I--a.tc L Atkins, Marshall,Havana; Martha,Bax
ter, Alexandria.
1*1111.ADELPHIA—Ar 21st, bark PC Warwick.
Green, New York; brigs < oncord, McOluno, Cieu
fuegos; Caroline Eddy. Poiueroy. Rockland ; achs
Ocean Wave, furner. Mariegalante; Mecca, Huek
ius. Eastport; Harriet Neal. Houghton, l.ubec; Julia
Newell, frott, Portland; Ο W Carpenter. Hutchin
son. Wiuterport; Dazzle, Smith, Keruandina; Char
ter Oak, Baker, Rockport.
Cld 2Israeli Saliie I'». Robinson, l'ortland.
At Delaware Breakwater 20th, bark Scandinavian,
wtg order».
NEW YORK—Ar 2l*t, brig J W Woodruff, Eaton,
Calais; sch A Nelsou, Glover, Yinalhaven tor Saudy
Ar 22d, sch? Lady of the Ocean. Chamnèma Calais;
J U Mather, Orr, do, Fesseuden. Gregoa|Hpftt|Hjrf ;
Hannah, Pierce, Millbridge; Forest, YiWri*, £11*·
worlh Eli/a I· ranees, Bangor; .lud ! iiuev, Nuk
eraon, do; Olive Hey wood, Barber, do; Warrior,
Crockett, Rockland; Melbourne, Marston,Gardiner;
Win Carroll, Smith, Bangor; Florence Roger*, Rog
ers, Alexandria.
Also ar 22d, bark* Heiress, Clark. Minatitlan ; In
dian Belle* Tenney, Cardenas; *ch Lucy Hey wood,
Burmeiater, Cautpeachy.
Cid 22d, hark.- Mar ν Elizabeth, Dunbar, Havre;
Fannie. Carter, Cape Haytieu.
Ar 33d, ship Messenger, Woodside, Sao Francisco ;
brig Stella, Gooding. Matauzas.
Sid 21st. barks Gazelle. Γ Curbing. Acme.
PRO V IDEM Ε sld22d. sebs Maria Roxana. Pal
mer. Bangor, or l'uiladelpbia; A F Howe, Colson,
do or New York; Mary Emily, French, Siocktou.
Ar 22d, schs Ada Allies. Kendall, tm Philadelphia;
Coin Kearney, Ames, Elizabelhport : Kevoiutiou,
Wallace, Calais
NEWPORT—Ar 22d. brig Webster Kelley, Ilea
gan. New York twr Boston, (see disaster·.)
In |K»rt-22d. brigs Mountain Eau le. Bragdon. fin
New York to. Boston; Robiu, Hopkins, Kondout
fordo; echs Arabella. Look. Calais for Newlork;
Allegan, Jones, do tor do; l«a Plata, Strattan, Sulli
van iwr Baltimore; Lebanah, reel, fut New York lor
Boston; Com fucker, Loud, Elizabe?!u>ort for do;
Ma\ flower, Kent, New York tor Reliant; A Sawyer,
Goldsboro, Bangor for New York ; Sarah, Haskell,
Boston for do; .1 A Paine, Joaea, Philadelphia for
Gardiuer; Ocean Belle. Watts. New \ork tor Port
land; Cwi Leater, Bern, Gardiner for Philadelphia;
G W Glover, l'hotnas. New York forCamdeu; Wm
Loud. Clark, do for Newburyport ; Gen scott. Car
ter, Bangor foi Now York; Valbala.L"rd.RMzaboth
port lor Boston; Mary Langdon. Pinkhain, Ν York
tor Portland ; Planet, Harding, do for do.
NEW BEDFORD—Sid22d, sch* 11 Gibbs, Snow,
New York; Kutli Thomas, Avery, Bangor.
l'A WTLCKET—Ar 22d, sch Annie Edith, Nash,
BOSTON—Ar 23d, schs Julia Anna, Harding, Bal
timore; Platten Sea, Woodbury, Bangor.
Cld2dd, brigs Abeona, Forest, Pictou; Rival, Ap
plegate, New Orleans; schs Bay State, Hallett, New
York; Saxon. Snow. Bangor.
At 23d, bark Harriet Spaulding. Wallace.Koudout;
Andrew Carney. Harrington, Messina ; Modena.JRy
dor, Cape Haytieu; brigs A J Boss,Small,Baltimore;
J 1» Lincoln. Webber, Georgetown : Loch Lomond,
Black, Baltimore ; .1 Means. Wells, Philadelphia1' W
Howes, Pierce, Elizebethport ; Sarah Wooster, Lord,
Roudout; Win Masou, Small, do; schs Abbv Brack
ett, Monroe. St Croix; Jos Turner. Crowe!!, George
town; 1 C Hertz, Spear, Baltimore; S Ε Parker,
Fitzgerald, Philadelphia; Clara « lien. Gray, and Η
W Godfrey. Barrett, do; Clara Norton. Gray, do;
Oregon. Bates, Albany : Gov Arnold, Mitchell, and
Dauion, Pitcher, PortEweu; Caroline C, Pomroy,
Elizaiiethport ; Lochiel. Haskell, and Volaut, Ceus
ius, do; Constitution, Flagg, and Helen Mar, Stock
bridg··. Portland.
Cld 23d, brig Maria Wheeler, Wheeler, Gardiner,
to load tor Baltimore; schs Josephine, Crockett, for
Bermuda; Lamartine, Graut, and Abeoua, Dexter,
s Id 23d. bark Ocean Favorite; brig S peed away.
DAN VERS—Ar lsHh, sch Yarmouth, Baxter. New
SA LEM— Ar 21st, soil Arno, Knight, St John Ν Β
lot Providence.
GLOl't ESTER—Ar20th, sclia Ambassador,Eaton,
Calais; Montrose, Barker, St George tor Providence;
Alert. Monro»·. Boston lor Bangor.
PORTSMOUTH—Ar 20th, sens Flying Cloud. liar
diubrook. Baltimore; Kossuth, Lee, and Oregou,
Pratt. New York
It Λ Ν GOR—Ar 22d. sell MnntMunia.Ovi*rlan. frmn
Cki 22d, barks Kambler. Packard, Aspinwall; Car
nival. Hopkins. Montevideo.
BATH—Ar 23d, schs Richmond, linker, Washing
ton : ijoveruor, I· !etcher, Baltimore; Olevia Buxton,
Williams. do; William, Dunham, New Vork; ltachel
l'ost, Blanchard. Boston: lien Scott, Merrill, do;
Henrietta, Blanchard, and Caleb Stetson, do; Flor
ence, . and Ann, , Portland; sloop Commo
dore Foote. Tibbetts, do.
.Sid 23d. Danish bark Mercur; schs Helen, Planet,
and Eliza Hand.
Sailed from Hong Kong previous to May 23, ships
Helios. Webster, San Francisco; Viking, Towusend,
do; .Jack Feost, Emery, Melbourne.
At do May 23, ships" Sarah Chase. Evaus; Samuel
talc*. Kendall; Kitty Simpson. Mayo; Industry.
Linnell: llainlet, ; Fanuy Fern, Jordau and
Alarm. Howes.
Sailed from do May 17, ship Europa, A y re·, for
New ^ ork.
At Canton May 20. ship Panama, Soule.laid on the
berth tor New York at #1») per tou currency.
At Kurrachee 6th ult, bark Harvest Moon, Dickey,
for Mauhnaiu.
At Cape Havtien 10th inst, barks Μ Ε Trout, Nick
erson. for Turks Island; J Godfrey. Clark, tor Phila
delphia 10 days; brijjs Gilmer Meredith, Snow, lor
do 15 days; Coquette, llodgdou, for Bostou ; J \V
Spencer, for Philadelphia 10 days; Γ hoe Owen, Duu
litug, lor Cuba.
At St Jago 6th inst, brig LydiaT Cole, Cole, for
Guauti'namo next day.
At Matan/as, —th mst. bark M C Fox, Fredericks,
for New York; brig Stella? Gooding, for Boston 0th
At at St John Ν Β 19th, ship Escort, Whitman, fra
New York; sell Banner, Evans, Portland.
[Per steamship Africa, at Boston.1
Sid I'm Liverpool 0th inst, Lilla Mansfield. Brown,
for New York; 7th, Shakespeare. Heed, tor do; 8th,
Constitution, Cutter, do; Oth, Bonj Adams, Chase,
for do.
Eut forldgSth. Majestic, Forsaith, for New Y" ork ;
9th, Euergy, Caul kins, for do; 10th, Cultivator, ltus
sell, tor do.
Advertised 11th, Merrimac, Woods, for Boston
18th; Emerald Isle, Corniso, tor New York soon;
Tonawanda, Juliens, for Philadelphia 16th.
Ar at London 10th, Thos Whitney, Kellov. Boston,
(and ent out for do); Armada, Jeffrey, Calcutta.
Cld 8th. liliine, Moore. New York; 0th. Grace Sar
Î:ent. Mitchell. Catdiff; Electric Spark. Cumiage. tor
loston, (and sailed from Graveeend 10th); Mausani
to. Smith. New York; 10th, 11 Β Emery, Perkins,
Shields and Boston; Am Congress, Woodward. New
York; Samaritan, Bradley, Termoude; 11th, Com
Dupout. ι liiTord. Swansea.
Ar at Cardiff 1Mb, Sas F Patten, Percy, Antwerp.
Sid 7th. Elizabeth Cushing, Plummrr, CaJIao; 9th,
Parthenon, Young. Trieste.
At Bristol 10th. < >wego, Norton, for New York, Id*
Ar at Gloucester 8th, Ocean Spray, Miller, from Ν
York. /

Λγ at Leghorn 30th nit, Kate Brigham, Mosher, fm
Ar at Gibraltar 80th-ult, So American, Lincoln, fm
(.'alla» for Valencia.
Ar at Cadiz 28th ult, John & Albert, Backer, from
Ar at Cronstadt 5th in«t. Sachem, Atkins. Boston.
Sailed from Antwerp 8th, Godes», Crowell, Cardiff;
9th, Ellen Foster, Robinson, do.
Ar at Shanghae May 5. Tropic: Hamblem. Sydney
N>W; 9th, John Jay, Lord, Bangkok; Cromwell,
Crocker, Hong Kong.
Sailed from Woosung Mav 7. Mary Capen, l-ellowa
for Ninjjpo; 11th. Noll ν Merrill, staple, Hakodadi;
Harvest ^ueen, Ellery.'Niugpo; 13th, Cadtleton, (Br)
Hill, New York.
Ar at Hong Kung May 11. Industry, Linnell, from
Shanghai; 12th, Kitty HimpÂn, Mayo, do; 14th,
Fanny Fern, Jordan, and Archer. Cre»*eT, do; lôth,
Argonaut, Norton, do; Lyee-Moon, Biieu, do; 16th,
Rapid, Dunham, Bangkok; 17th, Zephyr, Lane,New·
Sid 15th. Arraean, Hathaway, San Francisco: 17th
Hello·, Webster, and Viking, fownsetad, éi; l^tii.
Diadem. Sawyer, Ningpo.
AratSwatow May U. Moneka, Mayo, and Huut
res*. Whelden. Newchwang.
Saileit from Whainpoa May 17, Kuropa, Ayres, for
New York.
Ar at Singapore Mav 17. Geo Lee, Baretnw. Hong
Kong; North Wind. Jewett, Cardiff; 20th, Samuel
Applet on. Osgood, Melbourne; June 1st, Mary Brad·
ford, Wilson, Hong Hong.
Ftual. Jone 24. Πιο Samson. Mitchell, fm Cardiff
for Halifax. put in here May 22. leaky, has been con
demned. being completely rotten, and was sold at
auction on the 18th.
June 29, Ht 80 13 Ν, Ion 7 20 W, ship Inspector, fm
( aliao tor Valencia.
July 1. lat 42 N. Ion 13 W, ship Tamerlane, Jack
son, from Liverpool for Hong Kong.
July 15. lat 44 14. Ion 42. was seen, nhip "Ellen Dun
niug," steeriug E—iperhaps Sam Dunning.)
the great dividend
Recently distributed among the Policy holders
Mutual Lite liiMirance Co.,
O r STEW 1* O R κ.
ottHii î' una !*!»,5ου,θϋί),
should lead every man to look lut» tin* njstem and
advantage* ot this Company before iofaiîng else
where. Thi· dividend has added nearly β/ty per cent.
t«> the value of the Policies, and is, in inkuy instances,
thirty-thrv p*r rent, more than the premium* paid.
The beet and safest investment any man can make
for the benefit of hit family, is in a Policy with thin
old and substantial company.
A large number of the business and professional
Dieu of Portland and vicinity hold it* policies and
can attest to it» advantage*, to whom reference may
be made.
Documenta and all needful information cheerfully
granted on application at my office,
No. 31 Ext-hange Street
W. D. LITTLE, Agent.
This Company gave 88000 to the Sanitary ( iimniii
aion the past year. Jy34 tf
The Be«t Tonic ever made
It i» lilulily n romiiii nilril by the
enllre .lIt-(U<-ul Faculty.
Wk*lr«al«*N·. I» Crntrail St., BOSTON.
Jy24 eod3m
Fire and Life Insurance Co.
Tkr Comjtany »rat fUMiêked fci 1S3G.
I'aid up Capital and Surplus Funds. .. .312.OS9.035 00
Anuual Keveuue 5,000,000 00
Shareholders personally responsible for all engage
ιη«·ηΙ* of the Company. All lit rector» tuu.-l oe
American liraneh,
//."/ Office,\». W Wcdi if So. 61 Fine Sit., X. York.
FKAScta ('uttoït, Chairman.
Henry Griuuell. D. Chair'u, Alex. Hamilton, Jr.,
K.il.Archibald,il II >1 Λ οηΊ,Κ Κ. Sanderson,
Joseph halliard, Ju, Alfted 1'ell He·. See'y.
Aisetti held by tlh Trustee» in Sett York.
Cash in Bank #123.541 76
Caab Uu* on demand 110,311 11
Cash in bauds of Agents O.5U0 00
Keal Estate tune tic umbered), of which
$79.0OO is in Cincinnati 130,660 00
Bond* and Mortgages, of which $100,000
Is invested ill Chicago 685.400 00
U. -S. Bonds 46.UU0 00
Other Se urities 55.996 86
9 1^90,4M 73
of which 93)0,000 are depos'ted with the Insurance
department in Albany, tu compliance with the law
of the State ol New York.
These funds are under thecoutrol of the Director·
in New York, ail of whom being shareholders, aie
personally liable lor the engagement» of the Compa
ny, and therefore deeply interested iu the carelul
management cf the business ol the Branch.
fhe Kire Bu>iue«s in the Northern States during
the past three years U as tollowa:
Amount Insured. Premiums.
MHO. e&0.3dM*l 00 *3^ <J0K 00
1*61 68.921,846 00 496.354 00
1862 86.9frJ.7Il 00 673.863 00
The total loss» s paid during the last year were
§430,871 00, which includes the sum of 8155,000 00
paid for losses by the great tire iu Troy in May, 1888.
Tbe total losses paid iu this country since the or
ganization οΓ this Branch, are $2,572,794 61.
New Kim land Aiercf.
OJKcf» Δίο.2 .IfercAaii/s' Exe/lange,State St., Breton.
The beaiuess of this Agency is conducted under
the rfuperviftiou ot an " Adeiêar}/ composed
ofpenoM resident iu Boston, representing its vari
ous interests, and possessing the coulidruce of the
entire community.
flow. Marshall IV Wildkk, Chairman.
William II. Reyuolds, < hartes O. Whit more,
I ! I hiniel Sargent « uιtis,
iienry K. ilorton. Thomas W. I'ieree.
Amount iusuied by this Ag<*ncv during the ve®
ending July 1, 19K3, #14.8W,HQ 00.
AH Policies tor the New hngland States are written
; ut the Uostou Office
It M>,« MX) Dollars, being less than one perceut
on Cash Capital, taken on a single risk.
Losses adjusted in Boston, and paid immediately,
without abatement ot auy kind.
a KO. H'M. GORDON, t.eneral Agent and Attor·
; nev of the Company for the New Kugland States.
William S. uoodkll, Surveyor.
JOHN E. DOW, Agent for Maine.
jy24 dlw
Siati' of .Maiiif.
A-sl<hor's OrricK, 22 Κ χ change St. I
I'ortlaud. May 20. 1863 i
Iu pursuance ofthe provisions of the act entitled
j "Au act to provide internal revi nue to sup|H»rt the
; Government, and to pay interest on the public debt,"
I he se by give public notice to all persons and parties
interested, that the lists, valuations and enumera·
( tions. made and taken by the Assistant Assessor*
within said collection district for the Aunual Amn
ι nient made ou the tirst Monday of May, 1S»3, and in·
I eluding the assessments for iucome, will, on the
thirtieth day of .July, A. D. 1S63, be deposited as fol
; lows: The lists tor the County of York, at the
dwvlliug house of the subscriber, at York, in said
county of York, and the li>is for the county of Cum
berland. at the office ofthe undersigned iu the citv of
Portland, in said county of ( umberland Said fists
i will remain in said places of deposit, for the terra of
fifteen days; and during said time they will be open
to the inspection and examination of all persons and
j partie-* concerned or intr re»t <l in them.
And further notice is hereby given, that after the
expiration ofthe fifteen day·» a.·» aforesaid, to wit, on
Saturday, the 15th day of August, the undersigued
ι will b·present at his dwelling house aforesaid, to re
! ceive and determine any appeals which may then
aud there be made to him relative to any excessive or
erroueous valuations made by the Assistant Assrss
f ors within the county of York, and ap|»eal* from the
j assessments of the Assistant Assessors within the
: county of Cumberland will be heard and determined
at my said office iu the city of Portland, iu the couti
I ty of Cuiuberlaud, on Tuesday, the eighteenth day of
I August,
All appeal» to be made to the Assessor, mu»t be
1 made in w riting, and specify the particular cause,
i matter or thing respecting which a decision is re
quested, and must also state the ground or principle
ί of iue«iualitv or error complained of.
" NAT11'1'<> MARSHALL, Αμ«μογ.
All persons, who, in the opinion of the Assistant
I Assessor h , aie liable to he taxed for income, and tail
' to make the return required by law. by the »th day
I of July will be assessed in such sum. at the assist
ants "IVom tlie best information Ither can obtaiu,"
deem Just. J)24 M W ktkw to aug 15.
Is Ν American girl to do housework. Enquire at
l\ 47 Wilmot street, near corner of Lincoln street
bctweuu 0] and 7J o'clock Γ. M. j)24 tf
—ι·ι ι .^vai mmmmmammmmmmmmmmmimtm
Power* of the Kingdom
&irpaMel IK tPcnry on,/ u destined to tupereede all
other known remnii,·, in the treatment of the /><·■
eaatijhr which il it r,mmmentied.
f Γ h*« cared Caxcu· «fi. r th. p.ti. ut» bar· bcvn
1 Klvt-11 up »» iucur»l>l.· by man), pl,y»ici«ii.
It lia» cured < »K«H lu its *ur«t |uini, ln
dreds «1 raitt-s.
It has alwayscured .Salt Kiir.i'M when atrial ha·
been given it, a disease that every one known u very
troublesome and exceedingly difficult to care.
Krtdipkui at«ay« yiJua tu it· power, as mauy
who have experienced it* beuetits do teetify.
It has cured .iciioruu iu hundreds of case·,
many of them of the most aggravated character.
It curt* Kino's EviC.
It has cured many o«m of Scald Head.
f u Mu its have bee a removed by it iu related in
stance* iu which I heir removal had been pronounced
impossible excepting by a surgical operation.
Ulcers ot the most malignant type have been
healed by it» use.
It barf cured inanv cases of Nursiku Sore Mouth
when all other remedies have tailed to benetU.
Κ κ ver So κ as of the worst kinu have been cured
by it.
.Scurvy has be·'!» cured by It in every casein which
it has been used, and they are many.
It remove* White Swellijio with a certainty no
other medicine ever ha*.
It speedily removes from the face all Blotch m,
I'impkes, Ac., which though not very paiulul. per
haps, are extremely unpleasant to have.
I it ha* bee ι used in kvekv kino op humor, and
never fails to benefit the patieut.
I ΝjfiUκλL«ii a, in its most distressing forum, has
I been ernred by it when no other remedy could be
found to meet tr.e case.
It has cured J a us dick in many seven· eases.
It lias proved very ethcacious in the treatment of
Γι les. au extremely pain l ui disease.
ί Dyspepsia, whi.h is often caused by humor, has
ι been cured by it in numerous instances.
In Female Weaknesses, Irregularities, and
Diseases peculiar to their sex, it has beeu louud a
most potent remedy.
lu cases of (iKVeral Debility, from whatever
cause, tlie .Syrup oau be relied upon a» a most effi
cient aid.
It is a most certain cure for Rickets, a disease
common to children.
Its efficacy in all diseases originating in a depraved
state of tlie blood or other fluids ot the body is un·
Its effects upon the system are truly astonishing
and almost beyond belie I to one who has not wit
nessed them.
This Syrup will as certainly cur· tin· diseases for
which it'is recommended as a trial is given it, and
the cure will be permanent, as it, by its wonderfully
searching power, entirely eradicates the disease ironi
the system.
I Thé afflicted have only to try it to become con·
'IBC -'I «Il η IIHJ V*r ρ»> tu ri-^wv MJ II auil lo IIlKl tv~
lief from their suffering*.
A Cancer, deemed ineurabiê by Eminent Pk y» iciane,
Entirtly Removedby the Syrup.
Mix. I>. How a ru— />wip Sir:—Thiuking a state
ment ot nly case and the cur* of mv complaint would
be of service to irtlitrs «iniilsrlj' alflictej, I liuteu Ιο
give it to you.
It i* briefly thi*. Horn·· time siuco I was afflicted
with a swelling. which gradually increasing.gave iuo
great pain anduiieaMm»*. At àrst 1 said nothing
alMiut it, but dually concluded to consult the physi
ciau who attended my (kmiJy, wbo pronounced it a
1 iturer, and urged me repeatedly to submit to a tar·
gical operation. which i thru declined
The trouble grew wor* every day, till I dually wm
forced to the conclusion to submit to an operation
for its removal. 1 even had ray bd removed to ft
suitable room for the purpose, engaged the service·
ot au emiueot surgeon, and had uotiiing intervened,
should have ere thi* been saved or destroyed by the
knife. Fortunately a friend had heard of HOW·
A Hiy S S Υ ΚII P. and knew of cure* it had effected
in cane* similar to mine. She and others ot my
friend* urged me to try it before going on with the
operation, and fortunately prevailed upon me to do
so. The re*ult ha* been a perfect cure. I followed,
1 need not say. stnctly tin· directions laid dowu in
tin* circular*' and now that my health is restored 1
look back to my escape as almost miraculo 4. None
but a person who has .«uttered as I have, and been re·
iieted from that «uflering a* I have, can tell how
grateful 1 feel, under Providence, to those who sug
gested a trial of the medicine, as well as the prop«i
etor, Mr Howard. I wa·, I had almost 'orgotteu to
state, relieved at the same time of another similar
swelling which was manitestiug itself upou another
part of my |»erson, and which would have resulted
without doubt iu jest the same thing—a Cancer.
You may make what use you see fit of thi* certifi
cate of my cm··, and if by my instrumentality oth
ers are saved from as deep distress a* 1 have been, I
«•hail consider my self amply repaid lor the trouble
and publicity it cause*.
t.ratefullv ν ours,
W our estes. Mams.
Mi; l>. Howard—Dear Sir :—\ ou wish to know
what iuioriuatiou I posse»* in relation to the efficacy
of your "t'AlCKS axd Cankki Syrlp". Several
Tears since my wife, being confined, was severely
troubled with what is usually called "Nursing .>or«
Mouth." and what the phvsiciati* call · milk huib "
Both legs were badly swollen, and were in a dread
ful state. Everything that could be thought of «as
resorted to without any benettt. lier physicians
pronounced her recovery venr doubtful, if not im
possible. At this time, hearing of your Syrcp, and
It beiug highly recommended, she "concluded, as a
la*t resort, to*give it a trial, which she did with the
most beneficial* results .Shortly after she com
menced taking it. her health began to improve, and
the use of a few bottles com pi ci eig cured fur. Aud
although she has be< μ twice confined since, she has
been perfectly free from the trouble above named.
1 have also *een its effects m a great many ca*e* out
"> m ν family, which have beeu of the most satisfket
tory character. I have procured hundred* of bot
tles for my friend» and neighbors, and a* far a- my
knowledge extends, it has given general »at is taction,
I take great ph-asure in recommending it to the oub
lie a* an invaluable reuiedt tor tlie diseases for which
ills recommended.
Henry B. Dickixsox.
Most Mili'jnant Fcper Sore» lie tied, and ike Patient
ftfttoreil to Health.
Worcester. Mass.
Mr. I>. Howard: —It i* with great pleasure that
I send you my festituouy iu favor of your I ami Eft
AXu t axker&YRUP. It has effected by the bless
ing ol t»od wtteuding its admiuist ι ation, the greatest
cure that hit came to my knowledge. My sou wa·
afflicted with /«Mr Sores to such a degree that lor
lour m -nth* hi- life w a* de.-pairrd of. «Ιι η I wa*
informed that Zeba Howard of Kandolph, Mass.,
cure him. 1 immediately tent for him, and in three
days after he catuc the boy began to recover, and
continued^to improve till his sores were completely
healed, since which he has enjoyed as good health
as could be desired. 1 have recommended the Syrup
to a great many persons since, who are also read ν to
give their testimony in it* favor. Of all medicines
of which 1 have any knowledge. 1 regard this, for
the diseases for which it Is recommended, as tub
REitr 1 could write all day. and not tell halt I feel
in relation to tfo utility of yow tl—llwl Syrup —
May l»od speed rou in y our work, aud succeed your
efforts to alleviate huumu suffering.
«Marsox Eatox.
Thr folio vin y Letter, which trt take from the Bottom
Journal of Oct. 21.furnishes Additional Testimo
ny in favor of this tireat Specific :
C*AELKiTows, Oct. 18, 1343.
To the Editor of the A"*/··* Jour mil
Wishing to perform a duty which 1 consider do*? to
the afflicted, sa well a* au act υ!' justice to the pro
prietor of the mediooe uiiimI below, 1 take ihim
method tu give publicity tu the following. M> wjf#
ha* been dreadfully afflicted for year· with canker iu
the mouth, throat and stomach, which at time* mad·
its appearance upou the surtace oi the ntoiuach,
breast. «klu, aud one arm, even rendering the part·
completely raw. aud producing distress that brought
her nigh unto death.
Some time since. being confined, «he was greatly
reduced iu consequence of the svttliug of the humor
in her breast, produciug uo les· than live ulcer· at
one time, con lining her to her bed lor fifteen w eek*,
and leaving her in a very bad and almo»t hopelr··
condition, which haffleti ewry means u.-ed for her
beuefit till some time iu August last. when "How
ard'· lancer aud Canker 5>yrup" was brought to
our notice iu a manner that induced us to give il a
trial, which we did w ith the most astonishing and
gratifying results. Aller lining seven bottles of the
Syruii all signs of the humor disappeared, and her
health is now good, a condition to which she ha·
been a stranger for many year-. 1 cannot command
language to ex pre#· the happiness that this most ex
cellent medicine haa brought to my family, but. a·
some slight return for the beuelit I have received,
make this public statement of the case, entirely of
niv own acc id. without solicitation from any one.
'should any person Interested wish to consult eith
er of us upou the subject, we should be pleased to
see them at our residence, No. 4·» Waneu street.
Chariest own, Yours truly.
IlK9 RT SlVAt't·.
Prepared and sold by I>. HOWARD. Randolph,
.Mass . to whom all letters of enquiry should be ad
dressed. For «ale in Portland bv //. //. HA Ï. />n
gist, junction Free aud Middle streets, (ieneral
Agent for Maine—and by deale*· iu nMulicin· gen
eral] v. Price SI per bottle; β bottle· for f5.
jy24 eod3m
Valuable Koul INUilt' ill Awrilon.
ON Kridav. Julv 31. at Un., at Merchants', Kx
ekup, No. Î4 Exchange St.. the large and val
uable liou-.c on the corner 11 Free and C'ot'on itritl,
nowr occupied b y Mr». Baker a« » hoarding house
It is a three story brick hou.tf, with bear ment and a
tarin· L. It ia rintatioii throughout and in good or
der—has gas and other modern iny>ro( «meut». abun
dantly supplied with hard arid «oft water, centrally
and pleasantly locate*!, and mini alwiy, be a valua
ble tiropertv. * The lot to about HO feet on Free street,
by lui» on Cottva.
Alio, the two storv wooden house on t otton street
adjoining the above This house u also in thorough
repair, and Hni«hcd throughout, lia», water aud
everything diwlrable and comfortable tor a basineaa
man tor occupancv or for investment Thia lot la
about feet on Cotton st. by 60 feel deep. We
rarely offer ,n desirab e a property. These house, can
be examined for three day» before the sa e. from 3 to
4 o'clock each afternoon. No postponement on ac
count of weather Tltleelear. term- aatisfketory.
j>24 dtd· lit Ν KY BAILKV * CO , Aac'r,.

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