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George F. Mouitox
We are pained to be called to add to our
record of deatbe during tbe past few weeks,
at that Aceldama of our citizens, (the State of
Virginia,) tbe young man of seventeen, whose
name is at the head of this notice.
Though not yet eighteen, be has been al
most two years in his country’s service, with
out hiving made even a transient visit to his
now widowed mother, who resides and keeps
• little shop in Free street.
We learn that he has been specially oom
mcnded during ail the term of bis enlistment,
by both his captain aud tbe colonel of bie reg
iment, the 17lb, Co. B, lor his regular habits
and fidelity, both as a youth aud soldier, aud
that he was held in more than ordinary esteem
and regard by bis fellow soldiers. He wa9
about starting by direction, at that moment
received from his captain, to ascerta’u wheth
er the Indiana regiment was between his reg
iment and the enemy—it proved it was—
when he was pierced by a bullet from a sharp
shooter, of which he seems to have died almost
instantly. He was an only son—dutiful and
affectionate—aud kepi his mother informed
weekly of whatever occurred of interest to
himself aud bis company, suggesting and ad
vising whatever he thought would be useful
in the management of her little business af
In her deep affliction she is sustained by the
ooneolation of a strong Christian faith aud a
trust that his change lias been a happy one.
Tribute of Respect
Died, Monday, May 30, 1864, at Dougia8
Hospital, Washington, D. C., from a wound
received uear Spotlsyl vania, Va., Major Arch
Dorillout Leavitt, 16lh lleg’t Me. Volt.
Whereas, by the providence of God we are
called to mourn the lose of a dear brother,
who freely gave hit life to the service of his
country, tberefoie,
Resolved, That while we bow iu submission
to the will of God, in thus sadly afflicting us,
we glsdly bear witness to tbe many uobie
qualities, and luteliectua! abilities, of our
brother, which gave him access to the hearts
ol all who kaew him.
Resolved, That iu him our Fraternity has
lost an honored aud a worthy member, and
tbe Nation an able aud zealous defender.
Resolved, That as a testimonial of our re
aped for tlie memory of onr departed brother
we drape our badges for thirty days.
Resolved, That a copy oi these resolutions
be sent to the relatives of the deceased, as an
evidence of our heartfelt sympathy in their
grevlous affliction.
Harhison M. Pkatt.
Atrocertm I). SuAtx.
J. Howard Mielett.
Hall of X, of Delta Kappa Kpsilou, dune
28th, 1864.
Municipal Court—June 29.
Rodman Townseud waa adjugej guilty ou a
search and seizure process, and paid a fine of
$20 and costs. X. Webb, Esq., for the defense.
Patrick Crosby, for keeping a dog without
a license, was lined $4 51 and costs. Com
Robert Burroughs, for keeping a dog with
out a license, paid $5.17 flue and costs.
Martin Kelley and Timothy Cochrane, lads
of 13 or 14 yean of age, were brought up
charged with larceny of a small quantity of
lead from the Grand Trunk Depot. Kelley
was acquitted, but Cochran was convicted and
sentenced to thirty days Imprisonment in jail.
Detection ok Spurious Bank Notes.—
An iufAitibie guide to aid in the detection of
counterfeit bank notes, something more than
the usual ‘•Detector,” which cannot, by the
greatest prudence, be made perfectly reliable,
lias long been desired by business* men. Mr.
Laban Heath has recently published a little
volume which seems to entirely satisfy ibis
want. In compiling tbit book he bas been
favored with engravings from tba Bank Note
Co., with which he it enabled to give to every
merchant and accountant a standard of gen
uine bank note engravings, with which b« may
compare all bills coming into bis bauds, and
readily detect the good from the worthless.—
This system has received testimonials from
the highest sources, and therefore la entitled
to the greatest confidence. E. R. Russell,
Foreign Money Teller of Suffolk Bank, Bos
ton, says of tbit book, “I consider it the best
work on the subject ever offered to the pub
lic.” It is also highly endorsed by Cashiers
and Tellers In the Manufacturers & Trader’s, !
Mechanics' International and Canal Banks, in
this city. Mr. Heath or bit agent is now in
town, and will call on our merchants wbo will
do well to examine and test its merits.
Galvanic Treatment.—We would call
the attention of those seeking health, to the
advertisement of Dr. W. X. Darning, in an
other column of this paper. Dr. D. lias not
been in this city quite 18 months, yet he has
gained a reputation unparelled Injtbe history of
medicine, in bis speciallity of treating chronic
diseases. Dr. D. has had a thorough Medical
Education and an experience of over twenty
years as an Electrician. He has worked bard
to dig out the hidden mysteries In the Vegeta
ble aa welt as the Electrical Kingdom, and bos
combined them In the form of extracts and
and Electrical Medicines, together with Electro
Magnetism. With these batteries combined
he is able to purge the system thoroughly of
all taints. Dr. D. does not use a common gal
vanic battery, with a harsh, coarse, unpleas
ant current, which makes it a dread to those
that use U; but he uses a smooth, invigorat
ing, stimulating, soothing, Electro Magnectlc
instrument of his own Invention, leavlug the
patient, after au application, In a quiet,yet In
an Invigorated condition, which lasts for
houss. Give him a call. Office No. 11,Clapp's
Block, corner of Congress and Elm streets.

Festival.—The ladies of the Christian
Commission have arrauged lor a Concert by
tlie children of oar public schools, at the new
City Hail on the morning of July 4th. A line
opportunity will thus be afforded old aud
young for rational enjoyment, ami at the same
time enable them to contribute a little towards
the relief of our suffering soldiers.
At the same place, In connection with the
Juvenile Couceit, tables w ill be furnished with
such luxuries aud substantial:, as will solicit
money from every body.
To enable the ladies to render their refresh
ment tables attractive and profitable, dona
tions from the patriotic public will be required.
We hope the "Home Guard' will send to the
new City liaii strawberries, cream, cakes,
flowers, aud also meats, Ac., so that ourladits
who do the hard work may be encouraged
•till to labor.
The at he.-Manager Myers produces anoth
er sensational drama this evening, trout the
pea of John Brougham, Esq., entitled the
“Peep O'Day.” I tit full of exciting situa
tions—an Irish fair, characteristic dance by
twenty-four people, delicious music aud lots
of fun. The entire company are required in
Us production, and we aball be surptised if it
does not make a hit. The weather is now so
cool that Deering Hall is a most agreeable re
A Card. The Irish American Belief As
sociates return thanks to Mr. Mark I’. Eatery
for the gratuitous use of Buxton Centre Grove
on the occasion of their excursion June XI,
1884. Joh.v McKEN.Mv.Cor. bee.
Portland, June 28,1884.
Special Notice.—Portland Division No.
V, 8. of T. will hold an adjourned meeting on
this (Thursday) evening, at 8 o'clock. A
punctual attendance is requested, as busiur-ss
of importance will come before the Division.
Per order, 8. J. Lord, U. 8.
&TR Majse.—The veterans of this regi
ment, who returned Tuesday, were yesterday
furloughed until the 8th of July. Most ol
them returned to their homes yesterday.
“Board Bills and Landlords.".
Mb. Editor:—Tour correspondent (•),
either unintentionally or otherwise, suppress
ed several material facta In his account of the
disclosures ot Hildreth. If the public have
any interest in such matters, they have an in
terest in knowing the whole truth, and It
Is not a little amusing to see the efforts of
little minds, through garbled and one sided
statements, to try to iujure those connected
therewith, either as Attorneys or Magistrates.
First. The plff. himself tcstiSes that Hil
dreth offered him (the ireditor) the bank
I book In question, showing a deposit of $60, in
St. John, 11 he would release him from arrest,
but, not believing it of any value, he refused
to take it.
Secoud. That when he sent for Mr. Hovey
to act as his attorney, aud told him of the
book, Mr. H. at once asked him why he did
not offer it to hia creditor; to which he re
plied that he had done so and he (the credit
or) refused to take it.
Third. It did not appear in evidence be
fore the sittiug magistrates, that Mr. Hovey
had ever received a siugle dollar from the
avails ol said deposit or book, although one
of the magistrates (Merrill) suggested to the
creditor's attorney, that he should examine
Mr. Hovey on that point—that they could
not infer it without proof—but the attorney
Fourth. The debtor offered to assign to
the creditor all the interest be might still
have in said book and deposit, If any. which
assignment, one of the magistrates (Meriill)
thought by the Slh aud 15ib Sec. of Ch. US
of the liav. Slat., entitled him to ba released
from arrest.
But this assignment would, of course.be
subject to his attorney’s claim for disburs
meats and services wiiioh did not seem to
suit the interests of the creditor, who bad
made the mistake of locking his debtor up in
jail, instead of takiug the accurity offered
him, au l which, he now suspects, Mr. Hovey
made available as cash. He will undoubted
ly be wiser next time. So much for this
tempest In a teapot.
Serenade.—While at Augusta yesterday
afternoon, the Band of the 17th U. S. Infan
try called upon Gov. Cony, at the State House,
and treated him to one of their best serenades.
The Governor invited them into his private
room. The musicians suffered, however, for
they lost their chance at the 1st and ltd tables
at the hotel, and were obliged to put up with
sole-leather steak and cold potatoes.
Grant's Coffee and Spice Mills.—W«
learn that Mr. J. Grant has recently estab
lished • new Spice Mill out of the city, which
in addition to his facilities in town, will enable
him to meet any demands which may be made
npon him. Mr. Grant is well known to our
merchauu aa a successful aud obliging inanu
facturer, and his Coffee and fcpices are second
to none.
Incendiary Fibb in Saco.—An unoccu
pied building, owned by Chas. Hill, formerly
used as a slice factory by Daniel K. Somes,
and standing in that part of Saco known as
“Somesville,” was destroyed by tire Tuesday
nlpM. Boss,$500; uninsured.
Tut uuiou preparatory lecture will be held
at Third Faiish Church Thursday evening.
Kev. Mr. Walton will preach.
-to mm
KVfcNlifU PAPUKft.
l'rom AVtr Orleana.
New York, June 29.
The steamer Cahaw ba, Iroui New Orleans
21st, has arrived.
New Orleans papers of the 21st contain the
The rebels have withdrawn from Tnnlea
Another steamer was considerably injured
below Bayou Sara by a rebel shore bartery.—
No lives lost.
The health of New Orleans is excellent
(ien. Banks has issued an order that all
shipments of gold to New Orleans must be
deposited with the Assistant Treasurer, to be
delivered to consignees or merchants only up
on stlislaclory assurances that it will not be
used iu contravention of the regulations of
the Treasury aud War Departments.
The steamer Electric Spark Iraa arri vad at
New Orleans.
Cold at New Orleans on the 21st, 104 pre- i
Cotton was quoted at 1.10, with light busi
ness. Sugar aud ipoiasse* active; lair sugar
20 1-2 a 21c. Molasses So a 90c.
thf Armff bvfor. ItlrkmfnA.
HEAirqcAitTKitH Armt Potomac, 1
June 28. (
All quiet at the front. Our left wing swung
round and took possession of the Weldon
Hsilroad, about four miles from Petersburg,
without opposition, it is believed the enemy's
lines have been somewhat contracted since
Friday, and the opinion prevails that a lorce
has bueu sent to meet aud drive back liunier.
Almost nightly attacks are made on some part
of the Iretted line iu front ol the Uth corps,
but tinting our men on the alert aud ready
for'them, the rebels quickly retire.
It was at first thought that our loss would
be over 600, but 1 ha~e benn informed that it
will not reach one-fourth of this number. Our
forces fell back to their supports near the
btidge, and subsequently crossed with the en
tire traiu without further loss. Tha rebels
made uo effort to follow up, and it was thought
that they had suffered severely or they would
have done so.
There are now about 5,000 sick and wound
ed at City Point, aud they sutler much ft o n
Fearful Railroad Accident at Belaid, Cana
da—Fl/ty Fertont Kitted.
St. Hilaihk, C. E , June 20.
A fearful accident rccurrid on lb-Grand
Trunk Railway ttiia morning. An emigrant
train, consisting ol eleven car*, with 854 Ger
man emigrants, went over the B.-lold bridge
early this morning. At 8 15 A. M. thirty-four
dead bodies bad been recovered, and between
thirty and forty taken out badly injured. The
train from Quebec lias been delayed in conse
quence. One car baa not beeu sufficiently
reached to allow the dead to be takeu from it.
The engineer went down with the engine, but
escaped with slight injuries. A dreadful res
ponsibility appeals to rest ou tills man for vi
olating the M inding order to stop.
Only two living beings have been rescued
from this car. The depth of water where tile
accident occurred is about leu feet The con
ductor, Thomas Finn, was killed. The fire
man is also supposed killed. St. Hilaire is
uineteen tniics from Montreal.
Later.— Fifty persons were killed and a
great many wounded in the railroad accident
near Beloid, C. E.
Urnrral Sherman's Loss.
LoutBVILI.lt, Ky., June T8.
Tlie Medical Director of Gen. Sherman's
army telegraphs that our entire loss will not
exceed 1 ,.7)0.
| Col. Watkins was not captured at Lafayette,
ami Col. Faulkner, teported captured there,
has arrived at Chattanooga.
Urn. Hooker <■«{ WousM.
Ntw York, June 2».
. It was Gen. Marker, not Gen. Hooker, who
was mortally wounded lu the recent attack by
Ueu. Sherman's army.
Advertise.—An exchange says if any
person In business would succeed, he must let
the people know where he la and what he is
about; and a business that will not pay to
advertise in these times Is not worth puraulug.
Many persons have an idea that after they
have been tome time in business it Is not
necessary to advertise lutlher. But that la
an idea suited to dead meu, and not to those
who mean to compete lu the struggle* of life.
Do they suppose that nobody moves Into
town or come9 In to trade ? That nobody la
born here'.* That the tamo people are pur
chasing now that did ten year* ago?
i7 James Clark of New Turk and John
Dixon of Portsmouth, were up before U. 8.
Commissioner Qackett in Portsmouth, on Tues
day on a charge of tempting Six marines to de
•ert from the Kittery Navy lard. Thep were
ordered to recugaU* Ik the turn of ft 000 tot
their appearanoe before the C. t. Circuit Court
i Ik city, on the 1st of Qetobet next.
Portland Daily Press.
-. '■■■"■ —
XXXVIII 00NSEES8—Fint 8eu«ion.
Washing ton, June 2V.
A resolution was adopted instructing tha
1 committee on the Conduct of the War to iu*
: quire what progress Lad been made iu tbe
construction of gunboats contracted for iu
1802, and whether oilier vessels like the Cbl
mo nad been contracted for.
A bill was passed allowing Mary Kelly, the
widow of a Union rebel spy whe was hanged
iu Richmond, a navy pension,
Mr. Suuuier reported that the Foreign Com
mittee was unable to affirm whether the mes
sages of tbe President aud the documents rel
ative to Mexican affairs were of sufficient im
portance to justify publication, aud moved
that it tie reiened to tbe Printing Committee,
widcb was agreed to.
After debate a resolution was passed declar
ing Messrs. Fishback aud Baxter not eutilled
to scats lrom Arkansas.
The bill amending the Pension act, extend
ing its provisions to the wives and children of
colored soldiers,&c., was taken up and passed.
Mr. Fessenden reported from the Commit
tee ol Conference on disagreeing amendments
to the Tarifl' bill. Raw cotton is excepted
lrom duty. On brimstone the Senate receded.
On spices the Senate receded in part, most
kinds being advanced. Stems are reduced to
10 cents. The lax on sail is 18 and 24 ceuts.
The report w as adopted.
Mr. Couucss introduced a bill for the sale of
miueral lauds, aud extending the right ol pre
emption thereto.
The bill to reimburse Pennsylvania was
amended so as to pay all the militia eugaged
in repelling invasion thereirom, of whatever
Mr. Wilson, from tbe Military Committee,
reported the House bill to provide lor a na
tional militia.
A committee of conference was appointed
on the Pacilic Railroad bill.
Leave ol absence was granted to Messrs.
Collamer and Grimes on account of Illness.
A joint resolution was adopted requesting
tbe President to appoint a day of national hu
miliation and pray er tor the suppression of the
a tic ocunic uric iuuiv u inns.
The Senate considered the joint resolution
asking of the President the cause of the mili
tary order for the suppresion of the Cincin
nati Enquirer in Kentucky, and requesting the
President to preveut such eucroachuieuu on
the freedom ol the press iu future.
Mr. Cowan favored the resolution, stating
that he had come to the conclusion to oppose
these iufriugmeuU of rights in future.
Mr. Lane of Iud., favored the order, saying
that we had dealt to lightly with a treasonable
Alter further remarks the resolution waa
lost. Yeas S, nays 25.
The yeas were Buckslew, Carlisle, Cowan, '
Davis. Hendricks, McDougall, Powell aud
On motion of Mr. Wilson the Senate took
up the House bill further to provide for aud
calling uutlue national forces.
The following ameudmeuts of the commit
tee were adopted:—
Striking out substitute in the first section
which proiliies for bounty to volunteers, thus
excluding substitutes from the benefit of tbe
bounty, and changing Ihe mode of payment
of the bounty from one-half on being muster
ed in, oue-fourh at the expiration ol half of
the term of service, and one-fourth at the end
of said service, to three equal payments of
one-third iuterest, striking out the clause
which allows full bounty to persons discharg
ed from service by wounds or sickness, reduc- j
ing from 00 to 40 days as tbe period allowed
after tbe call for fitting tbe quota without a
Mr. Hendricks offered an amendment, pun
ishing officers by dismissal with forfeiture of
pay and allowances for knowingly enlisting
minors under sixteen yeareof age. Adopted.
Mr. Brown moved to strike out the third
section, which |>ermits State executives to
send ageuts into States in rebellioB to recruit
Mr. Sherman moved to amend by inserting
the words “duty of the President," instead of
“lawful lor the Executive of any of the States,”
and providing that such troops mry be armed,
organized, Ac., aud receive bounties, which
was adopted.
Mr. Powell offered an amendment, to con
flue each State to recruiting withiu its own
lines. Agreed to.
The bill was reported to the Senate and
The amendments by the Senate to tbe bill
regulating prize proceedings, and the resolu
tion that Mr. Schenck is entitled, and not Mr.
Biair, was adopted.
The Arkansas election case was taken up;
the majority and minority reports, and the
resolution from the Election Committee, were
read. A long debate ensued, and the whole
subject was laid on Hie tabic.
The Civil Appropriation bill was then taken
The amendment that no witnesses shall be
excluded on account of color from United
States courts, was adopted in concurrence.
The Senate’s amendment prohibiting the
coastwi-e slave trade was agreed to.
The Ilouac here took a recess.
The committee of investigation of the affairs
of the X. Y. Custom House, was authorized to
ait during tbe recess of Congress.
The bill to organize aud regulate an Engi
neer Corps, was passed.
The House concurred in the action of the 1
committee of the whole on the Senate’s
amendment* to the civil appropriation bill.
Mr. Mallory of Ky., offered an amendment
providing that negro testimony shall only be
admitted in Federal courts, in States, tbe laws
of which authorize such testimony—disagreed
by 47 to 00. Tue Senate's amendment to
which Mr. Mollory proposed his amendment
was concurred in i)7 to 4T.
Mr. Morrill of Vermont,made a report from
tbe committee of conference, on the disagree
ing amendment* to the tariff bill which was
concurred in.
The House agreed to the amendment of the
Senate, to the bill to exteDd the contract for
carrying tbe Overland Pacific Mail.
The House adjourned at 10 1-2 o’clock.
From the Army before Richmond.
Baltimore, June 2D.
A prominent officer ol’ the Christian Com
mission sends the following to the editors of
the American '‘T am just from the front this
morning. Everything looks very well, and
the troops are in tine spirits. Y ou may tie as
sured of this, as 1 have beeu in personal con
tact with huudreds, both la the reserve and
iu the rifle pits. I had an interview with Uen.
Grant on Monday alternoou. He iscoulldenl
of the result. He says there can be but one
result, the defeat of the euemytur the enemy’s !
retreat from Petersburg, and then their com- '
plete overthrow. Extensive preparations are
in progress, aud soon the country will more
loudly applaud the genius and executive abil
ity of Grant ami Meade. I was surprised to
find some of our Union men despondent when
I arrived at Baltimore this morning. Y'ou
can safely assure you readers that there is no
occasion lor iL
Arrival of Wounded Sold Lera.
Washington, June 28.
The steamer Keyporl has arrived from City
Point, bringing the Armv mails and the 3d N.
Y". Excelsior liegiment, 112 men, whose term
of service has expired.
The Keyporl hail on board 12 or 15 rebel
prisoner*, but turned them over to the author
ities at Fortress Munroe.
She brought up the. bodies of Capt. Keen,
20lli Maine, Lieut. Hammond, 58th Mass, aud
Lieut. Colby, 32 1 Maine.
The steamer Thomas Morgan from City
Poiut, with 250 wounded soldiers was ordered
to return to Alexandria, where the wouuded
were placed in hospital.
l ariou. Item..
New Turk, June 29.
The bark Goethe, from Oporto, spoke 28th,
at noon, lorty-Uve miles east of Eire Island,
the boat Vision, hence for London, going off
with all sails set.
Twenty-five hundred tons of Scranton coal
were sold at auction to-day Tor t9.25all.40
per ton.
Brig. Gen. Taylor, Commissary of Subsist
ence for the Army, died lit Washington this
morning. He was a younger brother of Ex
President Taylor.
Main* Telegraph Company.
Banooh, June 20.
At a meeting of the stockholders of this
, Company, holden Id this city to-day, the fol
lowing named gentlemen were unanimously
elected Directors for the ensuing year, vli:—
Hiram O. Alden, James White, Belfast; Al
bert W. Paine. Jacob A. Smith, Albert Hol
loji, Bangor; Jas. S. Bedlow, Wm. P. Merrill,
Portland; Aaron Uayden, Eastport; Edward
O’BrleD, Thomaston. At a subsequent meet
ing of the Directors Hlron O. Alden, Esq.,
was elected President, and Wm. P. Merrill
Secretary and Treasurer for the ensuing year.
Xm* Tork Market.
Niw Vox*. Jun' 29
Cottoa—(s higher! (alee liOU bxlee et 146 mr
middling upland..
Hott/—emle« 8 ) 000 bbla; State end We.tr ru rx
oit.d end 60*l00d higher; Sup- rfine State 9 10*
1060; Extra du 816*820; chum. <lo 826*825;
Kound nocp t>hk> 9 4ualo60; choice do 8 66*
9 26; Superhue Werteru 8 60*9 45; Extra 8 00*9 46:
Southern—higher; aalea 160-j bole: Mixed to good
10 26*18 60; fancy and extra iO96*1266; Cauxoa
50(*75 higher; telee 1400 bbl.; onmmnn Extra 10 00*
11 25; extra good to choice lu 25*11 26.
Wheat—xclt.d and 10* 6c higher; «alf«210,0r0
bu.hele: Chicago Spiing 2 20*28J; xi.traiikee club
2 29*2 26.
Corn—.alerU OJO both; new mixed We.teru 1 62
@1641, dosing quiet.
Oats—firmer; rate* Canada at 9&ft98o
Beef—firm; -ales' 80 bbla: me** 15 (Mg 16 00.
Pork—higher; sates 7*6 bbs; new mess 48 7&g|
46 61.
I ard—higher; sale# 1480 bbla at 10i§lS}o.
Butter—2c higher; State at S3 a, 42c.
Whiskey—firmer; «a*e» 6000 bbla at 1 73'gl 86.
Petroleum—excited; rales 8000 gallons r« fined in
bond 90c; 60 bbla refined tree 96; crude 4f<547c.
Freights to Liverpool—steady; Hour loju; grain
4ft }d f\»r wheat in ship’s bags.
Stock Market.
Naw Yoaa, June29
Second Board — Stuck* lower.
Michigan Central. 133}
Michigan Southern. 964
Illinois Centra] scrip,...13 ;
Chicago k Nottb Western. 64s
Cleveland k Toledo,.142}
Chicago k Hock Island.1121
Hudson.137 j
New York Central.134}
auicksiiver Mining Co,. 7b
nited States 6-20 coupons.102
United States one yea i certificates new.. 92}
Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 67
American Cold.240^242
Thi* Loan is authorized by Ac: oi Congress ot
March4th, 1964, which provide* for is Rkdempiion
iv Coiv, at any period not leaa than ten por more
than forty years trom its date, at the pleasure of the
Unt 1 its Redemption, five per cent, interest is to
be paid semi-annually in ocin.
Its Exemption from State and Local Taxation
adds from one to three p< r cent, per annum to ita
The Rate of Interest on th e loan, although but
five por cent. In coiu is as much greater in currency
as tho difference between the market value of cur
rency and gold.
As a Rule, the five per cent, specie secutitif* of all
solvent governments are alway * par or above, and
currency now funded in the National Loan, will bo
worth Ita faee in gold, besides paying a regular and
liberal percentage to tho holder.
No Securities cjfer so great inducements, it is be
lieved, as the various descriptions of U. 8. Bonds,
la ail other form of indebtedue-s.the faith or alii
ity of private parties or stock companies or separate
communities only is pi. dged lor payment, while for
the dents of the United S’ates the whole prcpeity
of the country is holden to secure tho payment of
both principal and interest in coin.
The Fundtd Debt of the Uuiied States on which
interest is payable .n gold, on the 3d day of March,
1864, was $768,966,010. The Interest on this debt lor
the coming fiscal year will be $46,967,12.), while the
custom* revenue in gold for the current fiscal year,
ending June 30th 1864, hat be n to far at the rate ot
over $100,0 9,000 per annum, au am>uut largely lu
eEce*4 ol the wants of the Treasury for the pay nu nt
ot gold interest.
The e bonds in *y be subscribed for iu sums from
$60 up to any magnitude, on the same terms, aud
are thus made equilly available to th*small<»t lend
er and the largest capitalist. They can be c invert
ed into money nt aoy moment, and the holder will
have the benefit of tho interest.
The authorised Amount of tbi* loan i* Two Hun
dred Million Dollars. The amount of sub criptions
repoMvdto the Treasury at Washington, is over
Snbteription. will bertceirrd in currency by the
Flret National Haul,, Portland, Maine,
which are depositaries of l'ublie money, arid all
Betfcc able Battle and Bankert
throughout tha country, (acting .» ageuts of the Na
tional Dep jsitary Banka,) will furaiab iurther iufor
eaatiou on npplicatJ n nnd
Aford Retry facility to Subeeribcri.
Proposals lor Loan.
June X5, 1*64 f
SKA LED offers will be recieveo at this Department
uader the Act of Match 3. 1863. until uuou ot
Wednesday, the 6ih ol July 1*64,I »r bonds ot the
United Matt s. to the amount of fropo ais lor Loan,
dated eth instant, in© bonds ilib sr aa annual
interest ot six per centum, pajablc peuii-autiuaJly iu
coin on the first da>s » f July and Jsuuaty oi eaeh
year, and redeemable alter the 30th of June. Ie8l.
Each offer must be for fifty or one buidie^ uoilars,
or some multiple of one nuodred dol are and mud
•tarn the sum, indui Itia premium, offer© i f»r »ach
hundred dollars in bonds, or lor hf y, when theofhr
is tor no more than fifty. » wo per cent of the prin
cipal, excluding premium, of the wbuie anu uutof
leied must be deposited, as guaiautv lor payment of
subscription it accepted, with the f r« a.-u-er of the
United state- at Washington, or with the Assistant
Treasurer at New York. Boston, i’hilad Iph.a or til
Lou s. or with Desfgua ed Depositary at Bal iruore,
Pittsburg .Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, or Buffalo
or with any National Uaukiug A©*ociaiiou au* bor.z* d
to receive deposits which may couseut to transact
the t usiuers without charge. Duplicate cortific«to
of deposit w! 1 be ia*uc i to depositors by the effic r
orassowiation recoiving ‘hem: tne originals of wuicb
must be forwarded with the offers to the Depar mciit
▲ii deposits should be made in time fur ad vie* of of
fers with certificates to reach W ashington not lator
than the morning of July 6. No offer not accompan
ied by its proper certificate of deposit wid be con
The Coupon and Registered Honda issued will be of
the dofiominatnA* ot *60. *100. *600, and «1 odu.
Regi-tered Bonds of *5,b00 and *10,000 w ill also bo
Issued L required.
All offers received will be epened on Wednesday,
the 6th of July, by the Beore ary or one of thu Aseit
taut oecrttans*. The awards will b* ma le by the
Beoretsry to the highest offerers, and notice of ac
ceptance or decimation will be iinru -diat*ly giveu
to the resp ciive offerers and iu case oi acceptance,
bonds of the descriptions aui denominations prefer
red will be ©out to ti>e»ub«criber* at t e • ost ol the
Def arrmettt, on final oaymeut of instalments. The
original deposit of two per cent will bo reckoned iu
the last iustalment pa d hy successful offerers, and
will be immediately r, turned to thou whose offers
may not be accepted.
The amount ot aecApted offers must be deposit* d
with tus Treasurer or other officer or aseo< i«tiou au
thorized to act under this notice on advice of acc< p
taece of offer, or as follow*: one-thi a ou or be ore
the 10th; one-third on or before the lot hi and the
ba’anse, including the premium and original two per
cent deposit, on or » eiure the 20th of July. Inter
est on Un-’i will beg^n with the date of deposit.
Uartles nrefering miv pay the accrue! !utcrv*t fretn
date wi bend. July 1, to date of dejiosit.
offers under this notice shoo'd be endorsed “Offer
for Loau,“aad addressed to the Beereiary of the
Ho offer will be considered at a less rate of premi
um than four per cent.
8 1\ ('HAS*-*,
Secretary ot t» e t reasury.
tW Notice to officer© receiving deposit* under this
advertisement: The preliminary certificate of de
posit of tw-« percent wst sot be credited upon your
aecounU current, as it is to be included in the final
June W • d k w July b
worus hdoui tue rortland Healing
THE treatment pursued at the above named In
stitute com induced Oo'cbt-r lh**3 by Dr. Hum
phrey T Packer oi Cambridge, and is uow no 1 i g*
era matter of experiment The Dr.aiih ugi. a
•tranter to the oitlaai a of PortlaLd, hi* gradually
but silentlv won hi. wav t j th * hearts of iheneopu
without a word »-f counncudatio, f. om a tiugfo per
son save one from the For Hand Daily press. It wa
not Irons any wan* of names which migh have been
used as references such as the following:— *ev. t
A Ka'ou Hon Alfrtd Anthon* of Provioonce, K
I , A. K. Newton formerly editor of spirit* »LAge.
L. B Monroe. Prof of Elocution, Boston, but the Dr.
very modeatlv prefertd to wa t until he eould give
the people of rortland some home trstiou u bebe\
iug t.iat bis eflorts wou d be appreciate-! in due time
Such uow appeara to be the e*t-e beyond the exp« c
tatioo of fits Dr. hi-a elf. if there are auv * ho a*e
now doub ing whether they had be ter put 'heto
! •••vs uadtr tuo care ot the I>r and receive the tr-at
m*nt puisued at the Institute we. citizen** of Purt
laud, cordially invite all such to call upon u.* and
J learn more ftilly » 1 at we know f the l>4. and ti e
trealm* ut pursued by him and hi* wife. I* r u*t
j now be remembered that Mrs h U 1’aeVcr has be
i come permanently ass. aiated with 'be Dr in the la
j bora o hi* profession. This lady brings wi*h her
th- expo ieure of mcr-than eleven ye»rs practice
j with di-ease which affl‘c*ed on>y tne female orgm
! i«ra lo her Is committed tie care of the /emai*
l)*p irtment. Those rie-iring fur her inform* Ion
are invited to call on the snbscrib* rs or at the lnsti
: tute corner of Cougress and Chestnut streets, near
N* w t i v Ilail.
I C. L Coos. 85 Pari* afreet.
Ma. A Mas KuAscia H Chase, S3 Brown St.,
•Uii P. McCoiLopoa. % Mb die street,
L. 8. Da si kl*. 11 Myrtle street
Portland, June 24, 1W4 —TuASaJt» Gm s
Portland Laundry
ders left at F. A SMITH'S, No. 115 Federal
i 8t., wlP bo promptly attended to
J«87dlw* SAM’L LEWI8
Dean’* Drum Cor a.
DEAN ’8 Drum Corps will promptly attend to all
orders for D-umming for Parades, Marche*, Ac,
| All order* to he left at D White’s -tore, Markel
Square 8 Dm, Drum Major
_ E I HALL, Clerk.
! Boarntn?.
i A BBSPECTIABLE. private, flrat-claa* Boarding
I J®*1 °P***&> being newly fitted up, at fi
! £*•• •**••{» ft,r gentlemen with or without theii
i ftaillw. Suits ot room* forfamiliee. Jua«28dlw<
-rm-.ir- hWTi iwliwi
-TO Till—
—AMD —
Country Merchants of Me.
Wholesale Book Store!
—AMD —
Booksellers and Publishers,
Nos. 50 and 58 Exchange Street,
Portland, Maine,
Are now fully prepared to
Supply the Trade!
Lowest Wholesale Prices.
By special coutrnct, recently made with the Bci
t’nnnd New York Fubliahera, wc »r* enabled tc
•apply any end
All of tho School Books,
llied in thi. State, on
The Most Liberal Terms.
Haring purchased the STuasoTrrv Flatus from
O. L. Saviors k Co., of this city, srs shall in fu
ture publish she valuable Series of Scuool Bonus
heretofore putllshtd by them. This series, tojeth
er with our former publications, will mats the fol
lowing List:—
Norton's, Weld and Qnaekenbos’ Gram
The Progseuive Grammar,
By Weld k Quackeaboa.
The Progressive Parsing Book,
By Weld a Quaekaaboa.
Weld's New Grammar,
Weld's Grammar,
(Old Edition.)
Weld’s Parsing Book,
Weld’s Latin Lessons and Reader,
Xolbrook's First Book ia Arithmetic,
Jackson's Arithmetic.
B. k N., also publish IIbek]man’s Anti-Arqu*
lakStbtrm or
Rapid Mercantile Writing,
In Eight Paris, with printed eoplet nt the head of
each page, in enact imitation of the Author's bcuu
tiful style or
Wo call special attantioa to tbaea
New Writing Books,
Aa they art admitted to bo the most practical Copy
Books ever offered to the public; and they are bow
being rapidly introduced, having the fail endorse
ment of tfau
SiperiitwJenl if Public Scknii if tlw Stale if Ian.
Besides the above list which we publish, pur Npec
ikl contracts arc for the following books:—
Progressive Series of Readers and
Hillard's Series of Readers ft Spellers.
8argent's Series of Readers ft Spellers.
Colton’s ft Fitch's Geographies.
Brown's Grammars.
Green!eari Series of Arithmetics.
Always On Hand 1
N. II. —Uookaellera or Country Dcalera who are
not oomio( to the city, may write to naetailof about
what amount they purchaae at a time, and wa will
N;ud them a
It wad ted.
Bailey <5z> Noyes,
Publishers and Booksellers,
56 and 58 Exchange Street,
Portland, Is/Te.
Portland Army Committee
u. S. Christian_ Commission.
Chairman, T. R. Qajee, reoatraaStoroa Mils Mid
dle atra- t
Tiwasjarr Cyrus Sturdivant, rawdria Monty at 71
. Commetolal .treat.
Soorelary Henry H. B urgent, raoatraa Lattara at
! 80 Commercial street.
| junelwH " * W*■ *•*»**•
** Qolossal Golden
®un ..Miuosi
* Vix Anran 4c ( o in again
appearing before the people
of America, deaire to state
that their present Menagerie
contains AN ENTIRE NEW
C ollection of Animal*
- that were captured by or un
der the immediate supervi
sion and direction orthegreat
Van AmburgkMimself
And are the prgQfcts of an
expedition to
The lev Region* of the Kotik Pole,
The Pampas of South America.
The Desert* of Afnca.
And the Jungle* of Am.
a All of which were rinsed to
contribute «he choicest speci
mens of Animated Natnre to
he lonnd within their respec
tive realms. They arrived la
N. Y late In the Fall of '«
where an unparalleled and
moat tlinmphant success a
wailed them. Flushed with
new lanrela of ancceaa a trav
elling paraphan&Ita was de
signed of the most transcen
dent magnificence possible to
— - conceive which through their
immense resonrses sprang
into existence as If by magic.
Cage* nf the moat gorgtau descrip
tion ; Wagon* of the mod tartly
character; Hornet* of surpassing
“ beauty and elegance; Horses tf
the bed Arabian Uood; Mammoth
variegated Camas* of immense
proportion ; And an entire retmue
of unequalled rzctUenc* an hart to
be seen.
f Homan Intellec coulo not
in its grandest moment ef
codcepilon originate any
thing mors grand and dia
lling to behold. The verita
ble van Amburgh, (whom en
vious persons Irom his long
abaenee from Amarica have
taken advantage, end canaed
the press to announce his de
ersir) will accompany the
ve^VTl exhibition and heed the TUI
^^^****on its entrance lo the piece
. . of exhibition which will rep
In splendor
A Moving Panorama
Nearly one mile In length.
The original Lion and Tiger Tamer.
Tha following list was ta- j
ken from iU« living Animal* S/\
thf»m*«lve* in the Company* JU \
Builritnr. (w® A Ml Mro tdwny \
N. Y . on the C*2J of Mar. li,
and therefore may bo cou*id- jfJL
A Oorrfr* 1x4 of A nnth : ^ \
Prof ljnsworthy’s Trained Animal*: 1
African Lion. A» a tic Li *n, Nauud- V
ian Uom«m, Rratilluti Tiger. IW* > ;il
Leopard' Senegal Leopard. South A- M \A
aaririn Jagutr. performed If Li..i
at each entertain mint. 1
Living Giraffe, only one in Amer/a; l
Great Performing l!!rph*nt, Tipu* KMBrQlk \
8 iib. exercise l i » Frank \»*ft; \
Black Afri't n, nine feet high; ^n|\
X A. Grey <>»'ri*h ; Zo*r» Pair of
White Bear; yifcoj Lions; /.*•, W
California Gnarly Hear, very I irge ,
Roagal laopirlanl Young, African \
Panther, English Fallow Iktr, hil
ver Stripei llyet'. African h;>.*t*< J
Hyena. American INruhar or Pun < ;
Poonah or HinUx*u\n Bear, only
one in America; African Lion. Ast
atic Lion, Bengal Leopard, Young
Lion 5 jrotra old, |tr>gilian Tirer.
8. A. Jaguar. African leopard. Roy.
al Bengal Tlgyr, only one nAiwir
Burmeia or hacml ( ow, Ice or Polar
Bear, Itocky Mount*.in Wild Cat.
Japanese Markin Swine, African
Gaxelle. Virginia Pessom, Ameru-an
Black Bear, Chin-s* and Meirm
Doga, N«w Median l Kutirao, Afri
can Cr.'wne 1 Cr^ne. Black Wolf,
Grey Wolf, Egypt**n Goose, Afr. -n
P r canine. vrry nra: fl!u~ >Wml
Hill Crane. White St *rk, rery l»rgr.
Black Swan, Aln a t Pelican, Span
ish and American 1»*U, Silver
■ '
uh Slacaws. Amarir*.* Eagle, Aipac
ca Sheep. Cash a-re 5h»en, Whit *
Lama, Tiger Cat, lied and Yellow
Crest Cockatoo*. Parrots ar.l i>»ve* :
Mopkaya anl ,:■*. J r.a Mare-M *
Guinea Pt;e. Ant-Eater and t a
m«ndi. LuNy'n an I While 1 a.-^d
nrticr, Wood i and Carrier
Dorns. !.>n? .arnv* 1 Gihhons. R. ‘.ft ■ *
Mount ain IN N-r, A ••.trait.** Sh-'l
firwueH'. Whna R-*s and Mir**.
Wiidak Kiris. Black Bqwtrr ». tV*.
atil*. \frt-*n Gi* r Parr.*:«, Taw; •
Prrrots, L«»ve lirU, African Ring
Naek Paroquetu, Au«tniian P *-ella,
Lori Parojuetu, T-m Cra-iU Utr.;
Parrots, S. A. Pareg*. Cfcinee* t ar
nquatts. King pod t2*»c-*n Parr t«.
Rosa Cockatoo, ftatin R*- j-* lSr>.
quett. Europ-'ay Jey «, Juat added the
Great AC I K *U t >i Hlttll *H«
re . M«ts t of x-% in* *-*ns • nu •• >• i
Bird* of every ysrirtr «-id p •
Prrf. Jitig lit.*
proc***elc*n on its arr
the pine** of exhibition, m
bn «een the POLOS VI, <r11
DEN OH VlllOT oonuiuui^
Otto lioas'e Cwto liasw
Will Exhibit on WESTERN PROMENADE, noar
the Art anal,
Monday and Tuesday, July 18 and 18.
I>oor,op«a l}«ndTJ Atri, ion only i", mot,—
Ho holt pne*.
juoo2H-I9 30Julyl3-lM;-l«-!S41?
Festival at CSorhain.
fllllK citizens of Cerham m l hold a Strawberry
JL festival and Pair, lor the benefit ot'the Army
f hrbtl n < oram esion. W't1ru*tl»y an l 7A«r«diiy,
June 29 and 3 b i lie tair will te opened %t the Acad*
emy Hall at ‘4 o’clovc I* H on WVdue*day, arwl
continue during the (''lowing Uav.
An exhibition of 1 lb * au.x will be given at the
Town 11*11 on Wed~e* »ay t ve* log. ati o’clock On
Thursday Brining a Musical K itertaiament will bf*
go on at th Congregational t hu;ch. b* M II X.
i arumet a >d J unit* Usher, aiu H*Mr* John L
8haw. John M"rgan and U 8. Ddtvar a.
Refreshments. inulodlng 8»rowb**rriot and Cream,
will be tor *aleat*be Academy during the fai*.
8iugl* Ticket- entitling th*> holder to a*inis»i.>n to
the lair, or to either ot th * Kv nlug E-ib‘rtanmieut*.
lSceatt. Package* o: ft ticket* tor uuvlie* 6)c'urj.
0 ticket* 70 cents
An extra *rmiu «ill bo ran over the York and
Cumberland H. H on Th'iraday. leaving Portland
at 6 o'clck P. M and returning after toe Concert.
t|Tick‘ta from Port and forth* whole trip, 1 clad*
lug admi«»lou to the Concert. 50 ct*: Saocareppt, 40
cant*i Buxton Contra. *0 oet.*; Bar Mills 4»CT*.will
be for awl-at the store* of H l*aekard. Bailey k
Noya and ea-born A Carter, In Portland, and at
Peuaell A Allen's 8accarappa.
PorO-derof Cornm of Arrangement*.
Gorham June 27, 19*34 —tl It
First Trot of tlic Men son,
For One Hundred Dollars t
* -gr 8CARRORO', Maine,
July l»t, 1804,
Or*. rt to Drive.
G- 8 8wa*ay, names R. M. Lady Addlngtota: J.
O Nell, Names It. M. hmua Grant: Le*t31nfl to
Lady Addington Is th* same marc that xrottad
or«r tbi* eoursc last September. wtuuln/ thr*e
straight basts over Topav. £tnmu G aut trotted at
State Ea r Portland,UatfUL driftn by Laac Wwod*
mtf of New York, bo ng one of the most stirring
race* during the Pair. The other hor*e being driven
by Ha*rev Bradley of B.aton. Trotting to oom&noe
i at 2fto'olJck PM. 8YLVANU8 LlNG.
■neSTdtd Proprietor.
Strawberry Exhibition!
The l*orll iiid Umfctil(ur*lSolely
WilJ be d an Exhibition of
— AT —
Mechanics’ Library Boout,
— ON —
Thursday Eve’ng, Juue 30,
At 7J onloek.
TUaytff.rdmfolluwia* Pieuiiume —
“"•» *« rarletin.. _
• beetroot rarlettai... •*£
“•*< ««*!• -arlely . ' 5 *
l>aor» opeu et 8 o’cluc. p. jj
Cjtnpjt il.n opeu to e'w.Loirin «h„
»Ll ell luleie.ted aie inrittd 1. a leLd ** c#“,r7
lu^UtT •■•■-Wisi.T.fcr,.
1? AIR!
The “Little Acorns”
Will bold a A air at tba
Oa the AIUfujmb aad Stewing of
Wodneada/ and Thuradaj# J*** SR 6 t »M.
Tue pr&cauda will bo girta fwr t o ralief of the
ock and tfouudod doldiar* of war Army.
Kefrashoteuu for sale i • tbe iw.m f hatafeer.
^ U. d- Ialaatry.
_6J^Nck«u 26 o.bti. janeJSdtd
—roa rax
APB'S* UK AbU Convert will tegl.eu uy the
" A.lt'e Acorut," u. the Arealng et the i earth
et Jaljr, at the
flofr ahmabt. foreale la the Senate Chain bar
Muec by be Baud at the I7.h U a laSntry.
D.nclog ta eoramenee a* »j o cluok T-eketa Vt
], nett ltd
Sew opera holse fi
An Entire Change of Programme.
LOVE, or the Rivals !
Adm Ml'in i* e«nre, Beaerred Beale eO cewta.
J. BPRAliUB, 1
majl7 f M. BLANCUAHB. i
July iStli, 1804.
Grand Excursion
Buxton Centre Grove ! |
I. o. Of GK T.
Will mike their ennnel Extortion te the xkere I
nmed benatifnl (irore on
▲ Hind of Basic will socompany the parly, aad
Speaking. Dancing. Foot Ball. 8irir**. Re., wiil be
furrlsh-J without extra charge.
Raftwahrecata fa cbaadaea»frr«ftteaa the frond
Furr out and Back,.30 neat*.
Tara »rare York A rnmberland Depot at fl and j
10J A. H .and 1$. Rnturo.ce, lea*<i Baxtoa at Si
and 5f o'clock.
C rmmiffe+nf Amamg*mcmt»
V. G. Rich, * B. A. Sawyer,
Andrew Camming f.
■U1A 4, YKC.'i.
OK ererr doKriptlon, u lov u Boetes er Rew
Yerk prior., nch u
1 Rocket*, Ronton Candle*. Scroll Wheel*,
Flow Pole. Blue Light*. Bengolia*,
Vertical Wheel*. Pin Wheel*, Her
pint*. Floral SheUt.TarbUHona,
Gra**hoppert, Triangle*,
Jtine* and Bomh*.
TORPEDOES, beet anility—tail ene.t. ETRE
rktl klM. >o.l. Coee. Ceorkeri, CORK
M A!»K8. n.) -‘rlr, end prior, Alow Mkteb, Raw
•IIX Kir, Work,—Bed. Whit, •>, Ri<, , 4
8p,ii(’. t«, partlmlvly ,d»pt*d for ledtee. Ih-r Ml
be led i, the c*j or nif ht time.
(Piklgree* ratter*,)
Torpedo A Cracker Pistols,
Iron Cracker Pistols, Pistols,
FLAGSof all Sizes!
Chns. Day, Jr.’s.
* .
, St.*® the .’ar*eit ateeartoient ef
Fisnina Tackle
To be (band (■ lie city:
Kiy *od Beil Rod,. Biaboo Rod,. C»e Red.. CHek
and RaltlpIrlnxReeda.tUk L'rae- Braid'd tad
Tel.led—Common Hook,, ddl B.x,., bleb
Bukeia, Ely Hook,. So.
_ . CSAS. DAT. J»..
JineCeodtoJnlyt 114 EUdieetrew.
Carriages, Carriages!
Firmly Baill amt EeaUy Piniehrd.
J. P. LIBBEY, Ho. 20 Problo St.,
OFKKR.8 Ibr sale, at bio eatab)tehm*at, a varist)
of < arriagea mada In the neaieet and moet tab
slant >al manner. The aeeortmeat ecmpnece All tbs
diH rent atylea ef Ugbt (arriagea. aad ttay will be
Mold 00 the moat ferarable terms Ferae as infeed
lug te pnrcbaaa Carriage# will Slid it ft*# tbeir iafar
cat to c#H and eaamlna b®f*re baytag a aewbera
j Juuegkitf
For the Island*.
i n.MJiftwJai. Ilititmwn
.•-IgiguAnf-CASCO Will v»m farther notice
I I AliU W .ear, Baroham * Who* far Teak'I
amt t.aahlng'a la,end. at» and 10 (9 A. M, aad i
and 8 X 1*. 8. Kefaralog will leave Csdung a liitad
at It Wand U It A M.. aad8 4* and Alt P M
TleketailAoeote, down ant tack. ChCdree It eta.
Jane 8 dtt
47 k hCtltELH Prime ITcetera miked, ear
I t)U goof Kh II K Itoot.a
4001 Boah.lo tajre of ft at iw» >'«arrMr
8<mlh+rn f «'><•«•
c ern n.
Cargo of »rh L. W Piero*, new Undlag *» X*. Hi
Comm.-rial aboet. end far ,ale he
JanedleotHw F.De'DU. BUBbIX.
VSIT.AXCiE yonogmia wh* ku heea a loag
time from tho Ktt era tttatre. wlahe* to he la
tioducid to.om. poong r >lorrd Ladf of thla rite
Oblrot mntnal tmprot.ment Whoeeeeer wrtua to
tbia ronog man. goto Iwaotp doliart leaned, u bar
anowe’rd letter. Aldreaa
up.o . ruoatraoa,
C. S itramer laoneme*,
Wm‘*m htlf B.ookadlng b<].adroa,
Jnneti llw*
THE arm of Howard A fltioat. a* Atror.oeaaod
C .nno.:lo<* a' Law. la thla day dlwoleed by mo
tual ooa.oat, Either pertrer will attrad te Item*
th-mant of of the ha.I urea of tha la<a drte
Mr. Howard will a mtlnao to oocepy oStoil Hi
ll* otrros. over I’aeo Book •
Mr arroat wji e.-c-py office 10t Middle akrael.
e.ipoalte heed *1 Pinch a r*«t.
-lo«>ra (liowaaw.
_ . . _ ••want C. iTBowr
Per-.eod. Jena *T lbt* -dim
Till# die 1 giro to m» twa tew a. t J aad Ckao
Kardall, tnelr time, I > eel and ired for them
aelrm; 1 ahOil not elalra their war-, or pep theb
debta. r C. KASUel.L. Kee r la le.Me
Witam., Harp PUiaborr Mary i l*1ilehare
Jno*S7. Iffid. Jooeffi
And all the Aecom-.-enlmeate
F I * II ■ A « TACKLE!
The Hrtt Aemr.-men* la the City
Q. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St.
April 8T eedtl
Ara attained lor Woaadod ioldloro dll.bireed
and tho fkienda of doeoatod aelllera who ore enlNled
lo tho oamo bp
iltaruj ui (totaUtt, * 1a !L* li«k Sir*,
1 Portland, April IS. 1884. »>Wn— I
InMion kule cf Permut lo Cat
Timber la Eamta ,n
Grand Fall#, N. u.
Tt) IRE will be aold at public amotion at tba OtSaa
•f Hoary Hatley A C« , fc.icuai.ga atraat, Pori. 1
laud, Maine, on Tl.u vilny, June Beth, 1VA, at lu
u alt ck a. m. to cue e a cocci ru.
fcjcenaea Noa « and t ,o cut timber ta , la Cana
da,on tlw aorth-wmt bra ah ol iba river St John—
wu#i« it i* iolers<*ctt<J by u>* b«juij<l*r> iii.* l* tu*tu
bt»te Vi ’UalLtF-*ttl)d LAUidClifM I*I*
*i. r,av*r*° *,;1 not to eActed. luv««m .
lai.cd by 2^ oijitM eucii ®ide, ur 4o t^uar* nUic*.
accrmiu parcel vi fcrai k*i»le slum ted <u
Grand fc*.]*, iu tb«> Cuuuty tl Victor!*, ulu at UL*
^•seut time ct.up td and lmt.ia.td by W». B
.9 ' f**1 tomuly owned by Gi vr** Yc*i>«,
•onUinlutf Uirav »v8; acre* or i&or* will* kiUadlnn* «ft
iL* at me
Tor iurtner particular* Irouirt^ of tb* nuclionoer
w Mkkbkr, iliiCMek it to.,
h'ortinnd kninn
Ifttidcg « uniugta, Ati., ui Auctiun.
ON Saturday. July ild, at It o'clock A. M. sa
i Jra* cG*et, •w* sbaJl Mil Uorto*. Cama***,
*• 1 *« iroed H*'t«s, *u* Cary*]), two lop %!•*
’•a, fio* GodcUrd do, on* ('otiurd Wt^oo.oiu Jeti
**^*t»ndon* tipiwi two
lwo>*hittied < liam** w. k«.
Janate^did “A,Llkir k co- AUUTJoaaroai.
Guard Ian'* hale of Real Estate.
lJI-,v.^'A-''* *• » Hat» fro® tba Hon John A.
oou,l7 ? J“f‘* frebara tor Cuaebarlarlf
»ai«» * * 1 otic, that I tl all ul.r roc
et io'iSk /v? on,2 * 'M®7 Ju,> ’ A U , .Mt.
common and' oi.’dt?,!!'® eur-tight yort. ia
wtth ,b. d wruf^^'er. - «' » ««'“** *«* it lend
and. lormtrly .he promriv, ci*1 hlin atrial, l in
ed. an I numbered JT»n r.L V *LkM ^ << •«-“*
s.,d oc. .igh.h :'r;“ ,
tePd a, PortlandOu.u^ day of«.y £ D.
. BAILKT * CO-.A-rti-.^
JaaelP—dtd etionaaca.
Valuable Real Estate. u burl, I'laU- H'
For Sale. **»
TO cloaa tba aetata ol tb* late Char 1m Jordan. w,
of-r for aale tt a following da-crib- d proyariy
Wharf end »lata, eotap lalng about ninety tkoa.ud
!»« e>lau, with a ft n,age of one hundred tweaty
ala fcet on Coinmeicial atteet. with tie luMtega
th» eon. four iota cn tha wrated, aide ot Ci.mm.r
IVI ****** ® 100 each; a lot adjoining on Para
aareet, ,k feet front. «5 lent derp; let on Fn.k vlrtat
3*. *'■ 8tor' o" corner of Park and York atraat
b»*0; aewco tage heme til York .treat lot
9i by SO; a lot of land on state ttraei Sf feet ’root.
oentainlng about ten thoaaand Art. with a taitrm
houaain the rear; two and a lull a*ory medtrn
built honae t» Y* k atrt et, containing 11 room* ana.
'V5? *°t: '"ttaga bou-a No » Tyng etieeOot
Wky lO.eottagah.amHo 11 Trog atraat, large
lot; the above property »lll be aold ua racy trrave.
and mi not preetourly di.p .-d of. will b» aelu at
Aoetlonon laaaday. July llth.atll o'oioek lame
roreoaon on the premier. For partlcnlara apnly le
ihatubarnl er». CH AilLfcfi JOBDAS,
rommlssion Merchant * Auctioneer,
Haa removed to tho rpactoua atom u
KkCbange 8tre<t. four docra b-low
Merobsnt’a JCzolmnga.
WUI reeelva eoaeignmeata of KerabaadiM ai
deaortptloe. for pnbile or private tale. neu.
• f Beal batata Vaaaala. • orgoee, Stool, and Van.
thandlva eoiidted. Cork udvancaa vaee. with
prompt aalea and retnrna. acblt dly
At XjAuo’m
RUeYien Warehouse \
TL'ST returnrd from New York with • Urn u.
•orimoat of
BASKETS, bo‘h Trtveling and Work.
AIm a large let of
BIRD CAGES, All \ete Pattern*.
Alto, rant of varied, kind*; Wl • WIndew
Vreena—pnmted tn colon and plain. A lira* urct
of All kind* of
Aa v«o«l, Wo den Wire of All kind*. Childrmft
Cmrr.-atjtt.lojt kc. •
AH Sold Cheap for W>tr Timet.
Judo 14.—dSw
For ECarpswoll.
TWO TBtrS n4ftv ( fin fap irrr|fof )
The safe au4 fiat
Steamer “Clinton,”
C. KELI.Ft,V, Master,
Having brem thoroughly renin*
r*Atted lor light f tUhtand pas
will commerce her recel.r
rtpa to ilarpsRrji MONDAY, the »>th Uut..lP#r.
iag Custom Home H barf, et 8 H) a If ti d t F
4. Leave hatpawt'A At U«G A. tt. end h V. M.
•• Ihr aoAth aide of C be beegee It'iudiMl
fere each way. flarrswrii £3 Cf» ( hcbeepac 40cta.
<aeor,ino Hckefa te flarpawell and tack. 7t eeata
ChcteAgtfeLi and mod back gneta.
LObi k 6Tt BDiVAST, Age*te,
Jn.U-dlf TJCo.anroUl.tnM.
“The Best is the Cheapest."
Try ono ol J-MSHTi Cm*
Bogota Hats!
me But to be found la the City.
^ R R H \ , 1S1 Middle airaat.
Jan* 19—dtf
or. w. Oemms,
Medical Electrician,
B*. 11 Clapp's Black,
WOULD raapectfallr acaoance te tha aitiaraa al
Partlaad cad Ticinltj, that be baa aer.cn,nt
r leaatad ia thi* eltj. Daring the eleven aettot
hat wahna been In town w• bar, cured aoae ad
ha werat forma of diaeaeeln perauna who bar* tried
liber forma of treatment la Tala, and enrin a pa
tiaataia to abort turn that the sanation la one.
takad. do the, atay eared ? To nnaaer thia auaatioa
eawt.lauy that all that do not rUr en>ad.at will
lector the toooad time for nothing
Dr. D. ka* been a practical Elcetrtotan ft r twenty
> a* yearn. and laaiao a regular graduated phjatciaa
hnotrleitr to perfectly adapted to chronie ■"-titti
•a the form of aarroator tick beadacbe: neuralgia
U the heats aeck.er antremitlra; eonanmpUoa wbta
a tha eente stage* or where the Innga an not fell*
■nrelmd; aent* or chronic rhentnattrm, acrornla bin
ItoMaaa. white awaiting*, apical dtoeaaaa. enrratiin
if th* apt**, contracted mnaelaa, dtotorted limb*.
ytin or paraljnto. t»* Vita*- Daac*. drain**.. «am
wiring or hcaitasoj cfapeech. drapepala, Indiana.
t^>a, neamipaticn and liver complaint. pile*— w* can
<*trr caao that can be p renewed: aathmn, bronchi.
kjjMd^rneTTw of the cheat, tad all form* af feme:*
By SUeotrlolty
Th* Sheematte, tha gouty. tha lama and Um lets
•ap with Jej, and mcaa with th* ngiiitv end «i*et,*L
tj of youth; th* haated brain la ocoied; tha from
dtUa Umha reatrred. tha nnaeatb delermlttoa ry
i hlatois* eoBvprWd to vigor. vwkBMi ♦©
ibviglh; th# blind Aids to •##, th# dr#/1# h#cv «#4
.h# afeiAfed Ibrm to mov# mprl»ht; th# bfemfehm ot
’o#fh at# ob’ltsnUd; th# accidemts of motor# in#
W«U4; th# atluiltlM of qM u9 o tv feted sfe
AR Acttrv eugmUtkm feAtoutoed.
Tba hneneeld hand* aad that; weak stomach#:
aaa aad wsak backs; aerroat and tick bcadaabsi
Uaalaeaa aad swimming in tba bead, wttb ladlgea
-l' « aad eaaatlpatloa of tba bowels; pala ta tba stde
aad back. leacorrtMM, (ar white*), felling at tba
wotab wttb Interna! tsneert; tcmora, polyene, aad
a)l that long train ot dlaaaaaa will Had ta Electric,
tty a tara meant af earn. For palatal menatraatior,
toa protaaa mecatraaUon. and all of those Ion* lb a
>f tronblaa with yonng 'ad lea. Electricity It a rtrta a
•pacldc aad wUl. la a short tlaaa. restore I he rnSaras
ta the rigor of health
tw n't hawe aa Mlactro-Chans seas I fwaralaa tat
extracting Hlacra: Poison th,at the arsteea. melt as
Hnreary. Antimony, Arsenis, be. Vlaadreda ate
»ra tronblcd wlthitif 'otota, weak backs. and »ars
ine otberdtfllealUi.'a. the dire, t eaaao ef wbiab. ta
tins easee eat of tan. la the edict ofpoboaoaadraea,
at be restored to artarn! erreogtb aad rigor by tba
aw of fr. ra tre to eljtt Paths
Oft on hoars from S ealaet s.r. la 1 M,| If
t| aad? Kira.
r'anaattattra area tyltlaed
AXO crriST tx PAX DSP.
Mmt. dFKOiari'et tbe altaotino of the !adl-a of
for last, to h*r new lm\ rosed Skirt Sap
r.’fsr and t bent Ka pander, irttngarery term tat*
ieetiy.ee <-n Ung around ibe a m. the usual som
.letni oral! other Uiaixs So Uoy would health
.at it tar Ibe support of Sktrta utosio, altar ssirig
Ik. salt la af grtat sap |i rt to Ibe hack )t also eg.
parasfh»ebr-l. t>rn gtliena ibe long- ard stomach,
aed will remedy a sery bad habit ol at- oping
Also, a b-aat ful atyWof taat. tedtapr cab's ta a
lady's toilet. Al-o Nr ladies • Ruling with Prolan
<aa Uieil or bearing down, she has a supporter tua
'ta oiu.HtoMy fee iramerd for this di- nesting aom.
plaint which medclne feiiato rra b. It haaavM)aali
'* la fer aaperivr to the many meehunico supportsra
□aed to taeli eases. Bring the tar u perfect y. It ta
free from pads and kteel, andena'a* bo Imtatloa ;
girts aotntarr aad rat-, with each an amoaat af tap
oort yea would not think it pratible to do wttb.at
Also d! sapportrro for lierrl* or Bitp'nra.
Also, tlontb men's Hraeeawltb Husp ndete on tba
•erne pm alula as ladlsa.
Mrs HFII> will take pleaaare ta showing tba
aberatoall w* a a ill tarot bar with a oall at bar
Boome So. t8 Deufortn St . or at ladies' rea.dercea
If dsalred Onlera cun ta left with htl-s F (Sill.
HOCUS *o j Clapp's U rck. or wttb IdtAIU-U
CLAth, Ko 11 Ma-kot rifcare
Excursion Tickets I
Imwii UM.
Good to Botnnte lor. }«t.
T>»R Tt«k«a aad treoeral tctanoaHon apply ta Mm
r efflee of tbe Br.tlsb aad Amartaaa Expreaa 0*_
» Exchange rtrtnt fuaeMtadJ^

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