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Nets Advertisement! To-Day.
Fireworks—Chaa. Day.
Auction Sale—Henry Bailey ft Co.
Lost—Slone Martin Collar.
William F. Songey ft Co—Ship Broken.
Skuas—sign of the Holden Kale.
Maine Wealeyan Seminar,.
New Drag Store—Emmons Chapman.
Fbceuix Ins. Co—W. D. Little.
Religious Notices.
Religious not ices of twenty-fire words or less free,
mil excess of this amount will be charged tentseEn
a line, eight words constituting a Urns Thi«*rtLie
hereafter will be rigidly adhered to - °F J. F«k»
^IriHyrura, medium, of Mass.,
Toor son »v„AiAllecl‘*on,“' Bl11' to-morrow aft.tr
ooon anu evening, at Sand 7 o’clock.
Cbildren s Progressive Lyceum at 9} A. M. Free
Conference 10J o clock A. M.
Ey^TUe Washingtonian Society hold meetings
•very Sunday evening, at 8. of T.Hall,358 Congress
•treet, at , o’clock. Public invited.
6^“Kev. Wm. P. Tilden, of Boston, Maes., will
preach at the First Parish Church to-morrow.
(ES^S&bbath School Concert at the West Ohaptl
to-morrow evening, commencing at 7 o'clock.
Syifev. Walter E Darling will preaoh in the
Congregational Meeting-House in Baccarappa t<»
CT^rne Fine street Sabbath Bohool will hold tbalir
mSSv STdSo£«1m.°yWbVe™*ctedH1,¥beii
IhSp^^toXf" *** b™e<“ of ,he Sch°o1’
Independent Course of Lectures
1 he course of lectures delivered last winter in
the City Hall on the affairs of the Nation, by
distinguished gentlemen from different seotiens
of the Union, having been so universally appre
ciated and sustained by the people; and in accor
dance with the request of a large number of our
citisens, and also in view of the continued dis
turbances with which the oountry is afflicted, it
is deemed advisable and useful to institute
another series of like character for the coming
It is believed that by this method of obtaining
the carefully considered and best thoughts of
able minds from different sections of the Repub
lic, not only will the patriotic life of the people
be quiokened, instructed and strengthened, but
that something may thereby be done to comfort
and mitigate the sufferings of the sick and
wounded soldiers of Maine, who have perilled
their lives that the life of the nation might be
The proceeds of the oourse will be devoted to
thebenefitof the “Portland Soldiert' Home.”
The management of the course will be under
the auspices of the following named citizens:
Jaoob McLellan Wm Willis
Israel Washburn jr 8 E Spring
John Lynch W W Thomas
Benj Kingsbury jr J T McCobb
N A Foster Nath’l F Deering
Geo F Talbot Joseph B Hall
Oliver Gerrish Rensellaer Cram
Woodbury Davis Lewis B Smith
Edward Fo* Fred G Messer
J H Drummond Henry P Lord
Geo W Woodman Eben Steele
M A Blanchard Nathan Webb
Charles Holden 8 W Larrabee
Geo R Davis Byron Greenough
John TGilman JohnB Brown
Bt John Smith T C Hersey
Wm W Woodbury Albert Marwick
pW Fessenden Henry Fo*
The fallowing named persons have been en
gaged to deliver addresses:
Gov. John A. Andrew of Mass.
Frederic Douglass, Esq., of N. Y.
Miss Anna E. Dickinson of Penn.
Ws. Lloyd Garrison, Esq., of Maes.
Geo. Wm. Curtis of N. Y.
JJqd. Geo. Thompson of England.
lion. A|.e? H. Bullock of ^as£.
llev. Dr R. S. Stores, jr., of N. ¥.
Rev. Robert Collter of III.
Rev. J. 8. C. Abbott, the Historian.
In addition to the above-, correspondence is
going on with distinguished gentlemen from
Whom replies haye not thus far been received.
The course will oonsist ot not less than ten lec
tures, to commenoe early in December, 1864, and
continue thereafter weekly.
pickets for the Course, $1 2^.
Evening tickets, 23 cents.
For sale at the Bookstores, Messrs. Crossman
& Co.’s and Paine's Music 8 tote.
§ale pf tickets limited to the capacity pf the
BENJ. KINGSAUHT, jr., Cqmmjttee.
The Portland Dramatic Club drew a
very full and brilliant audience last evening,
and Bulwer’s popular play, the Lady of Lyons,
was put upon the boards in good style. Onr
amateur performers made themselves up in an
appropriate and attractive manner, and acted
their several parts very acceptably. Ju this
drama there is some very flue reading that re
quires not only a good utterance, bnt also a
true conception of the sentiments the learned
author puts into the mouths of the players.—
The ladies and gentlemen of this club Beemed
to appreciate the work they had undertaken,
and entered upon its execution with a deter
mination to do it as the playwright intended it
should be done. And they succeeded remark
ably well. Let old playgoers withhold their
criticisms, if they have any, and “ try it on,”
and see if they could perform the roles any
better or with more sjfill, taste and abH4y
than thiB club did, ere they attempt to show
their wit or wisdom. We are not disposed to
criticise this performance, even had we dis
covered anything subject to such an ordeal,
and for tbe very gpoff reason that the players
did better than we had reason to expect when
all the circumstances are taken into consider
ation- We venture to say the audience>ers
highly gratified, and thank the players for af
fording them so much amueemeut. The mu
sic furnished for the occasion was excellent,
and the whole affair went off very well. We
trust we shall hear from them again.
Grand Thanksgiving Ball.—We cell
attention to the advertisement of the opening
part; of the “Union Assemblies,” in the shape
of a grand Ball on Thanksgiving evening, at
Lancaster Hall. These parties will be under
the direction of the same gentlemen who, for
two winters past, have so acceptably managed
several courses of dances that have been
largely patronized by the dancing community
our city. The managers intend this to sur
pass any of their former exertions, and we
have no doubt that the public will, as hereto
fore, flod that they will do all they promise.
Chandler furnishes the music.
To be Repeated.—At the request of many
persons who were unable to attend Monsieur
Dubois’lecture Thursday evening, it will be
yepested at new City Qall this evening. It is
an amus-tng and laughter-provoking address,
giving a description of the obstaples met with
by a Frenchman in obtaining a knowledge of
the English language. HU anecdotes of his
mistakes in speaking English, especially after
he thought he knew all aboutlt, are highly
amusing, and bring down the house. We hope
the Professor will have a full house thU eve
ning. _ _
League Meeting.—Council No. 4,U.L.
A., held a gloriou3 meeting at their rooms last
evening. The hall was crowded. floq-ient
and patriotic speeches were made by N. f.
Deering, Esq , Col. Lewis R. Smith, Joan
Neal, Esq., Judgo Kingsbury, N. A. foster,
fsq., and Horn Charles Holden. Patriotic
songs were sung, and rejoicings were had over
the glorious victory achieved at the late elec
tion. The meeting adjourned to meet in the
street Monday evening and join In the Grand
Personal.—Hon. Nathan A. P&rwell, Sen
ator in Congress from this State, arrived here
yesterday from Rockland, and is stopping at
}he U. 8. Hotel.
Portland, Nov. 11,1864.
The following turns of money have been re
ceived for the U. S. Christian Commission
since the last acknowledgment: Ladies' Chris
tian Commission, Hallowed, $25; First Con
gregational Church, Yarmouth, $20 23; E.
Cox, East New Sharon, $4; State St., monthly
collection, $13 75; John Oxnard $10; Free
Will Baptist Church, Brownfield, $4 26; St
Lawrence Street Church and Society, month
ly collection, $15; Ladles’Soldiers’Aid Soci
ety, North Paris, $16; Oxford Conference,
$31 20; Ladies' Benevolent Society, Water
ford, $26 30; First Parish, Yarmouth, $21;
Citizens of Norway, by Sumner Burnbami
$8 10; Chestnut Street Methodist, monthly
collection, $21 20.
Cyrus Sturdivant,
Treasurer Army Committee of Young Men’s
Christian Commission.
Celebration of the Great Victory.
We call attention to the programme of the
committee, proposed to be carried out on
Monday, in honor of the great and glorious
victory of Tuesday last; a victory the good
results of which no man can lully appreciate,
as no one can have an adequate appreciation
of the dangers against which that victory se
cured us.
Let the people rejoice. Let gratitude be
poured forth. Let prayer and praise, thanks
giving and joy combine to give expression to
a loyal people’s emotions. Let the cannon
roar, the bells ring, and the mantle of night
be dissipated by a general illumination. And
let every flag be flung to the breeze, so that
our city may present a gala appearance be
coming an event of bo much importance.
Larceny.—A woman named Maria Stack-.
pole, of Biddeford,—the same that was shot by
her brother at that place some weeks since—
went Into the millinery shop of Mrs. Williams,
corner of Franklin and Middle streets, last
evening and secreted three pieces of lace
about her person, and left the shtjjt, Mrs.
Williams soon missed the lace, pursued the
woman and found one piece of the lace at
Taylor’s Bating Saloon, where the woman had
dropped it, but the woman bad left.
Officers Burnham and Barbour late at night
found the woman in the loft of Stafford’s stable
on Fore street, where she bad been receiving
company. They arrested her smd took her to
the lock-up. She had disposed of the other
two pieces ot lace.
The Lkctubes.—The programmes for the
two courses of lectures in this city—the Mer
cantile Library and the Independent Course—
are now before the public. Both present •
strong, unexceptionable cast. We have no
doubt both will draw largely upon public at
tention, and cause the spacious hall to be
crowded to Its utmost capacity. Hundreds
will attend both courses; other hundreds will
attend one who would not the other were it
the only course in the city. We wish both a
large measure of success. The proceeds of
the Independent course will go Into the Treas
ury of the Soldiers’ Home Association.
Mbs. A. K. P. Habmow will accept our
thanks for a splendid bunch of grapes, sent all
the way Irom Sacramento, Cal., by her hus
band. They look as nice and fresh as if they
had just been taken from the vines. They are
a large round grape, light color, and of a most
delicious flavor. We understand they were
packed in sawdust and came safely over the
long way, and they did not come over the
magnetic wires, but by steamer and rail.
SKl^UBBS.—Deputy Marshal Merrill yes
terday visited the Cumberland House on
Green street, kept by Stephen Gordon, and
seized a small quantity of liquors.
In the afternoon Deputy Marshal Wonj
f°fth tpade a jjrgp seljqre jn the sliQP of
John Bradley, on York street—consisting of
nineteen barrels ale, one barrel rum and a
number of demijohns and bottles of various
kinds of liquors.
. A. VEW Dbug Store.—Many of our read
ers have already noticed the beautiful build
ing just completed on the corner of Cumber
land and Myrtle street, in wjiifis the Drug
5tore of hfr. $mtpons fchpptpam \tr. C. fias
fitted up his etprg jp ap elegant mapper and
supplied It with all the medicines used in
practice, together with a general assortment
of Fancy Articles usually found in such an es
There will be a meeting of the Sabbath
School Teachers’ Association this evening at
7 1-2 o’clock, in the vestry of th« Chestnut
Street Methodist Church. Ail interested in
the Sabbath School, and especially Sabbath
School Teachers, are cordially invited to be
present. Subject for discussion, Wbat are
the Qualifications of a Model §uperintepdentf
North Pacific Rajlroap.—Josiab Pep.
ham, Esq ., the indefatigable President of the
North Pacific Railway Compa ,y, arrived in
the city yesterday. He will open the books of
the corporation for subscriptions to the stock,
at the United States Hotel to-day. Yfe refpr
our reader; to t^e advertisement,
Sudden Death.—Mr. Eben McLellan, only
son of the late Capt. Thomas McLellan, of
this city, after partaking of his dinner on
Thursday, was seized with an apoplectic fit,
and after remaining in 4 state of unconscious
ness, died Friday morning.
Insurance.—We call attention to the an
nual statement of the Phoenix Insurance Co.,
of Hartford, in our advertising columns, by
which it will be seen that this, like the other
companies represented in this city by Mr.
Little, is among the soundest in the country.
Sale of Real Estate.—Henry Bailey &
Co. sold at auptiop yesterday thp dwplling
tyouse No. Cq Cumberland street, the residence
of the late John How, Esq. It brought $2975
and was purchased by Dr. Charles Osgood.
Recbuiting.—Six substitute* and recruits
were examined yesterday tpe Prpyost Mar
shal's cfljce, and flvp of them were passed.
They were credited as follows '.—Brldgton 3,
Kennebunkport 1, Biddeford X.
Othello’s Occupation Gon$
* The editors of the if. Y. Jqurnai of Com
merce announce the withdrawal of their journ
al from the Held of politics. Reason, probably;
t don’t pay. “Little Mac” has gone up, and
his candle has gone out. Henceforth the edi
tors of the Journal will devote themse|vps to
the publication of a “.good commercial and
family newspaper.”
They give as a reason for this the action of
the people in the recent election, of which they
‘‘ We most deeply lament the result, put
we have done our best to have it otherwise,
aud have failed. We must leave the manage
ment of the ship of state In the hands of those
chosen to guide her course, and whatever be
our opinions or our fears, it is absolutely our
duty, under present circumstances, to cease
ureing our advice, or importuning those who
diff.-r from us to change their views.”
Copperhead Proposition Declined.
We copy the following item from the Ad
vertiser of Thursday;
•“Among the transparencies carried In the
McCleljan procession in Bridgeport, Conn.,
on Thursday, the 3d Inst., was one with the
following inscription: ‘This is the critter
[picture of a jackass] we intend to aiyap off
bery ’e A f4r exchange is no rob
The results of the lafe elept|ap sboty that
the people decline the exchange. They pre
fer the“jackaas” to“Llttle Mac.” The friends
of the gunboat hero considered it a “fair ex
change" to swap him for a donkey; the people
wisely declined to “swap,” thus showing the
esteem in which they held the man who never
was known to lead exoept when retreating
from the foe,
■ — TO. THE —
evening papers.
— —
Baxtimobe, Nov. 10.
The latest footings up gives a Union m»j°r'|
ityof 6000 on the home vote. The soldiers
vote, it is believed, will increase it to «ow.
CreaStveli, Union, in the itrst District, is de
Xtw York.
Nkw Yobk, Nov. 11.
Tbe World still claims the State for the Dem
ocrats by about 1000 majority. .
The Tribuue claims it by 603« majority for
Lincoln and Fenton.
The Herald gives it to Lincoln by about
5000 majority.
Tbe Times says it has gone Union by 8930
Albany, N. Y.. Nov. 11.
Sufficient returns have now been received
here to indicate beyond a doubt the success ot
tbe Union ticket in the State, by from 5000 to
7000 majority.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 10.
Late atorms so damaged the telegraph lines
that we have but a lew scattering ieturns
from the interior of the State, but the State
is conceded to Lincoln by a handsome major
The radical State ticket is also elected —
McClurg, Loan, Blow aud Boyd will be re
turned to Congress, and perhaps two other
Union Congressmen are elected. The Legis
lature will be largely Union. The convention
question is carried and a large majority of rad
ical delegates are elected.
Several strong pro slavery counties in this
State have been heard Irom. They give con
siderable Lincoln majorities. The Bepubli
cans claim nearly the full Congressional dele
Hast Tennessee.
New York, Nov. 11.
The election in East Tennessee is unanimous
for Lincoln. The following is the vote of the
Pennsylvania and Ohio soldiers at Atlanta:—
Pennsylvania, Lincoln 1273; McClellan 389.
Ohio, Lincoln 910; McClellan 236.
JFrom Gen. Sheridan’* Army.
New Yoke, Nov. 11.
The Herald’s correspondent says the move
menu of the rebels in the Valley, cn the right
ot Sheridan’s position, are now thought to be
designed principally to procure cattle and
other supplies, and not to flank the Union
An expedition a few days ago ascertained
that the rebels still occupy an intrenched posi
tion in considerable force near Milford.
New arrangemenu of a raid into Western
Virginia have been foiled by the movemenU of
Gen. Kelley.
Capt. Badger, of Gen. Powell’s staff, and 11
others who were captured by Mosby, killed
their guard and escaped.
From the Army before Richmond.
Headquarters Arm? Potomac, )
November 10. J
The returns of the voting in this army are
nearly all ascertained. The Pennsylvania sol
diers gave a majority of 3,980 for Lincoln.—
The Western regiments also gave a small ma
jority for Lincoln. The total vote of the
combined army before Richmond aod Peters
burg is put down at 18,000, Ibe msjority for
Lincoln being 8,000.
Several Pennsylvania State agents were ar
rested yesterday on account of having blanks
with names spelled wrong. They are htld to
await the decision of the Secretary of War,
the matter having been referred to him.
De/eat of the Enemy in Eaet Tennessee.
New York, Nov. 11.
The Times’ Washington dispatch, dated the
10th, says Gen. Gillen has utterly routed the
enemy in East Tennessee, driving him in great
confusion forty-four miles. His adversary is
Diuety miles from Knoxville. The rebels are
at Bristol, being strengthened by Virginia mi
The reports concerning the destruction of
government property on land at Johnsonvilie
are greatly exaggerated. No apprehensions
are entertained in regard to its safety. The
destruction of government and private prop
erty on the river is complete, involving an im
mense loss.
Th, Rebel Debt—Jeff. Davis Indomitable.
New York, Nov. U.
Richmond papers say the rebel debt is stat
ed at $1,147,970,208, without deluding foreign
and army debts,
Davis pronounces Sherman and Banks fail
ures and declares that Atlanta and Richmond
are not vital points. The fall of Richmond,
Wilmington, Charleston, Savaopand Mobile
•tftmld not eonguer the'Confederacy, Noth
ing ' b,ut independence, he says, will secure
mcp- _
Admiral Mope on Jtrittsh Protection,
New Yobk, Nov. 11.
The Tribune’s Washington dispatch says
among the papers captured on the Florida is a
letterTrout British Admiral Hope, referring to
the case of the Florida burning an American
ship that had taken out British papers. He
says British papers must in ail oust-3 protect
the ship, and has issued orders to attack and
capture any vessel'hereafter guilty of the Flor
ida’s action.
Destruction of Plymouth, JT. Q.
York, Rov. 11.
The captain of the transport Relief reports
at Fortress Monroe that he saw a large vessel
on fire off Cape Hatterss on Monday
Further particulars of the eapture of Ply
mouth, N. C., show that the town was entirely
destroyed by the shells from our fleet. The
place is still held by the gunboats.
The yellow fever has disappeared $4 New
Mcfruoner Captured by Pirates.
New York. Nov. 11.
Capt. Pride, of the steamer Laura Pride,
from St. Kitts, Turks Island, reports that Oct.
26th, off the port of St, Kitts, while the cap
tain of the Seraflna, ot New York, was on
shore, a passenger the mate and crew slipped
the chain and run away with the vessel. Their
destination is unknown.
Tornado in DUnoif.
S,t, Ravie, Ma., Nov. 10.
A terrible tornado passed over the town of
Chester,III., yesterday morning; over a dozen
houses were blown down, burying the Bleeping
inmates in the ruins. Five persons were kill
ed and ten or fifteen wounded, several serious
ly. A brick church was blown tg utogis,
HhcnMttn'e movement*.
Loitisvii/le, Ky., Not. 10.
The news from Gen. Sbermau’s army Is
highly important and most favorable, but as
yet is contraband. Everything is most fiffor
able for our arms.
A Striking Picture of the “Demoo’acy"
la the great speech of the Hon. D. S. Cod
dington, at the late meeting of real democrats
io New York, we find the following l_
“Where is tbs inspired,courageous olddem
ocratlc party, Which Jefferson founded, Jack
son immortalized and James Buchanan buri
ed? Some year* ago, there could be seen,
stranded on the shores of Long Island Sound
the shattered remnants of a once noble steam
er. Its guards were down, its rudder gone,
its machinery broken and fiaif black
ened and consumed by' storm and conflagra
tion, its uSine still glared out In full capitals;
the bell which had so often rung the public to
harbor and home^till sounded meaningly with
every shifting gale.
Just so stands the democratic party. The
same sound still <?alU to us, but it is the toll
above the woeclf. The grand name still waves
upon the campaign banners, waylaying us for
our sufferageB; hut the vessel we trusted to
carry us safely through every sea, once so
powerful and popular, now drifts before the
storm, a shrunken, helpless and snarling mi
nority. Why is it that every east wind driz
zles upon us a democratic defeat? W«y ^
that every northern blast whirls down upon
11S a republican majority ? Why is it that the
West, to which we are told to look for clear
skies and lair weather, the West is black with
the popular refusal to restore this so-called
democracy? Alas! Uninterrupted prosperi
ty has W«*ned patriotism and wisdom from
politics. Little men have been permitted to
trifle with great principles, and death <jr dis
gust swept all the democratic giants from the
erit is amusing to listen to the prophets of
evil since the election. They are fall a# evil
forebodings, and expeot their dupes to place
confidence in their prognostications of evil. Do
they suppose they will ever be trusted again
after the gigantic cheat they have just practiced
upon the honest masses of their party ? Havn’t
they predicted McClellan’s triumphant eleotion,
and that Lincoln would not get a vole l How
do they expect longer to be believed ?
Wk arc requested to call attention to t^e
advertisement of a Stone Martin collar lost,
Portkud Daily Press,
St. Louis, Not. 11.
King Kendall, Union, Is elected to Congress
over James L. Allen, Democrat, by about 1000
majority, a gain of nearly 1800 over 1800.
George W. Anderson, Union, is elected to
Congress in the 9th district over Gen. Gurlar.
Lincoln’s majority in St. Louis county falls
behind Fletcher’s for Governor by about 7000
votes on the home vote. The radical Stale
and county tickets in St. Louis have an aver
age majority on the home vote of about 3000.
Harrisburg, Nov. 11.
A careful estimate made here on the basis
of the October vote places the State on the
home vote at between 4000 and 5000 Union
Chicago, Nov. 11.
A special dispatch to the journal from Dav
enport, Iowa, says tho Union majority In that
State, including the soldiers’ vote, is estimated
at 50,000. Union gains in every county as far
as heard from.
Cincinnati, Nov. 11.
The soldiers’ vote has elected Deiino, Union,
to CongieBs in the 13th district. This gives
the Union party 17 out of 19 Congressmen.
Chicago, Not. 11.
The majorities reported from 81 counties
give Lincoln 49,840, and McClellan 14,812.
Some Democratic counties are yet to be beard
from. Republican members are elected to
Congress irotu the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4;h, 5th, 6th,
7ih and 8th districts. The 9th, 10th and 11th
districts elect Democrats. The 12th and 13th
are in doubt.
Moulton, the Republican candidate lor Con
gress at large, is elected.
The Times’ Springfield correspondent says
the Republicans have a majority of one in the
Senate and nine in the House.
From the Southwest.
. St. Louis, Nov. 11.
The rebel Maj. Wolf, who was ordered to be
shot to day in retaliation for the murder of
M»j. Wilson, was yesterday respited fourteen
days by Gen. Rosecrans. Subsequently a dis
patch was received from the President, direct
ing the suspension of Major Wolf until further
orders. .
The loss ol property by the ternado at Ches
ter, 111., is estimated at about $60,000. The
town of Randolph, seven miles distant, also
suffered severely, nearly all the houses in the
place having been blown down.
A gentleman in this city pronounces the at
tack on Moraganzi, La., and captue of 1900
prisoners as reported by the New York World’s
correspondence as false. He was at Morgan
zie, La., four davs after the capture is said to
have occurred, and heard nothing of it, and the
steamer from New Orleans, as late as 1st Inst.,
brings no such report.
A portion of Gen. A. I. Smith’s command
has arrived at Paducah.
It is reported that Gen. Meredeth will be as
signed to the command of Kentucky.
Washington Report A *
New Yobk, Nov. 11.
The Commercial’s special Washington dis
patch saysThe President has commenced
the preparation of his message. It is under
stood that he will recommend the enactment
of a law abolishing Blavery everywhere in the
United States immediately and forever.
It is rumored that there will be a change in
the Cabinet before the session of Congress. If
Mr. Fessenden is re-elected Senator a new
Secretary of the Treasury must be selected.
Possibly other changes maybe made, among
them the removal of Mr. Stanton.
* N*w York. Nov. 11.
Acting flneign A. B. Chaae of New Bedford,
was Qrowped to day by foiling overboard from
the gunboat State of Georgia.
Johns, N. B„ Nov. 11.
The V, H. gunboat Shawmut, Capt. Morris,
.arrived at 2 o’clock to-day.
Waw York XKwfiw,
Haw tfoai. Hot. 11.
Cotton—su ady; sales WOO bales; middling uplands
Flow—sales 14,COO bbls; State and Western [email protected]
lower j States 6'®10 41; Round Hoop Ohio jlOO
@13 00; Western 9 76s|lb 76t southern—[email protected]
er: sales im bbls at 10 [email protected] 00; Canada [email protected]
lower; sales 400 bbls at 10 [email protected]» 30,
Wheat—heavy and [email protected] lower; sates 70 000 busha;
Cliioago Spring 2 [email protected] 2S; Red Winter Western 142
@2 40; Aqfoar Mieiigan 2 [email protected] 60
Cord—active and 2c bet.er; sales 69,000 bushtll;
mixed W extern 1 75a, 1 76.
Oats—[email protected] higher.
Beef—firm; sales 1516 hhi31
Port—opened firmer and closed heavy; tales 6,800
bbls; new mess [email protected] 83$
' ard— heavy; sales 1600 bbls at 21 [email protected])0.
Butter—firm; sales Ohio at [email protected]
Whiskey—dull; sales 461 bbta Western at 17®1 74.
Rioe—quiet; sales bags ft [email protected] for XUftgoon
Sugar—s’eady; sales 994 tlhda; M*scovado [email protected],
Coffee—steady; sab»4,00ftbags hiout [email protected]
Molasses—firm; sales 60 hbd*; New Orleans [email protected]
x 20; Porte Bieo at 112$; Muscovado T6fi,90e.
Nival 8tores—quiet,
Oils—flnft, ^
Pet7o|eftm—crude heavy at [email protected]; refined in
bond steady at [email protected]
Freights to Liverpool- quiet
•foe* Movht*.
Naw York, Nov. 11.
8e&r*d Hoard.—Stocks lower.
Cbioago k Rock Island...1044
Pittsburg. Fort Wavno k Chicago.106
Chicago k North Western... • tjj
Illinois Central scrip,...^12?}
Michigan Southern. 74i
Canton Company.. 84|
Quicksilver ^n^ng Co,.. *4
Naw Yot* Centa l*. 126
Kirie,... 101|
Hudson... ...122
Cleveland k Pittsburg. 106
Chicago k North Western preferred,. 92
American bold,..... 289
Ohio k Mississippi Certificates... 404
United States lU-^O coupons..... 944
United states on "v ear oertifieates new.«... 954
United States &-20 oounons.. 10 j
Gold dosed to-night at the Evening Board at 2 46.
Representative Elkcteo. Tty* do
zens of Rockland hayp elected Win. Wilson,
Esq , a representative to the Legislature, in
place of N. A. Farwell, resigned to accept a
seat In the United States Senate.
CLEVELAND dr 08000Dj
No. 147 Middle St ,
EVAN’S 04*0014,
Have qa kuml the largest assortment of
In New England—purchased be'ore the very great
advance in all Ugds b« materials—are prepared to
Lower than any other Establishment
in the city.
The services of IJr. H, 0. SMITH formerly of
Boston have keen secured tu superintend the
and they can assure thetr customers and the publio
generallv that all work will be done in the NuA T
To look et^anl to sew.
Portraits «fc Pictures,
Cleaned and Varnished In the but style.
They have also received a fresh supply of freooh
imitation of
which they otf.r at lowest rates.
Rosewood, Black Walnut, and all Kinds ol
constantly on hand.
Looking-Glass Pfo'ea of all Sisss Be-Sel
They have also a large variety ef Photograph
Stock omd Lhemigalt, Caere, Camarat, fa., to.
*«* MAKTnn Ann Plan Gn absbb made to ortUr.
Wi h the facilities afforded them they can yet up
any piece of work in their department of busings*
as well and as cheap as can be done in Boston Ok
Hew York. Liberal discount made to the trade,
sept 27—dtf v
1Q1 Middle at..
Successor to H. H. Wilder,
No. 90 Middle St.,
IT^-nr* k?*the weU knowl1 Pbotosrsph Booms,
^”t,!“r®er|y occupied bv T. B Burnham, and has
rty"eP, Sndyadededi*"<‘ f"nUlie<1 them *“ tta
Blue Operating Boom,
wMnh'2?.<!eH V19 ligllt ,0 to the sitter,
largest LiuHT in the State,enables
,w»nts 01 those oesiring drat ola s
h*d 887011 >e*ri experience, and
TOK rVi* PJfMS0 1“ 8 tbo principal OPfcBE
“0*UCHHeYS Establishment, as an
Ernst, be is considered second to none in Hew Eng
Photographs, Ambrotypes,
MU0^e?‘tk6L,ltysl!ePl0t',,M Uken fr°mth0,“»U
Tu.1urrA?uU„rv,*t,eutio,‘ *,7en t0 Coptiko til kinds
Ar,t^rt'r„AM0gr8l,h’, fllli'!heJ 1“ °u. water ool
” J *““» *“*, by one or the best Artists in the
aSSkJfigEST** *° *“ uklBgof
raotio^T*11 Fiotur“ warranted to give entire satis
mens 170 lilted to call and examine speol
Oct 17—lwdeod8m 80 »*- Fartl>nd- »9
Photographic Establishment
Coiner of Centre, oppoaita Preble House,
lit ring fitted op tbe largest and moat elegant
Photographic Establishment
J*®" wl h Reception and Exhibition
Kooai8 on the Ground Floor, and added to it a
Frame Manufactory.
for all kinds of Frames, both M Irror and Pictures
-also- ,
All kinds of Engravings,
Cards, Photograph Albums, Fancy and
C,ord Md Tasstls, Knobs, »c , f c.
SUS™ **to sincere thanks for liberal patronage
thetam#6’ *nd reaPectfw*y soliciteacoutinuanceol
W B. Particn’ar attention paid to re-copying. Php
copied from the smalieet Locket, and made
w*ter CoIon*
l£%£&haMt pioture’ “no® by moother Artist
“P* 81_ 3meod—Hw
Oommeroial College,
Oenlrol Hull,-(Jonoord, J. H.
‘borough mud extensive Commeroia
i rfew England, presents unequalled
iaoilltun lor Imparting to young men and ladios a
complete business education.
aiSpraoUoe!°f Ia‘t,,,otion > both thaory
8eholars^ipa for full course, time antis ited, *85,00
Blanks lor iuMoours, (wholesale prioe) 6.60
Circular, Samples of Penmanship, ho., ad*
Aug 8—d twain Principals.
M. H. RG»n\,
Merchant Tailor,
No 107 Federal Street,
IS second to none in taming oat Good fitting
Garments ot all styles and lashions. His prioea
are reasonable.
Parties furnishing tbelr own cloth will have the
made good iu oa,* oT miadt.
Tbankinl to friends for past patronage, hop'ng
for a continual qe ot the same.
Parties from tbt country will find this a good
market and *‘A Tailor always Reddy.’*
Nov 7—eod lm
f. mTfr ost,
No.4 Deering Block, Congress St.,
WOULD respectfully invite tbn attention of all
buyers ot Dry Hoods “and the rest of man
kind to the fatjt that he Las rednetd tte prices of
hla entire stock of
foreign and Domestic Dry Gocds,
To LESS then our rent rates of Gold, and at prices
that all oan buy, consisting of a choice assorment of
Dress Goods,
As follows:
All Wool Scotch riaid Poplin, Plain Silk and Wool
do, Wool DeLaioa. Blk. Alpaooas, Tbibets. Ly
one,e. Mohair, PoU DeCbeve, Prims,Gingham
Ac. Blk Silea, New and desirable style* ot
Long Shawls—Beavers for Cloaking. Par
ticular atterfon to;our Balmoral*.ofPrc
miere Qualitre, very desirable.
THE subscribers inform their customers and the
public ge 'era ly that they hare rtmer-'d from
theconero Chsstcut and Congress stieet, to
100 Middle st.,
foraeriy twipiel ly Fitzgerald i Bodsdon,
as ths Dahlia Hoop Skrt store, vbrre tbey will
find a ne« and comlete assortment of goods and
all the varle‘y usually kept In a
*uch as Volyas, Bu »1>Trimming*, Bu‘tcn§, Woolen
Goods Gloves, Laces Ve Id, Cottons. Rio»ons, Hopi*
©■y» *©•»*«» an oodkss variety too pamorous to
Don’t forget the number, J66 Midd.e street.
Portland and Kennebec R. R.,
Special Notice I
my.noBStan r. S
Tuesday, Not. 1st,
Exo-pt on Monday Morning* and Saturday Bights,
until fttrther Notice. B H. CUSHMAN '
October 26.1804
WA have « few more beautiful acts of thia Faah
ionablo Fur, which we can aell
Less than New York Prices.
Oet6—dgwSm 140 Middle etreet.
ABT energetic, reliable man, haring 8200 ateom
mand, and desiring a
Permanent A Profitable Business,
may apply to
V. a. HOLTON, at the Preble Home,
(Bor 11112) between the houra ot 9 AJ(. 11H.
Portland, Bey 11—d2d*
Maine Military State Agencies.
THE following State Agente for the relief ot tick
•ud woun ed 8oM1t», .111 promptly and
cheariully fnrniab any iaforaation. either peraonally
®* by letter, and aaaiitanee to soldier* and their
Col. Benjamin II. Hindi,
ST8 F Street, ..... "Washington, D. C.
Col. Robert R. Corson,
183 Walnut Street, - - . Philadelphia, Pa.
Col. Frank E. Howe,
194 Broadway, .... - New York CMy.
Oct. »-d*w.
THE Ladies' Class in Gymnutica will meet the
Teaeber at 176 M iddla etreet, on Thursday even
in*, Hoy. 10th, at J put 7 o ’dock. sovMtd
Ho Let.
TO a gentlemen of steady habits, a pleasant room
in a privafo tagnliy; home centrally lowed.
Addroas W, lieu Office. aOYlldtf
Second Hand Books
die oot37 No. 81 Exchange St.
LsSsbe, ..Henry C. Jarbbtt
(Also of the Boston Theatre, Boston, and Aoade
iny of Music, Provident...l
Acting Manages,.B. i'. Lowell,
Stage Dibeotob,.,...J.B. Addis.
The Management bog leave respeetfaUy to an
nounce a brief engagement of
Slac Nlsnts Only,
With the Celebrated
Comedy Combination 1
Consisting ol
The Priaea of Commediam, whose former aDDear.
anoe in tbia oity vaa erertod by the la-eeec
audience ever a scmbled in Deering faaUT
The Daablng Young American Aotreta
TbiPopula. Young Actor.
The Elegant Comtnedlenne,
BostcnTheatre Dramatic Comp’y.
On Monday Evening, Nov. 14th.
Will be presented Co.man's floe o;d English Come
dy in 6 ecu or
Dr Pengloee. L. L. D. *>. 8. 8. Mr W. Wer.en.
D|. k Dawlaj, Mr Che . Barron
Ci. e y Homospan, Mils Josephine Orton.
Lady Dua.rjy, Mi., fc. Meetaytr.
Vor fall Cast see small ni is.
To be followed with the Battling Faroe of
Dunducketty’• Picnic!
Petrr Dunducketiy, Mr. W. Wsrren.
idStitlAp Mii3 Josephine Orton.
tyromorrow, Tuesday .TWO SPLENDID PLATS
Parquette, 60 cents; Beserr d Beats. 76ote; Ga'
lery.tucu. Toe sals of Tleke • ana Me erred Seats
will conmenee at Dane's Drug Store, on Saturday
at ten o’cluc- a. a.
Doors op»n at 7 o'clock—to commence at 71 o’cl’k.
Nor 11 d8t
TI»U«v«MAl.ttT Lab us’ Social Ci*cli
will bold a Leve* and frair,
On the A ttvaoon and Evening ot the lTth,
and Evening ol the 18th of Nov. Inst.
There will be Dancing and a variety of other
Tioketa Twenty-five Cents.
Nov 9, 1864.—dtd
THIS Lecture Commitlee of th* M. L. 4. having
nearly completed the arrangements tor their
twelfth annual o >urse of Lectures, the opening Leo*
ture will be delivered by
Weudcll Phillips, Esq.,
On Weneiday Evening, November 16,
Ibe second Leotnre, by
On Tuesday Evening, Nov- 22
To be followed weekly thereafter on Wednesday
Evening*, by
Rt. Rev. Bishop Clark, oi R. I.
Rev. Henry Wnrd Beecher,
Rev. A. A. W'lletr, ot If. Y.
JohnS. C. Abbott, the Historian,
Dr. J. G. Holland, of «ptiugfield.
Geo. If. Cortie of N. Y.
Rev. E. H. Chapin.
The r« mailing Lecturers will bo announced In u
few day.
Hoke's $8 each for tbs eourr. o* •• trelve lec
tures (iostead ot tew at hercolort) to be ha, at the
Booksiotes and Paine’. Manic Store.
A/amber, can rroems their tickets at E. C. An
drew.’ M s'c Store. 6J Enobaeg* st E«h mem
ber is enti lea to twoticte sat 81,<fietch.
Tioketa for members will be reserved until Mon
day Morning, Aov. 14. >
The eale cf tiokets will be limited to tho capacity
of the hall
Hu in stole the largest and but suortmentof
to be found in the State qf Maine, the entire lot
comprising ever
250 000.
Dealers and eonsnmera are requested to examine
this stodk, among which are the well known brands
Seventh Beoimbnt, Espaniola,
Flora de Rscio, Superior,
Bunker Hill, Henry Clay,
Exinette, La Bitica,
American Basle, Tip Top,
Black Sea, Regalia,
Punch, ec Glovo,
Cheroots, Manilla,
Conchas, La Floe.
Pert Makea, Ec Dale*.
Chewing <S& Smoking
Chewing & Smoking Tobacco.
Jo hi Alien* t Ct.’i Solace ud Amelet.
Scott’* Celebrated Nary.
Wat. Bel tea’* Dew Drop,
Peter’* Choice Nataral Leaf.
Ceo Doaae It Ca. Careadiab,
Daria’ Nataral Deaf,
Aadersea’o Nary,
Old Heaaeatead.
Araay aad Nary,
May Bella,
May Apple,
Having mabkbd Down Uw price of Cigars and
Tobacco, as well at other goods, to conform to the
price of Gold, and beta* determined To reduce the
etock, I call the attention of the trade to the same.
Wm. Allen, ffr.,
lot. 13 and 16 Exchange St
Nov S—dim
(Late faucet, Cooper f Co.)
Ship ~R yoke rs>
And General ConsmUaien Agent a,
No. X Tower Boildinae North,
Z.ltrSBPOOXf, X* G -
Xor U—dBm*
®WABD n. PAl TEb
Commission Merchant & Auctioneer
n».f^°v,°d to tbe spacious store IS
“>sousus» btrest, four doors below
Will *Orohant’s Ejcohango.
avert da^JJ^ JSMlgnmeats of Be-'bandiao tl
of tteal public or private aale. Oslo
obandiae aolw'teo ^!;<'4,'*<>«. Btoeka and Mer
promptandretaS?*1 4d?4noe* tnade^ with
PL E Is/t Q y A T
New Store
H^he”m0V*d U>th* N*W“J Elegant Store on
Corner of Congrea* and Brown S g..
nnd has opened t .fresh stock or FaU floods, nnr
obased s.nce ibe recent decline in Mere, oonee
mV,eU7 h? °“ “d wi l ,el1 tfc®" •>the T8TT lownt
•sent of*>r*°ea' And in aaditiou to bis usual assort
Gloves, Hosiery, Yarns, Woolens, Dress
Goods, and Shawls,
He intonte to keep a l all assortment of
Ladle’s Cloaks of all the Latest Styles,
Cloak Maker™7 6“* bl “ experienced
A* wotti<l be happy to see all hie old on.
tomel-i, and ne many new onee as would be pleased
id. «?w»rhto m il 8t!£0' Ple<1*iD(! himself to do all in
Ms power to make their visits profitable to them,
solves as well at ro him Please uot forget the place
corner Congress and Droion Sts. ootlttif
Old Stand of Sanborn & Carter.
Hare purchased the Stock of
Books, Stationery
Room Papers,
Offers Carter Jr, Mortgagee, and will oontinne
the badness at Store 66 Exchange street, Portland,
intending to make it a
Wholesale and Jobbing Book and
Stationery Souse
We shall keep a fall stock, and trust that the cns
tomere who have for many years traded with San
born k Carter, and lately with O L. Sanborn k Co.,
.will now favor era with their pa'ronage
Our own iHende and customer*, and the pnblio
generally, who buy at wholesale, br in quantity to
sell again, w« shall be glad to see at this store.
Will also continue tbe business at THRIR OLD
STAND, 56 and 68 Exchange street, and design it
more especially for the Retail Trade. Every exer
tion will be made to render this store a pleasant re
sort .
Complete Assortment ot Books,
And every article of
American,English A French Stationery.
Also, Blank Books & Room Papers
Will be found as usual at this store.
ST* All the latest pablloations received as soon as
isaaed. octlRdlm
Carriage Manufactory.
IF*, tt. Randall,
Butoeasor to J. F. Libby,
Manufacturer of
No 20 Preble 8treetcPortland, Me.
The latest style* of oarriager and sleighs constant
ly on hand, ana made to order
The new an* elegant‘M ntor” sleighs are now
on exhibition, ana those wishing to pu chase are in
vited to coll and examine.
Kepaiiiug done with neatness and dispatch,
Copartnership Notice.
THE unriereitrued have this day formed a cop ait
net ship under the name andeiyle of
aad have taken the store “formerly occupied by
B. F. Brock,” No 69J Spring stiost, where they in
tend oanying on the retail business of
and reepeetfhUy solicit the ptronage of former eas
terners, and others.
y Goods delivered at all parts of the city free.
Bkvj F. Buock,
Qko B. Hnaenr.
I Portland, Nor. 1—novSdlm
Gents’ Furnishing Goods,
293 Congress St.,
Have opined
A New and Rich Assortment
-OF- / ..
to which they invite the attention of the pnbiie, and
by always offering the newest and
At a Fair Price,
they hope to merit and receive a a hare of patronage.
The term*,
will be nti fctly adhered to.
Portland. Nov 9,18*4 —dlwia
And will be sold at the
Auction Boom of C. £. Cotton,
No. f* Exchange Street,
Formerly occupied by Stewurt fc Piorer, a Mock of
Coneletiegof the following via:—Doeeklns. Casei
meree, Seiiaets. ell wool Shirtiug. ud i Shirts end
Drew*re, DeLaius, shirting. Linens. Teble Linens,
Kmbo ,ed e I wool Teble Covers, Soniegs, Bonds,
scira, Meok-Tlee, Hoop Skirts, c. ttou end Linen
so A Larne Lot of silver- nlated Ware, Table
and Pocket ,ullery, Trunks, Valises, kc
Auction Salas Ever; Evening.
CHA8. E. COTTON, Auctioneer.
Lincoln and McClellan Hats,
Extra Fin*-—T, Pay Vour B «*•
All tha rage in H w Toik—reoeind *>d»r bT
nors dlw Oppoe*4® Po“ °fflc®
So. 8 Clapp'* Block, Market Square,
•^artificial Teeth inserted on (hid, Silvtr, and
jgs&ir-A11 ovm^sss^rn
the spajhoh mobility
—re* Ten —
For the growth and luxnrienoe of the hair.
Betrare < f imitation*, and ece that the eignatare
and name andp ace oorreepond. udi_
rFor sale by the Ornggiete. norUdim
HENRY BAILEY ft CO. Aoonoimt.
Horses, Carriages, Ac, at A action.
/\N Saturday, Nov. 12th,at 11 o’oiook, A M .on
i'*“e «re*.t, Bonn Carnage.., BaneMi. Buff
UK OB*1 •£•** aud liar Kapreaa » agona,
?, Sleigh and Robe, ao.ftv.. Ae
Cray Mujneuger Marti, good a1*', aiz
Lm! Mnp,t”cc,ll “ uuu. a»Q trery Indication of
sale. n “•t—«»n U ,-«*n at Llbby’a btabl. tUl
Nor. 9. BAILEY ft Co., AiMtioueora.
•***•* ,B«P at Auction.
O ■» " *+* * x a. or.
b. ze, Kami y a .d Co urn tail W b^V^
nfeotby 91tp0,"'e °" ,h9 wh»,f while wMtiug ab“.
A 10. 24 Gro. O d Brown W Inrtaor Boap. in orlat.
nai package*, aold in l"u te auit the trad* *
_Nor. It-dtd*™ *ML*' ‘ CO**“*’" ■
Hesiiabld House at Auction.
rtSTaeaday. November 16th. at t o’u.c.k n.oi
n.au claiue, a tew rod a from me Mono Rad
eoo ’,1 k9,)' *ellt®e. and dee.r«r>l# i i % a ory
«ta, all coh„°vU.“J?i ei*L Snlahed room., flee c o.
oe.lar, abu!iou»en' 7 ar. anged, and vood o. ui.i.tMt
«iin itot SJnf9! puru »»tor.»ood-ahidai.d >nb>a,
Ktar, nUB1Bt,out I of au note, Oon ainini
Currant, umi. Tr> lria*. wltt atui.da.oe of
oearing oond.tliuVI'L'1’ a® Straw rrrlc- auu in
Al,o. at .ante "ij *“e A '?"»«“• B.d, Au
house lol.ua) Inin* ml ,C0e’ * *« > naedioeae
of an acre ol ,.nd * U ®°’*> ®- “*-'»*“« ‘>»oUt |
NOT g-td“MIHlf BA1W * «Q ■ awuuuwr,
Valuable Real n, ABt|lo|li
On Dai'iorth Near High St
ON Thursda,,*ov 17th, at 8o'd,ear a ,on tha
preuiKs, wo silall sell tha howest au t tn« us
W illiam ► vans; the lot i»60# lOftiront on Dau.ouh
street, and about 160 leoi deep;—tke Lou e LUo*
suit* ue iur a double leueznent. *
Also Le double hoi ft and Jot adjoining (53 g-'O
foot lront. EuQ ab< ui 146 .tet deep, tx.ei a in* to a*
common paonagD nay one rod wide betwte. thu Jot
ana Judge Ch^dbvuru'o.
Tlis whole property is ceotraily located, fronting
the aoutb-east, and desirable or •block fo nix bona
Title tound—terms liberal. Plan of the property
can be ■ jen and iniormaiion given by oalbug on
HENRY BAILEY k CO., Auctioneers.
Nov 9—dtd
i»k. ir.rs. eumi, g
Mledioal "Eleotnc*.i«.n..
Baa removed hi, cffloe from Clapp’s Bloch to
174 MlDDlsE NiUtLT,
Nearly Opposite till United tLtei Hotel, Iheie lie
WOULD respectfully announce to theeltlzeus el
Portland and vhuuity, that he has permanent
ly located in this oity. During the two year, we
nave been In this city, wo have cured some oi
the worst forma oi disease at persons who have tried
othor forma of treatment In vain, and earing pa
tients in so short a Urns that the question ia often
asked, do they stay oured ! lo answer this question
we will say that all that do not stay onted, we will
doetor the eooond time for nothing.
Or. O. has been a practical sdootrtelan fc.r twenty ■
one years, and ia also a regular graduated physician
Bleotrioity is perfectly adapted to chronic diseases
in theform of nhrvous or siok headache; nenralgir
In the hoad, nook,or extremities; consumption,when
In the aoutc stages or where the lungs are not tui j
involved; acute or ohrunlc rheumatism, scrotola, th\
diseases, white swelling,,, spinal diseases, curvaii t
ot the spine, contracted mueoiee, distorted limbs
palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Danoe, deafness, sum •
inerlng or hesitancy of speeoh, dyspepsia, Lndige, •
tle.n, oonstlpation and liver oomplalnt. piles—we ome
every oaee that can he presented; asthma, broneh •
tie, striotnres of the ohest, and all rorms o< feme •
By Blootrlolty
The Khenmatio, the gouty, the lame and the laif
:eap with joy, and move with the agility and eiast,. •
tty of youth; the heated brain la oooled; the iroei
ottteaUmbe roe tor od, the aneoath deformities ris
laovod; faintness converted to vigor, weakness o
strength; the blind made to iee, the dent to bear ai d
the palsied lora to move upright; the biferubho* c >
yoatb are obliterated; tbu acctdents ot motnre 1 %
r even ted; the calamity or old age obviated, at#
«■ motive oiroalatton maintained.
vVhohareoold Ituudfe suu feet, weak stomaous,
lame and weak baoks; nervous an,d sick headache
dimlneee and swimming in the bead, with Indiges
tion and oonstipation of the bowels; pain in the side
and baek; leuoorrhcsn. (or whites); tailing OI tbs
womb with Internal canoers; tumors, polypus, and
all that long train of diseases will dvd in Electric
tty a sure means of uore. For painful menstrua'.1 a
too profuse menstruation, and all of those long Hi •
•1 troubles with young ladles, Electricity is a certain
ipeoltlc, and will. In a short time, restore the inthm
to the vigor of health.*
Dr. D still continues 10 Extract Tee h 1 y Electric
ity without Pain Penous he in, uic.y c web
ors'ump ibei wish to haveremo ed 1< r n setting
he would give a polite iuvnation o can.
■super or electro magnetic Mach n,s lor sale for
family usewi bt> orcu hioeurro ions.
Dr. D. an a commode to a few patien's with
board and treatment at his hence.
. nice U -SI e ■ei # sk * " 3> and
(YomltotF and 7 to 9 in the Evening
u-iacsi-i-i ss novltf
Life Insurance,
RECENT developnents should lead ivery cons’d*
eratrmia *-hopru ;o*'Si soring hishf .tola*
veetlaate for himseif t e system or ^ ans pr posed,
especially by airan are v hom be has neve. >ab b >
fore and mav never fee < gun.
If you want
Stability! Seourity!! Perpetuity! 1!
Look iato the aystem of the
Huiual Life Insurance Co.,
OF maw YORK,
W. D.'Ll ttle, ^g’t,
Which offers the follower)g peculiar advantage#:—
Itt otttlt or. Ivrgtr ttaa t* oa» o. auv > le.a
sura.oe Comp.ny m too Lulled oUtae, a«i>un.ing
and are exclusively cash.
The bividend* xor the past five >eais( *3 MKOO. )
are larger in amount aa.i pIOp. nLn iu ^r m um.
o*iu.th*u were Vur ^eclured iu tu« „ usu.tuio
ua# by any company an the wood. . h be iu«.e*
vf this *>k nip tuj is co ucoieaout esutu^ p m..pl®
iatues.riviiMt eu»w ol he term, tue ei* ii curves
uects^ry expenses none, be.ng equiia*
<dv diviweu a Oua ne ns u ea
If' r+teeyf preM*um are lower tuan (bote o the
majority w othti A,.ie ineurm-Cu toaipaxi#s, >ei its
«iviuo cU have been greater ; the r au.t 01 * most
careful and jud uio~s a«l» c .on of Jive* a a th* favo.
at>l; rate cfinterest *.n It i^veotmenis, b in 7 per
ine mortality among its me < be.s has been „io
:im , ate j ne. s thai> that* i *u oU.e- • lie u iu
ance Uosi,a-y in either Amen a o vurot« wu «e
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its «xp ns s are leas than most a • oth*-i companies.
Its ojaitm of AOJi-po&xsiT.vo louu n. u so
KfeiiOWturroL cut payable on a ta ntny a ..e»
•ain ge, sa. 40. *o, 6o. 6j or o year , o incite of
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i® Fivic, i*N or more mnual ins aim. uta, » o ucu
mure adv u ag cu* than that ol uny other Company
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hop rsv w o has ir.suied with this grratf'm
say during the 2* years lha\t eeu its ag at a
this city, h a tver wi h rt»i or di'ooni'feuea hi*
folic, f.’om soy iieafe.« acti a or mi undertUudi g
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ared w,th other coHtpi o^s lit**. d*.fee so
Many i o We*, now • uisUudi g at my age**, h ro
inereafeO m reth n 60 per cm* o.. vr*e ■»' *•*.£•
d, uUj much more thuu amount qf. rtnuun paid,
Hi !'». 7s63. ittuied for l« bow w th
•sOOO—iu * aae S3U*0 ..
ueiiey ho 7i«7, longed for $8000 fs now worth
%\i 0 0— norea *»#4000.
11 a fog.roa but M< *e ®ore **■ »v#lve y*»r* —
Many other inrta e-s ilb so l** suits can bo
aho a to a y who wi * oaU **" “e 4u ei"
vsting ;aotf of 4r.at v^luc will bt> furm*hjd wncer
‘“uoia^ou »ad aJI^cb .rful
» ftrote »d »* th‘ f cr 0Jr ““*•10 »**•
ties sou iwi® r *•*
HO.. J. B. c» <K>D, W 00 b. , ft Dim,
*ttf. A. *<«ig''ss* J* I" lehr ,wu,
Wat. w. Wu donty. Lo.i* l'i« c»,
nh».i«3 8.*
C'b»rl « F y 0«, Ch.rl*. Mu. ..ihUn,
M. y G rn b Cb.rlo* » tr.
Philip II. Hrown, iitanT cter,
June, ... Caitar, A.L. Ltuult.a,
(jeurge A V. ii,ht, Joa. H>- »ou,
• tiomaa h*w A L Ho >on.
Cbaa. B. • d me, Ks>i bev. JC. Muller, and many
H. H. Fuibiab, otbera
W U Um1!, A( at. II Kxohaoge S«.
D El NT T I » ,
m. 256 Conires* Street, corner tf Temple Street,
Oct 7—4tf__
Jut rec ivcd at the New
Hat, Cap 4 Fur Store 4
▲ new intoica or
Fancy Cloth Hats,
COE A MeCALLAK, No. «6 Middle 8«,
i Oot. 37—lad

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