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Writ** A>r‘»* PrtM
Slavery' .
Ijtns not at night I dreamed tha dream
That did to me an real seem,
When morning d»wned with golden light,
This truthful riaion oeme to sight—
Might dreams are false, I always knew,
The moral qg dream proves strictly true.*
I saw a country, fair and green.
Par flashing with tha sllvsry sheen
Of lekae and streams, whan Commerce flung
Abroad ita sills, and all waa young
And brave, and bountiful is ever tongue
Of statesman told, or poet song.
1 dreamed we ell did love eacb other,
And eeoh acknowledged each bis brother'
Thus while I gssed wi h fond delight,
Another vision came to sight—
When darkened suddenly the air,
Tha fields have lost their verdure Air;
Faioe. happiness hare fled the land,
And grown estranged our brother baud; '
When in my draam I looked again,
And uv a Uirk and heavy chain
A MOMIJtl held within his hand;
And as he journeyed through the land,
□e caused the bitter tear to flow,
And fluid each heart with grief and woe;
Oh, how my foul did thrill and wonder,
That he oou'd hurst Love's bonds asunder'
Tea, tear tha Infant from Its mother,
Nor spare the father, sister, brother.
This nonsrtR i did plainly see,—
fils uwiul name was—Slsvui :
Thousands of forms now pass me
I hear their patriotic cry—
*'Our fathers bled for us—an'** j
Have sworn our country ***u t>*
Mo loogar fumr shaP,t*la
Our .and—we'll bn** the bondmia'e ohaln.”
They bear our fl»g, red, white and blue,
These sacred words they shouted, too,—
"Oire Afrle’s sons a best release.
Then God wi 1 give onr country Pgac*!
JtQ more tbey'l. fear the scourge and rod,
hat worship Latin and Ood.
On to the thickest of the fight!
Wehl dare to battle foe the right!
Death, or whsterer may betide,
Fear not—the Ljgd is on onr slue."
2 looked agalnc-and to my light
The sky ashamed a Heavenly light!
Two snow, c ouda above my head
BeemOa ite an angel's wings outsptwad;
It Tu tha angel of sweat Piaos,
came to bid the conflict cease;
^Heaven** favorite chi d. with loving eye,
Deepen ding from her home on high,
She floats oVr earth with guardian whig,
Paucs—th* sweet word of Christ—to bring.
love, Morey, Justice now come down—
The brightest jewels in God’s crown!—
And in their hands ths trio beer
An unfurled banner, white and folr;
Amli its folds these words I see—
“AH men created equal—fire?
Toot oauso is just—no longer tear,
Tor soon will tail upon your ear
The trumpet-note of victory—
C tsr country is and shall be frot .m
X gened with raptures en the scene.
That seemed too real for a dream 5
’Twill linger jn my memory,
Thin dream of Wan and SLarger.
Homing of thi Election, Eov. 8, 1864.
•’ll* said the morning dreams are true, while those o:
the night are foist.
T Jtd E
New Weed Sewing Machine,
TIT IT 3 all the recent improvements, pou&m
IT poins of exo?l ence and acknowledged merit
wnicb pi oe it f r in advai co 01 any otr er Maclimo
no w la of. W htf e many other good Machines hare
been offc* ed to the l ub.io, wo have Ion* felt th* ne
«es*ity oi a Hewing fcaohiai- more pert *c’iy adapted
to sll kind* of tamiiv Hewiog. as well as Heavy
Tailoring ud Lei‘ii« r Wor* ; auu to meet this de
maud a Urge am >uat i f labor aud oarital has been
expend jd iu pirfe o.ing the Weed, which we unhesi*
ta nglv claim to b? th« t>e»t Sewi a Machine in »hc
wor d ani we Wa rant every Machine to Give Per
fect ba'iMfacti n, far ih >v have been tri« d and im
p oved by Eleven veers o> practical experience and
constructed open tree mec- anitai principles by HkjII
fulwoikimu and every tart |* made of the best
mat " 1J( tfoel adjusted a^d high’y finished.
The Maohiuee oau be seen attho
Sales Boom, 137 1-9 Middle Sf.,
Who* . achine Finding* of all kinds «rs constantly
oq hai tta*-hi ei of ail kinds repaired in the best
maasu r*v experienced workmen.
Jns’ruC ling ivtnousll kinds f Machines. AH
kinds rf Mu Linns taken in exchange fir the Weed.
Also Mao iuea to kt by the week or month.
Weed Sewing Machine Co.,
So. 187 1-2 middle Street, Portland.
•itldtf c. W. BOBUnSOff, Agent.
Lcaa to the State of Maine.
Trsaburur'a Offiob, I
„ • Augusta, Oc». 27.1864. J
N Conformity with a re-olve or toe Legislature
approved .March 19, 1864, authorizing a loan ct
three million dollars, p'oposals will be received at
this clfioe until five o’oiook P. M ,tfce twenty.first
diy or PiOVcmber next tor a loan of four hundred
thousand dollars, being the balance of said loar
imol i, reimbursable in twenty.five years, ior which
bonds o' the grate will be issued in sumsorflie hun
dred dollars, and one thousand dollars, bearing in
tersst ar .he rate or six percent, yearly, and pay
able semi annualiy
The bauds will be issued dated June 1, 1864, and
delivered December 1, with coupons attached lor
the semi-annual iut rest, payable, loih principal
and interest, at the gaflolk bank, Boston.
The money o » said loan will i e received at ijhi*
office. Suffolk bank, t'bston, or cither of toe tanks
in 1 an$or, Port-and. Ba’h or fctcckland.
Par* ,uede*Jreu» oi taking the loan, or any jiart or
it, u t less than five hundrei dollars, are reques'ed
lv stud tneir proposals to the i restorer of State, a:
Augu# a specifying the amount and terms, ao
bidi iec< iv< d ,'es- than par.
iho e persons whose proposals may be aoeepted,
Will Pc immediately notified.
NA I HAN DAA E, Treasurer.
Oct 29—dfncv21
WAtHiROTOH 2 at, October. 1864.
SEALED FEOrOoALS will be r'ceived at this
cffice. UQiii 2 o’o'ook, F. M.. of the26tb day of
▼©u.bdrumx», for furnishing rations to the United
lltate* H*rinre, at the loJowing stations, lertbe
year 1865 viz:
Foricuioutn. N.w Hampshire;
Cnaneatown, Ma ►acausetrs;
hhi'ajeip Ja. Fenn>ylv; nia;
W shngtn City, District of Orlumfcia;
Gosport. ne ir ^orft-Jk, Virginia.
E-oii * atlc n to consist of hree-tourtbB of a poqnd |
of pork or bason,or oue and a fourth pound of f.esb !
Orialtbdel: eighteen ouuo a of Lrt-an or fl ur, cr
twelve ounce* of bara bread, or one and a f-Pirtli
pound ol ooro weal; and at the rate to one hundred
raUous ot eight quarrs ot bean*; or, in lieu, thereof,
ten pounds of rice; or, in lieu tuereof, twice per
week, cue hundred and titty ounce)of deggioated
potatoes, ard on© hundred ounces or mixed ve.tta
•*••[ ten oonnd* of coffee; orio lieu thereof, one and
a oali pound ot tea; titteen pounds of sugar; four 1
quarts ot vinegar; one pound of sperm candle?, or
'ouea.d oj.e.iou;tb puucd of adamantine candles,
or one and a halt' pound of tallow; four pounds O'
§cai». and two quart* ot aalt.
°Pon 'he order of the ]
h £ l **'*•'»«■»«»! the fresh bert
either ia bn k, or bv the single mtlou, of good quel
it,, wl h »o equal proportion ot lhs lore and ulnd
V’*.*0I“ *“d klrtu8y- “How exenden; the
t-I '■ Bnme “®«9 pork i I he flour extra sneer
hunt the rotfoe, rood Kio; t>» sugar good New Of
" ,ts equivalent; ana the beans, vinegar,
***11 mlaS ■ ♦o . to he of good quality,
p^raatj: ke auoompanfed by the following
The undersigned---in the 8ta(,
of— _-I: -, In the Stale ol
———, Lor- by guarantee that in case thn in nun.
log bid os'-for ration*. a„ above
he accepted, h » or they »iil whtvin ten dava jfer
the i eooiut of the contract at the Po.t effl« n.med
axon, to t .e ooniract lor the same «tth rood anr!
soffleient gMOuit o*; aud In case toe
sh*U tail to enter into contract as aiorbHal(| W(
pua. dUt eto make good the difference between’tK,
off r o the s lid—— and that which may £» ac
Ocpird. A. B. Guarantor.
WitnerS: C. D. Guarantor.
Jb *
■" -, IWi—
111 itby cor Hy tint the ttbove«naw»ed —• arc
kuowii U> iqc ag ui» u of property* and able to make
*o£d tliwr ftnaraGty.
T«» bjhig .ed by tae United 8tates District Jndge.
u»tt€d S i'e' D.i-tr nt Attorney, or Co leotor.
fVwr aP*’**1 b© conaidered unless acc.mpa
ylby thi ab.ve gua anty.
■a. aT»f^af er8 aatuorizei "to publish the above will
offlfo tor ?x?mnCatta,UlDg ^ fir8t iDBfertion t0 thi*
“^ropofsls 'orBationP
ror itt 6, aad aodr BMJll .0 thf llfdereJ„lltd# .
rut oc_d^ B- 8lack,
^ Major aud Quartermaster.
nail’d Vegetable
The bent Preparation j*, the Ba-r
JT w- II iron-diately frsetbehead t d , _
rxt.iro the hair to its uatnral oolor.TLr
» new gfiwth where It baa fallen off. Itvifi
the ftlllagoiit o 'he h.ir. in a fowdays, ift»i“s”
Appli id, and It will tarn GitAY ilAttt to its orig"‘-v.
It 1. n it like other preparations, making the bair
Ary and brasny, bat will make it moist, soft, and
f* Jfy. Sola by nil tl d Apothecaries and Medicine
W v e“y A"d State
▲ 'Lt fi?vI,'J lt>8> 146 Middle Street, Wholesale
A eitf-iuhe State. oot8J erd2m
■tate of maine.
•txnouTivn D EI'Ar.TM KNT I
. , Augusta, hov. 1, 1834. i
ion Uy the twenty-bre' d.g^ ^usta, on
QjifQKi B**r9tary qr Mat*.
Portland and Penobscot Eiver.
Fall and Winter Arrangement, 1864.
Built expressly lor this rente,
CAPr. WILLIAM H, aoix,
jgm^. Will commence her Jail wl W‘B'
r rrancemeut on MONDAY
«®W*^»MOB«lNU, October 17t&. leaving
Hanger every Monday and ihinaay Morning at/
o’clock. .
Returning, will leave EaUrcad wharf, <oe'°I
State street, v0itlend,tveiy Tuesday »“<1 Sem,
Kventog, at lOo’clook, connotingw.in thjgJ^“j
Boa on tt Maine and Portland. Saoo VP _
Railroads ft out Koetonand Way StaHo”*’ 'utt'‘n*
Boston a. 8 o’clock P M. d> cantden, Bel
Tha Beat mill touch at Hampden, both
fcst, Bu k-poit, W'oterport^Q^ t(J aGd trout
ways, raswngers tlckete^a,eo> *,dLynn.
Boston. Lowell, Lawlon, apply to J. O.
For J lota! agents at ihs various
Kendriok, *"**JL*^aeti rs of the P. 8. * P ,
Wnumgs; the oej<-M Ablel Sonerby,
*"*em T...S Delano, Boston, or
Portland; Liny CHA8 sPr AK, General Agent.
Ootcbcr y~dtf~ __
MoatrealOcean Steamship Co,
,,. One of the following first-class
■£■ i’:sfr et<amers of this Line, viz:—Petuvian,
<."f~-..rC~~^>*,Hitietaia. Nortu Aiuuiican. Jura, H*l
n 1'L i»silfii/i»n nova Scotian, Moravian. Da
iussi.. . «u» .ail trom Quebec every Saturday
Mobnino, for Liverpool via J.ondoncerrv.
Also tue steamers St. David, St. Georob, St.
Andrew, St. Patrick, tri mwnthly irom Quebec
for Glasgow. Prepai • and re:urn tiokels issued at
rednued rates. Per passage cpply to H. ♦ A. AL
LaN, Montreal, or to J.L.KaRUrR,
mayl dtt No. 10 Exchange Street, Portland.
Intern it ional Steamship Company.
Eastport, Calais & St. John.
On and after Monday, lfarahtSIh.
the superior s> u-g. ing steamer NEW
UttUNoWlCK, <_apt E B. Win
ches or, will leave Kailroad Wharf, fort .f Mate
• tract, every Mend-v, at 6 o’clock P. M,, and the
steamer NEW E UUtiU, TJapt E-' F(pM, every
Thursday, at 5 o’clock F M., for Kastpoct and Ht.
Jh,N B .connecting at Eastport w.th st am. r
Queen, for Jtt'bbiniton, 6* A ndrewe and Ca ais, nd
with B^aije couches for M chi.s, aid at St John
w Jh i’camers for Fr,do'lckton, and with-ateamer
Emperor for Pigby, Wind, or an , oailfax, and with
theE.Tf N. A. Ealro&il f„r Shediacand all way s'a
Pe’urnlng, wi 1 laveSt. John every Monday and
Thuisday, at 8 o’clook A.M., lor Eaatport, Portland
and Boston.
To rough icketa procured ef the Agents and Cierk
on board Steamers.
Freight received till 1 o’clock P. M. Mondays ai d
Thar days.
way* dtf C. C. EATON, Agent.
Portland and Bouton Line.
Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal,
BP» Will, until further notice, run as
Leave Atlantic Wharf, Fo-tland,
every Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and
Fr.day, at! o'clock P. M ,atd ludis Wharf, Boston,
every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, at f> o’clock P. M.
Faro in < abln..*2.00.
Fr igift taken as usual.
The Company are not responsible for baggage to
any amount exceeding *50 in value, and t at per
sonal, nhhss notice is given and pa d for st tin late
of one passenger for every *6 0 additional value
FeO. 18,18681 dtf BILLiNUS, Agent.
New England Screw Steamship Co
semi-weekly line.
The s ler-did a*-d list Steamships
C BBS APEaEG, Capt Wi ulabd, and
POlOMeC, Capt. Sihewood, will,
aatU turtber to ice. ran as >oliows:
Leavaii own’s Wha-f, Port and, every WEDNES
DAY and 8 aTURDAY, at 4 P. it , and lrave Pier
9 ht 'i Mfer. New York, every WEDNESDAY
and SATURDAY, at S o'clock P. M. ’■ - , ,
These ves els ate fitted up w th fine accommoda
tions tor passengers, mati g this the most speedy,
site aud comfortable route for travellers betwien
I New York And Maine. Passage *7.00, including
Pars and State Rooms.
Woods torwa ded By th's lice to and from Mon
treal, Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Gastport and
St.Jo u.
Shippers are requested tasend the r fre!gb‘ to the
ste»m«8«» early as 3 P.ll.pn the day that they
leave Portland.
r or f eight or pas age applv to
EMERY A FOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portland.
H. B. CROMWELL A CO., No. 13 West Street,
New York.
Deo. 6, 2863. dtf
.Liifj.JlOA i - ”s1 I. J.•• _
Chartered in 1862.
John B.Bbown, Prest. | JosephO.Sor«s,Tr»i
Exhibit lor November, 1804.
rriHK managers have decided that the twenty.
A fourth sera'-anuual dividend, due on the tbiid
Weunesday (16th) ol November inst., shall be at 'he
rate ot six per cent, per annum, without defecting
6 verr.tnent tax.
The State of the Bank at this date is shown by the .
following exhibits:—
Dhpohtb, LI... ..,.*987,186 71
interest and premium ._/....‘.81,181 89
Balance oj previous profits,.11,966 90
*1,012,328 10
Public Securities. w
C. 8. Treas.Notes, 6 per ct... .88.600
“ “ “ 6 per et.26 000
“ Cert, ol Indeed,..18.957 74
Loan 1831 6 s par 81,000 . 80, 00
“ 5-2j'e.12S 000
“ 10 40’s..,..20,000
Loans i» Cities.108 900
State ef Maine Bonds. tO.OOO
County of Cumberland.12,000
„ - 442,367 74
LoauB with collaterals.;.61 640 as
" to town........86.860
Mortgages.886,398 90
K. It Bond >, par 6,000...i. 6,000
Bank Stock at par,
* Casco.7,200
Klrst National.9 6( 0
Man. and lradrrs. ..6.000
- 23,600
Portland Gas Co- stook.L'.QtC_6,000
hxpenee account....:.'.r.lf.’rr.... 1.604 40
Office in the Canal Bank building, Middle street.
Nov 4—eoa2w
Oflice of Collector of Internal Rev
First Colleoticn District of Etate of Maine.
No. 22 Exchange Sireer.
POBTLAED, NOV. 10, 1834.
INATH'I, J. MILLhit, codector ot internal
f R veiiu- for tbe slrst Collection District o'
ttt.,lne, ber. by givenotlce to all persons concerned,
that I have received lor colleoticn, tbe assessment
1-st committed to me by the Assessor theteof, in ac
cordance with tbe provisions of a Joint Resolution
nnnosing a srYclal income duty /passed by Hie Cci7
gresaojtbe Onl ed Slates and approved July 4th,
1864, and tt at 1 will jn person or by deputy, atiend
to coeleo 4ae and reeeivtug Bald income duties. e«
sesssd and pay ab'e within the county of rnmterland,
in laid di«tr:ot, at my office, lrcm the 10th day ot
November. 1864. to tue 2d day of December. 1864,
bo h da>t inclusive; that I will, in like manner at*
a'to-ju toco'lectingand receiving said duties uses,,
ed and payable within jbe county of York, in sai I
District, at the following designated times and
plaoes, to wit: at ths
Saco House, Saco, Monday, Hov. 28 1664, from 10
A. M. to 4 P. M.
Piddqford Poute. Biddkyord, Tuesday, Hov. 23,
1664, from 9 A. At. to 4 P. M.
Hotel kept by 1P. » Ha t. EkeEibcek. Wednes
day, Hov. 60, 1864. from U A. M. to 2* P. M.
Office qf Francis Paeon, Esq., Kittkry, Thursday,
Dec. 1 1664. front 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
New cfrnvsani'k House. South Berwick. Friday,
Dec 2,1864. from 9 A. M. to A P. M.
. !, f“rlher ajve notion that all persons who
ana I fdll to pay said duties, assessed upon them aa
'iZTt'XiT wituiu tbe timee
spedfled, Will be liaMe so pay teerper centum acdi-«
tioi a , which will be exacted in ail oa-es.
Persons in York oounty, desirous of so doing, can
pay said apodal me. me duties at mv < ffice in Port
land , at anv tims prior to Nov. 28 1864
•r^rfWss&sS:.mttdB iu TrU““y Hotce
Nov 10-dtde;2f,AiHX J. MILLER, Collector.
A Card.
HArmi5wJbto i,y 80,(1 oar Interest and relin
inislied our trade to Messrs.
patrons, and cheer tally ,0 our former
their patronage at the old £5Seu<1 tbemt0 oontlnue
Oct. 1,1S64. ^DUAKE tc DAVIS.
Messes. cHocKETT$-NEVEKshmw.i. .
atroetion to business to merit alib??«ibT 8tricl.
the pnblio patronage. ‘liberal share ol
°‘f-b 18M- oe«7 dtf
Deceased Soldiers at New Orleans,
RELAIIVWS or fronds 'n this State, barlrg ,je.
ceased Soldi) s bar.ed iu tbo rininity o New
Onoa is, and are desi ion« ot haring their runaina
taken tip and sent h .me this (all, by addi easing
J.M. WINSLOW, Mudertaker,
No 178 Maraziae street. New Orltana, can have
_hat butieets ci'efally and properlv avtenuedtooa
ttte mo t remronsble t-ims. sir. Winslow was ior
Jjny of this 8 ate, and oan glvesatlefte ory Aeltr
aad e&Ifl®*? have the bodbs carefully tnk6n up
lt'0S.t /emoring rom the original
wai dei ro^otl_?r Metallic Bnrial Casei, and lor
oci5d2m°* Yor* by gor rnment steamer. *
mas anai>r,igtiJ?.,‘n,i8try
17 Free street.
Portland. Oet 19, MM. ““T<5ag«n»
West y*»rth West and South West.
In agent for all the great leading rontes to Chicg
°go Cincinnati, Cleveland. Detroit, Miiwaukie,
leu a, uskosu, St Paul, Lacrosse, Green Bay,
Duinoy, St louis, Lonisviilo, Indianapolis, Cairo,
tu, eto., and is prepared to lurnish Through Tickets
tram Portland to aii the principal oit.es and towns in
the loyal States and Canadas, at the lowest rate* of
fate, and all need'Ul mtormatton ebeerfully granted.
Travellers will fiad it greatly to their auvantage to
procure their tickets at the
Union Ticket Office, 31 Exchange St.,
W. D. LITTLE, Agent.
Passages ier California, by the Old Line Mail
Steamers and Panama Railroad, may bo secured by
early application at this office. mayUadfc wtf
nmmwn On and after November lot, 1864,
$flg5&4jH0tra:ns will leave as follows, until fur
— *—
Leave baoo Kiver for Portland, as 6.30 and 9.40
A. SI., and 8 40 P. M.
Leave Portland for Saco Rlvir, at 8.00 A. SI. and
** 9hS<0?P Sf. train out and the 9.40 A. SI. train
into Portland, will be freight trains with passenger
oars attached.
Stages oouneat at Gorham for West Gorham,
Staudish, Steip Fails, Baldwin, Denmark, Sebago,
Bridgton, Lovell, Biram, Brownfield, Fryeburg,
Co&way. Bartlett, Jackson, Llmiugton, Cornish,
Porter, Freedom, Madison, and Eaton, N. H.
At BnxtonCenter, for West Bnxton, Bonney Ea
gle, South L m u^lon. Limiugton, Limeiick, Bew
field, ParsonsUeld.and Ossipee
At Saooarappa, lor South Windham, East Stand
isn, Sebagu, Denmark and Bridgton, — Tuesaays,
Thursday and Saturdays.
PorUand.Oot81.1864. dtf
Of Canada.
nsfiHSan On »nd after Monday, Nov. 7,1864,
iSefSRtraiiis will ran daily, (Sundays except
iuj uuui luiiher notice, as follows:
' Leave Portland for Sout’i Paris and Lewiston at 7.40
A. M. Also Island Pond, conn oting there wiih
trains for Montreal and the west, at i.*6 P-M.
Leave South Paris at 6.46 A. M., and Island Pond
at 6.60 A.M.
The Company are not responsible for baggage to
anf amount exceeding $50 in value, and that per
sonal. notice is given, and uaid for at the rate
of one passenger for every S500 ndaitional value.
C. J. BhYDOEH, Managing Director.
H. BAILEY, Superintendent.
Portland, Nov. 7, 1864._ nov7
Commencing Monday, April 25,1864.
I Passenger train, leaite Skowbegan lor
%irtpSSiS] Portland and Boston, at 8.46 A. M., Au
t u.ia, ii.oo A. M., and Batb 12 10 P. M. Augusta
for Portland ana Boston at 5.80 A. M. Bate 8.30
A.M,. arw-T-rr
Portland far Bath. Augusta, Waterville, Kendall’s
Mill, ana Skowbegan, at 1.10 P. M.
Portland for Batb and Augusta 8.15 P. M.
Passengers for stations on tbe Androscoggin Bail
road will change cars at Brut swiok.
Tbe 110 P. M. train from Portland connects at
Kendall’s Mills with the Maine Central Kailroad tor
Bangor. &c., arriving same evening.
stages leave Batb tor Rockland at 9 A. M. and 3
rPdjwV n J.,1 »
Stages leaves Angggta for Belfast at 4 P M.
Stages leave bkowhegan at «.10 P. M. for Anson,
Solon, Ac. _. .
Through. Tickets for all the station,«b, this and
the Androscoggin Railroad,eau be procurred in Bos
ton at the Pastern, or Boston and Maine sta.ions.
B. 11. CUSHMAN, Superintendent.
April 18,1847. apl3-tf .
i Trains leave Portland, Grfthd Trunk
vifc# Biigyustation, for Lewiston and Auburn, at
7 A ill • #
For Bangor and Intermediate stations at 1.26 P. M.
K&turkiso — Leave L-wiston at 8 20 A. M .and
arrive in Portland at 8.91 A. 41. Leave Bangor at
7.30 A. M . and arrive in Portland at 2.16 P. M.
Both these trains oonnect at Portland with trains for
Freight train leaves Portland at 8 A. It., and re
turni. g is due in Portland at 1 P M.
Stages connect with trains at principal stations,
daily lor most of the towns Korin and East of this
C. M. MOE8E, 8upt.
Watorville, November, 1888. dec!4
Commencing Nov. 7tb, 1864.
nggaggap Paasenger trains will leave the Sta
yPHW—WPWtlon. foot of Canal street daily, (Snn
- ■ ncepied; as follows!
re Portland for Boston, at 8.46 A.M. and 2.80
Leave Boston tor Portland at 7.30 A. M. and 2.30
P. M.
Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 A. M4 and
These trains will take and leave passengers at way
Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily.
Portland, Nor. 4,1884. cc31 edtf
'.-.‘tfH ‘ I,'—"—;:
Hetrl for Sale.
The "Caledonian House," situated on
, Green Street, with a front on the street of
186 feet, aud running through to Canton St.,
[together with the buildings and lot oh east
I_lerly side of Canton Street. Also the stable
and 48 by |0$ qp the westerly eider of Green Street.
The lots bo'ntains about 11,000 teeti-uli the unoccu
pied laud is susceptableto improvements. The build
ings are in good order, and now rent for $600 per
annum. For terms inquire of
sep(29 dtf Lime Street.
Farm and JUill lor Sale.
Tbe Subscriber offer bis present
comm^dioui and de.iralde stand fjr
s:l», 8 .nattd in West Poland, to
H ther wit b his new Stare Mill; this
_mill aid privilege is one of the beet
io thS 8'ate.
The above will bo told at auction on tbe 22d ;Nov.
if not disposed of before.
Weet Poland, Nov 8,18« —dfcw2 *•
For Sale.
A SQU ARE block of land, of about 78,000 acres
of wood land, on tbe south side of the river St
Lawrence, in Canada East. It jU interoeeaed by two
considerable rivers with eligible Mill sites. Well
wooded with every description of timber, such as
pine and epruce in large quantities, and maple,
birch, beech, tamarao auu bass wo d t<> ary amount.
Enquire of H. T. MACillN, Portland.
Portland, Fab. 1864. felMbit
-#■*-*■. i * *t-+ ■ ■
i GLIFF COTTAGE, containing over 20
irooms, large stable and shedsituated two
aud one-half miles from Portland and the
ticest situation in Cape Elizabeth for a wa
1 ___itering place and summer boarders. For
partohlars enquire of GEO. OWEN,
tpTdtf iOl Commercial Street, Portland.
To be Let.
FT A Lf of a genteel, modern built boose in the
*1 upper part of the cl tv. Will he let to a small
family who can give good re'erenceB For partic
ulars apply by real name to Box No. 17, Portland P.
Portland, Nov.4,1864. eadtf
-■--—-— -—— a—
For Sale.
A TWO story House and Lot, situated on Po t
land street, with Stable and other outbuildin gs.
Also two adjoining lota containing about eight
thousand square bet. Enquire of N. bTEFENS,
No.47 Portland street. ]iuu9 dtf
To Let.
PICK Offices, single or in suites, over Stores Nos.
162 and 164 Exchange Street, opposite the Inter
national House. Apply on the premises to ic- >
J>4 dtf A.L. BKOWN.
_ To Lei.
CJTORE now occupied By ns. Possession given
O immediately.
Also, a Front Office In Hanson Block.
jau8 dtf “ H. J. LIBBET & CO.
Wood for Sale.
A BOUT eight acres of Pine Wood on the stump
af Graves Hill, Westbrook, wi.l be sold at a
bargain. ,
Enquire of FRANCIS B HANSON, at Geo. H.
Babcock’s, ke-eral btnet, or of ASA HANSON,
head of Berlin Wharf. oc16 dtf
Billiard Table for Sale.
A FIRST rate Billisrd Table, with marble bed:
also two s°ts ivory balls and ase of loiut's, and
everything pertaining tj a well furnished table.
Wliibe sold on.iberal terms. Apply to
No. 126 Federal Street, uuder U. S. Hotel.

A NY ore may obtain information in regard to
jjA- friends supposed to be in Hospita’s at or near
Waahinuou, by addressing
„ _ iessr Iso. Bnisr Din ,
u 8. Christian Com., Washington, L). C.
P<drB7 regarding friends at or near City
Point. Va m.v be addressed
H C. HonaaTou Agent, Ind. Relief Drpt . ,
u-8 lhristian t om , City toinf. Pa.
s™. i™,r. n. c. j.
•; li- -r-f j j’i frsj
was! ern malls, on ana af er Nor. 7th, will close at
this offioe at II o'aloek r. M. _
mttRUw 1 A. T. OOLb, P. m.
>// ■/ a Wanted.
A PAINTER at E B LEMONT’3 Carriage Fac
tory, Preble Street, Portland.
No? 10—dlw*
.Lilt 1/ SIOW—-H—HI—*“
Situation Wanted.
A WIDOW lady, who it a thorough housekeeper,
wisher a sitnatiion in charge of a house. Satis
factory references given. Please address 8. L- ^ ’
Yarmouth, Me. novfdti
Boy Wanted.
APPLY at the Gents’ Famishing Store, Morton
nov6 dlt'
JN the Q. M. Deoartment, liaBhville, Tern., S00
Laborers, at 810 00 per month and board.
M. L. CLARK, Q. M. Agent,
^ No. 171 Blackston Street, Boston, Mast
Not 8 dlw*
Strayed Colt.
CAME into the inclosuro of the subscriber on
Congress Street, a dark gray colt, long t.U —
The owner can ha >e the same by paying lor this ad
vertlaement, and other necessary expenses.
BY a Gentleman, Wife and Daughter, 8 years
old, a good suit of rooms with board. Rooms
famished or unfurnished, far which liberal compen
sation will be paid. AddressG.J., box 2201.
Portland, Cor. 26th. oct27tf
ON Wednesday afternoon, out of a carriage, be
tween Exchange St.‘and Emery St., a pair oi
Gent's Boots. The finder will be ruitably rewarded
by leaving them with JOHN E. DOW fc SON. tur
ner of Exchange and Milk Sts. oc‘8°tf
BOAHB in a private ftmfly, by a Gentleman, La
dy, one child a year old, and a Nuise; or*
binall furnished house to rent. Address box 20W&
Posi Office. ootlwi
A8IIBATION at Salesman by a jobs* nad®f
experience, satisfactory references. Apply,
Delta, Box 606, Post Office, Portland. ootl8dtf
Lost or Stolen.
A GOLD WATCH, open face, a gold colored dial,
attached to a black ribbon, with a gold buckle
and a gold quartz rack seal -supposed to hare been
lost in gentlemans' walk at G. T H Depot. Who
ever restores the above will be suitably regarded by
leaving It at B. F, Corner's office G. T. K. Depot, or
the owner. N. 8. GEaNT.
Portland, Aug. 81,1864. (augbl dtt
Wanted Immediately.
MEN who wish to engage in alegitimaiebosiness,
in wbioh they can mako from $10 to 826 a
day, by small investment or trom 8960 to 8800, are
invitou to call at 2.9 congress Street, and examine
some of the most important new inventions oi the
aye; live of wbioh have never before been introduced
in the New England 8tat>e A rare opportunity is
now ofLued lor enteiprising men wttu large or
email capital, to make money by travelling or moat
ing ia city or e-uatry.
Got 29—2w E. CHAPMAN, Ja., 229 Cong St.
$300 REWARD.
ON Central wharf, or around the Grand Trunk
Depot and yarc; a Calf Skin Wallet contain*
ing a considerable turn of money, end papers of no
value to any one but the looser. The finder will he
rewarded as above on returning the same 10 No. 8
Central Wharf, or 72 Brackett street.
Portland, Aug. 81, J86*. augSIdtf
. j Lost, t a j i
STRAYED from the pasture 6f Mr. Francis Rob
erts. Westbrook, last month, a three year old
gray Colt, small size; whoever will return him or
give information where he may be found, will be
suitably rewarded, by calling at No. 89 Spring 8t.
' Portland, July 18,18«4—dtf.
SUITS of Rooms, srfth board, can be Obtained by
applying immediately at SO Danforth street
May 11th. mayl2dtf
Bare Chance.
FRO purchase a stock of Millinery, *-ilh rent of one
A of t be best stands in tbo oity. Address through
F.O.. j»28tf MII.T-TNER, Portland.
"W anted!
. Elderberries and Cherries.
THE highest price paid for ripe Elderberries,picks
clean, and also Black Cherries, by W. 8. Mains.
Windham, or GREEBOUGH fc MORSE,
Sept 6—d&wtf 20 Market Square.
The pablic are rsspee'fulIW Informed tba*
it is the intention of the Proprietor that
■this House shall be kept a first-lass road
_I House.
u 1 choicest Suppers served.
Oct. 19—8m GEO. W. MURCH.
McClellan house,
Be-opontd with New Furniture & Fixtures,
WINSLOW & THAYER, Proprietors.
X Tbe public are respectfully informed
mcEEERthat this spaoions, convenient and wall
jQmLWknown House, situated at
2j miles from Portland, has been re furnished and is
open fbr the reoeption or Company and Pleasure
Parties. Every attention will be given to the com
fort of ffuosta.
ay The Cart from Portland every half hour.
Woetbrook, Oct. 10-dtf
— ON THK —
American and European Plans.
Cor. of Commercial & India Sti.
X This House is situated directly opposite
EEELEfethe Grand Trunk Railroad Depot, and head
Boston and Portland Steamers’ Wharf.
aiufflM ifl Connected with this iioute is a first class
IaPaM Oyster and Dirinsr Ha l.
d. gafesywJr--& wi'iss:;:
KEW FDB h~ 4 mil SIB!
• S. G. DENNIS, Proprietor.
y The public are specially informed that the
Saclous, convenient and well-known Hall wblc
ouae, in tbeoentreof Hallo well, two miles from
Augusta, and f.nr miles fiom Togas Spring, has
been reiurnished, and la open for the reoeption of
company and permanent,boarders. ' /liVTL a1
Every aiteniion will be given to the comfort cf
and all tbe usual oonvonicnoes of a popular hotel
ar- amply provided.
Haliowsll, Feb. 119«4. m«h2S eodtf
A Perfect Substitute for Linseed Oil,
Fis need In the same manner u Linseed Oil,
dries quiokly and very hard, can be used with
all colors, and possesses decided advantages tor all
work on manoihdtnrlng establishments, depots,
oars.engines, all kinds oi Iron work, for roots, and
wherever a watter proof paint is required. For all
kinds of ship work, exposed to salt water. It is su
perior to any other.
Address oidtrs to Z © JjL J
8 & 8 Counsel ax. Whabs, Boston.
Bpete>, Ang. 87,1888, augBeodBm:
" lIj JI B £ R .
Carolina Lnmbsr Ooupany.
THE undersigned has been appointed by the above
Company, pole Agent for the cate of lumper, tor
th. State 01 New Firkandall ports ana places north
of New Yorx, and is prepared to furnish bard pins
lumber In any q antitit s, by ths cargo, sawed to any
uc -ired dimensions, at the shortest notice; a to BJaca
Walnut, Bay woo t, Ao
No. 56 Washington St., Bon on, Mass.
Aig. 10,1564. eodSm
Fibbt Dibtbiot, Stati oe Main*, i
P„itland, August l.th, 1764 )
TNQlilRIES 01 *1 oral nan? subje.tv connected
A w fhtbo onro'mont, draft, execution-,La-Uity
t-> draft, oredita ant acooun s of men ‘urbl Sea,
.bond tea'drersm to the Provost. Marshal at the
Coacres tonal D sc-ict, and in ease he 1, n t able to
an-w.r them, he will ask lutonnatiou of the Pro
vost Marshal (ieneral of the 8tate. A swan may
be thus recured mors promptly than by addresrlnc
tee Provost Marahal General at Was’i gton .Its
mere important busi-ter often prevent proiptan
awers to mnlciin cof.fn.ntrter now a ’dressed to the
Bur.au o i pers.n.1 and other matt.IS of mi -or con
By order of Major J. W. T GARDINER,
Captain and Provott Marshni 1st Dist. Maim.
Aug 18. dSm
Office of tub Ooban Insubahce Comf’t, 1
/ ortland, Hov. 2nd, 1E64. J
THB following is* statement ol theaffiirs of this
Company rendered iu pursuance ot the require
ments ofCbap. 49,See 21, of the Revised StMurps
of the Stare of Maine.
Capital Stock paid in.... *’40,000 00
Bank and other stooks..116,690 00
Loans on mortgages of real e.tate stocks.. 17,171 r-8
Prem.Notes and bills receivable on band. ...6-,t66 29
Real estate...10,010 00
Cash on hand. 18,887 68
Whole amount at risk.#1,679,476 00
Whole ernoant of 1 abilities.18,267 61
novidlw GEO. A. WRIGHT, Seo’y.
mimi, benefit
Incorporated 1345. Charter Perpetual
THIS most auccesslul of all Life Assurance Com
panies has now a net accumulation of over
$600,000.0 0.
Its own bl>tory after 20 years’ experience is the
beet evidence of ite superior management, and of the
great advantages it adores to those who insu •
Special attention is asked to the folio elng faces:
The Annual Dividends ol this Company
are now
Fifty Per Cent,
and have been for several years. Declared annu
al Iw, and paid after two years.
A dividend is declared and paid upon each and
■very payment made, whether the party is Urtng or
not. ZJ~#o other Company in the United States
does this- .
Its assets on the 31st of December last, as shown
bv theNew York Insurance Commissioners’ Report,
were sufficient to provide for its ‘'Computed premi
um reserve,” the payment of “All its dividends
and every other liability, contingent or absolute,
and leave a clear net surplus of
Thu surplus is nearly (1,090,000.00 larger than
that of any other Lite Company in the Uni ed States
and *1,5X1,000 larger than any other, with two «•
©options. '
Parties now insuring in this Company participate
in the benefits cf this large and increasing surplus.
This Company has paid to the assured in Dividends
while the total amounts paid for claims by death ex.
Pol'ries issued on the non-forfeiting ten year plan
as well as m all the other usual or ins.
Every considerate man who will apply to Life In
surance the seme principles that would guide him in
. making other investments, or in the management or
hie own business, will assuredlv lnvisclgate the ad
vantages qf the Mu-ual < enejit System, as illustra
ted la toe history of this Company, before Insuring
his life in any other. My neglecting to do so be will
probably pay from 10 to 25 dollars on every 8100 as
the price of his failure to inform himself.
Remember t*e Dividends are SO per cent. The
first one is paid yon just four years from the date
of sour policy; a Dividend is paid von avany year
thereaf or, while the Undivided Surplus from whioh
all diviH ends are made is nearly 81,000,OUO larger
than that of anv other Company in America.
Reliable information in reference to all the com
panies will he freely given at this offioe, from Com
missioners Reports lorsutcesilveyears.
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.
Central OffloJ No. 80 Exchange Bt„
Sept 17—dtf Portland, Ms.
Mutual Insurance Company,
NEW TORE, Jahyaby 26, 1864.
Premiums received on Marine Risks,
S‘,^n‘rT’18 8'10 8U* D*‘ 88 214,398 98
Premiums on Policies not marked off
>Bt January, 18b8, 1,106,003 24
Total amour t of Marine Premium*, •10,08$.0ul Vt
Wo po.ictee have bee" Lined upon Life
JEuslu; nor upon Fire Ri«k* cUscoa*
m-cied with Marine Kinks.
Premium* marked off nom 1st Jan.,
1863 to 31st December, 1863, 87,697,666 66
Dottes paid during the same period, 3.t06 661 04
Keturna of Premiums a .d Expet ass, J ,983,967 48
Tbe Company has the following assets, via;
United States and b'ate of New York
Stock,City, Bank andotherbtocks, 83,492,63 ' 80
Loans secured by Stocks ana otlur
wis* 1.460 700 00
Rsal Estate and Bene s and Mortgages 193,760 00
Dividends on Stocks. Xpteres: on
Bonds and Morigagea and other
Loans,tnucry holes, rt-insoraase
and other claims du j the Company,
estimated at 104,9’4 61
Fremium Notes and Bills, Receivable 8 278,876 68
Cabin Bank, '.44,818 68
Total amount of Aesatai *9 266,466 32
S x per d?at. into est on the onta'anding oert.fl
c&tes of prt fits will be paid to the holders theyoot,
or their legal representa.ives, on and after Tuesday,
the 2d of February next.
After rce-vlog Three and One half Million Dollar#
of profits the ontstaud ng.certificates of tbe issue ol
1862 wul be redeemed and paid to the holdeis there
Ol, or their legal iepre»entatiy/M, pn and after Tues
day, the Second of February rear, trom which dste
allinteres thsreon will oeeae. Ti e certiticc'!>8 to be
produced* tbe time of payment, and care*] ad..
A Dividend of Forty Per Cent, is declared on the
net earned premiums of 'he Con psny, for the year
etdl'.g 81st Peeember, lat-8, for which cer ifiiates
will be issued, on and after Tuesday, the Fifth of
April next. x
The profits of the Company, araef.
tained from the 1st of Ju y, 1842, to
the let of Jan., 1868, for wh ch Cer
tificates were issued, amount to 814 328,880
Adoi tonal from 1st Jan., 1663, to 1st
January, 1864, 2.680,0
Total profits for 211 years, 816,968,880
The Certificate, previous to 1869 have
bean redeemed by cash, 11,690,210
Net earnings remaining wt!b the
Company on 1st Jan ., 1864, 86,263,670
By order of the Board.
John D. Jones, hir'd Lane,
Charles Dennis, James Bryee,
W.H.H Mooie, Wm Sturgis, Jr.,
Thos. Tiles.on, U. K. Bog.rt,
Henry Colt, A. A. Low,
W. C. Vickers, ill, Wm. E Dodge,
L wisCortis, Dennis Perkins.
Cbas. H Bussell, Jos La Liard Jr.,
Lowell Holbrook, J. Heory Burgy,
P. A.Hargons Cornelius Grinnell.
E W. Weston, C A. Hand,
Koval Phelps, Watts Sherman,
Caleb Beratow, E. E. Morgan,
A P. iillot. B.J. Howland,
Leroy M. Wi ley, BenJ Babooek,
Daniel 8. Miller, Jfleieher Weitrar,
S.T. Nicoil. R B Mintnrn, Jr.,
Joshua J Honrs, G. \V. Burnham,
t eo. G. Hob-on, Fred. Chaunce/. .»
James Low.
JOHN D. JONES, Pres-den*.
CHARLES DENM8, Vice Presi'ent.
W. H. H. MOORE, 2d Vice President.
n^Applicat'ons forwarded and Orvu Folicikh
procured by
, JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent,
No. 166 Foie street, head of Long Wharf,
Fire Insurance Company !
Of New York, Office 11.3 Broadway.
CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000.
WM. E. WARREN, President.
HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President.
GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Seoretary.
Portland Board of Reference* ■■
Joan B. Brow* & 80s, Hkkbey, Fletoheb fc Co.
R. J, Libby fc co. Jobs Lyscb fc Co.
The undersigned having been appointed Agest
and Atiossky lor this Conpany, is now prepared
t« tome Policies on lnsu>ab.e Property at current
tSST"Portland Office, 166 Fore Street.
June 3,1864.—dtf.
Portland Mutual Fire Insurance
€? Company.
rflHlS Company will jmoe Policies to be free after
X the payment of six. eight or ten Premiums at
tbe optica of the insured, and at rates as low aa any
other Company The issue of Free Policies renders
it at leas equal If not superior to the participation
Coaspau es.
Office No. 103 Middle Street.
Feb 16—dfcwtf
To Wood Dealers andLumbermen.
10,000 Cords Wood and Logs Wanted.
PROPOSALS, are desired for cargoes of the fol
lowing T-ooas,riai— White or Canadian Pep.
la. Hemloca, Haewerd, Or American Linden, Beach,
Yellow Birch, and While or Red Elm and Whi o
opnioe—a 1 to be sound and mere Dan’able.
Offers ma> be made >o iuraieh by the cord, or in
the log of 8 or 1 j o” 11 feet long, from 6 inches in di
ameter upward, be delivered on navigable water
for vessels drawing when loaded nine left. P*r;i_s
please state the kind cf wood, and the amcu< t they
can furnish, where they wish to deliver tershipment,
and when it will oe dolivered ’here, and the lowest
cash price per cord or loOO feet, as they de ire to
Pa^^0^lur8, or Adding proposal*, plca-e
Trea«urer American Wood Paper Company,
aug23 d8m Frlvidcnce, R. I.
Copartnership !t Alice.
THE undersigned have this day formed a oonart
nersbip under the name and style of FUNG S
WHl rTEMoBE, and havefhVeuthe store formerly
occupied by Hen y Fling. No. 91 Commercial street,
wnere they intend doing a l o amission and Whole
ale business in Teas, Tobaieo, W. I. Goods, Gro
ceries and Frorisious. ,
Portland. July 8,18C4. d,j
Apothecary Nhcp for Sale.
TH* nhders gned wiehtngto ehange his o’aie
8unk°fa.^8iT6s^06.' ?,.n 8611 his Shop. Furn|Pu e!
No. 5 Temple Street.
Wat kb ha can be consulted privately, and with
the utmost oonndenoe by the afflicted, at all
hours dally, and Horn 8 a B.toSr.B
^ Dr. H. addresses thos* who are suflbrlng under the
affliction of private disease, whether .rising from
lmnure oomuction or the terrible vice of selt-abuse.
Devoting his outlie time to that pa ticular brauoh or
♦ k« nr ifeapion. he feels war rim ted in G Car
AmmGAPcSi.»ALL Oases, whether oflong
standing orrewotly contracted, entirely removing
tkadnscsOidkeaseVom the yatam. and mak.ug a
PM^S«ouK, afllloted to the
fret of his long standing and web earned repuution,
furnishing sufficient assuranoe of bis sklU aud suc
Every intelligent and thinking person Biust know
that remedies Landed out lor
have their efficacy established by well tested exper
ience in th) hands of a regularly educated physi
cian, who.e pre.-ar.tory atonies fit* him tor *11 the
duties be mustaaltiU ; ye tbeoouhiry ^
poor nostrums and cure-alls, purponing to Do tne
best In the world, which ars not only name*1, bnt al
ways injurious Ths unlartunate should be uabtio
ulab iu (electing his physician, ai it Is a lanotal>to
yet i noon trover table faot, that many syphilitic
DBtien's are made miserable with mined constitutions
Symalt’eatment Item tnexpertenoed
general praotioo; for it Is a point generally oonceded
ft the beet syphtlographers, that the study and man
agement of these complaints should engross the
w°hole time of those wuo would Iha iorapatent snd
successful in their treatment and cure. The inex
perienced goneral piactltloner, having neither op
porUnity nor time to make himsel. acquainted with
their pathology, oommonly pursues one system of
treatment, in moat casss making an iniBscrtailnats
use of that antiquated and dang roue weapon, Her
All who have committed an e»«m«ofwWud,
whether it be the solitary vioeof routh, or the sting
ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer years.
The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Netvjn*
Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are
the barometer to the whole system.
Do not wait for the consummation that is sere to fol
low, do not wait for Unsightly Uloers, for
Disabled Limbs, tbr loss of beanty
and Complexion.
You" g men troubled with emissions in sleep, a
complaint gen-rally the re.ult of a bad habit in
yonth. tr.ated scientifically, and a perfect care war
ranted or no charge made.
Hardly a day passe* but weave consulted by on*
or more young man with the above disease, some of
whom are aa weak and emaciated aa though they
had the consumption, and by their friends suppos d
to have it. Ail such ca ns yield to the proper and
only oorrect oc urse of treatment .and in a short time
are made torejoloe in perfect hea th.
There are many men at the age or thirty who are
troubled with too treqisnt evaoaations from the
bladder, often sccompaoied by a slight smarting or
burning sensation, and weakening theeystem in a
manner the patient cannot account for. On examin
ing urinary depositsa ropy atdimeut will often bo
found, and sometimes small particles of semen or
albumen will appear, or tbe color will be of a thin
ui kish hue, again changing to a dark and tuibid
tnntnyrance There are many men who oie of thia
dlllsulty, (gporant of the cause, which is the
I can warrant a perleet ewe in soph cases, and a
full a d healthy restoration of the urinary orggns.
Persons who cannot personally consult the Df..
can do soby writing in a plain manner a description
of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will
be i-i rear dub immediately
ail oorrgspondeiijee strictly confidential and will
be returned if d-«ire«
Address, J)R. J, B. BPiGBES,
No. 8. Temple St., (ooroer of Middle) Fqrtlgnd.
ire* Send Stamp lor circular,
Eleciic medical Infirmary,
DB HUGHES particularly invites all Ladies who
need a medical adviser, to call at bis rooms, No. 6
Temple Street, which they will find artan-ed for
their especial accommodation.
Dr. H *s Eleetic Renovating Medicines are unrival
ed jn efficacy and superior virtue in regulating ail
Female Irregularities. Their action ia specific and
certain o t producing relist in a short time.
LADIES will find it invaluable jn gll pises of ob
sfructions after all other remedies have leen tiled}n
vain. It is purely veeetabie, eiutalning nothing ia
the least injurious to the health, and may bo taken
With per fen safety at all times.
Sent to any part of the oou utry with folldlreotlons
by addressing DB. HUGHES.
No-1 Temple Street, corner ef Middle, Portland.
N. B.—Ladles deriri-g may consult one of tbsif
own sen. A lady of experienoe In oomstsnt attend
ggof-Jaitldfcw y
<Jopd Hsw* for fh« U»fortUB»te
Cherokee Remedy,
CHEROKEE REMEDY, the greet Indian Dlaetic
onres nil diacasrs of the Urinary Organa, sueh as In
continence ot the Urine,Inflamstionofthe Kidneys.
Stone in the Bladder, Stricture, Gravel, Gleet, Gon
orrhea, and is especially recommended In these
cases of Fluor Albus, (or Whitss in Females.
It Is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the
dost only being from one to two tcaspcontnls thrso
times per day.
It is dinrntio and a'terative In Its action; parleying
and-leusing toe blood, oanslng it to flow in ailita
original purity aad v'gor; thus removing from the
system all pernicious canoes which have indnoed dis
CHEROKEE INJECTION is intended no an ally
Or steisun*; to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, atd
honld be need in oonjnnctlon with that medicine In
nil esses of Gonorrhea. (Heel, Fluor Albus or Whites,
Its effac e sre healing, soothing and demuloeut; is
moving nil scalding, best, chordee and pain, Instead
of the turning and almoet nnendatnsie pain that D
experienced with nearly all the cheap quack injec
By the use of the CHEROKEE REMEDY tod
CHEROKEE INJECTION—the two medicines »t
the same time—nil impropor discharge 1 are removed
and the weakened organs sre speedily restored to
full vigor and streng.h.
For full part'culars get a pamphlet irom any dm/
store In the country, or writs us and we will mall
free to any address, n lull treat lie
Price, CHEROKEE REMEDY, *2 per bottlo, or
three bottles for {6.
Price, CHEROKEE INJECTION, fll per bottle.or
three bottles for 95. ,
Sant by Express to any add.eis on reoe.'pt of the
Boll by dregg's'd everywhere.
DR. W. R. M ERWIN to C«..
Ho. 68 Liberty St., Hew Turk.
Cherokee Curel
thu euti
An os fulling oure for Spermatorrhea, Semins,
Weakness, Nooturaui Emissions, and all diseases
caused by self polutioa; suoh as Lose of Memory,
Universal Lassitude, Pains in the Back, Dimbesa of
Vision. Premature old age. Weak Herves, Difficulty
of Breathing, Trembling, Wakeltalneee, Eruptions
OB the Faoe, Pale Countenanee, Insanity, Consump
tion, and all the direful complaints eaased by de
parting from the path of natn e.
This medicine lea simple vegetable extract, and
one on which we can rely, as it bas been nseu ia our
practice for many yea- s, and, with thousands treated,
it has not failel in a single ins an<.e. Its curative
power* hive been sufficient to gain vioto-y ever the
mjststubbon case.
To those who have trifled with their constitution
until they think themselves beyond the reach of
medio d aid, we woaldsay. Despair not: tie CUEB
OKEE CUBE will restore you to health and vigor,
and after al. quack doctors hive fnlsd.
For full particulars got a circular from any Dreg
a’oro In the country, or write the Proprietors, who
win mall free to any one desiring the same a ftall
treatise in pamphlet form.
Frioe, S3 per bottle, or three bottles lor $6, and
f orwarded by express to all parts of the world.
Bold by all respectable diupgists everywhere.
DR. W. R. MBRWIN to CO .
• feh8 eodfkwly No. 69 Liberty St., Hew Terk.
AN assessment of Eight Dol'an per share on the
Capital Stock of the Company is now due and
payable at the offiee of the Treasurer, 117 Commer
cial street. C. M. DAVIS, TreMhrer.
July 80th, 1864.-dU.
CAT ARl^ H !
moss or tiunin is
The Acme of Perfection!
It Cues Hay, Rose,and Periodic Catanh
It Cares Catarrh in all its types and stages
It Cues Catanh and avertsconsumptiop.
Ho Violent Syringing of the Head!
TjtOB centuries Catarrh has defied the skill or phy
A sicisns and surgeons. No medical work con
tains a prescription thtt will ersdloste it. Noth), g
save Dr. (ioodale's Remedy will break it up, radi
cally destroying tbe principle of tbe disease, and
precluding the possibility of relapse.
No form of Catarrb can witbsiand its searching
power and no mode of treatment ever afforded such
immed ata relief, or gave such universal satisfaction.
It penetrates to the very seat of tbls terrible dis
ease and exterminates it, root and branch, forever.
[From the Commercial Advertiser, New York l
Hay.RoMt, and Periodic Catarrh.—Dr. Good
ale's catarrh Remedy, and mode ot treatment, not
only affords the greate-t relief In every variety of
Catarrb, but it extinguishes tbe di-ease forever, in
all its tvpea and stages. Every one speaks well of it.
[From John L. Bee bee, New London, Ct.)
Jfutri. / orton f Co.
Gentlemen—The bottle of Goodale’s Catarrh Rem
edy yoa sent me has ourel ms of the Catarrh of ten
years standing. I gave a few doses of it to three of
my neighbors, and they say it has cured them I
have now ball' a bonis lore and would not take s
thousand dollars for it if I could not procure more.
DrGoodalebas surely discovered the tree came 01
Catarrh, and an nnlailing remedy to cure it.
Yours truly, J'ss L.B«i»«.
New London, Conn., June 9,1868.
Pribe *1. Send a stamp for Dr. B. Goodale's New
Pamphlet on Catarrh—its perfeot mode or treatment
and rapid cm e. _ „ ,
Dr B. GOOD ALE'S Offloe and Depot, 75 Bleeker
street,one door west ot Broadway. New York.
NORTON A Co., Sole Agents. H. H. HAY, Agent
for Portland.
June*. 1883. Juaeidly
Immediately relieve Coughs,
Colds, Hoarseness Lossoi voice
Bronchitis Lassitude, Thirst,
and every symptom o the ilrst
stag s or Pulmonary Consume
Lou. They are white, in term
at a wafer and as suitable tor
the infant in the cradle as a pa
tient ui three roore years: nd
ten. Orators and all who over
tax the vo««l organs lecel e
Instant relist by taoir use. Sold by nil Ornggis s.
Prepared by B M. Saitsaa, Chemist, 21 Tremont
street, rcston. ft. H HA 1', cor Fr-o and Middle
streets, supplying agents. . stp*J ecdfctontrm
Proposal* lor Supplies.
Qcabtbbmarticb'u Chios, U. S d p.
Washikotob, October 27, 1964.
mBALED PROPOSALS tor etch olazs separately
will be received at this offioe until 2 o’clock P. M ,
of t^e 2d day of December next, ft r ftrnwiring to
the United Statsi Marine Corps, dating the year
18*6, the following sut pie* to he delivered atrheof
E*e of Me’ Aedfgl#nt DogHerratster o< the Carp",
Philadelphia, Penney ivpni#, frgept expense to the
C. ited states, in snob quantities as may fFom time
to lime be •'
14,000 yards of 8ky Blue Kersey, all wool, free front
tjaJ 64 ionites wide, to weigh 2) ounces to the
y.rd, (Uxigo woof dyed)
0.000 yards Dark Bilge Kersey, all wool, free from
hair, 64 nchet wide, to weigh22 onnoes to the
yard, (indigo wooi-d ad)
2.600 yards Datk Blu* Twilled Cloth, all wool for
uniform cunts (indigo wool dyed), 64 inches
wldo, to weigh 'u ounces per ysre.
U0 earns ot rearlet Cloth, sii woo) (oochineal
dyad), 61 inches wide, to weigh 16 onnees | er
class no. «.
6.000 yards o' 6-4 Dark Bine Flannel for oversacks,
at woo (Indigo woo!-dyed), 64 inches wide, tv
weigh 18 ounces p r y*rd
18.000 yards 018 4 Dark Blue Flannel, for ihirta, all
wool (t< dlro'wool-dyed) 27lnchcs wide, to
weigh 61 onnees rer yard
1,206 Gray Blankets, all Wpol, to weigh four pounds
each, to be 7 leet long ah'1 A f.et wide, a.4
frte from grease
7.600 patirs of Woollen Seeks, three sizes, proserly
mado or good J*o« wool, with dou leaud
twisted yarn, to we gh three pounds per dozen
pairs, (tea from grease.
PLASa NO. 8.
7.601 yards Whl'e L'aea for yantt, 60 Inches wide,
to weigh 18ounces per yard
11.000 yard* White Linen for shirts, 80 inches wide,
to weigh 11 ounces per yard .
17,C00 yards Canton Flannel for drawers, 27 inches
vide, to weigh 7 onnees per yard
A, too yards potto# Tipi fug fpr bedsaoks.
1,000 Uniform Caps, complete (exotpt pompon*)
1,200 Pompons, red wo tied, ball shaped, 6 Rictus
in ofrptunforenoe
4.660 Fatigue Caps (with covers), to be made of blue
elotfi, ind'go woo: ayed
1,400 Stoeks.
000 grow Coat Button* .'Bugle)
260 gross Jacket Button - (Kaglt)
» ICO gross Veit 3tit'ons(Eagl )
1000 pairs Yellow Me'al Crerpsptt »nd 8o*U Straps
uo sets Epaulet Bullion for eergeaata aid cor
1,400 sets Epaulet Bullion far priv»!pe
76 Bed worsted Sat bee
6.00J yards Yellow Blading
4,000 yards of Bed Cord
100 Swords for aorgemts
60 Swords for musicians
40 Drums (tenor), complete
40 Dium HUngl •
160 Batter Drum Uca-Ss
100 Snare Drum Heads
100 Drum Cords
SO sets of Drum Snares
80 Boxwood <‘B” Fifes
80 pairs Dram SUoks.
10,000 Army Boots (infantry pattern).
1,300 Cartridge Boxes without mag-'sine
1,800 Bayonet Saabbprda tpttu Doga attached
1,700 -ercuseiou Ctp Pouches
1,300 Cartridge Box Belts
1,300 Waist Belts
1,700 Wal t Plates
160 8word Froga
|l,30O Tin Magazines lor cartridge boxes, as per
1,400 Knapsacks ,
600 Haversapte
6U0 Canteens
600 Musket Slings.
For making and trimming the following aril.he,
Watob coats,
Ueifoim coats for sergeants, corporals, mu
sicians, anB privates;
Fatigue Coats for s-rgeants, corporals, musi
cian and privates;
Wooien Pants fur sergeants, corporals, musi
'Oiare and privates;
Linen Pants for sergeants, oorpotals, mnsi
elans and privates;
Flannel bhirts.
Linen 8hirte.
Bed and B.ue Jaokete'for boys,
Bed sacks.
Tbe above-mentioned artmlea must couloim. in aH
respects, to the sealed starda'd patterns. in the or
doe of tbe Quartermaster MarlnsCoi pi, Marine Bar
neks, Washington, D, C.l Aaaislaut Quat term as
ter's office Marine C"rp», 1.230 Spruce street. Phila
delphia: and at the Marino Stations, lirookly a. New
York, a d Boston, Masaachuaetts, where they caa
be evaarinrd.
And whenever the articles named above, or any
portion of the*, shall be considered as nut fully con
forming to samples they will be rijeo ed, aud the
oontgaotar will be boono to famish o: hers o|.t ha re
quired kind at onee. or the Quartermaster will sup
ply tbe dettoieaoy at the expense of tbe contractor.
Payment will 6emade upon thoecoep ed oelivery
of the whole quan'l y which may from time to time
be ordered, witholding ten per cont. trom the i a -
ment of a mount tendered under flrnt order until
see-nd order is Slied, and ten percent, firm no
rendered un-egaceond order until third o.der
la filled, and so until et ntraot is completed.
Buch proposal mult be accompanied by the foliow
ing guaranty;
the undersigned,-of-, in the State of —,
and —--, in the State of-, hereby guarranty
that in oaee the foregoiug bid of- for suppli s.
aa above deectibed. be accepted, he or they will,
within ten day* alter the reetipt of the contract at
the post ol&es named, exeonte the contract for thr
•ante, with good and sufficient suritiea; and in case
the laid-shall tall to enter Into contract aa
aforesaid, we guarranty 10 make good the diflsreroe
between the Oder or the said . and that which
may be aooepted. JL. B , Guarantor,
C. D , Guarantor.
E. E., Witness. ->88*.
1 hareby certify that the above named-are
known to mo aa men oi property, and able to make
good their guaranty. _, . “ “•
To be signed by the United States District Judge,
United Statee District Attorney,or Collector.
No proposals will be considered nnlcrs nccompan
^ewiJj^SVnfSJriae'/to publish the above will
pend the paper containing the flrat insertion to the
office lor examination. „ #
Tae bidder's place of basiress. or mtnnfac urlnr
establishment, must be ip.cincally stated !n the pro
P pjiposwls te be endowed on the envelope “Propo
aals lor Supplies for Marine Corps ior )&S," and ad
dressed to MaiorWM.B 8LACK,
Quartermaster Marine Corpe,
| NovXdiawiw_ Washington.
A *’Ihl^fLt?fi„V!f*"Ub*d front Chamber, suit
rooms for thm^ ®«htleman and Wile: and pleasant
roomsjor Ulreeor four gentlemen, may be (bund at
” El Ccaasauni Stbbst.
A FEW Flrat Class Gentlemen boarders can be
-iV.“l*a«m|dnli|d with board at
®-»w* n Fan SxaaiT.
coe’s irsnrifi ckrei
The World’s Great Bemedy
Dyspepsia and Indigestion r
▲so all
D iseaNes
Prepared by the Proprietors qf “Coe’s Cough
u “Ot °®*y the re re lb rerun ner of death
01 * “.actable Ute. It hue well
both ^®tion*B scourge; tor more pereoue,
“d young, male and lemaie, tufferlrom ite
rnh! iff*,(rom »u 0,1*«r ailment* combined. It
“fit* ''Igor and energy, given
strong sad laU) ‘n*11ai.o.itloa to those once
tender* the atomach powerleee to .
digeet the food, and has tor its attendants,
Headache, Heartburn, Constipation, Nausea
at Stomach, and General Debility
Qtf the whole System,
rotating Its subjects a particle of noeriehmeat or
hearty food, without paying the penalty in tbemoet
agonizing dlltreaa, and oftentimes eomnlete nroatra
tion. To meet the terrible raragee of Sue wont ol
all diseases, we hare prepared
and we pledge oar reputation upon our statement,
when we say It will
Positively Core the Worst of Yob,
not in a year—not in a month—nor in a week—bnt
yon shall see its beneficial iuflnence at once Imme
diately, and the day you take it. To you who hate
lived lor years upon lirabsm Bread and plain diet,
who dare not eat any thin* the least-wise hearty
first, because the Doctor has ordered the plainest
food, and secondly for fear the distress it causes—
rising and souring on your stemneb, wesay sit down
to yonr dinner, eat as hearty a meal as you wish,
and as soon as the food begins to distress yon, fol
low it by n single teaspoonthl of
Believe Tou Instantaneously.
thus ei-ibliag you, by hearty eating, and the use ol
the oure after each meal, (as often as the food dis
tresses yon, or . oars on yonr stomach,) yon will get
in a very few days so that yon can de without the
medicine, exoept occasionally, and by the time the
first bottle Is used up, we will guarantee you free
from Dyspepsia, and able to eat, digest and enjoy
ns hearty n breakout as yon ever ait down to in j our
healthiest hours, and we will forfeit to yon the prioe
of the bottle, upon yonr showing that oar statement
is not correct.
The medicine is powerful but harmless, and whi'M
injure him, as it is entirely vegetable and contains
no opiates All class-A ot disease that havethelr ori
gin in a disordered stomach and bowels', are dispel
led in the same Instantaneous way, by the nso of
FtW and Ague, Sick-Headache, Sickness at tkt
Stomach, Constipation, Heartburn, Colic Paint
in Stomach or Bowels, Dysentery, Vomit
ing, a feel lug of faintness and Lassi
tude, Want gf Appetite,
will not and cannot exist where the oure is nted -
It romovea the disease ny removing the ontsse.no'
liko Alcoholic Bitters which cover up your bad ’feel
ings lor a few moments by their exallarat.ng effects
Beware ofsucb remedies or beverages, but hi theft
plaoe use a remedy (hat will restore the diseased
functions to their normal poadition, and set in mo
tion the entire human mechanl-m In perfect har
mony, and upon principles synonymous with wtll
defined physelogio&l lain. That such will be the ef
fect of
immediately and Instantaneously, we pledge oar
word as men of honor—our reputation as l'harmaee
utiafs—our favorable aqjaaio taupe witbgbe people ai
proprietors of the World-renowned “toe’s tough
Balsam," it it is u>ed according to our directions,
whioh may bo found with oacb bottle.
We add below some l'eetimoniala from oar nab*
bora and townsman, to wuidh we ask your earenu
from the ftutor the Methodist E. Church, Math
uoa, Corns.
I have used Coe’a Dyspepsia Cure in my family,
and oaa willingly testify to Its value as a medicine.
Husky Gidwawd,Pastor M. E. Church.
Madison, Conn.. June sptjj, (864,
A Voice from home through our City Papers.
„ NewUaven, Conn , June 18,1864.
Messrs. Editors — Allow mo, through your col*
umns, to acknowledge my gratitude ior to. benefit 1
have received from the use of Coe’s Dyspepsia Cur*.
Although 1 was a great saffertr from Dyspepsia,
the ttrstdose gave last apt ruljef, and 01 e oodi e baj
enabled mo to &t anything 1 please, without pain.
I have now stopped using the medicine, as I a*
longer need it, faimira Ltvab.
. Madison, Conn , Jane 80,18*4.
From the benefit derived by the use of Coo’s Dys
pepsia Cure in my family, I am prepared to say that
1 never intend to be without it and advise all who
are afflicted with Dyspepsia to tay 4,
JPbilakdeu Lewis.
Mr. Coe - —The bottle pi Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure yog
gave me baa backed up your statement concern lag
it. 1 have only used half g pottle, and oan eat pi«3
apple shortcake or anything ebe, without trouble.
It aeta like a oharm. Tha relief It affords la instan
taneous. Jam a. Lowest.
New Haven, June 18,188*.
-Th?f kuoyr my constitution, what my ooudl
tioa hag been tbrthe last thirty years, will believe
with me that a medicine that will reach my case will
reach almost any oue. Coe’s Dyspepsia Core bae
1 please, and It is very
aaldom 1 now have to use the medicine. It relieved
me in an instant when I was in great pain. My
whola system ia being strengthened by its use.
_ _ Ann E. Baooott,
New Haven, June 29,186*.
Im ortant to Travelers.
WhiJe tourneying on the oars, ay stomach be
onme badly deranged, causieg rarer, pain in my
heod. Had it been on the water it would hare
been tailed sea-nick ness, a lady sitting by ins.
knowing my condition, reached out a bott.e saying,
taken swoliow. i did so. and in lest than fire
minutes my trouble was euded. The medicine was
•Coo s Dyspepsia Cure,” tad from the e«tci it had
upon the Stomach, and what I hare learned ef il
since. 1 think It mast be an excellent remedy ft*
Sea-sickness end Djapepsia.
Madison, Jane 30th, 1864. •
Hew Haven, Jane 38th. 1884.
Messrs. C. U. Clark A Co—OtHUemeo -.-i Metre
to make known the almost instantaneous effects of
"Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure," In esses of cholera morbut.
I had been for twenty four hours purging nt the
stomach and bowels, every fifteen miuutes. I went
into your drag store to procure some brandy, as 1
had alwny. been told that it was a good remedy tor
Dysentery My pallid face and my weakness at
once attracted tne attention ol the clerk in cha-g.,
“**>•■!*•!* **•«* once “w' at Is the matter t” t
replied: "I have been tertwentry-lour hours vomit
ing and purging, and 1 am nnabto to stead or walk,
Dora weakness and this deadly sickness at my stem
ach completely prostrates me/' He produced a bot
tle of Coe’a Dyspepsia Cure, saying, "take a large
swallow of that; it isnow U o'elook; takes another
after dinner.”
From the moment 1 took thnt first dose or the
medicine my sickness nt stomach was gone-- its effect
was Instantaneous. In an hour I eat my dinner with
at good a relish ea ever hungry man partook, ia* I
was well eleered out of food 0 and followed by a
teaspoonful of cure. I have not suffered a particle
of inconvenience since I took the remedy.
Its action was so wonderful and so Immediate,
that 1 could hardly believe the evidences of my own
senses, and 1 desire to publicly make known theoe
Iheta, that the whole wrorld may a rail themselves of
its use. Like bread, it thouid find a place in every
one’s house, and 1 believe that no one should go
away itom home without a bottle of it tu hie pocket,
er where it (mold b« qulokly made available.
Truly yoors, OEO. L. Dim
Of **« 'nocnty.Jtrt.
New Haven, July n*h igui
<* Con—5lr:—Having been troubled with the
Dyspepsia Ibr some eight or twelve montbe I have
Eh"o^>T‘l «wdv'oC!f,mr}lcin^ which have “2
Sne ^Cre' theire.^ M>«tfi*nent of a medt
dMrweiiflfMlwtJ! 0r ii1116*, hut have had no
tat K d£.Sr,.ift.in ”y stotnaoh since taking the
b«for8'1 maUI *«“ •
montKiwn *°“®ti“es no more than three or four
monthfulls without distressing me.
Reepeotinliy, 3. If. WOODRUFF.
„ New Haven, Jane 11th. 1*84
D**rSir —The bottle of Dyspepsia
Medicine I reoeived trom yon, gave instantaneous
l oniy,,'i,*ilc1 when my lood distressed me.
It was about like taking two doses to-day, one to
morrow, then every other day, increasing the qnan
i»?°re.*;iW tCe wedloiae.nntil 1 wae
enabled to eat without taking anything at all. My
emtremo one, having suffered ti r seven
^2Ttw0U #der “I**11 Cured, and bynslng
®*|y ?”e SS1?® of medicine la the space of two
months. The doee was a tenepoo'iftU.
Kllb» 8. iitm.
where by Drn*K*8ta ln oltI end oountry, every*
Price 91*00 per Bottle.
Orden by mall, from either dealers er con turners,
promptly attonded to.
Wholesale Drag gi tit, Nev Haven, Conn.,
Bold la Portland by W. F. Phillips, B. a. Bay,
U4 mi other dealer*. msrchfeedlyM

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