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Tlx* pouring rain wai jailing fast,
At ttirougu tb« “Horm<v* re«ion pasttd
An Oil irtek man, ’mid i~ui uni slosh,
Who thr*w up his bat and cried “By goth,
Bis cheeks were pa'e, his eyes wore bright,
As a flash from a patent kerosone light;
HU boots, as taey sauk m the greasy ground.
Splashes out the oily, melodious sound—
In strike prospective he did sell,
An huudied tbousnd b <rrel well,
Above—the c alms he didn’t own,
That from hit heart drew forth a groan,
"Sick not that, well,” his cor science said;
Too t»lg a strike may strke you dead ”
Up goes the derr ck. down goes the bore.
Up comes the tand-pump, “What’s flowing o'er r
•'Sell out ” cried Frudenee—“take a nap
In Madams Fortune’s unctuous 1»P«T
Two br.ny tears fell fr nusch eye.
* She flow more yet," was bis reP'J
The’T.rr nex‘day th« Ubin* burst:
■j'LVm rnttn strong That's not the wont,
The a* I cared In, aud tbe current Of Oil,
HriT«u back tu iu crer.ce buret through tbe soil.
Petiole um!
A drowned corpse waa neat day found,
XI,if burled lu tbe greasy ground;
8tli> gratping in it* band toe bore,
Tbataugured luck to bim t o more,
Thera in the dirt and mud he lay
Id elees - and alow.y melting away;
At Inst from the di ptba of bra hundred feet,
tturgied a bunt sound, oily a <d aweet—,
How an Oil Well is Made.
After selecting a spot for a well, the arte
sian driller raises a derrick about 110ft. in
height, bringing up a steam engine of about
six horse power, and then, after driving
down an iron pipe about six inches in
diameter through the earth aud gravel some
flay feet or so tojlhe first strata of rock, intro
duces a drill of about two and a half inches iu
diameter attached to a temper screw, and
thence to the “walking beam” and engine,
with which he bores now at the rate of eight
or ten feet per day into solid slate, soapstone,
say one hundred feet; he then comes to the
first strata of sand stone, which may be ten
or twelve feet in thickness: and boring through
this comes again to a slate and soapstone, of
bluish cast, and woiking on say for twenty
five feat or so, he reaches the second strata oi
sandstone, out of which there comes rushing
up, when the right vein is struck, inflamable
gas, salt water or petroleum. The bore of
the well Is enlarged by a “rimmer,” and then
an iron tube iu sections of about fourteen
teet and closely screwed together, is inserted
by sections and run down to the veins of oil;
a flax seed bag, which expands when wet, is
fixed between the tubings and the walls of
the well' in order to pervent the surface wat
er from descending; a “plunger” or valve pis
ton, is introduced into the tube and'sucker
rod, being attached to the “walking-beam,”
the conduit pipes and tank, which may hold
Sixty barrels, being iu readiness, the engine
moves and the precious treasure gushes forth
This i< what is called a pumping well. In the
“fly wing well’*—that is such as send the oil
out spontaneously—the drill must go down
Into the third strata of saDdstone; but this, in
soma instances is very deep.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Scrofula.
Dropsy, Neuralgia, Epilepsy,
Erysipelas, Boil#, Tu
mors, Salt
Ulcers and Sores, Rheumatism, Pain in
the Stomach, Side and Bowels, De
bility and all complaints aris
ing from impurities of the
It will cure Nervous Affection!, Palsy arising from
the abu§e of Mercury or Lead. It is a Tonic as well
as Alternative, restoring the tone of the system,
thus curing Dropsy and General Debillity, tending
to Co lsumption. It is a great protection from at
tacks that originate in change of climate, season and
of life.
Dr. Lnrookoh’s carsaparilla Componud, has been
so groat a blessing in our flunily that we class it
with Larookah’s Syrup, the best article in use for
what it purports to do. The SYRUP, in the opinion j
of my friends, saved my life And Mrs. Selee, has !
been as greatly benefited by the use of the Sarsa
farjlla Compound. REV. N. P. SELEE.
Melrose, Mass., Dec. 1st, 1864.
Melrose, Nov. 21st. 1864.
Db. LabookaH:— I have been in the habit of pre
•fribing Larookali’s sarsaparilla Compound for two
years with the most satisfactory results. It will be
found a remedy well adapted to cure Scrofula and
ineipieut Consumption- It purifies the Blood, di
verts humors from the lungs and at the same time
acts s a sure and permanent Tonic.
It will give good satisfaction whenever an Alter
native and Purifying aiedioine is required.
Prepared by 8. Searery.
DR. E. R. KNIGHTS, Proprietor
Melrose, Mass.
Por sale by W. F. Phillip, t Co., sort H. H. Hay,
WhoUaaie Agents, and retailed by ail de.lere in
medicine. mcii24'6oood4reo«6in
Assessors’ Notice.
THE Assessors of the City of Portland, hereby
give notice«to all persons liable 10 taxation in
said city, that they wl>l be in session on every
business day from the iirst to the fourteenth day
of April next, inolus ve, at their rooms, in the
new City Government building, from ton to twelve
o’ lock in the forenoon, and from three to live In
the af ernoon. to receive true and perfect lists of a I
their pol e and estates, both real and personal, in
eluding money on hand or at interest, debts due to
tbtm more than they a o owing, as also all proper
ty held in trustss Guardian, Executor, Administra
tor, or otherwise, on the first day of April next, and
they are requested to be prepared to certify the same
on oath.
Those persons who negleo’ to comply with this
notioe, and thus assign the Assessors tne unpleasaut
duty ol dooming them, will tedeprived by law cf the
privilege of appealing irons their decisions on ap
plication for abatement, except in cases ot Inability
to conform to the requirements of the laws.
8. 8. BECKETT, ( Assessors of
W. H.FOYE, J Portland.
N. B. Btenk Sohednles can be had at the Assess
es' Booms.
Portland, March 21,1866. moh26dtd
Office of Comptroller qf the Currency, J _
Washington, March llth, 1866.)
WHEREAS by satisfactory evidence presented
to the undersigned, it has been made to appear
that ■ r so voond A a'ional Bank of Portland, ' in
the City ot Portland, in the County ot Cumberland,
and state ot Maine, has been duly organized under
and accord.n< to the requirements of the Act of Con
gress entitled ■’ An Act to irovide a National Cur
rency, scoured bv a pledge cfCnited Sta es Bonds,
and to provide for the circulation and redemption
thereof, ' approved June 8,1864, and has complied
with all Ihe provisions of said Act required to bs
eompliod with b >fi re commencing the business ol
Banking under said Aot:
The oflioe of Comptroller of the Cnrrency being
vacant, now. therefore. I, Samuel T. Howard D p.
uty Comptroller ofthe Currency, do hereby oertilv
that ‘ The 8eoond National Bank of Portland.’’ in
*he Clty of Portland, in the County of Cumberland,
and S ate of Ha'ne. is authorized to-comroenc; the
ba<ine»B of Banking under the Act aforesaid.
In testimony whe-eo*'. witness my hand and seal
of oflioe thiB eleventh dav of March. 1866
I»chl3d2ni#fUty <'omptroUer of the Currency.
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned have this dav formed a co-part
nerrhip nnde r the firm of Li max. Bom A Tobbt
for tbe purpose of carrying on the Ship Chandlery
andgenera C mmiselon bu»iue r, at the eld stand
here ofjro occupied by Lyman f Marrett, 116 Cem
mercial St.
8. R. LYMAN,
Maroh 29th. aplldlm
Frames !
all styles and sizes, at reduced prices. Whole
sale and retail at
147 Middle St.
All kinds of Square Frames made to order.
_ moblldtt
e. Howard tore, m. d,
Physician and Surgeon,
gorha me.
Office next door to "Gotham Honse."
Portland aad Kennebec R. R.
i nwuiuin Passenger Trains leave Portland dal
Aiuls aua oKowhfc^ran, at 1**®JJ- *• fnr
Miila ihik tr&in roniiMU *t 6 30 F. M. with train for
Bangor and all stations east ol Kendall’s Mills same
the passenger train is duo In Portland
dRnrJSA passenger, at Kendall's
Mill, i rom tbs train from Bangor at 9.10 A. x.
**r!!xiSor o'1 Ticxnra are sold at Freeport,Bruns ■
Batu. andali other stations between Bruns
wick and Kendall's Mills, for Bangor ana all other
stations oa the Maine Central K. K. east of Ken.
Thboush Fabes Horn Portland and Boston by
this route to Bangor will be made the saxe as by
any other line.
F.eight Train leaves Portland at7 A.M. daily, and
is due at 8 P. M. ED WIN NOYES,
Deo 19. *64—dec22tf Supt.
{■■■El Dn and alter November 1st, 1861,
8^fl*5H|traina will leave as follows, until fur
ther notice:
l«ave Saco River for Portland, as 6.80 and 9.40
A. M., and 3.40 P.M.
Leave Portland for Saoo River, at 8.00 A. M. and
a.OOand 6.30 P. M.
The2.00P. M. train out and the 9.40 A. M. train
Into Portland, will be Height trains with passenger
oars attached.
Stages oonneot at Gorham for West Gorham,
Standish, Steep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, Sebago,
Brldgton, Lovell, Hiram, Brownfield, Fryeburg,
Conway, Bartlett, Jackson, Limington, Cornish,
Porter. Freedom, Madison, and Eaton, N. U.
At Buxton Center, for West Buxton, Bonnev Ea
Sle, South Limington. Limington, Limerick, New
eld, Parsonsfield, and Gssipee.
At Saeoarappa, for South Windham, East Stand
isfi, Sebago, Denmark and Bridgton, — Tuesdays,
Thursday and Saturdays.
Portland, Oot 81,1864. dtl
Of Canada.
TSSSSan On and alter Monday, Nov. 7,1864,
SSieTSBBEnains will run daily, (Sundays exoopt
ed) until further notiee, as follows:
Leave Portland for South Paris and Lewiston at7.40
A. M. Also Island Pond, connecting there with
trains lor Montreal and the West, at 1.96 P. M.
Leave South Paris at 6.46 A. M., and Island Pond
at 6.60 A. JL.
The Company are net responsible for baggage to
any amount exceeding 860 In valne, and that per
sonal, unless notice Is given, and paid for at the rate
of one passenger for every *600 additional value.
C. J. BK YDGES, Managing Director.
H. BAILEY, Superintendent.
Portland, Nov. 7, 1864. nov7
njgaggHBEj Trains leave Portland, Grand Trank
SaEiHBtation, for Lewiston and Auburn, at
7.40 A M. and 1.26 P. M.
For Bangor and intermediate stations at 1.26 P. M.
Bbtcbhino— Leave Lewiston at 6.20 A.M., and
arrive in Portland at 8.80 A. M. Leave Bangor at
7.801 A. M, and arrive in Portland at 2.16 P. M.
Both theee trains oonneot at Portland with trains for
Freight train leaves Portland at 9 A. M., and re
turning is due in Portland at 1P. M.
Stages oonneot with trains at principal stations,
daily for most of the towns North and East of this
O. M. MORSE, Supt.
Watorville, November, 1863. deoil
Commencing Nov. 7th, 1864.
rapmssp Passenger trains will leave the Sta
'■■MHHion. foot of Canal street daily, (Sun
days excepted) as follows:
Leave Portland for Boston,at 8.46 A.M. and 2.80
Leave Boeton tor Portland at 7.80 A. M. and 2.80
P. M.
Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 A.M. and
5.00 P.M. r
These trains will take and leave passengers at way
stations. *
Freight trains leave Portland and Boston dally.
Portland, Nov. 4, 1864. oo81 edtf
Montreal Ocean Steamsliip Go,
Carrying the Canadian and United States Halil.
passengers booked
Londonderry and Liverpool.
He turn Tickets granted at Beduoed Bate*.
jt - Th%«Ha»>n»Wp ST. DAVID, Capt.
^sSfcJfee|.Aird, -*ill sail Irom tins port tor
Liverpool on SATURDAY the 1st
April, immediately after the ar
rival ol the u am of the previous day from Montreal
Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool—
Cabin (aooording to accommodations) *66 to 880.
Steerage, *30.
Payablein Gold oritsequivalent.
For freight or parage apply to
6 G. T. R. K Passenger Depot,
To be snooeeded by the Steamship Damascus, on
the 1st April.
Portland, Nov. 21,1864. dtl
- #-!» ■ ... - ------ —.
Steam from Liverpool to Boston,
Warren Sc Co’e Line.
The foJJowingspJendid first class
iron Screw Steamships are appoint
ed to sail from Liverpool tor Bos
■ on every alternate Saturday, com
in .loin* bai'Uuoay, Apiil 8, 1866.
Propontis, 2?*)0 tons, 860 horse power.
Hellespont, ^00 tons, 350 horse power.
•Gambia, 26(0 tons, 860 horse power.
Farmount, 2500 tons, ?60 horse power.
Fa*gengerA by these Steamships will be regularly
supplied with a liberal allowance of cooked provis
ions .
Mfermge passage from Liverpool to Boeton, 860 00
Children under 12 years, 30 00
Infants under 1 year, 10 00
ing to get their friends out from the Old Country,
these steamers efter advantages superior to those of
any other Line Passengers by these steamsidps
land in Boston, where they will be within easy reach
atthair friends, and where th y will avoid many of
the dangers an<i annoyances which beset strangers
landing In New Yoik.
For freight or passage apply to WARREN A CO.
99 State St., and 418 Commercial streeCtBoston.
[Dwight Drafts for £1 Sterling and upwards,
payable in England, Ireland or Scotland, for sale.
Agents in Liverpool Gso. Wabrsk A Co., Fen
wick Chamfers. feb!6d6w
Steam to and From the Old Country.
The well-known favorite Clyde-built
_23s*«a£Iroa Steamers of the Akchok Link of
Slwamsnjps.-’HlBBnNl A/' "Calbdobia," “Britah
«ia” and ’’United H ingdom,’’ are intended to sail
fortnightly to and from New York, carrying pas
ssngers to and Irons Liverpool, Olatgou, Belfast,
Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Hal way or
Londonderry Those steamers were built specially
lor the Atlantio trad a, are divided lute water and
air-tight oompartroerla. -
Hotel Of Pottage. n
FromNew York to any ofthe above place: Cabins,
*12o and 8100; steerege *45, payable in American
To New York from any of the above plaees: Cab
ins, *66 and *60: stowage, *26 payable in gold or
equivalentia American currency.
Those who wish to send for their friends oan bny
tickets nt these ratet from the Agents.
]an9d4m f Bo-vL'ug Green, N Turk.
New England Screw Steamship Go
m The splendid and fast Steamships
CHESAPEAKE, Capt Willabd,and
JgaSHjrEKANCOMA, Capt.Sherwood, will
until further notice, rnn as follows:
Leave Brown’s Wharf, Portland, overy WEDNES
DAY and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M., and leave Pier
» North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY
and SATURDAY, at 8 o'clock P. M.
These vessels are fitted np w*th fine accommoda
tions for passengers, making this the most speedy,
safe and comfortabls route for travellers between
New York and Maine. Pasaage *8.00, including
k are and State Rooms.
Goods forwarded by this line to and from Mon
treal, Quebeo, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport and
St. John.
Shippers are requested to send their freight to tha
steamers as early as 8 P. M. on the day that they
leave Portland.
For freight or passage apply to
EMERY A FOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portland.
H. B. CROMWELL A CO., No. 58 West Street,
New York.
Deo.*, 1862. dtf
International_Steamship Oo.
Eastport, Calais and St. John.
_ _ »■ ». On and after Monday, March 27th,
Jas-gg^the Steamer New England, Capt. E.
-f ieiu, win leave Railroad Wharf, loot of Stat* St,
every Monday at 6 o’clock p. w ; acd the Steamer
f\EW Brunswick, Capt E B. Winohes'er, willeave
everv Thursday a'. 5 o’clock r.u, for Eastport and
St. John.
Returning will leave St. John every Mondoy ar d
Thursdays at 8 a. m, for Ea-tport, Portland and
At Eastport the Steamer “Queen" will connect
for St. Andrews, Robinsiou ana Calais.with the New
Brnswick and Canada Railway for Woodstock and
® *4® Coaches aieo connectfcat
a PKrVor M 'cb,*B and intermediate places.
Winateame: Emperor w.llconnect, f.r
va j °u * *nd flallla*.
Freight received cn days of sailing until 4 o’clook
PortUnd, March 20.1865. °
Portland and Boston Line.
Forest City, Lewi»ton and Moptreal
ft,rther not‘0#'n,n “
Leave Atlantio Wharf Portland
every Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, at? o’clock P. M ,and India Wharf, Boston
■svory Monday, Tuoadgv Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, at 6 o’clook P.M.
.»...*2 00.
Freight taken os usual.
The Company are not responsible tor baggage to
JnJalI1tlJn,!2|t.*«n,Me<ll.n* *60'® T*lne' “d tn»t per
“ **T*® pa d tor at the rate
of • • FJ*?Xfw for;very *600 additional value.
»»b, 1», 18*8. 4tf i. bxlungb, Agent,
Important to Travelers I
W™3>n ™ the hMWHiiiP
West, South, North-West and the (Janadas.
_____ •
IB Agent for all the Great Leading Koutes to Chi
oago, Ciooinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee,
Galena, Oshkosh, St. l*aul, LaCresse, Green Bay,
Quincy, St. Li uli, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo,
do. and is prepared to furnish Through Tickets
irom Portland te al. the principal Uties and Towns
in the leyal States and the C&nauas, at the
And all needful iniormation oheerfully fnrniahei.
Tkavkllkrs will Snrl it greatly to rhelr ad vantage
to proouro Through Tieketa at the
Portianii Railway Ticket Office. 31 Ex.
change Street, lay siaiis.)
W. D. LITTLE, Agent.
Passage Tickets for California, by the O'd Line
Mail Steamers and Panama Railroad may ba secured
by early application at this office.
Maroh lip. 18SS._ marSOi&wtf
Portland and Penobseot River
Spring Arrangement.
- - mltV * a. The new and fast-going gteamT
nr' • :’Y T >■ w. II. Mow
tr, vnij commence her trips to Bangor, or as far as
the ice will permit. Wed cesd ay Morning. Maroh 15th,
leaving Railroad Wharf, loot of State Street, every
1 WaDMtsray and Saitrday Morning, at 6 o'clock.
Resuming, will leave wiutei port every Monday
and Thursday Morning at 0 o'clock.
Paesougers ticketed through to and from Boston,
Lowell, Lawrence, $alem and Lynn.
For freight or passage apply to
A. 80MERB i, Agent,
▲t Office on the Wharf.
Portland, March 9,1866.—tf
1865. GREAT 1865.
Reduction of Fares I
no passports required
Grand Trunk Railway,
And ttL© 'W ©st.
0,00 ii:^
Than by any other Ronte from Maine to Chfoago,
I ">t. Louis, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and all
8y Through Trains Leave Daily, from Portland,
Bangor, Skowhegan, Farmington, and Augusta,
making direct connection to all points as above;
thus avoiding Hotel expenses and Hacking in
crowded Cities.
This is decidedly the best Route for Families mov
ing West.
Baggage Checked Tbreugh Without Change.
HT*For further information, apply to all Railroad
and Grand Trunk Ticket Offices in New England, cr
22 West Market Square. Bangor.
E. P. BEACH, Gen’i Agent, 279 Broadway N. T,
WM. FLOWERS, Eastern Agent,
mohlSdlm Bangor.
Important to Females.
' The combination of ingredients in thes
Pills is the resu't of a long and extensive practice
They are mild in their operation, and cannot do
harm to the most delicate; certain in correcting all
irregularities, Paimul Menstiuatioi s, removing all
obstructions, whether frtm cold or otherwise, head
ache, pain in tho s>de. palpi ation of tha heaif,
whites, all nervous affections, hysterics, fatigue, pain
in tin back and limbs. &o . disturbed sleep, which
anse from interrupt!, n of nature.
was tbe oommtr,cement < l a new era in the treat
ment of irregularities ard obstructions which have
consigned to many to a prbmaturk grays No fe
male cau enjoy good hf alth unless she is regular, and
whenever an obstruction tak s place the general
health begins to decline. 1 he e Pills Term the finest
p-(par at ton ever put forward with IMMEDIATE
CEIVk.O. Tafce this advertisement to your Drug
gist,and tell him that you want the hJSSTand mogt
reliable female medicine in the world. which is com
prised in these Pills.
have been a Standard Remedy tor over thirty rear?,
ami are the mcetf ffeatual one ever known for all com
plaints peculiar to Females. To all clashes th y ore
invaluable, inducing, with certainty,periodicalreg
ularity. They are known to thowsande, who bare
u«ed ihem at difei ent periods, throughout the coun
try, having the sanction of some oi the most eminent
PhvsioiHns in America.
Explicit directions, stating wh*n they should not
be used, with each B x—tbe price Onedo-lar per
Box, or 6 Boxes for *6. containing from 60 toj t0
PiUs sent by mail, promptly, secure from j
observation, by remitting to he Proprietors. J
HUTCHINGS fc HILL TER, Proprietorf.^^
81 Cedar St., New Yrtrlr
mar29d3m k wit
50,000 Rolls
New and Elegant SI y lea of
And Borders !
Embracing every vai lety of
Just received by
85 A 87 Middle St., Up Stairs,
To which the attention of the trade and purchasers
generally invited. aplld^ra2m
dSSS&Q Tbe undersigned beg leave to an*
IV ‘r' Tf ncuaee that they are manufacturing and
“keep oonstanlty on hand
Jrlano i^ortes,
with alt the modern improvements, which they can
tell &9 LOW as can be purchased elsewhere, of the
same qualify. We have ma e arrangements, also,
to ke^p an assortment of New York and Boston Pi
ano Fortes, among which are
O"* All instruments sold by ns are warranted to
give satidfao ion.
Pianos to be leL and toning dene by experienced
Tuners. m
March 8—dkwtf
kTotioe .
ON and after March 26 b, 1866, the undersigned
will rMoo-« their business from the old stand in
Portland, to tueir
Store 171 Congress Street,
where they will continue to oarry on the Hide,
Leather and Oil business as before.
Portland, March 18,1866. mehl7dlm*
mechanics Bank.
NOTICE is herebj givnti that at a meetiog of (he
Stockholders of the Meehan los Bank held onthe
16th of January 1866, it wag voted
That the Directors be, and tuey are hereby in
e trusted and authorized, at ncli time as tbev mny
deem for the interest o' the Bank, to aur. eoder the
charter of the Bank, and to organize a "Ha ional
Banking Asaoowtion ’’ under the Laws of the Uni -
ed Sta ea, and to make i.ll certificates and papeia,
and to do and perform all acta neceagary to carry
int i effeot the object o ' this vote.
l’urtuaut to said vote, the Directors have proeor
ed the assent of the owners o* two thirds ot the Capi
tal 8teck, and on the 14th February, Votfd if ear.
render i'e charter and to crooned immediately to or
ganize a “Hational Batkin, Association.”
W. H SrBPHKKsOK, Cashier.
Portland, Maroh 14,1886. mar!6dlm
Fire Insurance Company I
Of New York, Office 118 Broadway.
CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000.
ASSETS $1,204 188 40.
WM. E. WARREN, President.
HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President.
GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary*
Portland Board of References;
Jon B. Beowh ft Boh, Hbrbey, Fletohbb k Co.
H. J. LibbT k Co. Johh Lynch k Co.
The Budereigned having been appointed Agbht
and ATTOEHBV lor thie Company, ia now prepared
to iBsue Policies on Insurable Property at ourrent
Portland Office, 166 Pore Street.
Jane 8,1864.—dtf.
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned have this day formed a copart
nership under the style and nam^oi
for the purpose of dealing in Flour, Com, Heal
Data. Fine Feed, Shorts, ko. and have taken s'ore
No 10 Monltoa street, Portland, near the head of
Long Wharf
Aa we succeed Mr. X. P. Millett in the above
business, we hope to retain his former customers.
H. H. DOW,
Maroh 1, 1884. marl$dfcw{)w
Boston, Mass.
Working Capital
One Dollar Each,
HON. JOHN A. GOODWIN, of Lowell, Maes.
GEOBGEF. BAKEB, of Boston,
No. 16 Washington Street.
Fbakk Cohtkk*k,
Boot, Shoe and Leather Dealer, 161 Pearl st, Boston.
B. F. Baowx,
Brown Brothers, State street, Boston.
John A. Goodwih, Lowell.
Seth Wilmabth, Boston.
William A. Futhey,
Of Bess, Foster & Co., Chicago, 111,
Alpheus Gay, Manchester, N. H.
John C. Youko, Manchester, N. H.
Johk FEDERHEK,8d 61 Court street Boston
J. Q. A. Sargent, Manchester,
M. Fbout, Manchester, N. H.
Samuel Chase, Manchester, N. H.
I ;U
The property of this Company is located on “Coal
Run Creek,” in Meigs county, State of Ohio, about
ten miles from Athens, containing one hundred and
five ac es of land. A large number of wells are
successfully worked in the vicinity, some of which
are paying handsome dividends. This company pro
pose to commence operations at once, and entertain
no doubt that at an early day they will be able to
pay a handsome per centage on the investment.—
The known ability and commercial standing of the
officers of this company afford a sufficient guaranty
that the afikir/ will be conducted in a manner to se
cure the confidence of those who are disposed to in
vest in it.
The tract of land adjoining the property of this
company has psssed into the hands of capitalists,
who have sent out an experienced superintendent to
commence operations and their first order for ma- i
chinery was $15,000. Our property has been exam- |
ined under instructions from Dr. A. A. Hayes, State
Assayer of Massachusetts, who pronounces the coal,
which is in abundance, to be of the best quality,
yielding eighty gallons of oil to the ton, and has no
donbt, from the location and position of the proper
ty, that it will be found valuable in the^ production
of oil. Most companies have to pay very high pri
ces for their coal, all of which we save-, oil can be
manufactured from the coal upon the property, at a
cost not exceeding ten cents per gallon and it is pro
posed to commence the manufacture in connection
with the sinking of wells. One dollar will buy a
hare of this stock, whioh is the par value, and all
b nefits derived from the lands, either by sales of
oil, land, or products of any kind, are to be divided
among the stockholders, and in addition, $200 000
worth of valuable, useful and desirable property
will be given to the stockholders, as soon as all the
shares are disposed of The Company adopt this
course for the purpose of disposing of the stock at
the par value, rather than to sell it, as many compa
nies do, at a subscription price, whioh is usually
one-half. Thus, it will be perceived that every
stockholder owning ten shares, for example, will bo
sure to realize a handsome dividend when the prop
erty is divided; a plan whioh is entirely honorable,
and in all respects perfectly legal.
The property to be distributed among the stock
holders will be equal to any in the market, and will
consist of the following described articles:—
95000 to purchase a House in Boston or vicinity.
$6(500 in U S. 5-20 Bonds, Certificates of 9500 each.

95000 in Diamond Rings, in value from 925 to 9500
95900 in Diamond Pins, in value from $25 to $500
each. %
95000 in Gold Watches, from 926 to the first qual*
ity Frodsham, worth 9500.
95000 in Eilver Watches, from 915 to $50.
$5000 in Furniture, in Sets.
95000 in Carpets, eaoh one to be worth 3100.
950C0 in Piano Fortes, from $250 to s Grand Piano
at 9600.
•6060 in solid Silver Tea Spooks, from 810 to 818
por Sot.
86000 in Ladies’ Fobs, in Sets from 860 to sn Amer
ican Sable Fur Cape at 8600.
86000 in Ladiea’ Blaok Silk, or Fanoy Silk Dresses,
at from 160 to 876 eaoh.
86000 In Gents’ Fu 1 Suits of Clothieo, at from 860
ti 876 eaoh.
86000in Gents’ Dress Hats, st 810 each.
86000 in Ladies’ Dress Hats, at 820 each.
86000 in Ladies’ Btraw Bonnets, at 810 each.
S60O0 in whole pieces of Ble&ohed Cotton Cloth.
86003 in Ladies’ best quality Kid Gloves,
86000 iu Marseilles Quilts,
•6000 in best quality Blankets,
85000 in Phelan fc Collender’s Billiabd Tables.
85000 in bbls of Floor.
85000 in tons of Coal.
85000 in cords ol Wood.
85000 in bundles of pore Copper,
86000 in bundles of first rate quality oFTea.
•5000 in bundles of Sugar.
85000 in different qualities Ladies’ Boots.
85000 iu Gents’ Dress Boots, at 810 per pair.
85000 in Standard Authors' Books.
85000 in Sets Keivsb and Forks. a.
85000 in different Sbwinq Machines, snob as Gro
ver A Baker’s, Wheeler f Wilson’s, Sing,
era’s, and others.
•5000 in White Linen,
850C0 in Bo, s’ Caps and Girls’ Hate,
85000 in Ladies' Sewing Booking Chaim,
86000 in Cl ocks of different dinds.
85000 in Silver Flated Warb,
86000 in Ladies’s Golo Bings.
•6000 in John B. Baker's, and other’s first class
Buggy Harnesses, 8126. *
•6000 in Open and Top Buggy Trotting Wagons.
tr All orders promptly attended to by enclos
ing 81 for eaoh share of Stook.with 26 ots. addition
al to pay for Internal Bevenue Stamp. Certificates
of 6, 10, 20, or any number of shares only require a
25oen stamp.
Agents Wanted In every oity and town in New
Ho. 46 Waahingtoa Street, Boston.
Oil Creek and Allegan;
Capital Stock, • . $180,000
60,000 Shares, at - - $3 Each.
Subscription Price, - - - $3 ©O
_ m
To be Organized under the General Laws of Muza*
Trtaturer and Clerk:
Francis Bosh.Boston.
William Lincoln,...Boston
Levi L. Limes,. v _ttushford, W. Y.
Winpsob Hatch,'. Boston.
Jesse ▲ Locke,.Boston.
J. a.Msmdum,.Boston.
John H. Fikroe..Boston.
This is not a stock offered at the greatly inflated
prices, and sold at its nom nal par value, by which
reduction each stockholder is made personally liable;
hat is sold at its actual par value and cost.
Two Wells now going down, and more
Wells to go down soon.
612* acres of the best oil land which the*to©khold
ers get lor the low pi ice of $160;000, with $30,000 to
work it with, being About three times the amount of
land stookholdeis generally get in Companies where
the Capiial is fixed at « 600,100* We would particu
larJy call the attention f parties wishing to invest to
this faor, as with very Lit e success we shall be able
to pav at least three or ionr per cent, a month, a d
that wi'hin sixty days from the time we close our
our books.
We have already engaged an engine, how oh thb
land, to go to work with. By this arrangement we
shall save at least thirty days, which it would take
to get one there. m
la putting this stock upon the market, the officers
promise to use all their energy, and confidently ex
pect to maie it the best oilstock in the market.
Ihe property of this Company is situated on Oil
Creek, Crawiord County, Penn-ylvania, and Alle
gany County, New York. The property on Oil
Creek is very valuable, and from ibis property alone
the Company can earn large dividenas The Com
pany will, as quick as the lunds-of the Company will
adroit, s'nk several wells on this property.
The property in Allegany Couuty, New York, Is
also very valuable, being situated near the celebra
ted “Indian Spring," so tailed, and consists of 652*
seres, which is fhst rising in value, andean be re
leased at a large advanoe from what it will oost this
Since the above was written, the “Indian Spring
Oil Company" have recoivtd letters statiBg that the
Moore Well is now flowing Oil. whioh is of the fin
est lubricating quality, ana will sell fot $70 per bar
rel in this market.
This str ke of oil will largely advance the price of
land in this vicinity, and as this Company has 552*
acres ad joining the “Indian Spring Company," the
officers fe 1 the fullest otnfldonce in placing this
stock upon the market, and expect large and regu
lar dividends.
Subscription Books for signatures will ba open
Monday, March 6, 1866, at the office of P. W.
HATCH, Treasurer, 49 Washington street, and at
LOMBARD & GORE, 99 State street,
TrOfipeetus to be had. and lurtber information
given on application to the Treasure r, or
mat23dlm* 87 Commercial Street, Portland, Me.
2800 ACRES
THESE lands are very heavily timbered with Pine,
and were oiiginall purchased for the Pine
which grew upon them, but lecent developments
prove them to bo some otlhe
Richest Oil Lands
in any section of the country; and a oortien of the
above traot w 11 be sold at good bargains to the pur*
Nineteen Oil Companies
have been organized in this and the adjoining
F*r information of any kind in regard to the above
lands iEqire of
S. H. A. LUFKIN, 94 Middle St.,
JOS. H. PARLEY. Commercial Street.
March 2)—d2w
Mutual Insurance Company
61 Wall St, car. William, NEW YOKE.
January, 1S66.
Insures Against Marine and Inland Navi
gation Risks.
The whole profits of the Company revert to the
Assured, and are divided Annually, upon the
Premiums terminated during the year; atd'or which
Certificates are issued, bearing interest until re*
The Dividends in the Years 1863*4 and 6 were 40
per cent each.
Tin Profits for 22 Years amount to tho
sum of $19,691,020
Oi w hich there has been redeemed by
Cash, 12,058,730
The Company has Assets, over Eleven Million
Dollars, viz:—
United States and State of New-York
block, City, B iuk and other Stocks, $4,974,700
Loans tecured by Stocks and otherwise, 2,187,950
Premium Notes and Bills Receivable,
Real Estate, Bond and Mortgages, and
other *ecurit?es, 8,140,590
United States Gold Coin, Ml ,880
Oash in Bank, $88,430
$11,133 500
John D Jones, Wm Sturgis, Jr,
Charles Denote, Henry K Bogert,
WHU Moore, William hi Dodg j,
Henry Oii, Denni» Perkins,
Wm C Plckersgill, J oseph Gailard, Jr,
Lewis Curtis, J Henry Bnrgy,
Charles H Bussell, Cornelius Grinnell,
Lewell H rib rook, C ▲ Hand,
K Warren Weston, Watts Shermau,
Koyal Phelps, B J Howland,
Ca'eb Barsto Benj Babcock,
A P Pillot, Fietoh?r Westray,
Danel S Miller, Rob B Mi at urn, Jr,
Joshua J He^ry, Gordon W Burnham,
«eorgoG Hobson, Frederick Chapncey,
Jgvid Lane, James Lew,
mes Bryee, Chas H Marshall.
John D Jones, President.
Charles Dub nib, Vice-President.
W. H. H. Moore, 2d Vioe-Pres’t.
J. H. Chapman, Acting Secretary.
Applications received by
X W. MUNGEE, 166 for* St.,
Feb21odlm llmeodfcw6w PORTLAND.
United States on America, I
Distriot of Maine, ss. j
"pi® SUANT to Vend; Expo; to me directed
JL t the Hon. Ashur Ware, Judge of the United
State. Distriot Court,. ithin and lor the District ol
Maine, 1 shall expose and sell at pnblio vendors, to
the highest bidder therefor, the following property
and merchandise, at thetime and place within said
District ss follows, via:—
At the Appraiser's Office, 195 Fore St, in Port
land, on Thursday, the sixth day of April next, at
11 o’c'o'k A. M.:
One Hundred ullage Barrels of PEAS; One Hun
dred ninety-six Baxes B AlilifS; lour Thousand
ClQAR >'.
The same having been decreed forfeit to the Uni
ted 8‘atesin the Distriot Court for said District,
and ordered to be sold and the prooeeds disposed ol
according to law.
Dated at Portland thlstwenty-second day ol March
A- D.1865,
moh22 dtd V. 8. Marshal Diet ; of Maine.
Insolvency Notice.
THE undersigned hereby give notice to all person.
interested, bat they have been ai pointed, by
the Jndgo of Probate lor Cumbeil nd County Com
mission pis, with fu 1 powtr to receive end (x.miue
all the o.aims ofthe several oreditors to the estate ol
Thomas H. B-oslin, late of Portland, phyaloian dc
oeme I, whioh estate ha. b«n represented t bo -
solvent; and six m-nths are allowed unto said ore 1
itors lor bringing in their c'aiau and proving thelt
debts. - .-a
The CommiHioncrs will be at the office of Naths
W, bb on temple Street. lu Portland, on the tt-st
Mondays of April, May, June an* July, ano the eec
ond Monday ol September, 1865, from 8 to 6 o'clock
P M , for the puyprg« of receiving and examinieg
olafme against said t state.
Portland, March 28,1865. MAB11N ^^^w
Aid for the National Freedmen.
ARRANGEMENT has been made by whioh all
contributions for the National Freedmen’s Re
iter Association will be forwarded promptly, with
out expenso. to New York. Commodities st oulrt be
seourvly packed, and directed to C. C. Leigh, Noe
lfc 3 Meroer street, New York, Care of George R.
Davis Portland, Maine
Contributions in Money to Eben Steele, Ksq„ Port
■“do?Le- „ „ WM GEO. HAWKIN8/
Seo’y of Ex. Comm, of N. F. R. Association.
January Jd. I860. jan3d3m
D entist,
No. 1351-2 Middle Street, Portland, Me.
Reference*—Bev. Dr. Carrnthers, Rey. Geo. L.
Walker, Dr. E. Clark, Dr. Wm. Robinson, Capt Cy
rus Sturdivant E. Eggtnton. Janl^oodtf
Property in Venango County, Penn.
Office of the Company No. 74 Broadway,
New York.
Is organized under the General Laws ol the State ol
SfTnn orm of *500,000, represented
Shares, of the par value ol *6 each —
Shareholders are exempt from all personal liability.
$75,000 Beserved for Working Capital.
SAMUEL BOOTH, President.
JOHN FRENCH, Vice-l*rwjident.
HEM AN B. AUTEN, Secretary.
▲LEX. McCUE, Counsel
Samuel Booth, 66 Mjrtle Avenue, Brooklyn.
John Tbumoh, Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn.
NewBYS?kFKTTIT'(0t Fettit * Crcok)138 Wstor St,
N^Yo'ik" H' Wailao,> 131 Washington «‘reet,
Kiobabd Imqraham , 1* Court St. Brook!; n.
* uu^-Mon
Broad wat ,^fe°w York. Be°‘r' ^ * Co'> 342
Jobm Dohbrty, Park Place, Brooklya.
Wuil«SAJaNe0WLOYWo’rL0,B- *“«“<>* C»«>3
The fee gMuplo property of the Company oonsieta
of two hundred and thirt;-eight aeres ot tie beet
territory in the oil regions, lying on Pit Hole Creek,
Cherry Rnn, Maguire Bun, and Dunn Run, near/li
dionte. Wells will be sunk on this proporty immedi
ately, and with the large worktngcapiial of *76 utO
great results are anticipated.
This Company has been formed not as a matter of
speculation, but to develope a property which It is
believed will proveto be of grea value, The repu
tation of tho gentlemen composing the Board ol
Trustees iaasuffident guarantee that this object will
be rapidly and faithlully carried out, and that the
stock will prove a most desirable and profitable in-\
(E7“Tbe developed interest, (as will be
seen below,) is already sufficient to en
able this Company to pay monthly divi
No. 1.
Fee simple of twenty acres of the Barrett Farm,
on Pitnole Greek. All flat boring land, situated
above the new weU just struok by the United Slates
Petroleum Company, now flowing 270 Darrels daily.
No better selection oan be found on ibe whole creek
for oil purpoies. Wells will be immediately put
down on this property.
No. 3.
Fee simple of one hundred and two aeres on the
Maguire Run. three miles irom Tidioute near the
Economite wells, whioh have pumped succesrively
for four years, and still pump over sixty barrels ell
daily. This property is two miles irom the mouth of
the run as It empties into Tidioute Creek has one
hundred and two rods on each side of the run, and
embraces over forty acres tfl fist being land. It
promises to be very fruitiul of large snppiies of oil.
No. 8.
Fee simple of two acres on Cherry Run ot the
Keister Farm, just above Humboldt Refinery, below
Plummer. All boreable. Laid off in nine leases of
six rods square each. Wells ore being put doan on
each side, and, as soon as the ipryig opens, this
Company will sink several additional wel s. This
pieee l'sson both sides ot Cberrv Bun, in the imme
dl ite vicinity of territory which is oontinuslly yield
ing large quantities of oil. and It is believed that
this property will be equally as productive.
No. 4.
Fee simple of one hundred and two acres of Dunn
Run, one half mile irom Alleghany River, with a
long front on the ran, some two miles below the
Kconomite wells at Tldionte.
No. 6.
Fee simple of twelve seres Haworth Farm Plthole
Creek. A most beautiful site. All boring land. A
short distanoe above the great United States well.
The prospect is v°ry flattering. and the property is
believed to be fully ss valuable as the celebrated
Smith Farm on Cherry Run. Wells will he sunk on
this property Immediately.
No. 6.
The whele working interest in lease No. 12 of the
Heydrick Farm, Henry Bend, Alleghany River, of
one-half the oil; which 1 aseiacn seme flat aa the
freat Heydrick well, whioir has flowed seven bun
red barrels per day, turned out over sixty thous
and barrels of oil within the last foor years, and
whioh is still pumping over sixty barrela per day.
No. 7.
Three-sixteenths working interest in the Amazon
well, on Kmltn Fa-m, Cherry Run, whioh well la
now pumping one hundred barrels daily, and shows
chance of much improvement. The interest to this
Company is nine barrels per day.
No. 8.
Thr whole working Interest In lease No 80 Henry
Bend, on which a well is now being sunk, to be de
livered in complete order, without xxpxxbx to
this company, together with a new ten-horse pow
er engine. /
No. 9.
Five-eighth working interest of lease No 1 Prath
er Farm, Cherry Hun, on which a well Is now going
down, with a fine ohancs of a large yield, whioh
will be delivered free of expense, with now engine, I
to this Company, in complete order.
No. 10.
One-eighth freeinterest in the Lady Washiuton
well, on the Blood Farm, Oil Creek, whioh pumps
fifty barrels per day, giving to this Company over*
six ba-rels por day, f ee of expense This is A large
lease ahd new well, with plenty of room for more
No. 11.
The whole working interest In lease No. 21 on
Pithole run, within one hundred rods of the great
Heydrick well, on whioh a well is now going down."
and which will be delivered, without expense, to
this company in complete order, with new engine.
No 12.
The whole working fntenstof lease No 15 of Hey
drick Farm, Pithole Run, a few rods irom above
leaee. The many wells going doyyn will piove this
territory to be of immense value.
No 18.
One-eighth working interest of lease No 10 Lamb
Farm, on Cherry Run, on which a well Is going
down, and whioh will be delivered,free of expense,
to this oompany in complete order.
The whole working interest of leaae No 15 Henry
Bend, Alleghany River, of one-half tho oh.
No 16.
The working interest in lease No 17 of Heydrick
Farm, Hithole Run, a few rods Pom above lease —
The many wells going down will prove this territory
to be of immense value.
Ha 1 a
The whole working interest of lease No 20 of Hey.
drick Farm. Pithole Hun
Ne 17.
Three-sixteenths working interest in Colby Weil,
Smith Farm, Cherry Han, producing by pumping
and flowing over fifty barrels daily, giving to this
interest five barrels per day,
Subseriptions for a limited number Of Shares will
be reoeived by
maroh 9 dtf
A Perfect Gore for Catarrh!
The Acme of Perfection!
IT penetrates the secret ambush qf this terrible
disease, and exterminates it, root and branch,
It removes all <he wretohed symptoms of this
loathsome malady, and averts consumption
It cleans the head, deodoriees the breath, and mi
lords the most grateful relief.
It alleviates more agony and silent suffering than
tongue oan tell.
It is noted jor curing the most hopeless cases,
that evory known means fsiled in.
It cures Hay, Rose and Periodic Catarrh, of the
most obstinate and violent typ>(.
No form of Catarrh or notse in the head oan resist
its penetrating power
l>r. Qcadcde has now spent a lifetime battling
with this fell disease. His triumph Is complete.
Dr Onodale’s/Catarbh Kxmxdy is djkarmless
liquid, inhaled from the palm ofthe hand
Dr. R. Qoodale is known throughout the country,
as themu'horof the onlv True Theory of Catarrh
ever published. Where its Origin—What its Rava
ges—Mode of 7 reatment—and Rapid Cure in all its
Dr. Gcodale’s Pamphlet on Catarrh should be
read by every one. It oan be obtained at our near
°tfi a*5ncy’ or sending a postage stamp to our oi
NORTON ft Co., Sole Agents. 76 Bleeeker street.
New York.
Prioe *1. Sold by H. H. HAT, Junes «4-dIy
Only 35 Cents a Bottle.
It Is highly perfumed—makes the hair darx,,
soft, olosst and buadtifol, disposing it to re
in ai if in any desired position. Stops the Hair from
Falling Out—promotes its growth and koops the
soalp olean and oooi,
Nortoh k Co., Sole Agents,
76 Bleeeksr st., N. Y.
Sold by H. H. Hay k Co, Portland, Me.
mJune2 64 dljr
Sbeep Wash.
~l nil DOZEN Sheep Wash, a sure rrmedv Ibr
I'fv/ Ticks ud Lice on Sheep; cheaper than any
other article. For sale by
Portland Yeb. 28, 1986. feb28di*to
Of Boston.
Organized under the Genertl Laws of the Common
wealih ot Mawaohuaetti.
Tw° £racff’~7^? Hundred and Four Acres
Of KxcellenLOil Lands,—in Fee, on Veep
Hollow, undHall s Run, near Oil City.
Numerous Leases and Interests in some of the
on Oil Creek and Tributaries, with several
New Wells now going down on the Rynd
Foster, Clapp, Widow McClintick, and other
a -
The whole Working Interest in two lots on the
celebrated UYDE and EGBERT FARM, — on
one of which is the valuable aud widely known
GRAFF and HASSAN WELL, on the same
tract with the Mapleshade, Keystone, Kepler,
Jersey, Coquette, and other flowing and pump
ing wells.
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Par Value and Subscription Price, per
Share, .... 95.00.
Working Capital, - - - 950,000.
Capital already Invested In engines, apparatus and
improvement., 866,600,—making the
Actual Working Capital, over 9100,000.
rareitiEsT, '
EDWARD RUSSELL, Esq., (of Mercantile Agen
cy, Boston.
Edward Rubskll, of Mercantile Agency, Beaton.
S. Ihukreoll Lovect, of Beaton.
Philip Wadsworth, of Philip Wasworth A Co.,
. Chioago.
Jksbk A. Looks, of Boston.
J. it. Wihsok, ot yii City.
L. M Coat os, ot Oil City.
Cha’s hi. Hodcbs, ot Hodges A Richardson,Boston.
W. W. WHITE, of OU City.
This atcok la bena fids, full paid, with no pof.ibil
ity of futnie .tse.intents and no personal liability.
The absolute value and atcual cash ooat ofthia prop
erty are ee great a. to preclude ite being offered
with the allurement of a reduction frem a nominal
par value.
It has been .elected, at d&ercnt times during the
peat year by several old and expeiienccd cll-work
ei. and residents of Oil Creek, who are familiar
with the history, progress and value of every well
end piece of property in that region. 8everalot
the producing interest■ were originally acquired for
t ie purpose ot holding aa privateinvestments aid
aoar.eii of regular iuooutr
These gentlemen have, however, been induced to
combine their various inteiecte, with additional
proper.'y, into one strong, s.nnd, and reliable com
pany. Each of them wi'l retain an interest aa stock
ho'ders, and hold their atookis a permanent invest
ment. Betiding in ths oil region, and directly oou
oei nedin the suoeess of the oompany, they are pledg
ed to look closely after itaoperations; the a affording
a guaranty ot watchful supervision, and fhilhful and
energetic management possessed probably in an
equa degree by no other oil oompany ever formed.
Two of those gentleman aie on the board of Direc
tion, and one Superintendent of the Company.
The stock i« cold to pay forthe propeny, and to
furnish a working capital to open up the large and
premising tracts yet waiting to bs developed.
The managers start with the intention ol paying
dividends quarterly and from actual earnings only.
Paying quarterly affords time to .ell the oil produc
ed, to the bee*, advantage, and la bo'Jeved to be in
all respects the soundest polioy.
The dividends wi 1 beyond queetlon, be not only
immediate, but regular, permanent and remunera
tive. We wish to avoid holding out any induce
ments not warranted by the same moderate and rea
sonable calculations that would be made in embark
ing in any legitimate bnsineu enterprise. It is eafe,
ho wever, to assure subscribers of baud some quar
terly dividends from the present wells of the com
pany ; which wi'l moreover, we confidently believe,
be very largely increased by new developments to
be rapidly made upon our oxtsueive and valuable
We invite attention to, and tko mast careful exam*
illation of, the following list of properties, lands,
and leases, the locations of which are ail shown up
on the map; believing that none more valuable and
promising have ever been offered upon so small a
capital, and none that have given greater aesu ance
ol permanent value and large return?. We invite
subscriptions to an investment, and guarantee the
meat energet’c and tkilfol effoits to develop tbe
proper tj throughly, as well as cat eful and laithlul
Two traeta of good boriug land^ooe hundred and
one hundred and four acres respectively, in/te, sit
uated aouti of Oil City, in VenasgoCounty, in the
immediate neighborhood of tbe Adamantine, Lee,
and other large wella just s rues on the East Sandy
and Alleghany riven.
Important Interests and Leasee on the best and
most ctrefully selected propertiej on Oil Creek,—
on the Haaaan Flats,—Cornplanter Kuu.—Bynd
Flata,—Cherry Tree Bon,—Clapp k Uassan, Widow
HoClintock, Footer, and two lota on tbe celebrated
Hyde k Egbert Farm.
In all, fifteen wells, five of them prodming wells,
seven down from two to five htindrel feet and still
boring, andthree just commencing, with room on
the leasts for several more wella.
Also a good refinery, in complete working order,
oapable of refining 130 barrels per day, at a profit of
one to five hundred dollars.
Also engines, tools, tubing, tanks and Improve
ments, tbe aotual cash cost of which was *65,600,
and worth to-day S'6,000,—iho whole comprising a
property unsurpassed for present value and pro
spective inoreue.
Subscription books for Sto:k at the office of tbe
No. 22 Congress Street, Boston,
Where Prospectuses, Haps, and lull information
may be obtained, also mailbd vrkk oh applica
tion And at the office of
Jesse JL. Locke,
'No. 46 Congress Street, Boston.
eodSw March 24.
oUrrULK & UIL tltttK
$350,000, - - Capital Stock.
100,000, - - Shares.
$50,000, Reserved Working Capital.
$8,50 par value and Subscription
So Per tonal liability or Future As
JOHN S. BABRY, of Boston.
LEVI H. STRAW, of Boston.
JOHN S. BARRY, of Boston.
SAMUEL JOHNSON, of Charlestown,
j. s. SHA1LER. of Roxbury,
V. J. MESSINGER, of Canton,
SETH E. BROWN, of Boston.
A. W. ADAMS, ol Roxbury,
8. F. TILtsON, of Titusville.
The properties of I hi. C ompany consist of &13 aorcs,
principally owned in fee Simple, of the meat desira
hie Otl Linds, situated mostly on Oil Creek, Penn.,
upon which there are three wells now down, oapa
ble of producing frorfi 100 to 1000 barrels per day
when completed, at they are located so near the
great producing interests of the Empire, Edit,
Sherman, and Drake wells, on this noted cretk.
This Company offer Inducements reldom met with.—
The capital stock Urey small for the amount of val
uableoil lands the company posse, see. Three en
gtnee are alrerdy at the welts Our Agent at ritns
vllle writes ns that the well ea the JMcElhany farm
has commenced flowing, whioh plaoes thia Compa
uy beyond a doubt ot sucoesa. lhe Officer* of this
Company, tnpluolng tbit property before the New
gland public, lave full oonfldence that no proper
tie* yet offered are superior, or any ont of whioh
larger mud more certain dividends m>y at ones be
** e° hi. Map* and #U}i information given on ap
plication to tKe Treasurer. Subscriptions received
hy JQS. W. DAVIR, Banksr, No. US State % reet,
flndat the OFFICE OF THE COMPANY, No 47
Oonenxas Btrxxt, Bosto*.
WYI Hr STRAW, Trens’r.
The Great Popular Eemtdy
For Colds, Coughs, Hoarseness, 8
Throat, Croup, and Whooping
Cures G-ravel,
And all Kidney Diseases !
THERE have been many severe cues in Boatoa
and vicinity cund by the White l %ne Con
pound, which eau be rticired io, and huudied* ol
caae.1 of Kidney coinpla.nis, cured entirely by taxing
(he White Pine Compound, having b«eu resorud
by druggMU. '
Among all tho popular medicines c fi nd for tale,
no ono seems to have gained favor like the W hit*
fine Compound. 1 hi* Mcuicinu was nr, t made aa
lately aa tne epring ol 1866, and then merely tor one
individual, who wa*sll’wc;td sub an :nll mruteiioa
ot the throat. A cure was effected by it. this in
duced others to apply for tho eame remedy, and
«»erp one using it received a great otut lit. 1 ne ar
ucie, however, went without a name till November
joilowiug.wbeu it was called White Pine Compound,
l“at ■aouth it wa» adverti-eu lor the first
an •^dividual, who purchased
°k KA^r har<1 couKli» was not only cured of tho
cough, but also ot a severe kidney complaint, of tea
years endurai.ee. ibis being truly a disc.tery,
tho fact was mentioned to askililul phvsio:an, who
replied, in substance tbat, the bar* ot whito
pine was one oi the best diuretics known, provided
its aatringency could be counteracted, it toe other
articles entering into the compound wou*d effect
this, a iortune was in the uiecicine. t he fortune La*
no. yet been reachtd; but the hundred a of cures ei
ieottd by tr.e compound, in the m«bt aggravated
cases ot Kidney diseases, including JJmbtH* provb
it to be a wondertiil medicine for such uilmrut*. a
large number oi physicians now employ it, or recom
mend it lor such use.
But while the White Piue Compound is bo useful in
Kidney infiamxtion, it is also a wonderful curative iu ail
throat and lung diseases. It so qui-kly and sooth ugly
allays iuflauiation, that hoarsen*se and soreness are re
moved as if by magic. Numerous coses have been report
ed to the originator, where relief in very ee^re cuses ha*
been experienced in one hour and a cure effected in
twenty-tour hours.
There is a very natural reason for this. The bark, and
even the leaves, or ‘needles,’’ of Whits fine con tola
eminent medicinal qualities. The Indians employed the
bark of Wi bite fine in treating diseases loug before the
settlement ot America by Europeans. One instance con
firming this may here be g.veu.
James Cartier, a bo d French mariner, aseaily as 1534,
sailed along the northern coast of North America, iud
was the first among discoverers to euter the itivar 8t.
Lawrence. On his ratnrn down therivrr. lie touud lii*
men sadly afflicted and disabled by wh»t sailors cal! (ha
scurvey. Its ravages were fatal, and the survivors werr
scarcely able to bury the dead Some or the Indiana
along the shore were likewise attacked by tho *no*.e dis
ease, but Cartier observed that they soon recovered. Ue
therefore earnestly enquired about their ir,ode of treat
ment, and they pointed out to him a trw, the bark and
leaves of which they used iu decoction, with signal suc
cess. Cartier tried the same remedy, and had the gratifl
cation of seeing all of Lis crew who were afflicted rapidly
improving. This tree was the White fine.
A wash of the bark, steeped in water, is exceedingly
useful in reducing intiaiuation and cleansing old sores.
In fine, the virtues of White fine Bark are known every
where, and this, doubtless is one grmud reason why the*
White Pine Compound was so favorably received at th»
I he past year has given a great opportunity to tsfit the
virtues of the White Pine (Joinjtouud. It has been aa
unusual time for Colds and coughs, and very large
quantities of the White Pine Compound have U»u sold
and used with the happiest effects. It speaks well for the
Medicine, that the people living where it is prepared
are high in its praise.
A very large number ot important testimonials have
already been reoeived from Physicians, Clergymen,
Apothecaries, and, indeed, from all classes in society,
speaking iu the most Lettering terms of the White l*ia*
Dr Nichols cf Northfield Vt. says:
"1 find the White Pine i ompouud to be very effl^aciuhs
not only in coughs and other pulmonic affections but
also in atfections of the kidneys, debility ot stomach
and other kindred organs.”
Her. J, K. Chase of Kuxnney, N. H.,writes:
“ I hive for years regard*! > our W hi te Hue Compound
as an mvaluabie remedy. I can truly say I regard it as
eren more efficacious and valuable than ever l bare
just taken tbe Compound for a cold, and it works charm
Hon. P. II. gweetsar of South Reading, writes:
“Hating long kb awn somethiug of tbe valuable medi
cinal properties of tba White Pine, l waa prepared, on
seeing an advertisement of your White pine C ompound,
to gits tbe medicine a trial. It has beeu used by mem
bers of my family, for several years, for colds and cougbs,
and in some cases, of serious kidney difficulties, with
excellent results. Several of our friends bare also re
ceived much benefit from tbs Compound. We intend tm
keep it always on baud."
Rev. U. I). Huge of West Randolph, Vt., woo Is •
physician, says:
“I find it (the Compound) an excellent medicine la
kidney diseases,”
Says Mr. S. Boody, of the 14tb regiment MusaaAuiena
Heavy Artillery, at Port Tlilinghast:
“'ins Whits fins Compound eflected a cure where a
follow was considered In a critical consumpiiou by a.1
who knew him. I can fully substantiate this by men In
this Company who thought it folly for him to make a trial
Of it. In colds or oougbs, men leave the care of tba
■urgaon, where treetment cart be bad for nothing, an!
try the White fine Compound.”
Formerly Major of m* idiu »Ur*t. M. V. (that Vetera*
Regiment!) in a letter to 3. Dean, Esq., of Moneham,
speaks in the highest praDe of the Weite Pi*t Com
pound, and expresses a wish that it might be sent te
the soldiers. His opinion i« based on personal knowl
Wo effort has ever yet been mad* by the- proprietor te
introduce it into the Army ; and yet it has ofteu been pur
chased by friends of soldiers, to send in packages, and
ordered by officers and soldiers, and large quantities hare
been forwarded by express,
Bbadfokd, N.U., Sept, WPJ,
Da. Poland.—In the fit.lof 1867, 1 took a very vto
toot cold which brought on a very severe cough, p *iu m
side and lungs, and raising blood. 1 was also very badly
afflicted with that troublesome disease-, the Ji-oney
Coir plaint. For the three years past 1 have t>e«m very
much troubled with my throat and lungs, choking up
and raising an immense sight, with a bud cough after
raising blood; 1 felt that my tune here must be short un
less I soon got relief, In the spring I was induced to try
yoar White Pine t (impound, though my foith In it was
small. But to my astonishment, before 1 had taken two
bottles, mv cough was better, the kiduey trouble also,
and 1 could rest nights without choking up and'raisiug so
much. I have taken nearly three bottles, and am feeling
like a well man.
I would add, that my father's family is inclined to con
sumption, my father, mother, and two sisters having died
of it.
Bradford, N. U., July, HGU.
Da. Poland.—I had beeu atiictau with Kiduey Com
plaint lor a long time, and had a bad cough of tea years*
standiug, which caused me to spit blood quite frequent
ly. Mo one of my acquain ances expected 1 wou.d get
my health again. But two battles of your White Pine
Compound have cured me of both the cough and kidney
1 wouftl also state that a lady, a neighbor of ours, wta
so badly afflicted with a cough that she . at up only long
enough to have her bed made, and we all thought the was
going in a quick consumption. She took only one bottle
of your Compound, and it cured her. She is just u
well now as ever she was.
Goff#town, March 14, M/.
Db. Poland.—I wish to bear testimony to tfj* rmftn of
your uhite rine Compound. You will member how
feeble I was at the time 1 called on you in J uly last. My
chief complaint was incarnation the kidneys. 1b
additiou toother disagreeable symptom*, I suffered dread
fully from severe pain.—You »o.d me a bottie of the
White Pine Compound, and before l had taken two
thirds of the contents of one bottle, my pain had til left
me. Though I have been afflicted with that comp aint a
long time, 1 have not had a return of it since, and have
for many months past enjoyed excellent hea.th. *
Important testimony from Asa Goodhue, Esq., of
Ntw Hampshire.
For sixteen years or more i have suffered mueh**t in
tervals, from what at first was called kidney coioflaiurs,
but a year ago last December 1 fell sick, and ray attend
ing physicians pronounced my disease Dia'aeftw. The
prostratiou of my system was so great, and of so
long continuance that neither relatives, neighbors nor
physicians expected that I could poesiMy live through
the spring. Tne same was my own opinion.
Near the last of March, 1869, being well acquainted
with Dr J. W. Poland, 1 felt inclined to test the value of
his White Pine Compound, as the article waa hi hly
reccomiuended for iutiainaiion of the kidneys. A bottle
of U was procured, and Immediately af er commencing its
use 1 began to amend. My strength gradually returned,
the severe pains subaided, and in the tall j was able to
attend to considerable business. I believe Dr. Poland's
White Pine Compound, under God, has been the means of
my recovery thus for
To say that 1 ever expect to have perfect healtbsgu n,
is out of the question at my age, (fid > But thi* 1 will
say, that while I use the Compound, my health is very
comfortable. When 1 have relinquished its use, the sever*
pains have returned, and ail the disagreeable symptoms
of my disease. But a return to the use of the Compound
has produced immediate i«lief.
During the eleven months, in which I have beeen tak
ing this medicine, I have used not quite five bottles. In
a word, let me say to all afflicted with similar complaint*
to mine, try Dr. Poland’s White Pine Compound.
The White Pine Compound, advertised at length
our columns, is not only as to its name invitiug, t,uth a
highly approved medicine. Dr. J W. Poland, the in,
ventor, has the confidence of the many who kn'>w him. a
confidence which he enjoyed while laboring useffolly ma
ny^yeara as a Baptist minister. Ill* exytriaue* M *
I!l2iwri h m 10 “!?* experiments which msued in his
me^caldmcovery -Bostovi Watchman and *<JUct«r.
*™che,Ur DmJ#, and Wttkly
Compound*: * °f D<^> *'JU* '*nt« “*»
Whit0 fine Compound ia adw-ttoed at much,
length in our columns, and we are happy to learn thar.
th« demand for i. la lnccaaaug bavond .11 pre.ioaa ax
19*”? *t Is the very best medicine for coughs and
colds that we know of, and no fou*ily that has ones used
it will ever be without it. We speak from our own knowl
edge that It is sure to kill a Cold, and pleasant assure,
lhe greatest inventions come by tevident, anditissiu
gular that the White Pine Compound m de for Colds end
Coughs, should prove to be the greatest remedy for kid
ney difficulties known But so it is. We cannot doubt
it, so many testimonials come to u« from weli-kno*u
men. Besides, the character of Dr Po’audis such, that
we know that he will not countenance what is wrong.
For years a Baptist clergyman, studying medicine to fiu-i
remed.es for his ailments, with a delicate consumptive
l look, standing with oue foot upon the grave, he uiilde the
discovery which has saved himself and called out from
huudreds of others, the strongest testimonials possible.
We have known Dr. Polaud for years, and ue .er knew *
more conscientious, honest, upright man, and are g ad to
state that we believe whatever he says about his Whi.**
Pm# Compound.”
The White Pine Compound,
W i Hb • in a bu lhotured in future at the
No. 106 Hanover Street, Boston
Under the supervision of
DE SWETT will attend to tba bnalnaaa d.partte.Q.
to whom all ordarx ahould b. addraaatd.
Sold bj whol.aal. and null daalan In madlatiw

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