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Thursday Morning, August 31,1865.
_ --~(4^ m
Tin daily issue of the p"" « hrS" ”mn ,lu \
md circulation of all the other dailies III the city.
7,.rt;w — $S,00 per yrur in wlcance,
Beadina: Matter on all Pour Pages.
'. v ^\\ iv yivi '<^1
Election Monday, September 11th, 18(55.
—_x .• • M
We are glad to believe that the question of
supplying Portland with pore soft water is like
ly to become the great question of our domes
tic economy. When we wrote an article the
other day in fevor of this measure notwith
standing its large expense, and insisted thar
true economy and the prosperity of the city
alike demand the commencement and con
summation of this enterprise even t hough tax
es may be thereby increased, *we did not know
but we should'hit against the grain of the
heavy tax-payers of the city, and imagined
some of them might find fault; though we in
tended to urge the measure according to our
own views of its merits, whatever o^i^uons
might be entertained by others. We confess
it was with no ordinary degree of satisfactk n
lliat we heard the oompiuaeniary woroe spot
en of that article, and sevehd gentlemen
whom we supposed to be at least indifferent
in relation to the matter, have urged us to
aid hi making this great want of the city 90c
o ' the questions which shall not be winkec
out of sight, be allowed to shtfnbef.—
One gentleman in particular, who has as large
stakes in the city’s destiny, pTpgrtes and pros
perity as perhaps any other, said he consider
ed the water question a vital One, ShWPerf'h^s
ed a hope that the Press woufcl give Its read
ers ljequent articles upon the . subject,,that
it shall not cease to attract public attention.
A few days since we were In conversation
with one of ths richest and most enterprising
residents of a neighboring city in-tlils State,
and he said, judging from the «*nd-ppi«tA4*‘
occupied, and from a somewhat intimate ac
qauintance with the cjnditloii and wants of
Portland, that he regarded the introductiftn.jpt
pure soft water, in liberal supply, as thttgreafcp
e;t enterprise before our people, and as one
upon the results of which the prosperity of tbe
city depends more, perhaps, than upon any
other. " """
Hat to-day we propose to be brief, ipad sh^ll.
not go at length into tile AnelfS of »h Jmatn
question. „ _, ■ . » . » mon' \
In the Advertiser of yesterday is an article,
one point of which we regret to see urged, be
cause we are confident it has no force, and
that it3 tendency is only to odium upon
the whole discussion, and to cast suspicion
upon some of the propositions that have been
made touching the natter., In repiy toanoth
er paper the Advertiser says:
Doe3 not the Argus overlook the feet, that
taking the water in the lake, the same diver
sion which must be paid for to the Water Power
Company, must be paid lor, also, under the
same rate of appraisement, to the Cumberland
Min, of Congin Pali Co.?
And, again, be paid for to every owner of
the two sets of wateMailsat Saecarappa?
And, again, to each intermediate power, in
cluding the Lindsay Pads, at the outlet of the
Lake, although this last might be hut nomi
nal, and yet the only one that would be lroffii ■
nal, in the whole range of Fada, equalling in
allMSieet? . •."
W ill a pioject that thus invol ves payir g for
each cubic foot ot water supply to.the city, eon
limes over, commend itself even to-'the cwy'ot
Portland, a3 the economocal method of obtain
ing that supply?
We have heretofore noticed this pretence
that every owner of water power -on Presrqnj
scot river has a claim upon every gallon of
water in Sebago Lake and all it* feeders. We
do not believe the doctrine. ThefUteri/i
the river may not be changed from fts IsSihi
channel or course to the damage of, any own
er upon that naturel channel. But SCbago
Lake water has no course. That Ltd* af^
fords no mill sites. It* waters arc cpliefc, and
it is a natural and common reservoir tferbt'
drawn from for common purposes, every own
er upon its shore having a right to drayv Water
from it to irrigate his landsand the State
may grant the same or more extended privi
leges to others. To our mind the idea that
the d -awing cf water from that Lake, to water
the city of Portland, would afford grounds £>r
claiming damage by water power owners on
the river, is perfectly preposterous. The Sttte
has power, In our opinion, to cut-a channel
from Moosehead Lake into the head waters of
the Penobscot, and make that river Instead;of
the Kennebec the outlet of the Lake, and own
ers on the latter river would liav^na r|dr^;»...
If this can be doiie,—and it has been attempt
ed, and was not resisted on the ground setup
by the Advertiser,—who can doubt the jb&fi&v
to authorize the city of Portland to tap Seba
go Lake for the purposes undof" cdhsfaerf
uon. , V •;/ , -1 • . inviK-.ii • . .4
But, supposing we are wrong, andtliat the
city would be liable, as we have shown rb a
former article it would be liable only ftnqp
tual damages, to be estimated by a jury; and
there are, probably, no twelve men in.rthe
county, who could be be teawn the JUry
boxes, who would ever agree that one Cent of
damage had occrued or could occrue to any
water power owner on the river tlrom sttei*
slight diversion of the water of ttys Lake; a
lake so situated that almost any amount Qf
water may be held bait* by the construction
of requisite dams at the outlet, so that, in the
lowest seasons of drought, an ample supply
might be available for all Water-power pin
poses. We are quite sure our people have Ho
fears on this score, and would be wilting to *s
sune all the risk of damages, trorn sueh. a
To hold up and attempt to menace the etty
with such damages, in the discussion of this
question, as we have already intimated, ihp
the two-, old effect to bring needless odium up
on the whole discussion in the minds of a
large class, and to create the impaej^on: that
those who urge this argument desire to ffree
the city to a single alternative, and tbps make
a speculation,out of it. The writer
above extract will agree with us, that such an
impression, widsty prevailing, would operate
greatly to the disadvantage of the enterprise,
and retard a work which every public-spirited
friend of the city is anxious to see commenced
and carried forward to complete success, ion-.? ,
There is one other point in relation to whiph
we think much error prevails, and that Is that
good water can be found only !n the lake, while
water from the river it would be necessarily
impure and undesirable. This is a mistake.
PailaJelphia water is token from the river.
The water to supply the large towns on the
Canada side, at Niagara Fails, is taken freW
the river, and forced up to the reservoir by
pumps driven by water-power. Great Fills,
N. H, and lliddefcrd-those portions belong
ing to the factory corporations, at any ratel
are watered with river water, forced into the
reservoirs by pump3 in the factories. If we
are not greatly mistaken hi our reading and
information, impure water cannot be carried a
long distance in a running stream. There is
a constant tendency to purification. Dead
water only stagnates and becomes foul. Stir
up the water in a cistern that law-dome to
small badiy, and bring all its parts in contact
with the air, or draw It off through a faucet,
and the impurity is lost. The water acquires
from the oxigen of the atmosphere the quality
needed to restore its sweetness. Kunniitg w&ter,
especially if the surface be broken, cannot
stagnate or retain its impurity, While thfc natu
ral tendency of the earthy substances mixed
with it to settle to the bottom In the form of
sediment, render* It dear and transparent in
the reservoir.
If such be the case, it is no objection to any
water scheme that the proposition conte in -
plates taking water from the river rather than
I), maybe so taken, and be e^Aally
pre wh^t Instrilpijted thwmgh pipes to-eon
uinettf ife the cit# provided the proper ooridi
. tignra regarded tb ki#it welUapplied with
those properties which contact with the at
mosphere supplies.
With this view, the city many look at and
aansider favorably almost any proposition, and
..soot confined to a single surce of supply.
Whether it is proposed to go to the lake or to
:tariower Penobscot, the water may Be equally
pure. • j ..jtj rr ,' '3
Aii article appeared In the Press yesterday
nomlng, from a correspondent, in relation tu
the discomforts of the sick particularly, of the
10th Maine, on the passage from Savannah to
ihis’port That article implied that there was
iimost a total destitution in medical supplies,
-hat the siekcouid receive neither proper at
sntion nor sufficient nourishment, so that
upon the arrival of the ship one of the flvSt
iactions asked was, “When shall we have
,oicothing to eat
Of coarse, were sueh the facts, they would
show great itault if not criminality on the part
of somebody. Indeed, it was hinted that
cither the colonel, the quartermaster, or the
surgeon was at fault.
it is not surprising that each allegations,
though put in interrogative form, should cre
ate Unpleasant feeling on the part of the im
plicated officers. Col Whitman anil Surgeon
Howard called upon us, and we very presiptly
gave them the source of our information.—
rhey assure us that a more unjust statement
has seldom If ever been published. *Tlie ship,
it is trae, wait crowded. This whs no feult oi
che officers, nor, under ah the circumstances,
of the Government. Op leaving Savannah for
a voyage of six days, eleven days’ rations were
taken on board, and the men were allowed in
tnany things to draw more than their daily
rations, because it was known that a large
Surplus would be left over. : -u
In uie medical department there waq ,po
lack,'e*cept of quinine and whiskey—very
necessary for the complaints incident to the
blaoe of embarkation,—but though the sur
geon made seasonable requisition for these ar
ticles, he failed to receive a regular supply,
because they were not to be had. Every othe,
medicine was provided in foil supply.
Thertj was some lack in the cooking a#
iangements on board, so that in bad weathei
ihe rations could not be cooked with desirable
facility- no suffering could have arisen
Mm cause. r Turtl
own (uter leaving aavannan mere was a
dooddeai of sickness—intermittent fevers—
Jjnd every possible attention was bestowed up
on the sjqk, possible under the eircumstauces.
flie quarter-deck was given up for their ac
commodation, and in bad weather the officers
cabin was appropriated for their comfort. The
Splley for the officers’ quarters was taken, for
cible possession bf by the Colonel, and placed
Sder the direction and control of the Surgeon,
Ih men detailed as cooks to make gruel and
oilier nourishing preparations for the sick, and
-he Surgeon was cm duty, by night and by day
assiduously attending to their wants.
] Such 4nfte “Bt&feffienVof 'Cof whitman ir
gm to the care bestowed upon this noble
ent. The deaths on boant were of mei
t the start, one of whom Was tod sicitc
l4ve come on board, knd was RHowed to dr
- 4 unbekno wn to the Surgeon, only because Of
' *dp great anxiety to reach home.
Those who have been in camp, or on board
a crowded passenger ship, know the unavoid
able discomforts, anct'jbow utterly impossible
it Js to make the sickfoei as comfortable as in
thpir own houses; There was suffering, nc
dojubt, on board the crowded Kamack, but we
fedl quite confident the officers are entitled to
praise for thfelr efforts to leaeon it as much Ur
. possible. The subordinate officers and the
men generally, so far as we can learn, unite ir
awarding to the Croofief and "Surgeon a larje
hare of commendation for their assiduity to
the cause of the sick’ and suffering on tin
hoineward voyage.
[XJ mgftf q*r» te*
A few days since we gave an extract from a
Bath letter in relation to the caucus in that
city to select delegates to the County Conven
■lion. Since then we have been called upon tw
gentlemen from that city, men long connected
with the Republics party, whose lpie^tyo;
veracity we should be very unwilling to di -
credit, and they assure us, from their own per
sonal knowledge, that the caucus was called
and conducted fairly and according to usage,
and that the representations published in the
Press were grossly inaccurate and unjust.
111010 is no denial that Democrats went hi
and voted for the successful ticket, but they
say it is equally true that some Democrat
voted and others yep urged to vote for the
unsuccessful ticket? that; on both'sides, vote
, were thrown by persons who probably had nc
jjglfr to vpte, but tio exceptions war* yaps a®
the faimesrfBf the caucus until the result war
know*. They say forther, that the present
dissatisfied partiashnd tte otganiaatioii %/ that
t.ie chairman of the caucus and the committee
to receive, sort and count the "votes were men
who voted for the unsuccessful ticket, anil yet
[ they did not object to votes, or challenge them
when put in ; that,4n a small hath w^h.morr',
present than could conveniently get in, it wa.
impossible to conduct'the eaUcuTmore* kiny*
without a check Uat, and this was not prppofed
by any one. . ■■ . i.naTaloo&i
rhey further say that the same rhles ahd
regulations were observed in all respects that
have governed all proceeding caucuses, anu
that there is no reason t>r setting it aside or
for boklbg the mank.*--' * ■ iJ u‘■Tv1*. ■
In1 addition,, to all these statements, they
further insist that, If all the improper vote:
had been thrown out pn both sides, the result
could not have been different; for the success
ful ticket would then have been elected • by'at
least fifty majority. ,,
We arft. sorry to see these JifficnJti^t and
this heated personal feeling among our fronds
in Bath. It is discreditable to the city, the
county and the State. Our ftiends there must
-ec, tjoo, how delicate a matter it is for us to
interfere, in the Pre^,.frUb w^tfe® of a fecal
character. We have endeavored to be just,.
ami hope we shall not have occasion to Say
m.re. WOJd.
To the Editor of the ltres$:
X noticed in last evening’s Star a most un
generous (not to say contemptible) perxmal
4ing at two young gentlemen who have lately
made a tour In Otcfoisl dddnty, advocating the
Cause of Temperance, and establishing Lodg
es of the “Order of Grood Templars.”
3Ir. Charles S. McArthur,, the gentleman
first named is a young man of genprous nature,
genial, fjfflink manners and good abilities, who
by his own sad and open confession is but a
recent recruit to the cause, but he enters into
the woflT with all the energy of one who feels
the damning effect, of. tfre terrible appetite,
and no true man or woman can refuse to aid
such an one to maintain the noble stand he
hap taken. ‘ 11 '
tie with a few others haive already given a
new impetus to the temperance enterprise in
York County, and they deserve well of com
munity for their labors.
Mr. lUch (Frank G. not Job11 F-) is another
“braru?piucked from the buraiiig"—a. temper
ance man of three years’ standing, whose rec
ord since he took the pledge is an honor to
a,cause of pride and gratitude to his
“Mrs. Winslow’s soothing syrup.” a dose °*
g^F^The Chicago Republican notes the rapid
increase in th® trade of that city. There are
five hundred and fifty retail stores doing a
grocery business in addition to which there fcre
Juty-sk-houeea exclusively devoted to the
Wholesale business of that branch oi ti age.
ivy At the late local elections in Virginia,
’'tfcpudiationiatrfrere successful. Even p'aroTed
rebel soldiers were defeated because they could
not under the terms of tlu ir paroles, lavor the
repudiation of the national debt — [Buffalo
gy-The Hartford Courant says thatfarty-six
years ago the late Anson Loomis of Windsor,
oangbtr w turtle on his ftAllBtfMSm flmSRT
field, marked, it jj{b ttye date of the year, and
let it go. The same turtle as Caught the past
week bat a short distance from where it was
set at liberty nearly half a oentoty-ago by a
brother of Mr. Loomis, who now has it in his
possession. ,r. rTr
Uf'"The London correspondent of The JVd
tion states that considerable dissatisfaction is
expressed at the way in which Mr. Peabody’s
be let to working idea of good Character earn
ing not less thin a pound'a week. It is felt
that {bis . class, however deserving and badly
housed do not represeut the “poor of London”
for whom the Feabody gift was designed.
Si'jfM. D. Conway, writing to the Common
wealth from Loudon, has the following signifi
cant paragraph : “It is rather painful for an
American to see (die column after oalumn of
letters and resolutions of public bodies trans
mitted to the widow of Richard Cpbden from
every part Of the world except America,
the land ho loved and faithfully served next his
K?"A Texas letter says : “We want not only
farmers, but mechanics of all kinds. We want
rough labor, skdled labpr, educated labor, hu
man labor, horse la >or, an machine labor. A
genial climate and productive soil invite occu
pation. How is the time to come and make
yourselves at home.”
IjJT'ItUawaste of raw material to put five
dollars’worth o- heaver on ten cents’ worth of .
brains.’ -----
gyThe Chattanooga (Tenn.) Gazette speaks
of discrimination against Northern men in the
business., ffairs of that oity, and protests against
it. It threatens „o print the names of *11 p r
sons who persist in such a narrow-minded
course,, and says : “We desire Yankees, Duteh
uen, Irisiimen, Chinamen, and everybody else
to looate and invest thodr capital here. If it is
aot brought here by strangers we certainly
sh 11 never have any.”
gy At a recentprairie-chickenhunt in Iowa,
right hundred and tifty-seven birds were killed
,n four hours by nineteen men.
ty" B itumi nous coal is selling in Richmond
■ vt ten dollars per ton with a prospeet that It
Will be higher during the winter.
f.yThe New York Poet alluding to the late
'strike :yuong the coal-miner i and the recent rise
in coal, deprecates the idea of any permanent
scarcit r, Or that a supply for winter ■ hould be
secured now at any price, and says : “The best
information that can he obtained leads to the
conclusion that any attempt to enforce extreme
rates this winteT must foil, almost of necessity.
[ The speculators can succeed only through the
fears and encouragement of the publis.” , ,
83f"Masks are to be introduced among,.the
bathers at Newport. They are made of thin
white cotton cloth, fitting tightly to the face,
with plaoos out for the mouth and eyes. The
lisguise is perfect and no doubt will be very
generally adopted.
1 &y Thfe Berkshire County (Mass.) Eagle
moved by the list of crimes of various kinds
appearing’n its local column, very concisely
remarks : “If the devil isn’t at large now he ■
never Was; he is continually moving up and
down the ejirth, stopping at Pittsfield both
ways as he g&es, not only seeking whom he
may devour, but always devouring some
iif~ The ex-slaveholders say : “ You have
rendered our laborers worthless to us; you are
now hound to remove them frem our midst”
Not so. It was yott -yourselves who rendered
your laborers worthless, if they are worthless,
and you are bound to keep them in your midst.
Cease whining over the consequences of your
own crime.
IJSS'-’OpIposite mei In the *ball-room, to-night,
fits a stout woman, in a wide-striped silk dress.
She is the wife of a legal notability, and was,
when young, a crocus rider of great repute, re
nowned chiefly for leaping unaided upon a run-'
mug horse In the ring. Another fine-.ooking
couple, graduated from Fulton market—the
iusbend still sells bivalves in that famed lo
cality.—Saratoga Correspondence.
jjg^Kad chalk has been discovered in Kan
»s. Some workmen wore excavating for a
bnildi g at Leavenworth and struck a stratum
of this material, which promises well.
t'j?“There is a contest going on out West
between the “ttoee-Bned beetle,” which is con
suming the potato leaf, and the lady-Jmg,which
is destroying the eggs of the beetle. The fate
of the crop depends upon Which eats the
fastest. i-i..-.
—A new sensational play, called “The Felon’s
Wife,* Domes out at the Howard Athenaeum
this weefc
ji a - • ]
—The new Memphis theatre opens on the
9th of September, with Matilda Heron as the
Irst star. ,
—Rossini’s “Israel in Egypt’’ is to he per
formed in 8pringfieid, Mass., in September.
—One of Maretzek’s company, Mdlle. Bosis
sio, is a belle just turned of twenty summers,
and has been ofijy three years before the pub
lic. She has? however, siing with universal
jueoess in Turin, Trieste, Malta and Florence,
and is looted upon as a rising Italian, star. Her
good lookvit. issaid, will commend her befote
ejf« ntters a note. Herwsperfofra is unusually
extensive—running clear through'the whole
range of modern Italian opera. She was the
favorite pupil of Maestro Peterill*, who prepar
ed feertor [ ' '
—Madam Gossip reports an ■ approaching
match between Bierstadt tEe artist and Miss.
iCellogg, Sic prima donna.
—-The Norfolk (Yu.) Fust congratulates Bos
tonians upon the return of their favorite, Air.
.Varren, “and the reposessipu of the best actor
in America."
—Madams Cel teste, who lias been called by
somebody the pioneer of the broken English
drama, was expected by the Persia. She has
given) up pieces like,t)ie “French Sp.y,” aud her
fcVeritedraipia is,no# “foeTVouian in Red,”
a version oif ‘iGainea."
—Miss Bateman is to begin an engagement in
New York about the first of January.
—Mr. G. W. Morgan is giving organ oonoerts
yd Crbshy’s Opera House in Chicago.
—1The Homtdountal states that Bdwftr BcxAi
wil probablyjnot play in He w York this winter.
—James E. Murdock, the distinguished trage
dian, will return to the stage the coming fall.
—LuotHs Whrterh-and James <3otlier ire'
about to retur^ tp tbie country fronn England,
where tbey were unable to secure an opportu
nity to display their dramatic abilities.
—A New York -ptfper states that Mr. and
Mm W. J. Florence, who arrived from Europe
last week, will play an engagement in Boston,
beginning September XL
—M. limuo Cnrardin's new play is said to
**ve been very fairly received in Paris, though
the auditor*-are believed hot to have been great
ly impressed with the author’s dramatic pow
ers as distinguished £om the literary talent
which is displayed. The plot turns on that fa
vorite subject of the French playwright—adul
tery—and is wrought out in a.particuiarly pain
fill way'. iJ evertheless, the authors young and
beautiful wife came expressly from Germany
to witness the first representation. ; • ■
‘ —An extravaganza entitled “Jeff Davis in
Hoops” has been produced at San Francisco.
The opening soene represents the selling of
Jeff’s household gocidr ‘find gods at auction.
Eleven thcnisand dollars Confederato scrip is
bid for a lounge. “One dollar," cries a voice.
Dp jumps Jeff. and inquires in an eager, yet
doubting tone, “Specie T “Yes,” comes the re
sponse, like a clap of thunder, and the reply,
“S-;Mfollows with the alacrity of a flash of
f—The New York Poet says: “Mr. Klein of
this city, won ihe third prize at the German
Schutzonfest,in Philadelphia, recently. The
fir* prize—a seven-ootavn piano-forte — was
won by Mr. Seelar, and the second prize by Mr,
Cramer, both of Philadelphia,
-The concert given by MdUe. Adelina Patti,
at Vichy, realized upwards of S!0 iwif
gratifying success in California. On th7 o7»
cion of her first appearance in San Francisco
tor of the Unitarian church, with fitting’allu
siojs to hot oJainjH rejgqfd in th>V% *s the
sister of his eloquent predecessor, the Rev
Thomas Starr King, and ■“-■-anm’n that she
would j ||TEj o^
—Miss Josephine Orton has been engaged as
loading lady af tha Chestnut Street Theatre,
Philadelphia." ■ ts < ■ -z
—Mrs. D. P. Bowlers ts'ta‘make a starring
tour through the cau atry this season, under the
auspices of Manager 3ohn T, Ford,of Washing
ton and Baltimore.
|^“The office of the Mouiuoutti Mutual
Fire Insurance Company, Monmouth, whs
broken open and robbed Sunday night,ihe 27th.
The burglar or burglars opened the desk amd
vault, but obtained only1 about $100 in revenue
stamps, gold pens and a little change. The safe
containing the company’s funds was in anhther
gy*A horse was stolen in Garland on Sun
day night, an* a wagon and harness in Dexter,
the same night, supposed by the same person.1
Cyfhe ITjMF says that officers from New
York arrived in that city Monday evening,
identified Dr. Crsuk—mentioned in our paper
yesterday—and he was taken away for trial.—
The oharge is forgery at Washington. We did
not learn the circumstances of the forgery.
5S"’Bbn. Joseph Eaton of WIrsIow, one of
the most energetic and suooessfhl business men
of Maine, died at his residence on Monday
evening last, after a protracted illness.
ElfTuesday morning, says Aim Bangor
Whig, Mr. Sherman came to that city, and
stated that about three o’clock, A. M., as he was
riding on Stillwater Avenue, two men under
took to stop his horse, when he fired at them
with a pistol agd they fled. He thinks
one was hit. He offered a reward of fifty dol
lars for the apprehension of either of them.
tyThe tax ill Machias ia fifty dollars oa
the thousand.
The Machias Unton oalls upon the citi
zens of that region to give a warm greeting tq
the movement got up in this city to place a
steamer on the route between that place and
and Portland. It says: “If the Portland cap
italists put in their money, as now seems pro
bable, the people here and at the towns along
the route, can afford most certainly to put in
their good will, and do whatever they can to
make a paying business for the boat.”
52>”An extensive mine of plumbago, said to
be of remarkably superior quality, has been re
cently discovered on the tom of Mr. George
(Janburl in Richmond. We learn that parties
are now engaged in working the mine.
$SP”The cotton factory ia Augusta, says the
Farmer, wHi be set in operation next week,
with a small force of handB, but it will be sev
eral weeks before it will be rnnning with its
full complement ef operatives.
fiy In the Supreme Judicial Court at Ban
gor, Sudge Appleton on Tuesday, i mposed some
severe but just sentencesbncrimlnals. Among
them, Thomas Murphy, for highway robbery,
was sentenced-to tweuty year*’ confinement in
the State Prison. Patrick Sullivan, for store
breaking, was sentenced to five years’ confine
ment in the State Prison.
IfT.S. Lang, in a letter to the Bangor
Times, shows good and sufficient reasons forde
clining to accept the offer of the Bangor Asso
ciation for a trial ofdpeeiS*in that 'Oily between
Knox ami MoClellan. He thinks justice to
Knox requires that he should not make but
one severe trial this foil, and that will be made
at Waterville, V:tlV> -
The following has been handed us with the
request that we should give K Hie circulation
of the Press. We cheerfully comply with the
request, happy if by so doing we may render
any service to one whose noble labors during
the past four yean, in behalf of our suffering
soldiers, entitle her to the esteem and grati
tude of every ley si heart.—Ed. Press.
Among the many who have rendered im
portant services during the four year*’ war,
are those noble, self-denying Women who have
left home and all its endearing associations to
minister to. the sick, wounded and dying sol
diers. Though their names will not be exten
sively known, they will live long in the mem
ories of the brave men who have been blessed
by their tender nursing and Christian minis
trations. Will they not also be had in ever
lasting remembrance by Him who rewards ev
ery one according to their works ?
Among the first of these was Mrs- Isabella
Fogg, ol Calais, Maine, who for more than
four years has devoted herself with untiring
energy to this philanthropic work. Most of
the time she was with the Artoy of the Poto
mac. generally preferlng the front to the hos
pitals in-the free States.
She was present on the field at the battles
of Fair Oaks, Harrison’s Landing, Antietam,
Fredericksburg, ChaiiaaJkxsviiie, Gettysburg,
Petersburg, enduring all sorts of hardships and
privations in her heavenly mission. While
employed on board the hospital boat Louis
ville, Ky., she fell an,d injured her spine so
severely that her recovery is doubtful. The
accident occurred last March. Anxions to reach
her sons, one of whom has been with Sheri
dan’s army and lost bis teg in battie, she start
ed from Louisville for Pittsburg, but her suf
ferings were much more increased by the jar
ring of the boat, and she was compelled to re
main in Cincinnati, and is comfortably cared
for at St.. John’s hospital, at the expense of
the Christian Commission, under whose sanc
tion she has labored. Her sufferings are very
severe, but she endures them with becoming
Many Christian friends visit this excellent
lady, and do what they can to alleviate and
cheer her In her afflictions. While seated bv
hei the other day, she said to the writer, “It
seems so mysterious that I should, be. laid a ide
from the work I love so touch, to 'bb a Wrden
and expense to others. Happily the war is ov
er, or I could hardly endure my affliction- ltat
my heavenly Father fasAwA what Is- best; and I
try to say, ‘Not as I will, bat as thou wilt.”
Many predhus lives were saved by this ex
cellent woman. After the battle of Chancel
lorsvilie, there lay 1,500 wounded men, suffer
ing hunger, thirst, and excruciating agonies,
Mrs. Fogg was first oh (he ground to relieve
(heir sufferings and supply their wants. Not
withstanding all she has endured herself, she
rqoioes that her labors have been Crowned
with blessed results. Two years since she
travelled througe Maine to enlist the sympa
thies of people for the suffering soldiers. Cer
tificates from nearly all the Generals in the ar
mies where she has labored are in bar posses
sion- She is quite anxious to hear from
her son. He knows nothing of her accident,
nor she of his place of residence. Should this
meet the eye of any one acqt^aiuted with him,
they will confer a favor by at once informing
him, and writing her at St John’s hosmtuf
Cincinnati, O. j g ’
—t-J. - - - ■ - ___
Pobtland, Me., and Wabd Eleven
Boston. —The city of Portland, Me., had
about the same population a3' the Eleventh
Ward, Boston, though she may somewhat lead
by the present census. And yet the income
returns show a great difference, as will be seen
by the following statement:—Incomes over
$o,000, in Portland, 6£; In Ward ffleven, Bos
ton, 495. Incomes over $20,000, in Portland
6; in Ward Eleven, Boston, 100. ’
As the Ward alluded to is by ho means tha
richest in Boston, and as Portland is a most
prosperous and money-making city, with many
large business firms, ft is evident that, if cof.
rect returns were given, there could not be
such a great disparity, of eight to one in the
$5,000 incomes, and twenty to one in the in
comes over $20,000. The large cities we
think, as a general thing, have been more’nar
ticular in making correct returns than the
country towns and smaller cities.—fUnatm,
Traveller. “
In publishing the income returns for Port
land we took from the Assessors books the
names ofthose only who-e balances amounted
to $5,000 and over. These did not include
the large number of owners of bank shares
bonds, Ac., who have paid taxes on semi-an
nual returns of the banks, and which amounts
were deducted by the Assessors from their in
come tax. The published Ust by no mean*
shows the number of persons in this city
whose income exceeds $6,000.
Abb thby GonroP—We refer, reader, to
your teeth. Be care fill. Next to your eyes,
your tpeth are the most precious of your fecial
organs. Use the fragrant Sozodont. It will
at (**e arrest decay and prevent what are
now but mere speck* fcoin being orifices. In
brief, ft will save and1 beautify your teeth.—
And tt is the only thing that caa save them.
Reflenj^on this. ^ augW—Steod
Turn Out!
The Union voter* of Cumberland are hereby noti
fied to meet In Caucus, at their Town House, Tues
day P. M., Sept. Bth, at S o’dook, to duoaa a Town
Committee, and make all necessary arrangements for
the cataitog election.
Per Order Town Committee.
Cumberland, Aug. 29th, 1886. dtd
The Union voters of Yarmouth are requested tamest
at the Temperance Hah, in said town, on Saturday,
the second day of September next, at 7 o'olock P. M,
to nominate a candidate for Representative to the
Legislature. ,
Per Order of Town Com.
Yarmouth, Aug 28, 1865. augSOdtd
The Republicans of Falmouth are requested to
meet at the Town House in laid Falmouth, on Satur
day, September 2,1E66, at 4 o’clock P. M., to nomi
nate a candidate ibr Representative for the ensuing
year. Also to choose a Town Committee.
Per Order Town Committee.
Falmouth, Aug. 29, 1865_d&wtd
Cape Elizabeth.
The Union votes of Cape Elizabeth are requested
to meet at the Town House, in said Town, on Satur
day, the second day of September next, at 4 o’clock in
the afternoon, to nominate a candidate for Represen
tative to the Legislature. Also to choose a Town
Conkuittee. —i .' i
Per Order of Union Town Committee.
Cape Elizabeth, Aug. 29, 29, 1865. augKkUwtd
■ _!__ ■ ■
The Republicans and Union men o1 Standish an
requested to meet at the Town House, In said
town, on Saturday, the second day of September
next, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, to <^1.1.,^ ,
Candidate for Representative to the Legislature.
Per Order of Union Town Committee.
Standish, Aug. *3,1865.—aug24t£
Will EXTRACT TEETH for the Pook, free of
charge on Saturday afternoon of each week, until
farther notice.
Office No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Ceogrese St.
Aug. 26—sn dlw
60 and Ti East Water St.,
mxlwaukik, Wisconsin.
Buy for Eastern account Grain, Flour, Beef,
Pork, Lard, Hams, Butter, Seeds, etc.
The following choice brands 01 Flour on tmA;—
Bertsiiy’8 Best, N. Warren,
Cabinet, Eaolk, „
Champion, MoClelan.
Market Beporte sent dally or weekly without
Flour and Produce bought, stored and insured at
liberal rates. marl3eodly
N». 90 Middle Street, Portland.
0— Cabo Pbotogbafhs at Tubbe Dollars
per DOSEX,—tke BEET in the City.
A New Discovery in Photography!
it 1 '1
The subscriber would call public attention to a
New and Original process tor making
Which is superior to anything ever before intro
duced. Its advantages being to produce a clear pic
ture, with more brilliancy of tone, and less liable to
lade, i
For Copying and Enlarging pictures this process if
particularly adapted.
Parsons can obtain a better picture for the same
price than by the old process.
*4.\aibiUiin Hoorn* open at all hours of the day.
The public are invited to call and examine speci
Temple of Art, 112 Middle Strut.
A Magical Preparation
For sale at
.Wholesale and Retail,
. • . —by—
Morton Block, Congress Street, Portland.
July 22—andtf
U. S. War Claim Agents for Maine,
' _ suit?, tol Jod 98IIOH
Will give their exclusive attention to oollocting
prize money, Lost clothing, av.
ORcers’ Accounts with the Ordnanoe, Guartermas
***? ‘"dTreasury Departments adjusted and sottl«l,
and certificates of non - indebtedness obtained.—
Terms reasonable.
iV~ No charges unless successful.
All advtoe and information free.
Office No. 88 Exchange Street, Jose Bloch, (old
stand of Bradford A Harmon).
Bf.fbbBwm r—Hon. Win. P. Fessenden. C. S
Senator; Hon. Samuel Cony, Governor of Maine;
Hon. Israel Washburn, Jr., Collector of Co.tom.;
Bt. Rev. David W. Bacon, Bishop ol' the Diocese of
The qpnstaaUytacreaafog demand for the absre
article has induced the Proprietor to lease the prem
ises on the corner ol Congress and Chestnut Streets,
as a Laboratory, where,with every facility lbr manu
facturing, and with a stock ot the best articles the
English and American markets afford, he is now pre
pared to reoeive orders at the above address or at the
office of his solo authorised agents.
; • 1ST Pore Street,
Aug. 25—an dim Portland, Me.
, —4k—dan _c_i_
Wonpariel Patent Skirt Elevator#,
For looping up Ladles’ Dreasea in graceful fold. The
most convenient article a lady oan use. Can be at
tached to any dress.
Par sale at the NEW YORK SKIRT and CORSET
STORE, at Market Square, Portland.
Sent by mall on receipt of price. The Trade sup
plied. augllsn diw
sician, presents to the attention of Mothers her
C. Soothing Syrup,
which greatly lhcllltatee the process of Tsething, by
softening he gums, reducing all Inflammations, will
Allay all pain and spasmodic action, and is
Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to your
selves, and
( Belief and Health to youb Infants.
Wc have put up and sold this article for over thirty
years, and can say in confidence and tbuth of it
what, we hare never been able to say of any other
medicine— .Verer hat it Jaited in a tingle instance to
•gect a cans, when timely used. Never did we know
an instance of dlgsatlsfltctlon by any one who used it.
On the contrary, all are delighted with its operations,
and speak In terms of commendation of its magical
effects and medical virtues. We speak in this matter
“what we do know," after thirty years experience;
and pledge our reputation for the fulfillment of what
wo hero declare. In almost every instance where the
Inbnt is suffering from pain and exhaustion, relief
*iil be found in fifteen minutes alter the Syrup is ad
Poll directions for using will accompany each bot
tlle. None genuine unless the fee-simile of CURTIS
St PERKINS, New York, Is on the outside snapper.
Sold by all Druggists throughout the world.
Prioe only 35 Cents par Bottle.
ALOJTZO 3. DAVIS, PboprIwob,
No. 80 Middle Street, - * * - J'mUuni!, Me.
CeayUu UMsa In Uie *iLt Hdecfrt,.
Hall’s JBubber Emporium
IS at M7 Middle Street, where every vanity of TEratv
ber Goods can be procured, at ManufccturmV prices.
ThMr assortment ot Rubber, Jewelry and Fancy
Goods Is really masnlllcent. june23tl
A Pact Worth Knowing,
That Rubber Goode oan be repaired in a neat and
substantial manner, at
Julyaientf ttf Middle St.
, T. A Broken-Down System.
There is a disease to wWoU the doctors give many
names, bat which few of them understand. It Is
simply weakness—a breaking down of the vital forces.
Whatever its causes, (and they are innumerable,) Its
symptoms are in the main the same. Among th.
most prominent are extreme lassitude, loos of appe
tite, loss ol flesh, and great mental depression. In
digestion and a Stomach Cough are also frequently
concomitants of this distressing state of body and
mind. The common remark in relation to persons
in such a condition is, that they are consumptive.—
Now, what these unfortunates really want is vigor
vital strength; and as certainly as dawn suoceeds
darkness they can recuperate their systems and* re
gain perfect health by reacting to HOSTETTER’S
that a life-reviving tonic Is required in such cases, as
that the dying flhme of an empty lamp requires to be
revived with a new supply of oil Perfectly pure and
innocuous, containing nothing but the most genial
vagetable extracts, and combining the three grand
elements of a stomachic and alterative, and a genial
invigorant. Hob tetter’s Bitters are suitable to all
constitutions, and are as applicable to the diseases
and disabUiti s of the feebler sex as to those ol men.
New York House, 59 Cedar Street, N. Y.
Aug 99.—dawiw
Over twenty years’ increasing demand has estab
lished the ihct that Mathews’ Venetian Hair Dye is
the best la the world. It is the cheapest, the most
reliable, and most convenient. Complete In one bot
tle. Does not require any previous preparation of the
hair. No trouble. No crock or strain. Does not
rub off or make the hair appear dusty and dead, bu;
imparts to It new life and lustre. Produces a beauti
ful black or brown, as preferred. A child can apply
ly it. Always give satisfaction. Only T5 cents per
bottle. Sold everywhere. A. L. MATHEWS, Manu
facturer, N. Y.
Dbmas Bashes & Co., New York, Wholesale
Agents. maylleodly
kby of tub age, will positively restore Gray Hair
to Its original color, whether black, brown or auburn,
and being a delightful dressing, it imparts to it a
beautiful glossy and healthy appearance. It will also
promote a growth of new hair on bald heads-jwhere
the glonds or roots are not disorganized; and effec
tually remove all dandruff, itching and humors from
the scalp. It Is warranted to produce the above re
sults or money refunded.
Proprietors, Manchester, N. H.
W. W. Whipple, Agent for Portland. Sold by
Druggists everywhere. maylleodUm*
Dr Langley’s Anodyne,
A pew in, Aim- for all the summer complaints.—
Composed of Boots, Barks and Berries, which poem
to have been designed for the quick, safe and Sure
cure ot Dysentery, Cholera-Morbus and Chronic
Diarrhcca, which are so common with all ages, and so
dangerous at this season of the year. We never ad
vertise certificates. Let it stand upon Its own merits
—this is the only way a good thing should be known.
Hence onr motto:—Buy me, &c., of the heading.—
Every person who uses it will testily, as many have
already, that Dr. Langley’s Anodyne is the greatest
disoovery of tbs age, and must he Qdfien ol an Modi
oines, by its grout cures. Sold by dealers. Price 40
cents per bottle.
For sale in this city by H. H. Hay, and W. F.
Phillips & Oo. Junel3cod&w3n
SYRUP, contains no opiate or mineral substance.
Very pleasant to the taste, mild In its effect, yet sure,
sale and reliable, and Is Warranted to curs Dyssn
tsry, Diarrhea, Cholera Morbus, Summer Complaint,
Pain or Cramp in Stomach or Bowels. Itis the finest
medicine for children, as well as grown persons, svsr
offered the public. Try it 1 No cure no pay.
Prepared only by EDWARD SUTTON, Provldenoe
R. I. For sale by Druggist* generally.
julyl7d&w2m H. H. HAY, Agent for Maine.
slM . - . i -s s — i v "• ,.U«,.tV
830 RARE RECEIPTS—cout&lug many
Secrete and much valuable Information never before
made public, including over 100 Receipts now in ex
clusive use by the celebrated Metropolitan Hotel in
this city. Price 20 cents; mailed, postage free. Ad
dress HUTCHINSON & CO., Publishers, 809 Broad
way. N. Y. auglSeneod 13t
THIS celebrated Toilet Soap, in snob uni Tergal
demand, is made from the choicest materials, la
mild Mid emollient in its nature, fragrantly soeated*
and extremely beneficial in its act upon the si in
For $ale by all DruyyUt* and Fancy Good?* Dealer«.
Beaton Stock List*
Sales at the Brokers Board, Ado. so.
American Gold................... 1441
United States Coupons,. ilil
U. S. Coupon Sixes, 1881,.. |SJ*
United States 7 3-10ths Loan, 1st series. 992
do fid series. M|
do 8d series. 99I
United States Fire-twenties, old. ion
do small. 108
do new..:.. 1041
United States Tea-forties.>........ if!
United States Debt Certificates, Aug. fitt
Rutland Second Mortgage Sevens. 20
Vermont State Sixes......j. 931
Boston and Maine Railroad, «.... .. lift
Eastern Railroad.;. 96
Portland, Saco and PortsmoutbfRailroad. 98)
[By Stephen Brown & Son.]
Bangor City 8ixes, 1876..... 98
Maine State Sixes, 1888. 98
-—-'v • •• ; 7 -r*n >
In this city, Ang 26, by Her 8 H Merrill, Bertf t
Belle and Miss Susan M Hoyt, both of Portland.
In Waltham, July 22, A P Burnham, of Ellsworth,
and Linda C Whittle, of Greenwood.
In Brooklin, Aug 19, Capt Wm F Foss, of Han
cock, aud Frances V Closson. of B.
In Auburn, Aug 22, Oeo W Hatch and PhebeH
Symonds, both of Gloucester.
In Rockland, Aug 6, Lucius C Starr, ot Thomaston,
and Eleanor M Hodgkins, of Nobleboro.
In this city, Ang 29, of cholera inlantum, Freddie
Lincoln, infant son of A P and Maria A Wakjon,
aged 6 months 7 days.
ty Funeral this (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o’cl’k,
trom Ho 213 Cumberland street.
In Westbrook, Aug 30, Marian Isabella, only
daughter oi Sumner C and Martha A Shaw, aged
5 years 1 mouth.
At the U S Marine Hospital, Ang 29, John Wilson,
seaman on hoard the U S steam transport Karnak, a
native of Queenstown, Ireland, and late a resident of
Baltimore, Md.
(Baltimore papers please copy.)
In Brunswick, Aug 14, Sarah F, daughter of John
and Sarah A Crawford, aged 7 years 10 months.
In Belfast, Aug 21, Mrs Sarah M, wife of Charles
A Brown, aged 34 years 3 months.
In brig Abner Taylor, at Holmes’ Hole from Turks
Island-Jas R Dockray, of Portland, and H H Hunt,
of Boston.
MATAHZAS. Barque Speedwell—463 hhds 40 tr e
molasses, to George S Hunt.
Miniature Almanac....August SI.
San rises.5.24 I Moon sets. AM
San sets....6.35 | High water.__ 6.15 PM
We4»e*day, Aagm 30.
Steamer Montreal, Lisoomb, Boston
Brnoue SpeedweU, (of Boston) Dixon, Matanzas.
Sch Kate Aubrey. Jacobs. Bangor.
Sch Ida Morton, Prince, BelJAat
Sch CastUlian, BeUaty idtswort'h.
Sch Napoleon, Roberts, Wise asset.
Steamer Chesapeake, Sherwood, Now York—Emery
& Pox.
Brig Caprera. Patterson, St John NB—McGUvsry,
Ryan & Davis.
Soli Eliza Ellen, Noyes, Boslon—Jos II White.
Soh W O Emile, Thurlow. Newburyport—master.
SAILED—Brig Stella; sch Ida P Wheeler.
Ar at Matanzas 23d, brig Mirniie MiUer, Portland.
Sid fin Havana 28d, brig Httldee. Portland; 2Slh,
bar-mie (jbas Edwin, Cardenas and Boston.
Sid ftn St Jago I8tb, brig “Savatinard,” for Port
aid ftn Sagua 16th, brig Ella Maria for Portland.
-Sch Hardscrabble. Gregory, from Baltimore lor
S’**?' weota.bore on Stony point, near Cape Po«.
Wtb.fct came off wtPout damage after I'.ieobarginlt
^rftt3SstL!U,*llml * ^artow> *>'**“ eYC‘
Domestic ports. |
iFortpR * n umm f iFT*** Browyferown, fin
rCMieOT^M^w, Lowe, and P M Tin t
er, Bernard. New York; Hydra, l>ow, do.
SAVANNAH—Ar 19th, sch Ruth H Baker, Smith,
New York.
~ t.HA Itl'KtsTUN—Ar MUi, barque starlight, Spar
row. Boston,
Ar 24th, barque> Fannie, Partridge, (to New York:
25th, sch Archer & Beeves, Gardiner, Baih.
EICHMOND-Ar L6th, sch Lucia B I vet, Well'
BALTIMORE—Ar 28th. sch Abbott Lawrence
StSnlBv, Backport, Me.
At 2’Jtb, sell Active, Sherman, Rookport.
CM 28th. sch S BT Cady, Crowell, Providence.
PHILADELPHIA-Ar a*th, barque Ellen 8tev
2B|K13£“SFii Now Yurkl brig* Catharine Nlebota,
1 bllbrook, Boston; Geo E Prrec rtt, Mills, New Lon
don; sch Atlantic, Grant, Bangor.
Cld Wth, sch E A Stevens, Dickerson, Richmond,
Me; Dr Kane, Ryder, Denver sport.
. brigsWenonah, York, Portland; Jolia
Aviles, riracey, B-wton; Poster, GuptUl, do; Wel
New York; scha J hilUot. Shaw,
1 Co3£?eamev, Roberth, An New York;
Usste.JSaton, Proridence.
H^br'rdnrCB'^"^' ^ >Wp J<*" 8
Th'm, Y<k» ~A,Li3‘h' *hlP Gettysburg, Edge tm
F*£?a' Howes, AlgoaBoy V&U;
w^f(.^ih’aS‘lp?.Cl5L“ Back,Gunderson. Shanghae;
Neptune, from Cardiff; Chaao, from Cow Rav rt|
>8ki8aN?rth SU^Tbo •
m10’Moaea Roger#, Jon a
Mobile. Mountain Avenue, Hnghee, Baltimore; <chs
May, Peterao •, Lingan CB; Franklin, Alien, Calais.
iVl%brU* Gavis 'ow Bay CIL^
Ckl 29th, barque Hiawatha, Matthews. London;
brig Saiu* E Kennedy, Hodse*. Philade pWaT«ch
Kate Carlton. Devereaux, Camden. ’
PROVIDFlfccE-Ar 2»th, brigs Matilda, Norwood.
Baltimore; Burmah,Sherman, Philadelphia * Volant
Parker, Bangor; settsReboccaC Lane.Xane, Balti
m ••" ; Ontario, Dodge, Calais for Pawtucket.
Ar Mth, schs James & Lucy, Robbins. New York
nor tv est. ixaszeu, nangor.
SOMERSET—Sid 25th, sch Adelaide, Crowley, for
PhIMMptoin, i
T—Ar 2®th, sell Laly of the Ocean,
«... , brig Mary Lowell, Parsons,
St John NB re; Mechanic, Hutchinson,
Beaton for , ; aeh Tennessee, Wooster.
Hillsboro NB lor Wilmington.
HOLMES'S HOLE-Ar »th, brig Abner Taylor,
Oulhfer, Turks Island, for orders; seta Loesburg,
Blake, Phlladelplda for Portland; John Compton,
Leu, Gardiner.
Sailed, brigs F Kelson, Mary Means, S Strcrnt,
Alfhratta, ana Hattie 8 Bishop; schs West Wind, it
Curtiss, White Sea, Dr Rogers, Mora, Elizabeth
Smith, and Ruth Themes. 1 • .; A, ■ J
Ar 2»th, schs Albert Jameson, Candage, Boston for
Charleston; Gertrude, Colwell, New York lor Pem
broke; John Adams, Spofford, from Portsmouth for
New York.
EDIM KToWH—Ar 25th, sch Albort Jameson,
Candage, Boston lor Charleston, and sailed; Lamar
tine, Hill, from Philadelphia for Saoo.
BOSTON—Ar Kith, barque Henry P Lord, Bibber,
Harana; schs Carrie M Rich, Bradbury, Jeremle;
Bangor, Jordan, and Agnes, Yoong, from Ellsworth:
Counsellor, Means,do; Ida May, Arey, fin Bangor;
October, WUliams, Bath.
Old 2tth, barque Augusta C Small, Gott, Cienfuc
aos; schs Abble, Knight, Philadelphia; Highlander,
Niekerson, Portland, to load for New York.
Ar 30tli, aoh Catawamteak, Hlx, Glace Bay CB.
Old SOth, brig L M Merritt, Berry, Mobile; schs
Slak, Ingalis, Philadelphia; Adi line Hamlin, L&nsil,
Bangor • Eglantine, Collins, Portland.
Sid, ship Lydia SkolBelil.
PORTSMOUTH—Ai 22d, schs Maggie Bell, Qilky.
Elizabeth port; Forest, Merrill, New York.
CALAIS—Ax 26th, sch Ellen Merrim&n, Hamilton,
Sid, schs Matanzas, Hamilton, New York: Susan
Center, Ramsdell, New Haven.
At Shanghae Jane 20, whip* Aureola, Bourse, and
Henap-Raaiambt MMgMea, me; barque J W Seav
er. Snow, for Newchwang and back, gets <1600 in
full; and others.
Sid June 6, barque Nabob, Pettlngill, Newchwa g.
At Hoag Kong Jugees, ships Sea Serpent, Win
sor; Hamlin, wheelwright; Wallace, Evans; WA
Farnsworth, Thorndike, and Archer, Creaaey, unc;
barque Benelhetor, Berry, for New York.
Sid June 14, ships Shirley, Mullen, Manila; 22d,
Oracle, Wood, San Francisco.
At Singapore July 7th, ships Magnet, King, and
Ocean Express. Lovett, unc.
Ar at Malaga 10th hist, barque Tqjuca, Herriman,
New York.
At Cadiz 12tli lust, barque Sancho Panza, Hcagan,
tor New York.
Ar at Liverpool 17th hist, ship W F Storer, Bryant,
New York.
Ar at Bermuda 14th Inst, brig Henrietta, Hodsdon,
New York.
At Lingan CJB 20th Inst, brigs Sami Lindsey, Wil
son, and H B Emerv, Bradford, from Boston.
Cld at St John NB 25th, sch Arno, Whipple, for
[Per steamer North American, at Quebec.)
Ar at Liverpool 16th ia»t,Ueo Washington, Holmes,
Ent for ldg 16th, Mary A Vernon, Oliver, far New
1 Haven, Ct.
Ar at London 17th, Fannie Larrabee, Randall, from
St John NB.
Ar at Deal 16th, Vicksburg. Boyd, On London for
PortPbUUp (and an-bored); Sarah A Staples, Sta
ples. Callao lot Antwerp(nnd anchored.)
Sid ftn Falmouth 16th, Sum] Tarbox, Tarbox, (from
Callao) for Hamburg.
for Antwerp**™tOV' ' 1Gtil’ R,T*i’ Do*“*' <to Akyab)
Ar at Atgoa Bay CGH June 21, Flash, Doane, from
Table Bay, (and sld July 2 for Port Nata. >
Ar at Simon’s Bay June IS, Wm Tell, Jones, from
Car Uff
Ar at St Helena July 21, Zeuave, Blair, Rangoon,
(and sailed 22d for LlverpooL)
Arot Cuxhaven 14th tnat, Valley Forge, CroweU,
i from Callao.
July S, lat • N, Ion M W, ship St Paul, Mai tin, bn
London for Point de Galle.
July*, lat 198, Ion41 W, ship Berkshire, Berry.
Bom Swansea for Coqubnbo.
Aug 4, lot 4# N Ion 19 W. shipWm Wilcox, from
Cardiff for New York.
C^dfff^ewTorf4331’ ‘hlP * ***—•
Aug 22, lat 45 10, ion W Oft, ship Creel of the Wave,
Bom Cardiff for Baltimore.
Bom Cu^ftap'rthmd*brl* Mary W Williams,
New Advertisements.
a. r . luwkll, .... Manager.
H. A. HARDING, - - . Stage Majer.
Positively Last Night !
MS. & MSS.
/i a u .1 . n ti
Wednesday Eve’ng, Aug. 31,
The performance will commence with Mr. Gomer
•al'a Farce, entitled
Qf THf i
Sabah Bibbs, a maid servant—and «uch a
servant mail be seen to be appreciated—
with a new song “The Young Girl
dressed in Blue,” Mrs. W. Gomersal.
Hiocory Jumps, afterwards Blondin,
*5 i i » ., Mr. Wm. Gomersal.
Frederic MELviLle, in love with Loul.
sa, Horace Frail.
Jacob Popple, £ roman tic young lady in ||M^
in love with Frederick. In the course
of the Farce, Mr. Gomersal will appear
on the Rope, and outrival the
the or eat blondin,
. ,, Introducing flie following teats:
The audience are requested to observe strict silence
during thin perilous set not that it a ill Intimidate
Mr. Gomersal, but Hsely to make the Individual he
carries nervous.
operatic drama by
JOSEPHINE, the Child of the Regiment.
With the following songs: Ask me not why-The
Country”1 **’ H*® esglment—France, oh my
GUILLOT, a youngPeasant.HR. WM. GOMERSAL.
Duke Archamband Grandtete, Horace Frail.
Sergeant Steals.le, Hoary Murdoch.
Pumperulckie, John Burns.
Bcrnmrd, Frederick Allen.
Etienne, H. A. Harding.
Stephen, Wm. C >nnor.
Duchess lie Grants tte, Mise H. Orton.
Marchioness de Berlrenfoldt, Miss Sasan Flood.
Orchestra Chairs, 75 cents.
Parquette, 50 cents.
Galtei'), 30 cents. .
Doors open at 7, to comments at 8 o’clock precise
^augSldtd F. L. WHITTLE, Agent.
J. A. R- A.
The Irish American Rdief Association
WILL make their Third Annual Excursion to
one of the Islands In toe harbor, on
Wednesday, Sept, 6th.
Boats will leave Steamboat Wharf, toot of India St.,
at 8 and 101 o’clock A .M., and I (/clock P. M, return
ing to the city at 4} and B o’clock P. M. * I
A large and commodious platform will be laid for
Manic by Raymond’* Fall Quadrille Baud
The Committee haring this Excursion in charge are
determined to leave nothing undone that will contri
bute to the comfort and amusement of their friends.
They will provide Swings, Foot Balls, &c., and. an
abundance or good lee Water, free of charge.
For sale on the Island.
iy* should toe weather prove untovorable the Ex
cursion will be postponed until the next fhlr day. ,
|y* Boats will stoat mount at the hours ad
Tickets 50 crate? Ckildrea *5 cents.
Portland, Aug. 31,1863. dlw
New Advertisements.
Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure
The World's Great ltcmedy
and a 1 diseases of tl «
One Bottle Is guaranteed to euro the worst c m of
Dyspepsia in ciirteuc , ami one dose will Instantly
relieve the im»ai sgg a rated at lacks of
CholeraMorbus, kick uea*Jache
Dysentery, tfiokuess at Stomach,
Fever ai d Ague Heartburn,
Colic I ains,
and In fhet a11 diseases p oceeding from the Stomach
and Bowels it Is a iovereigu and permanent cure lor
and la • err Instanoa regulate, and restores to at
healthy ee dlliou a disordered stomach eueoiiug the
patient to laubeaitby rood without danger ol d.s
treasiruiu It Ills the most wonderfu remedy end
the most speedy iu Its action, ever Jtaowutw the
world No one will do without it in the house that
has ever used it onee
■old by Druggists every where.
C. G. CLARK A CO., Proprietors,
New Haven, t onn.
J. IT. PERKINS * CO., Agents, Portland, Me.
I _
Lyon’s Periodical Drops!
Better than any Pill* or Powder* !.
wul ii safe to u*e at *11
For all Female Complaints,.
especially forbidden lit the direction* wbjth
paay tacit bottle.
Prep.red by JOHN L. LYON, Af. ». Bold by
Druggists every whore, 9
C,G, CLARK <fc CO., Gen'l Agent*,
For U. 8. and Canola.
▲gents P***IJ*S * co,» FortUad, Me., Wholesale
Coe’s Cough Balsam!
No Medial ce over known wilt euro
Goughs, Colds, Croup, Asthma,
Influenza, Whooping Cough,
u quick as
It docs not dr 7 up a cough, but loosens it so that I ha
patiout can expect -rate freely. It is within
. the leach of all. the
I'floe Holiig Only 35 Cents I I
aad Is for tele by ell Druggists.
C.G CLARK k CO., Proprietors New tlaven, Ct.
J. W. PERKIXS k CO., Pos-tlaad, Me.,
Wholesale Agents.
-or raa—
Ladles of the Congregation de No
tre Dame,
BTos. 102 and 104 Cumberland 8t.
Turn Ladle, at the Congregation de Notre Dame
X will open their classes
O* Menday, the 4lh Day af September,
at 8 e'eloek A. M.
They will have a private class for children who do
not desire to receive religions instruction.
a ?“ ir“T^y’ ‘ie,.5U- tk* P“PU» «» the Boarding
School will be admitted.
For Information as to terms, &c., application should
be made at the roaldeuoe of the Ladles. No. 104 Cum
berland Street aug 31 dlw«
I? A. DAMFORTI1 has removed from No. 3
HOBBsTc&’i r8CeUUr °CC“I,l Hl bT
Ne. ISA Fere Street, Head of Ceatral ’
where he win still continue In the
and be pleased to meet his old customers,
aug 31 dlw
FOR BOF8, - ■ Topuham, Miilsr.
AOOOD Home School tor Boy*. Location heal thy
easily accessible. The Fall Tern wUl commence
September 90th. For circular. ac., address the Priu
August 31. d3w*
Valuable Real Estate
Ki&?y1S&ai&286 **" *b«*»
Two vacant lots on the west aide of Elm Street—
®°® ^the corner of Oxf ,rd Street 145 feet on Kim
8tre8t> 0,8o0mst a* Ike foot of
the Street, 145 by 94 feet.
a,IT? ^ 00 the o wners ma le by Oreenleafand Fox
9" 8,i*r 63 bT 100 ft®*.
with thegriyflege of a flowing spring of water.
Also 3MA arpents tn the Smgniory of LakeTemb
conata, commonly called the Cummings tract.
terms liberal—for which, an 1 further particulars.
w illis, at their offices on Exchange Street.
Portland, August 31,1M5. dlw*
Agents Wanted !
To sell a complete History of Life, Sufferings and
Death In Hebei Prisons. Some sixty Aousand ufour
brave soldiers have died In the prisons. Everybody
should have this work. The author is one of the Im
portant witnesses tn the Wlrtz trial. His account id
the Andersonvllle prison is very full and com; lots.—
There Is a great Interest felt tn this subject.
aug 31 dlw Boston, Mass.
U. S. Disbursing Office,
Augusta. Maine, 1
Auotisf 15,1HS5. (
IN accordance with instructions from the Provost
Marshal General's Ofllce, all persons having claims
agalust the Cal ted States tor expenses Incurred In
raising recruits for Matnu Keguuents Volunteers or
other accounts properly chargeable to fun 1 tor “Col
lecting, Organising and Drilling Volunteers," ate no
dded that they must present them at t;ds ordee at
once for adjustment. C. MACMICHAEL,
C»Pt »th U. S. lnlt’y, M. and Dlsb'e Omcer.
August 31. dim.
Real Estate for Sale.
THE subscriber offers for sale two Houses on Dan
forth Street. No. 118, with a large baru. aud
store on the same lot. The houses are nuo an la b ilf
stones blgb, well tlniahed and In gOv>l condition. Th#
JoJ oy 63 feet, with several fruit trees upon it.
The bnildlngs will be sold together or separately, as
purchasers may desire. Tide clear, and terms liber
THOMAS TRACY, on the premises.
Portland, Aug. 31, 1883.—J3w»
Girls’ Grammar School.
CANDIDATES for admisdon, who were prevent
ed from attending the examination on 31st Julv
will be examine I at the Grammar School Uoo n In
the High School fiulbllng on Cumberland Stree* on
MONDAY, Sept. 4, at 9 A. M. ’
Aug. 31—did.
pnsr-'ss SlxssDSs1?
,or ^’•tlculxrs. It i“ f
For Sale.
aoat,L?.RIU ISABELDA jewf.tt
, U~ len years old—well f ,und an i
Xin good ogsvuttm for a voyage.
Z Apply to
. 111 Commey rial St.
A «upS^iTr’ApXc»Aa?10f!a;r»; sc
Preble to the Adjutant at Fort

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