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A Wedding Sonnet.
to t. p. a.
Sad Autumn, drop thy wtedy
—' Put off thy cloak oi cloud, thy scarf of mist,
And dress in gaudy gold an l
A day benign, of sunniest influence boin,
As niav Lout a Poet's marriage-mom 1
Give buds another dream, another tryst
To lovin ' hearts, and print on hps unkUt-ed
Betrolhal-kis^s, augblng Spring to scorn 1
Yot If unfriendly thou, with sullen skies,
Bleak’ rains, or moaning winds, dost menace w rong.
Here art thou foiled: a bridal sun shall rise,
And bridal emblems unto these belong;
Bound her, the sunshine of her beauty lies,
And breathes round him the spring-lime of his song!
Bayabd Taylob.
Foul Weather.
The rain upon the sodden grass
Is bea ing, beating wearily,
Gray clouds ot mist like p ;an toms pass,
An i the salt, wet wind wails drearily.
As it brings tome, from the shore afar,
The dirge of the surf on tho outer bar.
My heart, within my fevered breast,
Is beat ng, beating wearily,
An l Memory, with a sad unrest,
Wails through i s cha nb3rs drearily,
Till 1 a most w ish the surf afar
Were singing my dirge on the outer bar.
Holiday Presents.
Great Prize Distribution
New York Gift Association!
7IS Broadway, Now York.
12 Rosewood Pianos, worlli Rom $250.00 to 590.00
15 Molnleons, Hose «ooi Cases, 125.00 to 22...00
15J Music Boxes, 15.00 to 45.00
100 Silvor Revolving Patent Cantors, 15.00 to 40.00
100 Silver Fruit ami Cake Baskets, 15,00 to 35.00
6 K) Sols Silvor Tea and Table Spoons, 15.00 to 30.00
J09 Gold Hunting Case Watches, 75.00 to 150-00
15 Diam >n 1 Kings, Cluster, &c., 50.00 to 200.00
290 Gold Watches, 60.00 to 10 >.00
300 Ladies* Gold Watches, 60.00 to 85.00
6J0 Silver Watches, 25.00 to 50.00
Diamond Pins, Brooches and Ear Drops, L*dief
Sets of Gold and Coral; Jet and Gold, Florentine.
Mosaic, Jet, Lava, and Cameo; Sets ot Studs, Vest
and Neck Chains, Plain and Cliased Gold Kings,Gold
Thimbles Lockets, new style Belt Buckles, Gold Pens
and Pencils. Farcy Work Boxes, Gold Pens with
Gol l and Silver Extension H olden, and a large as
sortment of Fine Jewelry ot every description, of the
best make and latest styles, valued at
To be Sold for One Dollar Each!
Without regard to value, and not to be paid for until
you know what you are to receive.
Amnn? tbofio who have acknowledged the receipt
of Valuable Gifts drawn trom tlilB Association re
cently, tho fallowing kmdly permit their names to be
used: —
Robert H. Hotchkiss. New Haven, Conn., Melode
©n, value $150. W. F. T. Willis, W. 22.1 St., N>w
York, Diam >n ! Cluster Pin, valued $200. Mrs. K.
G. Tappan, 16 York St, Gold Watch, value $125.—»
Miss Ellen F. Dickerson. Bingliampton, N. Y., Mclo
deon. value $190. Mr. E. H. Stone. 52 Tenth St,, N.
Y., Piano, value £35 >. Mrs. Teresa A. Miller.Scian
ton, Pa, Diamond 1 ing, value $175. Miss Ellen «E
Peck, Springoeld, III., Mclodeon, value $125. Dr. T.
Van Hiper. Washington, D. C. Gold Hunting Cased
Watch, value $1 0. Edward H. Lindsay, Worcester,
Mass, Fiano, value $259. Miss D. H. Favwell, Du
buque. Iowa, Diamond Ear Dips, value $250.—
Francis I. Moran, 13 Pearl St, Albany, . Y., Musi$
Box, value $10. Mrs. K. O Ingersoll,* Urbana, Ohio,
Silver Set, value $69. Lieut. B. F. lien hicks, Will
ar l’s Hotel, Washington, D. C . Silver Patent Levey
Watch, value $55. Many persons who have drawn
valuable prizes do rot wish their names published or
wc might ext nd this list.
CERTIFICATES namintf eacn aruole and its
value, are placed in Sealed Envelopes, which aro well
mixed. One of these Envelopes, containing the Cer
tificate or Order for some article. (worth at least one
dollar at retail,) will be delivered at our office, or sent
by mail o any address, without re ;ar<l to choice, on
receipt of 25 cents. The purchaser will see what ar-.
licle it draws, and Its value, which may be from ONE
send One Dollar and receive the article named.
fSF"“No Blanks—Every purchaser gets an arttclo
of value.
Parties dealing with us may depend on having
prunpt returns, and tho article drawn will be imme
diately sent to any address by return mail or express.
Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed in all
Six Certificates foa $1, Thirteen for $2; Tliirty
throo for Five Dollars.
AGENTS WANTED. Send fora Circular
All let.erg should be addressed
# T. KE.VTO.V CO.,
Box 5567 Post Office, New York.
Dec 2—dim*
Mrs. S. A. Alibi’s World’s
Hair Restorer and Dress
ing invigorate, strengthen
and lengthen the hair. They
act directly upon the roots
of the hair, supplying re- ■
quired nourishment, and
natural color and beauty
returns. Grey hair disap
pears, bald spots are cov
ered, hair stops falling, and
luxuriant growth is the re
sult. Ladies and Children
urill appreciate the delight
ful fragrance and rich,
glossy appearance impart
ed to the hair, and no fear
of soiling the skin, scalp, or
most elegant head-dress.
Sold by all Druggist*.
Depot 198 & 200 Greenwich St. N. Y.
8ept 27, 1885—d&w6m
U. S. Marshal’s Notice.
United States of America, i
District qf Maine, 88. (
PURSUANT to a Monition from the Hon. Ashur
Ware, Judge of the United States District Court,
within and for the District ot Maine, I hereby give
gabltc notice that the following Libel bas been filed
i said Court, viz:
A Libel against the Schooner Only Son, her tackle,
apparel and furniture, together with three casks of
Hides; 5562 thousand qf Shingles; seven thousand
Clapboards; three bags Oats; two kegs Butter; forty
chests Tea; two lags qf Tobacco; J{fty pounds Nut
m gs; two casks of Alcohol, containing sixty gallons,
which were, or had been, laden on bo ra said Schooner,
seized by the Collector ot the District of French
man's Bay, on the twenty third day of November
last past, at Tremont, in said District.
Which seizure was for a breach of the laws of the
United States, as is more particular ly set firth n said
Libel ; that a hearing anu trial will be bad thereon at
Portland, in said District, on the nineteenth day qf
December current; where any ersou interested
therein may appear and shew cause, if any can be
shown, wherefore the same should not be decrocd
forfeit, and disposed of according to law.
Dated at Portland, this fourth day of December.
A. D. 1865. '
Deputy U. 8. Maishal Dist. of Maine.
Deo 4—dl4d
U. S. Marshal’s Notice.
United States op Auebioa, )
_District ol Maine, ss. j
PURSUANT to a Citation to mo directed from the
A lion. AaIiut Ware, Judge ot the United States
ptstriot Court, wlihiu ami far the District ol Maine,
I hereby give public novice that the followingDibel
has been fllel In said Court, viz:
A L bet a ;ainst uNE BUOY and its appurtenan
ces, now lying at Stratum's Island, in the District
Salvage-'iKed James C. Jordan and others for
A hearing and trial will be had thereon at Pout
land, in said District, on Tuesday, the Twelfth day
of December current, where any persons interested
therein, may appear and show cause, if any can be
shown, wherefore the same should not be deereod
liable t > Salvage, and disposed ol aeoorilino to low
Dated at Portland, this sixth day of Dtcember'
A. D. 1866. *
Deputy U. S. Marshal,
Dec. 7—dtd Dist. oi Maine.
Merchants* National Bank.
THE Stockholder* of this Bank are hereby notified
that a Special Mooting will he bolifen at the
Bank°nSATUH^AY, T)ac. o. 1865, at ton o’clock,
A. M., tor the following purposes.
tauUkomedBSk.‘b*r *,Cy "'UIincV91B0 the
f2iL~T,3 doclde wnether they will increase the value
ol the s lares to one hundred dollars each
mn--Tr Tn'nthC tra"s3;'ti ,aot any “‘her business that
may loyally come before them.
By Order of the Directors.
PnrHntij xr __ - CHASs PA\SON, Cashier.
Portland, Nov. 28,1868. no23d d
T ^ickrr,lay31 pavfncr, D. B.
UiB and ,or ttl0 future will coniiue in
Grocery and Produce Business,
atni8r3tFo™™ttS“00rDA1JFORTH & HACKEE,
Portland, Nov. 7th, 1801b *
~ A. M. McKE^Npy^s ~
Frame Manufactory!
284 CONGRESS ST., Cor. of Centre.
ALL kinds of Mirror and Portrait Frame*, made
in the best manner. Gilding done in a suporioi
style, under the charge of Mr. JAMES TODD, whe
has had forty years experience. Square Frames ol
all kinds made to order, in a neat manner,by the best
oi workmen. A large aesortment constantly on liant
lor wholesale and retail trade. oc3eod&eow3a
3000 Yds. Poplins and Thibets,
MAltIUSD down and to bo sold at bargains.
Jiovu dlstf No. » Clapp’s Block.
For Sale and to Let*
Valuable Hotel Property
On Middle, Willow mid Silver Sta.,
in the City ot Portland, Maine, belonging in part to
tho Estate >f Hon. JUliN M. WOOD, and in part to
the undereiguod, is offered lor sale and call be pur
chased at a GREAT BARGAIN,
It occupies aboui nineteen thousand square feet ol
land, with an aggregate frontage of live hundred and
seventy-live feet, ft is Five Stories U'ujh, and con
tains about ftro hundred and fifteen apartments Jot
the use ot t/ucsts, besides four capacious stores, and all
the most approved modern conveniences for a FIRST
It was designed by Wm. Wasiihubn, Esq., Archi
tect, of Boston.
Its arrangements for Hotel purposes arc pronounc
ed by competent judges lo be fully equal to those ol
any Hotel in the country. Its construction is most
thorough in all respects: the basement and nrs.
stories being quite fire-proof, and all other parti
nearly so. „ , ,
Its original estimated cost was SULOOth exclusive
ol the land; ot this sum about S140.000 have been
expended to bring it to it* present s'age of progress,
and it is lieUeved that notwithstanding the present
enhanced prices, It can be completed lor occupancy
for ¥76,000,Recording to tho original plans.
For price, terms of sale and other particulars, en
quire of ’ JOS. ILSLEY.
November 11,18G5.—dtf
For Sale.
HOUSE and Land on the corner oi Brackett and
Spring streets. Lot about 60 feet on Brackett
bv 100 feet on Spring Street.
Two storied house containing nine rooms w ith good
out-buildings. Enquire of
87 Middle Street.
Dec 4—tf
For Sale.
Fox further particulars enquire of, or address
Firm of Stevens, Farrman & Co.
Nov. 11—dtf
Valuable Beal Estate
THAT three-story BRICK TENEMENT, No. 14
Brown Street—a very desirable residence—in
complete repair.
Also—The two-story Brick House No. 23 Fore St.
Inquire of
Nov 4—dtf101 Middie Street.
House for . Sate.
mHE three-storv Brick House Xo. 70, corner of
A Danforth and Tate Streets. It has all tho mod
ern improvements and is in excellent condition.
The house can be examined any day.
For terms, &c., apply to
Rufus e. wood,
No. 10 Central Wharf.
Portland, Nov. 8,1865.—lstf
For Sale.
THE Stock and Fixtures of a Provision and Gro
cery Store, with a good run oi trade. Location
as good as any in the city, both for buying and sell
For further particulars address P. 0. Box No. 69.
Portland, Nov. 8tli, 1865. novlOdSw*
For Sale.
A LOT in Evergreen Cemetery, on tho main Avo
nue. Said lot is composed of two lots in one,
and is very handsomely laid out. For particulars,
address Box 596 P. O.
Nov 4—dtf
For Sale.
The two-story liouso and lot corner ol Lin
Kl'djcoln and Mayo Streets, containing twelve
Hyirooms. It is finished lor two families, with
abundance of bard and soft water. Lot 35 by 70. It
is pleasantly situated and in good repair. Terms
easy. Apply to
Oct 21—dtf 144 Middle St.
For Sale and to Let.
THE Stock of Goods for Sale, and Store to rent in
Payson Block, No. 37$ Middle St. Apply to P.
S. W., on the promises, or at house No. 42 Middle St.,
Portland, Me. oc&ltf
Store to Let.
THE Brick Store corner Commercial and Franklin
Streets, at present occupied by Messrs. Jeffer
son Coolidge & Co. Possession given Oct. 1st.
Bept 27—dtf
To be Let.
A FOUR STORY ERICK STORE, centrally located
on Exchange Street, suitable for a Wholesale Dry
Goods business, or for the manufacture of Clothing, or
of Boots and Shoes. Will be vacated thiB month or
the next. For further information inquire of DR.
NEWTON, Office 115 Exchange Street, up stairs, or
| of J. E. DOW, coiner of Milk and Exchange Streets.
Portland, Sept. 19th, 1865. dtf
Real Estate for Sale.
HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Middle Street, known as
thePav^on H^tse.
House and Lot comer ol Waterville and Sherbrook
Sts. Terms easy, to suit purchasers.
Apply to W, 37 J Middle St. Julylldtl
Valuable Real Estate!
The fineiv located Real Estate, on tho cor
m ncrof
State and Danforth Sts.,
Now owned and occupied by the subscriber.
For particulars enquire of his Attorneys, Messrs.
Deblois & Jackson, 58 Exchange Street.
July 6.—dtf
Real Estate lor* Sale,
In Cape Elizabeth.
AVERY desirable residence in Cape Elizabeth,
one mile from Portland Bridge. The house is
two stories, containing 13 rooms, closets, &c., all in
complete order. Also well arranged Stable and out
buildings. Tho lot contains 60.0011 foot, and for beau
ty of location is unsurpassed in this vicinty.
Term easy. For particulars enquire at
ZOS Valorem St.,
july25dtf Portland, Me.
For Sale.
A HOUSE containing eight rooms, located on
Cumberland St., three minutes walk from Post
Office. Gas throughout, furnace, hard and soft water.
For futtber information apply to
Office of Claim Agency, No. 2 Fox Block, (up stairs).
Nov 29—dtf
To Let or Lease for a term of Years.
THE Store and Wharf now occupied by Charles
H. Merrill, situated between Union Wharf and
Merrill’s. The Wharf contains about 1500 square It.,
with a two story building thereon, 20 by 75. For fur
ther particulars inquire of
may25dtf No. 6$ Union Wliart.
House Lots for Sale.
SEVERAL finely located House Lots in Cape Eliz
abeth, three minutes* walk from the Cape Bridge.
Inquire oi E. N. PERRY, at the ShernTs Office, Poit
Hnd, where a plan ot Cape Elizabeth lots mav be
seen. mayl3tf
For Sale.
THE Two-story Brick House and Lot, No. 2 Deer
Street, at a great bargain.
For particulars, enquire oi
00118311 Atlantic Wharf.
9ar.T,'afle.vM.ai!u ,aftor5' No- 20 Preble
btreet, with all tne tools and appurtenances neces
sary to carry on a lirst-class Carriago Manufacturing
Business. 6
A number of first-class TOP . BUGGIES and JEN
NY LINDS, and Six (6) warranted CONCORL
For particulars enquire oi
P. II# RANDALL# on the premises,
Or of JOHN RANDALL, at Randall & Woodbury’s,
Commercial St.
Aug. 29—dtf.
For Sale.
MThfl two-story Brick House No. 46 Danfort 1:
Inquire of JAMES E. CARTER,
No. 4 Portland Pier,
Not 16—dtf Second National Bank.
For Sale.
AVERY valuable Family Horse; to be sold for no
fault, but because the owner lias no use for him.
"i.1 , H. PACKARD,
Not 28—dtf No. 61 Exchange St.
Farm for Sale.
rpHE Farm well known as the “Morse Farm, "near
A o u!\n s Depot in North Yarmouth, containing
one hundred and ten acres is offered for sale. Terms
easy. For Particulars enquire of
v ir .. VI’-C;I',)WS(1, oil tile premises.
No Yarmouth, Nov. 28tb,lS6S. no29d2w<
Horses for Sale Cheap.
a.. .P°ur,»>■ «ve HORSES for SALE,
yfc&Tj either tor Harness or Saddle, or both.
May bo seen at ilic RIDING SCHOOL
STABLE, South Street. nov24 d4w
For Sale.
ONE second-hand Engine and Boiler (16 horse
power) all complete.
Second-hand Shafting and Pnllies.
One new horizontal Engine (6 in. cylinder.)
One new Oscillating Engine, (6 in. 'cylinder.)
One small 3 horse power Engine and Boiler.
AhO’Second-hantf Mill Gearing and Shafting.
tt"*"01 Machinery promptly made and
Dec n_d2m*A W1NN- A'ent' No- U Union St.
pec ..turn Portland, Me.
For Sale.
1 ikOO TONS square Haekmetack Timber
and H^dV^Mt^ °ak’
Oct 21—dtf L" T'aYLOR, 61 Commercial St.
For Sale.
B9v2<ltf ile. 80 Middle Street.
Wants, Lost and Found.
Black Lace Veil Lost,
ON Saturday last, between Vaughan and Park
Streets. The finder will oe suitably rewarded by
returning it to 42 Park Street.
IN the month of October last past, from the entry
of the New Citv Bpildiko, (probably by mis
take) a LADDER. ... , .
Whoever has the same will confer a lhvor by re
turning it forthwith to D w FESSENDEN_
Portland, Dec. 5th, 1SC5.—dlw
A PARTNER with $5000 to engage with the ad
vertiser in a manufacturing business in this city
that will jiay at least one hundred i>er cent, on the
investment, as will be satisfactorily shown upon an
Address B. B., Bex 999 Boston, Post Office, witli
real name to iriBure a reply.
Dec 6—d2w*
ON Sunday, Dec. 3d, either in the citv or on the
road to Steven's Plains, one Blue Poplin Dress
Pattern; whoever will return the same to DAVID
AVERILL & CO.'S Livery Stable, Preble at., shall
be suitably rewarded.
Dec 6—dlw*
ANI) Local Agents Wanted, either ladies or gen
tlemen, to sell a tine Steel Engraving of Presi
dent Lincoln. and Family. Those acquainted with
them, say the likenesses'are correct. It is large
size, and the only Engraving qf the family in exist
ence. Agents are easil.. making $4 or $5 per day,
with it. It is sold only by my agents, to whom ex
clusive territory is riven. Samples sent by mail for
$1,50. Send immediately if you wish to secure good
territory. Everybody likes it.
WM. I. RICE, Gen. Agent,
No. 13 Atlantic bt., Portland, Maine.
P. O. Box 1737. dc2d&w*
Agents Wanted,
EITHER Ladies or Gentlemen. Rememlmr that
WM. GRACE <& CO., offer better inducements
to returned Soldiers, and others, than any other
house in the Eastern States, to sell fine Steel Engrav
ings and Books by subscription.
Address at once, with stamp, WM. GRACE & CO.,
161 Middle St., Portland, Me. P. O. Box 1732.
Oct 14—d&w3m
A MAN AND WIFE to live with a family In this
city. The woman to be a first rate Cook, and the
man to understand about the care of horses,carriages,
and general work about the bouse. Liberal wages
will be paid.
Apply at the ARGUS OFFICE.
Dec 2—tf
Lost l
A CHECK drawn by Mathews & Thomas, on
Canal National Bank, dated Oct. 26th or 27th,
for One Thousand Dollars. Payment has been
stopped. All persons are cautioned against receiving
the same. The finder shall be suitably rewarded by
returning it to
At Canal National Bank.
Nov 23—dtf __
CUSTOM Coat and Pant Makers—HIGHEST
prices paid.
W. F. CHI SAM, 96 Exchange St.
Portland, Nov. 15—d4w
AN Agent in every town in the State of Maine to
sell a new, convenient and useful patented arti
cle. Ladies or Gentlemen wishing for a rare chance
to make money should call on, ov addresss,
130 Middle Street,
Nov 23—dtf Portland, Maine.
Tenement Wanted.
WANTID a tenement suitable for one or two
small families, with good water privileges.
Please address Tenement, Box 1503.
Oct 10—dtf
. Wanted.
Vessels to load deals at St. John, N.
B., for English and Irish Ports, at high
est rates of freight.
> Also,
' To load lumber at same place for Galves
ton, Philadelphia and Richmond.
No. 4 Central Wnarf.
Aug. 29—dtf
Great Bargains!
Must be stold to make room for
250 Barrel* Choice l>ried Apples,
500 44 Jackson Potatoes,
250 44 Coffee Crushed Sugars,
lOO 44 Granulated Sugar,
250 44 No. 2 Syrup,
115 44 No. 1 Syrup,
50 44 Fancy Baltimore Flours,
50 44 Kerosene Oil,
8 44 Spirits Turpentine,
100 44 Wilmington Tar,
200 44 Wilmington Pitch,
50 44 No. 1 Rosin,
15 44 No. 2 Rosin,
030 Boxes Manufactured Tocaceo,
4G Cases Manufactured Tobacco.
Oider, Butter, Pickles, Buckwheat Flour,
Apples, &c.,
Commission House,
No. 63 Commercial St.,
Not. 15—dtfPORTLAND.
Prime High Mixed Corn,
JUST lauding from schooner James Bropby. Also,
Cargo of Schooner Concord.
Yellow Corn,
A prime quality lor mealing, now in store, for sale
by car load free on track, at the very lowest market
Meal, Meal.
Supplied to dealers in any quantity, at any place of
business in the city, or by car load on any line of rail
road by EDW. H. BURGIN,
City Mills, No. 120 Commercial Street.
November 14, 1865. dim
Whit i Lead.
Atlantic V lite Lead
and Linseed Oil Co.,
of New Y k,
Manufacturers of PU E WHITE
LEAD. Dry and in Oil. ED LEAD,
LITHARGE, Glass-nu-. ers’ Red
Lead, etc.
Also, LINSEED OIL, Rav, Boiled
and Refined.
For sale by Druggists & Dealers
genu-1 ally, and by
General Agents,
287 Pearl St., NEW YORK.
City of Portland.
"ITTHEREAS, the City Council on the 4th day of
▼ V December passed an order to re-lay out the
Southerly End of tne Western Promenade, commenc
ing at a point directly opposite the Western corner of
the Cemetery fence, and continuing on a curve line
lour rods wide to Danforth St.
And whereas said Order was referred by the City
Council, Dec. 4,1865, to the undersigned, for them
to consider and act upon, therefore
Notice is hereby given, to all parties interested,
that the Joint Standing Committee of the City Coun
cil on laying out new Streets, will meet to hear the
parties m interest on the 15th day of December, 1865,
at 3 o’clock in the atternoon, at the Mayor’s Office,
and will then and there proceed to determine and
adjudge whether the public convenience requires said
street or way to be re-laid out.
Given under our liandsjon this 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1865.
qAf°f“terL ' on
J. BRADFORD, New streets
A. GIDDINGS. New Streets.
Dec >—dtd , __
To the Senate and House of Representatives qf the
rpHtfproprietes^r^e Union Wharf in Portland,
1 hereby request tliat their Charter be so amended
ns to authorize them to enclose their whan with a
Stone Wall, with suitable platiorms outside.
EDW.\ RD FOX, ) wharf
A. K. Sll RTLEFF, Co"“ittec.
R. O. CON ANT, )
Dec 4, 1865. dc5d3w_
All \ A YE. t made by any one with
Stencil 1\ -is. No experience
necess ry. The Presidents, CasMers, and Treasur
frs of three Banks indor the circular. Sent free
with samples. Address the Am rlean Stencil Tool
Works, Springfield, Vermont. oc5d3m
Eagle Hill Mutual Coal Company.
THE stockholders in this Company entitled to ooal,
are requested to call and get their orders.
Dec 6—dSt
JOHN E. dowTsorC
Insurance Agents,
29 Exchange St., Portland,
LARGEST Fire Insurance Agency in the State,
Capital represented over
Thirty Million Dollars,
Fire, Marine, Life and Accident
Insurance In all it branches.
The following First Class Insurance Offices are rep
resented by this Agency, via
Metropolitan Insurance Co., 1ST. Y.,
Assets $1,430,000
Phoenix Insurance Co., N. Y.,
Assets $1,518,000
Niagara Insurance Co., of N. Y.,
Assets $1,300,000
liorillard Insurance Qo., of N. Y.,
Assets $1,312,000
Manhattan Insurance Co., of N. Y.,
Assets $1,000,000
North American Insurance Co., of N. Y.,
Assets $097,000
Columbia Insurance Co., of N. Y.,
Assets $500,000
Hanover Insurance Co., of N. Y.,
Assets $495,000
Enterprise Insurance Co., of Phila.,
Assets $300,000
Commercial Mutual Marine Ins.
Company of N. Y.,
Assets $1,035,000
Piscataqua Fire and Marine Ins. Co.,
of So. Burwick, Maine,
Capital anil Surplus $400,000
Springfield Fire and Marine Ins. Co.,
of Springfield, Mass.,
Assets $570,000
Hampden Fire Ins. Co., of Springfield,
Assets $200,000
Charter Oak Insurance Company,
of Hartford Conn.,
Assets $300,000
Travellers Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn.,
Assets $500,000
New York Life Insurance Co.,
Assets over $4,000,000
Liverpool, i.onuon, ana uiooe ins. co s,
of London, Eng., Assets over
Twenty Million Dollars in Gold!
Assets of the New York Branch,
UAL FIRE POLICIES, and open Marine Policies
Binding Certificates Given at this Office*
Factories, Mills, Tanneries,
And all Special Risks taken at the lowest rates.
Particular attention given to insuring all kinds of
Farm Buildings, Stocks, Tools, &c.
Kfr“Ocean, Coastwise and Inland Marine Risks
solicited, and Goods in Transportation by R. R. and
And Insurance Against 'Accidents!
In the most reliable Companies.
The public ar»> invited to inspect our Rooms where
all information in regard to Insurance will be given
29 Exchange St*
Portland, Nov. I, 1865. nov3TT&stf
Mutual Insurance Company
61 Wall St, cor. William, NEW YORK.
January, 1866.
Insures Against Marine and Inland Navi
gation Risks.
The whole profits of the Company revert to the
Assured, and are divided Annually, upon the
Premiums terminated during the year; and :or which
Certificates ore Issued, bearing interest until re
The Dividends in the Years 1883.4 and 6 were 40
por cent each.
The Profits for 22 Years amount to the
•um of $19,891,020
Oi which here has boon redeemed by
Cosh, 12,863,730
The Company has Assets, over Sieven Million
Dollars, viz:—
United States and State of New-York
Btook, City, Bank and other Stocks, $4,974,700
Loans secured by Stocks and otherwise, 2,187,960
Premium Notes and Bills Receivable,
Real Estate, Bond and Mortgages, and
other securities, 3,140,630
United 8tates Gold Coin, Ml ,890
Cash in Bonk, 288.480
trustees :
John D Jones, Wm Sturgis, Jr,
Charles Dennis, Ileury K Bogert,
WH H Moore, William K Dodgo,
Henry C»'i, Dennis Perkins,
wm C Pickeragill, Joseph Goilaid, Jr,
Lewis Curtis, J Henry Burgy,
Charles H Russell, Cornelius Grtnuell,
Lowell Holbrook, C A Hand,
K Warren Weston, Watts Sherman,
Royal Phelps, B J Howland,
Caleb Baretow. Benj Babcock,
A P Pillot, Fletcher Westray,
Danel 8 Miller, Rob B Minium, Jr,
Joshua J Henry, Gordon W Burnham,
leorge G Hobson, Frederick Chauncey,
aiarld Lane, James Lew,
/ mes Bryce, Chas H Marshall.
John D. Jokes. President.
Charles Dbnhis, Vice-President.
W. H. H. Moore, 2d Vioe-Pres’t.
I. H. Chapman, Acting Secretary.
Applications reoeived by
I. W. HUNGER, 166 Fore St.
FabSledlm llmeodA w6w PORTLAND.
PLEASANT to the palate, cause no pain, act
promptly, never require increase ol dose, do not *
exhaust, and lor elderly persons, females and cluhl
ren, are just the thing. Two taken at night mov
the bowels guce the next rooming. Warranted
in all cases of Piles and Falling of the Rectum. We
promise a cure for all symptoms of the Dyspepsia,
such as Oppression after eating, Sour Stomach, Spit
ting ot lood, Palpitations; also, Headache, Dizziness,'
Pain in the Back and Loins, Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Sick Headache, Coated Tongue, Bilious
ness, Liver Complnint. Loss of Appetite, Debility,
Monthly Pains, and all Irregularities, Neuralgia,
Faintness, &c, Travelers find the Lozenges just
what they need, as they are 80 compact and inodorous
hat they may be carried in the vest pocket. Price CO
cents per box; small boxes 30 cents, For sale by J.
S. HARRISON & CO., Proprietors, No 1 Tremont
Temple, Boston. Will be mailed to any address on
enclosing 80 cents. July4dly
BALSAM Is warauted to cure Coughs,Colds. Hoarse*
ness, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Sore Throat, Con
sumption, and and all affections ol the throat and
For sale bv Druggists. 50 cents per bottle.
GEO C. GOODWIN & CO., 37 Hanover Street.
Boston, Sole Agents lor New England.
thousands ot the worst cases of Blind and Blcedine
Piles. It gives immediate relief, and effects a per
manent cure. Try it directly. It is warranted to
cure. For sale by all Druggists. 50 cts. ner botlle
GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Haiover Street
Boston, Solo Agents tor New England. novlOdOnl
THE undersigned have formed a copartnership un
der the name and firm of
And having purchased the stock of Chase, LitHeflold
<S Co., will continue the general HARDWARE BU
SINE -S at the old stand, 175 Middle and 118 Federal
Streets. __
Portland, Sept. 22,1865.
Mr. D. D. Chase, so long and favorably kr,»wn
to the Hardware trad# of Portland, will remain with
the new 11 rm Mj>29 ’85 tf
Holiday Presents.
Holiday Presents.
Washes,Chains, Diamond Rings,&c.
To be disposed of at
Without regard to Value.’ Xot to be paid /or until
you know what you are to receive.'
Splendid List or Articles I
All to be sold at One Dollar Each 1
800 Musical Boxes, $20 to $1S0 each.
150 “ “ with Bella &
Castinets, 200 to 500 *<
500 Silver Teapots and Coffee •
Urns, 20 to 50 14
500 Silver Chafing Dishes. 30 to 100 44
1000 44 Ice Pitchers, 20 to 50 44
2500 44 Syrup Cups with Salvers, 20 to 60 44
5000 Goblets and Drinking
Unps, 5 to 50 44
3000 Silver Castors, 15 to 50 44
2000 44 Fruit, card and Cake
Baskets, 20 to 50 44
5000 Dozen Silver Tea Spoons, 10 to 20 doz
1000 44 “ Table Spoons & 1 w ™ uoz*
Forks, 20 to 40 44
250 Gent’s Gold Hunting-Case
cKfi Watchas, 50 to 150 each.
250 La<lies’ (.old and Enameled
Hunting-case Watches, 35 to 70 44
600 Gent’s Hunting-case Silver
Watches, 35 to 70 44
200 Diamond Bings. 60 to 100 44
5000 Gold Vest and Neck Chains. 4 to 30 44
3000 44 Oval Band Bracelets, 4 to 8 44
5000 Jet and Gobi Bracelets, 6 to 10 44
2000 Chatelaine Chains and Guard
Chains, 5 to 20 44
7000 Solitaire and Gold Brooches, 4 to 10 44
5000 Coral, Opal and Emerald
Brooches, 4 to g <<
5000 Mosiac, Jet, Lava & Floren
tine Ear Drops, 4 to g «
7500 Coral, Opal, and Emerald Ear
Drops 4 to 6 ««
4000 California Diamond Breast
Pins. 2,50 to 10 44
3000 Gold Fob and Vest Watch keys, 2,50 to 8 44
4000 Fob and Vest Ribbon-slides, 3 to 10 *•
5000 Sets Solitaire Sleeve-buttons,
Studs. &c, 3 to 8 44
3000 Gold Thimbles, Pencils, &c, 4 to 6 44
10000 Minature Lockets, 2,50 to 10 44
4000 44 44 Magic
• Spring, 10 to 20 44
3000 Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, &c, 2 to 8 44
5000 Plain Gold Rings, 4 to 10 44
5000 chased 44 4 to 11 *4
10000 Stone Set and Signet Rings, 2,50 to 10 44
10.00 California Diamond Rings, 2 to 10 44
7500 Sets Ladies’ JeWelry — Jet
and Gold, 5 to 15 44
6000 Sets Ladies Jewelry—Cameo,
Pearl, Opal and other stones, 4 to 15 44
10000 Gold Pens, Silver Extension
Holders and Pencils. 4 to 10 44
10000 Gold Peus and Gold Mounted
Holders, 6 to 10 44
5000 Gold Pens and Gold Exten
sion Holders, 15 to 25 44
5000 Ladies' Gilt and Jet Buckles. 5 to 15 44
5000 44 “ 44 44 Hair Bars
& Balls, 5 to 10 44
ARRANDALE & Co., Manufacturers Agents,
No. 167, Broadway, New York,
Announce that all of the above list of goods will be
sold for One Dollar each.
In consequence of the great stagnation ol trade in
the manufacturing districts of England, through
the war having cut off the supply of cotton, a large
quantity of Valuable Jewelry, originally intended
for the English market, has been sent ott' for sale in
this country, and MUST BE SOLD AT ANY SAC
RIFICE! Under these circumstances, ARItAN
DALE & Co., acting as agenta for the principal Eu
ropean manufacturers have resolved upon a
to be divided according to the following regulations:
Certificates of the various articles are put into en
velopes indiscriminately, sealed up, and when ordor
cd, ara taken out without regard to choice, and sent
by mail, thus showing no favoritism. On receipt of
the certificate, you will see what vou are to have
and then it is at your option to send Ihe dollar and
take the article or not. Purchasers may thus ob
tain a Gold 'Yatcti, Diamond King, or any set of
Jewelry on our list for One Dollar.
Send 26 cents fob Certificate.
In all transactions by mail, we shall charge for
formal-ding the certificates, paying postage and do
ing tlio business, 25 oents eaoh, which must he en
closed whan tho Certificate is sent for. Five certifi
cates will he sent for eleven for $2, thirty lor $5,
sixty-five tor $10, one hundred tor $15.
The Lafayette {Ind.) Daily Courier, Mar. IS, 1865,
“A better selected, more varied or fashionable as
sortment of Jewelry cannot he found on the contl -
nent than Arrandale & Co. are now offering. Messrs.
Arrandale & Co. occupy a high position in commer
cial circles as men entirely above the common tricke
ry of trade. Thoir statements may he implicitly re
lied upon, both as to the character of their goods and
the manner of disposal. Ladies especially, in all
parts of tho country, are realizing handsome profits
as agents, and if any of our fair readers desire to in
terest themselves in the enterprise, they may do so
with perfect confidence.
Great Gift Distribution.—A rare opportuni
ty is offered for obtaining watches, chains, diamond
rings, tilvor ware, etc., by Mess s Arrandale & Co.,
at So. 167 Broadway. They have an immense stock
of articles, var ring in val ue, and all are offered at one
dollar each. The distribution is very airly done—
you agree to take a certificate nfaoertaiu article, en
closed in an envelope, and are not required to nay
your dollar unless you are satisfied with the article,
which will certainly be worth more than the amount,
and may be $50 or $100. An excellent mode this or
investing a dollar. —Sunday Times, N. Y. City, Feb..
1805. ’
Messrs. Airandale & Co. have long been personally
known to us, and wo believe them to be every way
-Worthy of public confidence.—New York Scottish
Amerioan Journal, June 11, 1804.
We have inspected, at the office of Arrandale &
Co.’s Agency, for European Manufacturing Jewel
lers, a large assortment of fashionable and valuable
jewelry of the newest patterns. We also noticed a
lar^e quantity of silver plate, and understand that
the whole of these newly imported articles are to be
disposed ol on a novel principle, giving great advan
tages to buyers, and altording extensive employment
to agents. We know the firm in question to be very
respectable and thoroughly worthy of public conti
‘ donee, and recommend our friends to read their ad
vertisement.— X. Y. Albion Sept. 3,1864.
Employment for Ladies.—The most eligible
and profitable employment we have heard of for la
dies is the sale of certificates for the Great Gift Dis
tribution of Ai randale <& Co. A lady of our ac
quaintance lias been very successful in this way, not
only i. tilling her own purse, but also in doing a good
turn to those to whom she sold the Certificates, as
will bo seen by our advertising columns. Gentlemen
can also thus be engaged. X. Y. Sunday Mercury,
Aug. 14, 1865. y'
The British Whig of Kingston, C. W., says, Nov.
26lh, 1864, “One of our lady subscribers became as
agent for Arrandale & Co., and by request brought
some twenty articles sent as prizes for her agency, to
this office for inspection, and without hesitation we
can state that each and all of the articles were worth
treble the amount of cost to the recipients, and somo
of them six times,”
We have seen some very pretty specimens of Table
and Teaspoons, Gold Watches, Ladies’ Chains, Pins,
Bracelets, etc., which have been sent by Arrandale
& Co. to this place tor $1 each,—Angelica Reporter.
N. Y. State, Feb. 15, 1865. *
AGENTS.—Wc want agents in every regiment,
and in every town and county in the country, ana
those acting as such will bo allowed 10 cents on every
certificate ordered by them, provided their remit
tance amounts to one dollar, also other inducements
which can bo learned on application. Agents will
colloct 25 cents for every certificate, and remit 15
cents to ub oither m cash or postage stamps.
167, Broadway, New York.
Watches, Diamonds &c.
For the Holidays!
The house of bosanquet, giraud & co.,
have the pleasure of announcing that they have
opened an Agency in the city of New York, for the
sale of their widely known JEWELRY, WATCHES,
&c., and for tho purpose of making their goods as ex
tensively known ana appreciated in the United States
as they now arc, and have been for over 70 years, in
Europe; they have determined on a plan by which
poor and rich alike may have the advantage of their
splendid styles. As a preliminary, they would re*
mark that they manufacture anti sell no imitation
Jewelry or Watches, but
All are Warranted Gold of the
Finest Workmanship.
Our customers will also have the great advantage
of a constant succession of new and recherche styles
and patterns with which we shall keep our New York
Agency supplied.
We have adopted the plan of sale now so popular,
of charging a uniform price, and this price will inva
riably be S2 for each article, no matter how costly it
may be. The expenses of conducting our New York
Agency are paid by the sale of Certificates or Coupons
repi esenting the various articles. These Certificates
are sold at 50 cents each, or five tor $2, and each Cer
tificate will show the holder the particular article he
or she is entitled to, on payment of an additional $2.
[f the article named on tho Certificate is not desired
i ho holder will oblige us. when he returns the Certif
icate, by stating what other article of the same value
he or she may prefer, and it will be sent with pleas
ure. OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE, and every means
to that end will be exerted. We solicit a trial from
every one who reads this notice as we are confident of
giving tho utmost satisfaction.
Amongst other articles, Splendid Clocks, Gold and
Silver Watches, Rings set with Diamonds, Rubies,
Pearls, Garnet and other Stones, (solitaire and in
clusters). Ladies’ sets of Jewelry comprising Pins and
Ear Rings of the most fashionable styles, set in Prec
ious Stones of every variety, together with a large as
sortment of Gold and Enamellod and Pearl Sets,
Gold Studs an-1 Sleeve Buttons of the most beauttful
patterns. Gents’ Bosom and 8oarf Pins, and an end
less variety of Bracelets, Chains, Musical Boxes,
Head Dresses, Combs, Charms, &c. In case any of
our patrons are not in want of Articles of Jewelry,
an l would prefer Silverware, we will send, for any
Certificate returned to us, a richly engraved SET OF
CASTORS or BUTTER DISH, beautifully chased
and plated.
Agents are Wanted
In every part of tho United States and Provinces,
and to a 1 sueb very liberal inducements will be offer
ed, and, on application, a circular of terms will be
forwarded. Wo prefer money sent in Post Office Or
ders where they can be obtaiued, or by Bank Draft
to our order. Address all orders to our Agenoy,
which will be conducted by
dec7d and wlm 189 Broadway, New York.
THIS highly nutricious and pleasant iood. so pop
ular in Germany and England, was devised the
Suit year by the celebrated chemist, Baron Liebig of
erlin. Infinite who are deprived of the mother’s
milk, can be made healthy and strong by the con
stant use of this food. And invalids, those who are
consumptive, dyspeptic or feeble from any cause, wilN
find it most excellent and strength-imparting.
Messrs. JAS. R. NICHOLS & CO., Manufacturing
Chemists, 150 Congress Street, have made arrange
ments to prepare this food perfectlv pure and fresh,
in large quantities,
For sale bv all the Apothecaries, W. F, PHIL
LIPS A Co., Wholesale Agent..
Not iH-dtf
Leave Portland for Boston at£45 A. M. and 2 20 r.
Leave Boston for Portland at 7 30 A. H. and 2 30 p.
Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily.
Portland, Nov. 6,1865—dtl
| On and after Monday. Oct 30. 1865,
rains will leave as follows, until ftirther
Leave Saco River for Portland at 6 30 and 9 40 A. If.
and 340 P. u.
Leavo Portland for Saco River at 8 00 A. if, and 2 00
and 5 30 p u.
The 9 40 a m and 200 p n. train, will bo freight
trains, with passenger cars attached.
ty Stages connect at Uorhaui for West Gorham,
Standish, Steep Falls. Baldwin, Denmark, Sebago,
Brldgton, Lovell, Hiram, BrowuHeld, Fryeburg,
Conway, Bartlett, Jackson Limington, Cornish,Por
ter Freodom, Mad son. and Eaton. N. H
At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Bonny-Eagle,
Soutli Limington Limington, Limerick, Newheld,
Parsonsfield and Osslpee
At Saccarappa for South Windham, Windham Hill,
and North Windham, daily
Portland, Oct 26, 1665—dtf
MW1865 Trains leave Portland. Grand
Trunk Station, for Lewiston and Auburn, at 7 00 A.
M., and 1.25 P.M.
For Bangor and intermediate Stations at 1.25 P. M.
Returning—Leave Lewiston at 6 20 A. M , aud ar
rive in Portland at 8 30 A M. Leave Bangor at 7 30
A M , and arrive in Portland at 2.15 P. 31. Both of
these trains eonnoct at Portland with trains for Bos
Freight train leaves Portland at 8 A. 31., and re
turning is due in Portland at 1 Y. 31.
Stages connect with trains at principal Stations,
daily for most of the towns north and east of this line.
C. M. MORSE, Supt.
Waterville. June 22.1865. jbne23tf
Ot Canada.
rB*m*3S5g3 On and after Monday, Nov. 6*3,1865,
y*ii**"3ire»trftin3 will run as follows: —
31orning Train for South Paris, Lewiston and
Auburn at 7 35 A M.
31uil Train for Waterville, Bangor, Gorham. Island
ond, Montreal and Quebec at 110 r m
This train connects with Exp-ess train for Toronto,
ctroit&nd Chicago. S eeping Cars attached Rom
lan d Pond to Quobeo and Montreal.
No Baggage can be received or oheckod after the
m e above stated.
Trains will arrive as follows
From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, 810am
From Montreal, Quebec Ac. - - - 1 45 p. m.
The Company are not responsible for baggage to
any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person
al) unless notice is given and paid for at the rate of
one passenger lor every $50-' additional value.
C. J BRYDGES, Managing Director.
H BAILEY, ljocai Superintendent.
Portland, Nov. 1,1865 nov2dtf
Grand Trunk Railway.
■>» 1 ■
For Tickets to all points West k South West,
General Western Ticket Office,
90 Exchange Street.
ry~ Fares from 04 to 07 lower via. the Grand
Trunk Railway, than any other route to the West.
Xj. a'. Dt-Atn, ueu. A"r.
276 Broadway, New York.
WOT. H iiUWftlKS.
Eastern Agt.,Bangor.
90 Exchange Street,
August 10—dfirnPORTLAND.
Important to Travelers
West, South, North-West and J,he Canadas.
IS Agent for all the great Leading Routes to Chica
go, Cincinnati, Cleveland Detroit, Milwaukee,
Galena, Oshkosh, 8t. Paul, LaCrosae, Green Bay,
Quincy, 8t. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo,
ttc.. and is prepared to furnish Through Tickets
from Portland to ah the principal Cities and Towns
in the leyal States and the Canadas, at the
And all needful inlormation cheerfully furnished.
Travellers will find It groat ly to their advantage
to procure Through Tlekotc at the
Poriami Railway Ticket Office. 31 Ex
change Street9 (up stairs.)
W. D. LITTLE, Agent.
Passage Tickets for California, br the Old Line
Mail Steamers and Panama Railroad n»ay be secured
by early application at this office.
March 30. 1806. marSOdkwtf
New England Remedy.
* Dr. J. W. POLAND'S
Is now offered to the afflicted throughout tho country,
after having been proved by the test of eleven years,
in the New England States, where its merits have
become as well Known as the tree from which, in part,
it derives its virtues.
Sore Throat, Colds, Coughs, Diphtheria, Bronchitis
Spitting of Blood, and Pulmonary Affections
generally. It is a remarkable remedy
for Kidney Complaints, Dia
betes, Difficulty ol Void
ing Urine, Bleed
from the
Kidneys and Bladder, Gravel, and other complaints.
For Piles and Scurvy, it will be found very valua
Give it a trial ii you would learn the value of a good
and tried medicine. Il is pleasant, safe and sure.
The White Pine Compound, advertised at length in
f ur columns, is not only as to its name inviting, but
is a highly approved medicine. Dr. J. W. Poland,
the inventor, has the confidence of many who know
him, a confluence which he enjoyed while laboring
usefully many years as a Baptist minister. His ex
perience as a sufferer led to him to make experiments
which issued in Ids medical discovery.—Boston
Watchman and Rej lector..
•The Editor of the Manchester Daily and Weekly
Mirror, in a leader of the Daily, thus writes of the
“The White Pine Compound is advertised at much
length in our columns, and we are happy to learn that
the demand for it is iucroasing beyond all previous
expectations. It the very best medicine for Coughs
and Colds we know of, and no family that has once
used it will be without it. We sneak from our own
knowledge, it is sure to kill a cold and pleasant as
sure. The greatest inventions come by accident, and
It is singular that the White Pine Compound made
lov Colds and Coughs should prove to be the greatest
remedy for kldiiey difficulties known. But so it is.—
We cannot doubt it, so many testimonials come to us
from well-known men. Besides the character of Dr.
Poland is sucli, that we know that he will not coun
tenance what is wrong. For years a Baptist cler
gyman, studying medicine to find remedies for his
ailments, with a delicate consumptive look, standing
with one foot upon the grave, he made ihe discovery
which has saved himself, and called out from hun
dreds of others, the strongest testimonials possible.
We have known Dr. Poland for years, and never
knew a more conscientious, honest, upright man,
and are glad to state that we believe whatever he
says about his White Pine Compound.”
Sold by all Druggists, and dealers in medicine gen
H. H. HAT,
General Agents far State of Maine*
Oct 5—-d&w3m
Wanted Immediately,
A GENTLEMAN, with means at hand, to take an
interest in a New Machine, which Is now built
and ready to be applied to Horse Cars and Locomo
tives for the purpose of
Clearing the Wheel Track
of Mod, Dirty Snow snd Ice*
An interest In tho Papers now being prepared ibr
the Patent Office cun be secured by assignment and
mortgge. Address,
No, 110} Federal Street,
ootllwtl Portland, Maine.
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned have this day formed a copart
nership under the style of
In Every Town and Village in Maine,
Local Agents far the Sale of
This is the best and most carefully prepared arti
cle in the market; non-explosive brilliant in flame,
tree from coloring matter, and from smoke an 1 smell
in an unusual degree. Burns with or without
Grocers an<l country merchants disposed to push
the thing, may make very liberal arrangements. Al
so for the sale of the Safety Lamps and Burners.
„ „ *0 Deeee Street,
Not 21—eodflw* Boston,
United StatesMail Line
St. Thomas, Pernambuco,
And Bahia, Every Trip,
Will dispatch regularly, on the
29th of each month, at 3 P. M., from Pier 43 North
Will leave on FRIDAY, the 29th December, and
will call at Para.
ship1 ox^>er^cnce^ Surgeon js attached to each Steam
All letters must pat* through the Post Office.
For freight or passage apply to
17 Broadway, N. Y.
Dec 4—dtf _Portland, Me.
Montreal Ocean Steamship Co,
Carrying the Canadian and U. S. Mails.
Londonderry and Liverpool.
Beturn Tickets Granted at Reduced Bates.
The Steamship North American, Capt. Kerr, will
Bail from this port for Liverpool, SATURDAY, 9th
December, immediately alter the arrival oi the train
of the previous day from Montreal.
To be followed by the Nova Scotian, on the 16th.
Passage to Londondery and Liverpool:
Cabin (according to accommodations) $66 to $80
Steerage, $25
Payablo in Gold or its equivalent.
For freight or passage apply to
II. .Jfc A. ALLAN,
5 G. T. K. Passenger Depot.
Portland, Nov. 25th, 1865. dc5atf
The first class
A. W. Sampson, Master,
Carrying the U. S. Mail, will sail irom end of Long
Wharf; Boston, at 3 o’clock P. M., on SATURDAY,
the 2d day of December.
For freight or passage, having superior State room
accommodations, apply to
No. 3 India Street:
No. 6 India Street; or to
nov29 U Head uf Long Wharf, Portland.
Boston and Philadelphia
Steamship Line.
The Steamers NORMAN, SAXON, nn.l ARIES
now form the line, and a steamer leaves each port
From Long Whar , Boston,.at 12 M.
From Pine St. Wharf, Philadelphia,.at 10 A.M.
Freight fbr the West forwarded by the Pennsylva
nia Railroad, and to Baltimore anu W ashing ton by
Canal or Railroad, fteo of commissions.
For freight, apply to
Nov 22—dlyr 9 T Wharf, Boston.
IntemationalJJteamship Co.
Eastport, Calais and St. John.
On and after Thi rsdit, Dec. 7,
tho Steamer New Brunswick, i apt.
I E. B. Winchester, will leave Rail
'road Wharf, foot of State St, every
- ’Tut rsoav, at 5 o’clock P. H, for
Eaetport and St. John.
Returning win leave St. John every Monday at 8
A. K. fer Eaetport, Portland and Boeton.
At Eaetport the Steamer “Queen” wilt oonnect
for St Andrew.,Kolbinston ana Calale with the New
Brunswick and Canada Railway for Wood.tock and
ifoulton elation.. S'age Coaches aiao oonnect at
Eaetport for Machiae and intermediate places.
At St. John the steamor Emperor wdl oonnect, for
Wind*or, Digby and Halifax. Through tickets
procured of tho agent* or the olerk on board. No
Passports required.
Freight reoeived on day. of sailing until 4 o’clock
P. a. C. C. EATON. Agent.
Portland, March 30.18(5. dcOtf
Summer Arrangement l»
Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal,
Will, until further notice, run os
follows —
Leave Atlantic Wharf, Portland,
every Monday, Tuesday Wednes
-'day, Thursday, Friday and Satur
day, at 7 o’clock P. M ; and India Wharf, Bostou,
every Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday, at 5 o’clock P. M,
Fare in Cabin - - $2.00.
jR?" Freight taken as usuil
The Company are not responsible for baggage to
any amount exoeediug $50 in value and that person
al, unless notice is given and paid for at the rate of
one passenger for every $500 additional value.
Aug 5, 1865. feb.18,1863 —dtf
New England Screw Steamship Co
Th* splendid and fast Steamship*
and FRANCONIA, C'apt. H.
8hbu wood, will anUl further notioe,
run is follows :
Leave Brown’s Wharf, Portland,overy WEDNES
DAY and SATURDAY, at 4 F. M., and leave Pier
3 North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY
and SATURDAY, at 4 o’olook P. M.
Those vessels are Httcd up with (ne accommoda
tions for passengers, making this th. most spsedy,
safo and oomfortabls route lor travellers between
2?™ V°r* “d Fas rage, in State Room,
W.OO. Cabin passage (6.00. Meals extra.
Goods forwarded by this line to and from Mon
treal, Qnebeo, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport and
St. John.
Shippers are requested to send thsir freight t* th*
’ P M °“ th* *•*
For freight or passage apply to
EMSBf k FOX, Brown's Wharf, Portland.
H. B. CROMWELL A CO., No. 88 West Street,
New York.
Mav 33, 18W. _dtf
On and alter Monday, Oct. 30th,
the new and fast going Steamer
\Mowku, will leave Railroad Wharf,
'foot of State Street, Portland, every
Tuesday and Friday Evening,at 10 o’clock, connect
ing with the 3pm train from Boston.
Returning will leave Bangor every Monday and
Thursday Morning a'to’elook, touching at Rock
land, Camden, Belfast, Searsport, Buoksport,Winter
port and hauidon, both ways.
Passengers ticketed through on the Boston, Maine,
and Eastern Rahroad at the Depots in Boeton, Salem.
Ajynn and Lawrence.
For Freight or Passage arply to
__ ._ . _ . At Ofllce on the Wharf.
Portland, Oct 27th, 1865.—dtf
Fare Reduced to the Penobscot River
On and after June I, the lare be
tween Portland and Bangor will l-e
*3.00; Rockland *g.OO: other land
Mnge on the River reduced In pro
portion, per steamer Regulator.
_ A. SOMERBY, Agent.
Portland. May 31, 1885—dtl *
“There 1» bo each Word as Tall.”
Cubebs and Copaiba,
18 s Sure, Certain, and Speedy Cure for all diseaa.
•i of the Bladder. Kidneys and Urinary Organs,
either In the male or female, frequently perforate,
a perfect onre in the short spaoe of three or lour
days, and alwavs In lees time than any other prepa
ration. in thoaaeoi
Tarrant’s Compon nd Extract qf Cubebs and
therela no need of eendnement or change of diet -
Is its approved form of apaste.it I- entirely taste
leu. and causes no nnpieeamt sensation to the pa
tient. and no rxpssnre It la now acknowledged bv
the most learned te the profession that In the above
class ofdiseues, Cubebs and Copaiba are the onlv
two remedies known that ean be relied at on with
anyoertainty oriuocess. *
Tarrant's Compound Extract of Cubebs and
Manufactured only by
TAR RANT St c®..
*7* Greenwioh 8t., Hew York
Bold by Druggists all oyer the World.
_ msyOMdly
Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam !
F«r Conghi, Cold* and Con»umpti«a !
£STABLISHE1) in 1832, and still the best known
remedy for all affections q/the Lungs, Throat and
■St. B© careful to get the genuine.
REED. CUTLER St CO., Boston, Proprietors.
Large Bottles, 81.00. Small, 50 cents.
Pure Cod T.lver Oil
Bottled expressly for Medicinal use by REEL),
CUTLER & CO., who have facilities for obtaining oil
ot the most reliable quality. Large Bottles, 81,00.
Not 10—dawlim
No. 3 Temple Street,
■f AT'HERE lie can be conauited privately, and wir.
V \ the utuioat conttUence by the afflicted, at all
bourn i ally, and from a A. -M. to u P. M.
Dr. H. addresses those who arc suffering under the
affliction ot private diseases, whether arising irom
impure connection or flic terrible vice of wlf-abuse.
Devoting his entire time to that particular branch 0i
tbe medical profession, he leols warranted In Uuah- *
has teeing a Cl ub ix all Cases, whether of Iona
standing or recently contracted, entirely removing
the dregs 0f disease from the system, and making a
pertect and PERMANENT CUBE.
He would call the attention ol the afflicted to the
* ,°f fWH long standing and well-earned leputation
furnishing sulhclent assurance of his skid and sue -
Every intelligent and thinking person must know
that remedies handed out for general use should have
their eliicacy established by well tested experience in
the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose
preparatory stmiies fits huu for all the duties he must
fulfill; yet the country is lioodod with poor nostrums
aud cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world,
are not only useless, but always injurious. The un
fortunate should be PABTICULAU in selecting his
physician, as it is a lamentable yet iuconti overt
able fact, that many syphilitic patients arc made
miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment
from Inexperienced physicians in general practice;
ior it is a point generally conceded by the Vest sypliil
ographers, that the study and management of theso
complaints should engross the whole time oi thi.se
who would bo competent and successful in their treat
ment and cure. l*he inexperienced general practit
ioner, having neither opportunity nor time to make
himseli acquainted with their pathology, commonly
pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak
ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan
gerous weapon, the Mercury.
All who have committed an excess oi any kind,
whether it be tho solitary vice of youth, or the sting
ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer years,
The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Neivom
Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are
the Barometer to the whole system.
Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol
low: do not wait ior Unsightly Ulcers, for
Disabled Limbs, for lx)ss of Beauty
and Complexion.
Young men troubled with emissions m sleep,—a
complaint generally the result of a bad habit in
youth,—treated scientifically, and a perfect cure war
ranted or no charge made.
Hardly a day passes but wc aro consulted by one
or more young man with the above disease, some ol
whom are as weak and emaciated a* though they hail
the consumption, and by their friends supixwed to
liavo it. Ad such cases yield to the proper and only
correct course of treatment, and in a short tirno are
made to rejoice in perfect health.
There aro many men at the age of thirty who arp
troubled with too frequent evacuations from tbe blad
der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn
ing sensation, and weakening the system in a mannei
tbe patient cannot account for. On examining the
urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found,
and sometimes small particles of semen or albumen
will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkish hue,
again changing to a dark and turbid appearance.
There are many men who die ol this difficulty, ignor
ant of the cause, which is the
1 can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a
lull and healthy restoration ol the urinary organs.
Persons, who cannot itersonally consult the I>r.f
can do so ivy writing, in a plain manner, a description
of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies will
be forwarded immediately.
AU correspondence strictly confidential, and will be
returned, ii desired.
Address: Dr. J. B. HUGHES,
No. 5 Temple Street (corner of Middle
Street], Portland. Me
13T" Send a Stamp for Circular.
JElecHc Medical Infirmary,
DR. HUGHES particularly nvites all Ladies, wlic
need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 0
Temple Street, which they w ill find arranged for theii
especial accommodation.
br. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrival
led in efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
certain of producing relief in a short time.
LADIES will tina it invaluable in all cases of ob
structions after all other remedies have been tried in
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in
tbe least injurious to tbe health, and may be taken
with perfect safety at all rimes.
Sent to any part of the country, with frill directions
by addressing DR. HUGHE#,
No. 5 Temple Street (corner of Middle), Portland.
N. B.— Ladies desiring may consult one of theii
own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
ance. janl.ix05d&wly
Coe’s Dyspepsia Cure
The World’s Great Remedy
and ad diseases of the
One Bottle is guaranteed to cure the worst esse of
Dyspepsia in existenc ’, and one dose will instantly
relieve the most aggi avated attacks of
Cholera Morbus, tick Ueadache.
Dysentery, Sickness at Stomach,
Fever acd Ague. Heartburn,
Colic Pains,
and in feet all diseases proceeding from the Stomach
and Bowels. It is a sovereign and permanent cure for
and in every instance regulates and restores to a
healthy condition a disordered stomach, enabling the
patient to take healthy food without dange- of dis
tress from it. It is the most wonderful remedy and
the most speedy in its action, ever known to the
world No one will do without it in the house that
has ever used it once.
We beg of you if you are sick, to make just one trial
of it. Price One Dollar per bottle.
Sold by Druggists every where.
C. G. CLARK & CO., Proprietors,
New Uaven, Conn.
H. H. HAY, W F PHILLIPS k CO, and J. fT.
PERKINS * CO., Agents, Portland, Me.
Lyon’s Periodical Drops!
Better than any Pills or Powders !
and is safe to us* at all times
For all Female Complaints,
especially forbidden in the directions which accom
pany each bottle.
Prepared by JOHN L. LYON, M. D. Sold by
Druggists everywhere,
C. G. CLARK dt CO., Gen'l Agent*,
For U. 8. and Canada.
and H. H. HAY, iortland. Me., Wholesale Agents.
Coe’8 Cough Balsam!
No Medicine ever known will euro
Coughs, Colds, Croup, Asthma,
Influenza, Whooping Cough,
as quick ss
It does not dry up a cough, hut loosens it so that the
patient can expectorate freely. It is within
the reach of all, the
Price Hein AT Only 35 Cents!!
and Is fhr **1® by all Druggists.
C.G.CLARK A CO.,Proprietors, New Haven, Ct.
and H. //• HAY, Portland Me., Wholesale Agents.
August Jl, IdOo. Mfcwly/t
Tut Thru ! and be convinced of tbetr snpciimi.
t? over everything else of the kind ever cffirud to
the public for Rronehttis, Coughs, Colds, Hoarse
**M Sore Throat. Catarrh and innuenxa. Nuiur
ORi teetimoniaiH irom tne Clergr, and others, ac
companying each box. For sale by the principal
Dnggists throughout the oity. maySTeodU

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