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For the Press.
The Nation's New Year.
Ligln up tho g>lden fires!
’Tis Liberty’s glad morning! laid on fold,
The clouds roil back, Ircm mountain, stream and
Leaving her pathway to the fiamlng sea,
Light up her Atlars! ’11s no foeman’s cry
That echoes from the hills; but, sott and swift
Tho rush of mighty wings;—and vapors drift
And fads away beneath a smiling sky—
Light up the beacon fires!
Open thy moifth in Hymns, O grateful land!
Thy hills ar.? gushing with Jehovah’s praise!
Wake—wake thy harps! inspire thy poets* lays—
Fjr peace hath kissed agaia thy bloody strand.
•T.b Liberty's New Year, lo, proul and bright!
Lone as the maleless orb within the sky—
F>: in he robin; cydoj as thoy glile,
N > other year its record shall unfold,
Beaming upoa its page the burning gold,
The soft and mellow light—
Tho jewel’s flashing up with honest pride,
Beneath the loving eye of DEITY!
My country, shall it be?
'Tis thy Ne'jo Tear! and irom yon heavenly height,
Angels aro watching; —keep It pure and white!
O. A. S. B.
A Russian Wolf-hunt.
While connected with the American lega
tion in Russia I received a very pressing in
vitation irom Count Potowski to visit him at
his ci,tie in the country, about twenty leagues
from St. Petersburg, where he promised me
some rare sport in hunting wolves.
“I think,”he said.“you wiil find our mode
of destroying these beasts sufficiently novel
and exciting to repay you for your twuble.”
“Oon’t speak of trouble, count, ta connec
tion with a visit to your castle I lam certain
t lat I shall (ind myself indebted to your lord
ship .or some of the happiest hours in my
It wa3 towards the close of a long, dreary
winter that I found myself in very sumptuous
quarters ot the castle referred to, which stood
upon a high eminence commanding an exten
sive view ot a level, open plain, which was the
beginning of a wilderness that stretched away
unbroken for many and many a league. It was
on this open plain, now covered with a heavy
incrustation of snow, that tne count proposed
we should have our woit-hunt, which to me
did prove novel and exciting, and even peril
ous beyond anything I had ever known.
Armed with double-barrelled guns and some
five hundred ball cartridges apiece, the count,
a f.i.-nl of his, and myself, set off one afternoon
in a troika for the place where we were to be
gin our excitiDg sport—which, premising it
m ly be as new to others as to me, I will en
deavor to describe somewhat in detail.
In the first place, a troika is a sledge, (in our
case large enough to give ample room to three
persons besides the driver,) and is drawn by
three horses, Irom which fact it takes its name;
there hor.es, trained lor the purpose, and har
nessed to it all abreast. The one i i the cen
tre, the principal beast to be relied on, moves
with his head down, and always in a trot, and
is called the "Snow-Eater;” while the two oth
ers gaiiop along beside him, with their heads
loose, and ar e termed the “Furies.” To man
age ail these properly, and keep the troika from
upsetting, as itsuims anJ dauee3 over the froz
en snow, uy hill and down dale, require a driv
er of great skill and experience. Ordinarily
the upsetting of this sledge may not matter
so much; but when surrounded by a large puck
ol hungry wolves, it is cenain death!
In ouch a sledge and such a ma ,ner, we set
off, one clear, cold afternoon, for the scene of
our exploits, carrying with us a balf-grow'n
hog, winch was to serve us for bait. We reach
ed our first destination just as the sun was
sinking in his snowy bed, and the full round
moon was rising to silver over the scene.—
Then the hog was taken out and attache# to
the troika by an iron chain, from tour to six
feet long, arid the horses started forward at a
brisk paee over the level, glistening plain.—
Tre hog began to squeal, and the count turned
to me with a laugh.
“±low <lo you like the sport, Mr. Kingston ?”
he said.
“I think I shall like it better when I see
something to shoot, and this screeching brute
gets his sharp tones a little modified 1” I re
plied, baif stopping my ears.
“You will have other noises to take off your
attention presently,” said the ccunt.
“Dj you think we shall be fortunate enough
to draw out any wolves in this way?” I ask
•‘Give me half an hour,” rejoined the coimt,
“and if 1 don’t show you more wolves than
you would care to face afoot, then consider me
your debtor for whatever you please."
Alter going some distance, our hog, greatly
to my relief, changed his tune from his shrill,
car piercing squeal, into something resembling
a whine. The sun went down, and the moon
rose in foil splendor, pouring over the white,
polished snow a brilliant light, that, by refrac
tion, was rendered almost dazzling.
“Ha I” cried the count, as a long, low, pecu
liar howl came sweepiyg over the plain, “did I
not tell you so?” There is our first answer to
our complaining friend behind. And there
again! do you hear—there is another and an
other—we soon shall have work botore us.—
See” he almost immediately added, pointing
to the ielt, “there they come 1”
I looked in the direction indicated, and saw,
in the dim (ll-tance, what appeared to be two
or three small, moving shadows; I looked to
the right, and beheld more of the same kind;
and on ah sides we now heard those long, dis
mal howls by which one woif calls to another,
and I knew ihcy were gathering in force, and
wornd soon be around us.
Our cuainoJ hog continued his plaintive
cries, and the wolves fell in behind, and press
ing forward, until they came up within fifty
yards, whore, for a time, their timidity seemed
to hoid them. As their numbers increased,
wbieh they did every minute—the bea3ts at
time, appealing to spring from the earth in a
mysterious way—their boldness increased al
so ; and they gradually drew nearer and near
er, snapping, snar.ing, and growling, and so
fri rhtened our horses that the driver had much
difficulty in holding them down to a reason
able pace.
“Now, then, gentlemen,” said the count, ‘let
us begin our sport, anil Heaven send us a safe
deliverance from its perils!”
VV.tli this he fired two shots at the row of
fiery eyes behind us. A sharp yelp followed,
and one of the animals began to limp and fall
back; whereupon the others, perhaps smelling
and getting a taste of his blood, sprang furt
ouily upon him, tore him to pieces, and de
voured him in almost the time it takes me to
tell of it, In two minutes more the hungry
beasts were pressing torward more eagerly
than ever, y fired next, and brought down
another, which was also torn to pieces and de
voured in less than a minute, and then the fu
rious beasts again drew nearer, and in still
larger numbers.
From this moment the animals increased
with startling rapidity. For more than an
hour we loaded and fired as fast as we could,
and for every one we shot it appeared to me
as if there were half-a-dozen to take its place.
E mboldened by numbers aud a taste of blood,
they pressed up closer and closer, till we could
almost rfeach them, the foremost bounding
around and snapping at the poor hog, which
was now terrified almost to death, vand exert
ed itself to the utmost to escape from their
sharp fangs.
Up to this moment I had been so busily en
gaged, and so excited with the sport, as to
five no thought to our own danger; but now,
confess, I began to feel very uneasy, not to
say alarmed. Where had all these beasts
come trom? and what was to be the end of
the gathering ? It seemed as if all Kussia had
poured them out on one spot. Theiemust
have been a thousand—perhaps five times that
number— ior I could not count them. They
hud arranged themselves In the form of a cres
cent, the center of the arc resting on the hog,
and the two wings reaching lorward to the
rear ol the hordes, which snorted with lear,
and required all the skill of the driver to hold’
them. It was a wild, impressive sight, with
ju>t enough danger to make it sublime. The
heavens were clear, the moon round and full,
the plain almost a dead level, the scow as
white as milk, bright and glistening, with here
and there a thin, light covering, over a hard
crust, that flew up in fleecy clouds, like the
fine spray of a waterfall, and over this we were
d: shing, with three fiery horses ab.euit, and a
rolling cloud of wolves to the right, lelt and
r a ■ of us, in the form of a crescent, their keen
e/es looxui t like so many little bails of fire.—
We were all standing up, loading and firing,
the count directly to the rear, and his friend
and myself to the ri,ht and to the left
Ail have said I had begun to feel some
what alarmed—ior I saw that, should anv ac
cident happen, such as the fall of one of the
horses, or the upsetting of the troika we
could scarcely hope to get off with life, but i
did not like to mention my tears to persons
who had so much experience as my compan
At lari, seeing that matters were steadily be
com 'n? wor.e instead of better, and tliat, great
as was the number of tur foes, they were still
increasing, I ventured to say—
“Count, those ravenous beasts are pressing
up very ciose I”
“Indeed they are!” he replied, taking a
quick, keen survey of the whole scene. “They
are getting pretty well forward, tool” he pur
sued, with an anxious glance toward the
horses. “I confess I don’t like that. What do
you say, Paul ?” he added, addressing the driv
“My lord, I find it very difficult to manage
the horses.” ^
•‘Do you think we are in any serious danger
now, Paul ?”
“I don’t like to see the beasts creeping so far
forward, my lord.”
“Nor I, and I think we had better knock
over a few of the foremost.”
We now, by the count’s advice, direteil our
fire at the two horns of the crescent;
but though we shot down the foremost
with great rapidity, and continued to do so till
our guns became heated, I could not see that
it thinned them in the least, or had good
effect It broke their regularity and threw
them into some confusion, it is trae; but this,
I fancied worked against as by causing them
to become bolder and press around us still
“By my faith I” at length exclaimed the count,
in a tone that betrayed some some degree of
alarm, “we must get out of this soon or the
beasts will be upon us! I never saw so many
before in my life, and I have shot till I a,u
tired. Let me see. We must have fired three
hundred times apiece; and allowing that only
every other shot has been effectual) we must
have brought down, say, five bundled wolves;
and yet they are closing up around us, more
numerous than ever, a countless legion! One
trip, one tumble, one tilt, and we are gone!—
How now, Paul, my brave lad—bow are you
going to get us out of this?”
“By giving the horses their heads and letting
them take a steady turn to the leit, so as to
change the position of the whole body of pur
suers at once.”
“Are you sure of the animals?”
“I think l can trust them.”
“And the troika, Panl ?”
“I shall do my best, trusting to Heaven, my
lord! I think the risk far less than riding as
we are.” •
“Then save us at your will, Paul, and look
to me for a hamLome reward when you have
put us safe within the castle gates!”
The next few minutes were exciting beyond
anything I had ever experienced in my life.
The driver shook the reins, gave a peculiar
chirp and whistle, and our noble steeds, as
anxious to escape as ourselves, speed away like
the wind. I fairly heid my breath, feeling that
a crisis had come involving life and death.—
Away, away we flew, the keen air cutting our
laces, and the light snow blinding our eyes,
and the little troika hounding over Die glisten
ing surface like a gad.mt boat on the foam
crested billows, I watched the dark clouds of
living animals, with their lolling tongues and
eyes of fire, and saw wit h a feeling of joy that
I cannot express, that they were slowly but
preceptively lading behind; that we were gain
ing on them—itjcli by inch, it was true—but
still gaining on them. If the noble horses
could but hold out at this speed and no acci
dent should befall us! We were all breathless
with Intensity of feeling—the single chirp or
sharp whistle of our driver being the only
sound that issued from' our party.
Gradually the horses began to turn, slowly
turn, in a broad circle to the left, so as to flank
that horn of the crescent. As we came grace
fully round, so as in a measure to face our
snarling pursuers, surprise and fear lor the
moment threw them into confusion. Impul
sively they parted and suffered us to pass
through their dense ranks and gain a home
ward start before getting a clear comprehen
sion that we were actually escaping and leav
ing them behind. Then with loud, angry
yeils they laid down to the chase, but were no
match for our fleet coursers, that every minute
widened the space between them and their
foes- Oh, how I loved the noble brutes that
were so gallantly saving us 1
“Bravo 1” at length hurst in a wild yell from
the lips of the excited count; “bravo, my no
ble steeds, and bravo, gallant driver!—this
night’s work shall he remembered to you all!”
His words of rejoicing were inst mtiy chang
ed to a cry of dismay, as one of the horses
stumbled, staggering, pitched forward, and
down upon his knees, ckecking up his com
panions and almost hurling them upon their
backs. The noble brute, as if he knew that
death to all of us was threatened through him,
made a tremendous struggle to regain his loot
ing and pace; and with success, thank God!
or this tale had never been told.
"In another half hour the ravenous wolves
were far behind us, and an hour saw us safe
wihin the castle gates uttering prayers of
The next day we rode out upon the snowy
plain, and found it strewn for miles with the
bones of the wolves we had slain on that to me
ever memorable night.
Wants, Lost and Found.
Boarders Wanted.
A GENTLEMAN and his wife; also six or eight
single gentlemen can be accommodated with
pleasant rooms and good boar a at No. 14 Mayo St.
Dec 30—dlw*
BY a single gentleman, a pit asantly furnished
room, with board. A private Dundy where (here
axe no other boarders preferred. Must be within ten
or fifteen minutes walk of the Post Office. Good ref
erences given and required. Address
dec30 d3t* “J. \V. R.,” Press Office.
A SITUATION in a stone by a young man that
can come well recommended; pay not so much
of an object as a permanent situation.
Apply to or address A. C. D., No. 11 Gross St.
Dec 28-dlw*
Agents Wanted,
EITHER Ladies or Gentlemen. Remember that
WM. GRACE & CO., oiler better inducements
to returned Soldiers, and others, than any other
house in the Eastern States, to sell fine Steel Engrav
ings and Books by subscription.
Address at once, with stamp, WM. GRACE & CO.,
a«1 Middle St., Portland, Me. P. O. Box 1732.
Oct 14—d&w3m
Business Wanted.
ALIGHT, respectable business warned—one that
would give out o» door exercise preferred. Thoso
answering will please sta e kind of business, profits,
amount oi capital necessary, and all other needful in
formation. Address WILLIAM GARDNER,
decl9 dlw* Box 368 P. O.
A CHECK drawn by Mathews & Thomas, on
Canal National Bank, dated Oct. 2Gth or 27th,
for One Thousand Dollars. Payment has been
stopped. All persons are cautioned against receiving
the same. The finder shall be suitably rewarded by
returning it to
At Canal National Bank.
Nov 23—dtf
AN Agent in every town in the State of Maine to
sell a new, convenient aiul uselui patented arti
cle. Ladies or Gentlemen wishing lot a rare chance
to mahe money should call on, or addresss,
130 Middle Street,
Nov 23—dtf_Portland, Maine.
Tenement Wanted.
WANT D a tenement suitable lor one or two
small families, with good water privileges.
Please address Tenement, Box 1503.
Oct 10—dtf
Vessels to load deals at St. John, N.
B., lor English and Irisli Ports, at high
est rates or height.
-To load lumber at same place for Galves
ton, Philadelphia and Richmond.
No. 4 Centra] Wharf.
Aug. 29— dti
IN one of the water closers of the United States
Hotel, a small pistol (Smith & Allen’s).
As It is prized by the owner on account of associa
tions connected with it, a liberal reward for its recov
ery, more than the value of the pistol, will be paid,
and no questions asked, at the office of the United
States Hotel. dec25dlw.
$10.00 Reward !
MLost on the 18th inst., a Black and Tan
Terrier Pup, 6 months old. ears ut; had on
a fancy Collar marked J. EDWARD
GOVE, Portland. Whoever wl’l return
the said I)og will receive the above reward and no
questions asked, by applying at
3 Lime Street, Portland.
Dec 23—dlw
A LOAN of $2000 fora term of years at the nsual
rate of Interest. Satisfactory security given.
Address H. p Press office.
Dec 27-dlw*
Cutters Wanted. •
“““ediately, twelve good Stone-Cut
ters to cut abutment and pier stone.
Doc 27 dtf_ Biddeford.
_ Wanted.
fpWENTY FIVE active young men to apply Pom
X roy b Patent Heat Regulator. p ^
Dec 27-^llvr*74 MidJle St>I5oomXo 4 Up Stairs.
A SMALL TENEMENT, or 4 or B Rooms, by a
gentleman, wife and one child. Please address,
_Dec. 25.—dlw# D'i&ul&d.’Me.
$100.00 Reward!
STOLEN or taken through mistake from Commer
cial Wharf,
Tlwee Hhds. Cienftiegos Molasses,
No. 66, laftuge, 149.
No. 31, Gauge, 145.
m„ No. 104, Gauge, 143.
B'ce information wkoro the property
dressing aUl1’ W”1 Teoe'ye the above reward by ad
Dec 14—dtf BRIGGS <4 CRESSEY.
._ *
TOYSatCost, at No. 37J Middle St.. Payson Block
X The balance of stock of Toys must be sold regard
less of prices, to make room for a millinery^tock
*$%&&*“* P'^ ^
For Sale and to Let.
Valuable Hotel Property
On Middle Willow and Silver Sin.,
the undersigned, is offered for sale and can bo pur
chased at » GREAT BARGAIN.
It occupies about nineteen thousand square feet ot
land, with an aggregate frontage of live hundred and
seventy-five feet. It is Five Stories High, and con
tains about two hundred and fif teen apartments for
the use Qf guests, besides tour capacious stores, and all
the moat approved modern conveniences for a FIRST
It was designed by Wm. Washburn, Esq., Archi
tect, of Boston.
Its arrangements for Hotel purposes are pronounc
ed bv competent judges 10 be ttilly equal to those of,
any Hotel in the country. Its construction is must
thorough in all respects; the basement and first
stories being quite tire-proof, and all other part)
nearly so.
Its original estimated cost was $177,000, exclusive
ot the land; ot this sum about $140,000 have been
expended to bring it to its present s*age%f progress,
and it is believed that notwithstanding the present
enhanced prices, it can be completed tor occupancy
lor $75,000, according to tho original plans.
For price, terms ot sale and other particulars, en
quire of
November 11,1865.—dtf
Real Estate for Sale,
In Cape Elizabeth.
AVERY desirable residence in Cape Elizabeth,
one mile from Portland Bridge. The house is
two stories, containing 13 rooms, closets, &c., all in
complete order. Also well arranged Stable and out
buildings. The lot contains 50.000 feet, and tor beau
ty of location is unsurpassed in this a icinty.
* Term easy. For particulars enquire at
298 Congress Ht
july25dtf Portland, Me.
House Lots for Sale.
SEVERAL finely located House Lots in Cape Eliz
abeth, three minutes’ walk from the Cape Bridge.
Inquire ot E. N. PERRY, at the ShernTs Otlice, Poit
land, where a plan ol Cape Elizabeth lots may be
seen. mayl3tf
Pop Sale.
THE Two-story Brick House and Lot, No. 2 Deer
Street, at a great bargain.
For particulars, enquire oi
octlSdtf Atlantic Wharf*
Pop Sale and to Let.
THE Stock of Goods for Sale, and Store to rent in
Payson Block, No. 37$ Middle St. Apply to P.
S. W., on the premises, or at house No. 42 Middle St.,
Portland, Me. oe6dtf
Store to Let.
Brick Store corner Commercial and Franklin
X Streets, at present occupied by Messrs. Jeffer
son Coolidge & Co. Possession given Oct. 1st.
A. & S. E. SPRING.
Sept 27—dtf
'Beal Estate for Sale.
HOUSE and LO r No. 37 Middle Street, known as
the Payson H^nse.
House and Lot corner of Waterville and Sherbrook
Sts. Terms easy, to suit purchasers.
Apply to W, 37 J Middle St. julylldtf
For Sale.
The two-story Brick House No. 46 Daniorth
fejjj; Stroet.
No. 4 Portland Pier,
Nov 18—dtf Second National Bank.
For Sale.
ONE second-hand Engine and Boiler (16 horse
power) all complete.
Second-hand Shafting and Pnllies.
One new horizontal Engine (6 in. cylinder.)
One new Oscillating Engine, (6 in. cylinder.)
One small 3 horse power Engine and Boiler.
Also, second-hand Mill Gearing and Shafting.
All kinds of Machinery promptly. made and
IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St,
Dec 2—d2m Portland, Me.
For Sale.
t PAA TONS square Hackmetack Timber.
X*XV/VX Also, Ship Knees; Oak, Hackmetack
and Hardwood Plank, for sale by
L. TAYLOR, 61 Commercial St.
Oct 24—dtf
For Sale.
HOUSE and Land on the corner of Brackett and
Spring streets. Lot about 60 feet on Brackett
bv 100 feet on Spring Street.
Two storied house containing nine rooms with good
out-buildings. Enquire of
87 Middle Street.
Dec 4—tf
For Sale, r
rjlHE two storied house No.,2 Peach Street. Price
X $2,000. Enquire of MIC AH SAMPSON,
dec 10 d2w* No. 21 Commercial Wharf.
T,™ .. House l'or Sale.
li E three-story othjh k». to, wtum «f
Danforth and Tate Streets. It has all the mod
ern improvements and is in excellent condition.
The house can be examined any day.
For terms, &c., applv to
No. 10 Central Whar£
Portland, Nov. 8, 1865 —istf
For Sale.
For further particulars enquire of, or address
Firm of Stevens, Freeman & Co.
Nov. 11—dtf_
THE Sehooners Allen Lewis and H. S. Rowe,
built in 1661, 96 tons, old measurement.
For particulars applv to or address
ALLEN LEWIS, Boothbay Harbor.
Dec 23, 18G5—d&w2w
Valuable Beal Estate iu Scarboro’,
For Sale.
1 ACRES of Salt Marsli, In lots to suit pur
^ V/U chasers.
Also the Homestead Farm, containing ,bont 125
acres very superior up-land, being the property re
cently owned by the late Hon. Horatio Southgate.
Enquire of Seth Scammon on the premises, or
EZRA CARTER, Jr., Portland.
May 3—eodfit&wtf
For Sale.
THE Two-Story Brick House and Lot, No. 3 Fore
Street. Enquire on the premises. The house
has eleven finished rooms.
decl8<12w# GEORGF. LORD.
For Rent.
THE WOODEN STORE numbered 85 on Commer
cial Street, formerly occupied by Davis, Twitcli
cll <& Chapman, opposite the Tliomne Block; possess
ion given the 1st day of January.
Dec. 25.—dtf No. 59 High Street.
For Sale.
A LOT in Evergreen Cemetery, on the main Ave
nue. Said lot Is domposed of two lots in one,
and is very handsomely laid out. For particulars,
address Box 596 P. O.
Nov 4—dtf
House Lots for Sale.
HOUSE LOTS on Melbouvn. Adams, Washington,
and Poplar Streets, tor safe at reduced prices lor
Cash. Inquire of
Dec 23—d2w
To Let.
NEW building near the head of Center Street, will
be fitted up to suit tenants. The chambers will
be a desirable location for a Dentist, Dress Maker, or
other genteel business.
Please’apply to MARTIN GORE,
Dec 16—eod3w At Five Cents Saving Bank.
Healing Physician,
IS happy to inform the sick ot Portland that he has
taken rooms at
Kingsbury’s Hotel, 203 Congress Street,
Where he will exercise his unrivaled powers of heal
ing (not |only acute but chronic disease) for those
who will give him a call.
Dr BUNNELL is no professional humbug from
New York, or some other remote place, where noth
ing is known ol him, (although he has been a pupil
of the celebrated magnetic Physician, Dr. Schulliof,
of New York) but a man from your own State, and
who Is well known.
Dr. B. cures Rheumatism in all its forms. Do not
suffer irom this disease when relict is so easy and
sure. Lameness, Deafhess, Neuralgy, Catarrh with
all its attendant evils, Female Weaknesses and Com
p aints, Lung Disease, all Liver and Kidney Affec
tions, Weak Eyes, Loss of Voice, Asthma, Scrofula,
Inflammation oftho Brain,Lungs and Stomach, Ery
sipelas, Heart Disease, &c.
tj3|rThe Dr. gives no medicine.
Don’t lose this opportunity of getting rid of your
troubles caches and painsj by tailing to call on Dr.
Ration free to all.
THIS highly nutricious and pleasant lood, so pop
ular In Germany and England, was devised the
past year by the celebrated chemist, Baron tsiebig of
Berlin. Infants who are deprived of the mother’s
milk, can be made healthy and strong by the con
stant use of this food. And invalids, those who are
consumptive, dyspeptic or feeble from any cause, will
find it most excellent ami strength-imparting.
Messrs. JAS. E. NICHOLS & CO., Manufacturing
Chemists, 150 Congress Street, have made arrange
ments to prepare this food perfectly pure and fresh,
in large quantities.
_ JJor sal« by all the Apothecaries. W. F. PHIL
LIPS Ar. Co., Wholesale Agents.
Nov 24—dif
THK undersigned have formed a copartnership un
der the name and firm of
And having purchased the stock of Chase. Littlefield
& Co., will continue the general HARDWARE BU
SINE S at the old stand, ITS Middle and 118 Federal
Portland, Sept. 22, 1865.
Mr. D. D. OHA8B, so long and iavorably known
to the Hardware trade of Portland, will remain with
the now firm. sep29 '65 tf
Great New England Remedy!
“It was early in the sprhag of 1855 that this com
pound w as originated. A nicmbci of my family was
afflicted with an irritation of the tliroat, attended
with a disagreeable cough. 1 had for some months
previous thought that a preparation having for its
basis the inside bark of whifejpine might be so com
pounded as to l»e very useful in lie case of the throat
and lungs. To test the value of it in the case alluded
to, I compounded a small quantity of the medicine
that 1 had been planning, and gave it in teaspoonf 1
doses. The result was exceedingly gratifying. With
in two days the irritation of the tliroat was removed,
the cough subiided, and a speedy cure was effected.
Soon after Ibis, I sent some to a lady in Londonderry,
N. H., who had been suffering lor some weeks from a
hail cough, occasioned by a sudden cold, and hail
raised mucus ►treaked with blood. She soon found
relief, and sent for more. She took about ten ounces
of it and got well. J. B. Clark, Esq., editor of the
Manchester Daily Mirror, made a trial of the same
preparation in the case of a severe com, a d was
cured immediately, lie was so highly pleased with
the results, and so confident of success attending its
sa es it placed before .he public, that he finally per
suaded me to give it a name and send it abroad to
beneti the suffering. IuNovember, 18.35, I first ad
vertised i under the name of White Pine Compound
In two years from that time there had been whole
sa ed in Manchester aionnone hundred dollar's worth,
where it ook the lead ol all the *ongh remedies in
the market, and itstill maintains that posi ion. There
is good reason for all this: it is very sooildng and
healing in its nature, is warming to the stomach, aud
. pleasant withal to the taste, and is exceedingly
As a remedy for kidney complaints, the White Pine
Compound stands unrivalled it was not originated
forth t purpose; but a person in using it for a cough,
was not only cured of tile cough, but was also euml
of a kidney difficu.ty o ten years’ standing. Since
that accidental discovery many thousands have used
it lor the same complaint, and have been completely
cured ”
The above was writton by Dr. Poland in i860_
Since then, as in Manchester, the White Pine Com
pound has a en the lead of a 1 cough remedies, a
wen as preparations for th- cure of kidney diffleul
ties, in every city, town, village andha ulet, through
out the New England States
The past year has given great opportunity to tcsf
the virtue ol t‘>e White Pine Compound. It has
been an unusual time lor Colds and Coughs, and very
large quantities of the Whi e Pine Compound have
been sold and used with the happiest effects it
speaks we 1 for the Medicine, and the peop.e where it
is pr pared are high in its praise
One bottle of this Cornpo <nd is generally sufficient
to remove a bad cough, and frequently 1 have known
persons to have a cold entirely remov ed in two days,
by using ess than half a bottle. From one to two
teaspoonfuls is a large dose. I sometimes put a little
white sogar aud hot water with it, when taken on go
ing to bed.
Tho limits to which I purposely confine myself in
this circular will not allow of that fui- expression
which 1 would likotogive in favor of the White Pine
Compound 11 is universally ildmired by all who use
it,—it has attained to such a popularity among tiiose
whose opinion is valuable indeed, that vanity may
possibly in part prompt me to record more here than
hurried peop e will have patience to read; so 1 will
stop, by merely recommending o all who need a
cough or kidney remedy to test the virtue of the
White Pine Compound.
A very large number of important testimonials
have already been received from Physicians, Clergy
men, Apothecaries, and indeed, from ail classes in so
ciety, speaking in the most flattering terms of the
While Fine Compound.
Dr Nichols of North field, Vt ,says:
“I llud the White Pine Compound to be very effica
cious not on y in coughs ami other pulmonic affections
but also in affections of the kidneys, debility of the
stomach and other kindred organs.”
Rev J K Chrseof Kuiuney, N. If , write :
“I have for years regarded your White Pine Com
Found a« an inva uable remedy. I can truly say that
regard it as even more efficacious and valuable than
ever. 1 have just taken the Compound for a cold, and
it works char uaingly.”
Hou. P H bweetser of South Reading, writes-.
“Having long kn wu something oi the valuable
modical properties of tho White Fine, I was prepared
ou seeing an advertisement of your White lino Com
pound, to give the medicine a trial It has been used
by members of my family, for several years, fb» colds
and ccgighe, and in some cases of serious kidney diffi
culties, with excellent results Several of our friends
have also received much benefit from the Compound.
We intend to keep it always on hand ”
of Welfet Randolph, Vt., who is a practicing physi
cian, as well as a preacher, in a letter to Dr P , (luted
May 21, 803, says: “1 find it an excellent medicine
iu kidney disease.”
Boston, Jan .a ry261362.
Rev. J. W Poland M D
Dear Sir.-—You White Pine Compound has been
used in my family, and 1 know olethers woo have used
it,always with agood effect, and I feel fully justified,
and it is with pleasure that I sav that I regard it (un
like most preparations of the day,) as wholly deser -
ingof the entire confidence of the public. Not only
do 1 consider it a s*le, but an efficient remedy lor aii
diseases of the throat.
Pastor of Baptist Church, Gof,town Ce itrr, X- II
Da. J. W. Poland—My Dear fciir:—You asked me
whatltliinkof your White Pine Compound, luover
before put pen to paper to toll auy man what I
thought of a patent medicine. My lather, a physi
cian of theo a school, ear y led me to serious suspi
cions of ah nostrums of whatever kind not bearing
the stamp of that fraternity But thesq^suspicionsl
have parted with by degrees, as 1 have carefully ac
quainted ui> self with tho ieadin* principles or Hy
dropathy, Homoeopathy, Thompsouia ism, Kclec
ticism, and other S3 stems which have c aimed public
IW*w« nMilu vti's Iweli V — j.- - -- - ^ M • i ,
feel at liberty on this ground to speak m>r convic
Then the sympathy which I feel for you, as n former
Baptist pastor-obliged to relinquish toe ministry
merely on account of ill health, but still cherishing
all he ardor of your early years for this blessed
work, and laboring to your utmost, in other w«3 s to
proclaim the g orious Gospel—iuc ined me, as a mat
ter of duty, tocoinply with your request.
In 1863 I became acquainted with Deacon Polmes
Boardman, of Maine, bro her of the Jate George Da
na Boardman, formerly missionary in Burmali, and
fiom him for the first time earned the wonderAil
medicinal qua ities of white piuc bark i e had a
few year • t eforo been brought to the borders of the
grave by what the lies of physicians pronounced
pulmonary consumption, and was «iven up to die,
but was nevertheless entirely cured by a preparation
made by his ow hands from this bark. Since that
time, unti I became acquainted with your ar icle, I
have been surprised tha no phi osophical mind was
found to undertake a cough preparation from white
As soon os your article was brought to my not ice, it
therefore secured my attention *nd 1 have not failed
toucquaintmyscif w’t'ia sufficient number of facts
to produce a settled Judgment as to i s va ue Some
of uiv own family have tried it with signal benefit.—
1 believe it one of the best cough medicines ever pre
pa1 ed. Besides its value as a Cough Medicine, 1 have
good reason t • believe it to he all it claims, as a reme
dy for kidney diseases and diabetes
Yours truly, L C. STEVEN3
[Several other clergymen and physicians have al
so written oDr P., high y approving of his White
Fine Compound 1
Brewster, Mass., > arch 19, 1863.
Dr. Poland-.—I fee it my duty' to inform you of
the very g eat benetlr which I have received from the
use of your White Pine Compound. In August, 1861,
I to k a ve«y severe co d. which continued to afflict
me, increasing in severity, attended with a very se
vere cough, ni hi sweats and some b eetling, proha
by from the throat. Through the tali aud winter my j
cough was very distressing, reducing my ties . and
strength, and rendering me unfit for labor 1 tried
medicines of various kinds, but none of them, how
ever valuable, gave me any re lef. In March, i862,
as you may remember, I wrote to you stating mv dir
efiulties and asking advice. You sent me some of the
White Pine Componnd I commenced taking it, and
immediately began to amend. At the time of writ
ing to you my weight was only 135 pounds. Jnfive
weeks I was out in active abor, and iu a few months
gained op t • 165 pounds. I know t at it was the
White Pine Compound which did ad this for me. I
soon began to have persons app v to me for the medi
cine, and as you now, 1 ordered it tor sale. In eight
months, tin "gli without much exertion, I disposed of
54 ' bottles of the Compound here on the Cape.
I wou'd add that several persons of my acquaint
ancc, whose condition was as hope’ess as my own,
have been cured by the White Pine Compound.
The w hite Pine compound, advertised at engtliin
ourco'umns,isnotonly as to its name inviting, bat is
a highly approved medicine, Dr. J. . Poland, the
inven o* , has the confidence of 'he many who know
him, a confluence which he enjoyed while laboring
useful y many years as a Baptist minister. Ilis expe
rience as a sufferer led imn to make experiments
whicli issued in Ids medical discovery, [hostou
Watchman vnd Reflector.
The editor ef the Manchester Daily and Weekly
Mirror, in a leader of the Dai yt thus speaks of tho
“The White Pine Compound is advertised at much
longtli ill our co umns, and wo are happy to learn
that the demand for it is increasing beyond a'I previ
ous expectations. It is the very best medicine for
coughs and colds we know of, and no farni y that has
once used i wid ever he without it. We speak from
our own know edge, it is sure to kil a cold, and p eas
antassure. The greatest inventions come by acci
dent, and it is singular that tho whi e ice Com
fiound. made for Colds and Coughs, should prove to
>e he greatest remedy for kidney diffieu ties known.
But so it is. We cannot doubt it, to many test imo
Dials come >e ns from wel known men Besides, the
character of Dr.Foandissu h that wo know' he will
not countenance what is wrojjg. For years a Bap
tist clergyman, studying medicine to find remedies
for hi ailments, with a delicate cofnsumptiyo look,
standing with one foot upon the g ave, lie made the
discovery which has saved him elf and cal ed out
from hundreds of others the strongest testimonials
poss'b'e. W'e have know Pr, Poland Jbr years, and I
never knew a more conscientious, honest, upright
man, and we are g ad to state that we beiieve what*
ever he says about his w hite Pine Compound.
The White Pine Compound*
GEORGE W SWETT, M. D.( Proprietor,
Will be manufactured in futon eat the
New Euglnnd Botanic Depot*
106 Hanover Street, Boston,
Under the supervision of
DR. SWETT will attend to the business department,
to whom all orders should be addressed.
Sold by Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Medicine everywhere.
Hay tieneral Agents for the State of Maine.
York, execute orders lor Southern Timber of any
required dimension With despatch, and on the most
lavorable terms. Shipments made directly to all do
mestic and foreign ports. They are also prepared to
tarnish Oak and Northern Pine Timber, hewn or
sawn to order. ocl2d3m
<2*0 nnn/ YEAR made by any one with
rlPVyV —Stencil Tools. No experience
necessary, The Presidents, Cashiers, and Treasur
ers of three Banks Indorse the circular. Sent free
with samples. Andrew the American Stencil Tool
Works, Springfield, Vermont. OCfidSlB
Life Insurance Company.
THE CHARTER OAK Life Insurance Company
declares Dividends each year, and pays them at the
payment of the second and each succeding premium,
thus aiding the insured in meeting their payments by
The advantages of this system offer that of divi
dends payable aj'ter a term qf years without interest,
are obvious. No other Company pays dividends in
this way.
The Dividends of the Charter Oak are equal in
value to those of any Life Co.
Dividends without interest payable in four or five
years, or at death, suffer a remarkable diminution
when reduced to their present value.
In the payment of losses is a distinguishing feature
of this Company,
Also in the selection of risks, its losses for the last
six years having been from 30 to 70 pr. ot. less
than of any other Co. of as long standing*
As the losses of a Co. are so are its profits, and as
its profits so are its dividends. The moral is readily
A few competent men wanted as solicitors.
Office Ro. 25 Exchange Street,
State Agent for Maiue.
Nov. 15. aug26’65dly
No. 113 Broadway, N. York.
all paid in.
Surp lus, 204,188,40
Assets Jan’y 1, 1865.
Thi* Co. is tlie FIRST and ONLY Co. ever organ
ized on this Continent, with an
Original Capital
One Million Dollars !
We are prepared to issue policies on DweUing
Houses lor a term of years, and also upon EVERY
Maxine Insurance on HULLS, CARGOES, and
POLICIES. The public will find it for their interest
to give us a call.
New York Estimate of the International*
As an indication of how this Company stands AT
HOME, we take the City business of 105 Companies
and Agencies, named in the Treasurer’s Report of t£e
New York Board of Firo Insurance Companies, for
1864, and find that THE INTERNATIONAL RE
EXCEPT ONE! This list includes the English Com
panies and the Hartford Agencies, all of which fall
for behind the International in point of patrona e in
this City.—New York Commercial Advertiser.
This is a most gratifying and remarkable fact, best
understood by those who best know the real merits
and s illful management 01 this sterling corporation,
which thus within two years takes the lead ot scores
of other Companies that have been established from
a quarter to a half century.
HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice-President.
C. C. HINE, Secretary.
OLIVER A. DRAKE, Assistant Secrhtary.
OFFICE, 166 Fore Street, Portland, Me*
John W. Mu tiger & Co.,
03t6<lly Agents.
Insure Against Accidents!
By railroads steamboats, sailing
VESSELS, STAGE COACHES, or other public
conveyances may insure against loss ol life, or seri
ous bodily injury, for $:iOOO In case of death,
and & weealy benefits in case of bodily injury,
tor the small sum of
Thus, 10 cts. will insure to Boston or New York;
JW cts, to Chicago or Milwaukee;
50 cts. lo St. Louis or Cairo;
70 cts. to New Orleans, and so on to any part
of the country, and for any number of days desired.
Before entering a Rail Car, Steamboat, or other
conveyance, secure yr urself and family or friends,
Three Thousand Dollars in case* of death, or
$15 per week in case of injury, whereby you may be
Policies issued for any sum, covering accidents of
of any kind, such as Falling of Ice and Snow from
buildings, or Falling on th Ice Skating, or Broken
Bones, Bruis e, Sprains, Cuts, Burns and Scalds, As
saults by Burglars, Explosions of Lamps, Falls,
Kicks and Bites of Horses or other animals, upset
ting of or falls from Carriages, &c., &c.
Every person is liable to accidents of some kind,
and should therefore insure without delay.
Policies issued and Tickets sold at the
General Bail way Ticket & Insurance Office,
W. J>. LITTLE, State Agent.
Dec 14—dtf
PLEASANT to the palate, cause no pain, act
promptly, never require increase oi dose, do not
exhaust, and for elderly persons, females and child
ren, are Just the thing. Two taken at night mov
the bowels once the next morning. Warranted
in all cases of Tiles and Falling of the Rectum. We
promise a cure for all symptoms of the Dyspepsia,
such as Oppression after eating, Sour Stomach, Spit
ting oi looa, Palpitations; also, Headache, Dizziness,
Pain in the Back and Loins, Yellowness of the Skin
and Eyes, Sick Headache, Coated Tongue, Bilious
ness, Liver Complnint. Loss of Appetite, Debility,
Monthly Pains, and all Irregularities, Neuralgia.
Faintness, &c. Travelers find the Lozenges just
what they need, as they are so compact and inodorous
\hat they may he carried in the \est pocket. Trice 60
cents per box; small boxes 30 cents. For sale by J.
S. HARRISON & CO., Proprietors, No 1 Tremont
Temple, Boston, Will be mailed to any address on
enclosing 60 cents, julyldly
BALSAM Is warauted to cure Coughs,( olds. Hoarse
ness, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Sore Throat, Con
sumption, and and all affections oi the throat and
For sale bv Druggists. SO cent* per bottle.
GEO C. GOODWIN & CO„ 37 Hanover Street,
Boston, Sole Agents tor New England.
thousands ot the worst cases of Blind and Bleeding
Files. It gives immediate relief, and effects a per
manent cure. Try It directly. It is warranted to
cure. For sale by all Druggist*, Met*, por bolllo,
GEO. C. GOODWIN A CO., so Hanover Street,
Boston, Sole Agent* tor New England, novlOdgpi
TER, and WESTERN PRODUCE generally.
Particular attention given to shipping by quickest
and ohoapest route*. No. 18X .South Water St.,
Chicago, Illinois.
P. O. Box 471.
References—Messrs. 8. G. Bewdlear ft Co; Mayn
ard ft Sons; H ft W. Cbickerirg; C. H. Cummings
ft Co; Chas. H. Stone; Hallett, Davis ft Co; Boston.
3. N. Baoon, Esq, President Newton National Bank,
Newton,Maes; C. B Coffin.Esq, N.T.CIty. febtttdlv
WELL arranged for Concerts, Lectures, Exhibi
tions, Levees, &c., may be obtained on applica
tion to RICHARD COLE, Superintendent,
JtweBkJti Nd, 3 Telman jhace.
On and after Nov. 6 1966, Prssonger
Trains leave as follows : —
Leave Portland for Boston at 8 45 a. m. and 2 20 P.
Leave Boston for Portland at 7 30 a. m. and 2 30 p.
Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily.
Portland, Nov. C, 1865—dtl
- «•
I On and after Monday, Oct 30. 1865,
rains will leave as follows, uutil further
notice : —
Leave Saco River for Portland at 6 30 and 9 40 A. id.
and 3 40 p. u
fe* Leave Portland for Saco River at 8 00 A. m, and 2 00
and 5 30 p x.
The 940 a m and 200 p u. trains will be freight
trains, with passenger cars attached.
PS^Stages connect at liorhuui for West (lorliam,
8ta.ndi.sb, Steep Falls, Baldwin, Denmark, Sehago,
Bridgton, Lovell, llirain, Brownfield, Fryeburg,
Conway, Bartlett, Jackson Limington, CornLsh,Por*
ter Freedom, Mad son and Eaton. N.H
At Buxton Ceuter for West Buxtou, Bonny-Eagle,
South Limington Limington, Limerick, Newfield,
Parsonsfield and Ossipee
At Saccarappa for South Wiudham, Windham Hill,
and North Wiudham, daily
Portland, Oct 26 1865—dif
Ot Canada.
On and after Monday, Nov. 6fA,1865,
GSiragfetrains will run as follows:—
Morning Train for South Paris, Lewiston and
Auburn at 7 35 A M.
Mail Train lor Waterville, Bangor, Gorham. Island
ond, Montre «1 and Quebec at 110 p m
This train connects witli Exp ess train for Toronto,
etroi t and Chicago. Sleeping Cars attached from
lan d Pond to Quebec and Montreal.
No Baggage can be received or checked after the
in e above stated.
Trains will arrive as follows :—
From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, 810A m
From Montreal, Quebec Ac. - - - 140 p.m.
The Company are not responsible for baggage to
any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person
al) unless notice is given and paid for at the rate of
one pas$png> r tor every $50 ' additional value.
. C. J BUY DOES, Managing Director.
H BAILEY, Local Superintendent.
Portland, Nov. 1, 1865 nov2dtf
Portland to Skoxvhejgttn via Waterville
and Kendall’s Mills*
Commencing December, 11,1SG5.
Trains leave Portland daily (Sundays
Mtty^^jfcrexcontud 1 for Bath, Lewiston via An
droscoggin R. R.), Augusta, Waterville, Kendall's
Mill , Skowhogan, and intermediate Stations, at
1.00 P. M. /
Portland for Bath daily (Sundays excepted)
at 5.15 P. M. (Mixed Train.)
Leave Skowhogan for Portland and Boston at 8.30
A. M., Augusta 10.35 and Bath at 11.55.
This is the only route cast without break of gauge
at Portland. Through tickets for all Stations on this
line, also on the Maine Central B. R., can be pur
chased in Boston at Eastern or Boston and Maine
Depots. Passengers with through tickets going east
will change cars at the first depot they arrive at in
Portland, where ample time is there allowed to dine
(45 minutes) at a first class e&ting house. Superior
and well ventilated cars are run with the through
Fare as Low by this Route as axy other.
Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and for Bel
fast at Augusta, and for Solon, Anson. Norridge
wock, Athens and Moose Head Lake at Skowliegan,
and for China, East and North Vassalboro' at Vas
salboro', and for Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s.
W* HATCH. Train Manager*
Dec. 11,1865—dtf
Trains leave Portland daily (Grand
GS^BBjBSrTrunk Depot) Sundays excepted,(or Au
burn and Lewiston at 7 30 A. M., and for Bangor and
all intermediate Stations, at 1.15 P. M. Returning,
trains from Auburn and Lewiston aie due at 8.30 A.
M., and from Bangor and all intermediate stations,
at 2 P. M., to connect trains for Boston.
mr Freight trains leave daily at 8 A. M.
Dec 15,1865. dc22tf
G-rand. Trunk Railway.
For Tickets to all points West & South West,
General Western TtcJcet Office,
90 Exchange Street.
83P* Fares from $4 to BT lower via. the Grand
I Trunk Railway, than any other route to the West.
276 Broadway, New York. | Eastern Agt.,Bangor.
90 Exchange Street,
August 10—dCm PORTLAND.
Important to Travelers
T0 TnK Egjgajja
West, South, North-West and the Canadas.
18 Agent for all the great Loading Route? to Chica
go, Cincinnati, Cleveland Detroit, Milwaukee,
Galena, Oshkosn, St. Paul, LaCrosse, Green Bay,
Quincy, St. Lodi?, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cafro,
•to. and is prepared to furnish Through Tickets
from Portland to ah the principal Cities and Towns
in the leyal States and the Canadas, at the
And all needfhl in lor mat ion cheerfully furnished.
Ta wBLLEaa will find it greatly to their advantage
to pro3U?e Through Tickets at the
Por'Jaiui Railway Ticket Office* 31 Ex
change Street, <up stairs.)
W. D. LITTLE, Agent.
Passage Tickets for California, by the Old Line
Mail Steamers and Panama Railroad p»ay be secured
by early application at this offlol.
March 20, 1866. marSOd&wtf
New England Remedy.,
1 Dr. J. W. POLAND'S *
i ■
Is now offered to the afflicted throughout the country,
after having been proved by the tost of eleven years,
Jn the New England States, where its merits have
become as well known as the tree from which, in part,
it derives Its virtues.
Sore Throat, Colds, Coughs, Diphtheria, Bronchitis
Spitting of Blood, and Pulmonary Affections
generally. It is a remarkable remedy
for Kidney Complaints, Dia
betes,Difficulty of Void
ing Urine, Bleod
froin the
Kidneys and Bladder, Gravel, and other complaints.
For Piles and Scurvy, it will be found very valua
Give it a trial it you would learn the value of a good
and tried medicine. Ii is pleasant, safe and sure.
The White Pine Compound, advertised at length in
rur columns, Is not only as to its name inviting, but
is a highly approved medicine. Dr. J. W. Poland,
the inventor, has Lhe confidence of many who know
him, a confidence which he enjoyed while laboring
usefully many years as a Banli.-t minister. His ex
perience as a sufferer led to him to make experiments
which issued in his medical discovery.—Boston
Watchman and Reflector.
The Editor of the Manchester Daily and Weekly
Mirror, in a leader of the Daily, thus writes of the
“The White Pine Compound is advertised at much
length in our columns, and we are happy to learn that
the demand for it is increasing beyond all previous
expectations. It the very best medicine for Coughs
anu Colds we know of, and no family that has once
used it will be without it. We speak from our own
knowledge, it is sure to kill a cold and pleasant as
sure. The greatest inventions come by accident, and
it is singular that the White Pine Compound made
lor Colus and Coughs should prove to be the greatest
remedy for kiduey difficulties known. But so it Is,—
We cannot doubt it, so many testimonials come to us
from welUknowu men. liesides the character of Dr,
Poland is such, that we know that he will not coun
tenance what is wrong For years a Baptist cler
gyman, studying medicine to find remedies for hi3
ailments, with a delicate consumptive look, standing
with one foot upon the grave, ho made .he discovery
which has saved himself, and called out from hun
dreds of others, the strongest testimonials possible.
We have known Dr. Poland for years, ami never
knew a more conscientious, honest, upright man,
and are glad to state that w'o believe whatever he
says fibout his White Pine Compound,”
Sold by all Druggists, and dealers in medicine gen
H. H. HAY,
General Agcnti for State of Maine*
Oct 5—d&wim
Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam!
For Cough*, Cold* and Commmptlon I
Established in 1832, and $uu the best knoten
remedy for all affections qf the Lungs, Throat and
Chest. Be careiul to get the genuine.
REED. CUTLER & CO., Boston, Proprietors.
Large Bottles, $1.00. Small, 5° cents.
Pure Cod Ijlver Oil
Bottled expressly for Medicinal use by REED,
CUTLER & CO,» who have taoiliM0* far obtaining oil
ot the most reliable quality. Large Bottles, $1,00.
Nov 10—d&wCin
BUSINESS SUITS, of the best Canada
Gr^m‘det<,0Ar.'1D: BEEVES,
noYldtf W Exohangs St,
Montreal Ocean Steamship Co,
Carrying tlie Canadian and U. S. Mails.
PAsaENGEBt. Booked to
Londonderry and Liverpool.
Return Tickets Grunted at Reduced Rates.
Tlie Steamship DAMASCUS, Cal.i. Watts, will
sail Lorn tills p«rt for Lhvrpool, SATURDAY, 3utli
December, immediately niter the arrival oi the train
of the previous day from Montreal.
To be followed by the Peruvian on Jan. C.
Passage to Londonderv and Liverpool:
Cabin (according to accommodations) $6ti to $80
Steerage, $25
Payable in Gold or its equivalent.
For h eight or passage apply to
H. & A. ALLAN,
5 G. T. It. Passenger Depot.
Portland, Dec. 11th, 1865. deelldtf
United States Mail Line I
St. Thoma*, Pernambuco,
And Bahia, Every Trip,
‘Will dispatch regularly, on the
20th of each month, at 3 P. M., from Pier 43 North
Will leave on FRIDAY, the 29th December, and
will call at Para.
An experienced Surgeon is attached to each Steam
All letters must pass through the Post Office.
For freight or passage apply to
17 Broadway, N. Y.
Dec 4— dtf Portland, Mo.
Conveying the U. S. Mail. The
A. W. Sampson, Commander,
WILL sail from the end oi Long Wharf, on MON
DAY, January 1st, 18GG, at 3 1*. M., to be suc
ceeded by the “ TONAWANDA,”sailing MONDAY,
January 15th.
These steamers are of ths first class, and hereafter
sail semi-monthly for Havana. Having elegant ac
commodations, they offer good facilities for those
wishing to visit the Island of Cuba.
Price of passage, £6i> in currei cy.
For freight or passage, apply to
3 India Street,
G India Street.
Boston, Dec. 27th, 1SC5. # dec27 dtf
Boston and Philadelphia
, Steamship Line.
The Steamer. NOBMAN, SAXON, an.l ABIES
now form the line, and a steamer leaves each port
From Long Whar , Boston,.at 12 M.
From Pine St. Wharf, Philadelphia,.atv10 A.M.
Freight for the West forwarded by the Pennsylva
nia Railroad, and to Baltimore and Washington by
Canal or Railroad, free of commissions.
For freight, apply to
Sprague, soule & co.,
Nov 22—dlyr 9 T Wharf, Boston.
Intemational_Steamship Co.
Eastport, Calais and St. Jobn.
On and after Thursday, Dec. 7r
the Steamer New Brunswick,* apt.
K. B. Winchester, will leave Rail
road Wharf, foot Of State Sr, every
" ■■ ■■ — ■"■■"Thursday, at 5 o'clock r. ji, for
Eastport and Sr. John.
ait turning wit. leave St. John every Monday at 8
▲ . m. for Eastport, Portland and Boston.
At Eastport the Steamer “Queen" will connect
for 8t. Andrews,Robftinston and Calais with the New
Brunswick and Canada Railway lor Woodstock and
tioulton stations. S ago Coaches also connect at
Eastport for Mrushias and intermediate places.
At St. John the steamer Emperor will connect, for
Windier, Digby and Dali lax. Through nokets
procured of the agents or the oierk on board. No
Passports required.
Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clock
F. *. C. C. EATON. Agent.
Portland, Maroh 20.1866. dc9tf
Summer Arrangement!
the; steamers
Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal,
Will, until further notice, run as
Leave Atlantic Wharf, Portland,
every Monday, Tuesday Wednes
day, Thursday, Friday and Satur
day, at 7 o’clock P M : and India Wharf, Boston,
every Monday. Tuesday, W'eduesday,Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday, at 5 o’clock P. M,
Fare in Cabiu - ... $2.00.
£2^* Freight taken as usual
The Company are not responsible for baggage to
any amount exceeding $50 iu value and that person
al. unless notice is given and paid for at the rate of
one passenger for every $500 additional value.
Aug 5, 1865. feb.13,1863 —dtf
New England Screw Steamship Co
The splendid and fast Steamships
K<xHi and FRANCONIA. Capt. U.
SHAH WOOD, will until further notice,
run as follows:
Leave Brown’s Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES
DAY and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M., anil leave Pier
3d E at River, New York, every WEDNESDAY
and SATURDAY, at 4 o’clock P. M.
These vessels arc fitted up with fine accommoda
tions for passengors, making this the moot r.peedy,
safe and oomfortable route lor travolleru between
New York and Maine Postage, in State Room,
<8.00. Cabin passage <6.00. Meals ixtra.
Goods forwarded by this lino to and from Mon
treal, Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Kastport and
Shipper* are requested to send their freight to the
steamer* a* early ns 3 P. M. on the day that they
leave Portland.
For freight or (manage apply to
EMERY A FOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portland.
H. B. CROMWELL A CO., No. 88 West Street,
New York.
Mav 29, 1886. dtf
Whit i Lead.
Atlantic V lite Lead
and Linseed Oil Co.,
of New Y
Manufacturers of PLT E WHITE
LEAD, Dry and in Oil, ED LEAD,
LITHARGE, Glass-m.- crs’ Red
Lead, etc.
Also, LINSEED OIL, Rav, Boiled
and Refined.
For sale by Druggists Sc Dealers
genially, and by
General Agents,
287 Pearl St., NEW YORK.
“There is no anch Word aa Fail.”
Cubebs and Copaiba,
18 a Sure, Certain, anil Speedy Cure for all dlseaa
os of the Bladder kidneys and Urinary Organs,
either in the male or female. frequently perforn in*
a perfeot euro in the short space of three- or our
days, and always In leaa time than any other prepa
ration. Inthouaeot
Tarrant's Compound Extract of Cubebs and
therels no need of osnSnernent or charge of diet -
In ita approved form of apaste.it |. eutirel* taste
loss au'l causes no unpleas nt sensa'Ion to tho pa
tient. and no (xpasure It is now acknowledged by
the most learned In the profession that in tbe above
ola«s ofdiseasoe, Cnbeba nnd Copaiba aro tbe only
two rem dies known that can be relied uten with
any oertainty or suocess.
Tarrant's Compound Extract of Cubebs and
Manufactured only by
978 Greenwich 8t., New York
Bold by Druggist* til over the World,
May* (idly
Ao. <5 Temple Street,
VlTHERE be can be consulted privately, and with
▼ v tlio utmost 'confidence by the afflicted, at all
hours uaily, and irora 8 A. M. to*l» 1*. M.
Mr. H. addresses those who are suffering under the
affliction oi private diseases, whether arising from
impure connection or the terrible vice of selt-abute.
Devoting his entire lime to that particular Liuncli ol
the medical profession, lie leels warranted in Ouar
itan i KE1NO A Ct’KE in all Casls, whether of long
standing or recently contracted, entirely removing
the dregs of disease from the system, unit making a
perfect and PEKA1ANENT CURE.
He would cull the attention ot the alllicU d to the
tact of his long standing and well-earned reputation
furnishing sutheient assurance of his s’.lll and suc
Every intelligent and thinking {icison mu. t know
that remedies handed out for general use should hu\e
their cDIcacy established by well tested experience in
the hands of a regularly educated physician, whose
preparatory studies tits him tor all the duties he must
fulfill; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrum.*
and cure-alls, purporting to be the best ia tin* world,
are not only useless, but always injurious. The un
fortunate should l>e PARTICULAR in selecting his
physician, as it is a lamentable yet incoiitiovert
able fact, that many syphilitic patients are made
miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreat merit
front inexperienced physicians in general practice;
lor it is a point generally conceded by the st syphh
ographers, that tho study and monauement of thc:e
complaints should engross the whole time oi tho; e
who would be competent and successful in their treat
ment and cure. The inexperienced general practit
ioner, having neither opinn tuuity nor time to make
liimscli acquainted with incir pathology, commonly
pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak
ing an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dan
gerous weapon, tho Mercury.
All who have committed an excess of any kind,
whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting
ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in maturer years,
The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous
Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are
the Barometer to the whole system.
Do not wait for the consummation that Is sure to fol
low: do not wait tor Unsightly Ulcers, tor
xiisabled Limbs, ibr Loss of Beauty
and Complexion.
Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a
complaint generally tho result of a bad habit in
youth,—treated scientifically, and a perfect cure war
ranted or no charge made .
Hardly a day passes but wc are consulted by one
or more young man with the above disease, i-eiue of
whom are as weak and emaciated as though they bad
the consumption, and by their friends supposed to
havo it. AU such cases yield to tho proper and only
correct course of treatment, and in a short time are
made to rejoice in perfect health.
There are many men at the age of thirty who are
troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad
der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn
ing sensation, and weakening the system in u mannei
the patient cannot account ibr. On examining the
urinary dei>osiU a ropy sediment will often be found',
and sometimes small particles of semen or albumen
will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkish hue,
again changing to a dark and turbid ai ls ai ante.
There are many men who die of this difficulty, ignor
ant of the cause, which is the
I can warrant a perfect cure m such cases t a
full and healthy restoration ot the urinary or gans.
Persons, who cannot personally consul* the Dr.,
can do so »y writing, in a plain manner, » description
of their diseases, and tho appropriate remedies will
be forwarded immediately.
All correspondence strictly confidential, and will be
returned, it desired.
Address: Db. J. B. HTJGHES,
No. 5 Temple Street [comer of Middle
_. „ . Street?, Portland. Me
CP“ Send a Stamp for Circular.
Electic Medical Infirmary,
DR. HUGHES particularly nvites all Ladies, whc
need a medical adviser, to call ct hi> rooms, No. 5
Temple Street, which they will ttnd arranged for tbcU
especial accommodation.
Dr. ll.’s Klectic Renovating Medicines are unrival
led in ellicacy and superior virtue in regulating all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specitic and
certain of producing relief in a short time*.
LADIES will llna it invaluable in all case* of ob
struction* alter all other remedies have been tried in
vain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in
the least injurious to the health, and may ho taken
with perfect safety at all times.
Sent to any part of the country, with Ml directions
by addressing DR. HUGHES,
No. 5 Temple Street (corner of Middle), Portland.
N. B.— Ladies desiring may consult one of tbeii
own sex. A lady of experience in constant attend
ance. janL18e5d«Jtwly
Half Million Dollars Worth
Without Regard to Value, Xot to be Vald
for until you know what you ure
to receive,
All lo be Sold for OXfi DOLLAR fexeb j
300 Musical Boxes, $20 to $150 pao»»
160 44 “ with Bells ami
Coslinets, 200 to 5Co “
600 Silver Teapots ami Coffee Urns, 20 to 50 ' **
BOO “ Chafing Dishes, 3*» to loo «*
1000 “ Icp Pi cheis, 20 to 50 •*
2500 “ Syrup Cups, with Salvers,2« to 50 “
600# 44 Goblets & Drinking Cups, 5 to 50 ««
3000 *« Castors, 15 to 20 “
2006 44 Fruit,Card *CakeBaskets20 to 5 > ««
5000 Doz; 11 silver Tea Spoons. 10 to 20 dnr
10000 44 44 TableSpoous*Forks20 to 40 44 *
250 Gents’ Goldlluut’g-CaseWatchesfiO b> 100 eas-li
260 Ladies’ Gold & Enameled Hunt
ing-Case Watches, 35 to 70 44
500 Gents’ Hunting - Case Silver
Watches, 35 to 70 44
200 Diamond Kings, 50 to 100 44
5000 Gold Vest and Neck Chains, 4 to 30 44
3000 Gold Oval Band Bracelets, 4 to 8 44
6000 Jdt and Gold Bracelets, C to 10 44
2000 Cliatelaiue Chains* GuanlChsins,5 to 20 44
7000 Solitaire and Gold Brooche*.’ 4 to 10 44
5000 Opal and Emerald Brooches, 4 to 8 44
5000 Mosaic, Jet, Lava oml Florentine'
Eardrops, 4 to 8 44
7500 Coral,Opal & Emerald Eardrops, A to 0 44
4000 < ’alifornia 1 HamondBreast-pin>2.50 to 10 44
3000 Gold Fob and Vest Watch-kcv»2.5f> to 8 44
4000 Fob and Vest Ribbon-slides, 3 to 10 44
5000 Sets Solitaire Sleeve-buttons,
Studs, Arc., 3 to 8
3000 Gold Thimbles, Pencils, &c., 4 to 6 “H
10000 MinatureLockets, 2.50 to 10 44
400 0 44 44 magic spring, 10 to 20 44
3000 Gold Toothpicks, Crosses, «Jtc, 2 to 8 44
5000 Plain Gold Rings, 4 to 10 44
10000 Stone Set and Signet Rings, 2.50 to 10 44
5000 Chased Gold Rings, 4 to 11 44
10000 California Diamond Rings, 2 to 10 44
7500 Sets Ladies, Jewelry—Jet and
Gold, 5 to 15 “■
6000 Sets Ladles' Jewelry—Cameo,
Pearl, Opal and other stones, 4 to IS
10000 Gold Pens, Silver Extension
Holders and Pencds, 4 to 10 «*
10000 Gold Pens, and Gold Mounted
Holders, 6 to 10 44
5000 Gold Pens and Gold Ext' nslon
Holders. 13 to 25 44
5000 Ladles’ Gilt and Jet Buckles, 5 to 15 44
5000 44 44 44 Hair Bars
and Balls. 5 to 10 «<
Certificates oi the various articles ai e first p at hi
to envelops, sealed up and mixod; and when order
ed are taken out without regard to choice, and «.>nt
by mail, thus giving all a foir chance. Ot* receipt ot
the certificate, you will see what you are' to have
and then It is at your option to seu& the Dollar an»i
•^e the arUde or not. PoKbwen may thus obtain
a Gold Watch. Diamond lting, or any set of Jewelr
on our list tor One Dollar, /
Send 83 Cent, for CrrtMoule.
In all transactions by mail, we shall charge r _ ,
warding the Certitloates, paying the postage „ ,'r, ,
tag the Dtislness, 25 cent* caicli, which miw °"
ed when the Certificate is sent. Five p-Hin .M'
will be sent for *1; 12 for ?2; 30for *5 .
AGENTS—We want Agents In every
and In every Town and County in tlie i ,,..
those acting as such will be allowed .n
certificate ordered by them, P™ ,ided their !emiry
tance amounts to One Dollar. Amu wluSlw?1^
cents lor evevy eertltlcato, atid remit 25
either In Cash or Postage 3 ttmiw. c*nts 40
Nov 4-^ “lertT**- New Cl.y.
Mrs. S. A. Allen’s World’s
Hair Restorer and Dress
ing invigorate, strengthen
and lengthen the hair. They
act directly upon the roots
of the hait'% supplying re
quitted nourishment, and
natural color and bcai.ty
retains. Grey hair disap
pears, bald spots are cov*
ered, hair stops falling, and
luxuriant growth is the re
sult. Ladies and Children
will appreciate the deligh .
ful fragrance and ri cj
glossy appearance inn Jart*
ed to the hair, and n a ",
of soiling the skin, s^^ Q '
most elegant head
Sold by all Dn c . (J * ' ,S*
Depot 198 & 200 Greenwich St N Y
W. F. PHILLIPS & C«. Genn.ni V '■ *■
Maine. * era* Amenta far
8ept 27, 1865—dft \<-6m j
bo convinced ol iheir
JL‘"'•‘'V'Wl'K.'.f °l then, d aver c
‘ pubho t..r Hrouehiti,. Cough,. Colri,. '°
-S-H-e Throat,catarrhudinaueina \Vo, ?
ou teatimouiun lrom the Claruv, and nil.°" F“
oompanyts* ehch box. lot ial« i? il?"?' *°T
Or»*ft»t» throughout the city?1 6 ■JJjyeiifu

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