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From the annual report of John S. Heald.
Esq., City Marshal, made to the City Council,
last evening, we learn that the whole number
of arrests during the past year, for various of
fences, was 2172. Of this number 600 were
taken before the Municipal Court; 118 were
taken to the work house on Overseer’s war
rants; 2 were sent to the Insane Hospital;
1 was delivered over to the Provost Marshal;
22 were delivered to officers out of the city; 7
were delivered to the U. S. Marshal, and 1432
were discharged without complaint.
The number of lodgeis received at the Sta
tion House during the year was Sod.
The amount of money collected and paid to
the City Treasurer, the past year, was $741.75,
received from the following sources :
Of Montreal Ocean Steamship Company,
for case of small pox taken to Hospital, $282.00.
For dog licenses, 2S8.00.
For licenses for Hacks, Ac., 148.75.
For old wagon found in the street, 10.00.
For extra services of Department, 10.00.
Total, $741.75.
Amjt of property reported stolen, $7,120.90;
Amount recovered, $6,200.00; IT. S. Bonds re
ported stolen, $9,500; recovered, $500.
The report states, that the most difficult
class of rogues the police have to contend
with, are the receivers of stolen goods.
Report of Overseers of Poor.
This report states that the number of in
mates of the Alms House and House of Cor
rection, February 28th, 1866, was 204. The
present number is 201.
There have been admitted during the year
862; discharged 817; remaining 20; children
bom 13: deaths 22. »
The number of families supplied out of the
heuse was 258, an increase of 29 over the pre
vious year. Of these 190 were foreigners and
68 Americans.
At the date of the last report, the amount
of head money, to be collected of each for
eigner, who shouliTTand at this port, withou;
regard to destination, was fixed at fifty cents.
Early in the year, by the advice of this Board,
the Board of Aldermen Increased the rate tc
two dollars per head. Last year the beau
money collected amounted to $2,871.00. Thi.
year, by the first of April, it will amount to
some $7,000.00.
The juvenile school at the House has been
quite successful, from forty to fifty scholars at
tending. Public service of the Sabbath, and
the Sabbath School have been continued dur
ing the year by ltev. T, B. liipley, the Chap
The Committee pay a merited eompliment
to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sampson, Master and
Matron, for the satisfactory manner in which
they have carried on the various departments
during the year. . >. V / Y.
Report of the Truant Officer.
Mr. IL P. White, Truant Officer, made his
annual reportrto the City Council last Eve
ning. From it we gather the following tacts.
The total number of persons entitled to at
tend the schools in this city, between the ages
of 4 and 21 years, is 11,023. 01 these, %££2
are between the ages oi 4 and 16 years.
The whole number attending schools the
summer term was 4,397; leaving 2,826 who
did not belong to any public school. Making
all due allowances for those attending private
schools, and those engaged in some lawful
business, It leaves the number of, probably,
1,000 who do not belong to any school and are
not engaged in any lawful occupation; most
of whom are left to gro v up in ignorance, or
are learning lessons of vice in the streets.
During the past year, Mr. White has inves
tigated over 800 cases of truancy. There have
been 83 arrested and returned to the schools
to which they belonged. A larger number
have been induced to return to their several
schools, without being arrested. Seven, who
had previously been arrested three times, yrere
complained of ta the Municipal Court as ha
bitual truants, six of whom were sentenced to
the Reform School and one put upon proba
It is evident from the report of the officer,
that his duties have been very arduous. But
we believe he ba3 performed them not only to
the satisfaction of the School Committee and
teachers, but also of parents. ^ "■ *
Street Commissioners’ Report.
Nahum Libby, Esq., Street Commissloncf,
reports that during the past year 4,908 1-2 tons
of paving stones have been used on the sever
al streets. On sidewalks there have been 21S,
401 brioks laid. On the different bridges the
amonnt of $2,150 has been expended. The
property on hand belonging to the Street De
partment is valued at $10,329.
Repairs have been made on the streets gen
erally, in all parts of the city, under the direc
tion of the Committee bn streets.
A Novel and Interesting Entertain
ment.—Commodore Foote, Col. Small and
Miss Eliza Neatell, together with the Conti
nental Vocalists, will give three entertain
ments at Deering Hall next Holiday evening
and Tuesday afternoon and evening.
The following is from the liangor Whig of
theGdinst.: • i0
The entertainment at Norombega on Thurs
day evening was enjoyed by a crowded audi
ence of an intelligent chacgftter. So hu- as we
have heard all were pleased, not cniy
with the artistic merit or the musical perfor
mers, but especially so with those truly won
derful little specimens of humanity, Commo
dore Foote, Miss Eliza Nested and Colonel
Small, all of them far less in proportions than
the tar famed Tom Thumb, who will now be
obliged to abdicate his office of Generalissimo
of the Lilliputians.
Performance will b* given this afternoon
and evening—in the evening a change ‘of pro
gramme. Ai|.should, go. It is decidedly the
best exhibition of the kind that we hare had
the pleasure'of witnessing. 1 s
Accident.—As a freight train was passing
along Commercial street yesterday afternoon,
three horses attached to a jj^geedtoaded with
wood, got frightened 'and attempted to cross
the track in front of the tramT The hind
wheels of the jigger wfere caughtNy the train
and the vehicle was dragged some distance,
upset aud badly smashed. TJip train was de
layed half an hour before the horses could be
extricated, and it was found that tiwp of them
were badly injured. The owner said driver of
the team, Mr. Stephen MeQuade, narrowly es
caped. ’ * * - -* ■
Valuable aEtd Convenient.—HBtowu’s
Bronchial Troches” are widely known as an
admirable remedy for Bronchitis) Hoarseness,
Coughs, and other troubles of. the Throat
and Lungs. They are of great value for the
purposes for which they «re designed, while
they are usually and pleasantly efficacious, they
contain no hurtful ingredients, but may at all
times be used with perfect safety.—[Boston
Rocorder. eodlwaw.
The Union Club have paid over to the
Freedmen’s Fair Committee $100, receipts for
the exhibition of paintings at their rooms.
The net receipts of the Samaritan Levee on
Thursday evening, will amount to more than
$400. __
Patent.—A patent has been granted Hen"
O. Clark, of this city, for Improved hydraulic
steering apparatus.
Log Driving Company.—The members of
the Mattawamkeag Log Driving Company, at
their annual meeting on the 6th inst., made
choice of their officers as follows, for the ensu
ing year:
Moderator, John WV Palmer.
Clerk and Treasurer, Chas. D. Bryant.
Directors, Joab W. Palmer, Chas.D. Bryant.
Carleton S. Bragg, Ebenezer Webster, Wm. T.
J oseph D. Smith, of Veazierwas elected boss
One Mobe 1Sntebtaikhe;''t'—t)ur citL
zens never had a winter season so prolific of
public amusements, and yet we hear ot one
more soon to come off in the City Hall, which
will equal the best. The “ B. F. C.’s,” a very
able and popular dramatic club, are to take
the field in aid of the Hinds of the Portland
Provident Association—an organization sec
ond to none in its labor for the poor of the
city. Let all who want to pass a pleasant
evening, and at the same time help a noble
charity, get their currency ready.
Liquob Case. — Yesterday, Hazen W.
Harriinan of Porter, who had been arrested
by the authorities of Oxford County, oh a
search and seizure process, was brought be
fore George F. Emery, Esq., Clerk of the U.
S. Circuit Court on a writ of habeas corpus:
cum causa—the case having been removed
from the State to the United States Court. —
Harrimau gave bail in the sum of §500 far his
appearance at the U. S. Circuit Court in this
city, on the 23d of April.
Tubnverein Exhibition.—Another large
and fashionable audience greeted the Portland
Tumverein last "evening at City. Hall, and
their wonderful performances excited admira
tion and applause. The exhibition was, if
anything, a little better than the former one.
We hope the members will, occasionally favor
the public with an entertainment of this kind.
They will always be sure to meet- crowds of
friends Who will cheer them on in their noble
work. _ .j ....
Joe young ladies of the R. 5- Society ten
der their thanks to Mr. G. W. Marsttm for his
kindness in bringing before the public, for
their benefit, his opera of Don Bobo; to Mr.
and Mrs. Burnham, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Fernald,
the Polyphonic Club and Chorus, forHieir
valuable aid; to Mr, Ti{axter,4br use of Mer.
ing Hall; Mr. Cheney, for use of melodeon ;
aud to all who in any way assisted them.
Per order.
Sebiows Accident.—Mr. Charles Duran,
apothecary, was driving through Federal St.>
yesterday forenoon, when his carriage came
in contact with a tree, on the corner'of Feder
al and Franklin Streets and he was thrown
from it, striking on his head. It was feared his
injuries would prove fatal, but late last even
ing we hcaad he was recovering and would
soon be out.
Railway Tkaffic.—The receipts on the
Grand Trunk Railway, for the week ending
March 3d, were:
Passengers, $33,506 00
Express Freight, Mails and Sundries, 4,750 00
Freight and Live Stock, 87,770 00
i. I -«.[ oi an . .-B
Total, $126,026 Qo
Corresponding week last year, 122,1891>0
1 -
Increase, $3,387 00
Burn arris Standard Cooking Extract* are
carefully prepared from fituifev and spices of
__fl»e best quality, and challenge competition.—
Heir universal success is based upon their
merit. Reference is made to the principal
purveyors, confectioners and hotels in tho
United States. All druggists sell them.
Personai,.—Among the passengers by the
Nova Scot.an, at this port, yesterday, was the
Earl of Gosford, who proceeded to Canada.
A Shining Example.
Constitutional Government, as administer
ed in Prussia, certainly exhibits some peculiar
features. Free legislation must be attended
with a degree of difficulty in that happy coun
try. The latest Prusian advices state that the
Chambers had suddenly been closed by order
of the Crown on the plea that the proceedings
of the Deputies in opposition to the Govern
ment tend towards strife I This summary
plan of dealing with the representatives ot the
people whenever they manifest a disinclina
tion to bend to the royal will, seems to he a fa
Vorite one in Prussia. Several times already
during the administration of Count Bismarck,
have the Deputies been scolded and sent
home like refractory schoolboys, because they
refused to legislate in accordance with govern
ment orders. Each time the people have sus
tained their representatives, and, in the new
elections, sent back men as firmly disposed to
stand for tbeir rights as those who were dis
missed. But Bismarck is a “man of nerve.*—
He considers himself, single-handed, a match
for the nation and its popular representatives,
so he once more shuts the doors of the Legis
lative Chambers, and sends the members
about their business.
This convenient method of administering ft
Constitutbnal government is undoubtedly
one of the most brilliant discoveries of our
age. In this country we have not yet got
quite so far as to put it in practice, though
there are indications that we have among us a
few master intellects capable of appreciating
its advantages. The recent suggestions of the
Cli cago Times to President Johnson, the con
tinued maundering of the New Yoit World
about the “Hump Congress,” the late Remark
able speech of Mr. Garrett Davis, in which
that gentleman delivered himself of some quite
new views on the Executive prerogative, with
other equally significant facts, show that this
heroic way of doing things i3 getting to be ap
preciated among us. It is not to be suptwseiT
that this new example of energy on the part
of Count Bismarck, will be lost upon his ad
mirers on our side of die water.- We tridy ex
pert to witness its happy effect in a notable
increase of confidence on their part, if not in
some other ways.
T\ - -> •; ~-- O'
,-f ■ J"V' ‘ Town Elections. -'Ui
New Gloucestee:—Moderator, Charles P.
Clerk, B. F. Sturgis. -_L- .. •>
Selectmen, David W.Merril), Henry A. Fogg.
Nathan A. Hartley.
Treasurer, Gilman Martin.
Superintending School Committee, Rev. W.
P. Gross.
Ail Union.
Ni:WP«mi.—Moderator, John Ilenson.
Selectmen, Darnel Steward, Alfred Miles, A.
T. Jenkins.
Treasurer and Collector, H. W. Towle.
. Superintending School Committee, John
Benson. -,>
All re-elected.
Seabspobt.—Moderator, William H. Wood
Selectmen, Geo. U. Barstow, Moreton Ben
net, W. H. Woodcock.
Town Clerk, Horace Muzzy.
Collector, Alden B. Plummer.
Treasurer, Elisha S. Cushman.
Superintcndipg School Committee, Ilorgce
All Union men.
MjosrttoE.—Moderator, Richard Ford.
-Selectmen, A. Tliurlougb, O. W. Whitcomb,
J. N. Robinson.
Treasurer and Clerk, Asa Mayo.
All Union Republicans.
Recent Publications.
He7?.£?»?8E!;s ; ln «“»• By U>(> Author
of Kate Elmore, \ illage Schoolmistress,” etc.
1C mo. pp. 2h>. Boston: Henry Hoyt.
This little volume is one of the “Sunday School
Series of Juvenile lteligious Works,” and we do not
hesitate to pronounce it the very best ot that series
which we have yet seen. Tt is, to begin with, a fresh,
bright and truthful delineation of the characters and
thoughts of actual children, not of little prodigies;
and In addition to this it presents some charming
pictures of the scenes, habits and ways of lite belong
ing to the romantic Green Mountain district in which
the action is laid. Hetty is a dear little girl Whose
struggles are with the ordinary temptations which
children encounter, and whose growth in all the ele
ments ot a lovely character Is happily portrayed. We
advise all little folks to read “Hetty’s Hopes,” for it
is a dtory from which they may derive not only
pleasqre but profit.
For sale by H. Packard.
EvBKT Satubday shows improvement in the re
cent issues. Number Ten contains an intercs: ing vari
ety of ar icles, among which one from the Fortnightly
Review entitled “Spirit Happing A Hundred and
Fifty Years Ago”’ and two poems, one by Matthew
Arnold, the other by Itobert Buchanan, ace noticea
ble features.
Ticknor and Field® jmbli®hers.
-——---T « —
Saturday Morning, March 10,1866.
Washington, March 9.
Petitions were presented favoring the in
crease of pay of army officers; against renew
ing the reciprocity treaty; in favor of chang
ing the Constitution so as to elect the Presi
dent and Vice-President directly by the people,
and for one teim only.
The hill extending the time for the with
drawal of goods from pnbhc stores was taken
up. Tiie question is on reconsidering the vote
by which the bill was passed.
Mr. Sprague opposed it.
A bill was introduced regulating the salaries
of Judges of the Supreme Court of the Dis
trict of Columbia. Referred to the Judiciary
At the expiration of the morning hour the
bill was made the special order for half past
twelve on Monday.
The Constitutional amendment on the sub
ject of Representatives, was then taken up.—
Mr. Fessenden spoke at length in its favor,
regarding the accomplishment of negro suf
frage by indirection, as far better than by
Mr. Sumner replied, characterizing the
amendment as two-sided. The Senator frem
Maine sees in it only the limitation of politi
cal power of the South, while he, (Sumner)
sees in it the disfranchisement of a race.
Mr. Wilson made a few remarks. The
question was then stated to be on the adoption
of Mr. Henderson’s amendment, to substitute
for the pending amendment, the following
words “No State in presenting the qualifica
tions requisite for election therein, shall dis
srimlnate against any person on account of
race or color.” It was rejected, yeas 10, nays
The joint resolutions heretofore offered by
Mr. Sumner in a substitute for the proposi
tion of the Committee, was rejected S against
37. [
Mr. Tates offered the following as a substi
tute for the Committee’s proposition, “that
■jo State or Territory of the United States
ihall by any Constitutional laiV or other regu
.ation whatever, in force or hereafter to be
adopted, making or forcing in any way or any
manner reeoginizing any distinction between
Citizens of the United States or any State or
Territory on account of race or color or the
previous condition of slavery, and hereafter
ail citizens without distinction of race or color
.hall he protected in the Ml enjoyment and
exercise of ail their civil and political rights
including the rightof suffrage.
Mr. Clark moved to amend the above by
adding the following: “provided that when
ever the elective franchise shall be abridged
in any State, or the election of Representa
tives to Congress, or other officers, State or
National, on account of race or color, or de
scent, or previous condition of servitude, or
by any provision of the law, not equally ap
plicable to all races and descent, all persons of
such race, color, or descent, or condition shall
be excluded from the basis of representation
as prescribed in the 2d Section or the first ar
ticle of the Constitution.
Mr. Clark’s amendment was adopted—20
against 20.
Mr. Yates’ amendment was rejected—7
against 38.
Mr, Davis offered an amendment, to make
the proposition of the Committee that it be
submitted to the legislatures of the several
States next hereafter to be chosen. Bejected
—12 against 31.
Mr. Sumner moved to amend the Commit
tee’s proposition by inserting a proviso that
there shall be no denial of the elective fran
chise on account of color. Bejected—8 against
Mr. Sumner moved to amend the proposi
tion of the Committee by inserting “ that all
persons denied representation shall be exempt
from taxation of all kinds.” Bejected.
The question was then taken on the propo
sition of the Committee.
Mr. Clark having withdrawn his amend
ment, and the joint resolution as it came
irom the House was lost, there not being two
thirds in its favor. The vote was as follows:
Yeas—Anthony, Chandler, Clark, Conness,
Cragin, Cresweli, Fessenden, Foster, Grimes,
Harris, Howe, Kirkwood, Lane of Indiana,
McDoUgal, Morgan, Morrill, Nye, Poland,
Bamsey, Sherman, Sprague, Trumbull, Wade,
Williams, Winslow—25.
Nay3—Brown, Buckalew, Cowan, Davis,
Dixon, Doolittle, Guthrie, Henderson, Hen
dricks, Johnson, Lane of Kansas, Nesmith,
Norton, Pomeroy, Biddle, Saulsbury, Stewart,
Stockton, Sumner, Van Winkle, Willey, Yates
The Chair announced that the joint resolu
tion having received less than two-thirds of
the votes had failed.
Mr. Henderson moved a reconsideration of
the vote, which prevailed.
This brought the joint resolution again be
fore the Senate, and Mr. Doolittle offered the
following amendment:
“ That the following articles be proposed to
the legislatures of the several States as amend
ments to the Constitution of the United
States, which when ratified by three-fourths
of said legislatures shall be va'kl as a part of
jaul Constitution, namely: After the census
to be taken in 1870, and each., succeeding ceu
.us, representatives shall be apportioned
among the several States according to the
number in each State of male electors over 21
years of age, qualified by the fews thereof to
choose members of the most numerous branch
ot its legislature, and direct taxes shall be ap
portioned among the several States according
to the value ot the real and taxable property
situated in each State not belonging to the
State or United States.
The further consideration of the subject
was postponed to Thursday.
Adjourned until Monday.
An amendment substituting the word
“ Wherever ” for tididAerer, in the revenue act
of June 30th, 1864, was passed.
A rcigjuti mi was adopted that the Secreta
ry «f War report how many volunteers whose
terms of servcie have expired are retained,
and why the 28th Illinois regiment is still de
tained at Brownsville,
The civil rights b li was taken up.
Mr. Bingham opposed it.
Mr. Wilson made the concluding speech.
A motion to table the lull was lost.
The vote was then taken on the amendment
which was rejected.
The bill was finally recommitted—yeas 82,
nays 70..
The House went into Committee of the
Whole on the Reciprocity bill.
After discussion on the bill had closed, an
amendment was adopted increasing tlm duty
OB fisli as follows:
“ Salmon $2 per barrel; shad $1.50: mack
erel $1 when vamed at six dollars per barrel,
and $2 when valued higher; herring, pickled
Mr. Francis Thomas moved to amend by
omitting all in relation to coal, that matter to
be governed by the general tariff law.
Mr. Stevens moved to raise the tax on bitu
minous coal from 50c to $1.25 per ton. Adopt
ed, 66 against 58.
Mr. Thomas withdrew his amendment.
Mr. Blaine’s amendment was adopted in
creasing the duty on lumber as follows:
• * On lumber—hemlock, round, split or sides,
one-halt "cent per cubic foot; when hewn
rsquare three-fourths of a cent per cubic foot;
when sawed $1 per thousand feet.
On lumber—spruee, round, split or sided,
one-half cent per cubic foot; when sawed $2
per thousand feet ”
The Committee rose.
The Speaker submitted a letter from the
Secretary of State, transmitting the report of
the Commissioner of Immigration since the
establishment of the Bureau. Referred.
It was agreod that to-morrow the House shall
sit for general debate on the President’s mes
Mr. Stevens gave notice that after this week
he would ask to hare evening sessions for
Marin* Disaster.
New Haven, March 9.
On Tuesday afternoon last, the brig Cather
ine Rogers, Capt. Yeaton, from Providence,
R. L, with 290 tons of coal, from Elizabeth
port, for New York, went ashore in a gale, on
Cornfield Point Shoals, off Westbrook, and
sunk. The captain and crew were saved by
heroic eflorts on the part of Capt. Man war
ring and his men of the Government light
boat stationed on the shoals. The brig will
probably be a total loss. The Catherine Rog
ers was 163 tons, built in Pittston, in 1846,
and hailed from that port.
From Tennessee.
Nashville, March 8.
A telegram sent by Capt. Hunter from
Grenada, Mo., to Gov. IJrownlow, urging the
latter to beware of assassination, is beueved
to'be a canard.
The railroad here refuses to receive any
more goods at present for points south of
Chatanooga. The blockade will probably con
tinue for several days.
Lt. Col. Wilcox, of the 16th colored infan
try, in removing his flag staff from his former
headquarters, fell 70 feet, killing him instant
The Fenians-Street KxcUetnont in Canada—
80,000 troops armed and ready to March,
New Yobk. March 9.
The Heralds' Toronto dispatch says the
crisis has arrived, and confirms previous re
ports of the arrival of volunteers in large
Two thousand troops arrived last night and
were billeted on the citizens. ■
All the railways on the frontier are keeping
engines fired up to run off trains.
ft is estimated that 30,000 troops are now
armed and ready to march.
The authorities are sanguine of their abili
ty to drive back any Fenian invaders. Troops
have been drilling since 2 o’clock, this morn
A full supply of ammunition has been pass
ed to the troops, and railway trains are made
up and ready to move them at a moment’s no
tice, to any point of attack.
Many reports are current and one pretty
generally credited, is that Parliament will be
called to assemble immediately—that the ha
beas corpus will be suspended, and martial
law proclaimed before the 17th insL
Government has taken possession of the
Montreal telegraph line.
The Toronto Globe calls on the President
of the United States to interfere.
Ten so diers were last night billeted on the
alleged Head Ofctftrc, Murphy.
Toronto papers this morning are filled with
dispatches showing th«t the military prepara
tions ate extensive, and that every-town is
turning out iu full strength.
As last as troops amve-they are orgamzed
in battalions. They will be drilled five hours
per day. To-day, there was a turn out en
masse or citizens, to make demonstrations of
The Orange Watchman of to-day, says the
Fenians of the city will walk on St. Patrick’s
Day armed with pikes and revolvers, and calls
upon the Mayor to prevent them.
It is believed that the influence of the
peace loving Catholics will restrain the more
violeut, and the procession will be abandoned.
The Watchman also asserts that Bishop
Lynch has declared his intention of leaving
Canada, to avoid the danger and responsibility
of a battle on the Irisa national day.
A special dispatch to the Times, dated Ot
tawa, has the following:
Parliament has been called to meet April
10th. N.va Scotia and New Brunswick will
immediately accede to the confederation with
A large reinforcement will be sent out from
England as soon as navigation opens, to meet
the threatened Fenian raid.
English gunboats have been ordered to the
fishing grounds, in view of the abrogation of
the reciprocity treaty.
The Government buildings and banks in
Ottawa have been placed under guard at
Arrangements have been made for recipro
aal free trade between the British West Indies
and a direct mail line from Montreal thither,
will be immediately established.
The Herald’s special Toronto dispatch says
the excitement is unabated in the Provinces.
Troops are still pouring in from the rnral dis
tricts, by hundreds. The moment they arrive
they arc organi»c(J, into companies and squads
for drill. So great is the drain upon some
large, business houses of the city, they have
been compelled to suspend business during
drill hours.
The news from the frontier indicates po
cause for eitfaordinary movement, but the
military authorities and the whole people ap
prove the action of the Government in pre
paring for an emergency. Many assert that
the hubbub is got up for political purposes to
unite the opposing taetiohs so (hat confederar
ition may be carried next month in Parliament.
If this is really the object of the Government,
it probably will be successful, for all parties
seem to have forgotten their political differ
ences and rally for united defence.
Montoeal, C. E., March 9.
The call for 10,006 Canadian militia for ac
tive duty was enthusiastically responded to.
Early on Thursday movhlng, news was re
ceived from all parts of the country that their
quotas were ready for active service at a mo
ment’s notice. No doubt three times the
number could be had at a day’s notice. The
whole volunteer force of this city paraded last
evening. Strong guards are posted in all the
alleys, and patrols moved through the city all
night. Every preparation is being made to
guard against any Fenian surprise.
Tobonto, C. W., March 9.
The response yesterday for volunteers ftom
all parts of the country was very enthusiastic,
and a much larger number offered their servi
ces than is required. The Globe to-day has a
report of a Fenian plot, which is lor a body to
cross to Canada and take part in the public
procession on St. Patrick’s day, who will dis
turb the peace and distract attention while
armed Fenian bands Will make raids on the
From Washington.
Washington, D. C., March 9.
Gen. Augur, commanding Dep’t of Wash
ington, has issued a general order, saying:
“ To allay uneasiness and prevent litigation
concerning titles to land and other property
confiscated and sold by authority of the Uni
ted States Government during the present re
bellion, it is directed that no person within
the limits of this department, who has duly
acquired a title by such sales, shall be disturb
ed in possession or control of the same by ac
tion of any State or Municipal Court. Action
of the Federal Courts in relation to such
property WiU alone be recognized,"'
; The Superintendent of the Freedmen’s vil
lages has been instructed by Major Gen. How
ard to divide the-.Arlington estate, lying east
of the-ro&tl. Afet>, five acre lots to be rented
on written agreement to freedmen. The rent
to be paid at each harvesting of crops. Fif
;teen acres on the west side of the road is as
signed to be divided and rented in the same
manner. About twenty acres are to be culti
vated as a garden by the dependents of the
freedmen’s village. This estate is no! confis
cated, property, and therefore cannot revert to
the heirs at the death of the owners, but it
was sold for taxes and purchased by the Gov
ernment for the purpose to which it is now
being applied.
It is stated that there has been 2,010 par
doned in the State of Virginia, and 4S2 in
North Carolina by the President under the
$20,000 clause since the" issuance of the am
nesty proclamation.
It is estimated that the Fourth Auditor’s
office during and since the. rebellion has ad
judicated prize claims aflfecting aver 1200 ves
sels. The amount involved m such settle
ment is about $20,000,000.
! There are in the vaults of the Treasury
Dep’t $14,240,000 in five dollar notes. Total
amount of all denominations $110,000,000.
The U. S. Treasurer will receive in a few days
from the bank/npjia company $300,000 in one
and two dollar notes of the greenba ck issue.
i'eoifn Matt Meetings.
Boston, March 2.
A grand Fenian demonstration was held in
Music Hall hot evening. The capacious edifice
was crowded to its utmost capacity, and thou
sands were turned away unable to obtain ad
mittance. Addresses were made by Colonel
<J*Malioney, Capt. McCaflferty, the military
envoy from Ireland, Maj. Haggerty, of New
York, P,A. Seimtt, C. C., JL E. Fitzgerald,
central organizer, and others, and a series of
resolutions Were presented by James McDer
mott, of New York, which were unanimously
adopted. Great enthusiasm was manifested
throughout the meeting, and at its close a
large amount of Fenian bonds were disposed
From Louisiana and Texas.
New Orleans, March 9.
A Texas letter represents that the freedmcn
are contented, and working well. They are
generally disposed to remain with their iormer
Gov. Welles and Gen. Canby have proclaim
ed ten days minimum quarantine on vessels
frotn the West Indies, and the adjacent Mexi
can and Central American coast.
The difficulty between the Mobile cotton
factors, brokers and buyers had been settled
by a committee of conference appointed by
the Chamber of Commerce. Regulations were
adopted relative to the sampling of cotton and
disposing’ thereof.
Washington Correspondence.
New York, March 9.
The Commercial’s Washington dispatch
says Gen. Hitchcock was knocked down by a
runaway horse, to-day, and severely bruised,
but not seriously.
The Post’ dispatch says the Ways and
Means Committee have been engaged ail day
in considering the proposition to tax cotton.—
The recommendation of the Revenue Com
mission in favor of the tax is likely to be
' Seamen Drowned.
Fortress Monroe, March 9.
Four sailors, part of the crew of the schoon
er Freeman, bound for Boston, loaded with
hay, now agrotmd near Craney Island, were
drowned yesterday afternoon while running
the anchor in a small boat, which filled with
water and sunk before assistance could be
rendered them.
Protection Against a Fenian Said.
New York, March 9.
The Worlds Albany special despatch states
that it is understood that Gov. Fenton has
beeu urged to call out three regiments to pre
vent Fenian raids from Ogdensburg on Canada.
An Indian Immoral.
Fort Laramie, March 8.
Spotted Tail, Chief of the lleuiah Band of
Sioux to-day, was received by Col. Magruder
with great ceremony. Spotted Tail c .me to
bury the body of his daughter, which was in
terred at the cemetery with Christian rites,
the chaplain performing the burial service.—
This is considered a strong indication of their
desire to make peace.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, March 8.
The gunboat Mackinaw sailed to-day for the
West Indies.
A quarantine of ten days has been estab
lished in this harbor for all vessels.
Arrival of a Steamer.
New York, March 9.
The steamship St. David, from Portland, has
New k ohk. March 9.
The Commercial’s money article says gold still
tends strongly downward. • - .
The stock market is dull and weaker. Kail way list
all lower, and miscellaneous stocks are all from $ to 1
per cent, lower.
Governments are strong. The last steaiAfer brought
orders lor 5-2)’&, but not for any large amount*.—
10-40’s active and l higher, closing at 90|. 7-30’s
firmer, closing at 99]. ~
Money easier; bankers are relaxing the rate on call
loaua,and private hankers are lending more at 6 per
qent. Rate on call is 7 per cent. Paper In more de
mand at 7 @ S per cent.
Foreign Exchange quiet at 10SJ.
New ICork Markets.
„ New York, March 9.
Cotton—1 @ 2c lower: sales 400 bales: Middling
Upnds at 41 ® 42c.
Flour-dull; sales 7,000 bbls. State at 8 85 @ 8 30;
Round Hoop Oliio at 8 20 @ 11 00, Western d 75
.® 8 40. Southern at 3 80 @ 15 50. Canada at 7 00
® 11 Go.
Wheat—steady; sales 39,500 bushels; Milwaukee
Club,new, 1 65; Whit Canada 2 50 @ 2 60.
Corn—dull; sales 39,600 bushels; Mixed Western
atWtg TSc: YeHow Jersey3 A.
Oats—active; sales unsound at 33tg>43«; sound it
52 ® 54c. -
Beef—steady at 20 50 @ 24 00. ■- i
Fork—tirmcr; sales 62,00 bbls.
Lard—heavy; sales 1,460 bbls. at 1C @ 181.
Butter—steady. ‘
Whiskey—duU. ..
Sugars - heavy; a-dea 900 lihds. Porto Ricmat 101 ®
114; Muscavado at 10} @ 12-.
Naval Stores—Quiet.
Petroleum—dull; crude at 27.
Freights to Liverpool—dull.
New Orleans Markets.
Cotton—completely unsettled; sales to-day 1,000
bales. Sales lor the week 13.000 hales. Receipts fjr
the week 16,473 bales. Receipts to-day 1,062 bales.—
Low Middling at 40 @ 41c. •
Sugar—u changed.
Coifeo—sales of the week2300 hags; stock in port
13,000 bags, sales at 23}® 3l}iu|guU. J-.,
Sterling Exchange at 139.
Gold 120.
Mobile Markets.
. Mobile, March 9.
Cotton—sales to-day 100 bales middling uplands at
41 c.
The sales for the week were 3,700 bales. Receipts
lor the week 11,175 hales; Exports tin the week 10,177
bales; stock In purt 77,163 baits.
Gold 130 ® 132,
Stock Markets.
New York, March 9.
Second Board.—Stocks strong.
Amei ican Gold........... l302
United States coupon sixes, 1881......104}
United States5-20,.r. .103*
United States 10-40.... Ml
Treasury 7 3-10. 99}
United states one year Certificates, (new issue).. .99
Missouri Sixes. -IP
Virginia Sixes..... 69
New York Central. 90?
Cumberland Coal Co.....428
Read'ng.1.. ..i 974
Michigan Southern . 74
Cieve'and and Pittsburg. 764
Chicago and Rock Island.107}
Chicago and North Western. 25j
Seizure of Goods.
NOTICE is hereby given that the following de
scribed goods were seized at this port, on the
days hereinafter mentioned, lor a violation of the
Revenue Liws:—
Nov. 15,1865, on board Scb. “Larone,” 21 doz. pairs
Mittens; 2J doz. prs. Stockings. Nov. 17, on board
Str. “New York,” 1 Pkg. Broadcloth, marked “S.
Austin.” Nov. 24, on board Str. “New York,” 1
Bundle Clothing, marked “Rose M. Hanson, New
York:” 1 Box marked “Miss E. Woodman, Boston,”
containing 1 Lady's Cloak. Nov. 28, on board Str.
“New Brunswick.” 1 Chest containing 2 Chests Tea:
1 Trunk containing 1 Bag Tea; 1 Box containing 1
pr. Boots, 2 prs. Woolen Drawers, 2 prs. Woolen
Pants, and sundry other articles of wearing appareL
Dec. 1, on board Str. “New York/' 1 Roll Cloth mark
ed “W. Quinnegan, Brooklyn”. Dec. 7, cn board Str.
“New York,” 2 Cassocks marked “Mrs. Almon Hav
erstock, Lewiston;” 12 Bottles Porter; 8 yds. Home- i
spun Cloth marked “C. N. Swett, Boston”; 23 Bot
tles Spirituous liquors; 29 yds Canada Gray Cloth, 5
lbs. Tea; 49 lbs. Sugar; 1 small pkg. each Cofifee and
Cassia. Jan. 3, on board Brig “Jane Bell,” 1 Bag
(about 100 lbs.) Sugar.
Any pbrson or persons claiming the same are re
quested to appear and make such claim within nine
ty days from the date hereof; otherwise the said
goods will bo disposed o: in accordance with the act
of Congress approved April ?, 1844.
Jan. 26,1866.—dlaw3w*__
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned have this day formed a copart
nership under the firm name of
For the purpose of prosecuting all elaimt against the
State or United States.
Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay,
Pri*e Money,
Officers having unsettled accounts, can receive
certificates of non-indebtedness, with Arrears of Pay,
together with all extra allowances, by catling at our
oflice. Whenever tl;e equalization of Bounties Co
Soldiers ot 1861,1662, ana 1863, shall be determined,
we shall be prepared to secure the additional Boun
ties and Land Warrants, in the shortest possible
rff ' No charge for servioee unless aucceatful.
Money advanced on claims.
(No. 82} Exchange St, over Eastern Ex
OlHees I ! press Clbcc, Portland, Me.
(No. 206Pen. Avenue, Washington,'D.*C:
late Lieut. 8th Me. Vols. late MaJ. 1st Me. Cav.
March 1,(1866. nih8codlw&wU*
Boots, Shoes & Rubbers1.
AT the old stand No. 88. Middle Street, can be
found an extensive assortment of
Fashionable Boots and Shoes;
For Gents’, Ladles’. Misses’ and Children’s Wear.
Also, ;-[»■,» vio',1.’ ft Ii-rrrtlri-il
Boots and Shpes Made to Measure
We solicit the former patrons and the public in fell
er al to call and examine our stock and styles, guar
anteeing our prices—qualities considered—as low as
the lowest.
The store wll. be under the direction of Mr.
Lothrop, who will give his personal attention in part
to thiBhranoh of the business.
We are also Agents tor the Rowe Sewing Machine.1
W. \V. LOTHROP A. CO., 88 Middle St.
fP" Wholesale store, Union St.
R. L. Moese, W.W.Lothbop, 8. K. Dyub.
’ FebS—eodSm
mi m. m ■ .* -■ -.i— ■■ ■ i. ' « **■ ■ - ■ ’
Subscribers to the Stoek eg the Northern Pacific
Railroad Company, upon which ninety per cent. Is
still due, are hereby notified, In conformity with a
vote of the bokrd of Directors, passed on the six
teenth day of January, one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-six, that an assessment of ninety per ccfij.
upon Stock subscribed for by them is taorehy levied
in amounts and at ’hues as hereinafter recited, to be
paid at the office of the Company, No. 5 State street,
at Boston, Mass_to wit: twenty per cent, to be paid
on tbe second day of April; thirty per cent, on tin
first day of May; and forty per cent, on tbe first day
ol June, one thousand el"ht hundred and sixty-six.
All Stocks, upon which assessments as above levied
arc not paid, will be declared forteited absolutely,and
all payments that have been made upon said Stock
will be forfeited without condition ol redemption.
Treasurer N P.’ R. R. Co.
Boston, Mass., January 24,1866.—3tawtmayl
Hick’a PatoU Direct-Acting, Reciprocating Pieton
Steam Engines,
Saving 7* per et.
in space, weight,
friction and
I number oi parts,
■ over the best en
I gines, with great
L economy in
steam and io>
r paiis. The cheap
est, simp] as t.
most compact and durable made. Adapted to Mar
ine, Stationary, Portable, Locomotive, Oil and Min
ina uses. Otanvsize.
fe27 2taw6m 88 Liberty St., Now Yoi k.
— AJiD — 3
Gravel Roofings
ROOFS, &e.
Office No. 1 Manufacturers’ Block,
_ . Uotos Stbht.
j Miscellaneous.
and one ONLY!
house-keeping goods,
Just H-ecoi'vetl*.
And now opening at *
No. 5 Free Street Block.
V 1 J ■« - * v
A complete assortment of
Linen Damasks,
Brown and Bleached Covers,
\ ■ i •’ « VCU" A>■*\\ . v, v>
In all qualities and sizes*
A lull line of HUCK and DAMASK TOWELS.
and RUSSIA jCRABSRS; a very superior article of
SCOTCH CRASHES, at a Decided Baboain.—
NAPKINS and DOYLIES, in common, Medium,
and suporfino qualities.
■ ; • , #• * Ty: ' 7
Colored Tablings!
Embossed and Feinted
Woof Covers, Piano Coders.
| ivSki^su J - i»<- Xt! ’■>!
\ ISU ■
In all grades from those Heavy American Quilts to
the finest FOREIGN GOODS.
7-8, 4-4, 9-8, 5—4, 9-4 and 10-4
Bleached and Brown Cottons!
Bought before the recent advance at (he
Lowest JPrices I
Our White Goods Department!
BIOS and NAINSOOKS, Plain and Figured
Chinijs Marseilles,—small figured,
One Price! and One Only!
I t*.i t 'U *U!-; . - ^ -iiltxi
Hress Goods, Silks
■ And Shawls !
Is lull and carefully selected, and marked at prices
r to ensure its IMMEDIATE SALE.
Hwndkfs., Hosiery,
5 Free St. Flock.
( N. B.—Fouiro In onr atore and aubject to tho
claims of the owners, One Valuable Breast Pin, Kid
Gloves, Sun Umbrellas, and a variety of othe arti
cles. **>
Feb 21, 1866—dtf
, II Faut de 1’Argent 1
Kid Gloves,
Kid Gloves !
j tiro • , i ’ • ' •
75c, $1, $1^0 & $1,75
pf • - • .
M. u;-oi?.-:iacD i n..,.77 :rlaa. :
- r ! ■*«* c ‘ v:'KaiI
I -V . nvoa a<vt o
• :-i Is ■ 003
! ... ;> i • ■ r.. ■ '■) ■
. ; .L-: -l'-v ovijot I
<it ■> .1 • /. d • n.: i-i -
All Sizes, "
.*502 £ 2G Uu ; 2 , .
-if • • m
All Shades,
.0U3C5 ci ijj. iHiXji.VA .cj .
All Color«,
, l#»i Ii nbifull raU baaauBod J i
148 & 150 Middle St
It |
—— ■ i ■< ■■ ■
t Tj l iT'lf T'i ?* ' iHAr
P. S.—We still continue to sell our
Hosiery, Gloves,
Extremely Low Prices ! ;
_ t
a. t
Do not fall to £ive us a Call.:
March 9—dtf
For Sale or Hire.
For tercet', &c, apply to
C. M. D.AVI9 & CO.,
117 Commercial &v»
Portland, Fe’j. KJ, US6.—i« dim ^
IP” Job ’Vorlr of every de, crlptlon neatly execut
ed at the Pi-ess Office.
- --A.. _ ^ [' 11 MWI
1 Entertainments.
Monday and Tuesday Evenings,
March 13th and 13th.
Matinee Tuesday Afternoon at 21-2 o'ol’k,
For the uccoaim odation of families and children.
The oiost attractive amusement traveling.
Tbs three amallest human beings in existence.
The Meanest man in tile world; the wonderful uttle
comedian, actor and dancer.
p.»lry<Juceii,)the beautiful little dancer and
cnarinmg ninger.
mSgJSPg 1» challenged in the sum of FUty
xSS£1£d2±*? to«rau“ «*••»“•*»1Gammodore
“tdsumr, in weight, sise and education.
- e great f.'ssale character dancer.
The combination with the v
ot curiosity and talent U the "***
D. W. FRANKLIN, J. fe.SMITH, H M Ro?l™
MASTER ZAC*;, Ihe Musical
MASTER WILLIE, the Youthful Comedian
Doers epen at 7—coiumenco at Ro’olick. ua’
Admission 30 cts. Reserved Seats 50 cts.
Admission to Matinee 30 cents; children 16 cts
Mar 7—dtd F. A. CLARK, Agent.
THE 9lh Lecture of this Course will badeUser
ed at: uJ , J IU1
On Thursday Kre'ng next, Max. 15,
Rev. A. A. Milletts,
SUBJEor^-Domestio IXhppinea,. ..it
Evening Tickets 50 cts, r (
(ry*Cliandler’s full Band will be In attendance.
Doors open at 6. Lecture to commence at 7.30
precisely. '■
. • Per Order Lecture Committee,;’
• > » GEO. H. SMARDON*
Mar la—did Cor. Sec’y.
]Vtedical Electrician
. i 11174 MIDDLE STREET,
Nearly Opposite the tailed States Hotel
WHERE he would respectfully announce to the
citizens of Portland and vicmity, that he ha>
permanently located ltrottig city, Daring the three
years we have been in this city, wo have cured some
oi the worst forms Of disease in persons who have
tried other forms ot treatment in vain, and curing
patients In so dhort a time that tlie question is often
asked, do they stay cured? To auswer this question
we will say that all that do not stay cured, we will
doctor the second tlrnd without Charge.
Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician for twenty
one years, aud is also a regular graduated physician.
Electricity Is perfectly adapted to chronic diseases in
the form of nervous or slcx headache; neuraigia m
the head, neck, or extremities; consumption when
In the acute stages or where the lungs are not fully
Involved! acute or chronio rheumatism, scrofula. hR
diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature
of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs,
palsy or partdysis, St. Vitas* Douce, deafness, stam
mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, constipation and liver complaint, piles—we cure
every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi
tis, strictures of the chest, and all terms of female
By Electricity
Tlie Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lasv
leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic
ity of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost
bitten limbs restored, the unoouth deformities re
moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to
strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and
the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes oi
youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature life
prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an
active circulation maintained.
Who have cold hanos and leet: weak stomachs, lam
and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dizzi
ness and swimming in the head, with indigestion and
oonstf pation of tho bowels; pain in the aide and back;
leucerrheea, <«r whites); falling of the womb with in
ternal causers; tumors, polypus, and all that Ion?
train of diseases will lind in Electricity a sure means
of cure. For painful menstruatiou, too profuse
menstruation, and all of those long line of trouble*
with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specith,
and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the
vigor of health.
Dr. D. still continues to Extract Xceth by Elec
tricity without fart. Persons having decayed
teeth or stumps they wish to have removed (hr reset
ting he would give a polite invitation to call.
Superior Electro Magnetic Machines lor sak
tor family use, with thorough Instructions.
Dr. D. can accommodate o Jew patients with board
snd treatment at his house.
Office hours from & o'clock A. M. to 12 M.; (Torn 1
to 6 P. M., and 7 to 9 in the evening.
Consultationhf* ,i'? , .q/K noTlli
mHE undersigned hav jig made arrangements with
X ail' the leading MARINE INSUBANCE COM
PANIES of Haw York and Boston, representing a
Are now prepared to .'fleet insurance on
. CARGOES, and . il V
|Affl ALL ITS FOBMS. ^ yr
From one large experience in matte-a relating to
Marine Insurance, we feel conttdent of being able to
satisfy all who may favor ns with their bnslnosa.
We shall also continue the ,
Commission Business,
(• 0,1 ‘As before.
I ,gw t VV»/- 1. 1
if) ooCi M. DAVIS & CO*
OU. • > V. f M .V i si
117 Commeroial Street.
Portland, March fat, 1*6—isdSm I" , lI
Portland Rolling Mills.
TJUBSUANT to a vote of the Directors passed this
<*** *>+
tend Bolluig Mills will be boloen atthe office or the
Company, in Portland, on MONJJAT, Maryb lfth,
I8G6,at three o'clock, F.M., to act upon the iollow
ing business.
1st—To determine whether the StMkhahlan win
accept an Act to amend the charter of said Company
and additional to same, approved February Tth, 18fflT.
2.1—To consider and act upon ewrjrnpose 1 amend
ment to Article First, beetimr t of Oja By-Laws of
said Company. . '-' ^
3di—To determine whaChatbay will anthorise any
parson to malm and execute jcoaveyanco of hay of
the real ostato ot Hid Company, and agree upon
lines of di vision hetweeu the property of said Coreo
ration and Jhatdnrned by the Atwood lend Compmjy.
4th—To ftuaHe' any other business that may ley.
gaily come baftea said meeting.
Dated at Portland this 7th day of March, A.D.U66.
uaioasusmmK^ ^ B- JACKSOk, Clerk.
March H-tdld
New Spring Goods /
JUST RECEIVED trom Boston, a riA apart
ment of
' OL<,',"%F^!89corroN,
And a varlotj Mother articles usually found at • 1
-*1. - t I) • r
M. K. Bedlow’s,
M MIMIC Street.
March 8—dlw
Takes pleasure In announcing to the citizens ol Port
land and Westbrook, that be will commence a class at
Wednesday Afternoon* March 14.
Term to consist of '2 Lessons, on Wednesday and
Saturday AftemoonB of oat h w ek, at 3 o cloc*
Also a Ladles' Class lor Fancy Lancing •» 2 ® c,olK
CSn’erms-aJS.lK) each for the term.
Mar 8—dlw _
Pure Clayed Molasses.
AQfl IIIIDS. 1 Prime Clayed Molasses, iTom
^ 1A Tf SHOES ! the “Rcsnlta" Estate, now
landing from brig •‘Minnie Miller,” for sale by
No. 1 Portland Pier.
Feb 24,1866.—dislm__
For Sale.
mA two story frame House, and about 3MX
feet of Land, on the corner of Pearl and Cum
bei land Streets. Plenty of hard and soft wa
ter on the premises. Enquire ol
Feb 12—isdtf
Auction Sales.
Vessel at Auction.
rpo be sold by Auction nt Franklin Whart. on the
i. lOtli inst., at J1 o’clock, A. M., the 17. 8. Lirht
Houae Tender Franklin Pierce, tos ether with her
sails, binnacle and compass, chains, anchors, spars,
rigging and boat. Said Schooner is about 81 t' ns old
measure, is coppered, and lias been recently pat (a
good repair, and can be examined at the above nam
ed wharf. Payment to be made in U. S. currency on
By order of the L. B. Board.
L. H. Inspector 1st Dist.
HENRY BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers.
Portland, March C, 1SCC. mhTdtd
EDW’D M. PATTEN, Auctioneer, IS Exchange St.
Clothing, Dry Goods. Harnesses,
Ac., at Auction.
ON SATURDAY, March 10th. at 10 A. M. with
out resolve, 4o0 pieces Clothing, such as Froek
SS? PTf.r Sacks, Pants, Vests, Over and Under
Shirts, k urnishmg Uouuds, BerUn Shirts, Olovae, Ho
sier , Scarfs, Boots and Shoes.
Also. Dress Goods, Cottons, Woolens, with a varie
ty of other goods.
Ten 81e!gn, Buggy and Chaise Harnesses, Ac.
Mar 8—utd
Vp1 uable Brick House at Auction.
ON TLESDAY, March 13th, at 3 o’clock P. M.f
we shall sell at public auction House No. 3 Fore
the eorner of Atlantic, it is the western
half of a brick block of twohouseb. It is three-stories,
thoroughly liniahed with 11 tlnislied rooms. Abund
ance hard and sott water; in an excellent neighbor
hood ; commanding a tine view of the city, the entire
Harbor, the Islands, the Ocean. It is pleasant for a
resilience, and dca rsble as an investment. Title oiear
—sale positive. Possession given Immediately.
March 7—dtd Auctioneers.
Corn at Auction.
13th. at 11 o’clock, A. M.,
VjF at btores No. 6 and 7 Central Wharf, we shall
8,200 Bushe's Corn.
intocaisHSesimil! T' Uc“ U »l>oated dlrecHy
E.M. PATTEN, AUCTION EEB, 18 Exclude St.
Antique and Modern Silver Ware
and Cutlery,
Taeaday a ad Wednesday AAeraaaaa,
March 13ib and 14th, at 3} o’clock eaeh day*
Among the collection will be found Maaive Solidly
Plated Dish Coveis, Comer Dishes, elegant designs I
Tea and Coflee Services, Table Kettles and Minds,
Bread and Cake Basken, Toast ltaeks, Liquor and *
Cruet tvarnes, Claret Jugs, Presentation tuna and
Services, Plated Covers, Salads, Mustards, Gravy arid
Simp ladies, Table, Dessert and Tea Spoons, Porks.
Pine Table aad Pocket Cutlery, made by Mr. Shep
herd, bearing his name and trade-mark.
1Ladies and Gentlemen are Invited to examine
f be articles previous to sale, open Tuesday after
cmoUs open for exhibition Monday »mf Tuesday
forenoon. mhfldld
J. H. DRAPER, Auctioneer.
United States Cotton Sale.
On THURSDAY, March 15, 1866,
At Exohange Sales Boom, 111 Broadway,HY,
By order of
SIMEON DRAPER, C. 8. I'etlea Agent,
3000 Sales mobile and, "Up
land Cotton.
200 Sales Sea Island Cotton.
The above Cotton has been classed and sampled
by Q. W. Amory, and may be seen In the bale at
Barber’s Stores, 280 to 298 Columbia Street, and
Union Stores, Brooklyn, and by sample at the ofltoe
of the Auctioneers, No. 38 Pine St., New York, two
days before the sale. mhSdtd
EDW’D M. PATTEN, Auctioneer, 18 Exehaags St.
Administrator’s Sale of Stock.
AT Public Auction at the Merchant* Exchange,
on FRIDAY, March 16th, at 13 o’clock.
20 Share in the Fi. st National Bank.
20 Shares in the Po tland Co.
resale positive for Cash.
March 9—dtd
um. irax iw, auctioneer, 10 icxonaago at.
Household Furniture at Auction.
ON TUESDAY, March20th, at 10o’elook A. M.,
at No. 230 Cumberla d St, Black Walnut Par
lor Soto, B. W. and Oak Chamber Seta, Oak Side
Board, Walnut Extension Table, Hat Back, Ee*y
Chain, Spring Bede, Tapestry and three-ply Carpeta,
Paintings, Silver Tea Set, CUna Tea Set, Silver Des
ncrt Knivea, Crockery, Ice Cheat, Range, Ac.
Goods to be removed afternoon cf «aJ..
One Plano in Rose Wood Caae, finished in fid, oves
strung, 7} octave.
Mar 9—dtd
'For Sale by Auction.
P)SITIVE SALE will be made by auction, on the
premises, on the 2ctth Day •! March cur
rent, at 11 o’clock A M, and possession given April
2d, ( nless sooner sold) a well built one and a half
story Cottage, nearly Uni bed, situated on Stevens’
Plains, near the terminus of the Horse Railroad ia
Westbrook, and within a few rods of the Portland 4k
Rochester and Kennebec Railroad S ation. The
Horse Railroad passes the premise#. The lot la 62
feet on the street, extending back 330 feet, with a
rear line of 46 feet—excellent soil fer vegetables and
fruit trees.
A wr H hnvt barn, wood-house and kitchen adjoins
the main horn*.
it cvuiuiiios ail the advantages of nearness to ths
Railroads, Westbrook Seminary, Town Schools, and
City oi Portland. Price at private sale $200o. Ac
commodation will be given, if deal el, for half the
purchase money on a mortgage of the premises.
.. They may be examined on any day belbre sale.
, H ENRY BA I LEY & CO., duetts.
March 10,1866—dtd
Valuable Estate at Auction.
PURSUANT to License from the Probate Court
for the County of Cumberland, I shall sell at
Ciblic auction, on SATURDAY, the 31st day ot
arch next, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon, on the
premises, all the real estate whereof Sumner Fogfe
late of said Portland, died slezed and possessed.
Said estate is situated on Spruce Street, in said
Portland. One parcel contains two largs Dwelling
Houses, each containing twelve finished rooms,
of them being on the corner if Emery and Spruce
Streets, both well supplied with excellent water, and
in all respets pleasant and convenient; underneath
is a capacious Sore, well ar. anged, and as a stand
fer the Grocer. and Provision business has few equals
in the city. The lot has a frontage on Spruce street of
abont 73 feel, and on Emery trect of about 116 feet.
There is a mortgage on it of $2,000 given Oct. 7, 1866,
to David Hall, the interest on w hich has been paid up
to Oct 7,1861; uls.>, another mortgage on which is
claimed to be due $347 and interest from Oct 7, 1864.
The other parcel adloins tbs above, has a frontage
oti Spruce street of about 67 feet, and has a depth of
i bout 106 feet, having a small stable thereon, and ia
subject to a mortgage given to Isaac Goding and
* wife, Nov. 11th, 18», on which there is due a balance
of lAout $2oo more or leas.
The equity of redemption of the first parcel will be
sold sub eot to the right of widow’s dower in said •
equity, (she having relinquished her dower in Mid
first named mortgage], and oi the latter subject to her
right of dower in the entire lot.
The property may be examined atanv day. and pre
sents an unusual attraction fer investment or per
sona! occupancy. The sale will be absolute, and the
terms cash.
CAROLINE FOGG, Adm alxtratrlx.
HENRY BAILEY A CO., Anotloneen.
EYb 2G, 1866. mhfidtd
EDW. M. PATTEN, Auctioneer, 18 Exchange St.
Marble & Alabaster Goods,
Will be sold
I3T Day uad hour hereafter.
Horsea, Carriages, Sleighs, &c.,
WE (hall sell Horses, Carriage*, Sleighs, Rohes,
Harnesses, Ac.,
Every Saturday at 11 o'clock A. M„
At Forest City Stable, eotner Federal end Lta>*
where Carriages can be stored and Horae bended H
desired, prevteus to or liter the sale. ... .
These sales will be under cover, and oeld without
regard to weather. __ ^
HENRY BAILEY A Co., Anetleaeere.
Dec 14—dtf
Wholesale Meat Market!
Opposite the
grand trunk freight station
Is now open and will continue until further notice.
Ten tone of the most beantUbl BEEF received
every wee!.
Butchers and other Dealers supplied at rates much
lower than they can obtain the same quality else
Hotel and Boarding-house Keepers, es wen as pri
vate (Emilies, will find it greatly to their advantage
to buy by the quarter at
N. B.—Give him a call and sec the beat show of
BEEF you havo met with alnoe the war.
Portland, March 6, I860. mar?—lw
Bbls. Muscovado Molasses.
OOU LASSES, now landing from brig “J. Poi
lodo,” for sale by
No. 1 Portland Pier.
Feb 20—dt mis
AN Agent in each County in the State of Maine, to
sella new National Engraving.
For particulars address J. HANKEBSON A OO.,
j 130 Middle St., Portland, He. mhTdAWlW*

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