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u The B st, Man Wins Her.”
Kid away in tho loveliest part of Perthshire,
oe tiing among the often-sung liracs of Bal
quiiidd.-r, lies Loch Voel, upon the shores of
which Hob Boy lived and died; and where, in
the quiet, lonely kirkyard rests "Clan Alpin’s
emeu and her aid.” There are McGregors still
in the claehau of Balquhidder, McGregors
who speak with glistening eye and heightened
color of the chief, aud amongst w horn no tales
are so popular as those which treat of the
wild days when the elan with the '‘name
nameless bv day” av.is at once the terror and
protection ol tlio country.
Homo ten years ago a descendant of Bob
Boy, Helen M’Gregor, was the beauty of Bal
quhidder. Helen was a lair, blue-eyed, golden
haired lassie, with whom life had been one long
inugli, ami to whom the worU seemed to bear
neither frowns nor clouds. Her father, Tam
-U’Gregor, was a farmer, aud well-to-do lor liis
station; his sons helped him on the hills, and
Helen was a tidy hand in the house, quite able
to take many cares from her mother’s shoul
Tam’s cottage had served the wants of manv
a generation of M’Grogors. here a little aud
there a little being added, as the owner’s fami
ly increased or iiis fortune’s prospered. Boses
and boney-sucklo nourished m the narrow bor
der, and, clustering around the window met
gay ami thriving geraniums, votive offerings
from th ■ gardener at Glcnbuckie, who was
one of Helen's admirers. Helen, being tancy
free herself, was w-out to make a joke about
love; and not caring for either lairs or gather
ings, escaped much of the gossip which at
taches to other girls.
Om* man came oltencr than the rest, so often
that it was whispered about that Helen and
Duncan were courting, nor did Duncan at
tempt to deny what he wished :n his inmost
heart was true. He had loved Helen long, and
had only w aited for a farm to enter the lists
openly. Now he had a farm aud decent house
tu lake a wife to, ho thought the right time
had come; and Soon, seeing he had the good
will of both father and mother, lie was content
to wait patiently until some happy day when
Helen’s heart would waken up and his love
meet its reward. Aud if Duncan was patient,
it wss because, never having doubted bis suc
ce-s. he experienced a sort of gratification in
beating down his passion,or antitipating trom
a distance the time when Helen would spin by
his own hearth, and pay him back tenfold for
what she made him suffer now.
The honest folk in Balquhidder called Helen
a lucky lassie, and watched the courting with
general interest not unmixed with envy, for
Duncan was one of the handsomest and stead
iest of young men; more than tdi^t, and what
perhaps wont even further among the girls,
Duncan was the champion wrestler, runner
and hammer thrower, and twioe had he carried
off prizes from the Braemar Gathering. Dun
can s courting had made no further impression
upon Helen, when tho Gathering of 18d— drew
on. All tlio world went to Braemar that year,
aud Duncan, much to his own surprise aud
tlie indignation ol the Balquhidder people,
was beaten both in wrestling and throwing by
a new comer, a young man who, by liis supe
rior style of dress and manner ol speech, was
evidently from a different part of the country, i
if not indeed ol a differont rank in life ironi
that of the irate young Highlander; and wheu
standing hot and angry alter liis last failure,
lie was by no moans comforted by seeing Hel
en’s cheeks redden before the glances of the
victor. wl«>, cap in band, introduced himself to
Tam M’G rogor as Niei Lesley, tho sou ol his old
fiiend. There is never a lack of hospitality
among the Celts, and Tam made his young
friend welcome to the liest his house afforded
so long as lie liked to stay.
Kiel was a lair haired, blue eyed man, tall
and light limbed, but witii the muscles aud
sinews of a prize fighter.
Kiel was no idler, either in work or play, or
love. Everything lie sethis hand to he df.1 in
a manner, we are told, will succeed. So no
wonder that, tailing in love, as he did at once,
' ho roused what poor Duncan had watched and
Availed lor in vain; and, waking up the sleep
ing heart, brought the love light into tlie sweet
hazel eyes, that softened and droopped now as
they had never done before any man’s gaze.—
There was no question of love speech lietAveen
the two, and yet before tho summer came,
Helen had found out what a different place
love would make the woi Id.
How bon pie you’re growing Nelly,” said
Tain one day, as Helen came running up the
grass, her liair escaping from the sky blue
snood, the gay^ottou short gown coming halt
way ^down the striped linsey petticoat, which
was just short enough to show- her neatly clad
feet and shapely ankles, coquettishly arrayed
iu bright stockings, with elaborately embroid
ered clocks. ‘ Wliat’s come to the lassie, wife?
She’s breaking the hearts o’ half the lads in the
place. There’s Duncan, puir lad, fient a smile
he "ie now, hut gangs as dour-”
‘ Wheeshf, taither!” cried Helen, shutting
his mouth with a rosy little palm. “Here’s
Duncan cornin’.”
As she spoke Duuc&n stalked up to the door.
It was easy to soe that something had gone
against the grain; the expression on his face,
the lone of his voice, his very gait were chang
ed; his clothes were thrown on with u care
lessness unlike former days, and his eyes, rest
less and bloodshot, turned uneasily to Helen,
as he made some commonplace remark to her
lather concerning tho weather.
Helen’s color deepened. Something iu the
man’s eyes struck like a knife to her heart, and
lay there tackling, making the hot blood spring
to her lace, and the hand that had been on her
father’s mouth clench fiercely as if to beat hack
some burst of angering indignation. But the
flush faded the next moment, and a shudder
shook her from head to foot, lor Neil came in
Irom the hill, and as he turned the corner ol
the hedge, and Duncan's eyes fell upon him,
Helen saw the thick black brows drawn pas
sionately together, the big veins start like knot
ted cords, and the strong teeth set iu the neth
er lip. .She saw this, and even then her heart
sank with an undefined fear; but it was not
until some days afterwards, when the braes
were ringing with the mysterious disappear
ance of Neit Lesley, that the lull significance
of that look was revealed to her.
Many and various were the reports circulat
ed, until by the expiration of four days they all
settled down into one strong judgment against
Niei—a judgment winch Helen’s outburst of
grief, aud pale stricken /ace unwittingly
strengthened; and it was firmly believed that
Niei, having turn her love, had grown tired of
her, and, to rid himself of her aud his debt of
gratitude tocher lather at once, had made a
moonlight fiitting. Duncan openly took part
lit all that was said, so much so, that those
busy people who are always, iu all ranks, look
ing atter their neighbors’ affairs, began to hold
him up as an example of unselfish generosity.
There was one, however, to whom Tiis silence
had a different signification, and that was
Helen, who, front the day the alarm was given,
saw, as plainly as if written in black and white,
the hatred unto death stamped in Duncau's
face. She alone, watching as none other could,
heard tho impatient manner of speech and saw
the strange look that had come into the man’s
fuee; and a horrible suspicion and dread filled
her mind, harder to bear than all the cruel
things raised against Niol’s character. There
w as one small ray of comfort lett—a collcy dog
she had given Niei had disappeared the same
day he was missed. He must be alive if Moss
was with him; aud if he had ruu away, as the
people said, he would scarcely take such a con
tinual sting to Ids conscience as tho faithful
dog must be. So, iu S|jite of the deadly fears
that would at times overwhelm her, Heleu held
fast by hope, hiding her anxiety as best she
could by getting away amongst the hills and
wandering about where sho would meet nooue
to pity and condole with her.
The fifth day had come; it was a busy time
too, for they were gathering tho flocks off the
hills previous to the shooting seascat, and it
came > about that Helen 1*11 in with a flock
in a lonely pass on the road to Ban Ledi, and
eager to escane.the shepherds, she scrambled
up the hanks aud hid herself among the
uown t tie pass came til* sheep, filling the
air with their voices., Stopping now and then
to snatch a ni\>u*hful of heather. Presently, '
glancing STTay to the hillside, Helen caught
gigut oi a dog bounding down over scaur and
bush; but not until it was nearer and, divert
ed by the founds in the glen, had turned aside
and taken its stand upon a road along the foot
of which the sheep were passing, did she rec
ognize her old colic y, the very Moss she had
giveiiTSiel. Helen's heart leapt to her mouth
as she leant forward to watch the dog, who,
f illing into his old trade, stood yelping and
howling over th*» flock, waking every echo in
the pass, and rousing a perfect storm of bleat
Helen tried to whistle, but her lips were
shaking nnd dry. Then she called him by
name. The dog came rushing up to her, and
was soon whining at her side, licking her
hands and face. As soon as she could
seeg anything (dearly through the tears
that were blinding her, she saw
that ^ a blue ribbon was tied round
Mos* fleck, nearly hidden amongst the thick
wool. Helen recognized the ribbon, it had
ouce been hors, and suo knew no hand but
Hiel’* could have tied it there, and—hut sud
denly she ceased thinking. She had unfast
ened the string, and found a little hit of white
calico, and read on it, written in Wood the
word a‘‘Help! Silver's Cray."
Helen cannot tell to this day how she got
home; but in a lit tie more than half an hour
the elachan was deserted, and men and wo
men were all on their way to the Kiever's
Crag, a barren rock among tlic mountains,
from which it was said a Cumberland riever
had been hung in the old days. The miles ot
moss and muirlaud were soon crossed, and by
evening Niel Lesley was rescued from a living
death and sale but not sound, at Tam M'Greg
ors. Sound, poor lad! they whispered, he
never would be again,
“He had slipped over the Crag, and in going
down had caught at a when-bush, which
Checked the mipetus of his descent, and in
IcuMini "°*DS 10 ‘he bottom of the cleft, he
' ™ * WP*. Here Moss had follow
let the ,‘iol? ^ l0Urth, day lx',ore he could
get tne fautkiul-dog to leave him. and hear
Lome tidings that might save him
wa"fiUthoTwh{'wCOU?tT,Nlel Kave> uud *uch
early'inX day^"'wbi'‘‘"
Time passed on, and the shooting season
brought many a visitor to Tan,
Kiel's story was the romance of the year8 ’He
was still unable to walk, but his hJalth la,
all right, and the doctors said he might net
strong again in time. Kiel never complained
nor could he, with such a nurse as Helen flut
tering round him, propping him up with fra
frant piilowB stuffed with Ireefj-gathered
eath and bracken, gathered, too, by the littlo
hands that were so strong and ready with their
mbor of love. It was only when pain kept
him restless at night that the thought of being
a crippi,. lor life crushed him and brought out
U e s?am,M,ug„Kiv< n by a food mother, and
most^everv^R r<dlg'ous feeling inherent in al
tbe'world what aSi ‘ hea,rt’tbe sF|irit that gave
nrovTng folk1, whn^®! I;edon call>d '‘tbc
i.mphautly through Uiose tlrr^lj days when
a bloody scaffold was thought a goodslmlte"
It wa« nearly a month sine* Kiel had been
carried home Irom the Crag. Night h id tif„,
come, still, warm, and almost ifke twilight
Tam was smoking his p,pe preparatory tolTis
early bed time, the women folks were knittimr
adu Aeil, lying upon a couch the laird's sister*
had scut him, wag reading “Iiob Roy” aloud
xii icii to Jam's perplexity, who interrupted
r my times with denunciations against the
text. Suddenly the doorway was darkened, ;
and Duuctn stood in the entry.
“Welcome, hid,” cried Tam. “Yerojistin
time to hear the haver- they built iolk pit in |
prent aboot the M’Gregors. Bead that again, I
Niel, that nhar he says”—
But Duncan interrupted him:
“1 didna cross the door to hear lees read. I
come lo speak aboot a lee, to tell ye”—and his :
voice grew louder and hoarser as he spoke— j
“lo tell ye that ane ye liked weel is a leer.
We’re a’ frens Imre, he said in a different
voice, looking round.
"Ay, ay, man. Sit doon,” said Tam, taking
liis pipe out of his mouth and turning to have
a b-uwlook at Duncan. “Why, what ails ye,
".Mickle ails me, Tam McGregor, “and 1 cam
on a grousnme errand. I have come to tak’
awa’ ye’re faith in man forever inair, and to
shame a hypocrite wi’ the fair truth.”
Helen laid down her knitting, and drew
nearer Neil; Tam glanced at him too. Neils
lace was crimson and his eyes, all dilated ami
eager, stared up at the great, wild looking man
glowering down open him, who went on
sfieaking. , _
“Neil says he slippet doon the Crag. He
didna slip. Ane ueiny — .
“Stop him. Helen: shouted Neil, trying to
■»et up, but tailing,he pushed the girl towards
Duncan. “Stop him, tor God’s sake! The
jail's mad. lie doesn’t knew what he’s saying.
Don’t listen to him, Tam. He’s a fine fellow,
and you all hear urn say it. Duncan, man,
shake hands with me, and do go quietly awav
and let well alone.”
Duncan’s answer was to drop down upou liis
knees by Neil’s side and, covering his face with
his hands soh aloud.
“Na, na, Neil, I cannn let alanc. I maun
tell them. Lot me bide, lad; it’s the fittest
place. Ami wEen Iliac your forgiveness 1*11
gang on my knees to the Almighty; hut 1
canua ask Him till 1 Uac confessed my sin.”
“Well, let me tell it, Duncan,” said Neil,
gently laying his hand upon the kuceling
man’s shoulder.
“No!” cried the other, sternly; “I’ll na get
the worst. Tam and Helen, I am a murderer,
or as bad, for I had the thoct in my heart to
take his lie. Neil cut me oot wi’ you, Nelly.—
Mad wi’jealousy, I said we’d gang to the l'tei
ver’s Crag and fight, and the be.-.t man shall
win ye Neil would hardly gang till I telt him
I’d ca’ him through the country side for a cow
ard, aud then he went. But whan I got to the
top o’the Crag the diel got possession o’ me,
and catchin’ him unaware 1 hurled liitn ower,
tbiukiug dead men tell no tales. I never
thoct o’ the Colley. Whan 1 lieerd tell he was
tund, I was like to gang mad. Every fut I
thoclit was a pollis; but whau the days passed
and Neil never tauld, it was wa than a’. The
hot burnin’ coals were heaped on my bead
[ burnin’ and smotherin’ i’ the brain, till this
gloaming the thoct com' to make a clean
tireest, anil then gang awa’ where I’d never
see a kenned face till the day o’ judgment.—
Oli! Neil man, ye ken what loving her is; but
even you canna tell what my heart was, aud
how neither bluid nor damnation were ony
worth if I could only lia' won her here. Ye
canua l'orgie me, Nelly lats, for I hue made
him a cripple; hut just say 'Duucan, I’ll ask
the Lord to iorgie ye,’and i’ll gang awa’ con
tent.’ ”
Tam w as the last to hold out the hand of for
giveness; hut he. too, did so at last, and then
Duncan went away.
Upon tiie top of the bank he turned, and cap
in hand stood looking at the cottage. “Pair lad
lie’s prayin’,” thought Mrs. McGregor, who had
followed her old favorite to the dour.
Two years afterwards, and a few weeks after
N'iel and Helen were married, a letter came to
the former—a letter written by a comrade of
Duncan’s, and then they knew for tlie first
time that lie bad enlisted, and, going to India
with one of the gallant regiments afterwards
nicknamed “Kir Colin's petticoats ” the poor
broken-hearted lad had found tlie death lie
so much coveted, before the walls of Luekuow,
and was lying mortally wounded in the hospi
tal, where lie dictated his first and last letter
lo Kiel, bidding him good-bye, and telling him
to let the Balquhidderfolk know the true story
of the ltiever’s Crag.
Copartnership Notice,
I HIE uudersigned Imvlug this day formed a Co
partnership, under the name of
For tlio purpose of traniMu?Untf the
Wholesale Jobbing Luiiuen in
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers.
-\o. dtS Union Street,
(Over Thornes, Smart]on & Co.'s,)
Would respect fully solicit a share of your patronage,
as wo propose to keep a
Large and Well Selected
Adapted to the trade of this market.
We invite your inspection of our Stock before pur
chasing elsewhere.
„ , W. B. DICKEY.
Portland, May 15, 181.7. May 15. eodlm
Dissolution of Copartnership.
rPHF, copartnership of J. II. & R. Beal, as Caipen
I. tors and Builders, heretofore existing, has oecn
mutually dissolved this 8th ol June, 18G7. By the
terms of said di-solution the copartnership property
- ’e8 to Kulus Beal, Jr., who is to pay the copartner
ship debts. JOHN M. BEAL,
June 10. dlw» KUEUS BLAL, Jb.
Dissolution oi Copartnership.
VT OTICE is hereby given that the copartnership
1A lately existing nctvvee . Thomas J. Skill n and
Willis in T. Small, under the nameanu style of Skil
lin A Small, a this day7 dissolved In mutual consent.
T. J. skillin,
Cape Elizabeth, June 5,18C7.
I have this day assumed all debts and demands
against the said firm of skillin & Small, and shall
continue the retail Grocery and Dry Goods business
as heretofore. T. J. SKILLIN.
Cape Elizabeth, June 5,1887. .1e7d3\v
Dissolution of Copartnership
TtHK cof artiier.ship heretofore existing under the
1 name oi CALVIN EDWARDS & CO., Is this
I day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons hold
i ’ig bills ar iinst the firm, are requested to present
I them tor payment, and those indebted will please call
arid settle
337 Congress Street.
The subscriber having obtained tho nne store No.
337 Congress Street, will continue the business, and
will keep constantly ou hand
T.orn the BEST MANUFACTORIES, among them
Celebrated Steinway Instrument,
which lie can sell at the manufacturer's
Algo, a good assortment of ORGANS and MELODE
ONS. OLD PIANOS taken in exchange.
Ord«?r9 for tuning and repairing promptly at
tended to.
November 26,18G6. dtf
Copartnership Notice.
rf!HE undersigned Lave formed a copartnership
A under the name of
Small &. Sliackford,
For the purpose of carrying on the
Business in all its branches at
04 Excliau^e Street,
(Over Lowell & Senter’s Nautical Store.)
Binding done for Booksellers, Publishers,Libraries,
&e, &c, on the most favorable terms.
SdST^Muhic, Magazines and Periodicals bound with
neatness and dispatch.
All work entrusted to our care shall receive
our personal attention.
Edward Small. James H. Shackfobd.
Calendar Clocks,
Howards Clocks,
Office and Hank Clocks,
Gallery Clocks,
Parlor, and
All Kinds of Clocks.
Portland .Tan. 17th, 1867. dCm
Circular Letters of Credit,
Europe, Asia and Airica,
- IN
30 Stale Street,, Bouton.
EE*- Foreign Fxrltar.ge ou nil point*
Bought Mil Bald. _ utay7eod3m
T h t:
Concrete Pavement
Is the best and Cheapest in use for
Sidewalks, Gardenwalks,
Street Paving, Crossings,
Cellars, Stable ami Warelioiivc Floor*.
It is* more durable than brigk, and Is easy and elas
tic to the loot. Can be laid in any place where a sol*
lu permanent floor i,s require), for two-thirds the
price of Brick or Cement ami in Gardens or Carriage
Drives ttithouicurl>-stcD0.
The ?mbscribors having pg rchased tlie night to lav
tuc* Concrete in this cit» nre now i repa ed to lay any
thing iroin a Garden-walk t»i a Strect-crossl g.
. Lvery Walk warranted to give perfect satis -
• action.
Ordera I-efi at <i Mouth Street,
Promp. Jy Attended to.
Gatley, Sheritlam m Griffiths.
Cpf l he very hostrelcrtgices given.
Portlang. May 27. 1867. dtt
A safe and
Dr- Kimball A Priuce, Dentists,
S* Clapp’* Block, Congrc** Struct,
200 AT. impoltcrt ana domestic Cirar
■ffitJ"1* c- 0. JOTCUKLL & SON,
" ITS Fore Street
House for Sale.
A two story house, one year old, situated
I*;;;; near the Kerose ne oil Company s Works, m
■kttiSuCape Elizabeth, containing 15 rooms and store.
Also t building occupied lor a carriage Far lory
and a Blacksmith Shop. Lot 60x100. Fur particu
lars enquire of C. A. MEt-EKv E, on the promises.
June 3 d3w* _ __ _ ____
One of the Finest Itesidences oil
Miinioj Hill lor sale.
. . _ A nice Two Story House, Wood
House and Stab o. large Harden,
i ti i t/jggLak eontai' ing about Fifty choice Fruir
Jb ees. Grape Vines, Gooseocrry aud
Currant Bushes, Strawberry V ines
auu Fio.. era in abundance. This property'is situ
ated on the corner of Melbourne and Willis streets.
The lot is 132 by so leet.
Also, an adjoining Lot 40 bv 80 feet.
Also, a Lot foot of Fran Jiu street, 10 bv 80 leet.
The above property w-11 be sold at a bargain, as
the owner is about leaving the city.
Apply toO. W, SMITH, on the premises, or of
Real Estate Agent, opposite Preble House.
May 28. dtf
Valuable Lots lor bale.
1MIE land situated on Union and Fore Streets, bc
1 nging to the estate ot the late John Elder, is
how offered tor sale. J t has a frontage of 40 feet on
Union vtrcet, and 70 leet on lore Mreri. On the
premises are Grant’s Coffee and spice Mills, Stiucli
conib’s Foundry, Libby Lid back's Machine Works,
and other btruciuies. ” Two good s ore lots on Union
Street and three on Fore Street are now vacant, be
sides considerable back land Any of the lots,or ihe
whole together, may be bail on favorable terms. Ap
ply to WM. 11. JERRIS,
Real Estate Agent, opposite Preble House.
May 25. dim1'*
For Sale.
A NEW 1£ story house, stable and wood shed,
together with two acres of excellent land, sdtu
aiedin Capo Elizabeth, ou Pleasa t street, (new
street), about one mile from Po; tlanu bridge, near
the Towu House*, it is one of tire host locations in
town, there being a .-plendid view of the city, har
bor and islands, and surrounding country. The
house contains nine finished rooms, good cellar and
brick ciste u.
Also, a limited number of house lots, near the
above property. Apply io
May 28. dti on the premises.
New Two Story House lor Sale,
on Cushman Street, well bu.it, by the day,
Lili *08s tliau two y°ars ago. Containing twelve
HUB lini.shod rooms. Pleasantly located on the
buuuy side. Good neighborhood. Convenient for
two iumilie8. Loi 3?* by 82J feet. Will be sold ou
favorable terms. Apnlv t
William h. jkhius,
may 25 <Kw* lteal Estate Agi ut.
For *1,250!!
A one and a hall story House, nearly new, on
jh the coiner of High and Free street, Cape Eliz
itabetli, with five Enislied rooms and closets, all
on me lirst iloor, wood shed and a good well of wa
ter, and well finished, very pleasantly 1 »cated within
three minutes’ walk ol the ierry lauding. Will be
sold at a bargain. Terms of payment easy.
Apply to GEO. R. 1>AV1S & CO..
JTcalers iu Real Estate, No 1 Morton Block,
may 24-dtf
For Sale or Leased
Lawn Cottage,
n SITUATED in Cape Elizabeth, one
mile trom Boston Depot, on road lo
-■— the Atlantic ilouso- This house is
iu perfect repair throughout, with
1 11 huisbodrooms,Furuact*,<Jcinent
eu cellar. Carnage House, and btabie with cellar,
excellent water. There is abcut 2} a res laud, well
laid out in walks, shade trees ana shrubbery. A'so,
250 fruit tree', half ot which are in boar<ug condi
tion, with Grains, Currants, Gooseberries, Raspber
ries, Strawberries, Aspaiagus, &c., &c. This *s the
most attractive place m the vi.inily of Portland,
commanding u splendid view ol the city and harbor,
in a good neighborhood, school at a short dis ante.
Wi:l positively be sold, or leased tor a term of
if sold, the carpets, furniture and oilier household
utensils can he puftnnsea with it very low'.
For tonus «&c., enqun o ol
May 28. dtt 93 & 95 Commercial SI reel.
Good Farm l'or Sale,
Containing fifty-six acres, in
Windham, 15 miles lrom Portland,
and three miles from Gray corner;
1 | 2u acres wood, 20 acres grass and
I I _jtillage, and 16 acres pasture. Cuts
2u iuua , c*o wells of good water. A brook of
excellent water runs through the pasture. Buildings
iu first rate order and very convenient, Apply to
Capt. Young, on the premises, or to
junelcl&w3w Real Estate Agent, Portland.
For Sale.
HOUSE and Lot for sale, 23 Hanovor St. Lot 42
by 100. Enquire of B. A. CANE, 90 Vaughan
street. GfcO. r. DAN IS CO.,
jel2dlw* Dealers in Real Estate No. 1 Morton Block
Grand Bargains in Beal Estate.
Three 2 1-2 Story Houses ccutral
ly located,
FOB $1,850 EACH!
Ij^ACH house contains 8 rooms, In good order, soft
J and hard water in abundance.' Lots contain
aoout 200U square feet each.
Terms, one half cash, balance one and two years.
Also, three choice building lots, within live min
utes walk of the Post Odiee, lor $900 each. Apply to
Deiders in Real Estate, No. 1 Morton Bloolc.
Argus copy. junell-lw
MA two story house on Sawyer street, Ferry
village, finished throughout,' convenient for
two families, and has been built about two
For particulars inquire at the store of
A. V. & it. M. COLE.
Possession given 1st of May. April 20. it
For Sale.
fpBREE storied brick house No. 30 on High Street,
1. corner of Pleasant, now occupied by the sub
Also, two threo rtoried brick stores on Fore Street,
corner of Pearl, opposite the Custom House, with
partition wall, slated roois, the roar on Wharf Street
lour stories, with cellars. For terms and particulars
enquire of the subscriber.
Portland, April 3, 18t-7. dtf
Valuable Real Estate on Commer
cial Stieet for Mile.
4 LOT of laud about, 52 feet front on Commercial
st reet ami extending 264 ft to Fore sr, the same
now occupied by B. jf. Noble & • o.
Apply to J. DKOWNE,
May 1. tf 10 State Street.
Farm lot* Sale.
. ^ Situated in tbe Town of West
brook, on the Capisie Pond road,
fifSTr"*’ * ^ about one and a half miles from the
Bill f city. Containing about eight acres
”fiJ~ .Bpof good having land, with large
guru.n topui uua iruit trees. On the premises are a
good Dwelling, containing nine finished looms; good
Barn, Woodhouse and Carriage House, all in good
order; also a litver-failing well of pure water. A
desirable local i n for a residence. Terms easy.
Apply to George It. Davis & Co., dealers in Real Es
tate, No. 1 Morton Block, or
pnutxEY & Jacks ox.
Commeroial Street, Head of Brown’s Wnarf.
Will buy a good story and a halt house and
j; nice lot of land 50 by 12 * leet, a few stops bo
LIL yond Tukey’s bridge. Price only #1,5.0.
A Good Farm in Falmouth,
Eight miles from Portland. 108 acres, suitably di
vided into mowing, tillage and wood, with a splencid
orchard, trom which was gathered about four hun
dred bushels cf grafted fruit las. year. W.ll be sold
A Store at Feiry Village
Now doing a good business will be sold on favora
ble terms, together with the stock, if wanted. A
good chanco for business. The new Dry Dock will
add 26 per cent to the trade. Apply to
,iunclOd3w Real Estate Agent.
Valuable Hotel Property for Sale.
rpHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil
1 lage ot Fryoburg, Oxford county, Maine, is of
fered for sale ac*a bargain, it applied tor soon.
The House is large, in good repair, with turniture
and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary
For full particulars Inquire of
Or Hanson*; Dow, 51$ Union st.
Fryoburg, Sept. 29,186G. dtf
For Sale or to Lease.
rpHE new block on the eastern side of Cross street,
JL suitable for Stores^ Offices or Mechanics’ Shops,
Will be sold separate if desired. For particulars in
quire of J. C. PROCTER.
April 24. dtf
tot for Sale.
THE lot on the northerly side of Deering Street,
adjoining the residence of Gen J. D. Fessen
den. bald lot is sixty-two feet front, one hundred
feet in depth, and bounded on the East side by a
strtet titty f et in width, making it a corner lot, and
very desf -able. Apply to
May 10. dtt Re .l Estate Agent, Middle St.
For Sale.
11IIE tine lot of Land on Spring, neat High street.
known as the Boyd lot, containing about 10,000
feet; also about 800,000 Brick and 200 perch of Stone.
Said lot will be sold with or without the material.
For further particulars enquire of JOH>*' G. TOL
FORD, or CHARLES SAGER. rachlldti
M WILL buy a new, w'di finished story and
halt house and lot. The house is very pleas
antly situated on Cove street, containing seven
rooms, and will be sold at the extremely low figure
above named.
Lots for sale at prices Horn 1 cent to $2 j>er toot.
Inquire of HEWITT & BUTLER,
Apl lGtf Real Estate Agents, 229$ Congress St.
Now Brick House tor Sale.
MA Three Story Brick House, French root, re
plete with every modem improvement, and
on one of the best streets In the city.
Enquire ot WM. H. JlERRIS,
Real Estate Agent, under Lancaster Hall.
Mty 14. dtf
Land on Commercial Street to
THE subscriber Is desirous of improving his lots
on Commercial street, and will lease a part or
the whole for a term of years.
Ur he will erect buildings suitable for manai'actur
ing or other purposes, it' desired.
Proposals will be received by E. E. CPU AM, or
the subscriber.
May noth._ maySMtf
A rare chance to buy a three storied brick house
on Spring street, modern built, w ith every con
venience, heated by steam. Immediate possession.
Enquire ot HANSON & DOW,
Real Estate Agents,
May 6. W No. 54$ Union Street.
To Let,
A GOOD office on Exchange stieet, over Carter &
Dresser’s store, 3d story. Rooms in 4th story,
same building.
For Sale,
A lot ol land on Monument street, 40 by 80 feet, at
25 cents per foot.
a lot on Warren street, 40 by 80, at 20 cents per
too \ One third cash, balance on time.
Apply to WM. H. -TERRIS,
May 28. 3w Real Estate A;ent.
For 8 ale C heap.
AN unfinished nouse noar the corner ol Congress
and Atlantic streets. Apply to
Jel2dlw Nearly opi>osite the Observatory.
For Sale at :i Bargain.
ALOT ol Land on KaBOVoreiiv Also a nice j
second .hand two-wheeled oh* tee..
.juuel3codo\v i:7 Murkct Square.
A Nice Suburban Residence. j
VY7E have on Buzzoll Street,Cape Eli/ iboth, nfine I
tt two story hot.se, with sable ai; ached; one ami ;
one-hair* acres of ground. House nearly new, con- j
tainiug fourteen finished rooms, closets and c'othts
presses In abundance. Good cellar under i hew lade
house: well and cistern water. This property i*
j leasnntly located, conimaiioluu a view of the city,
harbor and country. The grounds arc under a high
state of cultivation, with a line lot of iruit trees and
Grapes. Terms easy. Apply to
‘ GEO, 11. D A VIS & CO.,
D* alors in Real Estate, No. 1 Morton Block.
June 10. <L»w
House on Peail Street for S^le.
Poll sale, a three storied, genteel, m'dcrn lmllt
■ brick lio isc. containing nine r>* iuis with closets.
Pij e«l for gas; plenty of hard and soft water in the
house, and in a good neighborhood, J nquire at No.
53 Pearl Street. jun*©dlw
For ®5,COO !
One halt ol a tlirce story wooden house, enn
11’!*' taiuing twelve rooms hard and s it water,
gas, &o. Cellar lius brick lioor, uud is lathed
and plastered. A go<>d stable on the premises. L >t
40 by 7a. Terms easy. Situated within three min
utes walk ol the Poat Ofli- a. Apply to
GEO. R. DAVIS & < 0.,
Dealers in Real Esia;e, No. 1 Morton Block
June 12. diw (Argus copy.
Valuable Property for dale
Hotel or Private Btniilrurc.
a The property is at the termination of the
Pori land nor se Rairoadar, Morri l’s Corner,'
and is now offered for sale. The bouse is
three story—built of brick, in themes substantial
munner; an abundance of hard and soft wafer; a
tine stable and out-buildings. The house i- sur
jminded by shade trees, and is most beautifully sit
uated lor a private residei ce.
Terms moderate. Apply to
on the premises. je14-dlt
Pine Lot for Sale or Lease.
FORMERLY' occupied by Edward Howe, Esq, on
Gross Street, near Midffle: Tho lot is 100 feet
front and large depth. Also several thousand br oka
now on said lot.
Apr.ly to M M. H. JERRIS,
junelld3w Real Estate- Agent.
House for Sale.
Jn Cape Eiizaboth near the Portland Bridge.
It is a story and a Half house, with an ell. Lot
ffj-li SAriuft feet. It will bo sold at a bargain.
Apply to JOSEPH CRIB BY, on the premises.
June 14-dlw
House and Lot for -*alo.
mTlio pleasant House and lot No 152 pring st,
Is for sale at a fair price, ilouso cum Jus 12
finished rooms with plenty of closets, dry cel
lar, furnace, gas throughout; two wells of good wa
ter; garden with iruit trees, ^c, all in good !condi
tion. Horse cars pas-, the house.
For further particular* apply on the premises
June l-’dlw* 152 fei^ria$ Mt.
Southern Corn, Flour and ifats.
3.000 Bo<hel« Prime Yellow Coru.
2.500 «i *• White* «
lOO Burrrh THa'iche-ler Flour.
15 “ Rye Flout.
500 Bushels Out*
Cargo Schooner “Francis Adams,” from Baltimore,
now landing and for sale t>v
juneTdtf Head Long Wharf.
Coal and Wood l
WE oiler and deliver to all purchases wanting
either largo or small lots, Cargoes of Fresh
Ueliig-li. Ited Ash, White Ash, nnd
( uiubi rlnnd or Smith’s <s oal,
Embracing all the tavorite descriptions which we
warrant pure as any mined, and w ill sell at lowest
market rates.
Also best qualities of
One cargo of superior Nova Scotia just received.
170 Commercial St., head Merrill’s Wharf.
June 4d3m Formerly G. W. GRLENfS.
California Flour !
and lor sale by
No. 152 Commercial Street.
•Tune 4—tf.
#7. Cheap Coal. $7.
WE can now offer nice ClfKSTNfi’C C'OAI.
at $7.00 per t«*n, ilelivpml at any-part id the
city. Also for sale at the lowest market pi ire,
Oltl Co. LeHigli,
For Furnace*.
For Ranges ami Cook Staves, *Jo!iu*m White
AnIi, Uianiotul, Ri d Ash, which are lifce ol ail
impurities and very nice. Also C nits b«*rl:t mi ! A
cargo Just i&iuled, fresh mined, lor Blacksmith use.
Ueln-fh JLuiup, for X^omadry Use!
We Keep;constantly on naiad a lull nssontnent of
Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur
chase large lots will do well to give ub d call before
Delivered at any part of the city at short notice.
Kandalt, McAllister & to.,
may3dtf Head of Maine Wharf.
Lumber and Goal.
THE undersigned have on hand for delivery, the
various sizes of SUPERIOR COAL, a. LOWEST
Laths, Sliintflesv Clapboards,
Spruce and Pine Lumber. Spruce Dimcns.oiis sawed
to order ai shoe, notice.
High Street Whan, ;;02 Commercial,
pr29dt I mot of High street
Wholesale aud Retail.
BOARDS, Plank, Sliingles audSoamllngoi all sizes
constantly on hand.
Building material sawed to order.
auglltf No. 9| Union Wharf.
Southern Pine.
ABOUT HO M my superior Flooring an,I Step
Boards now landing at Custom House Whan,
and for sale in lots to sutr purchasers. Apply to
C. M. DAVIS & CO.,
117 Comrnerclul street.
Pori land, Nov. 21,186S.__noffcdt f
Canada Slate Cot* Sale.
A Squares Beet quality Canada Slates. Par
XCJLf ties building on the Burnt District .ire en
titled to a diawback of $1 75cts in Gold per square
on these Slaies. Apply to
Lumber Dealers, No. 220 Commercial St.
Apr?6dtf. _ ___
For Sale Cheap.
40 M feet extra Southern Pine, inch thick and front
5 to 8 inches wide.
10M1I inch do, 12 to 14 in width.
janSOtt Hobson’? Wharf. Commercial si reel.
White Wheat Flour.
A r* QUARTER JsACKS “Dayton” Superior
OtcO Caliiornla Flour; alto
50 Bbls. Tremont Double Extra do.
100 Rbls Phoenix Extra do.
For * alo u\
June 4—d2w.
Crossman ’s Polish,
Crossman’s Polish.
Crossmail’s Union Furniture Polish!
THE best in the world for Polishing Mahogany,
Walnut, Stair-Posts, Rails, Counters, or any
kind ot Furniture. This Polish has heed used by Mr
Crossman for the last twenty years, givingperfect sat
isfaction to all. U is warranted to stand a tempera
ture of two hundred degs. of heat, and is not other
wise easily defaced. Furniture polished with it will
be perfectly dry and ready for use in live minutes al
ter the Pofisli is put on. Price Seventy-Five and Kit
ty Cts. per bottle; anyone can use it by following
the Directions on tlie bottle.
Reference—Messrs 0. & 1j. Frost,Capt Inman,! SA,
Messrs. Breed & J’ukcy, Benj Stevens, Jr., Win.
Allen, N. M. Woodman.
For sale by Burgess, Fobes & Co, W. F. Phillips
Si Co., H. if. lfay & Co, Samuel Rolf, H. W. & A.
Manufactory 376 Congress st, up stairs, opposite
head of Green et. S.C. HIGGS, Agent,
dec28dt! Portland. Maine.
Sewing lladiine
No. 1 Free Street Block,
WHERE may be found for Pale a good assort mont
of all kinds or Machines manufactured by this
Company,and operators always ready t.» cheerfully
show iho machine anil samples ol work.
Wo Warrant tho Mnoliino
Iu every particular, to give period satisfaction and
guarantee to rcfinui the moncyin every instance, if
the machine does not fuliil! all we claim for il.
C. E. 1*10*11 *:fl. A sent.
dune 8. <41 w*
Notick, i will sell on favorable tern»3 as to |
pa> ment, or let for a term of years, 11n lots on
the corner cl Middle amU-Franklin street?, and on
Franklin street,including thccorner ot Franklin and
Fore streets. Apply to \VM. HILLIARD, Bangor,
or SMITH & REED, Attorneys, Portland. jy!2tt
*’»!« C. AKB, M li.
2* OpposliteDnstou Depot and St. Job:t. Ban
f i1*? c a'bu l Macnia.i Steamboat Lnmliuj.
sjpUOFENED JUNE 1st, 1867,
litter being thoroughly renovated and new
ly furnished throughout.
Tiio central locution oi the house and ts nearness to
the Railroad Depots and Steamboat Wharves, render
it the in jsi desirable of any iu the city for the travel
ling public, and the pi ] ilctors are determined to
make it what has so long been lieeuod in the vicinity,
The terms will bens low as oth< r hotels of same
rank, and every attention will be given to the com
lort, convenience and pleasure of guests.
ADAMS & PAUL, Proprietors.
E. L. O. ADAMS. jollt t W. G. PAUL.
vViJkugaby Lake House.
tt P This house i* situated in Weatmore, Ver
T» Jffmout, lour miles from Connecticut & Pas
, dJ§518su,nt*F^c H. li. Station at West B irkc, aud
».’K~?; v miles li in Grand Trunk Railway
Station at island Ptind. Is at the head ot
Willoughby Like, a id a* the foot oi mould ains that
command a view of northern Vermont aud i lie White
Moil«i ains.
It is ouoof the most pleassni and healthy places
in Now Em land, thereby making It a very desirable
resort for all who wish for a quiet and pleasant home.
The subscriber pledges him.'elf 10 do all in his
power for the 'com tort and enjovhiont of his guests.
ALONZO BEMIS, Proprietor.
^Willoughby Lake, Juno 1st, 1807. JeUtiMm
A1 CS-’lJSTA HOilS e7
iifiji’VM AUGUSTA, ME.
•--^Bli-OPEIUiB Jli.MO 1, iser.
J. H. lCLirVG, Proprietor.
CyTrans ent rates $2.00 loi.OO per day,aceording
to rooms. PKEE Carriage to and (turn House
Cars aud Steamers. juue-tdlia
rz$zThis popular summer resort will be ready
thr the icception of visitors on Wednes
alatfPiH DAV> Juue 5tb
The Atlantic House closed to visitors on Sunday.
Scat boro, June 3,1867. d2w
This House will be opened to tlie public,
for the seas .n, on Saturday June 25.
jundidtf Proprietors.
The Ottawa House, Cushing’s Island,will
• open lor hoarders on the 1st of July,
jun«12d3w Proprietor.
liitchie’s Mi quid Compass,
only sale ami reliable instrument m u£e.—
.L Vessels using this Compass require but one, as
they are equally superior lor Light or Heavy weath
er, and never get out of order.
'Those Compasses are now being sent all over the
wot 14. The m eessity ibr a pei ieti Gom pass has been
so long and seriously ieli, and upcu which tlie inge
nuity of ovei y Maritime Nation has been largely but
unsuccessfully spent, lias caused this Compass to
meer with a success known to but few American In
ventions. It has rocently been endorsed in an able
report from the committee appointed by the “ -Port
land ALriue Society ” consisting of the following
well known gentlemen :— •
C. M. Da vis, Daniel L. Choate,
Jacob McLellan, Chas. H. Chase,
Peter Hanna.
The Committee conclude their report by “recom
mending it tj all sea-going vessels.”
For sale by C. H. FARLEY,
Agent lor the State.
Xo. 4, Exckiugo street, l*oiilimd.
Also tor sale all kinds ot
Nauti<3al Inscrumentm.
may \i tf
rvi i l i Si ery.
WOULD say to her patrons,and the public gen
erally, that she continues to uo business at her
dwelling house,
Mo. - I Cotton Street,
wnerecanbo (ouuil all tlie la.© s*„yl©a of
lionuels, Hibbons, Flmvers, Ac.
N. I?.— But a few sups from Free Street.
May 7. dtl
; *- OULO solicit the attention ot the trade anil
r » consumers to their Standard Brands ol
VO. lf
Allot SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in packages bUita
hle fir the trade and family use.
Importing direct cur chemicals, and using only the
best material, a Dtl as our gnodr are inauulaciuved
under «iie personal super vision otour senior partner,
who has bad thirty years practical experience in the
business, we therefore assure the public with con
leuco that wc CAN and will turnish the
Boat Goods ab t’ua Lowest Priosa I
Having rocently enlarged and creeled NEW
WORKS, contain" all the modern improvements, we
are enabled to lurnish a supply ot Sonp* ol the
bc«i Uonliite*, adapted to the demand, for Ex
port and Domestic i on<«uuiplioii.
Wholesale Gioecr* Throughout tlie Slate.
ILo;i,tiio A- Gfore,
;t07 Commercial Si. 47 A 4 ft Krarli Street,
^ p m r rs c T
- AND -
H U 11 II F R
3*. 33. FROST’S.
TTAVING just return, d irorn the market with a
A fine stock of goods adapted to the Spring and
Summer trade of rids place, which I will manufac
ture from my own personal cutting and superintend
Ten per cent. Cheaper
Than any other tailor can do, from the same quality
of Goods.
As my expenses arc that much 1 mailer than theirs
which advantage l will give my customers.
My place of business Is
332 1-2 Congress Street,
.8ii*l above Mec hanic*’ VInil, on Ihc oppo
*itc*iilcof (he Street;
Win re I shall be happy to see larie quantise* ot
customers, to prove my assertion true.
.'5i53 1-3 Congress St.
March 20—d3ru
Made of the best
materials, and in
the most thorough
manner, and roceiv
ilng constant im
lljvovmeuts under
the s •jif'rvision of
the Origiual ■ **
Every vailety, as
Hfty coal, Railroad, Platform and Counter, Drug
gists’, Confectioners’, Butchers’, Grocers’, aud Gold
Scaled, Beams, spring Balances, Ac., lor sale at our
118 Irlilk Street, Boston, Mass.
Fairbanks, Brown <i- Vo.
Agents for sale of
Tilton A ltlclh'nrlnnd’ft Wntrft, %1'bite’ft Pa
tout Money Drawer** nud Creason'd
f-n* Iftegialntor*.
Agents in Poutlanp,
Clot hint/ Cleansed and Repaired
|>Y WIJ/LTAM BROWN, formerly at f'l Federal
J > street, t» now located at his new store No f.4 Fed
eral st, u tew door* below lame dtreet, will attend
to Ms usual Dusmess of Cleansing and Repairing
Clothing of all kinds with his usual promptness.
5_£r ’Second-hand Clothing lor sale at fair prices.
Jar. 8—dt t
(Lute ot the 17lli Infantry Band)
RESPECTFULLY announces to the citizens of
I VPortland cud vicinity that he is prepared to give
■> irflSOiiM upon the Violin mid CJuitnr.
.TP*’ All orders addressed to Paine’s Music Store
wU* h* promptly attended to.
Itclerenoca—Mr. II. Kouaclun&r: Air W. I’aiiio.
April 9-drin*
Office i>o. ;t Union Wharf,
ARE now ready to contract tor the delivery of Ice
tor the season o' 18n;, and trust by strict atten
tion to customers, and fair prices to merit a share of
pul lie patronage.
WM. H. WALKER, Agent.
May 11-dtf
— ■ J.au.—* M~ . — ’—
An Invaluable Medicine
X>x-. «_T. W. Poland’s ^
A Positive Remedy for all Kinds of Humors,
Erysipelas, IVctllc l£iu.li,^alt Khtuni^trof
iiIn, tarliaudcM, liviL and (*■!<-*.
It is very easy to say of this, or any other medicine.
“It is the* very best Remedy known. It is uui j
always so easy to prove it. It is, lu»\vc\cr. exceeding- j
ly griitifyiug to the Proprietor of this medicine, thai, |
while he declares to ine public that tins is a in h
wonderful and effective specific tor ilunijis, as stated !
above, he has abundant proof at hand to sustain his
Por sixteen years the HUMOR Doctor has been
mauufattured and sold, and every year has increased
the value of its reputation and the amount oi its
sales. lu Now Hampshire, where it originated, iu>
remedy for humors is so highly prized. An em nent
physician (now an army surgeon) when piacticiiij: in
New Hampshire, purchased between titty and sixty
gallons of it, during some seven or eight years, and
usod it in his practice. He has since then ordiTc«l it
for tiie hospit 1 where he was stationed. Other phy
sicians have purchased ii ami nave usij it in praciice
with great success. When the proprie or lived in
New Hampshire, at Goffstown Centre, ibr the space
of thirty or torty miles around, ami R, M.nh« ster
particularly the Humor Doctor was well known and
highly valued lor the numerous and v.ondcrlul cures
which it effected. Though manuiactuivd in large
quantities, the supply was frequent !> exh i s , <), a„,i
purchasers had Jo wait for luoie to he made. In that
region some very severe cases of Eryripilua v.\u
treated with—and they were cured! Erysipelas s^ros,
or eaibunclcs. those uglv, painful ulcers, were cut in
ly removed wherever his medicine was faithfully
used. So it was wiili Scrofula and Salt Rheum. T; e
Humor Doctor cured them.
For the sake of showing wliat is thought of it, a
tew testimonials are here inserted:
.Hilton (laic, Esq.. Boston.
I hereby certify that I was solely aftlietod with
Boils tor two years, developing themselves upon my
limbs and other parts oi luy body. The sufferin':*
which leudured from them are indescribable. Suf
fice it to say that 1 faithfully tried several ot the most
popular humor remedies, but without removing the
affliction. At length, by the earnest request of an
intimate friend, I was induced to try Dr. »J W. Po
land’s Humor Doctor, and am very happy lo attest
that all my Boils were removed, and m. Health was
restored by using Dr. Poland’s aforesaid medicine.
Boston, January 11,1$5G.
A. C. Wallace, Em]., .llmirkcvirr, IV. SI.
Dr. J. W. Poland—Dear &ii: —I very cheerfully
give my testimony in favor of your Humor Doctor as
an excellent remedy lor humors. My numerous ac
quaintances In Manchester know how severely 1 was
afflicted with Boils, and they know how perfectly
good my health is at present. Your 11 uni nr Doctor
cured me. Please reier to me tor particulars in my
case. A. U. WALLACE.
Manchester, N.H., -June 11, lKoG.
Mr*. Pi'tocr, Dover, \, II
Dovkk, .N. Hj nly 22,1855.
I)r. Poland:—I received your letter inquiring as
to the effects ol your medicine on sen-e ci;m*ss. J
am happy to say that T think it is “themedic.ue” for
that dreadiul sickness. 1 tried \ arlous prescriptions,
but found none thai settled the s to mac and cleared
the head like the Hemor Doctor. 1 ielt as though I
could hardly wait to gei ash* re, to entreat urn io in
troduce it into ship chandlery stores, that li u ay
tin j its wav to those wLo suffer upon tin mighty deep
trom sea-sickness. If captains who take tin n him
dies with them, or carry t as eugeis, should tv* it lor
onec, they would never be willing to voyage without
I have used it in my ihmi'y since its introduction
to the public, fo bilious habits, headache and hu
mors about my children, and have < Iwr.y:- iound it a
sure cure.
1 am not tond of having my name appear :n pub
lic, and would not consent to U on any otcer ac
count but to relieve the suffering; but ii the f -rego
iug will be of any service to you or the public, you
can make use ol it. Yours,
Mm. Wheeler, Stouchniu. Mi***.
I very conffdcntly and earnestly recommend Dr.
J. \V Poland’s nurnor Doctor as un excel.cut reme
dy lor Humors, having bee., wonderful.y benr-ntted
by it myself. My own case was a very severe and
obstinate one. For more than two years the skin
upon the inside of both my hands, and even down on
the wrist, was constantly cracked and broke, up, so
that I was unable it* me my hands in any kind of
wet work, and was oblige to w < ar gio os in Sr wing
to avoid getting blood upon my work, l'ta- bmuo.
which so afflicted me was probably combiuai i<»n of
krvsipelas and Suit Klieum. :M\ general health was
quite poor. Somi altet 1 began to us*e too Humor
Doctor 1 could perceive signs of heating Ic.mlia
ucd to rake the medicine tid l w«s Anally* ured. AJy
h mds are now perfectly tree from humois and to ah
appearances my who e system Is clear ef it, and i us
been for several months. I me I • iglit bo \les.b tore
L felt sate to give it up entirely, bin they cur* d me.
Stoneham, Mass., July 5,180G.
W. F. Phillips & Co.,
General Agents for the State.
W. W. Whipple, H. U. Ua>, L. C. Gilson, Cros
inan & Co., Edw. Mason, A. G. SchloUerbecK & Co.,
Rollin> & Gflkey, J. K. Lunt & Co , F. Sweetser, ii.
T. Cummings & Co., M. L. Whittier.
Apl ii—1> eod
vo. 2 /> I’JEit stri:]:t,
GIVES particular attention to all private diseases.
All tho.-se wishing to put them elves und* i his
caro will lind an excellent and judicious mode ot
treatment and in every case a permanent cure.
Persons ab oad who wish to con-ult. the Bov {or can
do so bv writing a descrip'ion ot their disease, and
remedies will be immediately lorwarded.
63§r All cor;espon*iencecouildential. Send stamp.
May 20. lm
All weaknesses arising from Excesses, Ifabits of Dis
sipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse.
lHt. JPWLlLJKfrft
Ts given with great success in all complaints of the
Urinary Organs, whether new or long standing.
Honoirhiea, Hint, Weak news,
Chronic Catarrh, Irritation of the Bladder, and ic
teutiou or incontinence of Urine, from a loss oi tone
in i lie parts concerned in its evacuation, lr. is also
recommended for Dyspepsia, Chronic Rheumatism,
Eruptions on the Skin, and Dropsy. It is
Tli© Female’s Fiueucl.
In all affections peculiar to Females, the 1IUCHU
is invaluable in Chlorosis or retention, irregularity,
Painful or Supf rested Menstruation, Len cornea, or
Whites, and all complaints incidental to the kx,
whether arising from indiscretion,or in the docline or
change of life. For Pimples on the Face, use the
Bitch U.
Put up in Larger Bottles, Stronger and Better m
Quality, and Less in Price, than any other so-called
Extract ot Bucliu.
Price,Ouc Dollar I*cr ISoitlc, or ££uIi-«loz.
lor I'i»f Dollui>.
Prepared and tor sale by HENRY A. CHOATE,
Chemist and Druggist, under Revere House, Boston.
Retail by all Druggists everywhere.
Wholesale Agent W. F. Phillips <V Co., Portland,
G. C. Goodwin & Co., and Messrs Carter *£ Wiley,
Boston, Mass. uiar22dGm
Vegetable Panacea.
XF there is a Panacea in the world it Is tin's prepa
ration. It is safe and simple, particularly useful
as a convenient lamily medicine, in sudden Colds,
Febrile Attacks, Hoarseness, Sore Throat. Couchs,
Cramp and Rheumatism, Sprains, Pains In'the slue,
stomach, bowels, or other part of the body, Head
ache, Toothache, Cold hands and iect. 1/iarrlnea,
Dysentery, Cholera, Fever and Ague, Chilblains, «£c.,
•See. It iarely tails to bring out the eruptions in
measles and canker rash; and these diseases are
often cared with this Panacea al ne. And lor ihat
most terrible of all oiseascsDlPPlHEftiA, this prepa
ration has not its equal in the World.
This medicine is of recent date, but has been ex
tensively used lor the cure of the various diseases
for which it is recommended, and it has proved,
over a wide country, its immense superiority over
every Panacea known. It is the best Pain Expeller
in use; is highly recommended for Hie In-tautnnc
ous relief of all pains and ache? the flesh Is subject
All persons who arc subject to M)I(K
THROAT, which,neglected, is very apt to result
in that dreadlul disease, ftftflB^B&TBXEl&iA,
should have this simple remedv continually by then.,
particularly those living away from medical aid.
Directions with each Bottle. Price 35 cents. Sold
bv dealers in Medicines everywhere. Ask for “ROB
BINS* PANACEA,” and take lio oilier.
Prepared only by L. M. ROBBINS, Rockland, Me. 1
Sold bvG C. Goodwin &Co.,301IanoverSt.,Boston, J.
W. Perkins & Co , W. W. Whipple & Co. ami H. II.
Hay, Portland, Wholesale Agents. Apr 17—d3m.
Soothing and Healing Balsam,
IT has proved infallible for Burns, Frozen Limbs,
Bruises, Sprains, Wounds of all kinds, Pains in
the Side, Back or Shoulders, Chilblains, Chapped
Hands, Stiff Neck, Ague in the Face or Breast. Ear
Ache, Deafness, Poisoning, Er\sjpelna amt Inflam
mation of the Eyes. For Rheumatism it is not a
certain cure, yet. hundreds have been relieved by it
when other remedies had failed.
As an internal medicine, when taken in sea-on, it
will cure Inflammation of the Bowels, Dysentery,
Kidney Complaint and Cholera Morbus. It will also
cure Diphtheria, Dry Cough and Asthma.
This modi ine is purely vegetable in its composition,
soothing and healing in its influence, and may L. gi\
en to any age or sex with perfect safety, it lias been
before the public during the past nine years, ami has
wrought some of the most astonishing cure -. The
proprietor challenges the world to produce Us superi
or as a remedy. For sale by all druggists.
C-. O. LEFT. Proprietor, .Springfield, Mass.
Dcmas Barnes & Co.. 21 Park Row, New York
will also supply the trade at List Prices.
W. F. Phillips & Co, Wholesale Agent :, Portland.
Excelsior Pain Purer.
The Best Preparation Ever Ittndc
Fnr the following Complaints:
Also invaluable in all cates nf Sprain? ami Entites.
Try if anil yon will be satisfied. Manulactmcd and
sold wholesale and retail hy W. \V. lingers,Hampden
Corner, Maine. Sold in ‘ Port laud by 1,11. HAY
& CO., wholesale and retail. jalgdtiui*
Just Received,
A large assortment of Enve.opc*, which w ill be
Sold Very low
June 10. dlw 105 Federal Street
r'< >ii BOS I OA. I
Summer Jmnwrfenient l
The new an«l superior sea-going ‘
A " , gainers Joll.N BKOOKS, an i
Amr. Jr* i 1 .VJW^TUKAL, haviug been fitted |
tt'Cat expense with a urge
will run the sea.nn'ns fi(Hows*'*t,li,Ul Stl““ KOOU"’
ua s eiccped.) * J, ',ouu
Cabin fare,. .
i»p,.k .^i.sn
Freight taken as usual.
June 14, ltG7-dtf *
For the Islands!
, Will commence her trij.s to i
rryuncN islands
Running as i.>Uovrs until further notice: Leave
Bur ham’s Whan for Peak*’ Island at 9 und 10* A.
M.. and 2 and 3* 1’ M.
l(et truing leave Cualdug’s Island tor Portland at
9.45 A. M. and a .43 P. M.
Leave Cushing’s Island, touching at Peaks’ Island,
at 11.15 A. Al. and 5.151*. Al.
Tickets down aui back 25 cts. Children 15 cts.
•Juue 11. dtf
International Steamship Co.
Eastport, Calais St. John,
■— -» , °n and after Monday, April 15th,
T"*"1 ^~r\ 'he steamer NEW KN GLAND,
r . *■' - ’\*;i 11 E field and the steamer
YORK. Cant. H. W , hi.
•f™1 -“'ii .lin, will leave Kail Ituad
Wharf, foot of Slate St., every MONDAY and
THL’ BSDAY, at 5 o’clock P. M. for Eastport and st.
RETURNING, will leave St. John every MON
DAY nud illi RbDA) , at K o’clock A. Al.
Connecting at Eastport with the Steamer Belle
Brow n f. r St. Andrews, liobbinbton and Calais, with
the New Brunswick and Canada Railway, for AVoud
stock and Jloulton stations.
Connecting at St. John with the Steamer Em
press ior Windsor, Die by and Halifux, and with E.
& N. A. Railway lor Shediac, and with steamer fbr
Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clk.
F- Al. C. C. EATON,
aprlSdtf Agent.
The splendid and fast Steam
ships D1RIGU, capt. li. Rhik
r . 5- \ Wool*, and FRANCONIA, Capt.
3?-'. d - W. \V. Siiekwooii, will, until
■nira* rr»*» further notice, run us follows:
Leave Cult s Wharf, Portland,every WEDNES
DAY and SAi’URDAY, at 4 P. M., and leave Piei
>' East River, New York,every WEDNESDAY am1
SATUlii* A Y, at 4 o'clock P. M.
These vessels are tit ed up w ith fine accommoda
tions for pusscugci ft, making this the most speedy,
sale and comfortable rou'e lor travellers beiwccii
New York uml Maine. Passage, in State Room
$6.00 Cabin passage $5.00. Meals extra.
Goods forwarded by this line to and from Mon
tr al, Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport and
;>t. Jo. u.
Shippers are requested to send their A eight to tin
steamers as early as 3 P. M.on the day that lhe>
leavo Portland.
For freight or passage anply to
KMLta to box, Galt's Wharf, Portland.
J. F. A Mils, pier 3b j53s( ltiver.
• lay1-., IbCT.__ dtl
j Hail Steamship Line
-C i > —
llalilux, N. S.
» The Steamship CAItLOT'JM, J.
Ma mie, Maxtor, will sail tor
,iU4yKalik.", direct, from Gulfs Wliftrl,
^VtliV .SAT L' IS DAY , at 4 o'clock P. 91.
t3P“ Returning leave Pryor's Wbart, Halifax,
for Portland, every Tuesday at 4 o’clock P. M.
Cabin Passage, with State Room, $7 Meals extra.
For further information apply to L. BILLINGS.
Atlantic Wharf, or
_apr”5dtf JOHN POUTEOUS, Agent.
1 ii zia d 14,011 te.
To Mt, Desert_and Machias.
^ Ch vs. Oekrino, master, will leave
<*. m 5 \RaiMoad Wharf, foot of States reel,
5gg**' every Tuivsdny ami
livening, at 10 o’clock, for Kuch
t.inb, Las lino, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Mt. pcsert,
Mill bridge, Jonexport and Mackiasport.
Lemming, will ieave Mackiasport every Uloudny
aud Tbiir»da> iUoruingn, at 6 o'clock, touching
at ab<>ve named landings, and arriving *n Portland
the same night.
The “City of Richmond’* connects at Rockland
with St©inner Kaiatidoi for Bangor and intermediate
landings on the Penobscot Bay aud River.
{^Baggage checked t rough.
Rt i-).> re STDRJ>EVrANr 1, General Agents,
Apr27dtf 151 Contmeicial street.
Inside Steamboat Line
Tho beautiful, slauuch and switt
♦ sto.nuer “Milton Hiirtiu,’’ Al
'•Ta-,—, bert Wood, Master, will make her
. egulav trips to Bangor, leaving Rail*
r »au Wi!ar», i-.«>t of State Street, everv Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday Mornings, at six o'clock,
touching at Rockland, Oamden, licldis., Searsport,
Sandy Poiui, Bucks port, Waiter port and Hampden.
Returning v 1! leave BaDgei every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday Morning, at six o’clock.
This steamer will teach at Tenant’s Harbor every
Saturday, go Jug east* and Wednesday coming wext,
until funk r notice.
Passenger ticketed through to and from Boston, by
Railroad aud SleuuihcaL
General Agents, 14UCommercial Street.
April 15,1867. dtt
. .in' I...«-«■ .'JWMBM—I—■—
jo: Al
JVo. 14 Preble Street,
Nraribr Prrblr Iltuav,
\\TREEL he cun be «onsultod privately, ami witb
i T the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at
hours daily, autl :tom 8 A. 31. to* U I*. M.
Dr. II. nddr *sses those who are suderiug under the
uiflutiou of ;rivate diseases, whether arising from
impure ionne« tion or the terrible vice oi self-abuse.
Devoting his entire time to that particular branch ot
the medical profession, he feels warranted in Guar
avte ti.su a Cure in all Cases, whether of long
'landing or recently conlrocted, entirely removing tlie
dregs ot' disease from the system, and uuikiug a per- I
feet and permanent cure.
He would call the attention of the atflictcd to the
fact ot hi?- long-standing and well-earoa*l reputation
uimishlng sufficient assurance of his skill and aue
< nutiaa to the i'll bile.
Every Intelligent and thinking person most know
hat remedies minded out tor general use should have
heir efficacy established by w ell tested exi«erience In
the hands of a regularly educated phxslcian, w hose
preparatory studies tit him tor all the duties he must
fulfil; yet the country is Hooded with j*oor nostrums
and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world,
which are not only useless, but always injurious.
The un lor (unate should be particular in selecting
ids physician, as it is u lamentable yet incontroverti
ble bu t, that many syphilitic patients are made mis
erable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment
trom inexperienced physicians in general practice; tor
i? is a point generally conceded by the best svphilogra
phers, that the study and management of these corns
plaints should encross the w hole time of those who
would be competent and successful in their treat
ment and cure, 'the inexperienced general practi
tioner, having neither opportunity nor time to mak
hliuself acquainted w ith their pathology, commonly
pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak
ing nu indiscriminate use ot that antiquated and dan
gerous weapon, the Mercury.
II tire t iatiiirnre.
AD who have committed an excess of any kind,
whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or tlic sling
ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in m.unrer years,
the Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous
Prostration that may follow Impure Coition,
arc ihc Barometer to the whole system.
'Do not wail tor the consummation that is sure to fol
low; do not wait tor Unsightly Ulcers, tor
Disabled Limbs, tor Loss of Beauty
ami Complexion.
Jluiif 1 boex'iujin 1 an ‘fe esiify to This
Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a
complaint generally the xesult of a bad habit in
youth.—treated scientifically and a perfect cure war
ranted or no charge made.
Hardly a day passes but we are oonsulted by one or
more youuT men with the nl*ove disease, some oi
whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had
the consumption, and by their friends are supposed to
Lave it. AD such cases yield to the proper and only
correct course of treatment, and in a short time are
made to rejoice in perfect health.
ifliibfir-Acrd often.
Tnero are many men oi the age of thirty who aie
troubled with too frequent evacuation* trom the blad
der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn
ing sensation, and weakening the system in a man
ner tlie patient cannot account tor. On examining
the urinary deposits a ropy sediment wiU often be
found, ana some!imes small particles of semen or al
bumen will apjiear, or the color will be of a thin mdk
ish hue, nj_a!u changing to a dark and turbid appear
ance. There are many men who die of this difficulty
‘gnoraut ot the cause*, which »s the
1 can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a
full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs.
Persons who conn*A |xTsonally consult the Dr.,
can do so by writing, In a plain manner, a descrip
tion of their diseases, atm the appropriate remedies
will be ft.rwarded immediately.
All correspond* n o strictly confidential, aud will
be returned, it desired.
Address: DR. J. B. HUGHES,
No. 14 Preble Street,
Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me.
vdT" Send a Stamp for Circular.
JCtcctie Medical InJInnary,
to •rut: bAUlKS.
DR. HUGHES particularly invites oil Lathes, who
need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. 14
Prebit .Street, whit h they will find arranged for theli
especial anommo*lation.
l>r. 11. .- Elect ic Renovating Medicines are nnrival
led in efficacy aud superior virtue in regulating all
Female Irregularities. Their action is specific and
certain ot producing relief in a short time.
LADIES will find it invaluable in all cases of ob
struction- after all other remedies have been tried in
vain, it *s purely vegetable, containing nothing in
tlv Ien*t inJ«Hon*« to the health, aud may botakei
with perfect safety at all times.
Sent to anv part of the country, with full direction*
to addressing DH. HUGHES,
anl.lwfkWfcw. No. 14 Preble Street, Portland.
Wo have in store one of tlio finest assort meat of
CLOTHS, CASSIM LISES, Ac., that can be mund in
Portland. These goods have been selected with great
care and especially adapted to the iishionable trade,
and at prices that cannot fall to please, and all good*
thoroughly shrunk and Is taction guaranteed.
A call is respect iully solicited. Thankful t<> friends
for past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of
the same.
JanSdtf M. H. REDDY, Proprietor,
SACO & "pORTSMul : . B. ft.
O'ouiiiii ikiiu >1omiI«>, April iSL7
Eifr&kir-:<Q Passenger Ur,nu» leave P. . k, ,!
at8.40 A. .M.. ami .5 p
Leave Bo»t<>n lor Portland at 7..;o A. :.l., uu(j '3
P. Al.
A Meohanrc’8 at d !. w-r>n it’s Train wl.l v*
Bn.dUuid daily, Sunday* exei-pted, ui ». a. .V'., ti a
Saco at G t»S, urriviiig in Pot Hand hi !
Hemming, will leave Portland 1.0 .mko and B; U
del out an«i iniei mediate statii, at i,.1G 1*. Ai.
A special freight tiuin, wild j •». u-triarRttarb
wl, will leaf© Portland at ..in a. ;.i rbr mu-., tud
lliddeiord, and returning, lea. Lilnetuiu t 0
and Sacoat8 10A.fi!.
Portland, April 1J. l«t-7. aj.r»3dM
fiUiHt CtinHM h. ri.
SPRING A UliAPixmAMkn t.
kttf'i Hn<1 fi!,er Monday, April I6il»,
nc^^Be^uriifxii, ti&ins will ka*u i«.i.land *.,f
i iu‘1' iSnil,*V Mit' n.. ii '•
J:ioA: ii; ‘ ■ 11 " : 1 « d • »• «.»•••• . »
,liavXi'iS1 u?"1*,*>r "aivnu;c .nil oil luln.ut
ui.ibC si ai tons, lOuvo i t.ru. uii ,
1 run, Irani Bu«<h i» ..ii. '.,i r '“t , .... .;
In si uhijii to 1 aniuK t with u*lu io, t„ ' 13 ‘'
Kroui Lewiston auii Auburn ouly,at..in ,
Not. I. IMP__ LbW Un .mi, .^nupt.
GftMiD f KUNA ,i viaf
Oi Canada.
Train lor South Pari* *ud Lewiston, at 7 A. &|.
Mail Train for Wuicrvillc, Bangor, Gorhaui, Ulan
Pond, MoiilieuJ and Quebec at 1. 10 i\
This train connects with Express tiuln ; >r Tore:.,
to, Detroit and Lino ago. Sleeping car? utiae lieu iroua
island Pond lo Quebec andMouiieal.
Irani lor Somu Pans at J.Zo P. ...
No baggage an be ittecived or Checked after
time above stated.
Train* will arrive as follow*-—
From So. Paris, Lewi-ton ana Auburn, at 8.10 a. w
From Montreal, Quebec, Ac., - - 2.1$ K «
The Company are not responsible tor bajjrnge
any amount exceeding $5n in value (ayl t' at n ?• ■;
*1) unless uotico is givcu, and paid tor at the rate j
ouc passenger lor every $500 additional value.
C •/. Lit i Do LSf Jlatoiynty L'rr+etui.
//. [LULL T, Local SnotnuUnue/ti.
Portland, April 12, 1807. dtf
POHT UftD&lpNEbioir i.
CoutiHCiicing Muniluy, Nov. lAsU. UMi,
■ Passenger Tram* leav** Portland di.Uy
at l.uo p. U., mr Bath, Au,.lfii, ,
crvuie, K1 nuall ' Mill.-,Sl.uvvin gan, k>iii in;cruiCdi: 0
Station*, (connecting at Brnncv. i. k u .;l4d- ,M
•(In R. it., for Lewis,on and Farmin' 1, and at
Kendall’* Mills -vitb Maine Central !; h.i lor ilan. r
andinteriuediatettatious. Fares a*low by tL.
a* any other. m
Leave Portland lor IV1M1, Lewiston, /. ogutdn 1 vd
Intermediate stations ou Saturda> oin> ;• . . i vt.
Mixed Train leaves 1'oriuHid mi id: ii.v»v ick an<_
teriuediate station* dally, except Saturday, at o.;6 i*.
freight Train, with passenger car attached, \ d*
leave Port'audlor skowhe.;uu ami inte i.itdi„i.. .»
tioii> every morning at 7 o'clock.
'1 ruin* 1, oin Druufetvkn and Lewis! 11 arc due ; l
I Portland at 9.20 A AJ., ami tr* 411 s»ko\viie*;au t *«
Farmington and ail intermediate ttatkiis ill k.UO i‘.
M. to Connie, with tram* for Boston.
Stage? for Rockland <vmne-*t at bail.; and I rli 1
ia>t at Augusta, leavin liuilv 01: arrivalot Irani u- iu
Bosion, leaving aU.oo A. Al.‘; muliur:
NorrmgewocK, Atiiou;- a.oi Mooso l**..' i La\o . i
Skovi Uogau, and fur China, Rost ami Iwiih Va.
* a( \ lalboi : for 1 at K
‘tod for Canaan at PUlion's Ferry.
\\ IjATCR« Snwcri»i< ia«J-Hf.
Augusta, Oct. 2;. 1M 0. novr.Mti
FOR l UhItMdCBIsTt; h.i
CnancMtcr Monda April 11, 18.7,
♦aaSSttrfS train* will run a* Ibdo
Passenger train % leave Sa. o River for Pert und ♦
3.30 and 9.00 A. M., and ZAO i\ M. Leave l'orflai i
tor Sitvn Rlvei 7.15 . Iff . . 0 .
The 9 o’clock train from Saco Uiver, and the 2
o’clock Iroio Portland, will be freight trains with L8s
*euger care aiuabcd.
Steam Car, Accommodation Train.—Lean Gor
ham at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M.
Leave Portland at 12.15 and 4 P. M.
tfiF^biagcsoonuect at borham f.. V,. , t Oorlia.*
Stimti.h, Stect* fails, Baldwin, Dent* • - bet ,
il-itigti.il, Lt.veil, UirPJO;
Conway, LarUotc JaokHon Limiagtor t;-,.rni3b i't •
ter, Tree kui Madw i ami fc^ton, M. i\
At Buxton Center tor West Buxton, Lny-Eaei .
4>nth L:miagtou. Limiagton, Lime: ?, Newci*
t’arsccaiiold ard Osslpao
At baccarappn for South WIn .h<ixn, WicUiam Bill
tod North WinciiAii: dal 11
Ry order of tin Preeldi-nt.
Portland, April 12, 1867. dti
aaESa To Travelers !
Through TicLeu from Pot* and
To all Points Went & South,
New York < cn'.ial,
trie & take hore.
And Pennsylvania Central
f.r »«lp m ibr I.»wc«t ram i the IVnl
«rrta Baihtuy liciit l Ottirr,— LAl\CAS*i Lit
11 ALL DUlLiilMG, Market i>*gUAJ:L.
General TitUf! /I^euig.
ttr Pawage Tickets for California, via sieainois
from Srw York on rlie 1st, llth, and i*n»r oi » uih
'nonili lor sale at tins oiiiec.as bervn>lux> . dc2jdjtwt.
Through Tickets
the W est o-^r^Wil
$6 Ltas than any oth.tr aU mil F.o-v a tue
Gra nd Trunk Mail tray l
To Detroit,-' hieajso.aU points West,
OK Ml). 15 I.Mi via Narnia » lac, to ibira
go. .UUu Hig^pp and a 1 p inta west. Also,
Krtckn Tickets at LoW BATES, 'iickt to via
CtHieii, lUpw ¥«rk Ccutrul, JLrie ICniltt uy
to BMliuioanU tbc %l rat.
l-or Heliaclk iKfOMMATiOH, and Tickets at tb«
l ow CMt ISuIcm, coil at Uie
Union and G-anii Ttnnk Ticket Office,
Before pnrehaoing elsewhere.
Office opposite Treble House, under Lancaster Hall.
Z>. II. 11 LAiVCJIA 111), Ant.
May 30—tiffin 9
Leu & PeiTims’
Worcestershire Sauce l
ConnoiMMf nr*
To be
The “Only
(iood Sauco !”
And applicable to 1
of a letter from a
Medical Cientlenia*
at Madras, to his
Brother at
Worcester, May, u&i.
“Tell Lea A Per
rins that their Sauce
1» highly esteemed la
India, ;uiu is in niv
opinion the bn st pal
atable 09 ‘well as the
most vs- In.I e«ooii}
Sauce that is made."
The success ol this most delicious and unrivaled
condiment having caused many unprincipled di alers
fo apply the name to .Spurious Compounds, the pub
lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see tliat
the names ot Lea & Butt rlss are upon the Wrap
l*'r» Labe), Stopper aiul Bottle.
Manufactured by
LKA A PERRIN, Worcester.
John Uuncan’t* Sona,
NEW IOIIK, Agent* for the United States,
City of Portland Building Loan.
OWINli to lire probable fluluro of the City of Port
land Building Loan,
woodman & whitnsy
Have decided to o-11 their entire stock of 1'01,... Fur
tiishlng goods. Croc) cry Ware flkr, at gicatiY re
duced prices for the next twenty dais.
»H i Xt llA.rni STflEST.
May lti. tl
Carriages! Carriages!
302 Congress Street.
HA^ E now on hand and for f»a’e tin* la most arid
best assortment of Carriages ever Oder vo in .Lis
market, consisting in part or tne to lowing celebrat
ed styles, viz: Extension Tup Cabrioletts, llatfoim
Spring and P. rch, very tight; Light Carryall*.
Stamina Top and Ex te m i on Top; • Ijo celebrated
‘‘Kimball Jump Meal” with improve! Front
Scat; “Sun Shades"™ elegant pattern: Cent lenten's
••It ad Wag in.*, ’very light; “B
‘‘.Jenny Lind” and other Top Buggtrs ot superior
inako and finish.
Top Buggies *3 low as S-M.Oo. Concord stvio
wagons from tfliio 00 to 82U0.no—Wax ranted. Also
Two Seat Wagons tor h armors' use.
Q-laas Sb.ad.es at; Stands*
Manuiacturtr and Dealer in Rsahj.1*II> Slat*
Chimney Pieces, Bbackets. Pint .>l ymj, Gn \ rr»
w«i Chimney T(»r». importer and deal, r in Eng
lish Moor Tiles, Herman no<i French H >v.\r Pu?<*.
Hanging Vases, Parian, llh.'jito, and bronze a i.v:*
iu<l TiiutK. Ulas* Shades and Walnut Stands, Bohe
mian and Lava Vase* and other u.ires.
Ill' TKEMON1’ STKKF.T Studio Building
mar 15dGtu BUSTOS, Mass.
Fourth of July will bo Celebrated.
For every (Inscription ot
Fi ll EWOKKS !
The LanrMt Stock!
Tbe Best Qualify:
;iud the Lowest Friers 1
33 A :ir. Federal, A 107, I II A <13 On
Rrtw Miich, i:o,l»n.
Only Wwo'os.U' Depot for tho celebrat'd
MP-DUplaya tor Cities and Towns furnluhul to
any amount. tum.VHm
PEKSONS floating the ruin* or digging UnaWtl
lindagjeil placet, depo.lt tbeir rubbish ot
Kraut,llit Viliarf.
aepttndtl S. ROUNDS, Wbatflnger.
Tried Tallow.
TUI ET> Tallow constantly m hand, and for «a!o
fcv the Barrel or Firkin by
May 21. d2m Nos. 72 tic 74 Fore St,

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