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N«lhin|( l-o*i
ClfttanM > ** *
Nothing is lo«**; tin* drop oi u<jv
TJiat trfinblf-H}; Kal »«or,
Is Uut,( i *
In sununti’-' alioWMb i «»--»/<
Pen banco jU» *ibiu«* wiiiiiu ib** bow
Tliat fronts tin- sun ill fall of dujfl—••• i i •
Xtercbanco to spark to in tile IloW
Of fountains far aw ay.
So with our deeds, lor good or ilV,
They have their power, scarce understood,
Then let us use imt better will
To lnufce them rife with grind.
Like Circles on n lake they go/
-King within ring, dud never stay.
Oil! that onr deeds wore fashioned so
That they might Ideas at way!
WiseetliUO ■ Kfj
■aiirt li-ast-.-- " -r t " "
Pint* «r«lpt«rr
The small figures ol General Giant, Admi
ral i'arxuxut, i’uter < ’oopev and others which
have been exhibited in the. Broadway win
dows for a lew weeks past, are the first exper
iipchfx in the new and wonderful aijt of phr*
lo-sculptiiie. This inynKtion has lately been
introduced in Mow Vork, audit marks a new
era in the art of photography, it was a 11W
ural Step Irous the daguerreotype of twenty
years ago to the ambrotype, and tlie transi
tion from the ambrotype to the photograph
.was equally' easy ; but photography has made
more rapid advance* than any style of
snn picture wl>ieli preceded it, and now it as
sumes a new phase. Photo-sculpture is the
product of the photograph and thepantagraph,
coproducing the exact hums of natural objects
sM* all th di; fullness aud eouipleleness ot pro
portion. Tlie imprejsion printed upon tlie
sensitive plate in the camera is transferred iu
all itadetails to plastic clay, and may then be
Te-caSt and red upl(hated in plaster, pnrian or
bronze. The process is fleserilied as tbliows: I
The ojKirating room differs from other* <M
its kind in the fact that it is cllviilar, with ap
arched glass i-ool oVerb'Cad. In the centre of
this rotunda there is a raised circular plat
form ilium which the sitter is placed.—
His scat isfti the exact cenfre of the room,
which is ascertained and assured bv a nlumh
luxe falJi«« from the eentior of the kipoln
above It this hue could descend to the sur
lace of the platform, it would touch a point
from which radial* twenteMomr ilheb. mirked
in black, pointing to the. centres of twentv
ftor eamoma, set. at equal distances from each
Other tn the circular wall. In au instant
twenty-four little (loots are opened, and in a
tew moments the figure of the subject is nrfnt
ed upon as many piatos. The doors then are
Ckised -simultaneously, and the sitter descends
from hw perch. Solar as be is concerned
tbere is nothing more to be done.
But' .twenty-four pictures ol his qKure
have lieen taken, and em b ol these .rives a
Jirotilc view of one part of the entire cirCum
hfbe*^" 1 each, dxlioriug trmu tile
llu? work or the pauUty;i«ip]t now beirius.
There are twenty-tour dillerent profiles of the
subject, alt of small dimensions, and it itrie-:
sired to have a statue the full size of liie. At
once t^e lit tie pictures, by means common iu
photography, are increased to the required di
mensions. Kadi of tiles* Is, fastened tolhe
wall and numbered from one to twen
ty-foui-V On a table rfeiar iWm is a mass of
soft day, which is fashioned somewhat to the
shape oi the statue to t>e made. Holding in
his hand one eud of the paut&grapli. the one
tator begins to follow the outlines of the pro
file of the pictnre minder one, by means of
the machinery of the instrument, so that pre
ciscly the same outline is marked, or rather
cut, ill the soil clay ; and as the operator goes
on from one to twenty-four, following the onfc
ime of the profile in each, he makes the cir
cuit of the entire mass of clay, and produces
an exact fat Mniile of the model.
U is impossible to imagine the limits to the
use bl this art, for It luay he applied to every
form of architectural and monumental orna
went and mechanical design, as weH as to the
modelling of the human figure. It has been
contended that it will be an injury to art, and
that the sculptor may dose his studio or seek
another channel for his genius; but what
proved true of the daguerrotype, the ambro
tjpe and the photograph iu ilicir relation to
portrait painting, will be doubly true of pbo*
-lo-sculpture in its relation to the plastic art.
It mny spoil the market lor bad artists, but it
Will be an invaluable assistance to true gen
ius.—,V. r. Pott.
Ritchie's, Liquid t.uniiposs.
a,‘") «liub}e instiuH ent fai 11W,
., Vessels udbg this Compass re-jiiii ibul't)?:: ■-•
22J3K& 522SSL*;,rF«\i?»M.wis®
e'. un'It-i.vt;r. r-i.1 xv.sr .tY kiiilstrr.
w.vilt'®u°'v >>«*•« <•«»» »•>' aver tbi
noil . ii-emyessity (ovajiciioW.CaiDitaSfhio.beer
“i,on " bleb the inge
«*.«»• iWarmmo Agnail La* boon largely but
Jinbucoi spent. lias reuisc.l this Compass lo
venoms' ar?S5r?*“ k"uTbut ,e'v Am-ritarTIi>
•T?a ir1- J" ,bj ' ret rally been endorsed in suable
}2bi M*0™ tbce?nmii(tec appointed bv tiro “ Porj
r^b6. Committee '.mcfur^thrir report by “jccoui-^
mewling if t>» all sea-going vessels.**
For sale by C. H. FAUUiV,
Agent lor the State.
Wo. 4, Excliuiige biiget, Purllund.
Also lor sale all kind* ot
Wantlbal Imsu-ii)neni*i. ’
may 2 tr
13 Otis and 24 Al’cli Streets,
Wh«lM*l...U,.u!ex ir, Mone Flii dishidgUooda. A gems
*°r 1 ly man tli Buck Glows.”
IllflMfcAUlstC 6JKMBAT 1*1I*IC!
Von can use nothing U-tlcr lor
JJKAINS and SEWERS ihr !h« very
Realms that It is cheap, and Hint y
Age Improves it, as many years’
ITse abundantly proves. It is
tk*“Sf «l»e—growing bolter
Innsing! It also makes good
fjnimnics, aud much ebuapor than brick I
Culverts made of it dp Bot fall!
Engineers and builders use it!
Wen ol every position have
Endorsed It! (See our Circulars. )
!rnTmn£ ‘ Slt1^ h!lTln* V** drains
ami Ill-health gives you a warning!
Bure water is brought from n spring
■H a LL it* PURITY through a b
Elt01“«leo/;HV,lraulic Coneat!
B Plunbus Unum! Always!
M3 lianforth St., Portland, Me.,
Manufacturers of Hydraulic Cement JWpe.
IW“Orders maybe loti at Mf Union st, or at the
™c ur7’ ~ augSOeodyw
btore and Dwelling House for Sale
A TWO anil a half slory building, 40 by 28 finish
ed tor a store below and dwelling house’ in sec
onii stopr, situated about ten rods from 1'. & K. It. R
l)e|>ot, in Cumberland, in a good locality lor a
Grocery and Variety Store.
Bnild'iigsin g ;<>d repair :.mi «au ^°V
ter. CbwtUO.Ien.^’SrSi'^W-1^ *'«■"
What Every Family Needs.
Submerged Pump !
ersl'ncritics'would ie,|.: Hfu'ty indie liiccare
w.urirJ2o °u°“ 1111 10 merit* ana .(lufltwN oi
be uw edoubk sclton Ihrecpuiup, loetii ]
oilier t'nZi«X *«»»• 1*sufoiii/r to all|
Pdi6lty«©f WWJt action, and sim
v* voiisiruvuoii. I f.ni,.. ... is , i
tn common wells. Ac,frcrL-J'■ a ch '!;
not liable to got ontofoiderwl,a,u'' bucking and
and capacity; Will, t,Uo nmalij/utl X&LS'M™" i
SSf,^ ,,hro"i *>«"lhnit ct water iw? i
wBlii bos* am. uipc l„, meow tvaier t .m w gf1.*?,
making it uiv*Iui>Wc tor wa bin.;
lug siudousan 1 citinguajidt g iiivs " ’ *Ur‘ •
Raving the «uk agency for ;iic .state of Mato i
aflorm' W cJ U,‘.‘V Aeoists on nbNv
no'?™ ’ 10 lurl,,*!l 1'omt e and pine at short
For lurthfr particulars inquire of Town A gents or I
Win. A. PEAliCK,
ISO f«i» s(rop, Poi-iIhii.1, fie.,
Fbnnbcr. and Ucaior hi tbo ,, ,,, , ’
lures lor Public n„d pS.1?' " 2&r_5lx‘
Mills, Ac. Also Plumb/, L w ““V*-*. Falttorks,
manner, in or out ol towi/st'sh/V*0!/?*n l1*4 1,61,1
A ug 23dlm short notton.
L. DA 7VA rfy SOJVS.
Number Two Central Wharf
Sept 12-dlw
itwru Aiffiotm, -t ri
_ ___ JL*
H usliin^toii Library
Is , lmrii r.-<l t.v il»i- Stab of /'AlisjW.niirt aii(V ()r
£*oJz«hJ iu aid of tlie i
Riverside Institute!
Far. MdmaHn# (iturtifliiiwly -5
Soldiers’ & Sailor’s Orphans,
Yaieor limited 6y l be Slat*' •f'Vcw .S«*a'«ey,
AprilMb, l*«7.
Subscription One Dollar.
A- •
‘■iifetxi 'i i+*.di i»it- <1# «l Ball lifti
The Washington Library Louip’y
By Virtue of tbeir Charter,,
Accordnuee will* iiM Provision*,
Three Hundred Thousand Mars
I.V lMlt ESK.VTtt.
-M* n*
7’/f7i’ »S' // ! /,’ip; // o L l> EJIS !
■ — On ——
Wenesday, Sept. 2bt.h, 1867,
AT 1*01 >. A.p K M*111 A, 1* A.,
1 .. .. .
: The In sfifute, fUrersitle, Ar. J,
One Present worth $40,000.
One Present worth $30,000.
li One Present worth $10,000.
One Present worth $4,01)0. .*
'lVo Present north $^00eaeli
One Present Worth $18,000.
2 Presents, Valued «l $43,000 each, $30,000
1 Present, Valued at . to ooo
4 Presents, Valued at *5,MO each, 2fl’,00O
2 Presents, Valued at 3,000 each, li.OOII
! Presents, ValuedUfpo.yacli, .1,000
20 Presents, Valued at 500 each, 10 ooo
to Present , Valued at 300 each. 32100
■I 3 Presents, Valued at 250 e5eh, 750
20 Presents, Valued at 225 each, 4 500
f: 55 Presents, Valued at 200each, Il’llOO
• “ Pref'Ciils, Value,I at 175 each, HJ.iO
110 Presents, Valued at. 100 each. It ooo
r 20 Presents, Valued at 75caoli. i’vio
, 10 Presents, Value.) at r.Oeaoh, Ati •-. << ’501,1
The remaining Presents consist ol arliclcsof nee am
value, appBMalnhig to the ditflrtiou nPLffcratnre ant
the fine ruin, $82,000.
‘ •'
Ka< li C’ertlliiiato of Stock Is aocoinj.aiik*il with a
Steel-Plate Engraving
> cosT Ob' tenTlb'lCA TK,
Ami also insures lo Hut bolder a
mM ft jbjsx
r.i8f ,m t.itji, .>iijv»y
j In the Great JHsteih aii<yn t
■: »sa .novel elmilcvv’m v* or,., * . ,
1 iif—E-lui i4
Subscription Gnie Gollar.
• >
Any jlcrsoiViiiMnling us , jr n;iviuL
.. : ; *i- ■ ■ f
tlie-samc lo o tr lm aj A;/sol^. will, receive immedi
ately a tine Steel Plate iw-v-'a Cjn-I, a laubsnri tiem tin
■ following list, and uilt'f^rtiSPtte firfitht-t .‘'tAurlh:
| : ’’ • ■' .1 ’.fOUilRISAT’ TVST’cllU'lTcN.
j--AlXT. Ijtti.LA it K'tflh A ViNt,./,
ij -.No. If—VMg ChiUlMy ChlHC ,,J|«.*.^«'-T,oy’i.
jj Sate,II They rot Vbrve 11” No.'If.-J-OWS.-veft: j'-si.f
orj IhdEirlylhtvs S’-,,^,5jJ.j,',»
■j Any, poi-Kit Jiayny J vv„ :;s ...
', oitluatof-tlie following «o, Steel at-choice
I andTwo^Yffmtrtths or tttoc*,, thus becoming entile
1 led lo Two Prcsenls
j No. 1.—“Washington's -Bourtship.” No.
| •■Washington’s Lor< intern io>v: vritli his Mother.”
Any prison (laying THREE DOLLARS will re
ceive the beautiful steel pfoie-ot
and Three Cp«tilie(i»,.s othstoe.ls, becoming, tniilhsl
to Th«te PiWaeiits. ■ i
Any person paring FOUR • JXW|,VRS:fo«:itt re
ceive the large, arid beautiful Steel Plate of
and Four CerlUicsteeof stock, entitling tliem to
Pouf Present*. a
Any person who pave FIVE DOLLARS shall re
ceive the forge and splendid Stco)
and Five CerliUcalen at Htm'ta, ontiULig tliem. 40
Five Presuidk. ... ;
The BogntvtogsMidoeniimid.et will !h tleilvereil
to each suhsi ri'i, 1 at 041 Local Agtmgunt, or sc 11/ by
mail. post paid, or express, as may be tirdrgyd.
How to OlmiBu Stl.:ares aiit) foiafinhig..
1 ; f.
Send erdvrs Ip ns J1J U1111I, tuud-isiuu Uova HI to
$2rii either by lVi.t tMHee isders or ho1 a re- i-.-i I
teller, at.it, 1-ri k. Lug., ,l,„nl,l
Igr dra ft or express.
lOsImrenwIlh Engravlasa, - <: j$fer*t
35 shores with Eng/ovings, - 4- - 2* no
SUshm-s With Engravings/ vi a !. .40 5(1
75 sidles with Engravings,. J . . i 60 HO
100 shares with Engravings, 1 A 1141 V1M100
‘1. V A .oiurj.-fc.liderf-...,0/ ..si-jHa.l, ,, 11 j
, A«,,:NT-S WANTED tlirouiifoartlm United
Static. ,
Situate at Riverside, Burlington County, New
Jersey, is founded for! the putposo of gratuitously- i
educating the sons of decease.! Soldiers and Seau.en
of the United Stales.
The Board ot Trustees etmslsl* wt the hilleWirig
well-hribwn citizens of Pennsylvania and New Jer
MstrlCt A Horner, TiiiUilelfihfcl; Pit.
Ex~ChleJ (Miner If: ,S. Mini,ami Recorder ufitceds,
PliiU., Pennsylvania.
HON. JAMES M. tjOQVEL, New Jersey
HON. W. W. WARE, New Jersey.
Agent Adams' Express, Philadelphia, i'a, j
Jit. COB, &q.
Of Joy, Coc <& Oo„ Philadelphia.
Trkasuiiy Ihttabtm knt. *
W&^Uinfrton, I>. C.. April is, iSG7. j
Office of lstani&l Kevemio: — Having received j
satisfactory evidence that the proceed* of the enter
prise conducted by tiie Washington Library Lorn* .
pany will he devoted to charitable uyrs, i>wiuiiMioii
is hereby granted to irtid Company to conduct such 1
outer prise exempt from ail charge, whether horn !
special lux or other duly.
R. A. R^TjFjINS, Cotntnis*ionrr.
The AsRikcial ion have appointed r»* Receivers, j
M ssrs. GEORGE A. I'OOKE W C*. r*i South
niird Street Philadelphia, whoae well known inicg- .
riiy sml l,o.. i„, apexpetipiHsPfcJI! ImStiii'fficVriV guar
antee that Ihe mom-, uuuifrleb to litem will he
pfoiptly i-i-ldied tklhephrpvae slated.
I’ll Iktlq I.IIIIA, PA ,jf;iy‘in;’|ftC7.
To the Officers »«(/ M,mi,r» oj the Irtnhi-tsehm li
hm.ru On., Pfl 'N. IWAIjj Heeretan/.
Gentlemen I- Un redeiplof an i;,r . r iVio Votl»
ItiH.. n.'liiyinj' us of our.,pi>(toHdtn«ii< JS Xr4<Weft
for yitirCdnij'ally, we I"...1!,«(? iti-tis*,. in, tunncLa
oopy ofyauriliUrtci, mitt, a plan of your . niorp
to eqiineut legal authoi ity, nnd hiryifr. , c hjl
fovriraT,!.: opilii.-iii ill la'Aa'A ay i.> legaiily, apd ,yju.
PHihizing with the lionovAJenf ohjeet of your ’ -o. H
tlon, viz, th,. educatinn on I JirufitPiifmnM' M flrMa
I’iiaii child tun of our soldiers nnd sailors ol ike Riv
erside Institute, wa; have conclude*! to accept the
unfit, snd to uso ,,n.- host efforts, to promote.so
worthy an oli|ee(. %
Respeetfiiltr. yours. A* a ,
AddrcgSPll h-iters antlMMers td ;
GKO. A. I.VIIi K A- GO.. Bai,la ,
*3;S,iilh Till lal'sl'i vet. '1*hH7id*fid,ia/l'.n
Receivers for the WsshiutfojrLliinity.tto,
GEO- McBAVIS « i;o„
Agents in Pmalaud.
Aug (J-eod&w2m
u„’ . ROIIXM). j
r*v* Na KI * Hi |M n*,;
*1:*® 1 WorUMI I'iMuiiUsiUi.i lii
. aium w'Aiwt and- Muff..vih nt's nbiM
uni quiet “(ountiy Horn,** in Hit uni * *1 at ilie loot of
\u:tsiigimiicookMountain, in tho Jjeaufiftil vaUey «l
In A'WW|«»euu».liiwf*t, l»v lull* lumin
itiins' :*A<t •(!.(> » r..nimbi.* VcAiVry, *aW» riling
wall s and driven unequalled in Now Kniilaini.
On t«o promises j* a eel* broed
! ku M ifmntwmtm* «.
Wiikdi is n lino pulnlahjo elinlvtatUe v.atei y > er
tidly loni*y:i^-fyl|uWti - inid#ifctitan
For the ox* 11 nr pro|n rtiosot {hi:- w. .. r, and ill**
UouLVj*{ tin* eeu.u»*iy„! .lilt v<• nil jl,jpd 1 uMxir, In ilR
W:K%MifcXkl ft F. iKvfinp, F* f..' of TWtiMfl
rrfr~ Transient aud steady board**i s..lkited.
Ternib moderate.
JOHN Kl^fUl'kt^ . II ioi>rk*loi*,
yf»,j|0 .WEST BtTHFhj MAIM* -
B^Carriages alvra^uinalleniluuct* a* West B tbel
Sint inn. to..convey i»iUFhtfu,j:vJls,U^|l*»i
ftjyal., Victoria Hotel,
T»*Mr is l!9., ftidiaiuns.
I_IRtf ■ .1 **i i .
i t-' N N {;_ I * ,v LOidA/i i'r •
■ :,ll i ‘ p-ioj*.-.vilu-li {UttL. .-»i 1 Uo/ .1 e\S*\ ild
b*;Ht in i lie W« si li.oioH.) will be iipennl ibr lm *«•
(wwMrmftblkuf drVisftoih N’eVy I, J86T, '
i T.f-a beuei^y ,on lliy In-amt; of £•’• w
Providence, ami is noted mr its even ten> pend are.
the tin iniiffiicti i rawg-wt^ ", during the Win*
i^besnter Yeav^s‘l^* \v York e ery tour
b'.•« I.s,;i!ivl il|t t^ oiil.N r• • • • -i- v. «. r< a. n ;
All Ifvinibier riiim tuaUou nd*h«BSod in Tli NNIvl.L
A T.O’.M A<?|Nassau, N:i\, will bo promptly -in ueivd
Aug20 d:>m -vf *'■ 1 *
AuursTA: mamm
s t a r /; m r v i: /: t.
Al'GUSrA, ,\TK. ^ _
m ,, .IB*, s: i. **sl».
.T . If. ItCllM
£^Ttan»*i».t-Vdo> %$}pu lo<£.80 pcrd?»y,.u . <»i«lin;j
I o rooms. FliFK • (*uru*ige t» ami from lieu ;e
tfttr:* aniiTvleawu* ch . .piupblti
\r± t:
•O'I '' Ittrsi! K“
OENTeA ty •
Pacific K&ikoad
■ ■'1 • tv i n. h .ir. t iii.*
Great Wat fond: Tran/; fine
■ tcross the f'm: tiin nf,
tfi'iir.' will, tin' AIM ;uul SOrj'JKVfe
is (!.-»'nio.J t-.‘l.»'.«i. nl Hi. mm I ir jiorl;.nt ..nil viiI -
iiaWF irtrdril^W ihr.ilv.,jll1 dkUf h tfv soli; link ol
I'omniunicnlioii liolw.-.'it Mi, (■ ..-Ho (Vast and tin;
<HWW IMerjnj- IJ i -iii, and tin
Cnin'tpol suilivu of Hit: slain Nihh I in.
Ti.- j.i •• i.l w( si«m (i terminus is at Suyramento* mi
U.eMVli50»li wirtKMxlf till. I’ni ilic; lint li will dlti
ulali.|yo*luidl*om San Francisco .1 joss ilio riclivst.
and mdarilviialoiis (lulls hi C'ali'l'oiiiio. Nevada, and
Ulali.-^n Lignony to all I lie great Mite.,:-. Ucgioiis ol’
tl,|> Far West. The company are author •/A-d- lo ciyn
'throe fhrtr line eastward until it shall incPt anifcon
with fcheroadM ntriv Imikling of flic fbu-ky
iVI on main ranges.
AMtmiftg th*l they wilfhtdld arnfl Control halfLhc
entire distance between Sju» Fianci.-c* and the Mis
souri Bi yer, ti" now seems ptohnldq, the (Jaited States
\vlIf lfave invested in the cotnpMIon of miles
or at the average rate of$tt5,©00
|*tnmile-not i*Kdnfiimg ,aai absolute grant of'ftt,
OOO.OtkO, nri'M of the fill.Ire IJhkds. By Incoming
n‘loin?’investor in the'inagidflt ontVmbvpri>e,amt by
waiving its first lien in tuvorof the First Mortgage
^opaiudd^ Till* aifc^lCUAn iiiPf'KU.NAUiKT.' IK fit
Ikwrits nrt: Vo-oVfe*arr*n <# tpi\ ate
capitalists,and levs carefully guarded their inter
ests agai/iet atterdi^ aity emti egomvki.
TUP OeuljMl I*:nifc Itaiiroad enjoy a-ad the jv.ivi
fcf f|Vnnkldh s mufern l !»/ Hi? Acts At
1 ’ongre % upon the other pni^spithe. {hr .«■ 1, line, Und
id v id ail-tftion, sdverni *|«Rciitl. rkctn • i v«* rt
vcttAiusen nj.plHflble.wily to'tlic V.Vy ent HakV *
*• *V*' 7.ate ;.ml
'** '• • lilft* :e KiSlatti «* . hi li|iiiit;\ .
cro :ii and vaiimVo -m.,\ ... ..ni, ,Vur -
M 1 • vt> e •»•:» Kriellt ol Hie
• - Cy4A’^hnlHtU!,tJ up. Idy. , • . • f,
I!. • n • 'o.i , .. . ,
• hnibfW#*»TiW Mr
l**ifft**p Tnit eel.. vA Viinh? e m
•1.u»!o.le»»tir«*lv 'f»«.Ms* (lie SWr.t k'# v*Y«fh*riiej
Wliiid* piogi^sr* « » Laki- Will be. tvis/>./d
•rtpid.:. .i-if'i .»j . i i •.
IIl.-Tl»clneal bhian-A ^«'Mie aflhi^’i^f* ’ f Ali« ?.a-.
Its epipphd ' linain ed suveieg^ hrm ,.ebd u’d ,• Al
the V.- it 1»rr.«H'v- . f. .- whirl; J.. I r >.••
'.Hu* i*urtweoatti»ugs w r Ho* mcidfis f f .lt«idy-»«u|
VlMMs'iilvm thd!t| *nWfc-K rflfcti tbv
were wfwinrd HflJt'dlWia 4n*n(dd, '(Ifif?del! int! -
liit-hs wore■ 1+6 ea»i*i o«v;
i V •' d^'rufrhav. >o e«»*uju-i.j{ i-m, but will c’nvv iv
Ff'tr. its own .n iatlve |.,-a! : <7 '
»**€ oTMr.+.jMiKtWiv+z w i^f.. '-it? >1 AJUoiig
i'rr?i«*rfr7,.'nji(*eWnn^jfni{^lf*v le^1 ;
•IV-. Tlnjj.oad- ■&•••• •■> a i,y ,V' t Ah.1 a: Ih
■'^TW; ..r.i!. n f -Wi-m.lu
| «Mlm i*iN. |* • *a. • , \ ,r.
ZtVJ .* •' I .&?&$ indu,t\ #.V ■■'a.' ' '*■ ' e ‘1 ' '
Id. jtl « JBi'iqiirti,.*-, ; r i5rf- ri f-om fh
<•’•• ret aidJoiVOf ITttOt V *r..ui « o- ol Ii11"i>••
uia aimiVimyiuu.M ei;, i - ..pvr •ju., .. ;j,c ;ll.
a? Ifiiej vPt »•{ :!>•; : un,,s which •**!•. I'dinlpaNy .uik
e.*HV't..p,i-f-ii. ^ T wo;-,. I.-i-lr;. 'T-; . t
eam,n;^ r.i«-. , • yAg& ht r^u» • i-'.-. ih
• riv~M\•!> tetTimt* til.- 1
vrt’il ht./ >rcr-Ha! V /{( 'xtu fa dift i ■ ”/■ '' '
if, ft ft ft teerc fc'.'.’o* 1 '•rt'wAy./. ffry > •’/ '.. •'. . i
• r.tf Ike evh*'* rtvvini « ; • ifyrts/d'jk lain:,
v:air/i the tan i.. u. U‘c Itrsn'jo'
»nVfiit. J * ■ *
'J'h’e n v t>ty* fv ,fu , t:.'\uigh us, tV**ir
i’iist T'nitt*^ Voisr, Six
' |i4-r l - ' • • >bh(ll
fiiuriimi ruit featcrioiK rfjjj iij|%
€?«»€»; ili New VmTc efiV.' Tbm aiv in imy .»r $1,
OtHi each, w.uual .gold HQUpons jtt.r.clii d,
and act selling K»r the presem at 1 or t-'uti and
deemed ihteic.it tWih ;lijl>; ls( ad«}ed;iij ..^rVuimy, at
o it'eN ,.,, , i j,,-y y iehl near) ,•
11ml. upon tlie lnrchfitirtri,
Tbeso Bonds, authorized l*y act Of’^bttgress, are is
Huod only as ihe wmk pro^efcsefl, and to Hie wuue
moant truly us the Ihmds gianb d by tli-' (InVM-'t
mepl.';Aij'tl'rcpvo. - cut, tn,aij cjisers U/c jlr^Jwn, upon
a completed, equii i.ed, and )»ri-ducttfe railroad, in
which Ititvt! been iji^ested G^VCrpiuCpt Fllboidk*:,
stock sisb.sie.rfpliAikiAl'jfigi ions.Riikptu#earning-,ole.,
and which is worth morctlian iliree liimsthcaniouni
<n h'irst !\!brtgsgf* Bonds which i- fii‘lkvi??k'ned ffn.rt) U
Tkc :tgrc* ment of his Company to pay principal :i ml
in tercet ol thoir Boodu in coin, being made under the ,
Special Coh tract Law of California, raul^ioiazing and
enforcingeoutinei£Ttrr j-ay gold, h loyally binding,
mdike tinlilu 'gieetue‘na> iiuvief by ]oonp|auik^ i)»
^Vafcs wlmro no such legislative sanciion e\?sis.
Tn these inijAwdaht t.aTtk«f?nr tlie’fbm, 0l tj,,.
Centrarl FiuAljk: (T--nji* usual <• oj
sof ly, */ability and profit
The First 1\1 onjpigp ihuols .i Uua> idonipanv arc
declined to ocai|»y a jm.min ci place among t 'irol
.ViVjnAi^',s' iml»..i^ti^scohfi^-v
»'i r.urop».y JUM * mimaki dtMM>sd><’ eagerly
•mylit fot , and anxiously dunll inl»or<aUr •. mbs
materially in advance (»<'rlfp price at which t\iey f*ue
JAOW oth:f£d,. .... ,
liaviiijycarefully inie.digutcM Hie iy*nm»roefc, pro
gross, and pros pec!.; - a Ui« road, and the manage
ment, nt tin? <.JofniVuv?\f a items, -wo’ c.Adbdlv recom
mend these Bonds to Trnstu^s,‘Kjtperrth»‘s, Institu
tions, and others as an entirely sound, r> tiiibfe and
remuneratin' farm r\t pemutv. nt inn utmcnf.
€oiircr«it»yn of Boremuirut ^cciu-itivH
G’ehtral Pafciffc First' Mortgage
| f. j rc.iiUie lor the holder*about
" TWEL V k I* 1-ttt 0 RN f. A I) V A NT A G E,
\VitJM|ie mime rote of iwjhb ost.
For salel»y Banks and Banker.* generally, ot whom
descriptive I'ampbirts and Maps can be obtained,
and by
MTxMi Ac Haiitb,
Bankers and llenlcri in BortTunu-ui Se*
! cut*iti«>.s,
Financial A gents of rite (!, *\ R. R.
No. r> Vfrssatf Street, n. f ,
N kiii'h* of UoveiijumiitSeoul itk-s Ihnhdd
aivl S61drl>cpofttts au1 Accounts oTT.ui.ks, ttanWs,
iinrl othrrs received oh lavonWc form*. aiiglbd.'im
IS d 7. SHUIKQ. 1SV*7.
Having this dry tnmoved to the fiparion*1 wan 1»oub«
Cleeted upon
- f TM IRS'It wri’K,
w«»s. r,4<v r»o nlilxim stuket,
Would ieF|»ce< fully Invite the. attention of pti*vln««-rg 1
to their large, new ami attractive stork of
!>R %
Woolfm .((rid Small Warts*.
lor Maine for
Gray’s I’atrit! Molded Collar.
Also a full asfcorfmCfilud all the leading make* and
st. I os of Ladies' aud Heude'mcn'c 1’ap T Hoods, irt
<jlckUtk* the
tlw Viiu<*n l-'inidi 4 wifh fall* n>
* Hutch.
Agents tdr Maine for the ,
a re.
Forthilfd, March 4, 1W>7. <4j
A . C liUF 0<***r l
•JMC, 1?
t*W A AJeiiaiUte No li Mink*t S.,,..
NN »d '..R, i.i o* yi. if• t •'•li tla s, Un it fntiu* y*?
°* p:ii •, CAps ct‘. Irt I. ,| .11 Oyjji!, pnvi. •. - II t
I wail* oi I
, ’ " ’{hr.W do %\ -Jl to . u tii -; vio, lr j
l '«>, I'lir. y,>. J * •» 11( . |].:• If :
< vei hv.tpfO.
J . *■*• XHrI j.uvijl;* llir tlbbl'i llin v' ill oblige
I lie i ii iiiiirh »>y e. 111 i 11 ■ r tji>»l.j«e :i -li • us'ii! a;;
they are at mu i making a cha theii be
Sept d-dl’w
Aoifoo to*A an.fl livid.- rs.
oi •
Ml; ti'PBh’iXdlJ .li. i*uiid*:v, is prompts! t'Vpd. c
contracts tor MilUliug, ( in.. t |.N .lop or ),s
PA\r rWlAKK.'1,! 'ut fttrnisn k ii AW n . wArUn
•in l in .{ci iri 1 of all description.
Kc-ddowce AMF.KbMN ftr>i ’Mic •.
Jn<ii;i Sticet, Tmiltnd.
August 17th,!*>6f a
SflBAt SS**.**®,
llotlHo «>»* iitnwt for Sale!
Anew two story house, containing 7 rooms.
(i« oil Cellar and link (%tem 1. t 32 1-2
Jii*UL l’1 " • ' 000. .A portion ni l In p uchase
money gnu too atii on Mmvgage Al-oa tin.* biuld
»i»_• lot. on Paris .St. 35 \ MJO ?or 23 rents per square
loot. A1*m> mtfftfth r lots iit ;ill parts of the city.
Applv •• GKO. It. DAVIS A Co.
Dcilcts ill Real Estate', No. I, Mott >n Block.
pfeiuU 112 dlw [AraurtCopy.
•' or $1,300 !
f‘ vv A Ill-tv ' ’ 'i‘> v 'i' i ii Si li! 1. Sf., i-nlilain
•M-i'.Sli.r.Ki-I tvl!;ir. 1«| •*»*:«. Terms
V fa:b r. davis .v co.
IX-AK-w in lbnlMs! Mb.N« I Morton l;!..*. sepl2-lw
For $4,300!!
-£J.,iy A new two story French yqof Cottage, con
•’I! Raining t< n rooms. Water and gas tnrougli
.M~M* nur. marble mantels, &e., am} good cellar.—
Ihis prop -rty is situated in the most deelrablo part
<»t the cit y, near the western terminus of the Horse
Railroad. Terms easy. Apply for ten davs to
, , tlBO. R. DAVIS & COM
D olers in Itoal Rsuvte, No. 1 Morton Block.
SjO? ! i<»b»>r J2. dlw [Argus copy.
nf. ILMwv a new ! vuso, ‘i finished R »w - and lot '
‘ 3 v!7. r- ntraHy lo ated. Ju<|uirc o'
' ' : .inH N C. PROCTER,
Jv'-Ml Kh ate Br .kcr. Middle St.
■' jitoiohiU §0, *U\f
For Sale at a bargain.
UV have a H4 \\ ..wand a halt s:or> hoilCe
Eyn Boyd S(ic«t, built this .piiitg, 13 XOiliiB,
go.nl brick cistern; pri e $3,200. Two-thirds
port base mo’ney <*-au lay on a mortgage. Ar
ranged for two families Will rent tor $f>00.
llonl Estate Brokers. Morton Block.
.s« pf -iubyiMU. .dlw
House on Wa.vo Street ior Sale.
I> \RI.MK. <>lftln;4-*i;o!U|i, Ihd-R.iom nd Kitchen
on li-Ht ll'k.Mi, puid the same on the second. An
ibo«» i.ince ni Inrdard Kofi waler. Good roflar.—
'l".; JJXK I?;* V \ ,,a> A'uil trees, and sliritbbevv.
I ;.*4- S.GWW. Apply lo tV. 11 JERK Is."
vse|demlior lo. <|3w*
JOcv Farm fi»r rale Low.
oi oAcciiem water; nice n«*w l.i slo*v
; fli TLUP"X *i«.»hIic*I* .coutaivj.ng It "rooms";
v ;il 1. .*A fl), |,atnl.,| ivirl hi • :i . uik.I.i ; ]ia»
• I---- tnrli shop svu.| luuei V,
7,1 ITii-b*8,Win. Ai.pl', lo W. H.
I. .’,1' ,’ l,cal *fauuo A|W«t,-nppo*li*f»iwMc. Hi,use,
1,,fll l“ '•_ _«uK12(16**
l r'« si<lt Uv<' for Sale in tJrtr
a ... , „ ttucsf Ibc Piuc^t kisiilciino
A •'•V-A „ **■, •"Orlinni,
®4V!fci' k «oM' cuampicd I , M-I.jin Naim i s 01
«Pt b-ivd 'of S'h'. homo Is two
* . Mm,•uglily fiuishiMt inside
/'V = 1,.lr ll,iJSfaMyM '/» IIUMU'lNtNIMMl ill lh:|1
noAniniil ills m*. Tlu> Tot. is large, upon which is
imii: |n-; oi varum:, kinds. shnih«i>*y,We. A nice
ji.iHiT,»t txteli« ul; w-ter is hnudv to the door, and
I r'j m t;, j| i4t j, ;i |„su has ;i line si able. This
• ■< ..• ni wdicninmomi ilscJf 10 uuv loan
win. i .in waul oi , pie A-uuf hoiiitt within :h> nimiifcs
ruii. • • i oil laird.
i*-or lut LlMjc particidai s enr,idro fit W, H. derris. Lb1 -
;d lvdaie Agent, at Horse Railroad Otlice, OpiMMlitc
T wM- II.use. _ _ _ j)!wdtr
For Sulfi.
birred lini k hpuseNo. 3don High SI rout,
sci ii,(i 1' 'r hs-ieani, u,,w occupied by the sul —
Alsu, Iwilliioe sb.ried brick .stores oil Forofitreetj
' 1 ','c 01 t<“rl ®I>|m4*i tin: Custom House, with
T'ii c!i Mr»» Wharf Street.
I;, ,‘ni"1 Ful tul'lll“ ami radicular*
eiujUiiu ol iIn* Mil'Seribor. *
P , , . NATHANlll, tii.ANCitAltP.
J oruamJ, Aprd n, ISt>7. dtf
\.il<it:ib!ti I foal l ist;ito on Coumirr
clal Street lor Sale.
\ >tt ol land about ad foot front on Commercial
21 street a nit extending Mi ft to Foie si, tl„. same
now occupied by It. F. Noble & Co.
il'l’1-; t0,,. ItltOWNE,
1 _ 10 Statu Street.
O Farm tor Sale,
■'*£'?. "™r,o or 'css sltualed within 11 miles
ol Hie I*osi Office, of Portland, bounded on the
road west beyond Hie We, (brook Alins House farm.
eoiilinumg down to Hn-canai on (he lower side.
II is a very tilling place torn markol garden, or a
iH’ailltr'il place lor a private rcsideuro, as there is a
sfitendid orchard in a very high slate of cullivuiton.
on the farm. 'J hef lann . nts about 4L> Inns of hoy; p
levs been very wdl manured tin tho last ten years
«-.on. «'flii< i"] v gives a very large yield of produce!
n ..so uds a very good burn, and i.^ insured lor $.r,(>0. l {
won d bp v* ,y convenient for a -Jplei.did brick yard,
.is Inert* is am nmouaf • ot luick material on Ihe
picinises. Perfect lii.tc guarani*,,1. for lurlher
I .I. hdilais eiuiuic. of II. liol-AN,
* '1 * * 'I. i.t, Portland.
\ al'Mtble Slotf) Property for sale.
t Hi . r<l 'lousi , plca^unlK situated in the vll
.‘ • "[ b ryebnra, • Aierd .-M»»»fv. Maine, is ol
1 . *'* ' r deatn bargain, it applied i'oi soon.
J * • • i‘iL!oed repair, with furniture
wan l \ ines dMOi.trhcur, tegotT.u* with all necessary
i Ml..- •tnf it a ot
Proprietor. .
• •••■ o:■ ..‘VfttM.ion ,r !
. *■• •1 • . . c:■ i ■ ,ltl
" ’: ■ si-*1 ti.irirci ci lily ami provis-i
. iou cj|>i'-. ui a £o< >t Joeaf^jim. »kivv doing a good
.KiMCSr. I .• juuliti y..i-itenlurs iminhv at this
pfi Pommuxii-l $tl*c*cfc to
i)/r-* il.*. » is <l,-inrous of miprovitig his lots
oi» « •»ruuit*rc!:il sirca f. am! oi!( L-:jkc a naif or
j ' • bln i M.i n 1 : i^ ol years.
i ' : • 1 ' i .MulilmgsKiiiai.-le -• r .. naiactur
l ,n t | -phriiusi s', ff desire*;.
‘ <mbos N wiinv) tcceivcd by }*:. v:. OPHAM: or
t n * • iroscejiicr. ’
’ r uvuardson.
> -«'h. tan Sldtr
Fd t - -.1- .
i i. ' “A ',l ir ’* il' nl ' 1,1 ui- Union sireci
: h.V , . IHIhAN.
:: i'nrc irit-i.
> Mi. copy.
120 Act, .
I w ” ’ i‘ hand »or .> lb* »i* < , iham, on'y
| VfT ,rr(il«, l^rthul. Well v, ededaud
-.11—*I*.J • nts al>wu« W tons bav Will ' c «-olcl on
| a'.';;’,T S ■Jewb• K'a' ^“"o.
i Aug2D d. Witwlt*
.i ii laic,
l '• ': ’-ui.. ■ ..I Aran,hall mtd
*•».' Oiiiglmn, and lid
! ' '-“'h’' - "‘.it a .... 1‘sUir,. Innii-e on the
■ i-i-dlw-*
oti/ys's-bs, come! of liiawu Slreet,
III) o constant aim is, as liurclafore,' to satisfy the
uxt>oetatious ol all who call uj-nr them. Tbeir
slock is full, haring recently boon replenished.
0? iftli Widcln‘silrweli,j
, tfqfefhv'r Wtih a,Urge asaorinent ol
ivr!,ATPM ) W \kL; j
ItxCl.y l/IHti TJJK
f -tl'H'Mici {a.orhuin Company's
whicMs'JtWi nnsiducil il,,-i.f'inlard La hcauly of
dOf !>u <Y'!isli’ly <>.' J'7;d0 pud linislj.,
dhJy2j. d'im
®S#0 Congress st#
300 Congress Street,
ff'AVV KliJ.WN SHKPTlNtJ, (2UU; Kino
II Whit* HrillnUitKj double width, *>t ctf** Fine
t.olnred Strif lineal*, ‘M iiudies wide 3det9.
While Marseilles, Cheap!
A iaigifi lot oi lii'iihii and T»lo:i<litd t % ki,f
f\* ;?fl As E*. by the jard, ?■oiling uft‘ \ KitY LOW.
S»-iJiU<d nnJ ?{iubto Wool Tnblc
Gokth :
f9 flttc find o/ot'pd Ii//#w
luuiCflMfi nud Scotch Quilt*!
A l.ugc-Moe* of Silver l*lnf<d n< th..
v<m v fc**t«imliiy.Brii;im.Ja Ten mu) <
» '«*» UlHn-kTu* ™ velyXl® : ’
< loC-tn for Ken's and Hoy’s Wear!
fjl.ininn l iannelp. Benin.?, «l*ad.e,i sUectiu™ p»r
**** «' SwRmw,
duly ll-dtl*
CwlyeeriEae &oap«
to ui in Ii tli'*ir old $»r nine cj an
Wycfrinc f amily Soap!
"V1’ ""!Ver«>ny»l'lwov«iU.y .11 wlmkne* it
‘ i *Vcuia iiioviyiiH u> vm tmsi.«hmou*wwliirh
zzssstiss te-ri ,
'■$a^#£SSS£k&S& *;
r,-. .. * I,,.,I,..,! a, Mlr 1,1., n'V ;:i(V,:
At'-' t 1' * ’ .V' -v- PO.
; • ",i •, . ... t'lkwin,
Z lotiV SHk! Coi'ii,
■T( |a .} ■ APiv-S i . st Ukljturai.-L i i..„r.
A1-". . . ,i ..., i|,[, ,( (:; f (,,?t
f. km. ""(ii iPi.-Vn«M» Mom .',,iBfcnnUy°ai*
_I*g,W,lK- .. H|Tin^..lust
TiU.ll .llukpg ii„.| Mix,,.| y ,
t Vt'. in More air it* tran-ir,. *MM>W
OLAK K. ,loNl s H Atjr-:,
N.lt Wpa ntUPip.n nr.1, r. ' £*J*jg£*
AlltL.'C. dtVVV.AV
" 'Vj.'.l ;,,.., .. I i, ri„nr
,,. 1 ' 1 ■ 'It I 1.1 A SON.
- i i silent
Ifoalin^ Institutes f!
*- AT --
Portland, Pa n (for o u*l
Hocltlantl l
T)Tl. Liyoit,
lormtrinfrn,, Kew Tort;
OPENED a Healing Institute about lw.;Vr
months ago, at, Eockjaml, ,,,,,1 since then h
practice ls-eame so ext end;, I n,„ )lf, (i„m ,“
ary to open alike institutes in niber part*"' the
Stale, and loroue ol these lie selected the city el
Jle accordiuply hired an office, which is situated
SOI 1-2 Congress St,. Room Ko'.6.
where he may be consulted f one week inevo v
toeutli, the days being designated a= follow s:
From August 2.td to theSllth of llleftime. *
From Sep*. 24tb to the 1st day of Ocl.
From CM. 25th to the 1st ol Nov.
From Nov. itltli to the gfl of Deo.
From Dec. 2"th to the 1st 91 dan. 186q.
And like heretofore; lie. tviU give me heal aid to
those who are affected with:
Diwa.es «f !he Kidneys, Henri, l.ivcr,
Mpine, Throat and IxBugs, 4'aunrrh,
IFeitiiile Weaknesses, S'.,,i[,..<>,
Si. %'iins IS.'illce, Pile..
Rlicmuiuisui, 41an>
eer, Ac., Ac.
ib,' I>1,. s I N'S I ITI'TK tiirthev eAntiHss ■,
tl.'-MiEOPATHIO PHAKMAi' y where he keens
o',1.1,',!'!' *ianrt the different Ho.\ltE<>PATIIir
VlVlVrL'n-\i‘Vi"rVl! h5f ^iff* according to tin- rules
K•it* -Vi .£* the '""‘"'‘r ol lfmno‘onat)iv,
which he will >ell in quantities to gait the purchaser!
j Am-Io from tln«, ?»q will he nlWuvg prepared *o ac
ori n.tMlr.io (hoim who desire lo g vad ib niHclv. s «>l
bin well-known fioMCEoPATHIC .Si’i.V'llIi:s
winch will always l»e accompanied hv his HoiMi’
1* J.inving all necessary iiibnimuion to comprehend
the disease, and a simple; .v At adc mate direction lor
adinlnMennz the appropriate remedy. In flic-ib
smieeot the Dr., some person will-tie at the office to
wSdUJues UU,t ™n,p ta ■*#» themselves
n.,1'»lff'>ee may avail themselves
■ I the Dr s servieea by applying per letter, staling
» .! U'l't'ims ot the disease as minutely as possible!
^ .Odors lorltemedics will leceiut prompt »t
Oilico fcouni from s to 12'A M. and from 2 lo lip M
14/1 rivale consultation Iroin ; 10 *• J* m
t*/- Medical advre to tho poor, li.w* ol'charge
tivui S to:) A M. and iront 5tot» V \«
... . ItO' iluntf, Me, May 2. ISOT,
Dearbir: 1 cannot tut t express my lii-hest re
K-arU loi yi.m medical services. For more than I'-’
leara, w (limit any lavorahlcngBltvyhalexei, I have
been under toe treatment of most »ininonl physi
eians ol botli the larger and smaller cities iu this
country, for an ailing with which (he greater aum
her ol my sex are afflicted, and Hu rel.y compelled lo
eudnro a miserable existence through li'mns. as
it appeared, without a ehunoe lor help, my friends
amlmysoll despaired of my lile, in tact, I .lid not
rare how soon II would end, as with It my sufferh.™
would terminate. Hut, thank Iloavcii, there wi.
one chance vot for me! Haring hoard of certain
cares you made in this place and ricUfty, 1 deter
mme.1 on trying your skill, which 1.11.1 on the 27th m
last December, the day I was entered as one ol vour
patients. I shall never losgettliatilav, for it inspired
me will! hopes as I never was before. I had tho most
implicit coidhioucu ui your ability to euro me, and
the many add varied questions you asked me, toucli
mp my illness, seemed but to confirm mein this bc
hel. Ami ^ire enough on the of January iaut l
began to realise ^fevorable change; drer since thi re
has been a steady gaining, and such is the progress
of iuv improvement now that, beyond Hie least doubt.
1 shall soon be restored to perfect health.
For the benefit of the feeble of my sex, and lo prove
to you that. T shall ever 1x3 grateful for your services,
1 make thrs acknowledgment.
1 remain under the greatest obligation,
To Dr. Livor. Mus. f. 1C. Grover.
„ r Rockland, Mo.. March 22, lft«7.
Or. Lwnr:—For the good of suffering hiimuuitv 1
am anxious to make It kiifiwn that f have been cured
ol catarrh, ot many years standing, under your
treatment. Yours, AO*. Sh ah IvALLOnti.
„ ,, New VrOiiK, March 21,1£67.
or* Kocldand: —I consider il in v dui v to you
and thousands ot others su fieri up. as f didfrom a
diseased throat .ami lungs, to ackuouxfeoi»ublfcl\
t l.al I was cured under yom trealm nt, and nui.fc
able to go to work, which I was riot capable of doing
since 1865. Yours truly, A. F Boynton.
,,, c. ,,, Rockland, Me., May 4,1867.
i irtr.i 8 ray humanity to make it
public that you have saved my life when evorv one
who knew my surferings despaired thereof. Among
the very many that have suffered as Id-id n..m cam . r
cu the breast, and who have died from the treatment
such diseases usually receive at the bands of nlivsh -
iftns generally, many indeed might be alive to-day.
could they have had tho privilege of your skillful
lr< atinent. furthermore, I owe it to you to state
i hat J shall ever consider myself under the inentcst
obligations tor your kindness in attending my case,
though I was not able to pay you vour full fee, and
shall ever pray tor your welfare.
With the greatest regard tor you, l rem.iin yours, &e.,
Henrietta Djiinkwa h r.
.x t,. , Rockland, May 8,1867.
Otar Sir:—11 l sku under obligatieus to any one if
ip to you ior your restoring me to health. EvvrAiike'
welvc vearsl have snttcred from heart disease; dm!
tor the last three vears, e very night .almost, J bad an
attaejCjtliat would not permit me to lie tlowp tor fear
oi suffocating; and every day was fcxneided lo be my
last one. It would be iinjuM, if I slid oof mention
that iny iiuabancl procured medical aid wliewvog lie
could, all ot whirl* howefer, was in. si «aerAfdMlv
resisted by m.v ailing. But, thanks b. .o God, that
lie had the privilege -of securing voui «tv in -, o.r
! ' 1,1 1 ' diM not have lived up . flu . »i„.. .
. siial for.evcr regain under the grea e t. oijii * -
‘ 1’i?1!8’' , , . Hannah P. suaw.
Wife ol in, dru ,«i> shaw, of the firm o dlmw a*.
(... I *' ■ OliK><f.tMcHchantfc
To Dr. J. Livoit .
n U'tOKlAiUj M.,V -t. Is.’,7.
,* I cl t^atuluto v m hip..ii iho sue. ,-w
Cnrl '1' 1,1 rVafi,n7 fi,t 11 COllgl). icoll. U bidl I Slll
toredday and night Ihr years. 1 must confess that
the resistau.-c it so su,, cfsfiillx made t«, all i.iv.wu.
i.ieHtcal n-calmcnt was At n„ avail agalus- utar v ,“i
. .Joscn remedies. Willi foul j it tie i.iwdoiw You cured
ni} cough and relieved me Of oiy flight >weafs
Yours, Ac., BTim.-’K. A. Mkkrvw,
f frru-t: tdiTol. a
DM tt Sik :-Yom nto.lv ,if t camu-iM' h « on.'h Ttnl.
A tew ol your Hninu patl.ic I'owalcrs have raifed in
l.oiu iny i-cil, (o Which l was conBncd since several
mouths front rheumatism.
I hone I shall never be thus alllicfed again II I
biiouid, l k now. where to go fur help, i wa n oat t
v.'xiMng ior airs. Obion an to incline a note lo jro;»'
testitynig to f he benefit and good results of Hit- med
i< me you gave her, while vou weir here «>n a vU„ ,o
your family.
I iuui l Ni.v, lj4‘lure 1 close, that w»nr mode in ad
ministering Homeopathic mcdicitictio the many ills
fios.i is heirfo, has proved not only a benefit, but a
perfect cure to tlie very many. Ad well.
Respect til Ify you is, &e..
, . . 210 East 13th .Street, Now York.
i o In. liivM*. .
.... . . .inly li. i suv.
DKAIthllt:—J Wlllviof, t)c lv-s yiut.riu) Hr. you tluill
oilicrs wh.> Iwlificitfo cure. \ ; 1-iyv m;ul. I,, tl.cin,
l..r I assure ;uu11li.-u 1 c.u.sbl-. no-,‘if under no levs’
oMlBiitloi.s. I’.v-iy one tliaf-.suw me Wfof' and a.
me tone I was Ural hrpughi Hit., ynui olllce. hwi.ovcs
•' "" !n haye wrought a munch' in flic cure you ino.Tr>
..II me. I rfeui. mhor the duy-l hclicvc il has on tlic i
--Unlay ci hchriiary last—when vnn cntenwl me a
your palicut. At that time, as for several v ars pru
v ous. I was scarcely ahlc lo wall, withuut'lhi) iwiisfo
auev ot soul.' one, or t.. sit iu a chair without havin',
some one or some thin- lora*iipjw,u. M v muuiiiivu
w as certainly a nrccaijous one, liaviiic snflcu .t so
loiiKlrom a W.ui!<]dlseat.c,*Bref(l,ii «i the liiiiBsan.l
ki'lucvs, amt from an intens.. l-molo wc ikim-s, not
wilh.tin.Jhn; Ihc medical treatment I had duriim
many m,,inlo prcvioiis to Hits.-,'ing v.m. Rut now
I he vase is dlficrcnt, lor 1 am fully restored lolmnllb.
I»« sl assurca th.it I shall avail myself ol cv^v-tippor
1 imply Di make this wonderful cure generally known,
so I ha. Uic ulUieled may understand thal iliere is vet
iioTsyr.i them in you. Wifh i l»e uiiimst sim vEifiy I
tJiank you, an«I tvmain tbrevc-r,
Yours, &c.,
, v WRK. El.US WA ITS.
Id Dr. LiYok.
UR. Livoirs
EEbineoputlita N|knHns
accompanied by Ids
KBousclioid Treasure
* -Min Specifies for DiHeaH«n common lo
both Wnlc nud teumle.
Npfriflea for DisenMCA pts-ulinr lo
Femules only*
Kr*Tli® pamphlet, will be handed, free ol charge,
to any one purchasing one or mow of his Specific
Remedies. july31dtf
lir^Dr. Liver's Specifics may be had in every re
spectable drug store.
liathing Itooms!
‘Cape Elizabeth Mineral Springs.
rN addition to tiie Sale anil Mineral Water Baths,
the proprietor lia* introduced the Medicated Va
por Bath, which is very etUcaeinus In the removal ol
Scrolula, Humors and Uheumatism Irom the system.
tif Bath Rooms open at all hour* Sundays and
Female altendeuce to wait upon ladies.
Portland, June, 18C7, jcPdff
Call and See!
I” M 'iNH B RKd U FAST, i'T f~ A.S 1
JAI'AIV, Ifl^rxu,
!ifrVB1’ rCOFFEES.
Spices Warranted Strictly Pure!
For sale at »easonablo priceg corner of Congress
ami Market Streets.
. „n ,, Jf. J. CJKHKlSfl.
August 30. dim
Taunton t opper to.
Yellow Metal and Copper Shesrtlimg
Nails, Spikes ami Holts,
FOit SALK 1/
IjTM/kft t'l, rORIA, A-tuli,.
I?3 Coirmicr.*; it *1
Portland, May 22, 18f»7. i„h , i
t'OJi KAIdK.
Portable TSnffine.
Enquire of W. II. I ■* I. • l»*.
No 33s Coiuim-rcial St., loot of Park Sf.
Portland, Aug2t>,-dtt
Lot to Letwo.
IT'11iHT rale place for a Bakery. A tine, deep lot
on India Street, near Miibile. Cellar already
built, wtf.li a well ol good water. Apply to
<epfc7d3w* WM. M. JERKIS. I
Goaf, SS^tSS!
fpWK imderHgtitfl Imre on band fur delivery the
■ various air.es of superior nt flic Lov'd**
Miy ket /‘ricvit. A km
One Thousand Cords Hard and Soft Wood.
puisoe * sow,
Portion... *£'.&ssrsarf- ~ ** »»“-*
Pai'ftriillnr Notice!
Wo an* now utr-Timf uir t u,sU>uj.a* :*iui public
"yuuraMy, all the UiM «|u:UilHm yf
< ' O A 8 , *
Furnaces, Ranses ft Conk ins Stoves
at i he iollowu*i; p. fces,
n 1 ’v-:r<t' at «ny ]tart of t.hs Oit.y, viz:
2.000 - . tjfS no
* - ’* S.07
I,«oo ** - 7 or,
Amljfu.on fo in*. hundred p..uu-h--. Wnr
( •o ils art all nn-t cln>a, piep ned in the beat «»t order,
And iranrnutrdlo give|t*rfvcl
Alik* the best qualities HARD and SOFT WOOD,
as irt I lie ROUNDS & CO.,
ireful lYunklin Whirl, C’bmmeibinl Sfrcet.
August <5. dlt
£7. A-Bie«$> <0«>sii. H7.
VkV'JK . at* now titter »«v,n 4,eiI*:MTAH;T i oil.
m at- $7.00 pel lMil. lielivorcd at any pari el Hie
city. AUo fu sale .u.lho lowest market pure.
eld Co.
8 va. i n l oa r r k h 10 u.
For Furnartti.
For Range* ami <\i*A -Stnvps. .toluiN 4* bile
.%*!■• kbanioiHi. Rrd sA«l*,wUicl: are free of all
impurities ami very nice. AIho C'uiubrrlaud ! A
cargo just lauded, fresh milled, tor Ittaeksuiith nse.
I.otesfl* Lump, li»r Pouwlry Use!
WeJ.et u cunsumtly cur h*iKi a hill /ystforitpent ot
k amil) 4-o:iI. Those wishing to pur
chase large h»is will do vvi II to give ih a call l*tdbre I
f'elivnr.jil lit luy fKirt of Hu- city ai short notice.
Kamlall, McAllister »V t o.,
•* - -N. W WMMi-iiCUU ST..
mayMir UtiaoPof IVfttrie Wh arf
Ltnnhrr and Coal.
tenc iiiadci-fiioiiail iiivc0m n:.:u! for doliycrv, the
» viai ions jty.ii,i SUnsUIOlti OAli.a. IiOWKST
litltlis, "iliinjjICM, « lap I Hit Ills.
Spruce and 1‘ino I.umber. ,Spruce Dimension* sawed
in order al rdion uiluc.
Iliy*h Street Wltart, IMW < tmiuteivjal,
pr'ittdfl foot of High street.
Wholesale anti IWfttil,
BOARDS, 1'innk. Shingles ainlScautlingoi all tiize*
f’Ohfrtautly on hand,
liuildiiig material sawed to order.
augilti No. ttjT’nion Wharf.
1 uuinhei’ for
IOO !tl Bry Pine Board**,
iOO ill. Dry He it* fork HoarJn,
liOO dl S|irnr^ and (,'edur Bhiu^lcMi
Also Lathy, Cffiphnardw, 11 utters an*? Timber con
stantly tui ban*!.
|39*T)htoriiHiorm4Awo<l to order.
K. &■ S. JV1. SMAKT, Lumber Dealers.
jy8-d3ttl 172 Coiiifaiercia ...
S;ilt, Sulf, Salt !
IIVEH^OOL Cadiz and Turks Island Salt, In
1 iMind or duty paid, lor nab' l*y
< dnnut Jcial Wharf.
Tortlnud, August 12, ISC7. ettf
Prim * Muscovado Molasses.
150 HUB* |,r . .. , .
Tierces. I * [tfeohmsc*.
.*f-VO 11 lids., I Nayii:i l?lii«ro>ntlA l?lo
ittMl KHIn , j InorN,
For sale by C ft Of! OF. X. Ill*NT,
K-f. HI t'oiu lu rclal Str»et.
August an *!’’w
Western High Mixed Corn,
f in fetors a*.*j ffcr -.ale by
non A Ut> U. /HU;OIX J5 VO.,
*it* i) ..'-.ai^WCBAS. Sl'KiKT,
IUADED in earn or voss-jIn prom fitly. They arc
J u vv prepared to fm-ukdi from their \r< w f 'irnt
f‘lcis8 (irisl MU’
/ffi WAS. AMU $ HACK. 101> 4*0 UN
to the u'hol .w/e fr-hfa IV mi 100 f.»r*00bushels prompt
ly to order, at very ?»»wo«f prices. Also, <<H* »IJNI»
KDOK S A LT fi-mjvt rx pnrostSnlt kiyiwii.iiut up in
twenty; ten null ilv«* j>#inud poplar boxes. *m bags i
*r^*f 1 * Flour uni \Vhv:u Mual. Dais,HWrU'and
Fun Feed. •*'
April 10. dlwtc^dri
IauhInt for N«ite t
viiyivDS,. fbniK. Lathi, v.hinfr •.in;«i Scant ling
S of ail Sifco.*,«imsiantlv ou hj*
L ^^Buildine- Ma.'erial.Sayyci tb!**r.
CK!>« Kinx &.»•• K1M>,
* : _ jSoit W t.i . UK.
! ^ *i
*■ t * t W - ■ **'*> ■&?>?%.•;
•'t.*1 .p.fcd'TJUrATlltt
HWV.a.l h W. hjiJ/ih
-’' b • < ’ b cbt C ,
***r t.He Crcliif tlo*.*.*?.,
HThfild < • .',»*i t *ii -i!> I ,,**vipand'with
^ ? the lfr.* piv; contbleli-K i V (he T.'lmL,}
rpH'sd *>J\,.* ,.| opi fc A. M .tc • !*.
'*'* J‘ "y A-trTo «'*, .ir- -i,;'! iug dl'li|> r <by
f.!hjtion ot •»v»,;asoi, vtiieUier arising from
impure tonne hob or tlie tmiWe vh.c Of efW-ab»i*j
J)ev**u'ng bis eafcfro time to that particular bhin«1 oi
lb. .oedi*-a) prof. >si»m. In? ji-.-K •* .m into*! m \ji
\N- r:»:i\u a <'«'uk in au.^ai-kp uMber*! 'ona
elamfinu or re.*, nil. cohfroctrd, cn(;ri!\ rvutoriiig fb?j
.rn-^s of *lisenw> Irmu the s>Pten», kii l'maViM, j
l'cct an I I’K UN a K N i Cl ■ j: k
Jle vonld loll Ibe aU*NUion oi u*e ifiu^d u> {.lie
fact ot Ins long-standing and wvll-burned ri pnt^iiici
tunnid UY suUlcient -s^waiMJe of ii|.< rkil{ ;u«d suc
C'«ma»«ofe fia
Every intelligent And thinking’’ person must '\unv.
£»• >■ " o.liUf. imii't' ,1 ( III «*>r .,•■'*--»• «.« nhutu.1 '• .
llUl: Oil*'.,' l' !j*!llif,!„ -] l,y M(.IJ 1<[M i-j.,., .
£**, Iwa'IP of .1 rcgiu ivlv t>J*i, jg»il plijM.-itu, ivlore
4^1 vimintory vi mlics lit liij:i for alt [.!; r ,1 u t i ,*s I* ■ ,,,,, *
tul*‘: jvi tlmeoiiutrv i»ilopJi'J «*itli |»»* iiiwiriii *»
“*•{ vm-' alia, imrp. iling io l„; tlie I-, ~r in Hi, wi,i l,|,
,V," " !»v ll"1 ""'V nn<li:w. Hilt nlwav-4 iiiiurmiii*.
J lie.mnftvtiinati nliuulU tm l n> s, ti. tiiin
liia i.hysMau.aa It iSMpuumMbht n-linciuitr,>v, rli
l>Ii; in,Inal many viVliililff :*rr r,*:*,V mis
craJil* vii \ mini',! tonatHotlona by nialtmatrarnt
Iriit-i innyiH iil l,i'i ,1 |ihyg*i-iaiis in ynurini ■: a
!';“*» »»«»' generally mi, , ,lo.| by tlw !.,s(V\ i.hikur*.
IlllfcIA, tUiit I be aw-' tXpUUIgeiil’Jlf #»t tiiese ft -'tf
plaints eii-TAr Uie**hol«*<»ft.* 6t those who
would be roi *1>. | lit ;t!.d suercsrSh! ft, tlicir Ir.-nt
mi nt und mire. J be in* *pin.n<id gineent pn. u
bating mating opp<»rtrtMf y n«*r tiro.- (o y*y:i1'
himself a< (jUjUinu-.l with lln ii iKii|u»lu-v, "uumi.ii ,
giirsnVi (Mlo PysTcm of WhftnriTt*iVi Yn«fo3 rases ma' •
i)*fi i|»Wis« riuiiiifUt* Usyoilhjt} autimnw,: J *m> d ,it.
*•-0*0U9 weapon, |l|. ‘bjnuiry.
* ’i* ~~tt r
, Wind toal. .fdff.
Ail who have committed »n, e*ves» ... *nv kind,
whether it bo (lie solitary vie* of youth, pi fhV» sting
mg rebuke ot in fspfui'Cd ( on ti i b* lire in mat Hi or year ,
hki.k koii Art ^NTiiuvrii 1* ^.vuiy.
the P dim and Aches, nml La.-sitilde and Nervous
J rostral it ni that nuty mdo.v l 'npurt) »\>Jtt^ .
are the liurom* at to tb* wUdc s\stein.
Do Hot wait for tin; rtjnsutnAatlbii that is suri to fol
Wtv; do nor wad for Unsightly UK crs, for
Disabled Limbs, for lywsof Beauty
Mm Oomph** ion
Theahanttufinn ItNiify to r kb
bySJnhn^^y S^perifuce!
fotti.g men troubled wtyh omissions in shop,- a
Complaint generally die result of a bail habit io
youth, treated scientuii ally aud a perfect cure w ar
ranted Of lio charge made.
Hardly a .hiv passes but v e are consulted l*y one ot
more young men with the above disease, sosie ot
w hom are as weak and etmi. inted as though they had
ttie coosumpiion, And by their friends are supposed to
have it. Ail such cases yieM to the properand onlv
correct eown-to of treatment , and in a short lime are
made to mjoioe in perfect health.
•iLadw Atr : 9Vmm.
There arc many men «d the u^e of ittlVtv who are
troubled with too freqnenf evacuations from the blad
der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or bnrn
**ig sensation, and weakening tljo system in a mail
Her (ht paRid cannot account for. On examining
the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be
found, and Sfunotimes small i*aF tides ot semen or al
bniuen will appear, or the color will tie of a thin mdk
i.-h hue. again ebangiiig to a dark and turbid appear
auee. 'I hero are many men who die of this difficulty
ignorant of the. cause, widt h is the
Tr,nj Arwnmit a perfect cure in sm h eas.-s, and a
fuil and healthy rbctofatiou of the urimiry organs.
Persons who cami .t pei>on«f!y consult flm Dr.,
can do so by writirtg, in a plain biauner. a deserif»
tion ol their -licenses, and the appropnato remedit;?
will he forwarded Inoaediatciy,
All eorres|»o»id n* e Sfxk'tjy. contldciitiai- and 'viil
l>o returned, t: dcsirefl.
Ad<lrerts uH. J B. HUGHES,
N«. Preble Htitcl
Nexi door io the Preble Hons* Portiaml,
ijSend a Stamp for fjjreu ^
VJectie■ MeAieul I ujiruitu-)/,
DR. HtTGHTiS i*articuiarly invites .ill r,.uiics, *l»o
u«:cd a medical adviser, to oall at ids rooms, N*k U
Preble Street, which they wil liud arranged tor their
* ial a* * cioftiodflifion.
Iir 11. ’^’Eleotic Renovating M'«jTtb-i»H-;.,j/*» imrival •
kdthtttH A‘ Y and suinrior \ijlue In regulating :,i
Female Irrcguiaiiib;' Tin ir Action 'is kjW*. uif1 and
certain id prodiK'inp ridb f »n a sfmrt nn;c.
b.UniiS will lind it invaluable »n all eascMol ,d»
Atrn.-thais after All otlw^r rnnbh'llfN hare !x;en tried in
vnin It is. purely vegetable, coataming nothing in
the least iniurions foti.o lie;iUh, or,d ?u o u* ta^ei
with iK*rtect safety .d all ti ncs.
S^ut to oa>v* ri ot ‘Nkco* ntrv, Ith full direction*
bv Bd<lressin<» J)|{. ill’ll 11 PS
kinMWtf'dA'w Mo. if Brebb' Street, Poriinud.
11 ■ I ■ nil I »»I Hi I.. Mil II m— — I I -1 ,_
fl'-Ofiil Lfivr Set
1'iiTiihir NiiAV Jti iiffA.?
The 0 eapest and Beat!
Sim/tte, Arrtirulr nml fhtrable!
In Quantity anil Quality of l‘ro
cluotiou unsuriKVNKi'd.
Send On DoKcrjidiro Oilcul ir Ain't Prit i- j to
J",v -9- u*w;,,“ MjiitiKili, * . v*.
TO T«fI I'iJIsiJfff S.
Tlifoujrli Tiok«t«
TFc«f. South an<t North- Went
Via BotHmaml \. V.liln. nuAthe /111y 177,.Of
I'/u iihi'.m’ uikstkhn, or rrsksri.t .1
\’I.i ( I. NT Hi HAU.nl) ms v*ir I:...1,
,ninu, ILuTa/o S' < leccUuul,bg the,NEW YOHk < I S
I’U.I/..S' LAKE SIIOIIK Hail A'.. <*■ 1 ...1%, 1
rion l:iw//r S’ Niagara Palls bit !*■ tilt EAT IYIST
’■■Kti Hail Haul'. >n rfflVAHO, UttWAItKP.K,
!a„ /'<«»» ,V| Taut,Hock it Inna caul all north ursltru
points, mr via the CLP V KLANO, COLUAIHUS, 4
Lines to CINCINNATI, Louisville, hulianajm/u,
airo. .VI Ignis, Memphis, Vicksburg; S ir Orleans
ami all (minis in tin-S'.ittii West,or via lii*' CHEA T
ONION PAVIPTC it.jii H.sul Iroui Council Blntie,
•» Ojiaiia In Denver Utv, Colorado, A'evadn,
JOAHO, anil all other important points.
A7>« HAT.H at th,. <>„/,, UNION TICKET OPPICE
in IV« tLiml,
N«». 4!> I Ivvcltaiiep Struct.
* tt- LIT ri.K A t e., AtpiUv.
to CallJOruia Tuurpool
Qu-.n , ««</ ttetW.n *1 lor .1, the l west
mres. . aujj24-tl
On and alter Mwniay, Scj*t It;. lsi»7
rains "id mu as loll..ns:—
Kxpros 1*r&iii lor tewiiiloii nM 5»aiti -i'a> • it 7
A. M.
Mail Tram i«x Wat* i , >mngor, Montreal, Quo
heir and ibe We I f u’ I'. M.
Tsval Tran for Souil; PfiTtf and intermediate Mi
Mans, at 5.45 i*. 51.
No baggage can he received or checked a|>« r time ;
abo c mated.
Trains will arrive as lollows:—
From Lewiston, Auburn and .South Pari; , 8.10 a. *1
From Montreal, Quebec, Bangor, Wa
terville, Ac., at. 2.15 P. m.
Local Tram irom South Paris and »u
termedlyle Matons, at 7.15 p. m.
The Company are not responsible lor baggage to
any amount c.\. ceding $50 in value (ami that j*( i *» n
al; mdcss notice la given, ami Paid lor at tin-rale . t
one passenger tor every $fiou addition;* value.
(\ J. Hit \ J><itSf M>iii(tyiihi Direct >r.
//. ft AIL L T, L<>cal' Superinttmti nt.
Portland. Sept 14, 1807. dtf
is*?. (7(umu
Tickets at greatly reduced rates \ ia the
Grand Trunk Railway!
To Ibe ll bilr HlotiuciiMH, Jlloulrnddlurt>t-r
I'TiIIpi, K>< t'kiran*,
i*a«l ItliltraMlu-r.
Route No !. Dauvilb-or Yarmouth .function lo
Durham and Return, $150
•• 2. Portland to Uorliam nhd Kcriivit, M'O
** *- Portland to Montreal and Kciuui, I5C‘>
** 4. Portland to Montreal find KctiU'u
via QucIh-c, 17 (m
“ Bi Portland to Qnebcc and'Bclnrhi liroo
“ t>. Portia ml to Niagara Fall- and
Re! urn, 2800 (
“ 7. Portland to Detroit and Return, 28 00
** 8. Portland lo Chicago and Return,
all rail, 40 00
“ 9. l'orl laud to Chicago and Return,
• via Sarnia LiiiCofStoaniers, in
cluding Meals and State Rooms, 34 00 j
“ 10. Portland to Milwaukee and Re
turn—name as No 9. 54 04* i
Also Hound Trip Tickets.from Portland byltnif or
Steamer, by Boston, Worcester «% Western, and N.
Y. (^Mitral or via Saratoga to Nfagfarn Fills; by
Sound steamers or Railroad to N«w York; Hudson
Kiver Kadroud, or People's or Day Line Steamers to
Albany; N. Y, Central or Kiie Railroad to Niagara
Falls, Hail or Steamer to Toronto; (Irand Triink
Railway or Royal Mail Lino Sleumers «>n lake On
tario and SL Lawrence River, passing through the
Tlioii and Islands and Rapids by daylight, toi^ne
b**c; <Jraud Trunk Railway, via While Mountains,
to Portland; together with many other Excursion
Routes. Meals and Berths included on Royal Mail
Line Steamers. Through Tickets can bo nrqtrired
at all tiio Principal Ticket Offices fn New Kuglar.d.
and at the Company's Oittcy, No. 22, West Market
Square, Bangor.
R. P. BEACH, (SeitT Agent, 175 Broadway, N. Y.
C. tl. BUYIMJKS, Managing JWrcctor.
WM. FLOWERS, Eu.-fcru Agent. Bangor.
252 Congress St, under Lain astci JLill,Portland.
V. U. ktl..l5H:||AR|»,A(riii.
Bangor, Mu> 1, l$o«. jyiisloiu •
Portland & Kennebec R. R.
Nuiuuicr Arruu^nuvnl.
Two through trains JJatlj/ between Hoston, Portland
and tft- K'muebec.
LTIffagBarei Trains leave Portland at 1 P. M. tor
all < tat ion* or this line, and for L.ui>
ton and nations ou the Androscoggin Road. Abo
Banger and stall .ns on Maine Central road.
Pert bad for Bath and Augusta ae $.15 p. M.
Train* are due at Portland at $.35 A. 51., and 2..J0
i and 0.42 P.M.
I The tin’"ugh AWeight Train with passenger car at
J taehed,'leaves Portland for Skew began every morn
■ tag at 7 o.dock.
An IJjpress Train leaves Augusta daily at I P. M.
tor Boston, connecting Portland with Eveulug
Express leaving at 7 o'clock, utid arriving iti Boston
at i I P. M.
fc#~A mixed train leaves Portland for Bnth ami
infonnodi.no places at 5.13 o'clock P M, daily, and
leaves Bath ii»r Pori tend al li o'clock A. M, eGimecr
ing with tin; morning train to,Boston.
Fare as low by this ryuw to Lewiston, Water ville.
Kendall'* Mills and Bangor n*« by Mm Maine Ccn i.ral
road, and tickets purchased m boston ter Maine
t cutr .il stations arc good for a passage ou thi* tan .
PaakoUgors from Bpngor, Newport, Ao.v #t!l jrar
| chase ticket* to Kendall « Mills only, and after thk
i \d th«n arson <*n • hi* road the Conductor will jur
i idsb tickets and tin loro tin- mine through lx*
j Portland or Boston «s via the Maine Contra] u.;«d.
I Stages fin RjgtArand connect at Bulb . u-» tdd I
j t vtar A t*gii -ta, leaving daily ou arrivalo. ti infrop
* -' -toil, f. IVin* at7.30 A. M.: undior* > \nH,t>
: Noind Athens and Moose k-■< • akc a'
| f-k.*v- ii«-: ,e iu<I •• »r 'Iiiii*i. Fast and Ny»rf» < . '•'*aI
I loro’ at \ . sal] ,1 r f-i.il’. ‘ at I mid! Al •
• sfrljui4 Canaan at l'*k<h.*n‘> l-.i rry.
H M Fi t ‘4 • Sw|in imriuli-ni,
dufcu-o*. /«nc IP lav'/- juiu l.idc
U 'tj'pir^ttd .trgiucopy. »
.•-see & "poamiouTH b. r.
t'.imoicucii.e Mui.dav. April .5,1.. IMi»
’£! Ti-ah - !••:...• dm
,raS?li"-i.>« m t>A» A. M., a,i«i. .63 r. M.au.l
b. 55 (Express) M.
i-cavcll'Wto, i.,r Pahlauital 7.30 A. M.. ami 3.
I . I. and 7.IK) I Lxi.rri.il f\ 31.
. 'O.UANI.-’S H d I.AhOEEK’S 'Plata »ill !«*,«
f.Mdci<«d daily. Suudavs c. c.-idcd, 4t G A. M ,«i
Saco ai U os, arriving].. Portland atti.lii.
Hemming, will leave Pertian.1 for .am and Hid
•lotor.I and intermedia!. fslafiou* ai C..IO J-. M.
A special freight train, Willi i.as.>cngct nr alia 1.
c, 7,.will lea.o Portland atT.10 A. M. fi.r Sam an,
i.nld, lord, and returning, leave Bldililor.l al 3.,'if
mid Saco at P IS A. 31.
Si'KINti AUKAbr*fjMKK?.
;•.fca "" uHor Jionilny, AprU istli,
•^r- ^Sp*'11*runt, tiaiiif. will leave Pt.rllniid (or
I-augur aiidii.11 inlern.i diale xlalion on this ilue, at I
7 all j ml ' 1 tt' *'M iewo M nml A ul.urnonly, at ■
‘ Fr» ijtbf tr«inn for Watery iland aU intvnuc !
ulaliouh. leave Pori land al 8.2ft AM,
"rain ir^ui Bangor i* due at Portland at 2.15 P. ft*
nit.. uv..M Iim emieet will* train for tSo>loii;
• rnia la wifmi and A;*u only.at /-'.to A.M.
,■aiondaj, April li. is«
traiiiL ,ydl run us follows
Pi*«8eo^er train/ leave Sa< o River for Portland nt
?' ?;.°° A' ,n r* W. Leave Pori lam/
tnr Sae° River 7.15 A. M , 2.0m and (i.15 P. M.
Ibe '•> n’vloek train from Saco River, and tl»e 2
o clock Irom Portland, will be IVei>rhL train* with i,ii»
.^etfifer car s uttacln d.
Steam Accommodation Train. T^uc (kir
bam at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M.
Leave Portland at 12.15 and 4P. ftl.
a ' ** Oorhatu for Wo.*, Gorham
8..a'dujli. Stoop Kalla. Baldwin, Lnnun.vi , bobato,
Or»0£tou, Lovell, Hiram, Brownfield, Krycburv
Conway, Bartlett, Jack*on. Liiuingtnn.(kirufaluPer
ter. Freedom,Madison. and Katun, N. H.
. At Buxton Center for West Bu xit* !many. Ragle
d *utb Lmiin^ton. Lt(niagW.u- LUucriok, Ntiwiield
Pa^onxnolu and Ostnuee
At«w«>w:ippafor8uutii WiK<tb*Tu, Wlu.lhuu Hll!
»no NorO. Wlsdhau? daily.
Uv oril. i of ill. Pr«*idn!lt.
Portland, April 12, IP67. dtl
Ht* been mold family nurse for the |kuI twenty years,
au« known alt around the world as the mo.-rtnodh
ing and healing Ointment in existence
Merer .Fairs to Cure.
r„M JriaJ IWnHwIiU..
' Ii.• I'aln-TV, B«*l®»" rt».l .Ill IIIh u..,
.""wir?;.--w,^ n- ,.v ...
iv:.-,- Knit! hy all ItmcsMi.
D.\ West’s Botanic Balsam,
■’Ho Renf .’nrdirim- in ||ar tVikrhl'
r hV -?±u' ^oaB^.^**0 Thi..at. Cvottii, Hronchl
Oailiil ' Sorene >n| l.m, Whooping
if, < A*tni»,n, and all IHsea^ox oi a lik. intu'i*.
wirti r**v«*r t lii inrdklim Im htyn tcs|< il, il li iii.i
mi inuiked and l>v tta tiita fv ran- ni.inv id
i*. «i! • ***thnf rtrsli is suhj.. I In on ■ lit ne oUr Red
• Heir common* runout, and tin* scourgelh.it mWoi.h
,nioiiH;,r„ts from our iiiiilsf every vear’ would fill -
t rress to the “round, Person*afttictoil wilh a • * aiod
breaks them of their rest it ni“lii will
bnd iiniiii iH.Ce flii-l by ll.e us. -i Him i;»U«in,
nco Mice id ». r |mr«'il uni l.\ l» K. Kp.|;|*
linxbm v, Mns- CP(». t\ <1«»»|»\V|N £ CO. (Se'n
t uU ' »i l : . Oost mi. .**old by druggists Kvt*r \ wlu r.
KJTKA V1MIII* . til.
.. T'^ u d i
m The Him-si. aim i .Chill' Fit AN
. T -Mid *’HI • KAKK, will
«: r-T1*11 ami alter ,ji* a , :u»«l anti)
nriiier indiee. run ^ * til »w*:
iiravt* li ill’s Wirtri Fmlluud. Wednesday,
Thursday and Sdiuday.ul I ..Vie k i >1 .aedhav.
,l*u:r l^vor, N«n- V.dk,. v» .ii.lA$, Wcd
duy and Saturday at f oYloek I*. R*
llie Wrigw aikI KnutcMiU are ;i..» up with tine
I iiiviaauK*U4ioUMMpr pfiumniww »,io.,l. . this the most
siuaKiy sale and eoiumrlablo mule t I raveHere fte
lw.. nN.w York and Maine In sob i. Slate Knom
SC-mi- Cabin passage $«,nn Mealm ..a.
Uoodw forwarded by this line I. ad Iron. Won
M n|obu,i*"V***** ,r’ Augn i Maid port and
Hb»pp. i a are requested to send tli i freight to the
r«?Ti-Uitort?rly *"» , v '*r *»■»♦ »h-r
For Jrtj'dii ».t i*UM!sam ji.i.k to
Aut-ast 15, I* 74
The New Bristol Liue
r:«f«—t al.i.i #b; D<>, k $4.
&$vMrv*feuY‘ 130r''T* s‘“
sarsaj. m"t:^
«■*> ~-Wi
•K.SMV uu. tlMe>r„ Awto-Amhert fttolK
.oJ«.. wilh Um. Atliene line. «*'.« to H,",iZt
mu .ii..1 Hie 4\ .si, Mii.lnig el lhe<Mt. Pi. r.n New
Kagg/lSC tliifkeJ (lirou -1»
IVkHe Stilt.. R.’..,',, «„.l lu-rth; , rU, he .... „rU(l
tlio Agent * ..rn.r WbMnji ;u„| State
tlrecln, iieil at the H..<l..n an.I I*r..vi.I no.' I in firm. I
l*0|Tt. OEiihUH Sill VEIbCK,
IWm;rra«.l Ki. igM A Hunt.
>\>* iiirilier inioruiiitki) upy»ij to
w n. i v rri.iv a ro.,
•" !•'! Kxeli ill".- sn-pct.
International Steamship Co.
Kastport, Calais SL JoliR,
r T'k. Mimiiy, ,luly int, th*
<1 f Sipauim i>f IhUHun ft ill Itavo Kail-'
. CffiLTML1"’1'* Wlmif, iw»r I.rsiuic sy
e<aiaiiiiStf5Si.vuiN»s^X, S»Ki>N’| S|>AY sml KKI
r ' ty-k r M. tor i>a*if>.>r,$ ami hi JoliA.
itoiiiiuut^ will k.tVeSt. .lohxi iAU' 1 himtinRt on (Iib
same tlivM. r
r.n.it.i line at Rs.tp.ilr with the sieau.ir Belle
browt. h.rst. An.lrew., Itntil li.Men ti.nl C .I-.I*, with
f""" Br.iut.yvmk on.I tk.mdft Rnilw.r, tor Wowl
I'uuiieeUMf m St. .Mm with the strrmr Km
W,W|h» o-o* Ib.l.iox. oiet with K.
ill , • *"r iiid with toU.'timc tor
r rcijufjchm.
W-I'reighl re.vlis.1 On .l .y .otKillhig until 4 o’clk.
.Jg-IMtf a gent.
POR Boston.
Hutumrr l rrtotrfumetil /
\ The new nh.T ton tenor seagoing
r.v Kteuiun, .JOHN BROOKS, anil
*^i‘ IT.** 7 ^NTHPAIi, having been fltted
-j£2S|!Mr'ub at Ki* ju expense with n large
•««*»*-**uuiub r oi (HXiiiiitiil Slat» Rooms,
•vnl run the He a* on as fallow m:
Uuiuig Ailtti.lle Whan, Foil laud, m*I India
Whari, Boston,uvery day a*7 U'ohtfk, F. II , (S**
*’•,eight taken** usual, ;, ‘
Jn»..M,«Utt, *“ B,LUNULA**.
j -iif .1 JiL.nf w. T. . 4.."^jAb.r. * *1 __
For the Islands I
i' n k
Will . oiujii. Ik ,• her flips to
t , 4'JfeJl I*K.»KM* OB
thckmmy. JirtflE 13th,
_,fiunnfDE a* follow. until further iiotlen: Learo
Biirnlioin « Whirr, fur Peak,.' Ijltud at » auil liu A.
Ju., ami 2 and lij P. II 1
O.S'™ P.m!”*'8 r*“*lot Pur‘,and
lAuco Cn.hinjr’a Inland, touching at Peak*' Island,
at 11 .lb A. Al. and 5.151*. Al.
Ticket* linn u and hack 2Sot*. Children .5 cu.
duiicJi. dll
,iV8satl S lew in s!li ip Line
. , 1 . —--TU-—
Tlulilu-x, N. N.
a p. The Steamship CAItLOTTA, J.
^- '4 Master, will sail II,r
'S , U J I ; f Halliki-.. .Hrcd, turn CI*li’* Wharf,
SVK It * MATCH UAV.al 1 o'clock F. 1*1.
It*r' Returning leave iTj-uth Wharf, Halifax,
! ler Portland, every Tuesday at 4 o'clock r. M
Oahin P!i«sas». r. dh Slate Boon,, ,fj Meals caua.
r,urtu(il>< i luluiiuuunij apply to •!.. UlhUNOS
' ..ilauin- Whpcj, ««r ,-r
apriWIf_JOHji POKTJSOtra, Age nr.
I nlnad Route.
" £ y i . .
To Mt. Desert and Macnias.
RJTY op HRf8\hiNI>,
CtaAB. Bkkhi.nij, master* wIITIrfuvo
ttaihruad WharL toot*!^ Skate*: roof,
*-\ery TusMluy and Friday
Kvoning, ati 1 lock, for Ifack
!;nvi Sc.lj'wiek, Aft Desert,
MmbrMge, «lomiHr»on and Mhchiu&nort.
Reluming, will haw Marhklgport every Idsu4hf
au.l I bitr»<ltiy Gloriaiuqw* fd 6 o’tlork, trtuehhig
at.abova natnotl htiuUnga, nmi arriving in Portlami
the same night.
1 he *‘Bity ol Uiehinond’’ Conner to at KorkJand
vvit Ii Si tamer liatulidin lor Bangor and inteiimnJiato
lfiitriin n on the Penobscot Bay ami River.
- i tnstjnge cHeeUit t* itoiiyh.
.KHJ’UKBKVAN General Agents,
Aprji'.lii _ l.^l (JoinmurcM Strcoi.
Inside Steamboat Line
p . I-f.e ta'iiuLInll. ■ launch and swllt
. r JpW* "'earner “MU. .Unr.in,” Al
^vjr- VnV*Mw| WWnl, mater, «I1 ante Ur
‘ r yV -^'d'kaiar tmj* p, U.ugui ,looviug Kail
' w liarl, loot .of Slate Street, VVtTV Tuewlav.
nnrrstlr.y and Saturday Mcrninu. at six ■•—|—A
|U|"|"IC at UucUand, Oannlen, In ll-Ult, Sear.purt!
8 n* B4?r,k7"'rta ^nt.-n-ivt ami Hampden!
Rohmjmg v il n ave Baugor every Monday,
Wmlnemlay »nd t inlay Moi ning, at six o'clock
.os «t- timer w ill touch *t Tenaul's Harbor every
a,ul W’cincsday cuniinc wc8(,
m>s:> ,v htwBiiitant,
Mujl 14U Couiucrtdal Street.
Union Street Eating House.
«• M- KNK3HT.
Vm u. rlr of«.i(ii«Hnll Kalla. Hmw,
irv.tfM inf,inn Ilia film,, 11 nn,1 l|u piitdfc thal
l«; !>:,> in enhnceiion with
** *’• I'lf
. Uc-oisTthhI a Sub-a ii lor
N*Ar tl»n aid idle, hut ft few fiuls below.,? where they
alrouhl bepleased t«*.-e the old Oiidoiaertt and as
«i »i*y MM an may wish to t:iv#.r ns with n call.
•S. M. K nhiii r, Bvn.i. 1C. >1askltt*«.
I or!land, July C-<llt
cnoun c n oun
nit. hook*:it’s
Cough and Croup Syrup
V V U F S r
Uoarsduegg, Catarrhal Oouschai
COUGHS, anil itivrg speedy Frilel in Whnnnino
tough*. ami Asthma, an,I .,ii,n rurra (he lan.-r nml
momahl, aim,tauaj&p run o» the li>.
%™,Uu.n ate hahlo In Is- uttaekmt with Croup
without a Uinmnifa warning, it |», Ibfrr-L.T,
rmrtant that.lerrry tamilr sliutild have mn-dantW at
liaml souk- simple anil pleasant, yet alflnelaaa rem
edy tur Hit roue uf this painful and too oiteu tatal
■I'sease. Smli a remedy is
Or. U.wLrr’r Ua|k und Croup
For tale by all Mr u ggi sts.
O. Ik LKET. IToprlttior, Mprin - Maid, Mass
Mrinns Ihunes * Co., 21 park How, New York
'F>(•,»*>*< supply the Trade at List Prh ea. '
Mar rtevwS^ * Cn’ WlhjloHi*,e A*e‘Us, Fortand.
Watmnille Classical Imtltutos
Th-mi!!u-B'IVr'" W™ '•"’Weon.l lay of «ep
For lurther panic ulars send for Catalogue
_a.,20-e,H»wgw J - "■ HAH8t>Nt
WOULD My to her pntrwns, and the public gen
eral!} , that she continues to do business at her
dwellmif bou*e.
No. t Oof ton .Street,
wl* re-can b« found *11 the.late st> lea of
Rounds, RiMpons, Flowers, &c.
N. I*.—U.it a few >mw from Fre* Street.
>1 ■ . 7. <! 1 f
The Howe Sewing Machine
Ageuey 30 Union St* Portland.
llnwe ftwins Madiiiu* Triumphant
— .vr tiii. :—
1'arix i:\podtion I
rriio Only (;oNI Medal I
Award d In Aiiw-rimii Sewing Miu blnesnt the P.-iita
Kv|kmhIih1ii| IW7. VM given to the kiachino-i M:»n
ittaetnrcit by tbit Onnp.iny of which Klia». Ilowc, Jr,
l'trsiiUui. TIq Hist nmi I Mint Machine in the
worbt for KiiUilb use or Mannt:u*lurers.
Li? All ord. r« m uI to WAI. W. lA>TllkoP, or
MoUSI'l, l.dXHKnPiV' liYF.lt, will receive prompt
attention. aiiJ’iiltf
4 < nl«‘\ * lioiee.’*
fJLt hav-- now in More, uid shall be constantly
M receiving this wri.i, kn..\v\ brand of Klour.
SCptHdfw No. 1 <HUr Block.

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