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Tkr Nrw
’Mill strange firms ami faces I TO*m,
Faraway from my own naHt chills,
At twilight I think of my home.
Anil in darkness 1 ponder alone,
o’ti the space that sweet memory fills.
yty home awl my loved ones, l see
As I left them in LoyhooU’s bright dream.
VVhcnl wandered so careless and ire**;
With never a wave on the sea
Where I floated in sunshine and gleam.
The sunshine and gleam are no more;
The Storm King has ruffled the sea ;
I list to the hurricane’s roar.
And the breaking of waves upon shore;
But no liaveu of rest can i see.
New England! 1 long lor thy hills;
For thy woods ami thy uplands so green ;
For thy brooks and thy murmuring rills;
For thy hold rugged landscape, that fills
And entrances the soul like a dream!
Oil in spirit, I stretch out my hand*
As thy bills and thy vaUc^B 1 •« el
Thou art btill the elysiun land;
And time will but strengthen the bands
That b'nd my alto* ! ions to thee l
!:. M. f.
Hackettstow s, N. J., Feb. lit, 1*68.
How ibry I. ifit J ii iliiH'i*
[A correspondent sends, us the following,
which he thinks a good illustration ol the
difference between science and TOmnton
sense ]
A friend of ours, now a major, ai.d whom
we will designate by that title, w.s,previous
to the war, engaged with a party of engineers
in surveying a route for a proposed railroad
in the State of Iowa. At night they were
accustomed to stop at Lite farm bouses where
they chanced to he. One n.'ghl, while at one
of the houses, aud just hefoie they were
ready to retire, the host came rushing in much
agitated, and said that his heifer had fallen
into the well. It seems that they had been
digging a well, which was about fifteen feet
dowm ami had covered it over with boards,
aud the heifer in walking over had gone
down through.
The whole party went out with their
lanterns to help get the “critter” out, and, of
course, the chief engineer, who was a scienti
fic man, took charge of the job. He ordered
a large pole to be brought, by which they
measured the depth of the well, aud then lie
and his assistant went into the barn to make
a calculation as to bow tar from tlie well they
would have to begin to dig a trench in order
to get a proper inclination, so that the ‘ crit
ter” could walk out to the surtace. Above
the well was arranged a horizontal windlass,
turned by cranks, which was used to raise the
earth out of the w?ll.
As soon as the man ol scieuee had gone
into the barn, the thought struck the practi
cal Major that they might tie a nope round
the heifer’s neck and hoist her out before the
engineer got through w ith his calculations.
The Major suggested the plan to tire old
man, who seemed to he rather taken with
the idea. So, procuring a rope, he went down
nto the well according to the Major’s direc
tions, to tie it round the animal's neck.
“ What kind ol a knot shall I tie?” said the
olu mau.
“ Any kind you please—a slip noose if you
like,” replied the Major. '• We will get her
out belore she chokes, auv way; only place
the knot under the jaw.”
So the old man adjusted the rope aud came
up. They began to turn the windlass and
the heifer was very soon brought to the sur
tace and swung off on the ground. They
all thought she was dead at first, bat trying
one leg alter another aud finding all right,
she got up and walked otT as if nothing had
happened. In a few minutes out came the
man of figures witli his calculations all com
“ Get your spades," said lie; ‘‘we have got
to begin so many ieet h orn the weii f o dig the
But a lew minutes only hml elapsed when
the whole crowd broke out into a hearty
laugh, and the mystery was made known to
the engineer.
“ That,” said the Major, is what I call com
mon sense against science.”
The engineer got so angry about the matter
that he did not speak to the Major for several
weeks. Constant Reader.
To the Citizens of Portland!
WE most respectfully inform the citizens of Port
land and others that we have opened the
In Savings Bank Building,
%o. 'ii7 Exchange St,
And will keep constantly on hand a largo and choice
assortment ol
Fsipes8 9Ittifigiiftgs
Cord, Tassels, Fixtures,
'Fable Oil Cloths, &c.
All ol which ne will sell at
Wo have the greatest facilities for suiting even the
most fast id eons in our line of goods, as we not only
have connections with all the principal n auuactur
ers in toe Unite l States, but also mauuiacturea large
portion of our own goods.
11 those abeut to purchase Room-Paper, or Win
dow blades will exam tea <hup goods we can satisfy
theoi that they can buy the
At our Store in Pottland at Lower Prices than they
can procure tliern at any store in Boston or elsewhere.
Ba^Store bhades of all descriptions rode to order.
Formerly of the firm of T. Strahan ft Son. Boston.
Jebl9dlm G. L. LOTHRuP.
Writings of Swedenborg,
Aud other Books of the New Je
rusalem Church,
Fur sale at Publishers’ Prices, st the Book and Pic
ture store of
Exrliuug ' St, Pordand.
j£5P~HonHBopaf]iie Medicines in all firms for Phy
sicians and families as usual. M. SKAVEY.
Feb 22-dlwis*
Patents for Seventeen Years
Solicitors of
American mul Foreion Patents.
Mr. Blown having had considerable experience aw
Assistant Examiner in the ]*ateut Oliiee, Js well ac
quainted with the routine of business and the offi
cials therein. Me&srs. B. & B. will make prelimina
ry examinations in the Patent Office, with a view to
ascertain the Patentability <^any Invention that
maybe submitted to thetn for that purpose; will
prepare the necessary papers for those who wish to
moke applications for Patents for their Inventions,
or tc r extent ions or reissues oltPaten i s already grant
ed; will act ns Attorneys in presenting apvlications
at the Pat lit Of ice, and in managing them to a final
issue; will draw up Assignments; will examine into
the condition ol rejected applications when desired
to do so, and undertake the prosecution of such as
may be considered patent able, and do whatever else
R usually done by Parent 5ottcTlor«. They will also
sell PATENT BIGHTS on eons mission, being in di
rect communication with the lending Mamyiictitrcrs
all ov< r Inc coiw.trjj. They are tb us enabled to ofler
superior inducements to inventors to employ them,
being in condition both to obtain Patents and tosd
he Rights.
Circulars and pamphlet* lurulrbedon application,
ree of charge.
Oflice, 22 Federal Block,
Corner P and Seventh Streets.
P.O.Box 249.
U. E.BilOWN, Of Me. H. W. Br..u»LK, of Mass
xHfOn ‘ *
fl'ltUfi BUT STRANG I Any person sen ug
it fieir address, with CO cents, will receive, by mail,
the Name and a Carle de Visile oi their future WUe
orlluauand; alB*, Low cither sex may pain the love
<>f any person \ her choose in - t inllv. Address,
REEVE4 & CO.. 7^ Nassaust, New’ lorfc.
Pet JO-v. jmss
Dyspepsia and Fits.
t-ITH A hnre <'me lor those dlpthesRing enm
S“ HLS *» W>* mad: Ulonu ill a Trcaliee on
™m u.‘ ”i’t'vo ilrrbnl iirepnraUimg,
FITSPro^crtp ion «■,„ ,iis, 4v8l,e<1 b, him in
t'trs-c lilirfcuilourfv »,!u^5?^!ik"’?,tLLe‘:a“not
-11 it i, enro l wh ,Ciitkn0WD1',B.8
JWra-nevcr Laving tail. I In'a l”'
—equally sure in case*h of Fit* aCm i, * , M
FITS—ini the iniiredienia may l>. obtattKTfrlf.’
-any druggist. S. u« Ir.e to £u on Ject lm
HTS-oi live tv ms to rre-.'-.iypo tnge.etc. A.lSVeU
—I>K. U. I'HELPS BLOWN, No. 1» Grand
i ITS -street, Jersey City, N. J feblbw3t
\ of Tents, of all sizes, for sale
re ( ^onmrclal Street, bead of WHigery'*
fi-- • <jtf
The Portland Daily Press,
Hus for Maine readers the advantages which be
long to a paper representing Maine interests. The
details of general news, as they are to be found In
New York newspapers, we do not nndei take to give.
A sufficient summary of the current history of the
world, is all we can pretend to furnish. Our reports
ol the
Proceedings of Congress
will nevertheless be as lull a* any New England
journal pub'islien. and our
Kcgular Correspondents at Wash
ington and New York,
th political and commercial capitals of the country
have already given proof of their ability. Our ar
rangementft for procuring
uv unequalled. Dispatches to the Associated Press
uom all parts of Maine, we shall of course receive;
but in addition to those, we have
Regular Correspondents in the
principal cities of the State,
| occasional omspoudents at other points, and we
have arranged lor
Special Dispatches
From the State Capital
every night, so long as the legislature is iu session
containing the substance of the day’s proceedings.—
All matters of local news or interest will be report
ed and discussed iu our columns more 1 ally than
can be expected of newspapers out of the SI ate. The
now In progress, the
Employ meut ot our Water rower
which is beginning to attract attention abroad as well
as ar home, the bearing of Congressional legislation
upon our
Manufacturing'Commercial, Lumbering,
Fishing and Shipbuilding inleretfs,
and other kin]red topics will cla m a large portion
of our spDC3, The relations ot Maine to the Domin
ion of Canada are so intimate that we shall be com
pelled to give considerable attention to
Canadian Affairs,
and shall eoutinuo our weekly review of Canadian
news. The terms oi the Daily Press will be as here
tofore Eight dollar* a year.
| Is as carefully made up as an entirely Independent
I paper. It will contain
A complete Congressional and Legislativ
record from week to week, a sums miry
of Slate New* artauged by routine*,
an agricultural department con •
laiuius article* prepared «x
p>e**!yfor it*column*,the
Shipping New* of the
week in fall, Market
Report* carefully
revised to da: c
of publica
A readable Niory every week, and a page
of euterfaiuing miscellany, together
with (be moMt important correspond
ence, report* nnd editorial*, and
the iutckt telegraphic intelli
gence from the daily
The Mai>ie State Press is a quarto paper, contain
ing eight large pages,and is one of the largest weekly
papers in the country. It will be tarnished to sub
scribers as heretofore, for two dollars a year.
To clubs, during the coming important year, we are
willing to otter a liberal reduction. To clubs of ten
ics will send the Maine Stale Press one year for
seventeen and a half dollars, and if toone address,
for fifteen dollars, strictly in advance.
Specimen copies will be sent free to any address.
No. 1 Printer*’ Exchange, Portland, Me.
Notices of the Press.
[From tli Round Table, Now fork, July, 1867.]
The Portland Press evinces a commendable ener
gy in collating tacts perlain!ng to the commercial,
ina»ula« turmg ar.d agiicultural life ot its State. Its
editorial opinions are also expressed with-unusual
weight, and ii is the only provincial journal in the
country that pays a ay considerable attention to Ca
nadian events.
[From the Waterville Mail, Oct. 25.]
The proprietors of the Press arc snaring no ex
pense in strengthening their editorial force, and in
improving their p.ij*er in every department. A first
class daily may now be found without going out of
the State.
[From the Augusta Standard, Sept. 20, 1867.]
The Portland Evening Star is conducted with
far more manliness, dignity and honesty, than any
other Republican paper in the State. It presents Its
views with marked ability and defends them with a
zeal that betokens sincerity, but scorns to descend
to personal abuse, slander and vilification of political
opponents. Its course in this respect is in marked
contrast with that of the Press, published in the
same city.
[From the Machias Republican, Oct. 24.]
We learn, not for the first time, however, from a
letter in the Bangor Whig and Courier, that Mr.
George Gifford, a young August a lawyer, lias accept
ed a situation on the editorial staff ot the Portland
Press. Mr. Gilford has been some time in that situ
ation, and lias done some good service, and is capa
ble of doing much more. Mr, G. is an earnest and
l devoted student, and will be an acquisition to the
editorial corps ot Maine.
[From the Gardiner Home Journal. Jan. 1.]
The Portland Daily Press enteis on the new
year with a full and able corps ot edito s, and with
a determination on the part ot the publishers, to
make it meiit the large patronage it is receiving.
Our merchants should consult their interests and
take it instead of supporting the Boston dailies en
[From the Lewiston Journal, Jan. 3.]
For the execellent synopsis ot Legislative reports
which will appear in our first edition during the
Maine Legislative session, we are indebted to the
Portland Press, which, with commendable enter
prise, receives its report in special despatches irom
the capital.
I Freni the Kennebec Reporter, Jan. 4. ]
The Portland Daily PhkbsIs not only a credit
to the citv but aLo to the State. It is now as large
as most of the Boston dailies and in point of ability it
deserves a high rank. Its editorials are not olten dull,
but usually have a fresh and sparkling style not com
mon in our daily exchanges. The Press also lias
the lull telegraphic dispatches ot the Associated
Pres9, and regular correspondence from Washington
Now Y.irk, and the principal cities of our own State.
During the session of (lie legislature It will have spe
cial dispatches every night,containing the substance
ot the day’s proceedings. Any movement that looks
to the ma'enal growth of the State always finds in
• he P>ess a hearty advocate. It should have a large
list in nil the prominent places of Maine.
For those who desire a family paper the weekly
edition ot the Press has much to commend it. Be
sides the carefully selected nevs of the week, and
po itical matter, it lias readable stories and choice
miscellany, attractive to the family circle.
li'rom tno iiatn i lines, Jan. 4.]
It gives ns pleasure to note the enterprise and en
ergy ot our friends <f the Portland Press in the edi
torial and news departments of that paper. No pa
per ill the Slate l* more tully up with the times than
is the Press.
[From the Ellsworth American, Jan. 10.]
The Portland Daily Press is one of the largest
sized journals, is ably conducted, lias regular corres
pondents in the principal cities in the State, in ad
dition toils special dispatches and regular corres
pondenta in New York, Washington, &c. We do
not see why our citizens who want a large sized, po
litical and commercial daily newspaper (jo not take
the Pr> ss rather than the Boston Journal. The
Press is every way the better paper tor Maine read
[From the Ifallowell Cazette, Jan. 11.]
The Portland Daily Press.—This sterling
journal has for Maine readers the advantages which
belong to a paper representing Maine interests, and
it presents a summary of ti e current history ol the
world. The reports of the proceedings of Congress
are given at length, and the regular correspondents
at Washington and New York, the political and
commercial capitals ot the country, have tor a long
time given pi oof ot their ability;
$100 Add. Bounty!
For Soldiers of 1801.
A BL Soldiers who enlisted previous to JH1I7 ‘J«l,
ISO*, and discharged in less than two years,
tor disability, cun now obtain their BOUNTY on ap
plication to In* und rsfgncd. in person or by letter
Lale 5th Maine V<ds., Collector ot Cairns.
January 1. isd&wtf
Excelsior Organs & Melodeons
manufactory ami %Yn re-Kooui*,
N«. lO Market Square,
clw3n)45 PORTLAND,
Book Agents Wanted,
TO solicit orders for Hie “Origin and History of
tlio Books of the Bible,” by Prof. C. E. Stowe,
if. J». A iresh book bv one of the beat and most
thorough authors. There i- no work publish© i that
can conipn e with it. It is having a large sale,out
selling an)/ other bool;. Experienced agents and oth
©v» wanted to introduce this valuable Book into ev
ery f unify, aa a companion of the Bible. Send for
circulars Address or applv to HARTFORD PUB
LISHING OO.. Hartford, Conu.
February 15. d4t&w2t
Successors to FBKKMAN * KIMBALL,
Wool-pullers and Tanners, Dealers in
Wool and Wool Skins,
Abo Manufacturers of
JOS. P. DREW. 34wtl
Grass Seed.
1000 b»8" Herd* Grom Seed.
200 “ Clover Seed.
3 0 “ Red Top Seed.
For sale by
feb- Pc b ii_ 113 Commercial Street.
Oats and Rye!
For wale bv
febKeod'.'w Head Long Whaii.
Particular Notice !
We are now oflering our customers and the public
generally, all the best qualities of
aurrAHLU foh
Furnaces, Raugcs & Cooking Stoves
at the following price*,
Delivered at auy part of the Oity, via:
2,000 Pounds, - . $8 50
1,800 «... 8,07
1,800 « . 7.66
Arul so on down to tlvo hundred pounds. Our
Coals art* alt tirst class, picpaied in the bestoi order,
And warranted to giteperfect gati«fac!ion.
Also the bos* qualities HARD and SOFT WOOD,
a* cheap as the cheapest. ROUNDS ȣ: 00.,
Head Franklin Wharf Commercial Street.
August o. dtt
$7. Cheng* Coal. $7.
WE can now offer nice ClIKSTNt/T COAL
at $7.00 per ton, delher-ei at any part oi the
eity. Also lor sale ai the lowest market pi Ice,
Old Co.
For Furuncea.
For Ranges and Cook Stoves, John’s While
Ash, Diamond, Red Ash, wliici* are free of all
impurities and very nice. Also Cumberland ! A
cargo just landed, fresh mined, for Blacksmith use.
Lehigh Lump, for Foundry Use!
We keep constantly on hand a full assortment ol
Choice Family Coal. Those wishing to pur
chase large lots Mill do well to give us a call before
Delivered at any part of the city at short notice.
Randall, McAllister & €o..
mnySdtf Head of Maine Wharf.
Oils, Oils, Oils!
2500 Gallons Extra Paraline
2000 Gallons Extra Winter Lard
1OC0 Gallons Bleached Winter
Sperm Oil.
lOOO Gallons Bleached Wrinter
Whale Oil.
2000 Gallons Spindle Winter Oil.
3000 Gallons Elaine Wool Oil.
dec!7-d3m DS Fore afreet*
A BRICKS For sale at a bargain.
iuU«v/Ul/ For particulars euqnire of
(:2 Commercial St.
or of Vital Cassant, at tlio kiln on Portland St.
November 1. dtf
Pi ice Advanced-Par ami Interest!
T IK £
Pacific Railroad
The Best and Principal Portion of the
Nntioual Trunk Line Across the Coalmen!
is being rapidly carried forward by an unprecedent
ed working lorce; and it is reasonably certain that
the continuous overland Ka'lroad connection from
New York to San Francisco will be made in 1870.
The United States Government furnishes, upon a
subordinate and contingent lien, half the means for
constructing the Main Steam Line; and besides an
absolute grant of 12 800 acres of valuable public lands
per mile, the Central Pacific Railroad Company have
received from California sources,donations and con
cessions worth more than $3,009,600. The availa
ble resources cf this company are therefore abund
ant for the purpose, amounting to $77,000,000, on the
first 726 miles ot the Line, including Loans securod
by a First Mortgage upon flio whole property, to the
same amount only as the U. S. Subsidy Bonds.
The results already attained, although under com
paratively unfavorable circumstances, afford sub
stantial ground for believing the CENTRAL PA
CIFIC to be the
in out Favored, Productive* nnd Valuable
Railroad Luterprine iu Hie t’ountry.
In consequence ot the large and rapidly increasing
demand, the price ot these Bonds has been advanc
ed, and the Company arc now ofiering for sale, a
limited amount of their
t'irst Mortgage Six Per Cent. Bonds
Principal and Interest Payable in Gold Coin,
in sains of $1,000 each, at par and accrued interest
from January 1st, in currency.
These Bonds, it is believed, possess the elements ot
safety, reliability and profit ina greater degree, than
any other class ot Corporate Securities now offered,
and are therefore very desirable lor steady invest
ments of surx>lus capital.
Investors will bear in mind the following advan
tages :
I. They are the first, mortgage on one ot the most
valuable and productive l ues of railroad in the
II. The actual earnings from local business in 18G7
were moie than four times the annual Interest en
III. The hard part of the work is now done, and
the prospects of rapid completion are favorable. J
IV. 1 be Company have liberal subsidies, which
enable them to prosecute the work with great vigor.
V. The management has been exceedingly pru
dent and frugal.
VI. There is already a large and growing settle- \
went on the completed and graded line.
VII. The lands promise to he of immense value,
37,038 acres having been already sold.
VIII. Both principal and interest are explicitly
made payable in gold coin.
IX. Both the aggregate amount of issue and their
standing in Europe will insure for them continued
activity and a high rank among standard securities.
At this time they yield nearly
Niue Pei* Ccnt.npon the f u vestment.
Holders of Government Securities have an oppor
tunity of exchanging them for Central Pacific Bonds
bearing an equal rite ofintorest, with the principal
abundantly secured, and of realizing a profit ot from
ten to fifteen per cent- in addition.
Orders sent with the funds through resjiODsiblo
Banks or Express Companies will receive prompt at.
tentlon. Bonds sent by return Express, to any ad
dress In the United States, at our cost. Information,
Descriptive Pamphlets, Maps, &c, iurnishe-i on ap
plication at the office of the Railroad Company,
No 54 William Nt, N. V., nud of
Fisk Ac Hatch,
Bunkers nu«l Dealers fu Gov’i Mrcuriiim,
Financial Agent, of the C. P. R. R. Co.,
No. 5 Nassau Street, N. J\
Brewster, Sweet & Co., Boston.
Nov 30-d3m feb 1 ’68
Just Arrived from Oanada
Ever brought iuto Ibis Market.
HAVING been in this lino of business lor four
years, and having usually given my custom
ers good sati faction, I think that with better facili
ties for buying than ever, I can now show gentlemen
who want <>001> BUWINEWN
IIOKKES, a tine lot to select from.
All YOUNG and SOUND, at my Gable,
84 Federal Strcit.
N. B. Any Horse not proving as repre*en ed
can be returned and money will be refunded.
February I. dtt
Corns l ۩1*118!
BRIGGS* CURATIVE for Coras, Bunion*,
lugi‘nwin« Nail*. Frodctl Feel, Ac.,
surpasses all other remedies No more pain from
Corns; no more sleepless nights from Bunions; no
more limping from Ingrowing Nails. Briggs’ Cura
tive docs noteat or burn, but soothes, soilens and
heils all pedal ailments. Sold by Druggists and sent
by mail. 5,ic and $1. DR. J. liR’.GGS & CO.,
jan31dly No. 208 Broadway, New York.
Bread! ISi'cadSl
Sea Foam Yeast Cakes.
THE Best in use. For sale by most of I he Gro
cers In (his City, and wholesale by S B. Rich
ardson, 372 Congress St, J. L. Boston. 35 and 57
Market St., and bv
1§5 Fore «t.,
Feb. 8. dim General Agents ior Maine.
Prime Sierra Morena Molasses.
Ut} LASSES, i'ur ,:ilu by
„ __ GKO. S. HUNT,
febl0d2w_No. ill ijooimercinl Street.
Yellow Com.
5nnn bushels YELLOW Corn, in
jUvl/ store and tor sale bv
Waldron & true,
jan 29-<14w* Nos 4 and 5 Union Wharf.
“AH Sorts.”
\ LLjSORTS. or a Purse Stine, one hundred fath
■ x omfl long, liberal in depth, complete in its ap
‘•urtcnanceB lor imuediate use, not wei°l:iug«over
5E 0 Ins., capable ot being handled by a man and three
dots in a dory. Adapt oil to Herring, Mackerel or
Poliagoii. 0<>si 0335
, »°- 4:{ Commercial Street, Boston,
danuary 15, dlwiltaw&n
( ) |\ A(j WANTED to solicit orders
ARY •F THE BIBLE. Written by <0 ot the most
distinguished Divines in Europe and America, il
lustrated with over 125 Steel end Wood Engravings.
Complete in one Large Octavo Volume. Retail Pru'e
$3 50. We empl .y no General Agents, and cun thus
offer Extra inducements to Agents dealing d rcctly
with us. For full particulars and terms, addiess the
Publishers, d. B. BURK & CO.,
February w4w6 Hartford, Conn.
Casco Street Seminary.
fpiIK Spring Term of this School tor Youug Ladle.
J and Misses will commence Monday, March 2nd.
For Terms. Ac., apply at No 15 Preble St.
MAKY C. HALL, Principal.
Instruction in Drawing and Penmanship will be
given by Miss Anna LailLam.
Children’s Department under the cl arge <1 Miss
Jennie L. Shurtleff. teb20dtt
Westbrook Seminary
Female College.
niHE Spriug Term of this Institution will com
1. meuce
WEDNI8BA1, Ffb nmy itflhi
And continue twelve week*
«. M. STEVENS, Secretary.
Feb lv'-iM w
I7I7JLL open mi Engl.sli, Frencli and Classical
v » School ior young Lad es and Misses, on Mon
day, March 2 I, «or a term of ten weeks. ' or partic
ulars apply at £8 High Street. febl8 eod2w
North Yarmouth Academy!
rpHE Spring Term ot this Institutiou will coin
J mence on »
Tuesday, March 3d,
And continue 11 weeks.
£3r“For further information address J. B. WEBB,
A. M., Principal, or
Yarmouth, Feb 11th, 1&68. fel2 2w
Female Collegiate Institute,
UK. J. II. IIKKO, Proprietor.
PROF. ALBERS' B. WATKINS, A. M. Principal.
Mia. A. B. Watkins A aaiataut Principal. Physical
Exercise « prominent feature. First term has open
ed most encouragingly. Spring term commences
MONDAY, March 9. Address for circular as above.
lebSdSw DR. J. H. HERO.
F \ Speedy Ohm
|Tjiivfti*sa1 Nftiira,l^ia,| urn all
Its Effects art
It !s an unfailing skmedy in all cases of Neu
ralgia Facialis, otleu effecting a perfect cure in lea
tliau twenty-four hours, iroin tne use ot no more
than two ob thuke Pills.
No other form ofNeuxalgia or Nervous Disease has
failed to yield t*j this
Even in tlio severest* cases of Cronic Neuralgia
and general nervous derangements,—ol many years
standing—affecting the entire system, its use fora
few days, or a lew weeks at the utmost, always afiords
the most astonishing relief, and very rarefy fails to
produce a complete and permanent cure.
It contains no drugs or other materials in the
slightest degree injurious, even to the most delicate
system, ami can always he used with
It has long been inconstant use by m uyoforr
who give it their unanimous and unqualified appro
Sent by mall on receipt ot price, and postage.
One package, $1.00, Postage 6 eenta.
Six packages, 5 00, 44 27' **
Twelve packages, 9.00, “ 48 44
v *
It is sold by all wholesale and retail dealers in drugs
and medicine* throughout the Untied States, and by
TURNER Ac CO.. Hole Proprietors.
120 Tubvont St„ Boston, Mass.
r ctolier 31.2taw Cm
Organs and Melodeons
Of the latest lmproveJ Style and Tone, Manufactur
ed by
No. ft> Chestnut Street, Portland#»
Thu Or^au is the beet Reed lust rumen t now in use,
voiced with a rich, mellow and powerful tone. The
great aim lias been to manufacture an instrument to
please the eye and satis y the ear.
Also improved Melodeons. the latest of which Is a
newly arrange*! Swell, which does not put the in
strument out offline.
Abo keeps on baud Piano Fortes of the best st vies
and tone. dcdeodly WM. P. HASTINGS.
t^^Pricellst sent l»y mall.
J. & C. J. BAR BOV It,
So. 8 Exchange street.
Have for retail a largo S*ock of
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers
For men’s, Women’s, misses’, Boy’s aud
Childeren’s wear.
Belting, Packing, Hose, Clothing,
Springs, Cloth, mats. Tubing, Ac.
All descriptions of Rubber Goods obtained
from Factory st short notice and at lowest rates.
Oak Leather Belts.
Premium Oalc Leather Belts!
The most perfect article in the market. Also,
Page's Patent Lace Leather, and
Blake’s Belt Studs.
I)ec 10,18G7.-iseod3m
Boots, Shoes and Rubbers.
HAVING bought the Stock of Boots. Shoes and
Rubbers of MCCARTHY & BERRY,
:U4( tngreuRf,opp. Mechanic’s Building
would invite the public and his former customers in
particular to give him a call at 314 Congress street,
opposite Mechanic’s Hall.
Jan 22, 1868. Jy23eod3w
P. pT
The Furlong Paper Manf g Co,
ARE now prepared to supply the market with
their improved
Consisting of Ladies Corded Edged Co lars, Paper
Trimming tor Ladies' and Childrens’ under gar
ments, &c.
These Collars are Warranted as
flroug aa Cloth upon the Edges,
And will not burst or break, cut or chafe the neck.
These superior goods may be found at all the
jobbing houses in Fancy Goods, &c., at wholesale,
and at retail by Fancy Goo fs Dealers and Milliners.
Furlong Manufacturing: Comp’y,
tnncuAivic falls, he.
Dec 6 -eodSm
X> isHolutioH.
rpHE partnership lately existing between the sub
X Bcribers under the firm name of
Sawyer & Varney,
Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All ac
counts will be settled by Abel Sawver.
, aSel sawyer,
Portland, Feb. 20, 1868.
The undersigned will continue the business at the
old stand.
Ieb22dlw ABEL SAWYER & CO.
No 8 Clapp’8 Block, Congress St.,
WAH operations warranted to give satisliwtlon
Ether administered when desired. apr3l.’b*wtf
New Crop Trinidad Sugar and
30 HKIDH. Iffnsrovndo Sugar
79 Barrels tcutrifuuul Susrnr.
241 Boxen “
207 UogMhendft muscovado moluskca.
2 Tierces “ «
05 Barrels (i "
45 II.aIf Barrels « u
Cargo Brig “ Success,” now landing and for sale at
No. 1 Central Wliarl, by
, . hophni eatoiv.
February 19 d3w*
Hill’s Pile Ointment
IS being Used with great success. Entirely vege
table. No cure, no pay. Sold by ail Druggists.
Price 25 cent, per box.
O. A. HILL, Proprietor,
uov 15-eod3m Portland. Maine.
Farm for Sale.
la Bridgton ot about GO aerosol'good
and, well divided Into tillage, pas
turing and wood-1 ind: is well [bup
Dlied with water, besides a i excel
- - ^=--~ ——=* -T-lent we 1 that never fails. Saidparm
issiittateu two miles iroui Bridgton Center, and U
liom N Bridgton, where there Is a flour!sb1u$ Acad
emy, and 20 rods from ibe ichool-house. The build
ings are nearly new and in good repair, consisting of
a 1 1-2 story house and L, connected with a barn 48
feet by 3ft. The farming tools and a hone will be
sold w th farm if desired, if not previously disposed
of, For further inlorinari >n call at the premises
w3w8* S. B. HILTON.
tieriMan Canaries!
IHAVEJuBt received from an imiorting home a
lew real German Canarlep,
Warranted Splendid Singers.
Gall ami see than at 99 Market Square.
C. C. TOLMiN, Agl.
February 22. lilin
Hulls, Cargoes and Freights,
Made Binding at this C fflce in the
Phenix Ins. Comp’y, of New York,
Assets, #1,750.000.
Manhattan Ins. Cc. of New York,
Assets, #1,350,000.
At the Lowest Bates of First Class Companies !
Losses Promptly Adjusted and Paid at this Agency.
hull bihkn
To any amount desired placed in Reliable Offices, for the
Voyage or by the Year.
OI»E>T POLICIES to and from, any ports in
the world issued upon the most LIBERAL TERMS.
THIS DEPARTMENT is under the management of
WILLIAM W. COLBY, an experienced Marine Under
writer , who will devote to it his exclusive attention.
Ship Owners and Merchants
Are respectfully invited to call at Our Office where any
information required will be cheerfully given without
GRAPH from all parts of the world.
JST-Preference given to vessels using Ritchie’s Liquid Compass.
JOHN !£• DOW & SON, Agents,
38 Exchange Street.
EIRE RISES in any amount taken as usual.
Jan 25-(12wteod2w
- ■ —- ■ ■ ■" i — ■ —
General Ageuis
For Maine and Ibe British Protlucc^
Conn. Mutual Life Ins. Company,
Accumulated AsNetm
Over $18,000,000.00.
Ojjlce So. 30 Exchange Street,
Jan 15-Utt
Mutual Insurance Company.
51 Wail St, cor. William, NEW YORK,
January, W8.
Insures against Marine and Ini.and Navi
gation Risks.
The whole profits oi the Company revert to the
Assured, and are divided annually, upenthePrenii*
urns terminated during ihe year; and ior which Cer
tificates are issued, hearing interest until redeemed.
l)mdenu of pO per cent, for 18C7.
The. com pan v has over Thirteen
million Dollar!-, viz:
United States and State of New-York Fto'-ks. City,
Bank and other Stocks, 0,604 465 (
LoanBSecured by Stock? and otherwise, 2,175,4*0
Premium Notea and Bill* Receivable,
-Jeal Estate, Bonds and Mortgages,
and other securities, 3,6M,CG3
Cash in Bank 373,374
*13,103 177
John D. Jones, Wm. Sturgis,
dairies Dennis, Henry K. Rogert,
W.BT. H. Moore, ! Joshua J. Henry,
Henry Coit, j >ennis Perkins,
Wm. C. Pickersgill, Jos. Gaillard, Jr.,
Lewis Cnrtis, J. Henry Burgy,
das. H. Russel!. Porn ell ns Grin hell,
Lowell Holbrook, C. A. Hand,
R. Warren Weston* It. J. Howland,
Royal Phelps, Benj. Babcock,
Caleb Barstow, s £ Fletcher Wes tray,
A. P.Pillot, Robt.B. Minturn, Jrg
Wm. K. Dodge, Gordon W. Burnham,
Francis Skiddy, j Fred’k Cliauncey,
David Lane, James Low,
James Bryce. Geo. S. Stephenson,
Charles P. Bnrdett, Wm. 1J. Webb
Daniels. Miller, R L. Taylor,
Paul Spofford, Sheppard Ganby.
Kob’t C. FV*rgusson.
John D. kb, President.
Charles Dennis, Vice-President.
W. H. H. Ai'OORE,2d Vice-Prest
J. D. Hewlett, ltd Vice-Prest.
J. H. Chapman,Secret: »ry.
Applications lor Insurance made to
John W. nnnser,
Office ICC Fore St., Portland,
Feb 63p'dlmA’eodtnjanr6!k&? Cw
Life Insurance Company,
OFFERS advantages unsurpassed by any com
pany in existence, giving to ilte assureu every
advantage consistent with pertect safety. Divi-,
d lids made and available to the assured yoarly horn
the first.
Local Agaits Wanted on Liberal Terms!
for the principal towns in Cumberland, York, Saga
dahoc, Kennebec, Lincoln and southern part ui An
droscoggin. Apply to
GeperaJ Agent for above Counties, No. 5 Deering
block, Cong: ess Street. Portland.
February 10. eoddm
Administrator’s Sale.
H HE subscriber, by virtue ot a license from the |
X rJudge of Probate, will sell at public auction, on
SATURDAY, Ihe 14th day of March, 1868, a three
o’clock P M, on the premises, the lot of land with the ;
dwelling house thereon, which was the Homestead
ot ihe late Sarah K. Harmon, situated on the <vuuer
ly comer of Pine and Clark Streets, in the cKy •(
Portland. Said lot is about 40 leefc on Clark street
by 28 teet on Pine st, and will be sold subject to a
mortgage to liirani Winchester. The condition ot
said mortgage, and the amount duo thereon, will be
stated at the ti e and place ot sale.
HENKY C. PEABUDY, Administrator.
Feb 11, 1868. feblJ-lawSw
The Fisheries !
F)R Bale ta the trade, 10,000 lbs. best quality Col- j
ton Twine, Nos. 12,14 and lti, four to six thread.
5,0011 lbs. superior Coiton Twine, Nos. 10, 18 and 20,
tour to eight thread. 10,000 lbs. Herring, Madkerel
andPoliagen Netting. 100 Herring. Mucker. 1 and
fohagen Being, complete for use. iioO English Her
ring Nets 300 Beauts Lino Yarn, alt grades.
No. 43 Commercial Street, Boston.
January 13. dlt*t2aw3m
Farm for Sale. !
In, Gray of 100 acres, 1C mftcs from
Portland, 1-2 mile from laeetings, ]
mills, store and schonl,beavilv wood
^-ed, well watered .well divided, ple&s
—'■*—ntly situated. Buildings a one story
house, wood house and barn tliat cost $1200 in ’57. A
line dairy fcrri*, and will be sold a; a bargata, togeth
er with a wood lot and pasture adjoining and thirty
acres ol good intervale a mile away, if desired. In
quire of K. A. ALLEN, near the premises, or of the
subscriber in Portljin i, Ex< ham st., oorimr of Fed
eral- BEXJ. ADAMS.
Aug 18,18G7, wti
Medical Notice.
G. H. CHA DW1CK, M. D.. will devote special at
tent ion to Di iea es ol the Eve. No. .J0I4 Congress St
ottii-e hours i*ein 11 A. M. to 1 P. M.
May ti"
At A. S., DAVIS’ Pholograph Galleries, No. 27
arket Sq ^are, opiosile Preble SBcet. |y9tt
01 AVNE.
QTATEMENT of the condition ot the Interim*
17 tional lannece Co, of the CUv of New
York, on the 31st day ot December, 1887.
The name ot the company is “International Ia
surance Company. • It is located In the City of New
The amount of Capital Stock la. $1,000,000
The am't ol Us Capital Slock paid up la 1.000,000
The Aaieta of the Company are aa follow a:
Cash on hand and io the hands of Agents
or other persons, $55,401 10
Real Estate unincumbered None.
Bonds owned by tbe company, to wit:
U. S. 5-20 bonds, par val, $720,000
U. S. 10-40 bonus, par value, 103,000
Virginia State Bonds. 37,100
Wisconsin War Bonds, 5,000
„ , $865,100
Market value. $880,015 00
Loans on Bond and Mortgage, being tbo
first lien on unincumbered real estate,
worth double the a i ount loaned, 50,000 00
Debts otherwise secured, 27,545 00
Debts ;or Premiums, 17,165 86
All other securities, 20,65317
Total Assets, [$ 1,059,780 53
Amounts due or not due to Banks or other
creditors, None.
Losses adjusted and due, None.
Losses adjusted and not due, 11,063 77
Losses unadjusted and losses in suspense
wailing for (uriher proof, 139,840 63
All other claims against the Company, 7,070 21
Total L'abilities. $ 157,974 9I
Tbe greatest amount insured in any one ri»k; The
greatest amount allowed by the rules ot the company
to be insured in any one city, town or village; The
greatest amount aLowcd to be Insured in any one
block; No arbitrary rules on these points. 'This
company is covered by a prudent regard for the con
ttructiou, occupancy and exposure ot risks.
STATE OF NEW-YORK, County of New York, ss.
George W. Savage, President, and William J.
Hughes. Secretary, of the International Insurant e
Company,of the city of New York, being duly sworn,
depose and *ay, that tbe foregoing is a full, true and
collect statement of the affairs of said company ; that
the said Insurance company is the br,\a tide owner
of at least One Hundred Thousand Dollars of sctucl
cash capital, invested in State and United States
Stocks and Bonds, or in Bonds or Mortpa^es ol Real
Estate unincumbered and worth double the amount
lor which the same is mortgaged; and that they are
the anove-described officers of said insurance Co.
[L. a.) GEORGE W, SAVAGE. President.
Subscribed and sworn to before me tbis 25tU day c/
January, 18G8. As Witness, mv hand an I official
Notary Public.
Portland Office 166 Fore street.
J. W. HUNGER A aON. Agent.
Feb 6. eoddw
in 1843. $5,000,000
New England Mutual
Dividends Annually in Cash, on Contribu
tion Plan*
BENJ. F. STEVENS, President.
JOS. M. G1BBENS, Secretary.
This is one of the oldest and most beallhftl Life
Insurance Companies in our country.
It docs its business in an economical and honora
ble manner; such as will bear the light of inspection:
thus commemiing itself to the good Judgment, and
meeting with the approval of honest and intelligent
Persons wishing to Insure (heir lives or the lives ol
their friends, in a safe Lite Co., are invited to inquire
into the principles and workings ot this Company.
Also t>ersons wishing to Canvass for tbis Company
as local or travelling agents, will be ofterod liberal
terms and ample territory.
JAMES M. PALMES, Gen’l Ag’t for Maine,
Office 49 1.0 Exchange Sired,
Jau. 7, 18158. Jan 14. dtt
Life Insurance Company!
Capital, 89 901,730.10, Dec. 1807.
All Policieb Nox FoheeitI'O. CASH dintrl
bution of Surplus made yearly to the policy hold
ers. No policy issued by this Co. is iortelted until its
value is worked out in insurance, bv law ot 1861.—
Tbe iollowing table will rhow the time that a life
policy issued by tbis Co. will continue in force after
tbo annual cash payment of premiums bas ceased.
« 1 Payment 2 Payments 3 Payments
K-- in cash. incasb. iu cash.
O ® at « aa
z % e 5- s 5
k O h (3 5« Q
25 293 1 228 2 17b
M 329 1 300 2 277
35 1 3 2 12 3 27
40 1 49 2 90 3 125
Office 10O Fere Sired, Perlland.
John JF. Munger <£ Son, Agents.
Feb 5-eod3m
——1 !■ - ■ •
A Card.
BEING no longer in the employment of the Horse
Railroad Company, 1 shall be pleased to see my
friends at my Shoe Stork, 132 Middle street, where
I snail continue the purchase of Mutilated Currency,
or ii uot too badly torn will lake it in exchange for
Boots and Shoes. M. G. PALMER.
February 4. eodtt
A new Course ol Lecture, us being delivered at the
New York Museum of Anatomy,
embracing the subjects
•‘How to live and wliat to live for.—Youth, Matur
ity and old age.—Manhood generally reviewed.—
The causes of iniiigestiou, flatulence and Ntrvous
diseases accounted for.—Marriage philosophically
Pocket volumes containing these lectures will be
foi warded to parties unable to attend on receipt ol
lour stamps by addressing: “SECRETARY, New
Y^>fk Museum ok Anatomy and Science, 618
Broadway, NEW YORK.**
December 9. eod3m*
The Subscriber j» Agent lor the sale of the celebra
ted Piauott, made bv Stela way fc Sene, who
were awarded the
First Premium over all Competitors
At the great
And consequently stand ahead ottlie WORLD in the
manufacture oi PIANOFORTES.
I also keen a large assortment oi other FIRST
CLASS MAKERS, which I can sell at the manufac
turers’ lowest prices.
Old Pianos taken in exohange for Hew.
Pianos to Rent.
Tuning ami Repairing promptly attended to.
Wareroom 337 Congress Street.
(Formerly of the firm ofC. Edwards .S Co.)
Chance for Business.
Fdt SALE—stock and store situated in one of the
best locations f»r trade in Oxforl County, and
now doing a large bnsinesf. For ftirth* r particulars
enquire of True & Haskell, South Paris, or
Jan27dtf Portland.
Hotel Directory.
Elm House, Coulf. St. W. S. Young, Proprietor.
A huh ata.
Augusta House, State St. J. H. Kling, Proprietor^
Bangor. , „
Penobscot Exchange, A. Woodward, Proprietor.
Bath Hotel, Washington St.C. M. Plummer, P o
Leach’s Hotel, Comer of Pronf and Vine streets,
J. B Leach, Proprietor.
B o » f • n.
American House, Hanover st. S. Hift Proprietor.
Parker House, school s*. H. I). Parker & Co.,
Be* lbk House, Bowdoin Square, Bulfii-ch, BJng
ham, V. ns ley «Jfc Co., Proprietors.
The most House, Treniom St. Brigham, Wrlsley
& Co., Proprietor*.
Ch andler House. F. s. Cliandler & Co.. Prop’ra.
Chapman House, s. H. Chapman, ProA rietor.
Kridglon Outer, .tie
Cl MBKRLAND House, Marshal Bacon, Proprietor
Danville Junction.
Clark’s Dining Hall, i-rand Trunk Hailway
Depot, M. W. Clark, Proprietor.
Androscoggin House, L.D. Kidder. Proprietor.
LewiMon. „
Lewiston House, Ch pel St , J. B. Hill <£ Co.
mechanic Fnll*.
Eagle House, P. B. Cobb, Proprietor.
L)a.nforth House, D. Dui.toith. Proprietor.
Elm House. Main St. VV. W. Wbitmarsb, Pro
Albion House, 117 Federal Street, J. G. Perry,
American House, India St W. M. Lewis, Pron’r.
Commerc ial House, Cor. Fore and Cross Streets,
H. O. Crain, Proprietor.
Cumberland House, Green St. J.O. Kidder. Pro
City H tel, Corner c f Congress and Green street,
John P. Davis & Co.
Preble House, Congress St. S. B. Krogman, Pro
Portland House, 71 Green St. K. Potter. Prop’r.
St Lawrence House, 17 ludia St. J. Ttjlor, Pro
prit tor.
U. S. Hotel, Junction of Congress and Federal Sts.
N. J. Davis, Proprietor
Walker House, opposite Boston Depot, Adams &
Paul, Proprietors.
Kaymond’s Villiaae.
Central House. \V. H. Smith Proprietor.
U=11HB^)PI!NKD JINK I, l»«T.
J. II. KLING, Proprietor.
RJ* Transient rotes $2.00 to 2.50 per day,according
to rooms. FKEE Carriage to and fiom House
Cars and Steamers. june4dtt
W* E S T .
i —.nan Than by any other Konte, trout Maine
al) Points West,via the
Tickets at Lsweal It a tee
Via Boston, Nrw York Central, Buffalo and Detroit.
For information apply at 282 Congress st. Grand
Ti unk Ticket Office.
Jn3’68d&wly D. If. DLAIVCHARD. Agent.
To Travelers*
Through Tickets
From Portlaud to
West, South and North West,
By all the principal Routes, via. Boston and
Worcester to Albany aud the New York
Central Mailway to Buffalo or Niagara
Falls; thence by the Groat Western or Cake
Whore Railroads, or via New Yark City and
the Erie. Atlantic and Great W'etteru and
Pennsylvania Central Railways.
For sale at the Lowest Rates at the Oaly I u
ioa Ticket Office, No. 49 1-9 Exchange bt«,
W. JL>. LITTLE & Co , Agents.
Dec 14. dtl
Commencing Monday, N#»»r 11th, 1807.
I ttHrtt-iru-'i.nTl Passenger Trains leave Portland daily
CMPw^|y#(Sundays excepted) for Saco and Bldde
ford, at ”45,8.40 A. M, 2.55 and 5.2© P M.
For South Berwick Junction, Portsmouth, Boston,
and intermediate Stations at 6.30,1.40 A M, and 2.56
P. M.
Leave Boston tor Purtland and Intermediate Sta
tions at 7.30 A. M., :ind 3.00 and 6.00 P M.
Freight Trains daily each way, (Sunday excepted.
Portland, Nov 8, 1867. no9lU
Portland & Kennebec R. R.
Winter Arrtiugfmful, tVev. 11, 1867.
nmMBi Trains leave Portland at 1 P. M. tor
all stations on this line, and for Lcvris
ton and stations on the Androscoggin Road. Alsr
Bangor and stations on Maine Central road.
Leave Portland daily, except Saturdays, at 5 P M,
for Bath. Saturdays only leave Portlaud at 8.15 P
M. for Bath and Augusta.
Trains are due at Portland at 6.10 A. M., and 2.10
P. M. daily.
The through Freight Train with passenger car at
tached, leaves Portland for Skowbegan every morn
ins at 7 o.clock.
Fare as low by this route to Lewiston, Waterville.
Kendall's Mills and Bangor as by the Maine Central
road, and tickets purchased in Boston tor Maine
Central Stations are good tor a passage on this line.
Passengers from Bangor, Newport, Ac., will pur
chase tickets to Kendall s Mills only, and alter tak
ing the cars on this road the Conductor will fur
nish tickets and make the tare the same through to
Portland or Boston as via the Maine Central toad.
Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and tor Bel
fast at Augusta, leaving dai iy or. arrival of train from
Boston, leaving at 7.30 A. M.; and tor Solog, Anson,
Norridgewock, Athens aud Moose HeadLake at
Skew began, and for Cbiuu. Past and North Vassal
loro* at Vasealboro*; for Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s,
and fljr Canaan at Plshon’s Ferry.
W. H ATCH, S,,*e, Intend, m.
Augusta, Nov. 5,1867. nov12dtf
rggwgSggn On and alter Monday, Nov. 11,1867,
will run as follows:—
Express Train for Lewiston and South Paris at 7.4C
A. M.
Mail Train lor Watervido, Bangor. Montreal. Que
bec and the West at 1.10 P. M.
Local Train for South Paris, and intermediate sta
tions, at 5, P. M.
No baggage can be received or checked after time
above stated.
Trains will arrive as follows:—
From Lewiston. Auburn and South Paris, 8.10 ▲. m.
From Montreal, Quebec, Bangor, Wa
terville, &c\, at 2.15 p. M.
Local Train irom Sooth Pails and in
termediate statons, at 6.00 p. m.
The Company are not responsible tor baggage to
any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that per* n
al) unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate ct
one passenger for every $500 additions value.
C. J. BUY DOES, Managing Director.
H. BAILS Y, Local Superintendent.
Portland, Nov 9, 1867. dtf
rjfrgEfl On and after Monday. April 11, 1*07
train* will run a* follows:
Passenger trains leave Saco Riser for Portlaud *1
5.30 and 9 00 A. M., and 3.40 1'. M. Leave Portland
lor Saco River T.15 A. M.. 2 On and 8.30 P. M.
Freight train* lea*. Saco River 6-80. A M.; Portland
12-13 P. M.
Hr~StagMoonn*ot at Gorham for W«t Gorham,
StandIsh, Steep Falls, Baldwin, Danmark, Babago,
Bridglon, Lov.ll, Hiram, Brownfiald, Jrryeburg,
Conway, Bartlatt, Jackson. Limlngton, Cornish,For
tar, Fraadom, Madison, and EatonTN. H.
At Buxton Canter for West Buxton, Bonny-Eagle
Booth Limlngton. Limlngton, Limerick, flawf&oid
Faraonsfiald and Ossip*.
By order oi the Presidont.
Rortland, April 12,1887. du
raMMC On and after Monday, Apiil 15th,
«rrent, tiaius will leave Poitland loi
Bangor un«l all intermediate station on this line, at
1.10 P. M. daily. For Lewiston and Auburn only, at
7.40 A. M.
fear*Freight trains for Watervllleand all Interme
diate stations, leave Portlaud at 8.2ft A. M,
Tr;mi irom Bangor is due at Portland at 2.15 P. M,
In season to < onnect with train for boston.
Prom Lewiston aud Auburn only,at 8.10 A. ML
Nov. 1.1866 no9dtl
Star Mat ch_ Corporation.
W. & O. £. MILLIKEH,
Portland, lVle*«
IN offering to the public the Star Ma’cb, we claim
tor them the following advantages to the consum
er, over any other Match, via:
Bach bunch Is full count, one hundred.
Kacli gross contains 576 more than the common
card matches
Tho tall count is equals to nhont six bunches more
in a gross than other matches.
They keep in any climate.
They have less odor than any other Sulphur Match.
They arc longer than any other Sulphur Card
They answer both for Splint and Card Matches
They do not black the wall wl en rubbed on It.
They are packed in fine shipping order, Incases
containing 10, 20 and 30 gross each, in 1-4 gross pack
The above named firm are the solo Selling Agents
tbr the corporation.
E. P, 6ERRISH, )
J. 8. MARKETT, } Directors.
October 1. dtf
Furniture at the Old Stand
368 Congress Street, 368,
(Late Burnham & Merrill,)
Will continue the manufacture of Parlor Suit*
Lounges, Mattre*se», Spring Beds, Ottomans, pew
Cushion**, drc. Particu ar attention paid to Unhol.
Btenng, Bepai ing and Varni-hiug. Cane Cha rs Re.
seated. fel2e«xi5ni DOYLE Sc BURN NAN.
O L O T Yfl ]\ G
Cleansed and ltepaired
BY WILLIAM BROWN, formerly at 91 Frdpr.l
street. Is now located at his new store No 64 iSd*
eraist, a tew doors below I.ime street .lit .7 a
to his usual business oi cfina£??i,i *V™d
(Jlolliing of all kinds with hi. usual5.,rn,n„ l>a rmg
JJ^^hand Oloth.ngr^»l&
Montreal Ocean Steamship Co
FiWlirri Hooked la Luadandert j
Liverpool. Ifeiurn Ticket* oraih d at
Reduced Rale*.
The S. Peruvian. Cap*. BaUanllne. will leave
this port t..r Llvoipool, on SATURDA Y. Feb. 29il»,
immediately altar the rriral *r the min 01 the pre
vious day irotn Montreal, to be followed by the Nea
toriao. Capt. Dutton, on the 7th March.
Passage to condoulerry and Liverpool, cabin I ac
cording to accommodation) j;n to $*>*
Steerage. f 23.
Payable in Gold or Its equivalent.
KST' For t ri ight or passage .opplv to
II. & .A. AEF.AN, No. 3 India St.
Poitiand, F b. 24. dtt*
r D.
lnsitle Uoiito.
9H?t. 11 and Providence
road. 1 ua.'-ant Street, n* ar t eCommon, dailv.^un
da>» excepted at 5.45 P II, connecting with the now
and el. gant sea-going St-ainor N ABhAUAKSKTT.
Capt. t*. d. til i.I,, Mondays, Wolncsdavs and Fii
i day®, and Steamer SIONINGTON, Capt W. M.
JONES, Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays.
Through Tickets furnished, and hnagin checked
through to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and
the West.
Tlcaeis. Bcr'hsaud State Rooms secured at this
office; also at the Boston and Provi.ionce Kailioad
sta'Ion. J. W. RICH aRDSON, Ag. nt,
fobl4-3m !3i Washington street.
International Steamship Oo
Eastport, Calais St. John.
Ou and aflor Mornlay, December 2d,
-^F^dM#L,he Hieamer NEW BRUNSWICK,
Capt E. B. Winchester, will leave Rail
HLltM Vnffgul road Wbnrt, toot of State street, ev
ery MONDAY at 5 o'clock P. M.,lor Eastport atd
Si John.
Retnrning will leaveSt. John and Eastport every
Passengers will connect at. Eastport ivi:h Sta
Coache* lor Kobbinutou and Calais.
Will connect at St. John with K. St N. A. Bai.wa y
forShediac ant In er media's statio s.
HT^Freigh^ireceivea outlay oi sailing until 1 o'clk
r. M.
Sailing Teasels will be at I'as r ort to tabe freight
lor St. Amliows an.I Calais.
CSi— Winter rates will be eharge.l on ami alU
A. It. S lUBIJH.
dc6d»_ _ _ _Agent.
Tim fine -teamers DIHIGO at»l
FRANCONIA, will, until further no
tice, run as follows:
Leave Unit's Wheat. Poiflund. everv Wednesday
and Saturday, at 1 o'clock P. M., and leave Pier 3*
East River, New York, every Wednesday and Sat
urday, at 1 o’clock P. M.
llie Dingo and Francunla are titled up with Hus
accoiijwo-'atton- tor passengers, inuklo? this the most
speedy, sale and comfortable route lor travellers be
tween New Yorkaud Maine. Passage. Instate Room
$6.00 Cabin passaae $5.00. Meals eatra.
Goods lor warded by this Hue to nf trorn Mu<i
tteal, Quebec, Bangor, Bath, Augjjta. Kastport and
St. John.
Shippers are requested to send their freight to the
steamers ns -arly as 3 1*. M. on the day that they
leave Portland.
Por freight or passage apply to
EMF.lt V .V Ktix. Galt s Wharf. Po Used
<1. P. AMES, Pier St East Elver. ’ ° vamt'
August 13, lot 7. dtt
Fall Arranf/ement l
The new and superior sea going
steamers .JOHN BROOKS, and
MONTREAL, haring been tilted
up at great expense with a large
'number ot beaulitul tato Rooms,
will run the season as follows :
Leaving ' Atlantic Wharf, Purtlan*. *17o’clock
and India Wharf, Boston, every day a« f ..’clock, J*
M, (8uudays excepted.)
Cablnfare,.... il.flo
Dock..‘ l.'o#
Freight taken at usual.
_ . L. BILL 1 NOS, Ageut.
September 19, If67-dti
D«. J. K.IUI(1HE«
No. LA Preble Street,
N*mr the Preble Hmm,
WHERE he can be consulted privately, and ,w1th
the utmost lOntfdciice by the utheted, al
hours daily, and trciu 8 A. M. to iP.M.
Dr. H. adMtetees those who are suffering under the
affliction of i rivate diseases wh.-thei arising iron
impure connection or the terrible vice Ol »«lt-ahu*e.
Devoting his entire time to that particular branch ol
the medical pion-ssion, he led* warranted in Guar
anteeing A CUKE IN ALL CASES, whether Ol long
standing or r« ently controcied, entirely removing rLa
dregs of disease from the system, and making a per#
He would call the attention of the afflicted to tha
fset of bis long-star lmg ami wtdi-eHrnjd reputation
furnishing aurticitut a- umace ot his skdl and sac*
CiBdaa is ike Pa bile.
Every Intelligent aud thinking person must know
| rat remedies handed out tor general use sbouJJ have
heir eBleaey established by well tested experience ia
t ie bands ot a regularly educated ph>*Man, wlw a
preparatory studies tit him for all the duties be rent
fulnl; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrun a
and cure-alls, purporting to bo tius h«M In the won. ,
which are not only useless, but always injurious.
The untbrtuuate should be particular in selecting
bis physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontroverti
ble fai t, that many syphilitic patient* are made mit*
arable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment
from Inexperienced physicians in general practice; tor
|tisa point general ty conceded by the best «vj>hiJo*m
phers, that the study and management ot these coma
plaints should engross the whole time of those who
would he competent and sue. tssiul in their treat
ment and cure. 'Ihe iticip^rh need geueral practi
tioner, having neither opportunit y nor time tomak
hira**elf acquainte*J with their pathology, commonly
pursues one system of treatment, in most cases mak
ing an iiiuisrriuiioate use or that antiquated and dan
gerous weapon, the Mercury.
Hava t'aaidence.
All who have committed an excess of any kinu
whellier It be the solitary vice of youth, or rhe sling
ing rebuke of misplaced confidence In m.uurer years,
The Pains and Achss, and Lassitude and Nervoui
Prostration that may iollow Impure (Joatiou,
are the Barometer to the whole system.
Do not wait »or the consummation that is sure to fol
low; do not wait tor Unsightly Ulcers, icr
Disabled Limbs, tor leosaot Beauty
and Complexion.
Hiwtssy Thoiaaada Caa Testify tw Thli
byUabapp/ experience!
Young men troubled with emissions In sleep,—A
oomplaint generally the result oi a bad habit In
youth.—treated sclent ittcally and a perfect cure wad
ranted or no charge made.
Hardly a day passe? but we are consulted by one or
more young men with the above disease, some of
whom are as weak aiid emaciated as though they had
the consumption, aud by their friend* are supposed to
have it. All su< h cases yield to the proper and only
correct course of treatment, and in a shoit time art
made to rejoice in perfect health.
Middle-Aged Men.
There are many men of the age or thirty who aie
troubled with too frequent evacuation* from the blad
der, often accompanied by a slight snouting or burn
ing sensation, and weakening the system In a man
ner the patient cannot account for. On examining
the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be
found, and sometimes small panicles of semen or al
bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milk
lsh hue, again changing to a daik and turbid appear
ance. There are many men who die of this difficult/
ignorant of the cause, which is tlie
lean warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and a
full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs
Persons who cannot personally consult Ilie Dr.
can do so by writing, In a plain manner, a deacnp*
lion of their diseases, and the appropriate remedies
will be forwarded imiutiliately.
All correspondence strictly confidential, wlU
be returned, U desired.
Address; DR. J. B. HUG HE$,
No. 14 Preble Street,
Next door to the Preble House, Portland, Me.
mr Send a Stamp for Circular.
Electic Medical Infirmary,
DB. HUGHES particularly Invite, nil I sdles, who
need a medical adviser, to call at his rooms, No. U
Preble Street, which they wll llud airauaed lor Lbcir
especial accommodation.
Air. H.’s Electic Kenovating Medicines are unrival
led in efficacy and sulterior virtue in revulatlu. alA
Komale Irregularities. Their action is spectllc and
certain oi producing reliei in a short time.
LADIES will And it invaluable in ull cases of ob
structions alter ali other remedies have bun tried In
vain. It is purely ve.e table, containing nothin, in
the least Injurious loth, health, and m ay be takoi
with perfect saleiy at all times.
Sent to Mt) putt ol the toon try, with 1)111 directions,
by addressing Dlt. H UGHEs
lanl.lSMI&w, No. 14 Preble Street. PortUwL
Gas Fixtures! Gas Fixtures !
We hate connected HAS FIXTURES with our bu.1
ness of
Strum and Gas Fittings,
Oratiug*, rumps, Ac., Ac ,
and ar© now prepared to ftirnlsh them as low as the*
can be purchased in Boston. ™
Our stock is entirely new, and Is selected from th*
latest ami most iashionab'c stales.
We invito persons who intend to purchase fixtures
to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere
C. M. A 11. T. PLUMMFR
Nos. 9,11 and 13 Union .Street, Portland Me
September 12. dtt Me
lilton <© McFarland,
Dralre to call the attention to the bet that mot e than
4 O
or their Safes gave AMPLE PRirTKCTinM
late tiro. Parties destring a rw*KCTl0« ‘“the
At a MODERATE PRICK, will lease call
EMERY 3 WaMBhOusb,
Middle Street, Portland.
Orjai IIO Mu.lb»„ Ntree,, B„e..«.
fc®!.“J**1*^ SAfea taken in exchange for xele.
toeblVi* Nan born’s Steam improvement at
tacheil to Ttlton A: McFarland's .Sales, can order ot
Kmcry.W aterhouso A; Co.
Jan Is—hxIsiw ineacl: monads remainder of time
We have in store one ot the finest assortment of
CLOTHS. CASSI.MERES, Ate., that can be found in
Portland. These goods have been selected with rn at
care and especially adapted to llie litsLionabte traut
and at prices that cannot tail to c lease, and all gooda
thoroughly shrunk and satlsbcllon guaranteed.
A call is reapertlullj solicited. Thankful to thiendn
or past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of
I the unit.
)»nS«l«f M. H. REDDY, Proprietor,

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