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Thursday Morn;ng, June 18 i86d
First Page to-day—The Mai lie Delega
tion in Congress; Death Bed Repentance;
Compliment to Boston Artists; Varieties.
Fourth Page -To a Lady, with a perfect ear
—of corn; Modern Virginians; a Woman on
the Walking Beam of a Steamer; the Empress
Josephine; Tender Feelings.
The Increased Ray of Govbbnment
Clerks.—When the Argus feels inclined to
“ pitch into” the Radical.-; for extravagant ap
propriations of the public money, it should
pause to consider liow the Democratic mem
bers of Congress stand. I1 or instance, it
might have been spare! some little mortifica
tion if before its savage denunciation of the
increase ot compensation to government clerks
it had become acquainted with the fact that
only two Democrats voted against the addition
al 20 per cect. The increase of the pay °t
members was brought about iu the same way.
Tiie removal of political disabilities lias at
length been well commenced by the passage of
a bill through both louses of Congress reliev
ing Roderick R. Butler, Congressman elect
from Tennessee, from all penalties and disabil
ities incurred by reason of bis participation in
the rebellion. Partial measures of this kind
have repeatedly passed one house, but this is
the first that has passed both. May the time
soon come when it will be safe and just to pass
a general bill relieving all the late Rebels in
accordance with the Republican platform, the
reconstruction acts, the 14th constitutional
amendment au4 the pledges of Republican
leaders. The bill that passed the Senate,
Tuesday, relieving 700 citizens of North Caro
lina, was opposed by only six members, four of
whom were Democrats. The Radical Senators
generally expressed themselves as disposed to
adopt a universal amnesty policy at the earli
est practical period.
The Tax Bill.—There will be gre.it dif
ference of opinion as to the wisdom of the
action of flic Mouse, Monday, in directing
the Ways and Meaus committee to report a
short bill relating to the whiskey and tobac
co tax alone, as a substitute for the exhaustive
measure which had been considered in Com
mittee of the Whole for some days. The in
dustry of the nine gentlemen who constitute
the Committee of Ways and Means in per
fecting a complete revision of our internal
revenue laws deserves generous recognition,
and it was hoped that the present session
would not expire before the measure had
passed in some shape. That hope must now
be abandoned. An analysis of the vote shows
that a majority of seven Republicans were
favored of going on with the consideration of
the whole bill, but, with the minority all
but two of the Democratic members united
and a majority of thirteen in the whole House
in favor of a postponement. It is thought
that the short bill will be reported from the
committee before the close of the present
week and that Congress will adjourn on the
tenth of next mouth at the latest. The whis
key tax will be reduced to fifty cents a gal
lon, and the tobacco tiix so graduated as to"
produce in connection with the whiskey tax
The new Governor of Mississippi.—The
telegraph announces that Gen. Adel her t Ames
has been appointed Governor oi Mississippi in
place of Humphreys, removed. The natioual
reputation which this brilliant Maine officer
acqu'*red as Colonel of the 20th Maine Regi
ment, and finally as a brigade and division
commander, makes his name most familiar to
the people of this State. It was Gen. Ames
that with his division look Fort Fislicr in Jan
uary, 1865, and thus put an end to the days of
blockade running. This exploit is perhaps
more widely known than any other with
which his name is associated, but lie did ex
cellent service from Bull Run down to the
very close ot the rebellion.' Gen. Ames is yet
a young man, having graduated at West
Point, ranking fifth in his cla:*s, no longer ago
than 1861. What particular act of the provis
ional government of Mississippi has led to the
change of officers is not yet known. If, as was
reported by telegraph a lew days ago, Gen.
McDowell has taken command in the fourth
military district, this first act of his will not
he likely to recommend him to the Democra
cy. The position of the man he has appointed
Governor will be no sinecure, for in Missisippi
there has as yet been no election for the rat i
fication ot the constitution, and important ad
ministrative duties will devolve upon him.—
Tire result of the election, however, cannot be
doubtful, for the blacks greatly outnumber the
whites on the registration lists.
Judge Chase in Virginia.—For the first
time in his life Judge Chase is a popular man
in the Old Dominion. The telegraph has re
peatedly told of the fraternizing bciween liim
and Henry A. Wise and other F. F. V.’s, dur
ing his late sojourn in Richmond. It his al
so told of his voluntary and studied espousal of
the Rebels vs. the new order of things under
the reconstruction acts. One correspondent
writi ng from Richmo nd says:
Judge Chase, during his official stay in this
city, has won golden opinions from alt parties.
His character as an upright and fearless
statesman, so justly established in his splen
did record in the impeachment trial, is fully
confirmed by his conduct here. It may he
proper to say here that public rumor says that
one of the Chief Justice’s daughters has cap
tured one of Virginia’s most brilliant sons—
one whose position and talents, if linked with
such a Northern source, might be most fortu
nate in its public effects. It is only necessa
ry to state ihat rumor begins tlie name of
this gentle man with “A”—in order to inform
all who are familiar with familiar with Vir
ginia|politics or literature wTho thii captive is.
Political Note*.
The Springfield Republican says that the
friends of Mr. Sumner are very much dis
pleased at the letter from citizens of Massa
chusetts tendering Mr. Fessenden a public
dinner. What a pity!
Gen. Charles P. Stone, the “over, the left”
hero of Ball’s Bluff, refuses to he a candidate
for the Virginia Semite, “so long as the abom
inable test-oath disgraces the proposed consti
tution of the State, rendering ineligible large
numbers ot the most honorable and most trust
worthy voters and tax-payers within its lim
It is rumored that Evarts has concluded to
accept the position of Attorney General and
that Browning will soon retire from the Cab
The California delegation to the New York
Convention will support Judge Field for Pres
A Trenton paper, reporting the following
conversation on the street, gives in a nut-shell
the animus of the opposition to General Grant.
Republican—Do you think many Democrats
will vote for General Giant? Democrat—No.
Republican — Why? Democrat —Because lie
hurt himself when he captured Lee! Republi
can—Oh! all! 1 see.
Hon. W. H. Wadsworth, a prominent mem
ber of the third party in Kentucky, is among
those who refuse to be transferred to the rebel
Democracy, and has taken the stump for Grant
and Colfax.
It is said that the vote of New York city
against Grant and Colfax will ho swelled by at
least two thousand persons who ferved in the
Rebel armies.
Henry Clay Dean from whom the Press re
ceived a little, courteous attention when he
was in New Hampshire lust spring, says that
“ these one-armed soldiers who are thrust un
der our noses as objects of charity are fit sub
jects for the gallows!”
The office of Commissioner of Patents has
been vacant over a year.
“M. C. T.,” in the Independent, offers this to
the Democrats:
Prom the field we shall drive you in ront and dis
See the omen! E'en now we are giving you Chase!
Mr. 8. M. Clark of the printing division of
the Treasury Department has resigned and
his resignation lias been accepted. Mr. Clark
will leave the office as soon as a suitable per
son to Conduct its affairs can be ageeed upon.
A W ashington dispatch says that the story
in some of the papers that Genera! Grant has
sent an officer to the Canadian frontier to
watcli the Fenian movements is entirely un
founded. lie has not M;„t anybody there for
any purpose.
It is understood that Governor Swann has
declined to appoint Montgomery Blair Sena
tor from Maryland.
Gen. Rousseau is called by the Albany
Evening Journal a drunkard and a loafer.
Logau s resolution relating to the removal
oithe national capital from Washington is
Dot a serious measure.
Will some courageous individual undertake
fenS^a uXTto tfUUa'e U"aninj0U9ly
. .. radical to the most important
diplomatic position under the government , „
the ground that be is an
man. Chaos will cotuc first' ‘ "°r"y
The Connecticut Seymour declines to he a
Democratic candidate for tn, w
me vice I resi
The town of Oxford lias »e!eete<3 Din ,
delegate tothe second district convention —
Phillips in Franklin county has elooted dele
gates favorable to tlie nomination of Mr. ,s
P. Morrell. #
East Maine Conference.—A letter from
Machias to the Bangor Whig in relation to the
East Maine Conference, dated June 13th,
While this body, like all others, is depleted
yearly by death and emigration ot its mem
bers, the numerical loss is repaired by new can
didates. Four wi re admitted oil trial this
moraine namely: Robert L. Mathison, Joseph
L. Beale, John H. Bennett, and Abner S.
Tin'report ot the com nut tee on tempera mo
to-day elicited an animated discussion. This
Conference does not intend any backward step
relating lo this great reform.
Rev. Mr. Merrill, State Ag“otol the Ameri
can Bible Society, was introduced this morn
ing and made brief remarks.
The afternoon was occupied by the anniver
sary exercises ot tho Church Extension So
ciety. Tile speakers were Revs. William E.
Brown, H. A. Chase, A. Church, and J. ().
The evening was devoted to the memorial
services of the deceased members. The ser
mon was delivered bv Rev. S. H. Beale, and
the obituaries read by Rev. W. L. Brown, fol
lowed with closing remarks by Rev. J. W.
Day, upon the lust hours of Father Atwell.
Melancholy Accident.—A dispatch from
Calais states the two sons of Thomas V.
Briggs, Esq., of ltobbinston, were drowned
while fishing in Goulding Lake, iu that town,
on Tuesday. The names of the young men
were Thomas Porter, aged 21 years, aud George
Ilayden, aged 14 years. They were amiable
and beloved, and their sudden death has
created universal sadness not only in R >bbius
ton but also in Calais aud Eastport where they
and their father are well known. The family
of Mr. Briggs will have the sympathy of these
c immunities in their deep affliction.
The Hide and Leather Bank Defalca
tion.—The Bostou Advertiser is authorized to
s:ate the defalcation of the Hide and Leather
Bank is ascertained to be $575,000. The sur
plus of the bank is $350.000,—which leaves a
deficit in the capital itock of $225,000. This
amount the directors think will be reduced by
the premiums upon the government securities
which the bank owns, and the amount they
evpecl to realize from assests received on ac
c Hint of the defaulters, so materially that the
capital stock will be but slighty, if any, im
pair* d.
List of Patents issued to Maine inventors
for the week ending June 18'h, and each bear
ing that date:
Duncan Morrison, Portland, staging.
W. W. Stevens, Portland, tea-pot.
John A. Green, Waterford, horse-power.
Benjamin lVnaexter, Minot, assignor to self
and Geo. W. Homer, of Mechanic Falls, ma- j
<hine for fharpening saws.
Reported for the Press by Wm. Henry Clif
ford, Solicitor of American and Foreign Pat
ents, 3011*2 Congress street, Portland, Me.
Tue New York papers state that the Rev.
Court laud Bolles, from Maine, supplied the
pulpit of the Rev. E. U. Chapin, Brooklyn, N.
Y., (Church of the Divine Paternity) last Sun
day to the satisfaction of all present.
News Items.—Murder in Montana is quick
ly avenged. On the 30th of May one George
Ballou committed that crime at nine o’clock
in the evening, was sentenced to death at two
o’clock next morning and an hour later was
Dispatches received yesterday' from Ogdens
burg, Malone and Chateaugay, N. Y., utterly
deny that there is any concentration of war
material or gathering of Fenians at those
points. Another dispatch says that on Wed
nesday of last week many car loads of arms
were unloaded at Potsdam.
Blaeque Bey, Turkish Minister, left Wash
ington Tuesday morning on a tour through
the northern part of the United States and
Canada. He will be absent about three
mouths and will visit Niagara Falls, Chicago,
Canada, Newport and other watering places.
Speaker Colfax having been appealed to
settle a dispute concerning the pronunciation
of his name, returned the following answer:
“My first name is pronounced as if written
j Skyler, and the last as if written Coali'dx. The
| ‘a* doubtless, dropped out iu crossing the
The hill to increase the salaries of Inspect
ors of Customs at Portland and Bostou is be
lore the Commerce Committee ol the House,
and the passage of the same is being urged by
representatives of these interests.
The Army and Navy Journal, contrary to
previous report, says that General Jce Hook
er’s health has been very much improved by
his foreign travels, and that his physician feels
confident of his speedy and permanent recov
Of GOO students in Oberlin College, Ohio, 38
are said to be co’ored.
Historian Bancroft, besides looking after
the in ten sts of naturalized citizens born in
North Germany, has found time, so the papers
say, to fall desperately in love with Miss Mey
erbeer, daughter of the late composer.
At the rate of progress now made on the
Union Pacific Railroad it is fully expected
that the track will be laid to Salt Lake by
January 1,1869. Armies ot constructionists,
amounting to ten or twelve thousand men,are
now at work, and in a little over a y^ur a train
ot cars can leave Boston and stop at the Gold
en Gate.
State News.
The Lewiston Evening Journal says that
Constable Joseph Littlefield has just returned
from Thom as ton, whither he went having in
custody Thomas E. SI rout, the Auburn Burg
lar, who is sentenced to three years in State
Prison. Strout at once donned the variegated
prison suit, but did not seem so happy as on
his return from his recent flight. The Cornish
Bank robbers were also taken to State Prison
last week.
There was a grand Grant and Colfax ratifi
cation meeting at Central Hall, Lewiston, last
evening, under the auspices of the Lewiston
Grant Club. Among the speakers were Ad
jutant-Gen. Caldwell, Attorney-Gen. Frye,
Hon. T. A. D. Fessenden, and Hon. N. Ding
The Lewiston Journal says the comrades of
Post No. 9, (i. A. R., of that city, have been
invited to join with Post No. 2, ol Portland,
and other posts throughout the State, in a
grand re-union of comrades on the 30th inst.,
at Portland, and take part in an Island Ex
cursion, to I'm: music of the Portland Band.
Judah D. Teague, Esq., of Lyndon has this
year sowed one hundred an,, ten bushels of
grai.. and is plowing from twenty to thirty
acres which be will sow with buckwheat. He
raised last 1100 bushels of grain. People get
the idea into their be: ds that all (lie Slate of
Maine is adapted to is the raising of uien and
cattle, while those who are cultivating the rich
soil in the valley of the Kennebec and the
Aroostook county are rewarded with sure and
abundant crops. Several who have returned
from a recent visit to the States of tlie great
Northwest have returned home with a better
\ opinion of Maine thau ever.
■ Mr. William Taylor, a tailor, in the employ
of Mr. K. Walsh, of Tlioinaston, was found
dead in his bed oil Wednesday morning last.
At 7 o'clock, A. M., he was left liy liis ’room
mate apparently quietly s'eeping. At eight
he was loutid de ad.
An Oxford correspondent of the Lewiston
Journal says a severe thunderstorm visiied
that town on Saturday. The house of Ne well
Linnell was struck, ilie lightening passing
through nearly every part ol the building,
badly shattering it in all dir.ctions. John
Linnell Esq., aged about eighty years, who
lived with his son Newell, was sitting in one
of the rooms reading and was instantly killed,
though no nnuks was left upon his body. One
ef his little grand-daughters in the room was
struck senseless by the bolt; her mother pick
ed her ii]i ai d placed her in her graml-father’s
lap, and finding the old gentleman motionless
was the first warning she had that anything
had befallen him. He sat ill his chair in pre”
cisely the same position he was before he was
struck. A dog lying a few feet from him was
also killed.
The Portland and Oxford Central railroad,
(from Mechanic Falls to Hartford,) having
failed to obtain town subscriptions in aid of
ils further extension, is to be “hung up” as the
lumbermen say. The Directors give notice to
the farmers and others who have used the
road, that the trains will stop running on the
22d instant; that al! freight musf be got off
before that liime; and tiie station masters, con
ductors and other employees have received no
tice that their services will not be wanted after
that date.
Tiie Bethel people are building a first-class
bridge across tiie Androscoggin at the place
known many years as Baker’s Ferry. This
will connect Bethel with Mayville village and
supply a want long felt by the citizens of both
The estate of the late Samuel Veazie o<
Bangor, is valued at about $(>80,000. It is very
nearly equally divided in real and personal.
It pays the government in Revenue stumps re
quired on the Probate papers the sum ot $341.
The whig of Tuesday says: ‘ This morning
about three o’clock a fire broke out in a store
house on a wharf just below tile Penobscot
Bridge, totally destroying the storehouse, and
as we go to press the tire has communicated
with a pile of lumber belonging to Messrs. Lin
coln anti Sabine.
We learn from the Whig that Levi Jack, an
insane deaf mute, set fire to'a barn connected
with the house on the Poor Farm at Dixmont,
last Thursday evening, destroying the build
ings, consisting of a house and large stable,
wiili the entire contents. Mrs. Peabody, an
elderly lady, was .burned to death. Mrs. P.
was a pauper and quite infirm, and is supposed
to have been unable to get out before the
flames reached her. At ail examination at
Newport, Friday, Jack confessed that lie set
the fire and assigned no reason other than
that lie was insane. He was taken to Bangor
for trial. He also eon leased to having set tire
to the farm buildings a few years since. The
amount of properly destroyed was about $5 000.
Insured for $1,000.
An elegant hat! culled “Coburn Hall” ha*
been dedicated at Kkowhegan. It, is (52x100
I11"1 will comfortably
block wni l'<;,,|jl<’: T1"' finish of the hall is
. by Sumacber’ ^ <reSCOC Work Was d,,ne
Portland and Vicinity.
New Ailvertisemcills this Way.
Maine Saving* Bank—N. F. Deering,
entertainment column.
Deering Hall—Theatre.
Free Lectures—Dr. C. C. Bennett.
The Be*t Cooking Stove—A. N. Noyes & Son.
Atlantic House— S. B. Gunnison
Croquet Sets, Ac. .1 M. Thompson.
Caliiori'ii Flour—id ike, Jones & Gage.
Belief (i»r the l eet Dr. Lmanuel
M owing Machine or S:»l —John Reed.
Po.lt'on of iron-Clad Lodge. 1. O. G. T.
Jump Seal Carrngj. lor Sale—C. I*. Kimball.
Farm lor Sale -John C. Procter.
J dmi iitraioi’s Notie.—Clns. K. Webster.
.11:iuici|inl Court.
j 1 due ki.nusuuky presiding.
Wednesday.—Geo. A. Cowan was before the
Court on a seal eh and seizure process. He pleaded
guilly and paid the fine of $r>0 and costs.
Janies Humphrey was adjudged guiuy of a like of
fence, from which decision he appealed to a higher
John H. Hamel was arrainged for assault and bat
tery on the person of his wite. Ca e continued to
Jun 27tb. ___
Sixteenth Annual «f tli%» JIaint»
Vl4‘49i«al AHMOciatiou.
The Committees upon the various medical
and surgical subjects appointed at the last
meeting were called upon to report.
I>r. Thayer read a report upon the sanitary
condition of Portland and its Alms House,
setting forth the improvements that have beni
instituted in the rebuilding of the city, show
ing that hygenic laws have been fully consid
ered. His remarks upon the condition of tlie
Alms House earnestly calls for much change
and improvement in the working of that in
Dr. Weston, Chairman of the Committee on
Neciology, reported the diftths of Dr. Isaac
Lincoln ot Brunswick ; l)r. A. F. Stanley of
Winthrop and Dr. McLellan. Eulogistic re
marks were made upon the characters of the
deceased members. He presented a biographi- j
cal sketch of l)r. Stanley, but being unable to '
obtain facts necessary to do the same in Dr
Lincoln’s case he closed by a touching eulogy j
of his life and character.
Dr. John T. Gilman in a beautiful tribute to
the character of I)r. Lincoln offered the fol
lowing preamble and resolutions :
WU<reu8, In the Providence of God, our distin
guUIicd ami much respected associate and friend,
Isaac Lincoln, M. D., who cheered und honored us
with his presence at the last annual meeting of this
Association, and whose life of untiring activity and
earnest usefulness was rounded out to almost four
score and ten, “lias cornu.to the grave in lull age, as
a shock of corn conu th in its season,”
Resolved, That his genial disposition, his warm
and generous sympathies, his manly independence,
hts loyalty to his profession, and to his convictions
of the right in all matters pertaining to the various
interests of society, his sterling patriotism, high
toned principles and the crowning excellence of a
Christian life, commands c ur admiration and respect,
ami will be ever held in gratuful remembrance.
Resolved, That this expression of our high regard,
and the assurance of our sympathies, be communi
cated to the family of our deceased associate, and
entered upon the records ol the Association.
Dr. Gilman from the Committee on General
Hospital, reported the uction of that Commit
tee before the Legislature. Dr. Gilman’s re
port was a highly interesting and able one, ex
hibiting much research in regard to other and
especially the Massachusetts General Hospital.
We hope to be able to publish thfe lull report,
as any attempt to make un abstract must be
but feeble.
Dr. Dana, from the same Committee, made
some additional remarks, explaining the causes
whieh prevented securing an appropriation.—
He believed it chiefly due to political causes,
but hoped and thought it probable that anoth
er attempt would result in success.
Dr. Harlow followed in some remarks, en
couraging the members to act early in securing
the benefits of a General Hospital.
The report of the Standing Committee made
yesterday and laid upon the table, that the
next place of meeting be Bangor, was called up.
Dr. Brickett moved that it be referred to the
next meeting.
After remarks by Drs. Sanger, Swazey,
Brickett, Manson, Snow, Buxton, Wiggin and
Hill the question was taken and the Conven
tion decided not to accept the report of the
Committee on that point.
On motion,
Voted to recommit that portion of the report
with the instruction that it is the sense of the
Association that Portland be the next place of
l>r. Manson of Pittsfield olfcvod a resolution
which was laid upon the table until later in the
Eleven o’clock having been assigned for Dr.
Tewksbury of Portland upon the subject of
conservative surgery, he made reports upon the
result of several cases operated upon during
the last year, for excision of the knee joint.
The Dr. presented one case operated upon by
simply drilling through the diseased joint in
stead of excision, and the case as exhibited
showed every indication of success, and in the
opinion of Dr. T. he thought that it would not
be long before this simple operation would take
the place of the more formidable one of excis
ion in bony union of joints.
The report of Dr. T. elicited discussion from
many of the gentlemen of the Association. Dr.
Hunt of Gorham reported a case similar in
character; though only a week since the oper
ation, he thought it would result favorably.
On motion of Dr. Fuller of Bath, the report
of Dr. Tewksbury was accepted and referred
to the Publishing Committee.
Dr. Morton of Bangor, moved that Dr.
Brown of Paris, make a report upon the life
and character of the late Dr. Kittredge, and
send it to the Committee on Publication.
Dr. Snow presented a report, exhibiting the
formation of the Kennebec Co Medical So
ciety. And moved it be refeircd to the Com
mittee on Investigation.
Dr. Weston made a report relative to the
formation of a County Society in Penobscot
Dr. Manson, moved that the Somerset Coun
ty Society he referred to the Investigating
The following Committee were appointed to
regulate the fees of country practitioners: Drs.
Bolster, and Brown of Paris.
Adjourned to meet at half past two.
A letter was read from Eaton Shaw, Esq.,
State Liquor Agent, requesting the Convention
to send a special committee, or as a committee
of the whole to visit his store and examine his
l)r. Goodale stated that he had a report to
make upon the subject of Analysis of Liquors,
but would not present it at this time. Dr.
Hamlin read a synopsis upon alcoholic liquors
made from his report upon this subject.
Ou motion of Dr. Martin of Bangor, it was
vote! to accept, the report of Dr. Hamlin and
refer it to the Committee ou Publicatiaus.
Dr. Levi G. Hill of New Hampshire, was
elec ted an honorary member of the Associa
Dr. I. T. Dana extended a cordial invitation
to the members of the Association, to visit him
at his residence this evening.
Dr. Dana then presented a report as Commit
tee on Practice of Medicine. He prefaced his
report with the remark that he could not at
this hour, in so short a time, hope to give a
resume of' the advances Ui medicine during the
last year. He selected as his subject certain
d'seases which had been carefully studied by
the best investigators.
He they spoke of Nieiueyor’s views in re
gard to Pulmonary Phthisis. Dr. Niemeyer
denies, at the outset, that Pulmonary Phthisis
is a specific disease. He asserts that there is
only one kind of tubercle, the miliary variety;
that this changes into other varieties and final
ly may degenerate; and, breaking dowu, leave
a cavity. All cases, in which there is any pul
monary disease, attended with debility and de
pression, should be promptly relieved if possi
ble, and the cure should pe made perfect, in or
der to guard against the attack of supervening
Phthisis. Dr. Niemeyer advises the use of a
pill containing Quinine, Digitalis and Opium
He use3 cod liver oil, extract of malt and fresh
milk in these cases of Phthisis.
Mr. liana then detailed the views of Doctor
Budd of Bristol, England, in regard to
1st, That tubercle is a true tymotic disease
2d, Tubercle never originates spontaneously
but arises Irom some other tulierele.
dd, That the tubercle consists of a specific
4lh, That this deposit is of t'ao nature of an
5th, All sputa in Phthisis should he prompt
ly disinfected.
By care in this respect, he hoped that, ulti
mately, Phthisis may be eradicated.
Dr. Dana next alluded to the views lately ad
vacated that all transmissable diseases arise
from some specific poison. He alluded to th ;
yellow matter or peyels patches as an illustra
Dr. Goodale then declined the office of Re
cording Secretary, to which he had been elect
ed, and Dr. Chas. O. Hunt of Portland, was i
chosen to fill this position.
Drs. Goodale, Foster and Fitch were chosen
delegates to the next meetiug of the Canadian
Medical Society at Montreal.
Dr. Pendleton then read a report as delegate
to the N. Y. State Convention.
Dr. Green of Pittsfield, was then introduced
to the Association, and made some interesting
remarks upon the so-called tuberch in bone.
He spoke of the importance of having a "ood
instrument maker in Portland, and made the
announcement that in a short time a branch
house of Tieman & Co., will be open in this
city. Dr. Green expressed the hope that be
fore long he might resume active membership
in the Association.
The Constitutions for County Medical So
cieties in thecountiesof Kennebec, Penobscot,
Androscoggin and Cumberland, were next
presented by the Chairman of the Committed
to which the matter had been referred.
Dr. Jewett then read a report upon diseases
of female ’. The special nature ot his subject
forbids the publication of a detailed report of
his remarks.
On motion of Dr. Tewksbury the report of
Dr. Jewett was accepted and referred to the
Publishing Committee.
Adjourned to 8 o’clock this evening.
Dr. Thomas H. Brown, 1st Vice President, in
the chair.
Dr. B. F. Fogg of Portland, Curator of the
Pathological Museum made his aunual report
Dr. F. urged upou members of the Associa
tion out of the city to add their specimens
to the augumentatiou of the Museum. From
the Dr.’s report the future of the Museum is a
fixed fact.
Ou motion of Dr. Snow the report was ac
cepted aud referred to the Publishing Commit
By the same gentleman a vote of thanks
was extended to Eaton Shaw, Esq., ot thiscity,
for his generous donation ot $50 to the Patho
logical Museum.
Drs. Foster, Chadwick, Tewksbury and
Snow urged upou the members the importance
of this Museum, and strongly and forcibly
urged the members throughout the State to
contribute to this object.
Dr. Kilborn, of Auburn, reported an inter
esting case of absorption of the bones of the
Dr. Buxtou read a report upon hypodermic
injections, which was a paper of much inter
est, and a subject which is interesting to the
profession generally.
On motion of Dr. Day it was voted that the
report of Dr. Buxton bn accepted and he be
continued upou the same subject for the next
It was voted to raise a committee of three
to visit the Iusane Hospital aud report its
workings to this association. The chair ap
pointed Drs. Mansou, Harris and Day as said
Adjourned until to-morrow at 9 o’clock.
Met-oml Auniremary of the I’oitluud Army
and Nary Uuion.
Perhaps nothing is more conducive to the
general prosperity ot au association, than a
celebration of its anniversary, aud no set of
men cau do it in better shape than our brave
boys in blue. They can chase foot-balls with
as great eagerness of pursuit as they did reb
els, can hit a target or a “Johnnie,” and are
fully competent to do wonders iu the Commis
sary Department. Thus possessing within
themselves all the requisites of a good trip to
the islands, it is not strange that the second
anniversary ot the Army and Navy Union yes
terday was a success.
The expedition set sail from the foot of State
street about 9 o’clock, and proceeded to sea un
der “sealed orders,” which were opened off
breakwater lighthouse. Little Chebeague was
ordered as the destination of this combined
military and naval expedition. The island was
reached and captured without any serious op
position from its two occupants. It was dis
covered, upon inspection, that a small portion
of the territory had already been occupied by
a loyal guard, who immediately invited the
weary troops to a hearty breakfast. The sol
dier’s work being to eat and fight, no sooner
had the viands disappeared than the sport'of
the day were entered upon. Foot-ball, base
hall, quoits, swinging and target shooting en
gaged the attention of the company for several
hours. At 2 o’clock the bugle sounded lor din
ner, and the boys evidently understood the sig
nal. A court martial was then organized for
the trial of such offeuders as might be brought
before it. Several hand-cuffed prisoners were
brought in aud arraigned, when the court pro
ceeded with the trial of Capt. Perry. P. Bou
ney. Esq., as Judge Advocate, appeared for the
government, and E. H. Ehvell of the Tran
script, for the prisoner. After au impartial
hearing he was adjudged guilty and sentenced
to march around the island under a guard of
soldiers, with fixed bayonets, to the tune of
The Rogue’s March. The sentence was about
being carried into effect when the convict de
manded that it should be exehuted literally.
Upon the discovery that there were no bayo
nets upon the island, proceedings came to a
dead stand, and the prisoner was once more a
free man.
The result of the target shooting was then
announced. Each contestant was allowed three
shots, and the best average secured tho prize.
The best single shot of persons not connected
with the Association was by G. W. Merrill,
who hit one inch trom the centre of the target.
Best average shot by O, Adams, ot Biddeford,
4 1-2 inches, who received the prize. Of mem
bers of the Union, the first prize was awarded
to Dr. S. C. Gordon, its President, whose aver
age was 6 1-4 inches. The second prize was
given to A. I. Hodgdou, whose average was
81-4 inches. The best single shots were made
by C. K. Lombard aud C. E. Somerby, 11-2 in
Capt. Knight, of the Star, presented Dr. Gor
don with his beautiful silver prize in a neat
speech. Last, but not least, came the award to
the poorest marksman, of a leather uiedel and
a bottle of Hendrick’s bitters. Our neighbor
was again called from the ranks, aud adorned
with this star ot honor, at the same time grate
fully receiving the “bitters” as a partial remedy
for his wounded feelings. The Captain is con
sidered a very skillful marksman, and his
friends wondered (?) at his unusual bad luck
of yesterday.
About thiity members of the 5th Maine Reg
iment were present, who formed a regimental
association, with the following officers: Presi
dent—Col. H. R. Millett; Vice Presidents—
Wm. W. True, Jonathan Cole, O. B. Adams;
Secretary—Lucius M. Clark; Treasurer—John
H. Stevens; Surgeon—Frank G. Warren;
Quartermaster—Wm. B. Fenderson; Chaplain
—George W. Bieknell; Directors—George E.
Browu, George A. Chandler, Alonzo Haley,
Frank C. Kimball.
These brave men of this brave regiment,
many of whom had not seeu each other since
they were mustered out ot the service, amid
all the sports of the day, were not unmindful
of their noble comrades who laid down their
lives. They united iu a brief but impressive
memorial service, the baud playing a dirge, the
veterans standing, uncovered, with bowed
The ‘jolly tars” held an impromptu meeting,
with Capt. Charles B. Staples as President,
Upon their return, the Association was met
at the wharf by the Mechanic Blues, Captain
Parker, who escorted the excursionists to their
hall, corner of Plum and Middle streets. The
Union then voted thanks to the past members
of the 5th Ilegiment who united with them,
and to the Blues for the courtesy of their es
cort, They then adjourned with rousing cheers
for the old flag, and tor the pleasant return of
many anniversaries to the Portland Army and
Navy Union.
Opera Bouffe.—Bateman’s opera company
is drawing great crowds in Boston, particular
ly at the .present time, as the season is at its
close. The Boston Post sa\s:
Mr. Bateman’s company of Parisian artists
have commenced the second week of La Belle
Helene, with the same success that marked ti e
perlormat-ces at Selwyn’s Theatre last week,
when its walls were made bright with large
and fashionable audiences. We regret ex
tremely that engagements with Portland pre
vent our listening to this delightful company
alter this week. The airs of La Belle Helene
are very beautiful, and the concerted music of
a high character, the chorus most effectively
rising as climaxes to the chief situations. Last
night the enthusiasm excited by the opera was
at a high pitch, and beautiful floral tributes
greeted Mile. Tostee’s rendering of “un mat i
Tickets at $1.50 each night, at J. C. Procter’s,
03 Exchange street. •
Lp Town.—Mr. H. T. Cummings., apothe
cary, has removed an old building that stood
nearly opposite his present store on Congress
street, to a locality near the head of State and
have begun the constructs rn of a store of the
Italian style 31x75 feet, two stories high. The
material will be brick and mastic, the front
surmounted with an ornamental cornice. The
principal feature of the plan is the recessed
front, by which a much larger space of front
light than usual is secured. The store will be
divided in three parts, the middle room lighted
by a sky-light. Iu the second story over the
front store a tenement of four rooms is provid
ed for. The contractors are Messrs. T. E
Stuart, mason work; Morse & Williams, car
penters, and Mr. Stead, architect.
A Movement in the Right Direction.—
We the undersigned, merchants, agree to close
our places of business at 4 o’clock I*. M. on
Saturdays during the months of June, July,
August aud September, as is the custom in
other commercial towns:
Shaw, Ham'rondACarney.Plummer A Keazer,
Fletcher A Co, John 1 tenuis A Co,
J H Cres-ey A Co, Gauberl A Chase,
Shirley, Howe & Co, Burgess, Fobes A Co,
Harris, Atwood A Co, Smith A Chirk,
Lynch, Fling A Drew, Davis. Berry A Co,
Mathews & Thomas, Atwood. Buck A Co,
Heao A Dodge, Lisk A Weston,
J A P Hobbs, Geo F Fosfer,
Jolm Randall A Co, Blake. Jones A Gage,
T H Weston A Co. Randall, Emery A Co,
L C Briggs A Co, D W True A Co,
Jefferson Coolldge & Co, Upliam A Adams,
John W Perkins A Co, Kdw 11 Burgiu A Co,
Smith, Damrill A Co, Chase. Hall A Co,
Whittnnorc,iSt arbirdACo, Cloudman, Stevens A Co,
Churchill,HuntA Mclclier, W A C R JVlilliken.
Mortality of Portland.—The whole num
ber of deaths in this city reported during the
month of May was 54; of these there died, of
Consumption, 13; Congestion oi Lungs, 2; Db
ease of Brain, 1; Infantile, 7; Disease ol‘Heart, 4;
Neuralgia,!: Brain Fever, 2; v. hooping Cough. 2;
Scarlet Fever, 2; Cl ild-birth, 2; Lung Fever, 1; Dis
ease of Spine, 1; Dropsy on Brain, 1; Disease of Liv
er, 1; Uhl Age. 3; Dialvtis. 1; Rheumatism, 1; Tu
mor, 1; Measles, 1; Convulsions, 1; Still-born, 4;
unknown, 2.—Total 51.
Ayes.—Under 5 years, 17; between 5 and 10, 3; be
twee-1 10 and 20,3; between 20 and 30, 4; between
30 and 40, 6; between 40 and 50, 5; between 50 and 60,
3; between 60 and 70,3; between 70 and 80,4; be
tween 80 and DO, 1; unknown, 1; Still-born. 4.—To
tal 54.
Sexes.—Males 23; females 27; Unknown 4.—Total
Whole number of deaths in May, 1867, 48.
‘Lotus Bunce,
Superintendent of Burials.
“Who Struck Billy Patterson?”—A man
by the name of Banks, one of the crew of a
vessel now lying at this port, made his appear
ance on Centre street Tuesday, in a condition
strongly suggestive of a skirmish. He was es
corted to headquarters by two policemen, when
he reported that a party had come on board of
his vessel while he was on duty aud attacked
him. From his appearance we should say that
it was a successfill movement of the enemy,
and that the “picket line” was probably driven
in. However, the reports may have been sen
sational; but a disfigured countenance went
to prove the truth of (he story.
Base Ball.—A match game of base ball
was played on Smith’s Common, Westbrook,
betweeu the Active Base Ball Club of this
city, and the Seminary Nine of Westbrook, re
sulting in favor of the Westbrook boys by a
score of GO to 28.
An interesting article on the Portland and
Rutland railroad is in type hut is unavoidably
omitted. It will appear to-morrow.
Correction.—An annoying error occurs a
number of times in our leport of the proceed
ings of the Maine Medical Association pub
lished yesterday by which Dr. Eugene F. San
ger oi Bangor appears as Dr. Sawyer. There
is no gentleman of the latter name connected
with the Association, and Sanger should be
substituted for it wherever it occurs.
13 usiuesh Items**.
Albion Dining Rooms, 117 Federal st. Meas
at all hours. Ladies ami Gents well served.
The traveller’s recollections of the spicy
breezes of fair and sunny Spain are w'ondrous
ly rejuvinated by a single inhalation of Wood
worth’s Floii del Santo, which, with its de
licious odor, wafts forth the balmy lragrance of
the trophical exotics. For sale by all drug
gists. jeldeodlw
Every family should have a case of Dr.
Humphrey’s Specific Homeoeopatliic Medi
cines. They are simple, easily applied, harm
less, and yet, in a thousand instances they ar
rest disease, allay pain and suffering, save call
ing the doctor, aud prove a friend indeed. The
valuable service rendered immensely overbal
ances the small sum they cost. See advertise
ment. Address “H umphroy’s S pecifie Homoe
opathic Medicine Compady, 532 Broadway, N.
Y, See advertisement for Agent at Portland.
“Spring it is cheery.
Winter is dreary,
Green leaves hang, but the brown must fly;
When he is shaken,
Lone and forsaken.
What cau an old man do but die?’*
Why, take Plantation Bitters to be sure, and
with them a new lease of life. The old are
made young again, the middle-aged rejoice
and the young become doubly brilliant by us
ing this splendid tonic. Dyspepsia,heartburn,
liver complaint, headache, sprains in the side,
“crick in the back,” and all symptoms of
atomachie derangement yield at once to the
health-giving influence of Plantation Bitters
They add strength to the system and buoyan
cy to the mind.
Magnolia Water.—A delightful toilet arti
cle—superior to Cologne, and at half the
price. june!3eod&w2w
Hotel Arrivals.
H S Clayson, Boston J II Bean, Alfred
E G Wate house,F River E S Bodge, do
W M Enger, Bangor A T Crawley, Saccarappa
Dr Buzzell, Gorham J W Parks, Boston
J Parker & d. *do U McKenny, Wa tor boro
J O Durgan, Yarmouth A L Berry. Biddeford
J K Gooding, do B S Sawyer, Limerick
S E Emmons, New York H White lion sc, Elliot
S Louis, do S II Hanson, Baldwin
S Lombard, Standisli S Clements. Sacea appa
L Dow, Baldwin L S Morrill, Windham
F A Henry, Boston
L C Andrews, Bingham Mrs H M Price, Buck field
M R Bean, Skowhcgan II H Pereival, Waterville
C B Brown, New York II Moore, do
A M True, Bethel i> Sturdivant, Maine
E Green, Stark M li Record, Minneapolis
H L Bean, Pittsfield M Knights, Eaton
H Cass. Gorham NH P V Garland, Orono
D McGillcuddv, LewistonD C El*ns, do
C M Lanc.v, Boston P Simons, Damnriscof ta
A Harvey, do G Bickford, Pa^sonsiield
M W Risk, do F B Heisktlt,Philadelphia
W Bickford, Casco H M Bod well, Solon
A C Fisk, Augusta E R Benner, Waldnboro
J F Hunt, Augusta A P Andrews, W Paris
J Green, Standisli B B Stark, do
W H Porter, Pat is J M Kilcbcn.N Vassal boro
MLittlefield & w,Sk >wh’nF Grafton. do
Wm R Gray, Harlford E Stowell, So Paris
J Barrows, do J Pet kins, Mechanic Kails
J Irish, do DT Richardson,EBaldwin
It C Sewell, Buektield H Ferrington, Orlando
C M Bartlett, Boston Win Abbot , Sutton
E M Thayer, do J M Cunilit). do
P Libby, do W H Reynolds, do
VV S Emery, Somerville B Keen. Turner
D H Charles. Norway C Stevens, Aguusta
Y D Sands, Unio 1 J Sawyer, Casco
M E Thurston. Boston O P Dean, Parsonsfield
L LI Blanes, Maine C T Blood, Bangor
B D Uee i, Bethel S S Stevens, Li ermorc
»I M Full man, Koxbury DHShcrman &i,Winthrop
T C Goodwin. Milton E M Tibbetts, Bangor
N Moor >, Boston C McCready, Montreal
W Nason. d<» N B James, do
J Norton, Baldwin PR Russell, do
CKJohnson&W'BiddctordW M Moseley, do
W H Emery & w, K MillsE Hull’, Wiscasset
E B a*'C, Concord C Wainwright, Boston
H Biiant, Buxton O L Lincoln, Rangeiey
E C Martin, Boston if It Foss, Salem
W L Birnbowm. Lowell II I’ SinJth, Standlsh
W B Uayuard, Boston el B Harding, Ban:or
eF Merrill, do S Stroufc, do
Mrs Goodwin, Biddeford S T Hemmenway, Brewer
II Cass, Gorham N li li W Presc »tt, Vassalboro
R F Chase, Baldwin F C Parker, Augusta
T L Jones, Manchesler W G Davidson, do
F O L Hobson, Maine A 1C P Meserve, Buxlon
G M Stevens, Westbrook H B Johnson, Gorham
E P Banks.jr, Maine Geo Dyer, do
W D Faunce, W Buxlon B s Fith, Tliom as ton
J Cole, Limington T II Howard, Bangor
B A Osgood, Lawrence Wr M Pbipj-s, Rockland
W A Kendall, Bellas! F Stearns, Bartlett
G W Cutter, do L3 ej Call well. New York
C N Loring. do L C Baaker, Maehias
D Farwoll, Bucksport * G W TUI, do
J R Green, Bangor F Parsons. Mt Des rt
E Pitcher, no , K|F, Fletcher, do
BFP I Mill brick,Freedom W II Fletcher, do
E Earl, Boston
J Hunt, Belfast K Gilmore, Boston
S P Getchel1, Raymond It G Raymond,do
H Wiggin, Tbomaslon J Lord, Limington
D Griggs. do A Thompson, Norway
H W Oswald, Boston A Fowler, Brunswick
F B Frith, Camden H W Small. «.o
J Bloodgood Lewiston W J Randall, Newburg
A J Hurd, Limington L Howe, New York
A M Fabyan, Limerick J T Henry, Freedom
E li Winslow, Steep FallsW S Brewer, Newport
J H Slauson, New York M T Enters »n, Yolk
S S Brown, Minn C Dawes Providence
Miss Davis, do Z M Anderson, Hartford
A E Kimball, Saco H Pennell, Gray
D II Hines, Boston T timson, do
H A Rogers, Searsport L Kilgore, Aracsbury
H W Howard, Bosron G G Granger, Boston
J W Thomas, Buxton M Davenport, do
J Mason, Halifax H B Hall, Bethel
W M Gilman,do C H Jordan, Bath
T P Phillips, Boston W A Ward, do
W L Cunnuings,Cleveland J Hurd, Belfast
S W Carr. Chicago J L I.aiteu, Lewiston
A B Chapman, Lawrence J D Brown, Skowhegan
J M Gibson, N Conway
M Litchlield, Baili E II Patch, London
J G Morse, do Miss Smith, California
E Stafford, Hallowell .T Colby jr, Gorham
VV A Brewer, New York L It Hoyt, Conn
J A Hall, Damariscotta J B Baldwiu.bo
C E Gibbs, Bridgton J 11 VV Sliaple’gl), Boston
G V Dinzey, Boston J II Stevens, do
I Bradley, * do W K Tulig, do
E H Quincy, do M II Tufts. do
J W VVflcott, do H O Burri.'l, do
E C Tarbox, Gardiner K C Bussell, do
N E Tarbox, do J F Dwirial, do
J Q A Howe-*, Hallowell G M Gage, do
T II Oneux, Philadelphia VV T Eusiis, do
W Abbott, New York C E Lane, do
A D VV Sherman, Boston C Savorey, New York
W S Foster, <lo Miss Savory, do
A S C Hilton, do G H llolden, Newport
A C Richardson, do H B Hall, New York
.1 Tigue, do C S Newcomb, Troy
J E Fallon, do \V H Newcomb, do
J Savage, Augusta A W Neal & w, Lynn
(i L Kilgore, Windham E F Johnson, Is Pond
G M WetherelljNew YorkO VV Prince A w, F River
W Connor-r, do H MeUilvery, Belfast
E B Merrill, Piltaburg C B Dtnsby, Augusta
I A Bedell, N Berwick J B Bradbury, Watcrville
U. 8. HOTEL.
G H Ferguson, Boston T G StockbridgeA w.Bath
H O Shedd A w, do Dr G U Hall. Buck Held
A C Stone, do Dr G M R* asc, Biidgton
A McAvoy, do (i W Colby, VYaldoboro
N W Dudmun, do A Weber, New York
W Brewster, do J C Boynton, Richmond
F Goodwin, do A Mitchell, Brunswick
ADFaunco, <lo L W Pendleton, Belfast
Mrs Ames, cto W Osgood. Yarmouth
Mrs Ballou, do A R V Smith, Wliitcfleld
Miss L C Phillips,do B Thompson, Stark
J W Chatman, do ,J H Young, New York
M A Hudson* w,do H G Young, do
Miss Taylor, Kennebunk C F Swasey, Stamlish
S M Vaunce, Buxton F B Elliott, Eurmington
J C Hilliard, Conn Miss Chinch, do
N Walker, Maine C Hervey, Belfast
C Pettengill, 1 • Falls W Kilbourn, Auburn
E Stanton, Hallowell A Graves. do
EUlchardson * 3 l,NYorkE Treat, Liv Falls
N T Palmer, Brunswick G A Hail, Minot
K T ibbetts, China T Perry, Newport
B T Bobbins, New York /. Gilthid, Proviucelowu
Miss Bobbins, do W 11 Prentice, Troy
Maine Savings Bank,
i'orucr of Middle mid Pluna Streets.
V MTP REST will commence on the lirs-t day of July,
l "u all deposits made on or b tore iheVddayot
July. The last four dividends at ihis Rank have
been at ihe rate o! seven p -r cent, per annum
NATfl’i F. DEE RING, Treasurer,
.lun • 10, 1808. d&wtdsu
Just received by
D i\. V I S Sc CO.
Come and See Them.
Selling by Davis & Co. 10 per cent, cheaper than can
be found elsewhere.
Kid finish, at Davis & Co.V, tor 50 cents per pair.
At Davis & Co.V, at tour cents per Spool.
At remarkably low prices at Davis & Co.’s, No. lO
I’lupp’* IS lock, « ongrehH Strut.
June 17, 1808. dttsu
Croquets, Croquets.
The best quality of Croquet lor $6,50; former price
$9,00. Warranted a good article. For sale by
CHAS. DAY, Jr., & CO.,
junel7d3wsn 41 Exchange Strict.
ular and deservedly
merited Lor berry Coal, now being placed into the
subscribers extensive Store House (connected
with 206 Coiul.)from whence the rapid exit of ibis
truly SEASONABLE fuel in anticipated and provided
lor by the proprietor
Also on the way, an elegant article of W. A„
perhaps a Utile harder than tbo above, bu neverthe
less just the material for the season—ot which
the community are constantly consuming—conse
quently much in need. junet dttsu
Jiowdoin College.
THE annual meeting of the Board ol Trustees ot
Bowiioin College, will be held in tbe College Li
brary Room, on Monday the sixth day ol July next,
at 2j o’clock in the afternoon.
FRANKLIN M. DREW, Secretary.
Brunswick, June 9tli, 1868. junclldtdSN
liowdoin College.
rpHE Annual Meeting of the Board of Overseers of
S. Bow ioin College will be held at their Hoorn in
the College Chapel, on Tuesday, the seventh day of
duly next, at three o'clock hi th ■ afternoon.
A. O. BOBBINS, secretary.
Brunswick, June 9th, 1868. jelldtdsN
OoinmiK^sloii Merchants,
Random Spruce Timber, Shingles
and Laths.
Address, 71 Kroinlwny \’cw York.
N. B.—Special Personal attention given to
the inspection of all timber consigned to our house.
May 2i-d3mo SN
has removetl to
-Vo 73 Free Street.
May 1. d&wimsn
The Republicans ot Falmouth are requested to
meet at the Town House in said Town,on Saturday,
20th inst at 5 o’clock P AI, lo choose lour delegates to
attend the convention to be holden in the Ciiy Hall.
Portland, on Thursday 25th inst, at eleven o’clock A.
M„ then and there to nominate one Representative
to Congr. ss and an Elector of President a* d Vice
Per Order ot Town Committee.
Falmouth, June 16, 1863. td
The Republican voters ot New Gloucester are re
quested to meet at the Town House, in said town, on
Saturday, the 20th inst., at 6 o’clock P. M , tor the
purpose of cuoosing Delegates to attend the First
District Convention, to be holden at Portland, on
Thursday, the 25th day of June inst.
Per Ord<£R Town Committee.
Juno 15, 1868. did
The Republicans ot Yarmouth are requested to
meet at the Temperance Hall in said town, ou Sat
urday, the 20th instant, at 7} o’clock p. M, tor the
purpose of choosing Delegates to attend the District
Convention to be holden in Portland on Thursday,
the 26th hist.
Also to choose Delegates to attend the Slate Con
vention to be holden in Portland on the 8th day ot
July next.
Per Order of Town Committee,
Yarmouth, June 17,1868. hi
The Republicans of Standish are requested to meet
at the Town House, in said town, on Saturday, the
201b day of June, instant, at 6 o’clock P. M., to
choose live delegates to attend the First Congression
al District Convention, to be holden at Portland, on
Thursday, the 25th flay of June, 1868. Also t> select
five delegates to attend the Republican State Con
vention, to beheld in Portland the 8tli flay of July
next. Per Older <4 Rep. Town Com.
June 17, 1868. dtdsn
The Republicans of Cumberland arc requested to
meet, at the Town House in said Town ou Saturday,
the 20th day of June at 6 o’clock P. M. to choose
del-gates to the First Congressional District Conven
tion, to he holden at Portland, June 25th, ISoS.
Per Order Town Committee.
[^Cumberland Jure 16, ls68. dtd
Hidden Virtues Brought to Light.
For 800 years the curat've properties of Sarsapa
rida have lain dormant in a part of the root, that
has escaped the notice of chemists. By the new
process recently discovered by Dr. Railway, in ex
tracting the medicinal properties Horn vegetable
substances that enter into the composition ot (lao
way’nf Dteuoradiig KfNobenl, Piai-sjipa
r>Ilian, the crystallite princ.ple ot Sarsaparilla.
was found to possess the true virtues ascribed to this
root, obi amed as it now is under Or Railway’*
new process, re-cues, by its wonderful curative pow
er over all firms of Chronic, Skin, Scrofulous, and
nncured secondary diseases the reputation of Sar
saparilla front the unfavorable opinion of the medi
cal faculty.
Nar*apnrillinu, $nr*apnrillina,
associated with other ittgredi nts ot extraordinary
curative properties, enter into the composition of
Railway’* Renovating Resolvent,
and this remedy may now he considered as the most
effectual and quick curative remedy in all Chionic
Glandu ar, Skin Kidney, Bladder and Urinary dis
eases. In d Leases ot the Lungs, Bronchi, Throat,
and Liver, it affords immediate assistance. It com
municates its curative powers through the blood,
sweat and u'iac. The moment it is swallowed it
e minences it4 work of purification and the expul
sion «>fcorrupt humors Horn the Mood, it repairs
the wa.-te of the body with sound a1id bealihv m. te
rial,and secures functional harmony ot each depraved
org in in the nut ural secretion ot its proper cons'itit -
ents Incases where there is d.fflculty in tli lvi 1
neys and Diabetes, Gravel,Catarrh, 0r Irritation of
the Bladder, Brignt’s Disease, etc, etc, is present
this remedy will give immediate relict, and insure a
cure. -
Question.-Dr. A-r ask<: ‘’Will your Sar
8At*akillian Resolvent make a permanent cure
ot uncured secondary disease, aiul restore the vig r
of Jite to those tin fort.mares who by seif-ab se or
otbei wise are suffering a waste of the life tiuid?
AmjWiR —The purityitig, strengthening, and re
parative properties of this remedy is truiy wonderful.
In 1849-50, when this remedy was first introduced, it
made extraordinary cures of persons who were treat
ed unsuccessfully on the Parisia plan, both in Eu
rope and iu this country, by vapor ba ll ot Mercury,
Arsenic, Sulphur, and Iodine, Potash, Mercury, in
several forms, and by inunctions, which only sup
pressed or 8'itied the disease, and persons cured by
1he Resolvent made under tne old process, afflicted
withSpermat urehiea, Weakening Discharges, etc.,
threatening im potency, have since married and have
children of front 5 to 15 year.- now living, without a
sign of inherited disease. This we consider good evi
dence of its thorough cuiatirc ami fruitful
efficacy (See page 14 of False and True, Dr.
Railway’s new medical book, article headed, “lticord
vs. Rad way.”)
It ill’s remedy, prepared under the old process,pos
sessed such powerful curative properties, its failure
now is improbable and almost impossible.
In all cases ot Skin Di.-e.n-e, Pimples, Blob-lies,
Worms or insects, Black Spots in the Flesh. Sores,
Eruptions, etc. a lew doses will remove and restore
the skin to a clear and beautiful appearance.
In Chronic diseases. Ulcers, Tumors, Fever Sores,
etc, a cure is sure to follow its use. Iu all diseases
of the Kidneys, Bladder, Urethra anti where the
Urine deposits sediments either ot a brick dust col r,
gravel or Albumen, white shreds ot stringy matter;
a tew doses will chauge tin se signs of terror to its
natural condition. Sar*aparilliau B(c»uivnii
is a far better remedy lor Kidney ditlieulties than
Bucliu. See that eacii bottle of Radway’s Resolvent
has the word “Sarsaparillian” on the label.
Price: $1 pur bottle; or 6 bottles Hr $5.
l>r. Railway 5k Vo
junelC-dlw No H7 Maidon Lane.
»l«!c As»ayei’’s Office, fit o<* ton, Mass
* Mr. W S. Main’s Elderberry M ine”
Mas been received here, in the state in which it is
sold In tho market,— for analysis.
It was tonm-Mo be an excellent, matured Elder
berry Wine, comparing favorably with the choicest
samples of “Sambuci Wine.” and containing even
more more of the aeld salts, astringent ami valuable
qualities of the berry, than that wine does.
It has the best propertiesot Port Wine, without ifs
Intox.eating quality, and in sickness, or as a bever
age, it should replace the imported wines.
Respect full v,
A. HAYES, M. 1). State Assaycr.
20 State Street, Boston, I
10th Aug.. 1SU7. |
leblldiwttSN S. DANA HAYES, Chemist
Ssee Hunch ot Grapes
On Standard in anntlier column ot SPEER’S
commended by physicians ior dyspeptics, on account
of its tonic properties, its purity and its delicious
flavor. junu 6*snd&w2m
Advice to Young Men
Essays far Young Men, on tho Errors, Abases, and
Diseas, s, incident to Youth and Early Manhood,
with the humane view of treatment and cure, sent
by mail in seated letter i nvelopes free of eliaree
Address, HOWARD ASSOCIATION, Box P., Phil-’
adelphia, Pa. may lO-d& wSm 8N
Batchelor’s Hair Bye.
This splendid Hair Dye is the hist in the world.
The only true and periect Dye—Harmless, Reliable.
Instantaneous No disaup dniment. No ridiculous
-tints. Remedies the ill eflects ot Bad Di es ] nvi>r
ora es and leaves the hair sort and buautihil blurt or
n l Druggists and Perluincrs: and
properly applied at Batchelor’s Wig Factory 16 Bond
street, New Yoik. jau14g*diy
Woth Patches, Frcrklni and Tan.
The only reliable remedy for those brown discolor
ations on the face is “/Vrr//’.*» Moth mid Freckle Ia>
tion." Prepared only by Dr. B. C. Perry. 4!> Bond
St., New York. Sold everywhere margid&wfrusx
1IAIIC MEAl-TUV.-Uetaboitteot CI.evn
Her’* I'ifr foe flie ilnir ar ouce. See how
rapidly and pleaaautly it will do its work, it re
stores gray hair t,» its original color, and stops its
falling out. Recoinm nded by Ph>sicians. Sold by
all Druggists. *«*«• « bi vniis ’m I rralim ou
•In* Hair, sent tVe© by mail. SARAH A. CHEV
AL1K11, M. D, No 1123 Broadway, ncw York.
May I6-T,T&s hn ly
“ llsj H'*> and SMI do yon 4«ootl.”—I)K
LANGLKY’S lit)'/J'AND HKKB BlTTF.lts iu cv
ery Instance ptovi this motto tin. . They do good
to ev. rv one who um* *b< m for da .inJicc. Headache
Costivciipss. I.iwr Complaints, lluninr*, 1 uipuie or
Bad Blood, Genera * J >. b lily,and all Bilious Diseases.
marl8dUy8sn Boston, and all Druggists.
In Gorham, dune 17. by Rev. Samuel Hopkins,
llcnry W Swasev, o' Standi h, ami Miss Carrie A.
Morse, of Gorham.
In Wot Poland. Juno 9, George Russell, of West
Poland, and Ma ia Crane, ol L< cds, C. K.
In Bath, June 13. John lb Hoffman and Fdith A.
In Newcastle, dune 7, Jo?:a Skinner and Miss Inez
Cotter, both of DamuriseoUa
In Bangor, Juno 1 r» Win. C. Sheldon, of Waldo,
and Roselle Smi'h, ol Knox.
In Kast Vassal horo, May 30, Nathan Dolan and
Mrs. Agnes Pci. rson.
In Mediord, June 11, b. Rev. Mr. Hooper, John
A. Frye, ol Portland, an t Myva C\, daughter ot
Oliver H. Ktncry. [Nocuds.}
In Scarhoro. June 12, Mrs. Maria (’., wile of Geo.
F. Mescrve. aged 20 years.—slaughter ol Henry N.
and Nancy N. Is ti.
In Auhtiiii, June 14. Mm. Hannah, widow ot the
late Edward Little aged To years.
In Auburn. June 10, Mrs. Betsey Lowell, aged 77
years 10 months.
In Augusta. May 27, Mr. Silas Leighton, aged 74
In Waldo. May J8, Mrs. Sallie, wite ot Had Clem
ents. aged si years G months.
In Islesboro May 12. CiaraJ., daughter ol Phineas
D. Rolerson. aged 24 years
lu Malden, Mass., June 16. Mrs. Elizabeth L.
Bates, widow ot L. Stetson Bates, and daughter of
the late David Uobinson, Esq., ol Portland, aged M
years 8 months.
Columbia.New York. .Havana;.June 1*
Tania.New York..Liverpool... dune 18
Guiding Star.New \ one. .Aspinwad.. .June 2a
City ol Antwerp.. New York.. Liverpool.Iune 20
Louisiana.New York.. Liverpool — June 20
I Columbia.New York. .Glasgow.lunc2o
Mississippi.New York.. Rio Janeiro..June 23
Allemaiinia.New York. .Hamburg.June 23
Australasian.New York.. Liverpool.June 24 I
Siberia.New York.. Liverpool.... Juue 25
Moro Castle.New York.. Ila.ana.June 25
City of Paris.New York.. Liverpool.. .June 27
Caledonia.New York. Glasgow.June 27
Circassian.New Y'ork. .Bremen.June 27
>1 ii!iu 1 ■■ r<* Alnin»iU‘..Bum* IN.
•Sun rises.4.23
Sun sets.7.3‘J
Moon linet*.2.65 AM
Ilivtli water.9.15AM
WeiliirNda) , June 17.
Brig Kate Foster, Brown. Port Johnson.
Soli Zeyla. t'rowlev, Pli ladelphia.
Sch Hattie E Sampson. Blake, Philadelphia lor
Sch Sterling. Roberts, Wiscasset.
Sch Mercy A Howes, Pinkham, Searsport.
Barque Nevereink, Gibson. St Stephens. NB.
Brig Jeremiah, Ford, Cardenas— Churchill, Brown
& Mansoi'.
Sch Elouise, Nutter, East Cambridge- Berlin Mills
Sen Albert!, (Br) Fait ti, St Andrews NB.
Bi sells Emma Pemberton. Brett, and Daisy,
Sheehan, St Andiewj, NB.
Soli Frank Pierce, Grant, Ellsworth — Eastern
Packet Co.
Brig Leon, at Jacksonville hrom Bath reports, 4lh
inst, came in cuntact willi a large ship and carded
away bullwarks, stanchions. Ac.
Ship Nautilus, Hager, at New York irom Liver
pool, reports, April 12, lat 41 40. Ion 28. while lving
to under lower maintopsail and main spencer, in a
heavy SW gale, the wind shitted suddenly to NW,
and blew a hurricane for six hours, dining which
lost main yard, maintopsail, and main spencer, The
mainsail and upper ami lower loretopsails, which
were closely furled, were blown away Irom the ga -
kets, together with parts of other sail}. The heavy
SW and N W seas coining together, made a complete
breach over the sliio, tilling decks and washing away
evetything movable on deck; stove bulwarks, shifted
cargo. &<*. After repairing, kept on her course
against strong westerly gales, losing and splitting
sails daily up to Ion 41 80, when, having no ^ails to
bend ami no materials tor lepairs, put back to Fayal
tor repvrs, where she arrived April 15.
Barque Savannah, trom Philadelphia 8th inst lor
Barbadocs. returnld 14th. leaky.
domestic; ports.
NEW ORLEANS—Cld 11th. ship Polar Star, Low,
Liverpool; barque Sanclio Panza, Heagan, lor Mar
DARIEN—In port lltli iust, sch Irene E Meser
sov. Wal'.. tor M\»tic, CL Idg.
FORTRESS MONltOE—Sid lltli, sell S N Smith,
GUI, Bridgetoit.
Passed up lfitli. barque Ijelia M Long, trom Cardiff
f>r Baltimore; sell Harriet Baker^jr- m Cardenas.
HA LT1 MOKE—Ar 15th. barque Pie adcs, Bradly,
Londonderry; brig Janies Murchie, Eaton, A*-royo;
Willie. Staples Cardenas.
PHILADELPHIA—Ar 15th, ship J Montgomery,
Maling, Liverpool; sclis Ellen M Pennell, Mitchell,
Kemedios; E L Smith. Smith, Mobile; Addie,Drown
C1<1 15th. sch Z A Paine. Jones, tor Eastport; Gen
Grant. Fitzgerald, Newport.
Ar 16th, brigs Jossie Pettigrew, Boston; Canima.
Richardson, Sagua; J Bickmore, Graffam, Cardenas
schs Cyrus Fossett, Harding, Navassa; i C Hertz,
Gray, Cardenas.
Below 16th, barque Debj:ah Pennell, from Ramc
dios; srh Ethan Allen, trom Cardenas.
CM 15th, aebs E 11 Naylor, Naylor, lor Gardiner;
Ocean Traveller, Adams. Salem.
NEW YORK—Ar lath, brig Mar.- M Williams.
Foster, Cardenas; schs Sabina, Peicv, do; Nellie.
Andrews. Calais: Med lord, from Bangor; Minnie
Cobb, Ingraham, Philadelphia for Boston; Caroline
Knight. Wilcox, Elizabetbport lor oo; Surt. Abbott,
trom do lor Pawtu hot; Lookout, Shaw, Mill! ridge
Ariel, Trew.*rgy, Salem.
Also ar 15th, brigs c Matthews, Low. Rondout lor
Newburyjiort; J 11 Counce-, Perkins, Port Johnson
lor Boston.
Ar K»th. ship Canova, Herriman, Cardiff 42 days.
Cld 16ih, barquesEaglo Wilkinson,Rosario; Art
zona. Carver, Montevideo; Almoner, Gary, Balti
more; L:vinia, Wooster Portsmouth; br.g Hairy.
Stewart. Ponce; sclis Elizaleth DeHart, Lowe.
Denialaia; Ma«v I> Harris. Crowley, Salem
NEW LONDON—Ar lorli, sebs Mt Hone, Crosfon,
New York lor Rock'/tud; Trade Wind, fiom do for
NORWICH—Sid 15th, sch Susanna, Perkins, lor
PK< >VIDENCE—Ar 16th, sch Z Stratton, McFad
den. Bangor.
Below, brig Geo Harris, from Cardenas.
Shi I5th. i-ch Vernal, Pcrr\, Bath.
N EW PORT—Ar 16th, schs Wanderer, Rowe, New
Yoik lor Rojkland; Laconia, Merrill, dolor Ply
mouth Pavilion. Parke r, Elizabethp >rt tor Port
land; Marv Augusta. Calais lor New Yoik; 11 P
Cushing Elizabetbport tor Salem.
FALL RIVER—Sid 15th, >cli Cottage, McAllister,
New York.
HOLMES' HOLE—Ar 15th. sells Carrie Walker,
McFarland, from Bangor lor Phila lelphia; Express,
Bunker do lor New Bedford ; Warrington. Lord,
K I-.worth lor New York.
Ar 16tli. schs Commodore, Morgan, Calais lor New
York; L M Warren, Warren, New Yotk lor Port
laid. Hannie Westbrook, I ifctlcyolm, Portland tor
New York. .John Walker, Butler, Bangor for New
Haven; Eben Herbert,-, Calais lot Stonington.
A1 iska, strout, M chias for New York.
B »Si’ON—Ar ltilli, brig Edwin, Alien, Mauhat
toiivilie. schs s H Woodbury, W« odbury, Jack. on
v lie; Tantamount, Montgomery, Rappahannock
River; SS Bickmore. Harter. Philadelphia; liiiam,
Pelt grew, Calais; Zina, Bradbury, Machias; Mag
nolia. Maim, Ellsworth; Edward. Wood, Ellsworth
Kosma. Loos, Addison; Julia & Mary, Tenney, and
Aurora. Thomas, Bangor; Leonora, Spotfbrd; Mexi
can, Arev Hi nry Crosby. Green, and Canary, Hart,
Bango ; Texas, Creamer, Waldoboro: Boxer, South
ard. Wiscas-et: J Baiter, Bar be ick. Portland.
cld Kith, br'gs Annie Eldridge, Clifford, St Mich
aels; Meieor, Anderson, Savannah; sclis Sun. Stual
lage. Tvemont Geo A Pierce, Farrow, Scituute.
Ar r.th, barque Jehu, Smith, Palermo; schs Geo
W Glovct Holbrook, and Susan & Mary, Hall, New
York; Gulnare, Bowden, Ba gor.
GLOUCESTER—Ar 15th, sebs Neptune, Billings,
Calais lor Providence Trident. Jameson, Portland
lor New York, s J Lindsey. Crockett Rockland lor
do; Advance, Leonard, Bangor.
Ar I6t.li, sms Ella. Monroe. Rockland; John Pew,
Staples, ^ontli \>ith mackerel.
NEWBURYPOKT—Ar 16tli, schs Samuel Nash.
Webb r. Port Johnson An(e!oi*c. Brown, NYork;
Webhannet, Sherman, Bangor.
POK'l’SAT ;U'i’ll—Ar lltli. sclis Juno. Metcalf.
Nt w York: Northern Light. Buckminster, do; L M
Stewart. Stewart, Bangor; Helen. Hams, and Uni
is n. Williams, do: Annie Harris. Harris, Rockland.
Ar 15tli. sail Cori dhian, Tap.cy, New York.
Sid luh, schs Juno, Metcalf, tor New York; E A
Proctor, Staples, Ipsw.ch.
CALAIS—Cld Lltli, sch Plionix, Johnson, tor Fall
Ar 12th, sell Melon. Carrol! Bath.
Ar ISthjschs Addie Murchie, Roberts Portland;
Cameo, hlwe l, do.*
t Id 13th, sch More Light, (new, lfc7 tons) Bradford,
New Y. rk.
Slil rtn Hong Kong Apl 8, ship Abbott Lawrence,
I»r miLall, Manila.
Ar at Akyab April 2 >, ships Nevada. J wett, Bom
bay. das K Patten. Percy, Singapore.
Ar at Palermo 2ftih ult, barque Union, Nicholson,
Catuni i
Slil tm Marseilles‘2d inst, barque Nonpa ei!, Flinn,
New York.
Cld at Havre 3»tli ult. shirs M reurv. Stetson, lor
New York; Vanguaid, Ru*8<:, Cardiff.
Sid tm Liverpool 2d inst, ship dos Fish, Stackpolc,
Cld 3d, ship Edw O’Brien. Oliver, Boh on.
Sid nn Cardiff 30 inst, ship Southern Right-*, Wil
liams, New Yoik; barque Tnlavtra. Carver, Buenos
A vies.
At Callao 28th ult, barque Jolm Dwyer, Kidman,
ttom Montevideo, ar 2?d, unc.
At Buenos Avr« s Apl 24. barque Rome, Mo ca, for
East Indies; Wallace, Adams, une.
At at Pernambuco 10th ult, nrig Trial, Hopkins,
New York
Sid 'in Ponce 31st nit. brig S i* Smith, Smith, for
Mayaguez, to finish Idg lor New York
At Arroyo Pit,30tli ult, brig Jus Marchie, Eaton,
lor Baltimore next dav.
Ar al dentuegos Alii inst, barque Adeline 0 Ad
ams. Leavitt, Trfni ad
Shi Gth inst, sell Kulh il Baker, Knight, lor New
AtNeuvilas 2d insf. barque Cephas Starreit. lor
New York 8 days; brig Eva N Johnson, Johnson
lor do 1G days.
At Baracaa 4th inst. sobs Julia B i: er, Decker for
New York, id-: i aura Pr.de, Haskell. ttomN York
via St k>tis just ar.
Al stJolm. PR 1st inst. sol) Emetine McLain,
Sleeper, lor rkiladclpbja next do v.
AtSt ■fa'’.123tli up, barque Flori M Hulbert, Cur
tis. lor Falmouth, E, idg.
Harbor *>ar,,ue ^ Alto, Wylie, lor Cumberland
Siatm Havana 9th inst, barque Lochiel, Wade,
^ .^afan7‘a* insf, baiquc Esther. Merrill,
Philadelphia; £chs Hattie Ross, Ulrick, Portland;
7th. bar i«ie l.ouisi, Eveictt, Havana ; brig Prentiss
Hobbs, Snow. Fernandina; sch Mabel Hall, hall,
Ba ngor.
Sid Gth, haroo • Abide N Franklin, Holbrook, for
Portland; brig Clara Pickens, Rogers, New York;
7th, barque N At llnv. n, Hall, do. Mb, brig Mechan
ie. I»yer, Phfla lelphiup, mil, -eh Addie M Bird, Mer
rill. do.
Ar a? Cardenas Gth inst, barque Clan Eden, (Ircen
liel-, Philadelphia; sell Rover. Ciockcr, Philadelphia.
bid Gih in-t. .scIih t’orra Etta, Sleeper. Philadel
phia; 7ih, J W Spencer, Spencer, lor North of Hat
teras; Vesta, Wane. do.
AtSagua 13th ult. ich Jonathan May, lor Port
land, Idg.
At do 6th inst. sell Pathway, Compton, for Port
land; and it tiers.
April 2. lit 9 S, Ion 20. ship Frank Flint, Irom New
York lor Mansanllln, Mex.
May G lai 33 N, Ion 43 » ship Poutiac, Roberts
from Callao Ibr Dunkirk.
•Iune 7. lat 3! »<>. 73 1r> brig Emma, Irom Port
land for Mataiizas.
Th.-oven is very large, well ventilated, and i.ikts
I perfectly even.
It i* provided with an additional Hot Air Flue
a* the bottom, which retains all the heat that in other
stoves is thrown to ttie floor and wasted, passing it
nit) the oven to intensify and equalize the heat in
the oven.
• » Isa perfect <1AS BURNEIt, using all >he com
bustion contained in the tuil lor heating purposes,
allowing noue to escape through the pile and he
was e I unburned.
Kvery stove is provided w{th a \\ arming (lo»
II at the tront which is a very useful and < onvenieul
In Appearance it is Decidedly
Beautif ul t
It is made of the best material, and fitted with all
possible care.
In fact there is no chimney with so poor a dr.itt but
that this stove will work to pe- feet ion, as it < ontaius
within itself all the elemcms t»» create a diait
We cordially invite the citizens of Portland to call
and examine this Stove, and know that we speak
We have one of these stoves in constant o| oration
at our store.
We are t1 e sole agents in Portland lor the M««rr
hoods, consisting of his celebrated
Furnace & Cooking Range,
r^nrloj'; Oilicc, Hull tm«i Eliiiiiiif Boom
A large assortment of St »ves ami everything fur
ihe Kitchen on ban I.
£Jr*Jol> Work done at short notice.
juncIHiitt li Kxrhunue Mlreet.
California Hour
| ; w k BBLS choice Brand of California flour,
LA JVJ n sacks, lor sale by
No. 1 Galt It lock,
June 18-dlw Coimuciciitl Ml.
[ Can, Will and Do Sell (ioods
From 50c to $5.00 Less
ON an article than any other concern in tlic city.
A large an l well pgsorted Biock of
Fancy and Useful Articles
Constantly on band.
CROQI'ET SETS from*.', to $l‘i.
Chroma Lithographs, Fans, &e.
No, ExcbunKC Nirni.
C^“Next door to Harris' llat Store, known as One
Dollar Store. jel8-dif
Relief for the Feet l
LITILL remove Corns, Bunions, or Ingrowing
TT Nails without pain,
At 91» IFreest, over Window A I'ngr.
t3P"Ctlice hours from 9 to 6. junel8-dit*
Atlantic House,
Searboro Doacli,
OAK. U I L L ,
Eight Miles front Portland.
Will Open for Transient ntiti I'ennaneut
Boardern, Tlinr*dny, June
TVs house is situated directly upon flic
Atlantic Ocean— on the most beautllui beach
imaginable—3 miles iu patent. Bathing,
ti-hing, etc, unequalled. Direct y in the
tear ol Tie house is si line large grove d'lore-t trees,
beauti.ul walks, tine drive", etc, with gic n fields
running clear to ihe edge of the beach. Guest will
get oil*at Oak H»JI > tition, on the P. S. & P K. K.,
ilirec ui les iroui iho house wlitre carriages will bo
readiness to convey theui to ilio “Atlantic ” Terms
reasonable. Address S B. GUNNISON.
Atlantic House, <>al% Hill,Me.
Positively closed to tiansicnt visitors ou the
Sabbath. juuel8tfd
l o Jhuii h Joliu*ou, Knquirc, our of ilic
Junficci of the l'cncr, iu and for the
C ounty of Cumberland.
I'I7rE, the subscribers, members of a Society to
T f to promote ihe cause of Temperance, called the
Iron <’lad Lodge, No 4 i of the Ind pernio f Order of
Good Templars, request you to issue a warrant to
one ol said members < ir cling him to call a meeting
of il:e menib*rs of said J.o 'g>* to be liokleu at their
Had on Congress st, Portion i. W< st End, oil the 2nd
■ lay ol July, A. 1).. 1888, at8o'clock in the attcrnooii
(or the following objects, to wit:
1st—To choose a moderator.
2nd—To choose a Clerk.
3d—To choose any oilier otlieers. as Treasurer, Li
brarian, Sic , deemed necessary to manage*their
Kinds, other property, and peeunlary affairs.
4th—'To transact any other business that may le
ftally come lie fore them, as the establishing ot By
laws and suitable penalties to enforce tlu-m, die.
1L 11. HUSTON,
GE >. \V. L.IBBY,
Cumberland ss.
To Ilen/amin F. Tibbetts, one if the subscribers eg'
the foregoing application. Greeting.
You are hereby r. qulrcil to notify ami warn a meet
ing ot the members of the ir«>n Clad Lodge ol Good
Templars, No 42, to nice al lie time, plan- and for
ihc purposes mentioned in ihe tbrego<tig application,
bv publishing a copy of said application, with this
waviaut annexed, i wo weeks succe sively, the first
publication to be ut least 14 days before the day ot
meeting, in the daily Press a newspaper printed at
Portland in said County.
Westbro- k, June 17. 1808.
jel8-lw‘2w Justice of the Peace.
Farm for Sale.
. ^ In Cape Elisabeth near the
Ocean Mouse, containing 58 acres
a rtBfr- W of land A good two story house
l iiunixM with 13 i>ni lied rooms, v ood-liouse,
•»_ham. *JCc., a I in tiist rate order —
One ol the mo>c desirable residences on the road to
the Ocean Louse.
Inquire ot JOHN C. PROCTER,
Portland, June 18 dSw 93 Exchange St.
For Sale—Jump Seat ( arrlage.
A SEC fSD-HAND standing top Jump seat car
riage, ot J. M. Kio'■•all’s make, for >ale ai a
bargain atC. P KIMBALL’S .lump Scat Factory,
corner Cumberland ami Preble St.
June 18-dtf
For S:3le!
VNO. 1 Buck Eye Mowing Machine, in good or
der. tor terms, enquire ol JOHN KEEP,
Wood lord’s Coiner. Juncl8-d3w *
NOT ICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has
been duly appointed and tak^uupon biniscl!
(be trust ol Admin an at or, ol the estate ot
SAMUEL S. WEBSTER, late of Portion *,
in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and given
bomb as the law directs. All persons having de
mands upon the estate ot sdd deceased, arc icqnir
ed lo exhibit the name; ai d all peiaons indebted to
said estate are called upon to make payment to
Portland, June IG, I8i;8. jelHdluwdw
To >Ir. Ferdinand Fuelis, St. Louis,
No 13 South Second Mlrerl,
Hoffs Malt Ext. Beverage of Health
Pboka, III, December 10,1807.
Dear Sir—Please seiid as soon as possible two
dozen more ol HUFF'S splendid MALT EXTRACT,
C O. J>. It is an excellent BEVERAGE, and a bet
ter tonic, ami the best remedy 1 had over tried. For
years I have suffered from indigestion, loss ol appe
life, acid stomach, and many other ills to winch my
stomach is subjected, but Holt's Malt Extract has
relieved nre from my pain, ami I can now digest all
kinds ol food. WM MEYER
For sale at the depot and by druggists and grocers.
Agents for Maine W. F. PHILLIPS & CO., Port
land. j une 15 cod lw
Portland & Rochester Railroad Co.
Stockholder’s Heed ng.
A SPECIAL MEETING ot the stockholders ol
. the Portland and Rochester Railroad Company
will be heM at flic office of the Co , in il»o iHrpot in
Portland, on Thursday. the 18th day r>t June A. D.
1868, at t n o’clock In the forenoon, to act upon the
foilwing articles, vz:
1st.— i’o see if the stockholders will authorize a
mortgage «>1 the property ot the company to in* made
and executed to set ure ihc Cit y ol Portland ior tin*
loau of $100 000 voted at the meeting ol said tity
held June 3, 1K18.
liy Order of the Directors.
June 4, 18t;8. ‘ltd
THE Annual meeting ot the Stockholder* of the
Portland Rolling Mil's will he holden it tlieoi
ficei of the Treasurer, ls*» P"‘ l’1 riiand, on
TlTESDAY, Juue 23d, 186% at;» o clock 1 M tin ihe
following purposes:
1st—To choose a Clerk, Treasurer and Five Direct
ors for the ensuing year.
2d—To consider and act upen a proposed amend
ment to the By-Laws ot said company.
3d—To transact any other busiuess that mav le*
gaily or me bet re said miming
Dated at Portland, till. Kill ,luv of June A D. 1KKK.
Store mid Stork tor *ule.
A STORK an l Stoek ol Grocerlea, well local i 11 fir
business, can lie liad if applied ior im In dian ly,
on favorable terms.
Apply to W. H. JEltRIS.
June 17-dlw*
ALL creditors of Dole & M ml) will pr cm tln ir
el ins to the undersigned at once tordivi tend.
W. L. PUTNAM. Adinliiistmtor.
June Iti-dat
A FULL supply of Tents, of all sizes, for sale
store Uommerelai Slr»*t, bead ot Wldmrv'z
Whan. au

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