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\mi> daily eitfcss
. -
Friday Morning, May 21,1860.
\Vashinoton, May 20.—The Secretary of the
Treasury has directed the Assistant Treasurer
at New York to sell gold hereafter until other
wise ordered, to the oxteut of $2,000,000 week
ly, instead oi $1,000,000, as herorolbre, oil ac
count of the surplus gold still accumulating in
the Treasury.
Major Gove, of tho San Antonio (Texas) Ex
press, h ;d an interview this morning with the
President. Tho Major assured tho President
that it would be folly to expect the Republi
can party to gain the victory in case an elec
tion was ordered in Texas immediately, and
urged » delay. The President stated that thero
would he no election in Texas belore November
iu any event, anil also that Gen. Reynolds had
not recommended an early election, as had
been intimated' *
Boston, May 19.—One of the schooners re
ported wrecked near Orleans, Cape Cod, last
night, proves to ho tho Susan Duncan, of Ban
gor, lumber laden. Part of the stern has coma
ashore. If is supposed tho crew all perished.
The vessel went to pieces during the gale,
E U i£ O I* E.
Madrid, May 20.— Dispatches havo been re
ceived hare announcing that abuuf 2000 of the
adherents of Queen Isabella, under Gasset and
Peizquettu, have assembled at Perpignou, a
city in France outlie Spanish frontier. At
lust aeoouuts they were nearly ready to cross
the border. The government had takemthe
necessary steps to repulse them.
Senor Castellar made a great speech to-day
in ilie Cortes in favor of establishing a repub
lic. He eloquently referred to the example of
the United States, and praised tlioir form of
government with enthusiasm.
Tin re is great agitation in Barcelona and
Sargoosa in favor of a republic.
Lisbon, May 20.— The financial measures
proposed by the Government are not well re
ceived by the Chambers, and will probably he
rejected unless they are withdrawn or greatly
London, May 20.—The Oxford crew havo
commenced to practice for the contest with the
The London Rowing Club have challenged
the Harvard Club to a match.
Dublin, May 20.—Tho Grand Lodge of Or
angemen of Ireland have petitioned the Queen
against the disestablishment of the Irish
London, May 20.—Tho elections in France
continue to he attended with more or less dis
order. Since the 12th inst. 149 persons havo
been arrested in Paris tor creating political
disturbances, and ot these only 17 have been
discharged. A popular demonstration is re
ported at Mines, where the ]ieople sang the
“Marseillaise.” At Bourgcs the prison was
forced by a crowd of political agitators, and
one of their leaders, who had been arrested,
was released. In tho department of Qube,
d uring the electioneering tour of M. Perlerc, a
riot took place in which blood was shed.
The election excitement in Maiseilles is very
great. A private meeting was held there yes
terday, at which Gambetta was present and
made a strong speech. The crowds in the
streets sung the Marsellaise and made other
unlawful demonstrations. Many arrests were
made by the police.
At Theirs disorders are also reported. At
the electoral neetings the people sliogted Viva
L»dru ltollin I Viva Barbes!
Havana, May 20.—Tho reports of tho taking
of fillibusters, which are in circulation, cauuot
li>< traced to any authentic source.
No expedition has landed near Sagua. The
steamer Salvador has gone to some other point.
It is impossible for expeditions to effect a land
ing at any point on the coast between Havana
and Ncuvitas, as the Spanish cruisers are very
numerous all along that lino, and in auy other
part of the island it would be difficult for ex
peditions to find a foothold, owing to the
watchfulness of tho Government.
Sympathizers with tho revolution cofnplain
of Admiral Hoff’s dispatches published in the
New York papers, hut the intelligence given
in these dispatches is as reliable and correct as
can possibly lie obtained under the circum
stances, and can he objected to only because it
discredits the exaggerated reports which are
set afloat by Cuban partizans. Admiral Hoff
enjoys the unlimited confidence of the Ameri
can residents here.
The report is officially confirmed that the
rebels have burned the town of Manicaragua.
The Babivilla Railroad is again in running
New York, May 20.—Tho Herald’s Havana
correspondence of the 15th inst. gives the in
telligence that the Republic of Cuba has bean
formally established by a Congress held nt
Guirnaro, a small town of tho Central Depart
ment of the island, about twenty leagues east
of Puerto Principe. Don Carlos Manuel. Ces
pedes was elected President of the Republic
and Gen. Manuel Quesada Commander-in
chief of the forces. Don Francis V. Aqnil
lera has been appointed Secretary of State
and War.
The following is the proclamation of Presi
dent Cespedes:
To the People of Cuba :
' Compatriots—The establishment ot a free
Government in Cuba, on tho basis of demo
cratic principles, was the most fervent wish of
ray heort. Tho effective realization of tills
wish was, therefore, enough to satisfy my as
pirations and amply repay the services which
jointly with you 1 may have been able to de
vote to the cause of Cuban indepeudencc. But
the will of my compatriots has gone far beyond
this by investing me with the most honored ol
all duties, the supreme majestracy of the Re
public. I am not blind to the great labors re
quired in the exercise of the high function
which you have placed ia my charge in these
critical moments. Notwithstanding tho aid
that may he derived from the other powers of
tho State, I am not ignorant of the grave re
sponsibility which I assume in accepting the
Presidency of our new-boru Republic. I know
that my weak powers would lie far from being
equal to the demand if left to themselves alone.
But this will not occur—and this conviction
fills me with faith in the future. In the act of
lieginning the struggle with the oppressor,
Cuba lias assumed the solemn duty to consum
mate her independence or perish in the at
Ismpt; and in giving herselt a Democratic
government, she obligates herself to become
Republican. This double obligation, contract
ed in the presence of free America, before a
liboral world, and what is more, before onrowu
conscience, signifies our determination to be
heroic aiid to bo virtuous. Cubans! on yonr
heroism I rely for the consummation of our in
dependence, and on your virtue I count to con
solidate the Republic. You may count on my
abnegation of self.
Carlos Manuel De Cespedes.
Gen. Quesada issued a proclamation to the
Cnban army, on taking command, closing as
“The tyrant Valmazeda rambles, with the
incendiary torch and the homicide knife, over
the fields of Cuba. He has never doue other
wise; but now he adds to his crimes the still
greater one ot publishing it by a proclamation
which we can only describe by pronouncing it
to be a proclamation worthy of the Spanish
government. Thereby our property is men
aced by fire and pillage. This is nothing. It
threa'ens us with death, and this iB nothing;
but even our mothers, wives, daughters and
sisters are menaced with resort to violence.—
Ferocity is the valor of cowards.
I implore you, sons of Cuba, to reoolloct at
.all hours tho proclamation of Valmaseda.—
That document will shorten the time necessa
ry for the triumph of our cause. That docu
ment is an additional proof of the character of
our enemies. Those beings appear to bo de
prived ot those gifts which nature has conceded
to the irrationals, tho instinct of foresight anil
of warning. We have to struggle with ty
rants, always such, the very same ones of the
inquisition, ot the Spanish conquest and of
dominian in America. Iu birth and in death
the livo and succeed tho Torquemadas, the
the Pizzaros, the Boves, tiie Murillos, the Ta
eons, the Conchas and the Valmasedas. We
havo to combat with the assassins of old wc
meii and of children, with the mutilators of
the dead, with the idolaters of gold.
. Cubans, il you would save your honor and
that of your families; if you would conquer
forever your liberty, he soldiers! War leads
yon to peace and to happiness. Inertia pre
eipilates you to misfortune and to dishonor.
Viva Cuba! Viva the President of tho Repub
lic! Viva the Liberating Armyl Patria and
Liberty 1 Manuel Quesada.
3 0 91 >1 KHCIAL.
* flfnr V«rl Stock rimI filouej market.
Saw Yoick, May 20.—Money easy at [email protected] per
cent, for call loans, wllb ratlior more business at C
per cent, lor several days. The Toledo & Wabash
road to-day notified the Stock Exchange that la
thirty da) s from (late the capita! stoc* will be in
creased $400,000. Ttio Company Intend to appropri
ate $ 1,000,000 for the purchase ot the Decatur & Illi
nois ltallroad, giving them an air line lo St Louis:
$500,000 to erect new elevators at Toledo, and $1,
000,000 to extend the road from Quincy, via Hanni
bal and Maberly, to Kansas City. Sterling Exchange
firmer at 1004 ® 109J lor CO da's and 1104 for eight.
There are rather more bond hills offering and taken
by tho loading bankers to cover their own bills. Gold
excited and firmer. Tho roceut advance is sustained
by the expectation that the specie shipments will
soon begin, prime b ulkers’ exchange having reached
a point where there will ho a small profit in export
ing Gold. The unfavorable advices from London also
excite apprehensions. Private dispatches say Money
there is active, and. though the Bank ot England has
not advanced its rate ot intoiest yet, outside rates
S'lc <!f ,c,ut- The price opened at 1434, ad
SSahw?,Itth,cl1 *° 143* and closed at 143|. The
“ J ,were 4 t,. a per cent, and 1-32 per
ni cr.mon ,',,,,! 1* m"ket was wildly excited in the
tlimlnlc ottJ*o failure of a large
525 -nJ! ranC,which was afterwards do
fron.-Washington tS’JLTcre^Vrtt^m”
Hcavy sales on lung Cold weromad^thU ai‘te?nMn
by. prominent bulls, estimated at SO MO im ,!> iT
000,000. At the Treasury sales bids w.fffli'0..1?'".
$2,100,060, and awards were made to Hcnrv Si!!
it Co. of $500,000 at 145 77-100, $250,000 at 143
$250,000 at 14)81-100 aid $250 000 at 1U 86-100 w'
y. Livermore $50,000 at 143 89-100 and $50 0M .3
4«6'-'00, I cwl» Daniels & Co. $100,000 at’?« 9L
100. Governments have been firm all day and Drives
again advanced in the afternoon. Thoro were large
Frankfort orders for IwndB in tho street this morn
ing, arid probably $2,000,000 weio taken lor ship
ment, an evidence that Germany is not apprehensive
ol any financial or political trouble. Henry Clewes
Sc Co. furnish the tollowiug4.30 quotations:—Cou
pon 8’s 1881. 123® lg94; do 5-20's 1802, 122| ® 1224;
do 1844, 117® 1174; do 1805, [email protected]«4; do new,
1204® 1204; do 1807, 1204 ® 1204; do 1808, 1204®
1204; 10 40’s, 1094 ® 110; Pacific, 75 ® 75J.
Border State bopds quiet; Missouri’s, 88j® 894;
old Tennessee's, 6S @ G8|; new do, 65] @ 651; old
North Carolina's, 69] @ 59$; new do, 5t|@542; old
Virginia’s, 57] @ 58; new do, 6?] @63 ; Louisiana le
vee 6’s, CO.
The Stock market was strong during ihe forenoon,
with the Vanderbilt stock*,Ohio & Mississippi, Pitts
burg. Rock Island, Wabash. Reading and North
Western, as tho features. Heavy purchases of New
York Central and Hudson were rnado by well in
formed parties, fort Wayne was firm In the expec
tation of both stock and cash dividend, the latter
said to be 7] per cent. Tho dealings continued largo
in the afternoon. Now York Central was leveri&h
and tell from 188$ to 186$. with other shares sympa
thizing. Later it became known that the Governor
had signed tho Central 80 per cent, scrip and consoli
dation bills, and Now York Central rose to 1891. Tho
whole markot advanced and closed strong. The fol
1 >wing are 5.30 prices:—Pacific Mail, 944 @94$; We*,
tern Union Telegraph. 43$ @44; Hartford Ar Erie,
23J @ 23$; New York Central. 18-$ @ 188$; Erie, 2U4
@29|; Hudson. [email protected]; Harlem, [email protected]<$;
Reading, 98 @ 98]; Fort Wayne, 1533 @ If4$: Michl
Run Central, 127 @130; Michigan Southern, 106| @
106$; Illinois Central. 1472 <® 148; Chicago & Rock
Island, 127* ©m*; Chicago & Northwestern, 91$
@92: do preferred, 101$ @105.
The clearances at tho Gold Exchange Bank to day
amounted to $167,000,000.
The balance at tho Sub-Treasury to-day amounted
to $85,248,537.
The disbursement of coin interest amounted to
Usmeatir Ularlisis*
NSW Yjrr. May 20.—Cotton more active and
rather more steady; sales5200 bales; Middling up
lands 28je. Flour—sales 8200 bbls.; State and Wes
tern heavy and 5 @ 10c lower; sup rtinc Slate 5 60 @
5 85; extra 6 10 @ 6 75; round hoop Ohio 6 25 @ 7 30;
extra Western 6 00 @ 8 00; Southern dull and droop
ing; sales 350 bbls.; extra 6 50 @12 00. Wheat is
and 1 @ 2c lower, with more-doing lor export; sales
120|>ush.; No. 1 Spring 1 50 to arrive; No. 2 at 1 41
@145] instore and afloat Corn without decided
change; sales 44.C00 bush.; now Mixed Western 74 @
87c for inferior to prime; old do 90c instore. Oats
flrmsr: sales 48,000 bush.; Western [email protected] Beet
Hull..Pork firmer; new mess 31 50 @ 31 62, closlug
at 31 oO cash. Lard firmer; tierces at 174 @ 194c.—
Whiskey decidedly firmer; Western
1 00 @ 1 02 for free. Rice quiet. Sugar quiet and
®ulc8 500 hhds.; Muscovado 11] @ 12c Coflee
dull. Molasses moderately active; saits 250 hlids.;
Muscovado 52 @ 55c. Naval Stores firm; Spirits
Turpentine 47 @ 48c. Petroleum firm. Freights to
Liverpool docidedly firmer; Cotton 5-32d per steam
er; Flour 7s 3d; Wheat per sail 33.1 and per steamer
[email protected]
Cincinnati. May 20.—Whiskey firm otS8; lit tic
offering. Mess Pork quiet and firm :it 3100; sales
200 bbl*. Bulk Meats at 12c fer shoulders and 14] @
14]c for sides; market quiet. Bacon firm and un
changed. Jj&rd i ffering at 18]c.
Chicago, May 20.—Flour quiet and unchanged
Wheat unsettled; No. 1 at 1 17] @ 1 19; No. 2 at 1 14]
@ 1 144. Corn firmer; No. 1 at G3]c; No. 2 at 58]o.
Oats higher at 61 @ 62]e, and 59] @ 60c sollcr Juno
an l 60] @ 62c buyer this mouth. Rye dull at 1 14 tor
No. 1 instore. Barley dull; sales No. 2 at 1 55 @
1 60 and 1 65 on the track-. High Wines active, excit
ed and higher; sales at 95 @ 96c. Mess Pork 31 00
cash and 31 75 buyer this month. Lard 18c. Short
clear middles 15]e loose; rough sides 14c. Hams 15
@ I5]c. Live Hogs active and firm at 7 90 @ 9 70 for
premium lots. Cattle quiet and unchanged. Freights
Verelgi Markets*
London, May 20—Forenoon.—Consols 92$ of
money. *
American securities—United Stales 5-20'a at 78$;
Erie shares 18]; Illinois Central shares 95.
Liverpool, May 20—Forenoon.—Cotton quiet;
Middling uplands ll]d; sales 8000 bales. Flour 2ls.
Frankfort, May 20—Evening.—United States
6-20's at 84# @ 85$.
London, May 20—Euvelng.—Official returns of
the Bank of England show that the^mount of specie
iu its vaults has increased £246,000 during the week.
Liverpool, May 20—Evening.—Cotton closed
quiet; Middling uplands llfd; do Orleans ll]d; sales
10,000 bales. Breadstuff's and Provisions unchanged.
Spirits Petroleum declined to 7]d; refined do quiet
and steady.
Liverpool, May 8.—United Statos—During tlie
past mouth an extended business has been doing,
both by sailiug ships and steamers, the latter includ
ing many extra ones well filled with cargo and pas
sengers. The trade to the Southern ports, however,
has been quiet. Our quotations by sailing ships are
for Dry Goods to New York 10 @ 15e; Boston 10 @
15a; Philadelphia 12s fid @ 15s; Charleston 15 @ 20s;
New Orleans 10 @ 16s ton ineesuiement. .Hard
ware to New York and Boston 10 @ 15s; Philadel
phia 12s 6d @ 15e; Charleston 15 @ 20s; New Orleans
12s Gd @ 12a ton measurement K u the r ware to
New York 7 @ 8s; Boston 7* Gd @ 5a fid; Philadel
phia! 10 @ lls; Charleston 10s 6d @ Its; New Or
leans 9 («/ 10s f> ton measurement.
tiocl Ll»i
Sales at the Brokers* Board, May 20
American Gold. n«
United States 5 20s. 1062,.*..'.
July. 1865. 120
“ I8C<. 120
U S Currency Sixes,. 1071
Franklin Company, Lewiston.;. 12ll
Michiean Central Railroad. 127*
Vermont Central 1st mortgage bonds. 79
Boston and Maine Railroad. I4U
Eastern Railroad. 116i
New Hampshire State Sixes. 1878 .’ 99A
Union Pacific R R Sixes, gold. 91|
Iu tliis dty. May 10, by Key. A. Dal Ion, Capt John
Armstrong and Mrs Margaret Green, both ot Forl
In this city. May 20, by Rev. O. T. Monlton, Chas.
B. Boor and Mias Mary J. Gatley, both ot Manches
ter, N. If.
r In Yarmouth, May 19, by Rev. Ueo. A Putnam,
Joseph G, Merrill and Maltha M. Stiles
In Casco, May 16t by Lyman \V. Holden. Esa ,
Benjamin Wentworth, of Windham, and Miss Anna
M. A race. of Casco.
>n Now York, May 17, at St. Albans Chapel, by
Rev. McWafter B. Noyes. Willard Knowles Free
man, Esq., and Emma J. MeLellan. all ot New
In Westbrook, (Back Cove) Harry, youngest child
ot Albion K. P. and Deborah C. Leighton, aged 1
year 10 months.
[Funeral this Friday afternoon, at 24 o’clock.
In North Yarmouth, May 19 Mrs. Mary Y. Tripp,
wife of Jacob Tripp, aged 60 years.
[Funeral on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o’clock,
In Livermore, May 8. Mi. David Winslow, aged 78
years. His mother is living at the age ot 102 years.
In Montreal, C. K.t May 18, Mr. Enoch Egginton,
formerly Supt. Portland Glass works.
Cuba.New York. .Liveimool... .May 19
Westphalia.New York. .Hamburg .... May 18
Bavaria.New York. .Hamburg_May 21
Prussian.Quebec.Liverpool._May 22
Kah-kce.New York..St Jago.May <2
South America. ...New York. .Rio Janeiro. .May 23
Hammonia.New York. .Hamburg_May 25
Australasian.New York. .Liverpool_May 26
Samaria.New York.. Liverpool.... Maa 27
India.New York. .Liverpool.May 28
Austrian.Quebec.Liverpool.May 29
Cleopatra.New York. .Sisal&V Cruz Mav 29
Aliemannia.New York.. Ham burg. ...June 1
European.Quebec.Liverpool... .June 5
Moravian.Quobec.Liverpool.... June 12
Miniature Almanac.May ill.
Sunrises.4.34 I Moon sets. 1.55 AM
snn 8***.7.19 1 High water. .. 6.45PM
Thursday* May 20.
Steamer Carlotta,Colby, Halifax, NS, with mdse
and passengers, to John Porteons.
Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Boston tor
Eastport and St John. NB.
Brig Philip Larrabee, Crowell, Philadelphia lor
Scb Jefferson Borden, Hall, Baltimore,—H)0 tons
coal to Gas Co.
S«h Amelia, Kllcms, New York,—corn to Waldron
*!fc True.
»\Vebster, Randall, Boston-molasses to
J li Brown & Sons.
Sch Persia L Smith, Bunker, Boston, n ballasr.
Sch U S Grant; Crosman. Eastport.
Sch Daisy, l^eadbetter. Vinalhaven.
Sch Laura & Marion, Clifford, Bristol.
Sch Pearl, Thorp, Bristol, to load brick for Boston.
Sch Utica, Thorndike, Rockland—lime to Beale &
Sch Tiara, Chatto, Boston for Bluehill.
Rienzi, Richard on, Boston lor Thomaston.
Sch Rising Sun, Sawyer, Boston tor Jonespori.
beb Dispatch, Parker. Beverly for Calais.
Sch Catharine. Allen, Lynn lor Brooklin.
Sch Balloon, Clay, Newbnryport lor Bangor.
OUTSIDE—A light Br brig, bound East, (at an
chor inside Portland Ligh t )
Steamer Chesapeake, Bragg, New York—Hen
ry Fox.
Brig Hattie E Wheeler, Bacon, Cardenas—Lynch,
Barker & Co.
Brig Rio Grande, Bennett, Calais — Littlejohn &
SAILED—Brigs Cliarlcna, M A Berry; sch3 Chi
loe, California, Wm Pickering.
Brig Susan Duncan, ot Ban-ror, went ashore near
Orleans Wednesday night and is a total wreck ; part
oi her stem has come ashore. Crew supposed to be
lost. An unknown sebr is a so ashore.
Sell Eliza Oils, ot Bel last, from Bangor lor Hart
ford, went uboro at Chatham Wednesday night and
is a total wreck Crew saved.
Barque Sagadahoc, (of Bath) Carlton,Ironi New
York lor San Lucas, has put into Cadiz in distress
having heavy gales ami sprung aleak. Also lost
master ? (or masts) and sustained other damage/
Messrs Lemont & Robinson launched a barque ot
58f tons irom their yard at Bath, on the lath.
Cyraus McKown. at Bootlibav. is building a sebr
of 200 tons, tor Capt Mitchell Reed, to l»e finished
this tall.
SAN FRANCISCO—Cld 7th, barque Gem of the
Ocean, Mitchell, Victoria.
Ar 7ili, barque Moncyniek. Marshall, San Diego.
Ar 19th, ship Ella Norton, 'Nichols, New|>ort, K,
sch Ada A Frye, Fish, Boston.
NEW ORLEANS—Clef I Jill, barque H D Brook
man. Savin, Genoa.
MOBILE—Ar 13th, sell Eliza it Robinson, Hop
kins. Cardenas.
K»»X.>?F:S?,.“Ar4th' briS Etfa M Tucker. Tuck
er, Philadelphia.
PENSACOLA—Ar 1 ltli fust, brig Guiding Star
Freithy. Key West .
NORFOLK—Ar 16th, sells M S Hath way. Cole, fm
Shulee, NS; Wanderer, Thorndike. Para via Cane
Henry, where she was ashore, — is lull of water and
has been put on Hie flats.
ALEXANDRIA—Sid 17lli brig Levi Stevens, Mun
toe, Boston.
BALTIMORE—Ar 17th, brig John Richards, Kim
ball, Arroyo.
PHILADELPHIA—Ar 17tb, sells Frank & Emilv,
Colley. Darien.
Ar 18th, barque Savannah, Scaife, Sombrero; brig
Robin, Douglass, Sagua; sch 11 Prescott, Freeman,
CM 18tli, sch Jeddic, Trott, Boston.
dessie Rhjnas, Tucker. Boston: sch
Willie Martiu, Collins. Saco; Empire, Matthews, tor
Augusta; Congress, York, Bath.
NEW YORK—Ar l*th, biig K N Johnson John
soii, Darien; sells Ada S Allen. Owen, Pembroke;
July hourtli, Cobb, Romlout lor Newbnryport; R
Leach, \Yright, do tor Bos<on; Mary Means, Bayard,
and N Berry, PcndJeton, Calais; Billow, Griffin, tm
Franklin * ’
Cld 19tb, ships Imperial, Taylor, San Francisco;
Pocahomas, Weeks, St John, NB; brigs Tempest.
Wilson, SodcrteUe, (Baltic) ; Emma L Hall, Blan
chard, Giami Turn; A 11 Ciuttis, Merriroan, Eliza
bethport; Cyclone, Frisbie, do; C 11 Kennedy, Sta
pies. do.
NEWPORT-In jiort 18lb, sell J F CarVcr. Carver,
Pawtucket lor New York; Jos W Fish. Harris. Tho
maston lor Virginia; Com Kearney. Philbrook, Fall
River for Philadelphia.m
Sailed *18th. schs Cherub, Fletcher, Portland lor
New York; Atalanta, Pierce, New York lor Ports
mouth; Nevada, Davis, tm Franklin tor New Yoik;
J B Marshall, Marshall, St George lor Baltimore.
HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 18th, Mb Laura Bridgman,
Hart, Boston for Baltimore.
Ar 19th, sobs jEthan Allen, Blake, Baltimore for
Portland; Laura A Webb, Hatch, Bangor for Wash
ington; Chas Holierts, Farrow, Fox Island for New
York; Starlight, Mclntire, Bath tor Providence; A
M Flannagan, Collins, Rockland for New York; W
F«SanieB- Barber, Portland for do.
Sid. »cbs John Somes, F J Cummings, Mi; etta,
Alaska, Fannie Mitchell. Ganges, Abbio E Willard,
MmSn;,T J °Wtn> L A Webb, Starlight,
o™-i Ar 19 h* biigs Jacinto Miller. Cieuluo
hkmolrc* Wenley,Philadelphia; C E Kcllev,
Wiliuputnam.o,ok,Calais; Eliia
Cl.\ m?. ’ ‘,>r,:8d™; Wllli.in, Brtgbam, Bath.
“ ‘ ib-i E » Henimau.Kaii hall, Cardo
na*, oebe 8 8 Bickmore, Baiter, Port Caledonia,CB;
White Sea, Jones, St George; Mary Langdon, Pink
haw, Rock land,
At 20th, ship Puritan, Knowles, Liverpool; brigs
Shasta, Brown, Cadiz; Open Sea. Coombs, .lackson
yjjle; Jessie Rhynas, Tucker. Philadelphia; sebs
Wm JI Mitchell Cole, and Frank Palmer. Latham,
Philadelphia; Warren Blake, Mcservev, New York;
Lucy Robbins.Grant. Bangor: Mary Elizabeth, Sav
age, and Dolphin, Davis. E lsworth.
Cld 20th, ship Tanjore, Cobb, Madras- brig PM
Tinker, Bernard, Cardenas; sebs Nellie G Rowe,
Wilcox, Augusta; Bowdoin, Randall, and Brambal),
Hamilton, Pori land.
SALEM—Ar 18th, schs Isis, Bullock, Elizabctli
port; Doris. Remick, Ell« worth.
Ar 19th, brig Sophie. Strout, Hoboken; sebs Jos
O*l)onohue. Smith, Philadelphia: Phcnix, Thomp
son, Elizabethpori; Oranaska, Sinclair, Ellsworth;
Signal, Haynes. Franklin.
CM 19111 sch Othello Eldridge, Little Cow Bay.
GLOUCESTER—Ar 18th, schs Kspcranza, Adams,
Western Banks: B FSomes, Ogier, do.
NEWBURYPOBT-—A r 19tn, sells Sabao, I am son
Philadelphia; Marl ha, Smith, Klizabcthport.; J B
Myers, Rich, and John U Dennis, Thurlow, Bangor;
Marmora, Smith, do.
foreign PORTS.
At Bangkok Mch 20, barque Anna Walsh. Drink
water, from Hong Kong tor Europe, Ide.
At Gibraltar 20th ult. barque Daul Webster, Flinn.
for Malaga.
At Arroyo 281 h ult. sch Abby Ingalls, Ingalls, lor
New York lew days.
At Baracoa l(ithi inst, sch Israel Snow, Pillsbury.
lor New York 7 days.
Shi Im Cienluegos 8th, brig Mariposa, Lancaster,
Philadelphia; Alfiratta, tor Nevv York.
Ar nt Cienluegos ilili, barque Trcmrnt, Carlisle,
New York.
Cld at Havana 12tli inst, barque Harvest Moon,
Bartlett, tor Caibarien.
At 13th, brig Kennebec, York. Portland.
Sid 14th, brig Victoria (Br) Purdy, Portland.
In i»ort 13ib, barque Elba, Peterson, lor New York
ldg; brig Proteoug, Hall, tor Baltimore.
Sid Im Matanza? 8tb, sch David Faust, Lord, lor
Sagua: 9th, brig Harry Stewart, Weeks. Cardenas;
sch J S Brandon, Newcomb, do; 12th, barque Tro
vatore, Blanchard,Sagua; brig Minnie filler, An
derson, North of Hattcras.
Ar at Cardenas 19th, barque Jas E Ward, Lander
kin, Matanzas; brig M Louise Miller, Leighton, New
York; sch Ralph Carlton, Perry, do.
Sid 12i.li, brigs A M Knight, Knight, New York;
New York; brig Waltham, Hammond, lor North ol
II a Geras.
Sid im Rcmedios I2th,sch Sinaloa, Steele, tor Port
Ar at Nassau, NP, 6th Inst, brig Machias, Whit
ing, Jamaica tor New York, (has been asbore.)
I Per steamer Australasian, New York.l
SI'l im Liverpool (ftb, St Pairick, Wylie. Quebec.
Cld 6tli, E A Kennedy, Holffes, Philadelphia.
Ar at London 8th, Hudson. Pratt, New York,
Cld 6th, E W Stetson. Moore, New York, (and pro
Sid Bn Glasgow 6th. Marathon, Anderson, NYork;
Staft'a. Brookman, Bog on.
Ar at Queenstown 7th, Kendrick Fish. Watts, tm
Ar at Hong Kong Mch 21, John L Dimmock, Win
ched. Shanghai*.
Sid im Marseilles 5th inst, T K Weldon, Weldon,
New York,
Off Gibraltar 23th, Ormus, Pcttengill, trom NYork
tor Marseilles.
March 22, lat 23 3/ S, Ion 38 41, ship Harvest Queen
trom New York for San Francisco.
April 1, lat 2 N, Ion 28 W, ship lvanhoe, from Bos
ton for San Francisco.
April 21, lat /0 N, Ion 21 W, ship Tlios Lord, trom
Cardiff lor Callao.
April 28, lat 45 N. Ion 20 W, barque Jennie Prince,
trom Hamburg Mch 19 tor San Francisco.
May 8, lat 28, Ion 6145, Sell Uncle Tom, trom New
Cork tor Carthagena.
May 14, tat 33 09, Ion 74 40, sch De'mont, Gales,
trom Portland lor Havana.
new Spring
-AHU -
Summer Woolens ?
— AT —
The Finest Line in Portland!
Doth Foreign and Domestic.
Just received Irorn Boston aud New York luarkels.
Call and Examine Hum.
May 19-tf
- AT
C. An Vickcry’§
15Ii Middle Mt.,
A Full Assortment ol
13 Ji Y O 0*0 33 8,
Direct From New fork, Which nil arc
Invited lo Call aud Kxamine.
May 15-til w
important to Music Teachers.
Tlie Latest amJ most Complete System of Instruc
tlon tor Cabinet Organs and Melodcnna.
Clarke’s New Method
Containing the most Simple, thorough and progres
sive Exercises, beautiful Selections and voluntaries
ever published.
Kapidlj Superceding all oilier methods oi
Price in Hoards, $2.59. Sent tree on receipt o
OLIVKU DITMO.N to CO., Pa blit, her*
277 Washington St, Boston.
('ll AN. II. DITMO \ Ac CO,
may!5tf /II Broadway, New York.
misses'YiT HYDE
Dooms 99 Middle Street,
Oppo-dto St. Julian Hotel, where they are prepared
to do
Dross Making
In all its brunches.
Give them a call. maylGdlw
Portable Steam Engines,
COMBINING the maximum or efficiency, dura
bility aud economy with ilie minimum of weight and
price. They are widely aud frvorably known, mote
than 675 being in use. All warranted satisfactory
or no sale. Descriptive circulars sent on application
maylS-dGmo Lawkksck, Mass.
A flldllM?AIV<3IaASN WIN
DOW PIJliliKVfl.
The simplest, most durable,
and vebv much the cheapest
window pulley ever made. Ap
_ proved by leading architects nnd
bun.rets. For sale by
IflNIJ ft DKXTCfff,
may f-dllm Portlaud.
MR. TEWKSBURY L. SWEAT was admitted a
member of our firm tbe 1st inst.
May 10. Utt
Notice of Foreclosure ot Mortgage.
WHEREAS Lydia A. Libby, then ol Brunswick
in ilie county of Cumberland and State ot
Maine, by ber deed ol mortgage dated on t lie four
teenth day ot January, 1KG5, and recorded in Cum
berland ltegiatry ol Deeds, in Book 330, on page 352,
convejcdto Alfred Milliken, ilie subsefiber, three
certain parcels of laud situated in Pewnai. in said
county, beiug the same premises that said J.ydia on
Hie same day purchased of said Milllkeu, as will
more Itillly appear by reference to the deed ot said
Milliken to said Lydia, ilafed on the fourteenth day
ot January, 18115. Two of said parcels of land being
Jiie same conveyed to said Mlliiktn by the warranty
deed of William Tufts, dated August 20th, i860, and
recorded in the Cumberland Hegistry of Deeds in
Book 274, on pngo 2SG; the other parcel being the
same conveyed to said Milliken by the warranty deed
of Beubon A. Sawyer, dated January 31st, 1803, and
recorded ill the Cumberland Hegistry ol Deeds, in
Book 323, on page 15, to hold upon the conditions set
forth in said mortgage.
And whereas the conditions of said mortgage have
been broken.
Now therefore, I, A1 trod Milliken aforesaid, give
notice, that tor breach of the conditions ot said mort
gage, 1 claim a foreclosure ol said mortgage
May 1st, 1801).
• Treasury Department,
Office of the Light House. Board,
Washington City, April 27, i860.
SEPARATE Scale 1 Proposals wil' be received at
this Office until one o’clock p. in, on Friday, tlio
28th day ot May, l8G9, lor building and equipping
two Light-vessels ot the following dimensions:
Length from tore side of labbct of stem to
alt side of stern post, 98 feet.
Extreme breadth. 23 G-12 ft.
Depth of hold from inside of floor limbe ,
to under side of deck plank, amidship, 11 3 12 ft.
Drawings and specilic.itions, aud any other desir
ed information concerning these vessels, will (fee lur
nislied npon application m writing to the undersign
ed at this ottice. W. B SHU BRICK.
ap30U2aw3w Chairman.
VTOTICE i> hereby given tlmt the subscriber
I-.?8 been duly appointed and taken upon hhu
sell the trust ot Administrator with the will annex
ed ot the estate of
NATHANIEL SHAW; late of Portland,
in the County ol Cumberland, deceased,and given
bonds as ihe law directs. All persons having de
mands upon the estate ot said deceased, nre requir
ed. to exhibit the same; and all nersons indebted to
said estate are cad led upon to make payment to
Admini-d^ator wit'i Will annexed.
Portland, April 20, 1'<*9. ap28dlaw3w
NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has
been duly appointed and taken upon himselt tlio
trust of Administrator,with the Will anuexed, of the
estate ot
JAMES E. FERNALD, late ot Portland,
in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and given
bonds as the law directs. All persons having de
mands upon the estate of said deceased, are required
to exhibit the same; and all persons Indebted to said
estate are called upon to make pavmcnt to
„ „ Adm’r with Will annexed.
I ortlaud, May 4,18G9. may 7dlawlw
VTOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has
X! been duly appointed and taken upon himself
the trust oi Administrator with the Will annexed,
of the estate of
RICHARD C. WEBSTER, late of Portland,
in the County ot Cumberland, deceased, and
given bonds, as the law directs. All persons having de
mands upon the estate ot said deceased, are required
to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said
estate are called upon to make payment to
Portland, May 4th, I860. may7dlaw3w
Important to Buyers of Dry Goods
— -♦ -d— —
BSKn^’t:UoTe?UnC“t0llto0ld,rl<'nilS*"d cnstomot» he has Just returned trom New tan
$80,000 worth of DR1 GOODS
Two-Thirds the Cost of Importation,
. And ia now selling them at the following
200 Doz. White and Colored Corsets at SO cts. per pair.
150 f icces All Wool Delaine, 35 and 40 cts. |»er yard.
300 Pieces cotton and ivool i elaines at. 15c per yard.
200 Pieces Alpaccas, (food quality, at 25, 30, 35. 40 and
50 cents per yard. '
Handsome Dress Goods lor Sufis,
At 20,25,30 and 40 cents per yard.
Black Silks, - Irish Poplins,
And Empress Cloths.
I^arge Stock of' Prints!
lO to 12 1-2 cents per yard.
150 pieces Ginghams at 12 1-2 cts.
125 pieces Cotton and Wool Flannels, at 12 1-2c.
-- -
H II A W 1. N !
an Immense stock of
Spring and Summer Shawls!
At $1,50 $2,50, $3,50 and $4,00 apiece.
French and Scotch Long and Square Cashmere Shawls,
The Best and Cheapest in Portland.
500 Harasols at very low prices.
Comprising Sheetings, Shirtings, Linen Damask, Diaper,
JTapkins, Crash, Table Covers, Checked Cambrics, Mar
seilles, Brilliants, Flannels, Blankets, and all Btovse
keeping Goods, which will be sold at
% _ ^ ^ ^
Special .A. ttention is Solicited
To our entirely new end elegant stock of
Woolens lor Men’s & Boys’ Wear.
Ladies’ Cloaldngs,
All to be sold 30 per cent, less than elsewhere in the State.
ITT*Please call, If lor nothing more than to get posted on the right prices.
All Goods will be sold as herein represented.
New York Store, No. 133 middle St.
Portland, Maine, May 14. codlui
- i ■— 1 -
- OF -
American & Foreign
Watches, Jewelry,
Silver and Plated Ward
at prices adapted to tlie times.
Parabola Spectacles!
every pair of which is
aud li broken in use will he exchanged for a new
FltKB OF « o s r :
The Best Speclaele in the Market.
EJ> ffARb c. SfFKTT,
May 3. <lIw&eod3w
Are used in public and private by such Artisls as
Madame Parepa-Rosa,
Miss Clara Louise Kellogg,
Miss lida Topp,
S. B. Mills,
J, JV. Pattison,
Harry Sanderson,
Alfred II. Pease,
Wm. Mason,
Geo.F. Bristow,
• •
C. Jerome Hopkins,
And considered by them and every musician ot
note in this country
The bestPianos now Miinnfactur- <1
145 Middle St, Portland,
Agents tor tlic State of Maine.
Mtenmbonia, Hotel*, Boarding House*,*
Shop*, nud the public generally.
I WOULD take this opportunity to inform the
A above that having seen red the services ol some ot
the best artisans in Baking business, I tiel confident
now that I aiu able to please the most fastidious in
themanulaetureof Breadstuffs in all ils varieties,
such as
Soft, fir own and Graham Bread,
trackers of Every Variety.
Cakes and Pastry rf Every Variety.
All from t! e best oi stock. Orders lor the nbovo so
licited and promptly fllled at
1* Brsckclt Nlrrrf.
G, IF. fl. BBOOKS.
May 12-dlnus
Is. O. CRAM,
'•ramission Merchant,
Sale, Purchase, and Shipping of
_____ sep22disn
Barnums’ Bath Rooms,
- AT -J?
Cape Elizabeth Mineral Springs,
Are now open tor the Season, on
IVedncnday Afternoon*.
Thur*day Forenoons.
Muturdoy Afternoon,
Nniidayall doy,nnd
Monday Forcnoou*.
tp^Single Tickets 40 cents, or three tickets lor one
dollar. maylitt
Administr ator’s ? ale.
Tlic 8tock oi Goods
Of the late firm of
Will be for Sale
At Retail, Very Low,
in tlio store lately occupied by them
Under the Px'eble House,
Corner ofCongrr.w and Preble Sts.
__May 7, 1869.-d3w Administrator.
Bailey & IVoyes
The BEST PLACE in Portland to buy a
Good Piano or Cabinet Organ
WoaroSOl.E AGENTS for six diBerent manu
facturers, which enable us to sell PIANOS or OR
(JANS at very low prices.
Wg Sell and Warrant,
Are Reacted at the different fhctorics by parties
competent to judge of the fine quality ot
tone and mechanical construction.
Oar stock is tho L \ EKGK3T ever kept in Poitland.
Purchasers will find it greatly to their advantage to
Book-sellers and Stationers,
-Kxcbnngc Street, Portland.
May B-dtt
Mrs. Chandler & Miss Lord
f Have opened rooms at
357 1-2 ('ougrriM Street, up Stairs.
They have a full assortment ot
0argots, Hoop -Skirts. Hosiery, Gloves,
Handkerchief. Collar. Ah Cull'-.
tS-Also the “ABDOMINAL CORSET" and Dr.
Cutter 8 Client Expanding Slioulder-Braces, of which
they have the exclusive sale. inay20dlm
Spring and. Summer
Millinery Goods.
TIIS Ladies ot Portland aid vicinity, arc invited
to call and examine the
Large anil Fashionable Stock ot
Fresh Millinery Goods,
Mr>.(;uslinian, No. % Doering Block
Having a larger stock than usual, she oilers her
At H<tnil. at Vi'bolFMfile Price*.
May 6 3w
Muscovado Suguars.
A, atCenlral Wharf, part cargo Brig
‘•Ida L. Ray” and for sale by
111 Commercial St.
May 13-d2w
Daily Press Job Office,
yo. / Printers’ Exchange,
Exchange Street.
mum, & job pkpim,
Ux«rHtod with NdatiiuaH acd Despatch.
Havin'* completely refurnished our office since the
Great Fire, with all kimls of New Material, _
Presses, Ac., we arc prepared on the short- #
est possible notice to accommodate our
friends and the public with
Posters, Programmes,
Cards, Tags, Planks, Labels,
\mi every description of «
Mercantile Printing.
fuve superior taci.ittes for the execution ot
Catalog-nets, Jfco.,
Which tor neatness aud dispatch cannot he surpassed
SS*°* Orders from the country solicited, to which
prompt attention will be paid.
Daily Press Job Oliicc
y<>. / Printers*Exchange,
Exchange st, Portland.
Life Insurance Co.,
United States of America,
Chartered by Special Ael of Caugma,
Approved July 25,18G8.
CASH CAPITAL ' $1,000,000,
Where the general business of the Company is trans
acted, and to which all general correspondence
should bo addressed.
CLARF.NCE H. CLARK, President.
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HENRY D. COOKE, Vice-President.
EMERSON W. PEET, Secretary and Actuary.
This Company offers the following advan
It is a national Company, chartered by «pe
cial act of Congress, 18118.
It has a paid-up capital of $1,000,000.
It offers low rates of premium.
It furnishes larger insurance than other
companies for the same money.
It is definite and ceitain in its terms.
It is a home company in every locality.
Its policies are exempt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in
the policies.
Every policy is non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken which pay to the in
sured their full amount, and return all the
prero-'ums, so that the insurance costs only
thy .nterest on the annual payments.
Policies may be taken that will pay to the
insured, after a certain number of years, dur
ing life, an annual income of 'one-tenth the
amount named in the policy.
No extra rate i3 charged for risks upon the
lives of females.
It insures, not to pay dividends to policy
holders, but at so low a cost that dividends
will be impossible.'
Circulars, Pamphlets and full particulars
given on application to the Branch Office ol
the Company, or to
W. K‘. Cn*KIDLKB.d I °'th8 Boiml ot Director!
3 Merchants’ Exchange, Slate St., Boston.
General Agents for New England.
J. P. TUCKKK, Manager,
Edward L. 0. Adams,
C.rner »f Exchange and middle Street.,
Portland, me.,
November 28, 1868. iltui
The National.
Lite Ins. Coinp’y
No. SIS Broadway.
Issues all the new forms of policies, and presents as
States I* terras as aD^ con,r>a,,y 1,1 th0 United
The company will make temporary loans on its
Thirty days* grace allowed on each payment, and
the policy held j>ood daring tlifat time.
All ot our policies are incontestable alter live an
nual payments.
Policy-holders share in the annual protits ot the
company, and have a voice in the election and man
agement ot tho company.
No policy or medical fte charged.
Dividends tor 1869 are now being paid.
Fifty per cent, on Lite Policies issued previous to
Jan. 1867.
Thirty-five per cent, on . Endowments bsued pre
vious to January, 1867.
All Policies non-torteitahle on the principle of the
Massachusetts law.
EDWARD A. JONES, President.
E* rTENKS, General Agent
For West Maine, Rockingham audStrnfiord counties
N. H. j
Office cor. Csngreu and Exchange »U.,
S- \V, Uothaway General Agent for Entd
HF"Address, BROOKS, Maine.
Call or send for Circulars to cither ot tho above
E^Solicltors Wanted. maylSdlwtoutlwtdlw
Heards Grass Seed Very Cheap.
J. J. GUNNISON: 50 Market Street.
may 18-d3w
R FT. Seasoned Pine Deck Plank.
U^U\/v/ 30,000 feet Spruce Deck Plank.
50,000 feet 2 ill, 3 in. 4 in. and 5 in Oak Flank.
Also Ship Knees, Oak Timber, and Shipping Lum
ber, by L. TAYLOR,
maylsdlt 117 Commercial St.
Steam Engine ior Sale.
E ROM Thirty to Forty Horse-Power, in good or
JF der will be sold at a bargain.
Apply to c. j. Morris,
2 12 Union Wiiart.
Portland, May 18. I860.—dlw
Can haw the AGENCY (fa
First Class Life Insurance Comp’y
tor this city; the territory to be increased as he shall
deserve encouragement.
J® a ~ian 0t.euerKy a**d good address a very desi
rable offer will bo made.
^“Address Boston Post Office Box 2365. Any
special inquiries can be made ot MR. KNIGHT, at
this office. may7dtf
THE undersigned, alter several years experience
as Receiver ot Breadstuff* in New York City,
will give bis personal attemiou to ihc Purchase
and Shipment of *lour. Wh-nt, Corn,
ProviHioiiM and GroecrtcH for the Eastern Mar
kels. Advances made on the above property
in the Western or New York Markets.
__ o No* 78 **earl street. New York.
May 3, 1869. may 5d3w* •
rpHE Portland Steam Brick Company, are now J
A ready to contract for Pressed, Faced, Hav Win
dow and Common Brick, by the 1000 or 1,000,000.
AUG. L. LOVE.IOY, Agent,
Olce Preble lloa.e, Pertlnud, Me.
An Evening of^Sacred Song.!
OB' new yoke,
Sings To-TN’ i^ht,
FRIDAY, May 21st, 1809,
- AT —
Chestnut street Chinch
Tickets 25rents; to bo had of*Hailey <& Notes, and
at the door. iuay21td
If E L LO « 6 !
Miss Kellogg In Iiilinn Opera!
Wednesday Evening, jllay 20lli
-AT -
CI rV Y JFI La Ia !
M K.?SC.il ,,0t’s 10 announce to the citi
eilAuicr8 ran^rfma Donui»^,C n"5r’ "‘ttl “» r“'
M as Clara Louis'; Kellogg,
prior to her departure for Kuinpo in .June per
Cunvid Steamer ‘•Prussia.” will appear in Oi>era in
ihis city, WEDNESDAY Evcning.jMay 26th, when
Donnizelli’s'cliarniiug Comic Opeia.
I>on Pasqnale,
Will be presented.
- valed rendition ol.Norlun
Signor BOKTT1, Prim ,Tenure, Irom the Araden y
ol Music in New York,.Ente»lo.
Sign.ir ItENA, Priino Baritone.Dr. Malalestn
Signor SUSINf, Primo Basso,.Don Pasqualo
Musical Director, Nig. Abrrlr.
Admission tl DO; IU served Seats 6(1 t in's extra
i lie sale ol Seats will connm nee at Pain •’* Mu.lc
Store, at OoYlcock Monti ay Mornin *, Muv 21.
May 20 11
dt<:FaHing ha i pu
Monday Evening, May 24,
Swiss Hell Hinders !
Cornel Hand a ;d Orchestra,
Voeidisis, Harpist**,
Violinist:* & CouicdiiiiiN,
Assisietl by brtirgia Dim. Spaulding, the
un»8t wonderful Harpist in the world and tiie only
l.tdy that executes three different melodies atone
time. Also Mia* Ediiiir Km Icy the charming
Vocalist, in the latest and most popular balhuls, Mr
Harry llndex, the great Londn s.nsatmn, will
introduce his uow s|ki< lalilics. Mr. <\ Bce
de, Violinist. Mr. Wm. B Mpunldiug, the
astonishing Bass Bell Player and Harpist, f4 gather
with a lull <nips of Swiss Kell Pla)ers, introduc
ing utw le it ures performed by no siniUar organize
tion. • 4
Tickets, 55 cents. Ucscrved Scats 50 cents.
IV. K. STAN I.K V. Agcat,
C. C'. BEiiDLK, Treasurer.
W P. NPAULIIING, Matanger.
May 18-dtd
Forest Oi tj Park
PUHSE $1,000
Joint L. Stewart vTime
To Trot Twenty Miles Within One
Hour in Harness.
Stewart, by his unparalleled performances upon
the turf, has become the acknowledged champion ot
the world at all long distances, and how stands
heavily engaged to trot twenty-one miles within tho
hour at Providence, it. 1, in Jane next. He will bo
driven by young Hiram Woodruff, which is a suffi
cient guarantee lliat tbe starting ol tbe homo will be
an honest attempt to win, and is a jiertormance the
citizens of Maine will probably never see undertak
en asain to this State.
Liberal arrangements will be made with the Rail
road Companies to enable visitors to ace tho race and
to return the same day, ot which further notice will
be given.
tor any information concerning tbe race apidy to
GEO. H. BAILEY, Manager,
__ „ No. 34 Center St. Portland.
May 10, 18GD. dtd *
Forest City Park
A Parse of $30.00
Will be given by tbe Proprietor, to be trotted for on
Saturday, May 29,1869.
(It Aiir.lay, ilu.t tbe followingSaturday.)
930.00 (Thlrly Dollar.) to «ho Horae trolling
unreal to Three Ifliuule*. Average lime.
990.00 (Twenty Dollar,) to Second.
Mile Heat,, beat Two in Tube* lo Koail Wagons.
Entrance Fee 10 per cent.
tyTrotting to commence at three o’clock. Tick
ets 50 cts.
May 18, i860.
The Best In the World
Great European Troupe
- OF -
Star Perlormers I
Will Exhibit in PORTLAND,
Tuesday, June 22,
Ami will visit alt the principal cilits amt towns In
Th:- following platform was adopted by Stone &
Murray s Circus iu 1865. and so announced in the
bills, slid the unparalled success achieved by this
matchless organisation, has probably induced
others to Infuse new Ideas In their hills and adver
tisements by filching the annexed—
“Stone & Murray having banished the antique
style and reached perfection iu their immense or
ganization, will oiler no utalf* and exhausted acts;
but new Jeitures and fresh attractions, never before
Hitroduced to the public, wdl surprise and d< light
the eye. The Magnificent scenes in the Arena
will Ik) enriched and beautified by gorgeous Paia
pbcrnalia and superb music, aud tbe novel perform
ances will be rendered wilh faultless grace aud mar
velous splendor.”
dT'Fuli defails ot the announced exhibition
will be given In future advertisements. may lu-fit
■(•ward Hired, Boston.
Isaac B. Uich & J. C. TcowimimiF. Manngors.
Josu Hart Business and Stage Manager.
Open Every Even’g and Saturday Afternoon,
StBt' Oouil>iiititioii.
Consisting of
One Hundred First-Class Artists
Wli»appear in
Fifty Different Acts
Trowbridge & Hart’s Sta- Ocmbiaation,
Will visit all the Principal Cities of the Mew Eng
land States daring thiir SUMMER VACATION,
commencing iu East Boston, June 28th.
CARD.—We caution the public against all other
parties representing themsclvos as from the Howard
Athcnicum—yre have no branch companies.
Howard Athenceum^ )
Boston, Mass., May, 1869.) mayl-d2w»
ATWELL & 00., Advertising Agts, I
l»4 Mtnni.it Strkkt, Portland. Advertise- I
monts received for all the principal pai*>rs in I
Maine and throughout the country, and
promptly inserted at the publisher.' low
est rnlcM.
Ordcrn througli the poMt-oflirr, or I
at our oflicc, promptly attended to. I
Ellis* Iron Bitters
Having used yonr Iron Bitlrrs In my pnctice. I
can testily to,its superior tonic properties lor invigo
rating the appetite and promoting digestion. 1 can
unhesitatingly recommend it in cases ot genera! de
bill'y and dyspepsia, and in conditions of the system
requiring the use ot a ferruginous tonic. Its agree
able flavor must recommend it to all.
Yours, Kespcctlully,
Professor in the Philadelphia University ot Medicine
and Surgery.
Prepared by Wis. Ellis, Chemist, For sale by
Weeks & Potter, Wholesale Agents, no Washing
ton Street, Boston, and by Druggists and Grocers
generally. aprl3dCm
Fine Irish Lnens, Woolens, Carpets,
&c., at Auction!
At the Annie.■ Room of F. O. Bailry,
IN Ktcknage HI.,
fr?,'!M,RNC1.NO THURSDAY, Mar 20th, at 10
£®n,,"“,ng everyday until the stock
„ a‘ '•AM and 3 P M. 'Die stock constats o f
I1"1 ‘•>n*n Sheetings, Napkins and
i IV.rbd! inik i>r’’0?’ Towels and Crasn. Also,
ruh Irish Silk Poplins. Dress Patterns, Long ana
Square 1 alalcv Shawls, French Em tense,I Tahls and
Piano Lovers.Rroad.Llotlis,Caseimcrf a and Doeskins,
L-arpeliug*. .Yc. Wo leel conttdent this stock will
provoto lie ono ol the Uncut ever oflorrd In this mar
ket. Tlie goods will bo open tor eismlnatiuu on the
afternoon previous and morning before tale. 1 adles
invited to examine the goods and atiend the sale
Every lot will l>e positively sold, and the public
will please govern themselves accordingly.
maylOtd F. O, BAILEY, Anet.
if R fatten * no., Aacusartt.
Furniture, Groceries &c.
ON Saturday. May 22, at 10 A M, at oM -e, Sofas,
ebsirs, Tables, Mirrors. crockery and Glass
Ware, Groccrica, Dry Goods, &t. seat2014
E. TC PATTEN A CO., Atsclienrcr.
Fnglish White Lend.
QN Saturday, Slay 22.1. a-11 A. M, at offl.-t,
One Hundred and Elercit Kegs, IMS lb«..
English White I,rail.
Terms cash. inay2l)|i|
Horses, arriages, dtp., at Auction
IpVERY SATURDAY, at It o’clock A. M , on tc w
■i market lot. Market street, I si,all sell Hm-es
'jarriagef, Marhlkhfh, Siv.
One Six Sealer, built by Wood Bros, N. ¥., neatly
new. ’ *
1 Bick Boot Wagon.
J aSitio .Spring Wagon.
Al'>F. O. BAILEY. Auctioned
E* ill* I Ariui 3c €0., AaclUaceiii
Administrator's .Male.
i>rUsUANT to «n order irom Ilia Non Jutlce ol
ii Tr-thute, 1 shall sell at public auction ou ’I Intra
day, Mav2Ttn. at 10 A M, in stoic uudor tbe Preble
IIou*e. r celitiy occupied t.y J *» K. FemaldA' Sou,
tbe reninindnr ol t»N* stock consistin part oi
Chinebd!a.s Beaver and 9otjk.b (ioo is. Fancy Doe
skins and Cassimeres C abmerc an I Woolen Vett
ings Coats, Pants aud Vu»t», with Furnisbiug
Goods ami other articles.
Also Cutting Boards, Counter*. Sewing Machines,
Show Cases. Curtains, Ac '
nay Li td Administrator.
K. «. PUTIN A «)«.. A«ell.„rc.»
Genteel Household Furniture and
Pinno-Forte at 'Auction.
ON Friday, May 281 h, a! 10 A W, at tbe residence
ot Dr Chadwick, 188 Cumberland street. Walnut
Sola* and Chairs in liep, sideboard, Card, Work
aud Extension Tables, Hat True, Chamber Sets,Book
Caae, Mirrors, Beds and Bedding, Tapestry, 3 ply.
Stair and Straw CaiMts, crockery, Ula-s and China
Ware, Cutlery, Marble Vases, Cook Store, Kitchen
Furniture. Xc. At half past eleven, Piano-Forte
made by Gilbert • n>ay2tiul
K. W PA TT KN ft TO., Ann ioucr i s,
Guardian’s Sole of Real (state,
On middle, earner of Hancock Ml*.
, Y virtue of a license Irorn the Hon. John A.
1> Waterman, Judge ol Probate within and for
the county ol Cumberland^ 1 shall sell at public
auction on the premises on Saturday, tilth day of
June, »t halt past 12, the Iwo storied wooden Dwell
ing, lugcthor wtlb tl o Land. House lu g rod condi
tion, hasten finished rooms, with gas and lurnace
Boiu.tllul supply ot aqueduct ami cistern water
Lot about 25x80 leet.
For terms, which will be liberal, call ou the auc
tioneer. ELIZ ABETH T. SHUKT, Guardian.
Portland, May 4, 1889. mayStd
Rockland If ail Factory,
By Auction.
Bhe mider-Igned Truileoa ot the Estate and Effects
of Geobob P. Sancton, will sell at Auction, on
tbo Promises, on SATURDAY, the lath day ot
June next, at 2 o’clock, P M.
THAT valuable PROPERTY knou u as the Rock
land Nail Factor*, situate In King’s county. In
the Province of New Brunswick, on the Northerly
Bank ol the Kennobeccasia River, about 12 miles
from the city ol Saint John,
The above Factory has one of the finest wstoeprlv
lloges in tho Province, and eoutatus 8 Out Nail Ma
chines. 1 Cut Spike do., 1 Wrought Ship Spike do.,
Maxim’s Pateut, (with tbe Patent Bleats lor New
Brunswick), Steam Engine, Boiler, Water-Wheel,
Belling, and all lire necessary apparatus for carrying
ou the manulaeture of first-class nails and spikes.—
Connected with Ilia above are about Two Hnndrs.1
Acres ol Land with two dwelling Homes and other
buildings thereon.
For further particulars apply at Saint John to
Trustees ol tbe Estate and Effects of Georgs P. ’
Sancton. may 1# to June To
Oommifition Merchant and Auctioneer,
M p 316 Congress Street, will, on Thursday even
AN tng, Feb. 11, at T o’clock, soil at Auction a large
consignment of Staple and Fancy Goods.
Auction sales every evening. Goods will be sold
during the day in lota to suit purchasers at wholesale
prices. Cosh advanced on all descriptions of goods.
Consignments not limited.
Lchruary 11, 18G8. dtf
Hot Tea Rolls, Biscuit &c.
THROUGH tbe earnest solicitations of many ol
my patrons, I, hare been induced to revive tbe
manutactare of tbe above on and after tbie date.
Will be ready ft>r delivery from
If roots’ Bakery, 7 9 Brackett St.,
Every day, at 5 o'clock P M.
By Please come and try them. They are just
wliat is needed through the warm summer months.
Plour, Flour,
■ i
I Have also on hand a good auoriment ot the best
4 brands of «
Family Flour!
Which I am selling low for Cash.
a. w. n. BROOKS.
To Bakers, Flour Dealers and
Portland, May 18tb, 1809.
I BEG to advise ynu that I have made arrange
men’s here ot the following Brands of Choice
Floor, which I will sell wholesale and retail at
40 Market St, Corner of Newbury.
Plants Extra, Best St. Louis.
Eagles Eights, Best St. Louis.
Major Mills, Best Canada.
Valley Mills. Best Uaaads.
Baldwin Mills, Best Canada.
Best * Sparks’ Illinois.
Ontario Spring Wheat Extra.
Parties purchasing iron sse Hill get their Flour
cheaper thae any In this market
Prompt attention given to all orders,
jy Tour orders are respeettnlly solicited.
3. B. SDlUIERriLT, Ant.
May 19-dlm •
Boots, Shoes and Slippers.
LARGE LOT Just Received at N*. CaarelSI,
(Montgomery’s old Stand) 31)01 prs for sales st
••e»« Price per pair (lor the same kind and qual
ity) than can be had at any other plieoln the Bute.
One price and no deviation.
Tapping, heeling and patching or Ml kinds of
Boots and Shoes done at the lowest rales.
C Af.KH ». »» Al.fi.,
may 19eodlw&WSwls Proprietor.
Is a speedy and certain
remedy for Cough., Cold,,
Hoaraencea, Sore 'throat,
Bronchitie, Catarrh, in
fluenza, Whroping Dough,
Asthma, and the ear tout
Af'ectione of the Lunge
and Cheat.
BF*The .attention o
those afflicted with colds, coughs, and with any dis
ease of the lungs, is dlreeted to this valuable reme
dy. The season ol the year has already come when
on account ol the sudden changes in the weather
colds anil coughs arc easily taken, ami If neglected
may lead to disease ol the lungs. What is needed
under such circumstances Is a reliable remedy
speedy In aflording relict and efiectual in arresting
further progress of the disease.
CTTij arrest the existing irritation ni the air pas
sages and the lungs, speedily and efleciually, tbe
scat and cause ot cough, is an important step gained
towards reliel and cure in the firststagee ol the dis
ease. Masta’s Pulmomc Balsam possesses this
imporlaot power, and while it promptly ami etteetu
allv arrests all existing Irritation and rapidly relieves
cough, it renders the lungs lurther relict by promot
ing a tree discharge ot the accumulated mucus in the
air passages, imparting a healthy action and Vigor
to the chest at the same time.
OfThose suffering with cough and the first stages
of lung disease, will therefore find In this valuable
preparation a speedy and decided reliel. Even those
whose condition is beyond recovery, will de
rive from its use great benefit as well as comfort.
For the class of diseases it is designed to relieve, tb '
general commendation It has received has proved it •
great etficaiy beyond question. For tbe past ten
years thousands have beeu speedllv and effectual I c
cured by Us timely use while suffering Horn seve
colds, protracted coughs, and Horn other forms o.
lung disease l it is prepared from vegdable balsams
and the medicinal pro|iertles ol roots an t herbs,
with no minerals nor putsonous acids, simple and
sale in the material t used, It can bo taken at any
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers In Medi
cines throught the United States.
W. W. WHIPPLE & CO., Portland,
Dec 22-d&w6in General Agents lor Maine.
Overland via. Pacific Bail Road.
Through Tickets from Portland to Sacramento
All I*oi AIM 111 1BC nouilt nova wcti, «
For sale at the lowest rates by
W. D. LITTLE <e CO.,
may 10 is3w*w-ostt _4») Kuliaage Ml.
Proposals for Hydrants.
JJK0P03AI.3 will be received until
Saturday, May 9 Jd, 1909,
it 12o’elnck M, for the manufacture of Ono Hun
trod Hydrants of tho Montreal pattern, for llie use
if tho City of Portland.
Drawings and S|>ecitlcallona can lie obtained and
ill necessary information can txfliad of tho under
tigneu at hia < dice No r»9 Fxcbaitue street.
uaylSdtd EZRA CARTER. Chairman.
Spring and Summer Styles,
At her Room. fit. 4 Cation street,
Which will be sold at very small profits. ap2Ttf

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