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the press.
Xo walls to fair as those our fancies build;
Xo Tiews so bright as those our *isiousgild.
—0. W. Helmet.
X note each gracious purpose.
Each kindly w >rd and need;
Are ye not all my children?
Shall not the Father heed?
-J. G. Whittier.
IX you would hit the mark, you must aim a little
above it;
Every arrow that flies feels tbe attraction of
earth. —Longfellow.
Communion in spirit? Forgive me,
Hut 1, who am earthy ana weak,
Would give all my income sfrom dreamland
For the touch of her hand en my cheek.
What stronger breastplate than a heart untainted?
Thrice is he armed who ath his quarre just,
And he but naked, though 1- >eked up in *teel,
Whose conscience with injustice is coirupted.
Alas! by some degree of woe
We every b Us mu*t gain;
The heart can ne’er a transport know
That never feels a pain.
—George, Lord Lyttleton.
With wider view come loftier goal!
With broader light, more good to see!
With freedom, more of seP centrol!
With knowledge, deeper reverence be!
Anew we pledge ourselves to Thee,
To follow where Thy truth shall lead;
Afloat upon its boundless sea.
Who sails with God U safe indeed.
—Samuel Longfellow.
We see that time robs, we know that he cheats,
But we still find a sharra in hU pleasant deceits.
—O. W. Holmes.
Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-eontrol,
These three alone lead life to sovereign power;
Yet not for power (Power of herself
Would come uncalled for), but to live by law;
Acting the law we live by without fear,
And because right i-* right, to follow right
Were wisdom iu the scorn of consequence.
—Alfred TeE nyson.
If the fair lace of violets should perish
Before another spr jugtime had its birth.
Could all the costly blooms that florists cherish
Bring back its April beauty to the earth?
And so with souls we lovo—thsy pass and leave us;
Time teaches patience at a bitter eost;
Yet all the new loves which the years may give us
Fill not the heart-place aching ter the lost.
God does not send us strange Hewers every year;
When the spring winds blow o'er the pleasant
The same dear things lift up the same fair
The vielet is here.
It all comes back—the odor, grace and hue;
Each sweet relation of its life .'epeated;
Nothing i« lost; ne looking-ior is cheated;
It is the thing we knew'.
So after the death winter it will be;
God will not put strange sights in heavenly places;
The old love will look out From the old faces —
Veilcheu, I shall have thee.
Sister, awake! Clesenot your eyes!
The day its light discloses,
And the bright Morning doth arise
Out of her bed of roses.
See the clear Sun, the world’s bright eye,
In at ur window peeping,
Lo, how he blueheth U espy
Us idle wenches sleeping:
Therefore, awake! Make haste, I say,
And !et us. without staying.
All in our gowns • f green so gay.
Into the park a-maying.
Bateson’s Madrigals.
The Minnesota Tornado.
Mr. Williams, who lives across the Zum
bro on the rise beyond the Cole mill, was
out when the cyclone first reared its front in
the southwest, and saw it coming, writes a
correspondent of the St. Paul Pioneer-Ex
press To a little boy who was with him,
but whose name he does not know, he said:
"That’s a cyclone, sonny. You come into
this hazel brush with me. Catch ou to the
roots and haug on for dear life.” He had
never heard the word, or knew nothiug of
its import; and instead of obeying instruc
tions, sought refuge in a hencoop near by.
the man watched the three clouds join, saw
the work of destruction commence in the
southwest, au*i then ran into the hazel
copse. He found a fence between him and
the storm, lay down face to earth, and with
the crown of his head against a fence-post,
and grasped the hazel brush near the roots
with both hands. He kept his senses
through the storm, but with difficulty. The
first gust toyed with him as if be were a
whip-lash, beating him up and down against
the ground and through the bushes—but
still he clung as for his life. There was a
little lull, and then, as he expresses it, “the
dern thing commenced its monkey work in
airnest.” A lot of boards from some ;ar off
out-house were blown on top of him. Then
his body was torn from the earth and his
hold broken, while he and the boards were
driven 50 yards into the copse. A sort of
shelter seems to have been there afforded,
as he escaped without serious injury, though
his abraided face and swollen hands attests
the truth of his story of the struggle. When
the storm had passed sufficiently to allow of
his walking he started in search of the boy.
After a long search he found him and his
hencoop fully 1000 feet away and on the oth
er side of the intervening ravine. The poor
boy was demented and reason had not yet
returned. As to the man who first found
him, he says to all, "Go way;go way; you’re
a sly coon.”
Wit and Wisdom.
A writer in the June Atlantic says:—"Lis
tening is a lost art.” What, man! Go, get
tbee to a nunnery; to a boarding school, go;
travel one season with a sewing circle. Get
married, man, get married, and yon won’t do
anything else, save only listen.
Short enough. Bat seven days of sea-sick
ness are seven awful days of horrible torment.
How often must people be told that Perry
Davis’s Pain Killer will care sea-yickness if
taken in moderate doses, a few drops in a tum
bler of water FVr tho lack of knowing tbia
or of acting on the knowledge, many peop e
have suffered grievous horrors on Allantic
voyages. Don’i suffer thus. It is a,together
unnecessary. As to the cause of sea-sickness,
let the doctors aod the learned men wrangle
over it as much and as long as they please. It
evidently has something to do with going to
sea,f for it has been noticed as a general thing,
people who stay ashore are not afflicted with
this unpleasant malady. As to the care of sea
sickness—why, just take a bottle or two with
you as above advised, and yoo can enjoy yonr
•cam voyage like an old sailor.
After Mrs. MacFlahberty had repaired the
basement of her William’s pantaloons, she re
ferred to him as her “reseated Bill.’’—Oil City
“Throw pbysic to the dogs; I’ll none of it,”
bat read “The Science of Life; or, Self-Pre
servation,” advertised.
The anti-vivisectionista argne that it harts
an oyster to open its shell with a knife. Hu
manity and good taste suggests that the oyster
should be roasted in its shell.—Picayune.
Burnett’s Cocoalne.
Softens tbe hair when harsh and dry.
Smoothes the irritated scalp.
Affords the richest lustre.
Prevents tbe hair from falling off.
Promotes its healthy, vigorous growth
‘‘I say, Paddy, that is the worst looking
horse that I have ever seen in harness. Wbv
don't yon fatten him np.” "Fat him up, is it?
Faith, the poor baste can scarcely carry the lit
tle mate that's on him now,” replied Paddy.
Saratoga was a new idea to him. It was so
jolly to go from spring to spring and take a
drink of thp water of each. No two of the
springs tasted alike. There are about forty
springs at Saratoga. After tasting nearly half
of these, he began to bave a queer feeling inside
him. After spending most of the day
in this way, ho weut to bed. It seemed as
if *11 the vatcr-works of the lower regions
were raising a riot within him. After several
lionrs of agony, be thought of Perry D.ivis's
Pain Killer. It gave him relief and comfort,
and charmed him to sleep.
The odd-job man.—“I want you to mend the
leg of thiB kitchen table, Smith. Do yon feel
equal to the job?”—“Equal to tbe j ib, m’m?
Why, me and a few mates o’ mine built the
’ole of tbe new law courts, m’m.” (Job tarns
out a complete failure ail the same.)
Mstty times you waut to keep meat or fish
for several days. Lay it in a solution of Rex
* Magnus over night and you cau keep it for
•weeks. Sou cau also keep milk a week or
more by stirring in a little of th "Snow
Flake brand. _
Ingratiating photographer (after carefully
posing little Violo): ‘ And now yon are gmug
to be a very good little girl, and sit as still as a
mouse for a few minute-.” Violo (who, though
a mite, has a uuttyity will of her own, quickly
unpoaiug and assuming a most determined ex
pression): “Oh, indeed, Mr. Man! Thai s al]
you know about it. I’m goiug to be as naughty
as possible."
Ten Years before any of the baking pow
ders of the present day were thought of, the
Congresss Yeast Powder had a large sale
throughout New England.
Portland ,Unity Wholesale' Market
The wholesale market holds about the same posi
tion as noted yesterday, and prices continue to be
well maintained. Butter is in good demand and firm
for choice grade*; other kind* (low. At Boston the
market for Butter and Cheese 1* firm and higher;
at Liverpool cheese baa advanotd to 52* 6d, with r.
small business In Breadstuff* at lower figure .
Watermelons are gelling at $15gg25 © 100 lb*.
Peaches 1 [email protected] 00 p basket.
The following are lo-iiave qno atlon* of » Jour,
Grain, provisions. Ac.
Superfine and
low grades . 3 [email protected] 60
X Spring and
XX Spring.. 6 [email protected] 00
Patent Spring
Wheats ....7 [email protected] 00
Michigan Win
ter straights5 25®6 76
Do roller... 6 26® 6 60
St. Louis Win
ter straight 6 00®6 25
Do roller. ..6 [email protected] 76
Winter Wheat
atents.6 76®7 26 s
Cranberries, bbl—
Maine ... 12 00® 1300
Cape Cod.16 O0®17 00
Pea Beans 2 60® 2 76
Mediums....2 60®2 66
German med2 00® 2 26
Yellow EyesS 60®3 651
Onions $>'bbl. 3 2n®3 601
New Potatoes —@1 60
Sweet Potatoes4 00®600
Eggs *>doz. ®23o
Turkeys, ^ ib. 00c |
Chickens. . 23 ®c!
Fowl.... 18®c
Creamery.2 6® 26c
Gilt Edge Ver.... 28 24c
Choice.20 a 21c
Good.16® 16c
Store.12® 14c
Vermont-... 10® 12
N Y Faot’y.. 10ql2
Eating ^ bbl.. 3 50®4 00!
Evaporated ibl6Vs®l 8 Vk
Dried Apples—9 ^*@10
Sliced “ . 10®l0Vkj
Granulated & lb .... 9 !
Extra 0.8%
.H.M.Corn, ear lots.68Vg
i Mix Corn.car lots ®GOVfc
I Corn, bag lots... [email protected]
<>at», ear lots...46
New Oats.40
Oats, bag lots.60
Meal ~ .08
Cottonseed,car lots 28 »4)
Cottonseed,bag lotsSO 00
SackedBran car lot,
; 18 [email protected] 00
do bag lots.... 23 50
| Mids. oar lots [email protected]
I do bag lots .. 2ti6o
! Pork
Backs 18 75®19 25
'Red Top.3 [email protected] 00
I Timothy.... 2 [email protected] 26
Clover.16 @16
Muscatel. 1 [email protected] 40
London l^ay’r 2 20,a>2 30
OnduraVal 10V*@HMi
I Valencia @
Florida.. @
Messina. @
Palermo.6 [email protected] 00
Messina.4 [email protected] 00
Palermo ... .4 [email protected] 1
Hide* and Tallow.
The f Mowing are Portland quotati ns on Hides
and Tallow:
Ox an-i Steer Hid>s over 90 ibs weight.. 7c ^ !b
Ox and Steer Hides between «[email protected] Ibs.. 6c •#> !b
Steer Hides under 90 Ibs. 5Micj> lb
Cow Hides, ail weights. 6Mk$> lb
Bull ami Stag Hides, all weights. 4o $> lb
Calfskins.10c ^ lb
Light and Deacon Skins.26 to 40c each
Rendered Tallow .••••. 7^c:p lb
Railroad Receipt ..
Portland, Aug. 31.
Rcoeived by Maine Central Railroad, for Portland
33 cars miscellaneous merchandise; for connecting
roads, 101 cars mis elUneous merchandise.
Stock Market.
The following quotations of stocks are reported
and corrected daily by Woodbury & Moulton, cornel
of Middle and Exchange streets.
A. T AS. F. 82Ml
Boston AMaine. .ltilVa
Flint A Pere Marquette common. 24
Flint A Pere Marquette preferred. 99
L. R. A Ft Smith. 20
Marquette, Hughton A Ont. common . 38Ml
Mexican Central 7s. . 68
Denver A R. G... 26 V*
Missouri Pef. 87 Vs
Omaha common . 30Vs
Wabash preferred. 32 M
Northern Pactic preferred. . 72M»
Northern Pacific common. 3s*Vs
Omaha preferred .10
New York 'lock nu<i Honey market
(By Te egraph.)
New Y rk. Aug 31.—Money easy at 2«*% on
call prime mercantile paper 5 6% Exchange
weak at 4*2 tor long and 4* % for short. Govern
ment' steady. State bonds dull. Railroad bonds a e
The transactions at the Stock Exchange aggreat
ed 415.000 shares.
The tollowing are to-day’s closing quotations on
Government Securities:
United States bonds, 3s.. 103*4
do do do 4*48, reg.112*4
do do do 4Vas,!coup.113%
do do do 48, reg .119%
do do do 4s, coup.... .119%
Pacific 6s, ’95... 128
The following are the closing quotations Stocks:
Chicago & Alton .130%
Chioogo & Alton pref. .138
Chicago, Burr A Quincy.122*4
Erie...... 29%
Erie pref. . .. —
Illinois Central.12«%
Lake Shore. 100*4
M ich igan Central. ... 82 V4
New Jersey Central. 81*4
Northwestern . .122%
Northwestern pref . J42
New York Central. .116
Rock Island. . ...... .12*
St. Paul.102%
St. Paul pref. ..117%
Union Pacific Stock... 88%
Weste n Union Tel . 77 Vs
Adams Ex. Co. 133
American Ex. Co. 88
Boston Air Line. 81
Canada Southern. 52
Del. & Hudson Canal Co.104%
Del.& Lackawanna.121%
California mining; Itocltn.
(By Telegraph.)
San Francisco, Aug. 31.—The following are the
closing official quotations of mining stocks to-day :
Best & Belcher. 4
Eureka. 6*4
Gould & Curry. 2%
Hale & Norcross . 4%
Mexican. 334
Ophfr • . 3%
Savage . 2
Northern Belle. 6Vs
Sierra Nevada .. 3%
Union Con. 5*4
Yellow Jacket . 3*4
Gloucester Siib market.
Georges Codfish—We quote prime Georges
p qtl for large and $4 foreman; Bank at $4 p qtl
for large and $3 for small; English cu ed do $5%
and $4Y2 p qtl; Shores nominally at $5 and 94 for
large and medium. Nova Scotia Sh<»re dry Codfish
at$5Y»; do pickle cured $5. Cusk »t £3 v?, Had
dock $2Mr, Pollock at $2 and Hake at $2^ p qtl:
slack salted Pollock $3
Boneless and preoared fish 31 i- to 4c p lb for
Hake, 4Y2 to 6c for Haddock aud Cusk, and 6 to 8c
Codfish. Smoked Halibut 12cp lb Smoked Sal
mon at 17c; Scaled Herring at 32c p box:No 1 and
tucks out of the market. Bloaters 90c p hundred.
Mackerel—w© notice sale* out of pickle at $11,
$11V4, $11 Ya and 912Vfe P bb . Last sales Inspect
ed Shores sol-1 at $i7%$17V4 for Is, $12Vi, $9 and
$6 for 2». 3s and 4s.
Herring—We quote'Nova Scotia large split and
Labrador $'>V<2(ft$‘» P bbl; medium do at $4: large
gibbed $3%; me iium and small do 2% to $3.
trout at $15 p bbl; Pickled Codfish at $5Y2;Had
dock $5, Halibut Heads at $3%, Tongues 99V2
Sounds at $11, Tongues and Sounds $10*4, Ale
wives at $4Y? to $5: California Salmon $2 >; Hali
fax do $22; Pins 915,new; Mol Shad $10; last sales
Swordfish $11 P Dbl.
Kresh Halibut—Sales yesterday at 8 and 6c p lb
for white and gray.
Pure Medicine Oil $1 00 p gal, crude do ai 80c,
Blackfish Oil 66c; Cod do 46%48c; Shore do at 44%
45c;Porgie do. none on market.
Porgie scrap,$15 p ton; Fish do $12;Liver do $9.
Boston Produce Market.
Boston, Aug. 31.—The following were to-day’s
quotations of Butter, Cheese, Eggs and Potatoes:
Butter -We quote We-tern creameries at 22%
23c for choice, 18%20c tor fair and good Northern
creameries at 22%23c for choice, lx%20cfor fair
and good; New York Vermont dAiries 2<>%22c
p lb for choice, 16% 18c for fair and good, choice
Western dairy at 14% 16c and Western ladle packed
13%16; choice </rades and fine steady and firm.
Cheese quiet but firm at 91/i%lGc for choice and
7 Vs % 9c for fair and good; 8%7c for common.
Eggs steady;23%24c for Eastern,2l%22c for New
Yorx and Vermont, 20%22c for Nova Scotia and
Potatoes—Eastern at 60%66o p bush.
Chicago Lire Ntock market.
(By Telegraph.)
Chicago. Aug 31—Hogs—Receipts 13000 head;
shipments 6500 head:[email protected] higher; Decking at 4 7<»
6 06; Dackiug and shipping 6 lo.ftf $0; light 6 36%
6 00; skips at 3 50% UO.
Cattle—Receipts 6,600head; shipments 4,800 bd;
exports 5 90%6 35; good to choice shipping steers
5 20%5 76.
Sheep—Receipts 2400 head shipments— head.
Domestic Market*
/By Telegraph.)
View York, Aug. HI —Floor market—Receipts
22.071 bbl«;exports 2038 bbls; choice patent Sprin
Wheat scarce and held firm other kinds heavy again
shade easier and in instances [email protected] lower with light
ex port and home trade demand; sales 13,160 bbls.
Flour quotations—No 2 at 2 [email protected] 60; Superfine
Western and State at 3 256*3 85; common to good
extra Western and State 3 [email protected] 60; good to choice
do at 4 60(6*7 26; common to choice White Wheat
Western extra at 6 26(6*7 OO; fancy do 7 [email protected] 60;
common to good extra Ohio at 4 10(6/6 76; commo
to choice extra St. Louis at 4 00(6/7 OO; Patent
Minnesota extra good to prime 6 60(»6 60: choic
to double extra do at 6 Htx6/7 60;.including 1700
bbls City Mill extra ai 6 3"(6>5 90 7»*> bbfs No 2
at 2 45^3 60; .600 bbls Superfine 3 2663 86 700
bbls low extra at 3»<6ft*b5 3900 bbls Winter
Wheat extra at 4 00(67 60; 4600 bbls Minnesota
extra 4 oOft7 60, Southern tiou weak; common to
fair 4 10(6/5 30; good t choice6 35a6 76. Wheat
-receipts 40,600 bush; exports 97,168 bush cash
% lower options closed steady, VfefaVi above
lust e prices, export demand light and speculative
trade a dttle more active, largely In October; saies
2,*08,000 bush futures, 164,<*uO biiBh spot. No 4
lied at 98%@99o. No i at 1 12 and l 14 delivered
No 2 at 1 17(6*1 1 Vi el*v, I [email protected] 18Vs afloat;
No 1 Red State at 1 21; No 1 White do 1 20. t*
quiet Western [email protected] * •ra-spot 6/%c
htgher and firm; options opened steady afterwar *
declined %c, closing somewhat stronger «i b a fair
export inquiry and ve y moderate speculative trade;
receipts 52,400 bush: exports 1 -,12 ' b sh. »*aleh
840.000 bush future 173,000 on spot; No3at6z
6-62 Vfcc; No £ at o3V^cg04 afloat and delivered,
No 2 White 64c Western Yellow do at [email protected];
No 2 for September at [email protected]%c, closing at 62Vsc,
October at 62%ft63c, closing at 6 %c Nov 62 ft
2%c, closing at 62%c Oat*4-spot • @lc and
options l/4 «% 1 *wer, closing firm and more doing
on spot and fair trade in options receipts 161,36 4
bush, exports -. saies 465,000 hush futures
131,< Oo bush Spot No 3 at . 3c, White 34c;No 2 at
34%@34Vac; White at 36l/2c; No 1 at 86c; White
at 43c, No £ Chicago 36(^36%j Mixed Western 34
o,3< c do White at 36ft42c White State [email protected] ,
including 60,000 bush No 2 for August at 36. 110,
000 do for September 34V2c,closing at 3 tVic; 236 -
■ uO do October 36c, closing 36 60.600 November
at 357/? u 36c, closing 36c. «uKar firmer refining
6 9-(ft<§6 l I-10c refined soeady; C 6 */» u 6% ; Ex C
7(®7V4; White do 7%(®7V*c; Vellow 6a6%; off|A
7%Cq*8c,stainiard A at 8 a 8Vic; powdered at 8«/4(&
9c; granuiate<l at 8%{fi*8 11- idc on. A 8Vsq'81/ic;
cut loaf and crushed 9c Cubes at 8%c. Molasses
Foreign lull,Orlea~s firm; sales 375 bbls 3<»ia65c
inferior to fancy. P#ir«lt*un» united 08%. re
fined at /% $7%. Tnliow isstead>; sa es 70,00
lbs at 7 Vsftf Io-l6c. Port rather weak.sales 110
bbls spot mess at 13 75ft 14 O '; 7o family mess at
15 76® lb 00. liard less active and 3ft0 points
lower, closing weak; sales 600 tea prime steam spot
at 8 [email protected] 85; 270 city iteam at 8 [email protected] 60; ra
fined for continent 9 10; S A 9 70. Butter quiet;
State [email protected] Western 9,«22: Peun. Creamery 23o
Cheese firm; State [email protected])%; Western flat 7%(a9.
Freights to Liverpool firmer: Wheat steam 3d.
Cun ago, Aug. 31 —Flour quiet. Regular Wheat
quiet; [email protected] <>0 for August; 1 <>0 for Sep.; 1 02®
I 02% for October; 1 ( 37A®1 04 for November;
99%[email protected] 00 vear No 2 Chi ago Spring at99%c;
No 3 do 90d93c; No 2 Red Winter at 1 06%. Corn
is lower; 60%c for cash: 60%c for August; 49%@
49%c September , 49%@49%c |for October; 48®
48% ior November, 46%c year, oats—cash low
er options easier at 27®27 %c cash; 27V* August;
26% c for September; 26%®2»>%c for October;
26%c November; 2Go year. Rye D steady at 66c.
Barley steady at 64Vac. Cork irregular at 12 00®
L2 1<<eash; i2 00®12 02Vi August and Septem
ber: 12 16®12 17% for October; 11 ?0 November;
II 66 year. Lard Is lower at 8 3S®8 37% cash,
Augustand September; 8 42%@8 45 for October;
8 12% November; 8 10 year. Bulk Meats steady;
shoulders at 6 75, short rib 6 60; short clear 7 06.
Receipts—Flour 7,600 bbla wheat 96,000 bush,
corn 464 000 bush.loats 105.000 bn, rye 66,000bu,
barley 7000 bush.
Shipment*—Flour 14,000 bbls, wheat 63.000 bu,
corn 688 000 bush, oatfl 171.000 bu. rye25,000 bu.
bar lev 18<H) bush.
ST. Louis, Aug. 31.—Flour steadv. Wheat lower;
No 2 Red Fall at l 03% d 1 04% for cash: 1 04%
for September; 1 07® 1 07 Vs for Ootober; 1 10 for
November. 1 04 year No 3 at 96® *7%. Pork is
eaiser at 12 50® 12 60. Lard nominally at 8.
Receipts—Flour 6,000 bbls,whea. 124 000 bust
corn 00,000 bush, oatfl 00,000 bush,rye 0,000 bust,
barley 0,000 bush.
Shipments-Flour 9,000 bbls, wheat 61,000 bu,
corn 0,000 bush,oats 00,000 bush,rye 00,000 bush,
barlev 0000 bush.
Detroit Aug. 31.-Wheat is steadv: No 1 White
<*ash aud September at 1 08%; October at 3 10;
November at 1 ; 1 %; No 3 White at 92Vac No 2
Red Wiuter at 1 09%; No 3 do 1 04%; rejected at
New Orleans,Aug. 31,—Cotton steady; Middling
uplands 9%c.
Mobile, Aug. 31.—Cotton is quiet; Middling up
lands 9%c.
Savannah, Aug. 31.—Cotton is steady; Middling
uplands 9 7-16c.
Memphis, Aug. 31.—Cotton steady; Middling up*
lands 9%o.
European Marked.
(By Telegraph.)
Liverpool,Aug 31—12.30 P.M—Cotton market
—moderate aud freely supplied; uplands at 6%d;
Orleans at 6%d; sales 8000 bales; speculation aud
export 1000 bales.
In West Minot, Aug. 22, Walter L. Bonny of Paris
and Miss Hattie W. Orooker of West Minot.
In Brunswick, Aug. 25. Stephen H. Connor and
Miss Oeorgie A. Acklsy
In Powual, Ang. 26, J. Trufant and Miss Medora
E. Lancaster, both of Durham.
In this city. Aug. 30, Miss Abbie H., daughter of
Capt. Kaudall and Ann Doyle, aged 29 years and
6 mouths.
[Funeral this Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
Buriat at convenien e of the family.
In this city, Aug. 31. Henry Merven, son of James
ami Klis-tbeih White, aged 1 year 6 mouths.
[Funeral this Saturday atternoon at 3 o’clock,
at No. 742 Congress street.
In Brunswick, Aug. 21, Eunice B. York, aged 39
In Topsham, Aug. 27, Harry W. Curtis, aged 12
years 9 mouths.
In T.'psham, Aug. 26, Elisha Allen, aged 82 years
4 months.
in Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 13, Miss Jeanette W.
Milliken, formerly of Scarboro, Me., nged 77 years.
5 m nae.-* .6 22 ■ High water. A a- .11.04
San *ets... .6 37 ' Moon sets.. 0.00
FRIDAY, Aug. 31.
Steamship Franconia, Bennett, New York—mdse
to J K Covle, Jr.
Steamer State of Maine, Pike, St John, NB, via
Ka tport for Boston.
Sieamer City of Portland, Larcom, Boston for
Eastport aid St John. NB.
Sch Montezuma, (Br) McNeil, Port Gilbert, NS—
wood and bark to Gallagher & Co.
Sch Melinda, (Br) Windsor. NS plaster to order.
Sch Golden i agle, Wass Addison—rags to Brown
Sch Zone, Howes, Bangor for Boston, (leaking 500
strokes per hour.)
Seh i iger Douglass Deer Isle.
Sets « D Prince, < ooper Bay Pundy, with 125
bbis mackerel; Bipiey hopes do, 125 do.! E D
Ebopes, do, 25 do.
Brig Stephen Bishop, Gilley, Baltimore—Mark P
Sch Oriental (Br) Melansou, Port Gilbert, NS—
F Yeaton & Co.
Seh Mary E Mcl-auglilln, (Br) Forrest, Sydney,
C 0— F V eaton & Co.
Sch Frank Pierce, Grant, Ellsworth—Chase Bros.
Sch Emperor. Brewer, Bangor—Keuxell & Tabor.
Scb l.ouiga Frauces, Thorndike, Eockland—Ken
sell & Tabor.
Sch Superior. Adams, Wiscasset—N Blake.
SAILED—Barque Fannie H luring; «chs Maggie
Dalling, Clara Leavitt, and K B church.
WISCASSET, Aug 30—Ar, scb John Shay, Clark.
Sid, sch Cambridge. McMahon, Boston.
Aug 31—Ar, sch Starlight, New York.
Sid, sobs Etna, Collins. Charleston; Buena Vista,
Dodge, Portland, Areola, Campbell, Boston.
EASTPOItT, Aug 28—Ar, >-cbs Edw A DeHart,
Die os er, and Express, Hodgdon, New York; Sea
Spray, Hillyard, do.
Cldat Charleston 30th, sch Ella M Watts, for
Cid at Syduey, CB, 30th, brig Golconda, Hall, for
Ar at Liverpool 31st, barque A C Bean, Young,
Valparaiso. (May 19.)
Sid fin Liveryool Aug 30th, ship Alex Gibson,
Speed, United States.
Brig Atlas, Gray, from Cow Bay for Portland,
went ashore night of 29tb, in a heavy gale, and is
badly damaged.
Ar at Booth bay 29th, *ch Humboldt, Spofford,
shore wifu 70 bbls mackerel.
Two hundred sail mackerel fishermen pat Into
Boothbay 29th. All report fish scarce.
SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 30tb. ships Iroquis, Nick
els. Baltimore, (Apl 19); L J Morse, Veazie, Liver
pool. (apl 17.)
PENSACOLA—A r 22d, barque Jennie Cobb,
Steele, Mobile, to load for Boston.
Cld 2nih. barque Aberdeeu. Cook, Porto Rico.
FERNAND1NA— Ar20tb, sch Mary L Allen, But
ler, Kockport.
SAVANNAH-Sid 29th, sch Mary A Hall, Me
Donald. New York.
CHARLKSTON- Cld 29th, sch Abbie C Stubbs,
Lewis, Baltimore.
PoKT BOVAL, SO—Ar 29tb, sch St Croix, Fitz
gerald. Boston.
RICHMOND—Sid 23th, sch Lizzie Heyer, Har
rington. Boston.
PHILADELPHIA—Ar 29th,sobs Mattie Holmes
Gilkey, Bangor; Agues K Bac n Haley, and Geo E
Young, Baker, Kennebec, F L Mulford, Little, do;
G M Brainaid, Metcalf, Lewea.
Cld 29.b, barque Gem. Dow, Boston brig Emma
L Hall, Duffy, Fernaudina; sch Geo K lis.ch, Har
den brook Boston.
NEW YORK— Ar 30th sebs Henry WTbltney
Bangor; Franklin, Tbomaeton; Oliver Dyer. Poit
laud, Ella Frances, Rockland; Hattie Nickerson,
and Mary Eliza. Providence.
Cld 30th, barque Havana, Mitchell, for Havana;
brig Goodwin. Dickson. Port Spain.
PERTH AMBOY—Ar 29th, sch Samos, O’Neil,
Sid 29th, sch Ivy Bell. Loud, Dover.
NEW HaVKN—Ar 29th, sebs Lookomt, Pomroy.
Calais. Tantamount. Smith, Bangor.
PROVIDENCE Sid 30th sebs sarkh Eaton, Dix.
Wood,s Hole, to load guano for Philadelphia at
$1.25 per ton; Wester loo, Jordan, aud Delaware
Betts, NewjYork; May Queen, Joy, do.
In port, sebs Rosa Mueller. July Fourth, Watch
man. Webster Bernard EG Knight.
lie Star, Soule, St John NB, for Washington; Law
rence Haines, Lewis Forth Amboy for Purism utb; j
Kalmar, Tracy, Port Johnson for Boston; A BCrab
tree, Wooster, Sullivan fjr New York, (audallsld
next day.)
NEWPORT Ar 29th, sch Albert Jameson, Can
dage. Rockland for New York.
NEW BEDFORD—Sid 3Uth sebs Gamma, Brown,
and Fairwind, Clements. New York.
BOSTON—Ar 30th schs Harriet, Gipps, Calais;
Andie E Seavey, Moody, Ncwburyport.
Cld 30tb, barque Hattie E Dixon, Sawyer, for St
Thomas, brig Shasta. Nichols, Apalachicola; seb
Messenger, Falker, Savannah via Keunebec.
Ar31st, sebs wuiis Putnam, Cook, and Monte
zuma, Ri<b. Calais.
SALEM—Ar 30th, sch Abbie Ingalls, Ingalls, fm
Juggins, NS, for New York.
In port, sebs D Eddy, from Amboy for Bangor;
Star, Calais (or New York; Lucy Wentworth, do for
South Dartin'-utb.
PORTSMOUTH-Ar 29th, sch Adrlamia, Oliver,
Sid 2oth,jich Nancy J Day, Munroc, Round Pond.
KOCKPORT, Aug 24—Ar. sebs A J York, Wal
lace Red Beach; 26tb, Sarah Hill, Robinson, from
BATH—Ar 27th, sch Elizabeth DeHart. Low,
Portland; Fannie A Millikan, Roberts, Boston.
S1<1 29th, <bs Standard Bennett, Philadelphia;
Enterprise, Robinson, Boston.
BOO I i. BAY—Ar 29th sch Ida L Howard, Dodge
Boston for Bangor; Linet, Gray, Rockland for Port
At Yokohama Aug 1, ship St David, Frost, for
Sau Francisco.
At Hong Hong July 20, ships Resolute, Nickels,
lor New York, (cld). barques Adolph Obrig, Staples,
for San Francisco; Goodell, Hogan, from NYork.
Sid fm Iloilo dune 20, ship Vigilant, Gould, for
New York; oarqie lillie Maker, Boynton, do; duly
2d, ship Susan Gilmore, Carver, do: 7th, narqueC 1*
i Dixon, Carney, do. biig Ned White, Parker, do.
At Huauilloe duly 21st, barque PC Merriman,
Young, tor United Kingdom or Continent.
At lquique duly 14, barque Samuel H Nickerson,
Katou for United Kingdom.
At Coquimbo duly 2»», ship John C Potter, Curtis,
from Cardiff, ar l«th, disg, Fdw O’Brien, Libby, do
Ar at Cardiff Ang 30tb, ship Riverside, Langdou,
At Cardenas Aug 24, brig Arcot, Cates, from Ma
cbias; sch Kate Caltou, Pierce, from Glace Bay.
At Havana Aug 2.»tu, barques Lilian Strout, for
Delaware Breakwater; Caprera, Htchbor*. for Ma
tanzas an 1 New York.
Ar at Halifax 29tli, U S Bhip Swatara, Cooj»er,
ew York 4 davs.
Cld at Cow Bay, CB, 25th, brig Atlas Gray, for
Ar at Sydney 29th. barque Lotbair, Desmond, fm
Ar at .Musquash, NB, 23d, barque Emma Marr,
Brewaier, P-utland.
Ar at Hillsbor-. 20th, schs Sebago, Clark, Ports
inonth, Saarbruck, (dark. Macbias.
Ar at St dobn. NB, 30th, sch Nellie Bruce, Som
erville Kockiand.
Cld HOtb. seb Nelson Bartlett, W*us, Baltimore;
d 0 Nash Crowley, New Yoik; Champion, Glaspy,
Rock port.
Aug 0, lat 20 50. Ion 34 11 barque Sami D Carl
on Freeman, fr >ni New York for Anjmr.
Aug 17, lat 50. Ion 28 60, ship Paramita, Hum
phreys from idverpool f«»r New York.
No date, lat 32 22. Ion 7 * 12, sch M K Kawlcy,
from Provi once for Pensacola.
M. C.JVT. A.
rBVHE Library of tlie Maine Charitable Mechanic’*
1 Aa.oeintiun will be open for delivery of books
next SATL'kD > Y, Sept. 1ft at :: oclock p. m.
Librarian and .srietant will be in attendance.
Per order Library Com. F. E. PltAY, Ch.
Absolutely Pure.
This Powder never varier. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomeness. More economical than
the ordinary kirn's, and cannot be sold in competi
tion with the multitude of low test, short weight
aluiu or phosphate powders, Sold onl« 4m cans.
Royal Baking Powdkk Co., 106 Wall St., N. Y.
aohO diyr
INGLY, and gives universal satisfaction,
family, rich or poor should lie without it.
Sold by all Grocers. BKW ARE of imitations
well designed to mislead. PEARLINE is tho
ONLY BAPE laborsaving compound, and
always boars the above symbol, and name of
are hereby announced by the
Maine Central Railroad
— AND —
New Brunswick Railway
FIRST EXCURSION—Tickets will be sold
at Portland. Lewiston, Brunswick. Bath, Augusta,
Waterville, and all Principal Stations went of Ban
gor, on September 5th, and at Bangor, Orono, Old
toAU, Lincoln. Winn, Mattawamkeag, Kingman and
Danforth. on September Bth.
NKPOND EXCURSION—-Tickets will t»e
sold at stations west of Bangor, on September 24th.
and at Bangor and stations east, on September 25th.
THIRD EXtUKNION—Tickets will be sold
at stations we t of Bauvror, on Oct /ber 15th, and at
Bangor and stations east, on October 10th.
The tickets for each of thrse Excursions will be
made goo i for a return two weeks from date of sale,
and wfl be sold at the following l«ow Rat* • of
Fare, viz:
HOULTON—From Portland and Principal Stations
to Augusta and Belgrade, inclusive, $7.00; Wat
erville, $H 25; Farmington, $8.00; Bangor, $4.00.
FOHT FAIRFIELD From Portland and Principal
Stations to Augusta and Belgrade, Inclusive.$8.00;
Waterville, $7.25: Farmington, $9.00; Bangor,
CARIBOU—From Portland and Principal Stations
to Augu.'ta and Belgrade, inclusive, $8.25; Water
vil e. $7.&i>; Farmington, ^9.25; Bangor, $5.25.
PRESQUE ISLE—From Portland and Principal
Stations to Augusta and Belgrade, inclusive,$8.50;
Waterville, $7 75; Farmington, 9.50; Bangor,
$5.50; Oiber Stations in proportion.
In mlditiou to the hove Excur«ion«, Tickets
will be sold o parties of 10 or more for Aroostook
points, any day, ai one regular fare tor the
round trip, limited to ten days from date of sale
S^P'Ciu this out that the dates may not be forgotten
PAYSON TU KER. Geo. Manager M. C. R. R.
F. E. BOOTHBY Gen’l Pass, aud Tkt Agt
Portland. August 25, 1883. aug31d5t
Grand Trunk Railway.
SEPT. 10th & ilth, 1883.
TO MONTREAL A Return $6.00
TO QUEBEC A Return 6.00
Extra tickets, Montreal to Quebec, or vice versa.
Tickets good to go Sept. lOtb and lltb
ONLY, and return on or before Sept. 27tb.
W. J. SPICER, Supt.
J. HICKSON, Gen. Manager. aug2Htd
Summit Pleasant Mountain
and Return,
THE P. & O R. R. will sell tickets from Portland
an i the B. Si M. Transfer Station to the Mt.
Pleasant House aud return, for
Now Is your time to look upon a panoramic view not
excelled from Mt. Wa^hin^ton.
J. F. CHUTE. Manager.
Mt. Pleasant, Aug. 29, 1883. nug29dlw
Water£upply of Washington, U. C.
Proposal* for f'oaatructioaN of Dobi, Tua
nrl and Kc»«rvoir.
Office of tiie Washington Aqueduct, l
Washington, D. C., August 2D, 1883. |
SEALED PROPOSALS, In triplicate, for tho
work required for increasing the water supply
of tne City ot Washington, in accordance with th
Act of Congress approve! July lbth, 1882, will b
received at this office until J 2 o'clock noon, on Fri
day. October 6th, 1888, when they will be publicly
opene l; the w ork to be done comprises three differ
ent classes, via:
CLASS A.—Dam Construction.—This consists ,
(1st) of raising the present masonry dam across the
Mart land Channel of the Uo'omac Kiver at the '
Great Fells, by a coping 16 Inches thick; (2d) the |
extension of the dam across Conn’s Island by a
masonry structure about 1120 feet ion? with an
average height of about 0 feet; and (Jd) the further
extension of the dam about 460 feet across tho
Virginia Channel by a superstructure of crib work
flILd with stouo, and a substruc uro of masonry, to
gether with about 300 feet of masonry dam to make
connection with the Virginia shore.
CLASS B. -Aqueduct Extension— being the ex
tension of the Washington Aqu* duct by a tunnel
about 20 8 jrt feet long with a cross section of about
77 square feet; most, if not all, of the tunnel will be
through hard gneiss rock.
CI-AS8 c.-Reservoir Construction.—This
work will consist mainly of ourth excavation ftnd
embankment, tho purpose being to construct a res
ervoir capable *>f containing 300,000,000 gallons.
Separate proposals, in triplicate, must be made
for each class. Parties proposing to bid will apply
at this office for blanks for proposals, specifications,
and all information, being careful tog»tat« for which
class or classes of work blanks are desired; but
they will be furnished only to such parties as show
prlma facie evidence tbai they are able, financially
and by experience, to undertake the work on Which
they propose to bid.
Each bidder must submit with his proposals writ
ten evidence on which he relies to establish ids
capacity to perform the work reference being had
to Ms experience on work of like character, to the
plant ai ms disposal and which bn propo-es to use,
and to his financial ability to do all that is necessa
ry for a rapid prosecution of the work. Before pro
posals are opened each bidder must ceriify to the
undersi Mied that either personally or ly a duly
autboiized agent he has inspected tho natural feat
ures of the locality in which the work is located and
examined the drawings on file iri this office.
The right is received to reject any and all bids or
parts of bids. G. J. LYDEGKER,
au31dfit Major of Engineers, IT. 8. Army.
Cured without the Use of the Knife.
WILLIAM HEAD (M. D., Harvard. 1842), and
ROBERT M. READ (M.l)., Hai »ard, 1870), oflto »,
F vniim fll<»u»c, • 7A Trcnirtiit street, llo«i»u
give special attention to the ireatn cut of FIMTF
TIIF KFt)Tllltl, without detection from busi
ness. Abundant references given. Pamphlet sent
on application.
Office Hour*— 11 n.m, to 4 p.m. (except Snndaji).
English and Classical School,
•185 1-2 Congn ss Slreel.
Fall term will begin
Pupils admitted at any time. For further Infor
mation addrese It It la U.VARNKI, A.n.,
an3eod6w It erring, itlaine>
Portland and Worcester Line.
Arrangement of Train**.
J-.__ On and after Monday, June IN.
S5£??=SJ3i*N(,'3i Passenger Trains will leave
_j.o"’Porllaod at 7.30 a. in., and
' " 1-03 p. in,, arriving at Woroester
at 2.15p,m. and 7130 p. m. Returning leave
v.nlon Depot, Woroester, at 8.00 a. m. and 11.15 a.
*n., arriving at Portland at 1.25 p.m. and 6.40 p
Psr Cllaiss. Ayer June., Fitchburg.
Nashua, Lowell, Windham, and Es.
pinK at 7.30 «. u. and 1.03 p. m.
™anchcster, Ooacord and point* North, at
1.05 n. m.
Bar Rochester, Sprlagrale, Alfred, Wat.
erboronud Saco II Tver. 7.30 a. ta., 1.03
t>‘ ***•, *"d (mixed) at 0.30 p. m, Rotnrnlng
leave Rochester at (mixed) «.45 a. m., 11.16
a. m., and 3.36 p. m.; arriving at Portland
(mixed) 8.40 a. m., 1.25 p. ra. and 6.40 p. m.
Uarham, Naccarappa Cumberland
“I*1*! Westbrook and Woodford’.,
Jt7 30 «. in., 1.03, 0.40 and (mixed’
*ut>iv p« ms
The 1.03 p. m. tialn from Portland oouneote at
Aye- June, with lloosar Tunnel Koute for
t heWest, and at Union Depot, Worcester, for
New (fork via Norwich Line, and all rail.
UsNaringllelil, also with N. V. & N. E. R,
R •(‘‘Steamer Maryland Itonto”) for Pfailadel>
Khia, lialiimore, Washington, and the
onth and with Rostov A- Albanv R. R. for
the West. Parlor Cars on train leaving Portland
at 1.03 p. m. and train leaving Woroester at S.00
a. m.
Close connections made at Westbrook June
with through trains ol Me. Central R. R., and
at QrandTrnnk Transfer, Portland, with through
Iraius of Grand Trunk R. R.
Rlhrougb tickets to all points South and West, at
potoffloesand at Unllfiui A Adams’ No. 22 Ex
change Street.
:,J* Doee not stop at Woodford’s
Ju0 J. W. PETKR3, Snpt.
Monday, July 23d, 1883.
Passengor trains will run as follows:
Nos. of Trains. 13 6
From Bridoton mis. a. m. a. u. p. m
Bride ton, Leave 6.05 10.20 6.00
Sandy Creek, 2 6.12 10.27 6.07
lngall’s Road, 0 t6.30 10.46 t6.25
Parley’s Mills, 7 fH.34 tl0 49 t6.29
Wltham’s. 8 t6.»8 flO.63 t6.33
Rankin's Mills, 14 16.58 111. 13 f6.53
Bridgton Junct. Ar. 16 7.05 11.20 7.00
Nos. of Trains. 2 4 g
Fob Bridoton mu. a. m. p. a. p. m.
Bridgton Junot. Leave 9.65 2.15 8.00
Rankin’s Mills, 2 tl0.06 t2.22 18.07
Wltham’s H 110.36 12.42 18.27
Perley’e Mills, 0 110 40 12.46 t8.31
Ingall’s Road 10 10.45 t2.60 t8.36
Sandy Creek, 14 10.68 3-08 8.53
Bridgton, Arrive. 16 11.06 8.15 9.00
1 Stops when signalled or notice to conductors
Jy24 dtf
Boston & Maine Railroad,
On aud after Monday, June 18, 1883,
at 6.15, H 45 a. m., 12.66 and 6.30
p. m.t arriving at Boeton at 10.46,
a. m., 1.16 4.45, ami 10.00 p. m.
12.30, 3.30, and 7.00 p.m., arriving at Portland
at 12 56, 6.00. 8.15 and 11.00 p. m. KOMI ON
9.00a.m., 12.30, 3.30 and 7.00 p. m. OLD
6.40, 9.13 a. m., 1.23, 3.50 and 6.54 p. m.
HKACH, AND PINK POINT, at 6.15,8 46,
10.25 a. m., 12.35, 2.15, 5.16, 6.00.!and 8.16 p.m.
FAIR All II ORA HARD HF.ACH at 6.15, a. in., 12.36, 12.56, 2.16, 6.15,6.00,
6.30 and 8.15 p. m. Returning leave OI.fr AIK
A HAKDat 7.59, 9.34, L1.40 a m., 12.29, 2.45,
4 33. 5.00. 7.26,7.48 and 1( .30 p. m r OKT
LAND FOB SACO at 6.15, 8.46,10.26 a. m.
12.35, 12.66, 6.16, 6.00, 6.30 ami 8.15* p.,u. FOR
III DOEFORD at 6.16, 8.45,10.2o a.m., 12.36,
12.56, 5.16, 6.00 and 8.16* p. m. FOR KEN
NFH11NH at d.1%8 45 a. in., 12.55, 5 15 and
8.15* p. m. FOR WKLL.Mtat6.15, 8.45 a. m.,
and 5.15 p. m. FOB NORTH li RWI4 H.
8.45a.m.,12 555.15anti 6.30pm.FOR MAL BON
FALL**,at 6.16, 8.45 a. m., 12.65, and 'X15
8.46 a. m., 12.55, and 6.30 p, m. FAIR NEW
MAKKETt at 6.15, and 8.46 a.m. FOR
CENTRE II ARHAIR at 8.45 a. in., and 12.65
CORD! N. U., (via New Market Jet.) at 6 16
a. m., (via Lawrence) at 8.45 a. m. M4IRN
•Stops an hour and a quarter at Old Orchard
t Passengers may also reach those points by taking
the 2.15 p. in. train from Portland and stopping at
Old Orchard Beach until 3.60 p. m.
GF*’l'he 12.55 p.m, train from Portland con
nects with Mound Line Stratum for New
York aud all Rail Lines for the West, and the 6.30
V>. m., traiu with all Kail Linen for New York
dbd the South and West.
Parlor Car* on all through trains. Seats
secured in advance at Depot Ticket Office.
STATION" at 1.00 and 5.3v p. m. BOSTON
FOR P»fBTLAND at 8,30 a. ra and 6.00
CHARD BBAiB at 10.00 a. ra. and 1.00.
3.30 and 5.30 p. m OLD OR* H ARD FOR
PORTLAND 12.22, 2.45, 7.30 and 9.49.p.m.
Portland for Biddeford at 10 00 a. m., 1.00 and
5.30 p, m. Biddeford for Portland at 12.06 2.30,
7.15 and 9.36 p. m.
Trains on Boston & Maine road connect with all
steamers running between Portland and Bangor,
Rockland, Mt. Desert, Machias, Eastport, Calais.
St. John and Halifax. Also connect with Grand
Trunk trains at Grand Trunk Station, and Maine
(Jentral and Portland & Ogdenburg trains at Trans
fer Station.
All trains stop at Exeter ten minutes for refresh
ments. First class Dining Rooms at Pirtland,
Transfer Station, Exeter, Lawrence and Boston
THROUGH TICKETS to all points West and
South may be had of M. L.. William*, Ticket
Agent, Boston & Maine Depot, and at Cnion
Ticket Office) 40 Exchange St.
J. T. FURBER, Gen. Supt.
S .H. STEVENS, Gen. Agent, Portland.
Fare to Orelinrd Beaeli and return
BO Cents.
Fare to Comp Ellis and reurn including a rid
along th« Beach, in the observation cars of tb
Orchard Beach R. R.
SO Cents.
PaMenger train, leave Portland at 10.00 a. ra.,
1.00, 3 30, arid f).30 p. m. Returning leave Orchard
Beach for Portland at 12.22, 2,40, 7.30, and ».4H
S'. STEVENS, Gen. Agent.
JlylOdtf JAS. T. FURBER, Gen. Supt.
A Book for Fvery Man ! Voting, I?Iiddl< - i
nged and Old.
The untold miseries that resuit from Indiscretion
in early life may be alleviated and cured. Those
who doubt this assertion should purchase and read
the new medical work published by the Pen bod
.Hedicnl Inatiltate, Boston, entitled The Nci
enre of Ijife; «>r, Melf-Preaervntion. It U
not only a complete and perfect treatise on Manhood.
Exhausted Vitality, Nervous and Physical Debility,
Premature Declir.6 in man, Errors or Youth, etc.
but it contains one hundred and twenty-live pro
scriptions for acute aud chronic diseases, each om
of which ■■ invntuiible.so proved by the author
whose experience for 21 years is such as probably
never before fell to the lot of any physician. It
oontalns 300 pages, bound in beautiful embossed
covers, full gilt, embellished with the very linost
steel engravings, guaranteed to be a liner work in
every sense—mechanical, literary, or professional—
than any other work retailed in this country for
$2.60, or the money will be refunded. Price only
$1 .25 by mail. Gold Medal awarded by the Na
tional Medical Association to *he officers of which
the author refers. Illustrated sample sent on re
ceipt of six cents. Send now.
I)r. W. H. PAKKER, No. 4Bulflnch Street, Boston,
Mass. The author may be consulted on all diseases
requiring skill and experience. niy3(ktow1y22
Music Teachers. Choir Leaders,
School Teachers.
For Common Schools. WSKMSE
I>KN ROBIN (60 cts.) W. O. Perkins. WHIP
POORWILL (60 cts.) MERRY CHIMES (50 cts.)
SoNG ECHO (75 cts.)—All are good, cheerful, gen
ial collections of school music.
For Hith Schools,
WREATH (|1.) By Perltln.. VOCAL ECHOES
($1.) Female Voices. WELLESLEY COLLEGE
HuUR OF SINGING (|1.) All are excellent book,
by tuo best compilers.
For Sinairg Classes, SS.SS'gS'S, Sir.
■?n. PEBKLKSS, (75 'cts.) By W. O. Perkins
TH E IDE AL (75 cts) Classes with either of these
books, are sure to be successes.
For Musical Societies, * Novel lo edition. This
new and remarkahlework1 is well worth practicing.
Also, the easv RUTH and HOAZ (05 cts.) and the
tine scenic Cantati, JOSEPH’S BONDAGE ($1.)
Also all the Oratorios, Masses, and a largo number
of Sacred and Secular Cantatas. Scud for lists!
Pnr Phnire shepherd church collec
($1.), and many others. Send for descriptive lists.
Any book mailed for the retail price.
Lists free. Inquiries cheerfully answered.
Portland & Ogdensburg H. K.
On and after Monday June 25th,
ISM4, until further notice Patarnger
Train* lenre Portland a* follow*:
8.25 A. M.—For Fab/an's. Littleton, Lancaster,
and all point* on B. 0, M. R, R., St, Johnsbury,
Burlington, Ogdensburg and all points on O. ft L,
C. R. K., Newport, Sherbrooke, Montreal and all
points on Southeastern Railroad and branches.
This train, equipped with elegant Parlor cars and
new passenger coachee and baggage a in, will run
through without change to Montreal,with through
cars to Swautou and Burlington rla. St. Johns
12.45 p. in. (Transfer station 1.00 p. in.) Express
for Glen House, Crawford’s, Fabyan’s aud all
White Mountain Resorts, will not stop at So.
Windham, White Rock, Hiram or Brownfield.
0.25 p. ui. For Bartlett and intermediate stations.
Traia* arrive ia Ponlaad :
8.40 a. m.—fromBartlett and local stations.
) 2.66 noon-from Kabvan’s and all Mountain points.
0.16 p. in.—from No. Conway (mixed train leaving
No. Conway 2 00 p. m. for Portland and way sta
7.46 p. m.—Express from Montreal, Burlington,
Ogdensburg ftc.
J. li A Till,TON. Superintendent.
Portlaud, June22d, 1883. jun23dtf
On untl after HOVDlV, June
(Sill, Passenger Trains will run
n*» follows
Leave Paillanil for Dexter, Hangar
Vauceboro, Mi John, Halifax HDil
tbr Province. Ml. Andrews, Mi. Stephen,
Fredericton Aroostook County, and all
stations on B.& Pi.cnniqui* It. K., 1.16
p. in., 1.20 p. m., 16.10 p. m. til.16
p. in.; for Mkowhegan and Belfnsl
1.15 p. ra., 1.20 p. m., til.15 p. m.;
Wnterville, 0.46 s. m. 1.16 p. 1.20
p. m. t6.10 p. in. til.16 p. m Au
gusta, Hallowell, tiardiner and Bran,
swiek 0.46 a. in., 1.20 p. m., 16.10, 6.30 and
til.16 p. m.; Bulb 0.46 a. m. 1.20p. m„ 6.30
tin. and on Saturdays only at 11.16 p. m.
ackland, and Knox A Lincoln R. It.,
6.46 a. m.. 1.20 p. m. and on Saturdays only at
6.30 p. m.; Auburn and Lewiston. 8. 16
a m. 1.16 p. tu., 5,05 p. m. Lewiaton via
Brunswick 6.46 a. m., til.16 p. m.;
Farnainginn, Honmonlh. Winthrop,
and Haranacook, 8.16 a. m. 1,16 p. m. Oak
land and North Anson, 1.16 p. m.
1 The 6.10 p. m. train Is the Mt. John
F^et Express, with Reclining Chair Car at
tached, ami stops between Portland and Bangor
at Brunswick, Gardiner, Hallowell, Augusta,
Waterville and Newport only, arriving in Bangor
at 9.45 p. m. and St. John at 6.30 following
IThe 11.16 p. m. train is the night express with
slseping car attached and runs every night Sun
days included but not through to Skowhegan on
Monday mornings or to Bucksport and Dexter or
beyond Bangor en Sunday mornings.
From Halifnx, 8.10 a. in., 6.15 p. m.; (it. John,
7.00 and 8.00 a. m., 9.00 p. m.; II out ion 7.00
a. m.. 8.30 p. m., Mt. Mtcphcn, 7.30 a. m.,
9.00 p. nut., Vauceboro, 2.00 a. m 10.10 a. m.,
1.60 p. m,; Hucksport, 6.10 a. m. 10.00 a. m.,
5.05 p. m.; Bangor, 7.20 a. m., 2.05 p. m.
8.00 p.m. Dexter, 7.00 a.m,8.10p, m. Bel
ofn*i, 6.46 a. m., 3.15 p. m., Mkowhegan,
□,8.30 a. ra. 3.06 p. m.; Wnterville, 9.20 a. m.
►.2.16, 3-33 and 10.08 p.m.: Auguita, 0.00 a.
m 10.03 a. m., 3.00, 4.12 and 11.00 p. m.;
LjUardiner, 0.17 a. m., 10.20 a. m., 3.18,4.27
and 11.18 p. m.: Bath. 7.00 a. m..T1.00 a. m.j
4.16 p. m., and Saturdays only at 11.55 p. m.
oBrunMwick, 7.26 and 11.30 a. m. 4,45 & 5.10
HP m. 12.36 a. tu., (night.' Rockland .8.15 a.m.,
□1.26 p m., and Mondays only at 4.80 a. m. I.ew
iMton, 7.20 a. m. 11.16 a. m., 4.36p. m. 11.20
LJpm.; Phillip*.7.05 a. m. Farmington, 8.30
<w». m., JYlaranncook, 10.11 a. m. 3.25 p. m.:
IWinthrop, 10.18 a. m. 3.37 p. m.,
being due In Portland as follows: The morning
trains from Augusta and Bath 8.36 a. m.
Lewiston, 8.40 a. m. The day trains from
Bangor, tnd *1! Intermediate stations and con
necting roads at 12.36 and 12.46 p. m. The
afternoon trains from Waterville, Augusta. Batt,
Rockland and Lewiston at 0.00 p. m. The St
John Fast Express at G.15 p. m. The Nighi Pull
man ExpreM train at 1.60 a.m.
Excumiou fiat*** to JIaranacook anil re
turn to purtie* of Ave or more.
f-limited Ticket* Arat and *econd class for
9*«John and Halifax on ssic at reduced
PAYSON TUCKER, Gen’l Manager.
F. E. BOOTHBY, Gen’l. Pass. & Ticket Agt.
Portland. June 12, 1883 Jul f
iiumford Falls & Buckfleld
_^ Leave Janton for Portland and
* -^?^M!§jS|Lewiston 4.45 and 9.45 a. m.
• ■& «*’ - Leave Portland for Canton, at 9.00
9 a. m. and 1.30 p. m.
Leave Lewiston at 9.45 a. m. and 2.30 p. m.
Stage connections witL Byron, Mexioo, Dlxfleld
Peru, Livermore, West Sumner and Turner.
L. L. LINCOLN. 8upt.
Portland. June. IG, 1883 octl4dtf
Eastern Railroad.
Trains leave Portland
At ‘4 a. as. Daily (Night Pullman) for Saeo,
Blddeford, Kennebunk, Conway Junct., Kittery,
Portsmouth. Newburyport, Salem, Lynn and
Boston, arriving at 6.30 a. m.
At 8.45 a. m. for Cape Elisabeth. Scar boro, Saco,
Biadeford. Kennebunk. Wells, North and South
Berwick, Conway Junction, connecting for all
stations on Con way Division. Kittery, Portsmouth,
Newburyport. Salem. Gloucester, Rock port,
Lynn. Cnelsea and Boston, arriving at 1.16 p. m.
At 14.55 p. in. (Express,) for Saco. Blddeford,
Kennebunk, | No. Berwick. Conway
Junction, Kittery, Portsmouth, Newburyport,
Salem, Lynn, and Boston, arriving at 4.66 p m..
connecting with Sound and Rail Lines for all
Southern and Western points.
At 6.40 p. m. (Express), for Boston and principal
Way Stations, arriving in Boston at 10.00 p. m.,
connecting with Rail Lines for New York.
Sundays at 2.00 p.m. Express for Boston and
principal Way Stations, arriving at Boston 6.30
p. m., connecting with Fali River Line for New
ITraiiis Leave Boston
▲t 7.30, 9.00 a. m., and arrive in Portland at 11.66
a. m. and 12.66 n. m. At 12.30 p. m. and arrive
in Portland 6.00 p. m At 7.00 p m. Dait>^
and arrive in Portland at 11.00 p.m.
Pullman Parlor Cars
On Trains leaving Boston 9 a.m., 12.30 and 7.00 p.
m. and Por.land 8.45 a. m., 12.66 and 6.3c p. m*
Through Pullman Sleeping Cars
On Trains leaving Boston at 7.00 p. m., and Port
lancHg.OO a. m.
Through Tickets to all Points South nml
Pullman Car Tickeu for leak and
jSlorih* *ol«* sit Depot Ticket OfHrr only.
June 17, 1883 PAYSON TUCKER,
D. W. SANBOKN, General Manager.
^Master of Trans. cLUCIUS TUTTLE,
junlthltf Gen’l Pass’r Agent

Bound Brook Route.
New York, Trenton & Philadelphia.
Stations iu Philadelphia
Express Trains, Ooubie Track, Stone Balias
Be iiare t-> buy tickets (at any railroad or steam
boat office iu New England) via
(One Way, $4 30.
New York and Philadelphia, \ Excursion, 4.00.
411 Washington Street, Boston.
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. & Tick. Agt.
H. P. BALDWIN* Gen. Eastern Pass. Agt.
Grand Trunk Railway of Canada.
On aud after Mouday, June *J5tb, 1883,
Train* will run an followa:
For Auburn and l.cwlaton, 7.10 a. m„ 1.16
and 6.20 p. m.
For Oorham, 3.30 (mixed,)and 6.20 p.m.
For Oorhnrn, Montreal, Quebec aud Chi
cago 1.80 p.m.
For <*orham, Montreal and Chicago 9.00
a. m.
From Lewiaton and Auburn, 8.36 a. in.,
12.46, and 5.60 p. m.
From faorham, mixed. 9.40 a. m., 6.00 p.m.
From Chicago. Montreal aud Quebec,
12.86 p.m
From Chicago and Montreal, 5.20 p. m.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Car# on ulght train and
Parlor Cara on day train between Portlano and
Tickets sold at Reduced Rates,
To Canada, Detroit. Chicago,Milwaukee
Ciuciuuati, Mt. Coma, O in a hit, Magin
aw Ml. Paul, Mall Lake City,
Denver, Man Franciaeo,
and all points in the
Northweat, Weal and Mouthweat.
JOSEPH HICKSON, General Manager.
W. J. SPIOER Superintendent. oct7dtf
Advertising Agency aud Printers’
100 WrAN!II!V4JTON Hi., - B STOW
Dealer In Wood and Metal Type, and all kinds of
Printer#’ Material#. Advertisements inserted in all
paper in the United States or Canadas at publishers'
owest prices Send for estimates.
Loaves Leave* Leaves Leaves
Portland. Peaks’. White Head. Cushing’s.
A M. A. M. A. M. A. M.
6.46 6.30 6.16 -
7.00 7.35 - 7.20
9.00 0.25 9.30 9 40
10.30 10.65 ll^JO 11.06
r. M. p. M. p. M. p. as
1.46 2.10 2.16 2.20
3.00 3.26 8.30 -
4.30 6.10 6.00 4.60
O. 10 6.30 6.40 6.46
- 9.00 - -
7.30 10.15 - -
t-'APT. W tl. J. CRAIb.
Leaves Leaves Leave*
Portland. Evergreen and Tref. Diamond.
4-M. A. M. A. M.
6.« 6.10 6.20
7-00 7.25 7.35
9.00 9.30 1) 46
10.30 11.00 11.1*
P-M. P. M. p. M.
2.00 2.30 2.40
3.16 3.46 3.60
4.30 6,00 6.16
«10 6.40 6.65
7.30 9.30 9.36
will leave as follows, except on Exourtion days,
when notice will be given in the daily papers.
Leave Leave Leave Leave
Portland. Peaks. White Head. Cushing’s
A. M. A. M A. M. A .M.
10.00 10.30 10.45
12.00 - -
P. M. P. M. P. M. P. M.
2.15 l.RO 12.26
8.80 2.46
7.30 6.00
- 10.16
Last Trips from Peaks’ Island 9.00 and 10.16
p. m _
— AXD —
Direct Steamship Line.
From BO x UK
Every Wednesday and Sat
Every Tuesday and Friday.
From Ix>ng Wharf, Boston, 3
p m. From Pine Street Wharf
Philadelphia, at 10 a. m.
luinrance one-half the rate of
w.ii ■ r Bailing vessel.
Freight for the Weet by the Penn. B. R.. and
South by connecting lines, forwarded free of com
Panimice Trs Dollars Round Trip RIM
Meals and Room included.
For Freight or Passage apply to
K. B. MAMPNON. Agent,
de3ltf 70 l.ang Wh**rt Boston.
And Mathias Steamboat Company*
fan****.. Steamer LEWISTON, Capt.
, ‘ Charles Deering, will leave Rail
»--- ^road Wharf, Portland, Tuesday
* , o^asiSSaE? and Friday Evenings, at 11.16
o’clock or on arrival of Steamboat Express Trains
from Boston, for Rock land, Castine, Deer Isle,
Sedgwick, (Stage from -edgwtok to Blue Hill on ar
riva of Steamer), South West and Bar Harbors.
Milbridge, donesport and Vlachiasport.
Connect at ROCKLAND with steamer for BLUE
HILL, SURREY and ELLSWORTH. Friday's trip.
At BAR HARBOR with steamer for GOULDSBiO
ELLS WOK I H each trip. Also with B. A B. Steam
era at Rockland, g ing East for Bangor and River *
Landings each trip.
U tTI’ KNIN -:, will leave Machiasport every
Monday and Thursday,at 4.30 a. m., touching at in
termediate landings,and connecting at Portland with
Pullman and early morning train for boston.
Connect with B«>ston and Bangor Steamers at
Rccklaud, (coming West, aud receive passengers and
land^t *rom aud River Landings for Port
The new Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND,
1 apt. VI n. I .DenniMu, leaving same wharf
every Monday, WedueHtiHy. & *• turd ay Ev
enings at 11 16 o’clock, or on arrival of Steamboat
Exp.ess Trains from Boston, for Mount Deser
(Southwest Bar Harbors) touching at Rockland onh
and arriving at Bar Harbor about 10 a. m neztdai.
Connections made at Rockland with steamer foi
Blue Hill, Surrey and Ellsworth, Monday’s and Wed
nesday’t trips.
At Bar Harbor with steamer for G uldsboro
Lamoine, Hancock and *ullivan, each trip.
Returi Ing, will leave Bar Harbor at 7.00 a. m.
Monday Wednesday and Friday, touching at South
West Harbor -tod Rockland, arriving in Portland
about 5.00 p. m, connecting with train for Boston
arriving at 10 00 p m.
„ _ Treas. and General Ticket Agent
E. CUSHING, General Agent.
Portland, June 18, 1883. jul84t
Eastport, Calais, Me., St.
John, M. B.. Halifax, N. S., *c.
„ iL-iitou.’. . P PAY. MAY 14th etemm
•« •! >hii Lint- will
tQ? ® p* ffl,i toT Fastport and st.
John, with connections for Calais, Robbinston, 8L
Audreys, Pembroke. Houlton, Woodstock. Oran)
H1iR^*Ue«0lgb1’ 4nn*l>oU», Yarmouth
Moncton, Newcaatie, Amherst
Pieton, Uhediae, Bathurst, Dalheutie, Char
lottetown Fort Fairfield, Grand Falls, and othei
station* on the New Brunswick and Cauada Inter
ooloclal, Windsor, and Annapolis, Western' Conn.
tlM -’Jill Hoads, and Stage Bonuw.
ZW Freight received up to 4 p. m. and any in.
formation regarding the same uiav be had at th,
offloe of the Freight Agent, Railroad Wharf.
For Ltrculars, with excursion Routes. Tiekets
8lat« Rooms and further information appl, n
Company's Office, *0 Eiohange St.
T, C. flK SKY President, and Manager
FARE $1.00.
rho elegant new steamer TREMONT and favorite
steamer JOHN BKOOKS will alternately leave
FRANKLIN WHaKF, Portland, at 7 o’clock p. m.
aud IN DIA WHARF, Boston, at 7 o’clock p. m.
(Sundays excepted).
Passengers by this line are reminded that they se
cure a comfortable night's rest and avoid the ex
pense and incoavenlenoe of arriving in Boston late
at night.
Hf*Ttcket8 and staterooms for sale at D. H,
YOUNG’S, 272 Middle Street.
Through Tickets to New York, via the various
Kail and Sound bines for sale.
Freight taken as usual.
J. B. 4 OYLE. Jr., Gesenil Agent.
**Mdwtcb lelnnda, Aew Zealand and
Steamers sail from New York for Aspinwall on
the 1st, 10th. and 20th of each month, carrying
passengers and freight for all the above named
Steamer of 10th does not connect fer San Fran
Steamers sail from San Francisco regularly for
Japan, China and Sandwich Islands, New Zealand
and Australia.
For Freight, Passage, sailing lists and further
information, apply to or address the General Eas
tern Agents,
115 Mtnte Street, Cor. Brand Ms., Boston.
or to W. D. LITTLE A CO.,
febSdtf - 31 Exchange St., Portland.
Maine Steamship Company
Semi-Weekly Line to Sew York.
ON and after Saturday the second day of June,
next, the steamers ELEANORA and FRAN
CONI A will leave Franklin Wharf, Portland, every
WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at a p. m., and
leave Pier 38, Fast River, New York, every WED
NESDAY and SATURDAY, al 4. p. m.
Daring the summer mouths theee steamers will
toneh at Vineyard Haven on their passage to and
fromNew York. Passage In State Room. $6:
These steamer* are fitted up with fine accomoda
tions for passengers, making this a very desirable
route for travelers between New York
and Main*; or for parties desiring to take a
pleasure excursion in tne summer months to Vine
yard Haven.
Hoods shipped by this line destined beyond Portland
or New York, will bo at onco forwarded to their
deetination on arrival.
I'tokets and State Rooms can be ohtalned at 22
Exchange Street
J B. FOYLE. Jr., deneral Agent:
Portland, May 10,1883 dtf
General Ocean Steamer Ticket Office*
FOR sale of passage tickets by the White Star
Cunard. Anchor, State, American. Red Star,
North German Lloyd, Hamburg, American, Rotter
dam, Amsterdam and Italian lines, all first class
fast passage steamers, to and from all points In
Europe. Cabin, ‘2d Cabin aad steerage outward and
prepaid tickets from Portland at lowest rates
Steerage prepaid tickets from inland places in Eu
rope* to inland places in the United States. Ster
ling and Scandinavian exchange at lowest rates
Choice Cumberland and Acadia coal for sole by th
cargo. For cabin plan., circular., .ailing schemes
&o. ami other Information apply tc,IL Varmkr
Agent, 22 Exchange St. P.O.Box 979
lanlO jy
U. 8. and Koval Mail Steamer,
to Liverpool via Queenstown.
Katas reduced for Fall and Wtn
ter. These steamer, take the ex
--— m Ireraesoutherly routes,avoiding
all dangers from Iceberg*. Cabin $110 and $80; Ex
cursion $110 and $14 t; Steerage at low rate*. The
sailing* are a* follow*;
Germanic....Sept. 8 | Adriatlo.Sept.! 13
Britannic .Sept 22 | Kepubllo..Sept. 17
For flailing li-ta, cabin plans, passage rate* and
drafts, apply to J. L. FAKMKK, 22 Exchange St.
delS dly
Leave* Leaves Leaves Leaves
Portland. Peaks’. Whit* Head Cushing*
9.00 9.20 9.30 9.40
10.30 11.00 11.10 11.30
12.16 11.45
P.M. P.M. P.M. P.M.
2.00 2.30 2.40
3.16 6.00 6.10 15.20
«,00 6.20 6.80 *6.40
CAjPT. wa. J. CBAIG.
Leaves Leaves I .eaves
Portland. Evergreen and Tref. Diamond.
A.M. A.M. A.M.
9 00 9.40 9.60
10.30 11.20 11.80
PM P.M. p M.
12.2* 12.1*
2.00 2.30 2.40
3.16 6.00 6.16
6.00 6.30 6.40
Steamers will run to aoeomodate the PavllUoai
Entertainment. 26 cents for the round trie aa4
free admission to the pavllllon.
B. J. WILLARD, Manager.
ff OTIC E.
Union Steamboat Co.
THE 10.40 p. m. trip will be discontinued on and
after Sept. 1, 1883. On Sunday* will nu»
three trips only.
aug30dt, CHAS. A. SPARROW, Manager.
SEPT. 1, 1888.
Franklin Wharf Jones Landing Trefethen’s L’d*
to Peaks Island, to Portland. to Portland.
A. M. A. M. A. M.
7.00 , 6.16 6.00
9.00 7.36 7.20
10.30 9.20 9.86
P.M. 11.16 11.00
12.00 P. M. P. M.
2.00 1.15 12.20
3.16 2.20 2.36
*.30 3.36 3.4*
6.16 6.16 6.00
7.30 8.35 «4*
9.45 9.16
A. «. A. M. A. M.
10.30 10.60 11.00
r. *• r. m. r. m.
2.00 2.20 2.36
3.00 6.30 t.10
Steamer will run to accommodate the KoUerShat
ing Kink, leaving the cl y at 7 3 returning at 9.1S
and lu.16. Tickets, with admission te Garden, 20
cents. Will run as above until further notice
CHAS. A. SPARROW, Treas. and Manager.
iya* _ dt
will leave Long Wharf, foot of
Exchange Street, al
10.00 a. m. for Peaks’, Long, and Little ChebtegM
2.16 p. m. for Peaks’, long, Little and Great «he
beague Islands
Leave Little Cbebeagne at.11.00 a. a.
“ Lone Island at.11.16 a.m.
” Peaks’ Island at.11.80 a. a
Arriving at Portland at ..11.43 a. a
Ideate Great Cbebe gne at.4.30 a. a.
“ Little Chebeague at.4.45 p. a'
“ long Island at.6.00 a. a.
“ Jones’ Landing at. 6-30 a. a.
Regular Fare (round trip).26 cfk
Fare to Peaks’ Island (round trip).16 ets
Parties wishing to engage this Steamer for special
excursions will apply to E. Ponce, cor. Middle sad
Exchange sts., or Capt. Chaae aboard the boat.
‘Except when chartered for special excursions.
£riy24 _4tf
Harpswell Steamboat Co. ~
ON and after August SO, 1883, rhs Steamer See.
don will leave Harpewell daily for Port lead
as follows, viz:
Leave Harpewell 6.30 a. m., 2.00 p. m.: arriving
at Portland at 8.30 a ro„ 4.00 p. m.
Returning, leave Custom House Wharf, Portland.
10.00 a. m , 5.00 p. m.; arriving at Harpswell el
12.00 m., 7.00 p m.
Leave Portland, 10.00 a. m., 6.00 p.m.; returning
leave Harpswell. 2.00 p. m.
For Passage or Freight, apply on board to
aag30dtf_Capt. GEO. F. WEST.
ALL desiring to nd for friends in tbs Old Con
try will save money by baying their prepaid
steerage tickets at the General Ocean Steam skin
Oil e, No. 22 Exchange Street, (don’t mistake the
number) at tho sign of the big Locomotive, st pre
sent reduced rates by tbeCunard and other fast nrst
class mail steamers coming direct across ti e ocean,
on the warm Golf Stream route, thus avoiding uu
dangers frem lee and icebergs. I can sell prepaid
steerage passage tickets from Queenstown, Londsn
derry and Belfast for $21.00; Dublin, $22.00; Lon
don, Bristol, Cardiff and Galway, $24.00; Ban
burg. Antwerp, Harrs, Manheim, Amsterdam, Ka
terdam, Paris, Bremen and Har ngen. $27.00
Copenhagen, Christiana, Chrtsti. isand, Bergen
Troudbjem. Goteborg. Malino, $28 JO; children na
der 12 ball fare. Sterling and Seandinavtan an
change at low rates. J. L. FARM ER, Agent,
W. A. S.
Schiedam Aromatic
As s general beverage and necessary
corrective of water rendered impure by
vegetable decomposition or other causes^
as Limestone, Sulphate of Copper Ac, the
Aromatic Schnapps is superior to every^
other alcoholic preparation. A public
saltr of over 30 rears duration in every
section of our country of Udolpho Wolfe'*
Schnapps, its unsolicited endorsement by
the medieal faculty and a sale unequaled
by any other alcoholic distillation have
insured for it the reputation of salubrity
claimed for it. For sale by all Druggist
and Grocers.
ilplio life’s Sili Co..
•f all kind*, in the
R. STANLEY & SON, Importer*
Alio, GeneraliManagere for.New|Knglaud,
Summit Mineral Spring Water,

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