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(jalatiw.nl Staple rraSaeta la Ue
Leadint larkets.
■ fork Stork, Mowf o*S ttrolk
■ orkot Rtrlnw
New York, November gO.-Tbere was •
large business done In stocks again toddy
bn* the activity was not well maintained
throughout the eeeelon. The surface in
dication* were that the large early buel
neu wa» tor London aooonnt. Yor In
•tanoe. the pricsp of Americans advauord
, In London before the opening here. Thl*
was In spite of the general heaviness ol
the London market, due to the money
market conditions and to the dlsoourag -
lng news from South Africa lint afttr
the opening here foreign arbitrage
brokers were selleis of stocks and their
■ales on balanoe for today were estimated
at 4,000 shares. The Intersnoe Is pretty
plain that London’s early advance was
on New York buying, while the genuine
London transactions in this market were
on the selling side. 'They had little in
fluence on prices, which went to tho beet
generally after the arbitrage operations
had oeaeel. The lnlluence of the mid
week interruption of Tbanskgiving was
■till manifest today and with the excep
tion of eome large Dnying in some quar
ters of the railroad list, the trading was
rather languid, especially during the lat
ter pari ol the day. A firmer tendenoy ol
the money market nnd a rise In the cal
loan rate to 4 1-1 per oent late In the day,
were also an lnfiuenoe towards repressing
aotlvity. The forecasts ol the weekly
bank statement Iniloate a small ohange
In the cash Item for ths week past.
'I ha tifinil mnrkfft. WAR RCtlYO AUd StfJDJJ
with a notable demand for Kansan and
Texas, t*t. Louis and Southwestern,
Southern Hacllic, Union Hacitto, Atchi
son and Heading issue*. Total sales par
value $7,2i:0,UW
United States refunding twos and the
lives registered declined one-quarter and
the new fouis advanced one-eighth per
cent on the last call.
Money on call closet! steadv at 3V» 8 l®r ct;
last loan 31* ; ruling rate —.
iniim iiwie«iiiih i .tifr at 4 Vi <* 6 *»er cent.
Kterlmg Exchange was firm, with actual busi
ness iu bankers bills 4 868/aji£4 toVt *«»r do
mand and 4 8l"s u,4 8l;‘i or sixty days: posted
rates 4 82V§ and 4 86VX- ton merclal bills at
4 «4 81H
Bur 8»lver C4Vi
811ver certificate* R4«$G5
Mexican dollars 60.
Governments Irregular.
State bonds Inactive!
Railroad bonds strong.
The following quotations represent in* »mv
lug prices In tills market:
(ow and steers.. •W h
Hulls aUd 9l»B9....
Calf Bam*—No2 quality.. 8s
No a “ .,
No 3 *•.25c each
Itrtatl Grocers’ feugar Market.
Portland roancel—cut loai 8:: confectioners
fr.powdered 7‘/bo: granulated at 7c; coffee
«l UMitnl tt‘,gc ivellow 6 j.
Louisburg, CR. Steamer Turret Crown-2757
tons coal to G T R.
(exports •
LIVERPOOL ENG. Steamer Numldian—
87.132 bush ooriy7w9t> do wheat 18,573 do oats
1871 sacks oatmeal 13,8 0 do Hour 291 boxes
meats 2346 cs eggs 1764 boxes cheeae 61« aks
peas «4 boxes furniture 1201 cs ev apples 11
boxes butler 1214 baits hay 328 pk leather 28
bags 8 ed to organs 780 cs cpilots GO . b i pulp
215 boxes tobacco 9098 bdls spool wood 8271
bbl« apple4.
GLASGOW. Steamer Hibernian—17,123 bu
c ru U4i 3 do rye 804G do wheat 32 71 sacks of
flour 1*2 boxen meats 4050 cs eggs 2» do corn
lPoo cs ev apples 323 cattle 472 sheep.
Portland \V Holes* e .larXfl’.
PORTLAND. Nov. 28.
Tbo tollovrnixquoLationsrepre*«iui .no v..oie
t a e prices tor tue marmot;
t uiwrflne and low graues.2 75 a 3 00
bpring neat uafcen.3 7ft *4 05
Spring Wheat patents.4 «6*4 80
Mien, aud St-Louisst. rouer-—4 lUf$4 25
Mich, anti bL Louis clear.4 00*4 16
Winter Wheal pateuis.4 40fi4 45
Coru mid Fee I.
t orn, car lots.. 48Vi 8 50
Corn, hag lots. «6 J
Meal, bag lots.. tit 49
usu, car lots.•» @31
V-‘HtR. baa lots.a 33 » 34
CoUou peed. car lots.00 oo a?20 50
Cotton Seed, has lots.00 UOj$27 on
Sacked bran, car iota..... ....18 00*19 00
sacked bran, bag. lota.oo oo* 19 00
Mldilinp, car lots.18 00*20 00
Middling, bag, lots. .19 0'\*20 50
Mixeu leeu.19 00*19 50
11 ry Kt»li and Mackerel.
Cod. large Shore... 4 50*5 Oo
Medium shore fish... *8 75
Pollock. 2 25 a 3 76
Haddwek. *3 oo
Hake. 2 7ft
Herring, per box, sealed. (8;Id
Mackerel, shore Is. @20 00
Mackerel, shore 2s. *#17
Large .is. @#15
Sueur, Cofree. l ea. Mo!a«»««. Kaialuv
bugar—bvmdura giauulaled. 6 79
Bucar— Extraiftne granulated.... 6 79
Sugar—Extra C. 5 40
Coffee—Mo. roasted. 13 i*ld
Coffee—Java and Mocha. 27£3o
Teas— \moys. 26*35
1*M—1Congous. 27*60
Teas—Japan. 36*40
Teas—Formosa. 35a.66
Molasses—Porto Klco. [email protected]<)
Molasses—barbadoes.... 32*35
w Molasses—common. 20a25
Kew Raisins, 2 crown.2 00*2 25
do 3 crown.2 2602 50
do 4 crown. 2 60*2 75
J alsins. I oo?*e A1 uscatel. 7W*8Vs
Fork. Beef. Lard aud Foa.trv.
Pork—Heavy, clear.17 50
backs.... .17 00
Pork—Alecitun.,.00 OOttlG oo
Beef—heav*. . - ;.10 75*11 25
Beet—light. 10 00*10 60
Bonen-ss. uai! bbls. m d oo
Laru—n-• ana natlbbi. mire..—
Lard—tes and nail bbt.com.... GV%$j,G4i
Lard—Pans pure.. 9Vsft9s a
— Lard—Pails, compound.. 7V4M7A4
Lard-Pure, leaf. 10 £10>4
Chickens. 12# 13
Fowl. 9 11
Turkevs. 114*10
Hams. llftllVi
•boulders.-. 8 Vi
Produce. •• ■
Feans. Pea. 2 [email protected] 30
Beans. Ca tforula Pea. 3 oOa n 26
i Beans. Vellow Eyes. 2 60*2 no
Beans. Red Kldnev. u2 5d
Native Omous. bbl..... 1 76*2 oo
Cranberries. Cape Cod. 8 60*9 00
do Maine. 7 [email protected] 60
Potatoes, bush. 65*75
Sweet Potatoes. Jersey . @2 76
•west. Eastern Shore....:.... *2 Oo
F ugs. Eastern fresh. 82s* 86
Lacks. Western tresn. # 80
Ktrs. hold. 2*
Better. Fancy Towner. J J*
Cbeeee. N. York and Vormt .. lfVk« •.
Cheese, sage. 18V* *14
Apples, Baldwin*. 1 *®£I 15
Lemons . ..
Orange.. .. 4 00*4 SO
Oils. T.rp.ntlsr end Coal.
Raw Linseed (Ml. "»»«»
Balled Linseed oil. 6**87
l.igODla and Centennial oil bbl» ®10V*
Kenned tst retroleum. 1*0. JOJA
l’rntt's Astral.i 1*'A
Hail bbts. to extra „
Cumberland, coal. T;
BIOTe and furnace neat retail... ine 40
Franklin. J J®
Peaoeal. retail... * 80
forcing*— H well.
A merSoaa 4»I b .,.10*n
•Ism.* .. *S**
No I.If.»*
No ...
..*> „
10 or... .iT88
If ruga and Dfea.
Acid Carbolic.-.40>‘063
Acid Oxalic.12
Acid tart.?r
Ashes. .®
Buohu Leaves.
Hals copaoia...
Borax.. 1 i
Cocaine* Muriate .uer oz. « 68 7 00
Copperas.ljilp *
Cream tartar.-.20Mr® OVh
Ex Loywood...12016
(»umaral>ic...70®1 22
Aloes cape.1582a
Camphor.•*‘u ‘S^l
Mvirn ....52u5B
Opium...4 I' 8a 10
Indigo.86c all
Iodine.. 3 78(^3 bO
1 pecac. 4 0004 80
Licorice, rt.16020
Morpnine.2 ‘602 60
011 bergamot...2 76ad 20
Nor. cod liver.1 6<>a2 00
American cod liter.1 Oual 2a
Lemon.1 0002 20
Olive.1 0002 60
I’epu .1 75 a2 00
Wmtergreen.2 6<§ ■<*
Potass br’mds.
Chlorate...10® 20;
Iodide.3 76®:i i»A
Quinine. •* »
Kiieuharo. rt.76.iil 60
kl snake.....Sniff 40
Sal t pet re. 9a. 12
Senna.25 *30 __
Canary seed.4V% ® 5*/%
■ Cardamons ...1 25,0,1 50
Soda, by carb.3*4 (* 0%
Sal.2>a v 3
Sulphur. 3® 6
Sugar lea l...2“ *22
White wax.60«55
VUrol, blue. H*ll
Vanl's. bean.$18/®S18
Castor.i 0*1 -tU
14 a 4 8 common.00 *2 ' Vfc
i'oHshed copper.00*22
Holts.00*2 V*
Y M sheath.00*1*1
Y M Bolts.I •00)18
Hot loins...25 *31
Straits..<• 1 ($31
Antimony... 12*14
Coke.i 76*0 00
S|H*ltor... *6 75
Soldo rxVi..Mi. <823
Kails—Iron —Grail.
Cut.3 r»«v*2 70
W ire...2 76*2 95
Common... A 2 Mi
Ketincd. 2 (® a4
Norway.4 fa 4Mi
Cast Steel. 8*10
hboesteel. 3 * 3vi
Sheet Iron—
II C.4Mi g 5
lien Russia.13*4*14
American Russia.-.11*12
Galvanized...6VX® 7
Lead— __
Zino. * ® ’
Pipe. (fl,5 10
No 1&2, 1 In.$4 '#$45
Sapc, 1 In. 36* irt
Common. 1 In. 28* 32
Nortn Carolina Pine—
2 inch, No 1 .$2•">(*$3n
•• No. 2 ..$22®$32
1*4, 11 •.* and 2 Inch, No. 1.$30«$40
No 2.$28 a «38
Saps. 1 In. 35* 40
Common. I in. 28# 32
Southern nine.$30® 3»
Clear pine—
Ci>pa#s.$60* 70
SeleJT. 60# 60
Fine common. .. .. 4&o, 55
Spruce. 14,® 1 '• '
Hemlock. 1 * 15
Spruce X. 32* 36
Clear. 28# 30
2d clear.4. 25® 27
No l . 16® 20
Pine. 25 ® 50
X cedar .3| ®3 50
Clear cedar.2 75® o *
cl .$ 2 * 50
X No l cedar.I 26 gl 75
Spruce.1 50*1 75
Laths, spee.2 50®l 8a
Blasting...3 23*3 50
Spotting.4 60®6 26
Drop shot, 25 lbs.I 46
and larger .1 70
New York—
Mid Weight...28329
Good d’mg.26 *<27
Union backs. . 391440
Am calf.90J)l 00
Best brands. GO®67
Medium. 30«4.'>
Natural.39 **70
Otis—Pa tuts.
Bank.40 <<45
Shore.3 710)42
1’orgie.3 Vo.; 40
Pure ground. .0 2 dll 75
Red.0 25^6 Vo
Unglish Yen Rea.2 00®3 00
American ziuc.6 0037 00
5sv«l Mum.
Tar p bhl.3 4Offl do
Coal tar.5 0036 25
Roofing Pitch, |>gallon......113 12
Wil Pitch.3 25#3 60
Pressed .$1'-®|19
Loose Hay.$173$ *0
Straw, car bits.$10it$12
It ide—Suit—Spier*—Starr ti.
Domestic rice...6% 3 7
Turks Island salt, Is lb hd.2 60 32 80
Liverpool....2 254*2 50
Diamond Crystal bbl. fa12 60
Saleratus.636 %
Spices pure—
Cassia. .,..21322
Mace.9031 05
Nutmegs.40 349
Pepper. 18 dio
Cloves.10 317
Ginger. 14315
La a ndry starch.4 a 5 %
Oloas. .6%&7%
I. line—lc in rut.
Lime 49cask.85 300
Centum.1 80ftA 60
Star p gross ....00355
Dirigo.00 355
Forest City..*..00^)50
Orata ijuutstioas.
(losing. I'tnrin*.
Wednesday. Friday.
Not. 70% 09%
Dec. 70% «y%
Jan.. 70% 70%
Nov. 41 86%
l>eo. 86% 36%
May. 86% 86
Nov . 21% 21%
Doc. 21% 21%
May..... 28% 88%
Not. 11 16 11 15
Jaa... 11 u7V* H*o
Dee...6 95 0 95
Jan. tatV* 471V*
Not... 7 62V* 7 42V*
Jan. 6 36 6«sV*
Portland Dolly* Press Hlaoa<4«otettoal
Oorrooted bp twnn * Barnet. Banker., 144
Middle attest
DeeerlpUom mr Value Bid. Asked
Canal NatloaalBaiik.....100 100 102
Caaaa National Bank.100 110 113
onmoerland National Hank. 100 100 101
Chapman National Bank.100 100 101
First Nai lonaijlaak.100 100 103
Marelnnu' Nlfional Bank....76 101 103
•National Traders' Bank.too loo 102
Poniand National Bank.... 100 109 110
Portland Trutt Co.loo 146 160
Portland Qns Company. 60 86 90
Portland Water Co...,.100 HO 113
Fortlano si. Railroad Oo. 100 160 160
Maine Centra! R’y. 100 >60 170
Portland & Ogdsnsburx K. R. 100 M 41
Portland 4a. 1WTT./.117 11»
Portland 4a. 1902—1912 Pundmr- .101 102
Portland 4a. 1916. Ponding.104 lot
Bangor 6a. 1906.1 Water.112 114
Bntb 4V*a. 1907. Mumetnal.101 103
Bath 4v 1911. Refunding.101 103
Belraat 4s. tlunl*lna!l918.HO 113
Calais 4a 1901—1911 Hetundlnk-...100 102
Lewiston da,* 1901. Munietnal .101 102
hewtatcuae. 1916. Mumeinnl.106 107
Kaeo 4a. 1901. Municipal.100 l6»
Maina Central 11 R7sJ9il.oona.mttl86 Ho
* *mr- - - io3 iso
* “da cone mtc.... 106 1 on
‘ „• * gr'a.lOOO.eateu’an.lOl loi
Portland ft (igirccSs, <9on, 1st mteioo It*
Portland Water In's 49. 1927.... 107 >40
Motion Slock Islet.
Bales of stock at the Boston Stook Exchange;
Atchison... 40
Boston AtMaine.1«7
do nfa ^ 173
Central Massaonusetts.. i3*4
do pfd, 02
Maine Central. 161
Union Pacific. 73*«
Union PaoUic Dfd. . 82*4
American Tel. nnd Tel.188
Mexican Central 4s. 8.3
American .Susar ..183*4
American Sugar pfd..117*4
New \ork Quotation* or Stook* and Bonds
(By Telegntoh.*
The roltowlnir are Use closing quotations of
Nov. 30. Nov 28.
New 4s. re*.138*4 *38
New 4s. foul..138Vn 186
New is. coup.lie 116
iwnver <u n. <*. 1st.
Kr c iron. .. 76% 761
M >.:rvaiu&!'l ex. *da. 71% 70%
*Musas ai racino consols
Oregon Nar.1st.109 109
Texas racmc. L. i*. ists....Jl7 116%
*>3410 roo. 2ns. 82 M2
Union ractnc 1st*.106% 100%
Wuoiattuns of stooits—
Nov. 30. Nov. 28.
Atchison. 40% 80%
Atcuison ntu. 84% M3%
i entrai racmc.
Chen. At Ohio ... 88% 85%
Chicago, roir. A uutncv... ••.186% 13 7
Dei. Ai it uu. Lanai uo.116 116
L>eL Lack. A west.182 182
ifenver s iu ti. 25% 24%
fcrie. new. 14 14%
Kiie is ota. 7. 40% 3»%
Illinois Lentrai.J24% 124%
Lskm nria & West. 36% 36
Lane mi ore...210% 210%
Louts A nasn. 84% 83
Mannauan £levau»w. 10B% 104%
Mex’.oao Lentrai...13 13
Michigan central.
Minn. A Ht. Louis.. ... 64% 64%
Minn, a oc Louis BB% »U%
Missouri racmc. . 60% 6 »
New jersev central.14B% 146%
New York central.142% 142
Northern raonie com. 71% 71%
Nortuern raciiic old. 83% 82%
Normwevtorn....167 167
do Did.
Uuu A West. 25% 25
Iteamns. 1B% 1B%
Kock isutnu... .116% 116%
Be. raui.128% 128 %
St. Paul old .. .... •.173% 176%
9L l aui « trmaua...11B 120
hu ram a umana Did.
Texas racmc. 19% 19%
union racino dig..... 82 Vs 81%
.. ►% 8 %
Wanaso dig. 21% 20%
Boston A Maine.. 195% IB/
New »or»; ana .now Hue. of..
Old Colour.202 202
Adam* ax nr ess. .186 13 >
American ttxnress.ioOxd 162
ti. ». Kxoress. 40 48
Peome t^as..... 101% 100%
raoinc .. 40%
rulunan ratace. 198% 199
8mrar. common.132% 132%
Western union. 83 83%
southern i;v me..
BrooKivn Kamo transit. 73 72%
federal Bteei common.. 49% 49
ao .. 76% 75%
American tooacco.106% 108%
uo pia. .180 i30
Metropolitan rttreet K R.117% 172
Tonn. coal A iron. 72% 71%
0. M. ItUPDrr. 30% 28V*
Continental tonaoeo. 85% 36Vi
K»i(on Slarnwt.
0BOSTON, Nov. 80 H oo—Tne following were
i^day's quotations or Flour auu corn:
Spring patents 4 10 o 6 00
W liner patents 3 90 it 4*60.
Clear tuu straignt. 3 50 *-4 26
Corn—steamer yellow 61 %o.
C hl«-t«go Cattle Market.
tty ii-ur* •■!.
nil l *. I f Yaw QA limn C.IM. r.a.lnt.
3,60 ». including oo Westerns and ooo Texans;
uiXKl to M ime steers 6 35 85 90:poor to medium
at 4 00.85 25: selected feeders steady to slow
3|4uu4 >5; mixed stockers weak at 2 ?6<g3 60;
Texas fed steers |4a4 85; Texas grass steers
at 3 80#4 16.
Hogs—receipts 26.000 ;mixed and butehers at
4 f»o a 4 92 Vk . good to choice heavy at 4 65 a
4 90; rouah and heavy at 4 60^4 60: liaht at
4 65 84 95 ; bulk Of sales —.
Sheeo—recetuts 5,<'00; good to choice wethers
4 oo q,4 Si: fair to choice mixed at 3 6004 00;
Western sheep at 4 Q0U4 26; Texas sheep at
2 60(88 GO: native lambs 3 50®6 30; Western
lambs —. _
liomeilio Marxeti
(By Telegraph.'
Nov. 30. I poo.
NEW YORK—The Flour market—receipts
16.400 bbls: exports 19.768 bins: saics 6.860
pckgs: quiet and easier in ton with the break lu
Flour—Winter pis 8 50wft3 90 jwlnter straights
3 60a3 GO; Minnesota patents 3 90 84 26; wiu
tei extras 2 flu a 2 90: Minnesota bakers 3 00 8
3 25: do low grades 2 4out2 00.
W'heat—receipts 101,025 pus: exports 27.030
bush; sales ;<,760,000 bush futures. 20.000
bush spot: spot e isv; No 2 Ked at 77 4fec fob
anoat: No 2 Red at 7ttVfcc elev: No 1 Northern
Duluth at 82V« f o b afloat..
Corn-receipts 185.260 bush; exports
67 » bush: sal*s 136.000 bush futures, 160,000
bush spot; sprtt weak ;No 2 at 45Mic in elev and
t. 0. i>. afloat.
oats—receipts 60,800 busn: exports — bus;
spot aulet, steady: No 2 at 26Vfcc; No 3 at 2G;
No 2 white v»V%C: No 3 white at28M*c; track
mixed Wosteru at 2tfcB27Hci track white Wes
tern at 28Vs434c: options inactive, weaker.
Beet steady i family lo 60^01 i; mess at 09.0,
9 60.
CXitmeats aulet: p ckle bellies —.
Lara is easy; Western steamed at 7 36; Nov
closed — minimal: refilled steady; continent at
7 0: 8 A 8 40; com. ouud 5T/s.
Fork steady: mess at 12 OOielS 00: family at
16 60«16 00: short clear 14 00;<dfil7 00.
Butter is dull: creameries at i8i|26c; do fac
tory at 12 a, lGc: J une erm 18 a 23c; state aatrv
1 o a 23c.
flkggs strong; Htate and Fenn 26.9280: Wes
tern rogular packing at 20a24c; Western loss
off 27c.
sugar—raw |is firm; fair refining at Stic;
Centrifugal 96 test 4%c .Molasses sugar 3^sc;
refined steady.
□CHICAGO—Cash auotalons:5
Flour quiet and uuchanged.
Wheat—No 2 SDruig—o;No8 do«G®08v0c:
No 2 Rea 70vs^,72Mic. corn— No 2 at 86«£
37c: No 2 vellow at 36*4 ®37c. oats-No 2 at
22Vfcc; No 2 white 26%fft*7«t No 8 white afifaj
24V»c: No 2 five — o:f*ir to choice malting Bar
ley at ro&frGe; No 1 Klaxsoea at 1 62® 1 62Vs :
No 1 N W Flaxseed 1 63; prime Timothy seed
4 305.4 40; si css Fork 11 1*<*«11 26. Lard
at 6 90%6 96 ; snort rihs sides at 6 62M®7 50:
dry salted snouldere at 6H<d0Vfc; short clear
■lues at 6 6**0 76.
Butter dull—creamery 15® 28; aairles at 18®
Cheese Arm u 10*4 91184a.
Ira turn 4ml 11
Pkae—nnpa ai/KM hblei wnest pyoooi
bush; com A'js.doo oustii nets I19.<hh> onsbi
rjre 'i.uOfi buM: barley nilaKio burn.
Shipments— Plant *4.400 Rose wheal 394.000
bnabj corn 7B.1,u*w onadi eau lBS.oou busk
rre 3.000 Buau; barley 14.'mu busts
DETROIT—Whest quoted at 74’4C fur cash
YrniteiKed at 1474c; Deo at 74t4e; May at
7 Be.
TOLEDO—Wheat oulet; cash and Norember
74V4e; Dec 747»e; May 787*0.
t ettee Anrattk.
my Telegraph.1
Not. 80.
NEW YORK—The Cotton market ta-nar waa
quiet. 74e higher; aSddllng uplmnda 10*40; do
gull 1074c: aa.es *628 bales.
CHARLESTON—Tha cotton market to-day
steady t middlings 944c.
MEMPHIS—The Cotton market to-day el need
steady; middlings *74c.
NEW ORLEANS—The Cotton market closed
steady; middlings * IS-l*e. SCB
MOBILE—Cottou markat la Arm; middling
94k c.
SAVANNAH—Tha cotton marks; closed
quiet; middlings 9 11-lSc.
I eropenn Merkels
Illy Talegreph-i
■LIVERPOOL, Not. 30. 1900.—Tha Cotton
market is Arm; spot at o44d; sales 10.000
reoe >"»
Corinthian .....Portland.. .Llrerpool . .Dae 1
Carrcas.Naw York.. Laguayra .. Dec 1
Chilforulan.New York, .tliasgow... Dec 1
Campania...- New York. .Lirenisol... Deo 1
Minneapolis.... Now York.. Loudon;.... Deo 1
Worn.New York. . «enoa .Dee 1
Staieudam.Hew York.. Rotterdam . Dee 1
Hellaura.New York. . Rosario .. ..Deo 1
Cymric.New York.. Llrernool . Deo 4
Tartar Prlnoe. New York. .Naples.Ac...Dec 4
St Louis.New York. .Bo'ampton. .Dae S
Hevellua.New York. .PernambucoDeo S
Teutonic.New York..Llrerpool— Deo S
Noordlaod.New York. .Antwerp ...Deo S
Arkadis.New York. .Porto ltlco.. Deo S
Columbia.New York. .Oenpa.Dee 7
Patricia.Now York..Hamburg . ..lKe 8
Parisian.Portland.... Llrernool ...Deo 8
Furnessla.... .New York. .Ulaegow . .. Dee 8
Etruria.New York.. Llrerpool... Dec 8
Menominee -New York..Loudon .Doc 8
Pottadam.New York. . Rotterdam;. Deo a
Dominion.I'urlland.. ..Llrerpool... Dee 8
Hlldur.New York. .Curacoa . ...Deo 8
Dalian Prince New York.. Rosario.Dee s
Ran Juan.NewYo k ..Porto llleo..Deo 8
Capri.New Y k.. Peru'buoo . . Dee 10
Lahn.New York.. Bremen.Dec II
New York.... Now York. .S'thampton .Deo 1*
Uermanlc.Now.York.. Llrerpool. Dec 1*
rneaiaiiu . ...
Deutchlaod . N.w York.. Hamtmrg Deo 12
Taluman.New York. . Demarara... Dec 18
Tunisian.Portland ... Liverpool... Dec 13
Breuurne.New York, .flavre.Dec 13
Philadelphia. New York. Laguavra.. Deo 15
Kthlopla.New York. .Glasgow... - Deo 16
Manitou.New York.. I .onnon.. .. Dec 16
Lucanla.New York..Liverpool...Dec 16
Waiders**... .New York.. Hamburg. ..Dee 15
K.Wilhelm 11..New York. .Gonoa.Dec 16
Spaarndam .....New York .Rotterdam... Dec 15
F derGross* ..New York..Bremen.Dee 18
Majestic.New York. .Liverpool... Dec 19
Southwark.New Y'ork. .Antwerp.... Dec 19
Sunrises. C 541ln.h I *** ® 00
Sunset*.. AIS;1"*" w*-r ji-M... 6 so
Length of days.. 9 lUiMoou sets . 1 OG
1-OltT or rilKTLt.MIl
FRIDAY,. Not. 30. 1900.
Steamer Turret Crown, (III) Hayton, Louls
Durg, t'B-coal to G M Stauwood.
Hieamer Horatio Hall Bragg. New York—
passengers and mdse to j F Ltscnrob.
Steamer bt Croix, Plko, St John. NB, via East
port lor Boston.
Hieamer .Suite of Maine, Colby. Boston, for
Eastport and St John. N B.
Steamer Bay State. Denulsoo. Boston.
Steamer Enterprise. Race. Bristol and Booth
Tug Catawlssa, with barge Kphratta, Plilla
delphia—coul to J 1. Watson.
Hch Clifford c. (Br) with hard wood Inraber to
J II Ham’.en ft Son.
Sch Charlie Bucki, Jenkins. Shulee. N8. for
New York. ■
Sch Alice Maud. St John, NB. for Salem.
Sch Annie Harper. St John. NB. for Boitoo,
Sch Victory. Kemihk. Bangor lor Boston.
Sch Annie Harper, Darlington, St John. NB.
for New York.
Hch Avis, St John, NB, for New York.
Sell Cora B. St John, NB. for New York.
Sell Win B Herrick, bunker, Ili.lsboro, NB,
for New York.
Hch Selh W Smith, Johnson. Calais (or New
Bedford. ,
Sell Gem, Gray. Hillsboro for New York.
Sch Adum Bowlby, Hutchins. Baugor for
H<ih Susan Frances, Rice. Sieubiii.
Hch O M M.ur tt, Hutchins, Rockland for
New York.
Seh Omaha. Perkins, Baugor for Boston.*
Hcji Llizle J Clark. Ix>ok. Bangor f«*r Boston
Hch Gen Ba"k«. Hanson. B angor for Hostou
Hch Anna M Preble. Mitchell, Maolilas for
Bo n ton.
Sen Clara Jane. Maloney, Calais for Boston.
Sch Julia ft Mariha, Martin Calais lor Wey
Sch Ernest T I.ee, Kawdln, C.lala for Fall
Heh Clara Roger*, Kalor, Addison for New
Hub Louisa Frances, Pierson, Rockland for
Hen Kennebec. Garnetr, Calais for New Lon
d<scii Sadie Willcutt, Pendleton, Bangor for
New York. ...» .
r>t:H ,i|li nu a « sc. • .
New York
S«l» Sea Morse. Woort, Deer isle for NYork. ,
Sell M 11 Reed, Burgess, Rockland for New'
' SfchAnule P Chase, Bangor for New York.
Sth Ralph A Grant. Davis, Prospect Harbor.
Sen M .1 Sewall. Norton, jonesport.
Sell Laura & Marlon, Eastman, Harpswell,
Sclis 8«u ah C Wnai t. and Ella M Doughty,
sliore flshlug.
Sch Lyman M Law, Blake, oaal port—J S
Winslow & Co.
Ar at Martinique, sch Lizzie E Dennison, lioss.
Kings Ferry.
lloine*tic Porta.
NEW YORK—Ar 20th, schs Hods Haynes,
Providence ; Yreka. Fall River.
Ar 3 til. schs Estelle Phinney. Baltimore for
New Haven ; John Francis. Clarks Island.
.Sid 29th, ship W F Babcook. Hakodate.
City Island-Passed east 2‘Jtn, sch Mary F
Pike, from New York for Kastport.
Returned 29th. scd* Ahbie Hovvker. for Nor
folk: CUas H Trlckey, for Wilmington, Del;
Mary C Stuart, Philadelphia.
BOSTON—Ar 2»th, sch Itabka, 8 trout, from
Ar aoib, sobs Eva May, Ella Clifton, and W D
Manguoi, Bangor; Eastern Queen. Rockland;
Georgia D Loud, Machlas; tug GetDsburg.
wlih barge Kalmla, from Philadelphia for Port
land; tug Cumberland, with barge A, Baltimore
for do. —
lu Nantasket Roads 27th. sch Annie Kraoz,
for Portland.
81d fm the Roads 29th, sob Chas A Campbell,
for a coal port.
BK0N8\ViCR—Sid 2«th, sch Pendleton Bro
thers. sm *11, New York.
BALTIMOKE-Ar 28lli. sch Rebecca J Moul
ton. Hillsboro via Portland; Augustus Huut,
Portsmouth. _ ,
Ar 29th, sch Lizzie J Parkar, Dunn, Punta
°81d* 9th. sch David P Davis, Galveston,
BATH-SId goth. sch Heuiy Clauaeu, Jr, for
J*BOO ThBa Y—Ar 30th, schs Mabel Hall, from
Rockland; » E i avis, from Mt Desert j Native
American. Calais.
Slil 30tll. sets Wm Pickering, Portland lor
Bar Harbor: Emily A Staples, doforWIuter
port: Amite Ous. tor Sac Harbor; Maggie Todd
Pawtucket; l.ucy M»y. Buitob.
BANGOlt-S d »oth, sens I’endleton Slaters,
New York; Annie B l-ewla, doi Wm Butman,
for Boston. N*i
BELFAST—Sid 24th, seb Penile ton Sisters,
Darla, New York via Bangor.
<; A'l ll A M -At anchor north west of Haud
kerclilef 2Utn. sobs M D Crosier, and Win C
Can eaie irom Newport News lor Portland.
Kl.I.ftWoltTH—eld 28ih, sch Catharine, Cog
gins Hltigliam
FALL ttIVER—Bid 2#tb, sob Mary Bowen,
H YANNIS-Outalde. tub M D Creasoy. Nor
folk lor Boston.
NEW LONDON—Sid 20th. sen 8adlo Corey,
for New York.
Ar SOih, schs Georgia Berry, New York for
Kocklauiii Wlnurganee. do tor Portland| Lo
duskla, db lor btouuigtou.
Lee, Higginson&Co
44 State Street, Boaton.
Circular scat on application.
PUDDICD B,nk;rs and Brok>rs
108 StAta sit
£ RFfln
U II L nil and 60 BJtOADWAY
Direct Private Wires Between Offices.
Member* of' e» Tort Com. Stool Exchange end
Now Tort Produce Pxohango.
Stocks. Bond*, (Jratn and Cotton bought and
sold at 1-1« commas Ion. JO share lota and up
wards. six per cent allowed on all deposits for
Accounts subject to check on demand.
Daily market letter and quotation slips,
monthly manual of quotations and private
cipher code mailed free cn application.
_ oct36dtf
In Effect December 8. 1900.
For Bridgton, Harrison, North Bridgton
West Satiago, South Bridgton. Water
ford lid Sue ton.
A M. P . M.
Leave Bridgton Junction.... 10.38 7.26
Arrive Hrlugtou. 11.33 8.21
Arrive Harmon. 11.53 8.46
octia dtf A. BENNETT, Gen. Man.
('uMtoin House Wharf* Portland, Me.
la Effect Dee. 1. 1900.
For Formft City LaiulliiKi Peaks Is
land, 5.30. k m.. 2.15. 4.00. 6.15 p. m.
For Cushing's Island, 6 45, a. m., 4.00
p. rn.
For Little and Great Diamond Islands,
and Trefethens Landings. Peaks Isl
and, 5.30. f.45. 8.00. a. m., 2.15. 0.15 p. m.
For Ponce's Landing, Long Island, 8.W,
a m.. 2.15 p ni.
C. W. X. GublNG, General Manager.
From Boston Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
F cm Philadelphia. Moitay. Wednesday
<nd Fr day.
From Central Wharf, Boston, 3 p. in. From
Pine street Wharf. Philadelphia, at 3 p. m. In*
surano* effected at ofHoe.
Freights for the West by the Penn. It. K. and
South forwarded by connecting lines.
Passage 510.00. Round Trip 518.00
Meals and room Included.
For freight or passage apply to F. P. WING,
Agent, C'JMral Wharf. Boston.
E. B. Sampson. Treasurer an«l General Man
ager, 89 State at, Fisks Building, Boa toil. Mass.
Bsginnlnff Oct. 16th, 1900, steamers will leave
Portland Pier, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
days at 11 a. m.. for Cousins', Littlejohn's,
GreatChebeague (Hamilton’s Landing.! Orr's
Island. Asblale. Small Point Harbor and
Gundy's Harbor.
Tuesdavs. Thursdays and Saturdays st 2 p.
ra., for Cnuslu*’, Lllllejoun's and Great Che*
beairue, (Hsmi ton's LanJinK.)
Return Mondays, Wudne«dsys and Frldavs—
Leave Great Chebeague at 7.30 a. in., I.ItJe
John's 7.45 a. na.. Cousins' Island 7.50 a. m.,
arrive Port’and 8.55 a. in.
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satui days leave
Cundy*» Harbor at 6 a. ra . AftbdH* 6.20 a. in..
Small Point 6.40 a. in.. Orr's Island 8.00 a.m.,
Great Cliebe tgue a Hamilton's Landing) 9.30 a.
m.. Littlejohn's 9.45 a. ni.. Cousins’ 9.50 a. m.,
arrive Portland 11.00 a. m.
J. H. MCDONALD, Manager.
Tal. 19-4. Office. 159 Cunmirrclal 91.
PORT TAMPA—Sid ?9Ui, sch Moroni. Merry,
PHILADELPHIA—Ar 29th. schs .I Edward
Drake. Portsmouth; Addle Charlson. Portland;
Sarah W Lawrence, do.
Ar at Delaware Breakwater 29tli, sch Bella
Wooster, from Halifax for Baltimore.
Marcus Hook—Passed 29th, sell Edward T
Stoiesbury, from Philadelphia for Liverpool.
Reedy Island—Passed up 29th. schs Nimbus,
Brunswick for Philadelphia; Charles 11
Woteton, lllnckley. Wilmiugtou for do,
PERTH AM BOY-Ar 29th. sc h Geo Neven
ger. New York; Marsudl Perrin, do.
Bid 30th. sch Geo Nevluger, Winter nor L
PORTSMOUTH —Ar SOth, schs R r Hart, fm
Kauxor for New York: Clara J, Cherryfleld for
Boston; Willie, Stonluzton for do; Fannie K
Hall, Bangor for do; Lizzie J Cali, do lor New
SALEM—Ar 17tb. schs Ada Ames. Rockland
for New York; Sardinian. A W Kills, aud Jas A
Brown, do for do; J H Wainwrlght, Bangor for
do; S M Bird.aud Mary Augusta.do for do; J B
iioldau, Clarks Island fordO; Eugene Borda,
do for do; Crescent, Long Cove for no; Flhe
man, Clark's Island for do: Telumah. Bangor
for do; Nat Ayr. aud Maud Seward, do lor do;
Abner Taylor, Calais for New Haven; Gatherer
Bangor f..r Boston; Fanny Earl, do for Provi
dence: Harry C Chester. Mac bias tor Boston;
Sami Lewis. Ellsworth for Plymouth.
SULLIVAN-Ar 24th. ich George W Collins,
Johnson, Boslou.
Sid l»ili. sens M C Moseiey, Grant, Boston;
Mildred A Pope, Irous. do.
VINEYARD-HAVEN—Ar 29jh, sch Alfred
W Fisk, Perm Amboy for Boston.
Passed 2'Jib. sens William C Carnegie, New
port News for Poitlaud; M D Creasey. Noriolk
lor do.
Iu port 3oth. schs Nat Meader. R L Tay.
N G Madder, D Howard Spear. Snow-flake,
Vineyard. Juha Frances, Addle P McFadden,
den. G M Braiuard, Ella Piesscy, A F Kind burg
Post Boy. Andrew Neblnger, Finina Greea, H;U
King, Henry May, Stephen Bennett, Alaska.
John Douglass, hred C Holden. Ella M Storer.
Electa Bailey. John T Williams. Maggie Mul
vei. s J Lindsay.
Korsnni Port*.
Ar at Liverpool Nov 28th. steamer Majest ©,
Smith. New York.
Sid fm Liverpool 28th, steamer Common
wealth, Boston,
Sid tin Queenstown 29th. steamer Germanic,
from Liverpool for New York.
Ar at Baida 17th. barque Ablel Abbot. Bora
New York.
Ar at Rio Janeiro 27th, steamer Buff m, from
New York via Pernambuco.
8U .7U», steamer Flaun tu. New York.
Ai at Barbados 18lh, sch Motuabeseo, Perry,
Sid 15th, -oh Georgi© Gilkey, Peck, forTurks
Nov —, lat 21 N, ship TtlUe E btarbuck, Cor
Us. m*UelyUU tut Ulugu..
(•lllB| at Movlll*.
From From From
Llverpowl. Stearner. __ __Portland._Halifax.
10 Nov. Numtdlan-Wed. 3» Nov Htreet.
IS Nov. Corinthian.Sat. 1 Dtc. Htreet.
PS Mov. "Parisian.Thurs. a Dee. 7 Dec.
rt* Nov. 'Tunisian.Thurs. 18 Dec. 14 Dec.
It Dee. Nuniidiikn.... Wed. 2 Jan. H recL
90 Dec. {Corinthian.Sat. 5 Jan. 6 Jan.
No ca t e carried on these steamers.
Carin—|6o.oo find upwards. ▲ re lucllon
of 10 per cent Is allowed on return ticket* ex
sept on lowest rate*.
bBinKD Cahin—To Liverpool, 1-on ion or
Louooadrrry—£16 iM) to 840.00.
IrttKAOt—LtTsrpeoI, Lai4m. Glasgow.
Belfast, lA.nuondeny nr QiiwnMovii, |25 00
to* 8 0.01. Prepaid certificates ♦‘80.60.
Children under 13 year*, half faro. Rates to
or from other points on application to
T. P. MeOOWAN. 4*0 < o»«reee »t,
Portland, Me.
Korrlan Itssmahlp Apsnsf. Room 4,
First Notional Hawk Hallding, Part
law d, Matas
_ _LQVfrltf
Portland & Boothbay Steamboat Co.
Bootlibay at 7 a. m. Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Portland, touching at No. Bristol. |
Heron Island, Bootlibay Harnor and Squirrel ,
Returning, leave Franklin Wharf. Portland, at
7 a. ni. Tuesday. Thursday nnd Saturday for
Squirrel I*land| Booth hay Harbor, Heron Island,
So. Bristol and Hast Boothbay.
angl’dtf ALFRED RACK, Manager.
The staunch and elegant steamers "GOV
DINGLKY” and "BAY STATE” alternately
leave Franklin wharf. Portland, and India
wharf. Boston, at 7.00 p. m. daily. Sundays ex
These steamers meet every demand of modern
steamship service In safety, speed, comfort and
luxury of travelling.*
Through tickets for Providence, Lowell, Wor
cester, New York. etc., etc.
J. F. L INTO MB. General Manager.
International Steamship Co.
.... FOR....
Erstport. Lubec, Calais, S’ John K.B , Halfn. N.S.
Mid all parts of New Brunswick. Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. The
favorite route to Cam po hello and St. Andrews,
N. B.
On and after Monday, November 6, steamers
will leave Railroad wharf, Portland, on Monday
find Thursday, at r»Mm p. m. Returning leave St
John, Kastport and Lubee Monday and Thurs
Through tickets Issued and baggage checked
to destination. Rp'FreigUt received up to 4.ou
p. in.
For tickets and staterooms apply at the Pine
Tree Ticket office, 270 Middle street, or for other
Information at Company's office, Railroad wharf
foot of State street.
J. F. LISCOMB, Superintendent.
H. P. IIEB8EY, Agent.
I,oaf( Islam! Sound by Day llglit.
I tree Trip* Per Week.
Rcliiced Fnrri -lfl:i.00 one war
The steamship* Horatio Ham. and M an
hattan alternately leave Franklin wharf, Port
land, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, atfi
p. m. for New York direct. Returning, leave
Her •'«. F.. K., Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
tiavs at 5 p. iu.
These steamers are superbly fitted and fur
nished for passenger trai cl and afford the most
convenient and comfortable route between 1
Portland and New York.
,1. F. LISCOMB, General Agent. 1
Portland & Rumford Falls Ry.
In Effect Oil. w, 1900.
L30 A. M. and 12.56 noon. From Uuion Station ]
for Poland, Mechanic Falls, Huckfteld, Can
ton, Dlxfield and Humtord Falls.
S..10 a. m., IL66 noon and 5.16 p. m. From Union
Station for Mechanic Falls and intermediate
12.65 noon. From Union Station for Bemis.
R. C. BRADFORD, Traffic Manager.
Portland, Maine.
E. L. I.OVEJOY. Superladent.
jelAdtf Rum lord Falls. Maine.
health. Strength and Pleasure
In Ameiica’i Great Winter Resorts
Sunset Limited”
which comprises everything that is ,!P to date
aud modern in the railroad world, and is the
only solid tram between the Mississippi River
and Han Francisco, remote from the Inconveni
ences of high altitudes and snow.
Special through trams coosi-ting of sleeping
and dining-cars will leave New York every Sat
urday. Tuesday and Thursday, connecting
a I racily with the "Hansel liuitied” at New
i r leans.
For full Information, free illustr tted pamph
lets, maps, and time tables, also lowest rates,
sleeping-car tickets, and baggage cheeked, ,
apply-to Southern l'aolflo Co., t» state St., Bos
ton. Mass. ocl2<J.M&Tli4mo
Trains Leave Portland
For Lewiston, g.13, l m, 1.30. and *6.00
p. in.
For Island Pond,8.16 a.ni., 1.30. and *6.0) p.tn
For Montreal, and Chicago. 8.15
in. and *6.00 p. ru.. reaching Montreal at
7,00 a. nt, and T.0J p. m.
For tinebve at Up. IB.
Trains Arrive Portland.
From Lewiston, •LOO. aud 11.13 a. m., 6 45
p. m.
From, islaud Pond, *8.00, and 11.13 a. in.,
6.45 p. m.
From Chicago, Montreal,and Qntbcc, *8.00
a. m., and 3.46 p. in.
•Dally. Othei trains week days.
Every Sunday train leaves Portland for
Lewiston, Gorham and Berlin at 7.30 a. in.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars are run ou
olght trains aud Parlor Cara ou day trains.
Ticket Office, Depot at foot or ludta
I treat.
Of Paul Caster, S. R. S.,
Specialist lu all chronic diseases, from 6fct Con
gress St', to the Mt. Hope Heailti Bazaar, No.
3u Bedford 8t., between Ferret Avenue aud
Drove St., where ue is more fully prepared to
treat all cUn.-ulc diseases of whatsoever nature
with all the modern and improved method*
known to medical jurisprudence, having more
oomm odious office room and operating room,
anu will be open day and night to all who de
sire consultation. Grove St. aud Foreat A ve..
cars uasi the street. Remember the number
y; Bedford 6L, Portland. Telephone counec
tiou. OCUdtf
RA l mo ADS.
-■ . ii —
In ■ fleet Dit. 3. 1909.
"•00 a. m. For Brunswick, Lewiston (Lower)
Kaih, Hocklau '. Augusts. Waterville, skowlte
fan. Ugliest, hungor. Hucksport and Vane*bore
ionnMug or St. John. st. Stephen. dalais),
Boulton end Woodwork.
t.joa. m. For Dan villa .Inaction. Rumford
Kails, l.ewlston, Farmington, Kaugo.ey and
lu.2f» a. ni. For Brunswick. Bath, 1/ewlstoQ,
l/iidlner. Augusta. Waterville. Pitt-Oidl,
Hancor, Patten, Houhon and Caribou v.a H. St
k It. It.
12.40 r. tr.. Express for Brunswick. Lisbon
Kails. Lewiston via Bruus wick, Augusts, Wate;
dlle. Newport, lunger, Buckaport. Bar Mar
>or. Washington U* «• R- oidtown. Greouville
mo KMahdiu Don Works.
12.65 p, in. For Danville. Jc.,Romford Falls,
Kenna Lewiston. Farmington. Carrabviset,
Kangeley, Blaginin, Waterville. Kkowb gan.
1 Oft p.m For Freepori.Brunswhk, Rockland,
a. *. I,, points. Augusta. Waterville. Hkowno
K%. Belfast, Dover and Foxcroft. Greenville.
ngor, oidtown and Matte wamkeag, and te
Biinksport Saturdays.
3.10 p. m. For Brum wick. Bath, Ro'klanl,
Augusta and Waterville.
Sh t5 p. m. For Danville Junct on, Mechaolo
Kails and l.ewlston
ll.00p.m. Night Express for Hrunswlelc,
Kstn. Lewiston, Augusta, Waterville. ^ow
iegan. hungor. Moosetiea I Lake, Aroostook
omity via Oidtown, Bar Harbor, Hucksport.
A’aaliiu. to i'< o. It. Rs Vauceboro, ht. Stephen
< a at-), Sr. Andrews, St. John and nil Ar>os
ook Cou.ity via Vanceboro, Halifax and the
Provinces. The tram casing Saturday night
Iocs not com.ect to Belfast, Dexter. Dover and
Koxcrof, tor beyond Bangor
8.50a. m. For Brldgton. Harrison. Fabyans,
Burungton, Lancaster, St. Johusbury. Sher
irooke. Quebec, Montreal. Chicago, SL Paul
uid Minneapolis.
l.ofi p.m For Sebazo ; Lag*. Cornish. Frye
•’•rNorth Conway. Pahyans, Lancaster,
3 i cbr. ok and Beecher Falls,
t .OO p. m. For Set) ago Lake, furnish, Brldg
on, lia ilson. North Conway and Bartlett.
7 20 a. m. Paper train for Bangor, Bath, and
or Rockland except Ferry Transfer at Bath.
12.4 > p. in. For Hmnswick, Lewiston, Bath.
Augusta. Waterville and Bangor.
11.00 p. ni. Nig.it Expes for all point*.
From Bartlett, No. Conway and Cornish.
L25 a. in.; Lewiston and Mechanic l all*, ft.35
urn.; Waterville, Augusta and Rockland, 8.4)
Lin.; Bangor, aul-usU and Rockland. 12.15
p. in.; Skowhcgar, Farmington. Kuniford Falls
md Lewiston, 12.20 p. m.; Beecher Falls. Fab
ians aud Brldg on, 11.55 p. m.: Skow began,
Waterv lie, Augusta and Reek land. 5.20 p. m.;
it. John, st. Siephetta. <Ca>ls), Bar Harbor.
AronMook County, Moosehead Lake and Ban
tor. 5.35 p. ni.; Baugcie), Farmington, R rn
«>rd Falls and Dm is ton. r.45 j». in. Clilcago,
Montreal. Quebec, Fabynus. No. Conway,
llrdgtun. 7.65 p. m.; Bar Harbor and Bangor.
.25 a. in. daily; Halifax, St. John, Houlton, St.
Stephen, Bar Harbor, Bangor, 3.30 a. m.
8t/Nt>A Y8— Bangor anti Lewi*ton, 12.25 d. m.i
Kangor, 125 a. m.; Halifax, St. John, Vance
joru and Bangor, ujo s. in.
F. EVANS, V. P. & G. M.
ocIGdtf * *
Pot timid Yarmouth Kl< cl rlc Hy. Co.
Leave Klin St. for K. Deering. Falmouth,
:*nderwood Spring at (5.45 a. in. hourly till 12.45
». m.. half hourly till 6.16. *7.15. 7.45,9.15. 10.45
». ui. Return—Leave Underwood at «.10 a.
n. hourly till 1.10, half hourly till 5.4®. 6.40. 7.10,
7.6fl, 8.40, lo.io p. in. For Yarmouth at u, 15 a.
0. hourly till 1.45, 2.15, 3.15. 3.45, 4.45, 5.15, 6.15,
.43, 9.15. l«t.45. Leave Yarmouth at 5,40 a. in.
tnurly till 12.40, 1.10, 2.10, 2.40. 3.40,
1.40, *.10. 9.4® p. m.
Sunday* for Underwood at 8.15 hourly till
I. 15. 11.45 a. in., 12.45. half uourly till 5.15. 0.15,
.45, 8 45.9.44 p. in. For Yarmouth 8.15. 9.15,
0. 16.11.16 a. in.. 12.46. 1.45. 2.15, 3.15, half hourly
111 5.15, 6.13, 7.45, *.45, 9.45 p. ill. Leave Yar
nowth 1 hour 5 minute* earlier.
•Omitted stormy evening*. /
In Effect Ocf, S. 1900.
Train* leave Union Statlm for Scurboro
rosslng, 10.00 a. in., *». .*0 p. in.; Scm bora
Uracil. Flue Point. 7.1)0. 10.00 A* ID.. 3.30,
i.25, 6.20, P. in.; Old Orchard, Saco. Hid
leford, Kruurbuuk. 7.00 K3 >. 10.00
k. in. 12.3®, 8.30. 6.25, 6.20 p.
II. ; Krnucbaukport, 7.00. 8JS». 10.00 A. in..
...30, 3^(0,$. 5 p. in.; Wells Beach, 7.00, ®.B0
1. m.. 3.30. 5.35 p. m.; North Berwick, Kol
lusford, Somersworth, 7.00, 8.5) A.
2.30, 3.30, 5.25 p. m. i Hoch ester. Par m ltig
lou, Alton Huy, Wol fboro, 8 01) a. m . 12.301
:.30 p. m.; l.aheport, Laconia. Weirs,
Plymouth. 8.5-) a. Ml.. 12.30 p. in.; Na»ic|n-*
er. Concord and Nor-hern ronuetions,
.0*) a. m., 3..J0 p. m.: Dover, Lieler, Haver
*111, Lawrence, Lowell, 7.00. 8.60 a. 111^, p. m.; Boston, ;4.95. 7.00, 8.50 A.
a., 12.30, 3J0 p. m.; Leave Boston
for Portland, 6.B *, 7.30, 8.30 a. m., 1.15,4.15,
l. 111.; arrive Portland, IO.I0. 11.50 a. in..
2.10. 5.01. 7.50, p. Ui.
I .cave Union Station for Scar boro Bench,
Plus Polut, Old Orchard, Saco,
lllddeford, Keunebmik, North Her- /
vtcli, Dover, Litter, Haverhill,
Lawrence, Lowell, Button. 12.53, 4 3)
>. jjl ; arrive Boston, 5.18. P.22 p .m.
1 eave Union Station for Boston and Way
buttons, 9.00 a. m.; II ddeford, Kittery.
Port «inou tb, New bury port, Salem,
[.» 1111. Boston. 2.0". 9.00 a. m.. 12.45. C-.00 D. m.:
irrive Uuituu i£7 a in , 12.40. 4.(41, 9.95 p. m.;
.cave BoiIimi \ 7.30. 9.00 a. 111., 12.30, 7,00.
,4.'» o. m., arilve Portland 1145 a. m.. 12.05
1.3s*. 10.15. i 0.45 p. m.
Leave Union Station lor lllddeford, Klt
cry, Poi turnoutti, \e wbury port, Salem,
.jnn, Hoaton, 2.00 a. m., 12.45 p. in., arrive
Ionion 5.57 a. m.. 4.K* p. m. Leave Boston
dr Portland, 9.00 a. nu, 7.00 p. m.. arrive
'I'll 12.10,10.30 p.m.
V— Daily except M*>ud • >*.
VV. N. 4L P. D1V.
Station foot of PreUe street.
For Worcester, Clinton, Ayer. Nashua,
LY ludhniu, KpptUtf, Man Chester, lou
:ord anJ Points North 7.31 a. m , 12.33 I>. m.;
Hoclu-iler, bprluoynle, Alfred, VYater
>oro, Saco Ittver, 7.34 a. m., 12.33, 5.33 p. m.;
iorbaiu, Westbrook, Cumber la ltd Mills
Westbrook Jet., Woodfords. 7.33. 9.45 a.
n„ 12.35. 3.05, 5.33. 0.20 p. ir. Trains
nrlve from Worcester, 1.07 Pu m.;
[toe ben ter 8.25 a. m.. 1.07. 5.48 p. m.; Oor
liam and Way Stations, 6.40. 8.25. 10.17 a. in.,
1.07, 4.15. *>.48 v. ML
D. J. FLAN DKUS, G. P. 4c T. A.
0 t£dtf _
Montreal to Liverpool.
Steamer. From Portland. t
Dominion, I>ec. 8th. 2 p. m.
:aml»ioman, Dec. l«th, 2 p. m. i
Vancouver, Dec. 29th, 2 p. m.
Dominion, Jan. 12th, 2 p. m.
Boston lo Liverpool in. Queenstown
Steamer._From Boston.
S'ew England. Dec. 5th 9a.ui.
Common wealth, Dec 12.
First 4 a at n—$50.00 and up single. Hr
turn -$wn.oo ana up according to steamer
md accommodation.
Second ( ablii—635.00 and upwards single.
Return—$63.88 and upwards, according to
»t* ci an*—To Liverpool, Derry, London.
Queenstown, Belfast and Glasgow, $20.06
jtccrago outfit furnished free.
Apply to T. P. McGOWAN, 420 Congress
itreet, J. B. KEATING, room 4, First National
Rank Building, CHAKLfS ASHTON, 947 A
Nmgross street and Congress Square Hotel, or
_ octfidtt_
Beginning Nov. 13. 1300, Steamer Auooetsoo .
.ill leave- Portland Pier. Portland, dally, Hun
Jaya cxeeptod. at J.oo p. m„ tor Long Island.
Little and Great Chebeague, Cliff Island. So.
Harpswell, Bailey's and Orr’s Island.
lteturn for Portlaud-Leave Orr'a Island, and
ilsive Ijtndluga, 7.00 a. tu. Arrive Portland,
l.3o a. m.
uotldU ISAIAH DANIELS, Gen. Mgr.

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