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Steamship Vancouver
Arrived Yesterday.
She Made the Rim in Ten Days With
Lillie Bad Weather.
Her Saloon Decorated
For Christmas,
The Long Overdne Ocadian
Reaches I’ort at Last.
The steamship Vonoouver or the Do
minion line whioh was not expected to
ariirs her# until Tuesday poked her nose
around the breakwater yesterday fore
noon after a remar kahly quick trip from
Liverpool. Although nearly all of the
Vancouver have encountered very severe
storms, the Vancouver oame through
with only two days or what might be
called really bad weather. She.brought in
the ueual cargo and thirteen saloon,
twenty-nine second cabin, and forty-eight
steerage passengers all of whom were
bound for Boston or the west.
The Vancouver’s saloon is wortn going
a long ways to see. This ship has a sa
loon steward by the name of Ueorge
Haines, who la an artist in his way. To
gether with his assistants he baa deoo
rated the saloon of the Vancouver in a
manner whloh would do credit to any
dworatoy^ the country. In the .first
place all of the stanchions and the panel
ing aronnd the sides of tne saloon are
green with holly arranged with very
pretty tffeets on a background of red and
wnlte bunting. This with the rioh fur
nishings of the saloon and its brilliant
sleotrlo illuminations make it a very at
tractive place but It is the deooratlons on
the large mirrors whloh are sunk in tht
ends and side of the saloon which give
this ship its festive appearanoe. Ueorge
Heine's canvass baa been these mirrors
and his brush has b en a piece of soap
and soma other materials the names of
whloh he guards with care and does not
make public. In the first plaoe he has
drawn on the central and largest mirror
of the eoloon a line likeness of the good
ship Vanoouver which is perfeot in every
detail and stands out on the bright sur
face os though it were Uone iu silver in
stead of common soap with a bit of color
ing bare and there The other mirrors
are smaller but be has utilized every one
of them in a most elleottve way Un one
Is a very pretty yacht whloh he terms the
Shamrock which every good Britisher
hopes will win the cup now held by the
Yankees. Surrounding this picture are
apnroprlate Christmas mottoes Un an
other mirror be has drawn the Portland
Head lighthouse. This was done from
memory when the Vancouver was far at
sea and it is bo perfect in every detail
that one would almost bt inclined to ba
ileys that this saloon steward was libbing
a little when be says that It was drawn
from rnsmory. Un still another mirror Is
the picture of a bull dog pita his teeth
showing and his fora paws resting on the
/Union Jack. About this is Inscribed
“Bet them ail oome. What we have we’ll
hold," which is a very appropriate in
scription at this time wnen Ant-land is
battling in Booth Afrloa for the existence
of the empire. There are other decora
tions la tbis saloon, all from the same
hand whloh are at onoe novel and inter
esting and which snow that this saloon
steward is an artist In his line.
The Britisher makes much of Christ
mas. As the chief steward cl this shlD
said yesterday: “Uood, steady men In the
crew who never depart from the straight
and narrow path llou it hard to tear
themselves away from old .England at
Christmas time. » They all want to be at
home and some of them, after exhausting
every possible avenne for exouse to ba
given leave of absenoe for this particular
season, simply take matters In their own
hands and don fc oorne aboard when sail
ing time arrives.1’
Hut the Dominion line does muob for
Its men on Christmas. This year the offi
cers of tbe ship from the oaptaln down to
the lowest grade with a tew of the clerks
of the company here, and some Invited
coasts will sis down on Tuesday to an
old fashioned Christmas dinner suob as
Englishmen love to think abont. There
will be plenty of the beef of old England,
tome of Its gool liquor sod to top oB
It belongs to health, for a
baby, to eat and sleep, to laugh
and grow fat.
But fat comes first; don "task
a scrawny baby to laugh; why,
even his smile is pitiful! Fat
comes first.
The way to be fat is the way
to be healthy. Scott’s emul
sion of cod-liver oil is the prop
er food, if he needs it; but only
a little at first.
We'll send you a little to try il you like.
•DOIT & BOWNE, jo* tejul street. New York.
with Ml Kngllafe plum podding of the
finest moke, in tbs meantime the orew
will have a glorious Christmas diansr la
tbs assond oahln saloon, where they wU
feast and asks marry to thalr heart* con
tent, and indulge In *11 of the OM holi
day oustoma, with songs and stories, so
dear to the British heart. <U tbs time
they will b> wishing they were home
with thell friends In tbs snag little
Island across the sea, bot as long as they
oan’t b» there they will do thalr bast to
make marry ham.
On the manifest of the ▼aaooaear was
an English plum pudding consigned to
Mr. Webrrllng of Portland. It la evident
ly a gift from some English friend, and
la ah.mt the funniest importation that
any ship has brought hem yet.
The long overdue steamship OoadUn
arrived yesterday afternoon, twenty two
days from Liverpool, She left ten days
ahead of the Vancouver, bnt arrived here
several hours after her and behind the
Homan by two days, the latter ship hav
ing sailed foor days later from Liverpool.
The Oosdlsn had a hard passage of twen
ty two days. She was biflfi'ted isbmt hr
westerly gales and enoountered all kinds
of htd weather, but met with no acci
dents. She brought In 23 ions of bulk
ohalk for Boston and 350 tons of general
The ooa] steamer Britannic arrived here
at half past two o’clock yesterday after
noon with a cargo of the Cape Breton
ooal for the Urand Trunk pockets. Her
oaptaln knowing that he would have to
SDeud his Christmas away from home
brought his family with him nnd on
Christmas day vylB have a Christmas tree
ror them on board with a merry dinner
after the true English style.
It hag no rival, or competitors. The
Kee’ey Core. The institute is at lfil Con
gress street. Over 21 years experience.
John Elliott, who died Instantly of
heart disease, last Thursday evening, re
turning to his home, which he had near
ly reached, 13 Fore street, and to which
he was tenderly borne by those who saw
him fall, was a member of tha well
known firm of McKuslck A Elliott, horse
ahoers, and a native of New Brunswick;
but had been a much esteemed resident
of Portland for more than thirty years.
He leaves a widow and two oblldren. A
service In hU memory was held Sunday
at the Bethel ohnroh, of whloh he had
oeen a member for over twenty years,
and wae deacon at the time of hie death.
A man of rare Christian character, unas
suming, and of Incorruptible Integrity,
the pastor in bis remarks [described blm
in tne words of Cbrlst: "An Israelite,
indeed In whom there le no guile.”
The funeral servloes for Edmund H.
Klobards, ’-ere held on Saturday after
noon at two o’clock at No. 9 Moody
street, the Kev. A. H. Wright and Kev.
W. S. Kovard officiating, assisted by the
St. Lawrence choir, consisting or Miss
Dunbam, soprano; Miss Benner, oontral
hi; Mr. A. B. Hall, tenor and Mr. Laird,
bass Tbe burial was at Evergreen oeme
Friday evening Longfellow Lodge, Sons
of St. Oeorge, held a regular meeting at
Myetlo hall. After disposing of tbe bosl
nees tbe party adjourned to Wererltag’e
cals, where a banquet was tendered to
Mr. Charles Ashton, the deputy grand
president of the lodge who 11 about to
save Portland. About twenty members
set down to tbe tables. He narks ex
pressing regret that Mr. Ashton Is to
seek other Helds were made by President
E. Darker, Post Presidents Wfslker,
Aokroyd, A. C. Carles, Kegtnald Carles
and U. W. K. Clarke, Vice President J.
W. Dyer, Mr. H, P. Uoold, M. W. Mc
Mann and Chaplain Samuels. A re
sponse wae made by Mr. Aatton.
During tbe evening a fine entertainment
wae rendered by Mr. Holdewortb ol
Westbrook, who wae accompanied on the
piano by Mr. H. W. C. Manning.
At tbe meeting of Portland Colony,
No. 57, United Order ol the Pilgrim
Father*, held Friday evening at the
lodge headquarters, 53 Temple street,
the committee on hall was Instructed to
secure new quarter In the hall to be oc
cupied by Shepley Camp, S. of V., In
Baxter block. The nrat meeting of the
colony will be held In the new ball, Fri
day evening, January 4th, when the
newly elected officers are to be Installed
by the Deputy Supreme Uovernor, M. A.
K. P. K now 1 ton of Lewiston.
Saturday tbe oily lormally commenced
work on ths manual training sohool
building whloh la to be located at the
comer of Cusco and Cumberland streets,
on the site of the old Caero street ohuroh.
The work was begun on tbe foundations
for tbe new building. There was a stip
ulation In ths agreement qvttb the trus
tees of the Walker estate that the work
should begin before January 1, 1901, tbe
funds not to be turned over to the city
unless this part of the contract was com
plied with.
Richmond, Duos labor 33 —Heorge D.
Lunt, a freight conductor on the Maine
Central died suddenly at his home hen
this afternoon aged 47. He was In the
employ of the oomyany thirty yean and
was mads a conductor about twelve years
ago. He belonged to the Order of Rail
way Condnoten and was widely known
among railroad men.
Boston,December Si.—Work of re-bulld
lng t he gun boat Maohlas, at the Charles
town navy yard. Is 4fi per oent completed
and It Is expected that she will be able
to go In oommlsslon In three months if
ths present force of.men Is kept employed.
Then are now 35i) men engaged In the
work of putting the ship In good order
for sea duty.
Store built be open this evening.
Mar King dobun fine prices of Rogers9
. Silver 'COare
i* much UK* marking down
| the Value* of Government
I minted Gold Dollar*.
For "Roger*' Silver Ware
ha* a Standard Value the
World around. fieVerthe
le** our Entire Stockof
"Roger*' Table Silver i*
price-cut for today (and
thi* evening) only.
Every piece in the col
| lection i*genuine "Roger*'
make and i* Warranted to
give *ati*f action.
Rogers' Table Knives, 0 for 98c
Rogers* Dessert Knives, 0 for 89c
Rogers’ Table Forks, 0 for 98c
Rogers’ Dessert Forks, 0 for 89c
Rogers* Tea Spoons, 6 for 69c
4 patterns.
Rogers’ Table Spoons, 8 for 69c
4 patterns.
Rogers’ Dessert Spoons, 3 for 49c
4 patterns.
Rogers’ Coll Meat Forks, 89c kind for 69c
Rogers’ Cold Meat Forks, 49c kind for 39c
Rogers’ Berry Spoons, 98c kind for 76c
Rogers’ Berry Spoons, 69c kind for 49c
Rogers’ Gravy Ladles, 89c kind for 69c
Rogers’ Gravy Ladle*’ 49c kind for 39c
Rogers* Pie Koives, 98c kind for 73c
Rogers’ Pie Knives, $1.25 kind for 98c
Rogers’ Oyster Ladles, $1.49 kind, $1.19
Rogers’ Oyster Ladles, $1.23 kind, 89c
Rogers’ Soup Ladles, $2.19 kind, $1.69
Rogers' Soup Ladies, $1.09 kind, $1.19
Rogers’ Soup Ladles, $1.98 kind, $1.49
Rogers’ Soup Ladles, $2.39 kind, $1.75
Rogers’ Coffee Spoons, were 6 for 69,
now 6 for 59c
Rogers* Orange Spoons, were 6 for $1.69,
now 6 for $1.39
Rogers’ Sets of Sugar, Spoon and Butter
Knife, were 49c, now 39c; were 60c,
now 49c.
Rogers’ Fruit Kuives, were 6 for $1.39,
___ <• c_
Rogers’ Fruit Kuivcs, wore 0 for 89c,
now (i for f>9c
liogors' Pair Salt and Poppers, 49c oioa
for 39c
6 Sets Sugar, Creamer, Spoon holder and
Teapot, were *5.98, now $3.8!)
3 sets were $8.00, now 0.89
1 set was $19,00, now 13.98
Complex Castor, with bolties, 1.09 ,
Child's Cups, Pintrays.
Cake llaskcts, $1.89 kiud for 1.39
$7.49 kind for $5.50. /
liuttcr liishes. were 13.25, now 2.19
$2.49 kind for 81.09.
Napkin Rings.
3UO fur 2Se | esc for 49c
49c for 39c | SJc for 69c
Holiday Sale of Lamps.
"Price Cut.
$2.25 Lamp marked down to $1.69
3.49 Lamp marked down to 2.83
3.98 Lamp marked down to 2.98
5.98 Lamp marked down to 4.39
a39 Lamp marked down to 4.89
7.19 Lamp marked down to ' 5.89
8,49 Lamp marked down to 5.89
9.89 Lamp marked down to 5.00
10.98 Lamp marked down to 7.98
12.00 Lamp marked down to 7.49
12.89 Lamp marked down to 8.98
15.00 Lamp marked down to 9.00
Mark Down on Garnet.
6 cent Gamea marked down to 3c
10 “ “ •• •• •• 7c
.< .• >• t. 19c
50 “ •* “ “ “ 39c
75 •< •• •• ** « 59c
$1,10 and 1.00 Gamea marked down to
Chafing Dishes
Marked Down.
Were $7.50, 7.89, 0.89, 3.08
Now 6.00, 5.00, 4.50, 2.19
Marked Down.
Were 98, $1.39, 1.49, 1.09, 1.98
Now 75. *1.00. 1.19. 1.25. 1.49
Mark down on Magio Lanterns, Iron
Toys, Skates and Toys.
10 cent Toys for 7o
5 cent Toys for 4c
Do we noed to tell yon where the pop
ular Stocks are ftcated?
Hardly, for jfim keep tab with them.
T>jIIs ?
The cutest lot we ever kept.
The North Section of the Basement is
just thickly populated with Dolls.
5 cents will buy a Doll.
Five Dollars will buy the Doll Queen.
And there’re a thousand between
these prices.
Sleds is it ?
Ask little Miss Trowbridge right by
the elevator, in the basement. Ask her
about sleds.
ono II WUI8K t)U0 UUl Ut VU0 line, nuu
before you can count fifty she’11 aell you
a splendid sled for next-to-no-price.
Boys' or Girls' Sleds It's all the same
to her.
Marked Down.
19 cent Vases for 15c
25 cent Vaae. for 19c
39 cent V aae. for 29c
49 cent Vam for 35c
69 cent Vases for 49o
All Vases above 69c a special discount
of 20 per cent today.
Now come upon the First Floor.
HooKf MarKed "Dottm.
Board-Cover Juvenile Books at Half.
A-B*C Brownie Books, tho 50 and 25c
kind at loo
Cruises with Captain Bob, 25c
The Mountain Girl, 25c
American Giri Abroad, 25c
Captain Charles King's Books, 25c
Four titles.
Children's High Cost Books.
|1.25 edition Father Goose, 67c
f 1.25 edition Mother (»oose, twe
Robinson Crusoe, 463 pages, 75o edi
tion, at 50o
f;!.00 edition Robinson Crusoe at 75c
Chatterbox, 1900 edition, 65c
I'adJed I’oels, Elegant Edition, each
book boxed.
Stic edition at 50c
98c edition at 75c
*1.49 edition at *1.25
*2.27 edition at 1.50
Longfellow Remembrance Book, a
dainty edition.
Was 89c, marked do wn to 50o
Others with the price cat In twain.
Christmas Cards at Half.
Rapheal Tuck's elegant Cards.
The 10c kind for 5c
The 5c kind for 3c
Tho 8c kind for lc
And many of the higher grades cut
just as radically.
TiooK-s in S'et-r.
A number of popular sets, 2, 4 to
8 books in the set; the boxes have
got broken in handling, so we cut 25
to 33 per cent from the price.
Fiction, History, Humor, Poetry,
Odd Books, Single Books from sold
out editions. Books a trifle defaced
marked down.
You can stock s Library today for
what a dozen Books used to cost.
' - - ■ «
Huston, ilfcsmber HU.—The annual con
vention of the national fraternity of
Slsuia Alpha Epsilon will be held In
Hoe ton during llhrlstmas week. The
headquarters will be at tbe Vendome.
The first meeting of the supreme oounell
will be beld on Wednesday morning.
This will be followed by a general sight
seeing tour. The oouventlou sessions
will open at tbe VsDdoms, Thursday
morning, and continue through Satur
day. Thursday evening the local mem
bers will give a reception at the Ven
dome In honor of the visiting delegates
and on Friday evening toe visiting dele
gates will make up the largest theatre
party ever held In Boston nt tbs Hollis
street theatre A banquet will end the
meeting on Saturday evening.
What Shall We Hava for Dissert ?
This question arises In he family every
day. Let us answer It today. Try Jell-o,
a delicous and healthful dessert. Pre
pared In two minutes. No boiling! no
baking! simply add boiling water and
set to cool Flavors:—Lemon. Orange,
Raspberry and Strawberry. Get a pack*
age at your grocers today, 10 ots.
aHE five dollar line of Smoking Jackets and
lounging coats having been entirely sold
out and an unquenched demand for more
still raging, our Haberdashery department will put
on sale Monday morning twenty-two fine high class
Jackets at $4.98 each, which have been marked
down from #5.50, $6, $6.50, $7 and #7.50, new
fresh goods, perfect in style, and workmanship,
beautifully tailored, actually worth yesterday’s
prices, but reduced to #4,98 simply to meet a crying
'TM _» . _ _ 1._I_l_ il_ _ -.11_l!..—
i ucie o uu« u uuu>W|-muj mu titwuiuui
sizes, nothing among thorn for very large men.
For Charity Christmas Trees there’s good pick*
ing on tho basement bargain bench. All the defaced,
broken, warped, soiled or otherwise damaged things
from the big toy seotion are on this table and a little
money will buy an armful.
Oorner Congress and Oak.
CLOVES 25c to $5.00
MITTENS 25c to $5.00
VEILINGS 19c to $2.50
We've put a spoke in the Pastry wheel of the household
Machinery this year that you’ll appreciate We've also gone
a step further and relieved you of Pudding perplexities. Our
Ovens are also at your service for Roasting Turkey* and other
Birds, you merely preparing them for the baking. Ron your
eyes over the list of Ready-to-eat Dainties that are awaiting
yon here and make a mental note of the Low Prioes. You re
always welcome here, whether you buy or not.
No bakery this side of Boston will show the Different
Kinds of Cakes that are to be found here. We have covered
the Cake field thoroughly. A few of them :
Christmas Cakes, all sorts and sizes, from 15e to *1.00
1.0R Cahills, filled with Brownies to please the children,
15c 6iicht
Holiday Mixed Cake, 20c ib.
We sold hundreds of Our Famous Puddings last year. We
made them eo rich and delicious that the same people are order
ing them again this season. They will bo On Sale Saturday
and Monday. Order as early as possible.
Plum Paddings, wrapped in wax paper and put up in a
neat box, 20c each.
Every kind, mnde from choicest materials, oil sizes,
10c. 20c. 25c.
Angel Cakes, 20c, 25c.
Molasses Fruit Cake, 10c, 20c, 25e.
Lillies’ Fingers, 9c a dozen.
Large and small Cream Puffs, filled with ordinary
filling, 25c, 12c a dozen.
Cream Puffs, tided with Fresh Whipped Cream, just, the
thing for the Sunday or Christmas dinner. Largo ones, 35c a
dozen; Small ones, 18c a dozen.
Orange and Strawberry Marmalade Squares, 10c
each. /

Coooanut Cakes, made Fresh for Saturday
‘ and Monday, 7c a Dozen. 3 Dozen for 20o.
Raised Doughnuts, 15c dozen.
Molasses Crullers, 10c dozen.
Sugar Crullers, 10c dozen.
No meal is complete without a loaf of Mother’s Bread.
It’s the nearest to the Home-made Bread ever put out by a
baker. You couldn’t tell the difference, it’s so light, flaky,
sweet and nutritious. 10c a Loaf at all Grocers.
Our famous Rye Bread, 5c a Loaf.
Bread Boys. Cate boys made of bread, just tbe thing for
the ohildren, 10c, 15c, 25c, 50c.
Our ordinary, every day mixtures have a big sale, beoause
they're made of hue goods, and are pure and rioh. These
Christmas Candies are a shade better.
All the Finer Grades of Confections at Moderate
Prices. *
A Very Nice Chocolate Mixture, tons of it have been
sold, only life lb.
Broken Candies in large quantities, made Fresh
Candy Baskets, a big assortment at 12c Dozen.
One of the largest and Finest Lines In the city. Some are
filled with candy, and hundreds of empty onea Any of them
will make acceptable Christmas Gifts. Prices are Low.

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