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* I
X<x 10, or Vcl. rill]
\VFmtM N<x «S3
t (k14 OcLZtUc
1; puV:fhedevery M »w»av, by ADAMS & JFNKS
1: the Pnnting-Otnce, No. 7, KtOk^beet, Portland,
w ;ere Subfcriptionx, Advcmlenier.ts, Communica- I
tio:*s, See. are received with attention. I
TWefiiWcnbers, who receive their papers at txe Ot
€ce, or in packages by the mot, will pay out dol
lar and urn cr.Mrs a year; beingeheape* than
^rv paper of this hze publifhed in New-EngUi-d
odb. V.b'TS in t >wn, and thole who have their p. p»rs>
lr led feparately, and forwarded by the mail, will
be cnargeu two dodars.
The Garerte, hnvin? the mod extenfive circulation
cf ar»v paper in the Diidridt of Maine, it will be found
prctili*riy advantageous for our Advertiiiug friends.
a / \ C?dtncjf,,
fa its rz’ ous branches, executed at the Gazette-OfEcc
hindio nelv and with expedition.
A general ?.4Tc*”*mcnt of Commercial, Court and other
BLAX fCS, well printed, on ^od paper, conftantly
for fa.'.
Blanks, Cwd> and Shop liillf, printed at the fhoriift
DUBLIC notice is hereby given, that a further time
* of one month, from the date hereof, is allowed to
the creditors of the Eflate of SAMUEL MERRILL,
late of Northyarmouth, in the county of Cumberland, to
bring in and prove their claims agamft faid Eftate ;
and that we will attend at Mr. Campbells’ inn, in
Fore*ftreet. Portland, to Receive, the fame, on the laft
Wednefday in Auguft, and the hr ft Wcdnelday of Sep
tember next, from two to hvc o’clock. P. M.
ParttanJ. lOrf, lftO.i.
rpHE fnbticriber hereby give* public notice to all
concerned, that She has been duly appointed, and
ha* taken upon herfelf the truft of dminiftratrix on
theeHate of SARAH FREEMAN, luteof Portland, in
the County of Cumberland, deceafed, by giving bond
a* the law dire<£l»:—She therefore requefts all perfons
who *re indebted to the End deeeafed's cilate, to make
immediate payment; and thofe who have auy demands
L. . .. to exhibit the fame to
D.iteJ Aug. 15!$. 1 c05.
rT'HE fubfcriber hereby gives public notice to ai
■* concerned, that he has been duly appointed and
has taken upon hiwielf the truft «*f droiniibator on
the Ellatc of AMOS NOYES, late of Falmouth, in the
County of Cumberland, yeoman dereafed, by giving
V,*nil .is the lav directs :—He therefore requelh all
j'erfonawho .re indebted tothciaid deceafed*> eftate t©
make immediate paymentand thofe who have anv
demands t.Vrcon, to exhibit the fame to
Dated 15tl, Augiij} 1805.
'^OTTCK is here by given to the Creditors of BR \D
STREET HALE, of Portland, in the Diftrict of
Maine, Mrchant, a gain ft whom a Comm’(Lon of Bank
ruptcy has been i'haed, that the cornmisLouers named
and authorized by faid commiflion, and the Affigwee of
his Eftate and effects, intend to meet at the Office of
h : ner-er .1T • y-7, Cj. in ft fit Street, Portia id, on the ‘23d
day of the 9th Month next, at 11 o’clock in the fore
noon, in order to nuke a fecond dividend of the El'tate
and effects of iaid Bankrupt- When and where the
Creditors who liave no; already proved their debts are
to enme prepared to prove the fame, or they will be
excluded the benefit of faid Dividend
*tl Afj. lQrA, 1PQ3._
Whthe fubferbers, having been appointed bv
th b-m. Samurl Freeman, tlq. Judge ot
Prohatr, to examine tAc claims ag infl he cliatc of
MlCAH VIJNROI', Utc ol Brunswick, in the coun
ty oi Co nberl-nJ,dictated give notice. »e ui 1 at
ttna .he iaiJ kuna. at the houfe f Joftph Proc
ter, innholder, in Durham ou the ft t IVh ndav «if
Ajguf', September, Oct her and November next,
lorn two o'clock to Lx P M.
7*fy 12, tSss
% r • l fho fnkf/'n ii
U . .L
% Hon. Samuel Freemm, F.fq. f> receive and exam
ine tUedaims of creditors to the l.itate of WILLIAM
iLLIO 1 ,late of BruHjwiikj a the County of Cumberland,
yeoman, dcceafed, reprefented infolvent—do hereby
pve notice, that fix months from the t wenty-fecond
day of May lift, are allowed to 1 id creditor <> to bring
in and prove their claims ; and that we fliall attend
that fervice at the Store of John i my, jun. iu faid
iruniwick, cn the firil ;ind laft Saturdays in each
zsonth, from 2 till 6 o’clock, afternoon, on laid davs.
JOHN PERKY, Jun. } _ ,*
T>jitJ at BruxfzMtt, \4tl> Jtrmf9 J [A.\2]
W’E being duly appointed Com mi (lion
trs:e receive and examine the Ciaims of
the feveral Creditor* of the efl tc cf David L. Brad
ley, la*» of Gorham, in the Coiiutv of Cumberland,
Fra der, deceased, on which a commiiTion ofln.’olvtticy
lias Jeer» awarded, bv the Mon. Samuel Freeman, Efq.
J'-difc of Prob «e, for the County afortfaici, do hereby
£nve notice, that hr months are allowed to Creditors
to bring in and prove their demands againft faid eftate!
that \vc will attend at the dwelling houfe of Samuel
Staple*, in Lud Gorham, Innholder, ou the firft Mon
daii of September 3c January next, .at two of the clock
-u the afternoon, fur the purpfe aforefaid.
G*r*an., A pufl 1, 1S05 r fio"j
•I IE 1 ubfclibtrVhere1 wgives’] ulrfiT'i*o.irTTHd!
concerned, that they have been duly appointed
hare taccn upon tfceafeh «s the Uuftof admimfl.
ra:or* on the effate of
U:i ofS'Kr.fwicV, ia the Canty ot CaaberW, yco
man, . t*a.c-, by g.vmg l»ond as the law direcL:_
They thi t «h; e requeft ad perh n* u !u> are indebted to
the Uiu tk'ru.fu s eOate, to nuke immediate payment;
and thole* ho have any lemanub thereon, to exhibit
the fame tor fetr.emeot to the ( <Hiunirtioncrs,
William F.Iiijt, 7 . . . ..
Kczi.ih El inf, < Adm: ytratstf.
II, leu5. ^i2)
YES, let the mTer count his gold,
And toil and fcrape to fwell the heap ;
Say, can thfc heart that's winter cold,
Of wealth and fruitful pleafurcs reap ?
Say, can the foal, iu feIf that's wrapt.
The blifi of pure enjoyment talk ?
Ah no ! when feeling’s chain is faapt,
How void the heart, how dre^r the waftc !
"NYas it for this poor creeping thing !
1 o pine within a gilded cage,
I hat nature gave thee power to wing,
T he piercing thought, and read her page ?
l)oes flie near whifper in thy dream,
“The wretch who loves himfelf alone,
u Can never drink of rapturous ftreara,
“ Of canfeious warm exifience own.”
The fweetest joys which health can give
i'o light pale want’s lack-luftre eye.
And aid the toil worn mind to live,
Are joys which thou can’ft never buy.
Then count thy hoards of fliining gold:
And toil and lcr.-pe and fwell the heap;
T t.e heart like thine,that’s winter cold,
No fruits of wealth can ever reap !
Oh ! git e to me fweet nature’s right,
J he balm of life, bleft liberty !
And th- warm throb of foft delight
That thnls the foul of fympathy.
Give me, oh, Heaven ! the power to heal
The wounded foul of finking woe ;
Give me the bofom quick to feel.
Affections pureft, w-armeft glow!
Give me to fhare in Julia’s ligh,
And reft ray head on Julia’s breaft ;
To chafe the tear, from Julia’s eye,
Then let the mifer take the reft !
(No. £.)
WcJkmrtm% March 12, 1805.
Dear Sir—Of Col. Lyon’s “plan*" I
know nothing—I will tell you the truth but
not the whole truth about certain “ defigns
againd the conftitution.” Perhaps it it
wrong to call them dtjtgns ; mod of thof
whs entertain thofe views are honed they
believe we have reached the age of political
1. To carry the election of prefident to
the people. How w ill this affeCt the fmall
dates ? Take Vermont and Pennfvlvania ;
Vermont gives fix electoral votes ; Pennfyl
vania 20. Carry the election to the
people and the weight of Vermont relatively
to Pe nl'ylvania is but a fraction more than
as 4 to 18 — 2 Reduce the period for which
r 1 a 1 . mi *i»
icnaiers arc cjclicu 102 vears. now wii:
tliis airetl the fmall flatcs ? It will render
the fenators kfs independent and in time
the mere tools of the large ilates.Something
of this kind is already difcoverable. A re
; publican of diftindtion has been heard to
fay that Virginia might as well fend 4 Sen
ators and Rhode Lland none as for each
to fend two. 2, Limit the office of 2 judge
to five years. This needs no comment.
I fhall always be devoted to the caufe of
liberty .* but I am decidedly of opinion that
the union of the vail territory and heteroge
! neovs population of our country cannot be
' preferved under a fyftem lefs energetic than
' the prefent conftitution. The moment
• when we have added a world to nur empire
is a very improper one to l'eize for the pur
pofe of rendering our government almoil a
perfect democracy. Yet fuch views arc en
1 terta’ined by our fouthern ami Pennfylvania
The nomination of Gov Clinton was
j made in fecTet conclave by four or five
members a great while ago. It is a part of
the well known Virginia plan always to
give us a president from that date.
Col. Rurr, has many refpedlable friends
in both l.oufes, but it was necefihry to fet
him ande for the prefent. Virginia com
manded and it was done.
I am Sir,
very refpe&fully,
Y’our friend and humble fervant,
P. S. Both Judge Olin and myfelf have
experienced much difficulty in voting for
the impeachment of judge Chafe — We
find’ probably he obliged to vote again ft the
articles, aS they will charge him with ten
! times toe much.
(NTQ. 9.)
IVatbingizn, March 19, 1S04.
Ir» my lift I intimated that the Rhnd-If
and Senators were coni'dercd as devoted ro
'he views ot Virginia. I meant no impu
tation cn the character of thofe gentlemen ;
they are upright ; and their coincidence
with Virginia perhaps merely accidental.
It is certain however, that there are ma
ny modes of republican influence and in
trigue. cf which none but thofe, who have
like us “ a view of the whole ground '* can
form an adequate idea.
IVaSungtem Ajv 15 18.4.
(No. io.J
\ our notice of tke election of decors
was very acceptable. Mr. Noyes is indebt
ed to my activity and influence in Gilford
for his elevation to public life, and lie
knows it very well. Mr. Shcpenfon is fim
il.u ly circumftanced. Theft gentlemen are
among my bitterelf perffeutors. “ l ather
forgive them, for they know not what they
do, * 1 hey are poor and want offices, I
am poor alio, but 1 will never facrifice ei
ther principle or friends for the “ loavrs
and fiihes. ’ I (hall live and die the undevia
ting friend to the rights of mankind. In
gratitude may affrdl my fenfitiiit}, but it
cannot make me a villain.
Tour friend and humble fervant,
(No. n.)
Wafbtngion* Ftb. 3, 1805.
Dear Sir.—Again is the union of hon
eft men triumphant. The acquittal of the
iupreme court in Pennfyivanu is the fare
harbinger of the downfai of Duane, and
Jacobinifm in that date. Had the judges
been condemned, articles of impeachment
againit governor M’Kcan himfelt were al
ready cut and dried for immediate ufe.
After the molt ftrong and disgraceful
congrelhonal debate ever known of four
days duration on the Georgia claims, the
friends otetrreci principles have prevailed by
a tmaii majority, in the fulled ho ufe we
have had this feflion, ayes 63, noes 58.
hlr. Randolph has delivered feveral phil
1 ip pics mere violent than thole of Robef
| pierre in the b oody times of France. In
return he has been called by republican
fpeakers, an ape, a monkey, i llandcrer, a
: calumniator, a madman, an ambitious po
pular leader, a defpotic demagogue, a popu
lar tyrant, &c. &c. Ue has accufed the
poftm after general of cnry-es and mifde
mcanors, and that officer has demanded an
enquiry into his conduct. I (hall move to
confine the enquiry to the charges exhibited
to Mr Randolph, for I have afeertained
that if it Ihould go t© his whole official con
duct, feJeralifts will unite with the violent
republicans upon the queftion, and he will
moft afluredly be condemned. My fpeech
which will foon be publiihed. exhibits a
clearer view of the Georgia bufinefs than
has before appeared. Col. Lyon obferved
in his fpeech that he was “ grateful to his
God for having given him the face of a
man, and not that ot an ape or a monkey.*
Randolph had called him a Jackall) and*
that “the head of the gentieman from Vir
ginia, was fuller of political projects than
l>on Quixotte’s was of wind-mills, caltles,
dulcineas and all the pomp of knight erran
try.” General Staunton of R hode-Hbnd
faid his vote would not be influenced by
the wheedling of ivcoohants, or the
frown ot tyrants.’‘ ! he northern members
are treated by the junto w-th the fnoft fu
pcr'ative degree of contempt and intuit,
both in and out of d >ors.
iam fir, wi'.h refpeft and efteem,
Your moil obedient fertant,
(No. 12.)
IValhv.igt ih y reb. 23, ! gOJ.
Df.^r Sir.—We have this moment kil
i led Duane. We have taken his vxcluhte
right as printer and ftationcr to the gov
ernment, and decreed it to the loweft bid
der, whatever may be his politics. Every
New-England member voted for the reten
A new daily moderate republican paper
is foon to commerce at Baltimore. There
are already between 6 and 70c tubferibers,
the two firft of whom are Thomas JetLifjn
and Robert Smith.
Ever yours,
From tbs Merrimack Mifceliany.
The fubjeefc cf the present number is *u extraordina
ry »u:l.uiee of tht folly of de tfrting from the cfUb .hi
ed order of fodety, a.ii is ac mincing proof, that
; "hen a woman, from a fpirit of etcentric pride; difre
‘ jrards and violate, the moll ornamental >nd nreciTarv
| quality of her fcx. chalhty Gie purebafes at a oaer rate
| her ideal enjoyments. She becomes the dupe of fome
|»ld:gni*g man, whe, perhaps, under the m*ik of c«o
i gomality, corrupt, her nr.ixi, and debiio her perfep.
! Too late flie difeovers her error, and no inaticr how
. «rr at her mmuds and magnanimity^ experiencing the
: imbecility of her piulofopay, fee:n* to relieve utxfeif
| frem a wretched life, by luicide.
Mary %Vo1ftonccrafc was born on the
I 27th of April, 1759. in London, or at a
farm upon Epping foreft. The education
of this extraordinary worm ft was flender,
' and fhe had none ot thofe earlv advantages
which have been the lot of molt women
who have been diftinguifhed i« the literary
world. She was remarkable in early life for
1 vivacity and refolutian, ar nineteen years
! of age lhe lived with a Mrs. Dawfon, at
Bath as a companion, but was obliged to
j leave Mrs. Dawfon, to attend to the wants
' of her dying mother, to whom her behav
j ior apppears to hare been very dutiful.
I After the death of her mother, lhe found
herfelf in narrow circureliances, and wax
anxious to fix upon fomc mode of life to
r__ l•_■__1 __ ¥ .1
11*1 unitpciii!cr'\.c. in tiic z^iii vear
of her age fhe opened a day fchool at Ifl
rngton, which was toon after transferred to
Ne wington green. She had, for her part
J ner, a young lady, to whom ihe was ftrong
} ly attached, who repaired ro Lilbon for the
j recovery of her health* in purfuanee of the
! advice of a phyfician. This circurr.ftancc
is worthy of notice, for it gave occafion to
. the difplav of that heroic friendlhip, which
lo much diftinguifhed the life and charact
er oi Mrs. Godwin. Hearing that her
friend sfc-as likely to die at Lilbun. iVlrs
Godwin abandoned her fchool, in contempt
of every conlideratiun of intereil. and h iv
ing borrowed a lufHcient fum of moi.ey,
dew to Lifoon to attend the lail wifhes of her
friend. On her return to England, lhe
found her School had fuffered greatly by
her abfence ; fhe therefore entered into the
family of Lord Kingfbnrough, as g vemef*
to his daughters, in which fituation howev
er, tye remained but a ih>rr time. In
' 1787, Ihe fettled in the metropolis, and
had recourfe to her pen for fubfiftence.
Here fhe purfued her literary labors; wrote
iome ot her molt popular proJactions :
The Anfwer to Mr. Burke and the Vindi
cation of the Rights of Women i.^anfl?
ted feveral works, and contributed many
articles to the Analytical Review. In 1792
(lye went to Paris* where fl»e became ac
quainted with Mr. Gilbert 1ml iy, by whom
fhe had a daughter. She had always en
tertained the moil violent prejudice agah.lt
the conditions of European marriages. She
did not think it confident with the nature
of man, for him to cnter*into an indiflolu
bie union. Site did not like thole recipro
cal legal refponfibilities, which take away
the individuality of a&ion and conduft.
Mrs. Godwin, as file frankly acknowledges*
took upon her the duties of marriage without
the ceremony—fhe lived with Mr Irrfiay.
She was now more than 33 years of age.
The connexion did not prove fortunate.
Mr. lmlay difappointed all her hopes, lie
abandoned her. In April, 17or, file retur
, red to London. 'The conduct of Mr. Im
I lay drove her to defperation, and (he ar
! icmpted to put an en J to her life, but was
I prevented. Her mifery incrcarfcd, and the
1 again attempted to deftroy herfelf. For
This purpofe, (he repaired to Putney, detcr
i mining to throw herfelf into the river We
have here another inttance of great refolu
tion It rained, and Mrs. Godwin, to
facilitate her defeent into the watvr, walked
up and down the bridge for half an hqur,
that her deaths might be thoroughly dren
ched arid heavv. She now leaned from the
• J t £ .
|:opcf the bridge, but finding Itill a dime ill -
I ty in finking, ihe tried to pieli; her clothes
; clolkly around her. She .%t la ft bec.m, i. -
jfenlible; but at this moment (he was i!i(
covered and taken out. 1 he next rem trkable
even: in the life of Mr*. Godwin was her
union with Mr. Godwin, i hey had long
kno wn each other ; and the union to •>;
place about fix months after Mrs Gad win
had finally ioit ail hones of reclaiming Mr.
Im'av. TI.ev did r.ot immediately man,,
| Sold did’king the req'Ouuifihry end cor.di
j riens a tending that ceremo >v in England.
(But after Mrs. Godwin found herfelf preg
nant, the tile t it better t«> iuh nit to the < e
eny ci ue^e, t»..m to
r~ f* ^.,*.
* * *

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