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Portland gazette and Maine advertiser. (Portland, Me.) 1805-1818, August 26, 1805, Image 2

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from f>cie*tv, >o whiJi living without. 1ft
tlis coniitry, would tubjdcther, and winch
*v old infallibly have nriToweil the circle
cf her ufrfhtnefs. Mrs Godwin died in
ccnftqnence of chiid birth, in Augufl,] 797,
. nd was buried in SJuit Pancras church
yard. Since her death have been publilh
-d her pokhuVnoHs wort ', confiding of let
4: is and fragments.
From the Repertory.
JUDGE SULLIVAN. Having under
foot! that the democrats arc already begin
i-.ng te> deliberate on the fob]eel: of a can
divl.ite for the next election of Governor,
it icniinds us of a ptoir-ife we made long
ftnee to the public, which yet remains un
performed, and which mult Kill be poftpon
Immediately preceding the Jail election,
we made eight direct charges againlt Mr.
' ullivan, deeply aifetffcirg his character as
a candidate for an office of high trufi and
rt'fponfibiKty. Molt of thefe charges we
lupponed by the moft ample teftimony and
lor die red, we pointed out the evidence on
which we relied. Although tlicre could
not exift a doubt of their truth, in the mind
or any candid perfon, the Editor was abu
icd in moil of the democratic papers in the
hate, in the groilclt teuns , as an unprinci
pled calumniator — as a forger of fa He accu
sations—nor did their trfperfions ceafe when
the election was decided.
A clear conicttfkce lets a man at rights
with hirafelf, but doea not prevent an in
dignant refentment againft. the authors of
*n.ne?ited abufe. It was under influence
°* that re fe fitment we made the promife.
Some months elapfe.i before we were at
kifure to return to this fubjoct It appear
ed to us that die pubiic did not then require
that the unmerciful mangling of reputa
’Ivon, which muft have enfued ; and to at
tack character, unkfs compelled by public
exigency, whatever democrats mav think,
or tdect to think, is a talk from which we
are far from deriving any fatisfa&ion. It is
at any time, of all editorial duties th>- moll
uapleafant. 1 here were other confidera
tions ol a more powerful nature, but unne
cefTary te be here explained, which render
ed a rev iew of the charges irndetail, an un
grateful office, it was like Wife poflible that
many readers of this papeT, not Iiaving been
iubjected to tae unjuft abufe of unprincipled
pnrtizans, might confider it wanton, after
:Ke fate oi the eletfton was determinetl, to
diflurb ih* repofe of the unfuccefsful can
didate. For iuch reatona, however juft &
proper it might be, the editor declines ex
ecuting his promife, at this particular time.
Notwithftandiug which, he feels it a du
ty to himfelf and the public to add a few
remarks. The charges alledged againft
tiie democratic candidate wrere not made
without die utmoft caution and nquirv._
ro gull partizans, it WasafTerted in Bolton
at.o in othc tow ns, tli2t a profecution wrould
be the coniequence. Why has is not ta
ken place.* ihere is not an accufation on
oat records concerning which, wc fhouid
not be very happy tt mat tht accufed in «
to>ttt efjujia; and rhis is our anfwer to
all the calumny that has been uttered. If
wc have been guilty of falfhood, w*hy has
not tne ju ge 1 ulfilled the expectations and
widies of his fupporters ; wc mean thofe
\vh» prefjmed profecution would be pub
iic f V
Wa' mg faid thus much, to (hew the firm
ground on which we ftand, there is fome
thincr more to be {'aid m behalf of an indi
vi !ual interefted in one of the charges. Mr
Rtei of Cambridge was given as authority
for one of our ftatements, dhe abrupt
manner in which we abandoned the iubject,
“as been improved by violent partisans as
an occaiion of fome reflexions on Mr. Reed
Be it taerefore known that there was not
an article published relpeXing the injuftice
done him, which wras not perfectly correct
and which is not r.eiu capable of the moft
complete proof.
Here then wc furpprefs our ow n fenfe of
pctfwnal wrong * but not unconditionally.
Wa watchfu* attention to democratic
friper' \—It any one prefume to throw fuf
picion on our veracity, or infmuate that vve
are governed by other motives than have
been above lined, we flrall in juftiftcatiow
publilh the grounds of every aflerticn. Or
if ever the fame perfon (hould fuller himfelf
to coinv before the public, fer the fuffirages
of the citizens of this Commonwealth, we
(hall put it out of the pow r of the mod per
verfe democrat of MaiTachufetts, however he
may choafe to vote, to doubt the truth of
what we have advanced, or may find conve
nient to add. Our terms of filence are now
fairly explained ; our enemies may deliber
ate and choofe their couriV \Ve only re
quest* as we fincerely uifir, not to be
driven into the controverly, thnt'any demo
crat who is difpofed ro provoke any further
anin.adverfions, would nrlt drop a line to
fO the perfon molt inrerefted, and obtain his
canf nt. Having thus, we trull, taken eve
ry lair and Itonorabfe precaution, we lhall
no' deem ourfelves refponhble for i;ny un
pleafant eonfequ cnees
In oui laft letter we announced, and that
with extreme regret, the return of Joel Bar
low eft}. to this country 1 his man, the
throng iriend of Mr Jefferfon, and confi
dential companion of his late warm defend
er Tom Pain, is one of the mod barefaced
infidels that ever appeared in Chriftend<’m.
Some faffs refpeffing thefe diftinguithed
perfonages, may lerve to 11 w the notaries
of chrilianity what a band >f open enemies
to our holy faith is now affembling in this
Mr Jefferfon in his famous " Notes on
Virginia” advances opinions incompatible
with Mofaick hiftoiy. l his cannot be chf
puted —nor will Mr, Jefferfon dare to deny
that he has, fines he has been prefident at
the United States, publicly made the eueha
rift a l'ubjcff of impious ridicule.
Tom Paine has written two books for the
exprefs purpofe of comba ing the Holy
Scriptures. His Age cf lieafcn, is but toe
common, and his letter, to the late Samuel
Adams, flill evinced his perverte adherrence
to his infidel fvftem.
Joel Bitlzu is faid to have written the
following lhccking letter to his correfpind
ent, John Fellow* • dated Hamburg, May
*3» 1795*
“ 1 rejoice at the progrefs of good fenfe
over the Damr.able lmpejlure of Ckrijftan
Mummery. I had no doubt of the effect of
Pain’s Age of Reafion. It muff oe cavalleti
at a while, bur it mull prevail. Though
things as good have been often faid, they
never were faid in fo good a way ” &c.
Mr. Barlow can now anfwer for himfeif.
If this letter be a forgery, let him inform
the public. I has never yet been contra -
dialed, though it has been four years pub
lifhed in America.
Charleston, (s. c.) July 3c.
The fliip Benjamin, of Newyork, capt.
Sccffield, was captured ofF our bar yefter
day afternoon, by the French privateer crui
zing off this port. This is believed to be
the /hip which was taken by a French pri
vateer 1’ome months £nce„ on her paffage
from the Cape of Good Hope for Havanna,
and retaken the Britifh and fenr to Kingf
ton, where (lie was brought in by Ameri
cans, and was now failing under American
colors. Captain Scoffield is on board tne
privateer ; the mate remains in the fhip ;
and the crew were brought u > laft evening
in a pilot Boat. Captain S. belongs to Nor
Captain Tafe was boarded off the baron
Sunday, by a French privateer fchooner,
mounting 4 (hart guns and one ifc pound
er, and, apparently, about one hundred men
on board; w ho appeared to be a motley
collection of all nations. We are for»y to
I ftate that capt. Tate recognized feveral A
mericans, and and among them a captain
Rofs, w ho formerly failed out of this port.
Piratical CrLcltj* -We arc feJdom cal ed
to record a more cruel and barbarous abl
than the one we (hall now detail,
The Brig Succefs. capr. Brump of this
port, failed from Ivingfton, Jamaica, for
Newyork, on the <*Sth of July.—On the 13th
lhe was captured two leagues from Cape St.
Anthony by a Spanifh galley (belonging to
Havanna) without deck,with two mails and
two fquarc fails, 2nd called La Bonne Un
ion. lhe Galley was commanded by capt.
Ofar, and manned with 30 or 40 Span
iards, and Frenchmen, with one Iriihmau
who terved as an interpreter. Three days
after they were taken, captain Brum, the
pailcngers, (eight in number) and the hands
were ail ordered below, and the hatches (hut
upon them. In this fituation they were
kept through the night, Jr» the morning,
the pirates prepared their knives, cutlaflls
and clubs, opened the forecaftle, and called
for the captain. One of the feamcn [Peter
Dutchemin) with a view of preferring the
captain’s life, itepped forward, and afeend
ed to the deck.— l he ruffians, with their
1 inftruments of'daughter, having arranged
themfdves in two ranks, compelled the tea
men to run the gauntlet, while cash gave
him a blow, a gafo, or a flab, as he parted
Captain Brum and his pafiengers and crew
were all in fuccertion taken from the hold
and treated in the fame horrid cruelty, ex
cepting five French paflengers. An Lng
liih gentleman by the name of Smith, who
was one of the paflengers, who was beaten
with fuch feverity. tli.it he fprung into the
long boat and broke his ancle in two places
The mate of the brig, two Eng’iih paifengers
and two feamcn were put in irons on board
of the gaiav, and three days afterwards
were fent afliore at Couvabouta, about iSc
mites from Havanna *, and the brig with
the captain and remainder of the craw,
wete fent to Campeachy.
Thefe fads we have rceeivert from Peter
Duchemin, one cf the teamen who were
fent afiiore in irons. He unde his efcape
frem Couyabouta, proceeded to JMaricl,
; put him fell" on board the fmp ' lt0 ar1^ ar*
» rived at this port on Monday hft.
j The chjeft of thefe barbarous wretenes
I was money. They olTcred to rel-aiC th»
captain and fliip on receiving 6,co# dol
A Privateer was fitting out from Auguf
tine, owned and manned, principal y, by
Americans their names follow : Capt. i ioo
per, of Baltimore, Mr. Martin, firfl lieut.
of do. Mr. Robertfou, fecond, lieut. of do.
Owned bv Mr Lee, of Virginia, capt.
Moody, Pib ; Mafter, lizra Read, of Con j
netfticut, Samuel Bates, of do. Mr. Hall of
do. Mr. Guyer, of Baltimore, Mr. Boyer of
do. Ives White, of ConneAicut —thefe arc
the cnlv perfons, whofe names could be sl
certained. The avowed objeft of the oin
cers of this pritarecr, were to capture Ln
giifh vefTels, and (he arrived in the Che fa
peake about the middle ol May.—alter re
maining there about ten Jays, ine capt-ercd
a Bermudian'lloop, C. j<t. Williams, -Iter
killing the man at the helm, and wounding
the captain in two places—fhe flop Gol-|
den Grove, Capt Blair of Liverpool — and
a Brig, conrinanded by Capt. MyiTervCy, ot j
the fame place—The two former were ta -
ken inflde the Ctiefiprafce, the brig, ji»lT
without, and cariie i to St. A*ngul me.’
! where they were condemned — the pvi/.t -
1 laving at anchor in the lea. not gcr.
S in. I lie Captain amt crew west roub.rn *,ir
’ every thing, even their wearing apparel
* thefe veilels were tut out Iron St. Au
guftme ; awd capt. capt Hooper was kii
jVex ini Azg. 8.
Tt is tvith regret we announce the ftc
rince of a vi<Him at the ftuine of the tan*
1 quinary praftice of duelling. Yefterdajr
: morning about 6 ocloek a duel was fought
• between Mr Enoch \i Lyles, of this town,
i and Mr. John F. Bowie, of Pifeataway,
' Maryland, at Johnfon’s fpring, about 6
miles from this town on the Virginia ftJe
i of the Potomac. They exchanged fhots at
I 15 feet didance ; when unfortunately, Mr.'
j L. received his antagonifPs bail a little be
| low the right brealt, the ball parted throug
| his liver, and he expired a few minutes pa
j 11 o’clock yefterday.
Fkom the Havana.
Letters from the Havana, date an impor
tant occurrence—the aimolt entire fuppref- !
fion ef tha monadic and religious orders in
that if! and, and which of courfe will not
l be tc confined thar colonV. A Royal Older
! h :au'Iy been received there for the file of
all * : h .rty belonging to thofe Religious I.f
ta! uhnnents ; confiding of houies and lauds,
furar a;u codec eftates,and negroes, as well
as mor;gages, debts, &c. due to them —
rJ he monies ariling there from are to be
paid Uito the I reafury of the King who will
provide for the perfons lo difpoffcffe'd, by
| paying them a certain allowance per diem
| fortheir lupport. 1 lie revenue arisiug there
\ from mud, doubtlefs, be immenle j nd the
! fources to which this ferious innovatic nmay
j be traced, do not require the gift of devina
I tion to afcertain.it may.perhaps be confider
ed a- only a prelimina»y ltep to more fciit ui
changes in tire fpanifh Government ana
'I he Commiflioners nominated to enforce
the aforefaid decree in the Havana, and th
; lfland, are—the Governor, the the
• Intendant General, the Collector of the
Cuftorns, and Don. J. B. Munoz.
— — s
Yellow Feivr.—T he King of Pruffia ha
1 offered a premium of 2co ducats to the air
thor of the belt cffjy, and one of roo dir
cats to the author of the next bell effay, m
amwer to the following queries : —: It. Is it
afeertained that tiie vir us of the yellow fe
ver attaches itfelf w ithout any diminution of
l the contagious power, fo as to be capable of
! communication at a distance by mere con
tact with the intc&ed fubrtances ? Admit
ting the poffibility of this communication,
‘ it is required to date a furies of fadU in
j proof of it. — 2. Is it true that the virus ot
| the yellow fever is produced hv tint maiadv
I alone, and that it is contairiwd in one or
! more animal excretions ? 3. Have chemi
cal procefies been employed to afeertaia the
effential character of the malady in quef-,
, tion ? And arc there any chemical procef-j
ies which can ad as prefervatives againlt iri
effed ? 4. For what fpace of time doc*
this mahtiy retain its contagious energy •
and how long are cloathes impregnated w;:h
it, capable of communicating it ? 3. Ate
the maladies which, under the name Yellow’
Fever, have prevailed in North America,
the fouth of Spain, and at Leghorn, of the:
I fame nature, and uj\c they the fame fymp i
! toms, the lame effects, and the lame I
origin ? 6. Is the yellow fever an cp
edcmic thicafe, and cuntluedto the fea coal!
Paris % Jphc 30.
FREEMASONRY, under the aufpi
j ccs of the Imperial Family, Jus revived in
ail parts of the Empire. Lodges have been
re-opened in the mod bin; ant f* ylc - the
ancient land mark? lure liecn recovered;
and the ineciates are very numerous.
Grand Lodge, has been opened in this city ■
of which the following brethren have bcc !
elc£led Officers, viz. *: .
His Imperial Ilighnefs, Prince Jofeph, Gra*j-M*f~
ter'— His Imperial Highnefs, Priuce Louu, DehZ
Grand Majier.—Field-Marflial Mellena, 'Grand
ifrator.— Senator De Choiiuel Praflin, Grand Le&Ur*'
—Hi* Imperial Highnela Prince Murat, Seimtm g j
Warden.—M. Dela Capele, ^Chancellor of the \e£*
of Honor) junior G and Warden.—De Lila..^**
(Member of the National Inftitute) ° Grand Orator ll
Senator De Jaucourt, Graud Secretary,—Rear Admi i'
Magoude Medine,GraW Treaf*>er — Gen. Bournonville
S ignor Grand Deacon.—(Sen. Macdonald, Junior Grar.i
Deacon.—Gen. Sabaftlani, * Grand Seal-Keeper.— Senate -
Da Lnyns, Grand ArthiteSf—M. Daranteau, Member
of the Leg! flative Body, Grand Mar jkal.— H. Girardin
Member of the Tribunate, Deputy-Grand MurJlai!Z
Field Marihal Augereau, * Grand HofpiiuUai_Mar*
fhal Le Fevre, Grand Aimonor, (or CLaflain.)
* Ther are no (ixnilar olLces ia the Engjiih cr
merican Grand Lodges.
A Meeting has been convened of the Inth
Roman Catholic BiOiops, at Dublin. Ore
of the objects of the Meeting is, to fend
letters of thanks to Lord Grenville and Mr.
Fox, lor fupporting their petition, and to
Mr. Pitt and the 1 fi.ops for the candid
and liberal manner la winch they oppofedu.
*Lcn. Pap ]
IM FOR l'AN 1 Bo/ton, B*guji 2S.J
Th« follttwmg inierefting aritcl* was iccdved on
■i.udiU .j l.ift ti om PlanaJclphia, at Nfewyork; “ \v’j
l4re ^iabl»«l to Ujuc, ou autnoiiiy which vtdeera cor.
r.vt, that the matter, iu defpute between the Utuid
iiu‘ts a,,<* ‘i*- Spauifls government have been anucabi?
adjuiteJ, and that tlifpatches on this important fubiect,
i o.n our AliuiUer at Madrid ate «uw oa their way tt
t»c Lac^ulive.” *
//s* the Philadelphia hut Jleneri.an, d!ug. 17
I. x trad *J a letter from Copt. U.Ltr, n,,,# arrived at
'tie L>izareiiu% in 15 days Jmm Faint Peirt^f Gaael.j h
w )u ! before failing I received the following Infer
matioH from capt. Van Antwerp, of the br g Frieoh
Adventure —“ The day of his arrival (July 29thl#
Guadeloupe, off the illand of Defeada, law a fquadroi
of lliips coniiitiuj of 1.5 fail, feven ihipj of the liat
and eight frigates, d: fiance three and a half ]*,«T
ffaudiug i. W oy S—It was thought by the inhabitant,
of Guadeloupe it was the French fqnadron from Brd,
which they had recetred information of by a cutter
brig, arrit cd there fom§ time bofujee.
“ °a ‘he 6th of Auguft, in lat. 23, 43, North. «J
15, W. we were boarded by a French p ivateer brie
of 14 guns and 150 men, a d treated politely. &{*
had in podeffiou a brig, name unknown, capt. Me wan,
of Porifinouth, iatt lrom Antigua, Aamiuig town*
Porto Rico.
Capt. Poor arrived at Baltimore from Guadaloupe;
reports, that, on the 4th intt. palled a very large flat
m lat. 23,in Ion. 64, a number of them appeared tube
fhips of the iine and frigates, they were fleering dut
fouth. ffcewe no colours, imne of them attempted to
chafe the brig. Two days after fpoke a lliip from
Guadaioupe, lor N. Carolina, whofaid he run through
the fleet without being hailed or fpoken by any of
them ; T he fleet he laid was upwards of 100 fan,
mu Illy flaps of the line and frigates, a few appeared:* 1
be tranfporis.
From Havanna, July 4.
“ Advice, have been received here,* that the got
eminent at New Providence has palled a decree, gran*
ting liberty to their citizens to fend in for adjudici
tion all American, .and other veflcls, which fliailgotot
the return cargoes to the feaports in this ifland (Cub^
unlel. proof can be exhibited* that f'uch ports were
portsot entry, lor American veifel. in time of peace*
Late accounts fro:* the Mediterranean, Hate, that
the hocilth of Commodore Earon is reinflated ; aud tut
our fquadron were on the point ot renewing actiTt
operations agninlt Tripoli,
T Accounts from Wafhington fiate, that the fri^t*
l. nited States and Bofton are to be put in rcadiuetfW
immediate fervice.
' 1 >gAmerica, c*pt Pray, artiveJat Demarari
the 18ti uit. from Portfrooi th.' In .at. 2S.Ion,oiwi#
to dy a i rench privateer brig, in the night,
d ^.defed on board with his papers. When htpaf*
■ ! the privateerdgang way, he was firff faluted with
.1 levere Hogging, aud his pocket? rumaged. The
b \\x .en immediately dllpatched tohitbrig.ard
])iuu:.ercd vt every thing they could lay their hand*
on. C itpt, P,s maie was fe verily flogged, and thepe>
pie abufed.
7> _ r-.1 I-iton at F yelurg Ac m will hr *
'A *"1p' !c. v the 1 >urth ol Sepce > btr, at I o’clockA*
M. An atiun is expufted from Mr. Ebenezer F*f
leaden, before he A Cb.uUMe Soct ty. Tn the
afternoon will be exhaled the Self AJmutr, latte
evening, Dura*ml.
(jo irrif 3.
hi Bofton, The Hon. J.vr an Harding, Tfq. a
“ !.''ei* jF Territory* to Mrs. Abigail Barnett.
Air. Gorge Nale, ro Mbs Suiarmah Lewis.
Mr. .Stephen Brown, mer. to Mif? Eliza Gay
1 t hariotte County. (Ver) Mr. Perrin Aieiey, s
S'd Ida, to Mrs. Ann ranktlley. aged 90.
hi Bofton, Maj. Ala Hatch, aged SI.
In Albany, (N. Y.) Alexander^WiHon, Efcj. Att«*
ney at Law, aged 21?.
In this town, Mr. Emore Paley, aged 44 ycr’
In his death, a widow morns the h i* of a tender *****
a faithful haft;tnd, the children a j.ind a id alfw^hc.
ate father.
1-bjt.iy hrn'on, aped 24, of old lurk. ...
A child of Jofeph H ey, aged 10 year.— ’
of Benjamin White, aged *2 yaars.
La ft ruefti iv Evening, of su clinic l*t, dep* ■ ’ *
this life, luddenly, Mrs. Mehitable I'note, r. icf 1
' ■ tij
- . h -v ear
he late Brigade;r Genera! Preble, i ti
ller age. l’he deceafed '.as rem:.rktib’e ‘t f’1 _
f ir the Cxcellenie o! her candu-d in every t.ft’.**-^
.T, 7c i of hroQg 1 e it.. pavers Hie w A
a the chnilian i-e!j«'iuii eV..n ^
nperf- > ons.trc ite.i nthe mer y of Got
merits-tfiier re.t*‘em?r, 1' e was aci'eertni
l’** obll*
.. and a'Bi<
ttrough :
Lt *e*“
y fur
r- \J'>hlK.:rr, and rso»*«
• ~ « r, J ! tV f ^ ^%r *
nr , atf.f a !!• * • **
. ...—,k
u i'll

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