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Massachusetts Legist ature.
The two Mouses having disagreed as
lo the number and location of Districts
for the choice of Electors of President
ant! Vice-President of the United States,
and also on the manner ot choosing
them by the Legislature, the House
passed, and sent up to the Senate lor
concurrence, a Resolve directing their
choice by a General Ticket—! his Re
solve the Senate rejected : and the lion.
Messrs, Tattle, Lincoln and Foote, on
thc part of the Senate ; and Messrs.
Thatcher, Sumner and 1 illinghast, on
the part ol the House, wei e appoint
ed to confer further On the subject.
The conferees had not agreed upon
any mode of election last evening >
though we understand those on the pait
of the House made half a dozen pt opo*
Several bills of local and pnvate in
terest were refered to the next ses
Tuesday, June 23, 1812.
A number of bills, resolves, orders,
5cc. were finished or referred.
Mr. Bradford, Secretary ol the Com*
monvvealth, delivered, the following
Message from His Excellency the Gov
ernor :
Gentlemen of the Senate—and
Gentlemen of the House of Re fire.
\ HAVE this morning received a
letter from the lion. Mr, Lloyd, one oi
the Senators in Congress, inclosing a
copy of an Act of Congress, passed the
17th instant, declaring WAR against
the United Kingdoms of Great Britain
and Ireland, and their dependencies, and
which on the 18th inst. was approved
by the President. 1 have directed the
Secretary to lay this communication be
fore you. CALEB STRONG.
Council Chamber, June 23, 1812.
[|CJ* The Hon. Mr. Lloyd in a note
annexed to the above act, says it “ pas
sed the House of Representatives in
substance the 4th June. Passed the
Senate by a vote of 19 to 13 in the form
above stated June 17th. Returned from
the House ol Representatives to the Se
nate June 18th Approved by the Pre
sident of the United States, and signed
during the attendance of the Committee
who presented the same this day, June
The above message and communica
tion were committed to Messrs Til*
linghast, Prentiss, of M. Thatcher,
Coleman of N ami Jucfcaun, t>f Boston,
to report thereon.
A memorial from the inhabitants ol
Salem, on the subject of the preseni
war with Great Britain, was read anc
committed to Messrs. Tillinghast, Pren
tiss of M, Thatcher, Coleman of N. ant
Jackson of B.
A resolve passed the House, reques
ting the Governor to issue a proclama
tion for a day of fasting, humiliation, ant
prayer, on account of the distressing
calamity of war.
A resolve passed, authorising tin
Governor and Council to employ ves
sels and boats to notify ships coming oi
our coasts, of the declaration of war a
gainst G. Britain.
A bill from the Senate, ceding lam
in Pittsfield to the United States for tlv
erection of a military hospital, and for
rendezvous, Sec. for the U. S. army, tva
rejused a second reading by a majority c
Messrs. Whitman, Porter of H an
Bay lies, were appointed a committee t
consider the propriety of providing b
law for the pay and support of sucl
portion of the militia of this state as ina
be called into actual service, by th
Commander in Chief of this Common
wealth, for the purpose of repelling an
invasion during the' existing war, or fo
the purpose of executing the laws of ih
^tate, and of protecting our rights an
A report of the Committee on tb
subject of allowing pay to the Officer
anil Soldiers of the Militia of this Com
momvealth, comprizing a Resolve, wa
The Committee who bad undei con
sideration the Message of His Exccllen
ey the Governor, communicating a De
< laratioii of W ar against Great Britain
reported an Address of the House o
Representatives to the Poeple of Massa
1 he Address is against the W ar, am
recommends the preterence of tin
fi lends ot Peace to office, as the remedy
while all constitutional duties aie sub
mitted to.
The subject was debated yesterday af
ternoon, and will be resumed this
n c learn that 41 the Sheriffs, Ckrfcs
and other officers who were removed ;
i from office in this State the last year,
I lor the mere exercise of their opinions,
■ and who have desired to be appointed,
' have been restored by the Governor and
j Council to their old offices, and have re
ceived their commissions. None oth
ers will be displaced, excepting for inca
pacity or neglect of duty.
(jTj' Capt. Quiner, arrived here yesterday
in 1J days from St Bartkoiomcv.'St and states
I that he left ONE HUNDRED AND FIF
TY SAIL of American vessels, at that Gl
and. How many of these will ever see A
merica ? If such losses are probably to be
sustained from this little pin’s head of an
island, what an immense sweep will our
; whole property abroad offer the English
‘ What indemnification, are we to get for
this. > -
The President 4£, Congress 44 and sloops
Hornet and Argus went to sea from New
. York last Sunday. In the afternoon they
were seen in chase of a vessel supposed to
j be the British frigate Belvidere. They re
mained in chase at half past eight in the
■ everung, and this is the last account;
A dear Coast Jor a short time.
The British cruisers which were on the,
coast undoubtedly received very early infor.
mat ion of the War, and would of course pro
ceed wuh all possible despatch, to carry the
important intelligence to their places <>t des
tination. The several valuable vessels and
cargoes which are looked for daily to arrive
;here will therefore be iu very little danger
of capture on the coast. We may, perhaps,
have a free coast for 30 days.
The first fruits of war will probably be_ on
the ocean. The British have on the Kali
fax, Newfoundland and West India stations,
three sail of the line, twenty-one frigates,
nineteen sloops ot war, and eighteen smaller
vessels—making a total of 61 armed vessels.
The greater part of these will receive the
Declaration oi war just made in a few days,
will be in immediate readiness to carry it in.
to execution. To meet this force, and to
check its depredations on American com
merce, we have the following remains of as
gallant a little navy as ever floated on the
ocean:—The President, 44 guns, Commo
dore, Rogers; United States 44, Commo
dore DfCATUH ; Congress 36, Capt. Smith ;
Essex 32, Capt. Porter; linnet 16 Capt
Lawrence; ami Argus 16, C.pt. Sinclair
—- i! iheie were a lew days since lying in
Nevj-l nt re»dy for sea. The Constitution, 44
guns, C pt. Hull, was at the last dates at
Annupohs, d unci round to Nexo-York. The
Chesafedi-c 36, is now repairing in Boston!
and the Constellation *»f the same force in
Washington- The John Adams, Capt. Lud
low. 24 guns, anal die Nautilus brig of 12,
C , Crane, are now in Boston ready lor
sea. e.-udes these, the Siren, of 16 guns,
Capt. Bainbuidge, the Enterprize, of 12,
Capt Blakeley, and the Vixen, of 12, Capt.
Gadsden, are also in readiness. On the ex
ertions of this naval force to give to our
menaced Commerce all ihc protection in its
power, we have the most perfect confidence,
and lament it is not infinitely greater. All
that valour, akill and patriotism can do, will
be done; audit the mercantile community
shall sutler loss, no imputation could justly
fall on the navat officers of our country, for
whose success in its protection, they have
the best wishes of every American citizen.
From Washington, June 20
“ The Double Duty Bill lus been before
u this day in Committee of the whole, and
their report accepted in the House by a ma
jority of 17. Its pasoge is expected on
Monday. The Prize Bill is on it* passage
A Resolution Ins been refered to a Commit
tee, which goes to prohibit the exportation
and importation of goods, produce, tec in
any other than vessels of the Ututed States /*’
salem, June 26.
The Secretary of State lias formally
notified Mr. Foster of the Declaration
of War, and he of course has demand
ed and r ceived his passports. Th«
British Consuls are to be allowed to re
main six months.
Light Hundred Seamen from Salem
are at this time exposed to the enemy \
300 from Beverly ; and the Marble
head fishermen ate generally upon the
banks, but a despatch vessel has sailed
to gi\e the alarm.
The day on which the Declare.i >n ol
War was receiv.d in Boston, was dis
tinguished with the usual mark ol
mourning by our suffcringSEAMEN, who
hoisted the colours at half mast on
board almost every vessel in the harbor.
s * The Legislature of Aew* York has re
. quested the Governor of that Stale to
s appoint thu 20th of July as a*day of
Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer.
*j B\TU, jiTne 20, 1812.
* I David loner y of Fairfield, County ol
> Somersytt, was arrested in this town
f oi» a complaint of Benj. White, of
* Salem* lor stealing Goods from on
boa?d the Ship Lxettr, lately arrived
I there—-after being examined before a
: Justice who ordered him committed, he
* made several attempts to escape and
■ once nearly effected it, but was taken
again, and with the Officer and two
■ aids were crossing the Ferry for the
» purpose of taking him to Goal at Wis*
icasset, he drew the Officers pistol front
the boot of the chaise and shot himself
through the body ami expired immedi
i itdy.
Monday, June 29, 1812.
Urur 1—In the preceding page will
be found the President’* war message to
tiie two Houses of Congres, a declara
tion of war against Great-Britain, and
the President’s Proclamation -upon
which we forbear any comment of our
own for the present to give place to the
remarks of other editors.—Here they
follow :—
“ Thou hast done a c ed, whereas Valor
•will wee ft.'*
Without fund*, without ta\“s, without an
arrr.y, navy, or adequate fortifications, with
one hundred and fif y millions of our prop
erty in the hands of the declared enemy,
without any of his in our power, and with a
vast commerce afloat, our rulers have pro
mulgated a war, against the clear and deci
ded sentiments of a vast majoiity of the na
tion. As the consequences will be i soon
felt, there is no need of pointing them out
to the few, who have not sagacity enough
to apprehend them. Instead of employing
our pen in this dreadful detail, we think it
more apposite to define ite the course we
are determined to pursue, as long as the
war shall last. VVe mem to represent in as
strong colors as we are capable, that it is
unnecessary, inexpedient, ai.ti entered into
from partial, personal, and as we believe,
motives bearing upon their front marks of
undisguised foreign influence, which can
not be mistaken. — *Ve mean to use every
constitutional argument and every legal
means to render as odious and suspicious to
the American people, as they deserve to be,
the patrons and contrivers of .his highly iin
politic and destructive war, in the fullest
persuasion, that we shall be supported and
ultimately applauded by nine tenths of our
countrymen, and that our silence would be
treason to them.— We detest and abhor the
endeavours of faction to create a civil con
tent through the prettxt of the foreign war,
it has rashly and premeditately commenced,
and we shall be ready cheerfully to hazard
every rhing most dear, to frustrate any u
surpation leading to the prostration of civil
rights, and the establishment of a system of
terror and proscription, announced in the
government paper at Washington, as the
inevitable consequence of the decisive
measure now proclaimed: We shall cling
to the righis of a freeman, botji in act and
opinion, till we sink with the liberty of our
country,or sink alone. We shall hereaf
ter as heretofore unravel every intrigue and
imposture, which has beguiled or may be
put forth to circumvent our fellow ci izens
into the toils ofthe great earthly enemy of
the human race. We are avowedly hostile
to the presidency of James Madison, and we
never will breathe under the dominion di
rect or derivative of Bonaparte, let it be ac
knowledged when it may. Let those who
cannot openly adopt this confession, aban
don us, and those who can, we shall cherish
as Iriends and patriots, worthy of the name.
Balt. Fed. Ftp.
We are called upon, this day, by imperi
j ous duty, and a public act of the constituted
anthorities, lo “ proclaim, a deed, vikercat
valour v. :U veep'*—an act totally unnecessary,
inexpedient, and impolitic, and calculated,
in our opinion, not to procure a red, ess of
grievances from Greai-13riiain ; but o aid
f ranee in her subjugation of the British
Em, ue ; anti to destroy the growing wealth
ar.d influence of the New England Slates.
These sentiments we have no hesitancy m
maintaining ; and were a Convention to be
cklled by the patriots and sages of the dif
ferent States, (which we hope to God will
be) we believe there would not be a voice
in tavour of the measures now pursuing by
our government. * Without funds, without
■axi s, without ail army, navv, or adequate
ion ifioations, with 150 millions of our prop
erty in the hands of the nation we are seek,
ing to oppose ; without any of theirs in our
power ; and with a vast commerce afloat on
die ocean, it is madness in the ext erne to
resort io hostility ; still, with all these cir
cumstances staring them in the face, and
against the clear and decided sentiments ol
a vast majority of the nation,’ they have had
the temerity to declare War; and to ap
peal to the Suj rente Being, whose doctrine j
tney abuse, and tt> their country, whose in.
tcresis and welfare they have abandoned, for
! the|reetiiude of,their cause. For ourselves
we can see nothing in the act but a com
plete subserviency and obedience to the
mandates of France ; and consider our coun
try as now basely and ignommiously sokl ta
the tyiant and ft H destroyer of the world—
as being bound and covenanted to support
all his measures—and at last, when impov.
enshed like Holland, and d< graded like
Prussia and Austria, of becoming ihe final
vicim to his lust of power and domination
It was to have been hoped, that the guv
eminent before they declared War against
■ England, would have permitted our unof.
fending merchants to get home their aliips,
money and merchandize ; but the favour
could not be granted ; wid the advocates ot
war justify this step?—Will they attempt
to shew its policy ?—Will they prove, that
a nation, lo be prosperous in war, must first
bs made poor !—Let the people think of
these matters, and express heely their
, thoughts.—Basiorf Gazette.
Town Meeting*-l'he present
gloomy state of our country is giving
, i ne to meetings of the people to ex
press their sentiments. Danvers, Bev
erly, and Ipswich, in the county of Es
sex, have called meetings ; and a coun
ty convention is called in Hampshire.
! On \\ ednesday last the citizens ot Sa
lem assembled in town-meeting, draft
ed, adopted, and forwarded a Memorial
to the House of Representatives ol this
Commonwealth, praying that honorable
oody to use all the means which the
Constitution has placed in their hands
to avert the impending calamities of
war The following is an extract from i
their memorial :—
“ To your Memorialists such a war
will be peculiarly distressing ; their loss
of property will be immense ; but this
consideration, weighty as it ’S, is not to
be compared with the afflicting circum
stance, that E ght Hundred of their sea
| faring townsmen are now abroad, de
fenceless, and exposed to alt the suffer
I ings incident to unexpected capture and
i imprisonment; while their wives and
| families at home will he overwhelmed
with poverty and wretchedness When
your Memorialists therefore contem
plate the incalculable distress which
will ensue from this war—a war which
in their opinion is demanded neither by
necessity, policy, nor justice, and which
will essentially qonfribute to aid the gi
gantic designs of the Desfiot of France
against the Commerce and Liberties of
the world ; when they consider that in
the prosecution of it the remnant ol the
resources of our common country must
be exhausted, and the liberties ol the
citizens put at hazard ; above all, when
they reflect, that a necessary conse
quence will be an Alliance of this ris
ing Republic with the most despotic
government the world has yet witness
ed, their emotions are livo fiowtrful for
It is said the choice cf lectors in
j Newhampshire is to be H. General
| Ticket —FaLu (turn.
The members of 'lie Portland Rifle
Company fired at a Target on Friday Ust,
for several medals and prizes—The firs
match was between the first and secon-J
platoons and won by the former.—The se
corn! was fora prize medal, to the best shot
in the company and won by Leonard Grijp'i.
—The third f o t ie same, and won by Geo.
A It ho* this mode of fifing is not a jest cri
terion at all times to decide the question of
the best marksmen, it nevertheless is pro
ductiveof that emulation which is calculi
ted equally to improve the members in the
art of “ Slurp Shooting.” The distance*,
were 12, and afterwards 20 Rods—The iren
erality of the shots were from 2 1 4 to 1_
Inches from the centre of the Target at arms
length. •
(0* A Communication on the subject of
War, is received ; but a crowd of other
matter prevents its sppe»r»nce this day.
MARRIED—In 'his town, by the Rev.
Mr. Payson, Rev. Daniel A. Clark, of Wey
m«uth, to Miss Elizabeth darker.
From the Newark Centtntl, June 23.
Awful and afflicting Providence—It is ou
most painful duty to ann- unce the death ol
Mrs. SARAH GUMMING, consort of the
Rev, Cooper Cumming of this town On the
last Sabbath, Mr. Cumming was appointed
to preach at l\*u rson, to supply a vacant con
g.egaiion. Mrs C accompanied him. On
the morning following, (yesterday) as wa^
very natural, Mr. and Mrs. C went to view
the Falls. We understand, that after as*
tending the precipice on the north west
side of the bason, and whilst viewing and
conversing about the majestic works of na
tute. Mr C’s. face was for a moment, turn
ed fi 'm his amiable consort,—when, in at
instant, awful to relate—she was gone ! —
She had fallen down the awful precipice ! —
Her body was lodged in the watery gul I
below—and her spirit fled to God its Ma
ker!—Imagination cannot conceive, or per
record the horrors of the scene—Ah how
transitory is human life !—What a warning
have we in this alarming Providence, to bt
alwu>s ready for death.—In the midst c
youth—in the midst of health—in compart)
with her beloved and tender husband—am
endeared to a great number of friends ant:
acquaintance, is this amiable woman callei
from time to eteri i y. tow awful true it is
“ that in the midst of life we are in death V’
THE Proceflion for the Town Celebra
tion of the Fourth or July, under the efcor
of the Portland Ritle Company and the Port
land Artillery, will be formed at Walhingtoi
Mechanic Hall precisely at 11 o'clock 4 M. oi
that day An Oration will be pronounced b]
Charles S Damirs, Efq .appointed by th<
Selectmen of the town for that purpofe. Mil
itary Officers are requefted to appear io uui
form. -
Subfcription Papers for the Town Cel
ebration of the approaching Anniverfary. an
left at the United Marine Fire I«far once Offs-t
and at Jonathan Stuart's (lore, in Fore ftreer.—
The Inhabitants cf the toyru, generally, wh
are inclined to unite in this ce'ebration, an
requefted to call and fubferibe their names a*
foon as convenient, that the Committee ol
Arrangements may know in due feafon, what
number of dinners to engage.
Fourth of July.
THE approaching anniversary of
American Independence, will be cele
brated at Fryeburg by the NVashingto
nians of that place and vicinity.
Mr. William Narrows, jun. is
appointed to deliver an Oration.
Procession is to remove at Eleven
o’clock A M from the house of Lt.
James Osgood, to the meeting house
I § 5
r <? -
$ J
I 2
Goldfmith and Jeweller, Exchan^1
Street, Portland,
TNF0RM3 hi% friend* and the pliWtt that hr
* hat juft received a general altar Unent
goodt, among which are,
Corncahan and gold Ear Knob* lad Dropl.
of the neweft faftvoo ; Ear Hoop*, Ac, Cor
nelian and GoW Watch key* ; plated Caltorf
and Caodleftick*; Britannia Tea, 6'u^af, t«oJ
Cream Pott; Miniature Frame*
A good ajfor tme >t of
Penkcivct, Razor* Sci(Tort, Turtle Shell ju. !
other dreifmg Cowibt; variety of Japand
Ware ; poiifhedTin Coffee Pott, Ve. t5*c to
ge her with every article u In* line, which wili
be fold a* cheap a/ elfewhere.
He alio continue* the different branctet ti
hit protcihon with prompted*. Any work
made »o order at the fhorieft notice Woric
faithfully repaired with d*lpatch and every
favor gratefully acknowledged.
N B Country Trader* will be f«pp!t«£
with Goodt at a liberal dikount.
June 29.
II ESpectful'y informs the Public that he htl
* taken the ftore in Fore ftreet, oppent*
Deac- Beck’*, where he has commenced *&d in
tends carrying on the buhuelsof
I Copper Smith, Plumbing and founder~
vig in executing Ccmpcfition, Cop
pert Braand Lead work.
Jit/o—All kind* of Ship Work in hit line
done in the neat ell manner On hand an af
fortmeut oi tin ware which will be fold on
real -nabte terms
Punctua attendance will be given and ever f
favor gratefu l acknowledged -
Portland “Jnr. *29. (tf)
At S. Par tin's Boik-ftere,
L heading Pr ze o the Grand Harvard Col
lege Lotte, y, .nay he had fer the fmail fum
of D 5 — 1 he ia;e* of Ticket* in this cUs
have been fo rapid, that ir w.ll draw a month
earlier than the time appointed.
^ few Undrawu Quaker* in the Diiville;
The high Pnze of D 10,000 will be drawn
this afternoon
N B — ft and 2d part of the !8 h volume
Ree’* Cyclopedia it received—the ift part of
19 h voi expeiled in a few days iuhfcri
hers will have the guoduels to call and take
their numbers. yunt
[JE21K1AH WINSLOW ha. Juft received
•t.d for tale ar No. 3, Long Whart,
534 bbls. Superfine Flour
4 I bhl*. Fine do.
BP ha'fbbl* Superfine do.
N B -The above Floor is warranted to hi
of the lirft quality. June 29.
11,’ILLIAM HYDE 13* CO have juft rg
' ceivcd aud fo- fale at their Book Store-,
two doors South of the Poll Office, a large
9 Jitioaal fuppiy of
Books CS* Stationary,
making a complete afTortment ,* among whicf
are the work, of Rev Dr Bellamy, S ’»o?s Svo *
Dr Buckanan.s works, Artnftrbng’s enlarged
edition; Sacramental Selections , Practical
Piety, Harvie's Commucjcsati Companion,
W aits on Communion, Healing W* er.of Ba
thctda, a uew Sermon by Dr. Buckanan. tfc.
t5'c- compi-iliMg a moft every new aud inter*
efting work published in New England. AI«
fo, Paper of various kinds and prices by the
ream or lets quantity. Quills, inkftands, Ink;
powder. S'afe». Wafts Pocket Booaa by the
doieu or Engle, Lead Pencils. D awing Paper.,
Paint Boxes, Hair Ptvciis, and every other
kind of Stationary articles ; Webfter s Spelling
Book Lyman • \merirau Reader, and Emer
fon‘s Evangelical Primer hy the hundred, doi
i or Engle, all kinds of School Books by the do*
or Engle, with which fchools and traders io
town and country can be furnilhed on as good,
terms a* can be had in fiofton, Portland or
I hey have alio for talc by the grofs, dozen
or fiug'e, Indelible Ink for drawing aud mark
mg on linens cottons, tSY with a pea, warran
ted to be as good at lead as any ever ufed, it
, will make the fioeft hair ftrokeand not fpread
in the leaf! Drawing may be executed with
this ink or. fine linen or cotton cloth* in the
moft elegant manner Perfonsare relpectfuliy
invited to procure and try it, and if it does
, BOt prove as good as is represented, they may
return it and receive their money again*
Book Binding
in all it* branches executed on good term*, and
1 in the beft and moft e eganr manner. B ank
t Books of every delcnption conftantly on hand
- or made on fhort no ice In every branch of
, their buftnefs they will poCtive'y give as good
terms to thofe who favor them with their cuf
tom at can be had at any other Bookftore in
New England. They gratefully acknowledge
the encouragement they have received Cnee
they commenced buEcefs and refpectfuily fo’i
C * future patronage.
Ba:h, June 29,1 8i 2.
Bthe fubfcriher, in Falcnou'h, near tbt
ver Prcfumpfcot Bridge, a Red CCW,
* a a white face ar-d tail, abour fix years old.
The owner is defired to prove proper’y, pay
charges and take her away—Enquire of
June 20, 1812. # (29J
^OTICE is hereby given that the fubferi
ber ha* been duty appointed, Adminiftra*
iris, on the eflare of
(ate of Portland Merchant, deceafed Inteflatc
-»nd has given bond as the (aw directs. All #
perfons hiving a y juA demands againft laid
eflare are requeued to prefent (he lame to lb*
fubferiber for atijuAment; and at! who are in
any manner ind**‘»t«i to laid eftatt are reqaei* 4
ed to make immediate payment to
June ?S, i8l2.
P S, Unlefs the demand* due (aid efrat*
•re adjnlted and paid without delay cbey
ie ieti wi b Dudley I'-dJ, Efq for collection
la all iti brinrhe* executed at tb#

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