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Portland gazette and Maine advertiser. (Portland, Me.) 1805-1818, June 29, 1812, Image 4

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N* 3,U*nm R»w, AltT'Ie find,
bell Havanna Sugar in bo**t
Hyfon and So«vho«g Teas, of a foperio
Good retailing 1 abaeco,
W I R « by hhd.
Philadelphia Gm,
pepper and Pimento by bag %3t, e
Al'O—a iman additional ftoek of l*d,* Gao*
til which will be fold at reduced pnees
Portland, y*»< 15.
Dixville Read Lottery,
d now drawing, and the followiag riel
prze* are in the wheels, vis.
8 of 200
65 of 100
80 o 50, ff«.
1 of D 10,000
S of 1,000
1 of 500
Uudrawn Tickets at 6 dolls Quarters 1,6!
For laie at S PATTENS Lottery Office and
Book ftore ; where may he (ten a lift of th
Blanks and Prizes in tbit and the New \ork
Lottery Pr ze Tickets will be received in
payment for uudrawn Tickets The follow
ing numbers have drawn prise-, of D 7, and
we* e told at the abuve ctfke, v.z —3556, 359 •
SJ97, Hill, n ‘72, 11 *”8, I I ’98, 1*309,
|23 9, 1*357, 12367, 12392, »2785, 1279J
12t96 Jmne 15,
Enoch Moulton,
FT AS juft received a new aud elegant af
* *■ fortment of
Tortoise Shelf Combs,
for fate as cheap as can be bought in towo
Co-partnerjhip l or men.
»pH£ fubfmiber* would inform their Friend*
* and cuftomer* that they have formed a
connection in the
Boot isf Shoe-Making Bujincfs,
Under the firm of
Al ikcftgD of the Boot nearly oopoSie the
Blaine Bank, Exchange ftreet, Portland—
where Gentlemen's Boot* and Shoes— Mfo,
Ladie* Shoe* of every deferiptiou are made at
the ffiorteft notice iu a faithful and workmau
like manner.
On hand a general aflorimewt of Gentle
men* BOOTS aud SHOES—Ltkewife Ladies.
Miffe# and Children’* shoe* of every defenp
tion A lfo 500 pair Morocco 7hoes of which
Traders in general can be lupplied on reaion
able term*.
Juft received Lom the Factory at ( hauel
town, SO doe Morocco ano Kid Skins, of va
riou coh'ur* which will be told as cheap a*
caLbe had at the Factory. CuUomers will
rleate i ca l and examine for themtelve*.
N B —MIntich V PiiiD Later them
felves (tha by long eapei 'tnce to . the above
butiuet* ) they can give general fatisfaction to
a'l thole who may favor them wi-' Vip com
tn.iud« s^affure ;hem ibe "Idii attention will
be paid to cuftomer* a . every favor gta.e
fuliy acknow%cdged.
Junt 15. STtiPHEN HELD.
Dancing Academy.
f* C SOHAFFEK., refpedfc fully informs the
• Ladle* and Gentleman of Portland and
its vicinity, that he intends opening a School,
for the purpofe of indrudbug Mailers aud
NhfTe* m the polite accomplillimeiu of Dan
cing in all its variety, viz. the mod fashiona
ble Englifh and French Cotillion* tod Comra
Dances. Minue'i, Alamand*, Bailelts, Ganaud,
acd Fancy Donees, tS's.
School to be held at L**i•» Hull, Free Street,
every Wednefday and Saturday at eruoon,
from half pad 2 oclock to 7 ; to commence
cn Wedntluay next, Jtmie 17th—for further
particular* pleate to apply to F. C 6' at col J
Burnhams where iatulaclory rccummenda
tioos can be given
N B. —Varentsand Guardian* who will »a
▼or him with the tuition of their chnldren,
may rely that no pain* will be fpared in bring
ing them forward in all the polite and morJ
accomplilhmeut* of Dancing
•§» Ladies and Gentlemen who wifh to take
private infLuvl on* in Dancing, or practice
the mod faftuouable Cotilion* aud Contra
Dances, pleafe to apply as abovemtniioncd.a*
he will t»e happy to wa ton them at their
houie*, or at the Academy at any hour that
may bed fuit their convenience.
iy- Any Academy or Boarding School that
wilh for ao iudrucL*, will p!eafe apply a* a
boveotastn ned. *ttPe 13.
Snbfcription paper* for Mr. SchatFer i
Dancing Academy are left at the M F. and M
In* Office, the U. M. and F. ln», Office, and at
Gol Burnham’* tavern
A H.ufe to Sril or r.xckjngc,
\ LARGE and convech*ut Dwelling Houfe
very p’eafanty fi.uited in WWfflull
Maf» commanding a profpe«£k of the Town
and of Merrimacc River, faid liou'c i* Tw 1
ftorie» high bai lix rooms on the floor *:iJ lii
lodging chambers, and in excellent wed of wa
lei ia the houfe, fuiuble for walkmg A uevei
fails Haaan excellent Garden counted will
the houfe with a plenty of fruit trees, Cour
not Bullies fcc.
The above fi uatlon will be fold at a redn
ced ptice, and one half % ould be taken in \V
1. G> od«—or would be exchanged for a hanfi
in Portland—For further particulars Bnquin
iDgrahxTt • Wharf,
Port laud, June 1, 1812.
HALF of the corner Houfe fituated on th
corners of Federal ard Kiog ftreet, togethe
with a fmxH (hop and a large bam capable c
hdtfcrg 7 tons of hay a'oft, fruited on K'i:g
ftree(—The bam H well ca’cuiated for a Tub'
and t« hi an eligible frualica— Alft> one half o
a three-ilory houfe in Federal ftreet, next doo
above the one hr ft deferibed—Term* confer
mabie to th* frm*< For particulars, ot
t 1 fill)
%ie 1
rPHE fubfcriber* eefpeafoHy inform tMit
* friend* and the public that th-y Lavt
uti r
public that th y Lave
formed a connetflion in bufmefs under the
firm of MASON W MOODV, aud taken the
new Store lately eredled on Federal Corner,
oppoGte the one formerly occupied by laid
Mafun, where they offer for (ale a general af
fortmeut of
Weft- India Goode if Groceries ;
among wh’ch are the fo!low«ng
Cogniac Brandy
Holland Gin
American do
Jamaica Spir ti
St. Croix Rust
Antigua do
I.lib <n, &
Malaga _
Aunileed Cordial*
Cider Viot'tr
Hyfon “ "J
Voutig Hyfon, j
Hyton fktn, ^ ^
Suuchoug and j c/i
Bohea J
Loaf, l ump,”) £2
L o
white *reA »
Cho#olaie Shell*
Rice; Pepper
Cafk, box aud drum
Turkev Fig*
Enghih Muftard
Poland Starch
Table Salt
Yfindfor and bar Soap
Mould and dip’t Can
Entry Mats
Hearth and floor
Sieve Bottom*
Logwood ; Redwood
Fultick ; Allum
Copperas ; Sulpher
Indigo l^clcar Pork
Flour ; ■Coffee
MoJaffe*; Cod and
Pollock Filli
Corn Broom*
Shoe Brulhe*
Rye and Indian Meal
dec. &c.
Ginger ; Nu.meg*
Clove*; Pimento *
The above Goods are of a good quality and
will be f^id on reafonable term#
Families at the north end are invited to call
and purchate their (lores, as they will fave a
loBg wa'k aud get tbcir goods as cheap as
elfe where* ANDREW MASON.
May 11. 00
0 A CHILD !! !
Aged 5 year* near Hanover, wa* covered
With boils' and u'cers, Several of which had
eat down lo the ribs, attended with itching*,
burnings 5cc. the parents alter having tried j
tnofl thing* without eliect was prevailed on to
ry Dr Relje's Botanical Drops /
when to the aflonifhment of the parents the
child wat cured by taking 3 bottle*. An old
Gentleman aged 13 wa* 40 years afl! cted with •
a violeut humor attended with to mentmg
itch ng*, burnings dec. in one of hi* leg* ; haal
tried every thing ; had applied for medical ad
vice ; was refigned as part relief ; after taking
5 bottle* wa* crureJ. A ycniug Lady had a
violent humor in her bead and face attended
with mod violent itching* dec.—wa* cured by
taking 4 bottle*.— Thete drop* are a radical
Cure for Salt rheum, lep*cfy, scrofula, scurvy, e' up
ti.ns, p.mpleifleet, fort leg i and ey*s, vent-ianl taints
(vrben menuty Lis failed,) and all infant*! if the |
blood and juices [ are tie Left tf,r,ng a*d autumnal j
p'.ync, may given to children nvitb perfctl fajety
Price * dollar. Aji for ** Dr Ke fe# 3o |
tauical Drop*1 none are genuine unless ‘>£*<1
" W T. Conway’* No 5 Green flreet, Bolton,
and retailed by fpecial appointment by
Stephen Patten, Bookfeller,
Exchange Hsect, Portland, j
Babfon, Wifcaflet ; Goodaie. liallowell ; Ellis,
Augufta. W. Sewall Port office, New Brunt
wick ; Todd, Saco ; Tappan, Portsmouth ;
Thomas dc Whipple, Newiurryport; H Whip
ple, Cuthiog and Appleton Salem ; Gtealon,
NtW Bedtord and rnoft Drugelts and Book
ie'ler* of respectability throughout the U. ,3.
xi'here may be Lad Dr. Relft s Aromatic female pdlt,
for obflructious &c. and which are equally
conducive hi the health of married ladies unless
takenpregnant at which time they muft not be
taken Dr. Hunters celebrated Pills, a certain
lafe and expeditious cure for all ftages of the
veueriai ddcale, full directions and deicriptious
of lymptom* fo that perfous of either lex may
cure theml'el^es with fecrecy, accompany each
box; if taken within 6 Hour* are a certain
preventative. Pr>ce 1 doliar. fa" Afk for
“ Dr. Hunter’s Pills” none are genuine unlest vgn
id 11 W. 1' Conway” l« parts, ular ! firitifb
Chemical L. quid Blacking in Glass Bottles, Price
1 dollar which needs but a trial to prove it*
fuperiority to mod other coropolitiou*. Boat
Top Keflofer, a beautifier v hich remove* ad fpots
ftain«, l5*c aud reftorfs the Top to its oi igmal
colour without injury to the leather, Price 50
ffcj* Conway’s Lemmon Cyrup 1
One Bottle will make 3 or 4 Gallons of I em
onade or Punch equal in flavor to the fiueft
Lemon*; wilt keep in all climates for any
length of time—*-thofe who value heaitn will
not be without it during the Warn matter as
it not only enhilerate* ihe (pirit*, hu't at the
lame time cools the f; fleiu and aiiays thitft
thereby preventing Fever \dfc. Dr. Jehk's cel•
ebratei Lissament. for Rheumatilm, fprams, brui
fet, numbneis, ftiffnela in the joints, dec — I he
relief is immediate and were frequently in 24
hours, fa" Non: of the above are genuine unless
Jigned M W. T. Conway” be particular ! *.* A
liberal allowance to thofe w ho purchafc to fell
, again !
To Men of Patriotifm, Courage
and Enter prize.
Every able bodied nun, from the age of
*8 to 45 year*, who fluid he edited tor
tl,r A,»r the United states lor the term
* ot five vear», will be paid * >ouu y of
in addition to their RjU »*, Monthly pay and
CkMtomg ; and whenever he lhall have ierved
the terra for which he enified.and obtained
an honorable difeharge, fitting that he had
1 faithfully performed hi* duty whit 'i tn iervice,
' lie thall be allowed lod paid iu addition to
I the aforefaid b uaty Three mmibt pay and
i6o Acres of Land ;
' ’nd in cafe he fhou d he killed in a&iort or
. me in the fervtce, his hei-s and rcpreleuutives
iwill be entitled to laid three mouths pay and
| one huodrrd and futy acres of Land to he de
, fignated, furveyed, and laid off, at the public
; cxpeoce
^y. Healthy, adive boys between fourteen
and eighteen years of age will be accepted,
P ! provided they will bring the confent in wri
[ ting, from their parent* or guardians,
Rendezvous is opened in the chant*
t her over No 10 Haynarkt-t R re, in FUR l -
f ' LAND, where all who are deiirous of eater
r|ing the United States fervice to defend
- and futpport their country, may have an op
portunity bv immediate application^
CJfiat* '>d
r —
HAS for fate 65 ton* of SWEDES IRON,
wellaJJorteJ, tlai and fquare bar*.
Ain—A few ton* FAGCJO 1 IRON, fiat
I and Iquare. (t f) P»rtLmd% Dtc 2
INFORMS the public that he couiinue* to
* carry on the
Cabinet-Making Bufinefs,
at hi* (hop, head of Exchange utreer, uearly
oppoCce Mr. Robert Boyd’* Aore-where be
ha* conftantly for fale a varieiy of / •* *
TURK, made of good material* and tu a tattft- ,
ful aud tailnonable manner, on readable
term*. ^ r* JO n
WaNTFD to purchase,
A quantity of If atoned Birch ^
BOARDS—to pay iu Puruituie or Cam >t
cacred foon . 14
Wejl-India Goods and Groceries.
1.1 AVE record an addition.! lupp'y of
11 Weft-India Gods 6 Groceries
of the firft qnaliiy, and now offer them for
fale at th-eir (tore next door to the Po(t Office
a* cheap a* can be purchafed eifewhere.
They have a!fo for tale at llieir (lore at
Limerick Corner, a general affortuicnt of
hngli/b and Weft-India Goods,
on the nod reafonable terms
riaron Stanford & Ths Warren,
n ESPECTFULLY ioform their friends and
acquaintance that they have entered into
pJtrtnerihrp under the firm of
and commenced bufinefs at the ftore formerly
occupied by Mr. y&* Batuh, head of Ingra~°
Pirn's Wbarf tiere they offer for fale a gen
eral affortinent of
Wefi-India Goods, Groceries, iffc.
Which are of the firft quality and Will be
fold ou realonable terms.
C3* Ship*' Stores put up at tlx JJjort
efi notice. . (tit) Feb. 10.
Hat for fait, At No I, /,*■£• JPW
20 boxes Havanna browu Sugar#
60 cherts Souchong Tea
10 do Hyfon Skm Tea
50 bolts RuiUa Duck
50 pieces Raven’s do
20 bolts Enghili do
20 do Cotton do
10 hhds W I Rum
ISO bbls Mackarel
300 bHIs Mels, Caigo No. 1,2 & 3 Beef
100 bbls Pork
£0 hhds Mofafes
11,000 wt. Coffee
20*0 boxes Candles
200 boxes brown Soap
By the gaLg or fmali quantity
tfOR fale by the fubferiber, at his ftore m
Foft-flrict, uearly oppofite the head of
Long- IVl atf
Cognise Brandy
Bourdeaux do.
Hollands Gin
American d®
Did Jamaica Spirits
St. Croix do
Antigua do
Cherry Brandy
Effence Punch
Vidoua, |
Sherry, > WINES
Lifbon, St. j
Malaga J
foung Hyfon, I c*:
£ H
Hyfon Skin,
Souchong and j £ *
Havaua white, )
Brazil, and
Do. Shells
Nutmegs, Cloves
Caifta, Peeper
Ground do.
j j
’ f >
J w
Olive Oil
Brandy Fruit
Rice, OatMeal
Pearl Barly
JFrefli Figs
B'oom, !
Drum, St J
Clk J
Canary Seed
Wiofor & bar Soap
by box or retail
Mould dip d Can
dles, ditto ditto
Table Salt
Mats of ail kinds
Rotten Stone
Stone Jugs
Powder and Shot
Spanifli Cigars, fhfl
Connecticut Cheefe
Hard Ware, Bellows,
Shoe Brufhes, l5*f.t5V
pimento, Ginger
^ayeune. Milliard
The above Goods are all of the firft quality,
md will be fold on reafonahle terms.
N. B.~Merchants and Ship Matters may
>e (Applied with Cxbin or fliio Stores on rea
onable terms.—Alfo, Families may be fuppli
as low as can bputchafed in town, and
ettle their bills quarterly. Conftant atten
'ance, and every favor gra efully acknowl
I NFOH.MS their friend* and the Public that
1 thev have Amoved from Free ftreet to
their Neve Store in Back ftreet.n-ar the Court
Houfe—where they have on hand a variety
'of Cabinet Furniture—which they offer for
iale on reafonabie terms—They acknowledgt
pafl favor* and ioliot a couiiuuance of the
lame. Every attention to cult utter* in the
above branch of butiuefs, will be punctually
attended to.
W. /k S. H. Return the.r thank* to the
public for their liberal adidaoce, which they
have received with gratitude.__
American Manufactured Goods
. AV 7, R(m>- .
J OSEPH POPE, agent for Almy & Brcrtn,
of Providence, who keep him cor.flantly
fupplied'frotn their loug known and well ef
tablilhed Factory at Pawtucket, with a gen
eral affort meat of ^
American Cotton tioods,
Single Yarn tor Warp and Filhng
2 & S threaded white fit color’d Stocking • *t c
White aud colored fewing Cotton*
Ginghams—Chambrcy*—Bed Ticking,
^7* Shopkeeper* in town aud country at;
people in general who wi£h to furniih them
felves with the above articles, will b£ top
plied at the Factory ptitfs.
R;vine and Spinning Machine.
fPHIS vry important ar.J uefu! invention
A f0f Koving and Spuming Cotton *f d
Wool,haft beeu • retired to the tunicriber* by
Letters Patent. A» it is unpolBble to give an
adequate idea of machinery by deicription.it
may be fufficieat tu hate, that the Machine ia
very litnpie iu it» cooftrudioo and operaticmi,
aad not more liable to be pat cut of repa:r
than a common (pinning wneel, aud may be
repaired by any ordinary mechanic. It will
occupy about the lame room a* a bed : a child
may learn iu a lhort time to (pin from -4 to
36 tkeins in a day, with a machine of twelve »
ipinnies ; they nuy, however, bemcreafed to (
any delued number. The y am may be tpun to
any required iiee.aud that lift prelerved with
great eia&nelft If a perlon wiflie* to atcer*
tain the pfohts of a Machine of la fpintlles. he
may calculate
Spinning in theufual way,
300lkein#at 5 C. . D. 15
With the Machioe,thif will
require »0 day# labor at 2a 8 3.*
Balance in favour of the
Machine ® 11
Thi» is however a high eflitnate for women #
work j therefore a family who manufacture
100 yard* of woolen cloth in a year, wou d
lave about twenty dollar*.
1 he luhfcriber* have received from the
Paten ee an afFigutnent of “ the full and exclu
livs right of making, uling, and vending to
t> her# the ufe of” the above Machine in the
Dili net of Maine and ftae of MaiTachufctt*. >
Ferious wifhiug to purchale may ice a
Machine and lea u the terms, by application
to the lubferibert at No. l, Mulhey’ft Row,
Portland Levers mutt be pfi or they
will not be attended to—All perlon* are cau
tinned againft uhng the (aid Machine within
• he above Diftricft, as we will proiecute every
offender with the utmoll rigor of the law —
A generous reward wil he given to any perlon
wno will give u* information cf trtfpairer*
upo.4 the Patent, fo that a convidlion may be
Jum 22 _
HAS just received fresh French Goods,
consisting of elegant 5 4 and 6 4 Damask
and Levantine Silk Shawls; hue and com
mon Linen Cambrtks ; Ladies silk and kid
Habit Gloves ; Gentlemen* silk tin ; lLb
bunds ; Double Florences ,|Sdk Hose, gn t n
Umbrella Lustrings; Gentlemens Silk Uni
brellas ; Fans &c.
Al*o—First chop blue and yellow Nankin* ;
fancy Muslins ; Linens ; Best-Westot Lug
land Broadcloths ; tine factory Shining ; u<>.
Ginghams; Ladies Parasols; Calicos.,
black Crape ; tlo. Cambncks ; Canibnck
Muslins, some very ti: C „• Cotton Laces ; in
dia Cottons all prices ; black Peisian-> ;
Canton plaid silks ; do.,Black do ; Pongees ;
Canton Crapes ; white, red anil yellow i Ln
nels ; Blk. do ; Ladies wilt. & bine cotton
hose: Gentlemens Slate and mixed do i
Lace Veiling, 5 4 wice ; twdd Silks tor pe
hses ; fine and common Broadcloths ; do. do.
K-eisey meres ; red Broadcloths; white,
red and But! Kerseymeres for Military Gen
tiemen* Which together with his formet
s ock compose an asortment ut almost evei\
article usually enquired ior, J une 1.
0- ASTHMA ! !!
An aged lady of Bofton wat 16 years afflic
ted with an afthma, attended with violent
cough, difficulty of breathing, could not lay
down in her bed for years, was induced to
£> Dr. Rrlfe s Aftbmatic Puls /
when to her molt agreeaoie lurprite aud joy
on taking the firlt box the whole ot the fymp
torn* vamlhed. her deep wa* rellored, and on
finifhingthe lecond her health was petfetftly
eftablilhed. A young lady of Bolton was S
years afflicted with violent cough, pain in her
fide difficulty of breathiug, Ipmiug of blood,
and every iymptom of coulumpuou ; and was
cured by tatuug two boxes — tT" The above
was coufidered paft reliet ! lhele puls give
infant eafeiu dl cofJs, ecugbr, ajlLmas, J'jpuity cf
b-eatbrng, iigbtr.cn >J ibt cbcjit tonsumpt^n, b>,
■uLeezir.gr. IS*. Recent eoiA are removes s* a ftzv
bourt. The aged -willfind a rt.it/ equally agreeable
even ubin the lungs are ajfccttJ— .me L* containing
>2 pills frequently eflect a erne Price 1 doi
!ar. |j- Mj'tf* ** Dr. Keifes Aflhmaiic Fnls
none are genuine unless Jigned “ . T. Cou^ay le
particular l Prepared and foid wholeia e by
the sole propriety W. T Conway, No 5, Greeu
Street, Bolton, and retail by klr Stephen Pat
ten, Bookleller, Exchange ttree! PortLud, Bab
lou, WilcaMet ; Gooda^#, Hilbatll ; L is,
Augulla; Sew all, Poft Office, New Brunswick;
Todd, Saco ; 1 appan, Portfnjouth ; Thomas &
Whipple, Newburypert; luthiag & /^pple
ton, H Whipple Salens ; Gleafou New Bed
ford ; and molt drugiiis aud bookiellers of ref
pec, ability throughout the U S. where may
be bad Atbicn Corn Rlaiftr 1 his planter utver
caufes ;*»: leall pam, although it dillbives and
chaw* the corn out by the root, but gives itn
mediate eale a» loou as it is applied Cambrt- j
m Toctb A.be Jills Thele pi'la give in ft ant
eale in that moft painful malaoy the tooth ache, i
wit.u nt the lealt injury to the tooth which is
ioo ufien thg cafe with. many remethe*. Dr* j
ReltJ i Aromatic female f ills, for obftructions See ,
ann which are equally conducive to the health
of married ladie.? unit's when pregnant, a. wbuh
time they m«ft not be taken—S years erper
lence in America, together with SO years ex
perience in England have damped their ex
* # * Conways Lemon oyr up.
OiK bottle of this elegant campoficion will
make Sor 4 gallon* of Lemonade, e^uat in fla
vor to the fiuelt Lemon s—it not omy all&yi
third, prevent* fever, but cool* the lyileci and
eihi’eratea the lpifit*-“ no family ought to be
without it.
*#* Beauty and Elegance .
Can never be combined without white teeth,
and flored gums, both of which nwy be ob
tamed by tbe ule of the “ Bnttjb Antueptu Den
Urhef which not only render- black teeth
U.U but reltorei the original efflorescence to
the cum* at {he tametime tt impart# to the
breath tU mft dtkcuU* iwetmttt. tSr AJ* J“
‘ Brttifh vntifept c Dentifrice," •«.* g
in* unUtf JigntJ '* W r Conway t»t~Ucul*r!
«#» a .iberal allowance to thole who pur
chale to fell aga^n I
^^0 S Long wharf ha* for file,
lOboit* cl brft quality Havana Brow*
2 Toil of Ruffu Iron
A quantity of Liverpool Salt.
June 2*
TO Lhl[
A Dwulino House io P.umb fir**’, ar|
** two tmalUKOPi iopFore itree — Like wife
a futtab'e place for a Vi&uatiog Cellar, and a
flore on my Wharf, winch hai improved
by a Block Maker
>« 22
Valuable Efiate for Sale,
Situated in Falmouth, between thetw RquJi
running tri m Stroud water bridge to Bum*,
only live miles from Portland cophlting of*
bout two hundred and twenty five acre* of «,
good land as any in the C« un*ry under gu<5
improvement, well prop licned in ti age
mowing, pafturing, anti *. od and, with twy
Barns thereon almoA wol bold near
ly one hundred ton , * wedotgood wa
ter, pump aud oth*- veu r. i via the barn
yard for wa.eriuy an’ farm is wC
wa'ereW, and wouV -e two excellent fit mi
n it fronts each 1 atorelaiu Hoad*—Altt
all the flock, and i*r t uteufiS, occeffary for
carrying on faid far *> will be it Id With it, »*
agreeable to the pur *ier
For further particular* enquire of
SLOAN, hviug on the prcmUtvor ALLXr\N
• DFR B ARK, of Norihyarmouih
Fa'mou h. June ‘22, 1812
Alajj'acbujttts Mcuical Society.
\T th*- annual mef< mg of the Fe'lows oftht
Maffjibuttttt Meakal ' catty, CD the 3d oi
Jure an ingenious difterta ion on the fuljeet
of C/rauche Tra heaii? or Croup, was deitv.
ered by Dr Hft ll of Leommfter.
T^e Mlowmg gentlemen were elected Com*
fe lor* ‘ox (he fol owing year, v:z t—
lift id f . mffu.k — Ducton Hayward, Town
fend, Warren, Weliffi, Erviog, Deiter. Spooner,
Fleet, Rand, jun. Bahard, Coffin, Dixwetl,
Jackfoa, ShunlcfF and Warren juu.
Diftria »/ F-JJex—Doctor# Hnlyokc. Fillier,
Sawyer, Kutredge, Tteadwell, Oliver. Prelcott,
Pick, mao, Gardner, of Lynn, Cleveland.
D ifit id of Mfodleft*—Doctors Brook*. Bar:
let , Hurd, Gamage, Filke, Bancroft, Thuraa*,
Hey wood.
Dtjtnd of IVo>cefitr— Doctor* Fiike, Otgoud,
Babbit, Hatkell, Whiton Flint, Alien
Dijitid cf Htmfjb >e— Doctor# Brewer,
Starkweather, B-yant, Howe, Holland.
Diftnti of £e- ijcttt'— Doctors Chddi, Sargent
Towner Burghardt.
DiJirMef iW/,/*—Doctors Tu ts, Holbrook,
Mann, Hartiert, Kiciiardlon Miller.
DifU id <f Piym Lit—Doctor* Fhachcr, Stulj,
Orr, Hay ward
Di/in.t f Bfi/lui—Doctor* Perry, Godfrey.
■Uifiioj Yak—Doctor* Hajfceltine, Enief*
marid cf Cumtii lanJ— Doctors Mitchell)
Diftnd of k'nntks Doctor* Coney, Page,
Parker Mami.
JjiflrtQ if Lincoln, Hancock and ^•/iinrton—
Doctor* Adam* of H'.> >Jlt, Brown, S ot v
■ The Counfelors at their meeting cn t!it
1th of June elected the following officers
JOSHUA FISHER, J'.ct Preflic it.
Csmsor?—David Towpifend,Thoroa» Welili,
Aaron Dexter, Jofuh Bartlett, William Spoon
Thomas Welih, Correfponding Secretary.
John C Warren, Recording Secretary.
John Flee:, Librarian.
John G Coffin, Treafurer.
CrMjone cf ihe Diftrict Society of Wore#*
ter—Oliver Ft lie, Josaihan Olgood. Th* mas
Babbit, Abraham Haikell, Aulho Hint.
The following gentlemen have been admit*
ted Fellows of the Society in courie, during the
paft year, vi*.
Henry H Child*, Pittsfield—John GrefUj
Woreeftvr—Benjamin James, Bofton—Andrew
Nichols, Danverte—Nathaniel Peab dy Salon
—George C. Shat'uck, Bofton—iawread'
Sprague Mewburyport.
The following gentlemen have been elec
ted Fellows during the laft year, v.t.
Moses Adams, hlfworth—Wm Alpinwa »
jr Brookline—Abial Hall, Alfred—Pearfott
Keodail, Sterling—I.aac Mullikm.Townlend—
Jonathan Shearer, i aimer—IiFacher Snell,
Winthrop—Silas Wheelock, Shrewsbury—
John WiFianis, Cambridgeport •
Ihe following have been admitted Licea
tia.e* to the practice of Medicine, viz.
Ephraim Buck, Woburn—Moles H. Ehot,
Andover—George Hayward, Bofton—Paul
L Nichols, Freeport—Uiher Parfooe, Alfred—
John Revere, Bofton—Benjamin Reed, Town*
fend—Peter St. Medard, Bofton— Jofeph Stone,
Shiewbury—Silas Weft, Tilbury
The Counfellors have determined that a
perfect knowledge of the following works,
ihall t e coufi leaed indifpenfible for Candt*
dates for esamma ion by the Ccnfori, viz
Anatomy - Edinburgh Syftem of Anatomytc‘
Belli; Auatomy ,
Ih fMgy— Haller’s PbyOology , Boerbaavt*
Inlliuies. ,.
Cb.m,/try—Chaptal’s Chemlftry, or Henry*
Chemit ry.
.. . . j n j _ OturflU"
lYiuiet;n i
copos a of he .vlafTachufett* Medical Society
Thatcher'• Difpenta ory ; Lewi*’* or Murfay1
Materia Mecbca ..
Smrgfy— Cooper’* Surgery; Bell* (Bco;
Sylleni cf .surgery ; Default or Boyer oa lo
cale* of the Bones; Hamer (John) on Lufl
Venerea -4
Midwife,,—Burn’s Anatomy of the Grav.a
Uterus ; Deutnan * or Smithes M dwitery.
Patbol gy aui Tbtrafftu,- Cullen*
do, KritUneti Tboma,’ Practice of PhyfiC .
Sydenham • Work*; Saunder* on the Liver ,
Curry on Water, Rufli’* Work.; Underwood
on Diieale*of Chiidien
Ik fide* the above the, Councilor. have re
commended for the perufal of Student* cfVeOr
ictue a lift of the moft important med.ca worM
which may be teen by application to the ac
cording Secreta-y
PMAtdby Order,
J c. WARREN, Recording Secretary*
• Thofe who have not eiprefsed their »*
cepanre a*e 00; confidercd lellow* J
Law* of he Society*
June 22

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