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Mediants, Dye-Stuffs, Paints, &'c.
^ir.\ of the Goldkx Moutab Head of Long
IO n Uarf l ore Street, informs their irieiiiis and
the public, that the) have just received an addi
tional Mipp'y «>f
together with a very jrrii**r«I nnd extensive assort
—-AMONG which are —
Best London dry White Lead
Ditto ground in oil, in kegs of dilferent sizes,
W'Qi ranted pure
Red Lead—.Spruce Yellow—Spanish Brown
Y enetian lied—Whiting—Verdigci^—»do O round
Crooie \ el low—Vermillion—Gun. Copal
Shellac—"dip Blue—LINSEED Oil.
Spirits of Turpentine—Paint Bru*he.*, kc. kc.
Ail kinds of miiCd Paints for House and Hi ip
Floor Paints properly prepared by ‘■econd gi hid
ing of colours to suit the pttichaser
lAiso various c Jours, suitable for Water P tint
fA Entry Walls—Chamber—kitch i«, Ac. at
small espouse—together with almo*t eveiy aiticle
usually kept in a PAIN I Sl t)Kf .
*** The Painting Business
carried on by M.ftpisci, h« ostiql, who will at
tend to the Painting of Houses, Vessels, Hgns, kc.
at short notice.
T7* Cush giV£nfor FLAX £EED.
Portland, April 27. (fw)
Turtle Shell Hair Combs and Pa
tent Time Tiues.
TXAS just received a handsome assortment
of Turtle Shell HAIR COMBS from the
largest to the smallest sizes.
A number of Elegant Patent TIME PIECES.
June 11.
Copartnership Formed.
T 4* E. HOOLE, inform their friends and
Mhe public they have taken into copartnership
w ,H. .7. Q.UINCY, hikI that the lhisiness in fu
ture will be conducted under the firm of
Who offer for sale. A General Assortment of
West India Goods and Groceries,
hy Wholesale or Retail, as low a* tan be purcha.*
ed to town. J>SK1*H HOOLE,
W >1. J. UliiNCY.
Portland, May 14,1819.
ALL persons indebted to the late firm of
J <£• £• HOOLE,
eitbet by note or account, of long standing, are re
quested to make payment of the same before the
fir-t day of July, or tneir demands will be left with
am attorney for collection ffiw.l May 14
JJulMt Street, u tar llu Bank of Portland,
HAS j uni received from .New Y trk, (imported
hy William Cobbett, E-q ) UU i A BAG A
>1ANZLE WlTRZLE&c. *< .
(L7* Various sorts of J KASS SEEDS Gratis.
ClMBI. lL* XD, SS.
Taken by Execution and to be sold at Public
Auction, on THURSDAY the 8th day oj
July next, at three o'clock, P i.M. at the
dweting house of Samuel A. Piocter, in
ALL the (tight in Equity of redemption which
John Gordon has in ami to the following
de?c abed mortgaged ».-aI estate, situated in said
Westbrook, bouruled a- follows, tiz. Beginning
at a -take standing on ••a-icr ly side of the road
leading i om Naccarappa toWindhaul,which stands
fony tee* north vvesieL from the westerly Corner
ol a lot of land belonging to the laie Nathaniel
Freeman ; i If Mice north seventy nine degrees east,
eight rodj and mlf to a stake standing in a line
between then premi es and land c nveyed by
Joihu t Webb 10 John Gordon and Archtlaus Lew
is ; thence no* tb thirty degrees west by said Lew
is and Goid mi’s land to a stake sanding directly
opposite to the cent.e of the entiy leading thro
the dwelling hou-e standing ou the premises ;
thence westeiJy to tfn middle *f the said entry
and througl the middle ot the same to the pmli
tiou in the same ; thence north westei ly by said
partition to «. e partition between the front on each
rooms in the northerly part of said house ; thence
northeasie ly by said partition to the northwes.
terly end ot said hou«e ; thence ocntiuuing the
samecourse to a stake Standing twent sixty fee
fr *n» the northwesterly end of said hou-e ; thence
south sixty degree? west t.» the road afuresuid ;
thence southeasterly by sa I road to the first
bounds, with that part of the bcii-ci standing on
the premises and all thu privileges thereto be
longing. also the Wood on Idmg staid,ng part
ly on ihe land above de cubed, ar.d partly on land
Conveyed to said Archelau- Lewis and John Gor
don, with the use ot the bach entry and stairs, in
common with the other owners cf »Le same, and
the cellarway leading from the out side of the house
to Hie cellar undei the other part of said hou.-e to
that part of tbe cellar under the premises, it being
the taitie property John Gordon ueirtgagrd to
Thomas limvvne. of Portland, balance ,non due,
four thousand two hundred an J thirty m V n dol
lars and fifteen cents.
G 1HDNKH VVAIvKF.lt, Deputy Sheriff.
W-’sthr >ok. June 4 1819.
AT & Cou. ol Proba e holdon at Biuoswick
within and for the cnun y of Cumberland,
on ti«e first Thu • lay of June in he year of i t*
Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen—Oi tit
piuiuon ot Lacy Meiriil, Guardian of Heny
Merrill and others, minor*, representing th*<
tbe personal estate cfaaid tinnoi * is no. suffic.ent
to pav the just debts, which they ow«. by he
sum of ninety one dollars and ninety cent', nd
praying for a license to sell andc *nvcy so much !
of the real estate of said minors as mav be ne
cessary for the payment of said del* t and inci
dental charges—Ordered, Th* the peliii< ner
give notice there *f to *tl persons interested in
•aid estaie, by c-using a copy of this order to
be published in the Portland Gazette, printed in
Portland, in said county, three weeks succes
sively, that they may appear at a Proba e Cou t
to be held at the R lister's Office in Portland,
in said county, on ‘he second We dnesday ol
July nexi, at ten o‘ch-ck in ihe forenoon, and
•hew cause, if any they have, why the pf-yei
of iAid petition should n .1 hr* gr nied
SAM. FREEMAN Judge of -tid Court.
A iru* C«py—Attest
NO. S, UNION now, j
Mas received onf, bale more
American Sheelings,
over yar ! wide am! good, ai the low price of 25
cents per yard. June ft.
\S JUST RECEIVED, at the Roston
Hat Factory Ware-House, Exchange
20 CiSt; !'f SuPerfine {H ATS.
and low priced ^
2 Cases Silk and Cotton UMBRELLAS.
June 8.
A SINULE DECK liKIG, i year,
old,252 ton* burthen, called tlie Minerva,
Mutable (<>r the West India trade, said
Brig may be purchased at a good bargain,tor cash
or approved credit.
A cargo of LUMBER will be furnished if
wanted. Said Brig now lies at Richardson’s
Wharf at Batli— for further particulars, apply to
hie Kiel 1).%y of Portland, or Jo km Richard
son of Bath. J erne 8.
f'HE copartnership between
eaded oo the 5th iait. by mutual convent. All
persons who have ourertled buaaea with the firm
are requested to settle the time with B C Attwood
who ci.n'icues the Auction am t Ctmmi/tion buiinen “at
the Brick Store Head of Uuian whartf ’*
Portland, June 8,1819.
To Iht Honourable Samuel tree
man, Judge of Probate within and far
the county of Cumberland,
JAMES RHODES, of Nor'hporf, in the coun'y
of Hancock, yeoman, and Hannah hit wife, in
her right. John Dow of Harlem in the county of
Kennebec and Zilpah hi' wife in her right, liaac
Lincoln of Bangor in the county of Penobfcot,
yet rr.«u George Philips, of Jefferioo, iuthe coun
ty of#Lin».o.Q yeoman, and Rachel hit wife in her
right Corutliut Rhoades, of Bristol, in the county
of Lincoln, and Peter HuflVy, of faid Bristol, yeo
man and Lucy hit wife in fcer right, re-pecitu'y
tepreleut- thaf thcs a e interested as heirs in the
estate of Glokok Lincoln, late of Freeport, in
the county of Cumberland, deceafed and are de
sire us of holding and pelleisiog their relpechve
parts and portions of the lame iq feveralty:
Wherefore they pray, that after due proceeding
had, your honour would order a division thereof
amoDg all the heirs of faid deceased.
Dated at firuuswick, this third day of June, in
the year of cur Lord eighteen hundred and nine
for himself and wife, and as attorney for the other
At a Prebate Court held at Brunswick,
within and for the county of Cumberland,
on the JirJl Thursday of 'June in the year
of our Lord eighteen hundred and nine
UPON the foregoing petition, it is ORDERED;
That (he petitioners give notice thereof to all per
sous interested in the etraae of laid deceaferi. by
causing a copy of said petition with this order
thereon, to be puhhfhed three weeks fuccvffieeiy
in the Portland G«2irTK, printed at Portland,
that they may appear at a probate court to be held
at the Probate Office in Portland, in faid county,
on (he fecood Wednesday of Auguft next, at ten
o’clock in the foreno u, and lhew cause if any
they have, wt.y the prayer thereof flieuld not be
SAM. FREEMAN, JmJge of taiJ Court.
A true Copy—Atteft,
Horatio CouruoArE, Regifltr.
rpHC public axe respectfully informed that
is now in opeeuiou under the tutficn of a re
•perrab’e insiruc ot.in a new and very commodious
huiidi g lately erecsed and fiuuhed for the pur
pose. by he donations of a few individuals.
All the bra- ches of educar.on necessary for ad
mission into Col ege.are 'aught here together with
those of a minor character —The price of tuition
is 20 cts per wesk and board may be had as rea
sonable a# in any country town.
* Euckfie'd June 1st, 1819
I''HE Maine Missionary Society will hold their
Annual Meeting «u Augusta, on Wednesday,
23d icit at 9* clock A M.—The Trustees will
meet the evening preceding, at the same place.
E. G1LLET, CovreifonJent itt.
Patrick Kincaid's Estate,
NOTICE i« hereby given to the heirs and cred
itore of the eftate of PATRICK KIHC4ID, I
late of Brunswick, in the county of Cumberland,
Yeoman, drcealed, and all other- concerned —
Tuat Mary Kincaid, widow of faid deceased haa
applied to me «he subscriber Judge of the Court
of Prol ate, wi'hin aud for faid county to* an ol
lowance cu rf 'he personal edaie of laid dcceafed,
fhe having waved 'he provision made for her in
the will and tha' the fame will he considered at
a Probate C< urt to he held at the Probate Office !
in Portland, in f»<d county on the fecund Wed
oesday of lu y next a» ten o'clock in the forenoon,
whe t ard where they may he present aed fhew
cau-e, if any they have, why the fame 0x9uld not
be g anted.
O ven Glider my hand at Brunswick, this third
day of June in the year of our L rd eighteen bun
drtd and mneteea. *AM FREEMAN.
A true Copy—Atteft,
Horatio foUTUOATE, Rtgifhr.
Samuel Dunning's Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given to the heira and credi i
tors of the eftate of SAMUEL DUNNING |
late of Harpswe’l, in the county of Cumberland
deceased, aod ait others concerned—That Eoejw
miu Dunning has eshibited to me the subscribe*
Judge of the Court of Probate within aod for
said county, hu first account of administration of
said estate; and that the same will be cot-sidereJ
at a Probate Court to be held at the Probate of
6ce in Portland in »aid County on the second
Wednesday of Julv next at tec o clock in the fore
noon when and where they may be present and
shew cause, if any they have, why the tame should
not be allowed —Given under my hand at B uus
Wick, this third day of June, in he year of our
Lord eighteen hund ed and nmceen
sam. freeman.
A true Copy—Att
* Horatio Sovt moats. Refr.
Charles Blanchard,
Per ships Jasper, and Royal Edward,
Sixty packages of Crocke
ry, Glass, Lustre, China and
26 CraJes assorted Jor the Country,
CRATES of Piate1- and Cups and Saucers—
China Tea Sett*, win 12, 18 ami 24 Cups anil
Saucers—Cut CIhsh Decanters—--1 uuiblen. him!
Wines'—China v'uffoet—Fruit Bafkcts—Printed
Dining Ware, 4:c.
— ALSO—On Hand —
An assortment ot Brown Earthen, consis
ting of 80 doz Milk-p*nt— Butler Pots* ami
Bread Pans—60 doz. of other articles, such as
Mugs, Jugs, Bowls, Porringers, Chambers, Ac.
[LJ* The above will be sold for cash, or
approved credit— At No. S, Mb.llCHAN1'$'
UUIV, Middh-’.trfet.
(TIs Wake repacked as heretofore, for the
Country, at the Boston Piices.
Portland, May 18. [e.pt.f ]
China, Crockery SC Glass Ware,
Received by the lhip Liverpool from Liverpool.
Rogers & Tebbets,
No 6, 'Afcbani't Rrw Mri Ut St net,
OFFER for faie ou Hie mod favourab’e term*,
Wbolefale or Retail, a general a£T>r meur of
China, Crockery and Class Ware,
Coosidirgt f Blue priu ed D’ning Setts,
Blue and hrowu printed Tea Setts,
B*u» printed, edged and cream color PLATES,
1 wv&fvs—Mufliw and Dithes
A variety of common Enameled Teas
Common and rirh CHINA TEA SETTS, together
with a good sfTortment of
Their a'sortment comprises a moQ every article
in their line of busiueis and of the ueweft and belt
WARB, repacked at (hort notice in the beft
manner, or soid in Crates as originally imported
at a moderate advance
Portland, May 25, 1819.
Better & Cheaper than ever ! !
Crockery and Class IP are,
Ao. 1, Hay-market How, Portland by
13. C. Attwood,
AN INVOICE of good assorted (KATES,
l\. which will be sold low for Cadi or Credit.
An extensive assortment of Blue Printed,
Fancy LuetreJ, Cream Colour and EnamelM
of superior quality. Comprising almost every arti
cle ever known or heard of in that line.
ALSO,—A Lot of second quality WARE,
which is offered at about half price.
.More English Brown Ware
Stone Jugs and Jars
Tea Trays—lappaned and Plated Castor?
Knives and Forks—Plated Candlesticks—Tea and
Table Spoons—Block*Tm Teapots
Britcnna Tea and Coffee Pots,
of every sise and price, {XZ/=* by the Cask will tic
dold at the Manufacturing Invoice.
On consignment an invoice of gilt framed
amounting to about Fourteen Bundled Dollars,
and h^ing ordered to close the sale, they are now
offered at from 10 to 25 per cent |c»s than usual
prices. Those who wish to purchase cheap will do
well to avail themselves of this opportunity.
Oct 13 tf.
House and Land, for Sale.
NEHKMfAM CRAM, offer* for Sale on lihei
al term*, (or would exchange for Real Kftate
ro Portland,) a large HOUSE & other convenient
our-hou»et with about one acre of LAND fi'uated
at Nandith corner, eighteen mile* from Portland,
a good (land for a Mechanic or Trader.
ALSO—half a mile from faid comer, thirty a
crea of LAND, under good improvement.
ALIO-tne hundred Acre* of Wood LAND
four mite* diftaot from faid earner, *aid Land*
would b« fo!d in lota ro Am purchafer*.
Portland April 27, 1819 t f.
MOTICF. it hereby given to holders of Bills of
the PORTLAND BANK that the time al
lowed by lew for clefirg 'he concerns > f »hat in •
Dilution will expire on the seventh 4y of Fe^ru
ary »ext ; at which time a Anal dividend mufi be
matte among the ftockhoideis and no htlis ran he
paid after 'hat period. AH holders of bills there
fore oo that Batik, are requeued to prefect them,
prior to that day for payment at the Bank of Port
land lately incorporated where pmvifion is made
for their redemption 4*w B POITFR
March ^6 1819 Agent ft* tbe Portiani Bank.
Sheriff's Su/c,
Ct'MBl.tiAND ff
rI%AK N by eieru’ton and to be fold at public
I Auction cn Thurfday the 8 h of July next,
ar S o clock P M at the hi ufe of Richakd
GaG». Etq ia B ii’ge’.oo — MI the right in fquhy
of Redemption which JAMFS WKBB, of faid
dridgron has to a certain piece *>f Land situated
ia faid town, beiog the fame far m on which his
family now lives, entraining 85 acres mo'e or
—the fan.e faid We^b purebafed of Rufus1
Chafe and mortgaged to him to fecure the pay- j
maot of about dollars.
J'MPI HMt RSON, Dtp Sheriff.
Dated Juae 3 1819 •
Jos him Sh i r try's f slate.
t V Ol ICi is hereby given to the heirs of the es
^ ta a ot JOSHUA HIRLTY late of Portland
| n the county of Cumbered Primer deceased and
a:! others concerned—That Pantfia p. Fhirey.1
widow of said deceased has appoed tome the
j subscriber, Judge of he Coat; o( Probate, wi'hio
and for sad our.*y, for an al'awaoterut of the
personal estate of said deceased a d t- at the same
will be considered at a Probate Court to be keid at
the probate office in said Portland on the second
Wednesday'of Ju y neat, at ten o'clock in tbe fore
J noon when and where they may be present and
shew cause, if any they have, why the same should
not fee allowed
Given under my hand at Portland, this ninth
day of June, in ‘he year of onr Lord eighteen hun
dred and n net ten. aAM FREEMAN.
A true copy—attest
HouatTo Soutuoatk Regr.
13. C. Attwood,
150 Crates and Hhds. of
Ju*t imported in tne Shi]/ Liverpool.
50 Boxes TIN,
200 Doz. stone Jugs ; Fickle 4' Rutter Pots
25 Doz. HOES and SCYTHES,
§0 Doz. Corn BROOMS,
Nails, Glass, Coffee and Pimento,
80 Kegs Manufactured TOBACCO,
20 Pieces KeadfiM BROADCLOTHS,
20 Bbls CAMWOOD,
20 “ No. I and Prime Pbrk,
2 Cases Elegant Room Papers,
2 do Straw Bonnets,
1 Cask Brilania Tea and Coffee Pots,
The above goods will be sold at a fair
price on a reasonable credit lor good Notes
June 8
~~ JOSEPH (iOOLI); Jon. ~
f T AS for fa!e at the head of Gre<*u ftreet, In
Weft Marker Row, a complete afTorcmeut of
| West-India Goods and Groceries ;
jti/o -5,000 wt FE^THERo' of a good quality,
i which he will fell wholesale or retail.
Beds filled od hand will be fold at the low
eft price for Cafh or Lumoer. cr Count ty Produce
Liktrvut—The firft quality of Thomafton LIME
Horses and Carriage!), To Lit—Stabling for
Horfes as ulual. tf June 2i
GENTS for Saco NAIL FACTORY, have on
hand a large lupply of
which they offer for faie at the Factory prices.
Hept 29 tf
JQ Hhds. of St. Vincents RL AI
40 do. Dimerara l)o.
•April 20 If Long H'harf.
Edmund Chandler s Estate.
OTICE i» hereby givea to the heir# of the e»
I taie of EDMUND CHANDLER, lare of
Northyarmuuth, io the county of Cumberland,
deceased, and all others coucerned—That Judah
Chandler admmiftrator of laid eOate has exhibit
ed to me the subscriber, Judge of the Court of
Probate, within and for said county, hit firO ac
count of admmiftratioo of (aid efta e ; and the fame
will be confidered at a Probate Court to be he-d '
ar the bouse of Seth Mitchell E?q. in Northyar
mouth, aforefaid on the third Friday of July next a
nine o clock in the forenoon, when and where
they may be present and shew cau;e if any they
have why the same should not he allowed.
Given under my hand at Portland this ninth
day of June in the year efour Lord eighteen huu
dred and nineteen. SAM FREEMAN.
A true copy—attest
• Horatio coot h oat a, Regr
1 ’HE fubfcriber hereby gives public uotice to all
A coocerued, that lhe has been du y appoint*
ed and takeu upon herlelf the trul ofEiecu'm
of the laft Will and teflameot of SOLOMON JOK •
DAN. late of Cape-Elizabeth, io the county of ;
Cumberland, yeoman, dne-fed. by giving bond
an the law direct#— fhe therefore rcquefis all per
fons who are indebted to the faid deceased’s elfate
to make immediate payment ; and thofe who have
any demands thereon, to eahibit the fame for fet
tlement to SARAH JORDAN
Cape Elizabeth March 24 •
i 'pHi: lubscriber hereby give* public notice to
A all concerned, that he has been du'y appointed
and taken upon himself the truit of eaecutor of
the last will & testament of BENJAMIN PATCH,
lale ol O isfie'd in the county of Cumberland
yeoman decea.ed, by giv ug bond at the lave d -
rects—he theiefore requests ail persons who are
indebted to the *aid deceased’s estate to make itn
mediate payment ; and thme who have any de
mauds thereou, to exhibit the same for payment to
Otiifield June 9, I8I9.
' I HE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all
concerned, that she hat beeu duly appointed
and taken upon herself the trust of Admmi-trat«ii
of the estate of DANIEL ING \LL8 ODELL, iate
of Portland, in the county of Cumberland, Tra
d«r, decealed, by giving bond as the law directs_
she therefore requests all persons who are indebt
ed to the said deceased’s estate to make immediate
payment ; atvl those who have any demands
thereon to eihibic the same for payment to
or r<* Nicholas Imut, her attorney
Portland, June 9, 1849.
•"HE subscriber hereby gives public tottce to
* all concerned, that he has been duty ap
pointed and taken upon h mfe'f the trull of Ad
minittraroi of the ellate of DANIEL BK AGDOM,
late of Portland, 10 the county of Cumberland,
Mariner, deceafed, by g-viug bond as the law d»
rects—He theiefore requests all persons who art
indebted to the faid deceased t efface to make im
mediate payment ; and these who have aoy de
mauds thereou, to exhibit the fame for payment
in Ytrk, or to Nicholas Eaiiar, his attorney in
York June 9 1819. •
'I’HE subscriber hereby give* public notice to
A all concerned that he has been duly appoint
ed and taken upon himself the trust of Adminiftra*
ror of the eftate of JOHN NICHOLS, late of
Portland, in the county of Cumberland, Trader,
deceased, by giviug bond as the law directs—
He therefore rtquens all persons who are indebt
ed to the said deceased's estate to make immedi
ate payment, aod those who have any dem.nds
thereon to exhibit the same for payment to
Portland. June 9, 1819.
*he fubferibers have beer appointed by
v v the Hen. Samuel Freeman,%.sq. to receive
and examine the claims cf the creditors to the es
tate of ABRAHAM MITCHKLL, Jun. late of
Freeport in the county of Cumberland, gentleman,
deceased reprefeuted infolveut, give notice that a
further time of one month is allowed faid credi
tors to brinK in aud prove their claim* ; and ihat
we fhail attend .hat fervice at the house of Coroe
lius Dillingham in said Freeport on the firft Tuef
day of July next, from iw? till five of the dock
iu the afternoon COR’S. DILLINGHAM,
Freeport, June 4, 1819,
lhrte orfourSlta jyjs ,
aiay b«r,ai,uolJl,<1,/ ^er;
i tr.*' iMr,° "* °iv
-_ 4;
o 5 Af. / ^■*t
the cblrmra"u
Kalin of quit0
li a Medic:ng uneguaUtd U
y-Cougr.., CoS., A
CINcL this exitl|eil} yj“'
cite w*. Ceil d,f.0»tred
hundred thousand perfoua Have ' of 1W
hippy uidhlMwy effect*.
fceeu by Afthmat.c aod Coa&aniie. “n h‘“
reduced to the briuk of ihe
tuuoas were quite emaciated ,, 7" ‘"•th
all hope* of recovery, having u>J v.“ fli^ ,f
recommended a*speciiic* for th ic c JAT^Cv
had made every application to ike ?' au ^
had made
cou'd be obtained
Common couls which
ly fit«
by obdtudted perfpiration, wiS*^/ J*
to it* influence in a very (lxor{ tiaie iu Jl«d
la common cough-, Which ate ,Q -
effet^ ot cold, u give* immediate re ,f , *
theie troublefome irritation*. a» th,TarCCQ0Vu4f
ticklings in the throat, which a&
flimulu* to Coughing and m qu.ei|0 ,k0?C ‘*tl
vulhve eicitetnents and canliL* the CCo®
breathe and fpcak frely. It induce,’‘c
fleep in an em^.ent degree and t,rei „!h
toniliiuiion, which enable* it to repei aii
whole attacks are frequently folios fe,
latai cotiitquences. ( ’
Per out afllicred with Pulmonary cc nDs, .
difordchs W the bread and lungs. ^vfV 7 °
mod advanced period of hfe ; will find imaiMil,
reief. *
In Allhcna'ic or comfumpifre affection*, ,rece ,
or chronic; Hourfenef*, Catarrhs WbeetL. a7
•hortuess of brea>h it wi j give immediate t«fe
Congealed Phlegm Acrimony io the du.fl* „ a
obOtunion in the uUod,, are with e»s(f *ad Ue y
discharged by gentle eipetftoratiou.
It i« a so mueh admtred in loreoes, of ‘l»eh(-e»ft
and ftemach, giving prefect eafeiu tkoftthw
No. 2, MkacHANT’* Rr w.
No. 24, North-American limtn.
Subscriber, are requeued to call and receive the.r
Numbers. June 8.*
rf'HB undersigned hereby give ooiice. rhv they
have taaed the foil* and fr ta es of rfcc {;.
habitants of this town for the year I'Jly a»d
committed the bill* to JOSEPH M GEnRhll
for co tecrion ; and that they will be io -en oa at
their Office in Eichaoge Street, on the 28.h. L’9 h,
and 3Jsh, days of thi* present mouth from an*
6 o’clock, f. M to hear the apy'ka'inn of jet
pen on* considering themselves over uie<l taUid
\ valuable commodious and handlome DW£L
LlMG-HOUiB, plcalaotly situated in the
[»wd of Brunswick, containing two front rcomi
and the chamber* over them, facing the aum
ftreet,in the occupation of Mr John Duumog u
with the Land on which it (laud*, auu privtieges.
Terms will be md:e realooable
Applicaiiou to Chaxiks i. Davku and Ns
than Kinsman Eaq'rs. iortland, or Jotham
S i on a B»q. Erucewic*
Oct 2u, (sop tf.)
DaNliL LOB3, -)
JOEL, HALL. > 4ssmo
ENOCH fKhhl.fr
Portlacd. June 15 1819.
Though heretofore considered past relief! ly
\ifR. Shear man, carpenter cj Bustsn, w:i 22
months bth.oicd *uh* iuffloi cm lUr I* *-*'
of hia hand winch incaj uc*i*teu him for wmk,.:*
ter having tutd every thing in vain, and »nlwf*
uJ an ope. *« ion on his hand,and c.'U-i.le fd i'1
cur^Lie, win Ciiitd and resulted u> fataith E*
t iking 4 bottle® of . hese drops.
Mi. Wright of boston, was thiee yeaiji*
Hicieii will* i Jfe’tver-sne uu one oi Li>
tried moat ir*cd.cities without ttfect, w*s cu.cc
*»y J boitlei.
A child if Mr. Bur rill) of Hanover, *at
t'U't'd ot Utuers and iJiie*, some ot wb.m
vat down »o tlit ribs, by 3 bottles. Tiwscltb
w*» considered in u dying stale when cc utg.ft
taking these drops.
jin Infant of Boston, was covered aii
wi ll Fiupaoiw. l'Und w.h Doibcycs, wa» cu<ei»
n> 3 uoule*.
An elderly Lady of Boston, was severe!/
filcid for 10 yens, with an erupmn »n <’*1
her, attended wi l> me m tormenting iichitf,*
burnings and blotches, h»d Us: cliereuy i»o nc
and one tinker n*i;s, was cured by 4 Dottles—t>e
bad not Icli her room tor 6 mouths, and aiaucf
eJ past all relief.' .
A Gentleman of Lexinton, w S alflicitti
years van live U.cers in bi> legs, coud oi' *1,1
no relief, w .s cured oy 4 Dollies*
A Gentleman .y Boston, Lts wife ar^ bit
children w .• in t y . i ^ a til u t*d wit*' c- ui1 _ l?
i*«d ItieU every uu'diciue without succu»>
cured m till iltess diops c
A Gentleman of Roxbury. was 50 )’S3r$ *
ti c ed wan a Humor on one ol his leg**
* J wiiti burning, itching and bioiciirs, v‘s
signed us past rebel, lor 3b years coil'd
in a oed ui units, w»s pcife-tly cu»ed oy llut°
drops. - .
A Lady of Charlestown, was 3 years aiBs^*
erl wtvh a \t bite swell.ngon her.kntftfj 111 ,ll‘
tried every assistance, and considered p*11
lief, com i »ct ou bail funned) when on ^
these drops *iiu using U,.W« bil|!|lK'“ *'
weeks sl.t had the I-re use of die join*, \>ej, ^
lei ncr, and oy continuing them lias ot>i*u,cU
feet cure. ^
TltCbO Drops ere a radical cure lL Vj
olula, St. Anthony’j H.e, leprosy, l* l .
es, t-riimgcti ghndi, sore legs, u‘lt ‘ _
>eii the hone is affected, veiiul uir.
icury has fii'ed.a e the bes« spring ^
physic, tlid may 0 given ° chndic
•fee' s«teCy—fnc - oim uoliar. ^
aAsk for ** Or. fty f aotanicat Urops^
Stone ate gmume u- 1-ss ■* gnt'd *
AY.f Picpartd ami soul win -
e i prop riel or W 1. CONWAY f 1 _ . ..
Bumated-Piicc, Uos o.», *‘;s
iinmtm by Cot i: t^omcY, «* ,il , ,sfcr»
I j.H, S' Ot,L., apo.tec.ri.*.
4.\SjN, BvK kseiur, Portland, n I roufb u*
i », booksclUrs and P » fl**s ‘r' , ,b0te
; Ur,iied S ates—where may *
tly etltmtd and highly apyreitd
hired by “ W X. CO.> VV A a )
Ami. JO. v

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