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P tahlUhed in ihMI The 4?gl I* Ihe oldest
n''|ia|Hr with tin- largest circulation ol any
published in llnrlord County.
l.ilitiit anil Owiiit.
Ailvi-rlining Uali'N
One sgaare (six linen nonparieli. three nr let*
Insertions. $1.60. subseguenl insertions. 2& cents.
H penal rale* made with monthly, guarb-rly and
yearly advertisers.
correspondence aollolled from every
•ration of (he county.
On Wednesday, ten Democrats having
absolutely declined to accept the choice
of sixty-two Democrats, lien. Murray
Vandiver withdrew from the contest
and Mr John M. Dennis, of Baltimore,
was nominated and later elected.
By the irony of political life, Harford,
which has so long enjoyed the honor
and advantages of furnishing the State
Treasurer, voluntarily killed her own
candidate, and Senator Archer, who
Dominated Mr Vandiver two years ago,
on this occasion took the leadership ami
is entitled to the honor of having con
summated his defeat. Dp to this time
Harford has not been slothful in show
irig allegiance to her own people, and
it remains to be seen whether or not
she will in the future endorse this ikv
standard of practical politics.
Mr. Dennis will assume his duties at
an early day, and it is believed will
prove himself-to he an excellent otlicer.
In our last issue we noted that na
tional funds were still available for tin
appointment of two more County Agri
cultural Agents in Maryland, the county
to hear half of the expense. Since that
time Montgomery county lias taken one
of these, making fifteen counties now
equipped, and leaving Harford a single
chance to act before someone else.
'I he published call for farmers to go
before our County Board next Monday
should he favorably responded to by
every section of Harford, and it will b
if they give the matter a passing
Briefly, the United States (iovernmenf
is engaged in the most thorough and
exhaustive investigations in agriculture
that are being conducted in the world
Facts pertaining to both plant and ani
roul life, which are priceless to the agri
cultunst, are being discovered almost
daily, and the government is eager to
get these to individual farmers fortbeil
own benefit. To this end the (iovern
rnent expends enormous sums for th
benefit of agriculture through the State
Agricultural College and Kxperimenl
Stations, and now she aims to carry ex
pert knowledge to each farmer’s door
for the asking
Confessedly, soils differ very much,
and many are badly handled, improve
dently fertilized, and planted to an un
wise rotation of crops; plant and animal
disease often baffle the farmer and
heavy loss is entailed; desirable new
crops cannot he introduced because ol
ignorance of their nature and their
necessary treatment; farm products are
lust because the fanner did not know
or where to market them, - these are
only a very fw of the instances where
the County Agricultural Agent is at the
farmer’s service for the asking, ready
end anxious to help him in his man>
Last year the twelve agents in olhei
counties worked with 114 farmers as
corn demonstrators, the increase in
crop being 74 per cent; wheat in Mary
land is nine tenths as valuable as corn;
the HgmU worked with KKI wheat
demonstrators and their increase was
44 per cent.; demonstrations in oats
were conducted on 40 farms with an in
crease of 75 per cent.; they innoculated
23(1 acres for crimson clover, amt the
value of the crop harvested was $22 per
acre, they co-operated with 118 farmers
to raise alfalfa and secured an average
yield of 2.85 tuns. In one case an
acreage of fU in 1014 whh increased to
1.500 acres last year.
These are only a very few of the crop
demonstrations made last year, which
have been tabulated to show how much
crops may he increased under skillful
treatment, hut they should he enough
to make our people want to have within
their reasonable reach this chance to
greatly better their business condition.
In reaching a conclusion it should he
remembered that Harford is almost
entirely an agricultural county, so that
the small local appropriation required
enures to the benefit of practically
every one.
For many years farmers justly com
plained of the discrimination shown
against them in national legislation,
but is it hot the case that at tunes a
people get ao used to playing on a harp
with a single string that they forget
how to substitute for it a better one?
Is it not true that we have talked so
long about the "farmer’s hard time"
and "the government against the
farmer" that we fall to note when the
government is "for the farmer?" If
so, let our farmers now accept with
grateful spirits this helping hand and
use to advantage next year a species of
help never before extended to any clans
of citizens.
Fight lenla a line for first in
sertion and A oenlw a line lor raeli
aultaequent insertion--? word*
to a line. Nn advertisements in
serted for less than 25 cents.
•alf For Sale A fine Registered Hol
stein Bull, one year old. Price $75.
Slone & McCormick, Bel Air.
l*aY Wanted By March Ist, Married
Christian Man to farm. Hood nay to
right man. (Jive reference. W, 11.
Hindic. Fork. Md.
Irtf For Sale or Rent.— 31 Acres and
Buildings 8* miles from Bel Air. About
twelve actes clear, balance in timber.
Mane A. Kchoe, Bel Air. Md.
in? We desire to thank our friends
and neighbors tor their help and kind
ness rendered at the death of our
mother, Mrs. Dural*. (iornian. Charles
(Joriiian, Marie Kehoe.
S*&' For Sale Fine Young Jersey Cow
with neifer calf. William H. Harlan,
Bel Air, Md.
.rtf - Wanted Man to farm about 75
acres* of land near I ‘ublin, either on
shares oi by the month. Owner will
slock I arm and give an industrious man
a gooJ opportunity. Address (i ray son
K. Bi uner, Street, Harford County, Md
Wanted. — Middle aged Woman to
take charge of old lady and do light
housework in the city. \ddress Box 6,
Bel Air Puutottice.
W For Bent. Dairy Farm, S3OO.
one-quarter mile from Watervale Sta
tion, M 4 T. Railroad. Good barn, silo.
Apply Robert D. Smton. 504 Chamber
of Commerce Building, Baitimote, Md.
IMP For Sale Two Work Horses,
young and good C. S. Clark, Berry .
man, Md |
hay Notice The Public Sab' of
Sleighs, Vehiclea and Horse, advertised
by J \. Wheeler was positionedtotake !
(dare on M"ndn>, January .'list, at I 80
! I*. M. t in front of Court House Don’t
miss this opportunity loget anew sleigh
at your price.
Ika? Wanted Farmer with family,
wanted to farm place by the month
f1 nod house and conveniences. Address
Box S, care of /Kgis Office.
Salesman Wanted to look after
our interest in Harford ami adjacent
counties. Salary or Commission. A*l
■ dress, The Harvey Oil Co , Cleveland, O
1 hoy For Sale Potatoes. D Grey &
, Son, Forest Hill, Md.
Vaf' For Sale or 'Trade New 8 Horse
Detroit Kerosene Fngine for horse,
Thomas Harkins, Coop town
POT For Sale (I Cyphers Incubators,
21n egg capacity. $Hf each, good con
dition. T. W. Homey, Abingdon.
- In*'For Sale. lh tons of second crop
* Clover Hay, haled. J M. Morris, Dar
i linglon. Phone I*J 2.
1 NaT Wanted. A steady Girl or Woman
lor house work and plain cooking.
Good wages. Apply to Mrs. \ /eisei,
Bel Air, Md.
( Po*‘For Sale Small Canning House
. Outfit with 10 H. I* Boiler; pair of
Mules; also have Fggs for hatching
1 from good laying strain of S. C. Rhode
’ Island Reds at $5.00 per 100. W. Arm
strong, Magnolia. Phone Wilna 0-11
1 pay* For Sale One Poland China Boar,
Hi months old, Registered as Bert 11.
• 00607, sire Masons Prize 88105, dam
Jennie H. IHI 710. Price $45. A
. beauty. A. J. Street, Forest Hill,
1 Md., H F. D.
Pay For Sale Corn Fishier. W S.
Montgomery, Fallston. Phone Fork 85
l pay We Paint your Auto in two weeks
I Any color, work guaranteed. Wilson
& Co., Bel Air, Md.
pay For Sale Three fine S. C. Black
Orpington Cockerels, $2 each. One
extra fim- (hick and ten good Young
Hens for S2O. A fine Guernsey Bull,
( one year old, not eligible to registry,
out of a grand cow. J L. McCormick,
* Poplar Grove Farm", Bel Air. Md.
, pay For Sale 12 head Horses, six
drafters and six drivers at Indian
** Spring Farm. All young and ready
v for use. (*. A. Slade, Darlington, Md.
pay For Sale Cheap Oakland Road
iter, in good condition. Kugene
i* Billingsley, Churchville, Md.
Pay For Sale Pigs and Shoals. F.
k H. West, Forest Hill, Md. Phone.
pay For Sale 2000 bundles of Fodder
M. A, Reckon!, Bel Air, Md.
1 Pay For Sabi (). I. (’. Sow, will far
1 row in February; sor (i tons (’loverand
i' Alfalfa Hay, good cow bay; one Hoi-
Rein Cow. C. G. Wiggers, Fallston,
pay For Sale -Registered Duroc Jersey
l Pigs three months old Both sexes.
The large, prolific kind. slscach. Ap
" ply to Samuel ('lenient, Whiteford,
' Md., or write to Thomas Clement,
Walled Lake, Michigan.
1 pay For Sale. Bay Mare, weight
l Ins. both 0 years old, none better;
Glover May, 800 bushels Potatoes. A.
G. Gnaor, Forest Hill, Md.
payc irn For Sale by the Barrel at I
Priest fold Farm. Apply to W. S.
’ lohnaon, on the farm. Albert Neilson.
Phone 8 8
Pay For Rent. - Jarrettsville Hotel.
1 Possession can be given March I. Ap-
J ply to William 11. Jarrell, Jarrettsville,
t Md.
I Pay For Sale One Oakland Car with
r electric light and starter, also second
hand cars. Prices right. The Bel Air
Garage, J. C. Wikcr, proprietor.
Pay Wanted Married Man to work by
, month, good hours and pay to right
party. Must come well recommended.
e Clay P. Whiteford, Whiteford. Md.
Pa?'West Kfld Poultry Yards. Why
o*nd away for your Single Comb Rhode
Island Reds, that are Red, when you
1 can come here and make your own
s 'election. Plenty to select from, fine,
, vigorous, birds Improve your flock
hy securing one or more of my choice
cockerels ami a pen or more of pullets
Prices reasonable. Satisfaction guar
I an teed. Come look them over Phone
„ IS*-K. Ambrose Armstrong, Aberdeen.
Pav Wanted Stock to winter on the
' Old William B. Hopkins farm near
11 Lapidum. Plenty of Feed, excellent
i* shelter, best of water Terms reason
r able. Apply to Jerry Gilbert on farm
H or John D Worthington, Bel Air.
>* PoF For Sale Three good Fly Wheels,
ii excellent to use on a machine for saw
„ mg wood or cutting fodder. Knquire
at Aigis Office.
or Sale Any or all of the fol- I
h lowing at a very low figure, terms to
suit purchaser. One Otto Gasoline Gn
11 jjine, 17 H. I’., with magneto, Truck,
l friction clutch pulley, and kerosene
Ii (coal oil) burning attachments; one 20-
„ inch French Burr l eed Grinder, grinds
corn and cob ami all grains; 2 Cob
* (’rushers, I Feed Klevator, 17 H. P
Gasoline Fngine and one 1814 model
i* Harley Davidson single cylinder two-
I <peed Motorcycle. All of the above
are in good working shape and can be
1 seen working at any time. Phone or
I write J. D Blackburn, Churchville. Md.
Pay For Rent The large Roller nro
cess Flour ami Feed Mill, and Saw Mill
connected therewith, located at Reckord
i on the Little Gunpowder, now doing *
large business. Pending its rental busi
’ ness will continue as usual. Apply to
* A. B. Whitaker. Bel Air. Md.
I Pa* - Having rented the fertilizer mills
. at Reckordviile, 1 am in position to send
for dead animals. A call over phone
' from any one in either Harford or Bal
timore Counties will bring the necessary
• equipment for the delivery of same.
, George W. Standiford.
f Pay If you have Walnut Treesor Logs
j to sell, write on phone Philip (J. Spen
I cer, 601 Rosaiter Ave., Govans, for
. John L. Alcock & Co.
Pay Money to Loan on mortgage in
sums to suit. John 1). Worthington.
Attorney at Law.
Pay Money to Loan in sums to suit.
Surety Bonds furnished on application.
11. A. Whitaker, Attorney at Law, Bel
Air. Md.
pa?'Money to Loan on Mortgage in
sums to suit. W. Worthington Hopkins,
Attorney at Law. Bel \ir, Md.
NF‘Thc undersigned offers his services
to the |KH>ple of Harford County as a
ft rat-claim Painter ami Paper ifanger.
References furnished and work guaran
teed. R Thos. Boyer, Bel Air.
HF* Money to I/end on mortgage. Ap
ply to Walter W. Preston, Attorney,
Bel Air
To ihe Farmers if Harford Count).
The \ anoua Farmer*' Club* and Granges of
the count) were recently requested to consider
the advisability of securing the services of a
Count*- Agricultural Asm m lor the County, us
provided lor under the National 1 aw known as
IkiPniu Lover bill Wt an reliably advised
i that the Granites amt flubs in (he eounty have
endorsed th* inovetmni ano tin- un.brsigmd
committee appointed hv the Highland Granite,
now Invilv all these organizations as well as
i 'aemet •gl n* rail) to Oil* l and ITO m a l od) |>.
lore the fount) Commissioners on Monday
January gist. at 11 A M and urge that they
agree to make an appropriation ol tluu* I cover
Harford's share of the necessary expense ol
said officer. Everyone Inti rested in the agri
cultural welfare of Harford Is urged to be
How 'n Thin?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for I
anv east ol Catarrh that cannot I e cured l> ,
HalTa Catarrh Cure ,
E J CHENEY A CO. Toledo. 0. ;
We. the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney lor Ihe lasi 16 years, and believe him 1
perfectly honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to carry out anv ol liga
tions made h) his (u m.
Toledo. O. I
Hall's l alarrh Cure is taken internally, act- *
ing directly upon Ihe bltHtd and mucous sur I
faces ol the system. Teatiraomals sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle Sold by all Druggists.
Take Half* Family Pills for constipation.
j To I- healthy at seven!y, prepare at
forty, iHoitti'l advice, became in the
i strength of middle life we too often forget
: that neglected mid*, or careles* treat
in' nl *>f hbglit aches and pains, simply
undermine strength and bring chronic
weakness for later years.
To In* stronger when older, k*ep your
hbiod jnire nnd rich and active with tin*
htr* ngth buildiiu' and blofKl nourtMhing
ir'|K-rtics of S oil's Rtnulsioii which isn
foo*L a lonic and a medicine to keep your
blo<id mil, alii ' tale ilp umatiMii and
avoid sickness No alcohol in Scott's.
Scott tk llowm . Itluombcld, N.J
Public Stile
Personal Property
Tin- craiersigned. having sold bin farm, will
•• ii :it Publh Auction on it.’ premise* •"> Irlah
lane b-ading from the Stale Hoad to the liar
bad Hoad about |*, miles north Of Kingsville,
On Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1910
lh ginning at 10 o'clock A M . the
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY to wit
If Stormy the next fair day.
V Hlaek Hors! weigh alioul I'JUI pounds ■ irh.
alioul 111 year* old; Hu> Driving Mare, p* r|eily
if* foi i idh lodrlvi it Jena l ou bulb noli'
mg. < all. iiboni four monlhs old. .' horse Market
w agon ' apai ii. null pound I hor • M irk* I
Wagon. < Hiiaeii . .il.oui I',’ki pounds horse
Wagon, without bed, hoi ■ Wagon til bed
Log Wagon. Hay Carnage, UfeH long, good as
new. Rubber Ti r lop Huggv. Good basket
Sleigh, No PM Hi-er Chilled Plow . Small Plow,
Shovel Plow J Potato Diggers l'i tooth Spring
loolli Harrow-. Double ( urn Worker, good in
new . Mowing Maehme W heel harrow , I Single
(‘tilllvalor* i hor i(.n Raki good ax new; 2
horse Rolb-r. Slone Red. Tongue, set ol Express
harness, J sets Lead Harness. J sets Plow Har
10-ss. 2 sets Driving Harness ( of Single I- x
tin liarnea*, Saeti Double Line*, lot of Hrldlea
lot ol Hallers 2 good Riding Hi idles, (mod Rid
ing Haddh i"i of llorai ( ollan 2 I irg* Hou
mgs. lot of low Chains. 4 Log Chains, post
Digger. 10l of Picks. Shovels, I row-bars, Hoes.
Rakes. 2 Slone Hammers, lot of Forks. :i Oat
lor k . 2 Double In • lot of Smgb I rees. Mow
mg Key)he. Hilar Scythe. 2 Sickles. 2 Grain
Cradles Culling Hox, 2 Grindstones. 2 W agon
.lacks Sleigh Ih-lls ( loss Cut Saw 2 Hilek
Saws lot of Axi s. Maul and Wedges Rough
Lock Ini of Holts, .MW bundles Fodder. > barrels
Pur*-Cider Vinegar. . Churns. Lawn Mowr.
Sewing Machine. 2 Bedsteads. Cradle, lot of
• orn Knives. Invalxl Chair, new 25 fool I adder.
IYl< nsion Table. 26 fl . lot of <mptv Barrels.
2 good I nphoards. 4 sets of Scales, 4 Hot Bed
Sash w ilh Glass, (pulling Frames. : Spn aders
loti of Pure Raw Hone
All sums of |2O and under ensh. on sums over
Ihal amount a credit of * months will he given
purchoaera giving their notea with approved
securllj beiiring lilt* rest from day of sale at
tin- rati of II * .
Thomas o. Isennock. Au-liune-r
Public Sale
The undersigned, intending to leave the stab
uhi mii v llhoul i - i "ii (hi fatm whi" on
hi non r< Idi lot at lun Ihi road h adlng from
Searboro t* Mill Gn • n
On Tuesday, Feb. Bth, 191(1
lb ginning at 12 :W oVloek P M . the
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY.to wit:
Small Grey Horse. 14 year* old splendid to
work single or double, perferll) sail fol ladl> •
indnvGood Saddle Horse. Ha) Mare. . year
old; Dark Hay Man . Colt, one year and nil"
months old, Horse Colt. M) months old. Splendid
Jersey Cow iw ■> year* and ten ilia old will
lie fresh In a few days. I ng< Gin nisey Ib lh i
Is months old. w HI fresh ahonl the Ist of M.c.
about 50 bat rvla rrl \ < (low Corn In tin -at
I horniis lop Huggv. in -pb ndid enmlition. a loi
of Crocks some Canned Fruit and Dishes
■ ’prliig Wagons. on< about a rood as in w .
I noth Smoothing Harrow . 2 Spimgloolh Hai
tows. Oliver Chilled Breaking Plow 2 s. I-
W'ork Harness, set Buggy Harness, I lie M <
• tune, makes .1. 4. !• and *1 inch tile, can gel an s
inch mul l ll d* sired Splendid Sewing Maelime.
hi good condition. J min ts V inegar, Grind
stone and Frame. Wheelbarrow. Household
and Kitchen Furniture, and other articles 100
numerous to mention
All sums of s|o nnd under cash, on sums over
that amount a credit ol >n mouths will he given,
purchasers giving their notes with apurovcu
security, hearing Interest from day of sab- and
payable at hunk
I W Thompson. Auctioneer.
Public Sule
The undersigned executors, will sell at Public
Sab on Ihe premises of the lui< .1 Hers.- W alk."
situated on tin- public road !< ading from Level
to Churchville, one-hull mile from Level,
On Thursday, Feb. 17, 191(>
Beginning ai 10 .ill o'clock A M the
Following PI RSONAL PROPERTY, to wii
sfi 0C -Jt
Gray Horse, Brown Horse, Ibis pair weigh 27(H)
ponmis. Sorrel Horse, weighs 1260 pounds. Year
Hog Heifer. 2 or J horse W agon, 2 horse W agon
Hois.-( art W heelbarrow Can Rack, will hold
mki eases eniiily cans. Fruit Bed, Disc Harrow
I aimer's Favorite Disc W heal Drill. (Mioiin
Mow, I Ha) leddei, No in (Uiv. r Chill plow
hall Inli real in Mot ortniek Hindi r, half inti nit
in MeCornilek Corn Harvest. I hall 1.1.-I n,
MeCormiek Husk, i and Shreddi-i ha mien si
m Manure Spreader, hall ml.-rest in . "in Plain
i K'..-.-- Culling Uux, hand nowet Crus* > ul
-aw Double Darrel Gun No 12; i .n Duuhli
Treea and some Singh Tree* 100 i omato lloxev
Grain Shovel 3 aeta Hreeebband liarnea ■'
•• "i Hatneaa -■ 1 ( art Hat ■ ~ 1 Klngit 11.1
•less, 2 I ollars, ;l Bridles. Cow Chains
Canning House Fixtures,
16 horse Steam Engine. 2 Iron Process Kettles
ind (Vales Cocks Canning Machine, r Iron*
\vis lumalo 1 ill. 1 Ejector and Pining Coppet
lank. Gasoline lank (Ml gallons, 22 inch French
Hun r( ed Mill undet runnel i yclom Crushei
16 Horse Power Lainheii Gas I ngim Pbilform
and some Straw, Seales, weigh 4**l pounds
Walnut Parlor Suit, covered with hlaek
mohair. 2 Bedroom Suits 2 Bui .-ails 2 i hamb. r
m-Is I ookmg Glass. 2 Feather Beds and Bed
.ling Marble Top Stand. Dinner or Tea Set of
Dishes. Glass Ware .me half d../. ii Can. Seal
Chairs. :i small Rockers Dming Room chairs.
<hik Buffet with Looking Glass 2 Clocks, Coneh
.’Stands 2 lubles, ( arpti and Malting. 2 i on I
•loves, ('ll Healer with Copper lank Horn.
Comfort Range Snk.i Lamp l Small Lamp*
7 inch Sab W ashing Machine. Boss Milk Sepa
ml nr. hall Inch Hen I Wood Churn set ('old
Handle Irons, Stone Jam and Pans Oil Tank
4d gallons. W ashing Tubs, and many other
All auma of $lO and under to be paid In cash
and on all Mims over Ihal amount a credit of s
months shall be given, (lie Purchasers to giv.
• heir note* with security to In- approved hy Hi.
auctioneer Ih anng interest from day of sal.
and pav able at First National Bank of Havre d.
draw Md
I W Thompson. Auctioneer.
Public Sale
Having rented in) tann and having no further
u" i..i ii. follow ini i, .. and arti* lea I will
•" 11 ai I uMi. Sale on the farm now oi. ui i .1 by
me on Ihi road leading from Dozen's Cross
Roads lo Thomas Run on
Thursday, Fob. 10th, 191(5
At IU o'clock A M the
Following PERSON AI PROPERTY lo wit,
ii fia?
Bav Horse weight PJoo good worker and driv ■
ii. pair Mules w ill vv oi k an-, w hen and perleetlv
guiei. pair\ouiig Mm. coming 2 and :i v. ar-.
good-i/< and out ol blooded m.in > Mm- Black
Horse 6 vrs old. good woik. i .md driver with
plenty ol speed. Sorrel Horn 6 vrs old will
work anywheie. Driving Hoi . sal* lor women
and children
14 Mill Cuss and l Head Slock Slurs
01 excellent gualitv some of the cows an- fresh
othera apringers; 2 homi raued St era coming
two v ears old, 6 Heller Calv-s , ..ming on*- v. ar.
Irom good Guernsey Bull. 4 11.-lb is will be
Iresh m spring pun Gu.m-.v Bull, will he
5 years old p* M tall I'rood Sow, will (arrow m
March lo Wagon with lied and Side
boards. Ih foot Hay Carnage. a> goovl as new.
lop Buggy Hu. kboai d light Spring Wagon
Break I art. old dagger. 2 Surreys, pair I oggmg
"heels. Roller Hay tedder. 1 homas Double
Dis* Gram Drill m good working order. Horse
Kake. 2 Deermg Moweis.om new. 7 loot Osborn
Binder only us.nl two seasons Two-horse Tread
Power til good order. H* He ns Culling Box.
for hand or power 2llivi-r Chilled l lov.s No
4 and I nearly new . Grain Fan 2 sets Breech
band Harness nearly new, 2 s. (s Old Hr. cell
baud Harness. 3 sets I. ad Harness 4 s, | S plow
Harness 2 acts Smgl. lUin.ss Sl 1 Double Car
nage Harness. , ompb l W ork Bridles 1 ollars.
lot Ovid Harness, Carnage Pol, I hribl.l. Tree.
2 sets Double I rees Spu adei single Spreader.
H pair Breast 1 li ons 2 pair Bun 1 hams 2 i,og
Chains 2 Double Woik. rs in go.d ord. r Suc
cess Manure Siweadei in-rfivt order; \. me
Harrow and( lod Mash. 1 2SprmgtiH<lii Harrows.
Disc Harrow m good order. Rubber Iron Age
Cultivator. Wooden v uinvator 2 Ox Nokes. a
lot empty Ik', gallon l idei I asks -j Gram 1 radios.
3 Oat Forks. 1 oni Sc.hm 2 (..am Shovels. Dirt
Shovel, Manure and llav Forks, about 20 bushels
ol good Potatoes torn Knives Brush Scythe
Chopping Axe 2 Cross -Cut Saws thick Saw
Wagon Ja.k, Crow Bar 14 II Sion* Sledge.
Matlocks Rakes. 4 Hots, about :tMI i.-et Dry
W hile Oak Milch, and many other artules Ih*
numerous to m-1111011
All sums of $lO and under* ash, on sums over
that amount a cr< dll ol 10 months will In- given,
purchasers giving their'notes with approved
security, bearing interest irom day of sale and
pay abb at Bank
• * No goods to be removed until settled for. I
I. w Iboinpson Auctioneer
Public Sale
Tli*- undersigned havinv told their farm,
kno* n as the Donnelly place, and one intend
ing In leave the Male, will sell at Public Auc
tion on the home farm, whereon they now re
klde. lo sled on the road leading from Wesleyan
' ha pel to Havre da Oruc, four miles West of
Havre de Grace,
On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1916
Beginning at 10 o'clock A M,, the
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY, to wit:
£ & is
Ki-hi year-old Black Mare, in foal hv Ot
home's jack, weight ISM). 12-year-old Dark Hay
Mare, in foal by Osborne's Jack, weight I2UO.
* year-old Hay Morse, weight 1250; pair 4-year
old Hark Hay Mules, weight about lOtlO, 8 year
old Hark Hay Mule, weight about 1200. 6 months
old Msre Mule Coll All the above are dead
down pullers, sound and will work in all har
average about MM) lbs., some nearly fat enough
for market. Cow- with Calf by side. Jersey Cow.
3 Heifers, will Ih? fresh about April; yearling
Hull. Holstein Hull, 2 years old. registered Duroc
Jersey Red Sow with Pigs hy her side, Herkshire
S <w with Pigs hy her side, thoroughbred Berk
shire Hoar. :i Shouts, nearly new four-horse
Auburn Wagon. 5000 capacity. < oiumbian
Wagon. :ifi(lO capacity, light Iwu-borae Wagon.
! Hump Carl, one-horse Spring Wagon, new Rub
ber-lire Leather Top Huggy.old steel-lire Huggy.
Sb-igh. round bark culler. New Way Corn
Planter, complete; X Oliver Chilled Plows. No
40. 17 looth Springlooth Lever Harrow. 2 I.Vtooth
Spnnglooth Lever Harrows. Osborn ■ Horse
Hake. McCormick Mower. Iron Age Foot-Axle
Hiding W orker. 2 Buckeye Walking Workers,
m w Hallock Weeder, Corn Transplanter, Steel
Land Holler. 2 Single Workers. Osborne Iwo
horse Disc Harrow. 2-row Disc Marker 14-fool
Hay Carriage, IM fool Can Hack, two-horse Dirt
Scoop, h 0 lbs. capacity Kndleas Chain. Iron Age
Hard# n Worker. Seed Sower attached. 2 sets
heavy Breeching Harness. 4 sets Lead Harness.
•> Work Hndh s. pari brass mounted, swing bits
.ind carrying reins, 2 els Plow Harness. 3 sets
Hi iv mg Harness, 2 Saddles. 4 horse I.ead Lin-.
K Collars, 6 Housings. 3 pairs Double Lines, h
v nerving Straps, 0 Choke Straps. 2 pair Butt
( hains. :i pair Hr> asl Chains, h Hallers. Flynets
and f oliar Pads 9 11. P. Portable Gasoline En
gine. fully equipped,7-inch Blower Pipe Tornado
Silo Fill' r. 311 fool Silo. 8-inch Burr Leix Feed
Mill, portable ;u inch Cross-Cut Saw, 2M-lnrb
Hip Saw and TaHe, suitable for >■* log shingles,
box slals. ete . Mocking Valley lU-inch knife
Fodder Culler, i and or power, HO feel 0-lnch
Hell, sel Fairbanks Pisiform Scales, capacity
•Msi. M1,.. ksmitb Forge and Hlowrr. Drill Press
and Did *. B'luksmilh Beneh Vise, 100 lb
Anvil, Hammers, l ongs, etc.; 32-foot Extension
Ladder. IK fool Ladder, drain Fan. set Wagon
springs. 2 Singh- Spreaders. Double Spreader.
1 hrihie Double and Single Treea. 3 Cant Hooks.
Log Chains, Hopes. Pulley. Catch Blocks. 2 Crow
Bars. 3 Shovels, Scythes. 2 Scoop Shovels, large
Hog Box 2 Cross-Cut Saws, 100 barrels Yellow
Corn. Foddir hy the bundle. 125 bu. Po'aloes.
suitable for lotd;M l>u Cow Iteels and many
other articles 100 numerous to mention.
All sums of tin and under rash on day of sale,
on sums over that amount a credit of 8 months
will Ik- given, purchasers giving their notes
with appr ved security, hearing interest from
day of sale and payable at the First National
Bank. Havre de (trace
• • No goods lo be removed until settled for.
Sale positive, regardless of weather
I W. Thompson. Auctioneer.
Adminis ratrix’s Sale
Personal Property.
The undersigned, administratrix of the estate
i of Louis ( Jones will sell at his late residence
i near Darlington.
On Thursday, Feb. 3rd, 1916
Iteglnning at 12 o'clock M . the
Following PFRHONAL PROPERTY, lo wit:
£x Ik
Horse. Surrey. Runabout set Driving Mar
■ u s-., s I Plow Harness Collar Hiacksmilh Vise
lot I.umber, lot Carpenter's Tools and ( bests.
Taws, Churn. Post Digger. Wheal Cradle. 7
piece Parlor Suit, H Day (Tuck. Buffet. Bed
steads, half dozen Cane Seal Chairs. Estey
i truan. and many other articles too numerous
10 mention,
All sums of lit) and under cash; n sums over
that amount a credit of 6 months will be given,
purchasers giving their notes, with security
tpproved hy Ihe auctioneer, liearing Intelesl
from day of sale and payable at hank.
Public Sale
Stock and Implements
The undersigned, having sold his property
will sell on Ihe old John Jewett properly, local
.- I on Ihe road leading from Wilna lo Joppa,
ihoul half a mile from Jerusalem.
On Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1916
Beginning at 12o'clock. M Ihe
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY, lo wit;
.*£ ix !■*-
Fine Bay Mare, v< tubing about I'JUO Iba.,
luld. will work anywhere, will drive. Mule,
juii I w ill work in any kind of harness, Ciood
Farm Wagon, will carry two tuns; Hay Car
■ luge, good as new. Havlun Wagon. Buggy. 2
Road arts. Express Wagon. Oliver Chilled
(Mow So 40. 2 two horse Cultivators, Spring
looth Harrow. A Harrow. Roller. Deerlng
Mower, Horse Rake. (I *rden Harrow. Three
Row Corn Marker or Tomato Row Marker. 2
.og Chains. Stout Carnage Pole, in goo ishape,
i lay Foi k and Rope. 2 Forks, set Heavy Team
larness. good set Buggy Harness, plow Har
uess Work Bridles Riding Saddle and Bridle,
'••in Shelter, good Wheal and Oats Fan. 3 Milk
Cans. 3 Cider Barrels. Hay hy the lon. Fodder
• y Ho bundle. 200 bushels Oats
Two Bedsteads, lounge, 3 Rocking Chairs
md Straight Hack Chairs
All sums of III) and under cash, on sums over
that amount a credit of N months w ill he given,
purchasers giving their notes, with security ap
proved by the auctioneer. Ik hi mg Interest from
lay of sale and payable at hank
S. O. McCuurlney, Auctioneer.
Public Sale
T he undersigned, intending to iuil farming,
v ill sell Ml Public Sale on Ihe farm known as
he Deer Dale Farm, on the road leading *"'m
Ftrlinglon lo Hlenvllle. hy way of Death s
ord, adjoining Ihe lands of Johns Hopkins and
lolili Ret d.
On Thursday, Feb. 10, 1916
Beginning at II o'clock A M .
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY, lo wit
Bay Horse. ID years old, weighing about 13UP.
will work anywhere, and Is a good driver, Urey
Horse. 8 years old. about I3UU. good driver, amt
will work in all harness These horses are not
ifrald of steam or automobile. 4 Cows, I fresh
March IK|h, one a Dark lertev. will be fresh
May 261 h. These cow* wl I he 5 years old the
oining spring. 2 are Young Cows, will have
heir second calf In July Chester ’ hlle Sow
md 8 Pigs 100 White Leghorn Hens. 2 horse
Brow n W agon. Milk Wauon. In good order.
Huckboard. Fanner’s Favorite Wheal Drill
Deerlng Mowing Machine, has not cut over 20
acres. Buckeye Riding Corn Worker, Fimpb-s
Hiding' orn Plant) i and Check Row atlach
im nls. Spr in* tooth Harrow. Horse Rake. No.
Ml Oliver Chilled Plow, Three Shovel Plow.
One Shovel Plow. 2 sets Lead Harness, hand
made, good as new, set Plow Harness, set Huggy
arness. Heav > Sel Ha i ies and Traces, 3 Work I
Bridies. new Hallers, pair Double Lines. •
l arge Collars. 2 Choke Straps, pair Steelyards
Corn hy Hn barrel Potatoes by Ihe bushel.
Fodder hy the bundle. Hay hy the lon, a lot of
Chicken Coops with Class Doors. 7 gallon
Churn. :• new Stone Milk Pans. 1 gallon. Cross
Cut Saw. Hand Saw . Maul and Wedges. Anvil
and Vise. Corn Barrel. Cutting Box. BuMer
Scales, a lot of Coking Ctenalls. such as Pans
skillets, etc . M few Dishes. 4 Pillows a lot of
m w Bed Blankets and Comforts. Sheets and
Pillow Cases
All sums of 910 and under cash; on sums over
ihul amount a credit of 8 months will be given,
purchasers giving Ihelr notes with approved
security, bearing Interest from da of sale and
payable at Bank.
W ißiam W. Lee. Auctioneer.
Public Sale
The farm w here I now reside having been sold,
known a* lh)'Dublin farm, formerly owned h>
William M Brown, and being compelled lo quit
and remove from the same, I w ill sell at Public
On Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1916
Bcginring at 10 o'clock A. M . the
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY, to wit
*£ at
HORSES Pair Hay Horses. II and 12 years
old. weight 1200 pounds each, work in all har
ness. Sorrel Horse. 12 years old. weigh 1150.
work in all harness, and a good driver. Bay
Mare. 8 years old. weight 800. fine driver, safe
for lady: Pair Mules. II years old, good workers.
Bay Horse. 5 years old. weight lIOU. good work
er and driver
COWS 4 Cows, one will be fresh by day of
sale, 2 w ith calves by their side, the other giving
a lull flow ot milk.
ITUS 2 Fine Brood Sows. I" Pigs. Boar
Wagon 2-horse Spring W'agon. Kunaboul.
Dump Can. No 40 Oliver Chilled Plow. new.
Spnngtooth Harrow, new; SO Tooth Spike Har
row , new , Shovel Plow Iron Age Cultivator. 2
Double Corn Workers. I H C Corn Planter
w ith Fertilizer Attachment Milwaukee Hinder
11 loot Horse Hake, new. 15 foot Hay Carriage.
:*X> lomato Boxes, set Double Stage Harness, set
lb a v > Breech hand Harness. 2 sets Lead Harness,
in Collars. 6 Hallers. 8 Bridles. 2 sets Double
Lines. Hog Box. 2 tons Hay. 4 Forks. Shovel.
Drain ShoveJ. 30 barrels of Corn by the barrel,
and many ol he r articles toonumerous to men
All sums of 910 and under cash, on sums over
that amount a credit of K months will be given,
purchasers giv lug their notes w ith approved
security bearing from day of sale and
payable at the Bank.
1. W, Thompson, Auctioneer.
will be open after Jan. 20, 1916, for the purpose of handling
All Kinds of Farm Products
I promote you natinfartion and quick return* with a nmall
comrnMKion deducted. 1 have made arrangement* with the
Harford Transportation Truck to deliver your goodn direct
tO lift.
1032 Hillcn St., - - Baltimore, Md.
MY We car. offer you the farnou* York Valley or Frederick (bounty
Lime at $3 (10 per ton. We alao offer our ervicen to our patrons in
securing anything they need from the city.
- OF
101-H-ft W. MT. KOVAL AVK.
Used Cars of All Makes
Our Used Car Department is at Your Service
UHlr today or I-lioim* Ml. Vrrnon
I ---
Public Sale
Personal Property
The undersigned, bav tug rented his fields w ill
*1 II at Public Sale at Pleasant Prospect Farm"
Baldwin station M .1 P R. H.
On Tuesday, Feb. Ist, 1916
Beginning al 12 o'clock M., Ihe
Following PERSONAL PROPER'! Y. lo wit: I
sa? a
Belgian Bay Mare. 5 years old weight 12(10
lbs Mahogany Bay Mare Kino lbs . very band
son.# . Sorrel Mare. Kton lbs Uray Horse. II
>rs old. good leader. KMX) lbs.. Bay Horse. M
yrs , 1400 lbs.. Buy Mure Also
18 Grade Cows & Heifers
some wild calves by Ihelr side, others close
Spring# IS. Registered Berkshire Boar weight
175 Iba .6 Fine Berkshln shoals. Deere Double
’ How ( in Planter. Wooda Mowing Machine.
' Horse Bake. Deerlng Binder. 2 Corn Shelters,
dram Drill. Corn Sinter. Dram Fan, SpriiiNloolb
Harrow Dlac II irrow Potato Digger, 2 Corn
A oik. 1 2 herse Market Wagon. 2 horse Farm
Wagon, s. 1 Log Wheels. 2 Farm ( arts, 2 seal
BucMkiui d o. w . Brake I art. Farm Hell, and
• d..er snail I ools. Seed Sower. Potato Spray.
• oul ml lank, mw, Milk S# paralor. new. 1
(iasoline Stove Riding Saddle, Single and
Doohl- Harness. Hay Fork and Rope. Timothy
ami • lovi r Hay b> the lon. * ern hy th- I arrel.
Mi wry uv Honor Pigeons. While la-ghora
Ciiicki o*. and many other articles.
All sums of tin and under cash on Mims over
‘ lh>d amount a credit of 4 months will l e given,
purchas# rs giv mg their not# s wHh security to
K approved hy the clerk. iM-aring interest
from day of sale anti payable al Bank
• •Sul p slllve n gardlesa of weather as
I there is pit nly of shelter
Phone I-01 k 11# F 4.
Milton J Dance. Auctioneer Tel Fork 12 F 3. I
Public bale
Ihe undersigned. Intending *0 quit farming
will se 11 al "Btockdale," Miss Bessie Farnandis'
farm located on the road leading from Bel Air
io Fmmurloii, about of a mile from the former
I place.
On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1916
At 12 o'clock M . the
Following PERSONAL PROPERTY, to wit
1 4j£ Si
Pair Mules, good as in Ihe county, both single
line leadns work in all har mss. large Mule,
work in all harness, weight 1200 p lunds. Sorrel
Horse, H years old. quiet, safe (or ladies, woik
in all i ar-M ss, sound. Black Horse work in all
harness Buckeye Wheel Double Worker. Brow n
Double Worker, Hindi A Dromgold Double
W orker. 2 No. 40 Oliver Chilled Plows, complete;
j Disc Harrow, Spnngtoolh Harrow, ( heck Row
Corn Planter, complete; Iron Horse Bake. Os
, tio-nr Mower 4or ll horse Road Wagon, Hay
j Carriage. 3 sets Double Tn es. three hor*i Tree.
lot Single t rees. 2 sets Breeehhund Harness 4
, si Is Lead Harness. 2 sets Plow Harness il Col
lars and 0 Bridles. Double Lines. Bri-usl Chains.
, W agon Saddle, about Ml barrels Corn Fodd
bundle ami many other aril. 1< 1 . I
; numerous to mention
Sums of $lO and under cash on the dav of sale,
on sums over that amount a credit of Ki
months w ill ire given, purchasers logivc notes,
with approved security, tearing Interest from
•lav ol sab- and payable al Ihe Savings Bank of
Harford County.
C. C. Richardson A Hro.. Auctioneers.
fi ttorney’s Sale
Tract of Land,
Sltiinli ill .lu|i|in, iKlJoiliirtf tin* llulli
linin' g Ohio Kail I load.
Hy virtue of the |miw or of sale coniamed in a
mortgage from I !•■ Mm \land Farms Company.
1 body corporate, lo Ch •• ■ - I w "ornmann
; md Ella Dm a Bornma • • hi* wit< dab d Ihe Iftlh
1 of November 181.1 ami. Tiled ume 1 the I and
Be. ords of Harford ( mini> ,11 I 1. r J \ B.
No 143. folio 274. default having occurred Hiere
in, the undersigned tin allont. \ named therein.
" ill offer for sab at Public Auction at the Court
Mouse Door in Bel An Md
On Monday, Feb. 21, 1916
Al 12 o clock M all that
458 1-2 ACRES,
more or less, situali at d Iving in tin Firs! Kb.
lion District ol ILirfonl 1 mintv ■ ••) ih outherlv '
side of the 1 ailimot i A • •! 10 Bam ■•ad al Joppa
Station. lieing Ihi same md ill Ih. lands lying
mi Ihe southerly Mile ..1 ihe >,ml railroad which
formerly belonged to James W alsh and w hu h i'
111 scribed in a deed from Harrv s Bib v and
I illian M Riley Ins w He. io lln Maryland Farms
l ompany a body corporal- by d< 1.1 dab d Nov
• mber 191 b 1919. and ret rded an • I .and
Records of Harford i ounu m 1 ib< 1 J \ B No
142 folio 3IW
>ne-lhird of purchasi money lo he paid in
cash on day ol sab', oin third in six months and
Ihr balance in iwi Ive months irom day of sale,
and to l*e secured hy Ihe notes or bonds of the
purchaser with security lobe approved hy Ihe
undersigned or all cash al Ihe option ol the
Attorney named in Me>rtgage
Mortgagee’s Sale
—OF a—
House and Lot
Near tin* F'rietidN M-<-iing lloun4 > ,
In Darlhitfion, Mil.
By virtue of the power and authority remain
ed in a mortgage from Ovon-canna Cam and
Thomas N. Cain, her husband, dated the 121 h
day of July. 1802. and recorded among the Land
Records of Harford County, in Filter W. S. F .
No. 106. (olio 207. default hav mg occurred there
in. the undersigned, attorney named in said
mortgage, w ill offer at Public Sale at the Court
Huuae door In Bel Air, on
Monday, February 7th, 1916
At 12 o'clock M . all that
Lot or Pared of Land
siluxte near Ihe Friends Meeting House. In Dar
lington. containing
I Acre, More or Less,
and adjoining the lands of Alh> rt S. Holloway.
James Massey and others, being the same and
all the land described in a deed from Albert S
Holloway and others to Deorgeanna Cain dated
Ihe 27th day of March, in the year thW. and re
corded among the Land Records of Harford
County, in Liber W. S. F.. No w. folio 140. to
gether with the right of way leading from that
-v. lot lo the main road leading
into Darlington.
I bis property IS improved by
and u desirably located
The terms of sale are; One-third of the pur
chase money lo be paid in cash on the day of
sale, or on the ratification thereof, in (he dis
cretion of the undersigned, one-third in six
months and the residue in twelve months from
the date of sale, or all cash on the day of sale,
at the option of the purchaser, the credit pay
ments to bear interest from the day of sale.
Assignee of mortgage.
I W. Thompson. Auctioneer.
————————————————— f
Attorney’s Sole
| Valuable Farm
Nrr Jarwllavlllr, uml near a State
Mneailam lloatl.
By virtu#-of apw rof sale contained in a
deed of mortgage from 1 orbln Amos and wife
1 lo Robert Archer, dated the 7th of June, 1810,
1 sod of record among Ihe Land Records of Har
ford County in Liber J. A R„ No. 131, folio 8.
| conveying the Inreinafter described farm said
•nor (gage hay mg since its date been duly assign
-1 ed to various parlies . ih- undersigned, the at
torney naim d Iln n-ln. having been requested
so lit do. w ill offer for sale al Public Auction al
Ihe Court House Door in Bel Air. Maryland.
On Monday, Jan. 31st, 1916
Al II o'clock A. M , the
Follow mg desci ibed REAL ESTATE, lo wit
110 1-4 Acres, More or Less,
on which Ihe said Corbin Amosa now resides,
siluab d in Ihe Fourth Election District of Har
(ord County, shout one and • m- half miles from
larrellsville which is on a Slate Macadam
Road and on ihe public road leading from Jar
rcltsvillelo Rutledge's Postoffce. and about
one quart) r of a mile from the public road lead
mg from JarreiDv ille to Upper Cross Roads,
adjoining the lands of Thomas B Drafton and
Benjamin I. Dixon.
About one hundred acres of said farm are
tillable and in a fine slate of culltv alion. and
lh>-balance in good tlmlM r. it is w ell fenced
well watered and has a good orchard with a
variety of fruit trees. Ihe improvements con
A,'.)z4l- l sist of a FRAME EIGHT ROOM
DWELI IND. with Slate Roof
Ma#aß7|| Im * Large Bank Barn.
Wagon Hi use, Corn Crib and
(iranary. Smoke House, and otbtr necessary
outbuildings, all in good condition
I I his farm is located in an excellent neighbor
hood. conveniently n**ar churches and stores
and a high school at Jarrctlsville, and is a very
desirable iroperly for anyone looking for a
fertile farm, with good buildings and in an al
tractive neighborhood.
One-third of the purchase money to be paid
in cash on the day of sale one third in six and
the balance in twelve months from the day ol
•ale. ihe credit payments lo bear interest from
the day of sab-, and be secured by Ihe notes or
bonds of the purchaser, with security to be ap
proved by the undersigned.
Attorney named In (be Mortgage.
Bel Air. Md.
I W. Thompson. Auctioneer.
If desired, an extension of the credit pay
menu can probably be arranged for on appli
cation to the said attorney liefore Ihe sale.
Attorney’s Sale
By virtue of a power of ale contained in a
mortgage from S Walter Haines and Emily VS
Haines, his wife, to Bertha L. Warm and J
Worthington 1 .illig. dated November 29. in th
v#-ar 1813. and recorded amongst the Land
Records of Harford County In Liber J. A R.
No 143. folio 284 default having occurred under
said mortgage, the undersigned attorney named
tint) m anil authorized to sell the real estate
therein d> scrlh) d upon default occurring In
mortgage, will offer al Public Sale al the
Court House door. In Bel Air,
On Monday, Jan. 31, 1916
At 12 o'clock M., all (hat
Desirable Little Farm
sllu lc in Ih)- First Election District of Harford
Countv. lying • n Ihe Southei ly side of the pub
Be road h ailing from Hell's Mill lo Abingdon,
adjoining Ihe lands of Mrs Walter W. Preston.
W illiam Skillman and others, containing
57 Acres of Land. More or Less
being Ihe same and all (he lands conveyed hy
and d) scnlted in a deed from Henry C Wilson
*nd w ife lo (he said Emily W. Haines, dated
November 28. in Ihe vexr 1813, and recorded
amongst Ihe l and records of Harford County
1 in LUkt J A B No 142, folio 319.
j The improvements eonaist
of an Kxo Bent RESIDENCE
containing Eight Booms. In
good order. Barn. Meat House,
Chicken House. Ac . is locat
ed in an xcellenl neighborhood, convenient lo
school, churches, stttres. mill, Ac.
The land is practically all tillable and the soil
is kind and easily improved, w hile its location
within two miles of Vanßlhlier station and two
miles from the slate macadam road to Balti
more mak) this a desirable property fur dairy
or market put poses.
The terms of sale are. One-third of the pur
chase money lo he paid in cash on day of sale,
or upon Ih) ratification thereof, in the discre
tion of the undersigned, one third in six
I months and Ihe balance In twelve months, or
: all cash al Ihe option of Ihe purchaser. Ihe
j credit payments to hear interest from the day
of sale and lo L#e secured hy the notes or
(Kinds of I Lie purchaser, with security to be ap
proved by th undersigned
Attorney named in Mortgage
C. C Bichaidson A Hro.. Auctioneers
Trustee’s Sale
Small Valuable Farm
In llir fr'ourth District <if lltti f>ir<l
By virtue of a decree of Ihe Circuit Court for
Harford County, sitting In Equity, passed on
Ihe 12th day of January, 1816, in a cause in said
Court depending, wherein William A. Hall is
complainant a d Thomas O. Hall and others are
respondents. Ihe undersigned Trustee nam#-d
therein will sell at Public Auction at the Court
House door, in Bel Air, Maryland.
On Monday, Feb. 7th, 1916
At 12 o'clock M , all that certain
Tract or Parcel of Land
w hereon Joshua Hall, late of Harford County,
deceased, died seized, containing
17 Acres More or Less,
situate and lying at the intersection of the pub
lic road stale macadam leading from Forest
Hill to Jarreltsville w ith Ihe public road lead
ing from said road to "Phillips' Mill." and near
what was formerly "Hurst's Old Tavern'* in
the Fourth Election District of Harford County,
adjoining the lands of John Young and others,
being the same and all Ih)- land referred to and
described in a deed from William . Burnett to
said Joshua Hall, dated the 14th day of April,
in the year IBU6. and recorded among the Land
Records of Harford County tn Liber W. S. F
No. 115, folio 166-
The improvements consist of a
JhL Comfortable
and some outbuildings, the land is In
.1 good slate of cultivation and this is an oppor
tunity for anyone desiring a well located small
The terms of sale prescribed by the decree are;
One-third of the purchase money lo le paid in
cash on the day 01 sale, or upon the ratification
thereof, in the discretion ol the undersigned;
one-third thereof in six months and the residue
in twelve months from the day of sale, or all
cash at the option of the purchaser, the credit
payments to bear interest from the day of sale
and to be secured by the notes or bonds of the
purchaser, with surety or sureties to be ap
proved by the undersigned.
I- W. Thompson. Auctioneer.
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