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THK /KGIS is noted for its
Reliable News and Forceful
Editorials expressed in conser
vative language.
A,:,:. :.- ...www ■' „ jf
It is the Seeds which grow that count
"" ■■
We handle them in bulk; also make a specialty of TOMATO SEED
Planet Junior Cultivators and Garden Tools, Poultry Wire, IVain ;
Pipe, Perfection, Puritan and Florence Automatic
Cook Stoves and Spraying Material
Agents for HUDSON and ESSEX CARS
Auto Accessories and Genuine Ford Parts
Only One Block From Main Street on CKurchville Road
Wednesday, April 26,
AT Z P. M.
To some lucky person who attends this sale, will you be the one?
You don’t have to be a buyer or even a bidder to participate for the Ford
Car. All that is required is that you be on the grounds promptly at 2 p.m.
and that you are over 16 years of age.
only one block from Main Street, and is right in the path of Bel Air’s future
development. Every lot in this beautiful addition is an ideal location,
either for a home or for investment. Look the property over, select the
site you like, and be on hand at the sale.
Each and every LOT is going to be sold absolutely to the highest bidder.
The best Life Insurance is a home in Fulford Place —More fortunes are
made through owning real estate than from any other source. You can’t
cash rent receipts but you can borrow money on a home.
r |' , ll|<] TFRMS-wiH BE EASY. The property is located
right, and it will be your fault if you do not become the owner of some
of these beautiful lots.
BJCSI ATTEND THIS SALE ! We extend to you a special invitation,
whether interested in buying or not.
Washington Office /f J/7 '"V // / . Executive Office
332 Woodward Bldg s Wilmington, N.C.
“Real Estate at Auction” WM M NlC ™ L ‘^-
Adv. Mgr.
Sweet or sour. I pay on butter fat basis. Can
use anv quantity. Weekly payments. I also
pay top market prices for Eggs. No commis
sion deducted.
5-7 W. Lombard Street, ::: Baltimore, Maryland.
National I’nion Bank
References: National Marine Bank
The Maryland Farmer
1878 1922
For the Sale of Real & Personal Prop
erty. Terms I** per cent.
NOTICE to creditors
’• i This it to Rive notice tht the subscriber hae
I oblHiiitHl Imm the Orphans Court of Harford
J County. Mil . letters of administration on thr
I estate of ...
C ' Into of Harford County, deceased. All Pronß
C I.hmiik claimh against Mild dccaared are hereby
notified to exhibit the wm with the legal
j \ouchera tiiereuf
} On or before the th dey of September. ltJ2
! i or they may otherwise by law be excluded front
|; nil benefits of aaid estate. All iwraona Indebted
i to said entale are i educated to make immediate
,■ | imvimmt.
f i (liven under my hand and aeal thia Bth day
j i of March. Ht'iJi.
ARTHUR IV HALL. Admlnlatrator.
Dining tin* Year
10,000 Cords Peeled Poplar
and Gum Pulp Wood
for shipment from any point ou
c : the B. & 0.. Bonn sylvan in or
? Maryland & Pennsylvania Hail
- roads.
Street, Md.
i’lninr Ilnilinßlon 7FM
Exclusive buyers and shippers for
Jessup & Moore l*u|ier Co., in Harford,
llultimore and Cecil Counties, Md. and
• New Castle County, Delaware.
I’he Supreme Court decision that the
Federal Government cannot collect 1
tar.es fnom the unborn makes many *
tnxpayerK wiah they'd never been born. I
—Louisville Courier-Journal
How’s Your Battery’s Health
Maybe you’ve noticed that it isn’t
turning the motor over as strong as it
might, that it hasn’t quite the pep it | |
used to have, that it seems to hi 1 Just a
little “off its feed.”
; That’s a signal that your battery j
I needs the kind of attention we give ! ;
and probably needs it right away! j
Never mind if it isn't a Willard.
Bring it in anyway. We give them all S
exactly the same attention.
Bel Air Road, Bel Air
i'hone 85
Are You Asking Yourself the Same Question? |
Whal shall I pice her for Easier?
lift us worry about that. Conn 1 in and inspect ourcomplote :
slock of
Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass, Clocks, Silk \
Umbrellas, Leather Hand Bags and
i Numerous Appropriate Gifts
VICTOR Via KOLAS from $25 Up |
> The April Victor Records Now on Sale
v irge Assortment of Easter Records,
...............................1......... i ,
' T rr
Messatg-O to
Telephone Users
//M vSiSY Announcing the firivi' ia 9 ~~
lll'OTok $3,000,000 7 ,; Cumulat'vr .Preferred
Stock of The Chesapeake mid pl; l * oniK
y Telephone Company of
Hacked by physical properly and revenue pro
ducing e(|Uipinent worth over $2(1,000.000, lids stock is
a security of the highest character and a profitable in
It offers an opportunity to in - ' I in a Stale wide
security as sound as the t'ompan.s which lurnisiu’s pc.ic
ticully all telephone service in Marvlund. The husine.s.i
is firmly established and stable, the demand lor tele
phones is constantly increasing.
Money derived from this $:!,00(1.(100 issue will he
spent entirely in Maryland lor addition. 1 ' to the t om
puny’s property or for refunding interest healing indebt
You will pul your dollars lo work lo furnish a public
necessity for which there is constant d 'maud when you
buy this 7',, Cumulative I’referred Slock.
It can lie purchased for cash at par. SIOO a share,
plus accrued dividends or on (he installment plan by
paying $5 down and $5 a share a month nr multiple
Telephone employees, hanks and investment houses
will sell it. They can furnish you additional informa
tion. Subscription hooks open May I.
The Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co.
of Baltimore City
Every Subscriber f 4 f A Shareholder j
r&kt 1
' ~~~* 1"' ¥ many points of view.t undfiifiimi
iL ‘ n coun,f y ' more important than
city construction. Property is apt to
br under the same ownership for a lifetime
instead of a few years. Fire protection is
not efficient at lon# distances. These anti
other .n.Kb** argue for budding well and
Your local dealer can help in your build
ing plans. He has, or will get for you, ac
curate information on any work you have
in mind. You can afford to rely on bis ex
perience and judgment.
Most permanent construction today is of
concrete. For twenty-five years concrete
lias l*en texted on all types of building
and has made good. For twenty-five years
Atlas Portland Cement hat been known at
“the Standard by which all other makes
ara measured.”
Salct OJurtt Now York Boston • Philadelphia
U>Un Northampton, IV-i limlmmi, N. Y. -Lead*, Ala.
"|£w4dJ The Standard birwhizh '
all other Makes are measured 11
! When considering the niilitury train- ,
ittfr of t'onqmny “D”, there in one of ,
it.s most important features that many ,
people fail to think of in the proper |
isolation to the prepardedneas of our
I men here for the sendee of their eoun- I
try and their civilian pursuits.
I The feature to be considered in the
physical training obtained through ex
ercises in conjuctiou with the regular
drills, such as calenthetics and various i
other exercises which develop the nuis- |
ties when training the body and mind |
to he alert anti respond to tin* will of
their own. In addition to these com
pulsory exercises tin* soldier has the
benefit of any form of athletics pro
moted in conjunction with and as an
a ill to his military training.
Ample facilities have been provided
by the State for the promotion of these
activities by the construction of Arm
ories in the majority of the cities
where National Guard Companies are
located and every effort is being
made, ami with considerable promise
of success to erect Armories in the
near future at such places where their
need is greatest.
It has been recognized by the mill
tar> as well as by educational instruc
tors of every description, that at hie
members, to part icipate in some sort of
mole alertness, are a great iienelit to
men in every walk of life, and it is
mainly because of this fact that the
American Soldier is always in better
physical condition than any other class
of individuals.
The National (Juard through the
facilities of its Armories and drill hulls
oilers unlimited opportunity for the
development and pleasure of all its
member to participate in some sort id’
sport or game appropriate to every
sea on of the year.
because of Hie many recreational
features in (ho Armory and teams or
ganized for such sports as bast; ball,
basket ball, etc., among the members
oi tlie National tJuard. the local t om
pany offers all ami more than what
roiibl be expected ill a first class club.
It is by such employment that re
iiiiires great, physical effort that many
men earn their livelihood, and at the
.Name time, abnormally develop some
particular set of muscles, which is of
no material benefit to the physique us
a whole, however this sort of develop
ment is not contemplated in the sche
me of military physique though, as the
result sought is the development of all
the muscles and the brain us well,
through carefully worked out exorcis
es supplemented by athletics.
The young men of Bel Air who do
mil belong to Company “D" are offered
the advantages of this splendid phy
sical training for giving one evening
per week, of one and one half hours of
his lime for which he is generously
paid, and attending for a delight!id
period of two weeks i camp during
the summer and a rodiness to help the
Slate and Nation protect the life and
liroppily of his m'itthliora in time of
trouble. Nothing more. .
If in ilonlit about any part of thin
National Guard duly or its idin|do n>-
iiuinmieatM, Captain Huber the Com
omndh.it Officer of Company H . U
always itlud to diacuaa Hie name with
you,. it men without uny obligation on
their port whatsoever.
Deadly Rime* that were developed
for wur puiposps are now halfig tried
out by the United Stales Department
of Agriculture as a means for destroy
ing noxious birds, animals and insects.
Some of them promise to bo useful
win n applied under proper conditions,
particulurly those that are heavier
than air and can he used on burrowing
rode ills and possibly subterranean in
sect and pests in stored products.
The most recent proposal is to use
gas (i kill destructive birds that con
gregate in marshes. In the coming
full the Ufological Survey, in coopera
tion with the Chemical Warfare Ser
vice, b. planning to make a trial of
the method on blackbirds in the Imper
ial Valley of California. In that reg
ion these birds are said to do at least
j;.0,000 worth of damage to the milo
/i year. Because of their feed
nop eat , impossible to destroy
mg habits it is mod baits, but, as
these birds with poiso . m-M'shes,
thi y roost mi the reeds If! TVfV
it i- lliougiit that they can lie killed hy
a gas cloud at night when the wind is
fauiruble. Thu blackbirds are rnigru
lory and return to the same places
year after year, it is thought that a
big killing in a certain locality will
probably free it, of (lie pests for many
veins, A few other birds in the block
biro infested marshes will be killed at
the same time, but the department he
lievt . that these local birds will soon
reach their normal numbers again.
A * miigemeiits also are being made by
I lie Biological Survey with the Cbemi
cal Warfare Service for investigating
the possibility of using poison gases
on such burrowing xslents as ruts,
prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and
woodchucks. Tests on pocket gophers
and ground squirrels by these two co
opeitiling brunches of the (Joveniment
m California show that chlorine may
be UM’d with good results if handled
pr< perly. The Chemical Warfare Ser
vice used Phosgene on rats in Porto
Bicn with promising results. Some of
tin <• wur gases will be compared with
caihon bisulphide for the killing of
woodchucks and other rodents in their
entomologists of the department
have already worked in cooperation
with the War Department in testing
'ai ious gases on insect pests of grow
iug plants and those that infest stored
grain, but it has not yet been found
advisable to recommend anything to
take the place of hydrocyanic acid gas
or carbon bisulphide.
The serious disadvantages of many of
these new gases is that they are dan
gerous or irritating to men, horses and
hides, and require the use of musks
and great care in handling.
pirnlico will he the Mecca of horse
n.i ii from all over the country from
May I to J.t, and the rivalry hetweei
the Cast and West will he accentuated,
penally during the running of the
I.iOOOO Preakness, for which 12-1 nom
iratio.l.l have heen received.
Ihe list of entries for this famous
flake, with the beautiful Woodluwn
Vase, as an added trophy for the Vic
toi comprises the unbeaten Morvlcli
owned by Benjamin Block of New York
and said to be a second Man O War
.1 F. Widener'.s Hunantell, a colt of
rax* promise, Kancocas Stables, Kui
Sang. De.-dia Breckenridge's Breadal
bate, II || Hewitt's Startle, K. it.
Biadley’ Bet. Mosie and Bell and Coo,
li P. Whitney's Bunting, Mrs. Louise
Vian'a I imi Friend and all the he (
tlii ee year olds of the year.
A party of twenty three pupils and
two leucheis from Youths Benefit
School spent a very enjoyable day
Saturday week. They left Fallston
at '■> A. M. for Baltimore in the truck
of Mr. A. N. Kelly. On arriving they
visited Walter's Art Gallery, Peabody
Library and took a climb to the top of
WsdHi.gton’s Monument. After spen#l
ing the morning engaged with things
educatio ml, they turned to the lighter
side of life and spent the afternoon
at the movies. All claim to have had
a wo iderful time, never to lie forgot
ten. In spite of the fact that hey had
tire trouble on the way back, all ai
med home a. safe, sound and happy
us ever.
b;est interests
of our
County, Stole and Nation
I It seems likely that Western Mary
, land apple growers will soon have a
, co operative organization for the In-
I sport ton, parking shipping and inar
koting of their product. Prom the
I standpoint of future possibilities in the
( apple growing industry, the meeting
I at Hagerstown, March 6th called to
J consider the formation of such an or
ganization was a most important one.
I li was attended hy 10b growers ropre-
I seating an annual production of up-
I proximately aOO.OOO barrels of apples.
There were growers present from
I’ennsylvuniu, Virginia, and West Vir
ginhi, hut the majority were from
Maryland and chief interest centers in
the volume of the Maryland-grown
The meeting was addressed hy sever
al speakers who told of the achieve
ments of co-operative organizations in
various sections of the Country. W.
iVcttyman, manager of the Fruit
(J rowers’ Co-operative Bucking House
at in wood, W. Va., told of tin* success
w Inch had attended the organization of
film growers in that section.
IT Bassett, of the North American
I Veil Kxclmngo in sneaking of co-op
erative effort, pointed to four essential
"I s’ which lie said wore organize,
standardize, advertise, and merchan
dise. Organization has passed the ex
perimental stage in most fruit growing
sort ions, said Mr. Bassett and is no
longer a doubtful venture. Organiza
tions are new discussing federation of
local units, he said, and cited the grape
Industry of Michigan, Now York and
Canada as an outstanding example of
federated units.
Maxwell C. Byers, pit's ideal of the
\V o; torn Maryland Hailway, spoke on
the importance of transportation and
l "T™ (.lohbi* cuii|iratioii lictwnon the
ruilroailH uml tlu> fruit growers in tire
interest of better service.
Preparations to prevent the growth
of mildew on leather are not usually
to he recommended, says the Bureau of
Chemistry because only highly polson
oua materials are elfective and they
arc dangerous. Leather articles, such
as harness, shoes, suitcases, and Ismk
hladings, arc almost certain to mildew
if kept in a warm, damp, and dark
place .This means that particular care
should he taken of leather articles dur
ing the spring and summer. Mold will
not seriously damage leather unless it
remains too long, but It will change
the color and 1:1 that w r ay do consider
able damage to some articles.
The simplest way to keen leather
from mildewing is to keep it in u woJl
ventHated, dry, wcll-lightis! place, pre
ferably one exposed to sunlight*, a
cheap and elfective disinfectant. Molds
make little growth in sunshine.
When mildew has developed It should
ho wiped off with a damp cloth or
washed o(f with soap and warm water,
and the leather oiled lightly with cas
tor or noat’s-foot oil and well dried
afterwards. These simple methods
for preventing and removing mold oro
.satisfactory and safe.
Barley us a hog food is coming on"
the markets in increasing amounts,
probably for the reasons that its use
for brewing purposes has fallen elf and
the hog industry has heen moving Into
the barley-producing districts. The
Department of Agriculture has taken
up the problem of finding out the rela
live feeding value of light and heavy
barley. There uro no Federal Stand
ards for this grain but light and heavy
grades are recognized on the market.
During 1021 the Department made
feeding teats of the two grades, and
. the trials will he repeated. Not onuf
data are available yet for deflnito con
clusions as to the relative merits of
the light and heavy grain, but the re
sults nave shown that high class bar
' Icy has a feeding value only slightly
lower than good shelled com. When
these tests are completed the Dnpart
* ment will have additional Information
• 1,011 the methods of feeding barley,
•' net it should be fed whole,
whiThe/' Av ..
rolled, dry, or s7 '. 7 rley will Ist
It is expected that n!W*' s a hog
used much more in the future
feed, especially when there is a
ily of corn ami when barley is compar
atively cheap.
It seems probable that the question
will have to he left to a Jury of ex
perts, which might also, while it is
mi liny determine who wrote “Dixie."
The question of who was the foun
der of the Ku Klux Klaa arid where
the organization originated that swept
away the carpet-baggers and their
i rediilous tools during the Reconstruc
tion period has again become the sub
ject ol a live debate with the invasion I
of “The Birth of a Nation'' into the I
unci# nl strongholds of the Ku Kluxers. I
When Griffith’s spectacle was first!
< xhihiteil in Memphis, the little city off
Pulaski, in Giles county, Term., out I
forward its claims to the honor of be- *
big the cradle of the band of heroes .>
rplendidly pictured hy Mr. Griffith. \
A few days later Khroveport, La., do I
i hired itself tin* proud possessor of t
the mail in whose bruin originated the |
idea of the Clan and #leclare#l this man i
hud died only a few months ago. ,South
Caroliau, the home of (he semi mythi
cal hero of the Griffith spectacle and
Thomas Dixon’s story on which It is
ba ed, also assert* its claims, and de*
cl.-iic that history ls*ars out tho lln*o
i iet hi Griffith and I )ixon
Mary hud two little #'alves,
Quite shipely, you must know.
And naughty eyes would follow them
Wherever they did go.
“I want to do some shopping to-duy, '
dear,'' said a fond wife. “That In, of
coins#, if the weather is favoruhle.
! What is the forecast?” lie consulted
the paper and promptly chanted off:
“Ham hail, snow, thunder, lightning
i and floods.” St. Baul Dispatch.
. f A good friend tands by you when ill
. n#•-•I. Bel Air Beople tell how Doan’s
Kidney Bills have stood th#i test. John
j H. I horn of Hickory Avenue indorsed
j Doan’s five years ago and again con
nr mi iha toi.. < Jould you a k toi
I ’ niore convincing testimony?
*'l have hud a weak back for years
| and sometime ago I resorted to Doan’s
j Kidney Bills which I bought t Boyd
, & I'ulfor#l’s Drug Store’’, says Mr.
] Thorn. “I soon learned Doan's were
good for they relieved me of a dull
pain across rny back. They also
(lengthened rny hack a id corrected
the irregular action of my kidneys
which annoyed me ut times. After
this v#*ry pleasing experience with
Doan’s I am glad to recommend them.’’
, Mr. Thorn gave the above statement
August 1, IIH6 and on February 2,
H'2l, he added;
“I am alway < ready to endorse
l>o:m’- Kidney Bills. Whenever my
j kidney have troubled me Doan’s have
never failed to <*#rrect the <lisor#ler
. and I gladly confirm all I said in favor
of them.”
y tiOc uL all dealers. Foster-Mil bum
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.

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