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THE -aiSßfc AXIS
BKI. AIR. MU.. Ald’ST 2.lth. 1922
Local Affairs
A Juvenile Court case was taken
up before Judge Harlan on Satuiday
anil hebl sub curia.
Hu* Rock Run Stir 1 iy School will
),.dl a festival in the Red Men’s Hall
at Hopewell on August Mist.
A peach and ice cream festival
Will be held at Friendship Church near
I allston Wednesday evening August
The Percheron hoise “Drusus”
was bought by Mr. Heorge Bearsch for
-Tun when sold at receiver’s sale on
Moving pictures for the benefit of
Hu* Fiesh Air Society w ill be shown at
1 ullston School house tonight (Fri
di.y > at 8 P. M.
Mr. Noble L. Mitchell has been
named by the Orphans Court to ad
minister on the estate of the lute
Douglas B. Hilbert.
Hon. W. Cabell Bruce and about
other guests were entertained at
(| ,, K .r by Mr. William S. Forwood on
Wednesday evening.
\s the result of /Egis lost ads a
„u lial and a satchel have found
ay back to their proper owners
,1 , , the past ten days.
\ dunce and lawn fell* will be giv
. , i iiino 1 1 ow (Saturday) evening at the
r.ome of Mrs. (’buries King, by the l.a |
Club of Ismg Bar Harbor.
Mr. Richmond Mitchell of Bel Air J
nil nursing a stiff neck as the result '
1 having struck bottom when he dived ,
to a swimming pool several days ago. I
The Ladies *f Khenezer Church
dl hold a chicken and meal suppei
,n rhursduy. August Mist on the
, lairch law n. If stormy next fair ;
C, E. Lloyd & Sons have left at i
i)i Egis office a crate of Flberta pea
, hes whose size, color and flavoi j
-hould delight the heart of tin* most ;
exacting critic.
Sunday afternoon at LOO P M. i
tlit*ie will be servic* > in tin* I own Hall |
at Darlington comlucleil by the Bap j
I- ul tin* community. Rev. F. L.
I.l use will preach.
I lie cuiigregutioii *if North Bend
• liurch will hold a festival and supper
..i, (In* grounds udoining the church,
\\• tlnesday evening, August .MOtli. If
loriuy next evening.
The County Commissioners on
Monday approved a sl2 bill of Mr. j
Amo, DeVoe for a hog killed by dogs
ti.d one of SItMJO fiom Mr. Joseph S.
Ai dier for sheep killed.
Income tax collector Powell i
I lending several days in Bel Air. .
D iring the time he resided in town Mr. j
Ci.w*ll met with lemarkabh* success
picking up tux shortuges.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Darlington M. E. Chinch will hold their
annual supper on Mr. J. E. Stiveley’s
lawn on Thursday evening, August -’ll.
It’ turmy the next fair evening.
That a Fold’s kick puts a mule's
.dml in the shade was proven to Mr.
Clarence Robinson, Jr. on Monday
•li**n an obstreperous Lizzie broke bis j
ght arm and dislocated Ids wrist.
Plans for the Rod Cross exhibit
at the Harford County Fair will bi(dis
rn.wd at the regular monthly meeting
of th* l county chapter to be hebl in the
Vnnoiy on Monday, August 28th at ■'! .
P. M. *
A dunce will Im* given in the Com
inunity Hull. White Hall, on Friday
.cuing, August 25th. The Committee
.ii charge of dance is Messrs. \N. K
Nelson, Rub* rt S. Wiley and Robert F.
<.el tier.
i,Kv (' I* VowUn of Bel AW M
i liurch will address the CoapHMße
Meeting at Fallstun. Sunday fpMpfli
Vugust 27th at H o'chs k. S|M*rll *mg
g will be held in connection with the
• gular song service.
Owing to the fact that their nrig
. al sale <lat** eonllicteil with a picnic
,* the Daiiym* n’> Association at < at
tin's Paik, Messrs. Cooney and Murphy
,;ne postponed their sab* f euw> until
VVednesikiy, August !olb.
Master Ned Hall, of Bel Air. has
. mild case of diphtheria and his father
Mi. Thomas W. Hall is threatened with
i While diphlheiia is still a much
• headed disease anti toxin has very
eutly reduced its danger.
Rev. Heorge W. Mead will resume
wuik as pastor uf the First Pies
vterian Church, on next Sunday after
ng p m ihe past two moot h t h
• R*dpath Chautauqua. A host of
muds will be glad to welcome him
The Mt. Tabor Christian End* avor
•i i**ly being largely interested in the
the home of Miss Carrie Burkins.
• day, August 2'Jth. Mt. labui !
.urch is now being remodeled, the :
.eiety being largely interested in the i
• uk.*
Hun. John W. Ham It enlert-lined i
■i>ut a dozen uf Halford's Republican
adera at a luncheon given at the
•untry Club Inn on Wednesday. At
. tun informal plans were made l*
*f set the big vole claimed by ‘Op
• iters of Senator France.
A Commissioner of the ( ourt *>i
aims took testimony in B*‘l Air Mun
.*> relative to th* l claims of Mr Her
ide 0.-boi n, Johnson Br**-.. R- T
H Mitchell and Thomas P Mitb* ll
(imneetion with the i*stablishmenl
1 the Aberdeen proving Hrounds. j
Ladies interested in the Bel Air |
••hall T. am will give a chicken up
ii the Armory (lining ro*un tonight
t day) for the benefit of the team.
hull like most other luxuiies come
gn now and it is hoped by this mean
i. tantial help may be given tin
While attempting t* nass a buggy
a narrow road near Broad < re**k.
J. A. H. Allen’s big Pierre Arrow
ked onto t )i* vehicle and demolieh
t on Monday. Although Mrs. Pearl
an- and two children were thrown
••ui no one wa- hurt, and th** damage
wa promptly adjusted.
A t. ruffle noise Monday In-tween
ii d 12 o'clock excited the wond
•dents of the low** section of the
uity. It arose from tin* explosion
• vast amount **f old ammunition
the Alierdeen Proving Hround •**
t weie conducted t* determine th**
d tion of this obi material.
I r .day the little appeal * a-e of
Tif fun Products Co. against N. I
ng. which involve*! payment for
•■ candy that spoiled, was taken up
judgment affirm* *l. The same
judgment for #112.07 in favor of
Diamond Red Paint < **• was *nlei
against VS. Carl Holloway.
' harles Johnson. c**lore*l, pb*l
11y b* fore JuMiee Williams on
• lay of being drunk an*l *lis*rderly
Hunt of Mr. Charles Caldei* store,
• uoptown and was fined sll-50.
mkeii brawls an* saidt*hav**lH*coine
'►■••i frequent in that locality and the
"'iff is deterinim d t<* break them up.
Doctor Thomas Stuckbam B ik* •
■nt e.i ial days of b. vacation with
aunt-. Mi . VS R. Robir n and
dt Alice un*l Ma > Slo*kb*ini, "
I '' v man. Dr. Baker wa- director **t
•me Institute for ten years and has
♦ • n Hen ia I Secretary of the ( am**
• ln-titute of Technology al Pill
'x for lhr**e year . A we* k ago he
> notified *f his election u> presi*lent
th latter.
A new device le-mg le-t**d *h*dv
tt*- Prov ing Hround und i the I mt
States Bureau Standard of Fx(eri
••nt Thi- device recovers vvat r
'••ni the exhuu-t vap*r of "blimp
’toi - ther* by compensate X
•nghl f:>r the lo - ,f gasoline as it **
' ■Mined. 11 is said lo recover -everul
me - (fi w eight of gasoline if nece
‘ v and is useful in anchoring he
' li l- Many visitors have been to ib* l
•*lbn field to -,ee the variou won
,le * of the air.
2 Hie fallow who thinks ho most go
j to the Ea tom Blio' to eel rhoire < in
tuloupes lias not tested the output of
* the Woodaide-Waverley Orchard Co.
2 These enterprising gentlemen report a
. Rood yield, and that they were able
over the week end to sell a whole truck
h ad of melons at their roadside house.
Quite a little excitement prevailed
•'ii the farm of M. B. Copcnhuver near I
Ady, last I uesday when he ami his I
11 ui phew Mr. Bonham, of Chilhowie.
y Virginia, were removing an old straw 1
tick and came in contact with a cop- t
. per head snake family. Four old ones
I and twenty-six young ones were killed.
A tour of inspection of Club calves \
in Harford was made on
Thursday. The boys are all on edge
awaiting the outcome of Timonium
show, and most of them have their i
calves in fine fettle. Not a few of 1
these young dairymen can give their j
elders some pointers on fitting stock !
for the show ring.
tirunes Holcomb, 2fi, Bel Air and i
Mainly Simmons, IH, Aberdeen; Carl
Simmons, 21, Aberdeen and Lillie Ed
wards, IH. Bel Air; Alfred Frederick I
Wieneis. 28, New York City and Sarah
May Hernandez, ;i:t. New York City;
Michael Bartkowski, 2fi, Baltimore and I
Marie Anna O’Brien, 24, Baltimore.
Miss Anna Elizabeth Rampley, of !
Rocks, has been awarded a four year j ,
tuition scholarship to Blue Ridge Col- 1
The scholarship to SI. Mary's Semi
nary has been awarded to Miss Kuth
rine Ward of Jarrettsville, Miss Cort
wright Richardson, of Bel Air, to
I whom it was formerly awarded having
declined it.
The County Commissioners, several ;
clerks and assessors appeared before
the State Tax Commission on Tuesday
to give testimony concerning the Su
pei visor of Assessors’charges prefer-
I red against Dr. O. B. Carcaud of Har
ford. Supervisor of Assessors Lind- ,
say was on the stand, clerk W. A. ,
Whei ler followed and Dr. Carcaud hail (
i partially completed his testimony when |
| the session adjourned. Owing to a , (
; member of the 'l ax Commission having
| a previous engagement the hearing ;
| was carried over until Thursday.
Andr. w .1, Slreett to Trustees of | *
j 11 in ford Old School Baptist Cliureh, lot
adjoining church.
Joseph .1. Scully and Theresa Scully j
to Simon K. Clapper and Florence V- I
Clapper, tenants by the enlinlies, 8.1 | .
acres, I I District, $lO.
tleorge Reynolds and wife to ('ail
I’odd, l b acres at Fallslon, tog. lhei (
with merchandise, etc., sf.
Marry Heaps el al to Chalkley B. ] j
; Dempsey, 20 acres, SISOO.
Milton R. Walker and wife to Lingan
, I. Livezey, of acre, .‘lid Distiict, |
Mr. Smith N. Bradford, of Bel Air.' (
has been appointed as the Baltimore
and Washington representative of the
Baokei s' Trust Company, of New York
City, This is ore of the largest hank
ing concerns in the country and han
dies finaneial deal- of mammoth pro j
1 portions.
We know of no one better euqippi d
than Mr. Bradford to fill this coveted
position. Having country and city
hanking experience, combined with an
I aviatoi’s poise and knowledge of men. v
I he is prepared to met every phase of *|
large bunking affairs. j
I bree thuusuu I pounds of w ind were ,
.dapped by Harford farmers from Bel
’w.Vh <
go<>d Worn, many grower# preferred to
put it right on the market rather than (
trust to getting 51 cents out of blankets ;
later on. The largest shipper brought ,
in 4(10 pounds.
A purse of over SI2OO was put up (
by tin* farmers to cover freight and
weaving charges. It is expected that
th blankets will be ready to go on (
sale in October. i
1111. 1.1 MHKK < ASK DKIIDKIt J
After many months of litigation, | ,
Judge Hat lan in an opinion filed last !
week holds that an audit filed some j ,
time ago in the case of Ella P. I<ee ,
against Ryland & Brooks Lumber ( ■. i ,
must stand. Suit was originally ,
brought by Mrs. Leo against the him
her company for approximately
sd,:{.'tß.oo to cover services rendered in
their extensive timber oprations.
It is said that as a rsult of the pur
ties deviating from the original con
tract their accounts became Involved.
Coder the audit upheld by the Court
Mrs. Lee is indebted to Ryland A*
Brookes for ss,fido.ll.
Mr, S. A. Williams represented
I Mrs. Lee and Mr. John L. (I. Lee was (
I coinr* I for Ryland & Brookes.
About midnight Wednesday whih
returning from St. Maiy’s tournament
Mr. James Walbrck **f Forest Hill met
I with an accident on the conciete road
from Rocks to Pylesville. It is said
that an Oakland ear with a party of
negro tourists o. r Pittshurgh made a
sudden -weive on approaching th-
Walbeck machine crushing into it and
pushing it down a steep emhankment.
Fortunately the car did not up.-et, tho’
Mr. Walbeck’s mother, who was a
I pa--eager wu- consideiably jolted and
| 'hocked. Both cars were -oimwhat
State Police were called to the sc* in .
and after investigation the colored
p ople we e released on then own rec
ogni/ance for a hearing on August ”0.
* Having faith in the value nf Boy
and Hills* Club work. Jarrell \ die
Orange early in the Spring voted to
pay half of th* 1 expenses of local win
tiers in the vaiions department- to the
club camp. ,
The committee composed of Me
dam* - Charles Schuster and Huivey
Hros- and Me—r-. Edgui Cairne* ami
Charles Schii.-ter be'oie the owning of
camp made the following awards:
H*usr hold Leitha Poole; Millinery
Mary Spencer: Sewing and Poultry
Anna Ely; Harden and Canning
Fiance Bailey; Pig Norman < ath
carl; Corn William June-; Potatoes,
Furl Henderson; and Tomato*- - I bos.
|( i- needle- to .-ay their pisilion at
camp was an enviable one and that
' th > ha*l a peck of fun.
I For a time it Inoki cl ux though OITi
i cer Hanillev, of the State Foliee force
btatioio■! in Hel Air. would a lib
. eral I <••• of the SIO,OO reward offered
for eaplurihi' the ila'iUK murderer of ;
■ Mr. William H. Nnrns in Baltimore n
• Fnda> Act it kon information tele
pln.neil from Italtiiriore Officer Hand
le> da lierl down the fhurrliville mad
1 and 01 r led Herald Taylor who a
>p. eilinit towards Fliiladelphiu in a
taxicuh. .
Taylor rave a disconnected -lory of |
hi,- movements and ix sind to have a*d
ed in a su-picious manner, so was tak
en I a. k to Baltimore. Here he fei K ned
faintinr when idTieer* attempted to ;
' iioestion him. For a while the pick
-1 up looked like a valuable one, hut >uh
seouent invesliifationx have prar-tically
V eliminated Taylor from connection
with the Norris case.
n Hand ed' made their annual pil*ri
< mare Wedn -day to the tournament at
il St Mary’- near Fyleevillc. Held aa it
ha.- been, year after y-ar. at about the
e -arne time, this event has rrown 1• he
ie almost -tate-wide in reputation, o
that one finds in the several thou and ,
people present representative of all
’ walk, of life from many different sec
- | tlotl .
I lu> year*.*- celebration was no ex
ception to the general rule the crowd
embracing both the farmer enjoying
a day's outing after u strenuous har-
VPs t season and the many candidates
engaged in the equally strenuous—
though less laborious—effort to land
. | votes.
I (tuided by Harford friends, Senator
France ami Hon. John W. Carrett
| freely mingled among the Republicans
, "hilc Hon. William Cabell Bruce made
the acquaintance of many Harford
Democrats. Col. Tydings ami his rival
• candidate Mr. Iverson were also on
hand to renew old friendships and es
tablish new ones.
Twelve knights contested for the
j valuable prizes offered ami after spir
j ited riding the results were determined
as follows; First “Knight of Wood -
j lawn”, Joseph P. Brady: second,
| "Knight of Ivanhoe”, Richard P.
St reel t; third “Knight of Careless
i Boy," Harvey Duncan; fourth “Knight
of Holbrook”, W. M. Brady. Best
equipped Knight J. Walter Streett.
M*.*i Brady was crowned Queen,
I Miss Cassandra Streett, first maul:
( Miss Clara Blair, second maid; Mi-
Bessie Thompson, third maid.
.1 \ |{ R KTTS Vll.l. K (IRA NUKUS
JaiTcttsvil).. (iraiifp. held it- lu.-t
! regular meeting at the home of Mr.
i ami Mrs. Walter Spencer, near Coop
town, with Mr. Churle.i Schuster in the
( chair.
1 he principal subjects for discussion
wire the Agricultural Corporation o
Maryland and the Bond Issue. As re
gards the former, every one seemed le
lie agieed that it saved the farmer; of
the state large sums of money during
tlie past season in the purchasing of
their fertilizers ami feeds. The most
interesting part of the discussion wa
in relation |o a bigger and more stable
income for such a useful and invalu
able organization.
The sentiment seemed to be I 0
in favor of a s2rio,ooo Bond Issue with i
a small minority favoring $500,000.
Miss Risteuu gave a short talk.
After a varied program under the
direction of Mrs. Thomas Brown and
delicious |>euch ice cream and cuke,
the body adjourned to meet in the
i town hall on Tuesday evening, Sep
I temher 12th.
Judge Harlan on Wednesday drew
I tin* following jurors to serve during
| the next term of court which vmII con
vene on September Ilth.
First District
Harry F. Pyle, ('ami T. Hilbert,
Thomas Roy Brookes,. Jarrell SN.
Dsvayer, Hilaries R. Robinson.
Second District
J. Smith Michael, Win. O. Hiaflon,
Alfred 11. Wilson, James T. Ford, liar
ry A. (iallion. Ely F. Mct’ommons,
Anton 11. Vogts, Samuel A. Rickey.
Third District
Solomon A. Hoblitzell, James A.
Wheeler. James I*’ Snodgrass, A. Lee
Cottle, F. Trainor Archer, Seymour R.
Mitchell. Ira V. Cottle. David T Bennin
Win. S. Scurff, Walter Slade, J. Beau
regard Hleason, James H. Ruff.
Fourth District
Joseph M. Streett, Ralph F. Slade. |
Augustus F. Durham, Howard L.
Schilling, Charles M. Merry man, Jesse
H. Foard, John T. Anderson, Michael
K. Rahil, John R. Baldwin.
Fifth District
Clifford W. Holloway, Edward
Wilson, Charles (). Moulton, Albert W.
Stokes, l,ewis F. Muiphy, John C.
Tennant, Winfield B. McElwain, Will 1
lam R. Orr. Rigby W. Stokes, Clay P.
Whiti foul, Emory Jones.
Sixth District
Thomas C Hopkins, Robert M. Van
diver, Hany J. Reasin.
The I'pper Cross Roads Farmers’
Club was well attended al Mr. and
Mrs. T. Winfield ScarfiTs newly im
proved and atliactive home on Satur
day, August I'Jib. by members of the
('lub and other fi i**nds.
The wonderful improvement Mr.
Scar IT has made to his buildings -inn
the (Muh last met theie and the excel ‘
lent, well cultivated erops and god
| eoiuiition of his stoek are sure eviden
! res of sueee.Hsful fanning. Recently
1 be bus added to his residence several
1 new rooms, including bath; has built
j a large porch and bus painted th*-
whole structure. Within the pa-t
' twelve months he has lorn out his old
j ( ow stable, cemented the floor, put in
three rows of stanchions, eighteen to
i the row, making stable room for fl
row-, Iwsides K box stall This is a
fully equipped modern plan, -unitary
row stable.
The Inspection Committee'- report
was as follows;
2 horses, I mule-. f pome-, 27 cow
and 20 heifers, 2 calve-. 2 bulls, and •'
hog*-. 100 old chickens, 100 young clue
k*-n-. acres of com (K acres of which
is for ensilage). Q acre of potatoes;
i 20 acres of hay that cut approximately
100 tons, the most of which is alfalfa;
1C acre.- of Soja beans.
Subject foi discussion; “Does 0 pay
t, sow wheat?” The conclusion wa
only for the conv* nience of having
straw for bedding.
All members present were favorable
to the r election of I lie Old Board o f
Officers of the Milk Producer-’ Assn :
nation, which i- t lake place August |
The ( lub was delightfully entertain
* d by good music and enjoyed a boun
I iful supper.
The next meeting will be held Sep
lenilHT lOtb at tin home of Mr. and
M is. Ernest Hairison.
Residents of the western end of Ah
erdei n were greatly alarmed about
four thirty Wednesday afternoon when
fin- broke out in the lumber yard >f
F O. Vide & Co, situated along the
Baltimore A Ohio tracks. The exce.-d
; iijgly inflamahle nature of tin- mater
ials carried by this flnn and the baa
lion *f th* 1 yar*| near the large canning
factory of Mr Morgan Mitchell gave
just cause for fear, particularly as the
1 flam* hud gained considerable head
way befoie discovery by Heorge Cair,
an < mployee of V’lele A Co.
With others **f his men who had
been engage*! in unloading a ear of
lumber at a short distance from the
planing room. Mr. VieU* iimbed t* th**
4cene and began a fight against the
roaring flames. The Aberdeen I 1 ire
Department quickly responded to the
emergency and were further aide*l by
Die Havre *le (rure Department and
equipment from the Aberdeen Proving
(iround. A presnute pump from the
latter place was particularly effective
and H is said wa largely responsible
for the quelling of th*- fire which at
one stage seemed to threaten almost
the eptire town.
A tin roof on th* 1 building of Mr
Mitchell’s plant larg* ly helped to
them. Fite carried by the wind reach
ed the house of Mrs. Male I Morgan,
eituut* d diagonally aero - the street
from the Vieb* buHiness, and did eon
aiderable damage to it a- well a.- to
that of Mr. Denbow adjoining. Freight
cars standing on the B. O. tracks wa r*
removed to a place of safety.
Defective w iring in the planing room
|h thought to have been responsible for
■ the conflagration which destroyed tin*
planing room, much hardwood flooring,
finished mill work and valuable cy
press lumlier. Fortunately the offic*
equipment and records were saved.
The loss is estimated at $7500 partially
covered by insurance.
Messrs, Frederick O. Viele and
Harry A. Hilbert compose the firm,
which trades as F. O. Vide and Co.
Over two hundred persons witnessed
a remarkably fine pony show conduct
ed by little lots at Fallslon on Satur
day afternoon. Despite the fact that
Doth the steeds and promoters were
i diminutive the publicity end had been
played up well, to that a ho t of grown
up* were attracted by the etithusiuam
of the viyiilihil horsemen and ladies.
Once (he show was on there was no
scarcity of “pep”, or lack of faith on
the part of riders that their mounts
were the best. Dead heals, which ie
quired a second running to make a
sine decision, added to the excitement.
Mr. Theodore Forbes was starter and
Messrs. VV. Boyd Bell and I>. Sterretl
(Sittings who served as judges, chalked
up results as follows on the twenty six
ponies shown:
Small Ponies
Running Race—First “Mollyo” own
id by Norman Friei; s*cond “Ariadne”
Harriet Shriver; third “Minnie Ha Ha”
Harriet Shriver.
Jumping—First, “Mollyo”; second
“Minnie Hu Ha”.
Beauty—First, “Ariadne"; second
“Peanut", Kllen Merritt; third “Sweet
heart”, Viola Crumlish.
Large Ponies
Running Race—First “Queen of
Streten” John Follies; second "Francis
Scott Key” William Watson; third,
“Jill” Kllen Merritt.
Jumping First "Francis Scott Key"
second, "Don”, William Lancaster.
Beauty—First “Cocoa", Peggy Bak
•r; second "Francis Scott Key; third,
"Monte” Philip Close..
With this rivalry aroused as a fore
i miner some hot heals may be expect
ed when the tiny horses parade before
an admiring crowd at the Harford
B. H. Sleeker ami Morris Korenreich,
oi Philadelphia, representulives of tin*
Alaska Fin Company of that city, met
with a thrilling experience en route
fr mi Philadelphia to Baltimore Satur
day night when highwaymen held them
up on the Old Forge Hill of tin* Coin*
wmgo Road and relieved them of then
money and valuables, completing the
job by diixing off with their ear and
its precious load.
A- told by the men themselves, short
I l> aft •! crossing Deer Creek bridge,
theji were passed by another car north
hound, the occupants of which were
apparently much interested in tin*
cai of th- Philadelphia men. Only a
few minutes later to their surprise they
we.e repussed hy the same car which
drove a short distance ahead of them
and stopped blocking the road. The
passengers of both machines alighted
Sleeker and bis companion soon find
ing themselves covered by a big auto
malic gun. Tin y were relieved of their
moil \ and watches and told by the
highwaymen that they wanted the liq
u.ti in the captured car. Advised that
(la* contents were furs and not liquor
(lie highway men after consultation de
tided Dial fins were just us good so
accordingly one id (hem got in the
Philadelphia ear ami drove it oil’, Ins
paitner timing their own.
Sleeker walked to Bel Air getting ;
in touch with Shciiff Sheiitlan ahoul
live thirty Sunday morning. As the
SherilT was just starting on ti huny
cull to Havre de Grace he directed the
man to the Stale Police and they wen*
soon on Uie trial. The time consumed
how t v. r, by Sleeker in w alking to Bel |
Air had given the bandits ample op
portunity to make their getaway.
About noon Officer Atkinson was suc
cessful in locating the slob n car near
Bynum Station where it hud been
abandoned, but no truce of the wanted
men could la* found.
It is unfoilunate that the Pbiladel
phiuns ditl not avail themselves of the
telephone at Kalinin instead of walking
to Bel Aii. A.ter an investigation the
State’s Attorney and officers are very
doubt .111 whether a holdup actually
did take place.
I'i... of iiiri'ii.liury o.lgin tliroatorip.l
to wi|io out III.' lUKtlll'il' OIUOMOO on
M.ilual Hull Kano near t:i,urchvill.-
utiout 11 :l<> o'clock Sal onlay ninlit ami
was only .•xtinifiiisho.l oiler a haul
lluhl. Mr. K. H. Krill'll who owns the
property was awakened hy a Klare
Horn the windows helow his room nod
himyioK down stairs found two rooms
a i ounnp furnure.
HashioK hark upstairs he yelled for
his son Itoliert and then Krulilxol some
heddintt with which to heat out Hie
flumes. Hy a ro incidence the rum
had been turned olf curly m the even
iiiK to rest the spring, so that no water
was available in Ihe house. Mr. Hubert
K, rrell lushed to the sprniK with hur
kel while his father beat away ptosis
tently io the roustiiiK inferno, for a
lime their efforts seemed useless hid
j soon the blaze diminished and was II
I nully slumped out.
An mvcsliKulioii clearly CHtuldished
i the fact that the house hud been set
mi lire. I'roculillK a live (fullon oil
cut, on the hack porch the fire liiik
K „med entrance IhnmKh the kitchen,
which was unlocked, and spread a trad
of coal oil from the kitchen In a lurife
float room. After probably a Kullolt
ami a half of oil hud been spread
around the match was applied. It up
paienlly was only a mutter of seconds
before the Haines run across to a cor
mo m the float room where an eyjf
crate and some paper proved ideal fuel.
At Hus point the most serious damage
was done, the lire having eaten into the
woodwork quite u ways.
A search early Sunday morning dis
I dosed footprints of the unwHrome
j visitor leading from the premises de
tect I y down the dusty road to Schuck’s
Corner when* the trail was lost on the
, pike. Sheriff Sheridan visited the
MTne and procured all available data
in hopes that he might be able to pick
op a moie definite tiail.
So quickly was the fire discovered
and fought the damage was remark
! ably slight. While the intense hllttt
blistered all the paint, cracked win
dows and smoke added to the nun,
\my little woodwork and furniture was
actually burned past the paint. The
loss was covered hy insurance in the
Harford Mutual Company.
The present residence at Medical
Hall was built hy Judge Stevenson Ar
chr in IK2M, and during its earlier days
via the c nter of social activities in
that -eclion of Harford.
Mi John Hopkins Sr. and Mr R. C.
.Shendan have relumed from a visit
with Mr K. R. I’. Smith in Washing
ton. I >. <
Major Percy Archer, of the Mamie
( oip , spent Sunday with his .-.islets
in B* I An. Major Archer has been
transferred to Hampton Roads after
having b* en stationed in Haiti for
three years. ,
Mi Marguerite Riegel of German
town, I'a. is the guest of her cousin,
Mrs. I.ewis J. Williams.
Mr. Charles Sullivan, of Washington
vpent the week end at tin* home of Mr.
N. Howard Dean.
Mr. .1 Wallace Brournel. Jr. has ac
cepted a position with the Falconer
Company in Baltimore.
Mi Horace Bowman gave ade
lightful bridge party Monday night in
In nor of h* r sister, Mis. John Lyman,
of Walla Walla, Wash.
Miss Klsie Heuer has returned from
a visit to friends in Raleigh N.
Mi s Stella Hoffman, of Bel Air, has
been the guest of her cousin, Miss
Anna Kalmbachei*, of near Churchville.
Hon. J. T. ( . Hopkins is seriously
indisposed at his home in Bel Air.
Muster ADx Armstrong was given a
pleasant surprise party on Saturday
♦ vening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
j c vSehqei in honor of his birthday.
La i Friday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Cas*ily gave a delightful pur
ly to a number of their friends at the
Harford Boat Club.
Mr. John G. Rouse, formerly of Bel
Air, is visiting his aunt, Mrs. J. Kdwin
Webster at Ingleside. Mr. Rouse is
principal of the High School at Prince
Frederick, Md.
Misses Ariel and Klise Close have
. returned from a visit to Philadelphia.
Miss Fenton Yellott is vbiting Miss
Helen I.auderbach in Philadelphia.
Miss I/orelle Faunlleroy. of Windsor
Hills, has been the guest of Miss Cor
nelia Archer.
County Superintendent C. Milton
Wnght is spending his vacation with
relatives of Mrs. Wright at Brooklawn
N. J.
Mr. Samuel Bradford, who repre
sents the Cadillac Company in Cum
berland. spent the week end at his
I home in Bel Air.
i Mi s Mniy Colhoum, of Baltimore
. hut formerly of Churchville C spend
> ing part of her vacation with Miss
i Alice Wilson on Broadway. Miss Wil
s son entertained a few friends Wedne>-
- day afternoon in honor of Miss Col
i bourn.
Misses Henrietta and Catherine Kirk
I of Phillipshurg, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs.
I Him tram Kirk, of Baltimore, were over
I Sunday guests of Mr. Klijah Kirk at
i the home of Sheriff and Mrs. It. C.
Mr. George R Cairnes and the Miss
es Cairnes left Monday on a motor trip
- to Cluiemont, Pa.
pkrsonal mkntion
I Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hall, of Hamil
ton Park, Mr. and Mrs. Rossiter, of
I Hamilton Park. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Diane and son. Mr. and Mrs. Guss
Smith, Miss Anna Bhaline, Miss Wini
fred Whipp, Misses Hazel and Cather
ine Smith, and Master Irvin Wolf, of
Waverly and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
1 Treadwell, Mr. Bernard and Hilton
Treadwell were all Sunday guests of
Mrs. Samuel Denbow.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Deßow, Mrs.
Wolford of Springfield, Mass., spent
several days with Mr. and Mrs. Archer
I)eBo\V, of Bel Air.
Mr. James Peterson and Mr. Archer
Deßow have returned from spending
several days with Mr. and Mis. /.acK
Deßow of Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chian and two
children, Mr. and Mrs. I. Chian and
two children. Miss Mary Schultz and
Mr. Find Chian and Miss Margaret
Chian were over Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Walker of Alice
i deen.
Mrs. James Plumb, of Bultimoie,
has returned home after spciumig
sometime with Mrs. John Lok< r and
Miss Dora Hall. Masters Gail, Ken
noth and Penile Hall, of Hamilton
Park, are spending some time with
Mrs. Samuel Denbow.
Miss Helen Cunahaugh. of Haltimore
is visiting her cousin, Miss Mildred
Mai tin. of Forest Hill.
Miss Nancy Webster enteitained a
number of her friends Monday night
at a camp lire supper. The unique
entertainment was much enjoy* d by
the members of the younger set
Miss Mary Finney gave a luncheon
last Friday at her home near Church
ville in honor of her guest and school
mate, Mi > May Sharp. Misses Sharp
ami Finney attend the Dobbs Fei ry
School on the Hudson.
Miss Gladys Benson is visiting i* la
lives of Ri.-dng Sun ami Sylmar, Md.
Misses Louise Finney and Nancy
Webster left on Tuesday for Atlantic
city when* they will he the guests f
Miss Finn* y*s uncle, Mr. Hurry Me
Cormick of Han isburg.
Mr. ami Mis. John Dikcr, of ILivan
na, 111., uie visiting Mrs. M. A. Bale
Tin* Mi sc Cain, of Forest llill.de
light fully eiitei turned at raids on Sat
unlay evening. About forty guests
were present.
Standing of (be reams
W. L. Pel.
Bel Air 7 2 777
Klkton 7 2 777
Havre de Grace tl .‘I (1(1(1
Perry ville f I Ifif
Rising Sun I f 111
Klk Mills I h 111
Darlington 2 <>
Aberdeen 0 ! 0
Saturday’s Scores
Bel \u Id, Darlington 2
Havre de Grace 10, Aberdeen 2
Klkton 2, Perryville I
Klk Mills 0, Rising Sun K
Next Saturday’s (tames
It- I Air at Klk Mills
Aberdeen at Klkton
Rising Sun at Havre de Grace
Perry\ die at Darlington
Tuesday's Score
Klk Mills H, Aberdeen fi
l our Kail To Hfop Bel Air
Notwithstanding the fact that Dai*
lingtou used four pitchers she was un
able to stop the Bel Air swatters and
had to ho<v to a D! to II score. Johnny
Mm II started twirling for the River
men hut soon demonstrated that he
was nut in good shape so that Ragan
went to his relief. 'Die latter got
away with the second inning hut in the
third BH Air landed.
A Tejta* leaguer hy Register brought
in two runs, Paves drove across a third
and two more crossed the plate before
i Be| Aii retired. The next inning
Knoedlei hy snappy hacking up and a
beautiful peg to second cut off one of
the vlsiti is and retired the side. Paves
again hit, bringing one in and jogged
| around In third. Then Steinart slash
■ out a tremendous three bagger to left
i Held am| two more i tinners trotted
I home. A series of errors netted Bel
Air three runs in the fifth while five j
i more wem chalked up in the sixth.
A nice hit through second scored
f Darlington’s initial run in the seventh
am| before the game closed two more
were pieced up, one Iwing on a wild
• throw. Vlthough not up to his usual
standaid. Tommy lloey had no diffi
cully in uitpitching his foili opponents,
> and fldilwl his position well.
Darlington for the most part played
• good hall hut was simply in rather too
• fast company. The pegging of the
County eaters was especially good.
‘ LU Mills 9, Rising Sun N
Rising Sun again fell victim to a
1 ninth inning rally hy Klk Mills in Sat
unlay’* fame, the result being shown
I above.
Klkton .’I, Perryville I
i j Klkton outhit Perryville Saturday,
. | winning the game 2 to I and thus re
I maiding tied for first place with Bel
i Air.
• Max re de Grace HI. Aberdeen .'i
( Havre <ie Grace had the edge on Ah
, erdeen, k'*r pitchers doing better woik
and pi itUIK superior support from i
their IfSiu
MiM U etta K. Johnson, of Pbiladel
; phiu, di*dfktjkbe borne of Mr. Hairy W.
> Fountain Green Sunday .
i aged TuTytfK. Miss Johnson was a
i let i rod M|iMl (oi icher and spent u luige
part •f ifftino with these Harford
fiienda Wwiral services were held i
Tu sdajf fgffling at Mr. Whistler's, |
R v. J.Kfttont officiating. Wedne
i day taken to Philadelphia 1
hy autMMl hearse and after sei
vices *t Fall Baptist church
internwk.MM made in Laurel Hill
I Cemetjfl .** ft Dean A Son had charge
of ihe arrangements.
} iftviN TI’CKKR
• Mr. W flAbTucker, aged 17 year .
diei| iit of hi.i mother, Mrs.
i Sara It/ I 'in Forest Hill on 'Lues
day. 1 ,4 f rjpßi time he has leen an
s noyi d ll iMlheail, and on Sunday J
s mghl siletihein attack from which
he consciousness. Be
-.,1. Mi Mam. I orker,
he is by two daughters, Mai
:i gan-t and one son Irvin
Imh daMMI hi "< h I .mil , l‘M
who t Hill also survive
him. HI ireleaving school Mr. Tuckei
i. bus r’ii| lined continuously in the eni
ploy of liaugh A Son’s Co., Baltimore,
i* His fumral took place from his moth
er’s red'k-nce on Thursday at l.” 0 P.
I M. and Intel merit was in Centre (’em
n etery. I lev. William Pierpoint offici 1
s uteri anil the Odd Fellows had charge
u of the Sirvices at the grave.
Mrs, Fftrah H. Nichols died on Fri
s day at ’he Woman’s Hospital, Haiti
more at the age of eighty three. She
r was the widow of William K. Nichols,
late of Booth hy Hill ami a s‘-t r m
the lat# Samuel B Rickey. For the
n past thirteen years she has spent her
r i hfe am ig her nieces at Myersville
n and Pitteburg. Mr. Samuel R. Mit
chell ai.4 Mrs. S. Arthur Rickey, of
Perryman are nephews of the dereao
- ed. Tlv* remains wer brought to Ah
h erdeen <wi Saturday and funeral ser- (
vices Uok place on Sunday at 2.30 p. i
m. from the home of Mrr. Nichol.’
•'istci in law Mrs. Nellie Rickey. Rev.
C. H. Leyflidd and Rev. John H. Baker
officiated. The interment was in Spe
sutiu Cemetery. The pallbearers were
Messrs. Morgan Mitchell, Gover H.
Cole, Harry (J. and William M. Hop
kins, B. Silver Mitchell ami Shirley A. i
News was received on Monday of tin*
death of Mrs. Annie L. Tieddick. Mrs. |
I’reddick was seventy-three years of
ag* and was the widow of Dr. John '
Treddick late of Perryman. Her death
occurred at the honu* of her son Mr.
I rafton Tieddick, of Philadelphia and
was due to pneumonia from which she
was ill two weeks. The deceased had
spent (he past twenty years in Phila
delphia. She had a number of friends
at Perryman, where she was horn, he
ing a mem hr of the well known Swift
family. One daughter, Miss Mary
Treddick and four sons survive. They
are Trafton, John Parker and Wendell
of Philadelphia and George (’handler
Treddick of HaddonHeld. N. J. A
brother, John Swift, eighty three years
of age also survives. He is a resident
of Baltimore. Funeral sei vices were
held from her late home on Thursday
at S A. M. and the body was brought
to Perryman over the P. B. & W. rail
road at IL.'l.'l and interred in Snesutia
Cemetery. Rev. G. William Thomas
officiated at the grave.
Neighborhood News
Gibson Items
Gibson, Aug. 2.*l—Mr. and Mrs. Wil
son Peterson, of Baltimore, are spend -
ing their vacation at his father’s, Mr.
John Peterson.
Ml. Tabor Church is being painted in
and out. There will he no services held
there Sunday, August 27th.
Mr. and Mis. John W. Peterson, Mr.
and Mrs. Wilson Peterson, Mr, and
Mrs. Milton Peterson motored to At
lantic City this week for a few days,
Mrs. John W. Peterson hud her broth
er, Mr. 14on Deßow, from Springfield,
Muss, to visit her last week, he having
made the trip hy auto.
Miss Salome Almony of Fawn Grove
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hairy DeVoe.
Jarretlsville Letter
Jarreltsville, Aug. 211 -The young
people of Calvary M. K. Church will
hold u special service on Sunday al
H P. M. A special program lias lieen
arranged. Tin* pastor Rev. D. L. Fun
ger will make an address.
Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Bay, Mr. and
Mrs. (iott and Mr. Andrew Gott, of
Princeton, Virginia arc visiting at the
home of Mr. Thomas A. Bay.
Mr and Mrs. D. R. Ilildt and Mrs.
C C. Hayes spent tin* week end with
lelatives at Union Bridge.
Mrs. Marian 11. Gross, Mrs. Kllu
Gross and Miss Marian Gross are
spending some time at Ocean Grove,
New Jersey.
The .lanettsville Woman's Club will
entertain the school patrons at the
school on Thursday, August :il at 2.20
I*. M. All mothers and High School
girls are invited to he present as we
wish to discuss a matter vital to every
school child.
Mi*, and Mrs. Paul Taylor, Mrs.
Gutherlet and Miss Wilkinson, all of
Baltimore, have returned home after
visiting the Misses Kggleston,
Mr. Franklin Brown, nf Baltimore, is
visiting his uncle, Mr. Thomas Brown.
Misses Kmmtt and Klizaheth Weth
el rill of Baltimore, spent last week
with their sister, Mrs. Thomas Gross,
Dr. and Mrs. A. Norman Ward and
son of West minster are visiting rela
lives here.
DarliiiKlon Items
Darlington, Aug. 22 Mrs. Carl
W illiams of Pittsburg, Pa., spent the
week end with her aunt. Mrs. James
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Day, Jr. and little
daughter, of Norfolk, Va., are visiting
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Day
Mr. Harry Price, of Annapolis, is (he
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs,
David K. Price.
Mrs. K. S. Worthington is visiting
Mrs. Lat robe Weston of Roland Park,
Baltimore and her alma mater, Han
nah More Academy, Reisteriown.
A number of the members of Queen
Wyllian Rehekah Lodge and their
friends, enjoyed a very delightful pic
nic and day's crabbing at Otter Point
on Monday. Crabs were not very plen
11 ful hut fun was as is evidenced hy
the party returning at nearly ten
o'clock ul night.
Mrs, K. A Gorrell and Miss Kivu
Goncll, of Baltimore were last week's
guests of Mrs. Deni and the Misses
Mrs. Karl Smikel is spending some
time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Carr.
Mr. and Mrs. II K. Selfe have M'turn •
ed fiom a week's visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Milton Hammond, of New- Park, I'a.
Misses Beulah and Alice Allen are
attending the Friends Conference at
Richmond, Indiana.
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Worthington
spent the week end with Mr. and Mr*.
W. K. Bacon at their summer home
“Holly Crest on the Severn".
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Scott of Win
ter Haven, Florida, are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. G. Allen.
Forest Hill Doings
Forest Hill, Aug. 22 Mr. and Mrs.
Ross Barton, of Baltimore spent Sun
day with Mr. Barton’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. James Barton.
Master Haiold Smithson i* visiting
Master Charles Kefauver, of Pyles
\ (lie
Mr. Frank Gleason, Jr. of Baltimore
was a Sunday guenl of his aunts, the
Misses Stonehraker,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Prime, Mr. and
Mrs. O'Brien of Bultimoie, motored to
tlo* home of Mrs, Matthew Cain last
Saturday and remained over Sunday.
Mr. Matthew Cain is seriously in
! disposed.
St. Ignatius Church will hold their
annual chicken and supper lawn fete
next Wednesday, August 20th. All
1 are invited to attend.
Miss Julia Whaland has reconsidered
her decision not to leach this year and
| will complete her Normal school slu
Mr. Frank Gray’s flower garden is
surpassing itself in beauty. Several
hundred ustor plants multicolored
I blooms defy description and invite your
attention. Mr. Gray experts to
j ship some of these blooms to Haiti
more, lie finds the florists outlook in
tin* City rather a pessimistic one ow
img to the coal situation. Mr. Gray
will not thus hr handicapp'd as wood
din always he obtained in the country.
The Junior members of ('enter M. K.
Sunday school held a picnic at Coop
i town Giove last Wednesday and had a
very enjoyable day with patents and
teachers. The teachers were Mns
Mary Jeffery, Miss Florence Wallers
and Mrs. Raymond Johnson.
The recent contest hetwei n the men
and Women's Bible Class of Cenlei
I \L K. Church result' d in favor of the
! women. The Men's Class will furnish
a treat for all next Thursday evening.
Quite a number fiom lu re attended
St. Mary’s Tournament Wednesday.
The farmers and their families me
making pi* natations to attend the
outing at Carlin’s Park tomorrow,
(Sat ui day).
Mims Holbrook, Home Demonstration
i Agent talked before a numhei of in
teiested women on Wednesday aftei
noon at the W. C. T I . Hull. Mi
Charles Schuster o r Jarrell ville told
j of work accomplished in their com
| munity. Mi •. Roy Tucker will open
her house for next meeting in Septem
‘ her when Miss Knight of extension
' service who is an interesting talker
, will address those piesent on topic of
i Home Demonstration.
Aberdeen I Jots
Aberdeen, Aug. 24 Corn packing is
in full swing with a yield equal in
quantity and quality to that of any
year. The late fields, however, are in
need of rum. Tomatoes are also at
their he. t and the few houses running
, in Harfonl have been kept busy.
Mr. IL P. Htrashaugh spent the
| greater purl of la I we* k at his corn
Carver & Price
School time will soon be here. Many have be
gun to make preparations for it. Have you ?
We are Showing a New Assortment of
Ready-Made Gingham Dresses
For Little Girls and Misses
ami many other lines needed for the School Season.
Feed For Sale at Cost
If Taken in Lots Not Less Than 1 Ton
(•.ill per rent I'rotein, (i per rent fat, 10 per rent Kihrr)
Mml" from Cnltonaeeil Meal, I.imeeil Meal, Corn (iluten Meal, Olut
en teed, Wheat Bran, Wheal Mhhla, Beet Pulp, Alfalfa Meal, Molasses
anil mall.
International Milk Made Dairy Feed
(2d per rent ITnlein, ft per rent h'at, 10 per cent h'lhre)
(111 per rent I’rateln, IIVi per rent h’al)
For the purpose of disposing of the present stock of (
McCormick & Holland the undersigned receivers are*
making the above offer to the public. 1
Receivers. 1
Your salary is what you
are worth to the boss.
the amount you save is
what you are worth to
The Second National Bank
Total Resources Over $! ,000,000
Member of federal Reserve System
Ihe Strongest Ranging System
In the World
packi 11K plant at Mount Pleasant, Del.
The two great dirigibles (' 2 and
D .‘I have attracted much attention
ami wonder at tin* Proving Cround r*
cently. The* C 1 got off to laingley
Field ami on Saturday its crew hro't
hack tin* D-M which makes frequent
IliKhlM ov**r town. 'l*he big Idirnp made
the trip from Virginia in three hours
and fifty minutes. Col. Davis who wax
formerly in command of the Dost Hos
pital and now Chief Flight Surgeon,
came up with the crew. Captain Kejr
ner and Lieut. I’arris were the pilots.
The engineers were Master Sergeant
Fitch, Sergeant Albrecht, Kudin Ser
geant Korns uml Private Crahum were
also of the crew.
Officer Benjamin Kay's automobile
was run into hy a motor cyclist as lie
was returning with his family from
Kingsville on Sunday evening. His
little hoy was thrown from the front
seat to Hu* road sustaining a cut fore -
head, ami the cur hadly damaged. Mrs.
Kay was on the rear seat with her in
fant daughter ami escaped injui v. The
accident occurred at Col gain's Cross
Work on the old Philadelphia pike
is still in progress. Karly in Sentern
her a two mile contract will he begun
between Aberdeen and Stepney. The
American Telephone & Telegraph
Company is following the mud makers
with their lines and cables. Mr.
Thomas W. Feasey, of Aylesbury.
Fngluml is the concrete engineer and
conduit foreman for the company.
Mr. C. H. Childs of Brooklyn is clerk
uml a number of men, including some
local help are employed. Mr. Deats and
Mr. Kouch of Philadelphia are at Ah
erdeen now as students of Mr. Feasey
in the work.
Miss Ida Michael spent part of the
past week with Mrs. H. F. Keen of
Philadelphia. Mrs. Keen will leave
September Ist with her son for China
where lie is connected with a Mis ion
ary Cniversity and has served In
Christian work for twenty years.
Mrs. Douglas K Kennedy and her
little son. Douglas Jr. of Hamilton,
will spend the coming two we* ks with
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Kennedy uml Mr.
and Mrs, Howard H. Mitchell.
Mrs. Walter Bevan has returned to
her home in Baltimore after a visit to
Mrs. Malcolm W Mitchell and Mis.
Howard H. Mitchell.
Mr. J. K. Is*e am| little sons, Barron
and James 1,. ls*e, of Staunton, Va.
ami Mlm Nan Seidel, of l.ogan, Pa.
have been guests of Mis. Samuel Pax
ton f I’oplur Hill.
Mm. .(Him Wl(iKil uml liltlii iluiikli
'*' "f WilMiiiiKlim, liml., liuvii ri'tiirni'il
'll"" ii vlHlt In Mm. Miilriilin W Mil
Minn JiMi’iiliini, MilltH Ilf lluvm ilu
I linin', in vIhIIIii K Mlhh Killlli i(iiKm.
MinmiH Kiltlinriiii' I'uylur uml liumi,y
Ni'l-iiiii f I’lirryinuii, uml MUm O/.ullu
I'liillipH, Ilf Kiiri'Ml Hill will npi'iul 11, 11
wimk ml ut Mr. I''. O MIU-liiOl'h linn
Kul'iw on Hush Ulviir.
Mr. I tmiiK&M W. I'Viinfy wus u |/ui*st
Ilf Mr. uml Mm. .limuph itoiili-r, uf
.lui’lmiinvlllii, Mil,, iin 'I urHiluy,
Mlhh Kli/.ulmlli Kirki'y in vlhllidk
Mlhh Muryluml Nlrlmls mi .Staton Is >
Mitm Kllu V. Onliiirn, uf llultiiiiurß,
ipßiit thi! wi'uk uml with tliu family uf
Mr. Miiikum Mitrhell.
Mm. Kuymonil W. Wi-Htorltalii ia
nmiuliiiif Hiinißtiniß at Asluiry Hark.
Mr. VVusLrilli*l 1 1 (aft in-,u last week and
will also spentl sornc linn- theie with
Mm, Westerfleld.
Miss Fii/uheth Koherls in visiting
her parents at I hi* home of Mi . Mot Kaii
Mitchell, of Short I.urn*.
Mr. Kmll I*. Krousn, of Washington
a former resident of thiM town, wax
critically ill ut his homo in Washing
too thin week.
Mr. Ceorge Sin* motored here last
Friday will* his wifi* ami lwo daoKh
lorn from White Marsh, Pa., ami spent
thi* week 1*01! with Mr. f!irt*ni C. Slee.
For Sale
Harford Restaurant
In Bel Air, Md.
Ideally Located. Well Equipped
Doing Splendid Business.
Lon# term lease fur buyer.
This in a splendid business, with
possibilities of enlarging ami ix Hold
onlv because 1 have too many other
Bel Air, Md.

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