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o[acon Sentinel
• Fobsits.OA
’’oERS, Agent,-• MONTICELLO, Ga.
‘’rAlN’ *g* nt —Kathlino Georgia,
' steens —Agent Soloman Georgia:
Williams Agent Cordele GuorSia
< when articles are
jSsdby some cash.
•P . • • Editoo.
' nna Business Manages
® bs
j, McCarthy Foreman
us do your advertising
Redo j& b “printEg, give us
job work* and be convenced
'ubscribe for the Sentinel and
'ppace with the time
jeod us our money for your last
w subscript in. _
0 R. D. Lock and old line
ü blican will be Macon’s next
faster if the wishes of the
Ricans of the state and the
j Dess men of Macon are oom
j with
jgj.Lß. Penticost returned
week from Rome where she
-sevearl weeks with friends,
J Solomon of swift creek
j n to see us this week, Mr
u;OD is a delegate to represent
t. Macon district at the county
fenlitfn to day.
ev,S. M, nawkics Pastor of
st, church was i« to see us
week and left his sub, to the
jael, Ker uawkins has made
od record at the Oak st, chur
sdis bved by all who know'
! E Griggs of Powersville
it was in the City this week,
•t,L. B Maxwell Supt, of the
national Sunday school
tTill Preach at the a. m. e
chto morrow' at 11 ani a’l
wildly envited to attend.
Hoi day night he will hold
irentiun at the same placo a
to of speakers are booked
ywhom are Mayor Smith.
ePublic will be entertaind
dcdmey of music next Fri
•d Saturday night by Mr.
Young the play will be a
Me shakespeanc one and
well plaid come and see it
e young men a e prepairing
Valentine parly and the
■‘lea are spareing no pains
>ke this affair tne greatest of
!EBeB <J. M Brown A. J, Dickey
and B. smart wil]
■ se Dtihe Vineviße district
''oanty convention to day
leDew drup club will "give an
nai nment on Feb, g’lft, the
,ary wangements are being
&D dthe members predict a
10 J’Wood and Mr, J. D
‘ B yth was in the City
' Mr , “ h ” sent ' >n nf Milledgeville
inth’r 6enton of Gunter ea,
'*CM nU week.
?ta ?roffoili »f’ha Wise
il eIS on the sick list we
a f P«ady recovery.
a <nembe r
•s> J' 1 ’' )u,te sick at his
•« ,;; st "e hope to see
re Will e
Ora marH Übe
Mt ’ Marrah
! woul<i I,ke
“ H - ot Ft, Hill.
I Rev, Charlee Foreyth of Adama Park Gr
had the misforuoe of hie House being born ’
ed and everything that be posses except the
Clothing that he had on, The Revend, is a>d
old man and has done some very good work
and w< sympathize with him very much, and
any one being willing to contnbrute anythin.
him or his wife will do a very kind act, *
Which will be very much excepted his address
d Buhards Ga, The Revtnd a a Baptis Minis
ter and has been in the Ministry for over 25
yea A s and his past record is without blemish
tn H, aBk al lP eopl ® boU White add Co lore
to aid this good man in the hour of need.
A cert-in man from gum swamp
was m the City a few days ago
and saw for the first time the st
sprinkler and iemarked very loud
By, Joe; that fool wont have „
aro o water when be git home.a
A Young L*dy of ouTnelghbour
hood is so absent-minded that she
ate two hard boiled eggs with ont
removing the shell
25 000. Corn and 100, lb, Brand
Sacks, highest Prices Paid for
them, Dallas Billingslea Old 76 5t
St, or ship then U. O. D to above
addres Macon Ga
r Ou r frind on iearnir.g tl,al L
azor was misplaced just put his
face to the grindstone and got
his old gal to turn, And declare
that, That is the cheapest way to
get the hairoff your face.
Mr. C, O Conner of E. Macon
has moved opposit the City market
oplarst, he has added to his
ro ery a first class Bar all kinds
fie whiskies and Brandies.
W. m. Chiles General Repairing
and painting also your horses
shod by the well know’n and
eliable horse shoer Edward
hornton honest woik at hard
timeg priceses. opposit Geo, t-
Rodgers and son, 5 *f,
Money to lone easy payments
western'lone co, 504 First st,
J.H. J. Brown alanager,
Orphan Home Notice
To the public and friends of the
Colored Orphan children and to
the old and infirm colored men
and women \ J are interested
in helping to provide a home for
there comfort, and who are desire
ing information about the orphan
home, can ca!< n usat 930 to 10
30 A m at the office of the Macon
Sen met <23 cotton ave,
Rev B.T B.idges chairman and
Rev H L Staworth Gen, Supt of
Georgia Colored Industrial and Or
phan Home-Macon Georgia.
manufacturer of
and E’e an assortment of fresh
Confectionery, Foren and Domestic
Fruits 208 ( otton Ave xacen, ua«
Branch corner poplar and 4th St’
J. Durham dealer in staple
and Fancy, Grocnes cigars and
tobacco, call and sea me.
Pleasant Hill.
'SOtP stop
oneof the finest lines of toys an i
Christmas goods everbrought to
Macon can be found at L. Merkeles
622 Cherry st, majority of stock
was seclected oy Mr. Merke
while in Europe this year
Daly and Lackey, dealers in
a ncy groceries. tobac<o whisky
and ciigars 1503 Fourth st,
Garden seed fresh as good a s
can be found any where on earth
We treat you right both in price
and qualify your patronage solicit
ed. Macon Seed imuse,
466 poplar street. 6 m
Are markable shoe Ciisby and
Mckay,*te showing to there cus—
tomers a line of dollar and fifty
and two dollar shoes that are un
1 would like to cIP
the attention of the
public to the han
soms meat market of
Robert Thurman on the Vineville
Branch, he cary a full line of a
kind of meats, also fresn fish
Robert Thurman proprsetoi
Dealers in
Fancy and family groceries
Fine Wines, Whiskeys, Cigars
and Tobaccos. We sell as cheap
as the cheapest. Corner 4th and
Hawthorn streeet Maco.i Ga>
F G Graybills
Can yet be found at the same
old stand Vineville Branch and
still solicit the patronage of tie
pnblic, he has opened in connec
tion with bis market on the vine
ville branch, a branch stere cor—
uer Monroe, and Elhs streets, and
desire the patronage all, at that
p'ace, and guarentee satisfaction,
*or—- IJ| I
Mr F. A. Schoneman who, for '
a number of years did business (
at 518 Cherry street, has moved 1
to 411 3rn greet, call see him for
toys, fancy goods and collection
all kind
And as fresh and new as can be
found anywhere. We treat every *
body alike, and will be glad to
wail on you call on ns.
aeon seed store 466 L* ipla stree
Dr Chas. L. Toole
One of Macons most piomi
nent Dentists, is on our 1 st oi sub
scribers, and is flitted up with
rooms, for serving our people
best of work for cash.
Ofli< e cor. 2nd and Poplar st
J t S. and R. L. SKIN
Dealer in
Fine Wines, whiskeys, Beers
Cigars, Tobaccoes Etc. call and
see usi. we will treat you right
Ourmotto is the Lest go ds for
the lowest prices
452 Poplar st-
I respectfully invite the public
to visit me in my new quarters
no 572 Cherry street, over Mc-
Evoy Book and stationary store
I have just fitted up large and
handsom offioes, equipped with
the latest and most scientific in
struments and appliances known
the profession. A B Hinkle M,D,
look out for THE
New and up to date meat mar
ket, corner Co»ton*ave. and Plum
st., every thing fresh and new
and prices to suit the times you
will do well to buy your me ats a
hit place 469 Cotton are
«08, CHEEKY st.
Wood wagons, 25ct
Good wood wagons, Iron axles $l,OO
Iron wagons, $1,25 1,50 2,00 and
3,00 Iron toy’s 10 ct
Toy Iron carts. 10
dandy .soap, 20 ct a dos
islosaalll ojx hos ,5 ct
Large painted homes, 5c
loy bel stead, 10 c
Toy lO c
raniil) nil c
y <3 ail Liu
1 wish to announce to the citizen® of Macon and Bibb County that I am
ocate lat ••Cid 76/’ Fifth st.. Macon, Ga., Opposite southern depot
whore iha opened up a nrst-chse Whiskj House, and would be pleasod
o supply t in ueed of
wiltTaU iU th * fUtUre d ° *’ 1 hBT * d ° M the P Mt ~ de * l •traightforward and honest
L. A. JONE. n.
The Pooular ce Tailor.
Dealers in Foreign and Dom'sHc Woolen ’."Tun showing all the novelties of tue sei.
son in Fancy Wosted Suite, Surges, Cheviots, Caseiiaers and Thibjta, together with a
beautiful sefectian of trousers, all of which Jam selling at greatly reduced prices. Spe
cial discount of 8 per oent. to Clergymen. Jan fit you. ? "
L. A. NES, 417 Cotton venue.
Fancy and Family Groceries; chickens, eggs
and butter. All kinds of country produce.
Also shoes repaired.
-r {street, corner Gre<
J. W ' Amason
-■ gaIS -Whiskey Tobacco
Jug Filling A specialty. Promp Atten
on To Mail Orders
nd see uswe will treatyoii right, We sell the’best goods
462 Poplar iSf - -Macon, Geoigia.
Pan s to order $4.00
Suits toijCrddr $16,00
Custom Clothing Co,
Tailo <
COttou Ave, 109,
ST- This.
O’Why don’t you get the beet to be
your money <
The Standard !■£
Barber Shon.
Barber Shcp - _
In the City. / «.-■?_
We give you more for your money than any
other shop in the city. None but the best
facial, scalps and hair preparations, and per
fumes used, One visit to my shop Will con
vince you of the fact that this is the place
which yea ought to have patronised all the
time. If you wish a first-class place, you
should give at least a part of vour patronage.
I have the most renowned Tonsorial Artists
in the south. They are neat, clean and polite.
Always ready to manipulate your beerd with
ease and /race.
Musyas. T. H. Hunt, ’J, 11. Hatx, 9. R.
West, Alonzo Mkubiwkthkb andLDavic
Will beautify and improve th.'face while
Measrs. Clomon and Patrick Hunt, Ahi
will treat the shoes.
Wood Aud cOal
Let us supply you
with wood and coal.
We give you the
best on the market,
for lowerest posiblj
prices, send in your
orders, yard corner
6th and Ocmulgee
streets. PhOne 25
Call at the old reliable Loan Office of 8
Blouenstina 453 Cotton Ave if you need mon
ey. You can always find bargains in unre
i deemed pledges. Watches, Jewelries, and
largo assortment of clothing.
1 respectful y invite the pub
lie to visit me in my new quar
lers. No. 572 Gherry street (over
cEvoy Bock and stationary
store.) my office is ore of th
equipped in the south: my wor k
is modern, high class and cennot
fail to gue entire satifaction; my
prices are positively the cheapest
i i the city. [Dr Daniels]
f. I-
Dealer in
Staple and Fancy
Fruits and Confectionery. Tobac
co and Cigars a Specialty
Chickens, Eegs
And Buttir
32 Wayno street. Phone 2
Milledgeville .Ga
M. F . Camerer
.Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Fresh Chewing Candy Manufac—
lured Every Day. Foreing and
Domestic Finite, Coofectimeric
and Fancy Groceries. Cigars and
T obacco. 472 Cotton Avenue
Macon Georgia
Dealers In
Fancy and Family
Eggs, Poultry and Ice Cream and
Fount Soda waten, Opp, Vine
ville Drug Store, free delivery to
any part of the city or Suburbs,
W L x azemore-
Dealer In
Staple and Fancy Groceries Ci
garsand robacco.6oJt New. Street
Aunt, an dad has ncv<«inio
heirpew quarters, 415 Cotton av
A Free Trip to Paris!
Jahn nrirmt'a Proebecyr,
Colonel Birch tolls in a Plattsburg pagm
tf the following conversation ba bad M
,rars ago with Colonel Vincent Mamg
duke, and Its application to present eondb
tioDs is such that we give it to the publie;
Every Missourian knows that Co1od«4
Marmaduke, like his brother, was a de
oided Confederate, and during the war be
Was the bearer of dispatches from Mr.
Davis to Mr. Mason, who represented tlw
southern Confederacy in England. Mar*
maduke says one evening Mr. Mam*
said to him:
“Mr. Marmaduke, John Bright la ts '
make a speech tonight in the house ci
commons, and I think it would be to your i
pleasure and Interest to go down to beat
It will bo remembered that at that day
Mr. Bright was the most conspicuous fig
ure in England. Marmaduke went, and
during his speech Marmaduke says that
Bright stopped, and, changing his lino of
remarks, said, “Mr. Speaker, if our kino
folk on the other side of the Atlantia set
tle their civil war satisfactorily and got
back together in peace, in 40 years tbcra
will not be a gun fired in the world With
out their consent.”
This statement at that day seemed pew
posterous, and do one but a man wHb
Bright's comprehensive mind could haw
dared to make such an assertion to go be
fore the world. It has been but M yeaw
since Mr. Bright made that statement
and yet events have happened in the latl
few months which give to Mr.
words the spirit of prophecy, and no NN
would now hesitate to reproduce th—
Kansas City Journal.
The Old Man’s Hobby.
Then. waL M traveling salesman fit* g
New York hardware house up hero tbc
other day, and in the course of his oonvw*
aation he let fall a bit of wisdom that 1
believe is worth preserving. Said bo: “M
you want to get a man Interested and to
draw him cut, talk about something bo
knows all about. Let me illustrate; I
went down home the other day and found
that my uncle from Philadelphia was
there. ‘I don’t believe he has a tongue in
his head/ said my mother. ‘He never boo
a word to say, but sits about as glum as a
funeral.* ‘What’s his business?’ said L
‘What has he done all his life?’ ‘Nothing
but make bricks.*
“With that I set out to open Che old
man up. We took a walk. I turned the
conversation around to bricks and aired a
choice lot of misinformation. Uncle look
ed dazed and then interested. Ho
began on the brick question, and as we
walked on he grew eloquent. He told me
more about bricks than you could find ia
all the books. He piled up information
of various forms. He went into the his
tory of brickmaking from Babel to the
United States. He oozed statistics. He
kept it up all the while I was there and
would come up to my room at night te
talk bricks. Yes, it’s a good plan, bat it
san be overdone!”—Hardware.
“Gat There” Tact les.
*' What gives me mostf trouble,” Mid a
foreign military attache, “is trying to
translate your American language Into
English first, and then into my own lan
guage, eo as to give my government a cor
rect understanding of the spirit and char
acter of you* Kvldiera.
“I find the phrase get there,’ for ax
ample, difficult. When I saw your in
fantry going forward against the opposing
troops in the forts and intrenohmente, I
said to the officer with me that the in
fantry should not attempt such a move
ment without the artillery. *¥ou’rerlghV
’a told me, ‘but th< boys will get them*
A night, when we were all so hungry, 1
entered to inquire if a further movement
were contemplated till your army was prw
visioned. Then the officers, who were
gentlemanly, all laughed and said the
Irmy would think about rations when
they ‘got them’
“The second day we met many of your
wounded men coming back as we were go
ing forward. When the colonel asked
them about the fighting, so many times 1
beard them say, ‘We got there,* and
•Cierward also I heard those words need
ary often. But it is so difficult for me to
jiplaln so my own people will understand
i what nature of tactics is ‘get there * •%»
Boston Transcript
Third Claes Matter,
“Ray,” said the bookkeeper, addressing
dto cashier and winking knowingly at the
office boy, ‘ ‘do you know anything about
this stamp tax!”
“Sure,” replied the cashier. “What de
you want to know!”
“Suppose,” continued the b. k., “that 1
warded to express my opinion; would I
aave to stump the express receipt!”
“Undoubtedly,” answered the cash lea
“But if you will allow ma, I would sug
gest that you forward your opinions by
“And why by mail!” asked the autocrat
at the lodger.
“Because,” replied the cashier, "as the?
have no weight it would be much ehoag
•r.”—Chicago News.
An Expert Opinion.
“I suppose, ” remarked Farmer Oom.
to*ael, “that when Christopher Colombas
landed in this hemisphere one of the fixes
thing* he did was to plant th* fly n tab
“I should say that ’ud seem the reg'la*
thing to do.”
“Well, speakin perfesslonally, I should
say that he managed to raise one of th*
poorest crops ever known. ”—Waahlngtos
How Spontaneous It Waa
Rising Politician (whose friends haw
given him a brass band serenade)—li;
fellow citizens, this spontaneous tribute
touches me deeply. lamat a loss to fine
words to express my thanks. You hav*
laid me under obligations X shall never
never be able to repay.
Leader of Brass Band (in alarm)—Bui
dis va* to pe a gash drausaotton, ■*■*•
iriandt I—Chicago Tribunf
A Cultured Bostea Walter.
The New York Sun informs inquiring
correspondents that it is the height of
vulgarity to tuck the corner of one's nap*
kin under one's chin at the table. Un*
doubtedly The Sun’s advice is sound hare.
Once upon a time a man entered a pop*
alar restaurant here in Boston, ud, aft
er tucking his napkin into Us shirt sol
iar, prepared te order his dinner.
“What will you ha»e. sir.” incut** 4 •*
There are but two ways dictated b;
conscience, and the general trend o‘
life must be one way or the other, b;
the very conditions and destinies o
moral force. Indecision is universal b
decisive for the wrong, showing a lack
of the moral forces in character, which
reflect the conscience of the individual
From vacillating indecision let us part,
separate from companions whose influ
ence is degptou.g and let there be M

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