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Though you set forth to sail the sen.
And come not where fair harbors be.
E’en if you drift and meet no tide.
Why should y<u wail? You get the ride.
—Chicago Tribune.
The Craving For Stimulants
This question has lately attracted a great
deal of attention from the medical profession.
The use of stimulants seems to be Increasing.
This clearly shows an exhausted condition of
the nerves and f lood, which may be remedied
only by strengthening the stomach. Hostet
ter’s Stomach Biiters will do this for you: It
brings all the energy of a stimulant with no
injurious effects. It cures dyspepsia, consti
pation aud nervousness.
He Put It Well.
“Mamma, come quick,’’ called small Willie
from the bed where he was confined with
stomach trouble, “I think I’m going to un
swallow something.’’—Chicago News.
“Take Time by
The Forelock”
c Don't wait until sickness overt akes you.
When that tired feeling, the first rheu
matic pain, the first warnings of impure
blood are manifest, take HoocTs Sarsapa-»
rilla and you ‘will rescue your health and
probably save a serious sickness. < Be sure
to get Hood's, because
A Wise Precaution.
Husband—“My dear, I want to ask
you one favor before you go off on that
long visit.”
Wife—“A thousand, my love. What
is it?”
Husband—“ Don’t try to put the
house in order before you leave.”
Wife—“lt isn’t hard work.”
Husband—“ Perhaps not, but think
of the expense of telegraphing to you
every time I want to find anything.”
American Exhibitors.
Commissioner General Peck, of the
United States commission to the Paris
exposition, has issued a list of the
principal commercial exhibitors in the
United States who have accepted
space in the exposition assigned them
by the commissioner general. The
list contains 1,095 names of persons,
firms or corporations. This list does
not include exhibitors of record in ag
riculture, mines, literature and peri
odicals, science, fine religious, chari
table and other associations, schools,
eolleges, etc.
For Sick
First—the medicine that
holds the record for the
largest number of abso
lute Cures of female Ills
is Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound.
Second —Mrs. Pinkham
can show by her letter
files in Lynn that a mil
lion women have been
restored to health by her
medicine and advice.
Third-AH letters to Mrs.
Pinkham are received,
opened, read and an
swered by women only.
This fact Is certified to by
the mayor and postmas
ter of Lynn and others of
Mrs. Pinkham’s own city.
Write for free book con
taining these certificates.
Every ailing woman Is
Invited to write to Mrs.
Pinkham and get her ad
vloe free of charge.
Lydia E. Pinkham Mad. Co., Lynn, Mau.
£* of Dwiirht L. Moody, the world's greatest
evangelist. Terms liberal. Best Moody
Book publls >ed. Why send away north for
Moody Books, when you can get the same book
from a home company on better terms, and
save time and money on orders. Address
502 English American Bldg., Atlanta, Oa.
NO crop can
grow with
out Potash.
Every blade of
Grass, every grain
of Corn, all Fruits
and Vegetables
must have it. If
enough is supplied
you can count on a full crop—
if too little, the growth will be
Send for our books telling all about composition of
fertilizers best adapted for all crops. They cost yon
GERMAN KALI WORKS,93 Nassau St., New York.
BRYANT & STRATTON (Bookkeeping
Bnsinsssttilleie L “ u S“ io
Cost no more than 2d class school. Catalog free
, Have you tested it—
No other ink "just f r good.”
How to Tell a Good Sponge.
Good sponges are always dark in
eolor. The pale yellow ones have
been bleached in vitriol, which in
jures their texture and makes them
less durable. To clean sponges soak
in strong salt water, knead and rinse
in clean water.
Sachet* For Bed Linen.
Instead of sprinkling lavender
among the bed linen of the linen
closet, as their grandmothers did,
many housekeepers now keep their
sheets and pillow cases between large
sachets, which are perfumed with
lavender, sweet clover or delicately
scented sachet powder. Others, who
like the odor of the “piney woods,”
keep flat sachets filled with pine
needles tacked at the corners and
sides of the mattresses. This odor is
thought by some people to be sleep
producing. Other housekeepers sus
pend dainty sachet bags from the
corners of bedstead,bureau and dress
ingtable, in order to obtain a delicate
odor in the room.
Olive Oil a Valuable Food.
Many housekeepers consider olive
oil so expensfive that it must be used
sparingly. This is unfortunate, for
it is one of the most valuable of foods,
especially for delicate and nervous
persons and for growing children.
Most of us, indeed, need a green
salad lightly dressed with oil and
lemon juice once a day. A simple
way out of the difficulty is to - discover
a good Italian grocery, where the oil
is sure to be found, imported in tins
and costing about one-third of its
price when sold in bottles. It ap
pears, indeed, to be a different oil, as
it has a slightly greenish tinge. Ics
flavor, however, is delicious and its
purity evident. Once used it will not
be given up.
Placing Food in the Ice Box.
There is a science in the putting
away of food in store room or ice box,
that is too often neglected by the
otherwise particular housekeeper.
The slice of breakfast ham is often
carelessly left in juxtaposition with
the dinner roast, which spoils the
flavor of the latter. A dish of cold
boiled onions is thoughtlessly set
near the butter, which at once ab
sorbs its distinctive odor without ad
vantage to itself. Celery is laid near
the cream pitcher and turnips or
boiled cabbage set by the cooling cus
tard for supper. Through such care
lessness and ignorance, the loss is
sometimes quite great. Milk, cream
and butter should be kept as much as
possible from all food, as they too
readily absorb any flavor at hand.
Meat or poultry should not rest
against each other, but bo arranged
so that the air can circulate about
them. If meat and poultry are to
hang, they should be suspended with
the choicest part down that the juices
may settle there.
Quickly Mad* Dish For Guests.
Ever and again a hostess is sur
prised by unexpected guests who do
not intend to remain fora formal meal,
yet whose hours of arrival make it
necessary to give them a little
luncheon. A dish that is made read
ily and just fulfils the requirements of
such cases may be prepared by pass
ing a few slices of cold salt or roast
beef through the mincing machine,
adding a little chopped parsley, salt,
pepper and a little nutmeg, and moisten
with thick white or brown sauce. Mash
a half poLnd of potatoes which have
been baked in their skins and put into
a basin with an ounce of dripping,
salt and pepper and half a well-beateu
egg, and mix thoroughly. Add flour
enough to make the potato the right
consistency to roll out on a pastry
board. Cut the paste into rounds,
place a small spoonful of the minced
meht on the half of each round, then
fold the paste over and pinch the
edges together after moistening them
with a little egg. Coat the puffs with
beaten egg and scatter breadcrumbs
thickly over them, and after letting
them stand for ten minutes fry them in
plenty of boiling fat. If preferred,
the puffs may be baked in the oven on
a tin which has been rubbed with drip
Peach Tapioca. Wash one cupful
of tapioca, cover it with cold water and
soak over night. In the morning add
two cupfuls of boilding water and let
it simmer until perfectly clear, then
add a quart can of peaches, sweeten
to taste, pour into the dish designed
for the table and set away to cool.
Serve with cream and sugar.
Eggs Upon Toast—Put a good-sized
lump of butter into the frying-pan,
and when it is hot stir in four or five
well-beaten eggs, with pepper, salt
and a little parsley. Stir and toss fcr
three minutes. Have ready some
slices of buttered toast spread thickly
with chopped boiled lobster. Heap
the egg upon these in mounds aud
garnish with parsley.
Chestnut and Tomato Puree—One
cup of cooked and mashed chestnuts,
one cup of cooked tomatoes; mix with
two quarts of stock; add a teaspoon
ful of celery salt, a tablespoonful of
onion juice and a dash of cayenne.
Let come to a boil; strain: mix in a
tablespoonful of flour rubbed into a
tablespoonful of butter and thinned
with a cupful of the soup; boil three
minutes and serve.
Salmon Mayonnaise—Remove the
large leaves from a head of lettuce
and lay over the bottom of a platter
for a foundation, sprinkle a little oil
over them. Upon these lay in a circle
small cutlets of salmon which have
been dipped into mayonnaise dress
ing; let them lap over each other.
Leave a space in the center,into which
put the remainder of the lettuce, fine
ly shredded, a little water cress, and
decorate dish with thin slices or strips
of pickled beets. Finally, pour some
of the dressing on top.
Cutting Off Retreat.
“My Income is small,” said a rather
dilatory lover, "and perhaps it is cruel
of me to take you from your father’s
"But I don’t live on the roof,” was
the prompt reply.—Harlem Life.
“Three years ago I was badly afflict
ed with Eczema, and used Tetterine
with the most gratifying result. I
made a permanent cure after doctors
had failed to relieve me. I have symp
tons of it breaking out on another part
of my person,so you will please send me
one box Tetterine by return mail for
the 50c. enclosed. W. L. Mounce, 124
St. Marks avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.”
Sold by druggists or by mail for 50c.
by J. T. Shuptrine, Savannah, Ga.
Many Converted Jews.
It is estimated that during the pres
ent century nearly 73,000 Jews have
become Protestant Christians, over
57,000 have joined the Roman Catho
lic church, and 74,000 the Greek
church. These with those who have
left Judaism through mixed marriages
make a total of 224,000 in this century.
The annual conversions to the protes
tant church average over 1,400.
Quite Literal.
Teacher, to class—What is an octopus?
Small boy, who has just comm , need to take
Latin, eagerly—Please, sir, 1 know, sir; it’s
an eight-sided cat. —Li e.
Putnam Fadeless Dyes do not spot, streak
or give your goods an unevenly dyed ap
pearance. Boid by all druggists.
Did Him Good.
Doctor —Ah, the litileonelooks pretty well;
the pills seem to have he ped him. How did
you take th' in. Johnny?
Johnny—With my air rifle; I shot sparrows
with them doctor.
How’s This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Che
ney for the last 15 years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obliga
tion made by their firm.
West & 1 ruax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists. Testimonials tree.
Hall’s Family Pills are the best.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for children
teething, softens the gums, reduces Inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic. 25c. a bottle.
I can recommend Piso’s Cure for Consump
tion to sufferers from Asthma.—E. D. Town
send, Ft. Howard, Wis., May 4,1894.
No Smoke.
“Have a cigar?” asked the paleface.
“No,” solemnly replied the redman, “I’ma
smokeless Ingine.”
This is what comes of allowing the untu
tored child of the plain* to read comic papers.
s The best remedy for
MOUgll Consumption. Cures
® Coughs, Colds, Grippe,
S V I" 11 D Bronchitis, Hoarse
— ■ neis, Asthma, Whooping-
cough, Croup. Small doses; quick, sure results.
Dr. Bull's Pills cure Constipation. Trial,
Lovely se.oo
amps J
All hand-painted. No
handsomer lamp made.
Sold at manufacturer’s
prices. We pay the
Makes a most accepta
ble present.
Beautiful colored cat
alogue of hand-painted
LAMPS, free.
Every Lamp Guaran
tied. Monty back if
you want it.
Manufactured by
LAM™, Pit tsburg Glass Co.,
YOU BUY DIRECT. Pittsburg, Pa.
Having shoes to buy will find
it to their advantage to cor
respond with us. We are sell
ing many lines under the
market. Now receiving or
ders for our samples to be fill
ed in rotation.
ngT S&ul Permanently Cured
[23 VWk Insanity Prevented by
live ear. for *ll fftncu* Ditiotu, Fili, KpUaptf,
• and Si. Firua’ Dane*. kolntor b.rvoaaaua
r V, d * 7 .Jreatiee • trial bettie
> Fit piUanu, they p.yinc.tpru. chirr*, only
received. Send to Dr. Kiln., Ltd, Bellevn.
ite of Medicine. V3l Areb St.. f*hil»deh>bi». tn. I
Don’t be in too big a hurry! If you
can get the best at only a dollar or so
more, why not take it! It will be
cheaper in the end.
See our Agent or write direct ROCK HILL
All except
bad ones!
There are hun
dreds of cough medi
cines which relieve
coughs, all coughs,
except bad ones!
The medicine which
has been curing the
worst of bad coughs
for 6o years is Ayer’s
Cherry Pectoral.
Here is evidence:
“My wife was troubled with a
deep-seated cough on her lungs for
three years. One day I thought
of how Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral
saved the life of my sister after
the doctors had all given her up to
die. So I purchased two bottles,
and it cured my wife completely.
It took only one bottle to cure my
sister. So you see that three bot
tles (one dollar each) saved tw®
lives. We all send you our heart
felt thanks for what you have done
for us.”—J. H. Burge, Maoon,CoL,
Jan. 13, 1899.
Now, for the £rst time you
can get a trial bottle of Cherry
Pectoral for 25 cents. Ask
your druggist.
the grandest and fastest-ashing book ever published.
Pulpit Echoes
r * hfOUDV’S best Sermons, with 600
Uhxilling Stories, Incidents. Persons] Ex peris nces.etc., m told
By D. L. Moody
With a complete history of his Ufs by Ker. CHAI F.
GO 88, Fsstor of Mr Moody • Chicago Church for flee years,
and an Introduction by Rev, LYMAN ABBOTT, D. D.
Brand new, 800 pp.-brauiiAd/y illuttratad. trri.Boo more
AGENT* WANTED — Men ■ and Women. £7" Sales
Immense —a harvest time for Agents. Send for terms to
A. D. WORTHINGTON A GO., Hartford. Coan.
Malsby & Company,
39 8. Broad St., Atlanta, Ga.
Engines and Boilers
Steam Water Heaters, Steam I’ninpi and
Fenberthy Injectors.
Manufacturers aud Dealers in
Corn Mills, Feed Mills, Cotton Gin Machin
ery and Grain Separators.
SOLID and INSERTED Saws. Saw Teeth and
Locks, Knight’s Patent Hogs, Birdsall Saw
Mill and Engine Repairs. Governors, Grata
Bars and a full line of Mill Supplies. Price
and quality of goods guaranteed. Catalogue
free by mentioning this paper.
Mention this Paper Inwr t i i^ a^ u * ert '
I Rifles, Repeating Shotguns, Ammunition and
Loaded Shotgun Shells. Winchester guns and
ammunition are the standard of the world, but
they do not cost any more than poorer tnalrr*.
AS reliable dealers sell Winchester goods.
FREE : Send name and address on a postal for 154
page Illustrated Catalogue describing all the guns and
ammunition made by the
Itching Burning Scaly
Blotchy Humors
Instantly Relieved
and Speedily Cured by
The itehing and burning I suffered in my feet and limbs for three year*
were terrible. At night they were worse and would keep me BVri ' k ’‘
greater part of the night. I consulted doctor after doctor, as I trlT
ling on the road most of my time, also one of our city doctors. None •
doctors knew what the trouble was. I got ft lot of the different BaDl Pk*
the medicines I had been using. I found them of so many different
that I concluded I would have to go to a Cincinnati hospital before I w*
get relief. I had frequently been urged to try CUTICUBA EEMED
but I had no faith in them. My wife finally prevailed upon me to try t
Presto 1 What a change I lam bow cured, and it is a permanent cure- ,
feel like kicking some doctor or myself for suffering three year* w 1
could have used CUTICUBA remedies. H. JENKE4S, Middle boro,
Complete Treatment $1.25,
Couaiata of Cuticura Soap (25c.),t0 cleanse the skin of crusts and seals*
the thickened outicle, Cuticura Ointment (50e.), to instantly allay Ueldnf, u*
and inflammation, and soothe and heal, and Cuticura Rksolvxnt 00c ' ! ' it
cleanse the blood. A Sinqlr Set is often sufficient to cure the ines’< J r
figuring akin, scalp, and blood humors, rashes, and irritations, with les* of “
physicians, hospitals, and all else fail. Sold throughout the world. " w ()
and Chem. Corp., Sole Props., Boston. “ How to Cure Itching Huwor*,
Millions of Women Use Cuticura Soaj
Exclusively for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, for cleansing
enuts, scales, and dandruff, and the stop plug of falling hair, for softening-* inb*
healing red, rough, and sore hands, in the form of baths for annoying >rn M
mations, and chafings, or too free or offensive perspiration, in the fonu r
ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative antiseptic purposes whlcn r
themselves to women, and especially mothers, and for all the purposes e
and nursery. No amount of persuasion can Induce those who have onceu. pi
other, especially for preserving and purifying the skin, scalp, “nd °
children. Cuticura Soap combines delicate emollient properties der jefrs*
CURA, the great skin cure, with the purest of cleansing Ingredients an . t to be
Ing of flower odors. No other medicated or toilet soap ever compounds » haB dj. .
with it for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, scalp. ia ’ e j W nh i‘
other foreign or domestic toilet soap, however expensive, is to be comp So >r st
the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. Thus it combine* in •
Prick, viz., Twenty-five Cents, y*e best akin and complexion soap. au
•ad bk*t baby soap in the world- >
A l.argeat tlaad POTATO Urawers la America 1
9 Prt«.Sl.SO*«p. LM>raau..tork.orSru.i, ■
! Clover aad Farm Seed*. Stead this notice aad \
Tobacco on Earth jJ
NOT in theTW
Union Mad e i
manueacturid bt
BROWN BROS. CO., WlN Woi()l|
"■cuJesThßUiiJ^S' t*

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