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"VOL. XXX1Y-N0. 118.
WHOLE NO. 0,2 12.
VOR FUIDAY. Local ruin nod partly
rtondy weather; est to onth Imli; ata
tlormry temperature.
This is French for nn imported
fabric that is msnufaciurcd into one
of the most ecrviecablu arraente for
warm weather that is known to tho
trade. Wo phco on sale COO CoatH
and Vests Can furnbh Pants to
match, for thesu desiring them, at
TM" Vi
"SS "M
Clotiiing Store.
Tho LatcPt and Most Improvod
Oinfllo Goiurator
In t he market. Lights Like On, ami every
burner a working burner. No fourth or
auxiliary burner icquired. Saves 2$ ps
ent, cn fuel.
Hoo IJeforo XJiiylii;.
G'i East Washington Bt.
Heaft LiEht Dil. "I
Sparkling Champagne Cider, Wettern Trlde Oln
Rcr Ale, Eeltzer vutor and LUtle Daisy Soda,
4ortblj FouuUlns charged on short notice.
Fountains lor rent.
Ko. m. 8, 'i.'IO and 23. S. Delaware St.,
M. K. RTYKEt, Manager.
Ko. 40, Cloth Bound, 1 mo, price... $ 1. 01
cu. 8 vo, rrice 2 00
so, Imp. to, price . 6 10
HO, crown 4to. prico . .SOU
A large stoca, all Hzei and prlccf, in cheap ana
fine bindings. Sent by mail postpaid on receipt
ot price by
16 and 18 V. Wash. St.
Fine Pommer? aal Toilet Articles,
1abln'a, Colgate's, Lundbors's and Rlctjcciur
nno Extracts, Uennlno la dot ted Farina and
German Cologne, Florida and Lavender Waten,
rise Toilet foapa and Sponsion. Tooth, Hair. Clotn
and Nail Brushes, and ail articles wanted lor tat
toilet at the
DIuq Indiqo Dyed Suite, war
ranted not to faito, $7.50.
Dluo Indiflo Dyoi! Suits, all-wool,
warranted, $9.00.
Boot Quality Bluo Yacht Cloth,
ivarrantod not to fado, $10,
GI2, $14.
G. A. R. Capo, 98 conto.
G. A. R. Cords, 15 conto.
Iff 0 DJSLo
List of Appointments Internal Revo
nno Collections Decision Against
Keeping Open tho WorldM
PiocoodlnKH of John Knox'ö Fol
loworu In Qonorat Aooom
bly Tho 13 j.pt lota at
Various Appointments und Commissions
Iii Apache on the Warpath Im
portntlon of ?litky by
Knii, v.tv.
Washington, Hay -Tbo President t
day appointed tbe following Col lectori of
Internal Revenue. Owen A. Well?, for tho
Third Plstrlct of Wisconsin; Joh i B. M
loney, for tho FIrat District cf Michigan.
Tho Prtildcnt today commissioned t'i
following Pestmaster: John A. R. Varnor,
Lexington, V.; William Henry Rltenour,
Hsrrlionburg. Va.; lnial O'Leary, Albany,
N. Y. ; Jt'tephna P. Do Jarnettc, Cbetopa,
Krr,; Addbert 11. Crampton, Delphi, Ind.;
Ctirtli lUcd, Menoihn, V1 ; James 1). Wit
ten, Mnyßeld, Ky. ; Hubert H. AuiUn, Iowa
O.ty, Iowa; Ocor;.o Ö. Witter?, Ida Orove,
Iowa; Charles I). Krrte, Lswlston, Idaho
Hicretary Krullcott, J'!ilcnt of tho board
rfcrntly appointed ti examine nml report
ii pen tho defense and forttibfttlona of the
United Btcdtf, has called a meeting of tho
tcr.nl to bo held rtt the War Department,
Wtdneidny, Juno .1.
Tbe Tmidtnt will leavo Woihlntto:i for
New York to morrow night, and will bs bc
coinj anted by ßccretftrleo Whitney and ICa
dicctt, and Toitmajter (ieneral Vlh9, and
by Pecretary L'imar in ensa hin health will
perjr.lt. The t arty expect to return on
The Trealdent to day appointed the lollovc
Irg named rrcsUIential rostmaatera: Dtvld
aackenbnah, at Mount Vornon, N. Y vlco
Andrew Dridgcman, tuipended. Tha bub
Picked Postiuasttr was cn two different oc
casions dnring the past year ahown to hava
med the pnbllo f nnda for private purpose.
Once to the amount of 5s--. which was mae
gocd by his friends ; and aaln hu was found
deficient in hi ix.oney-ordr funds to Um
amount cf 1,450, which waa ruada i?ODd by
bis eutetU v. It wai also found that Iiis books
were not properly kept. Although arrratsd
by tbe inipcctor, d was aubsfquedtly al
lowed to take his ollice in Jannory, which ho
baa heM up to this time. William Steiner,
Ht Oak Pars, III., vice fc. W. l'aetp-4, com
mitslcn exptred; Andrew llonlsrs, at Sparta,
III., vice J D. Wati.cn. couimlasion expired;
Knoch A. McLcod, at Palmyra, Mo , vico P.
C. Lane, commission exnired; Sßnford U
Sturtfcvant, at Fullerton. Neb., vies N. H T.
Odell. ctllca has become Presidential; C! n -
ent Philbrick. tt Halstead, Kan., vice N. C.
Groom, thn ollice has becouie Presidftntial ;
William M. Martin, at Mockasee, I. T., vico
WilUnra L. 8quler. the oilise has beconn
Presidential; II. H. Linrenson, at Junction
City, Kan., vice F. Patterson, commission
The Postmaster General to day apnolnted
the following named fourth class Postmai
ters in New York: Fred R Gans. at8tlli
vllle, vice C. M. Hendricks, removed; John
M. Croukhlte, at Katskill Bay, vic Ü. H.
Green, removed; P.A. Albert, at Holley,
yice D. S. Koes, removed.
The Poetmtater General has forbidden the
delivery of money orders and registered let
ters to the following imiacd persons, upon
tbn inspector's report shosrlng that tliey
were engaged in conducting fraudulent
schemes by means of ths mail: Dr. II. 15.
Uutlr alias Dr. Ward it Co., of Loaiavillft,
and Geo Mayo, of Chicago, imblisher of tbe
Pest and Courier aud the Illinois Agricul
Aent IJftwellyn, r.t theMejcalero Ace'icy
New Mfxico, bas toleprapöed the Indian
Borcau 88 follows: l,rhe Apaches under
Geronotiio are now depredating west of the
Kio Grande. Two women of Geronomo'a
camp came in heic to day. I have confined
ttem in tbe guard houfe. Majjr Van Horn,
commacdlng at Fort Stanton, is here to-day.
The Meecalercs have tendered him 150 men
to accompany his troops should tbe hostiles
come within itriking distance. There are
twenty-tire bucks of the Victoria band who
have lived here with the Meecaleros three
years. If necessary I will arrest arid hold
them until the trouble is over. Toe Mefca
leros ran be depended upon aid will not
join the hcstiles.'4 The acent bas baen in
?tructed not to arrest the Victoria Indians as
long as they are peaceable but to Keep them
under turvelljance.
Screthry Lamar was still unable to attend
to his duties to-day.
The Comptroller cf the Currency to day
authorized tha Fliet National lltnk of San
Maries, Tex., to begin business with a capital
Of Jf 00,OCO.
The Secretary of tho Treasury hes issued a
circular to all Customs etiles that the ap
propriation for defraying the expenses of
collecting the revenue for customs will be
exbtusted by tto necessary payments for
May. and directs them that no expenses for
the June collection can be made until Coa
giess tnall cake an appropriation therefor. '.
Tbe collections of Internal Revenue for
the firpt ten months of the fiscal year ending
June SO, 1S53, a3 compared with the col
lectfons during the corresponding period of
the fiscal year ending June 00, 1&5I, were as
rrcmSpirits-lSSl, 63.1C4.710; 1SS5, $:5,lj5.3l3;
decrease, fü.9:8,S:5.
From Tobacco-lSSl, $21,319,8?;); 1SS5, $21. 117.5 X;
inccreate. o7,6o".
From Fermente! L'qnors-lS3I. 14,2I7,S0): ISSo,
ri4.Sl.3,755: increase, Sl65.or.ä.
Kroia Miscellaneous 1SSI, 5519.IC3; ls$5, f225,
SC2: dccroise. t-J '..CC1.
Apjrre?ate Recein's-', S03,20,302; 1S85, S92.
161,117; decreate, $7,037,SS?.
The aggregate receipts for April, 1SS5, were
$1,141,83-' less than during the same month
General Sheridan has returned to Wash
ington from his Western trip.
From correspondence transmitted by the
War Department to tbe Indian Bureau it ap
pears that the Apache Indian outbreak was
canted by whisky.- The Indiana manufac
tured a larye quantitv of 'tlawin' and be
came tatoxicattjd. Knowicß thnt punUh:
ment would follow this Infraction of the
rnlei, they abandoned their reservation and
went on ths erarpath.
Thre was a full attendance of tho Cabi
net meeting to-day, Including Secretary La
mar, who has partially recovered from hh
recent attack of sickness. Th question of
authority and continuance of tho World's
Kxpccition at New Orleano was a?aln con
ildcred. Tho resnlt la shown in a telegram
tent by the Pxcildent to Senator (iibiorj la
ter In tbo day, of which ths following is a
Ibc nuetlon'of rcopeiilns tho Kxt'Oiittoa has
tu-u itjiii-ldcrM by the CuMlaot, and lucyn-
ULMaitnoi-Bir ot tho otlnn thRt there I ijo ar
rant of law or It, und that It would U iiu-xi e n
cut on otticr grounds.
The CommUslouer of Internal Ksvnuo Is
preparing a circulnr proscribing regulations
for tbo rporttlon of pirit3 to foreign conn
trice. Tbn present regulation lti regard to
the exportation ot spirits reUo only to ex
portaUon by vcchi-. A iithi trade In t'ilo
commodity has recently sprung up in C.tn
nda end Mexico, and It is found necerary
to etGf nd tho rp;;ulat!ona accordingly The
pew circular will provide that all spiriti In
tended for exportation by rail shall bo
fM)i;(tl at the port rf exportation, uud au
thorize tho C)lk'Ctor at tbft point to canol
the bond upon receipt of satisfactory pro')f
tbatthe rptrttn have actually ben oxportnd.
The H.cretary of tho Treasury hai isiurd a
circular dhf ding custit.rj olllreri tocoilfct
the alien Immigrant lax of tifty cmts eah
from foro'gners coming to this country tie
tonrtsti or ttuvotert in tiansit to other cjun
trier, es well m from thoso coming to this
country to rcildc.
Four additional crypto, making nlno In
all, liave recently Itvi tlttoduu beneath the
rotnndae f ihn Capitol and oetned to LI
hiarlan Hpoiri-rcd for ho use of the Con
grcpdotial Library, The crowded ootidltlon
ot the library has not howovcr, been ma
terially benefited, for the tinreo In the
amount of material lias much morn thin
kept pace with the a Jdltumut roam supplied.
It ii probable that rome of the suotorrQiiein
Apartments to he created by tubttltntion of
erchltectiiral for earth torranvi will ha util
ised for thefctorage of hooks. Device of tins
kltnl, while altordlog temporary relief, ar
the merest inwkmhlfla. The library hai
mote than twice outgrown its orlgtnal ac
commodations. It contains nearly .WJ.CUO
hound volumei, öüO.ima) plecea of muln,
nearly UOOOuo pomph'ots and between UM,.
CC0 and lM.OOO iipeclmons of graphic arr.
The Librarian la required by law to refr to
the coj y light rrcurda, and to produce nt
any hour cf the dsy any object in tho II
tuary which may be required by authors
cud their attorneys in the siiiornmt 01
qufstlona growing out of dleputod rh,hti In
properly. Soveral years ago the attontlon of
Congress was directed to the pressing need
of more ample and more convonhmt accom
modations for this Invaluable collection,
and although many ellorte have been mad
in this direction by individual memharsand
ly committees, nothing practical has yet re
sulted, for unmberleis books and pamphlets
i re still plied up like cord-wool upon the
Honrs and in thn alcove of the library.
Postmaster General Vilas to-doy request i
the resignation cf J. L. Meade, who was ro
cently Appointed Pootmaater at Hazelharat.
Copiah County, Mi;-8lil;pl. The explana
tion of the action of the Poiimsster Generftl
is that since the appointmont of Mr. M&dfl,
It bas come to the fenowledgfl of the depart
mentthai Meade preelda over a meeting
which was held in Hazelhunt, just after the
elections in 1S3, and subscribed to the Kill
ing cf Matthews, n Republican Postmaster,
by a man named Whesler, on election dv,
at which tbo persons participating took sides
by iecolulion with Wheeler, and aorved
notice on the frtunds of Matthews that th?y
intended to stand by Wheeler in cts they
fought revenge for tho killing of Matthew.
It is understood that this is In conformity
with the determination not to allow itself to
become involved in any of the political quar
rels which have occurred in the South.
During the President's stay in New York
he will be tbe guest of Secretary Whitney,
at the latter's house in that city.
i'roceeltogR or the Vrenhy terlan General
Assembly rt Ctnctnontl.
Cincinnati. O , May '2$. At the session of
the Presbyterian General Assembly thla
morning a committee of live elders wa3 ap
pointed to cocsidfr a plan for raising -5150,.
COO to liquidate the debt of tho Home and
Foreign Mission Hoard. A committee, coa
sisttng of John A. Stevenson, of Philadel
phia; O. D. Drake, of-Washington, D. 0., and
K. Von Rensselaer, of New York, was ap
pointed in accordance with the resolution
ottered at a meeting of elders to raise $2 0,
C00 as an additional endowment for the
Board of Ministerial IUlief. The special
committee, which was appointed to consider
the overtures on the transfer of the Board of
Missions for Freed rue a to that of Homo Mis
sions, reported against such a transfer, and
it was Jald over for discussion. It was re
ported that the overtures on reduced repre
sentation had been answered in the affirma
tiv?. The effect of this overture is to reduce
the size of the assembly by 13 jmbsrr.
The standing commutes on the card cf
Education reported that the total reelp's cf
t he board for tho year were 72.72:. It began
the year with a debt of 17,000, which has
been n duced to f G.CCO. It has under Its care
100 students, forty two rv.oro tban last year.
At the afternoon session of tha Presnyte
rian Assembly Rev. S. B. Bell offered the
following, which wa referred to tho Com
mittee on Church Polity:
r.csolved. That tee cry for more men to cmr!oy
dots not ngreo vrita. the try from oar own iacu to
fird employment.
Resolved, That if our present srstesi is a failure
in this direction, then wc must adopiauotacr that
will not be.
A letter presenting "the Christian saluta
tions and assurance of abiding fraternal
feeling1' was received. Resolutions of sym
pathy with the Free Church of Fiance were
adopted, and also one appointing Rev.
George F. Mcore tc represent this assembly
at the next meeting of the Synod of that
church, September 23, next.
The report ot the Committee cn the Bard
of Church Erection shows the total amount
received during the vear from all sources is
$120,C1G. Three hundrfd aad ninety-eight
applications for aid have been made, amount
ing to $224 COO. Twentv-four of these have
boen entertained, and ?10S010 givn. The
board waa authorized release a mortgage
held on a church in the South in order that
they may unite with one in the same city
connected vrlth tha tSutbern Presbyterian
Assembly and sell their property, the pro
ceeds of the sale to apply to the enlargement
Cf hc Chprch with which tbJ Ufllte,
Commiiteo on Judicial Commissions re
ported that tbe overture was adopted b7 a
vote of Kk to 31. Till gives the Assembly
and each Svnod the right to appotnt com
mhiious whoso decisions shall be fiaal, ex
cept In ruatter3 ot law or dictrlne. which
must be referred to tbe General Assembly.
llnpttiit Union Mlwion Society
Sahatooa, N. Y., May 2$. At tho morning
tersicn of the second day's proceedings of
tho Daptist Home Mission Socioty, Dr. Car
ter mada a report on tho work ntncug the
Indiaue. He eatd that there v;ero u20,00'J of
them In the United Slate, and Territories,
and that they were Increasing: in numbers.
Tothlrdof thdui are ur.oYanadizod sw
i-gt?. Tho Government Indian policy is
improvlrg. Hon. J. M. S. Williams ques
tioned tho statistics prcne.itcd bf the pre
ceding speaker. Tho following olllceravfero
dieted: Samuel Colgate, of Nw York,
President; J 1). llo?kefeller, cf Ohio, Vico
President; H. L. Morehomn, of Nr; York,
Currespondlng Secretary. Tho boirdot ruan
ar,ers will i elect a Treasurer. Dr. Faunco
reported uion thfl work anions tho colored
people. Fifteen school aro sustained in tho
Houth, with l.V) tcachern and :i (W0 schotan.
Thh wa tho recond dav of the Amsrlctn
Hapt'et llon.o Mission Hoclety convention,
lallte evening a larg audience thro'i:!
tho chinch to h?ar nddtecsei hy Dr. H. G.
IK-wlit, of Salt Lake City, on "Mormonlsm,"
Dr, 0 ;. Pore, of Tx;t on 'Mexico M aad
Dr. It. P. McAMhur, of Now York, on
"Christian Itonetlrenco." Thn pnbMcattou
aoclety will present its roports and hidressej
to marrow.
lie Jteporta lie Una l'luty ot Troopn to
l.otk After the .Aprtcho.
San FnANt'iKt'o, May 28. General Crook
has tolcgnphed from Arlzoaa to the Military
Department: "No more troops ncoded at
present. Troot a from 11 jwle are stationed at
Stlen'i Pass. Major Vnntlivt with eighteen
clllcera, 210 men and tpi of the cavalry,
r.Dil Captain Smith with 100 men of tho
fourth cavalry, Captain Plorco and liidtan
rccuta from Sn Carlos, are at Fort iUyard,
and east of them, co orerullng wltn trooos
In New Mexico. What has made It eo dllll
cult to got tiny definite Information in regard
to the Indians is the rapidity of their march,
they having made about 130 miles in two
daje, over an excrcdlnsly rough country."
Scvernl Hand of Indian Mamacrlng arid
New .iia r.u City, N. M,, May 28. The
Artt'bcsaie making a bloody trail through
thla section. It Is no thought three or four
different bands aro doprtdatlng aad
murdering in as many auctions of
thla Territory. The bostllos apparsntly
number about .".ri0. Four chiefs nre with
them, Ge oiiimo, Nann, Nactcba and Cnihur.
I hna.
T!h morning the c:ro?ss of a Mexican ?.nd
hU v.lfe and threa children were found five
miles from hero, and another Mexican is
'known to have r;on killed In tho a&me vi
cinity and his companion badly wounded
It is reported -iat numerous ranches Jon
Hear Creek have been Backed, horsps stolen
aod cattle killed. Tho Indlau trail hasbeoa
followed from there to the Pinoc foot hills.
It is' rf porttd that tha Indians are don
bürg brct oa the o'd trail in the dlreoitm
of Bear Cieck. Thl baud numbers about
eighty. Another band on tbe Gila River
drove ctT 130 head of horses. Two couriers
are missing.
Not at AH Disappointed,
Keoki k, Iowa. May 23 After Mr. Wil
liams received the appointment of Marshal
of the Southern Iowa District, and found
that it was likely to occasion soma criticism
of the administration at Washington, he
p'actd bis resignation in the hands of the
Department cf Jnstice, to be used In any
manner deemed best tor the Democratic
party, and to avoid the department any em
barraesments or complications growing out
of the apffointment. and when, consequent
ly, he received word yesterday afternoon that
his resignation had been accepted, he was
not surprised. To tho friends who wcr8
wiliinj; to stand by him he expresses the
heartiest thanks. Otherwise he is indlllerent
to tbe whole matter, except the falsehoods
raalicionsly circulated about his Deinocraoy
at Washington. He hopes Cunpbell will so
rondnct birujelf in oilico as to honor his ap
pointment. The X'J) mouth Kpldeuilc.
Wilkeusarre, Pa , May 23. Two deaths
occurred at Plymouth to-day, and four of the
occupants of the hospital aro in a critical
condition. Tho disease has been most prev
alent amcng the Hungarians and Poles. A
complaint was this afternoon laid befora the
Disirict Attorney to be brought to the notice
of the Gracd Jury, now in cession hero, of
the careless acd dilatory manner of tbe
Borough Council of Plymouth regarding the
enfoxctment of sanitary rules.
General Caceres Reported Defeated.
Lima, May 28. A telegram received from
Gf neral Mas announces ihe c:mp!ete defeat
of the Cncerlsts at Hunacjo by the Ygles3ias
forces. Great numbers of prisoners were
afeen and tha Cacerist artillery scUtared.
Cacf re3 birutclf was wounded and hai re
turned to Pucara. General Mas is in our
mit. This decisive victory is expected to
prevent any fuither revolutionary attempt;.
ErausTille Damaged by a Olontl Uurgt.
Evansville, May 2S. Considerable dam
age was earned by a cloud buret this after
nocn, In the northern part of the city. Cal-
lars were flooded for several blocks near
Main, Indiana and John streets, and soma
stores bad water several feet deep in them.
Damage amounting to $2,C00 is already re
ported. A Contlnniied llulltttng Falls.
Losa Jslakd City, May 2S. A two-story
frame building in Jackcon avenue, this city,
fell with a loud crash early this morning. It
had been condemned by tbe Board of Health,
aid teveral families living on the second
floor were driven out yesterday.
General Grant.
New York, May 2. "Father had a good
night and is feeling very well thla morning,"
raid Colonel Fred Grant this rooming. The
Geceral slept shortly after It p. m., aod with
few intervals of wakefulness slept until 8
0 Clock this morning.
The African Explorer, Stanley, Han-quoted-Talk
of Transferrins
Thiers and Uninbotta to
the Pantheon.
Emperor Wllllatn Woreo Than Ofll-
cliUly Btcittd Tho Govora-
mont Pnnthoon Docroo
UK Nil it AIj roil KHi N NEW.
The llnpttst Mllotuiry Suclety (llvn t
Ilreakfnrt to stnnlej tfols Presented
With ii Formal Kuloslütlo Ad
dre III Iteply.
Lo.npon, May 2S. Tha Bjpl!:t Missionary
Society fuve a breakfast to day to Mr. Hoary
M. Stanley, tho African explorer., Mr.
Jctcph Tritton, a prominent banker, pro
elded. In his address ho thanked Mr. Stan
ley for opening up tho way to the Christian
izatlcn of Africa, and for help to tho mis
sionaries to secure a'aUora and to extend the
Influenco on (heir teachings. An address in
the t aturo of an enlomlm was then formally
presented by the Baptlit Mtislonary Sacloty
to their H'.ucst. Mr. Stanley, in his reply,
laid that lie was glad to havo had the oppor
tunity of helpiog the mtsilonarlci and of ob
taining, in return, their help to teach the
native?. Formerly ho 111 understood tho
mitrdonarlca. However, aluca that he had
seen Livingston, and ho had recognized in
him tho typo of a noble and eplritual man
hecd. The real work of the missionary was
hard, hin privations grear,hSi worldly regard
email. In conclusion Mr. Stanley expressed
the hope that the Congo country would coon
bei well supplied with mlsilonarle?, and he
urged the eor.lety to be very cordul what
ktLil of men they scut out, as mlstlonarlea
to Africa. "Do not,'' ha atd, "tend young
men, without havlcg 11 rtt, taught them the
practical life m crnsarv to success, the eame
as you tr ach Chrlfltlano you wlsti to live
long. Deod lnliouorlii aro of no more
value than other dead men. Gordon, dea l,
is valuelepfl. If he had Uvd, the civiliza
tion of the Hondati, which received Its death
blow in Gordou'a runrdor, would have bsen
Pawning, and wo could hac nn the sim
mer of civilization dawning in the interior
of Africa."
Mr. Stanley finished his itddrM by stating
that the climate cf Africa wns not half so
dacp erous as that of mt ny parts of the tiouth-
ern ttates of America, and that tbo littles hs
had done for mU&ionanea In Africa hsd not
been dene spontaneooRly. but iti uboJteuce
to tbe commands of his superior, Kinc
Leopold. Thla last statoment wai grated
with chcero.
Tbe Pretldent, in rcspons, nwrled that
Mr. Stanley had maJo missiou work In Cen
tral Africa po:siblo.
FropoHttl TraDHfereuce of Thiers ritid Uaiu
hettn to the i'antheou.
Pakis, May 2S. M. Goebiet, Minister of
Public Instruction, now that the Pantheon
Las besn restored to its original purpose?,
moyed that the ro mains of ex-President
Thiers and Leon Oambetta bo transferred to
the Pantheon, wherein will he placed tha
body of Victor Iluj-'o. The Commuuists in
their feveral meetings held last evening,
adopted resolutions declaring that it was
tbe.ir unrpess to carry red flasa at tho funeral
of Victor Hugo. The resolutions also warned
the Government not to interfere with tbo
Communists in their determination to bar
their flags and banners in the great pro
cecslon. Reception of British OHlcrs at Herat.
hoNDON, May 2S. Tha ;ollowing advices
have been received from Slnyou: Stewart,
Holdbach and Kochi publicly entered Herat
on May 10 cn the Araeer'a invitation. The
Governor received tbem at a durbar, at
tended by the Afghan jnerals. The re?p
tion from all classes was extremely gratify
ing. The priests were cordial, and tha Cath-
ouii troops frieodly. The otUcera left Herat
on the 11th. It a reported that 000 Coj:acks
still hold Sal fi car and Akrobat.
The Day of lingo's Funeral to ho a Holi
day. Pakts, May 2$. Monday will ho observed
as a general holiday. President Grevy and
the diplomatic coip3 will attend the funeral.
An immenre quantity of florat oflbrings have
arrivtd here. Compositors arc having a
flower crown prepared at a cost of 1C0
Hugo was a friend of Parnoll. Royalists
and Catholics intend to display white fla.
The revolutionary meeting to day was a
eecret gathering, all rcpjrtsrs being ex
cluded. The Pantheon Decree Sustained.
Paris, May 28. In to-day's session of the
Chamber of Deputies Count Da Man, of tbe
Extreme Right, referring to the decree of
secuisrizlrg the Pantheon, described it as
lllfgal, profane and sacrilegious. M. Gilbert
defended tbe Government's action, and
Count De Mnn's motion, tbat the Govern
ment decree at law dealing with the matter
be introduced in the Charuber of Deputies,
was defeated by a vote of 3SS to 8:5,
Kotlriug American Consul Banqueted.
Livi:rtrooL, May 23. A banquet was given
this evening by the Liverpool shippers and
merchants to Mr. Packard, the retiring
United States Consul. Mr. Packard was pre
sented with an illuminated address and a
eervice of silver plate.
ftupfdau Necotlutloo Proceed slowly.
LojJDON, May 2S. The Daily News this
morning says the negotiations with Russia
are progressing extreme slowness, ow
ing to Lord Kirabtrly'a ab3nce from Lon
don. The fact that he is abjut to leave Lon
don, it is saic was evidezca ot sincerity.
Will Investigate Cholera Microbe.
Madrid, May 2S. The Spanish Govern
ment has appointed four eminent surgeons
as a commiiston to investigate the system of
icccnlaticn of human subjects with cholera
microbes as practiced by Dr. Ferran.
Ihe Frecch Preis Advise England.
Fabis, May 28. Tbe Journal Des Debate?,
Repnblique Francaia and Justice in com
XLtntlcg cd Lord Kotenbury'a supposed
mission, advise England instead of suing for
the inppoit of Germany or an alliance with
Turkey ori Italy, to cultivate the willing
friendship cf Fiance.
Afghan Frontier Negotiation.
LoNro.N, May 2"J Tbo Standard's 6t. Pe
tersburg correspondent says tho following is
the exact JUato of the Afghan frontier nego
tiations at tho present time: The Ameer
surrenders Penjdeh for Sulflcar. The quee
tlon Is nmettlvd as to whether the Oulßcar
Paea hall, fctm a part of tto boundary or
remain wholly in Afghanistan.
Ktnperor William Uetter.
lkr.M,- May 2S. Emperor William if
now well enough to receive a few visitors
and transact business, but not to drive out,
J Foreign Noten.
Lcrd Rceebcrry has started for London.
Tho funeral ot Victor Hugo will .tike
place Monday morning.
l is reported from London that Mr. Van-
derblltan.l party start on their return to
America to-day.
ThoMavqulicf Harrington, D;itiah Secre
tary of State for War, la 111 at Dublin, and
hit proposed orations at Bilfast and else
where in Ireland have been abandoned.
A telegtam freu Tien T&ln announces that
all tho articles of a treaty of peace between
Franca ard China havo been agreed, and it
is expeclcxl.tho treaty will be elgned to-day.
It Is reported that Emperor William, ot
Germany, la mere seriously 111 than baa been
admitted. ofliclally. The doctors In attend
ance are aaid to be qulto uneasy in their
mane er.
The grrht sttiko ot the Yorkshire, Enrlieh,
miners has ended. Tho miners Anally ac
cepted the reduction In their wae.es which
had beou prop'md in the first place, at a con
ference ot tha men and masters.
Tili: .NORTH WfNl' WAK.
More Ini
Iutjs llfouitht luto Cnrnp, Alio
e-llte Location of Ittg Hear
Not Yet DUroverrd,
Battu:"okp, N. W. T., May 27, via Winni
peg, May. 2.s A body of mounted police)
went outj into tho Indian camp to-day and
brought i.J n number of Indians, 100 head of
catt'o ai.d qulto a number cf horses with
carts and wagons. Thtso have all been
Identified, by settlers hero as their property
itolen byithe Indiana The ecouts have been
unable t'o And Big Beat's location. Much
doubt Is felt aa to wne m he has gone or what
hie intentions arc. General Shango is nor
supposed to be nerir Fort Plt, and will
likely follow up Bic Boar. Courlorshavo
been eeni to General Strange with dispatches.
To day ljvo hf.lf-breeds, who raid they woro
held by Found maker as prisoners, were Im
prisoned: by thn authorities hero today
charged jvlth iuclting and aes'sting the In
dians. l;he feeling against tbem ia very
strong Aid the evidence direst. Rood, tho
Astistant Indian Commissioner, hai ordrel
tholrdiana to return to their reserves to day.
Tbe Indians charged with tho murder of
Frank Smart have been locked up. eieneral
Middleton has called for non-commissioned
otllcers ahd privates In the different carps
here to , volunteer for service In tho North
west for period time after matten aro tat
tled. Tl'ere will likely be numerous re
sponds, j The Tenth Royals, coming down
cn foot, re exp'cted hero to morrow. It ia
reportedjthat over 100 of Poundmarre best
men have gone to join Big Paar. If Big Bsar
comes ifi the campaign will be quickly
ended j
Tbe bcüy of James If. Mills, of Rochester,
N. Y., wjis cremated at Lancaster, Pa., yes
terday. I
Tbe Illinois Senate to-day passed the
Pleuro pneumonia bill, giving $00,000 to
ward its Suppression.
A tire destroyed twelve buildings and con
tents atf Phd.nix, Ariz., yesterday. Loss,
STo.OGO; .Insurance. 10.000.
Genera' Robert C. Scbencc was given a
brilliant reception at the residence of Hon
Samuel Crifghead, at Dayton, O., last even-
inc. ;
Jcsepli Blankinsop, proprietor of a stove
fonndrylat Wheeling, W. Va., was killed
yesterday afternoon by the bursting cf an
cmory tfhcel in üis works.
Dr. V$.!Ice, of Qiehec, will bs called as a
witness n the matter of Kiel's alleged In
sanity. 'Dr. Vallee attended the rebel In the
Beanconrt Lunatic Aylum.
A special to the Galvestou News from R!
Paio Bajjs a powder mill at Aquas Colientes,
Mexico, was destroved by lire Wednesday
evening, killing two pjrsosa.
Telegrams from Santiasa ue Cuba report
that thelßlibuuering expedition which re
cently landed in that province, numbering;
eight mn, have fled to the mountains, and
that complete tranquility prevails.
At tho. Wheeling, W. Va., election yester
day General Jeffries was elected Justice of
tho Muiicipal Court. The city authorities
were au'horized to Usue 5 per cent bands to
the amount of $.'5.000,000 to fand the in
debtedness of the city.
ilionameut to Uclirrca Noarir.
DAisvir.s, Mass., May 2S. The dedication
of the riionument erected here ia memory of
Rebecoj Nourse, one of the victims cf the
Salem witchcraft excitement, is tixed for
July C0j which, under ihe old Etvle, will be
the one!hccdrcd and ninetv-thlrd annive:
eary of .the banking-
211nii;ters Fined rur Violating the Law,
Boston, Jlay 28. Rev. W. F.'DavIs and
Rev, W,. P. Htstings, who repeated thelc
preacbipg services on the Commons la it Sun
day in, sDlte of their arrest and Hue for the
prevlorjs Sunday's preaching, were Ü3ed
and coslls to-dav. They appealed.
J Wajhikoton, May 20.
For U' Ohio Valley and Tennccece Partly
cloudy weather and local rains, cast to touth
lndp, slatlcnary temperature.
for Uo Upr?r Lake Region Tartly cloudy
weather. and occasional rain, ee&terlv winds in
northern portion, thlftlcg to weit and south in
southeru porUon, itstiocary temreraturc. lower

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