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WHOLE ''NO. J 0,21 3.
FOR s 4.TÜKDAY. Oceulonal rains and
clotdy weather; scnthwest , to northwest
lud; stationär y temperature.
6 .SO!
W SHE 353
Men's Working Suits, Union
V'crctcd, $2.50 per Suit, at the
ÜlLlANy. !Al'UUlSrS AND UtlE&i-I-JTS
. We fcavo obtained satisfactory results from tbe
use of tbe Cuiicura Kernt dies in cur own family,
and recommend thexa beyond any ottierrema
dies fcr diseases cf theikin and blood. Thed
maud for them 8 rows as tbelr merits become
Known. "HAUMILLaX CO., Drcsels.s.
Liirobe, Pa.
Your Cutlcura tterneäies sell well, especially the
Cnticura Soap. I tell more Cnticura than of any
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trr. My lady customer! will buy no other. ,
H. K. SAMUEL. Druggist, Danville. Ky.
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edies are formed from the ex previous of oar cus
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tcr lb. for Ktnaitn'a bLouldOiS.
vre fnr S Irs. choice I Jird.
Iv. trr U. for rhoU'U KaUotil.
t' rr lb. lor reeled raehcf.
t&ctcr lb. lorcholoo Kvsporatcd Tenches.
re t' T IK for Nw Turkish Prune.
Vxr fr 2 cstia Hiandard Table l'oir.
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rur Kdlrlorti-;drtrl Tompkln, Krtuk Btllcy
tid Jot J ) lMiin, Kctid for Prico Ltt.
2S9 Kotuh Jillno! itrrct.
Tclephouo C3.
Spring Neckwear placed
on sale to-day. Satin lined
Gill: Scarfs, generally sold
at 75 cents, only
Has store.
IrnKamans on tho Stlil DunlGod
liaised Presidents Colonel Den
Ijy Goes to China.
Tho President at Nov YorkAp-
polntmont3 Tho Dolphin's
Satisfactory Test.
YThnt the Democrats Jülich: ilave Done, but
Have Not Cboseu to Do In Mr. Voor
heea Oplulon, "Washington, Jeff
ernon and Lincoln wer tho
Greatest of tho American
- Presidents The Indl
nnlnn at the CapltKl
ol Uia Conxury.
8pccl&l to the ßentlnei.
WAMixGTorv. May 29. Kleiner, Ward and
Lowery are the enly Indiana Congressmen
remaining in the city. Meeting Ward to
day he told me: 'I hayo no farther basl
nesB here of which I am aware than to rec-
ODjmend tba appointment of Postm&stors in
Tipton County." Statesmen in the corn
belt and on tbe water shed seem to be nn-
usually backward this season.
The average caller at the White House
has but little more to say than, "Mr. Presi
dent, I called to congratulate you." Mr.
Cleveland is evidently-getting enough of this
to give him strength.
The average Indianian in Washington is
making a &till hni.t, and asks as a personal
favor that all mention of his name be
avoided. There are a great many
parasites that distress the progress of
journalism, and tho fiend who devotes him
Eelf to the suppression of intelligence is the
most detestable. Ho has a connection with
the penonal-friend cMne editor-fiend, who
buttonholes and embarrasses a reporter at
eyery point. The Indianian in Washington
is indirect, invisible, subterranean, and al
together an uninteresting creature for a
newspaper interview.
A lazy rain is felling, which imparts an at
mosphere of sloth t3 political interests, which
are already distressingly slow. Since the af
ternoon of March 4 the Democrats have been
in power, and yet no negro has been returned
to slavery, no rebel soldier pensioned and no
Confederate bonds purchased by the Govern
ment. "If Cleveland ia electei," caid an Inaian
opolis Kenublican, with eruphas'e, In No
vember, 'there will be trouble."
"If Cleveland is elected," replied a Demo
crat, "and you Republicans go to making
trouble, we'll hang you. We'll make short
work of the next rebellion."
After a short run through the departments
this morning, which appeared eminently
satisfactory, Mr. Voorhees visited his com
mittee room, where a large crowd of Illinois
and Indiana people awaited him for tho sole
gurpose of paying their respects. A general
conversation followed, embracing a variety
of topics, rfifter which Mr. Voorhees was
drawn to talk on the subject of the Amer
ican Presidents. God raises up men, he
thmkr, for the sole pirpose of accomplishing
certain results. The three most auspicious
cbmacters that ever crowd the threshold of
tbe Whlto House wer Washlnpto.i, JrHVr
cn and Lincoln. Tho sword preiented
Washington by Kiedortck the Great is lu
iciibed: "l'rom the greatest soldier in Ku
mp to thA Krestcn coldler in tho world."
Where is there another great Captain tn all
history who ever kept snch an army as tho
American volunteers in line for teveu yn?
Ytt Wellington would havu proven ai Inad
equate to the performance of Jeir.irton's
work ai Jeflcrton would have fallen short of
performing what the first President achieved.
Jefferson was the flrnt of the Abolitionists,
Irndlng Wllbororro ton yrira, His arr.Mn
ntent of King George for allowing tho
African Inve trade was terrific. At tint
time no Federalist or Kngllihaiati idther hud
ever thought or written on the ubject. The
tint mrniure ho ever Introduced lu a IcgM
live body provided that tao tropin of Vir
gtnlft, of their own frro will and accord,
might manumit their slave. Of court, It
wiie first voted down publlo rentlmtiut con
lattd fm negroes with n fcaltm; of rv
vtiUion hot at lait It became a law. ills
hatred of slavery vttd not stop with the
African, though it Included htm, but found
exprtMlon in broad oppotltton to every
wrorg thtt oppress ihn ;o3r, Tdcru was
no Itiitlt to hti y input h Irs tor the French
)roptc, among whom lm sojournrd, and
whom h Mtiditd in ttmhuUot the pnttuitry
well as In t tin halls of the rich. Journny
lt)g In dNui, and with c.JncaU4
rai.k, he dticoverrd the crimes against
the working clams tint mint luevitubly
lead to nsr lnboilug men at J.M a year und
laborlni: women at one half that amount.
Plnlnly irelng.ln thn Uiiucn of Uv Witd,
tbat hell Is nn mors than a half mtlo from
here from Nice ha wrote a letter t La
fayelt prophtsylng the bloodiest revolution
In all history. He llvtd to ioa it come like
the wrath of Ood-the streets of Tarli
drenched with blond, and the llutlle, that
1 1 nil withstood the aunults of armies with
cannon. iszhI to (he ground by unarmed
men. Goadtd to desperation, nn infuriated
people, usually a run et, orderly people, with
no deslxe or ambition beyond being allowed
to live, doing what no disciplined ml tilery
had ever been potent to do. That the French
lUvolntlon came, carrying Kiucs from their
cAt ltsls to the executioner's block, was no
inrprle to Jcllerson. He brought to
America a heart full ot Franoe,
ar.d would have returned to that
con try. but ylalded to the solicitations
of Treildent Washington nod became Beere
taryot State. In addition to Greek and
Latin, of which ho was a perfect master, he
spoke an accurate and fluent French and
German. He also converted with the sava
ges ot America in seven tribal languages. To
but few men of his day did so many sciences
yield their secrets, lie Invented the curve
rcole board for plows He corresponded with
Humboldt concerning the practicability of
turning the waters ot the north into tbe
Lflnlitinpi, and this correspondence ulti
mately lead to that vast canal.
I ores bad occasion to solicit Information
of this illcitrlocs American from Jud-e Tur-
pie, and I asked him, "What life of Jefferson
is best?"
Tarton'a Is asgeod as any," wa3 the re
ply, "but really no life of Jetferson exist.
There are but few minds capable of grasping
the man."
Lincoln, Mr. Voorhees thinks, was called
and elected to lead the country through the
meat trying period of its history. The popu
lar conception of him a plain, blunt man,
who concealed nothing and whoaa motives
were always open, is absurd. He wus the
moit adroit of men, a distinct character, aod
always proceeded to try a case in court ai no
other Javryer ever proceeded. His was far
above any mind in the Cabinet, far ia ad
vance of public opinion, yet he had the ap
pearance cf one being led. Witn all the
strength of a great nature, he hated slavery,
yet he jcked the abolitionists. He knew all
of what it was to ba in Kentucky "poor
white trash," upon whom even the negree
looied with high ditdain. When he Uiked
in-piivate conversation of that condition, his
thin lips giew white and his eye nllod witi
tears. He intended from tbe beginning tb.it
the war never f hould clotc until humati
servitude was extinguished cnthiscontinent
Jap Tcbpex.
Colonel Denbj'o Appoictuaent Other Mat
ter. Sicciel to the Sentinel.
Washington, May The Secretary ol
tte Treasury to-day removed four chiefs of
dividers in Colonel John G. Williams'
efnee ; the salary is $2,000 each. These places
do not come under the Civil Service act.
Appointments to the vacancies will be made
on Monday.
Tho President to-day appointed Colonel
Charles Denby to be Minister to China. Colo-
nol Denby never held but one elective office.'
A boy, fresh from college, he was chosen to
represent Vanderbnrg County in the General
Assembly. He contributed to the election
of Hon. Graham N. Fitch to tho United
Slates Senate, acd afterward married that
gentleman's daughter. The Star, of this
evening, eays the appointment was hastened
by tbe assnrancn of ex-Senator Joseph E
McDonald that tbe eminent Indianian, both
in ability and character, would honor the
service. Colonel Denby is one of the ableat
men I have ever known, was the language
of Eon. John J. Kliner to the Sentinel cor
respondent this afternoon. Large interests
are being developed in China, r.nd that this
country will be ably represented no intelli
gent man acquainted with our new Minister
ca doubt.
Ex-Senator McDonald, accompanied by
ßonator Vooihees and Hon. K. J. Bright, has
made a buy day of this.
The President' New York Trip Yartoiu
.Appointment Colonel Denby Ap
pointed Mtiilttor to Chlun, Ktc.
Washington, May UM The President will
Icava Washington fox Re? Ycrk this even
ing, accompanied by Secretaries Endicott,
Whitney and Lamar, and Postmaster Gen
eral Vilas. He will be tne guest of Secretary
Whitney, and it is stated goes only for the
purpose of being present at the Decoration
Day exercist'3. It Is denied that any con
ference of politicians will be held, and it is
stated that the PesIdont will decline all in
vitations and will request to bs excused to
callers in order that be may get some rest and
physical benefit from the trip.
Captain Belknap, President of the board
appointed to examine the Dolphin, in a tele
gram to the Secretary of the Navy, to-day,
reports that the trial trip ycserday was
satisfactory, and that the requirements of
tbe contract for the veeeel were complied
Pcstmaster William C. Smith, ot Holden,
Mo., co mini lit d (ulclde this morning, by
shooting hlmielf. His books had just been
examined anil tho Injector had discovered
a shortage of about 't,0OU.
Indian Comtnlsilonor Atklne hai recslvcd
a telegram fiom Cpekane Falls, W. T., stat
ing that tho Nfzpereci Indian, from the In
tllnn Territory, bavo nrrived nt that place
end have been placid In charge of Indian
Agents Montetth and Waters.
The President made the following appoint'
ti'rnts this Afternoon: To be Consul General,
Wendell A. Anderson, of Wisconsin, at
Montreal: to bo Consul of the United
Hintes, William K. Crowsll. of Ohio, at
A mov; William 1). Mailer, of South Cam
Una, at Cologne; J). Lynch Print;!, of (Juuth
Carolina, nt Trguolgalpn, Honduras.
('harlet Dsnby, of Indiana, was to iUy an
minted to M Envoy Extraordinary and
nnutrr I'lempoteniiary to China.
All the (Jovernment and Dlttrlflt ollio
and hanks will ho cloml to morrow. There
will bo memorial tr vires at the ctimotsrloi.
According to tho records of the hydro
uraphln clllco tho amount of Ice and the num
ber of t? rgi which havo nppartd In the di
rect path of European steamers within a
mcittii Is unprecedented. The forthcoming
monthly report will Miow a ilntometit of tho
number of ve.nels tnjurut by collision with
lo'btrr." during tho mouth, mo far as heard
frntn. The litt now numben twenty siven.
The Ice has nut appeared south of piralM
11, The region Infested by lea wai very
cloioly predicted in tho publication of the
hydroRraphlo olllce a month Hk'o, and the
tnfn route marked Just south ami eist of the
limits mentioned.
Colonel entries Denby. who goes ai Minis
ter to China, to succeed Mr. John RucjcU
Young, n llfty-fonr yeareof ai. He was
bom In Botetourt County, Virginia. He was
tducated at Georgetown Collego, where he
took three medals, more than had ever before
been received by any one boy. HlieducA
tlon was completed at the Virginia Military
Institute. During the rebellion he was a
Lieutenant Colonel of tho Forty-second In
diana lleg(mnt. He was twice wounded.
He has been a member of the Indiana b'ate
Legislature. Colouol Dsnby was requeued
to accept the nomination to Conp;res from
the First Indiana Congressional District, but
declined, and has devoted his time almost
eiclntivelv to tbe legal profession. He was
indorsed by the entire Indiana delegation
and by prominent men outside of that State.
Mr. Crowell, of Ohio, appointed United
States Oonsnl at Atuoy. China, to-day, is at
pretent a member of tbe Ohio State Senate.
He is about forty-five years of ags, and a law-
fer by profession. H is a personal and po
itir.al friend of Mr. Oliver Payne, of Cleve
land, and was indorsed for the appointment
by Mr. Payne. .
Mr. Pringle, of South Carolina, who goes to
Honduras, is a rice planter. He has never
held an otäcial position.
Mr. Warner, also of South Carolina, has
been in Consular fervice for some years.
Hie appointment to Cologne was a promo
tion. General R. C. Drum cent the following
telegiam to General Schofieldto day.
Replying to your telojram of this dato, reporting
the aircst on American territory of Gibriel Da-
went end Uichael Pums!, Canadian insurant?,
who belonged to Kiel's insurrectionary force, the
Secretary of Wer Instructs me to ay that the mili
tary furies cave no authority to arrest or de'ain
them. They must, taertfore, be released from
military arrest.
Secretary Manning to-day dismissed four
chiefs of divisions in the Third Auditor's of
fice J. B. Forcier, of Maryland; J. M. Vale,
of Pennsylvania; T. E. G, PettingUl, of New
York, and John K. Thompson, of New
Hampshire. This action was based on the
recommendation of Third Auditor Williams.
It is. said there are no charges against the
rercccs removed. The vacancies will bs
lilltd in a few days.
It ifi estimated that the debt ctatement for
the month cf May, to be issued on Monday,
will thow tx reduction cf about $3,000 0'X.
Tne. President to-clay appointed James W.
'Vbthdey, ol New York, to be Aei3tant
Trc&iurer of .the United States. Mr. Whelp
ty tkt present ho da the office of Cashier.
His promotion will nau3 other promotions,
afotlows: H. A. Witney, Ass'sant Cash
ier, to be Cashier; Edward R Tru?, Teller,
to bs -issistsnt Cashier, and J. F. M'lin,
Chief Clerk, to to Teller. Mr. Valentine 1
Snyder, of New York, who Is at present act
irg a3 private Secretary to Secretary Man
nirg, will be appointed Chief Clerk of the
Treasurer's cilice. The above changes all
take e fleet on the 1st prox.
Since Secretary Manning assumed charge
of the Treasury Department sixty clerkships,
averaging from s!J0O to ?2,100, have became
vacant. With one exception, the olUcss aro
all within tho civil service classification.
The Secretary has decided not to fill any of
the vacanci&H in question, on the ground
that the interests ot the tervice do not re-,
quire it This will Bave about X,0)0 an
Only Two Uours' Slep Last Night SutVer
iug Much Pain To-Day.
New York, May Dr. Douglas re
mained in General Grant's house all ot last
night, and when he came out this morning
he said he had not been awake with the Gen-
eial ko much any nisht in a month as he was
lastLiht. The patient slept only two or
three hours during tho nignt. and not more
iban ore hour continuously. 'Che General
vras kept awAtte by pains in the throat and
in the ear. The doctor taid, however, that
the throat inside and out appeared as well as
during tbe week, and he oalieved the Gen
ejal had become chilled duriDg his rida yes
terday afterncon.
the Rowan County, Kentucky, Xronble
j Not Yet Settled.
J.Vhvii.jj.j Ky., May 2'J. A special fom
Rowan County eays that the recent trouble
there, which apparently was fettled, is likely
to begin again at any momsnt. Notwith
standing the agreement entered into between
the warring factions, which has been carried
cut to tho letter, both parties havo been rest
less all tho time, and have beheld each other
with suspicious eyes. It is said by one of th3
best citizens, who came here to day from
Moorehcad, that the opinion there is that
Logan and Sheriff Humphreys will not stand
a trial under the confession of Ed Pierce,
who implicates them in the attempt to asas
sinato Attorney Young, and that as soon as
steps arc taken to examine into the case, au
other trouble, more terious than any hereto
foie, will be engtißed in.
A pclal from 1111 County savs that
though Johnton, tho desperado and mur
derer, has snrrundercd, his friends and the
cpitv!fi faction aro firmed at Elnoville,
and that from present appearancei a re
newal of the trouble roar bo expected at any
moment. Tho Letter clan of citizens are in
a complete stato of terrorism and are talk-
log of leivlug the county ai noon ai they
can soli their property.
Kills His Hun by n Ittow.
Ci.itvr.i.ANt, O,, May '2'K A special from
Findlay, Hancock County, gives particulars
'of the killing of his twelve year old son by
John Motter, one of the wealthiest farmers
of Orango Township, Motter was at work in
the bam setting up some machinery, when a
holt fill through a crack In the floor. Tho
boy was tent after thn bolt, but falling to
Und It ho returned and told Ills father ho
could not leo It. Ho was innt a secuud time
under tho barn, and whn he returned aaln
without the bolt, his father, terribly angered,
tdiuck him lu such a manner as to brmtk hU
neck, causing Instant death. The murJorar
has not been arretted, hut tho people are
very much excited and demand a trial.
A Reporter Airird on u Charge of (Jon
PirTM.tT.u, May .".Marlon M. Olcn, a
rcportvr for the ntUtniru Dispatch, was ar
rretrd this evening on a chirgo of conspiracy
preferred by City Atciwr Hayes. Ojden Is
charged with having burreptionsly hu
nlht rot into tho safe, wlta atslstance of one
John Brown, and coplfil from the records tbe
litt of returns mado by ImdneM mia show
ing Hi amount of builnesi tramicted by
them during the year. The Dispatch pub
lUhul tho returns this morning, which creat
ed a Klent sensation lu huilneas circle J.
Itatlroad CrttUr MtMtnc
LoriM im.i:, Ky Miy 2:). V B. Hawloy,
local Caihler of tho J., M. and I. lUilrovJ, Is
minting, andlsstld to be a defaulter. He
left the city quietly lent Wfk, but was seen
In Chlcsfo on Saturday. Iii accounts aro
being overhauled by the ctllclals, and are
found to to thort, thongu tho exact amount
Is not known. It Is thought it will foot up
to nearly $5, C00 Hawley lives In Jail'eriOM
vllle, end was u patron of the turf during
the recent roc is.
Another Million to Sapp'ress ltltl,
Ottawa, May H'J In the House of Com
mons to-nlghtagranto! $1,000,000 in addi
tion to the $700 000 previously appropriated,
was granted to defray tho cost of putting
down the Rlel rebellion.
Manslcd nnd Killed nt 1 1'moh'i factory.
IxmisviLLK, May 2'. Henry Knoblock,
er gi De er, wm mangled and killed In the ma
chinery of Da Pauw's glass factory, New
J Albany, to right.
Russia Gives Up JIaruchak nnd Peace
Now Assured Gladstone's Slates
inacsblp Regarding It Eulogized
Shanghai Dispatch Prematuro A
Literary Squabble Germany
Llay Declare War Aganst
England and Italy
It Is Finally Settled la a
tlefactory Man
London, May The Daily News an
nounces this morning, on the highest author
ity, that Russia's reply to England's counter
proposals were received here yesterday. This
reply, it says, involves ths acceptance of the
proposals, and practically fettles in a satis
factory manner the whole question of the
Afghan boundary. Both Mftrnchak and
Zaificar remain in the possession of tbe
Ameer. Tho raain features cf the work of
delimitation have tic ally oeen fixed, and tbe
Boundary Commitaion will settle the delailr.
The negotiations have been conducted in s
most frxtndly spirit on both side3.
Gladstone's Statesmanship.
London, May 29 The Daily News in an
editorial, eays: Mr. Gladstone has crowned
his illustrious career by again rendering the
country a signal service. We must not for
get, now that peace is secured, how near we
came to a war ecch as this generation has not
seen. The task required a combination of
tho highest qualities which go to make up
tne complex gift of statesmanship.
Itnssian Naval OfHcer Arrested.
Ckosstapt, May 20. A Russian naval of
ficer hes been arrested here on suspicion, it
is reported, of being connected with a plot
to acquaint England of the method of the
closiDgcf the harbor of Cronstadt with tor
pedos. Mnrm Uk tlie DhteT Point in Dispute.
Lon ros, May 29 The Standard confirms
tbe statement that tho principal point of
dispute in the negotiations with Russia at
present ie the possession of Maruchak. Ou
this point, the Standard eays, England re
fuses to yield.
The Tlen.Teln Dlnpatch to Shanghai He
Cardlog the Franco-Chinese Treaty
Wns Tremiiture.
Tien-Tsin, May . The telegram from
this place to Shanghai, stating that all the
articles of the treaty of peace between China
and France hid been agreed to and tht :li3
treaty would be sicned to day, was premature.
The negotiations still continue. M. Paten
atre, the Frenoh Ambassador has recently
had eeveral interviews with Si Hung Chang,
the Chineso Envoy. Bath aro awaiting the
reply of the Fekin Government to the latest
French proposals.
Frederick Harrison and Herbert Spencer.
Lokdon, May -'. The Times prints a let
ter this morning, under thn signature of
Frederick Harrison addressed to Herbert
Spencer, pretesting against the latter pub
lishing in America a volume containing
three recent articles from tho pen of Spcncsr
and three of the production of Mr. Harrison,
a print from the Nineteenth Century, and
iutersperted with critical comments. The
letter characterizes this proceeding es an un
worthy net of piiaoy. Mr. Sponcer Isaked
whether ho will take the profits of a
bcok of which he (Harrison) l! In put the
author. Mr. Spencer Is alro accused In the
letter of reprinting tho articles without tu
content or knowhdge of the editor of the
Nineteenth Crutury or of Mr. Hartison.
Finally, Mr. Hanioon, in his letter declines
to accede to tho proposal made by Mr.
Spencer to rcpubllah the volume In K-iUnd,
and Iravei tho whole conduct of Mr. Upen cor
to tbe judmtnt of turn of honor.
The Particlllte Cnmpal&n,
Dci.MN, May 20 Tho Paruelllte campaign
in Ulster was continued to day by a moollug
of Nationalists nt Belfmt. Tho principal
speaker was Timothy M. Healy, M. P. far
Monschau. He said that the cold which
contlued Lord Hartlngtoa to Dubllu was a
diplomatic, father than a physical milady.
Jn outlining the plan of the national cam
paign tn the north of Irr land, Mr. Hoaly mtd
thn NittlonnlUts would contest thirty thrmi
feats in Ulster, of which thev would win
twenty-win, and tbey would decide tho lnua
in th mutttnlnir twelve. Tho olhttr speakers
were Jotirph (J Blpger, M. J1. MrCavmi; John
J)rny, M, 1 for t:or, and Timothy Jlarfl
i;nn, M. I1. for Weu Mtatli.
A Watthttifitttn tJlrr.)iiiati Dies nl Hirt,
Lonj'ON, May ".Vf. Kv. R. H, Htaaton, D.
1),, whoto nn me is ou tho plunger lht of
tho stramihlp Nevada, which arrived at
,'uc e Eitown this morning, from New York,
died on beard ihlp and was burled at sea.
The reverend gentleman, the oilicers of the
Nevada state, was In very feeble health when
he came on board nnd only ventured on the
trip in tha hopo that a change ot air and
scene might possibly contribute toward his
restoration to health. Rev. Dr. Htantoa be
loPKed lu Washington, D. C. StirprJss Is ex
premd that he wai buried at sea, ho having
only died yetterdny.
American Absconder Arretted.
Lc.Ntov, May 2.. Arthur E. Manh, the
abicondlng ßnperlntendent of the firm of
Kcch Eons & Co., of New York, was arrested
ut ueenitown on board the ete amshlp Ne
vada, of the Gulon Line, which arrived there
this morning. He at once surrendered all
tbe money in his posretilon, together with
his ellects, and begged to not be prosecuted.
The amount Mann abtconded with was
Material for Oinmn Dlgna.
Rovir, May 20. A letter has been received
frem Dr. Steinfurth, the German travelor,
stating that a schocner which was pursued
recently threw orerboard a quantity of eon
trsbsnd materials dettlned tor Otman Dig
la's retell. The doctor urgte the necesilty
of keeping strict avatch.of the African caast
line to prevent the Mandl and his followers
fiom obtaining supplies.
The Occnpaflon of Red Sea Porte.
,Lcspox, May 2t. The official correspond
ence respecting tbe occupation cf the Red
Sea porta of Egypt shows that England ad
vised Turkey to occupy the ports from which
the Egyptian garrisons were withdrawn. Earl
Grcnvlüe. repiyic to protests of Franca and
Turkey against Italian occupation, said he
regretted the inaction of Turkey but was nn
able to opnese Halfan occupation. He
thought Italy wa? the power least likely to
injure the interests of Turkey. He said there
was no treaty between England and Italy,
but the relations between the two nations
wre friendly.
In the concluding dispatch, addressed to
Sir Barring, Earl Granville sanctions the
atsumntion by the Indian Government, on
Lord Kimbsrlj'stdvice, of the control of the
Egyptian coast, from Rashafca to Zeyls.
Lieutenant fchor.k'a Funeral.
Lodon, May 29. The funeral services
ever tho remains of Lieutenant John Loo mis
Schock, of the "(Jniied 8tates Navy, who
committed euicid.e, took place to day in St.
Marks Presbyteiinn Church, Greenwich. The
cervices were attended by a large assemblage
of persons, omon whom were tho members
of the American 'Legation at London.
German Papers Talking War.
Berlin, May 20. S:ye;al cf the Bsrlin pa
pers have alarm'rt artic'.es over the trouble
between the Suiten of Zmzibar and tbe Ger
man East Africa Company. They hint that
Germany may be compelled to declare war
against both England and Italy for inciting
tho Sultan against peaceful German tubjec'.s.
Uartiugton3 Sickness Opportune.
Lokix)n, May ; 2J. The Standard, while
ostensibly sympathizing with Lord Harting
tcn on account It the illness by which he is
reported to have been attacked at Dublin, in
timates that the! illness is opportune in view
cf tbe difficulty of explaining the Govern
ment policy in renewing the Irish crimts
3he I'rrinch Sntlslied.
Beelin, May 20 Immediately after the
departure of ord Eoeeberry, Bircn Da
Courcel, the Flench Ambas?ador to Ger
many, had a long conference with Princt
Bismarck. He was assured that no change
had been mdo in tho relations between Ger
many and Franca by Lord Roseberry'a visit.
Krltlsh Evacuations In tbe Soudan.
Cairo, May 20- Tani has been evacuated
by tbe British troops. The number of per
sobs who havo Mt Dongola since the depart
ure of the Mudir is 3 000. The probable
approach of the. forces of El Mahdt greatly
alarms ths people in the towns evacuated
and to be evacuated by the Brithh.
Return of Lord ltoseberry,
Losdon May 2.. Lord Roseberry, ' who
has arrived in London from his trip to Ber
lin and Tha Hegne, bad a conferenre lasting
fully an hour with Earl Granville; Secretary
of State fcr Fcrsign Afiairs. The delibera
tions related to Prince Bismarck's views re
specting England's foreign, colonial and
Egyptian policy.
London Times on Henry Stanley.
LoNioN, May 20 Tho Times, in an edi
torial, says Mr. Henry M. Stanley in his
campaign In Europe in behalf of the Congo
Stale has shown scarcely less energy, en
thusiasm and tact than aro displayed in his
bcok on tbe Congo. His veal is boundlebs
and his tndnstry unconquerable.!
The Volunteers ot India.
London, May 20 The volunteers of India
have been placed nndsr the orders of the
Oommander-in Chief of the Queen's forcrt,
the Duke tt Cambridge. The Indian volun
teers have nn extra allowance, and wear scar
let uniform?.
"Amncnty MtuUters Interfere Not "
Paiup, May '.".. The Anarchists, who in
tend to toko prut in tho funeral procr.lon,
proroso to havH on all their flags Inscribed:
'Amnesty Ministers Interfere Not."
Ituugarlnn VtlUg HnrneM.
Lom'O.n, May 2!i. Wcumlda, a villas in
Hungary of 2."') liourrs, lias been dritroyed
by (Ire. The people are destitute.
foreign Notes.
Mr. Lowell will sail from Liverpool, for
Boston, on the 10th.
Lord HartlüKton I" eotwnwhat better, but
Is Mill unsblo to leave his bed,
Tbe itfitmtr Nevada, from New York, Msy
in, for Liverpool, arrived here at .;.') n,m.
Mr. Willem H, VandetblU r.:id ron tailed
frr New Yoik, veiterdsy, on the tttaintblp
The r.cw United fUstes Mlnlih r to Tur
key, Hon, H. R Cox. I expects J to enter
upon Itis duties July 10.
The French saloii pr.ns were awarded at
follows: lbiuueran, tiisl; 11. ttai, t,
tecond; Huiuhirt, third,
A KnisJon clllcer and veral Ccncki
have arrived at Meshed, Pershi. M-hed Is
ihe Capital cf 'the Province of Khornlu.
Baron De tUaa), the Hullen AmlufiaJor,
19 at London, and his wife will spend thn
nolldavs with' tin Duio and 1) icbes of
Ed In burg.
Sir Peter Lunmlen, recently In charge of
the British lection cf tho Afghan Boundary
CcmmUtlon, will arrive at Conihintinoplo
to-day on his way to London.
Tho Manchester Guerdlan, In Its com
mercial article, sayj; 4rhtre hai been no
buiinees, on account of the Holidays. The
mArkttbas beon closed since WeinfeJsy,
Another KutiUu irjn-clad has been or-
dercd to be built. The armor plates will be
obtained from heilitld. This new sc:e silott
to the Rniilsn Navy will bs cooitructoJ at
L -J
Waiiikoigm, May CO.
For the Ohio Vallev and Tenncee-Cloudy
weather and (x:ciilonal rain, kouthwcit to north
ttit wlndi, stationary temperature.
Tot the Upper Late JUf.oa Tartly cloudy
weather and occai'.onal rain, variable nini,
tUtbtly warwer,

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