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®be feet* Mksi Cttijew
Published Daily Except Sunday By
1,1. L.r. AKTMAX, PmMnt
u From The Clt.-un Build.ag,
Corner Oreene and AAn Streets
Only Dally Newspaper In Key West and Monroe
Sintered at Key West, Florida, as second elass matter
nß]rr FluljßlrH TBAB
Member at the Aeeoeteted Pimm
fhe Associated Frees Is exclusively entitled to use
for republication of all news dispatches credited to
It or not othert 'se credited in this paper and also
the local news publ. ted here.
One Tear Jl*.oo
Six Months 6.00
Three Months 2.50
One Month - . ...... .85
Weekly , .20
Made known on application.
All reading notices, cards of thanks, resolutions of
respect, obituary notices, etc., will be charged for at
the rate of 10 cents a line.
Notices for entertainments by churches from which
a revenue is to be derived sre 6 cents a line.
The Citizen i- an open forum and invites discus
sion of public issues and subjects of local or general
Interest but It will no* publish anonymous com
260 Park Ave., New Ydrk; 35 Eaut Wacker Drive,
CHICAQO; General Motors Bldg., DETROIT;
Walton Bldg.. ATLANTA.
1. Water and Sewerage.
2. Bridges to complete Hoad to Main
3. Free Port.
4. Hotels and Apartments
/5. Bathing Pavilion.
6. Aquarium.
7. Airports—Land and 'lea.
8. Consolidation of County and City
Score: Repeal 22; Prohibs 0. This is
getting monotonous.
A dressed chicken is more palatable
than one that is undressed.
United Press says Elliott Roosevelt
has been offered three movie contracts.
And he has only one divorce to his credit.
A newspaper account of a lecture to
a crowded httAA v * omen, had it,
thousand women hanging on the lips of one
man." *
We could imagine sleeping sickness to
be prevalent in Philadelphia but never St.
Louis, unless the beer manufactured there
now has soporific qualities.
Won’t someone please invent a con
traption to hold a sheet of paper still in a
typewriter while the wind is blowing?—
Times-Union. Close the window.
An automobile expert estimates that
there are five million sorry cars on the road
that menace traffic and ought to be re
placed. And there are at least twice that
many sorty drivers, ditto.
The government lends money to far
mers to buy seed, fertiliser and dther sup
plies necessary to make a cotton crop.
Three months later the government pays
farmers to plow up the cotton they have
planted. This may make sense to some,
but we confess we are too dumb to under
stand it.
An old proverb reads: “Man is like
a tack, useful, if he has a good head on
him, and is pointed in the right direction,
but even though he is driven, he can only
go as far as his head will let him.” We
concur with the majority of men as
examples, but some we know only re
semble the tack because they’re both flat
on top.
Florida cities can’t believe that reform
in Cuba will go so far as to abolish the na
i tional lottery, but many of them are hoping
lit is true. “It is an open secret," says the
iTampa Times, "that thousands of dollars
\ave been drawn out of Tampa and other
Uorida cities every week by the big Sun
-4y drawings at Havana and, since the
pbfits are said to be enormous, there is no
corresponding return iu prizes to players
hefr.” Whether that money would be di
ve rwd into useful channels is doubtful,
howiver. Bolita play in St. Petersburg
amoiits to $20,000 a week, the Indepen
dent W that city hears. There’s more
than way to part a fool and his money.
~-Mia*ii News.
It speaks well for the humane spirit
of our people that the number of orphans
and children of incompetent parents who
have been adopted into comfortable homes
has greatly increased during the depres
In 1927 the number of such adoptions
was about 100,000, while last year over
120,000 found homes with desirable foster
Parents. During the same period the
number ; homeless children who had to
be cared for by institutions remained prac
tically at a standstill, the yearly average
being about 160,000.
These facts are presented by the Chil
dren’s Bureau of the Department of Labor
in Washing' n, which points out that this
difference between institutional and home
care shows a significant trend in the hous
ing of these unfortunate little ones.
Commenting on this humane trend,,
the Houston Post says: “Such children
have brought joy to thousands of childless
homes. The doors of every childless home
in America should be thrown open to one
or more of these unfortunate tots. It will
mean happiness to the foster parents and
a real chance for the youngsters upon
whom fate has not smiled.”
If our Christian faith be well founded,
the adoption of a homeless child must be
pleasing to Him who said: “Suffer little
children to come unto Me.”
v, } . comes that Chicago’s Century
of Progress Exposition is setting the coun
try’s standards for women’s summer fash
ions. The big cafes and the outdoor din
ing terraces at the Exposition naturally
bring out the newest styles. Visitors from
every state in the Union observe, go home
and begin wearing the same fashions,
thus popular ideas quickly sweep the coun
The most interesting point in the
whole situation is the fact that inexpensive
materials are the most popular. Gingham,
orgrndy, seersucker, are seen everywhere
at the Fair, by day and by night. And
of course, it is easy to adopt such styles in
the rest of the country, for the day clotjies,
i’e •ocks, jackets and coats all can be
tosses into the family washing machine,
whisked clean in a jiffy and be ready to
wear again in an hour or so.
This, in turn, reminds one of how
quickly household equipment hfea gone
from the class of luxuries to the field of ne
cessities. Fifteen years ago the woman
who owned a household washing machine
considered herself exceptionally fortunate,
now it is possible for the most modest home
have such equipment.
With washable clothes never so pop
ular as they are this summer, it is interest
ing to realize how mechanical genius has
made it easy for such styles to be adopted
and followed by anyone.
Newspapers of the, country are per
forming a splendid public service through
the publication of health information, ac
cording to Dr. Bloodgood, eminent scien
tist and cancer specialist of John Hopkins-
He declares that because of the spread
of sound advice 70 percent of persons
threatened with cancer now 9eek medical
aid as soon as symptoms appear. Before
the newspapers began to aid in deseminat
ing medical information, less than three
percent sought medical aid in time.
The old notion that a doctor should
not give information to the press, because
of an ancient and foolish code of ethics,
was criticized by Dr. Bloodgood, who be
lieves that the public should be told in
plain language whatever the doctor has to
tell. Referring to the importance of giv
ing attention to the teeth, he said:
"Let the press continue its work. Let
it advise every man and woman over 40 to
have their teeth X-rayed twice a year. Bad
teeth are the most common causes of break
down ".
Turough preventive measures the span
of human life has been greatly lengthened
in recent years, and it should be gratify
ing to newspapermen to have had an im
portant part in bringing about this highly
important result.
It’s funny, with all the poor poetry
that’s going around, that no one ever
thought of killing two bards with one
stone.—Boston Evening Transcript.
Daily Cross-word Puzzle
Solution of Yesterday’s Puzzle
L. Ashes of sea
6. Discard as
10. Take out
14. Object of In
tense devo
15. Wear away
16. Draft animals
17. Apparatus for
drying fruits
19. Hastened
20. Expression of
2L Tropical
23. The bitter
24. Uncooked
26. Celebrated
Greek epic
28. Magnitudes
which do
not change
33. Oust
36. Exist
37. Always
38. More
39. Like: archaic
41. Musical ex
-43. Take the chief
44. Ethical stand
46. Wheeled
43. Full of: suffix
49. Breathe heav
ily in sleep
60. Top stones of
62. Basis of the
igii ) B 1 E H p |°| p EI t 1 h 1 1 |S|
a m N E
p 1 N A BI 1 n Mm q r ° R
54. Sense of hear
55. Third king of
67. Harmonized
60. Light wood
64. Moon goddess
66. Committing
with confi
68. Cunning or
69. Cessation:
70. County in
New York .
71. Utters
72. Scores at
■i * §§*-
_j "'22 p| 23 r~
26 2Q 3o 3i 32 Ww/ 34 35
3f 4o pp' 4i 42 Up 43
__ _ -pss *7 ||ss
S5 n> up s ? 5 * m*° **
__ fry
Happenings Hern Just 10 Yeere
Ago Today As Taken From
The Filee Of The Citisen
That Mayor Frank H. Ladd is
enthusiastic over the road to the
mainland is evidenced by an inter
view published in Havana by the
leading newspaper in that city rel
ative to the road that was given
out by Mayor Ladd who is in Ha
vana with the boy scouts. The
interview was given out by the
Associated Press, and published in
the United States.
Work on the municipal golf l
course is progressing rapidly and
it is now believed that the links
will be cleared for play before
the close of the next winter sea
son. The dragline excavator,
which cost the city more than
SIO,OOO is proving its worth, the
dragline buckets carrying ?thre
quarters of a cubic yard of earth
and stone with such apparent ease
that many citizens have visited the
course to see the machine work.
i. t ———
That business with Cuba is on
the increase is evidenced by the
fact that the two large seagoing
ferries of the F. E. C. Car ferry
company which left here last night
for Havana carried more than one
thousand tons of freight. These
large ocean going ferries are now
making daily trips between this
port and Cuba.
An announcement of the John j
L. Stowers Music House shows the;
company is moving iu to new
quarters in the Renedo building
on Duval street. There will be a
big opening announcement in The
Citizen. They will be ready to
serve customers with a complete
line of musical instruments and
sewing machines.
Editorial comment: “What toi
worth most is often valued least”!
but nobody who has ever tried one
doubts the value of a want ad.
W. B. Langford, of the Chicago:
firm that is constructing the golfj
course, toM Rotarians at luncheon j
today that while the site is pro
seating many difficulties that
could be encountered nowhere else
in America, he said that when fin
ished it would he one of the finest
In the United States.
The fast Havana baseball team
of the police department of the
Cuban capital will arrive in Key
West August 29 and pfcy three
games with a local aggregation.
W. D, Byrd, of the local American
13. Finishes
18. Shipping con*
22. Dock
26. Billows
27. Greedy
28. Quiets
29. Constellation
30. Ma^ic
31. Open-work
32. Armistice
34. Offer incense
S3. Largs plants
38. Concise
40. Kabbit
42. Period be
morning and
45. Native of the
47. Wounds with
a pointed
50. Dog house i
61. Made
63. Makes muddy
by stirring I
56. Alack
66. Chapter of the
68. Feminine
69. Percussion in
61. Italian coin
62. Cut suddenly
63. Rons
65. Exclamations
of delight
67. Prosperous
73. Lets the bait
drop gently
on the water
1. Young goats
2. Paradise
2. Be defeated
4. Gripping tool
6. Dry
6. Steep rugged
7. Mechanical
2. Youth beloved
by Venus
9. Danger
10. Dowry
11. Important
journey for
a specific
12. Sidelong
gin no*
On one of the turns that is banked
high and steep,
Old Gasso cuts in with a tire
whining sweep.
His back wheel nicks Puffy’s car.
making it spin.
Yells Fluffy, “You’re going the
wrong way to win!’’
Today In History
1784—-John Sevier elected gov
ernor of. the new State of Frank
lin—part of Tennessee —which
had but a brief existence.
1912—Federal Children’s Bu
reau established with Julia C.
Lathrop as chief.
1926 Rudolph Valentino, movie
star, died in New York, aged 31.
1927 Sacco and Vansvtti ex
ecuted at Charleston. Mass.
Legion, received a cablegram to
this effect \ yesterday. After
playing two games here the visi
tors will go up the East Coast and
play a number of games and re
turn to Key West to play the third
game on Labor Day.
In today’s issue of The Citiaen
appears the announcement of S.
Owen Sawyer for councilman from
the Fourth Precinct. Mr. Saw
yer is well knowp. having been in
business for years and has a wide
circle of friends who will no doubt
support him in tiis race.
The personnel! of the U. S. 8.
Cleveland will give a dance at!
Aronovifc hall tomorrow evening.j
This is being given by the officer* j
and enlisted men in return for the
many courtesies extended by the
people of Key West.
Miss Helen Wctmore. daughter
of Mr. aad Mr*. H. C. Witaow,
and Albert Montecino will be mar
ried this evening ha the home of
the bride-to-be. 1120 Catherine
street. Mms Mary Collins, dangh-j
ter *f Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collins
arrived from Miami this mormag
aad will he amid of honor at the
wedding. i
Editor, The Citizen:
Relaxation of credit through ad
vances of government loans to ■
such of the nation's 1,750,000 re
tailers as may need help offcfrs an
immediate and positive way out of
the depression.
If the government were to ad
vance to those retail dealers of the
nation who require it, a fraction of
the money advanced by the Recon
struction Finance Corporation to
large industries, railroads, banks,
insurance companies, etc., in the
last two years, th<* benefits to busi
ness would be felt at once. Unless
the retailer makes a profit and is
able to stay in business, business
cannot improve.
The large pefeentage of retail
ers who have been forced to do
their buying on a cash basis is al
most unbelievable, and business
carried on a cash basis is business <
reduced to a minimum. Compara- j
ti vely small sums advanced to a '
large number of retailers would
enable them to wipe out their i
debts and reestab’ish their lines of
credit with their wholesalers and|
manufacturers. Once again the re-1
tailers would be able to stock thej
merchandise his customers want;'
he could rehire or put his clerks
back on full time* Wholesalers'
and manufacturers, in turn, would
employ more people in their plants,
•in their offl'ces and on the road,
and more promptly meet their ob
ligations to their raw materials
processors, so that the dffects of
the movement would be quickly
felt by the entire business cyc!e. I
firmly believe that this plan, put
into force immediately, would re
store millions to employment this
Many merchants of excellent
character now find themselves in a
financial state bordering on in
solvency and it is the duty of the
government, as well as manufac
turers and wholesalers to cooperate
with a view of maintaining them
in business and not adding to the
large number of unemployed. The
government is in a tactical position
to set the wheels of the retailer,
> who, after all is said, is the key
stone of our entire bu* ness struc
: tuVe.
} New York,
August 22, 1933.
Assistant Scoutmaster
There will be a meeting: of
Troop No. 6, Boy Scouts, at 7:00
o’clock this evening at the home of
Scoutmaster Boza, 910 Georgia
street. All members expecting to
attend camp are requested to be
present at this meeting.
Our new patrol contest is under
way with the Fly ng £agle Patrol
in the lead.
We had as a visitor on Monday
evening a Boy Scout from Eng
land, who is an Eagle Scout with
32 merit badges, and is only 15
years old.
Troop No. 5, Boy Scouts, ate
going to camp at Tortugas for one
week in the near future.
Key West has only one troop of
scouts—Troop No. 5, with a mem
bership of 42.
Any boy 12 years or older who
wishes to become a Boy Scout is
invited to attend our next meet
Key West needs scouting. An
other boy scout troop and a girl
scout troop would not be too many.
Our quartermaster, Harry Race,
s leaving soon to go to Daytona
Beach to live. It is understood he
intends enlisting in the Florida Na
tional Guards.
Let every boy as soon as pos
sible get a uniform. The scout
master and assistant scoutmaster
have their*.
Today’s Horoscope
Hold much of the nature of the
preceding day*, the attainment of
success* will reach It* climax here,
weakening in those born as the
day draws to a clow. The full
force of the power will make a
leader of men. or a master of his
profession; enterprising, courag
eous and steadfast, he will make
many friends, be fortunate in hi*
married life and attain his ambi
tion#. (Copyrighted!
a pus* ii S. ■#■ or rOeiSi
•ten. One bottle imperial Caimi
Stented? ts mtarnnteed to fce eaoagh
fee ear case AH are
authorised to refund year mosey if
It faiia—Aivt.
Highest 90
Lowest * 8®
Mean 85
Normal Mean 83
Yesterday’s Precipitation T. Ins.
Normal Precipitation 12 Ins.
•Tkla record covers 24-ltour period
cMdiMK t M o’clock *hk morning.
Tomorrow's Almanac
Sun rises 6:05 a. m.
Sun sets - 6 ; &4 P* ni -
Moon rises 9:36 a. m.
Moon sets 9:22 p. m.
Tomorrow’s Tides
A. M. P. M.
High - 11-54 11:59
Low 5:20 5:88
Harometcr at 8 a. in. today:
Sea level, 29.77.
Lowest Highest
Lust Night Yesterday
Abilene 76 100
Atlanta ............ 68 80
Boston 62 74
Charleston 72 82
Denver 60 80
Dodge City 66 90
Duluth 60 72
| El Paso 72 94
| Galveston 44 58
; Helena 44 58
i Huron 60 70
| Jacksonville 72 84
KEY WEST 80 90
Little Rock 70 90
Los Angeles ...... 62 74
Miami 76 88
Minneapolis ...... 70 88
New Orleans .... 78 92
New York ........ 66 72
Oklahoma City .. 66 92
Pensacola 72 86
Pittsburgh 66 78
St. Louis 68 90
San Francisco .. 54 64
Seattle 58 84
Tampa 72 88
Washington ...... 70 78
Williskon 54 76
Nearly ail prices have gone up.. BUT
fe ■mn.nnmm..r ——
I You can stffl buy your I
I at the lowest price in history I
■ .. if you do it now! I
VVTHAT you save today over
W next month’s probably
price wilt more than meet today'* down
payment oa a General Electric Refrigera
tor. And It the season when a G-E .
save* most oa your household ex
peases. You save turn ways by buying now.
New G-I Monitor lop refrigerator* have L
more beauty, more features and more
storage space than ever offered at any- L T II
where near the price! They freeze more -J
ice faster, use less current and carry a War \f —'Wk
Guarmmm on the sealed m -.eel taeeba- fIKVr
■tan. Come in and *cc them! Eu/>< t end y
•void the penalty of higher pace* later. \j^
•i aew O-l Moeller
A. F. AYALA, Salea Managor
eisscf vslneef Mm mart
aa at the cleee of hnaiaeee June 30, 1933*
Comptroller’a Cat!
Loans and investments 9 259,035.91
Overdrafts 89.59
Banking House, Furniture
and Fixtures 32,907.75
Bonds of States and Pos
sessions of the United
States ... #295,370.98
Municipal, Public Utility.
Railroad and Other
iSTr Securities |115,573.34
Call Loan*, Stack Ex
change Collateral |107,527.32
Stock Federal Reserve
Bank 9,000.00
United States Govern
ment Securities .... 3453,499.39
Cash Reserve 1*21,858.22 |1.493.79949
Capital ... 9100.000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits ——~
rircuUtion ,
Deposit* 1,91199149
(Till 8 p. m. Thursday)
Key West and Vicinity: Fair
tonight; Thursday probably local
thundershowers; gentle to moder
ate southwest winds.
Florida: Fair tonight, Thurs
day local thundershowers.
Jacksonville to Florida Straits:
Fresh northwest winds over north
portion and gentle to moderate
southwest over south portion, wea
ther partly overcast tonight and
East Gulf: Moderate north and
northeast winds over north por
tion, gentle variable over south
west portion and moderate south
west over southeast portion.
The tropical disturbance, which
is of unusually great intensity, is
central this morning near the Vir
ginia capes, moving northward,
and storm warnings are displayed
from Wilmington, N. C., to East
port, Me.
Pressure is low over Flovida
and the Gulf of Mexico, and is
still moderately high over the lake
region and New England. Rains
have occurred in the Middle At
lantic States, and showers in the
northern plains and Rocky Moun
tain region, , Oklahoma, the -ex
treme eastern lake region and
throughout most of Florida, being
heavy at Miami. Temperature
changes have been mostly slight,
and readings are near or somewhat
below normal over most sections
from the Mississippi valley east
ward, and in the Plateau region,
and generally sesonable elsewhere.
Official in Charge
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