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Many Festivities Planned
For Big May Day Festiva
foie committee in charge of ar
rangements for the May Day Fes
tival to be.held at Bayview Park
on’. .Thursday afternoon, May 3,
.iutf-arranged a program made up
of festivities to be participated in
Jfr the, children of the local
Coronation of King, and Queen,
May Pole, drills and other exhibit
.tioAS will be features of the affc
eraeon's entertainment.
' The program follows:
Harris School Pupils
Health Drill, 4A and j4B—
*3tUny Ellen Hiner, Barbara John
soh, Catherine Saunders, Eloise
CtfTry,' Doll is Bradley, Copelyn
Ramsey, Doris Roberts, Wilma
% Russell, Rosemary Demeritt,
Jewel Fine,. Delores Gray, Ruth
Strieker, Veral Roberts, Holland
Felton, John Lewis Day, Howard
Russell, Gerald Watkins, Harry
Osterhoudt, Earl Adams, Joseph
Hoeffer, Billy Bethel, Mervin
Thompson, Billy Cates, Russell
BSker, • Betty Joan Roberts,
Twoaie White, Billy Russell, Ben-;
Jemtn Lowe. '• _ yv, \
/’* Spring prill' ‘ 1 SlA—Josephine
’ Saunders, Rose
M|fte Jelyingtoh,
tjjfrjjfjpla Fernandez, Alice Ramirez,
Gloriha Curry, Donild Canalejo,
Alonso, Philip Bradley. Eo
giene’.Bweeting, Sherwood Cruz,
Clayton Roberts. Hugh Papy; 28,
Maude Rose Brady, Elizabeth
Ann "Evans. Orquida Caraballo,
GtjOfgina Castro, Lois Rae Hiner,.
Marjorie Keepers, Madge Key,
Dons Lowe, Madge Mallory, Shir
ty. Roberts, Gloria Young, Charles
Brandt, Arthur Armayor, Eu
gene Albury, Earl Gwin, Jr.,
Ctuence Higgs, Bobby Knowles,
Riejbert Malone, Lawrence Padron,
Kirkwood Pierce, Rey Saunders,
CtHislf Williams.
’* Sunflower Drill, SB and 3A
Mary Ramsey, Catherine ConneTS,
Edna Mae Hoff, Evelyn Sealey,
Lorraine Russell. Betty Lou Rob*
erta. Fay McDonald, Margaret
Retail, Anne Laurie Summers,
Rifea Wharton, Agnes Pinder,
Bethel, Margaret Pinder, 1
Barbara Maloney, Elmer Aguero,
Bfity Lou McCullough.
Ifcmb Beß Drill, 5A and 6A
Elliott Van Ryn. Philip Orta,
Chan H. Ketchum, Jr., Sebastian
Cihfsrn. 111, Wallace Mitchell,
lUlghd Keaton. Ormond Cordova,
Miller, Billy Spence, Roy
Itoeg Watson, Armond Almyda,
Tout, Alfonso.
*' Dance, 6B—Marcia Dexter,
Cawjdine Kennedy, Helen Rosa*
Wells, Helen Pinder, Praxerdes
Nutrias*, Jack Aguero, Marvin
XJepif. John Dee Bearup, Merthyn
Ryans, Carey Thompson, Ruth
Currie. Miguel Baso.
Spring Dance. 2A—Josephine
Psirti, Phylis Saunders, Rose
ifcarM Sawyer. June Yelvington.
Edwiha Fernandes, Alice Ramirez,
Glorjaa Curry, Donald Canalejo,
Ahstnr Alonso, Philip Bradley, Eu
gene. Sweeting, Sherwood Crus,
Clayton Roberta. Hugh Papy; 28,
Rose Bandy, A Elisabeth
Ann % Evens. Orquida. Caraballo.
D>. Rae Hint.,
mwrence Padron.
e, Roy Saunders,
d|iJr. V*
Suanewer Drill, SB and SA
Mary* Ramsey. Catherine Conners.
Edna Mae Hoff, Evelyn Sealey,
Lorraine Russell. Betty Lou Rob
sets. Fay McDonald, Margaret
Retail. Annie Laurie Summers,
EUe Wharton. Agnes Pinder.
Rw*| Bethel, Margaret Pinder,
Barbara Maloney, Betty Lou Me-
Balboa Drill, three Ist grade J
la (W| of Mrs. Qovden. Miss
Dorothy Clear# and Miss S. Gard.
nor—Robert Albury. Kenneth
Bahama. Gilbert Richardson,
DaaeN Russell, Lee Wm. Griffin.
lahaJ Knight, Fred Thompson.
Wooirow Niles* Manuel Peres,
Ghfhi Joseph Sanches, Robert.
Peat, AI Albert u*. Alfred Lew.*
JUfh Matcovk*. Miguel Peres. 1
Claudius Spencer. Ward Herrick’
Charles Walker. Mike Know let. |
Harold Haskins. Robert Crus, Gido*
Roehe. Mario Vlero, Raima Neal
Ayala. Shirley Rose SaUth. Vir
giaia Kelley, Ruth Beccaiee.
Gladys Waphiagtaa. Gloria Vin
aon. Shirley Carry, Lydia Are*
tir Malone. _
Banger, Gloria Knowles.. Deris
Minds, Ethel Mae Roberts, Jennie
Johnson. Minnie Thompson, ffdna
Mae Eatherty, Martha Garnet,
hy Thompson, Virginia Taaeey,
Baaa Marie Sands. Persia Larsen,
Bita Kari. Gloria Aceeedo, Arjelia
Santa Crus. Ralph. Daniel, Ar
mafcda, Lillian Harvey. Mary
Thaaspaaa. Aba "Butterflies
Rose Marshall, Rosfe Marie Sands;
Flowers Sylvia Pindefr, Anna Tay
lor, Oscarina Santa Cruz, Lydia
Avoel, Shirley Roberts, Fortune
Demeritt. , • •* . ..
*' ' Division Strait School PnpiL .
Vj Pirate Drill, Boys of 6A, 6B
and SA, directed by Miss Hill and
Mrs. O’Bryant—George . Hen
riquez. Jack Cates, Richard Clark,
John Dyson, Norman Cerexo. Her
tell Bonniwell, Russell Hyman,
Donald Lowe, Jose Campo, Eu
gene Fabal, * William Schoneck,
Ben Roberts, Juluis Teddar, Felix
Yado, Jack Pinder, Dhlfin Fer
nandez, Henry Sawyer, Bobby
Sawyer, George Sawyer, Ray
Pierce, Harlan ‘ Weeeh, Nathan
Roberts, Joseph Sawyer, Eniest
Ogden, Charles Riggs, Robert
Smith, William Lowe, Joseph
Walker, Donovan Herrickr Horace
Brightman, Henry Perez, Warren
Russell, Billy Schoneck, Charles
Hogeboom, Earl Wahl, Jos.eph
Drill”, Girls of SBand,
Stfe grade,- teachers, Leona 1 Min-;
eitfoez, Sadie Mags—May 1 Hon
riquez, Phyllis • Matcovieh, Lorene!
Taylor, Betty Jane Lueas* Maud
Roberts, Velie Claudia
1 sham, Mary > Lowe, Florence
Ogden,* Dorothy Cukry, Dorothy
Pierce*, Lois Lord, ftofftUte
Adams, Viola WhitmiFsh, Helen
Clark, Florence Jarrett, Lilfiah
Pent, Aurora Molina, Zelds
Nunez, Rose Valdez, . Margaret
Knowles, Eloise Beccatse, Cells
Rodriguez, Rose Walker, Louise
Collins, Marguerite Vfelssquez,
Leonora Madiedo, Lavinia Atwell.
Health Drill, grades 48, 4A.
combined 4 A an<f SA; directed by'
Miss May Sands, Miss Florence
Albury and Amelia Lucignaui—
Babies, Althea June * Haskins,
Diana Gonxalez, Delores Gomez,
Caroline Lunn, Mary Ann * Mat*
chett, Diahe Dickens jnurfes, Eola
Johnson,. Josephine Roberts, Lor
raine Valdez, Ruthi. Shelton,
Dolores Alvarez, Rose Mae Saun
ders; exercise girls, Elinor Lar
sen, Rosalie La Fe,‘ Florence
Saunders, Carolyn Jarrett, Core
lie Schrader. Alicia Perea,. Leo*;
nora’ Lopes, Rosabelle Bethel,
I*race Thrift, Zeniida Yado, Mar
garet Morrison, Betty Lewin, Hoi*
Hs Knowles, Norma Riggs,' Lila
Gomez, Dorothy Gomez; Rosalie
Williams, Adele Beceaise, Rose del
Pino, Georgina Quevedo.
May Day Celebration ,<• 3rd
grades—May pole, DeHa Mae
Curry, Jackie Daughtry, Yvortne
Stewart, Betty Joyce Adams. Lois
Marie Busto, Rosalind Albury,
Cieo Rosan, Shirley Weatherford,
Nens Robidere, Thelma Knowles,.
Barbara Holsombach, Anita China
lier, Louise Nones, Celia Ro'd.;
rigues, Eva Camus, Ruth Roee
Roberts; directed by Clarice Rob-;
arts,’ Frances Cochran, Laura
Cruses. • > % ‘V
Kinderpolka. 28, 2AI, 2A2,
IB2—June DuPois, Onella Garcia.:
Maud Roberts, Rose Marie Stir-'
rup, Mary Elisabeth Knowks,.
Grace Torres; Lorraine Goothe,
.Virginia Roberts, Rose Mari*
Symonettc, Gloria Riggs, Mary
Marshall, Jiury Louise Griffin*
Edna Phelan, Iraymotto NeSmith,
Shirley West, Dorothy Johnson?
Mercedes Pieriem. Rebsh Bethel*
' Atwell, MonteCa* Brywfct,
Ytawdo De La / Guerr* James
Ogdon, Mnaucl .Ala yon, * EnriQue
AlraibX, Harry Sawyer, ArinaAde
Pieriero, Walter Walter*
Rogel, Carlos Gomez, Philip
Strunk. Carl Harvey, Evelio Es
tevez, Lew Smith, Harry Robi
-5 diere, Raymond Thompson. Tony
( Peres, Eugene Sweeting, Abetardo
2 Gonsales. P. J. Scheurer, Bernar 1
{ Biaxa. Orlando Rogel’, Rickard
| Barber; directed by Eulalie Mat
• hews, Mary Sweeting, Mrs. Laura
I Crusoe.
Pupils of High School particl
paling—Lois Sawyer, Nathalie
Sawyer, Edna NotUge. Katherine
Shaw, Galen Lund. Chas. Smith.
Chester Knowles, Ruth Russell,
Mary 8. Albury, Madge , Sands.
Virgie Key. Bonnie Mae Watkins.
Mary Palenqucla, Marguerite
r.-r. CoMdir*
Cmiwct MiittiikM
There will be 4 meeting of the
Monro# County Parent-Teacher
. Council held tomorrow afternoon,
'beginning at 3:30 o’clock, at the
Harris School building, with Mrs.
Enrique Heariques, the aew pre-
Mra. Henriqaas succeeds Mrs.
G. N. Goshom. who has served the
organisation in the capacity of
president for the past two terms.!
Mrs, Goshorn la ftov tiPMTCt of
the caanclL
, The other officer* are Kn H.
& Dealer, rice-presid cot; Mm Se
bastian Cabrera, Jr., secretary,
and Mrs. Charles Percy Curry, lb
tori* a. * ' 1
Ipatsf *
The; regular weekly dinner sale,
iaponsorcKl .by the Women of tl
Fleming Street Methodist Church,
wIU take place tomorrow at 10
i n 9L in the K. P. Hall on Fleming
street. .
A delicious menu has been pre
pared which includes steamed
beef, rice, potatoes, * maccaroni
and cheese,* potato.salad, . turtle
cakes and home mai|e |)ies.
■ ■
- ■ . v>
i.; Miss Isabelle Duffy was an ar
rival on the morning train yester
day from Marathon and will be
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Victor
i, ■ *t r •
■ Miss Marie Peeples, chief nurse
at the Marine Hospital, who was
spending a vacation in Savannah,
Ga., was a returning passenger on
the Havana Special yesterday.
> Mrs. Camille Torres Watson,
formerly of Key West, arrived on
. the’ morning train yesterday from
Miami for a stay of about one
*'•** V’* • • - *
f Mrs,, EwL * Baker, who was
sppndjng tbf/ week-end at Mara-
.with Hz. Baker, wljo, is cm-
State Road De
’pii|lmei)t, .retained on the morn-
train yestejday.
• \9t rr*
Shqnnahan, one of the
keepers gt Fowey Rocks light, ar
rived on the morning train yester
day for a visit with relatives.
.a rvi*\\-r*• ■■ ■*- ■■ —■* _,' iy ■.
• j Miss Vivian McHugh was an
outgoing passenger over the East
Coast yesterday for a stay with
relatives and'friends in Miami.
Robert I. Roberts, who was
spending a while with relatives in
.Key West, left on the afternoon
train yesterday for his home at
Tslimorada. ‘
' Frank Bush, engineer ,on the
Steamship Steel Pior, who was in
Key. West for a few days as the
guest of Leonard Sands, left yes
terday aftesnoon for Miami.
Mrs.. Strickland, wife of Joel T.
Strickland,'attached, to the U. S.
Destroyer Jacob Jones, who was
in Kpy West for a few weeks, left
yesterday afternoon for Jackson
ville, .en route to her home in
Eaionton, Ga.
Mrs. Caleb Baker, who was in
Key West for several weeks with
her children, following the death
'of'"her husband, left yesterday for
the home in Miami.
, ! Robert Pritchard, who was
.spending a few days with relatives
add friends,-left over the East
Coast yesterday for the home in
.* . * a
v W 1 ’■ 1,1 i
Dr. Harry N. S. Jones, who was
.spending the week-end with rela
tives-and friends at Rock Harbor,
was a returning passenger on the
morning train; yesterday.
Attorney Raymond Lord, who
Rqsgt Taremicr attending to
legal returned on the Ha
vana, Special yesterday.
list jisju i
#i‘ who left
Vfkf, pig. Jor a stay with her
fetjwulp. ill in Hawkins-
W? G%, f2turH.ed over -A he East
U. S. Destroyers J. Fred Tal
bott and Jacob Jones sailed 10
o’clock last night for Cuban wa
ters, Where they expect to re.
main for regular tour of duty.
Veespls.of the navy now in
-port are the Destroyer McFarland,
•which arrived 4:30 o’clock yester
day afternoon ami the Destroyer
Coff. .
B- Sit ’!
it Ui ißmßiMroi
hs SMS kaiM> Ml*
111 tte lg||m!!f^| Hlgaifh
STjEI OUrn Mg. Om Msi ott ue
mnoynraawnfwat Srtt hr s
oouiSMtti inacs
IMsIMBoI 00 Yaaaa
nrnmm"* *t£W
Happoaiac* Haro Jail 10 Yean
Ago Today A. Taken Fro.
The Files Of The Citiaea
As was predicted in The Citizen
yesterday, the proposal to issue
360,000 worth of bonds to com
plete the golf course and beautify
adjoining land, was carried by an
overwhelming majority. It was
also predicted yesterday the vote
would hot go as high as 200. As
a matter of fact there were but
180 votes cast and the proportion
of yeas to nays was five to one.
The work on the course will be
continued under the direction of
B. Curry Moreno, city engineer.
While it is in progress the course
will be opened to players and it is
expected that within a short time
other holes will be added to the
six which are now playable.
It is not yet known definitely
when work will start on the new
hotel at the corner of Duval and
Fleming streets, says Carl Aubu
chon, but he fully expects it will
be about June 1. Several days
after the campaign was on to sctl
the preferred stock in Key West
it was freely predicted by a num
ber of business men that it would
not be a hard job to sell the stock
and this was proven true as the
last was sold at a meeting day be
fore yesterday arid Mr. Aubuchon
is planning to leave at once to
complete details for the construc
County Engineer Joseph Wat
kins made his report last night to
the county commissioners relative
to the work being done on the
part of the Tamiami Trail in Mon
roe county. He said the work is
progressing satisfactorily. Total
nuqiber of miles of the trail in
'this county will be 12. Maps and
surveys have been completed for
the information of bidders for the
and FU LLY PACKED that’s why
\ you’ll find Luckies do not dry out
J \ Luckies use the mildest tobaccos—for silky, full-bodied shreds nd firtff
\ ■// Luckies use only the dean center leaves packed into every Lucky—so round.
—and these are the mildest kaves. They so firm, free from loose endr.That*p
* 'Mm > taste better. Then science plays its part why Luckies "keep in condition*%-
A B in making these choice tobaccos truly why you’ll find that Luckies do not
& kind to your throat. "It’s toasted" —for dry out. am important paint •/# ovary
m | am throat protection. Thesa mellow. fine- rstsfcr. You see,.always in dl-vrj^
tasting tobaccos are c it into long, f j -r Luckies are kind to ytyir,fluoat a
B <- *< .> •> < < • •••. y t u
3 Vinj B • .j'ntijtt *•! |*
TX Jf % w • I litrii i** S.lvsyy a
idj^ : " '** *<. wUu ‘M'- H **** > M*** 1
. idiL. i | Jj ||| ..( •
||r wktin
di ’fl |nHr
*sp ar i 7
•s.-jjgSS K jr JflH |Vdar ' I 4
BHBB b|7^|
Hkd v \ ja rat v a
* '•i A i
1 Mr 4 B m
B .'■ '*| Br* /
|9!4 #
r e a/ , f OQ S , -
1 'Os.- k \
ir 1 - u **r p±
Ow/y Mildest Leaves j^j
. B • J
bridges and other work, and these
will be discussed at the next meet
ing of the board.
According to Supervisor ,of Reg
istration Joseph Roberts there are
about 4,000 names on the'regis
tered lists of the county. It is
expected that about 3,500 will be
fully qualified to vote in the pri
mary on June 3.
John W. Martin, candidate for
governor, will address the voters
?t the county tonight at.Rayview
’ark. His address wiil be pre
ceded by a band concert which
'will entertain the crowd while
awaiting the appearance of the,
Editorial comment: How much’
real gratitude did you ever get for
doing work for nothing. Anyhow,
gratitude does not pay paper bills, j
Major C. T. Marsh, U. S. A.,|
senior instructor of the- National
Guard and Reserve officers of the
Fourth Corps Area, was an arri
val. over the East Coast this morn
ing and will be the guest of Cap
tain Warren W§trous, command
ing the local national guard or
ganization. The major will in
spect the local company tonight
and give a talk afterward.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Higs, of 428
Elizabeth street, will sail Sunday
for Galveston from which city
they will proceed to Greenville,
Mrs. Higgs’ former home, where
they will reside in the future.
Still the tourist travel keeps
up. On the Governor Cobb this
morning there were 192 passen
gers. Many of these arrived on
the train last night and some ar
rived this mornign.
Several members of B. F. Mc-
Calla Camp. United Spanish War
Veterans, will attend the conven
tion which is to meet in St. Peters
burg, May 6, 7 and 8. Some of
the members of the local auxiliary
Auditor Roy FMulkner, of the
•Monroe county ferry system, and
‘Manager Eugene Demeritt, suf
fered a mishap last night on Cud
joe Key. while returning in an
automobile from No Name ferry
•Xlip. j *
, One of the rear tires collapsed,
j the car capsized and landed in the
; water on its wheels. Mr. Faulkner
‘suffered a alight scalp wound and
•Mr. Demeritt received several
bruises. 4
j They stepped from the car,
j'climbed to the road and were
j brought to the city. The car was
badly damaged, Mr. Faulkner, the
! owner, told The Citizen.
i have also expressed their inten
; tion of attending.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Cook
i will celebrate their silver wedding
, anniversary tonight in their home
j at 905 Elizabeth street. Many of
j their friends have been invited to
j attend and wjtt jem i^. arikDri the
{event a happ# '
i ~ w JdT N HER--^io
* ' Auspices Lad!l£ of
•’ Good Cooked Food; Turtle
| Cakes, and Home-Made
: Pies a Specialty
I See and Thrill at the Monster
Mystery Menace in -
Comedy and Short Reel
Matinee, 10-15 c; Night, 15*25c
• ■ convenience nod i
- • e Stainless steel freezing chamber. .
. . the arttteeaats of e Foot pedal door opener. * f
• Sl idin * shelves. ■*' “ * V
General Electric ever • Automatic defrosting. :
.built. Moaitor Top or rnnuml fnr f.tr nr - * ——
flat-top model, you will ® Control tor fast or slow treemng.
'Had the refrigerator • Container for fresh vegetables.
£.££llk££llto! • Q“'*' oprio •■<* J
Terms are mo l*** nd rent consumption with toll ’
* *l93' ** **• •
A, F. AYALA, Sales Manager

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