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FREDAmJUKE 22, 1984.
p " 11 ■ hiiu-.il— i——
* *** t 1 [
9 ■ '■ .... , - . ‘ -•'
Today’s Horoscope
Her* fe • S*in* *d irttsU}
mter*. Mdi wm not *** wn*^ s
iw)4(v *f taMa .
§|M* f *f Hftfcfet t* b t
it u a Mia ■**, HtcwfM
te &£ €&&4&ki9 MMfcWhl jNWWMf* fcbt*
it tie f emat* mk b M apt t b?!
ffty fwrtawMrtt. Tbn'iflwttwMi t*
taa .aHSWBk amt tbt patriaM- to® t
*tsrp •* wcti *s tef*sti#tt dia* I
nrilaan *■&.?* ftttb MMftwßil*;
JP' W 'JMI p R|.wui m ‘.. **-* ■ -f I
P, .- .... .... ii I
** HfnhhifrfnM
jSt XAtfck i Phftttkriphia. i
\ QwW *•* Trtu ,
€&**& *t 9mtm.
NATIONAL tAfti . *
nytkAtkAU .rtlf"
iUte''Vk|A If
. tH% l A. twit V -V^v\.
■PfY'HWwPf HI ♦ ** a^^^^*M***r
f "jwj! —I-— 1' fj :j
\ l league r
Club— W. L> Pet.
New ........ 84 23 .590
—* ~*m> - l 84 94 .580
‘Washington 88 28 .54|j
Cleveland *.**.**29 26 ,**27 :
Boston *•81 P -s*l
"St. Leals -91 20 .474
BhUadalfthi* <-*--83 W m
Chkaste *.**—*. *ma *• *-3*i : ' 'w® • *®
Clah— " -1 • 28* L. Pet*
Xew Totk 88 20 .601
SL.I Lout. -84 23 .*9 1
Ctse*g **• ..-S4 20 .507
Borton —*l 2 *844
Brooklyn , *..80 83 .441
PWtadefpM* 21 85 .878
.■etftstmilt* 89 .291
rtWUf "
fww* ** **•*
Wastes iT%SffiSjsi *gf *g
*4tartsn<ft: wKli an tOa 2 *W
•f Jfaly, A. ft IMS. >ww>t u ttf
M#sr*M* Caaaty i6* *
froMßir. MO. Ma —.
marmMtm *jpo
-•****, aarf far § aoar *MeOa*Slt
Mm a* merit Aalltratar
~ t* ** mm *m <* *
* D m * * *
apm <i ptop®ao*
A* A<*m>t*trat*r * *• **** at
illln iTilitt iO W- .ft 7%. IHT-TT T’klUfijri'a infrdf
U-, t*-l *.**-*
, c, a jtom* §*snt**t. ** *Mfc
t atau. OffTtea a* S dtafesOlaa MmtUm
l awte tet OanWitf* safcit * fc*
1 ♦sfOttrajia at ftsaeatla* cartter &*,
| 4*4 IV me wWI %*
| aaMwia oawtai t ota afffc* at 8
■tft aw sat- *OO4. *•
|u imtete aani- jißPiiiiO .*** ?f*
tun*.. fliiTirstiii Tussle tree
we eaa indues seine eluh to tome
here for the glorious Fourth.
While talking in Miami with
some of the fighters *n that city,
our conversation switched around
to the Jarkson-Nebo fracas of
Jupe 14, and it was mentioned
that there are at least a half dozen
god boys up there who are willing
to fight Jackson in this city any
time. Some of the boys are well
known all over the country.
Gilbert Castillo, 142 pounds;
Jtoy Bailey, Billy Shell end a few
others of the same weight are an
xious to crawl through the ropes.
Guggino, the wop, from Tampa,
who has fopgbt so many main bat
tles with Buc-ky Burton, Eddie
Burt, Baby Joe Gusman and a score
!of others in Miami, wishes to fight
;tn Key West with any ope weigh-j
mg up to tW pounds- He Weighs*
120 pounds. All Guggino asks it
%hat ho be guaranteed 156 of the
Joe Barcardi, 126 pounds, will
fight here for any reasonable of
fer. Why don’t they bring to
•town some good scrappers and let
the local fans see some of Miami’s
top notchers in action?
As to the local baseball situa.
tlen, I would ffte to say that there
Should be a meeting called to have
the league reorganised, say, with
three clubs. Let’s have some res!
baseball every Sunday once more.
The games they play now are good
ones but there is not the Interest
of a championship series. Key West
has enough good players to go
around for three dubs, providing
,aK do ppt want to play for the Pi
rates, In that ease the Buccaneers
fwlU base to play a series by theip-
Iselves to see who is champion Pi
rates’ team Mo. I or Pirates No,
§. Mendoza will have to manage
>ne and Gomes the other.
But this ie not what the fans
iwant. They ** willing to pay W
Ureates interest, Aad the more fans
•go to the hall games, the better it
in for al concerned.
FOR RENT— apart
ment, all modern eonrenieneaa.
Inquire at Gaiti’a Barber Shop,
[g Duval street. jonlStf
u .j-j. - I-- -
ED 36e. Duval Preaainf Club,
IN Den! Street. may22-lnao
— wyi" —'■■' f ■
W- • V-V mi tilt r *'"
■£ : wwlJk "Wmmmm-
' ifct-r”""'- .■'"T"*’
888 SHEETS typcerttMi pdp.
Only f*. Ckt them at Tim
Artmaa Praia. Phone Si.
able far avert bavineat fa
with ratbaa payer.
j£ Only fe aab. The Artmea
Press, Citreen BoiWia#- Phone
SM SHEETS typewritta paper.
Oaly 7S*. Get tha at The
Artmea Preaa. Phene ft.
Deer Shads, Panel Damn, Tara*
ed and Scroll Daaaiete**. Cash
£ and Carry. F. W, Roberts. 80S
Olivia stmt. jnl-#t*
WANTED—Tve to ton Wet n*
I lapse the NrS* prteee an tether*
: f heads, hmdoaea carda
statement* and any form ef
LOST—Pair tortoise shell glasme
Deemed if wtiimJ to It Se* 1
(anas- dr.. NS Sea Ward er Pah*
Matte*. JwtEMW*
r "’" r ""
" "-#*-i.- ■ ■
"" 'tQrfMft wttti Mrik ciWMiiBWl
iiflifrifc—laiat 4<ar |M H
- •- irW
- V 9HPI
i ■' .% ••• J
DODGERS ?;*'> <
; • • ' *.;*■* -
V <s*lftt *• Wfce
NEW YORK, June *2.—Lonnie
•Waraeke got his long soughtrfor
chance to hook up with Ctrl Hub#
bell before home folk* in Chicago,
"‘ ■ *'■ ■*•': ;
Ziri EAtnMidAfi kv <lssg.liwg the
•A*eß *> wm.jcnrWPPi t to v ußjy 'atoto**en#*xß *" ™ J
New York Giants with a. shutout
victory, 4 to 0. :/
Tony FVciUs, young rookie
j front tiie What, turned In another
good pitching performance for
the Cincinnati Red*, adding a 4 to
I victory over the Phillies to a ada
he previously scored over the New
York Giants. (
Diasy Dean scored > hie tenth
mound victory of the season, aid
ed and abbetted by heavy hitting
on the part of hi* teammates. He
told the Brooklyn Dodger* to sev
en hits while the Cards rapped out
II to wln„ 9 to 2.
Hntf nn raalaaai) , PittikiiffliK a f
- it>WwUg pgil •<
the bottom of the first division by
(aIIHS hwO Sg&IKMI Itom 18.0 l***
rate*, 4 to I send 8 to 7, making it
10 defeats in the past 12 game*
for the losers. ,
Finding the offering* of Danny
MacFayden to ttoir liking in the
first two innings, the Cleveland
Indian* scored six rune and then
wont on to defeat the New York
Yankees, 9 to 5. in the third game
of their current five-game eerie*.
A five-run scoring rampage in
tim fifth inning ctve Washington
m 9 to declaim* ever the Detroit
Tiger*. The fifth inning spurt
4?is©Ws w IN i
seetod on Baddy Myers triple,
Myer scored on a single by Stone
who in turn rode tome on mam
tinting Hcisklft
Whitlow Wyatt, Chjcage right
i'.T\ (M I
Sex from easting Washington from
tided place to hurling the White
SX to a 4 to Is fletory 111 toe
finale of n doubleheader. file
Yawkey-Collin* entry capttoed the
opener. 6 to 3, to extend it# win
ning streak to five straight.
The Athletics broke ttoir lasing
.vA'—-W -...a # M - —f re%Mill V, i j an I ■> lan im
©f i&ut stratum ©y wmnmf
the second game of a doublehead
Igw ••-'i ' 7 ::>
m \ -#f czilßL* jiSsJ
I . Km cw
I why you wK bt
AU*tmL KirsicnAm
I SmSHm* ssjuw#
■ ff#M *•* *f". *■•► an^rnM
I Jl2fs£Sr 1-,; ***' Fli •*<**•• e* ik
n Tlllllllll TtTlt tTt# i'SSfj^MpiJ£
Caa*<r <We • **# mmM McH*MMifo*Map •§.
f* atMMM4 ..' .
lg turn Hr far 0 |iCcuM*. I^OV
I ***id
SLOCUM, 5 *”jST-~ Lnwrenee!
George of this city is the owner of (
s hen that is mothering a family;
of seven kittens.
fofewffrft tf 'ft* Pfclfton,
er with the St. Lmois Browns, 6 to
2, after dropping the first, 7 te 6.
the wimmaries:
fiAlluvM. LEAWI
At Chicago * R.JLR
New York ... ; 6 4 0
Chicago 4 i> 2 1
Batteries: Hpbbell, Smith and
Maneuso; Warneke and Hartnett.
"r"}'***"** .. ’
I At St. Lonis R. H. E.
| iSreohilfO - - 2 7 1
i St. Louis ... „ ft 11 ft
Batteries: Zachary. Smythe,
jMurnis and Lop**, Sukeferth; JF.
j Dean and V. Davie
f £a! Cincinnati B. H. K-
Philadelphia 1 -7 1
Cinepnaati ... —..._ 4 7 0
Batteries: Holley, Lehman and
Todd; Freitas and Lombardi.
Firm Gama
At Pittsburgh R. H. E.
Boston > lUfO**
1 *? 0
j* Batteries: Frankhouae and Hog
<an; Birkofer, Hoyt, Harris and
Sarnnii Ci
■ ■ u;.
At Pittsburgh R* R E.
Boston 8 11 1
Pittsburgh ... -v- *4 7 17 i
Batteries: Barrett. Mangum,
Smith and Spohrer; Swift, French,
Chagnon and Pad den, Grace.
At New York R. H. E.
Cleveland ......... 9 14 2
New York 5 11 0
Batteries: HudHn and Pytlak;
MacFayden, Deshong, Van Atta
and Dickey.
At Washington R. H. E.
Detroit . ft 14 0
Washington . —' 8 9 8
Batteries: Bridges, Anker, Hog
sett, Rowe and Hayworth. Coch
rane; Whitehall, Russell, Crowder,
McGoll and Phillips.
First Cams
At Philadelphia R. H. E.
,St. Louis 7 10 0
Philadelphia . 5 12 0
Batteries: Newsom, Hadley and
Hemsley; . MhhafiO,' Dietrieh,
Flohr and Berry, Hayes.
tiimm ■■■■ §
- ~ *
At Philadelphia T R. H. E.
l St. Louis 8 7 ft
{Philadelphia 6 7 0
Batieries: Knott, Coffman and
Hemsley; Marcum and Berry
■ ■
f First Game 4 •
At Boston ' R. H. B.
•Chicago 8 9 8
Boston *... 618 I
Batteries: Lyons and Madjeski;
H. Johnson and R. Ferrell.
Somshl Cum
a* ■ n r
As 15811 on Iv. u. .
Chicago 4 II 8
Boston ...... 1 7 ft
U Batteries: Wyatt and Shea;
Rhodes, Welch and Hinkle.
Popular Firms
Pgnij. f PHONE SX3

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