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bAtl kDAY AVGUST 4, J 945
!>• M-.| K ri44t lull and
ft* th* KwriM-kit 4ivr the
*•<** kwlmg Nhiiml Sriiool. Th
Ai*|f Uijft niiii>l Um 1 fust run
■ tow —rim 4 m m miikht iiy |{„ m . 1
•to* to tm iTrw und a fielders
amf th* Imt | W i, mns j n
Nr cn * *tk to KomanH'llc
• "togli- by IVudm ka, an error
r •** 1 “**• tiuaeed the plate.
Tb tkmtfmi lk-hu.,l *„l Iht-ir first
•JjOjSp Hi Mw fuutth i.\ Ifcrivey,
***** n Oh a*vi nlh Hits Hy Th>ni-j
mi *M An,m scot* <t thru- only |
iimi At ht. AoM-nt iut two safely |
Ip * Ilfhart sii• i • Mai i mcUc,
PmiwAu i*l Kstntarm-lU' each hit '
mm fc* tfa Army In the field,
b'tfitr hAi*tl-d 10 i'haiuvs with*!
(mi • hutiklr, Konwinit'lli- and
toenail* a Kitul Kanie for
•w<ii>i and Thotnas, Harn-'
Mfa. mm *.*41.0011 tin the luaera!
ftMMS Ufauid MW two 1 15 21
■arrarlia 010 2*J x 33 1
•fall , Vetat-iv and MHnar;—{
kiiiNKhf, Wi’tfhr, and Thomas
2 imm hit. Hi hilling, Doublt plays,
In Hunuuuelle; struck'
•at* tog Viimih 2, toy Si builder 2,
’* **'* 2 walks, Selim idt r 5,
WtagiMF 1, Vi IM Ile I; hits off
* • tomato ■ 1 in 4 and itm.lhird inn
mg tokwtg |"to Ih i K* bulkier; um- 1
pttoaw ttlfaMM and Faiiiough, tune
It* toe nnml gain* , a great ball
*<• tm, was pfayiil UIA. <II the j
■kttow Htoof* and thi- laiih-soiiu' ■
W—l aMd m rutiv .Mi feta, and 27 (
M*M Wi ll IVglstn I’ll. Till' SCOUT
toad I** um an addmit inachint* to
up with Hu plavs 4 doubles,'
4 to ipto-s, and 2 burners were rey-
Kviii • siinihl and litlj
******* at N **t ihht lot Hie I'mes. j
t#U' <ada. Valdt s, H'Miiiie. Sar
to**. Si-lto-rs, aod Hum each hit,
iinfc liiiic'uM
ha WH ini.' 2 22 21 17
fctosg. Kfag 723 2ln 2 I < I I Id,
Nali . Mmo, I*, G Kioto, C. and
>- Jtaldaa, C. bariain, lln .hi uhl, 1
Jbdfata. buntmaiy,— tioine runs,
®**to*a and NilUi*, 4 Inw hits,
wl< 2. libmei, 2 base
Hash. S. Valdez and!
I* I • .•, 2,
1 MNfdaW Hlam is, l;el V.sili- .slid
Fua#* Stiurk out toy liu/u 3, toy 1
two tan I. Htoihito Id I. Walks. Sai )
taut 2- Hus toll! Id t. Bum 2. rime
•MB* tom .sod 2u muuito s, Umpires
FariMagt* and Gilimjii. Scotr 1
Juana Naval 10 the quiet and
unasununit lii who stalled his,
•atari as a ls.ll plgpar in the.
i‘t*nly t'.Hjit Yard, and with
I.iim 00 thi (11 t eluto called the
Tiojaie. win' llul.ln'i Wickers,
kilted it. Noimandy, his three
tosatoJ** . Di.k and Amtorose, 1
W lli.ms Wickeii, la.pe/, Jackie
Ca.tounrti. IhNiM'nech, Mcnendoz, 1
aid uttii is He played with sever
al Ndl Ball citobs and \vas picked
•M manv ail slat base hall nines,
la lore h left fot the Army,
l#t gains hete 01 one o| Ins last
was wto 11 h< went to Lake Worth
I pjav thi llai bit: tl .it and
i tot 3 to 0 On Labor Day
I**4l i -tailed playing soft hall
II >vuia ago with the Goodyear
to n. ntaiu.g. and hv Diamiundi l.roth
• 1 who as. also World War Two
Vi to 1 ..11- Juana- w. nt through
|.ar> tuajtH iain|Mign- and wears
two tampaign ritl*>ns with four
t.O - Hi- thi < • brothers are also
Ml thi M*l Vice.
Ikium l„.ttu ■. tin third of the
t,, i,. < (..a !*...• sunu<d play*
•tig lull is lining alright in the
H> i •!.<hi Sm in It ague. lif plays
1.. foi hi' i lull, and bats
in llu hill-up ami is hitt
ing mil 4UM In had tin league in'
this iitfNTt Ih also is a great
f,, utt i ami the llei muda paper
, - that he is a gnat prospect
l-...!•!• A M I-' league.
t.d |m Uaiiuv and we . meerely
Isifs In makes the giade.
S, .at Si. aver, another ball plav
,, 111 th old Si hiHfl and who pluy
i.l >olt I>ail w ith tlu Uus.v liee and
In mg in Africa and European
liollts If. played W Ith the Slug*
mi tnm tiu • beginning with
Nmix-ig Ibwyer until tin end
wiatei Rff Hamlin (ilad to see
>ou bock hoim S< ott, safe and
a* uml
• • •
Kiev on years an l ’, the Juniot
If- - |t u ii league played some of
hii pit sent day Stars started
lh< it', the Trojans, t uhan C lub,
Metiii .i St.. - the Bakoi'sTig
,,. *. I. th. > lobs in the league,
■fcrrbng Mliiwro, Ban ole, C.
111.. .neeh vt Hanoi. •/ rj.eUan,
(Nperlal to Tht Cltlsco)
NEW YORK, Aug. 4. Joe
Medwick robbed Hal Gregg of a
no-hit game with a line single in
the eighth inning as th v e Dodger
righthander blanked the Boston
Braves, 5-0, in the first game of
a double header yesterday. The
score in the second game was 5
to 3, in favor of the Braves.
The Chicago Cubs took both
games of a double bill from the
Cincinnati Reds, while the Wash
ington Senators triumphed twice
ovei the Boston Reel Sox.
The following are the results of
the games played yesterday:
National League
First Game
At Boston R H E
Brooklyn 5 8 1
Norton Oil
Gregg and Detonio; Tobin and
Second Game
Brooklyn ... 1 3
Norton 5
Night Games
First Game }
At Cincinnati R H kifi
Chicago L 11 14 1 oil
Cincinnati 5 , '5 ! “ 1
Second Game
Chicago 9 12 0
Cincinnati 15 2
At Pittsburgh R H E
! St. Louis 5 2 1
Pittsburgh 16 1
Only game scheduled.
American League
Night Games
First Game
At Washington R H E
Boston . 3 5 4
Washington 7 6 2
) Second Game *
Boston 16 2
Washington 3 -10 ©
At St. Louis R H E
( leva land . ... 5 6 1
•St. Lours 6 8 0
At Chicago R H E
Detroit 0 7 0
Chicago 5 12 0
At Philadelphia R II E
New York 4 U 0
i hiladclphia 16 4
National League
W L Ave.
I Chicago : 59 43 .641
Sf. Louis 56 41 ,577
Brooklyn 54 39 .581
New York 51 47 .520
1 ittsburgh 50 47 .515
Cincinnati 42 49 .462
Boston 42 54 .438
Philadelphia 26 70 .271
American League
Detroit 53 36 .596
Washington 49 41 .544
New York 48 41 .539
Boston 47 44 .516
Cleveland 45 45 .500
C hicago 45 46 .495
St. Louis 42 46 .477
Philadelphia 30 60 .333
' MONDAY: 7:30 VPB-113 vs. Boca
Chica All Stars.
9:00 B-29’s vs. Miami Daily
TUESDAY: 7:30 Aviation Civil
ians vs. Electric Shop.
9:00 U. S. Marines vs. Fort Tay
THURSDAY: 7:30 Pine Boys vs.
American Legion.
FRIDAY: 7:30 Machinists vs.
Southern Engineers.
9:00 Sound School vs. Fort Tay
W I,
Machinists E —3 0
Aviation Civilians 2 1
American Legion 2 1
Pine Boys .. 2 1
Southern Engineers .... 1 2
It 29*s . 1 2
Electric Shop r _ 0 2
Miami Daily News 0 2
• * Game Thrown Out.
Sound School 3 1
Boca Chica All Stars ~ 2 1
Kr\ West Barracks 2 1
VPB-113 1 2
U. S. Marines 1 2
1 "Fort Taylor 0 2
* * Game Thrown Out.
Thousands of autoists report
thefts of their $5 use stamps.
Domei says Japanese people
1 are amenable to fair argument.
jjuanie Navarro, J. Carbonell and
others played Wickers, Dick Nav
arro, E. Albury also played in
l this league.
(Mr AuoclitM Prtul
HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 4. —Kath
ryn Grayson was sporting as pret
ty a pa it; of legs as I have ever
seen on a soprano. She was dress
ed in a bright red,costume, very
form-fitting and nil, from the legs
down. iLwas for a musical num
ber in “Two Girls From Boston.’’
“Won’t be the first time
you havt* exhibited your legs on
the sd-een?” I asked. ’ - :
“Yes,” she artswered.' “I play a
rather wilful yourig girl’from Bos
ton who cefneanto New .York with
her sister, who is June Allyson. I
want to get into opera, but first
I take a job in a dive. So I am
dressed in such costumes as this
one.” .
“And very good looking too.
This is rather a departure from
your usual roles, isn’t it?”
“Yes, and I must say that it
is a relief not to be playing anoth
er one of those la-ta-ta parts.” I
can’t define a “la-ta-ta” part, but
anyway, Kathryn has been play
ing them.
♦ * *
“The only trouble about it,”
she said, “is that my husband
doesn’t know about the role and
the costumes I ani wearing. He
might be a little-surprised when
he sees the picture.” \
“I see that Peter LanwfOrd is the
yoyng man in’ the picture,” I
said. “Who gets; him jn the end—
you or, June?”
“I think I do,” Kathryn an- (
Officers Report For
’ Duty At Navy Rase
| From service aboard the USS
New Mexico and from action at
Okinawa, Lieut. Elmer L. Bryan,
UL'N, of Long Beach, Calif., report- j
ed at the Naval Operating Base
this week and ,is assigned to the j
Industrial Department. j
Lieutenant Bryan’s World War!
II record includes duty in the!
Aleutians,. theLjGilbertj. Marshall,
arid Mariaii? feloni* Rilthe Phil-'
ippines at Leyte and Luzon and in *
‘the* battle *fbi'*Okirfatv;/. ’He
been in tHd’Reguhn >Nuvv since
1919. .{
• it'd- ;i ■ t!-' * •:• - jj
Lieuf. OfD G. E. Rogers'; War j
Bond' Offltvf, Was, I'i ansff'i fed
this week to duty dt Tbi'ininali
Island, San Pedro, Calif. ‘lTpohi
leaving, he expressed his grati-j
tude again to civilian and service;
•personnel, .for <thu cooperation he
received during his one and one-j
lialf year’s duty at, the Naval Op-;
crating. Basq. j
Lieut, (jgi Mary ,L. Saunders,!
formerly of the War Bond Office,!
Washington, D. C., is now in;
charge of the office here.
His bagpipe playing was the
chief tiling thaat mattered to him
in life. One night, while tie was
strutting about the room skirling
for all he was worth, his wife at
tempted a mild protest.
“Jock,” she said, “that’s an
awfu’ noise you’re making.”
So Jock sat down and took off j
his boots!
New Faces
“Your garden. W'hat a pitiful j
sight if it is filled with common
shrubs and a shabby tangle, of;
rampant growing inferior herba-1
oeaus- plants. Expert eyes shud
der, but politely remain mum." —
Adv. in Daily Paper.
Expert lips curl, but politely re
frain from blinking.
Book 4, Blue Y2-Z2, Al-Cl Stamp 36. through Aug. 31.
expire Aug. 31; Dl-Hl ex- ... GASOLINE
AIS good for 6 gallons
pire Sept. 30; Jl-Nl ex- through Sept. 21.
pire Oct. 31. Red Q2-U2 SHOES
expire Aug. 31; V2-Z2 ox- Airplane stamps 1. 2,3. Boole
pire Sept. 30; Al-El ex- 3 * now g °°y EL
pire Q,ct. 31. oi d 4 and 5; new 1 through 5.
Ration Board Office. Post Office Building, Phone 43
When earnings are high and consumer goods are
Open a Savings Account with us.
Member Federal Deposit Insurance
answered. Then a bystander piped
up that June gets him. “Oh I guess
they’ve changed the script again.
I can’t keep up with them.” She
started looking through her copy
of the script.
Just then someone walked up
! and said, “Donjt bother with that,
Karin ftp. ityMK* is >the latest* ech
| tidnA’Jple' a slip of
[• IkkPvr, s>Psuruq lines were
scrawled in pencil. “That’s in
place of’ he said.
* “Wt?Te very informal about
makihg’tlfls picture,” Kathryn ex
N •
Being a cinema thrush is no
cinch. Kathryn has to spend
many arduous hours in vocal
lessons, aside from her studio du
ties. At present she is learning the
score of “La Boheme” and takes
lessons three nights a week on the
i “Would you like to be in opera?”
“Not over here,” she answered.
“I am told that American opera J
i is fifth-rate compared to opera in
Italy. I would like to go over there
sometimes. I think it would be a
very good experience.”
“What about concerts?”
“Some day I would like to do
them. I have tried two three
times, but each time I start out on
tour, the studio decides that I
am needed here.”
• Oh yes, Kathryn has a new
,tfPHhd tajent. She can scrub a
1 mean -washboard and does’ so once
| a week before reporting to work. I
i The help you know.
More Realty Deals
Are Recorded Here,
Eugene T. Pitcher and Frank O. ,
Roberts have sold a house and
lot in an alley, of Grinnell street, ;
near Angela, to Charles M. Rob- !
erts for SI,BOO. The property was ;
left by will to the sellers by Mrs. |
Louella Pent. The lot is 51 by 68
A lot on Dennis street, near
Eleanor street, has been sold by :
Manuel Vilkite to Charles I. Park I
for $300! Dimensions of the lot are \
52 bv 92.*6 'feet;
' A ‘plot on Matecumbe has been
•transferred by Edward J. Sullivan
t - El wood Dillin for SSOO.
Pfc! Daniel Sawyer, familiarly 1
known to his many friends as j
“Buck.” and son of Mr. and Mrs. |
Richard H. Sawyer of 1210 Wash- !
ingten street, was operated upon j
on in the Billtnme Hospital in i
Coral Gables on-Friday afternoon. !
He is reported to be improving j
according to advises received by |
his parents.
610 Duval Street
Received Daily by Leased Wire
. . —— oOo
Popular Brands of
“TOWN HIIU GOIINCH, Icy West, Honda’’
sv •- • .
The name of this Organization shall be “THE TOWN HALL
The purposes of the Town Hall Council are the following:
1. To foster public interest in worthwhile post-war projects,
to encourage the public to express their opinions on kind and type
of projects required by the community and to formulate plans to
obtain such projects.
2. To discuss matters of community interest or concern with
u view of crystalizing public opinion and to secure appropriate
action by private bodies, municipal, county and federal authorities
or agencies.
The meetings of this organization shall be held at the Monroe
County Court House, Key West, Florida.
A Board of Directors will consist of representatives of such
organized bodies of citizens as are manifesting a continued inter
est in the welfare of Key West and in its future development. Each
Organization shall be requested to name one of its members to
serve on the Board of Directors of this organization.
The Board of Directors shall elect from their number an ex
ecutive committee consisting of five members to serve for a period
of one year. Such election to be held on the second Monday in
Septemoer of each year after notice given one week in advance by
the acting Chairman or Secretary. At this election each represen
tative shall designate by name his or her choice of five directors
to serve on the executive committee. From the total ballots cast
the names of five directors paving the greatest number of votes
shall be designated as the Executive Committee for the next year’s
period. o £ hrj ' • t 1 • 1
It shall be the duty 01 -executive committee to formulate
plans, determine policies anfruecide on ways and means of financ
ing the organization.
The executive committee shall elect from their membership
the following officers: a chairman, a vice chairman, a treasurer
and a secretary to serve in their respective capacities for the
organization as a whole. A “moderator” shall also be appointed by
the executive committee to act as chairman of each discussion pro
gram or the Organization sponsoring the discussion program may
select its own moderator. The “moderator” may be chosen from
the public at large as one best qualified to conduct a particular pro
gram. * ***- |
Rules and regulations governing the time and frequency of
meetings, discussion programs and the arrangements for carrying
out these programs, together with the duties of the officers shall
be determined and outlined by the executive committee.
Membership in this organization shall not be limited but to
consist of the public at large and any citizen or group of citizens
has the right to express themselves at any Town hall Meeting held
for discussion purposes.
A Resolution Committee of three members shall lie appointed
by the executice committee from the membership of the Board of
Directors whose duties will be to interpret such conclusions in
resolutions as may be drawn at discussion meetings for presenta
tion and voting by the public at such meetings.
Other working committees shall be selected by the executive
committee from the Board of Directors or from a list of citizens
best able to serve on such committees.
Parliamentary procedure not covered by these by-laws shall
be determined by reference to Roberts’ Rules of Order.
These By-Laws and amendments to same shall be approved
by a majority vote of the Board of Directors then in attendance at
a regular meeting held for that purpose after due notice of such
meeting has been given by the acting Chairman or Secretary of th-
Town Hall Council, such approved By-Laws shall be published
in The Key West Citizen.
Submitted by:
By Wallace B. Kirke, Chairman
Courtesy The Key West Citizen

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