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Cfae Kry Hirst Citiiru
pram ftp rM*s* pNkiMig
OMNMt Or— Mk 4 *#•
•MM haMy
.•<< •* Bov Van, rtoMk *• m>h> i is— omiiw
ffo to Or*oTOtf OO'Htoß *•
# *•*.' t*no#<Ml or sit 00400 tt—wm r*4MoO
e -* * • totoews* r- 0 0 to IIM > 004
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am*.. - I, jjjjjjjjj, —•§•% "taOtoO '
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OaMOBO 1., ibiti .i-- - ■—
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tVMVTWIti ***•
V—O tojtoWS* SW wßgiHew*g -
OWtll 04*0* Vt
** •■mlmm ■•*■ •* 4 t*#i*4 —U'tov*
# • !> mar* martt *• o***•■** *** *UI So
*4to*s M o* Oho *o*o to t* •#►*>*• o l*oo
% ...a fov 0* s **O*O "nto**| hy Thor ha* O
•a* o o ** mo to to o# 4*' *4 *• A f'OOta o foo
V oo M OO .fOO * .•*> o 4 * *oo t#-
•was* * to *—**• toooo* 004 ooOooto 4 #■-• or
to* , tl Oit *< V > •* •*■•' •>*•
I atomr hwlrr* are dinnv > bad il of
They are *bd *rn inf Hm ißtrrwU
. f the b(wr iwmmicnt rof the countrv •*
• whale
|f> fivmK time and attention to the *-
attest twU mm* lull they are not
nroe-p full I’dipM m# nt hut delawnp it.
TW *** may eMr when t will have to
te4a t ab walutiy bv (•wmnwnt. hut
the' t*m* t aat •
fall rpim merit bt pn\ate industry
m here fair the taking.
Rtt the labor ntotement won't take it.
•fa throw in* a —whay-wrem h into re
fnwua bt exorbitant demand* for wage
a* ewers barked up by strike* who h halt
-wdttwiry *d an ire i the public.
Mdeo an t the public would have
oawa needy for *ome reasonable in ream* in
.aarH eaten to compensate part It for km
*4 eoettame Rut .*l4l per rent! It is out
<4 all raaana
The smart th inp for **rpanied Uioi
Hi 4a h to he content with such increases
* aa be obtained bt consent at thi- time
mat pat la pmduriitp,
With the enomtoua and mand for p<*od.
*e pee aare of fall employment and wo mat
•wat pot hark into overtime.
We hrhrte the majority of industry* i*
rpM o the wee I <>f ht*rh w**. to pive la
"oar pure hainp power to but the fod>
•h h ate production pice*.
After the wheel* are pomp, laloir will
hate the rtpb* to erprrt further increase •
•own tme to time, and I here i no reason
**> tkwh tndutn will be wnwi!anp to pram
Tb supreme .if th. pr -ent h>m*
* evert h ur of work that icrc ,j
fhe* p aa tme for strike*.
Whia. for the p<mm| uf the rnuntrv in
camera I aa4 of labcr in particular.
Th*e watt**** cannot afford to live on
r * -a* mpw ba they strike fund* or capital'-
-empaiae. We need to produi e new wealth
an. Off tsar war debt, and raise our stand
*4 sf tv tap. It can l*e done oiilv by
wwrhmp bard.
Work mrvwaae* wealth Strikes eat
*♦ wealth. Worker* can lx- paid only out
af wealth
Th** m ao time for strike*.
Mnr r General Leslie n Grove*, who
*ke development f |hr atom >
boaab. aat* that it ill * of
4e*a4e* before the enerpv of the aS*m l
haraeaaad far aay benefit ial peacetime
lb..fotr the fanev imagination of the
ufarado authors ther, „ |,tt|e reason lo
******* Wdh the atatement off„ r;ij
i. roves In the meantime plan* mirbt .
as <1 be made to Mt*Ute ml. Pa* and elec.
Thrr * * •* u*e to pd,M.ne in
pr*rmete ahdr awaMfep the atomic
N rMf* mo,ec to produce the atomic
bamb. and money i w hat the nations of the
wmrki. except the I'ntted State* haven’?
pai j*f now Ho let 'eat sweat aw hde. ami
nahr their own atomic bomb.
Citizen reader* may recall that we
have raid on aeverml ocraxtom* that the moat
distinct difference between a cotincilmanic
and n anatrr*r-nimmi*>ion form of city fov
•rnm**nt i* that, under the former, there i
but k panning. while under the latter any
resident who wishes to make a complaint
know -< t* whm to make it. the manager.
Ihe manager of one of the lareeet
houses on Dvai street told The
C.tizen Saturday that he had had occasion
to come into contact with the buck passing
under the present form of city government.
A hole in the went vide of Dural atreet,
letwcn the Southernmost Pharmacy and
the Boat Bar. trradually bora me deeper and
deeper until its depth wax one and one
halt feet. The surface opening was ju*?
If v?e enough for an automobile tire to get
j. mme.l into the hole. He aaid drivers did
not see the hole at night and. as a result,
be knew of at least three cars that had le
-* arm- xtui k. with a rear or front tire in the
Hole, and the cars had to be jacked up out
of the hole.
**! telephoned seven or eight persons In
*'dy Hall." the business man said, “and
♦ iry one of them passed the buck until I
and out thev had me going in a circle,
o | gave up phoning in disgust. It was
a week or |o days later before the Hole
was filled up."
S there yog have In a nut*hell the
dlffaraagg the pr. aeet aftd (he
*rm of government that stiff gt/lhtd effect
n Kn \\ •of next month. In i vase of that
kind, the business man would have tele
t'oited the cit> manager, and action would
•*' e t ome immediately, because the mana
ger would have been aware that had he
t*cn diliatory, he would have lieen report
ed to the tommisaion.
It is not necessary to prime an alert
nnnd with alcohol.
A quick-thinking individual can frame
n *lil i faster than ordinary people sice
up a situation.
Advertising in The Citizen remains
the cheapest method of telling prospective
inform rs about your business.
Admiral Ximitz says that it was the
*a {tower that defeated the Japanese.
No !*-t u hear from the air power.
i*ra< tn alk everyone seems to agree
*hat the an.-wer to the most pressing post
war problems is a high level of industrial
production, coupled with efficient mass
bsti bution. The development of this
ombination re-ulted in a rising wage level
;nd low price* fur many years priro to the
•var. lii fact, the formula looks ->• > sure
re that the director of economic stahili
/■.tion. the OPA. and probablv oth r offi
il ({uatters, are preparing to decree that
tg* >?o up while prices remain station
•ir>. or go down. They propose in the fu
;r to do by force of law what evolution
done in the |ast. The\ will probablv
Th --t rev of America's progress and
biyh living standard, is voluntary action.
Th. • distritnftlon fnW4M , *tfMl nt
r h it.*> pie-flit |>eak of efficiency at the
it •*’ am of mn government agenev If
thi;.v. national ami |<nml government,
hrou.-h enactment of punitive laws against
h.*ni -tor*s. dela>ed the normal develop
n?t nt of low cost merchandising. Vet to
. hui tlr* d> of thou-atols of retailers op
• ate on nunimum profit margins, thank"
• the distribution technique inflated by
h. :i t. re- As tiaii gm*s on. retail dis-
will voluntarily increase their
i tin ii-m y even more.
I* is ironi* al that government which
a f*‘w y*ars ago passed law" again-t th*-
J airis. on the premise that they absorbed
too main c*sts at the expense of competi
to now feels constrained to force chains,
a ot / with all other retail**rs. t abs<rf
• ost> to the {oint of bankru|>try. Alreadv
ii I ‘.*ls OPA has allowed a I general in
crea* s in routs of mert hants*. All but
hr* of these the mert bant has had to
'•v out tf his own p<Mktoooa. since he
mmt continue to sell at his wartime oeil
it g. In addition to these general in
• the Ol’A has allowed thousands
" *>• ial advances to ndnuiual manufac
turers and processor*, that are being paul
• v the nation’s storekeeper*.
Mass production ami mass distribu
tion combined can bring higher living
‘•ardards. maximum emptovment opfMir*
tunitjr. and can help mightily to hold down
•iving jo-ts. Rut trving to pervert them
i* t>* mere inflation panaceas will spell
Chapter 20 •
THF. attorney caught up with
* them at they'turned into fee
board room There was no oppor
tar ty to itacuaa anything. Ha*
kin* waa demanding that the!
■meting bo convened imawdaite
If. and when the Judge, who had ‘
Inherited the chairmanship av
Carter • dwnuaaal. oblipad, Mr
Laird rose and demanded that the
gtornri ha eactuded.
Me ia here aa my adviaor,*’
Jane countered.
•‘No one but thoae actively In
tererted are allowed at a ca.kd
Mr. Laird should have re
freshed hi* memory on Itcloa
D of Article Nine, which read*:
Any member shall have the rig it
to legal advice at any or all melt
ings Of board or stockholders.’"
wine's right," agreed one mem-
Mr Laird sat down, but he was
baieiy down when thcie came a
cracreet tap on the door, and be
foTr Judge Morgan could push
h;s chair back. Mr. ILoaiu waa
* 1 m m sorry I’m Ltc.*
JANE, facing the door, saw M irk
I Sheridans mother for the hist
tune And she w asn t like her own
mother Her fratine** wee real: it
was indicative of her rhararter.
She WaS drpervl nt u;*m tfaria
lianaen Caria, wao was mtl-ng
h r suluy sn tb at tlw- ilJTirem
bued ngtided
’May we have the statu* of
there viaHoT**” used Juo Mor
gan pkasantiy
' why. ! am here to vote for my
' Your *r*a's vote i* reprev'nttd.
Mrs Snet id an M. n Grey is act
...g as hi* proxy "
Mrs Sheridan sm.led merrily
st J..ie as UuHian tiuy w.-.t two
r inspirators ‘ Mark dkin t want
b I sacrifice * I
eVe ewww *****• •• ewes n#-e
I •♦*♦♦♦••♦*•♦••C*
tS* ( Itto, sitowo Mpm
•* Ito lw, mt Its rmma
•*•> Sot I** #4H,r rwmr rr, Ik.
Ha to drlHr My tteato kia
• ftoatdtr** lltoUt, mt
me to*. rto n nlr MmM to
tolr MU walla# Ito Irllrr, l
to wwla. Ml Mill, aa -mm a tor
to (to pa Itor aall. alaaaiai, mt
Ik* arlin, toMto WBrßmtpm* t to
SlOw aa* HIM to pfclt*toU to
law m—alr* atktral##.
Edtt<>i. Th Cpiwn
Tht thr Dollar A W-.rd *
lithol odveiti< iiwnt puMi-h J
Saturday ui Tin* Citiren h. - u>-
ed this write: m< er.u <>( grief
Ail wtekend long h r;k< t n *
Grains H tried Uu lr nd . f
•bought and that tun i 'h .ght.
hut could fmd no toiltit i <ti to t*„.
protrlen created m his miivl *>v
thi* advertUM-m* nt ll< r#-• t< I
to famous to>ing> <f gu .ii write
ers on vinnlai uhjet. Still no
an*Wd He aturlH-d .ill iiu.l* ■
•nd rxpke<d all avenues of . .
aonmg. hut aiw.iVs < lr.li and up
{ whet* hi start**!. H> h< Id
'lengthy dMU."io* with tr!a
land fi lends. lui th# > ivuNni
| help him Kmally. h ti rew hi.-
I hand* up in despair
* Whai nmM he 4* tu set h #
j mind at rtut'* T* wh irr muM h#
J turn for an an\*r. !*• th.it *..
ing question" Ah. that - ' M
he somron* el*c *Hikt -• >iv* *?.
j pose: amt make life worth le .g
And so. thi* letter is 9 • •'< n
f<n that y* jx-i and luai p. o* %
alone It i possiM* iki-ofl
who reads this may bg a. : r t.J
1 *e4l hint whs* he -u'f tk% toj
; know olid giv him |ira< < o| n.imij
I ' nee man .
The piofelem ts simtde. ton he
Helie\es the an-wer s ill he t *m
| plit at* and. Ttw rrtore. bnn ly
I rqui'N any on# who ma> at -
j tempt to answer his qu IH>* tu
I usr simpw- words -o that h m \
I it>mpi chend
j Our pioblem i.. it .
Polities is fraught with a h <n
! dred and on* fs i iil iritM# It at
I stem (torn human natute. S*n
’ firms w* arc *tunn#-l wh* n ■
j h r that Bill Blank is supporting
| John B'own t* < u*i w* kn->w
j that BUni is an aiiog* fhe dif
front tvpe *f man than *! i’
| . . t ■ • • ,
feel !ik< guffawing ar>d h .
ng when w# h# .u that Hi,ls h
Ham. considered a I . 'r •
mentally is supporting H t
Hk>* know n •ta p.nh i
Finallv. w. tia\ Is at.| • ui
good and wltssr' r *i (•>
optowmg one rran. Iwi* ' *t •t. •
out th nun-her and n<n v. ,-n.
.i* th. Chart* r (r**up *j *ioi
doe*. tl*>kwrg..-t• u. I- * u • we
have tv* .elfish ut’en t in ar;v
Ah lh jftisn is pia.n r
ft #-entcts in that w td **gi'*Up
but a* i h.i\ n- *gt<up’ car
didate*. th< (,u*-ta.n stumps u
' Can vu • *p!.#in it"
K# v W*st, Fla .
Od IS. !<*4s
Htrnng yellow *top rulhrd <n
j arms and tee hefore vu t*s h-k
mg over unfamiliar gi<*md p,-
' vent- arty iron He fi m. po* **>
{ <*r pr*ison oak.
I *At what time did you see Mark
1 bud. Mrs Sheridan, his attorney
"Shortly before we came here."
drawled Carla, her eyes upon
“Strange." remarked the at
tarney. 'l've been with Mirk
since six o cloth. Mrs Sheridan,
as a friend of yours and of
Mark’s Id like to speak to you
out* lelor Just a m*-ncat*
• Why—wny, of course, Jerry, if
you ssy so."
Tl! go with you," Carla prom
The attorney smiled st Carla.
"1 wouldn't advise it. Miae Han
vf. you re not going to like what
1 m g ang to say "
The two left the room, and
Judge Morgen cleared tu* throat
* And now if someone will ex
f>L. n the presence of this young
,dy. we may be ptruutted to
can’i.nue the meeting."
"i thought I mignl he’p with
the records." Carla faltered. **MUs
Grey hain l attended—"
• M.-* Ji.mos has attended every
meeting I’vo attended," barked
one mao. "It seem* to me. if 1 re
memb* r coirectfy. that it was al
ways she wno attended to the
rec rds."
“Turn, if Pm not wanted—"
Jane's pity turned to apprehen
sion as Carla rose, gave her a
look of vmowa— hatred at vari
ance with th- pathetic tone of
tier voice, and left.
The attorney rs u-nod shortly
to wusp>'T to Jarw. "As l thuwgnt.
Carla eal! *l on her thts mom>ng
and eonvtmed her you wire
I ;ih-u* to too Mark of his bcait,
\.i job and hi* comp-ny "
JUDGE MORGAN called the
m. <*tin* to frder again, and m
itjr’iy Mr. Baskins wii on hu
•Tu iret'inr wa called for
the pjrr*w, of—of sav.ng the
Pump Company f* m
l the uut • oname practices of a
lkS#rt*l la (to • llltol
• DIVIHON. B#rlir. (kt li—
▼ Set Sila* B C*ak. of Plant
i'ifk. art Pvt Gt*igc II Biils*>n.
<if K* \ W#**d were n hunt! te
• nti> t gn . t S# naits Claud* A
Pepper wlien h- arn\el in the
l*att <d R, u-h capital *f B* i lin,
and. *r c ! Eu | an :*mr **t Aimy
, installation*
i Tin tw■> v* t iso air l*orn* tr**op
n. ot th* #24 Airborne Divimuß,
rr.#’•*># . * of the 1’ S Occu
pation F*n. e Id Ik I lin.
, S< r i!* r P<-pp-r #-n|ovt-d an
hk* >viit w th the ti*Mjpci. and
’lie < v* -atn>n i-entercd
,>ot-war plans. Id# in Be: lin. the
,v *#' | it! system and fi l# s ni-
i# mi
'-• C ik uan operations chief
, m i- p.,nv M *4 *h# t2sth Giid
• Infant \ R g.m# nt and P\ •
Bill-**u is a m* rnbet of the dt
-*- ,i * elite honor guard
T* < A2d All tour Be Division,
oi..nd#si l#\ .11.,) (irn Jam# s
11 <; • n. ai* v# t ians of the 1
if f .Mi 4 n \-*th Africa,
Belgium and Gt'lmany and para
• * nia i#>n if Sicily. Italy.
\ M . nd
NFW YORK Th- mamdae
• i< . t i i'l .n fala i< i* **f Ptench
.n and wa- brought to Kng-
Ii- 1 h rhe Huruent
ISTIi i’ iic |ITI Uho vs w %Kt
I* l*i*l i % v •#• y wm mu
II till OMNI o| INI I 111 l n
*i im.i . wosktok < •> ii r
•I 111 l*k Cl OH Ilk t. II CM##.
• tt I 111 1 -i; in# m H,l- v *
. fcl- . * I’ So
lllhl * *#k- lift Vk\ I*l MkKSC
%k*t*i i ii mo • ok# mu.
im* mixi.r
ifrk#l# I at# ItUi
IS 11(1 ••• K I • till #l S H
II ,0.1 Ssl RS| Mil IM.
*rn t*i ii <iit ii# %. ii i*n
n ive.
l is r* I* • *. t
* MKtttY
u ! ivi *u u v < . \*-t its*
1 li I. #N
' '• ■ . * unir.
■ r f M #■ M< A f—r
*. •.! ■*•* f • # l#
VI 11! I l*t Mfl:i T ,
4. *1
v ii in**:) ii itk ix*
f Kv. sir y
newcomer who has. in less than
a month, pushed herself from •
clerical position to that of acting
manager and taken It upon her
self* to guar ante* thousands of
dollars of company money.
Mr. Laird popped up like a
jackm-t In-box bill before ho
could be rrv-ugntard by tbs chaur*
man the chairman spefca.
"Mr Haskins, and Mr. Lgird."
Judge Morgan said, “aa chairmaa
of th board I > nallenge your
right to oder any tdicta, to place
any issue*, to vote an any mat
ters pertaining to the Sheridea
Pump Company *
Haskms popped up as Laird
dropped down
•This'*—hs polished bis glisaas
furiously—"this ia outrageous."
"I quite agree.'’ intoned Judge
Morgan evenly. "It i* outrageous
that the business of this board
baa been conducted by the vote*
of two men who held no financial
interest in the company, other
than salaries paid them by a third
member who otd not publicly ac
knowledge these interests.
"I am now ready to entertain a
motion for adjournment until
such a time as only those leg*!tv
entitled to a voire in this board
shall be present."
“I offer the motion." said Mr*.
“I second the motion," added
The fudge offered the motion
for a rote. There were no navt.
so the nutting was declared ad
Haskins and Lard were out of
the J#<mtPR v - The othe
milled iwaiE‘ tifcing in sub
diw-d voices
Someone brushed past Jar# as
she lean**! over gathering he*
papcis tagrtoer A voice wh.*-
perd. "If I wasn't hotted—"
She diin't identify the man.
hut his words confirmed what *n
had believed, that Carter hid
other means of controlling t ,c
votes of hoard members.
t# to .WHItoS
■N. - * *■ .1
1 What is the p#pulatiun of
2 M.#y. war shortages of haste
materials ended"
.l Were there many strikes
after th# first WiMld Wai"
4 When is Navv D>"
5 Are gm-ernment owned air
v I aft plants *))# rating"
What is ALCOA*
7 Whit industrial plant is lo
cated at (>eneva. t’tah"
* W'hat is the British sterling
, '• What is the estim#t<l x
-penu #f the U S government in,
10 Whr is SA-# retary of War"
• i mi u#tir *•(( m
• HIM Jl IM 111 l IN* I II ui
l i M••(% i\ y\i ium miy.
k##*l 1 111 IT, IV lllllllNl
I#> #- l‘J
Kl • i:\'| SKIII l.c , |4.
l"u nttff.
t I’iVMl V KIJI a .A II II
I 111.* >li . ,n i, O'S Tru
'■m. 1 y. ~# ,| ,t.. I #..(.*
• •■•. - l< . *. M l KI- > -la
I • -re-rei -
I . f-t.a .ro
i#mM i ui n i m , noy
ot sit
S • . • l. a- a 'h o i.nO. r
• ■ ' ► • . ' *#. ~ ,| | ,#.
* *. -. *. • i. >.l I h. II .r. •
- ' ■ • \i w r.. fig*
. 4al; • '•!> • ii jt- . ,n ..( i.^
•Cl •# as f • t ,1 #l.la
IM .►a . .. V .#, . . m Ihai
I •'IM#SMto* kl M# *,♦-(* M
. - ) |- Miff.
!*- T It P* R4SR • *.-or #r4 M Igt,
Ya t ■- .I. -..(■'of' a TANARUS to -J|
r. t> i. | sa A##iH X,#|. rT
! . # i.a to i'sii!
ilStoto O* r-a I#||. i -M bl lr #r
in i toe# * •• 11 1 oHfSsr fr !
>b# ! * . ' r f. # a-h at I
’h < . ii ... ~f u- C'Mist * 1
jIS h. * 'll < K• %.#. K'-r |4.1
' <• 'h- >* • . N •%.nt*- # ISC. I
I. . V . h • -I. . n . t.M h '
IN -KM (hr
* . . * I •#! Oa an 4 ■
h r . -al. I
i I Srft) I
e - ii- rtSa I
I • . K ■ ’
* I * t 1•! #■#• I-
M I# i l - a* ■ I *#•*r>si#M
* - • o -I
-• <i ", T- as.lilf# <J
- h • It a :a-. Tails -
*- • W •> * r. r- rk, in I
I • * ■... Har#
* • ct. •H * fi- -.#.* * .Ml. I
• * - * ••••#•• . h,#. ,
i : • --.ia
a>4 k* *. ,>(#-#-•- aMg
* i- M-I
im. *. ♦ w at# • - I lg V#
la*. t. r ig# Salk •(•
* 4 *g ■ V *#■(g—a*t. ete an*
‘ \ **h. r a i.mi #•>.#. ,
Ia kali* *.. ana Tl# f.#|
\ Mh * ' * .th l|(- ig.
r r', * r# h i •••ek-k-4 •'
. ... -g- llrM ,g,
V f • • • #*i ig. u r-m 11 ~(
- -- # ... tg,
' '. • u . I Hi. g run N--rt* l
* *. - * -n . . *,* . i*..,#,*
*h# * i *• #• ••- n Ok*- ( - ■
• 1 * a In*. #-•- fa ig
I ■ -a g. ran
* • ’ * * • I *>* *g. m# an
l 1 ’*
• • i
#•■'*■" * n#*-ni. m kl a< r#>
I re *. r ... •|g rigarlsn
• • ...
• *•* l'! all tg# ',##i*nk9 . ,
g* r- 4is • • - anl at>n iri-niiw . ■
■* nl#>. t • ,n- mis.
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tor tic.
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orocTQMaiiLim .
Representative J. Mark Wjdeo*
today told a group of **f w **“
era m Miami that he was ready
and wilting at any time to Jri
Washington to do whatever "•
could to help Key Wfd.
Bernardo Rodrigue*. Cube*
consul, who had been di <H
official visit mi Havana, nrturned (
to Key West yemaislay.
A nursery school will be start
ed shortly in Key West, the
local achmniaitnatton announced
Peter Hr butt manager of La
Cam Manna, said today he m
ioobing forward to a most *ic
cessful mtmm the coming win
Two hundred WPA workers,
who walked off their joke thi*
morning, said this iftrmsnn they
will return to wodl tomorrow
| morning.
Mrs. Lee Thompson and baby
1 were hurt this morning in an '
.utomnbile aresdent at White
and PetrußM street*.
MA Bruce Jack, who had
Ihren visiting relatives in T*mpa.|
i < turned yesterday.
J M Varela. Jr., sailed on
the steamship Cuba last night for j
Tamps to visit relatives.
Memorial services for Mrs V j
A Archer, who died ui Miami i
while there for medlral treat j
Ymtm Qunii ■ Tbmt ftOOP
•ski cuban Lurru
Try A Has* Tedayl
■ ( iJ CUARAirrui>
i# MOKE ECONOMICAL... If, Bwltity
•nd Safe... It’s PURE
(ice omsioif)
W** "*• * Kg Wto, |g
i PORT WAYNE, tad Om (Lw
I Corporal Chartat D tar am
,'of Mr end Mrs Wusm v D. h-wßg
tgf Key Want, fla datimnd m
i I ss^M to - •,
KMn s. fnltow ina towatkm
Onad Candurt Medal • g*d kg*,
.tie stain, and Riatoiisi-i Cm
itton. with oak I rmt and rtupag
Wanes Whitney a ventnt qpixA
reported to poke* that the tod,
of kit twn dnawtoi- Itom.
and Bum well’, who hdpd tom
entertain wtantoled mrviimgl g
England, had been tonlra trsm tos
•utonmtNle, the caps told
Subacribe la V-m Ctumm ■*
mmC wit be held '* '”**•
ev.mng u the Ley Ewgß
Today The Cnmen say* m m
editorial paragraph
•The query. Is mv Id a
straight" M not tmed any wn
Pi-mimne chapraux are not wen*
{that wny nowaday* *
Relief tt Last
touru 4 gS*|wi
to har# ywjf money berk
for Coagtit Cky >,* CBfowctofd

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